Chris Hedges and Matt Taibbi: Media as propaganda and censorship bureau: The Jewish angle

The podcast, which you can view at the bottom of this article, is interesting for several reasons. Chris Hedges and Matt Taibbi are both what would, until very recently, be considered mainstream journalists. Now they see themselves on the outside of a monolithic system where information has been completely politicized to the point of it being, in Taibbi’s words, “a one-party media environment.” I rather doubt that either of them are Trump supporters, but they realize that if Trump loses, things will get even worse. Self-censorship, which is undoubtedly already high, will increase as lines that cannot be crossed without ending one’s career touch on ever more subjects. They compare the situation to the Soviet Union where everyone knew that the official media could not be trusted, but underground Samizdat documents were treasured. I can’t help thinking we are already there in the sense that people like me are forced to turn to podcasts and websites that are well outside the mainstream, in a situation of constant deplatforming by financial companies and media companies like YouTube.

Taibbi notes that there was a sea change after the 2016 election where basically organizations like the NYTimes had a “come to Jesus” moment” when they asked themselves how could we let this happen and decided to become overtly political, throwing a sop to conservatives by hiring someone like neocon Bret Stephens to appease conservatives while at the same time promoting the Trump-Russia collusion hoax and ginning up the White guilt narrative with the 1619 Project, while completely suppressing the Hunter Biden-Joe Biden scandal, the evidence for which, in my opinion, is overwhelming. At the same time they ignored the real reasons why Trump won—Taibbi mentions neoliberal economics (implying replacement-level immigration and outsourcing American jobs) and economically struggling and poor Americans. But left unmentioned is the feeling of unease by a broad swathe of White Americans that their country is being taken away from them and that it’s increasingly unrecognizable from the country they grew up in. Unmentioned also is that a great many Whites are feeling racially dispossessed by the replacement-level immigration that has occurred, and they are increasingly aware that they are hated by our liberal-left hostile elite.

As they note, the problem is that when you suppress what is really going on and the reasons for it, you are left with increasingly unconvincing narratives—as happened in the USSR. And in the US, where there is still a large segment of the White population that has not trusted the liberal media for decades, mainly because of mainstream conservative media figures like Rush Limbaugh, what is happening before our eyes is radical polarization. The possibility of civil war is discussed—a possibility mentioned several times on this site. Civil war seems reasonably  likely if Trump wins. One can imagine antifa-BLM violence far beyond anything seen thus far breaking out in all major urban areas, and it would inevitably require a major military force to bring it under control. And if he loses, there will deep anger among Trump supporters. Unlike the left, the right has not shown much of an appetite for violence lately, but that could change. We have already seen armed White men standing up against antifa-BLM protesters who were bussed in to their communities. For many such White men, free speech may not be their #1 priority, but having guns is very important and would loom large in the context of a far left government influenced by the likes of Kamala Harris (who has already said she would issue an executive order on gun ownership if Congress fails to act). It seems likely that Biden would be similarly prone to such actions.

Undiscussed by Hedges and Taibbi is the very prominent role of Jews in all this. Throughout the 2016 campaign and beyond there have been intense denunciations in the Jewish media and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) comparing Trump to Hitler, promoting impeachment, etc. The apocalyptic response to Trump’s election went far beyond the New York Times. And, while acknowledging that a minority of Jews supported Trump and still do, Jewish power in terms of media ownership and production is also a critical aspect. Journalism is like the academic world in that it is a top-down system where the elite media play an outsized role. In academia, Harvard professors train graduate students who get positions at UC-Berkeley, who then get graduate students who staff lower-level state colleges, who then train K-12 teachers. In the media, the New York Times, Jewish-owned for over a century, is the Harvard of the media food chain, and other outlets, from WaPo, the LATimes and NPR to CNN and MSNBC—all with large Jewish ownership and/or staffing, take the Times’ lead. In effect this media behemoth ends up speaking with one voice. And in the internet age, this one voice has been amplified considerably by the dominant social media companies—again with large Jewish ownership and staffing, and all of which have slanted searches or censored posts that they view as contrary to their liberal-left political agenda. The suppression of the New York Post story by Twitter is Exhibit A. And again, we on the dissident right have been dealing with this for years. It’s obvious that another Trump victory would be seen in apocalyptic terms by the liberal-left media.

Also unmentioned is the role of the ADL in pressuring media companies to censor speech they don’t like. This has been going on for decades but quite obviously is reaching fruition now. I wrote this in 2002 (Preface to the paperback edition of Culture of Critique, lvii:

In CofC (Ch. 8) I wrote, ‘one may expect that as ethnic conflict continues to escalate in the United States, increasingly desperate attempts will be made to prop up the ideology of multiculturalism … with the erection of police state controls on nonconforming thought and behavior.’ As noted above, there has been a shift from ‘the culture of critique’ to what one might term ‘the culture of the Holocaust’ as Jews have moved from outsiders to the consummate insiders in American life. Coinciding with their status as an established elite, Jewish organizations are now in the forefront of movements to censor thought crimes.40

The Internet is a major gap in control of the major media, but Jewish organizations have taken the lead in attempting to censor the Internet. The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) distributes a compact disc titled ‘Digital Hate 2001‘ that lists over 3000 ‘hate sites on the Internet.’ Both the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the ADL have attempted to pressure Internet service providers (ISP’s) like AOL and popular websites like Yahoo into restricting subscriber access to disapproved websites. Recently Yahoo removed 39 Internet clubs originally identified as ‘hate sites’ by the SWC.41 Internet auction sites have been subjected to protests for selling Nazi memorabilia.42 and have come under fire for selling Hitler’s Mein Kampf. The ADL also published a report, Poisoning the Web: Hatred Online, and has urged the U.S. Congress to initiate a ‘comprehensive study of the magnitude and impact of hate on the Internet.’43

Online services in the U.S. are also under pressure from foreign governments, including France, Germany, Austria, and Canada, where there are no constitutional guarantees of free speech. For example, a judge in France ruled that Yahoo was violating French law by delivering Nazi memorabilia to people in France via the company’s online auctions, even though the service is based in the United States. Yahoo was acting illegally, the judge said, even though the company has created a separate French site that, unlike the broader Yahoo service, follows French law. The company was ordered to use filtering technology to block politically sensitive material from appearing on computers in France or face fines equivalent to $13,000 a day. In Germany, a court found that German law applies even to foreigners who post content on the Web in other countries — so long as that content can be accessed by people inside Germany. In this case, the court ruled that an Australian citizen who posted Holocaust revisionist material on his Australian website could be jailed in Germany. Theoretically it would be possible for Germany to demand that this person be extradited from Australia so that he could stand trial for his crime.

Jewish organizations have been strong advocates of laws in European countries that criminalize the distribution of anti-Jewish material. For example, the ADL pressured the German government to arrest a U.S. citizen who distributed anti-Jewish materials. Gary Lauck was arrested in Denmark and extradited to Germany on the warrant of a Hamburg prosecutor. He was sentenced to four years in jail, served his sentence, and was deported.

This sort of government-imposed censorship is effective in countries like France and Germany, but is not likely to succeed in the United States with its strong tradition of constitutionally protected free speech. As a result, the major focus of the Jewish effort to censor the Internet in the United States has been to pressure private companies like AOL and Yahoo to use software that blocks access to sites that are disapproved by Jewish organizations. The ADL developed voluntary filter software (ADL HateFilter) that allows users to screen out certain websites. However, while AOL — the largest ISP by far — has proved to be compliant in setting standards in line with ADL guidelines, the ADL notes that other ISP’s, such as Earthlink, have not cooperated with the ADL, and independent web hosting sites have sprung up to serve websites rejected by AOL.

The ADL and the SWC have an uphill road because the Internet has long been touted as a haven for free speech by the high-tech community. One senses a certain frustration in the conclusion of a recent ADL report on the Internet:

Combating online extremism presents enormous technological and legal difficulties …. Even if it were electronically feasible to keep sites off the Internet, the international nature of the medium makes legal regulation virtually impossible. And in the United States, the First Amendment guarantees the right of freedom of speech regardless of what form that speech takes. As a result, governments, corporations and people of goodwill continue to look for alternative ways to address the problem.

Clearly Jewish organizations are making every effort to censor anti-Jewish writing on the Internet. They are far from reaching their goal of removing anti-Jewish material from the Internet, but in the long run the very high political stakes involved ensure that great effort will be expended. I suspect that in the U.S., if pressuring existing ISP’s by organizations like the ADL and the SWC fails, these companies may become targets of buyouts by Jewish-owned media companies who will then quietly remove access to anti-Jewish websites. AOL has just recently merged with Time Warner, a Jewish-controlled media company, and it had already merged with Compuserve, a large, nationwide ISP. As indicated above, AOL-Time Warner has complied with pressures exerted by Jewish activist organizations to restrict expressions of political opinion on the Internet.

I suppose that the only option for prohibited websites will be to develop their own Internet service providers. These providers — perhaps subsidized or relatively expensive — would then fill the niche of serving people who are already committed to ethnic activism among non-Jewish Europeans and other forms of politically incorrect expression. The situation would be similar to the current situation in the broadcast and print media. All of the mainstream media are effectively censored, but small publications that essentially preach to the converted can exist if not flourish.

But such publications reach a miniscule percentage of the population. They are basically ignored by the mainstream media, and they mainly preach to the choir. The same will likely happen to the Internet: The sites will still be there [Update: or maybe not if the left gets rid of the First Amendment], but they will be out of sight and out of mind for the vast majority of Internet users. The effective censorship of the Internet by large corporations does not violate the First Amendment because the government is not involved and any policy can be justified as a business decision not to offend existing or potential customers.

This was updated and expanded in 2009, and I note there that free speech was never a value of traditional Jewish communities. This then ties in with the discussion of Hedges and Taibbi on the parallels between the current situation in the U.S (and the rest of the West) with communism which definitely does not support free speech. Until communism in the USSR conflicted with Jewish interests (i.e., after World War II and especially in the 1970s due to Soviet support for Arab countries as well as discrimination against Jews in employment), Jews were quite comfortable with communism and indeed, were the backbone of communism in the United States through the 1960s. For example, Jews were the primary targets of Joe McCarthy simply because so many communists were Jews. (McCarthy did all he could to deflect charges of anti-Semitism by, e.g., hiring Roy Cohn.) The result was that Jewish organizations reluctantly and with substantial pushback ridded the mainstream Jewish community of communist-affiliated organizations.


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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    Excellent article and video too. Well, all politics is racial in character. And since it is racial, it is also ultimately intractably divisive since there is always fierce competition in any human endeavor where deep distinctness prevails. The US has now reached the tipping point where there is absolutely no room for compromise, or co-existence, between Left and Right. Working class whites “get it”, largely because they’re not hip to the fairy-tale Orwellian dialectics of looney social “science” PhDs, but they’re not overly influential because they have no one to give them a credible voice. Younger whites are too stupid and enthralled with adolescent fantasia to make a difference even if they are indeed old enough to vote (and 18 year old voting is a bad joke). Well-to-do whites are “all set”, either as a result of professional expertise, old money or inheritances, or have been blessed by the government Hackerama (Howie Carr’s term), so whenever I travel across their neighborhoods all I see are Biden-Harris signs on their front lawns. They’ve all drunk the kool-aid and feel totally marvelous about it. Another set of “sophisticated” whites is also problematic. My best friend has a PhD in Mathematics and is of a totally smug character, thinking that whites can withstand any onslaught because, as he likes to put it, there will always be that “genius 10%” that will save the day. Dream on. This smugness is quite common in fact among “cool” whites. The blinders will only come off for whites when hostiles put a gun to their heads for no reason except that they don’t want them around any longer.

    • Forever Guilty
      Forever Guilty says:

      My best friend has a PhD in Mathematics and is of a totally smug character, thinking that whites can withstand any onslaught because, as he likes to put it, there will always be that “genius 10%” that will save the day.”

      “This smugness is quite common in fact among “cool” whites. “

      Oh yes indeed. In the near past (15 years ago and so on ) there was no good and massive scale education in 3rd world countries. So “ White middle class” in the USA which we {for simplicity} define as people with University degrees was highly benefited from globalization and mass migration

      Because they did not feel any pressure and competition. There were not enough 3rd world graduates. Most pressure was om working class. I read a lot remarks about “Union Thugs”, “broom pushers” , “Dead Wood” etc from “enlightened” middle class.

      Today situation is different, besides “Affirmative action” there are more then 20 millions University enrollments only in India each year . There are enough non White overseas Graduates to replace all White degree holders in USA . And yours friendly Jewish Community will spare absolutely no expense to do just that.

      I’m very sorry to say (not really) that your friend smugness probably wouldn’t last that long :(.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Thank you Tom. I immensely enjoyed your commentary. You are correct. This is another excellent article and vid.

      It’s amazing how many of us world travelers think we’ve seen plenty and then it’s all put into a nutshell. That is, things which we knew are put on a few sheets; we never dwelled upon such, becuz of other activities. How true it is that each day we learn new things. For example, I always wondered about the best selling author Richard Evans. He’s from the UK and I’ve read most of his book. I figured he indicated certain factors because he just never saw the other side, due to his schedule, family or perhaps other time consuming variables. Then, recently I discovered that he was a witness at the David Irving trial. I was shocked and should not have been. After all, his books were best sellers around the world. In other words, he danced to the proper zyd(owski) tune(s). I (also) discovered that KMac was at that kangaroo court. But then again, we’d expect that from Kevin. He’s just an amazing fellow. I wish he were 40, instead of 76.

      As I look back at the standard MSM commentary the evolution is most obvious. In the past a fellow would elicit wrong thinking facts and cover with a weak disclaimer. Now, generally, cancel culture even prevents that.

      Around the ten minute mark of this post’s vid the obvious Balkanization of this country is touched. How true. Among those in one’s own family children have been brainwashed. Even the best private schools have been provided with funds by firms such as Coca-Cola. These transnational firms insist on affirmative action departments. Often they have various names. However the result is the same. They bring in all types of low IQ elements. In turn, 90% of the school student body drinks the Kool-Aid; the student body hates EuroMan and also a large number of the females copulate with…

      Tom, keep supplying us with nourishing food for thought. It’s good for our souls. Again, thank you.

  2. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Organized Jewry and their minions are riding their quasi-domesticated, subjugated host populations right into the ground, to use a colloquial Anglo expression. Most White, English speaking western nations, (and their sub vassal states), are today, essentially defacto, Jewish run colonies.

    Now that these unnatural, multi-racial, artifcial, make-believe states are starting to fall apart, the hostile Jewish alien ‘elites’ who worked feverishly to create them are getting very nervous about the Golem they’ve hatched. The intellectual sleight-of-hand, and snake charming media techniques that worked so well for them for decades, is now failing to keep the ‘diverse Goyim’ captivated.

    The upshot is what Kmac’s article directly points out, namely that they are loosing their psychological death grip on their unstable milk herd, and they are in panic mode in trying to retain it. Their charade isn’t working like it successfully did for so long, so false pretenses are being dropped and they are now resorting to rule by open intellectual tyranny, and naked suppression of their critics.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      Junghans is dead on the mark with his analysis.

      And, to add further proof of how on the mark he is – I have been noticing a significant increase in the number of opinion piece articles appearing online – usually written by someone with a very jewish sounding name – where the topic of Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School is being finally identified and blamed for the subversion and malicious destruction of America’s once stable, culturally and racially cohesive society – but in each case, the authors of these opinion pieces are spinning the facts behind Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School and attempting to pin the blame on an Italian, Antonio Gramsci – and totally ignore the overwhelmingly dominant role that jews played in these nation wrecking, subversive movements.

      It is apparent that the jews are watching the ongoing collapse of the United States – which is being driven by alien injected, poisonous ideologies that were designed to destroy White Western Civilization from the beginning – and they are getting very paranoid about their leading role being exposed.

      Excellent comment, Junghans. You really did thread the needle.

  3. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    While outlets such as Fox News have always existed as an arm of the Republican Party, this partisanship has infected nearly all news organizations, including publications such as the New York Times and the Washington Post, along with the major tech platforms that disseminate news. [Chris Hedges, timestamp 1:26–1:43]

    Not for the first time, Chris Hedges is here lying through his teeth. For a century and more before Fox News came to be, the Times had been aggressively slanting national and international news in a leftward direction. The propaganda didn’t stop there, however. In the sixties, for example, when I began reading it, just as now, one would have been hard pressed to find even a local story, such as a report of a fire, that was not milked and twisted to extract what little political content it might have. The Times’s partisanship is easier to spot and seems more egregious now largely because the Jews and Third World imports, many of them not even thirty, who write and edit its articles are barely literate enough to draft a comprehensible sentence, much less a subtly misdirecting one.

    The bottom line is that Hedges and Taibbi are concerned lest their own oxen be gored. If one keeps that in mind as he watches this video, its distinctly limited value becomes clear.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “For a century and more before Fox News came to be, the Times had been aggressively slanting national and international news in a leftward direction.”

      Indeed. Let’s not fail to mention that the NEW YORK TIMES was the main carrier of stories of a “Jewish Holocaust of 6 million” all the way back to 1880 — a century before Fox News.

      Quote: “The NEW YORK TIMES was the main vehicle for such propaganda, which also included well-known buzzwords such as “annihilation,” “extermination” and even the term “holocaust.””

      This is real evidence that a “Holocaust” has been essential to the program of Jewish conquest over the West, and the NYTimes is essential to that program.

  4. SS
    SS says:

    Can’t say bad things about Jews, blacks, gays, or immigration and haven’t been able to do that for a long time. Propaganda outlets, you don’t say. Suppression, my, my.

  5. Jack McArthur
    Jack McArthur says:

    “the NYTimes had a “come to Jesus” moment”

    Really? ” “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light”. This doesn’t sound like chutzpah. It doeasn’t seem like your typical Jewish media baron. The same Jesus would issue the most stinging rebukes to the proud money worshipers and at one point even took a rope in his hands to whip them and kick over their tables. There is no contradiction – you get what you deserve.

    There are people today in this world reaching the end of their tether who indeed will be guided to a place of rest. Somebody once told me that you had to bow low to enter the cave of Bethlehem.

  6. John
    John says:

    Criticism of Jews and Israel must make a breakthrough and go mainstream.

    Can we hand out literature such as flyers all over Washington, DC exposing Jewish organizations, their people, and their gentile puppets? Yes.

    Can we do this in New York City? Yes.

    In Black areas of the US where they don’t care for Jewish power anyway?

    In the Deep South to Whites.

    It would have to be factual and be written such that one could not be accused of “hate” although Jews and their non-Jewish puppets would complain anyway.

    I’m quite serious. Don’t just say no. Think about this or come up with alternatives. Our country has all but converted to Judaism.

    We need solutions to make critiques of Jewish power go fully mainstream.

    This would make average gentiles feel safe to do the same and then there would be a Tsunami and we may get somewhere.

  7. Tom Verso
    Tom Verso says:

    the real power of media to inculcate the masses with an ideology and in turn control the behavior of the masses.

    The phase and concept “Deep State” has become rather commonplace in political discussion of late; i.e. a hidden government within the legitimately elected government which holds and executes the real power of government.

    What MacDonald alludes to is what might be called “Deep Media”.

    This is to say: a hidden media power within the establishment media organization, that holds and executes the real power of media to inculcate the masses with an ideology and in turn controls the behavior of the masses.

    This DEEP MEDIA is never discussed by analysts of, and commenters about, THE MEDIA.

    For example, recently I noted, in the comment section of a media discussion between Steve Sailor and James Kirkpatrick, that they commit the anthropomorphic fallacy (i.e. “attribute human emotions and characteristics to inanimate objects “).

    Specifically, they discuss the inanimate object MEDIA in the THIRD PERSON, as in “THE MEDIA does this and THE MEDIA does that”. As though THE MEDIA is an animated independent thinking and acting object.

    Similar, Chris Hedges and Matt Taibbi follow suit.

    Like Sailor and Kirkpatrick, they talk about THE MEDIA as though it is living thinking independently acting entity. At best the only human beings that they mention are ‘clock-punching’ reporters or editors doing the job for which that they are hired and paid.

    Completely absent from the Taibbi et al “analysis” is any discussion of the mega billionaire owners of THE MEDIA and how they dictate what will be printed and broadcasted.

    Taibbi et al never mention the fact:
    All that THE MEDIA prints and broadcasts is what servers the IDEOLOGICAL interest of the mega billionaire owners of THE MEDIA.

    Emphasis on IDEOLOGICAL!

    The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post with his walk around pocket money. Its annual gross income is to small to show up as a separate entity on his income statements; filed under Miscellaneous.

    In short, Bezos et al do not buy THE MEDIA for profits. They buy THE MEDIA for ideological domination.

    Accordingly, the very small clique of billionaire owners of the media are
    the DEEP MEDIA that ultimate determines what the ‘great unwashed’, as it were, masses read, hear and see.

    Thereby controlling the behavior of the masses having been indoctrinated into the billionaire ideological belief system.

    Ideology determines behavior.
    Media determines ideology
    He who controls the media controls the ideology
    He who controls the ideology controls the society.

    Thus the most important sociological question one can ask:
    Who, what person(s), controls THE MEDIA?

    Kevin MacDonald cogently points out:

    “…media outlets, from WaPo, the LATimes and NPR to CNN and MSNBC—all with large Jewish ownership and/or staffing,”

    As a result the media, ergo ideological domination, is largely controlled by Jews.
    The thought of criticizing Jews is so profoundly negative in our society that Taibbi et al would, never think of, let alone put into words, any criticism of Jews.

    Accordingly, they ramble on anthropomorphically about THE MEDIA. With nary a thought or word about the DEEP MEDIA owners of THE MEDIA.

    [Note: Taibbi cohosts a podcast with a lady who I heard refer to her holocaust heritage. The same lady has her own independent podcast. How can he possible make any negative reference to Jewish domination of THE MEDIA.]

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Good points Tom. But have you noticed that this refusal to see Jewish Power goes all the way to white nationalist sites like AmRen? I once heard Jared Taylor more or less say that there was ” a little something there” in the notion of Jewish Power “but not much”. NOT MUCH!!?? What do you make of that?

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