Scamming Christian Zionists: The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Watching the Fox News channel on weekends I have been blown away by this ad soliciting donations for “thousands” of “Jewish Holocaust Survivors” who are “in dire need.” Forgive me if I think this is a scam. If the pathetic people like those depicted are really in such dire need, surely they could be airlifted to Israel. Or the many well-endowed Jewish charities and foundations, or the many Jewish billionaires could take care of the problem—if there really is one—in a heartbeat.

Charity Navigator indicates that IFCJ raised nearly $120,000,000, with $15,328,386 in administrative expenses. Yael Eksteine, who inherited her sinecure from her father Yechiel, makes a salary of $710,418/year—doing well by doing good, and having an income that would put her in the top one percent of income earners in the U.S. I’m thinking that Eckstein could afford to contribute a few of those $25 gift boxes.

Given that the ad is running on Fox News, it’s clearly aimed at Christians, and one has to think that the great majority of the $120M is being raised from Christians. Parasitism by any other name. Andrew Joyce’s Christian Zionism as a Parasitic Ideology – The Occidental Observer on Christian Zionism clearly shows how gullible Christian Zionists are—how they are prone to accepting wildly contradictory ideas, how they strip well known globalist Jews like Soros of their Jewish identity.

Truly depressing. As AJ writes, it’s very difficult to think of how to reach Christian Zionists, as it is with anyone with strong religious beliefs. As P.T. Barnum famously said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” And where there are suckers, there’s never any lack of people who will take advantage of them.

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  1. Heinrich Metelmann
    Heinrich Metelmann says:

    The war ended almost 76 years ago. What is the average age of these “thousands of survivors” ? It is always the same theme, the theme that is at the root of Western Civilization’s decline : Europeans and North Americans are easy to take advantage of because we are the only ones who look out for others, who care for others, who sacrifice for others, thereby indirectly facilitating our own destruction. Ask a Moslem to pay for people that are dying of hunger in Africa. You won’t get very far.

  2. Conrad Gaarder
    Conrad Gaarder says:

    The old man died last year and his daughter took over the business.
    Totally agree with this article. Just have Spielberg, Geffen, Zuck or a score of other Jews who have more money than they know what to do with write checks and leave the poor Christians out of it.
    What is it with guys like Huckabee, whose head is so far up the Jews’ arse it’s not funny? “Stand with Israel!”

  3. cameron232
    cameron232 says:

    Professor thank your for addressing this. I’ve seen these commericals for months. BTW, some of these Holocaust survivors are described as living in Israel not e.g the former USSR,

    My first reaction on seeing the commericials is that Yael Eckstein (the Jewish woman in the commericals) probably needs a new Mercedes Benz.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      You are most probably right. Mercedes Benz, which along with Ford and Opel [ General Motors ] made vehicles for the Wehrmacht, is such a de rigueur sign of ostentatious consumption, that is quite acceptable and viewable in driveways of Jewish, upscale communities in North America.

      I have never observed a Lincoln [ Ford ] in their drives, as a timeless reward for Henry’s publication.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Circa twelve years ago, a Jewish Charity featured a similar appeal on CBC TV. Footage showed a large utility room overcrowded with refugees of all ages and both genders.

      Filth on the floor reached up to their ankles. There were several two-foot high heaps in the corners. A sign of scarcity of idle labor.

      Instead of taking cash to their collection point, I presented them with a new, still wrapped corn-broom, accompanied by some words respecting its application. Priceless faces after they got the point.

      The pitiable woman with the two sticks as crutches, in the
      ” Cornerstone ” ad, though ostensibly receiving a new monthly box, still has an orange and other supplies on her window sill.

      The other one, coming out of her hovel, with head gear, appears to be the widely featured, lecturing sister of two other girls, who perished in the holocaust.

      How many parcels were aboard the intercontinental jet, owned by [ 86 billion ] Sheldon Adelson, which, prematurely, post parole pardon, brought Pollard and wife to the otherwise closed Ben Gurion airport ? where they kissed the ground and got their PAPERS.

      Even while soliciting, Eckstein had to remind us, that we were feeding GOD’S PEOPLE.

  4. Will W Williams
    Will W Williams says:

    But, but, it’s only $25. That sick ad on “conservative” FOX News is more annoying than those interminable My Pillow commercials. When that commercial came on our TV my wife, who is Russian, said “Pffft!, what about poor Russian people?” I added, “What about poor people in Appalachia?”

    Gullible, superstitious White Christian Zionists are lost, beyond saving or caring about their own race.

    Speaking of Fox and George Soros, that voting machine outfit, Smartmatic, that sued Fox, several of Fox’s talking heads, and a couple of Trump attorneys two days ago for $2.7 billion is controlled by Lord Mark Malloch Brown, a former vice chairman of George Soros’ Investment Funds (2007), as well as Soros’ Open Society Institute and World Economic Forum, former Vice President at the World Bank (1995-1999), UN Administrator for Development (1999-2005), UN Deputy Secretary General and UK Minister of State for Africa, Asia and the UN (2007-2009). Source:

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      There are a couple of “Happy-clappy Christian churches” in my part of the world not counting the Seventh-day Adventist organization that facilitates alien immigration at least as effectively as the Catholic church. When I deal with someone involved with them whom I otherwise respect, I like to feel like I can articulate why I’m so unpleasant about what they’re up-to. I was raised to be tolerant of other’s superstitions by parents, particularly my father, who spoke plainly when I asked him questions. I recalled asking him what was meant by the term “holy rollers.” That was probably in the late 1950s. I also remember that we discussed that religious tolerance was perceived by most people, if you asked them– in those days, as Whatever it takes to make you good. Today it seems the opposite to me– that we look to what sort of foolishness is being taught a progressively-dysgenic and spiritually-terrorized population to explain why they’re so apathetic and ignorant and devoid of common sense. Country roads in my part of the world increasingly look like the road to the county landfill in many areas of the country strewn with not just litter but tires and household appliances and furniture that didn’t just blow-out because the load wasn’t tarped. Inner cities increasing look like the landfill itself. Public employees including politicians are increasingly concerned only with their benefits from salaries to retirement and, like Presidents of the United States, view the solution to that problem as how to facilitate perpetual growth an perpetual borrowing when all hope of solving everything from potholes in the road to the murder, rape, and mayhem problem with the numbers and quality of those already in their jurisdiction. And so we must, again, look at who benefits from that borrowing and who is rewarding it with the full spectrum of bribes to promises that this world is not our home and therefore its okay to facilitate those who shit wherever and upon whom they please in it. Jesus is coming soon.

      Since I couldn’t remember where I’d read “Judeo-Christian Values” by Hall — an increasing problem for me these days– I went looking and this from WIKIPEDIA appeared:

      “‘Judeo-Christian ethics’ The idea that a common Judeo-Christian ethics or Judeo-Christian values underpins American politics, law and morals has been part of the “American civil religion” since the 1940s. In recent years, the phrase has been associated with American conservatism, but the concept—though not always the exact phrase—has frequently featured in the rhetoric of leaders across the political spectrum, including that of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson.”

      Instead see Mr. Hall on “Judeo-Christian Values” at

      • Ned J. Casper
        Ned J. Casper says:

        One reason for “Judeo” joined by hyphen to “Christian” is to link both “testaments” of the library known as the “Holy Bible”. Another is to defuse accusations that the NT is anti-Jewish. This gesture is not much appreciated by Jewish leaders who regard the NT as responsible for antisemitism (Christ killers &c) and who resent and resist any attempts by Christians to convert them; Chief Rabbi Mirvis in Britain has attacked such efforts as regarding Jews as “prey”, not a friendly turn of phrase.

    • Richard McCulloch
      Richard McCulloch says:

      The other co-defendants, the “Fox talking heads,” named in the suit are Lou Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro.
      Because of the revealing connections you note between Smartmatic and the usual suspects who prefer to remain crypto, I really hope this suit goes to trial and a vigorous defense fully exposes these details. For this reason one might assume the establishment would prefer to avoid a trial, but Fox is blustering about refusing an out of court settlement and fighting the suit all the way. I don’t have much confidence in Fox or its legal team, but Dobbs is another matter. He appears to be the most fearless fighter for populism ever to host a cable show. This was true long before Trump, even way back to when he was on CNN, and causing me to often wonder how he got away with it. In particular, I remember when SPLC honchos Richard Cohen and Mark Potok appeared by invitation on his show when they were campaigning to have him silenced because of his criticism of illegal immigrants. Dobbs didn’t give them an inch. In fact he slaughtered them. Potok seemed to be in tears. They realized they had made a mistake and were in way over their heads. They learned their lesson and never made that mistake again. When they face competent and penetrating opposition in an open forum they lose.

      • Richard McCulloch
        Richard McCulloch says:

        Fox Business News cancelled Lou Dobbs two days ago and ended his connection with Fox. The gloaters at CNN, Huffington, etc. connected this to the suit, but the somewhat less outspoken Batiromo and Pirro haven’t been cancelled so I suspect Fox targeted Dobbs in particular. This could have a silver lining as Fox now has zero influence over Dobbs, but if anything have made him even more determined to vindicate himself with a victory. This could mean that even if Fox folds in the suit Dobbs could still aggressively fight it with no holds barred. Perhaps Potok and Cohen should have warned their brethren before they made this move. My guess is Smartmatic will drop Dobbs from their suit before they allow him his say in court.

        • Will W Williams
          Will W Williams says:

          Also from CNN, about Lou’s being fired by the “chickens in the Fox house” just one day after their being sued by Smartmatic Jews:

          It was a head-scratching change by Fox Business, since Dobbs was its highest-rated host… He often doubled his lead-in’s ratings, which is a rare feat in television. He was one of the former president’s biggest boosters on television, and Trump regularly thanked him in return. [Trump] effusively praised his friend, saying Dobbs “is and was great. Nobody loves America more than Lou. He had a large and loyal following that will be watching closely for his next move, and that following includes me.”
          Dobbs “remains under contract at Fox News but he will in all likelihood not appear on the company’s networks again.”… This is something known in the TV business as “pay or play” — a network can opt to keep paying a host but not put them on TV, keeping them [sic] out of the hands of rival outlets…

          Sounds like a standard non competitive clause, but shouldn’t keep Lou from expressing his opinion in a venue other than rival TV outlets, or from being an outspoken defendant or defense witness if he’s dropped from the suit.

          I tried to find a video of Lou interviewing Cohen and Potok, but couldn’t. However there is a transcript of that 16 May 2017 show: About 3/4s of the way through it get’s mildly heated:
          COHEN: Let me finish. Let me finish. The reality is that hate crimes occur because people demonize Latinos and other persons in our country. They spread false statistics about it. The 7,000 figure that you’ve done on your show is all over hate Web sites. You, Lou, unfortunately are one of the most popular people on the white supremacist Web sites. Let me finish. You can’t — you can’t — you’re not responsible, Lou, for people who admire you, but you’ve got to ask yourself why the Council of Conservative Citizens considers you their favorite pundit.
          DOBBS: Well, I will leave that to you to divine and as you have interestingly created some rather — what I consider to be tangential discussion, I think you know, I certainly knows that Mark Potok knows that I think the CCC is a reprehensible organization based on its beliefs and its attitudes. I think you know that very well.
          So I’m not quite sure what you’re going to, but let me go back to something here because I don’t want to let you off quite that easily, either. So we did not say we quite agree that there were 7,000 new cases. We said there were 7,000 on the registry. I want to talk to you about …
          COHEN: I didn’t agree with what you just said. DOBBS: I’m sorry?
          POTOK: If I may make one point here.
          DOBBS: The only person that has made anything of this has been you, gentlemen, and I can’t imagine your motivation for doing so.
          POTOK: It’s certainly not true that we’re the only ones who have made this point. As you know.
          DOBBS: Well, we certainly have not. We have done one 30-word expression at the end of a report on multi-drug resistant tuberculosis and you have talked about it endlessly in your newsletter, in your intelligence report, in your advertising, which, I don’t know, does it spur fund raising? I don’t know.
          COHEN: You know, it’s interesting, Lou, that the John Birch Society made the same claim against us that you just uttered. The reason we’re taking you seriously …
          DOBBS: Now you’ve aligned me with the CNN and the John Birch Society. Is there anyone else you’d like to align me with.
          COHEN: Lou, you’re an important media figure, a very important figure and immigration is an important issue in our country. What we don’t think should happen is the debate should be poisoned by misleading statistics about crime, about leprosy, about anything.
          DOBBS: Let’s get to the bottom line. We’ll be back with Richard Cohen and Mark Potok from the Southern Poverty Law Center in just one moment. We’re going to get to the bottom of this one right now.
          COHEN: Thank you, Lou.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Thank you for linking to the transcript, Mr. Williams.

            I have never seen Lou Dobbs on television, and virtually everything I know about him amounts to hearsay, but I know, of course, that he is very well thought of by make-no-waves (i.e., Establishment) conservatives. If his performance in the transcript is a typical specimen of his argumentation, I can see why.

            It is true that Potok and Cohen come off as shameless hypocrites and clumsy liars in the interview with Dobbs, but that is as much their own doing as his. They are clearly the sort of guys who see no need to get their story straight since they have correctly come to expect that no one is likely to challenge them to do so. They would have fallen just as hard and just as fast, I suspect, for any questioner who ventured beyond “Tell me more, gentlemen; I’m all ears.”

            Surely the most striking thing for TOO readers and KM admirers is the indecent haste with which Dobbs runs like a frightened child from any association with the Birchers, whose refusal to tolerate criticism of Jews is hardly a secret. Given that Dobbs is even quicker to throw the CofCC under the bus, what, I wonder, would he have done to Sam Francis had Sam still been alive at the time of the interview?

            Again, does this transcript contain a genuinely representative sample of Dobbs’s attitudes? If it does, is he truly describable as being on our side apart from his antipathy toward immigration?

  5. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    $120,000,000? The weeds of Christianity choking the life blood out of the genuine.

    Yes, Dr. MacDonald a sucker born every minute? This is something that should never ever have existed within Christianity and how did it? St. Paul cried over it warning the people for three years:

    29 I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. 30 Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. 31 So be on your guard! Remember that for three years I never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears.

    What a state of affairs has run amok.

  6. Carl
    Carl says:

    This TV ad for “Holocaust survivors” in the former USSR (and even Israel I believe) has actually been running for the past few years.

    I have seen it perhaps one hundred times and more.

    It has also been reported that the organization has engaged in possible malfeasance.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Hey Mr. Braggy “SS”, I haven’t had TV since 1982. I’m way ahead of you. All you TV critics – who sit around and watch TV regularly – what to make of you? No doubt you tell yourselves you have to keep up on what the enemy is doing. I’d call every one of you hypocrites, and also very jewified yourselves. Think about it.

        Here’s my suggestion to the Professor. Go after the “Holocaust” directly instead of just the uses made of it. Wipe out the lie at its source. It’s not hard to do – because it’s been done already. Just follow the science and the literature that abounds, and you know where it is. THEN, you would be worthy of being praised.

        • Will W Williams
          Will W Williams says:

          Well, aren’t you special? TV is a wonderful tool; too bad it’s in the wrong hands and has been from its beginnings. Nevertheless, keeping up with what the enemy line is one is one good reason to monitor TV news. I watched the head of the ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt, prevaricating with a straight face about the alleged major threat of “white supremacy and domestic terrorism” yesterday on C-SPAN — that’s us, btw — and am glad I did. I caught an interview yesterday with yet another inarticulate former skinhead who had “left the hate movement” and is now making the rounds with our Jewish “hate” watchdogs. I’m glad I caught that one on my television, too. I watch my enemies.

          When I catch a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Jew journalist for the Washington Post publishing a bald-faced lie about us White loyalists to Post readers, I do not expect the Post to honor my right of reply — so I countered him in our own media here, yesterday:

          I like catching local weather forecasts and watching occasional old movies in TV mode. I use my giant wall-mounted TV screen to read and send email (with my wireless mouse and keyboard), and post comments to our National Alliance sites and other places like here at TOO. Is that all right with you? Are those who still read newspapers or weekly news magazines hypocrites? Are those who get their news filtered through Google or Yahoo news feeds hypocrites? What is a news junkie to do? Where do you get your news, or do you, Carolyn?

          Am I a hypocrite because I have never once been on any Jew-controlled social media and do not even have a cell phone? I’ve never sent or received a text message or typed with my thumbs. Odds are you have, but I wouldn’t call you a hypocrite if that’s what you do. It’s a personal choice. That’s all.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Just a brief reply to you Will, to correct your view that you are the best of the best, and all-knowing too.

            I have never been on any social media, and I don’t and have never had a cell phone or I-phone, so I don’t do any texting. It’s not that I consider that to my credit, it’s really that I didn’t want to add more technology into my everyday life than I think I need. I’m satisfied with a single device – a desktop computer & medium-large size monitor connected to the Internet through my landline phone. That’s it.

            As far as “news” goes, I take in a lot of it — from the Internet. I don’t think I miss a thing, though I only get excerpts of news shows (the best part), not the entire program (which seem to be almost 1/3 commercial breaks).
            In my experience, television puts me into a more “zombie-like” state which can be hard to break away from, leaving me more subtly depressed than not. TV can be a reason for less and less physical activity for old people like us. I also don’t enjoy movies. In sum, TV can substitute for living … or thinking.

            Watching Jonathan Greenblatt may seem like a valuable use of your time, but what actually comes of it? JG is totally predictable, and nothing comes of it except for the ADL chalking up a larger audience. My charge of hypocrisy is not about “how others *choose* to use their time,” but about fooling ourselves that we’re fighting for something when we’re not fighting. Giving lip service is not fighting, nor is writing tame comments on a website forum. Though most here would disagree, Donald Trump is an example of a fighter. He has put everthing on the line, and that is the measure of one’s seriousness. He also has extraordinary toughness. The positive impact of what he’s accomplishing for European-Americans far outweighs his support for Israel — especially since his replacement is even MORE pro-Israel and more openly Jewish-friendly than he, as was guaranteed. As I have said repeatedly lately: White Nationalists are very short-sighted.

  7. Ned J. Casper
    Ned J. Casper says:

    Christian Zionists who are Bible Fundamentalists appear to overlook the accusations by Zionists and other Christians that the New Testament (a term some regard as antisemitic because supersessionist) was itself “responsible” for “The Holocaust”.

    Norman Finkelstein has exposed some of the financial scams and paid for his presumption by fellow-Jews with academic and other penalties and by being accused by antisemites for being a liar, a leftist, someone who believes that some Nazis actually killed sone Jews, and a member of the “controlled opposition”. In this “bizniss” there is no pleasing some people, chosen or frozen. No wonder angels fear to tread.

  8. Gerry
    Gerry says:


    Didn’t St. Paul say have no fellowship with the works of darkness?

    Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? 2 Corinthians 6:14

    And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Ephesians 5:11

    How can any Christian read these words and support anything but their own Church and people?

    What for me though is especially horrifying are these words from Christ regarding the Jews:

    “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.” John 5:43

    If these people like Hagee realized what they in fact are actually supporting and that their sons, daughters, grandchildren etc etc will come under the thumb of Rabbinical tyranny similar to the Pharisees and Sadducee’s of Christ’s time what would they think and do?

    Or perhaps a better illustration would be the Russian Orthodox Church supporting socialism like that fool Gramsci only to wake up to their churches being burned to the ground, their leaders imprisoned and murdered etc etc?

    “Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity. … In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.” ~ Antonio Gramsci

    Replace Socialism with Judaism and imagine the horror of:

    “if another comes in his own name him you will receive.”

    I bet this creature with hoofs has arrived. In fact listen to the video docu ‘Liberation’ of this guy praising a Valiant Thor

    Believe me one will never be the same and one will be asking some serious questions about what exactly is going on in the halls of government? Paul Hellyer? Read his CV folks!!!?? Unbelievable!!!!

    In the mean time:

    please relay all to your team Dr. MacDonald. I’m sure Dr. Joyce and others will be having quite the emotional fit!

    I certainly have with 120,000,000. St. Paul would be having multiple heart attacks and turning over in his grave horrified.

  9. bruno
    bruno says:

    I just saw this one. It’s so confusing. BTW, ALL messages on my iPhone and that of my other half, that relate to certain issues, say something like, “Due to the high volume this message can’t appear…” This is every day!

    We have ATT and if it were not for the fact that we have 2 phones from them, ATT would be dropped immediately. In all probability, it’s the ATT officials in our state and/or Apple that are responsible for the censorship. I’m telling you this cuz obviously the censor(s) can’t monitor everyone all the time, but, as in the Soviet Union, they have immense influence against the majority… It’s amazing that they can get away with this anti-American activity. What bold B-stards! They must have immense support and back up to be able to get away with this crude but very shrewd censorship. One can only imagine what’s going on all over the country.

  10. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    This could not be a more perfect example of why I have not watched commercial television for over 20 years.

    Dear people, stop filling your minds with that garbage!

  11. JimB
    JimB says:

    I’ve seen the exact same ad, too, several times, and have commented to my wife (who’s pretty JQ-aware herself) about how stupid they think we are… only to have her tell me that “Not all Jews are wealthy over there, Jimmy. Many are clearly suffering”, proving them correct. It just amazes me how the Caucasian brain seems to take a vacation when it’s presented with “sufferink chews”, skinny black kids and “stranded” invaders.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      I’m not so sure that your wife’s reply was due to her “Caucasian brain,” but more likely due to the fact that she’s a typical woman who tends to think first with her heart rather than her brain. Just sayin’.

  12. Hitler is our pal
    Hitler is our pal says:

    I’ve seen those ads. I always wonder where are the ads begging jews to give money for poor Christians? It is called the fellowship of Christians and jews.

    • Charles Ulrich Frey
      Charles Ulrich Frey says:

      What the hell motivates you to burden this monitored site with your, perhaps later evidentiary excessive crap: causing it to be closed down once an EXECUTIVE ORDER enables them ?

      And don’t even reply, that I am chicken. As a five-year-old child we were bombed out four times in Berlin, and in 44 our evacuation train to the southeast of Berlin was strafed by Red Army fighter planes. For weeks treks of German refugees from the east passed our house, where we were billeted.

      Too late we also attempted to flee westward. Red Airforce planes set the forest ablaze, forcing us and the German rear guard out onto the road, where we were literally overrun by their advancing units on April 21. We returned to the small town and barely survived among passing Mongolians on short ponies, armed, in part, with .45 colt pistols in US-stamped holsters.

      Rape, wanton killing, arson and the odd symbolic crucifixion on barn doors were the order of the day, pursuant to the daily articles in their Red Army’s Red Star by that Stalin and Brecht friend and Jewish swine Ilya Ehrenburg: enjoying a current Jewish rehabilitation / whitewashing / airbrushing.

      Ca. 80% of the invaders on this ” Ukrainian Front “, on a sliding scale, were swine, while the remainder remembered the admonitions of their mothers to continue to behave like Christians – even during battle.

      And Christians, the last time I heard, don’t gloat over others’ ashes. Do they ?

  13. Will W Williams
    Will W Williams says:

    In reply to Ms. Yeager’s last reply to me on 9 February, I submit this here, since there is no “reply” prompt below her last comment:

    Carolyn Yeager says: “Just a brief reply to you Will, to correct your view that you are the best of the best, and all-knowing too…”

    That is an uncustomary, rather snarky comment by you, Carolyn. I stand corrected, assuming that you are like everyone else, wired in with smart phones and active on social media. I apologize.

    You are right about most TV watching. We’ll disagree, however, on the value of my having watched Mr. Greenblatt, yapping with his best straight face on to the C-SPAN audience about what an extreme danger we White dissidents pose to them.

    And we’ll disagree about your thinking Trump is somehow the great White hope. He is a fighter, granted, and a relatively good one, but besides being a Zionist surrounded by Jews, he has become the typical politician, trying to please disparate, racially opposed factions. Those 75 million or so mostly White Americans who voted for him believe they can still vote their way out of the mess this nation has become. That is faulty conservative thinking.

    I and the National Alliance know that the entire System, including the Constitution, needs replacing, not just reforming through the outdated, failed  democratic electoral process. Neither the right wing, the left wing, nor the the center; neither Republicans nor Democrats, nor praying to Jesus will fix things for the barely still-White majority. It will take tough-minded radical change, a revolutionary change of values, and with a spiritual basis other than the Semitic belief system to which every member of Congress and members of the other two branches of “our” government cling to and give “lip service.”

    If knowing that makes our Alliance the “best of the best and all-knowing,” so be it. This is what William Pierce taught us and we’re sticking with it, thanks.

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