Christian Zionism as a Parasitic Ideology

With Trump out of office, now would be a good time to critically re-examine one of the most remarkable, and ultimately problematic, features of his time as President — the extravagant support he enjoyed from evangelical Christians and the resurgence of Christian Zionism. Back in November, I linked Trump’s popularity among Red State Christians to “the power of personality,” which really only told half the story, and, even then, quite weakly. The mystery of why a huge block of ostensibly conservative voters would back such a materialistic, crass, irreligious, and vulgar man, who has done more than anyone in recent memory to export what E. Michael Jones has so aptly termed “the Gay Disco,” cried out for further explanation. This explanation surely isn’t to be found in his immigration-based reforms, which were abysmal and quickly-reversed failures. The real reason for his enduring and almost-spiritual adulation is, of course, found in Christian Zionism, and Trump’s Presidency, more than any other in recent memory, could be aptly characterised as the most flamboyantly Christian Zionist in living memory. By sheer coincidence, my intention to return to this subject for the first time since 2014 has coincided with the publication of an interesting article in the Routledge-published journal Ethnic and Racial Studies by S. Jonathon O’Donnell, who, as the current year would have it, appears to be an individual of ambiguous gender working at University College, Dublin. In the following essay I want to extricate some of the surprisingly useful elements from O’Donnell’s article “Antisemitism under erasure: Christian Zionist anti-globalism and the refusal of cohabitation,” and merge them with my own broader consideration of the Christian Zionist problem as an obstacle to White ethnic interests.[1]

O’Donnell’s article begins with an interesting paradox. American conservative support for Trump was primarily conditioned on just two premises: the first being that Trump was ardently pro-Israel; and the second being that Trump promised to take on ‘the globalists.’ O’Donnell points out, correctly in my view, that there is at least a very clear clash of subtexts here because “narratives of ‘globalism’ are rooted in and often deploy the codes of antisemitism.” A question emerges therefore in terms of how this conservative Christian support base is interacting with the concepts of Zionism and antisemitism, and the cognitive dissonance at work in their imagined war on the more abstract concept of ‘globalists.’ At a time when White advocates continue to attempt to define their opponents in the popular imagination in order to galvanise political action, the worldview of a class of Whites as large as evangelical Christians, many of whom are also ardent Christian Zionists, is surely of great concern and consequence.

There’s little question that Trump was placed on a pedestal by Zionism. Jewish elites often demonstrate a keen awareness of the individual flaws of their European counterparts, and they are especially attuned to signs of egoism. When the Grand Sanhedrin of Jewish notables was convened by Napoleon I in Paris in 1806, Jewish leaders responded to investigations of their financial and social habits not with honesty but with sycophancy. By indulging the egoism of the megalomaniacal Napoleon, who nurtured fantasies of himself as a new saviour of the Jews, rather than explaining their methods of collecting interest, the notables were successful in retaining French citizenship and paving the way for a radical expansion of power, wealth, and influence in Europe throughout the 19th century. It’s clear that Trump was perceived in the same way — as a figure best manipulated through gushing praise. O’Donnell points out that Trump was essentially baited with the prospect of joining a seemingly illustrious line of historical philo-Semitic gentiles in Jewish memory:

Speaking in Washington, DC, on 5 March 2018, after President Donald Trump’s declaration of the US embassy’s move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu contextualized Trump’s declaration within a Jewish history of remembrance. “[W]e remember the proclamation of Cyrus the great, Persian king,” he declared, who 2,500 years ago ended the Jewish exile in Babylon and permitted the rebuilding of the Temple. “We remember … Lord Balfour,” he continued, who “recognized our rights … in our ancestral homeland,” Harry Truman, who recognized “Israel as the Jewish state.” And, finally, “Donald J. Trump [who] recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Mr President, this will be remembered throughout the ages.”

Even more salient, argues O’Donnell, is that by employing the reference to Cyrus, Netanyahu was dog-whistling to Christian Zionists more generally, and pandering to a growing religious sentiment that Trump had been raised up by God on behalf of the Jews. Among Christian evangelicals, Trump’s perceived actions on behalf of Israel became of radically greater consequence than anything he achieved, or failed to achieve, in the United States. In other words, these people really didn’t care that Trump couldn’t or wouldn’t build a wall, or limit immigration in any lasting way, because his actions on behalf of Israel were truly cosmic, rather than national, in their significance. Exemplifying this development, O’Donnell highlights two pro-Trump books popular among evangelicals: Lance Wallnau’s God’s Chaos Candidate (2016), and Mary Colbert’s The Trump Prophecies (2018). Wallnau, for example, claimed that “Trump is literally an individual raised up like a Cyrus candidate for the sake of God’s people, Israel, and the church.” O’Donnell astutely observes that “the narrative of Trump qua Cyrus—a pagan king used by God for providential ends—has helped evangelicals navigate popular perceptions of Trump’s lack of religiosity while also framing his political actions as furthering a divinely-ordained agenda.”

Such approaches represent not only a wholesale abandonment of any sense of ethnic interests, but also of religious interests since the fate of Christianity is itself made subservient to the fate of the Jews. Christian Zionism, as an anti-supercessionist ideology, is thus fundamentally parasitic in nature since it feeds off, and hides in, Christianity in order to funnel support to Jews as Jews.[2] This marks a break from classic Christianity, in which the Jews are worthy of detached concern to the Church only insofar as their souls may eventually be redeemed through conversion during the End Times. Christian Zionism, by contrast, presents an image of Jews having interests as Jews (rather than as potential Christians) and, furthermore, insists that Christians are duty-bound to serve those interests in this life and in this pre-apocalyptic age. Although the traffic in support is completely one-directional, Christian Zionism invariably posits a putative “shared interest” or “shared fate” in order to disguise the obvious subservience to Jews. This is illustrated by Colbert’s The Trump Prophecies, which was later adapted into a film by Liberty University, and which argued that America’s interests and those of Israel were utterly inseparable. The book made the claim that “the two [nations, Israel and America] shall be as one,” and advanced the argument that although Americans couldn’t see anything spiritually in Trump “in the natural,” God had ordained that Trump’s spiritual mission was primarily to demonstrate “his love for the Jews and all the ways he had reached out to the Jewish nation privately.” This echoed the sentiments of Bill Hamon of Christian International, who declared in 2015 that Christians should back Trump because Trump’s election would herald “a restoration of biblical Israel, a return of the Jewish nation, and rebuilding of the temple.” O’Donnell points to the very prominent promotion of the idea of a ‘Judeo-Christian’ civilization in the aftermath of 9/11, with this idea then “energized by the tenet of “blessing” Israel as necessary for national flourishing. Christian Zionist discourse created ‘a covenantal link between Christians and Israel that was both communal and individual,’ financial and soteriological.”

Running alongside this vision of a Biblical Zio-American empire is the somewhat paradoxical evangelical narrative of a war on ‘globalists.’ In these narratives, intellectually unsophisticated evangelicals, perhaps unwittingly, borrow from a worldview that has historically been very hostile to both Jews and Zionism. O’Donnell explains that evangelical authors Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson have argued that “the wealthy elite and secret societies [are] planning a global coup to launch a world state, cashless society, and New Age-Illuminati-based religious system … Trump champions the things that please God’s heart on many levels, including his opposition to globalism.” The cognitive dissonance here is obvious, namely, that Trump was largely backed by self-interested, wealthy, Zionist elites who overlap comfortably into areas such as support for gay marriage and other hallmarks of social decline frequently decried by these same evangelicals as being the work of ‘globalists.’ The inherent problem of Christian Zionism is therefore that it supports in reality (wealthy self-interested international elites) precisely what it claims to be fighting against in the abstract (‘globalists’). As O’Donnell points out, these evangelicals are managing to maintain this delusion primarily by projecting their abstract vision onto an “apocalyptic imaginary” filled with visions of a future Babylon from the book of Revelation, rather than reflecting on the obvious erosion of American national sovereignty happening in real time. In other words, it’s a form of organised insanity; a folie à deux on a mass scale.

The evangelical ‘anti-globalists’ McGuire and Anderson attributed Trump’s election to discontent at the “globalist policies, job-killing regulations, social engineering, failing educational programs … and endless insane regulations” that meant “Americans came to realize that they could no longer afford the American dream.” And yet by supporting Trump these same people joined hands with job-killing vulture fund bosses, gay marriage social engineers, and a string of committed Zionists who maintained a commitment to school ‘integration’ and the introduction of speech laws. Underpinning this cognitive dissonance is a stark Black-White worldview in which all nuance is abandoned. In short, everyone siding with Trump was presumed to be engaged in a war against the demonic and were therefore vindicated in the eyes of God. In such a worldview, Christian Zionism can cover a multitude of Jewish sins because it absolves them in the name of a joint effort against an amorphous Antichrist. O’Donnell points to the example of Robert Maginnis, retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel and fellow at fundamentalist think-tank the Family Research Council. For Maginnis, and other Christian Zionists like him, the world is essentially divided between the interests of a joint American-Israel imaginary, with everything outside that sphere vulnerable to the “demonic” and “anti-Christ” ‘globalist project.’ Carl Gallups, a Florida-based pastor who opened a Pensacola Trump rally in early 2016, has presented all opposition to Trump as originating from “the anti-national sovereignty demonic realm, which is a form of globalism, which is … the kingdom of Antichrist.” We might reasonably ask where in such narratives is there room for plain discussion of the activities of genuine and identifiable international elites likes Paul Singer?

O’Donnell comments that the only identifiable member of the ‘globalist’ international elite that Christian Zionists seem to feel comfortable addressing in an extended way is George Soros. Here, the anti-globalist discourse reveals itself to be parasitical on anti-Semitism in much the same way that Christian Zionism is parasitical on Christianity. Anti-globalist discourse offers little or no original thought, since it essentially feeds off discontent associated with historical Jewish influence without addressing Jewish influence. O’Donnell summarises anti-globalist rhetoric as “a code for extra-national allegiance, accompanied by fixations on rule by multi- and international organizations and refrains of the influence on “international finance” subverting national sovereignty.” Even when mention of specific Jewish elites, like the Rothschilds, becomes unavoidable, Christian Zionists simply engage in rhetorical sleight of hand in order to present these groups as being puppets rather than puppet masters. O’Donnell points to Pat Robertson, who, in his 1991 bestseller The New World Order, builds a narrative of a global conspiracy involving “European bankers” and “Freemasons” through tactical use of Jewish masons and Jewish bankers that allegedly attempted to destroy America via land purchases. The actual masterplan behind all of this thought is always elevated to the realms of the cosmic and the grandiose, and is never limited to something as sober as the simple pursuit of ethnic interests. A similar example can be found in John Hagee’s Earth’s Last Empire (2018), which claims Mayer Amschel Rothschild was a member of the one-world-government-seeking Illuminati, with no mention at all of later Rothschild family involvement in Zionism. O’Donnell points out that Christian Zionists have employed similar sleight of hand when dealing with figures like Saul Alinsky or the members of the Frankfurt School. Again, elite Jews acting in pursuit of Jewish interests are essentially masked in Christian Zionist narratives that place Jews in a subservient role to the Illuminati, the Antichrist, or other global conspiracies of a cosmic, supernatural, and certainly non-racial nature — none of which are in any way capable of being empirically examined and are for the most part, quite frankly, utterly ridiculous. And yet the power of these narratives is fundamentally derived from their parasitic reliance on pre-existing analyses based in the historical ethnic conflict between Jews and Europeans. This is parasitic reliance is most prominent in Christian Zionist discourse on George Soros.

The place of George Soros in conspiracy-based thinking is relatively new, beginning in the 1990s in the writings of Lyndon LaRouche, but gaining widespread currency only around 2003 when Glenn Beck “revealed” Soros as “puppet master” of America’s decline during a multi-day special of The Glenn Beck Program. Soros has since gone on to become a prominent feature of Christian Zionist anti-globalist rhetoric, but only in the same parasitical method described above. In my own view, Soros is clearly a problem, but equally problematic is the tendency to overdetermine his influence and activities in such as way as to present him as almost the sole individual involved. This latter approach is precisely what is found in Christian Zionist and generic ‘anti-globalist’ rhetoric. Robert Maginnis, for example, has written of Soros that “His level of influence belies the imagination. … He has funded numerous color revolutions, the Arab Spring and other political uprisings, seeded controversial groups in the U.S. such as Black Lives Matter, the planning behind the mass migration of Muslims into Europe, and much more … Soros’ money is behind much of the organized racial and civil chaos in American cities over the past several years.” O’Donnell notes that similar comments can be found in the works of John Hagee, Michael LeMay, and Lance Wallnau. The crucial point here, however, is that, as O’Donnell stresses:

It is notable that in these texts Soros’ Jewishness is elided. Maginnis writes only that Soros was born in Hungary “to Jewish parents” (2017, 144), while for McGuire and Anderson he is simply a “Hungarian American business magnate” (2018, 229) and for Strang a “Hungarian billionaire and former Nazi collaborator” (2017, 46)—referencing a time when Soros was fourteen, passing as Christian by working with his alleged godfather, an official who took inventory of confiscated Jewish property. Strang here distances Soros both from Jewishness and his US citizenship, following the lineage of Michael LeMay’s The Suicide of American Christianity, where Soros is only “a billionaire atheist who hates Christianity and America” and has invested millions towards their destruction (2012, 99)—chiefly by promoting inclusive forms of Christianity (see also Brogg 2014; Vicari 2014). Strang doubles down in a later work, echoing Maginnis in referencing Soros’ birth to “a family of nonpracticing Jews” and strategically quoting him to present his time with his godfather as “the happiest year of [Soros’] life.”

For O’Donnell, and I must say that I agree, this duplicity and parasitic use of narratives exposes “how Christian Zionism relies on the very antisemitism it decries.” Christian Zionism essentially filters genuine grievances through a fantastical worldview and perverse theology, directs these grievances at fantasies instead of reality, and, finally, uses the same sense of threat and apprehension to raise money and lobby politically on behalf of Zionist elites. At the heart of this duplicity is a dedicated effort to whitewash the actions of Jews as a people. O’Donnell remarks in this regard that “constructions of Soros … exemplify how Christian Zionist discourse polices the boundaries of Jewish identity, constructing some Jews as lesser or non-Jews in order to reinforce the fetishized figure of “Jews” upon which its cosmology rests.” In other words, any bad actions by Jews like Soros, Paul Singer, the Rothschilds, Moshe Kantor, and scores of other oligarchs, will be ignored, minimised, or rewritten by Christian Zionists in order to uphold the perverse theological vision that “the Jews” can do no wrong. Jews acting badly become simply “atheists,” “apostates,” or just “businessmen” or “financiers” — even where their ethnic affiliations are strong and their commitment to Zionism is unquestioned.

The problems posed by Christian Zionism are therefore numerous. O’Donnell remarks that

As a discourse that fetishizes “Jews” and “Israel” as guarantors of political and theological legitimacy, Christian Zionism makes personal and national support for and emulation of “Israel” the basis of cosmic and political order. As Amy Kaplan demonstrates, post-9/11 America has increasingly modelled itself on a vision of Israel, reconstructing domestic territoriality and national identity on the model of the “invincible victim,” for which the “radical insecurity” of a threatened “homeland” can end only in “absolute supremacy or utter annihilation.”

Unpacking this, it’s clear that the primary problem of Christian Zionism is the subjection of White American political (and geopolitical) aspirations to Israel and Jewish interests as a basis of “cosmic and political order.” Christian Zionism commands not only White Christian money, but White Christian political support, moral support, diplomatic support, and military support as a fundamental matter of Being. Simply to be a Christian, in this worldview, is to imply unrelenting support for Israel in order to maintain the sanctity of one’s soul. The obvious related problem is that, since Israel is for the most part a scorned pariah state, America (and other countries like Britain where the link is more political than religious in nature) is essentially tying itself to Israel’s pathological self-construct — the “invincible victim” that Kaplan refers to.

I disagree with Kaplan, however, that the most prominent manifestation of this self-construct in America is an increase in “domestic territoriality.” While there was an increase in domestic territoriality during the Trump campaign and Presidency, it’s clear now that it was weak and ineffectual, and ultimately of lower consequence to White evangelicals than action on behalf of Israel. Rather, the most prominent manifestation of this joint identification with Israel is in America’s growing (or perhaps resurgent, when one considers the philosophies of the Puritans) willingness to engage in belligerent foreign action in the belief that it has a kind of God-given right to dominate or act as world policeman. And from the Israeli example, America has increasingly given itself over to the construction of “gray zones of ambiguity for the exercise of power,” including those between “occupied/disputed territories; detainees/prisoners of war; soldiers/terrorists/ unlawful combatants; torture/enhanced interrogation; military/civil jurisdiction; legitimate/illegitimate violence—as well as material techniques of force, as Israeli and American arms and military training merge.” The result is large numbers of White Christians losing their freedoms even as they claim they are preserving them, and enriching and protecting global elites even as they claim to be fighting them. Is there any better example than the cheering for Trump as he released the traitor Pollard back to Israel? America may be the first nation in history to cheer its traitors! And yet the logic, though perverse, is clear — Pollard was an agent of God and America was wrong to punish him for stealing secrets.

A suitable response to what’s written above might be: Well, that describes the problem rather well, but what do we do about it? My honest answer is: I don’t know. Christian Zionism is particularly difficult to overcome precisely because of its parasitic nature. The old adage says that one should keep friends close, and enemies closer. What we see here, in the example of Christian Zionism and its attending ‘anti-globalist’ narratives, is an enemy that has strategically ‘drawn close.’ Christian Zionism feeds heavily on currents within Christianity and is so closely entwined with it now as to be almost inseparable. Anti-globalism, an imprecise miasma of conspiratorial ephemera  that so often refuses to name names, has equally drawn close to anti-Semitism, borrowing everything it wants in order to foment energy and then funnelling that energy back to Zionist elites.  Like a cancer attached too deeply to an organ, these problems can’t be resolved with simple, surgical methods. There will be no “cutting out” of these problems without massive damage to the body. The most likely remedy, if it is to come, will be in the form of political or spiritual “radiation” — a wholesale shock to the system brought about by economic, military, political, or environmental catastrophe. Failing this I have no answers.

[1] O’Donnell, S. J. (2020). Antisemitism under erasure: Christian Zionist anti-globalism and the refusal of cohabitation. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 1–19.

[2] It must be admitted that Christian Zionism also grew out from Christianity, and is not a totally foreign imposition. It can perhaps best be characterised as the cancerous metastasization of certain problematic or contradictory elements within Christian theology.

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  1. Liosnagcat
    Liosnagcat says:

    Dr. Joyce, I have long enjoyed your articles on our situation, but this I found to demand comment. It was concise, to-the-point and thoroughly honest with regard to the solutions available to us. I am as aware as you of the evil undercurrents that we face, and as torn as most with regard to how we might overcome them. I just wanted to extend a long-overdue expression of gratitude for your work and the hope it fills me with. With respect and admiration, L.

  2. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    How stuff works on Cult Deprogramming is here:

    My instant concern is with Seventh-day Adventism and relatively garden variety evangelical Christianity and its lifetime hold on children and the childlike so indoctrinated. It is a problem my daughter and I both have in our respective communities. Passing-out the rhythm instruments and otherwise appealing to the emotional side and inculcating a Pavlovian drooling dog response is powerful.

    When I try to reason with the otherwise intelligent on science-based matters including what’s known about the value to Omega-3 fatty acids in the diet of those developing and maintaining the nervous system, I’m encouraged by this man’s experience:

    Thank you once again, Dr. Joyce, and Dr. MacDonald for continuing to publish here.

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      The Woke tyranny and BLM in the UK and elsewhere are actually attacked quite strongly by some Jews including Zionists (e.g. “Standpoint” magazine). Soros is attacked by Zionists for attacking Israel. No doubt another “wilderness of mirrors”.

  3. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Haven’t the Hebrews of the Bible died out? Is there any evidence that today’s Jews are descended from the ancient Hebrews?

  4. Pajet
    Pajet says:

    I think the best way is to create an christian group with the sole purpose of convert every christian Zionist to the new christian group by attacking the CZ leaders in every possible way.

    It’s not only the christian Zionist who choose to describe Jewish people as European. One day my coworkers was snickering about a high cultural figure in Sweden, the guy had been thrown under the bus during the MeToo campaign. The coworkers thought he was french because the Jewish owned newspapers said he was born in France. They made fun of the stereotypical image of the horny french male who couldn’t help himself when it comes to women.

    Enter me, known by everyone as an national socialist. I said he wasn’t french, his surname was changed and he was born Pinkstein. The guy is a Jew. Complete silence, the people sitting down looking up to me like a dog who just got caught doing something wrong by their owners.

    Not a thing was said after that about him. For them it’s alright to make fun of french people, other white people. But they have been so trained to not criticize even individual Jewish behavior only in the guise of another ethnicity.

    CZ is a product of Jewish power, a Christianity molded for Jewish purpose only.

    • Rob Bottom
      Rob Bottom says:

      Evangelicals are an insular and highly superstitious group even among Christians, led by a small number of unscrupulous charlatans. I doubt you’d be able to divide their cult of personality with an opposing sect, as the old guard would unite to attack any such development as part of the antichrist’s war on their church. I suppose if you had unlimited money you could bribe the greedy leaders into taking a different direction, but like with the zionists this would be a slow (decades long) strategy. Instead, it seems better to appeal to those in their ranks with an average IQ to leave the church entirely.

  5. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    “What do we do about it.”

    Well to begin with I’ve written a trilogy fulling explaining the errors and lies of these deceived Christians. Their are Church leaders now beginning to take note of my book Lies, all Lies especially because of the truly unprecedented errors of what is essentially the foundational subject around the rebirth of Israel the Gog and Magog of Ezekiel 38 and 39. As I posted here:

    If America is the insane Messiainc nation that it is today it is because of the two world wars which caused so much suffering. Too many lost everything sons, daughters, fathers, grandsons etc etc etc. For many the issue was the End of the World kind of stuff and for many their world did indeed come to an end and that on both sides of the water. In the churches of the nation which tried desperately to come to some understanding of it all the rise of communism and fascism was especially horrifying. That is why we find in America the belief that Russia and Germany were looked upon as the great Magog and Gog of Ezekiel 38 and 39. No preacher anywhere in America taught different and when WW2 broke out it solidified that belief socially, religiously and politically. Fear ruled the day and sadly continues to rule the day. Is it any wonder the talk about Vietnam was to stop the communists? They learned it was a lie though didn’t they and as more and more information comes to light that light is being turned upon their own leaders and what is being learned is finally starting to cause the right kind of questions to be asked? There is a great deal of truth to the words we have found the enemy and he is us.
    What ultimately is causing me many sleepless nights and the writing of the book Lies all Lies is that Russia and Germany have got nothing to do with the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and 39 Magog and Gog. This is a serious misinterpretation of scripture and it has to be repudiated immediately. It’s happening but not as quickly as I desire let me tell you. Neither Israel nor America has got anything to fear from Gog and Magog. Try telling that to Bush Jr. however, who told Macron that Gog and Magog is at work in the Middle East currently? Russia and Germany however, in the eyes of many in the west are demonized as these very nations and it started with the rise of communism in Russia! O how i wish for an international conference of Church leaders to once and for all remedy our differences and point the finger where it really belongs!!! This divide and conquer in the Church has to stop it just has to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Second Dr. Joyce is how about lawsuits!? If you haven’t come to see as I have the Russians upon learning they are the Magog of Ezekiel 38 and 39 are not taking this lightly but extremely seriously and the Russians after what they have suffered well I’m sure you get it no one will ever hurt that nation ever again. To that I’d say no Christian Zionists had ever visit or proselytize in Russia!

    As for God Himself He to has interjected some much needed truth by way of the lady named Anton Sawyer and her vision Ichabod or Revival. Therein one will find the words from god Himself and I quote:

    “that there is a tidal wave of deception flooding into the church and my people do not know the difference between truth and error anymore.”

    and for some other interesting reading …

  6. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    As one who came out of CZ – 20 years – I think I know something about it. However, CZ is not the culprit directly – it is the rest of Christianity which turned into Churchianity, and thus lost its mission which Jesus gave it in Matthew 28:18-20.
    It’s a bit of a long story, but my website – – begins to tie all the loose ends of this Christian conundrum.
    In essence, the church at large defaulted to humanism and lost its zeal – thus the resultant siren song of CZ became very appealing to any Christian looking for a more zealous practice of worship – but still deceived!
    Read and decide for yourself – but a warning – this is not for casual readers or short attention spans.

  7. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    01 Certainly a convoluted subject: well plucked apart and reconstituted.
    02 Trump’s relocation of the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, never mind the bargain-basement price, assisted Bibi’s irreversible and active plan to do away with Palestinian East Jerusalem: indeed all of Palestine. Consummately rounded out by that tailor-made visage of bankruptcy lawyer and Ambassador Friedman.
    03 Whatever Trump’s shortcomings may have been, or are, he saved us from Hilary. Since 1789, the Continental 1848 revolutions, WWI, 1917, Spanish Civil War, WWII, we have been standing upright in an unmeasurable pool of shit: up to our necks.
    Hilary would have sent a minion, armed with an Uzi, ordering us to ” SIT DOWN – OR ELSE ! “

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Whatever Trump’s shortcomings may have been, or are, he saved us from Hilary.

      Precisely, Charles! And that he might do so was the primary reason why the overwhelming majority of those who voted for Trump or otherwise worked (even prayed) for him in 2016 lent him their support.

      In the past four or five years, those who proffered alternative explanations for Trump’s election have more often than not been malicious or misinformed or both,* and those who entertained those explanations either have found the plain truth not to their taste for one reason or another or—as seems to have happened here to Dr. Joyce—have been momentarily hoodwinked by an adroit charlatan.
      *As is the case with O’Donnell, their explanations are typically pretty pretentious, too.

  8. 9593
    9593 says:

    We could look to the possibilities for Christian Zionism in China, presumably the next target for dominance. Ah, but Israel is already there, in betrayal of America:
    The Israel – China relationship was asisted by Jonathan Pollard:
    It is interesting that the referenced report within this article shows Jonathan Pollard on a line in the table on page 108, but not a peep about him anywhere else in the report.

  9. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    I would like to add, that ever since Trump decided on ” approving ” Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, my head has not stopped shaking in negative disbelief. To the point where friends worry about me having acquired a nervous disorder.

    What sick disorder would occasion any reasonable person to dispose of another’s possessions ? Except for a profit: generally referred to as a fencing operation.

    01 The London Rothschild, [ money ], Cheney [ DC clout ], and Murdock [ media baron ], founded Genie Oil of New Jersey. This robber trio set up a company of the same name under Israeli law. They are stealing the Syrian peoples’ abundant natural resources there; foremost supplying Israel with cheap energy.

    02 Haaretz had published an interview with an Israeli journalist, who, decades earlier, had interviewed Moshe Dayan on the conquest of the Golan.
    Said journalist, using his contemporaneous notes, cited Dayan as having stated, that Israeli forces had instigated the war there through deliberate, calculated provocation, by repeatedly sending large farm tractors closer and closer to the Syrian lines. Superior Israeli air power brought their schemed land theft to fruition.

    03 ” Legalized ” by Trump.

    04 Donald’s share of the take ? Murdock’s helpful coverage at Fox and The New York Post. Which doesn’t prevent me from following them, and only them, arduously; because our fates are inextricably intertwined.

    05 Fox regularly features individuals, Senators and Representatives, at least six, who would make excellent candidates for the Leadership of a new Republican Patriotic Party. Inherently steadfast, quintessentially well-informed, LOGICAL, and, for the suburban lady voters, even easy on the eye.

    06 As made clear by Joe’s immigration ” policies “, this new Party would necessarily have to enlarge its tent, due to present and worsening demographic pressures. Fox also features more than acceptable new tent mates, ready, for benefits of their own, to throw their aims in with us.


    • tadzio
      tadzio says:

      “This new Party would necessarily have to enlarge its tent, due to present and worsening demographic pressures…” An excellent and practical point.

      Divide et impera. The GOP tries to please disparate ethnicities. A better tactic is throw one under the bus. Donkey large voter numbers come from Negroes and Hispanics. They hate each other. Exploit that hatred.

      The Negro is the harder nut to crack being more corrupt and less capable of being assimilated. In any case it has increasingly fewer in numbers than Hispanics. In the heart of most Hispanics is the belief that he can pass and with a good marriage become in effect White through his children and grandchildren. There should be an emphasis on Negro criminality against not just Whites, but against Hispanics. Pound away at it.

      Politics is no place for idealism. You take votes where they are available. There is a deep divide within the voters of the Democrat party. Aggravate it.

  10. robertpinkerton
    robertpinkerton says:

    In Christian mythography, Jesus was Jewish. And the United States still identifies as (at least nominally) Christian.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      “In Christian mythography, Jesus was Jewish.”

      Thus, if Solzhenitisyn’s claims are correct – and if the jewish Bolshevik Communists who seized absolute control of Russia in 1917 really did systematically mass murder in excess of 65 million mostly White Europeans – the majority of which, we have been told, were Christians – then the vast majority of those now dead Christians were wasting their time praying to a jewish Jesus to ‘save’ them from his fellow jewish brethren.

      This is an argument that needs to be pounded into the empty, and clearly racially suicidal, pea sized brains of every White European man, woman, or child on this planet who has been infected with the disease that the late Tom Metzger once dubbed as ‘jew think’.

      I mean, come on, fellow White people. Why are you so eager to worship a race of people who’s #1 objective is to genocide your white hind parts off the face of this Earth? The religion of ‘Christianity’ was invented by this very same enemy and it is being used to snooker Whites into submitting to every aspect of the anti-White, White race replacement, White race hating agenda that burns in the black, Satanic hearts of these Middle Eastern Semites – and the End Result spells White Genocide and White racial extinction.

      • crisscross767
        crisscross767 says:

        Jesus, the unblemished pure blood Lamb of God of the tribe of Judah.
        Jesus was not a Judean ( Jew ), He was from Nazareth in Galilee.

        The Edomite Jew Herod’s territory did not include Samaria and Galilee.

        Acts 10:38 how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      “Government of the People, by the People chosen by the Chosen People.”
      Help! I am now definitely in the Black Book for that joke – except that I read it somewhere in an anthology of Jewish jokes.

  11. Rainer Moeller
    Rainer Moeller says:

    O’Donnell is an idiot and should not be taken seriously. There was already in Germany before 1933 a clear distinction between Jewish nationalists and Jewish cosmopolitans. And it was already then clear that the two sides might one day clash with each other. All the more, theologians knew that the historical right was at the side of the nationalists, the old Hebrews being extremely nationalist and in no way cosmopolitan. A lot of Germans then supported Jewish nationalism with the expection that by this way Jews and Germans would separate in a friendy manner. This may be viewed as a delusion, but not necessarily so – and in any way, nowadays Israeli-nationalist Jews have a much more positive attitude to an American closed-border policy than American-cosmopolitan Jews. So why believe O’Donnell?

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      The problem for Germans who respected Jewish nationalists was the lack of an agreed external territory for them.
      Hitler had another view, i.e. that Jews were unable to form a nation of their own but were all incurable parasites on other nations. Judeocide was latent in his ideology and during war he found a pretext.

      Personally I think that the number of Jews deliberately murdered Nazis and the number of Christians deliberately murdered by Bolsheviks have BOTH been grossly exaggerated in respective opposition literature.

  12. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Whatever Trump’s shortcomings may have been, or are, he saved us from Hilary.

    Precisely, Charles! And that he might do so was the primary reason why the overwhelming majority of those who voted for Trump or otherwise worked (even prayed) for him in 2016 lent him their support.

    In the past four or five years, those who proffered alternative explanations for Trump’s election have more often than not been malicious or misinformed or both,* and those who entertained those explanations either have found the plain truth not to their taste for one reason or another or—as seems to have happened here to Dr. Joyce—have been momentarily hoodwinked by an adroit charlatan.
    *As is the case with O’Donnell, their explanations are typically pretty pretentious, too.

  13. Karl
    Karl says:

    The truly amazing thing is that Christian Zionists are more supportive of Israel than they are of Christians throughout the greater Middle East.

    Of course, Christian Zionist organizations get all kinds of goodies from Israel and Jews, including money, access, credibility, and heaps of praise.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      Christian Zionists are more supportive of Israel than they are of Christians throughout the greater Middle East

      That should tell you everything you need to know about the truth of who funds, supports, encourages – and firmly controls – the semi-deranged, fact-ignoring, closed-minded cretins known as “Christian Zionists”.

      And as you rightly point out, they are also routinely targeted for periodic “rewards”, especially in the form of lavish, very public praise to massage their delicate, vain, illogical egos. But I’m certainly not aware that any Jewish organisation has ever provided actual hard cash for any Christian Zionist cause. Fawning, utterly insincere and hypocritical Jew “praise” costs them nothing, but Jews do not part with money – and most especially not to any brand of privately-despised Christian.

  14. Forver Guilty
    Forver Guilty says:

    Exactly. Call them Globalists, banksters, Bolsheviks , Communists. Leftists – but if you go one or two levels down there is always some big nosed guy happily rubbing his hands. Actually if there is something disgusting, rotten to the core , repulsive for normal man you could be rest assured who is behind it.

    Its like they are “chosen ones” but not by the God, at least not the God as White people understand it

  15. crank
    crank says:

    At least America has the ‘excuse’ of having had a long history of religious mania. As mentioned, religious sentiment can take the believer to literally any extreme of self-contradiction, as it is usually ‘rooted in the sky’.
    What troubles me more in a way is the attitude of liberals: willful in their ignorance, driven by cowardice, yet posing as virtuous. I pity the hoodwinked believers but I hold the supercillious ‘educated’ midwits in disdain.
    In terms of addressing the situation, I wonder about the separation of money and state that Bitcoin promises. If this union has been so central to Jewish power over the centuries, could such a separation lead a way out of the mire?

  16. Alan Altland
    Alan Altland says:

    “Even if millions might
    curse us today, the hour
    will come in which they
    will march with us, after
    all, having realized that
    we wanted nothing but
    the best for our people.”
    —Adolf Hitler, 1933

    The CZ with their cognitive dissonance do not want the best for their people.

    Their mind is not with things at hand, rather they have a teleological approach. Versus Israel

    We have to name our Enemy (ref. Carl Schmitt) to set a direction. Yockey would label them als “inner enemy”, along with the Chosen Ones. CZ’s friend is Israel (AND globalism, the horror)

    Where would we be without these traitors ? These top down, artificial slaves. The remedy methinks is segregation. Madagascar ?

    We for ourselves have to embrace the 3rd Position of Nature and Brotherhood This ideology is the spark for a movement and a resulting political vehicle. Away with further brainwashing and following an alien dogma.

    Freedom out of our own narratives, out of our own vision and putting our people in places of power, institutes and the media

  17. JM
    JM says:

    Is it an “ideology” or is it a paid for service. I think the latter. But the mass of the constituency is deeply dumbed down and in need of serious awakening that will surely happen but only if associated with outside education.

  18. MOB
    MOB says:

    My website section on Christian Zionism can be seen here:

    The person who has most actively fought against the Zionist corruption of Christianity is Chuck Carlson, a lay pastor who founded, We Hold These Truths (WHTT)* through which he wrote and distributed articles, videos, and books, and also, along with volunteers, held vigils outside of CZ churches and major events, such as Hagee fundraisers. For many years, I edited all of his articles, until I began working on my own website. In one of my posts to a list, dated April 1, 1998, I wrote this:

    I first learned about WHTT by way of their brilliant expose of the so-called Religious Monitoring Bill, which was an exercise in deception–beneath the fictitious surface, the Jewish/Israeli agenda was being served–and no one else’s. You can read about it on their website or buy the audiotape, “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The Religious Persecution Monitor”. In the 11/10/97 National Review, an article by Don Barnett entitled “Persecution Complex,” begins, “The stated goal of the Freedom from Religious Persecution Act, sponsored by Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) and Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA), is to help eradicate religious persecution around the world–a laudable goal, but one the bill is unlikely to achieve. It imposes economic sanctions on persecuting countries, but, except for the specific case of Sudan, those sanctions are weak, and can be waived at any time by the President. Meanwhile, the bill contains refugee and asylum provisions that could have a significant effect–not toward the bill’s stated purpose of mitigating religious persecution, but rather in terms of leading to substantial increases in the numbers immigrating to the united states as refugees and asylum-seekers.”

    This practice of Jews piggy-backing their tribal requests, favors and tributes on unrelated legislation was a new and shocking discovery for me. How green I was in ‘97.

    * Checking the WHTT website today, I see it has, in my opinion, been poorly redesigned, but the content may be intact.

  19. White Nation
    White Nation says:

    This column from AJ, one of the most gifted writers and thinkers, is not as clear and incisive, precisely because the topic is so difficult.

    The cancer of Christian Zionism will need both surgery and radiation. As Gita describes, they are deluded, and their consciousness is steeped in Tamas or darkness.

  20. jerry carver
    jerry carver says:

    Most Jews within the Roman Empire were NOT exiles from Judaea, nor were they descendants of exiles. Although, in consequence of the Jewish wars, trouble-makers were enslaved in considerable numbers and elite elements fled or were exiled from their homeland, the majority of Jews (Judaeans) peasant farmers in the main remained in Siria Palestinia. Rome had neither the means nor the desire to exile an entire population (and hence such a migration appears nowhere in Roman or Jewish histories). In later centuries they were to be increasingly oppressed by Byzantine Christians and in consequence welcomed the armies of Islam in the 7th century. Gradually, these Jews converted to the new faith and became Palestinians (something acknowledged by the first Zionists).

    If there were Jews who were enslaved by, or fled Roman rule, there were many, many more who stayed in what was no longer ‘Judea’ but what became Roman ruled Palaestina, renamed by the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Where are those ancient Jewish people’s descendants today? They’re in Palestine and they’re called Palestinians. [4] The inconvenience for the modern Ashkenazi and associated ‘historic’ claim to a Jewish state is, most of these indigenous people had, with passing time, converted to Islam. Any ‘Jewish’ right, claim and/or title to a geographic state of Israel prior to the creation of the UN would have traced (and ultimately become extinguished) through the Palestinian people.

  21. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    As Pogo once declared: “We have met the enemy, and he is us”.

    The deluded, spiritually afflicted people discussed in this article can be best described as ‘walking paradoxes’. That term also pretty well describes huge segments of the Anglo/White population in general. The intellectual poisoning of the White psyche takes many forms, and has a long, contorted history that is slowly, but painfully, being unraveled.

    We can thank Kmac, Andrew and many others at this site for helping to expose and clarify the many contradictory aspects of this self-destructive blight of White fantasy & delusion.

  22. Sursumcorda
    Sursumcorda says:

    The only antidote is REAL, traditional Catholicism. Not the Vatican 2, novusordoism, conciliar, false Catholicism. Only real, Catholicism knows how to deal with the Jews, humanely and rationally. A real Catholicism, that hearkens to St Paul when he called the Jews the enemies of all mankind and at the same time works for their conversion to the Catholic faith.

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      The Nixon Tapes
      Nixon Horrified Jew Could Head FBI
      From June 2, 2005

      On the tape of a February 1972 conversation with evangelist Billy Graham made public in February 2002 – Nixon complained that major news publications were “dominated” by Jews, and Graham responded: “The stranglehold has got to be broken or the country’s going to go down the drain.”

      Nixon said: “You believe that?”

      Graham replied: “Yes sir.”

      Nixon: “So do I. I can’t ever say that but I believe it.”

      Graham: “No, but if you get elected a second time, then we might be able to do something.”

      Later, after Graham left, Nixon told Haldeman: “The Jews are an irreligious, atheistic, immoral bunch of bastards.”

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      Traditional Catholicism recognised the See of Peter, the Tridentine Mass and Hell. Where is it now? The rock has become sand. The promise of Matthew 28.20 has been savaged by RC scripture scholars themselves along with Matthew 16.18. How could it happen? As the Jewish atheist Ayn Rand said in a related connection, and without crowing, “there is tragedy in the spectacle”.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        If you think that perusing mainstream British rags has given you true familiarity with this topic, not least in what constitutes what you blithely term an RC scripture scholar, you ought to think again.

        In sum, there is a great deal of wishful thinking evident in your comment. I have come to expect nothing less of you.

  23. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    Christian Zionists believe in fantasy: “If Jews go to Israel, Jesus will return and wipe out the Jews.”

    Jewish Zionists believe in reality: “If the Christian Right supports us Jews(for whatever reason), we will control not only the American ‘left’ but the American ‘right’.”

    So, Christians get something intangible while Jews get something tangible.

    Imagine a contract:

    “If you give me $1,000, the blue fairy will grant you $1 billion some time in the future.”

    I get $1,000 for real while you wait for the fantasy billion forever.

  24. crisscross767
    crisscross767 says:

    Isaiah 5:20-24 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, And prudent in their own sight! Woe to men mighty at drinking wine, Woe to men valiant for mixing intoxicating drink, Who justify the wicked for a bribe, And take away justice from the righteous man …

  25. katana
    katana says:

    Many thanks to Joyce for all his efforts.

    For more of him here’s his discussion with Horus on the so-called “pogroms” that jews alleged suffered in Russia.

    Also a discussion with Midjord on The Merchant of Venice:

  26. J. Knox
    J. Knox says:

    As a Christian who might be considered evangelical (Jesus is Lord) I found this an uncomfortable read. Dr. Joyce highlights a problem which does exist and which I’ll admit to finding embarrassing. Nevertheless, more work has to be done to determine the extent of the problem. Perhaps all Christian Zionists may be labelled as Evangelicals, however not all Evangelicals are CZ. Indeed there are vast areas of evangelicalism where it is never named. For instance, in Reformed Christian circles in the US the subject would be almost taboo, with no place in the theological canon.

    Of course, if you look for CZ you will certainly find it. But in all honesty I have never heard it mentioned from a pulpit in more than three decades. In fact, it would not be tolerated in the vast majority of churches. I have seen at least one publication and once inadvertently attended a para-church meeting. In my experience it is a niche view within the world wide church, although admittedly a somewhat larger issue in the US than elsewhere. Plainly speaking, I consider it to be anti-Christian and an enemy of truth.

    I had to work hard to wean my own wife from a CZ advocacy view, so I know the problem exists. However, it is a nuanced issue. I would say that the majority Christian view is that Jews have an ancient claim to the land mass of modern Israel, but would not want a drop of blood spilled or a dollar spent to advance this claim.

  27. antisemit
    antisemit says:

    like the negros finding back their african roots i´m probably one of the
    very few germans discovering my roots as a born german . its a way
    you british should do the same . how would you describe your ancestors ?
    were they pictes ? were they anglo sachsons ? were the normans only
    robers conquering your ancestors and still are the opressors as lords
    until today intermarriaging with jew women like the house of windsor
    today ? I think this are questions to find your roots . and i think the
    sachsons from germany did not come like the normans as conquerors.
    we are from the same indoarian roots. italian,german,english,holandish,
    probably polish, russian, tshech are all rooted in indoarian languages.
    and that origen was the holy sanscrit . we have nothing to do with any
    semitic culture + language ! ! !

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