Tucker Carlson Doubles Down on Replacement, Explicitly Mentions White Replacement, and Targets the ADL’s Hypocrisy(!)

In a previous article I noted that Tucker Carlson’s comments on ‘replacement’ in the context of immigration had unleashed a torrent of hatred from the ADL and the liberal media. When the ADL goes after public figures, the usual response is groveling apology in a typically futile effort to prevent getting ostracized or fired. After all, the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt had tweeted that Carlson’s comments were “anti-Semitic, racist, and toxic.” Accusations of racism—and especially anti-Semitism—are pretty much a death sentence for anyone so accused.

So I was gratified that Carlson didn’t back down. Indeed, he doubled down, with a 20-minute opening monologue elaborating on exactly why the Democrat Party is completely wedded to importing a new electorate and has been doing so for decades. He also mentioned that Whites (and Blacks) are being replaced as voters, that the entire project is immoral, and he called out the hypocrisy of the ADL. As he notes, it’s not about compassion as usually advertised, but about power. And anyone with any brains knows it.

To date, Carlson’s monologue is the most powerful and most explicit statement in the mainstream media that Whites—as Whites—have an interest in immigration. Indeed, a vital interest. In making his argument, he discussed states like California and Virginia that have become reliably Democrat because of immigration, and he mentions Vermont that is now blue because of disenchanted New Yorkers who brought their politics with them when they moved there. He says the same thing is happening to Montana and Idaho as yoga instructors, Google vice-presidents, and assorted rich White folks leave California for greener pastures. It will happen to your state. And the result will be permanent hegemony of the left because the imported electorate are reliable clients of the Democrat Party. ‘Client’ is the right word (from the Latin for ‘dependent’) because these people come to the U.S. for better pay and all the free stuff — medical care, welfare if they have children, and the promise of eventual citizenship and the right to bring in their relatives. This description applies at least to the Mexicans, Central Americans, and Africans who have flooded our shores (that IQ thing again). They remain toward the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder and dependent on the government. Hence reliably Democrat. California went from being the envy of the world to having poverty levels on par with Mississippi. Without explicitly mentioning Whites, he notes that the middle class is leaving in droves, resulting in the cost of a U-Haul being five times higher for people leaving the state as for entering. He portrays the middle class as one of the victim groups of the Great Replacement as America is transformed into a society with a hostile, ultra-wealthy elite who are politically supported by a dependent mass of Democrat voters.

Tucker also doubled down on his voter-replacement logic, but this time he was explicit about White people’s vote being replaced, noting that Whites went from 90 percent of Californians to 30 percent since 1960, which means that how White people vote matters much less than it used to. It’s shocking to hear someone in the mainstream media claim that Whites and their vital interests are victims of the immigration tsunami. One can easily imagine a situation where, even if White Californians woke up (far too many are still drinking the Kool-Aid), they couldn’t win a statewide election.  And that’s the whole point. Permanent hegemony.

But because the interests of Whites are definitely not supposed to be paramount, he emphasized that Blacks in California have also been losing political clout rapidly, with very large declines in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. In my previous article, I noted that the voter replacement argument doesn’t apply so much to Blacks because the people replacing them have pretty much the same politics. But I stand corrected. Identity politics has changed everything. Black Californian politicos like Maxine Waters, Willy Brown, and Kamala Harris may well become a thing of the past. Harris was replaced by Alex Padilla, a Latino, after being elevated to the vice-presidency, a result that was not warmly greeted by the Black political establishment.

California progressives had pushed [Gov. Gavin] Newsom to appoint Representative Barbara Lee [who is Black] or another like-minded Democrat. Mr. Newsom was also under pressure to appoint a Black woman to take the place of Ms. Harris, the only Black woman in the Senate. Representative Karen Bass and Ms. Lee were at the top of that list. … The Congressional Hispanic Caucus strongly backed Mr. Padilla. The L.G.B.T.Q. community and Equality California lobbied for Robert Garcia, the mayor of Long Beach. Black Women United, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, and a range of Black elected officials pushed for Ms. Bass or Ms. Lee.

As Blacks become less of a demographic force, they will also become less of a political force. There will be less official sympathy for Black issues like BLM, reparations, dealing with criminals, and centering on Black grievance in the educational system.

Tucker also did some dog-whistling on Jewish involvement by mentioning Michelle Goldberg’s NYTimes op-ed, “We can replace them,” which celebrates replacing the White electorate by doing a screen shot of Goldberg’s statement: “The potential is there; Georgia is less than 53 percent non-Hispanic White.” He didn’t mention Goldberg’s ethnicity, but anyone who knows anything about the media knows she is a strongly identified Jew writing for a Jewish-owned publication that is the crown jewel of the elite liberal-left media. As Tucker noted, Goldberg is “a New York Times columnist, not some QAnon blogger.”

The left pretends that demographic replacement is an obsession on the right, but in fact, it’s an obsession on the left. “It’s the central idea of the modern Democratic Party.” So true. And so refreshing to hear it in the mainstream media.

As always, the left pretends that their plan to replace the White population is a moral imperative. In 2019 then-Senator Harris condemned Trump’s plan to deport illegals on the basis that Trump was trying to “remake the demographics of the country”; she tweeted that such actions are “deeply reprehensible and an affront to our values.” Of course, the left would never think of remaking the demographics of the country!

What’s immoral—and obviously so— is the left’s scheme to remake  the electorate in opposition to the legitimate interests of the traditional White majority. Tucker confronted the issue head-on, turning the tables on the leftist moralizers by framing their actions as “cheating.” This is an important message for Whites to hear. What is happening to the White population of America is profoundly immoral. It’s an important message because we Whites are uniquely prone to framing our actions in moral terms. As often discussed here, a major weakness of uniquely individualist culture characteristic of the West is that individualists are highly prone to forming moral communities rather than kinship-based communities typical of the rest of the world. It’s a very exploitable weakness, and our hostile elites have taken full advantage by defining the legitimate interests of Whites as immoral, as Greenblatt and Harris do. Moral communities are fine as long as they serve the community’s interests, and in the long history of the West, they have indeed been a strength. But the problem now is that the people who define the moral communities of the West since World War II are the hostile elite who have shaped academic and media culture, i.e., strongly identified Jews and Jewish-owned mainstream media like the New York Times. So now a substantial proportion of Whites think it’s a moral imperative to replace the White population. No other culture anywhere at any time has ever felt a moral imperative to replace its founding population.

However, the best part about Tucker’s monologue was that he confronted the ADL directly by highlighting their lack of principle. Confronting any powerful Jewish organization is virtually unheard of in American media and political culture where groveling, apologies, and firing are the norm. And he chose a particularly glaring weakness in Jewish rationalizations of the adversarial culture they have championed in the U.S.: Jewish hypocrisy in claiming the moral high ground in America by insisting that any opposition to immigration is racist and hence immoral, while legitimizing Israel’s ethnocentric immigration policy because it threatens the legitimate interests of its Jewish population. In fact, these activist Jews are consummate ethnic nationalists—exactly what they condemn in White Americans. White Americans deserve just what the ADL and the rest of the activist Jewish community want for Jews, a safe homeland that remains theirs.

Granted, Carlson didn’t mention that the ADL was leading the charge against him, but anyone paying the least bit of attention to this episode knows damn well that the ADL is leading the campaign against him. Carlson quoted from the ADL website:

With historically high birth rates among Palestinians, and a possible influx of Palestinian refugees and their descendants now living around the world, Jews would quickly be a minority in a bi-national state, thus ending any semblance of equal representation and protections. In this situation, the Jewish population would be politically—and potentially physically—vulnerable. It is unreasonable and unrealistic to expect the Jewish population to expect the state of Israel to voluntarily subvert its own sovereign existence and national identity and become a vulnerable minority in what was once its own territory.

This is another recurrent theme on TOO—that the traditional White majority will become a hated and oppressed minority (58 articles) because of the immigration of non-Whites in a culture dominated by an elite with a long history of hatred toward the White majority of the U.S. We already see a multitude of examples of hatred toward Whites emanating from the elite media, liberal-left politicians, and just ordinary non-Whites (like this one from James Edwards on Twitter), and hate crimes against Whites are ignored or quickly buried. Why would anyone think this will stop if and when Whites become a minority? It will increase. But the ADL thinks that Jews, who have been and continue to be the leading force enacting a multicultural United States, beginning with their influence in passing the 1965 immigration law, should retain sovereignty in Israel because ceding sovereignty would be dangerous for Jews. This is massively hypocritical, as Tucker implies, and he invited Greenblatt on his show to explain why the same principles that he champions for Israel should not exist in the United States. I rather doubt that will happen.

In fact, Greenblatt repeated his attacks on Carlson in a letter to Fox News, demanding that he be fired while never mentioning that Carlson had broached the  hypocrisy of the ADL. Pretty clearly he wants to avoid the issue like the plague. Fox News CEO Lachlan Murdoch responded with a typical mainstream media mantra: “Fox Corporation shares your values and abhors anti-semitism, white supremacy and racism of any kind.” But he rejected the argument that Carlson had endorsed “anti-semitism, white supremacy and racism,” retreating to Carlson’s original voting rights argument. Always a safe move to refuse to avoid issues that vitally affect White America by presenting them in non-racial terms.

In his letter to Murdoch, Greenblatt claimed that Carlson “did not accidentally echo these talking points; he knowingly escalated this well-worn racist rhetoric. … At a time of intense polarization, this kind of rhetoric galvanizes extremists and lights the fire of violence.”

Intense polarization indeed. That’s what happens when there is a powerful attempt to dispossess the founding population of the country. Ultimately the polarization is a result of Jewish activism which has been a necessary condition for the immigration and multiculturalism that is tearing the country apart.

Greenblatt thinks that Tucker’s message will galvanize “extremists.” Let’s hope that it does indeed galvanize the White population. In any case, it’s important for Carlson to not let this issue drop. It was courageous of him to broach the issue, but it needs to be repeated, just as the messages of the left on race and multiculturalism are continually repeated on TV, movies, print media, and throughout the educational system.

The message of White replacement is powerful. As I noted in Chapter 8 of Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition:

Individualists are less naturally ethnocentric, and the left has created a culture that encourages Whites to inhibit expressions of ethnocentrism while encouraging non-Whites to be ethnocentric. Because the media is dominated by the left and because even the conservative media is terrified of appearing to advocate White interests, explicit messages that would encourage Whites to become angry and fearful about their future as a minority are rare [and when they occur, they are subjected to vicious attacks, as has happened to Carlson]. Indeed, the media rarely, if ever, mentions that Whites are well on their way to becoming a minority. And this for good reason: Whites in the United States and in Canada who are given explicit demographic projections of a time when Whites are no longer a majority tend to feel angry and fearful. They are also more likely to identify as Whites and have sympathy for other Whites.[1]

In other words, while I have emphasized the ability of the higher brain centers to inhibit ethnocentrism, explicit messages indicating that one’s racial group is threatened are able to trigger ethnocentrism. This is especially important because many Whites live far from the areas of their countries undergoing the demographic shifts. Their day-to-day life of living in an essentially White environment hasn’t changed while the population centers of New York, California, Toronto, and Vancouver have changed beyond all recognition from what they were 50 years ago. An obvious inference to be made is that pro-White activists should appeal to Whites’ higher brain centers with explicit messages emphasizing these transformations.

White replacement is our most powerful message. Let’s hope Tucker continues to repeat it. We certainly will.

[1] H. Robert Outten, Michael T. Schmitt, and Daniel A. Miller, “Feeling threatened about the future: Whites’ emotional reactions to anticipated ethnic demographic changes,” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 38 (2011): 14–25.


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  1. Will W Williams
    Will W Williams says:

    I watched that monologue by Tucker and was encouraged. He’s inching closer to the defiant Charlottesville chant that “Jews will not replace us.” At what point, though, will things come to a head between Fox News and the more powerful Jewish Defamation League?

    “Fox News CEO Lachlan Murdoch responded with a typical mainstream media mantra: ‘Fox Corporation shares your values and abhors anti-semitism, white supremacy and racism of any kind.’” Fox will grovel if Tucker won’t. There will be lawsuits galore against Fox and more demands by the ADL and other Jewish orgs to fire Carlson.

    All Tucker has to do is to keep inching closer until he is finally fired for telling incontrovertible racial truths. He is still not there but he has raised awareness of the JQ to millions of White Americans from his so far safe, anti-racist, anti-“group think” libertarian high horse. Libertarians must come our way eventually; we won’t be moving in their “live & let live” direction and survive as a race.

    Geographical separation into our own exclusive White living spaces is the only ultimate solution. Many Whites can’t conceive of that yet, but many are ready for it now. They have had enough of forced racial integration and see their eventual replacement by non-Whites as a given if we do not have the will to organize and claim our own space, free of aliens and alien influences. If that can’t be conceived, it can’t happen: https://natall.com/about/what-is-the-national-alliance/

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” All Tucker has to do is to keep inching closer until he is finally fired for telling incontrovertible racial truths. ”

      No doubt .

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        And not merely fired but completely excoriated and discredited in the eyes of the gullible White sheeple majority ( if he does not have an unfortunate fatal accident first ) .

      • Walter L
        Walter L says:

        To remain on the air Tucker must tell the intended bride groom (us White folks)
        That his bride-to-be (Multiracialism) is wonderful.
        While at the same time informing him how she’s screwing every guy in town behind his back.
        Yet how happy he’ll be after they’re married.
        While at the same time informing him how it is ill-rational and preposterous it is to believe she’ll suddenly quit being the town slut.

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      Laying the axe to the root of Biden’s job: borrow more and give it away to drive inflation and then deflate it to take title to America and “Americans” rendering them not simply homeless on paper and therefore terrorize-able but homeless on-the-street. Mr. Carlson will not be permitted to get closer to the problem and his removal will be not be characterized in the mainstream media as the terrorism that it will be. Gentlemen like you and Dr. Strom are doing a good job not only keeping your finger on the pulse of all of this evidenced by yours being the first comment but you’re going a good job of pricking the ADL’s balloon, not to meniton the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Your news and views aggregator is an excellent place to begin one’s day: https://nationalvanguard.org/

      Here’s a good example of the heavy lifting that y’all have done to help others understand this ADL outfit:

      ADL | Search Results | National Vanguard https://nationalvanguard.org/?s=ADL

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      My comment from Prof. MacDonald’s first analysis of this episode remains apposite:

      Most whites are utterly useless. They are evolutionarily defective – prone to utopian brainwashing. Of course, this may be the flip side of Euroman’s historic ability to produce so many of the geniuses who collectively created the modern world. There is a great culling happening across this century. Eventually, only those whites who are racially strong (and perhaps strong across the board) will survive these insane conditions that the white liberal defectives of the past have imposed upon them. WHAT KIND OF A PEOPLE LITERALLY GIVES UP ITS TERRITORY TO ALIENS, pretending that doing so is some kind of improvement or even blessing??? Clearly, a people that is evolutionarily maladapted, and will not long endure (though individual survival and other forms of self-interest, along with the basic inertia of civilization, mean that whites, though in a sense already the walking dead, will still keep on walking for some considerable time, during which ever more will be awakened even as the race as a whole grows weaker – I predicted this by the mid-80s; hence the oft-used metaphor of a race against time).

      The only chance white preservationists have is in ideo-racial ingathering into defensible territories and polities in which our kind (not whites per se, but prowhites) are in the electoral majority, followed by the push for secession and new sovereignty. That in turn must be followed by the creation, for a considerable period, of one or several teleological racial states, societies specifically ordered around the idea of preventing white extinction. Such states will be capitalist, to harness individual greed to the promotion of economic growth, a critical component of national power, but emphatically not libertarian (think post-Maoist China). Racial preservation and ethnonational defense, which will include extensive pro-natalist and eugenicist legislation, as well as traditional martial policies, like weapons acquisition as well as intense R&D of new types of ethnoweapons for white racial self-defense, will be the highest priorities.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” Most whites are utterly useless. They are evolutionarily defective – prone to utopian brainwashing. ”

        Apparently so . However , there are two kinds of evolution — biological and cultural . Most Whites lived in mostly nonpolitical rural cultures prior to ww2 where cultural legacies can last for several generations and be very powerful . The predominant political ideology of nonpolitical rural cultures is called “individualism” which cannot prevail against the collectivist propaganda and other social controls , such as money/media/education/politics/etc. , of their chosenhite jewmasterss . Also additionally , the vast majority of Westernworld Whites remain thoroly christianized , regardless of their actual religiosity , where Christianity is mostly a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to the chosenhite jewmasterss . Furthermore , Whites usually lack adequate social organs to protect them from their jewmasters’s manipulative peer pressure campaigns and other anti-White programs/operations . Hence , Whites are typically a politicly retarded people ( not mostly an IQ issue ) compared to their jewmasterss .

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Will, I wish we lived closer to each other as I’d like to compare notes on a few things. And, the geographical issue as underscored by not living closer to each other, as well as your comment ” Geographical separation into our own exclusive White living spaces is the only ultimate solution.” is the paramount obstacle.

      This is something I have been working on for quite a few years, and both a question and a problem still has yet to be addressed, as follows:

      1) THE QUESTION – where? I believe we need to work towards an area that is workable. New England is out of the question, as is the SW USA. And, being that we are White people, I believe we need an area with a bit of an European flavor, and not the semi-tropical South. We don’t need palm trees shading us while we sip Mai-Tais on the beach. We also need a coastline, to accommodate – let us say – friendly powers.

      2) THE PROBLEM: No one wants to relocate, despite the fact that – more than anything else – that would put us on the road to securing the existence of our people and a future for White children, to quote DEL.

    • William Gruff
      William Gruff says:

      How do you propose to prevent non Whites from infecting ‘exclusive White living spaces’?

      • Tim Folke
        Tim Folke says:

        There are many ways, and all are rather easy. Various methods of financial constraints may be all that is needed.

  2. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    The problem is Tucker is attempting to deal with the problem of replacement while avoiding the position of white Americans. He keeps banging on about black voters to provide himself with cover from the inevitable pc outrage but by doing so he is neglecting the needs (still) largest group in the uSA. whites.

      • Robert Henderson
        Robert Henderson says:

        The problem with Tucker’s position is that he has backed himself into a corner from which he cannot honestly escape . If he stays where he is using blacks as a shield he cannot put the interests of the white population first and if he moves to unambiguous support for the white population blacks will feel d that he has simply been using them.

        What is needed is someone who starts by promoting white interests , the interests which are still those of the majority of the US population.

        • Kevin MacDonald
          Kevin MacDonald says:

          And such a person, even someone as popular as Carlson, will be gone immediately. Just mentioning White interests while also legitimately discussing Black interests is important.

          • Curmudgeon
            Curmudgeon says:

            Since reading your first article on this, I have searched, unsuccessfully, for the interview with Enoch Powell in which he was accused of being against non-White immigration. His response was burned into my brain: “Oh no. Oh no, I have said many times that if the immigration of Germans was as high, we would be worse off.”
            As with many other things, Powell has been proven correct. There has been large scale Polish immigration into the UK, and several areas have essentially become little Poland. The locals are not happy.
            Carlson is correct. Immigration in any form is bad for the the rest of the citizenry. Three million Poles arriving annually and settling in Pennsylvania would change that state as much as three million Hispanics. One may be less objectionable, but there would be change. That doesn’t include your family and friends having to compete for employment with the newcomers in a massively expanded pool of those seeking employment. Does anyone know how much immigration costs the government? In ten year old stats, the Canadian government acknowledged the net cost was $35B annually. You can bet that it is ten times that today, in the US.
            Over the years, I have had some success in silencing the open borders idiots by shifting the issue of immigration from race to economics. Sure, I’m not keen about the non-Whites, but the majority of people, including conservatives, will cave on racial issues. Better to say that there should be no immigration from anywhere, until there is full employment.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      I read your two first lines several times. During the remainder of this week, I shall continue reading them over and over. Once I comprehend them I shall read the remaining two.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      He certainly cannot be too vocal about White interests just yet. I think he made a smart move by “banging on about the Blacks”. We need the Blacks on our side. The Jewish media has used Blacks vs Whites for decades. Whites are way too petrified to speak the truth about Jewish control – Black people are not afraid of them. I would call this baby steps.

  3. Joe
    Joe says:

    Tucker Carlson reaches a large audience. Thus he cannot say the word ‘White’ much. Not allowed, much less say ‘White replacement’!
    Nay Nay Nay
    The rhetorical emphasis must be on the Blacks and their vote dilution.
    As you say: “As Blacks become less of a demographic force, they will also become less of a political force. There will be less official sympathy for Black issues like BLM, reparations, dealing with criminals, and centering on Black grievance in the educational system.”
    Whites matter not, we are all defined, every last one of us, as an unregenerate racist and there is nothing a White person can do to escape that perdition, aside from self-extinguishment. The  Left is encouraging this state of Zed, as we see from Charles Murray book “Coming Apart” where White male suicide rate in the USA is rising but in France and Germany it is falling.

    Do you consume media? Then every  night you are getting the susurrant message ‘Kill yourself YT!’
    Your reply in public should be ‘but Black votes are being diluted! Hurry! we must end immigration. Blacks are losing their jobs to immigrants who will work for less, (George Borjas….the law of supply and demand).’
    YT does not matter. He is Zed, Zilch, Zero.

  4. Arr Vee
    Arr Vee says:

    Another interesting article K-Mac. One thing I appreciate about Tucker is that, unlike other media personalities, he has a lot of funds (he’s a wealthy industrial heir to my understanding) and not much of a give-a-fuck if he gets fired because, if he does, he can pull a Rush Limbaugh and start his own show. He can buy himself a nice studio and start his own radio show. The ADL will try to chase him methinks, but to lesser effect given you have your own online venues.

    The thing about Jews that I find most irksome isn’t as much their involvement in subversive movements, but their utterly duplicitous claims to progressivism. I have a Muslim friend I speak to on a regular basis who’s extremely woke to the JQ who recently shared a post about how Jews run the Islamophobia Industry despite claiming to promote “progressive values”. He wondered whether Jewish claims to “progressivism” were entirely self-serving, something I’ve seen you argue with regards to the famous “Black-Jewish Alliance” during the civil rights movement.

    This kind of thinking is not unique to our political persuasion in my opinion.

    Arr Vee Out.

  5. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    It’s insane, ridiculous, and suicidal to believe that the native majority has no right to determine who enters its homeland, especially when the newcomers are lawless, have little in common with the local majority…and even claim part of the land and its own. The Democratic Party is UnAmerican. It’s a treacherous entity that wants to turn America into Blah Land by turning these illegals into Democratic Party voters. This is treachery pure and simple. Try to immigrate to Mexico and see the reaction of Mexican Immigration. Try to immigrate to fifth-world Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua… and see what happens. One thing for sure… America’s contribution to world civilization will be reduced to zip. It might encorage people who have European origins to emigrate to Germany, Poland, Italy, Greece, Ireland…

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      ” It might encourage people who have European origins to emigrate to Germany, Poland, Italy, Greece, Ireland”

      Surely you are aware that the very same agenda is being pushed on all those countries that you mention. Poland to a lesser extent – but things are afoot to make that happen. Have you seen the state of Ireland recently? It’s becoming a basket case of a country due to their meddling. No White country is safe from their agenda. Why give up and flee anyway? A better option is to stay in your own homeland and fight for the cause.

  6. traducteur
    traducteur says:

    With historically high birth rates among Palestinians, and a possible influx of Palestinian refugees and their descendants now living around the world, Jews would quickly be a minority in a bi-national state

    …and therefore we, the chosen Herrenvolk, must rid the land of them. Easier said than done: as Orwell pointed out decade ago, the extermination of millions of people would be a task of great physical difficulty.

  7. Dan Reardon
    Dan Reardon says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by Tucker Carlson’s response to the ADL. Hopefully his segment has pried open a door that other mainstream people will walk through. We’re way overdue for some good news.

  8. Robert Ferrara
    Robert Ferrara says:

    It is always the same with these wankers through history. They push the bloody envelope too far and even the most common person, as well as those in the know get tired of their bollocks and finally call them out.

  9. 9593
    9593 says:

    We are ready for a Gilbert and Sullivan comedy opera series where the audience knows who is being mocked, but the Authorities cannot find an indictment. An excellent example from “The Pirates of Penzance”:


    Tucker can speak in code, we know what he means.

  10. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks Kevin. Great piece.

    As I’ve said before, I feel that we’re on the cusp of bringing the JQ/Jewish supremacy, out into the open for larger public discourse. It’s the pink elephant in the room. Tucker is proof that although it’s inch-by-inch, there is hope that they will be exposed without repercussions to those with the courage to state the obvious.

  11. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Tucker spoke and speaks of yoga-teacher-types trending to civilizationally- and -scenically preferred states, and then turning them purple, followed by blue.

    Who, on our side, would not be interested in reliable statistics, demonstrating where these new, bought and paid for future voters will be settled by Biden & Co.?

    Couched in terms of ” releasing them into the interior ! “.

  12. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    At the time of my watching, 3/4 of a million views on YouTube, 40K upvotes and 1.5K downvotes, comments disabled.

    If only our dear K-Mac and the Occidental Observer could garner such audience views! (Or even be a guest on Tucker’s show.)

    Good news that someone has said and is saying something about the topic. However, Tucker is controlled opposition. He is a pressure valve meant to release some of the massive anger boiling up amoungst we the dispossessed. It is intended to make viewers think those in charge are noticing the injustice and are doing something about it. Sadly, those in charge are the perps.

    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      My sentiments as well. However, the hubris of organized Jewry is driving them to more egregious moves all the time, to try to extinguish any dissenting voice. Tucker is now in their gun sights, so it looks like the last of the mainstream pressure relief valves is about to be eliminated. It is refreshing to see Carlson come back swinging at the vicious ADL …..at long last.

      Thanks Kevin, for featuring this timely article.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      How in the world can you hope for KM’s appearance on Tucker’s show and then call T
      ” controlled opposition !?!?!? ”

      KM can and does easily delve into Tucker’s subject matter. The opposite would be suicide for Tucker.

      When you next run low on your car’s engine oil, add a little water and wait for the death knell of your crank bearings.

  13. Karen
    Karen says:


    Tucker Carlson should play excerpts from this leaked Zoom call. Joe Biden claims that counteracting the events at Charlottesville (1:03:28) were a part of his election platform. He states that racial “equity” is at the top of his to do list as president elect. Biden reiterates that the U.S. will be minority White by 2040, and that if blacks and Hispanics can’t find a way to work together the U.S. is doomed (1:14:25). Here we have the president elect coming right out and saying that the current population, the people who built this country, will be soon at the back of the line. Racial replacement is not a conspiracy theory. Calling Tucker Carlson…..


  14. Tomislav, dr Tom Sunic
    Tomislav, dr Tom Sunic says:

    The US is not just getting rapidly balkanized along racial-ethnic lines, similar to the ex-communist powder keg of Yugoslavia. It is also becoming Sovietized by mimicking the former Soviet communist narrative. The ADL and its CEO Greenblatt resemble the early Soviet People’s Commissariat for Education (“Narkompros”), doubling down now on their ex-Bolshevik lookalike, or the Doppelgänger, the late Evgraf Alexandrovich Litkens.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Dear Dr. Sunic;

      Are you able to inform us, as reliably as possible, about that Navalny poisoning, again allegedly directed by Putin ?

      I understand he initially fell ill in flight in Siberia. Rather than being expeditiously taken to one of several, excellent local University hospitals, he was picked up by a team of Berlin doctors in a private plane from Berlin, engendering an unnecessary hours-long delay. Subsequently said doctors reportedly refused to share their findings, leaving our usual reliable MSM to fill in the blanks in their own interest.

      Were you to know more in your part of the world and circles, would you kindly share it with us.

  15. Brian USA
    Brian USA says:

    White people in the USA don’t realize elite Jewish extremists control most of the mainstream media and the popular alternative media, thus when the media pushes White supremacy, systemic racism and White privilege they think the information comes from smart, educated humanitarian Whites, not from elite Jewish extremists with an agenda to destroy White Christian power.

    Elite Jewish extremists have controlled countries in Europe for years, but historians claim Jewish people have been kicked out or had their rights limited over 100 times in Europe, mostly by White Christians, because they dominate a country on behalf of Jewish people. They don’t want this to happen to them in the future, so via immigration, they’re lowering the percentage of White people in European countries, which decreases their power, so elite Jewish extremists can keep dominating European countries and increase their power. They’re using the same strategy in the United States, Canada and Australia.

    These days, there is more racism among the minority groups than from Whites to any minority group. For example, go to a Black neighborhood and tell them the Mexicans and the Vietnamese are moving in and see what happens.

  16. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    Why doesn’t Tucker mention how Jewish mass immigration led to the Nakba pogroms and the Great Replacement of Palestinians in Palestine?

    Jewish Power is now planning to turn whites into the New Palestinians in white nations. But even as Jews do everything to reduce whites into minorities in their own nations, whites are always sucking up to Jews, 80% of whom voted for Biden and used their media monopoly to smear nationalists and patriots. Trump and Trumptards are always into ‘muh israel’. Idiots will lose.

    Tucker mentions how Israel is right to defend its borders and demography, but he doesn’t mention that it was the Palestinians who were erased and replaced in Palestine by mass Jewish immigration-invasion.

    • Brian USA
      Brian USA says:

      Beginning with the creation of Israel elite Jews have done everything they can to erase Palestinian history, they’re now doing the same thing in the USA with White history.

      Soon schools kids in the USA will not know Whites created the very high standard of living all races in the USA enjoy; Whites allowed non-Whites from all over the world to immigrate to the USA and Whites created the government, the corporations, industries, technology, healthcare system, the banking system, the universities, made the US dollar the international currency etc.

      Schools kids won’t know the USA was about 89 percent White in 1950.

      Via the elite Jewish pushed, absurd critical race theory and other ways, schools kids will learn the false claims racist Whites throughout history in the USA used systemic racism to advance their standard of living and crush the lives of Black people.

  17. Tom
    Tom says:

    People like Carlson, Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, and other well-known nominally conservative figures know what’s going on. They’re also smart enough to know that national salvation is a step-by-step process. First, civic nationalism has to be made respectable once again, then private property rights have to be restored, and thereafter talk of secession can be initiated. Anybody who thinks that a leap can be made from the present catastrophe to an explicitly Euro-exclusive ethno-state is whistling Dixie. And that’s why the former figures are more valuable to any movement for a national homeland than purist activists.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Events have overtaken and indeed aborted whatever plans and projections Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter had or have in mind. Those whom you implicitly (and rather unfairly) dismiss as purist activists find themselves similarly situated. Whether the organizing vision’s focus is on civic nationalism or secession or relocating to a centrally heated underground community in Nunavut, the bottom line is the same: it is hardly likely that it will be permitted to happen.

      Last August, TOO regulars were treated by Roger Devlin to excerpts from Richard Lynn’s memoirs. One of the anecdotes concerned a chat Lynn had with Dick Herrnstein about the eventual eradication of European civilization here in the USA. Lynn, hoping for pushback from Herrnstein, was saddened when the latter replied, “It’s inevitable.” Jump ahead to January 6, 2021, when KM published an article here whose subtitle was “The Left Will Now Enact Permanent Hegemony.” Its message might almost have been this: Herrnstein and Lynn were cockeyed optimists. Ready or not, their “eventuality” has been advanced to today!

      Despite what might almost be seen as a subsequent mass effort by both TOO writers and TOO commenters to act as if Kevin’s clear-sighted analysis never saw the light of day, candor and integrity will, must, win out sooner or later, preferably sooner. No quantum of thinking, planning, or dreaming that fails to factor in this new totalitarianism will have a snowball’s chance in hell of doing any good.

      Face it: we are in a political situation now whose most recognizable antecedent is the October Revolution. An election has been stolen, every advanced society has been locked down via a massive disease hoax, expression of opinion contrary to the Official Narrative has been consigned to the margins—to survive there for how long, pray?—and this antidemocratic, extralegal Deep State coup d’état has been hailed as a triumph for democracy by the ethnic kin of the Judeo-Bolsheviks, people for whom lying in their teeth is as easy as watching the sun set on a summer evening.

      The differences between the revolutions of 1918 and 2021 are, however, as interesting as their similarities. For us, the most deeply concerning differences ought to be that the Jews and their epigones of today have no intention of making the same mistakes as their forbears of a century ago—and they have been working nonstop on perfecting this Mark Two version in the interim. Worse still, the new Bolsheviks have at their disposal tools for 24/7 electronic surveillance of virtually every human being on the planet, tools that make the surveillance technology of Orwell’s three superstates look like a video game aimed at a four-year-old.

      Why aren’t proponents of civic nationalism or secession or any other way out or way up for beleaguered white people asking what seems the truly fundamental question: will our new permanent rulers even permit any of these efforts to get off the ground? Indeed, why would they? Isn’t it past time to wake up to the fact that nothing, literally nothing, in their past and present actions, let alone their Satanic immorality and depraved psychology, suggests that they would hesitate to employ a few of this country’s full-to-overflowing stockpile of weapons of mass destruction—yes, nukes—to deal with organized white resistance to their Benevolent Agenda of Reform and Equity?

      The evidence is overwhelming that the nightmare has just begun. The seventy years of murderous Judeo-communist rule of Russia and its neighboring states ought to be taken as the minimum period of suffering and oppression facing us and our descendants before internal and external forces—with a reawakening of Christian orthodoxy being not the least important of those forces—combine to dethrone the (((children of Satan))) yet again. At least for a while.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        “. . .combine to dethrone the (((children of Satan))). . .”

        The Pledge of Allegiance was written by a Communist, Francis Bellamy. Ike got into a debate with Marshall Zhukov- “We are merely putting the principles of the Bible into practice.”

        Christianity and Communism: https://tinyurl.com/a29w8wuw

      • Leon Haller
        Leon Haller says:

        A well-stated comment. I’m not sure you’re empirically wrong, but the tenor of your comment is overly defeatist. It seems to suggest nothing more than “Game over, dude!”. [Note: this is before the beleaguered white man has even started really ‘playing’.] I was aware of the possibility of eventual white extinction by the mid-70s, in high school. People thought I was crazy when I broached the topic. The ones who were more perceptive still thought we had a greater worry in the international Judeo-Bolshevik criminal conspiracy – ie, communism – and that resisting it should take precedence over concerns about proliferating ‘diversity’.

        My understanding is even more blackpilled today, first, because I grasp the JQ, in some significant though not exclusive measure due to the heroic writings of Prof. MacDonald, in a way I did not when I was young (and I confess: I’m still relatively ‘liberal’ on the JQ compared to most white preservationists, perhaps because I’ve allowed myself to be overly influenced by the many conservative Jews I know who themselves oppose leftism and government-engineered ‘diversity’); second, because the objective racial situation has so greatly worsened over my life (back in the 80s, even as I was sounding my warnings, both personally, and occasionally under a pseudonym, I truly believed in my gut that eventually we would at least halt the immigration invasion, so that my real concern was with ensuring that we halted it in time to preserve a still-sizable white majority, and the possibility of conservative political victories along with it; NEVER did I suppose at any point in the 70s-90s that by the 2020s the invasion would still be going full steam!); and third, because whites themselves, in an eventuality I literally never contemplated, have become so much racially weaker-willed compared to the hardly iron-willed WW2 and Boomer generations (obviously, I’m a Boomer {b.1960}, albeit a ‘late’ one). I truly used to predict that whites would get tougher as their numbers dwindled. Who could have thought we’d grow yet more infirm of character even as our relative demographic strength declined, and the evidence of racial differentiation and the lies of liberal egalitarianism piled up? To me, our character enervation is even more alarming than our demographic atrophy.

        But what is to be done? If you happen to respond to this comment, I will attempt an answer to this question. (The one thing I dislike about this site is that comments eventually disappear. It seems that once a post goes to “comments are closed”, the past comments themselves become inaccessible. Thus, I don’t want to engage in further dialogue if what I should write simply never gets seen.)

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Thank you for your remarks, Mr. Haller. You won’t be surprised to learn that we have a few disagreements.

          I have written on several prior occasions that I see a noteworthy shortage of appropriate pessimism at this site. Its absence is occasionally evident among TOO’s authors, but it is approaching drought proportions among commenters. That you see my attitude as defeatist rather than pessimistic is, I think, a mistake on your part. Am I truly counseling surrender to despair sans sufficient justification—for that is what defeatism is—or correctly assessing that, at least for the nonce, the game (or at least a major subdivision of it) is indeed over and our side has taken a shellacking of direly historic dimensions? You choose.

          In one area, however, Mr. Haller, you have, I think, drawn conclusions that evince what seems to me a far more misplaced pessimism than any I would summon up. I refer to your statement above: “Most whites are utterly useless. They are evolutionarily defective—prone to utopian brainwashing.” This has become a very popular sentiment hereabouts, and a good many people express it with substantially more smug disdain and with a far stronger implication of their own moral and intellectual superiority than, fortunately, you do. Yet however the sentiment is expressed, it strikes me as neither useful nor apt. Among other things, it implicates evolution in matters where what evolution can reasonably contribute to understanding is utterly trivial. Most tellingly of all, I believe, the sentiment does our brothers and sisters, who have been the targets of the most cunning deceptions and the vilest temptations for centuries, a grave injustice.

          Finally, I have never made it a secret that I consider a profound and widespread rededication to Christian faith to be an indispensable component of any meaningful white revival. That this conviction of mine is widely scorned troubles me not at all. The very idea of tailoring religion to the imagined requirements of any given secular society—rather, that is, than the other way round—is as distastefully synthetic as any Jewish distortion of objective reality one might observe or imagine. Similarly, the sort of moral illiteracy exhibited by people who talk earnestly of building a culture organized around, for example, an Odinist revival is unlikely even to stand up to the huffing and puffing of an aging wolf suffering from an advanced case of emphysema.

          So, again, and with due respect, I don’t accept the characterization defeatist, but I do plead guilty to pessimism, albeit, as I have frequently hinted, one tempered by constant prayer.

  18. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    I’m not from the US but would strongly suggest you, The Occidental Observer, do your best to contact Tucker’s office showing support, and encouragement. Might not even get to him, but worth a try. Something like this is a golden opportunity to build upon. Other’s in the US should also capitalise on this also.

  19. Bob
    Bob says:

    You want to check out Auckland,New Zealands biggest city.
    The Jews have imported so many third world immigrants that they outnumber NZers.
    The sewerage system is now so overloaded because of the dramatic increase in population that it routinely overflows into the once pristine beaches surrounding Auckland.
    Fisheries have been depleted because the immigrants dont follow the laws on fishing…particularly shellfish.
    Schools are “overloaded” …because of the number of children from the immigrants…..so it is infrastructure across the board….the roads are packed to way over capacity.
    And of course the Mayor of Auckland is a jew (Goff)…there was a brief outbreak of real news involving a cut price govt building…..connected to Goff.But this was quickly quashed.
    Ditto the five million dollars stolen from the funds for the Americas Cup yachting regatta….which somehow ended up being deposited in an Hungarian bank account…this “news” vaporized and has not been heard of since.
    The media is in the hands of the Jews,that goes without saying…most do not advertise their ethnicity…they’re crypto Jews in other words…..a number pretend to be Catholics like Madeline Albright and John Kerry in the USA…

    Jacinda Ardern the NZ PM purports to be a mormon…..its a lie of course.She is a crypto jew and so is her husband who works in the media with a fishing theme.

    Ardern was a Freemasons scholar and worked as an intern in Tony Blairs office in London…she is a 101% globalist.
    Like when Obama was in office she is NEVER tested by the media….its a free ride for this weird buck toothed woman.

    She may well eventually be made the Secretary General of the UN…..and it may be planned for her to leave NZ politics when the job comes up next time around.
    The Governor General is a crypto Jewish woman…..in short NZ is totally dominated by these people…..and when that happens tyranny follows sooner or later as they attempt to maintain their power.

    • Kevin
      Kevin says:

      I checked the demographics of Auckland. I had no idea. So very sad to hear.

      There is no significant difference between Mormons and jews.

      • Tim Folke
        Tim Folke says:

        I have known a lot of Mormons in my life and, by and large, they are wonderful people, especially the older ones. They are starting to wake up, too. Yes, there are a few who fit your comment, but that can be said of many groups.

  20. Karl Nemmersdorf
    Karl Nemmersdorf says:

    Huge fan of Tucker Carlson. I’m also not much into purity tests. If a guy with a national platform tells enough important and crucial truth to consistently enrage the apparatchiks, that’s great. He doesn’t have to cover every single damn thing you might want him to. If he pushed any further, literally, he would be gone. So enjoy him while he lasts. The past week has been dynamite. Thanks to K Mac for taking the time to comment.

    • A Swain
      A Swain says:

      Some White people are giving in to defeatist ideas way too quickly.

      The Lions of the West will prevail and those of alien race and cultures banished to their respective lands of origin or set asides, in the fullness of time. There is more than one way to make aliens want to flee.

  21. Floda
    Floda says:

    I think Tucker Carlson and his new boss Lachlan Murdoch could easily be the best of soul mates, they are about the same age and Lachlan has experience in dealing with Jews, I am pretty sure it is something he’d rather forget: About twenty years ago young Murdoch and the son of another Australian Media Mogul, James Packer were involved in a Telephone business which went sour and cost the two Goy boys a quick half a billion each! This was a very public matter at the time and seen as between Murdoch and Packer Vs several Jewish Guys. Young Lachlan was not seen or heard from much for years afterwards, one of the Jews was reported to have purchased a tropical island without a sea port to discourage visitors or persons seeking to do harm to the owner. In those days it was thought separating Kerry Packers Son from half a BILLION was suicide, but so far no reports of any damage to the man. I would say that experience would have been young Murdoch’s most challenging in life and make him a cautious man.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Murdoch is either a Jew or a facsimile Jew . Your story about the ripoff is likely an Orwellian sideshow . Jews are smart and they play the political long-game .

  22. Branden Worthington
    Branden Worthington says:

    The Pollards always go too far. They allow their hatred for gentiles
    to cloud their judgement. Tucker has the moral high ground…..the ADL looks

  23. Patrick White
    Patrick White says:

    An artfully crafted and uplifting piece. (And when was it ever not thus with Professor MacDonald. His way of dissecting and arraying reality in a beautifully recognisable form before his readers is astonishing.)

    In a civilised country, Greenblatt and Goldberg would have already faced a firing squad.

    As it is, it is left to one lone voice in mainstream legacy media to hint at the fact that America is currently under the control of a foreign power, systematically guiding the United States to its own destruction.

    HORST D. FLEMMER says:

    Everything considered: Tucker Carlson is right about many things. He should have mentioned that
    Jews replaced the rightful owner of Palestine = Palestinians. The fact is, the world is getting darker
    and darker by the day. and why? It is “safe for democracy” – USA slogan to interfere worldwide in
    every state/government/country. Dante`s hell – no hope – is becoming a reality – thanks to the USA.
    USA will go down with a whimper – and not with a bang.

    Horst D. Flemmer
    Bombing survivor &
    CEO of GLM.

  25. Dermot Kyne
    Dermot Kyne says:

    I believe that Professor Macdonald’s assertions in reference to persons and organizations who/which are “clients” of the Democratic Party, and the various categories of “clientes,” who subordinated associates of men of power and wealth in Rome during the Late Republic and the Early Empire, and not entirely correct.
    The degree pf advantage and preferment which “clientes” could expect of their patrons, men, such as Julius Caesar,the first “Princeps,” or “First Citizen,” or his rival, Marcus Tullius Cicero, was far more constrained than the largesse with which the ever aggregating demographic cohort of Third World invaders are invested.

    Ab Initio, an “cliente” had to have something that the patron could put to his own advantage. Such as being able to influence a vote among the Plebeians. As the Empire expanded, up and down Italy and into France and Spain, and across the Mediterranean to North Africa, “clientes,” had, what might be termed “liturgies” to perform. North African clients might be expected to supply animals for the Arena and Circus. In order that the “strong men” at Rome, could entertain their electorate among the Roman population. To secure election to the Tribunate. Or other offices.

    But the status of “clientes” was and remained subordinate. They could not arbitrarily or unilaterally remove their domicile, from Provincia Britannia, of Hispania Inferior, or Africa Proconsularis. and take upon residence in Rome. The privileges of Roman citizenship were extended and expanded only exceptionally and incrementally. Not until the early 3rd century did the Emperor Hadrian expand the franchise thruout the Empire. And he only did so to expand the tax base.

    The current relationship between the (Hostile) American “Elite,” and their Third World “clients” is more closely approximate to that which obtained between the Roman elite and the Roman Mob. Or, between such persons and the ad hoc para-military brigades of Gladiators. Who could be recruited and hired out as armed thugs. To intimidate an rival candidate.

    The “clientes” of Late Republican Rome and the Early Empire, were men and families of wealth of means. Even if they did not and could not live in Rome. Or even in Italy. And even if they lived as far away as Roman Britain, or Provincia Aegypta. The “clients” of the Democratic Party, currently pouring across the border (the “border”), to the south are the utter dregs of the Western Hemisphere. As well as everywhere else.

  26. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    I have a different theory than most presented here.
    It is possible and even likely Carlson/Fox is working closely with Greenblatt/ADL to fabricate this fake ‘conflict’. It’s all theater, and both actors are playing their part. The agenda? Agitate and incite the white right to knowledge of its replacement and eventual genocide, in order to provoke its usually apathetic, uninspired mass to action. The Power Jews in America want a civil war in the streets, both sides heavily armed and enraged (which is one reason they are not really enacting gun confiscation programs, but using that issue too to agitate and incite). The left is easily provoked, but the right is more difficult to budge, so Carlson is their agent provocateur. Almost all his content is wildly partisan and divisive, incendiary against the left, and is just about the only voice for a certain white patriotic constitutionalist America. And a powerful voice it is. Radio Free America we might call it. Agit prop at its finest.
    It is not surprising that Carlson would ‘dare’ to mention white replacement. He will say Anything to get the white right into an outrage. And his handlers know nothing provokes fundamentalism like a threat to a people’s way of life, and especially it’s very existence. They need more white fundamentalist nationalists for their civil war, and Carlson is the #1 propagandist creating them.

    I will lay a bet that nothing will come of the Greenblatt challenge, and Carlson will go on inciting and agitating the white right. They will make a silly spectacle of it for a while, Greenblatt disappointed at the Fox News statement that ‘we must honor freedom of speech, but our advertisers take no responsibility for anything stated on our flagship program Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ Some advertisers will make a display of withdrawing funding, but other Jewish money sources will quietly step forward to keep up the support. Greenblatt and the ADL will decry the ‘conspiracy theory’ that whites are being replaced with Democrat immigrant voters, and denounce Carlson, but mostly to further enrage the white right and drive them into the street battles.
    They can’t have just BLM and Antifa raging in the streets. It needs an opposition, and Carlson working with Greenblatt will create and incite it.

  27. Eric
    Eric says:

    I suspect 90% of Whites in the U.S. are politically disengaged. They’re just not paying attention. They’re like an heir frittering away his inheritance. He knows what he’s doing, but doesn’t want to face the unpleasant reality of what will happen once the money runs out. So he refuses to think about it.

    Whites in the U.S. are not quite like that. They don’t think their fortune — such as it is — is ever going to run out. They think that they can be endlessly generous to non-Whites and delight in their own virtue-signaling. So they’re not paying attention to the red flags that keep popping up. And there are plenty of red flags out there in spite of the media’s attempts to cover them up.

    What ends up happening in this situation is that Whites are sucked into battles that are meaningless as far as their true interests are concerned: conservative vs. liberal, religious vs. atheist, men vs. women, free market vs. socialist, straight vs.gay, nationalist vs. globalist, libertarian vs. authoritarian, and so on. The enemies of Whites control both sides of most of those debates.

    And it always comes down to a case of “follow the money”: Who has the wealth? Who pulls the strings? Answer: Jews, going back to the Middle Ages and even before.

    Somehow, Western pagan and Christian societies managed to flourish anyway. But that flourishing began to disappear in the first quarter of the twentieth century. It accelerated thereafter. The assassination of JFK was a pivot point in the United States. In Europe, the pivot points were the creation of the EU followed by the mass immigration into Germany (and the rest of Western Europe) facilitated by Angela Merkel.

    White Western Civilization has now become Anti-White Anti-Western barbarism. The last of Whiteworld to succumb — if it does — will be Christian Russia and Eastern Europe.

    The only thing that can save the West — apart from the Second Coming or a Christian revival — is a major war or economic collapse. Out of the wreckage of that, ethnostates could emerge.

    Given that this is the case, I cannot bring myself to worry much about immigration/illegal immigration. I think the heightened importance we place on it is a reflection of the mistaken idea that we can save ourselves through politics as usual. It is too late for that.

    On the other hand, I think we have looked at immigration and demographic change rather superficially. Every cloud, as they say, has a silver lining.

    I do not see Asian and Latino immigration as something that will destroy Whiteworld. Most Latinos are half-White. Most are Christian. Most are hard-working and family oriented. Things could be worse.

    Asians are not White, but they are far from being black. They integrate well for the most part. They are law-abiding and productive.

    Intermarriage between the White population — which will remain the largest group, even after it becomes less than half of the population — and Asians and Latinos will tend to “whiten” the latter more than it “darkens” the former.

    It is really Jews, blacks and Muslims that are the potential problem. And nobody who has to deal with them much likes them.

    As Tucker said, immigration is making blacks less powerful. How is that a bad thing? Whites aren’t going to be the only target in the increasingly non-White society of future. The other groups will be fighting it out with each other, and Whites will have the advantage of being potential allies in the various conflicts that are sure to take place.

    I’m glad Tucker took on the ADL. He is pushing it as far as he can go short of leaving Fox News (which he might want to consider doing anyway).

    The only thing he left out of the equation besides a more explicit attack on Jews is the Republican role in encouraging mass immigration — for cheap labor and to keep White American workers “in their place.”

    Short term financial profit appears to be more important to White Republican leaders than long-term political survival as a party. They not only don’t care about the well being of White Americans now, they don’t even care about the well being of their children and grandchildren.

    If the Republican Party doesn’t become a White nationalist party, it will be finished in the next few years. Then the political battle will be between White nationalists representing all Whites regardless of economic status and the elitists who control both the Republican and Democratic parties today.

    Those elitists, having lost Whites, will begin to lose non-Whites as well, because all they care about is themselves.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to watch.

    • George Penner
      George Penner says:

      Massive replacement level immigration is the main key to the jew’s plan to wreck every white nation on earth.
      There is no silver lining. Inter-marriage is not a positive.
      All non-whites, including mexicans and asians, are part of the jews’ anti-white coalition….blacks are the dumb foot soldiers.
      You see the non-whites becoming more and more viciously anti-white because the jews are egging it on. Look at Ted Lieu’s comments. And there is a very long list of nasty vicious anti-white hispanic politicians.
      The jews have really screwed things up royally, and they keep turning up the heat. It really seems like they want an all out race war because the jew media keeps lying to the dumb blacks that whitey is out to get them, and blacks respond by beating and killing whites. Asians and hispanics are happy to jump in and kick the white dog that’s already down. And of course whites are not supposed to defend themselves in any way.
      It’s an absurd situation, truly unbelievable, surreal.
      As KMAC says in the Intro of The CofC, whites had control of most of the world, but something interfered and overnight destroyed what whites had built over thousands of years. That something is jews…but try to convince your neighbor of this fact.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        …” something interfered and overnight destroyed what whites had built over thousands of years. That something is jews…”

        Yes it is “jews” because primarily ( not exclusively )
        Christianity is a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to their chosenhite jewmasterss ; where the destructions began with apathetic/ignorant acquiscience to the disposessions of righteous White property control/ownership claims including claims on the White genomes ( ie. acquiscience to coerced acceptance of miscegenation ) . Another most egregious dispossession is the lack of “true” ownership of a USA bought and paid-for home after slaving away at what is/are ultimately Jewish controlled/owned job(s) to pay for a twenty or thirty year mortgage .

        The depth and breadth of the majority of White political ignorance is astounding .

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Thanks for making those observations. I agree Rep. Lieu is a little creep. So is Sen. Hirono. They’ve jumped on the antiwhite bandwagon.

        Whether that will work out well for them in the long run is an open question. The Hispanics and Asians I deal with in Southern California are mostly good people who don’t hate Whitey.

  28. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    I believe your 25-line comment to lack even an iota of merit or fact-based credibility. Taken in its entirety it appears itself to be an endeavor at agitprop.

    Why ?

    Because, to be credible, you would necessarily have to put ALL of his synchronized colleagues into the same pot. If it were an orchestrated left-wing plot of disinformation for the purpose of agitating towards an all-out war,
    why would the remainder of his also brilliant, analytical and outspoken colleagues not be included by them in your perceived dark plot ?

    Mark Steyn is unsurpassed with his incisive, deadly wit. Hannity uses Schiff when he means shit. Laura, after Hannity, must have passed her logic courses, embedded in her Law Degree, with flying colors. Their accomplished guests are of the highest quality.

    Tucker’s countenance, courage, passion, empathy for victims on either side, his willingness to interview that Greenblatt, and his record on objectivity by featuring opponents, give me the deepest impression, that he is exactly what he appears to be.

    The ADL, under Greenblatt, opened an office in Silicon Valley, to monitor and censor material on the net running counter to their interests. Google the numerous, pertinent articles !

  29. Donovan McCallister
    Donovan McCallister says:

    WHITE people you are strong your ancestors conquered the world and invented almost everything coll, fantastic and so on.

    Including guns. Guns can and will be used to get freedom from opression. You are now occupied by the enemy.

    A consortium of racemixed and anti white non whites people withh other religions and so on controll the flow of information and owns enough media, IT and so on, to be able to direct the ongoing holocaust on WHITES.

    My suggestion.

    1. New ideology.

    2. Set a clear goal such as halting all immigration of noon whites, sending back non whites, building a wall, giving money to families having WHITE children, mandatory racially segregated schools in every area where the families can choose if their children should attend a segregated school or a not segregated one (a race-mixing institute in effect). Or an Etno State, or the fall of the goverment and some kind of guerilla war or civil war with the end goal of regaining USA as a WHITE territory.

    3. Write a pro white constitution.

    4. Inform your fellow WHITES, with information IRL. David Lane distributed 500’000 pro WHITE flyers himself, what have you done lately.

    5. Get guns, gold, ammunition and other things of value not connected to the state or dependent on it. Owning land is not bad it’s great for those who can afford it. Especially in parts of the country that will show strength in numbers of WHITES that are PRO-WHITE.

    You will win, the enemies are weak in battle, buy you gotta go while you have some numbers. Your enemies know this hence their action on massimmigration of non whites…

    • Noel Schmitt III
      Noel Schmitt III says:

      These are some very important ways of moving forward.

      I would add also giving WHITES a sence of belonging and information about their own history and the achievenments of their group.

      This would include inventions, science, sports (yes that also invented by whites, but not too much focus on sports), painted art, music and literature.

      Also we must support all new innovative great art with a WHITE or Eurocentric approach. If we don’t have a relevant, current culture that is the best, then what do WHITES have to fight for. Now even many WN that are young listen to rap. We need a new culture, that is based. Hence for us to win the WAR we are in this is essential.

      People, that includes WHITE people want the NEW thing, the latest thing. But this does not compete with knowledge about the history, both are essential.

  30. zard
    zard says:

    Tucker is the voice of controlled opposition in msm. The others are so bad they make him look much better than he actually is.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Tucker is the voice of controlled opposition in msm.”

      Yes . That is also my suspicion .

  31. antisemit
    antisemit says:

    in europa since thausend years the bishops, nobility + kings
    hated, exployted, opressed, abused the people in accordance
    with their jews taxing usuriously the people. the kings needed
    money for wars . this are the same elites (black nobility,
    comitee 300) today with british lords + house windsor. traitors +
    exployters of all european nations together with ther jews +
    milion freemasons, servants of the jews. in USA is the same :
    white liberals, jew bankers + medias, judges, all traitors of
    white decent americans !

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