The Vietnam War and China: Was Walt Rostow Right? — With an Endnote on the linkage to US-Israel relations

The intelligence is clear: Beijing intends to dominate the U.S. and the rest of the planet economically, militarily and technologically. Many of China’s major public initiatives and prominent companies offer only a layer of camouflage to the activities of the Chinese Communist Party. I call its approach of economic espionage “rob, replicate and replace.” China robs U.S. companies of their intellectual property, replicates the technology, and then replaces the U.S. firms in the global marketplace.
     John Ratcliffe, U.S. Director of National Intelligence, “China is National Security Threat No. 1,” The Wall Street Journal, December 3, 2020

In the [hermeneutic] circle is hidden a positive possibility of the most primordial kind of knowing.  To be sure, we genuinely take hold of this possibility only when, in our interpretation, we have understood that our first, last, and constant task is never to allow our fore-having, fore-sight, and fore-conception to be presented to us by fancies and popular conceptions, but rather to make the scientific theme secure by working out these fore-structures in terms of the things themselves.
     Martin Heidegger, Being and Time (Sein und Zeit, 1927)

In Fall of 1981, I was a newly arrived young undergraduate at the University of Texas at Austin.  The former White House National Security Advisor to U.S. Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson was a professor at the Johnson School of Public Affairs, and the Rex Baker Professor of Political Economy.  His name was W.W. “Walt” Rostow.  I had heard of him through my readings in economic history, and thought I would see if he would let me into his graduate seminar in economics that he had otherwise made famous while at M.I.T.  He not only let me in with enthusiasm, but proceeded to load me up with a stack of his books to read in preparation.  One was titled The Stages of Economic Growth: A Non-Communist Manifesto.

This book became famous, eagerly embraced among the Washington, D.C. establishment as a political manifesto, and in the corridors of the Pentagon as a call to arms, as it was a clarion call for the defense of U.S. interests and its methods of free markets.  It was also perfectly timed to coincide with a post-war obsession against communism, especially the Soviet kind, and the threats emanating from Cuba, and later, Southeast Asia.  Much has been written about the men who championed the Vietnam War, the so-called “brain trust” or, as author David Halberstam called them in his best-selling book, The Best and the Brightest.  Rostow was among a group of middle-aged intellectuals and academics, most also World War II veterans and, as in Rostow’s case, who had also served in the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor to the CIA).  From that experience, and the ideology it reinforced, the advisors surrounding America’s post-war presidents were Hawks; even what today would be called “Neo-cons” and far-right advocates for U.S military intervention (or pre-emption).  But as the Vietnam war dragged on, their reputations were dragged through the mud.  In Rostow’s case—one of the last holdouts for U.S. victory—he constantly pushed LBJ (president Johnson) to commit more troops, more planes, more bombs, and more money.  To most in opposition however, it was only more blood.  And so it ended, with hundreds of thousands of casualties, billions spent in taxpayer money, and at best an exit finally under Nixon and Kissinger (not without still highly critical accusations of political opportunism) that had the appearance of a negotiated truce.

Rostow was vilified by the northeastern establishment, and effectively black-listed among the university ivy-league for his role in that war and in US foreign policy generally—until Johnson built his new graduate school on the Austin, Texas campus, and gave Rostow a permanent position, effectively its titular head, from its founding in 1970, until his passing in 2003.  In 2002, British historian David Milne came to Austin and chronicled Rostow’s tenure as a wartime advisor, and consistent with his general reputation even today, characterized Rostow (and named his book) America’s Rasputin.  In a more normal, “globalized” international order, Rostow does seem an anachronism; an outdated older generation of “communist hunters” that saw Red everywhere, and overstated its danger.  Indeed, much of communism’s threatening posture seemed to fade under a triumphant Reagan foreign policy that saw “glasnost” and “perestroika” (openness and rebuilding) under former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev, collapse into utter ruin with the Soviet Union broken up, and America, seemly triumphant.  China was still a distant, if unsophisticated developing country beginning to be known more for making all the consumer goods that the U.S. had divested in favor of “high-tech” and Wall Street.

But the international order is no longer normal (indeed, some have called for the CCP to be officially declared a transnational criminal organization).

Rostow believed early on that communist China, if it continued to advance through the “stages of growth” into a high-tech, modern mass society, would be a profound regional, and if consolidated, a global competitive threat to nearly everything America stood for.  Rostow advanced the thesis that the United States had actually “won” the Vietnam war; he believed the war had “bought time” for the rest of South-east Asia to economically advance and escape Chinese Communism. Today, China’s growing economic, financial, technical and political influence isn’t through those regional proxies, and mere regional hegemony, but directly through China itself, and its increasing global reach, including in the new space race.  It is even seen by many as a model for a socially flat, “fair,” controlled, regulated society.

Today, China’s growing economic, financial, technical, and political influence isn’t through regional proxies, but by China itself: A giant high-tech, authoritarian machine with a population over 1.5 billion and growing; a military to rival the U.S. and Russia; aggressive ambitions in space travel, and abundant natural resources, infrastructure, and businesses with global reach.  Indeed, Rostow’s belief that Chinese influence could spread to Vietnam and act with a domino effect across greater South Asia (even Austral-Asia) may have understated the effect, and the danger, because the country most at risk now isn’t Vietnam or Cambodia; Thailand, Korea or Taiwan even, but the United States itself.  That is, China is no longer an ideological opponent for geopolitical control or regional hegemony within the context of competitive ‘empires” seeking regional dominion, but instead a direct, frontal threat to the integrity of the United States itself, as a sovereign nation. The CCP is the new “USSR”).

Indeed, was the U.S. the ultimate prize that China has had its disciplined eye on, especially for the last 20 years?   Was Rostow right?  I believe he was, and more: he was not only right about the threat communism posed to Western freedoms and liberty, but about the dislocations and distortions in scientific and technological development: China’s culture is imitative and assimilative; it is the like the “Borg.”  Resistance is futile.  And therein is the ideological danger: China has become a role model of conformity, conditioning and control to the progressive Left that sees the U.S. as a mistake; a selfish White beast of capitalism that pollutes and ravages; consumes and oppresses; the “Anglosphere” that is pitted now against the “Sino-sphere,” the Indo-spere; the Afro-sphere, and the Zio-sphere.

Indeed, the entire far Left “woke” culture of identitarian-based (racial) coercive moralism, rests on an effective spiteful lust for vengeance that naturally sees China as a solution for a flat, “fair,” controlled, and highly regulated society, but especially, as a model of absolute power.  The CCP is the new cult-hero of the radical Left globalist, who views the U.S. as a dying establishment society of privilege.  Except the Left doesn’t actually despise privilege; it despises being denied privilege for itself—and now, it wants it all for itself, with an objective of a unitarian, consolidated American political monism that destroys its opposition and consolidates its hegemony over all aspects of society in ways completely foreign to American traditions of individual freedom — economic and religious liberty, with a government subordinated to the civil public, and the civil public in control of its military, its property, currency, and most of its natural resources.  Communism upends all of that (but there is more: China has been waging an “irregular” war against the U.S. since at least 2000, and in the current environment, has been cited as responsible for the SARS-coV-2 virus, including recent accusations as the actual sponsor of what is called “Operation Warp Speed” and cited as a CCP assault proxy).

China — and emulation of China — threaten to dismantle most if not all American routines and traditions, and in an insidious way that slowly but consistently encroaches on every aspect of American culture and custom.  China has laid down the economic, geopolitical and military gauntlet, and with a renewed confidence, reinforced by eager if naive encouragement by America’s Left progressives who are overwhelmingly non-White, and largely Jewish in its most senior leadership, financial and media roles.

China’s ancient philosopher of war, Sun Tzu, said that the victors of a war can win without even fighting, by subduing the enemy through his own self-defeat and surrender.  Rostow’s Cold War hawkish stance of defiance was right: It is modern, strong, sober and confident, in the face of another U.S. political world view that is anarchic, compliant, hysterical and weak.

Endnote on U.S.-Israel Relations

It is important to appreciate a few things about Rostow that inform my full opinion of him.  There is much to admire about his aggressive, fighting spirit, even though there is much that causes me some reservation. That fighting spirit, however, was not always, or strictly, in service to readily identifiable, domestic, institutional or otherwise transparent causes, interests or objectives.  Rostow’s family were Jewish immigrants from Russia — a fairly traditional immigrant story of a family with modest means, working in traditional labor markets, and with the ambition to see their children attend college.  Walt Rostow and his brother Eugene both went to college and graduate school at Yale, where Walt received his Ph.D. from Yale, and his brother his law degree from Yale Law.  Both served in public administration and became deeply embedded in high-level state policy circles.  Walt also served in the U.S. military, the OSS, and that pedigree formed much of his persona and modus operandi.   However, many people, including myself, felt that he was inordinately ambitious and that this fueled a complex mix of motivations and professional and personal alignments.  He became usually candid with me concerning the complexity of competing interests in the U.S. government during the 1960’s and how those led to the rise of LBJ, and the further deepening of American military activity in Vietnam and bordering countries, along with a radical escalation of the intelligence agencies and their conversion to “black” or irregular warfare outside the normal chains of civilian, even military control.

It is my view that Rostow was a central, principal actor in the elimination of the legacy of JFK and the supersession of LBJ who had a set of policies almost entirely written and controlled by Rostow.  And while his hawk posture in Vietnam—possibly including preemptive tactical nuclear options—was indeed a bulwark, notionally, against China, he had an equal measure, along with his brother (the central author and advocate for the narrative deployed in the Warren report) of commitment to Israel, to Israel’s nuclear development, and to U.S. foreign aid becoming a normal feature of annual transfer payments to Israel.  Moreover, his naïve idealism about U.S. domestic social programs—he authored the “Great Society” strategy—led some to even go so far as to label him a “bourgeois Marxist” for his championing of government involvement, or even control, of many key industries.  His idealism also led to an aggressive platform of controlling wages and prices in order to “tame” inflation.

Rostow was a social engineer at heart, and in his inherent intellectual extremism, not unlike the radical Left today.  His ultimate loyalties are uncertain, and he was indeed a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” who could justify any degree of violence in order to realize his academic theories and Weltanshauung.  This view has a particularly fascinating, if disturbing, similarity with a trend in academia among certain Jewish legal scholars in the immediate pre-war and post-war period.  A poignant example involves Harvard Law’s notorious and historically revered Felix Frankfurter.  Working in the Wilson administration in the then War Department (like Rostow in the Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson offices), Frankfurter was assigned to Europe where he became actively, and officially involved in the Zionist cause, working with Dr. Chaim Weizman.  After the War, Frankfurter attended the Paris Peace conference, supporting the Balfour Declaration that the British sponsored to establish a “permanent home for the Jews in Palestine.”  As with Rostow, the co-mingling of American and British cultural influence, combined with Zionist interests, may have created a logic in Frankfurter’s mind that Anglo-Saxon culture, and the larger dynamic of the British Empire (and, later, the American Empire) could be integrated with the ambitions of Zionism.  Like Frankfurter, Rostow (and his brother) may have held out a broad front of US defiance and patriotism against communism, and an aggressive militancy in combating it. But they also had a passionate obsession with Israel, and a personal conviction that Americanism and Zionism were an effective identity.

Indeed, one of Rostow’s obsessions was Russian (Soviet) communism, and I believe he saw Vietnam not only as a proxy war with China, Chinese communism and the larger communist bloc including the then-dominant Soviet Union, but also a “shield” over Israel, and a Israel-US cultural, economic, financial and military duplex.  The extent of Johnson’s lobbying, commitment and favor on behalf of Israel was immediately apparent after he assumed office, and Rostow had a central role as a national security advisor in articulating, planning and directing these activities.  LBJ and his Rostow-headed national security team, declared that Israel had “no better friend,” and Johnson was the first U.S. president to formally align U.S. policy with Israel. Thus Rostow may very well have been as asset — an agent or working in some agency capacity — on behalf of Israel.

The United States may now be considered caught in a vise, between a perpetual irregular war of Zionist contours that systematically infiltrates U.S. institutions, including government, media, and key commercial sectors (central and commercial banking), combined with a regular, direct force (not without its irregular components, especially within our top-level research universities) prepared for direct physical confrontation — a new “Sino-Bolshevism” that combines a systematic assault on America’s Western cultural foundations and emulation of a massive Sino empire that has stolen U.S. technology and military secrets (often with our own political cooperation) and been able to create a first-rate military, reinforced with a fighting population five times the size of America’s and with a reserve population that is equally outsized.

American technology transfer to China was also facilitated directly by Israeli actors.  Israel has also appropriated U.S. technology through systematic, on-going industrial-military espionage, while reselling it, often to China, or Chinese surrogates. It is not surprising therefore that the current China-originated virus combined with Jewish media and Silicon Valley election engineering, speech suppression, and on-going public relations psy-ops, are together creating an effective constitutional “crucible.”  Indeed, is China in some regards, the alter ego of Israel?  Is a theocratic-ethnic, hegemonic, nuclear armed and technologically advanced social monism, the ambition of Israel as well? In both cases—China and Israel—the real battle is cultural, and culturally determined.  This puts Western culture in an especially fascinating position of necessary assertion across all regular and irregular dimensions.

Moreover, not only the United States, but the “Five Eyes” of Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia are, along with the U.S. and Western Europe under cultural assault — a highly systematic, programmatic “invasion.”  Indeed, these countries have surrendered in several dimensions; they are more easily captured politically, institutionally and economically because they have less of a tradition of individual liberty and because their multiethnic social infrastructure is significantly more porous and vulnerable. Because of its strong tradition of individual liberty, the United States required a much more complex invasion strategy in order to gain operative control of U.S. systems.

Is Israel finally “done” with the U.S. in a bi-lateral mode, and changing its posture to a new phase of an attempted complete acquisition?  In historical terms, this makes actors such as Rostow (and his brother) into archetypes. They combine an American “immigrant” narrative with academic achievement, military service and senior national security roles—all reinforced with a lengthy university pedigree and authorship—that ultimately disguise their ethnic motivations that work against U.S. interests, and in fact actively damage its sovereignty.  Some call this the profile of traitorous behavior, and in Rostow’s case there is a constellation of associations and actions that reinforce this view.  His model of culturally and institutionally embedded special interests that are ultimately ethnically based has multiplied radically since the 1960s, and has become almost institutionalized itself in several key American institutions.



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  1. Manuel Sotil
    Manuel Sotil says:

    Walter Rostow, I remember him well from the Vietnam era. He and the other Washington paleo cons (Dean Rusk, Robert McNamara, Henry Kissinger… etc.) snuffed so many lives, lives of people who did not even know that there was such thing as a USA. They destroyed and poisoned so much and all for what? What did they accomplish in the end? They left a path of death and destruction for all the world to see.
    Walter Rostow personified the American hammer roving the world looking for any protruding nail to pound down, claiming that the nail posed an imminent threat to the American way of life. Sounds familiar? We are seen that same things today, a sad example of how history keeps repeating itself. Unfortunately, the devil gave the USA, many more such hammers.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      None of the men listed were paleocons. They were liberal internationalists; in McNamara’s case, one with an almost unlimited capacity for enduring suffering, so long as it was other people’s suffering.

      • Manuel Sotil
        Manuel Sotil says:

        If those named (a small sample) were not paleo cons, pray tell then, who were the paleo cons of those days?

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            That is correct, at least in the sense that no answer can be both (1) true and (2) supportive of your absence of political awareness.

            There were no paleocons in the Johnson administration. There were no paleocons, full stop, in US public life in 1967. If you think there were, you are misinformed about who paleocons are and what they believe.

            Although your childish reply indicates a refusal to align your thinking with reality, should your attitude ever change for the better, buy and read “The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America since 1945,” by George H. Nash. It is a remarkably interesting and accurate survey of what its title says it covers.

  2. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Stages of economic growth?

    How’s this for treason? from an old book by the late Willard Cantelon


  3. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Rostow advanced the thesis that the United States had actually “won” the Vietnam war; he believed the war had “bought time” for the rest of South-east Asia to economically advance and escape Chinese Communism.

    LOL, I would agree with such a statement except for one very important issue, the 7000 days of rain that ultimately led LBJ to rant about the need for a weather satellite to control the weather. Vietnam was lost because of it and for those of us in the know a question. The Super Outbreak of Tornado’s in 1974 that is 148 of them striking practically the entire nation on guess what April 3 to 4, was it just a coincidence coming as it did almost exactly a year to the end of the Vietnam War on 4/30/1975?

    I’d say given these words highly unlikely:

    “The Lord is slow to anger but great in power; the Lord will not leave the guilty unpunished. His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and clouds are the dust of his feet.” {Nahum 1:3}

    See, the storm of the Lord will burst out in wrath, a whirlwind swirling down on the heads of the wicked. The anger of the Lord will not turn back until he fully accomplishes the purposes of his heart. In days to come you will understand it clearly. (Jeremiah 23:19–20}

    Whirlwind in the modern vernacular is tornado yes?

    Weather satellite to control the weather? Yeah, good luck with that lol but I guess that with China they may actually decide to do exactly that attack God which the world and especially they redefine as an alien now in this modern day world where the space race is the new frontier!

    Imagine Stalin with our technology coupled with his hatred of everything religious would he actually try to take on heaven?

    And wow, when the bible talks about the blindness of man and ‘how great is that blindness’ its as black and dark as coal isn’t it that blindness? Matt. 6:23

    FREESPIRIT says:

    ISRAELI ZIONIST JEWS already own the BANKING SYSTEM of the World (Rothschild), MOST WESTERN MEDIA and CONTROLS all Governments, EXCEPT those of Venezuela, Cuba, Iran and North Korea so how do you suggest CHINA can own what is already owned???

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      The last 2/3 weeks China seems to have replaced jews- in the jewish media, that is. All we have learned over the last 20/30 years is incorrect?

  5. 9593
    9593 says:

    I appreciate Mr. Solovyev’s point of view, and the review of Walt Rostov. I knew nothing of Walt Rostov.
    There is a man writing in the Unz Review, Fred Reed, who discusses China’s Han Chinese people and their high intelligence in the STEM field.

    Our American history clearly demonstrates the recurrent failure of, so-called “Democracy”, when the electorate turns out to be a mob, and the Electoral College is commanded to follow the will of the mob. Whatever aptitude China has shown in stealing secrets, we play the same game. Everyone plays that game. Clearly, China (and Japan, France, Germany, Russia ) have attained technological superiority over the US – in industries that matter. Just compare the condition of our infrastructures. Not only that, but their polities are not riven with the chaos of “multiculturalism”, where everyone had better get up an affinity group in order to compete with the “under-privileged” minorities for preference or even, reparations. Fred Reed enumerates the Chinese accomplishments, The US is mired in the disastrous outcome of “Free to Choose”, where the corporations are mandated to maximize shareholder value, and there no rules to prosper and preserve “the people”. The heavy apparatus electrical industry of America is European and Asian owned. Boeing Aircraft has been poisoned by the hedge-funders, and now we are compelled to fly in an inherently unstable commercial passenger plane. Recall that Airbus did not make that mistake – different culture.

    Israel teaming up with China? Could be, but the Han may be smarter than to submit to perpetual war.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “There is a man writing in the Unz Review, Fred Reed, who discusses China’s Han Chinese people and their high intelligence in the STEM field.”

      Fred’s best day’s are behind him. I read that article. Like a lot of his others articles it makes a valid point or two and then he’s off on a tangent where things between opinion and fact get, well, blurred.

      He used to take a well-deserved battering in the comment section. But it seems as if most of those commenters have simply given up on him.

      “Israel teaming up with China? Could be, but the Han may be smarter than to submit to perpetual war.”

      Unlike Americans, the Chinese don’t strike one as being all that into power-sharing.

      From the looks of things my guess is that the Walt Rostow’s of today know this, just as they know full well that the 21st century belongs to China, and so have positioned themselves to be partners-in-crime as a way to secure protection for Israel and their people the world over.

      Handing over the US, and not just the US, to China is an important part of this.

  6. Charles Alban
    Charles Alban says:

    I’m a Brit living in Italy after many years in US. i have to say it’s much more pleasant living here than either UK or US. i put that down to the small jewish population…less than 50,000 in a population of 60 million. that’s not enough for the degrading cultural effects of jews to be noticeable. we have nothing like the Fleet Street gutter press, for example. no tits on page three (the infamous Sun newspaper) and
    comparatively little in the way of jewish financed big box retail. all these medieval towns around here in northern Italy have thriving town centres with owner operated small stores that seem to be surviving the covid crisis. no boarded up downtowns, like much of small town America. what cultural degradation there is is mainly US imports… McDonald’s, US movies and TV dubbed into Italian, semipornographic jewish financed ugly black American rap music videos on a English language TV channel played in the bars/coffee shops (I asked my local bar to change the channel to Italian music videos. much nicer).

    most European countries have less than 0.1% jewish populations. UK has 0.5% and France 0.8%. I’m convinced that’s what makes continental Europe so much nicer to live in. my local bus driver said “Europe is very nice, isn’t it?” and i had to agree, just being fairly recently arrived from Florida. there is far less divisiveness . Italians are cultured and civilized.

    jews don’t appear to control the government the way they do in Anglo countries. the politicians are all White Italians who seem like a bunch of cheerful college students…DeMaio, Salvini, Conte… and the president, Mattarella, is a gracious elder statesman. none of the abrasive coarseness of US or UK politics.

    and as for the Chinese, they seem to respect European culture by building replicas of European towns in China. Huawei’s research campus is an example. I don’t see them as a cultural threat.

    so what’s the conclusion? judenfrei is the way to be. Portugal has one of the lowest jewish populations and good English proficiency (unlike Italy), so a good choice for a retirement destination.

    • Dex
      Dex says:

      Probably, if you were to do some digging you would find many zionist jew usrael firsters in the Italian government. Don’t let their small population fool you.

    • 9593
      9593 says:

      In 1987, Portugal apologized to the Jews for the expulsion of circa 1492. From Wikipedia:
      “In April 2013 Portugal passed a law of return, allowing descendants of Sephardic Jews who were expelled in the inquisition to claim Portuguese citizenship provided that they ‘belong to a Sephardic community of Portuguese origin with ties to Portugal’ without a requirement for residence. The amendment to Portugal’s “Law on Nationality” was approved unanimously on 11 April 2013.[45] The law came into effect in March 2015.”

      By a similar action in Spain, about 123,000 Israelis have applied for Spanish citizenship:

      When the Moors invaded in year 711, the Jewish community, resentful of the Visigoth administration, are said to have opened the gates of every city save Malaga. Naturally, after the expulsion of the Moors, one could expect the expulsion of the Jewish traitors.

      It required centuries of diligent historiographical redaction to wipe out the common memory of what really happened, and pose the Jews as victims. Pity the Spaniards and Portuguese if Israel collapses and the dual-citizens flee to Iberia.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        It required centuries of diligent historiographical redaction to wipe out the common memory of what really happened, and pose the Jews as victims.

        I am not sure whether your proposed timespan of Jewish subversion and brainwashing is correct or not—that is, in that it assumes that the process was already well advanced by the time Salazar and Franco assumed power in their respective countries—but I find it more appealing than the alternative. The idea that the centuries-old cultural and religious framework of the two Iberian societies could fall completely to rubble within thirty years of the death of their rulers has a discomfiting “après eux, le déluge” feel to it. Of course, back in the eighth century, it had taken the Umayyads only a third as long to conquer virtually the entire peninsula.

  7. Anon
    Anon says:

    Labor is dirt cheap in Latin America but companies did move there because of political unrest, crime and the bad attitudes of the working class. No unions or insubordination in China.

    • gT
      gT says:

      Manufacturing and production could have moved to Latin America, Africa or the newly liberated Eastern Europe in a distributed and redundant fashion. But instead manufacturing and production was only moved to China. All the eggs were purposely put into one basket, making that basket the rich and powerful country it is today. The aim of keeping Latin America and Africa undeveloped by economic and political means was extended to Eastern Europe with massive deindustrialization happening there.

  8. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    ” Because of its strong tradition of individual liberty, the United States required a much more complex invasion strategy in order to gain operative control of U.S. systems.”

    The USA 1913 Federal Reserve Act handed monopoly control/ownership of the public money system ( now the world reserve currency system ) to the Rothschild empire banksters . (((Them))) gaining “operative control of U.S. systems.” was a practically uninterrupted series , starting after the 1913 Act which gave (((them))) a de facto money system monopoly , of slamdunk financially assured acquisitions of ownership/control of all major USA political/economic/social operations .

    It took interested parties , on the www internet , about five years from year 2013 to discover who were the eight bankster owners of “The Fed”. The City of Satan , in London England , financial insider whom apparently revealed the ownership names may have been assassinated instead of officially suicided .

    Getting (((their))) way in this world is greatly simplified when they have virtually all the money they need to purchase all the cooperations needed to have (((their))) way .

    The vast majority of White Christians for two thousand years and Muslims for nearly fourteen hundred years do not appear to have as good an understanding of money technologies ( also includes financial innovations ) nor as good an understanding of the true import/power of money as “the jews” historicly have from the beginning of money technology several thousand years ago .

  9. Dex
    Dex says:

    Until European protestants the world over come to the realization that jews are the source of ALL the problems in the world, we in the West will always be under the feet of the jews. What in the blazes is a Rothschild loan shark doing living in an Anglo-Saxon built castle in England?
    This love affair with jews as god’s chosen people is the poison of the West. It’s that simplr. The jews say plainly how they feel. Just read You Gentiles, read Marcus Eli Ravage. It’s pathetic how Western Man just grovels at the feet of jews. Jews are turning all Western countries into African hellholes. There is not a single country of European origin which is not controoled by jews……Anyone is free to tell me.

  10. Manuel Sotil
    Manuel Sotil says:

    How come nobody blames Nixon and Kissinger for “opening” up China. Before their historic flight to Beijing to beg the Chinese for help in bailing the US out of the Vietnam war, Chinese industry was limited to backyard foundries. In 1958, Mao had declared a uniquely Chinese approach to development, which he dubbed under the slogan “An iron and steel foundry in every backyard”. After Nixon / Kissinger “opening” of China, cheap, basic Chinese goods started arriving in the US and US dollars started flowing towards China. The US turned its back on its ally Taiwan to comply with Chinese demands and embarked on a program to export US industries (and jobs) to China. Beloved (?) President Regan takes no small credit for those developments that were started by Nixon / Kissinger. Were it not for that, perhaps the Chinese would still be brandishing their little “Red Books” in massive demonstrations against everything West and western values but they would not pose a threat to anyone.

  11. tadzio
    tadzio says:

    It would be of interest to examine where and what Rostow did after Israel attacked the USS Liberty and killed and maimed American military personnel. There should be records available for contacts made during that day and the following week as the cover-up was conjured. As National Security Advisor he must have been in the loop. What colors did he fly then?

  12. Seraphim
    Seraphim says:

    Napoleon, who despite his repeated failures to see the consequences of his own actions, perceived nevertheless, when closer to his final demise, what will happen with China in what seemed to be a distant future: “La Chine est un geant qui dort. Laissez la dormir, car quand la Chine s’éveillera le monde tremblera”.
    The British understood, for a while, inundating China with opium. But then the temptation to use the cheap Chinese labor force (the ‘coolie trade’) was too great to let them sleep any longer, not realizing that China is a giant.

    • Manuel Sotil
      Manuel Sotil says:

      The only reason Britain inundated China with opium from India can be resumed in one word: Sassoon: the jewish mega merchant leader of the jewish community of Bombay (Mumbai) David Sassoon dominated the opium trade. One of his sons married into the Rothschild family. Even without knowing the English language, he was given British citizenship.
      But more to your post, yes, China was a sleeping giant until the US went there (Nixon / Kissinger) and rattled its cage. Now the US is trying to put the giant back in the bottle, unsuccessfully.

      • Seraphim
        Seraphim says:

        Let’s not forget the name of Warren Delano of the ”Russell & Company”, the largest American trading house in China, involved up to its neck in the opium trade. He said that he could not pretend to justify the opium trade on moral grounds, ”but as a merchant I insist it has been . . . fair, honorable and legitimate”. Warren Delano became a very rich man (as Samuel Russell) and the Delano name is forever linked to the greatest calamities that befell the unfortunate 20th century.
        One cannot pass over the role played by American missionaries in all the revolutions which shattered China in the wake of the Opium Wars. Think only that Sun Yat-sen was baptized in Hong Kong (on 4 May 1884) by Rev. C. R. Hager, an American missionary of the Congregational Church of the United States. Chiang Kai-shek?
        Speaking about giants, the image that sprung to mind is that of Gulliver tied down by the Lilliputans.

        • Manuel Sotil
          Manuel Sotil says:

          Delano, (like in President Roosevelt’s mother’s name), is a Jewish Sephardic name of Portuguese origin.

  13. anon
    anon says:

    I’m as tired of this China, China, China hysteria from the neocons as I am of the Russia, Russia, Russia hysteria from the neolibs. Why do we always need someone to hate on? America’s real enemy is within, not without. China did not take anything from us, we gladly handed everything to them. Our greedy corporations want to exploit their cheap labor and mass consumer base, just like these corporations are now exploiting India’s cheap worker base and importing H1B coding slaves by the millions.

    Who are our real enemies? Not China, Russia, Iran or Venezuela, it is us. We are the devils who elected all the politicians, Trump included, to “maximize profit”, offshore all our manufacturing, intervene in all other countries’ internal politics, fight the endless wars, then allow the endless immigration. Our enemies go from Wall Street to Hollywood, DC to SV, and everywhere in between, the media, academia, judiciary, deep state. We drive the foreign made cars that burn foreign oil, eat imported foreign food, buy up house fulls of foreign made junk, and celebrate each new high of the DJIA and Nasdaq. You want to know who our enemies are? Look in the mirror.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Thank you. Everything about the text in the video screams “Google Translate,” the Internet’s bluntest instrument.

        I particularly enjoyed the kindhearted counsel: “America no tie underwear in complicated knot.”

        On the other hand, the implicit criticism of transsexualism in “Oh oh oh America no cry like menstruating wife” will surely come back to haunt the Chinese. This is surely one of those things that Schumer, Pelosi, and soon-to-be Presidentess Harris won’t stand for.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” We are the devils who …”

      You nailed it .

      White Christian sheeple are the largest USA ethnic group ;
      where ___
      Christianity is a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to the chosenhite jewmasterss

      ; not to insinuate that jewss do not accommodate the enslavements

      ; nor insinuate that the RCC did not oppose jewss in a time past .

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