Black Saints, White Sinners: Slavery and the Contradictions of Leftist Moralism

Who’s the greatest hero in popular English literature? I’d say it’s James Bond. And who’s the greatest anti-hero? I’d say it’s Flashman, the protagonist of a hugely entertaining mock-historical series written by George MacDonald Fraser (1925–2008).

Slave-trading, slave-stealing and murder

The character Flashman originally appeared as a coward, cad and bully in the Victorian novel Tom Brown’s Schooldays (1857). George MacDonald Fraser (GMF) decided to give him an after-life and treat him as a real historical figure, a Victorian war-hero whose secret and self-exposing memoirs had lain hidden until they were unearthed in the 1960s. And so GMF claimed to be merely the editor of “The Flashman Papers,” in which Flashman described how his illustrious military career had been built on deceit, cunning and the Devil’s own luck. Among many other adventures, he charged with the Light Brigade, was the sole survivor of Custer’s Last Stand, and won the Victoria Cross for gallantry during the Indian Mutiny.

Front cover of Flash for Freedom! (1971)

But while the world thought he had reveled in all that danger and violence, the truth was very different. As Flashman himself says: “I’m lucky, because while I don’t have [courage], I look as though I do, and worthy souls … never suspect that I’m running around with my bowels squirting, ready to decamp, squeal, or betray as occasion demands.” That’s from Flashman and the Redskins (1982), in which GMF’s anti-hero, with “charges of slave-trading, slave-stealing … and even murder hanging over his head,” escapes American justice by adopting a false identity and setting off for the California gold rush with a re-locating brothel from New Orleans. “Millions came after,” Flashman says, “but we were the Forty-Niners.”

“To the moon in chains”

As you can see, GMF was good at putting his anti-hero into farcical and entertaining predicaments at key moments in nineteenth-century history. But why does Flashman have “charges” of “slave-trading” and “slave-stealing” hanging over his head in 1849? That’s explained in a previous novel in the series, Flash for Freedom! (1971), which may be one of the most politically incorrect books ever written. It describes how Flashman is tricked into joining the trans-Atlantic slave trade by his Machiavellian Scottish father-in-law John Morrison. When Flashman discovers the truth aboard a ship en route to Africa, he is furious and frightened. Slaving has become a serious crime by then and he fears a long jail-sentence or even execution.

Of course, his concerns are entirely for himself, as he makes clear to his readers: “Not that I’d any qualms about slaving, mark you, from the holy-holy point of view; they could have transported every nigger in Africa to the moon in chains for all I cared.” That’s Flashman’s attitude, of course, not GMF’s, but you can see why Flash for Freedom! is politically incorrect. GMF wrote a comic novel about one of the greatest horrors in history: the enslavement of millions of Black Africans by cruel and hypocritical White Europeans.

Driven into hiding

But the comedy is in Flashman’s attitudes and behaviour, not in the history that he is reporting. It is precisely because slavery and the slave-trade were so horrible that Flashman’s callousness is so funny. After shipping a cargo of “black ivory” across the Atlantic, he finds himself hiding from American justice on a cotton plantation in Mississippi. Being Flashman, he hides in style, working as a slave-driver and venting his frustrations on his helpless charges:

Although I had a couple of black drivers to help me, I became quite expert with my hide — you could make a sleepy nigger jump his own height with a well-placed welt across his backside, squealing his head off, and if any of them were short-weighted at the end of the day, you gave them half a dozen cuts for luck. Mandeville [the plantation-owner] was delighted with the tally of cotton picked, and told me I was the best overseer he’d ever had, which didn’t surprise me. It was work I could take a hearty interest in. (Flash for Freedom!, chapter 10)

Flashman is, in fact, the White heterosexual male as leftist ideology falsely portrays him to be: cruel, bigoted and exploitative, caring nothing for anyone but himself. But because Flashman isn’t moralistic, GMF can use him to describe the slave-trade objectively. On the one hand, yes, it was a horror: even Flashman says that “when you’ve looked into the hold of a new-laden slaver for the first time, you know what hell is like.” On the other hand, it wasn’t a simple tale of White evil and Black victimhood. Flashman explodes the false history like this:

It’s always amused me to listen to the psalm-smiting hypocrisy of nigger-lovers at home and in the States who talk about white savages raping the Coast and carrying poor black innocents into bondage — why, without the help of the blacks themselves we’d not have been able to lift a single slave out of Africa. But I saw the Coast with my own eyes, you see, which the Holy Henriettas didn’t, and I know that this old wives’ tale of a handful of white pirates mastering the country and kidnapping as they chose, is all my eye. We couldn’t have stayed there five minutes if the nigger kings and warrior tribes hadn’t been all for it, and traded their captured enemies — aye, and their own folk, too — for guns and booze and Brummagem rubbish. (Flash for Freedom!, chapter 3 — “Brummagem rubbish” refers to cheap goods manufactured in the English city of Birmingham)

Slavery existed in Africa long before Whites arrived and exists there now in independent Black and Arab states. Because of slavery, there are roughly 45 million well-fed but economically unproductive Blacks in the United States, who consume billions of dollars from White tax-payers and respond by murdering, raping, beating and robbing Whites in large numbers, year in, year out. But Arab-Muslim nations that also had large numbers of Black slaves don’t have large numbers of Black citizens today, because Muslims castrated Black males and treated their slaves far more harshly than Whites did.

A drop of water compared to an ocean

However, while the European slave-trade is endlessly condemned and publicized by Western journalists, politicians, academics, film-makers and authors, the Muslim slave-trade, which was bigger and longer-lasting, is almost ignored. Even the liberal author Jeremy Black, in his book Slavery: A New Global History (2011), is struck by this contrast in attitudes: “[The] period of Mamluk rule [in Muslim Egypt] was roughly equivalent in length to that of slavery in the USA, and it is an interesting sign of relative concerns that the attention devoted to slavery in the Mamluk empire and the USA is as a drop of water compared to an ocean.” (ch. 1, p. 33)

But one reason that the Muslim slave-trade is almost ignored is that it reveals uncomfortable facts about the way Muslims behave towards all kaffirs, or non-Muslims, and not simply Blacks. The leftist elite do not want ordinary Whites to consider that some of their own ancestors and relatives might well, in centuries past, have been seized as slaves by Muslims:

The effect on the European coastal populations [of Muslim slave-raids] was dramatic. Entire areas were depopulated. The author even sketches out an argument that the culture of baroque Italy was determined in part by a turning inward from the terrors of coastal life — from the “fear of the horizon” that afflicted all the regions subject to slave raiding. [Robert C. Davis] tells us (he is Professor of Italian Social History at Ohio State University, by the way) that to this day there is an idiom in Sicilian dialect to express the general idea of being caught by surprise: pigliato dai turchi — “taken by the Turks.” The distress of those left behind, deprived of a husband or father, is painful to read about. (Review of Robert C. Davis’s Christian Slaves, 2006, by John Derbyshire)

And Flash for Freedom! describes how some Blacks willingly and even eagerly profited from the slave-trade. With the fearsome John Charity Spring, classics-quoting captain of a slave-ship called Balliol College, Flashman visits the even more fearsome tyrant of a Black slave-trading kingdom: “King Gezo of Dahomey was bitter ugly, even by nigger standards. He must have weighed twenty stone, with a massive belly hanging over his kilt of animal tails, and huge shoulders inside his scarlet cape. He had a kind of wicker hat on his head, and under it was a face that would have shamed a gorilla — huge flat nose, pocked cheeks, little yellow eyes and big yellow teeth.”

Mass killing of slaves by Black rulers

Flashman then sees Gezo order a horrific arbitrary execution in front of a reeking house built of human skulls. The Black king of Dahomey owned slaves, traded in slaves and casually murdered slaves. Elsewhere in Africa, “the [Black] Asante kingdom was … a slave-raiding, slave-owning and slave-trading regime, [where] mass killing of slaves was regularly practised both in funeral rituals — generally by burial alive — and to inspire terror.” Black rulers in Flashman’s day were not enlightened liberals terrorized into slave-trading by cruel and wicked Whites. They were quite capable of cruelty and wickedness on their own account, as were many others in pre-literate societies without the rule of law as Europeans had come to understand it. Even today witchcraft and human sacrifice are practised in Black Africa, as I described in “Whites As Witches.” For example, the leftist Independent newspaper reports that “People with albinism are often subjected to violent attacks in [Tanzania], where they are known as the ‘zeru zeru’ or ghosts [and are] a target for traditional healers, who harvest body parts to make potions for wealth, success and even election victories.”

Slavery is another ancient Black-African tradition that still flourishes in twenty-first-century Africa and the Black-African Diaspora, as this report from Britain reveals:

A respected gynaecologist and his wife enslaved a “houseboy” at their home for 24 years, forcing him to carry out menial tasks for 17 hours a day and monitoring his movements using a security camera. Dr Emmanuel Edet, 61, and his wife, Antan, 58, a senior NHS nurse at Ealing hospital, were convicted by a jury of bringing the teenage boy illegally into Britain at the age of 14 and putting him to work as an unpaid cleaner, cook, odd-job-man and carer for their two children. … Detectives investigating the case found 20 albums filled with 800 photographs of the family, but Ofonime featured in only four. One of them showed him pedalling a boat at Flamingo Land in North Yorkshire for other members of the family in his only known outing with them. … Dr Edet — who has written works on child welfare and has worked for Surrey County Council — and his wife were convicted of slavery, child cruelty and immigration offences. (Gynaecologist and nurse guilty of enslaving houseboy for 24 years, The Independent, 17th November 2015)

This “respected gynaecologist” and his wife were Nigerian and back home would never have got into trouble for practising authentic Nigerian culture. Nor would the Nigerian couple Chudy and Sandra Nsobundu, who were jailed in 2018 for enslaving a woman in Houston, Texas. And what about Eudocia Pulido, the slave kept for many years in America by the parents of the Filipino-American writer Alex Tizon? Tizon’s parents were practising authentic Filipino culture and never got in trouble for it. Indeed, the wider world would never have known about their crimes if their son hadn’t written a long essay about “My Family’s Slave” for The Atlantic in 2017, after the deaths of his parents and their slave.

Condemning Whites, excusing non-Whites

But were his parents truly committing a crime? Are they fully or even partly worthy of blame and condemnation? Those are two of the implicit questions raised by Alex Tizon’s fascinating and disturbing essay. They’re also two of the questions raised by Flash for Freedom!. When slavery is a long-established part of a culture, how much can one blame those who practise it and benefit from it? Many or even most leftists would excuse the Filipino Tizons because they were non-White, while maintaining the utmost horror and disgust for all Whites who enslaved Blacks. But some Blacks enslaved by Whites lived better and were less ill-treated than the Tizons’ female slave did and was in the twentieth century. Indeed, some Black slaves lived better lives than some so-called free Whites, then and now. Slavery and its supposed “legacy” are a much more complicated and morally ambiguous topic than leftists want to pretend.

Moreover, by leftist ideology, no special blame could attach to Whites even if Whites had been the only group on Earth ever to practise slavery and had never been the driving force behind its abolition. Leftists proclaim that “There is Only One Race — the Human Race.” According to leftists, we are all the same under the skin, therefore Whites cannot be innately evil and non-Whites cannot be innately virtuous. By fundamental leftist principles, it is merely an accident of history that Whites enslaved Blacks and not the reverse, as I pointed out in “Black Brains Shatter.”

BLM have caused thousands of extra murders

But leftism is not a consistent or rational ideology. Instead, it serves two main purposes: to win power for leftists and to meet their psychological needs. One of their needs is to feel the thrill of self-righteousness and moral superiority. As Fred Reed points out, the leftist elite in America explained the election of Donald Trump by seeing Trump-voters as subhuman: “They’re stupid. They’re ignorant. They’re racist. They’re sexist. They’re fascist. They’re… evil.” This Manichean thinking can have very bad consequences for groups whom leftists claim to be deeply concerned about. Steve Sailer has long chronicled the harm wrought by Black Lives Matter (BLM), whose self-righteous and statistically illiterate campaign against the police has caused thousands of unnecessary deaths among precisely the young Black men whom BLM are supposedly trying to protect.

Self-righteousness and anger are not good ways to understand the world or to correct its faults. And if human beings are all the same under the skin, as leftists insist, Blacks are getting angry about an accident of history. As victims of slavery, they were never morally better than Whites: they were simply less fortunate and less able to express their own capacity for exploitation and cruelty. The appropriate response to slavery is not self-righteous anger and vengefulness, but sorrow at the human condition.

Reason and logic are late arrivals

That’s what one must logically argue from the fundamental leftist principles of absolute human equality and the contingency of history. But reason and logic aren’t part of leftism. They would work against the ideology and drain it of its emotional energy. Human beings developed reason and logic late in their evolutionary history, but anger and indignation are pre-human and far more deeply rooted in the brain. We can see other mammals like apes and horses react angrily to what they see as unfair treatment or the thwarting of their will. Indeed, all animals above a certain level of intelligence, from crows to octopuses, may have analogues of these human emotions. After all, such emotions supply the impulse and energy to fight for one’s own interests — in Nietzschean terms, they are part of the will to power.

And the will to power is plainly at the heart of leftism. That is why leftists are so dedicated to cultivating anger, indignation and self-righteousness, both among themselves and among the groups they are exploiting. Leftists respond to their opponents’ ideas with “outrage” and censorship, not with reasoned argument and evidence. They don’t want debate: they want obedience. And you could say that they have two sets of principles, an explicit set and an implicit set that contradict each other. Leftism loudly proclaims the doctrine of absolute human equality, but implicitly acts on the assumption that Whites are innately evil and non-Whites innately virtuous.

Leftist arrogance will provoke White resistance

When the Jewish-controlled Biden presidency begins, that lie of innate White evil and innate non-White virtue will become less and less implicit. It will cease to be assumed and start to be insisted upon. But I see hope in that. In the past, leftists have hidden their hatred of Whites and Western civilization behind a pretended belief in equality and racial harmony.

Today, they’ve become arrogant enough to drop the pretence long before their victory is assured. Far from thinking that slavery is unacceptable and must never return, leftists want to impose slavery on ordinary Whites and oppress them in perpetuity. As that becomes more and more obvious, more and more Whites will begin to resist the premature imposition of leftist tyranny.

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  1. Richard Mitchell
    Richard Mitchell says:

    Just give them their own land in the USA, like coast to coast or somewhere. Trainline all the way.

    Also Ghana is welcoming back the african diaspora I heard. They could move there. Although culturally it may be different but I suppose they could bring western cuisine/food.

    Would they be compensated then? Yes, probably.

    Why have groups that hate each other because they are fundamentally different racially and jealousy and history in the same territory? That makes no sense.

  2. Leon Haller
    Leon Haller says:

    Understand that whites are evolutionarily defective – one half geniuses, one half madmen (taking poetic license …) – and you can begin to understand much of modern world history, especially in the postwar era. Whites are strictly divided by whether they see virtue in tribal loyalty or tribal treason. Whereas the former are more or less like other races (at least in their natural ethnocentricity), the latter have now been shown to be extreme social psychological (thus, ultimately, evolutionary) outliers. The phenotypal expression of this genetic defectiveness is called “liberalism’, the ideology of white racial suicide. Can we defeat liberalism? Can we overcome a genetic defect via arguments? To ask is to answer. The only (ethical) mitigation strategy is physical and political separation. Normal whites will continue to be ourselves, and even experience a baby boom in our newly established all-white homeland, whereas the defectives will gradually amalgamate with their beloved diversity, until their defective genomes shall plague us no more.

  3. Leon Haller
    Leon Haller says:

    Let me add that, while Fleming’s Bond is great for white teens (esp boys, obviously), for adults it’s a bit flat. I read all of the Bond stories in late grade school and high school (early-mid 1970s), and loved them then (even The Spy Who Loved Me, which is absolutely NOTHING like the movie). About 15 years ago I came across about 7 or 8 new copies of various Bond novels in a local public library. I checked them all out, and read them over the next few months, mostly over solitary lunches at work. They were still enjoyable, but after 30 years, I was much less impressed. I’ve had the same experience with rereading as an adult other popular fiction I greatly enjoyed in youth.

    I’ve read I think four of The Flashman Papers series, and they are in an entirely different literary league, sparkling, brilliantly plotted, and very funny. Anyone who likes fiction and TOO will probably love the Flashman series. The cunning method of them was to include mountains of hilarious “unwokeness”, but to do it through the character of an antihero, an unrepentant cad, thereby allowing “plausible deniability” against any alleged association of character and author. This trick could perhaps be used by others, including filmmakers, to evade PC censorship or harassment.

  4. Dan Reardon
    Dan Reardon says:

    Another well written article by Tobias Langdon. The “Flashman” character was very interesting and quite humorous. I’m looking forward to more of Mr. Langdon’s future work.

  5. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    Although the author later atones for it, he writes of the “enslavement of millions of Black Africans by cruel and hypocritical White Europeans”–when in fact at least 90% of the enslavement was by other black Africans and the Europeans chiefly bought millions of the already enslaved.

    When it comes to freeing slaves, however, nearly 100% of it has been done by Europeans and Euro-Americans, with a small amount of the freeing presumably done by slave-holding free blacks in America (I’m alluding here to voluntary manumission while slavery remained legal).

    Not that it would probably change their behavior–I believe that blacks hate us from excruciating envy more than anything else–but American blacks should be informed that, almost invariably, their slave ancestors were enslaved by blacks and freed by Whites.

  6. S. Clark
    S. Clark says:

    I never read Flashman. Just didn’t get into it, although I saw a movie Flashman starring Malcolm MacDowell, and it didn’t interest me. When it comes to anti-heroes, I’ll stick to Holden Caulfield.
    The discussion on African slavery is very good. It reminded me of the Amistad, the slave ship revolt in the 1830’s that so galvanized American abolitionists. I thought to write a play about and did research. It came as a surprise that Cinque, the slave who led the revolt on the ship, was freed and a clergyman who helped lead the legal defense visited Cinque back in Africa, and was surprised to find Cinque owned some slaves, and saw no harm in it.
    I was also reminded of the recent BBC series Victoria, one episode starting in Africa where an English abolitionist and government official saves a black girl from being butchered by an African ruler. Her family revolted, he had them all killed or enslaved, and agreed to let the girl go with the Englishman. He hadn’t the slightest regret slaughtering or enslaving anyone.
    The Englishman in effect ‘gives’ the girl to Victoria to help publicize his cause, and since the girl is African aristocracy (kind of), Victoria lets her stay in the palace and prepares to make her a proper princess.
    Prince Albert, always a realist, sees problems in this, but Victoria won’t listen. Finally, the African girl is suffering from culture shock and is morose, so Victoria finally listens to Albert and the girl is taken by the abolitionist, who adopts her into his family.
    Typical do-gooderism.
    I thought, for the present day, this was remarkably realistic for the BBC, as now they have a TV series in a Jane Austen world where the heroine is in love with…a black Englishman.

    The scene from Flashman where he works as a cruel overseer reminds me of Jefferson Davis. Davis considered himself a model plantation owner, never beat or overworked his slaves, and the slaves always said they were well-treated and one slave testified ‘Dem Davises never let nobody touch of their n*****s.’ Davis also said ‘I have no fear of insurrection, no more dread of our slaves than I do of our cattle.’
    So, there must have been a world in-between all of the cruelty and patriarchal benevolence.

    Interesting too that in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Simon Legree, the master villain, is a New Englander.

    I agree that Biden’s (or more correctly the people guiding him) intolerance for whites is now more out in the open. That will help us a lot.

    Referring to my opening comments, there is one anti-hero I like. Richard Sharpe, of Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe’s Rifles series. The books are well-written, gritty and historically accurate, and unlike Flashman, Sharpe has a code of honor and a workingman’s understanding of how the world works, and how to survive in it, and how the upper class is always out to get him while he goes on doing what he likes…killing as many French as he can. Sharpe’s rough decency always appeals to me. Shame Trump never had Sharpe as an advisor instead of the duplicitous Kushner…who, along with the RINOS, recalls a typical Sharpe villain…the upper class who despise a lower class officer and always try to stab him in the back.

  7. fafqw
    fafqw says:

    Once you realize the alternative option for west African black slaves was slavery under other black masters then all their claims fall flat.

    Slave rape? Like that wouldn’t happen under black masters (and looking at current rates of rape, probably higher). Physical abuse? Same story.

    The only claim that might stand is the fatality on the slave ships, which would be the same if sub-Saharan Africans or MENA had a trans-Atlantic empire around that time. It was a fact of business & technology. You did gain the option of being a victim of human sacrifice if you stayed in Africa.

  8. Ronald Smith
    Ronald Smith says:

    The racemixed jews (there might be a few white ones left what do I know) use the following to try to take out the white race:

    1. Hollywood. Started by jews focus on negro music and the negro as positive and part of society (they used to have whites write music that the negro performed).

    2. Advertising. They controll (own or operate) the 4 largest advertising companies. Used for propaganda for racemixing constantly. They steal ideas they present a false image and the “perfect picture”/ moving picture, where they manage to make the unattractive negro and arab “look good” and push racemixed couples down peoples throats.

    3. Academia, Frankfurt school

    4. Radio and record companies (the controll 2 / 3 large record companies) to push negroid and latino music with melodies and production ideas they steal from whites. A racemixing fraud.

    5. IT companies. Facebook that zuckie stole from winkelfoss twins and an asian programmer at large is used to push racemixing and multiculturalism through what you see in your stream and friend suggestions and the like. Hence they try to get whites to mix with non whites through controlling this. Google and facebook also push jewish business and hide pro white results as well as news and push agendas thata re anti white.

    6. Media control and control of news. Here they control information. Hence they controll democracy hide who commits crimes (n-word subsaharians arabs…) hide crime and whats happening in the world control narratives lie push racemixing and anti white hate and homosexuality aswell as trans things. Same in television.

    7. Academia, frankfurt school and bias (anthropology, used to push lie that there are no races or huge differences between them) to push anti white ideas and to know how to control the white masses.

    8. Laws and politics. To push massimmigration (since the roman empire) and moving genetics (involvement in slavery). Trans and gay things aswell as racemixing and anti white propaganda and “guilt” pushed on whites.

    So, yeah everythin racemixed people can get theiir hands on is used to push racemixing agressively it seems. They probably fear 100 % whites because we tend to be for the most part SUPERIOR.

    Hence they obviously hate us and our expressions and our SUPERIORITY.

    Just look at the subsaharians in the US parliament screaming about white supremacy woo hoo. YES WE ARE SUPREME THEY KNOW IT AND THEY TRYING TO SHAME US FOR IT.

    Niggers just suck up to jews cause they know they have power and own the media. That liberal racemixing pushing subsaharian african, not malcolm x the ugglier one (m king?) knew this and he stated that the media controlls the masses and politics through shaping peoples minds and controll the narrative and …

    So the subsaharian knows this.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      And No. 9 is. . .omitted- the money hegemon- The Fed [1913], Bank of England [1694], Internal Revenue Service [also 1913, a Puerto Rican Corporation also owned by The Tribe- your tax dollahs at work].

  9. Nigel Vreemers
    Nigel Vreemers says:

    A thing I have noticed is that jews in local politics also push racemixing most often.

    For example sex education for like high school is often illustrated by racemixed couples (subsaharian african biy and white gorl, what else).

    They also push for subsaharian police bosses and judges aswella as bussing and african subsaharians working at kindergardens and of course Obama was pushed by them to get racemixing going…

    It has worked. Peoples subconcios are fed lies through schools, university and media.

    All they see al day is a fraud carefully engineered to kill whites through racemixing and propaganda for us not to have kids.

    Social genetic engineering and holocaust.

    Problem for whites is it’s done by people who look white and it’s not done honestly it’s done sneaky fraudulently to feed the subconscious.

  10. John McAllister
    John McAllister says:

    So in a way, did the brown race and subsaharian one in effect take control of the once smartest people on earth, the white Israelites by injecting them with their genetics.

    Are jews on the average a way for the brown and subsaharian african “black” (more dark brown / poo on the average) race to conquer our race and take us out.

    Does our superiority make them hate us and casue a will to breed us out.

  11. Richar duMonde
    Richar duMonde says:

    But really what does it matter.

    Even if a majority of slave owners were white and christian and the like. What does it matter. Do you have white guilt because of it. Are you in part responsible for what your ancestors did.

    If we can learn something from it it is that capitalism at the expense of long term security for your ethnical group is bad.

    Here some whites wanted cheap labour, maybe even needed it. Hence the got slaves from what they thought were subhumans and are they not. Sure a lot of them did some music, but they also benefitted from white genetics. As for rape of slaves, I mean they were owned by whites and they are over sexual for the most time, who knows what happened. Regardless it was a bad idea they got a lot of them some of our supreme genetics.

    But yes, etno centrism and “rasism” can lead to bad things such as idiot hitler gaining power and large scale wars and white guilt as an effect of that and the arrival of the subsaharian african in white countries.

    That being said the africans work in music may have been worth it. But we don’t need them any more.. Their music now suck. I hate afro pop and dancehall aswell as reggaeton. Hip hop has lost all of it’s relevance. Modern rnb is so wack I don’t know how to even describe it.

    So I welcome them having their own countries, and a separation which is natural.

    We can learn this maybe, let’s not start stupid wars because of racism. Give africans in africa tons of condoms or they will have too many children. Let’s not get idiot drug addict dictators who may be pedophiles and are mentally ill.

    But other than that I think etno centrism is the best way forward. And foremost we must throw out all africans subsaharian ones aswell as arabs from Europe.

    Jews I don’t mind on a personal level many of them are fine people. But as a group in politics and media and other venues they are a distater. I am willing to maybe give them a chance but I think most of them will end up wanting to live in the “multicultural” part of the USA once it segregates or Israel or another etno state in south America anyways…

  12. Carl
    Carl says:

    The Ottoman Turks created armies (called jannisaries – meaning new army) out of very young Christian boys whom they kidnapped.

    The boys were then forcibly Islamized and trained to fight for the Sultan.

    Of course,the boys completely lost their Christian and ethnic identities, not to mention their families.

    In this way, the Turks made Christians fight Christians when the Ottomans invaded and occupied the Balkans. Luckily, Europe eventually came to its senses and turned back the Turks twice at Vienna.

    Now, of course, Germany has over the last 60 to 70 years unwisely brought millions of Turks into Germany. Does this remind you of the US bringing in Black slaves and eventually regretting it?

    The rest of Europe have been letting in waves upon waves of Muslims. Very unwise. Turkey actually pays for mosques to be built in Europe, and Erdogan has told Turks there to not assimilate into European society. Guess what he has in mind.

    Few Americans know that Erdogan came to America to dedicate a huge mosque in Lanham, MD which Turkey partially paid for. We must pay closer attention.

  13. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    George Macdonald Fraser was , of course, not a serious writer but he was much appreciated by the very first Director of Studies in English Literature at Cambridge University’s oldest college , Peterhouse.

    Kingsley Amis ( for it was he ) adored the Flashman books . ( )

    Apropos nothing at all , Amis made a grudging late – life apology to his Philo – Semitic, Liberal son Martin, for being “anti – Semitic”, but I would bet KA was inwardly muttering F.Off, more than once.

  14. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    At the throat attack on the latent hatred of Europeans is the crux of this piece and the undimming wailing about minority victimhood. Quite rightly too, looking at the sheer hypocrisy of this charade.
    In fact, the Global Slavery Index, based in W. Australia- (another open borders bunch, btw), state that there are 9.2.million men, women and children living in modern slavery in Africa. Take the knee!
    In another variation of negritude, there is an issue as unflattering as botox on a previously beautiful woman, the roll-call of famous mixed-raced people: racing car champion, actress, ex-Pres of the USA; and yet, they are, almost all, in a state of refusal of their, (usually mother) white parent identity. It’s that word rearing it’s ugly head again – the ‘R’ word.
    On the news this evening was another 15 year black male killed by 4 fellow brothers in Birmingham (Great Britain) in the manner of a shooting and stabbing, to ensure a certain death. The (single) mother of the victim asked “What is going wrong with society that four (black or brown) teenagers are in police custody”. That English society is such a dangerous place!
    On a lighter note, as seen in a free newspaper, “A nude jogger ran past children camping at Longleat Safari Park last August. Abidun Babatunde Jacobs, 57, admits outraging public decency at the Wiltshire site”. Oh well, it was hot and perhaps he thought he was back home in Africa.

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