Four More Years Of …

All our political forms are exhausted and practically nonexistent. Our parliamentary system and electoral system and our political parties are just as futile as dictatorships are intolerable. Nothing is left. And this nothing is increasingly aggressive, totalitarian and omnipresent.
Jacques Ellul, Anarchy and Christianity (1991)

Look at them! Look at them, will you? Behold our politicians’ horrible languid maws!; the courtier-like faces of department managers. They are indeed salesmen, for the very power of nations is measure in relation to their own mercantile activity.
Jean Cau, Le meutre d’un enfant (1965)

“What’s going to happen now?” I was asked earlier today. “Nothing and everything,” I replied. Immigration, largely unchallenged and unscathed (excepting the incidental impact of COVID-19 on population movement) from four years of Trumpism, will now continue to accelerate unabated. Zionism will continue to enjoy the expansion of American institutional and military support, this time with the blood interest of Jared Kushner replaced with the Jewish spouses of all three of Biden’s children. And the momentary Obama-era delusion of a post-racial America will continue to dissolve in the reality of the increasing awareness and importance of race throughout the West, not solely as a result of mass migration but also of the increasing ubiquity of the ideologies of racial grievance and revenge. There will, of course, be a dramatic change for the worse in tone and spirit, and some smaller legislative victories like the banning of federal anti-racism training will likely soon be reversed. The defeat of Donald Trump is also hugely demoralizing to many decent American people, and emboldening to their bitterest enemies. This is to be sorely regretted. But it is in the shared qualities of Trump and Biden, rather than the election and sham ballots, that the real nature of our political systems and their future can be perceived. And it is in these shared qualities that our true problems lie.

Parliamentary electoral democracy is merely a representation of the general system in which it operates. Slavoj Zizek comments:

At the empirical level, of course, multi-party liberal democracy “represents” — mirrors, registers, measures — the quantitative dispersal of different opinions of the people, what they think about the proposed programs of the parties and about their candidates, etc. However, prior to this empirical level and in a much more radical sense, the very form of multi-party liberal democracy “represents” — instantiates — a certain vision of society, politics, and the role of the individuals in it: politics is organized in parties that compete through elections to exert control over the state legislative and executive apparatus, etc. One should always be aware that this frame is never neutral, insofar as it privileges certain values and practices.

The truth of the system, in terms of its non-negotiable aspects, is thus revealed in the “values and practices” privileged and ring-fenced under both Trump and Biden. What are these non-negotiables? Zionism, GloboHomo ideological capitalism and its “woke” leftist correlates, and the neoliberal promotion of GDP as the benchmark of human success and happiness.


Jews have little to fear from a Biden presidency, which is presumably why Haaretz is claiming that the “American Jewish vote clinched Biden’s victory and Trump’s ouster. … American Jews decided the outcome of the U.S. elections.” Donald Trump might have been hailed as the “most pro-Israel President in U.S. history,” but Jews are notoriously unreliable in their partnerships with non-Jewish elites. Fate, it must be said, has not been kind to those gentile elites that have exhausted their usefulness to Jews. And Trump is surely exhausted, having spent a busy four years fighting for Jews in Israel and in the United States. He reversed long-standing US policies on several critical security, diplomatic and political issues to Israel’s favour, including the Iran nuclear accord, the treatment of Israel at the UN, and the status of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. In December 2019, he announced his Executive Order on Combatting Anti-Semitism, promising to fight “the rise of anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic incidents in the United States and around the world.” One wonders what else he could possibly have done for these people—apart from a war with Iran—a question that appears to have been answered by Jews with a resounding “Nothing.” One can only imagine Trump’s facial expression on seeing Benjamin Netanyahu’s emphatic congratulations to Joe Biden, punctuated with the loving refrain: “I have a personal, long and warm connection with Joe Biden for nearly 40 years, and I know him to be a great friend of the State of Israel.”

Biden and Harris, replete with their immediate familial ties to Jews, are viewed in Zionist circles as being at least as reliable as Trump, although not as exuberant and bullish. Biden has been known as a staunch supporter of Israel throughout his 36 years in the Senate, often cites his 1973 encounter with then-Prime Minister Golda Meir as “one of the most consequential meetings” of his life, and has on more than one occasion regaled audiences with a tale about his father telling him that “You don’t need to be a Jew to be a Zionist.” While some modifications are likely in the American approach to Iran, few reversals are expected on Trump’s four years of pro-Israel activism. Biden, for example, has weakly criticized moving the embassy to Jerusalem but said he would not pull it back to Tel Aviv. Michael Herzog at Haaretz describes both Biden and Harris as “traditional Democrats, with a fundamental commitment to Israel whose roots are in part emotional in nature (in contrast to Obama).”

The change in relationship between America and Israel will be, in meaningful terms, restricted to the personal. Netanyahu, for all his fawning, is likely to undergo a personal demotion of sorts, with David Halbfinger of the New York Times pointing out that we can expect a Biden presidency to diminish Netanyahu’s “stature on the global stage and undercut his argument to restive Israeli voters that he remains their indispensable leader.” Palestinian leaders, probably the best-positioned to offer a perspective on the potential for an improvement in their condition under the new presidency, have been sombre to say the least. Hanan Ashrawi, a senior PLO official, responded to the question if she expected United States policy to continue tilting heavily in Israel’s favor: “I don’t think we’re so naïve as to see Biden as our savior.” Contrast this with the cheerfulness and confidence of Israel settlers who have grown accustomed to the perennial nature of American support for Zionism. David Elhayani, head of the Yesha Council, an umbrella for Jewish settlements in the West Bank, said the party of the U.S. president ultimately doesn’t matter so long as the baseline commitment to support Israel persists: “Under Obama, we built more [settlement] houses than we have under Trump … I think Biden is a friend of Israel.”

The fact that the grassroots of the Democratic Party are drifting away from Zionism is no more consequential than the fact the grassroots of the Republican Party wanted major action on immigration reform. The former, like the latter, have been equally ignored by the real power brokers and influencers. Regardless of the radical appearance of Democrat-affiliated movements like Black Lives Matter, the fact remains that all of the leftist aggression and rhetoric of the summer of 2020 has resulted in the putative election of an establishment Zionist and political pragmatist who is sure to execute a more or less formulaic neoliberal scheme for government. In one sense, the bland, forgetful, and familiar Biden, who lacks any hint of genuine or novel ideology and was elected purely as a symbol of “not Trump,” is the fitting response to Trump, who was equally devoid of ideological sincerity or complexity beyond the symbolism of “not Establishment.” And so, while the media proclaims, as Heraclitus, that “all is in flux,” from a different perspective we could argue, like Parmenides, the opposite — “there is no motion at all.”


If I retain one abiding, surreal, memory of the Trump presidency in the years ahead it will be the Don dancing to the Village People in the wake of his numerous drives to legalize homosexuality in various African backwaters. That the Red State Christians comprising so much of his base could maintain their self-adopted blind spot on this issue is a remarkable testament to the power of personality, because no world leader in history has done more in recent history than Donald Trump to export what E. Michael Jones has so aptly termed “the Gay Disco” — the double-barrelled shotgun of unbridled finance capitalism and the superficial freedom of sexual “liberty.” As the pastors and preachers of South Carolina and Texas urged their huddled congregations to pray for the President, Trump was busy dispatching new missionaries, like U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, to the corners of the earth in search of converts to the Church of GloboHomo.

In February 2019, the U.S. embassy indulged in some nostalgia for Weimar when it flew LGBT activists from across Europe to Berlin for a strategy dinner to plan to push for decriminalization in places that still outlaw homosexuality — mostly concentrated in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. For my part, I can think of many social problems in these parts of the world, but it really takes a special kind of mind to arrive at the opinion that one of the most pressing is that they need to become more gay. Grenell, however, horrified that Iran has the audacity to execute its own convicted homosexual pederasts, was not to be deterred, and was instrumental in the blackmail of lesser nations, promising they would be denied access to terrorism intelligence if they don’t legalise homosexuality. All of which has left the far corners of the American cultural-military empire questioning whether they could better live with suicide bombers or sodomy.

Against such manoeuvres, Biden’s apparent claim to be one half of the “most pro-equality ticket in history” seems a little overstated. That being said, there’s no question that Biden is going to step up the domestic nature of GloboHomo significantly as soon as he assumes office. Biden has pledged to sign the Equality Act, thus far opposed by the Trump administration, within his first 100 days in office, a piece of legislation that will amend “the Civil Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing, public accommodations, public education, federal funding, credit, and the jury system.” Biden has pledged to appoint significant numbers of homosexuals and transsexuals to positions of influence, and has promised to allow transsexuals to join the military. Experienced in advancing global LGBT+ dogma as part of the Obama-Biden administration, Biden will also once again take up the global mantle, expressing his “hopes to reverse Trump’s efforts and expand queer rights internationally by making equality a centrepiece of US diplomacy,” and condemning Poland’s “LGBT-free zones.” Stunning and brave indeed.

There is a certain sense in the cases of both Trump and Biden that, for all the flamboyance of their efforts in this area, there is a performative aspect to this politics. I don’t get the impression that either has been especially personally committed to these ideas or actions, but that, as pragmatic-symbolic politicians, they have been made aware that this is the direction the broader System is moving in and they should comply and support it. The longevity and gradual acceleration of these trends, beginning in earnest with the presidency of Bill Clinton, would suggest a systemic movement underlying, and entirely untethered to, specific political parties or figures. Throughout the West, and much as with Zionism, GloboHomo, or hedonistic credit-based capitalism and its sexual correlates more generally, is to be accepted and promoted as an essential part of the role of neoliberal government. In the context of declining basic freedoms at home, for example the obvious decline in free speech and the creeping criminalisation of meaningful dissent against the status quo, the international promotion of homosexuality and transsexual identities offers a cost-free and PR-friendly method for increasingly authoritarian neoliberal regimes to posture as crusaders for freedom. The trucker in Ohio is, logical flaws notwithstanding, and whether he wants it or not, thus assured of his place in the Land of the Free via his government’s emancipation of the gays and transvestites of Uganda. Engaged politically only at the most superficial level, the masses play along with this ruse, often in blunt denial, possessing only fragmentary realisations of the fact their countries are changing around them while the petty “rewards” of Americanism are meagre and peculiar, if not insulting.


Along with frequent reassurances that he was “giving serious consideration” to doing something, Trump’s presidency was marked by regular updates on the performance of American GDP. Unfortunately the GDP, like the Jewish vote, appears to have stabbed him in the back, with around 70% of American GDP represented in counties that (putatively!) voted Democrat. Trump’s tragicomic belief in GDP performance as a form of politics in its own right is perhaps the quintessential example of the mentality of homo economicus and the tendency of neoliberals to view countries as mere zones, or economic areas, where everything is based on rationalism and materialism, and national success is purely a calculation of economic self-interest. Writing pessimistically of Trump’s expected nomination in 2015, I issued a stark warning about the influence of Jared Kushner, but also added:

For all his bluster, Trump is a creation and product of the bourgeois revolution and its materialistic liberal ideologies. We are teased and tantalized by the fantasy that Trump is a potential “man of the people.” But I cannot escape the impression that he is a utilitarian and primarily economic character, who seeks a social contract based on personal convenience and material interest. In his business and political history I see only the “distilled Jewish spirit.”

I don’t think I’ve seen anything over the last four years that has made me question or revise that assessment. Trump’s dedicated tweeting on GDP in fact had the opposite effect.

The disturbing reality, of course, is that GDP is only one side of a national economy. Another crucial aspect is government borrowing, and current projections suggest that the United States is “condemned to eternal debt.” According to The Budget Office of the United States Congress (CBO), “the US economy would enter the first half of this century with a public debt equivalent to 195 percent of its GDP. … In the next 30 years the debt of the most powerful economy on the planet would more than double.” The first significant jump occurred in the wake of the subprime crisis, in which Jewish mortgage lenders were especially prominent. The subprime crisis forced public debt to 37 percent of GDP, which then rose steadily to 79 percent between 2008 and the outbreak of COVID-19. It now stands at 98 percent, and is accelerating. Although the United States has reached comparable levels of debt in the past, there has almost always been an accompanying war, or wars, which acted as a financial pressure valve — a fact that does not bode well for isolationists but may be encouraging news for Zionist hawks.

Joe Biden has claimed recently that “a Biden-Harris Administration will not be measured just by the stock market or GDP growth, but by the extent to which growth is raising the pay, dignity, and economic security of our working families” — while at the same time welcoming millions of new immigrants and legalizing the ~20M+ illegals into the workforce .The American economy is in fact extremely unlikely to change direction, with Biden reassuring his billionaire donors gathered at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan in June 2019 that “no one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change.” I believe him. Biden was part of an administration that looked on as 10 million working Americans lost their homes. Matt Stoller at the Washington Post has described Obama-era Democrat economic policies as “in effect, a wholesale attack on the American home (the main store of middle-class wealth) in favor of concentrated financial power.” Biden was part of a team that outright rejected prosecuting major bankers for fraud and money laundering, and that represented one of the most monopoly-friendly administrations in history:

2015 saw a record wave of mergers and acquisitions, and 2016 was another busy year. In nearly every sector of the economy, from pharmaceuticals to telecom to Internet platforms to airlines, power was concentrated. And this administration, like George W. Bush’s before it, did not prosecute a single significant monopoly under Section 2 of the Sherman Act. Instead [under Obama] the Federal Trade Commission has gone after such villains as music teachers and ice skating instructors for ostensible anti-competitive behavior. This is very much a parallel of the financial crisis, as elites operate without legal constraints while the rest of us toil under an excess of bureaucracy.

Biden is the product of funding from forty-four billionaires, including six hedge fund speculators, seven real estate barons, and five in the tech sector. Of the top 22 donors, at least 18 are Jews (Jim Simons, Len Blavatnik, Stewart Resnick, Eli Broad, Neil Bluhm, David Bonderman, Herb Simon, Daniel Och, Liz Lefkovsky, Steve Mandel, Bruce Karsh, Howard Marks, S. Daniel Abraham, Marc Lasry, Jonathan Tisch, Daniel Lubetsky, Laurie Tisch, and Robert Toll). The Jewish consortium behind Biden is almost identical in its financial composition to that behind Trump which, as I’ve explained previously, was notable for its embodiment of “usury and vulture capitalism, bloated consumerism, and the sordid commercial exploitation of vice.” Biden’s transition team, meanwhile, is comprised of “executives from Lyft, Airbnb, Amazon, Capital One, Booz Allen, Uber, Visa, and JPMorgan.” In short, expectations that Biden is going to break up Big Tech, or any monopoly for that matter, are the fantasies of the deluded, the ignorant, and the duped.


While the drama and recrimination surrounding the election are unquestionably fascinating, I hope you’ll forgive for being less agitated than most. My reasons for lethargy are simple: I knew that regardless of outcome we’d get four more years — four more years of Zionism, GloboHomo, and the standardized, rationalized machinery of economic escalation that now provides the apologetic engine for mass migration. Behind the abortion debates, Supreme Court picks, culture wars, and media theater, these are the non-negotiables of the System. You don’t hear about them, and you can’t talk about them, because you can’t vote on them. And this is the biggest electoral fraud of all.

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  1. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    While I think Trump may still pull off a win, my hopeful enthusiasm for Trump in 2016 has waned to an indifferent shrug in 2020.

    He did a little bit of what I wanted in the past four years and a lot of what I could care less about. He certainly has gotten the shaft from all quarters and I hope he sticks it to the lying cheaters one last time for a mean and petulant additional four years in office, just so I can hear their howls of indignation.

    Otherwise, it’s pretty much game over with Biden/Harris. We’ll be complete strangers and outcasts in our own countries in very short time.

    • Dante Ardenz
      Dante Ardenz says:

      Excellent article to be read & studied .
      Trump is NOT ‘ anti establishment ‘,if he had been ,he would of been ignored as others bucking the system have been,from Ron Paul ,through Ralph Nader , Denmis Kuchunich ,through Nader .
      He received billions in free media coverage in 16 .
      His pass to power was what he would do for the very rich ( everything)., and the Oligarchy …his Badge of entry Chabad Libbovitcher Cult member Jared Kushner .
      His ardent supporters must learn he is a con man & whatever ‘ positive ‘ he promised for their issues was either insincere, or impossible to implement ny natural historical trajectory,or by his awful political skills .
      One needs national unity to change a nation & Trumps horrid manner & the Republicans made that a flop & he was used by the Jews ,then disguarded .
      Kushner the ultimate Judaic agent & taker is gone ,and the.beat goes on.
      Trump was not the least of two evils,or a positive force.
      Hollywood drifter Bannon & Goldman Sachs executive ,who made his fortune with z stake in Seinfeld was always an agent of Israel & destroyed Nationalist Movementa all over Europe by turning them pro Zionist .
      Biden is not in any way a radical departure from any if this.
      The king is dead,long live the king .

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” His ardent supporters must learn
        he is a con man & whatever ‘ ”

        You may be correct about that . However , here is a major basic cause of the end of Western Civilization :

        Carolyn Yeager expressed the essence of the problem in her comment ___

        ” The heart speaks truth. If in doubt, follow your heart.”

        Carolyn Yeager
        November 8, 2020 at 11:07 am

        here at this link ___

        Here is a basic explanation of this issue ___

        It is not a scientific statement ; is not empiricly valid . It is at best a poetic expression that insinuates the priority of emotions over truth , fact , or any other consideration ; and at worst it is a false insinuation . The only truth value attributable to an emotion is whether it exists or not .

        That statement is normally more true for women than for men whom are normally less emotional and more rational than women . It is a feminist “truth”. The woman-brain is actually designed to give priority to emotions ; conversely , the man-brain is designed for greater rationality . Obviously , some women are more rational than some men ; and conversely , some men are more emotional than some women . In other words , there is an intersection of the bell curve for men and the corresponding bell curve for women .

        Emotions tend to be notoriously blind to any truth/fact/reality other than themselves . That is a major cause of the decline in Western civilization where White men have been brainwashed , pursuant to Frankfurt School marxian ideology agendas , to abide by the typically emotionally-laden political decisions of women ; and there is no distinction between women “truths” and men “truths” in political systems that ignore the significant differences . The Easternworld has many problems but does not seem to be as confused by biological sexual differentiation as the Westernworld .

        Normally , emotionality of women needs the rationality of men to guide them to properly beneficial goals . Rationality of men normally lacks motivational power and thus needs the emotionality of women as a major driving force for attaining rationalized goals .

        It remains to be seen if the Westernworld political leadership of the normally biologicly more emotional women is as disastrous as the often corrupt rationality of men political leaders . The historical record indicates that women political leadership is not sustainable .

        Rationality is purgeable of corruption whereas emotionality does not appear to have any purgeable component . An emotion is either ameliorated or not . Obviously , corrupt rationality wherever it occurs is not sustainable . Apparently , political rationality needs to be frequently purged of corruption . The historical record suggests that purging corruption out from political rationality is frequently overlooked . Purging politicly dissenting humanity out from a population is the normal radical communist tactic for eliminating perceived political irrationality among dissenters against communist/zionist ideology .

        Another major Westerrnworld inveterate problem is that Christianity is a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to the chosenhite jewmasterss . Trump’s Christian fan club simply cannot not see any problem with his numerous Jewish associations .

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          Jews do all they can to stop the public from learning about their behind-the-scenes control. No wonder that they [Christians] “cannot see any problem with his numerous Jewish associations.”

          Old Jewish saying: “We succeed by not naming ourselves.”

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Dante – so if you owned a restaurant in the 1930s in New York, you would never have given the mafia one cent, and you would have stood up to them and even sorted them all out on your own…. How long would you have lasted in business for disrespecting the mafia?

        – about as long as Trump would last if he refused the ‘suggestions’ the Jews make to him about US policy. Just be glad he has resisted starting another War for them.

        This is what Curse on Twitter wrote today to illustrate one specific example of what Trump is up against, but in this case he did take them on.

        In 2017, Trump actually defunded the division of DHS that was targeting “White Supremacists.” It was called the “Countering Violent Extremism Task Force.” Testimony from a 2019 House Committee hearing on White Supremacism confirms this:(pics)

        Clearly, this entire farce was a result of Jewish pressure. Jews have so much influence at DHS, they’re able to phone them directly and dispatch agents to investigate frivolous things like mean flyers.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “…my hopeful enthusiasm for Trump in 2016 has waned to an indifferent shrug in 2020.”

      Well put. A lot of people feel that way, and with good reason. Especially lately, considering how horribly he treated his base at that maga event held by his supporters. Nick Griffin has an excellent article on that, and more, over at The Unz Review.

      While we’re on the subject, Being snubbed like that by the man they’ve been so loyal to had to have hurt even more than the vicious attacks by the usual suspects after the rally.

      But, in both cases, you get what you put up with. And it has to be said that Whites in general, and his supporters in particular, are looking more and more like the masochists in a very sick and twisted sado-masochistic relationship. A lot of them certainly seem to be bonding with their abusers.

      “We’ll be complete strangers and outcasts in our own countries in a very short time.”

      Whites are already there. One reason among many is that, for the most part, Whites just don’t care about each other. Even after all they’ve been through. You can see this in everything from the collapse of the family, to the inability to defend what Whites claim to value, or even defend themselves.

      TOO’s mission statement mentions, with reason, “a compelling need for such a site.” True. There’s an even more compelling need, however, for White solidarity. But, maybe Whites are incapable of it.

      After all, and speaking of TOO’s mission statement, it even says it outright in the second half of the first paragraph.

      “…overt expressions of white identity and white interests (or European-American identity and interests) are rarely found among the peoples who founded these societies and who continue to make up the majority.”

      That’s also true. Very true. But not just because the elite won’t allow it. It’s true because most Whites aren’t interested in solidarity. Or, to put it bluntly and in a way that directs attention to what Whites are going through now, Whites show no interest in defending themselves in the same way they’re being attacked – as Whites.

      Orwell once wrote about the power to face unpleasant facts, and it is a power. The obvious lack of unity, or solidarity, among Whites qualifies as an unpleasant fact that they’re going to have to face if they’re going to be able to work their way out of their current dilemma. Assuming it can be done.

      One would like to think it can be. But there’s no point in wasting a second hoping for it. Any more than hoping the USA can be saved by an election, or that Americans can be redeemed by simply voting, or hoping things will change by constantly complaining about the hostile elite, no matter how insightful or on target those complaints might be. If anything can be done it’ll take action, thoughtful, courageous action, and solidarity. The hostile elite certainly know that much. That’s why they’re pulling all the stops to make sure it never happens.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” There’s an even more compelling need, however, for White solidarity. But, maybe Whites are incapable of it.”

        Most Whites are at least nominal Christians where their theology gives no importance nor recognition to materiel genetic racial identity . The Vatican theologicly cancelled White racial identity beginning with the 1970s governmental desegregation agendas .

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Richard B “There’s an even more compelling need, however, for White solidarity. But, maybe Whites are incapable of it.”

        Perhaps the reason that it is difficult to be pro ‘all whites’ at present is because at present the white nations are split into two camps, with completely different outlooks on life, left and right, so it is hard to be loyal to both camps, and I do not even feel much of an urge either to help the majority in the middle at present, as they have decided to side with the left, as they vote for them. The majority have nothing but contempt for those like myself who want whites to survive, and the majority of the people at present are happy to go along with the notion that whites such as myself are the villains, the white supremacists, the Nazis, the H-deniers, the extremists, the racists. How can I be pro-white at present when the whites do not want my help and see me as the villain?

        There was an article this week in the Daily Mail about a 96 year old WWII ex Nazi being extradited from Venezuela to Germany for a trial and the comment up/down scores in the main support his extradition. Assuming the reader feedback is genuine, they reveal a white race (my own) that does not care that the Jews have captured a Goym from the War that was supposed to end 70 years ago, and are going to punish him. Are such whites as these who do not care, are they worth saving from the fate the Jews have in store for them?

        I am only loyal to 10% whites who think as I do, and that includes whites in other countries, so I feel more of an affinity with say Henrik Palmgren than I do with most of my own countrymen, who are at present corrupt, selfish, pampered and intent on their own self destruction. They have allowed the lower subsection of the population to take over. They do not value their race’s achievements or culture or their children’s futures or their country’s future or survival even.

        I suggest the left feel the same way, and do not want to share lands with the likes of me. The only solution for peace and the survival of whites is for white migration to take place such that in the end pro-white whites live in their own lands and the rest can migrate to join the diversity places along with the Jews. Our side will have to keep the places where our heritage is, as we value this whilst they do not.

        None of the other races – Japanese, Chinese, Iraqi, Somalian, Pakistani – none of these races are split into two conflicting camps with one camp against their own. And even if they did have the two camps at each end of the spectrum seeking the support of the majority in the middle, no way would the majority decide to join the camp that is against themselves. At least the Jews have the excuse for being hostile to us that they are not one of us, and they can admit this during one of their chameleon changes when they take off their ‘white’ hat and put on their ‘Jewish’ hat. (The question the US Jews cannot stand on Breitbart is ‘are you loyal to the US or Israel?’).

  2. Karen
    Karen says:

    Great article. Thank you.

    According to the latest data 38.8% of world Jewry resides in the U.S. This is a huge percentage number compared to other countries. Other countries don’t even come close, except for Israel, of course.
    If I have to reside in a third world country, the U.S. is on that trajectory, I might as well move to a third world country and enjoy the better weather and lower cost of living. And, the added benefit of living among people who have not been brainwashed into hating Whitey and blaming Whites for everything that went wrong with their own lives. That is what we are facing here. Whites are becoming low man on the totem pole. Let the U.S. crash and burn. It might be simpler and easier to just move on. I’m currently looking at property in Panama. A house costs 1/3 to 1/2 a similar home in the U.S. The U.S. isn’t even as politically stable as some other countries in the third world. Just sayin’.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      The #1 problem with this idea is that no nation in the third world has a Second Amendment and private ownership of firearms by its residents is prohibited. And, there is also the language problem. I have zero interest in learning to speak a foreign language – which would likely be a necessity in order to conduct your daily affairs. Then, there is the issue of medical care – anyone who is aware of the Richard Lynn book titled “IQ and the Wealth of Nations” – would, or should, be very reluctant to move to a third world country where the average IQ is in the mid to high 80s and the health care systems in these third world countries are not exempt from those dismally low average IQ scores. Do you want to have doctors with IQs in the 80s making life or death decisions for you? I sure do not.

      Whites really have no place to go to escape the nightmarish future that the jews have mapped out for us. This is why I share Professor MacDonald’s sense of depression regarding the theft of the 2020 election.

      And, never forget this important truth. Had White Americans not allowed the jews and their control of the media to deracinate them – had they not succumbed to the jewish brainwashing that caused them to switch off their racial survival instincts and then stupidly believe that their racial competitors would happily do likewise – we would not be facing the existential threat to our very racial survival that we now are finally seeing on the horizon.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        It would also be useful to acknowledge that Christianity is in this life ultimately a religion of submission/enslavement to the more aggressive people of the religion of Talmudic Judaism .

        “” And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you , to inherit them for a possession ; they shall be your bondmen forever : …””

        ( verbatim quote from :
        The Jewish Holy Torah / KJV / Book of Leviticus / 25 : 46 )


        “ye” = the jews
        “them” = nonjews
        “bondmen” = slaves .

    • Adolf Shickelruber
      Adolf Shickelruber says:

      The Israeli Government keeps a meticulous tally of each countrys Jewish population that IT considers racially and religiously eligible to settle in the Chosen Ones Promised Land. The number of eligible Jews in the USA it estimates at 12,000,000 ; Europe, with a population more than double that of the US, is comparatively a Jewish desert with a potential pool of only 3,000,000 considered fit and proper to be granted Chosen status.

  3. JRM
    JRM says:

    Masterfully written. I would nominate this as one of Dr. Joyce’s all-time best articles.

    Additionally, he is the only writer I’ve read since Election Day that actually cheered me up. I think the question of who “won” the election will probably stick around until the Supreme Court decides it, but if Trump is well and truly out, I thank Dr. Joyce for giving me some much needed tonic.

  4. m
    m says:

    In spite of maintaining existing overseas military engagements, Trump didn’t appreciably expand anything. The chance presented itself with NK, Venezuela and Iran, but nothing much happened. This in spite of John Boloton’s active attempts to torpedo Trump’s foreign policy, and Pompeo’s incessant (but mostly ineffective) war mongering.

    Biden (who is obviously an ill man) will offer nothing in the way to prevent increased Neocon Zio-oriented aggression. My guess is that it will begin with Iran. Possibly more Syrian intrigue. Whether the US military is up to fighting a protracted war against any technologically advanced adversary (Russia or China) is a big question, however.

  5. German Leser
    German Leser says:

    Monopolization of information and concentration of financial power in the elite’s ongoing war on the middle class and peoples of ‘the West’, their actual traditions, values and genetic and cultural heritage are our future. In which anti-white grievances and Zionism are the identities last standing. With a disturbing vision by the world economic forum on owning nothing, total abolition of privacy and learning to enjoy our enslavement. Now with German Klaus Schwab and Jewish Larry Fink on the exact same page in this pan-Western Weimar Republic.

    But while we cannot vote ourselves out of it and the methods of the past, radical and moderate alike, proof unfeasible, I have a humble request: You are a very intelligent man, Mr. Joyce and there are many equally intelligent free men one can call your colleagues. I would greatly appreciate it, if you could give serious consideration to looking for a practical solution. No matter how small. We know who, what and get many theories on why all of it is happening. But there is no real answer to: What can we do? Especially beyond the MAGA show which is a distraction and often grift.

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      MAGA should be built upon. That spirit needs sustaining. The key is building implicitly white civic nationalist activist organizations which, over time, can be expected to mutate into more explicitly white organizations. One has to start somewhere. The important thing is to start activism, not how pure or “based” that activism initially is. Whites who are not self-hating antifa or BLM-supporting snowcucks need to get offline and network. Twenty plus years ago, I thought the then nascent internet was fantastic, as it would be a stepping stone to more robust, real world activist organizations. But this next step has yet to happen. People are still “awakening” and whining online, seemingly stuck in internet quicksand. I have made these suggestions here before. We need an America First League to advance the cause of developing “safe spaces” within which, or under whose rubric or aegis, whites can gather, network and “community organize”. Nothing will ever happen without ongoing community organizing.

    • Bad New
      Bad New says:

      Sorry, friend. That which has gone off a cliff can’t stop in mid-air and go back up. Your (presumably) Anglo ancestors made this choice a long time ago. There’s no going back.

  6. Karl Nemmersdorf
    Karl Nemmersdorf says:

    Some people think that we have arrived at our present straits because we are not running our democracy correctly. We just have to reform it in just the right areas, and everything will get back to normal. That is a fundamental misapprehension. This is how democracy always ends up. It is an unstable system whose purpose is to screen the real rulers from the view of “the people.” Give me frank authoritarian power any day over this bankers’ paradise.

    In the last century, when have the desires of the people won out over what the elites wanted? None I can think of. Entry into the world wars, no fault divorce (which destroyed marriage as an institution), abortion, gay marriage, mass non-white immigration. The “people” were overwhelmingly against all, but the elites wanted them, so here we are.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      The authoritarian communist regimes were established and controlled by the FMM [fake money mafia, misnamed as “bankers”].

  7. Caltrop
    Caltrop says:

    Here is a 2-minute video explaining how voting machines work, how there is no security built into them, how it is surprisingly easy to falsify votes, and how the votes are tabulated in Frankfurt, Germany through a company from Barcelona, Spain.

    This is what Donald Trump intends to expose in order to make the switch to a secure system using blockchain technology, which is already available.

    Russ Ramsland, of Allied Security Operations Group, joins me to talk…
    Follow Debbie Georgatos! WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: America Can We Talk is a show with a missio…

    Russ Ramsland, of Allied Security Operations Group, joins me to talk Election Fraud | 10.28.20

  8. Joe webb
    Joe webb says:

    ” I hope you’ll forgive [me] for being less agitated than most. My reasons for lethargy are simple: I knew that regardless of outcome we’d get four more years — four more years of Zionism, GloboHomo, and the standardized, rationalized machinery of economic escalation that now provides the apologetic engine for mass migration. Behind the abortion debates, Supreme Court picks, culture wars, and media theater, these are the non-negotiables of the System.”

    Very interesting. Zionism, Global Homosexuality, and so on….and you can’t talk about them, because you can’t vote on them. And this is the biggest electoral fraud of all.” Very well crafted.

    What we cannot talk about is race and race replacement, our White replacement. However, while not being permitted to talk about it, that does not mean it is without appearance. Implicitly, Trump is racist…the CNN, MSNBC and Company, both print and television
    endlessly squeal about how Racist Trump is, etc. Never mind Internet confabulation.

    So it is liberal spleen that fulminates forth….while we monitor our rightist language of revolt.

    So we do actually vote about these matters.

    The Great Crash imagined by so many of us…I doubt. I will try out some of my obsessions here. There is unlikely to be a stock market crash. There could be much more serious China Plague outbreaks. Since it was China Plague that is 75% the reason Trump lost the election…it will remain central to our immediate future….economic, social , personal, etc.

    How about that gigantic national debt? I do not think it matters much for the US and Europe. Sooner or later it will matter however.
    AS long as people will buy our paper, it will work.

    People buy our paper/debt because it pays abetter interest rate. than other options. And it is Safe in the USA The reason for such cheap money, generally is that there is a world-wide surplus of money/capital. You want to rent out some of my money….here’s the deal. Cheap money is great if you have some way of making it work for you and provide a profit…either in more finance, or making something real.

    What could drive interest rates up? Scarcity could drive up interest rate. But Scarce money appears to be nonexistent. The reason there is so much money-capital sloshing around is a world wide low wage rate for all workers. That surplus of Capital is thus the other side of the coin of Capital v. Labor. Cheap wages equals, large profit. Large wages equals scarce Capital. Interest rates track the cycle or trend of Capital and Labor relations. And psychology again.

    The world system (that “System” word again) of money and wage relations, favors Capital. When Labor starts to drive up its price, Capital struggles to suppress wages…cheap foreign labor is favored, and so on..

    Most of us think in terms of a Crash Coming. A crisis is possible. like stock market crash. The psychology factor is large. Fear is easily wakened. Still, the Fed will use its fatigued crisis money and fiscal motions. The problem is that today, they are in trouble. How many more fiscal stimuli are there in the Fed’s pocket? How many more money tranches are possible… can be processed? Inflation can happen in perceived market problems. Also, deflation can happen. The Fed is not the Keynesian master of ceremonies. It has some power, but only some, and again, its ammunition is way depleted these days.

    Trump is a businessman. However I don’t think he is all that one-dimensional…He gets love expressed by his rallies and he says he loves his. folks too. What does that mean? If he was merely homo economicus, his personalist kind of psychology would be much less so. Trump is a phenomenon, elemental. And his people love him . That counts.

    Joe Webb

    • Karlfried
      Karlfried says:

      Joe webb … November 14, 2020 at 4:24 pm
      ” … What we cannot talk about is race and race replacement, our White replacement. …”
      An answer to it:
      In Germany we have a similar situation. Given the circumstances, nowadays my tactics are as follows: If I notice that the other person is a “Gutmensch” (=a liberal, a multiculti-friend, that means in the result he is a killer of the white race) than I go on speaking about non-important things. The other one taps forward, and he will give me a triggering word. Than I give a pre-fabricated sentence, of the kind:
      “What you say has some very positive aspects, I understand this, but some people will say: In the consequences of that said action there will be no more deutsches Volk and no more white race. Therefore I will not go with you, because I think that there will be a heavy counter-strike from those who do not want to be killed upon those who are trying to kill them. I wish you good luck, but for me your way of thinking and acting is to dangerous.”
      2. Another example:
      Depending on the situation, there are other prefabricated sentences. First I give the situation. By chance, I am speaking with an “integrated or assimilated” Turk or Arab.
      The foreigner speaks about non-important things. He wants to show his bystanding half- grown son and his wife what a champion he is, how he speaks with a German. These integrated foreigners live here for decades, have studied, a good job und they live in a German neighbourhood, they know why. They speak German perfectly, both Hochdeutsch as well as the local dialect, if needed.
      In nature we call this mimicry. In the process of integration, they have studied the German society very carefully, for decades, and they know perfectly how to act to extract the most.
      Then he starts to speak about foreigners! About those, who come in as “refugees”, do not work, get money form the Germans. He says that he dislikes this. (The underlying idea: He wants that I agree with his opinion, therefore creating a “we”-situation between him and me).
      I do not fall into his trap. I go on speaking about non-important things. I avoid to say yes or no to his sentences. He goes on to speak. Then he taps forward and gives a triggering word to me: “Since the year 1990 many things have improved.”
      Now comes my standard answer: “You are right, for foreigners Germany is a super-good country, but: for Germans themselves it is “Scheißdreck ohne Ende” (an ongoing hell)”.
      Thanks to these simple prefabricated sentences, their origin is not from me, they are commonly known in Germany, we can win in every discussion, we do win easily.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Joe Webb of course is correct. Trump was a phenomenon.

      Yes it’s true that he promoted queers, but look at who they are; the PayPal boss, Apple CEO and a bunch of other anti-majorityites. Trump is a businessman and he tried to obtain support from the opulent elite.

      He also knew that the “best of all people” absolutely control the source of information for the American public. Despite being told how vote, 70 mln Americans (both legal and illegal) voted for Herr Donald. That’s truly amazing.

      He built the Trump Wall, a magnificent achievement and a symbol. That alone is more than anyone has done for his people other than Viktor Orban of Budapest.

      He was unable to break up the Deep State, and the sections that included such departments as the FBI. Overall the FBI has always been an anti-majority entity. All we have to do is look at the JFK adventure weapons of mass destruction and spying on Trump. All could those endeavors have been curtailed.

      Perhaps the Deep State is too big and can’t be taken down without a revolution or a strong man. Whatever, despite Trump’s warts, if you can honestly assert that society, as a whole, has any intellectual capacity, Joe Biden was unable to be seen for what he is. The media been broken up Biden would have been seen in a different light.

      Early in his career Biden sought to defeat anti-majority coerced bussing. The Deep State was too big to be defeated. As his voting district changed, he went along with it. In other words, like the rest of those so-called representatives, he became detrimental to the American majority (for personal gain). Like Obama and Billary, both millionaires, Biden is a symbol of what the anti-majority US “public servant” structure represents.

      Joe Biden is simply a very successful US career politician. Biden’s a wealthy political crook. Biden lived a good life due to milking John and Jane Doe, folks that he “represented.”

      Like KMac once indicated, Trump kept us out of wars, he built the wall, the Trump Wall. Trump attempted to reduce the Third World invasion and (thus) the destruction of the American Republic. Those factors, alone, are amazing.

      Yes, Mr. Joe Webb is correct. Trump was a phenomenon. Trump did more to help EuroMan -despite the anti-majority World against him- than any US Prez in the last century!

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Capital vs labor, (((marxist))) claptrap.

      The real labor war is Unions vs Labor, more precisely unions vs non-unions. Unions got monopoly powers from the Wagner Act of 1935. Federal coercion is employed to limit the supply of workers in unionized industries, raising wages for union workers only. The supply of workers in non-union areas is increased, LOWERING wages of non-union workers. Unions exploit the non-unions. . .
      Very very few know about the wage lowering effects of unions. MSM doesn’t want you to know.

      Gains to union workers DO NOT come from “getting their fair share of profit.”
      Basically Federal Mafia coercion is used to rape the pocketbooks of the unorganized non-union workers. Therefore unions must be seen as the evil they are. . .taking bread from the mouths of folks who suspect that something is wrong but cannot put their finger on it. If the Wagner Act, and others like it, were reversed, the wage levels would equalize [based on skill level] and exploitation of the non-unions would cease.

      Another example of “public interest legislation” being used for greedy private interests.

  9. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    Another excellent article by Andrew Joyce, as usual.

    This article encapsulates and expresses very eloquently what other American and European comrades and I said in different forums. It doesn’t matter who will win because the whole thing is a sham. The system has been rigged for decades, but the average North American is too stupid to notice that. The great Revilo Oliver knew it very well and said it many times, but of course, the average Joe couldn’t care less; as long as he has his six-pack and favourite TV shows (all equally coarse and dumb), everything would be fine.

    But we shouldn’t be unfair and blame only the uneducated, working-class North American as my previous paragraph seems to describe. No, the rot goes much deeper, in fact, it goes across the whole of White America. Stupidity knows no boundaries, neither class distinctions. In fact, even here at “The Occidental Observer” one comes across morons who should know better and yet here you have them defending that treacherous, sleazy scumbag known as Donald Trump who was proud to be called “The King of Israel”. Yes, my friends here you will find many Trumptards who are still crying over the spilled milk.

    That is why I am glad Joe Biden has won. At least he is not pretending to be our friend like the Orange Conman did. Let’s be honest, we White men are not going to vote our way out of this mess, not in the US neither in Europe, by the way, to be honest, I must say that we Europeans are as bad as the North Americans, apathetic and cowardly. We need to be kicked out of our comfort zone, that is why Biden’s victory is a good thing. The fake “nationalism” and “patriotism” promoted by the Trumptards and their Jewish masters must die. A proper American national-socialist movement is needed. That hateful and evil entity known as the Jewnited States of America must die.

    It has been thanks to the Jewnited States of America (and the Jewnited Kingdom) that Europe was defeated and destroyed in 1945. We are in this horrendous mess because of those obnoxious, self-righteous morons who enthusiastically bombed and massacred my ancestors and their heroic allies in the name of “Democracy”. Well, now is payback time. Now is time to reap what you sowed.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Yeah, keep saying this.
      Only it was not the Jew United States or JEW Kingdom. It was the Anglo Jewish sphere – particularly WASP Anglo or higher class anglo = that took down euro fascisms/nationalisms. At least in America, many non anglo white Americans were against that war. Probably also the anglo working class. But somehow the WASP American ruling class and higher class had become allied with the Jews. Eventually the Jews even substantially displaced the WASP by using other races agaInst them- a kind of backstabbing one expects from Jews if you recognize them for what they are. But the WASP was a useful Idiot for the Jew as Bush and Chaney demonstrated in Iraq. The Jewish strategy is now displacing White people in the West but it succeeds, not just because of our anti racial “individualism”as important as that might be, but because certain white ethnics are perhaps somehow constitutionally partial to Jews. It is important that we always combine race realism with ethnic realism. Not all Euro whites are the same. Not all American or British whites wanted to bomb and massacre your ancestors. They were drafted into it under false circumstances. There was a movement in the 1930’s which named the Jews/WASP’s for trying to start a war with Germany. There should be more scholarship about that movement and its implications. EMichael Jones has done some work on the “America Firsters” There should be more

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      “It doesn’t matter who will win because the whole thing is a sham.”

      If the internet remains at its current level of limited freedom, then the normies will carry on waking up at a fast rate, as we are now getting rapid decline in white societies PLUS at the same time enough freedom so that people can read about who is to blame in alternative media.

      But as soon as the left ((and allies)) are able to control the narrative on the internet as tightly as they control it in the msm, the awakening will slow right down.

      This is why the next four years are so crucial, as if Trump keeps the internet sufficiently free from the control of the enemy-within anti-white big tech companies, and this results in just 5% more being woken, this could make all the difference.

      In the past the normies only woke up very slowly compared with now, as in the past for decades despite a general decline, nevertheless on the whole whites remained pampered and rich and safe, and could do quite well personally out of submitting to the anti-white PC narrative in the job market, and could always live away from the problems if wealthy, but recently the decline has become very rapid, and it is important that during the period of rapid decline the normies who are experiencing the misery can read about who is responsible.

  10. katana
    katana says:

    Andrew Joyce – Trumpism, Bidenism, and the System – Nov 9, 2020 — Transcript

    This is the 9th video in the Talmud & Taboo series from The Occidental Observer (TOO) contributor and scholar Andrew Joyce on the “jewish problem/question”, available at his BitChute channel.

    Here Joyce discusses the US elections between Trump and Biden and how the outcome is just more of the same in either case as both are entwined within the jewish power structure, aka, the Deep State, aka ZOG.

    — KATANA

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      GDP growth is the % increase in fake money- that is, GDP is simply the total of all spending. If one guy is paid $20 to dig a hole and another paid $20 to fill it up, the GDP just went up by $40, according to the preverted theories of the sex prevert J M Keynes.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        TJ – if the man digging the hole and the man filling it both went home satisfied that they had done a hard day’s work, and if the economy could take such wastefulness in its stride, then the system can carry merrily along without crashing and is viable.

        Consider 99 people digging the hole and 99 people filling it in, and on the same day 1 person presses a button on a shoe-making machine in the morning and a 200 pairs of shoes are churned out by the end of the day.

        Then go back 100 years, when no-one dug the hole or filled it in and all 100 were cobblers making shoes, and at the end of day between them all they made 100 shoes, so the wealth production in the old way was still half of what it is today.

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          I cannot think of anything that’s printable in a family publication.

          One could study up on the fallacies o\f Keynesianism.

  11. Joe webb
    Joe webb says:

    re Angelicus… “The fake “nationalism” and “patriotism” promoted by the Trumptards and their Jewish masters must die. A proper American national-socialist movement is needed.”

    uh-huh. This is why NS is a curse and and demonstrates how weak-minded folks go for it…Springtime for HItler. jw

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      The fact that your poxy country and the whole of Europe is a multi-racial and multi-cultural sewer is due to the victory of the Jewnited States of America in WW2. You don’t get it, don’t you? What a race of cretins you the Trumptards are! H. L.Mencken was right when he said that the average North American is a moron. We are fucked up in Europe (thanks to you), but you are far worse! LOL

  12. Mike Humphrey
    Mike Humphrey says:

    One of the real dangers seem to be the;

    inter-american convention against racism

    This according to a dude by the name of Jason Kohne (has a bit chute youtube thing called “no white guilt”) is something the democrats are going to enforce sign and implement.

    They will COMBAT all forms of prejudice or exclusion also in the private sphere (i.e. ones choice of partner for example) if it can in any way be seen as a choice made based on race/ethnicity. Also exclusion(choice of any kind based on ethnicity when it comes to segregation choice of where one lives and so on is against the law in effect.

    So an effective way of enforcing mandatory race mixing and mixed neighborhoods also making sure an area of the United States that is whiter, say an early stage of some kinda etno state must be combated by the state and unlawful.

    Apparently some don’t think race mixing is happening fast enough. These people have studied all “etno centric” literature and they are very motivated when it comes to mixing away ALL whites from the planet. And they will put it in law. They know times will be tough because of their plan and they don’t care it is warfare.

    They know many people want an etno state so they are preparing also with forbidding things on the internet, planning on suppressing free speech and freedom of association…

    Apparently already some internet providers censor text messages according to videos. It’s just an early state of the suppression “they” will bring upon the white race.

    Also getting rid of peoples right to bear arms have guns combined with these kinda laws and so forth and having more massimmigration (i.e. more anti white troops and race mixing) is also a preparation and part of the warfare. They (by they I don’t mean a full ethnic group, just enough of them for various reasons motivated by several factors to have a war against whites, one such factor may be murdered relatives in an earlier war, culture and mixed racial backrounds and so on…) are preparing for the etno state scenario for sure legally and so on as mentioned.

    And they use terrorism to end free speech, see the new EU laws proposed by France and Germany about taking away content from the internet within one hour, would mean also all internet must be controlled all the time by the state i.e. total faschist surveilance…

    Couldn’t find the video, but I’m shure it can be found easily.

    So what everyone has to focus on the coming years is stopping this such perverted “inter-americas convention”, to keep freedom of speech (the convention would probably end that also) and the 2:nd amendment (right to have guns). Otherwise it’s straight to the butcher, the genocide folks.

    So contacting your local representatives of all parties and people in the EU and parliament and senate and both parties in the USA and make people you know do the same thing. Talk to people about the effect of these planned things and make a movement against these things separated from other political issues and party references and all that kinda thing. You need your freedom and those who want to kill us wanna take it away, to kill us…

      • Mike Humphrey
        Mike Humphrey says:

        Yes it does not. But actually it may affect jews. They might have to include a few blacks, Mexicans and ARABS on their bar mitzwas just to prove they aint excluding non whites, cause I assume that from a legal point jews would be seen as white under US law.

        But conventions are law.

        In effect this convention will end free speech.

        Because for example stating facts about non whites crimes and statistics will make them feel excluded and not included which must ve combatted by the state.

        Also for example pointing out racial differences causing large average IQ differences between races / ethnical groups would probably be outlawed.

        If someone chooses to date only whites and turns down an offer for a date with a brown, yellow or subsaharan person this makes them not included in the personal sphere hence it must be combatted. Hence choosing a partner of the same race as yourself if you are WHITE is against the law and you could be sued for it and als the state must combat it. The same for a party where you only invite whites or if a lot of ethnographic centric whites move to an area and try to keep brows, non whites out it will have the same effect. It is not inclusive and must therefore be combatted.

        How I assume by prosecutors, military and police intervention and the like.

        It is certainly possible with this convention.

        Hence speak to everyone you know about it whiter they wore democrat or republican spread the word on the internet and with people you meet. Some people might not be etno centric as such but value freedom of speech they can alas be against it…

        It will also in effect make for mandatory policing of peoples personal life and will be a huge horrible threat yo people keeping their personal life personal.

        Also people not even a bit racist may be effected. Say there is a young teenager who is throwing a birthday party. She is only inviting people that are nice and that she likes. There is a brow kid in her class that has been acting aggressively and has been mean to her. She does not invite that kid to her party. Hence the brown kid is not included and this must be combatted by the state. Therefore it can be said by the state and be fined and may even be out into prison, because the brown kid can make the case it’s because it aint white…

        • Simon Garthfield
          Simon Garthfield says:

          So that would mean the jews can kiss goodbye to jewdate? Because it would be excluding supposedly of course they could claim there are like a few socalled black “jews” like 1 in one million jews or something or try to claim culture but in effect it’s 99.9 % white looking folks on j-date.

          And how about support for Israel it’s an excluding nation could the USA long time support such a nation having signed this convention? Given their treatment also of arabs?

          Yeah so all the jews who read this homepage (and I’m sure there are quite a few), maybe you should think twice about supporting this kinda thing.

          And with regards to jews, it seems that etno centric whites dislike the following things pushed by individual jews:

          1. Propaganda for racemixing in commercials, music and media.

          2. Propaganda for massimmigration of non whites and changed laws supporting this.

          3. Attitudes spread through media and culture that hurt a lot of white people such as sex at a too early age, pornography, drug use propaganda, alcohol propaganda to too young adults, and opioids being legal.

          4. Anti christian attitudes. Anti white kids and families attitudes and propaganda causing lower birth rates. Not informing young ladies in schools and the media that after a certain age say 30 it becomes harder to have kids…

          5. Forced integration of schools. Desegregation of blacks and whites.

          6. Propaganda in novels and the like and children’s and teen tv-shows for race mixing with latinos and the like (the dark stranger, the “latin lover”…).

          7. The usage of social media to promote racial mixture misgenecation and what is often called “multiculturalism”. And I personally think a multicultural society is fine just there are different opinions on what that means…

          7. The exclusion of white, even pure white expressions from the mainstream media and social media (art, writing, architecture and music)…

          8. The exclusion of whites in general from the mainstream media and the pushing of the other constantly.

          9. The atomization of whites also pushed by non white crime and the overtaking of cities by non whites and also pushed by terrorism and the media propaganda. Also pushed by the propaganda meant to make whites ashamed of themselves… The constant propaganda for homosexuality (and I’m all for the homos, but they are way overrepresented in the media that’s all), and the pushing of homosexuality in effect on small kids in kindergarten through state legislation…

          10. The usage of propaganda in schools that is anti white and designed to make whites feel bad about themselves (based on race nonetheless. just the contradiction there) and by that causing more race mixing.

          11. That schools and the media don’t inform about race differences in IQ (which would benefit jews), genetics and the like (for example blacks smell different cause their skin has more layers two g genes and it stores bacteria differently and produces a substance that is part of urin from what I read), information about evolution inbreeding among muslims, non jews from the Middle East. That schools and the media should inform about racial differences in crime statistics and attitudes. That the media does not report the crimes of non whites and lies when it suits them to work against whites atomize them and keep them from understanding what is happening.

          12. That schools do not properly focus on whites inventions and achievements. The use of so-called culture marxism against whites the use of trauma as mind control against whites, the hijacking of anthropology in order to fool whites there are no racial differences between races by jews (they knew that is a lie from what I have seen). Also they claim because races can mix they aint different. WELL HUMANS COULD MIX WITH NEANDERTHALS AND THEY AINT EVEN HUMAN STUPID. Also information should be there on the mixing that has taken place with neanderthals and the like…

          All this causes genocide on whites and probably most etno centric whites dislikes these factors pushed by among others some jews owning massmedia or in massmedia, social media and the like and therefore the start to get hostile towards jews.

          SO if jews stopped doing this then NOONE would care about them. Get it the only reason gentiles even care about jews is these factors… Then jews would just be an appreciated group in culture and industry and science… What’s so hard to get… Are you stupid?

          All these things contribute to the current holocaust against whites, the genocide.

          So, maybe stopping this would be a smart thing to do. After all whites that are not jewish have started to document these activities and they are a real threat to jews living outside of Israel.

          Maybe the jews pushing this sees themselves as at war with white gentiles? Maybe they want conflict so that all jews have to move to Israel maybe they dislike that half of the jews in the western world marry non. jews. Maybe they think they can act however badly they want to cause they can just retreat to Israel if everything goes bad for jews. Maybe they have small dicks. Maybe it’s because many jews are mixed they want it for everyone. Maybe it’s about getting rid of gentile competition, jews sitting on top of the world with a more stupid race mixed mass underneath it consuming bad rap music and what else they make money from. Maybe it’s other factors. Maybe they are in the secret societies maybe they are programmed by historic events and culture to bring genocide upon gentiles (ww2 and “an eye for an eye”).

          Regardless it seems like a very dangerous thing and path these jews have gone down.

          I hope they can see the danger and change (those part of this machinery)…

        • Simon Garthfield
          Simon Garthfield says:

          And also information about demography in schools at university and the media and politics.

          How whites under 18 are already a minority.

          How many whites have kids outside of their race.

          A constant discussion about this very important subject.

        • Mike Humphrey
          Mike Humphrey says:

          And actually this type of convention may make apps such as J-date illegal (or whatever the jew dating app is called), swell as jewish schools (tooo much white looking folks there gotta be at least 30 % African Americans a few arabs and Mexicans, because this school is in a city with that demographics, and to be inclusive and not combatted it MUST reflect that…).

          So no more dating apps for ethnical groups it aint inclusive…

  13. OMG Secret Nazi
    OMG Secret Nazi says:

    Trump may be far from ideal, but he has to be doing something right when he causes this much panic. The COVID crisis was manufactured in large part so they could prevent him from getting re-elected. That’s how scared they are. Another four years of MAGA could, it seems, drain the entire swamp and destroy all of their plans. They can’t just grit their teeth and ride it out, because by 2024 it’ll be too late. That’s how dangerous Trump appears to them. Maybe they’re afraid that Trump will go Full Trump on his second term because he won’t have to worry about re-election anymore.

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      ‘OMG Secret Nazi’ writes ‘Trump has to be doing something right when he causes this much panic’.
      I say this often enough. You read and watched that in the media, which is Jewish-controlled. You can only be sure that Jews want to give the impression they are ‘panicking’. Is i true? I’d guess not.
      You remind me of Kevin MacDonald, who doesn’t think much of Jewish actions on immigration into the USA – with good reason, of course. But he says somewhere that Jewish science was sound!

  14. Kenneth P Neal
    Kenneth P Neal says:

    There is NO POLITICAL SOLUTION for any of this! White Christians need to repent and turn back to Jesus Christ. We need to come out of Babylon as best as we can, and once again follow the commandments, laws and statutes of our God. Only then will He hea from Heaven, forgive us of our sins and heal our land. That’s the only solution, get it yet?

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      I’m tempted to say, of Kenneth P Neal, no wonder Jews laugh at goyim, having set up this nonsense for centuries. But of course the comment may have been written by a committee of low-status Jews.

      • Caltrop
        Caltrop says:

        Jer. 17:5 Thus says the Lord: “Cursed is the man who trusts in man And makes flesh his [ a]strength, Whose heart departs from the Lord.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      “Christian morality is what prevents people from seeing what’s obvious and doing what’s necessary – killing off savages invading our lands.”

       Alex Linder, VNN

      I would like to add my own personal observation to what Alex Linder says about Christianity.

      In the former USSR, following the 1917 Bolshevik Communist revolution and brutal seizure of Russia and eventually nearly half of Europe by mostly jewish Communists – according to Alexander Solzhenitisyn’s estimates – somewhere in excess of 65 million mostly White Christians were systematically tortured and murdered by these Christ hating Bolshevik jewish Communists.

      Now, would it be reasonable to assume that these ‘Christians’ were doing a lot of praying to their hero in the Sky, Jesus – and begging him to rescue their hind parts from these horrors? Well, those prayers were ignored – and over 65 million mostly White Christians wound up dead. Some were killed in ways that are so gruesome to think about that they would make most healthy men or women vomit.

      Conclusion: Stop pushing this idea that Jesus is going to save our White asses from what the jews have planned for us. There is one and only one solution that will prevent our genocide and extinction and that is vicious, remorseless, ruthless and determined physical force. Force that is NOT hampered by any wimpy and nauseating ‘Christian’ do gooder rule book.

      • Hammerheart
        Hammerheart says:

        Even tho this comment does not mention “northwest novels” or He Who Cannot Be Named, this post “advocates violence” etc & ought to have been taken down.
        Unless maybe finally reality’s starting to hit.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Very good reply Luke. Anyone that defends Christianity, particularly today, is beyond redemption and understanding. A religion made up of outrageous lies, fit for idiots and slaves.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Luke – good point about the supposed power of prayer. At least a billion people every day all through 1939-1945 prayed for peace and yet the War dragged on for 6 years! So it was not very effective.

        Furthermore, almost every school in most Western countries (as far as I know) used to have Christian assemblies every morning where they prayed ‘Thy Will be Done’ in the Lord’s Prayer, and yet despite this, today hardly any schools still have Christian assemblies, not in Britain anyway. So this prayer was not powerful enough even though billions said it 5 days a week for decades, to keep Christian assemblies going, as surely maintaining Christian assemblies would be God’s will.

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        Ever hear of the Crusaders? Were they wimps? What about the people who stopped the Islamists from taking over Europe? Were they atheists? What about the Peace of Westphalia? Wasn’t it to stop Christians from applying to each other “vicious, remorseless, ruthless and determined physical force.”? The problems of pacifism and universalism which makes us sitting ducks for the Jews aren’t essentially Christian but rather the modernist, deracinated, pacifist and anti European versions of Christianity that we deal with today.

        Just because you believe that anyone can be saved does not mean you have to believe that everyone is equal socially, intellectually, or productively and that if they do not have a standard of living or a country that can provide it, Christians have to give it to them. That is not biblical. There is a spiritual sphere that is separate from the mundane. That is where universalism applies. But at a physical and material level, God made us who we are. And we can fight for who we are against anybody who denies who we are. Actually Christians did that for a lot longer than they didn’t. They can do it again. But these are the terms upon which whites who want to form a resistance should argue their case and not just disdain Christianity as weak in some absolute sense

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Our problem in one word- monopoly.

      Of two kinds- information and monetary.

      Monopoly comes from government.

      The opposite of monopoly is private property and contract, with no regulation.

      The bad guys get their way by hiding behind regulation, which they use to enforce their monopolies.

  15. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    Recently Joe said he was Irish. I once talked to an American who went “home” to Ireland during the American created troubles. At the airport she was questioned about the IRA because she was a nurse. At the end of the interview the Police Inspector said ” The Irish people are sick to death of you foreigners causing trouble in their country. Have your holiday and then go back to your own damned country.” She left the next day and said she would never go back.
    My uncle heard Baruch, House, Warburg and others whose names I forget calling the Americans abusive names in NY. They would begin with President Wilson, then say abusive things about the Congress and finally move onto the American people. The family would never tell me what was said although I was Jewd.
    I prefer the Russians to the Americans. The former have white skins and sane governments.
    The World is not dripping with love for the Americans in spite of what they think.

    • Susan
      Susan says:

      Your comments with interesting inside information are great. Have you written your story anywhere that is accessible? If not, will you?

      • Edward Harris
        Edward Harris says:

        Susan,thank you for your kind reply.
        I usually get liar, nut, fool etc.
        I am 78 years old and have forgotten most of what I was told.

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      @Curmudgen on George Galloway (which looks to me like a Jewish-name change). That piece so far as I could bother seems to say the result was fixed, not that GG supports Trump. My own guess is that Jews will use the scandal by first exposing it, then tightening voting up, so that vast numbers of immigrants can be made more form in the US hew-controlled election system.
      Galloway seems to be part of the Moslem system, but only insofar as Jews made it up. They made it up when their looting of Rome was over. I have some here.

  16. Beinhart Sternberg
    Beinhart Sternberg says:

    Do you have this article published somewhere I can share with acquaintances without offending their “normie” sensibilities? This is a spot-on concise summary of what I’ve been trying to communicate to them, but they’d probably ignore just based upon the webzine undercard title.

  17. Caltrop
    Caltrop says:

    Joe Biden, a Proud Catholic, Also Has a Very Jewish Family
    New York Post

    As Joe Biden preps to become the nation’s second Catholic president, the president-elect also has deep Jewish roots within his extended family. Biden, 77, who regularly attends church near his home in Wilmington, Delaware, has been vocal about his Catholic upbringing, but all of his children grew up to marry Jewish spouses, the Jewish Chronicle reports. Hallie Olivere, the widow of Biden’s late son Beau, became Joe Biden’s first Jewish daughter-in-law when the pair got hitched in 2002. The president-elect knew Olivere’s mother, Joan, since childhood and once joked that as a child he would’ve liked to have married her.

    A Jewish Mother decides legal status

    It’s not a point of view it is the Jews law –

    “………..There are situations in Jewish law where, even in the course of a sexual relationship, no paternity is established. According to Jewish law, the child of a relationship between a Jew and a Gentile always assumes the legal status of its mother. The child bears no legal relationship to its father. See Babylonian Talmud, Yevamot 22a-b; Jacob ben Asher, Tur, Even Haezer ch. 16. This is equally true in cases of artificial insemination…………”

  18. Larry Z B
    Larry Z B says:

    I dream of a society that is free of Jewish influence and free from the tyranny of Jewish Supremacism. Alas, it can only be a dream, and never a reality for us.

  19. Mike Humphrey
    Mike Humphrey says:

    I found the video for y’all, it’s on the: “alternative voices channel” on bit chute video number 7 or similar…

  20. Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton says:

    Written 7/31/2020 to a family member:

    You may not be aware of just how bad it really is as all the news sources and most internet sources are now doing back flips to cover the destruction. The economy stands on the precipice of hyperinflation as the Trump administration (read Jew money men) pump trillions into the economy, destroying what little value remains our current cash savings and income.

    GDP* numbers are dismal. Even more alarming is the fact these numbers are a totally phony “economic bench mark.” They measure nothing of any real value, being junked up with lots of non-wealth producing figures like the so-called “service industry.” Shining shoes and selling burgers only transfers wealth internally.

    The much vaunted “service sector” produces no wealth, Government does not produce wealth, it only consumes the wealth of the producers that actually create it. According to phony GDP* numbers, the economy is down some 39%. Business closures have skyrocketed, led by restaurant closures. The wheels will most likely finish coming off sometime shortly after the “elections.” Then people will see what kind of savior Trump really is for America, but it is already far too late.

    I predicted four months before his election that (1) Trump would win and (2) He was being appointed to office by Jew moneymen to oversee the beginning of WWIII. Was I wrong? Know the Jew know your future.

    There is no doubt Trump will be reappointed for a second term, considering his present opponent looks even weaker and more deranged than Hillary. But it makes for a really great show that keeps stupid, ignorant, gullible goyim preoccupied with sensationalized drivel.

    This is it. Be glad you’re old and hope you don’t live long enough to see what is in store for the stupid people that now comprise what was once the greatest race to ever grace this “prison planet.”

    *The GDP is the clever scam by Jew money men to hide the truth. Remember the old GNP (Gross National Product) numbers? These numbers actually measured the wealth producing output of America’s manufacturing and industrial base. Wealth production comes from either mining a resource from the ground or manufacturing something from those mined resources.

    So why was the GNP quietly changed to the GDP? The Jews had to change the GNP to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to hide the alarming drop in wealth production. The GDP mixes in all sorts of worthless factors like “service sector” numbers that inflate and hide the real numbers underlying America’s vast, economic decline.

    This change happened decades ago as Jew political administrators gutted America’s wealth producing manufacturing and industrial sectors by burdening in it with massive amounts of restrictive regulation, overseen by government alphabet agencies like EPA, OSHA, DOE, FEMA, IRS and many other agencies designed to strangle America’s manufacturing and industrial base. The second of the one-two punch Jews used to put America down for the count was in having Jew middle-men sell off American factories, mostly to China, for scrap prices.

    There are two major economic groups in civilized societies, producers and maintainers. Everyone not directly involved in industry and manufacturing comprise the maintainers. These “maintainers” merely transfer previously established wealth either internally or externally to countries that manufacture goods. ALL government and “service sector” jobs fall in the “maintenance” category, producing none of the wealth needed to build a healthy economy.

    Remember the “rust belt” more than forty years ago? Places like Detroit are visible evidence of what happened to America’s former wealth producing industrial and manufacturing regions. Notably, Detroit is the first American city where urban areas are returning to agricultural land.

    So why is China’s economic growth expanding by leaps and bounds? Simply because they are the new wealth producers creating real wealth by making real goods they then sell to stupid American consumers squandering what remains of their wealth. Best of all, they did it with our factories.

    So why did Jews do this? What were Jews afraid of? Look at the massive, fearsome firepower America’s manufacturing and industrial base created during WWII. Think about how Jews have labeled white people intrinsically “anti-Semitic” that hate by their very nature, hate Jews. Now stop and think, what other horrible, “anti-Semitic” nation had to be utterly decimated by a global war.

    If Jews feared Germany’s “anti-Semitism,” how might they feel about preventing America’s virulent, white “anti-Semitism?” And what did Jews scream during Trump’s election? “Nazi! Nazi! Trump is a Nazi!” Get the picture?

    Their Torah tells the whole story in its earliest chapter.

    And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech. And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there. And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them throughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter. And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded. And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

    Behold, the American people are one, they have one language. If America can create these weapons that won WWII, nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do. Let us neffer forget and neffer forgive the fact they are by nature, “anti-Semitic.” So let us confuse and confound their homogeneous culture by making them press one for English or two for Spanish while destroying their industrial and manufacturing base.


    • HK Wills
      HK Wills says:

      You are correct about the GDP: it counts much activity that is given a dollar value yet yields no tangible wealth . I have long regarded it as a misleading metric; Adam Smith in the Wealth of Nations states that only manufacturing and agriculture are the sources of wealth creation in a nation and place it on “the road to opulence”.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      Excellent comment.

      Imagine if the likes of Tucker Carlson were able to enlighten the average American citizen of how and why they are living in these desperate times. Sadly, most Americans will never know.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Arch Stanton “lots of non-wealth producing figures like the so-called “service industry.” Shining shoes and selling burgers only transfers wealth internally.”

      One definition or wealth (or GDP) is simply what people are prepared to pay for including service industry non-useful wealth. Non-useful wealth is still wealth provide that another more useful person is prepared to get up at 5am and work all day to make part of a railway line (ie do something valid) in exchange for the non-valid type of wealth. The country still ends up with all the railway lines that it needs.

      And as for GNP versus GDP, there is health care and education. These are examples of non-GNP jobs that are of high value and contribution when delivered properly. (As is this website – of great value if it wakens people up, but has no GNP value). The difference between now and the past is that today a much smaller percentage are needed to do the useful parts of wealth creation, eg less than 5% are in agriculture whereas at one time it was over 80%.

      Nevertheless, I still agree with your general points, and in times of hardship or crisis the nation that depends on service industries and has a weak manufacturing base will find it hard to cope.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      duz a bull spit in the woods? Less than 5 minutes of Gargling- 100% certain that Klaus is of the jooish faith. Oops I mean of the jooish bloodline.

  21. Ian Carter
    Ian Carter says:

    Hey Arch, the Chinese have an advantage with low salaries compared to the USA. I spoke to a latino who worked in construction in the USA and he made about 3’500 USD $, a month probably paid in an envelope hence no taxes.

    What are the average Chinese salaries it used to be between 120 and 240 USD now it’s probably the double and more expensive in some areas.

    But I have seen one example of a dude who looked jewish but with an Italian sounding name that did close down a US factory but I have also seen jewish CEO’s that do keep manufacturing in the USA.

    That being said I don’t doubt your descriptions on a whole but it would be great to see some examples on anti industry policies, laws and restrictive regulations that have been put in place by jews or pushed by jews.

    I understand if you don’t have the time but it does seem that you have detailed knowledge on the matter and as such that is valuable.

    Also an overview of these regulations are great because then the industry could get together and talk to politicians as well as people who like industry and the like to have these regulations changed…

    I agree that jews fear American christian whites and non jewish whites. Actually the Frankfurt school measured anta jewish sentiments among Americans and came to the conclusion the were more racist towards jews than germans before Hitler.

    This may actually not be true it may just be so that Americans speak there mind more freely and thereby expose such attitudes than germans.

    But given the fact that many jews are etno centric by nature I assume many of them know about this research (or so-called “research”) and are therefore very very afraid of the goyim in the USA.

    Personally I am not a nationalist really. Sure nations are the best way of having a democracy and I’m against the one world government plan, that I believe is dangerous, but I am more pro white and etno centric on a global level. Hence I think the USA is important for white invention and manufacturing and creativity and expression swell as Europe. And also for the same for the part of Russia outside of Europe.

    But I also respect the Asians a lot. And I think having a few of them can contribute to western civilization. But too many and they take over most places in technical education and often don’t have the same caring for their new countries as whites… So that is kinda complicated.

    As for africans I don’t get why they don’t wanna live in their own country.

    Maybe the effect of living in a country dominated to some degree by whites made their self esteem bad…

    hence the multi racial society has made black people have low self esteem… You might also argue that slavery and white racism has contributed to that. But also a depeny on the state for jobs, welfare and affirmative action may contribute…

  22. Caltrop
    Caltrop says:

    The Virus is Communism; COVID is the Excuse

    “We usually think of the New World Order as something coming in the
    future. In fact, a veiled Masonic Jewish (Communist) banker dictatorship
    has existed for some time and is now proclaiming itself.

    “We live in a totalitarian society dying to take off its mask in a way that makes tyranny appear normal, natural, and necessary, so the masses will accept increased degradation and servitude.”

    I wrote this in 2009. It is happening now. …………….”

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      An interesting blast from the past. One might be forgiven for taking wry amusement from the fact that, thanks to the covid hoax, it’s no longer just totalitarians who long to remove their masks.

  23. Hammerheart
    Hammerheart says:

    A number of people, after expressing agreement with the article (taken as read), expressed bewilderment, asking “Could you give us a practical solution?”
    A practical solution was discussed, debated, even voted on, & written up. First our people banned discussion of it, mention the writer’s name and you’re banned, etc. Now it (& he) have been banned & erased from the platforms, including the supposedly safe self-publication platforms. But “cancel culture” is now everywhere.
    You’ve been told, you were given the blueprints, you chose to ignore them (unpalatable).
    Now, “Gentlemen, meet your new masters.”

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      @Hammerheart – I presume you mean Hitler, and Mein Kampf. With trepidation and respect, please please please please consider the possibility that Hitler, after long talks with Jews in Germany, was chosen (pun intended!) to islead Germans and others to make Germans and Russians kill each other, supported by UK, USA, and France, all of which were Jew-run. Unfortunately, it worked perfectly.
      Try looking at [where ‘master race does not mean Germany]. It’s one long file loaded with evidence.
      Or look at which gives a detailed French view on all aspects of WW2. This all seems perfectly true; if you don’t understand it, even if you can’t bring yourself to agree, you’re missing what happened in the 20th century.

  24. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    Andrew Joyce: “the US economy would enter the first half of this century with a public debt equivalent to 195 percent of its GDP. ..the subprime crisis, in which Jewish mortgage lenders were especially prominent…… The subprime crisis forced public debt to 37 percent of GDP”

    I cannot see what the problem is with a high GDP, as it means we can have well built houses, quality fridges and washing machines, reliable cars, military defence and a top level of health care with high-tech heart monitors and expensive medicines.

    Surely all these things – like gold or money – are good things if the person with the wealth spends it wisely. The only problem with a high GDP is if the govt uses it for mischief. It is exactly the same with an individual. If your personal GDP – your income – is higher, you can have better healthcare and a better standard of living. It is up to you to spend it on your own family (and the country to spend it on its own people) and not spend it on using it to adopt an African child into your family (and the country not to spend it on inviting over the 3rd world).

    The alternative to a high GDP if we are to scorn this, the alternative is a low GDP, and when this gets low enough (lower is better, the argument goes) we will have to discard our washing machines as they are the product of a high GDP/high income, which we now despise, and so from now on all day on Fridays we would do the washing all day by hand as people used to, now that we discard the products that we only have when we have high GDP/income.

    The problem described in the article re Jewish money lenders and the sub-prime mortgage crisis when debt got too high does NOT indicate there is a problem with a high GDP, rather, it indicates there is a problem with high borrowing. The article seems to imply that a high GDP forces us to have high debt. It does not – a country can have a high GDP and low debt if the government chooses to, simply by being less socialist. In fact a HIGH GDP facilitates LESS DEBT (just as a high PERSONAL INCOME leads to LESS personal debt, if I earn a lot I do not need to borrow money to buy a washing machine). The only time high income = unmanageable debt is if you are a fool and cannot manage your finances, either as a fool of an individual or a fool of a country where the people vote for socialism (excess spending). The only reason the West has so much debt is because BORROWING exceeds GDP, so the problem is foolish and irresponsible borrowing beyond our means that helps the Jews and bankers to get rich, NOT the existence of a lot of wealth production.

    If you oppose GDP you also oppose yourself having a high GDP (a high income) as all the arguments are the same for individuals as for countries: “Oh dear I have a high income, how terrible as now I will be forced to have a high debt – I wish I was poor and had low debt” – fool! There is no logic here at all. Why not have high income and low debt!

    The author is assuming that a country is forced to borrow more if its GDP is higher, but the same principle applies to ‘personal GDP’ ie personal income, and the same argument states that if I earn 20,000 a year I can borrow 60,000 (3 x my ‘personal GDP’) so I can get 60,000 of debt, but if I earn 60,000 I can borrow 180,000 and get 180,000 debt and as this is a bad thing (I am happy to agree that high debt is generally a bad thing except for the lender). But just because you CAN borrow 180,000 instead of 60,000 when you are richer, the finger of blame is erroneously being pointed at the income/GDP here when it should be pointed at the irresponsible person/country as no-one forced them to over-borrow.

    Did the high income FORCE you to borrow more money? Of course not. Were you compelled as soon as you earned more to borrow more? Of course not. Why not earn 60,000, borrow NOTHING and buy your house straight away for cash after a couple of years with 60,000 and still live like a king and have zero debt.

    Where is this rule that says just because my personal GDP is higher, therefore I must borrow more, either for individuals or for whole nations?

    The problem here is BORROWING to excess (3 x GDP for the country or for individuals 3 x earnings) not EARNING a lot.

    Suppose we slashed GDP and could no longer afford hospital operations which need high tech monitoring equipment or quality bricks for good houses or steel to make bridges and railways, or lorries to tarmac roads properly, and food would be more expensive as it uses a lot of technology in automated factories to prepare it – suppose we slashed GDP and our standard of living and our services went down as described and our food and living costs shot up – how does this make us better off? Would we say ‘This is much better, now we earn less as a nation we only need to borrow 2 x GDP instead of current 3 x GDP’? Of course not. We would still borrow 3 X GDP. It is high BORROWING ((as the money lenders want)) that is the bad thing here not high EARNING.

    Our high GDP should help us ELIMINATE debt more easily. It is the SOCIALISM of the West that causes high debt, not the high GDP of the West. We could EASILY have zero national debt on our high GDP, and the only reason we do not is that the people vote for socialism.

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      @pterodactyl – sigh. You refer to personal debt. But the problem is public debt, which now is generally Jewish debt. Jews waste money, provided they get a little out of it. For example, NASA has wasted colossal money in funding the fraud on ‘moon landings’. In my view the entire nuclear weapons and power expense was a complete waste of a mssive scale. But it gave money and careers and power to Jews. Do yourself a favor and consider wealth and money as partly a Jewish sector. Give it a subscript ‘j’. That’s how they regard it. Think of money, assets etc given to the USSR while it existed, and to Israel, and to dictatorships supported by the US. Please please please please. Open your eyes and try to check it; or (though I doubt you could do this) invent a new notation to cover it.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Rerevisionist – I did not make myself clear. Debt is generally a bad thing and to be avoided, although there is an argument for personal business debt on a small scale eg borrow 30,000 to set up a business straight away, rather than save up for 20 years before you have enough. Otherwise, only the rich could set up and own businesses as only they have the capital.

        I do not think any national debt is desirable, and I was trying to argue that a high GDP should enable a nation to PAY OFF all its debts quickly and easily so that it does not need any debts at all, and this is much easier to do if there is a high GDP, just as the person with a high income finds it easier to pay off his credit card debts.

        The foolish person says ‘I have a high income therefore it is a good idea for me to get 10 more credit cards on the strength of my high income and get some really huge debts now’. The wise man says ‘I have a high income so I can easily pay off all my debts so I do not have any.’

        One major advantage of no national debt apart from anything else (inflation etc) is that the banks lose all their power and influence.

  25. White dog
    White dog says:

    One can only imagine Trump’s facial expression on seeing Benjamin Netanyahu’s emphatic congratulations to Joe Biden, punctuated with the loving refrain: “I have a personal, long and warm connection with Joe Biden for nearly 40 years, and I know him to be a great friend of the State of Israel.” Trump probably laughed at this remark from Bibi…He is guaranteed a high place in the one world gov that will be run out of Jerusalem. I find the idea that he would be offended laughable.

  26. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    The idea that Trump would be offended by Bibi’s congratulations to Biden is laughable. They are all in this together. Trump is guaranteed a high place in Israel’s one world government headquartered in Jerusalem.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Sandra – just because Trump calls Israel his greatest friends it does not mean he really believes this. Sometimes in politics – as you must know – politicians are FORCED to be nice and friendly and supportive of those who have a lot of power/money/influence – in the case of Trump, enough power to remove him from office if he displeases ((them)). Maybe that is why he is now threatening war with Iran, as part of the deal, and for ((their)) part of this deal they will permit the Dem voter fraud investigations to proceed.

      The restaurant owner in the 30s also had to refer to the local mafia as ‘his friends’ as he too had no choice, and would have to smile and shake hands with the local mafia boss as the mafia patted him on the back and took their wads of cash.

  27. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Never fear folks, Trump can always relocate to the Trump Allotment on the Golan Heights with his Jewish “friends”, if need be.

  28. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    The American economy is in fact extremely unlikely to change direction, with Biden reassuring his billionaire donors … that “no one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change.” I believe him.

    I believe him, too, though I cannot pretend to the resolute sangfroid—what the ancients would have called phlegm—that Doctor Joyce manifests. Being, as I am, rather less well fortified against economic adversity than he is, even a marginal increase in societal decay will leave me hoping for proximate death with a modicum of dignity before the paradigm of post-apartheid South Africa gets fully reified on these shores.

    Surely, too, my own concerns will understandably seem pretty trivial to younger white people, especially those who are still in the lower-middle and middle classes. For them, a Biden-Harris administration and its inevitable sequelae are likely to be the onset of a decades-long nightmare, however glorious the Great White Ethnostate of the twenty-third century might turn out to be.

    Except in the eyes of this site’s dogmatic Christophobes, there is no shame in praying that God will deliver us from evil, especially as it was He who recommended the practice to us. Faced with the apparent inevitability of an electorally mandated gallop into a world characterized by unexampled political, social, medical, and sexual depravity, I unashamedly pray daily for juridical restoration of a slow Trumpian slide into that world instead. Call me what you will for doing so, but time is a commodity too precious to be taken or dismissed lightly.

    • Aristo Boho
      Aristo Boho says:

      Dear Mister de Craon,

      I am replying to your COMMENT-REPLY to Mister/Miss S. Walker on a previous ARTICLE-BLOG just closed by Mister Hubert Collins’ “PRESIDENT TRUMP COULD HAVE PREPARED FOR THIS”. The following PASTE is what you composed about Miss Carolyn Yeager and I: “If Hammerheart was a bit nasty—not that I think he was!—what is to be said to characterize the nasty, nonstop blather of those two archegotists, Aristo Boho and Carolyn Yeager, people whose heads are full of mush and whose mouths are full of words that most of the time are worthless and the rest of the time are contemptible?”
      Thank you. Now, since this is supposed to be a scholarly web site, by a gentleman who is himself a scholar, a Doctor of Evolutionary Psychology, Professor Kevin MacDonald, and not a cesspool for the anti-intellectual cultureless filth that is to be found on ever so so many web site BLOGS in the Social Media, hence anti-Social, which aids and abets the diffusion of sociopathic filth, I ask you to give an actual example of where once my words are the non stop blather of an arch egotist, and a psychological analysis that my head is full of mush and my mouth is nothing but words that haven’t any value and are contemptible? Truly! Can you do this, out of respect to out host, Doctor MacDonald, if you respect the scholarly reason for his having created this. I challenge you! In front of everyone! And you should do the same with regard to Miss Yeager. Anyone reading my COMMENTS can see the value they have. Only once I erred and apologised to the gentleman. I leave it at this. God Bless, Aristo Boho

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