Kosher Komedy: The Semi-Woke Jokes of Titania McGrath

If you’re interested in the wacky world of far-left politics in Britain, you might enjoy “As Soon As This Pub Closes,” a survey of Leninist and Trotskyist parties written from the inside by the late John Sullivan (1932–2003). He was a veteran of revolutionary socialism who somehow kept his sense of humour and absurdity amid the leftist lunacy. This is how he summed up the later career of Tony Cliff, né Yigael Gluckstein (1917–2000), the Israeli-Jewish head of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP): “Once [Cliff] despaired of changing the world he saw little point in trying to understand it.”

Cheap shots and unfunny sneers

That’s a good Marxist in-joke and “As Soon as this Pub Closes,” originally issued as a pamphlet in 1988, is a highly enjoyable read. But an old friend of Sullivan’s made an interesting point in Sullivan’s obituary: “This pamphlet in particular has a unique quality, in that all who read it laugh heartily at what he says about the other organizations, only to become deeply indignant when they come to his descriptions of their own.”

Good satire works like that: the more effective it is, the less amusing it is to its targets. For example, if you’re satirizing SJWs and their absurdities, you don’t want good reviews from the Guardian and New Statesman. Fortunately for the parody poet Titania McGrath, scourge of the modern left, her book Woke: A Guide to Social Justice didn’t get good reviews from those publications. The Guardian said: “Lampooning the language of social justice is a cheap shot.” The New Statesman said: “Titania McGrath’s tired and unfunny ‘joke’ is just the old sneering at the young.”

Titania McGrath, radical intersectionalist poet

And what does the Occidental Observer say? Well, we say that Titania can be very funny and make very effective points about the absurdities and immoralities of the anti-White, anti-male, anti-Western modern left. This is Titania’s searing critique of the way Whites steal culture from communities of color:

Cultural Appropriation

Thief of culture.
You slither hamstyle with dreadlocked hands,
Clenching in a calypso chokehold of bindi banditry,
Tongued by an ego semi-fried in foreign oils,
Withdrawing into striptease fissures of night.
You will never be Aswad [a black reggae band].

Plunderbeast of history.
My ancestors scream in your hollow wigwam,
Ghostrolling in the ectoplasm of your hate.
I staunch the flow of simpering tribal sauce,
A digital sombrero clings deafblind
To a face falsely smeared in a coalish hue.

Filcher of rice.
Parades at promtime in a fraudulent frock,
A gurning juggernaut of stunted envy,
Appropriating my soul, my gaylord shoes.
The death-minstrel who leaps backwards onwardly
Rinsing away the past with your piss of lies. (“Cultural Appropriation,” Titania McGrath)

And this is her radical response to the Jussie Smollett scandal:

I, Jussie

I speak my black truths in a white world.
Bleachboys stalk my nightmares,
Pale shadows creeping up the hangman’s thigh.

Noosed by pornographic unlove in a doveless time,
A demon, ankle-deep in Mother Nature’s beguiling minge,
Croons through a racist bugle, thricefold.

“Jussie! Jussie! Jussie!”
The hot beefy semiquavers trump in the night air
Like pockets of cottage cheese frozen into polygons.

Where now the dream of Doctor King?
Where the ample legroom of Rosa’s bus?
Did Wesley Snipes die for this?

Deadly susurrations from a crumbling house of white
Penetrate the squatting whore of peace
As stick men swing in the halitotic breeze. (“I, Jussie,” Titania McGrath)

Those aren’t just good satires on anti-racism, but also good parodies of the pretentious modernist poetry pumped out by talentless non-Whites like Maya Angelou and Daljit Nagra. But Titania’s not just effective with words. She can choose a mean image in more senses than one:

Titania McGrath on lesbian erasure in Star Wars

That’s funny, but sly and nasty too, playing to the stereotype of lesbians as sour-faced and unattractive. Of course, there’s some truth to the stereotype, which is why the joke is funny. It was a dangerous joke too, the kind that can easily ruin a comedian’s career nowadays. Lesbians are high on the left’s “Powerless Victim” Hierarchy, which means that they have a lot of power to target and destroy their enemies.

Too dangerous for Titania

Muslims and the transgendered are powerless victims with a lot of power too, and they’re two groups that Titania satirizes regularly and ruthlessly. But there’s one group of professional victims that Titania doesn’t dare to touch. Here is a dangerous joke on Twitter that Titania could never have made: “The Board of [Jewish] Deputies has requested that the Revoke Brexit Petition skip from 5.99 million straight to 7 million out of respect for Jewish sensibilities.”

The targets of that tweet didn’t find it funny, which is exactly what you would expect. The Jewish Chronicle said that the joke “sparked an angry backlash” among Jews in Britain. After all, it was satirizing Holocaustianity, or the excessive reverence and respect paid to the Holocaust in the modern West. It was mocking the way Jews sanctimoniously and cynically exploit the Holocaust for their own ends. Jews like the ugly and unfunny comedian David Baddiel were offended, not amused. And who made that genuinely dangerous and subversive joke? It was the “controversial Jewdas,” a group of young left-wing Jews who support Jeremy Corbyn and who enjoy poking fun at the Jewish establishment and respectable Jewish opinion.

The Board is the butt

After the “angry backlash,” Jewdas came back with another funny tweet: “We gather that some people were offended by one of our recent tweets so we’d like to clarify: it’s ok to make jokes about the Board of Deputies.” I find that funny, at least, but I am sure Jewdas would say things about the Occidental Observer that I wouldn’t find funny. Being the butt of a joke is rarely enjoyable and the Board of Deputies would no doubt like to punish Jewdas for their impudence and disrespect. But Jewdas will get away with it because they’re Jewish themselves. Titania McGrath couldn’t get away with similar jokes, because the man behind the parody is a gentile comedian called Andrew Doyle.

And in any case, I’m sure that Doyle sees no need to satirize Jews in Britain and the huge influence they wield in politics, academia and the media. Titania McGrath is kosher komedy, guaranteed not to challenge Jewish power or draw attention to the central Jewish role in identity politics and the anti-racism industry. And their central role was identified by none other than the then Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks:

Sacks: Multiculturalism threatens democracy

Multiculturalism promotes segregation, stifles free speech and threatens liberal democracy, Britain’s top Jewish official warned in extracts from [a recently published] book … Jonathan Sacks, Britain’s [former] chief rabbi, defined multiculturalism as an attempt to affirm Britain’s diverse communities and make ethnic and religious minorities more appreciated and respected. But in his book, The Home We Build Together: Recreating Society, he said the movement had run its course. “Multiculturalism has led not to integration but to segregation,” Sacks wrote in his book, an extract of which was published in the Times of London.

“Liberal democracy is in danger,” Sacks said, adding later: “The politics of freedom risks descending into the politics of fear.” Sacks said Britain’s politics had been poisoned by the rise of identity politics, as minorities and aggrieved groups jockeyed first for rights, then for special treatment. The process, he said, began with Jews, before being taken up by blacks, women and gays. He said the effect had been “inexorably divisive.” “A culture of victimhood sets group against group, each claiming that its pain, injury, oppression, humiliation is greater than that of others,” he said. In an interview with the Times, Sacks said he wanted his book to be “politically incorrect in the highest order.” (Sacks: Multiculturalism threatens democracy, The Jerusalem Post, 20th October 2007)

Titania McGrath will not draw on Jonathan Sacks’ comments about the origins of victimhood culture. She will never mock Jews, Britain’s richest and most successful ethnic group, for so often and loudly claiming to be victims. She won’t challenge mass immigration from the Third World either, because Doyle doesn’t just mock the absurdities of others. He believes in absurdities of his own. For example, he’s sure that millions of low-IQ Third Worlders from primitive, clannish cultures can make excellent European and American citizens. We just need to get the ideological environment right.

Cucks Titania

For Doyle, identity politics are bad, but Enlightenment values are good, and they’re all we need to make a success of mass immigration. That’s the message of Titania’s satire and that’s why she has received hearty endorsements from cuckservative publications like the Spectator and the London Times. The Spectator waxed lyrical over “the genius of Titania McGrath” and granted her an interview with the leftist Jewish journalist Tanya Gold. The Times said that Titania’s “satire is a direct hit on the awful state of the left, in all its nihilism, narcissism and illogic, and its self-defeating, petty-minded thought-policing.”

Tanya Titania: Judeo-Journo Tanya Gold

But the left’s “thought-policing” isn’t “self-defeating.” After all, the very term “thought-policing” comes from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), a satire on the Marxism-Leninism that tyrannized the Soviet Union and its satellites for decades. Another branch of Marxism has successfully imposed mass immigration and political correctness on the West. The results are ripe for sardonic humour and edgy jokes, but I haven’t seen Titania satirize the rape-gang horrors of Rotherham, Huddersfield and Oxford. Nor have I seen her satirize stories like this:

A savage from Sudan: Zakarya Etarghi

‘Savage’ rapist Zakarya Etarghi has been given a life sentence with a minimum of 18 years after shattering his victim’s skull and leaving her for dead near a children’s play park. The 24-year-old attacked a woman in her 50s at a public park in Leicester, East Midlands, after a cocaine and alcohol binge.

Today he was jailed at Leicester Crown Court after being convicted of rape and attempted murder on March 7. … Building-site worker Etarghi attacked his ‘vulnerable’ victim and left her with horrific life-changing injuries including a ‘shattered’ skull and bleeding to the brain. 

But a member of the public found her with head injuries at the park following what prosecutor William Harbage QC previously told the jury  was a ‘brutal’ and ‘appalling’ assault. … Despite the evidence against him, Etarghi, who was born in Sudan, denied the offences — saying someone else must have carried out the attack.

Judge Nicholas Dean QC said his victim was ‘lucky to be alive’ after being ‘attacked in a most brutal way’ when she met Etarghi in the playground — with evidence suggesting a weapon of some kind had been used. … The judge said he had ‘no hesitation’ in concluding Etarghi was a ‘dangerous offender’ who was responsible for ‘controlled and extreme brutality and physical violence of a most callous and horrifying type.’

The court heard a resident found her unconscious and naked from the waist down at around 4.40am after the attack, suffering from multiple injuries. She was rushed to hospital — [and] ‘miraculously’ survived after undergoing life-saving surgery and is still recovering.

Speaking in a victim impact statement, the victim said: ‘If I could describe the last few months, I would say they have been hell. It is like something out of a horror film. It’s like something you see on the news that happens to other people. I no longer feel safe walking to and from my home, especially late at night. I constantly worry something is going to happen.’ (‘Savage’ rapist, 24, who shattered woman’s skull during horrific attack in a children’s play park then left her for dead is jailed for life, The Daily Mail, 25th March 2019)

When Blacks like Zakarya Etarghi emigrate to the West, Titania McGrath and her creator Andrew Doyle raise no objections at all. Doyle thinks that all problems with non-White immigration are caused by the faulty ideology of Whites, not by the inherent and intractable characteristics of non-Whites. But crimes like that savage rape and near-murder in Leicester aren’t caused by “identity politics.”

Importing Blacks means killing Whites

No, they’re caused by the reality that Blacks are a genetically and psychologically distinct group of Homo sapiens. Blacks are less intelligent on average than Whites and much more violent and impulsive. There was a similar crime in the nearby city of Birmingham, when a Black raped and murdered a White nurse after being released from prison for sex offences against another White woman. In Australia, a Black teenager raped a White “82-year-old grandmother” so violently that she bled to death. As the late, great Larry Auster pointed out: “To import a black population into a previously all-white country is to consign a large number of whites in that country, year after year, generation after generation, to violent death at the hands of blacks.”

Titania McGrath doesn’t mention the tragedy and horror of non-White criminality, let alone try to satirize how leftist ideology enables this criminality to flourish. Larry Auster proved that it is perfectly possible to do both. In 2012, he quoted some news from California and noted that the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) had coined a “new phrase for rampant black homicide of non-blacks”:

VAN NUYS (CBS)—Police released public surveillance images on Tuesday of two suspects in the shooting death of a cook and father of five who was gunned down at the Sherman Oaks restaurant where he worked. KNX 1070’s Claudia Peschiutta reports Raul Lopez was working one of his two jobs when the robbery occurred.

Lopez, 38, was fatally shot in the chest shortly after 11 p.m. last Friday night at Hoagies & Wings on Ventura Boulevard as he tried to ward off a group of five black men who were causing a disturbance. Police said one of the customers apparently became angry with Lopez about how long it was taking for the food to be prepared, and some racial slurs were reportedly used. “It was a random dispute that went tragically wrong,” said LAPD Detective James Nuttle.

[Auster responds:] “It was a random dispute that went tragically wrong.” That is so perfect. Over the years VFR [View from the Right, Auster’s website] has many times discussed the dishonest euphemisms that police spokesmen use for black homicidal violence against non-blacks, particularly variations on the phrase, “An X gone wrong,” but this may be the best ever. Let us analyze it.

First, there is the “random dispute.” The term shields the reading public from the hateful knowledge that blacks, and only blacks, create such “disputes” continuously, especially in fast food establishments, where they initiate arguments and fights with the management about slow service, incorrect bills, the employees’ “racism,” and so on. No one is guilty or responsible in a “random dispute,” it is something that just happens by itself, having no more moral content than dust particles floating about at random in a ray of sunlight.

Second, somehow, this random dispute, all by itself, “goes tragically wrong.” It’s not a matter of a human being pulling out a gun, aiming it at another human being, and shooting him dead. No. It is the dispute itself which “tragically” — the word “tragically” again underscoring the absence of any culpable intention — goes in a bad, indeed the baddest, direction.

The overwhelming majority of homicides by blacks, especially homicides of non-blacks, where politically correct police spokesmen have the strongest need to cover up the truth, could be described as random disputes gone tragically wrong.

I propose that Detective Nuttle, in recognition of his signal contributions both to American English and to racial comity, receive the National Award for Best Obfuscatory, Non-Judgmental Euphemism for Black Homicidal Mayhem.

Further, I propose that in instances where the defendant is black the penal codes of all fifty states and the District of Columbia replace the words “homicide” and “murder” by the phrase “random dispute gone tragically wrong.” We would then have such crimes as “Random dispute gone tragically wrong in the first degree,” “Random dispute gone tragically wrong in the second degree,” and so on. … Finally, each Monday morning’s edition of the Chicago Tribune could have headlines like this: “Random Disputes Gone Tragically Wrong Spread Across the City.” “Over Weekend, 50 Random Disputes Go Wrong, Ten of Them Tragically.” (LAPD coins new phrase for rampant black homicide of non-blacks, View from the Right, 4th July 2012)

Titania McGrath is good but Larry Auster was better. Auster beats Titania in part because, unlike her, he was honest and clear-sighted about race and non-White misbehaviour. And because he was honest, he wasn’t kosher. He was rejected by mainstream conservatives rather than, like Titania McGrath, being praised and promoted by them. And at the end of his life, as Kevin MacDonald noted at the Occidental Observer, Auster published a long criticism of the role of American Jews in mass immigration and identity politics.

Titania is no threat

Titania McGrath won’t touch that subject. And one has to ask: if she’s fighting the SJWs so effectively, how does she survive at the SJW-infested and SJW-controlled Twitter? She’s been posting merrily there for months, while the Occidental Observer’s own Andrew Joyce has just been suspended from Twitter for the umpteenth time, this time at the instigation of one Gabe Hoffman. And dozens of other accounts on the right have been limited in various ways.

Titania McGrath doesn’t threaten the Jewish elite and its shabbos goyim, which is why she stays on Twitter and rides high in the Spectator and Times. Her comedy is kosher and kosher komedy will neither rescue the West nor defeat the left.

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  1. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    Twitter keeps David Duke on keep the impression of free speech. But more nuanced thinkers are removed.

    ADL control the elites.

    We need to call the elites ‘erasists’ and ‘replacists’.

    Erasism and Replacism should be the biggest crimes. Look at the fate of Palestinians due to Zionist erasism and replacism. By UN definition of genocide, that’s what happened.

    Erasism and Replacism are the worst evils. It’s worse than ‘racism’ by order of many magnitudes.

    ‘Racism’ is a thought. In contrast, eracism and replacism are actions with real consequences.


    ‘Racism’: “Palestinians suck, and we hate them.”

    It’s not nice to think that way, but negative feelings about another people do them no harm. I can say Chinese or Turks suck til the cows come home, but it does no harm to either people.

    Replacism and Erasism: “We must barge into Palestine as masses of immigrant-invaders, replace the native population, and erase reminders that they’d been there. ”

    If I formulate a plan to replace a people and erase their culture and sense of identity, I am taking real action with grave consequences for that people. It would be erasism and replacism.

    Whites must say NO to White Nakba. It is demented that the replacist and erasist invaders get to stand on moral high ground while the invaded(whites in the West) are put on the moral defensive. It’s like the Zionist invaders get to keep the high ground of Golan Heights while the invaded Syrians are condemned and denied their own land.

    And if Jews seek to ban ‘white nationalism’, whites should take up Palestinian National Liberation and champion other non-white nationalisms AGAINST Jewish Power. If Jews say ‘white nationalism’ is supremacist, then whites must oppose all supremacism, esp Zionist imperialism, and side with any POC against Jewish supremacism.

    Also, instead of calling for ‘white nationalism’, whites should call for ethnic pride and nationalism, and pull all those ethnic identities together.

    For example, if you’re a white national liberationist who happens to be Irish, stand up for Irish-American Pride and form alliances with other ethnic-European-American prides. Also, let non-Irish whites also support and join with Irish-American pride. What is facebook gonna do? Take down a page for the preservation of Lithuanian-American culture and pride? Jewish-run US says Eastern Europe must be protected from Russian invasion and imperialism. Okay, but Western and Central Europe must be protected from Afro-Islamic demographic imperialism and from elite-supremacist domination by globo-homo Jewish networks. Actually, Soviets were better than globalists because they were mainly occupiers than replacists and erasists in Eastern Europe. Soviets never denied the Poles and Hungarians right of identity and homeland.

    All whites need to support the Palestinian cause and rebrand themselves as ethnic-priders.
    When Greeks faces off against the invading Persians, they didn’t fight as ‘Greeks’ or ‘whites’ but as Athenians, Spartans, Thebans, etc.

    If ‘white’ is banned, whites must go for a league of European/American ethnies.

    • Irish Savant
      Irish Savant says:

      Yes, I’ve always wondered why David Duke has not been deplatformed while the likes of Jared Taylor has. Just recently his books have been digitally burned by Amazon even though he has always manfully steered clear of the JQ.

  2. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    Jared Taylor, another one knocked off Tiwtter and now banned from his own homeland. No Right-of-Return for him.

    Jared Taylor cannot even travel to the land of his ancestors… just like Palestinians cannot return to Palestine. But there is a kind of poetic justice in this. Taylor has been cheering for the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and suppressing criticism of Jewish Power on his site.
    The irony.
    Well, cucking to Jewish Power sure didn’t spare him from its wrath. He was targeted as enemy #1.

    Also, being a gentleman didn’t spare him either. If anything, Jewish Power attacked him even harder for being a respectable figure. Notice ADL is okay with David Duke on Twitter, but Taylor had to go.

    Taylor has been deluded. He doesn’t understand the nature of the enemy he’s up against. He’s like a Jew who thinks the Nazis will spare him if he acts nice to them. He’s like a rabbit who thinks the python won’t strangle and swallow it if it offers no resistance.

    Jewish Power hates any white consciousness(even one that isn’t anti-Jewish) because Jewish supremacist imperialism needs the total submission of white identity and interests.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “He’s like a Jew who thinks the Nazis will spare him if he acts nice to them.”

      It’s rather amazing how sentences like this just pop up out of the blue. May I ask what is the thinking behind this? Why this choice of words? Then you compound your error by likening the “Nazis” to a python, that “strangles and swallows.”

      This very attitude is rampant across the Anglo-American Alt-Right, but do you or they ask just how historically accurate it is? No. Are you not interested in that? Is it just a handy and attention-getting way to express something you are more interested in?

      What it tells me is that the reputation of WHITE German history is just a throwaway — something everyone can trash all they want. No price to pay. I see it everywhere.

      • Charlie
        Charlie says:

        Nazis were a small group within Germany like skinheads in America. They may have had power in the Third Reich but they weren’t something that was a major influence in regular Germans’ lives save to say they were afraid of them. Even Hitler was afraid of Nazis had but kept them at arm’s length. The Nazi stories are kept alive because they make good jooish drama. You can’t have elaborate jooish violin stories without a fearsome Nazi involved. Don’t feed jooish and evangelical trolls by validating Nazis for them.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      Adding personal insult to enemy-inflicted injury on Jared Taylor (added to a long travel-ban list that includes e.g. Pamela Geller) does not help at all the problem of securing free and indeed hate-free speech on campus and internet, and in print and the streets, of the “western democracies”.

  3. Armor
    Armor says:

    “kosher komedy will neither rescue the West nor defeat the left”

    We see the problem as “the left”, but it is really the kosher far-left. I think most people in the so-called far-right are more left-wing than the so-called far-left. The far-left supports the destruction of normal White people, or doesn’t care about it.

    On the whole, left-wing voters are only a little more conformist and less clear-thinking than conservative voters. They are less likely to criticize what the TV says, especially about race and immigration, but they do not support race replacement.

    “a random dispute that went tragically wrong,” said LAPD Detective James Nuttle.

    It seems that in every Western country the police, the media, and the administration give the same misleading reports. In the beginning, a few decades ago, they were probably trained by Jewish organizations. By now they are able to do it all by themselves.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Our commenting colleague Curmudgeon has long insisted on many of the same points you raise here, Armor. No harm nor fault there, of course. As with other important insights, these profit from repetition, especially as the narrative hurlyburly that engulfs and would drown us makes us liable to lose our grasp on them.

      My sole disagreement arises in connection with the word “probably” in your next-to-last sentence. Don’t you think that “almost certainly” comes closer to the mark?

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      Do you know many leftists? Have you discussed their idiot views with them? I wonder. The Old {socialist} Left was objectionable enough – at least for those of us who cherish the best of Western and Anglo-Saxon civilization, including limited government, private property and individual liberty. But today’s Left – everywhere – is defined by White guilt-tripping and nonwhite identity / White race-treasonous politics. All leftists are enemies of the White race. Not just Jewish leftists.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        I don’t see much, if indeed anything, to disagree with in your analysis, Leon, but I also don’t see why the bulk of your critique couldn’t also justly be said to characterize today’s soi-disant Right. Certainly in this country the poisonous combination of ethnic dilution/diversity, a massive and massively oppressive government, and the political fantasy of democracy—viz., that the people are the nation’s true rulers—has produced a right or rightish political caste to which gaining admittance is impossible for anyone with Christian principles, a critically enlightened awareness and love of his people’s history, true affection for and loyalty to his kindred, and identification with their concerns.

        I would say that the European New Right is, if anything, just as bad; perhaps worse. Most of those who constitute its public face seem like smug narcissists who can’t quite decide which they should despise more: their various nations’ Christian past or Jewish and Muslim present.
        On an unrelated matter, I want to thank you belatedly for referring on another thread to Gordon Craig’s “Germany 1866–1945.” It was a happy reminder. I first encountered Craig when I was in college, about fifteen years before that book was published. Although he was not perhaps as fully forthright on Jewish matters as TOO readers might hope, I still can’t imagine him having—that is to say, being permitted—a readership today.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Looking up Gordon Craig, I was not surprised to find him a Scottish-born historian who spent only a few months of his entire life in Germany in 1935 doing research, yet wrote book after book about Germany and Prussia. Why not write about his own country? Obviously he found Germany more interesting, and no doubt also more saleable.

          I don’t think it’s appropriate for non-Germans to seek to define Germans, what they are and are not, where they went wrong, etc. But it’s a very popular pastime for non-Germans, especially Britons. I found this quote at his Wikipedia page:

          “Adolf Hitler was sui generis, a force without a real historical past … dedicated to the acquisition of power for his own gratification and to the destruction of a people whose existence was an offense to him [Jews] and whose annihilation would be his crowning triumph. Both the grandiose barbarism of his political vision and the moral emptiness of his character make it impossible to compare him in any meaningful way with any other German leader. He stands alone.”

          This is from the book Pierre liked so much, on page 543, written in 1978. Craig couldn’t be more wrong in every part of that quote. It is his opinion, and not a very informed one, since Wikipedia tells us that Craig “did not enjoy the atmosphere” of the Germany of 1935, and soon left. Then he spent the rest of his life trying “to answer the question of how” such a civilized people “allowed themselves to become entangled in what Craig saw as the corrupting embrace of Nazism.”

          If he really wanted to know, he should have stayed much longer and learned from the German people what they liked about it. Instead, he left and “studied” the situation from afar, relying on his native Anglo-Scot mentality, connections, and upbringing as his guide.

          If Hitler were so far out of the mainstream of German history, as Craig (and others) propound, why was it so hard to defeat him, and then to eradicate his party and philosophy, and the affection held by the people for him — using the cruelest force and totalitarian means, including criminalizing the very mention of his and his party’s name. Still today, there are Germans who remember and would bring him back.

          So the Scot Gordon Craig didn’t like him? Who cares? Does it affect reality at all?

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            I thank Carolyn Yeager for confirming that her commentary is frequently based solely upon a half-hour’s worth of Internet trawling.

      • Armor
        Armor says:

        Leon Haller: “All leftists are enemies of the White race. Not just Jewish leftists.”

        I was trying to make a distinction between the left and the far left, but the real problem is the Jews. Everyone, both right and left, is influenced by Jewish anti-White propaganda, but the Jewish influence is even more obvious in the ferocious anti-White agenda of the far left.

        The word “leftist” is ambiguous. Sometimes it means a nasty radical. The word can also be used to describe an idealistic White person, kind but unrealistic. By dictionary definition, a leftist is simply a member of the left, a Clinton voter. Depending on the definition, you can say that 50% or 1% of people are leftists. Left-wing institutions are dominated by the far-left, which doesn’t represent normal left-wing voters.

        Most Clinton voters are not deeply involved in political leftism. They don’t want to destroy the White race. They are simply a little more deluded than the average right-wing voter. Most right-wing Whites do not fully realize that the government and the media want them dead. The lack of intellectual clarity is mainly due to the Jewish domination over our institutions. It affects everyone both left and right, even though right-wing voters are mentally more resistant. White Nationalists who are described as far-right in the media have had to win an ideological battle in their own minds against Jewish anti-White propaganda.

        Theoretically, the left-wing psychology is more altruistic, while right-wing people are more pragmatic. Among White people, the average Clinton voter may be more altruistic (and more stupid) than the average Trump voter. I’d like to think that White Nationalists are both idealistic and altruistic (at least toward their own tribe). But I see the anti-White far-left as less altruistic than average Whites. Their distinctive features seem to be stupidity, conformism, self-interest, a lack of scruples, but not altruism. In any case, what they support is a Jewish agenda.

  4. Linde
    Linde says:

    Meanwhile the Antipodean follies continues apace – the entire Australian Parliament (both sides and the controlled opposition – but I repeat myself) is censoring Australitan nationalist Senator Fraser Anning for his public statement in the wake of the NZ Mosque drill/movie/terroristattack/takeyourpick. The proverbial hit the fan when he linked this event to Muslim immigration promoted by all major parties. He is considered to be the supreme form of orange man bad.

  5. Horatio
    Horatio says:

    The de-platforming of people like Andrew Joyce is not surprising given the recent events in New Zealand. This idiot Brenton Tarrant has inflicted more political damage on the far right than any of its opponents could have managed themselves. It’s the fourth incident of its kind in recent years, so the alt-right should take a hard look at itself. Real power is exercised by smart people in positions of influence, not idiots with weapons, flags and tiki torches.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      Tarrant like Breivik, Mair & several others fell neatly into the prepared narrative to exclude effective and rational free speech. “White nationalists” are presented as actual or potential terrorists and murderers, and believe it or not most people are against murder and being murdered. It is like people who blog against Jews or Blacks not with reasoned and documented argument, but with raving nonsense that self-advertises them as crazy, cruel or criminal. You don’t agents provocateurs when “supporters” do the job themselves.

      • Richard Burn
        Richard Burn says:

        ““White nationalists” are presented as actual or potential terrorists and murderers,”

        Well, of course they are. Jewish Supremacy will tolerate no opposition. So, they create False Flag after False Flag after False Flag and that’s how they advance. That’s how they have acquired power. Or, “By way of deception thou shalt wage war.” As the Mossad credo states.

        The three steps of all False Flags are
        1. Destroy the Evidence
        2. Control the Narrative
        3. Enforce the Law (on anyone looking for evidence to control the narrative).

        One reason for this is that it prohibits, or obstructs legal discovery. With legal discovery you can ask questions. And JS reserves the right to ask questions for itself and its proxies. But never premits questions to come from those they consider enemies.

        This is aggressively anti-Western. Because the spirit of the West is the spirit of inquiry.

        “…and believe it or not most people are against murder and being murdered.”

        They should also be against propaganda and censorship, just as they should know the difference between something real and something pretending to be real.

        But they don’t, because they can’t. And they can’t because their educational system was hijacked long ago by the same people commiting these endless False Flags.

        In short, Criticial Thinking has been replaced by Critical Theory, and Education has been replaced by Indoctrination.

        So, when the latest manufactured moral crisis is unleashed on the gullible public they repeat the same mindless talking points provided for them by the MSM and they all proceed to indulge in an orgy of hysteria and of mood-altering through self-righteousness.

        All of this makes one thing perfectly clear. Though they might be good at infiltration, subversion, betrayal and destruction (and they certainly seem to enjoy it), they’re no damned good at social-management, whether city, state, or country.

        Or, can you say, Chicago, California, and the USA.

        The world is more complex and unpredictable than ever before. It simply can not be run solely by propaganda, censorship, denigration, threat, and force.

        The only thing you’ll get from running things like that is social instability and cultural stagnation.

        • Richard B
          Richard B says:

          Should read

          3. Enforce the Law (on anyone looking for evidence to question the narrative).

  6. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    “It was a random dispute that went tragically wrong.”
    This somewhat reminds me of the phrase “they were in the wrong place, at the wrong time” when an innocent person was going about their business in a place they usually do, only to be raped and or murdered. Surely it was the murderer who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    • T.Gilligan
      T.Gilligan says:

      ChilledBee, You are quite correct re.the phrase “They were in the wrong place at the wrong time” regularly uttered by a Scotland Yard mouthpiece as if conferring blame on the victim.
      The latest brain-cell insulting words and excuses are ” We cannot arrest our way out of this”; or, in regards to the entirely led black knife crime ‘epidemic’ “There many complex causes of this problems”. And it goes on and on with tedious predictability. For sure, in ten years time and multiples of millions of pounds invested, no doubt the root cause was ‘institutionalised racism’ all along.

  7. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Excellent article!

    Racism is the best friend of diversity. If you want to preserve, then don’t mix. It’s that simple. True racism is good and Godly.

    OK, I will make a lot of enemies with what I am about to say, but I will say it while I can.

    When I was a kid I volunteered to work in a pet shop for free (I have always loved animals). This was in 1965 when wildlife importation laws were pretty much nonexistent – I imagine you could import Rhinos to NYC back then if you had the money.

    Anyway, while I loved my job, I hated cleaning the monkey cages. They did (in my mind) obscene things with their privates, and enjoyed throwing their fecal matter at people observing them. But, more than anything, I remember their smell – it was bad.

    Now, smells evoke memories, even after many years. I think we have all experienced that. So it was in 10th grade after the very first hard P.E. (Physical Education) class and I was undressing and getting ready for the showers that I smelled that very same smell I disliked in 1965. I was so startled I began looking around for monkeys.

    It took me a couple of minutes to realize the smell was coming from unwashed Blacks. Now, as a Christian I have always been opposed to evolution, but this experience really made me wonder.

    I do not mean by the foregoing to speak ill of Blacks. They are honorable people in their own rights, and there are many things about them that I both admire and envy and that I wish our people had, too. There are some of them, such as Dr. Ben Carson, who stand far above many of our best people. But, it is what it is, and I have always wondered about evolution since that day in the boy’s locker room at high school.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      How strange. My Father was a merchant marine and I remember him saying that there was a distinctive odour that was peculiar to black people.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Mr. Folke: It’s sad but hardly surprising that a population that has been conditioned by society’s (((narrators))) to distrust or ignore the evidence of its eyes and ears should be similarly disdainful of the evidence of its nose.

      Since your own nose appears to function pretty well, you might take a closer sniff of Ben Carson, whom you evidently hold in good odor. What my nose tells me is that he is no rose.

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      There is no contradiction between real Christianity (which is inherently open to scientific discovery) and evolutionary theory. That’s almost as bad as thinking that being a good Christian (if but only if you’re White) requires that one accept non-military alien imperialism, colonization and conquest of one’s ancestral homeland.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      Google the entries under “Negrid apocrine glands”.
      Monkey comparisons are coincidental.
      Doing “obscene things with the genitals” seems to be the cultural norm of millions of Europids wallowing in porn on screen, in print and in less private circumstances; malpractices of 19th century Christianity seem to be major commercial industry of 21st century.

  8. anonyrat
    anonyrat says:

    Eh Auster was a Jewish gatekeeper. His main concern was what was best for the Jews.Taanstafl over at age of treason was great on Auster and his dissembling.

    And heres a cheer for Andrew Joyce on twitter. Have you considered giving regular updates on his new twittet handles? (he changes them regularly).

  9. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    In the West millennials, GenX, and other young brainwashed youth get all their information from Failed Jooish Stand Up comedians like Bill Maher. The jooish comedian of today rather than apply slap face, poke eye humor like The Three Stooges or such don’t solicit laughter nowadays they go for applause and validation of their Marxist ideologies. Even Goy like George Carlin became nauseating boring to sit through and listen to him drone on and on and on…… with his leftist pseudo-intellectual memes. No one at $125/seat or more dares heckle or shout out “DANCE FOR US YOU STUPID MONKEY!!” for fear of being ostracized by the crowd. Instead they should be putting the “entertainer” back in their blue collar role of entertaining the crowd.

  10. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Reading this TOO article left me with the familiar feeling that here again was a dirty job that needed doing but fortunately someone else (viz., Mr. Langdon) was prepared to do it.

    Perhaps it’s simply a function of my age (i.e., old), but I am a good deal more puzzled than even Mr. Langdon that the parochial wit and satire of this pseudonymous McGrath creature has gotten a rise out of anyone. Surely the quoted verses are the kind of stuff that clever undergrads come up with during BS sessions in someone’s dorm room or at the pub. When a parody is virtually indistinguishable from what it parodies, one may reasonably wonder what point is made, what purpose served.

    So Swift and Smollett may continue to rest soundly: their places in the pantheon are not threatened by Titania McGrath. If anything, her scribblings serve only to remind one of what Oscar Wilde wrote, “Caricature is the tribute which mediocrity pays to genius.” As Wilde in writing thus was either caricaturing or, shall we say, channeling La Rochefoucauld, the applicability of his remark, let alone its irony, is underscored.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I forgot to mention that this article introduced me to a word I had never before encountered: gurn. Now that I know what it means, I feel keenly the wisdom of the maxim “ignorance is bliss.”

  11. Robert Dolan
    Robert Dolan says:

    I get really tired of hearing about “Nazis.” The term pops out constantly and I don’t think that people understand they’ve been programmed to use the term to refer to theworstevilthathaseverbeen.

    They don’t understand that using the term ties in to demonizing the German people as well as white people in general. When someone uses the term I know right away they are cucking to the jews. For instance, Steven Crowder uses the term “Nazis” all the time. So, as much as I like him, I make a mental note to myself that he’s cucking to the jewish power structure.

    I feel bad for Jared Taylor and I like him a lot. But it is ironic that his cucking doesn’t help him. As a white advocate, even a cucking white advocate, he’s a dreadful naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    What a clown world we live in.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      Look in a mirror, Mr Dolan.
      Taylor has done more than most to present the case for European people and their culture. It is the “crazy, cruel or criminal” Jew-fixated obsessives that have helped to provide a pretext for closing down MacDonald and Mattogno as well as Taylor. Know your enemies ACCURATELY and know yourself better.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Mattogno? Those other two won’t even read his work. That’s a very strange choice of names to put together; one has to wonder about your reasons.

        Even the fact that you would reply to Robert Dolan’s rather innocuous comment the way you have is a cause for wonder.

  12. Dave Bowman
    Dave Bowman says:

    the pretentious modernist poetry pumped out by talentless non-Whites like Maya Angelou and Daljit Nagra

    Jesus..! Thank God for the well-read brilliance, and unrelenting verbal venom of hard truth, from Tobias Langdon..!

  13. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    Warm weather is so evil-apparently.
    Warm Weather Sparks Out Of Control Chicago Shooting Spree:
    Twenty four people were shot in 24 hours in Chicago between April 6-7, including three adults and three children, who died from gunshot-related injuries, according to the Chicago Police Department. The mayhem started early Saturday morning and continued into the afternoon hours on Sunday.

    Police, and common sense, both allege that warmer weather was responsible for the surge in violent crime.

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