Rhymes against Humanity: Blasphemous Borrowings and the Jewish Roots of Translunacy

“History never repeats, but it does rhyme.” It’s a good line (though Mark Twain probably never said it). I see history rhyming in modern leftist ideology, which seems to contain blasphemous corruptions of three central Catholic doctrines: miraculous birth, immaculate conception and transubstantiation. Leftists mock and reject these doctrines in their original Christian form, but those doctrines weren’t pernicious when they were Christian. Instead, they strengthened Western civilization and inspired great art and literature. The leftist corruptions, by contrast, can be called “rhymes against humanity,” in that they promote the destruction of Western civilization and cause vastly more murder and other crime.

Ibram X. Kendi speaks

The doctrines are also much more rational and credible when they’re Christian than when they’re leftist. For example, as I pointed out in “Dawkins’ Demon,” Christians believe that a single conception in Palestine about two thousand years ago involved a miraculous suspension of natural law. Millions of leftists reject that miracle with scorn, while simultaneously believing in a much bigger supernatural intervention involving billions of conceptions for thousands of years over most of the earth’s surface. Yes, leftists believe that the brain has been miraculously exempt from evolutionary change as human beings have occupied environments as varied and widely separated as Tahiti and Tibet or Sweden and Somalia.

Acclaimed Black thinker Ibram X. Kendi, “one of America’s foremost historians and leading antiracist voices”

But leftists promptly contradict their own irrational belief in the Oneness of Humanity, because they blame all non-White failings on the innate depravity of Whites. For example, leftists claim that White racism alone explains the low achievement and high criminality of Blacks, not any imperfection in Blacks themselves. As the acclaimed Black thinker Ibram X. Kendi puts it: “The only thing wrong with Black people is that we think something is wrong with Black people.” In other words, leftists believe in the immaculate conception of Blacks and other non-Whites. According to Catholic doctrine, the Virgin Mary was conceived without original sin and so lived in perfect sanctity and purity, free from “every stain and fault, all depraved emotions, passions, and debilities.”

Haque attack

That was the original immaculate conception, granted to one very special human being two thousand years in Palestine. But leftists now insist on the immaculate conception of billions of non-Whites over the whole earth. For leftists, non-Whites live in perfect sanctity and purity, free from every stain and fault, and any apparent misbehaviour on their part is entirely the fault of Whites and their racism. Non-Whites are immaculately conceived, but Whites are born in sin and depravity. Here is an American-based Pakistani called Umhair Haque expressing the implicit leftist doctrine of immaculate non-White conception:

Fuck off already, white people. You enslaved and murdered whole continents. You have yet to make any amends and even the good ones among [you] pretend that’s OK. We are still living in that world. And it makes the rest of us so, so sick and weary and disgusted with you. (Tweet by Umhair Haque, 3rd January 2021)

Pakistani White-hater Umhair Haque

This leftist insistence on the immaculate conception of non-Whites has led, among much else, to a horrendous rise in murders. As Steve Sailer has carefully documented, the anti-White and anti-police rhetoric of Black Lives Matter (BLM) has encouraged young Black men in the US to become even more violent, impulsive and murderous. After all, if Blacks are the innocent and oppressed victims of centuries of White racism, many Blacks seem to conclude that they’re entitled to shoot, rob and rape as they please. Either that or the police have stopped enforcing the law for fear of getting fired or worse.

The BLM-inspired murder-spree by Blacks of Blacks in 2020

But leftism states that we are all the same under the skin, therefore it can only be a historical accident that Whites “enslaved and murdered whole continents,” rather than some other group. It’s therefore wrong and irrational for Umhair Haque and other leftists to be so self-righteous and indignant that the impersonal dice of history happened to roll one way rather than another.  But only if leftism is a coherent, rational and sincere ideology. It isn’t and Haque is in fact using leftism as countless others do: as a vehicle for advancing his personal and ethnic interests. He’s trying to inject Whites with a paralysing ideological venom, exploiting the tendency of Whites to accept universalist morality and to feel guilt when they transgress universalist values.

“Fundamental Jewish principles of truth and avoiding falsehood”

This White universalism is healthy and adaptive in an all-White society, because it allows us to trust and co-operate with strangers. In racially mixed societies, on the other hand, White universalism is ripe for exploitation by moral particularists — that is, by those who are loyal only to their racial or religious in-group and not to the White out-group. Ethnocentric exploiters like the Jews and Gypsies even have contemptuous terms for the out-group, who are called goyim or gorja, and are not protected by the particularist morality that applies to the in-group. Even some Jews condemn Jewish predation on the goyish out-group, because they fear it is “not good for Jews” and will cause anti-Semitism. This is Daniel Greenberg in the Jewish Chronicle criticizing ultra-Orthodox Jews in Britain:

In the UK, benefit fraud appears to be endemic in parts of Charedi communities, with housing benefit in particular being manipulated through bogus shell companies and the like in order to support an otherwise unattainable lifestyle [of intense religious study without gainful employment]. This is incompatible with the fundamental Jewish principles of truth, yashrus (being straight) and avoiding falsehood of any kind. … The biggest problem in all this is that Charedim look so very Jewish. Their obsession with the externals means that to themselves, to the outside world, and even to many other Jews, they appear to be the quintessence of Jewish life. In fact, many of them are the antithesis of fundamental Jewish principles in so many ways. (The lifestyle of many Charedim has become incompatible with Judaism, The Jewish Chronicle, 28th January 2021)

Greenberg is claiming that the most Jewish Jews are in fact the least Jewish Jews. He’s wrong: those “fundamental Jewish principles of truth, yashrus (being straight) and avoiding falsehood of any kind” are perfectly compatible with benefit fraud, because it isn’t the Jewish in-group who are being defrauded: it is the goyish out-group, responsible, in Haredi eyes, for millennia of anti-Semitic oppression, persecution and massacre.

Jews excel at manipulating symbols

The same kind of fraud happens in America, where fast-growing Haredi communities pursue their “otherwise unattainable lifestyle” of intense religious study. The text to which they are devoted is the Talmud, a strange, anti-Christian and anti-gentile scripture that is full of convoluted legalism and dialectical hair-splitting. The organization Agudath Israel, or Union of Israel, was recently able to fill stadiums in London and New York with enthusiastic young Talmudic scholars, who celebrated a milestone in ultra-Orthodox life under the slogan “One Nation. One Siyum.” A siyum is a complete communal reading of the Talmud and “One Nation” is the geographically dispersed nation of Jews.

Agudath Israel is using the word “nation” in its strict historic sense: it’s from the Latin verb nasci, meaning “to be born.” Unlike modern Britain, America and France, Haredi Jews form a true nation by close genetic descent. But what effect has that environment of minute textual study and logic-chopping had on Jewish genetics? As Kevin MacDonald has noted: “success as a scholar [in historic Jewish communities] was valuable because it allowed the scholar to contract a desirable marriage, often to a woman from a wealthy family. At the very center of Judaism, therefore, was a set of institutions that would reliably result in eugenic processes related to intelligence and resource acquisition ability.” But those eugenic processes centred on complex religious texts, not on external reality. That is why Jews excel at manipulating symbols, not at manipulating real objects. And so Jews have typically become famous not as engineers or explorers, but as physicists or financiers.

Lesbians must accept the female penis

Jews have also often become famous as fraudsters. But Jewish fraud is much more varied than is generally recognized. Jews like Bernie Madoff and Robert Maxwell (né Abraham Hoch) commit financial fraud; Jews like Gayle Rubin and Judith Butler commit ideological fraud. Rubin and Butler are academic fraudsters who have been central to the blasphemous leftist borrowing (and corruption) of the ancient Christian concept of transubstantiation. According to Catholic doctrine, suitably consecrated bread and wine become the literal flesh and blood of Christ without changing in any physical or chemical particular. To the eye of materialist science, they remain bread and wine; to the eye of supernatural faith, they are the flesh and blood of God’s only-begotten Son.

I confess that the doctrine of transubstantiation defeats me in both its Christian and its leftist forms. But I can at least see awe and grandeur in the Christian form. I can see only absurdity and depravity in the leftist form, which insists that a bearded, hairy-chested man with intact penis and testicles literally becomes a woman if he decides that he is a woman. To the eye of transphobic hate-think, he remains a man; to the eye of virtuous leftism, he is an absolutely and entirely authentic woman, and always has been. And so we get such concepts as the “female penis” or “girl-dick,” which genuine female lesbians are enjoined to welcome into their sex-lives. We also get such spectacles as Jonathan Yaniv, an overweight Jewish male based in Canada, insisting that he is a lesbian called Jessica and trying to satisfy both his paedophilia and his menstruation fetish with under-aged girls in female toilets.

At least, there is very strong evidence that Jonathan Yaniv is Jewish, but very little of the extensive commentary on his antics has discussed that evidence or explored its implications. Yaniv appears to be an Israeli Jew who, in a sane world, would not have been granted Canadian citizenship any more than anti-White Jewish politicians like Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler would have been granted American citizenship. The idea that hostile outsiders like Jews and Blacks can, by mere verbal formulae, become authentic citizens of White Christian nations was the model for the idea that sexually perverted or mentally disturbed men can become authentic women. Jewish Chuck Schumer is a fake American in almost the same way that Jewish Eliana Rubin is a fake woman.

Fake women Jessica Yaniv (above) and Eliana Rubin

And who is Eliana Rubin? He’s a male Jew who responded to a virtue-signaling tweet on women’s healthcare from Joe Biden:

Translunatic tweet: Rubin responds to Joe Biden

Some mainstream figures like Titania McGrath have criticized and mocked Rubin for his “erasure” of women and his lunatic insistence that he is a woman. And rightly so. But how many of them linked his lunacy to his Jewishness? None at all. And when the apparently goy-American writer Robert Stacy McCain condemned the Jewish academics Gayle Rubin and Judith Butler as central to the translunatic cult, he too made absolutely no mention of their Jewishness. But this section of his essay reads almost like classic anti-Semitism:

Fake scholar Judith Butler

It is fair to say that Professor Rubin and Professor Butler advocate what Matt Barber has called “Sexual Anarchy,” a world in which there are no rules, no laws, no morality governing sexual behavior. What such a lawless and amoral culture would mean for women (and for children) is not a topic these two professors seem to have given much thought; neither of them have children, and why should they care what becomes of our daughters and granddaughters in this no-rules future? (The Butler Did It: ‘Gender Trouble’ and the Academic Roots of the #Transcult, Robert Stacy McCain, 17th July 2018)

McCain is effectively complaining that subversive Jews are trying to loose anarchy on non-Jews — “our daughters and granddaughters.” He also complains that Judith Butler’s translunatic book Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity (1990) “is lodged more or less permanently among the Top 10 Amazon bestsellers … not because it is pleasant reading, but because it is required reading in so many college and university courses.

Porn-positive pedo-pushing Professor Gayle Rubin

Again, that’s almost a classic anti-Semitic complaint about the undeserved success of a subversive Jewish writer. But, for McCain, Gayle Rubin is even worse: “If her celebration of sadomasochism did not suffice to make Professor Rubin notorious, what about her defense of pedophilia and child pornography in her 1984 essay, ‘Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality’?” Indeed, Mr McCain. But your question prompts me to a question of my own: Is it merely a coincidence that two such important figures in the translunatic cult are drawn from the tiny Jewish minority? Or that Richard Levine, Joe Biden’s repulsive “transwoman” Assistant Health Secretary, is also Jewish?

Fake woman Richard Levine, Jewish Assistant Health Secretary

And those are only three figures in the extensive list of Jewish sexual subversives, from Sigmund Freud and Herbert Marcuse to Al Goldstein and William Reich, who wrote an autobiography, Passion of Youth (1988), wherein “he fondly recalls raping his family’s maids, engaging in bestiality with the farm animals, masturbating to thoughts of his mother, and lusting after his friends’ sister because he was obsessed with ‘her glorious, long, blond hair.’” So no, it isn’t a coincidence that Jews like Gayle Rubin and Judith Butler are central to the translunatic cult.

Jews in the West: “a permanent problem of the gravest character”

Nor would the great Anglo-French writer Hilaire Belloc (1870–1953) have thought it a coincidence that a blasphemous corruption of transubstantiation appears in the cult. In his book The Great Heresies (1938), Belloc wrote that the modernist assault on Christianity drew on Catholic doctrine while being both “materialist and superstitious” — “a contradiction in reason, but the modern phase, the anti-Christian advance, has abandoned reason.” Belloc was right: modern leftism is materialist in all senses, but also superstitiously insists that men can become women simply by saying so.

And Belloc would not have been surprised to find Jews at the heart of superstitious, materialist leftism, which seeks to destroy the West and dominate Whites. In 1922 he published an “anti-Semitic” polemic bluntly entitled The Jews (reviewed by Andrew Joyce), where he identified “Bolshevism” as a vehicle for “racial revenge” by Jews on “Russian society.” He also said that “the continued presence of the Jewish nation intermixed with other nations alien to it presents a permanent problem of the gravest character.” Belloc’s insights and moral courage are sadly lacking among modern Christians. That is why so many of them don’t simply accept the blasphemous borrowings of leftism from Christianity, but turn Christianity itself into another branch of leftism.

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  1. Alan Donelson
    Alan Donelson says:

    As the COVID scam’s dreary, downward death spiral proceeds — a real-world simulcrum of the so-named move in figure skating — one confronts family, friends, neighbor, and strangers to receive, oddly, exactly the same reactions and responses. “Science” has not “proved” that the “virus” even exists; the “PCR test” does not test, validly or reliability, the presence of the supposed “virus”; “masking” and “social distancing” would not work even if the “virus” did exist and one had an “infection”, with or without “symptoms”; the psychosocioeconomic destruction in the name of “public health and safety” brings to mind the notion that, “to save the village we must destroy the village and all inhabitants”.

    So to with the admirably overviewed topic of transanity by Tobias Langdon. As with COVID capers, more extreme some places than others, one gets the gut feeling that The Power$ That Be (by whatever appellation you prefer) push to see how far individuals and collectives CAN BE pushed. I would offer Richard Levine as an exhibit comparable to second and third “lockdowns”. If you and I (we) do not “get it” yet, and soon, then we likely never will, to our peril and final demise.

  2. Conrad Gaarder
    Conrad Gaarder says:

    Belloc’s “The Jews” wasn’t anti-Semitic. He was extraordinarily sympathetic towards the Jews. But I wonder, if he could have looked 100 years into the future from 1922; if he could have forseen the outrageous assault against Whites and their civilization by the Jews; had been able to see the unbridled sense of supremacy with which they carried out that assault, if he would have been far less charitable.

  3. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Things can only happen so often before you stop calling them a coincidence, and it does seem Jewish sexual depravity goes way back long before Freudian times. Perhaps it is because they are a predominately homely people and hate better looking races – especially the northern European peoples. Regardless, it is not difficult to see why they have been expelled from 109 countries and provinces since 250 A.D.

    I wish we had more adults focused on keeping our kids safe as did the parents of the kids in those 109 other countries and provinces. Our children are our future, and we need to do what we can to get them into rural settings and homeschool when possible, keeping them as safe as possible from pornography and other mentally and morally debilitating vices.

  4. William Gruff
    William Gruff says:

    It isn’t really fair to criticise critics of Jewish subversion for failing to mention that the subversives are Jews: any mention of The Tribe that Shall Not Be Named would be suicidal for anyone in a position to reach a mass audience. Better, much better, to describe the depravity and depredations and leave the reader to come to his own understanding as to the villains. Eventually it is going to be safe to say who is responsible but not now.

  5. Seraphim
    Seraphim says:

    “fundamental Jewish principles of truth, yashrus (being straight) and avoiding falsehood of any kind”

    To whom was the Prophet Isaiah addressing these words:
    ”Woe [to them] that draw sins to them as with a long rope, and iniquities as with a thong of the heifer’s yoke: 19 who say, Let him speedily hasten what he will do, that we may see [it]: and let the counsel of the Holy One of Israel come, that we may know [it]. 20 Woe [to them] that call evil good, and good evil; who make darkness light, and light darkness; who make bitter sweet, and sweet bitter. 21 Woe [to them] that are wise in their own conceit, and knowing in their own sight. 22 Woe to the strong [ones] of you that drink wine, and the mighty [ones] that mingle strong drink: 23 who justify the ungodly for rewards, and take away the righteousness of the righteous. 24 Therefore as stubble shall be burnt by a coal of fire, and shall be consumed by a violent flame, their root shall be as chaff, and their flower shall go up as dust: for they rejected the law of the Lord of hosts, and insulted the word of the Holy One of Israel. 25 Therefore the Lord of hosts was greatly angered against his people, and he reached forth his hand upon them, and smote them”? (Isaiah 5:18-25)
    What would Isaiah have said to them that call man woman and woman man?

  6. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    Isaiah prophesied the destruction of Babylon.

    Babylon thrived for hundreds of years post that Semitic death sentence.

    Everything comes to him who waits.

    Where are the Babylonians now? Welcoming the Pope to Iraq.

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