Tucker Carlson mentions replacement in the context of immigration. Hatred ensues.

The ADL, always attuned to any indication that their subjects are getting restless, is insisting that Tucker Carlson be fired. What brought on their ire was Tucker’s use of the word ‘replacement’ in the context of a discussion of Joe Biden’s Open Border policy. Mentioning replacement in the context of immigration is pretty much in the same category as doubting that all races have the same potentialities or the official holocaust narrative. Be prepared for hatred. Tucker, as quoted in The Hill:

“I know that the left and all the little gatekeepers on Twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term ‘replacement,’ if you suggest that the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate,” Carlson said. “But they become hysterical because that’s what’s happening actually. Let’s just say it. That’s true.

Of course it’s true, and what’s being replaced is the traditional White population of the country. But Tucker couldn’t say that without even more outrage. So he made it all about the current electorate, which is certainly not just White people.

“I mean, everyone’s making a racial issue out of it. Oh, the, you know, white replacement? No, no, this is a voting rights question,” Carlson added later, saying changes to the population “dilute the political power” of current registered voters.

This is disingenuous but I suppose it’s what you have to say to keep your job in the mainstream media—and even that might not be enough. Carlson’s statement is consistent with his repeated assertions of color-blindness, and he’s careful to restrict his comments to illegal immigration. His argument is completely color-blind: “every time they import a new voter, I become disenfranchised as a current voter”—an argument that would apply to any American citizen no matter what their race. “How dare you think I care particularly about White voters!” But isn’t it obvious that such an argument would also apply to legal immigration?

Of course the ADL immediately labeled his comments as “white supremacy”:

Not clear how replacement theory is “anti-Semitic,” but I suppose that Greenblatt considers anything he dislikes as anti-Semitism. After quoting Greenblatt’s tweet, The Hill noted that “the ADL head explained that the “Great Replacement” theory “is a white supremacist tenet that the white race is in danger by a rising tide of non-whites,” linking to a Daily Beast article saying the whole idea was a “racist lie.” But how much of a “racist lie” is it when the White population is steadily dwindling, probably to around 60 percent, and the left wants to dramatically increase the rate at which it is dwindling?

Greenblatt also emailed Fox News, writing “Carlson’s full-on embrace of the white supremacist replacement theory on yesterday’s show and his repeated allusions to racist themes in past segments are a bridge too far. Given his long record of race-baiting, we believe it is time for Carlson to go.” This assertion that Carlson is making a “full-on embrace of white supremacist replacement theory” is a bald-faced lie, but obvious lies seem to be more and more common in high places these days—witness Biden’s lie about the new Georgia voting laws as “Jim Crow on steroids.” A full-on embrace of “white supremacist replacement theory” would at least reference a specific concern for White people losing political clout. Instead, Carlson religiously repeats his mainstream conservative, color-blind mantras firmly rooted in individualist ideology (“every time they import a new voter…”). Officially, he could care less about White people as White people. One wonders if Fox would stand by their most popular talking head if he did come out and just say it. I am pretty sure he believes it.

Officially, Carlson’s heart is bleeding for all those Black, Brown, and Asian citizen-voters whose political clout is being diluted. But of course, that would be wildly inaccurate, particularly in the age of identity politics where non-Whites are strongly encouraged to identify with their racial group and do all they can to advance its interests. The collective power of non-Whites is being increased by immigration and everyone knows it, and White political power is decreasing in an age when hatred of Whites is becoming increasingly obvious—at a time when Critical Race Theory is dominating the educational establishment and corporate board rooms. CRT is a theory that essentially says it’s fine for non-Whites to hate Whites while at the same time encouraging White guilt about the supposed sins of their ancestors. One can only imagine the horrors that await a politically powerless White minority.

And it’s not just White political power that is waning. There is clearly a program to replace Whites as part of the American elite.

Given the voting behavior of non-Whites, it doesn’t make much sense to say that America’s non-White voters are being replaced when they are being “replaced” by more non-White voters, although I suppose one could make the argument that the traditional American Black population will have less political clout given that the preponderance of immigrants are from Latin America and Asia. But in any case, they ain’t White, and the ADL and the Democrats are quite well aware that all non-White groups strongly skew Democrat. In general, the Democrats are in favor of increased legal immigration, amnesty for illegals, and non-enforcement at the border, all of which are on the table with Biden in the White House and a Democrat Congress. Putting these ideas into law along with allowing no-ID voting would give Democrats more or less immediate and permanent hegemony given that Texas and Florida are the largest destinations of immigrants—as noted in my comments on the January 6 “insurrection,” The Left Will Now Enact Permanent Hegemony.”  Their strategy also includes packing the Supreme Court, in case some of their laws are challenged; Biden is already laying the groundwork by establishing a commission packed with a super-majority of liberals.

Biden’s immigration plan calls for an increase in “diversity” visas to 80,000 from 55,000 and has an emphasis on family unification—a code word for chain migration and a bedrock of Jewish attitudes on immigration since the 1920s and continuing up to the 1965 immigration law (here, p. 283) and beyond. What this means is that one lucky visa recipient from, say, Africa, could bring in his immediate (likely large) family and when they became citizens, they could bring in their brothers and sisters outside the quota limit, who could in turn bring in their spouses and children, etc. All these new people would be able to immigrate outside the quota system for legal immigrants. And all could become citizens.

Tucker Carlson Is a Mass Murdering Terrorist!

Comment on the left has explicitly compared Carlson’s mild comments to the manifesto of the Christchurch and El Paso murderers.

I found the above clip from The Daily Show on Max Boot’s Twitter feed. Boot, former neocon (i.e., a liberal-leftie masquerading as a conservative active in promoting U.S. fealty to Israel and moving the GOP to the left on social issues). And now, because of obsessive Trump hate, he is firmly and explicitly ensconced on the left at The Washington Post. Boot wrote that Carlson “the top-rated host on Fox “News” Channel, has been attracting attention for a while with his vile rhetoric against immigrants. Yet now he’s reached a new low.”

As the left-leaning Media Matters for America has chronicled, Carlson has a long history of ugly statements. He has called Iraqis “semiliterate primitive monkeys” and said that Afghanistan is “never going to be a civilized country because the people aren’t civilized.” He has complained that an influx of poor immigrants “makes our own country poor and dirtier and more divided.” He has repeatedly described immigration as an “invasion,” and called the urgent threat posed by white supremacists a “hoax” and “a conspiracy theory used to divide the country and keep a hold on power.”

And here is what the fiend who killed 51 people at two Christchurch mosques said in his manifesto: “Why is diversity said to be our greatest strength? Does anyone even ask why? It is spoken like a mantra and repeated ad infinitum …. But no one ever seems to give a reason why. What gives a nation strength? And how does diversity increase that strength?”

On Thursday night, Carlson moved even closer to white supremacist ideology by explicitly endorsing the Great Replacement theory, which holds that shadowy elites are orchestrating a plot to replace native-born White people with immigrants of color. The New Zealand shooter’s manifesto was literally headlined “The Great Replacement,” and the neo-Nazis who marched in Charlottesville chanted “Jews will not replace us.”

The Long History of Jewish Efforts to Replace the White population of America

The lack of concern on the part of Boot and Greenblatt for White Americans is entirely typical of the organized Jewish community. The following is based on Chapter 7 of The Culture of Critique along with some more recent research—the point being that the organized Jewish community has long had the aim of diluting the White population of the U.S., motivated by fear and loathing of the White population. The culture of critique is the erection of an adversarial culture that is hostile to the traditional White population of the U.S.

Jewish activists on immigration rejected the ethnic status quo put in place by the 1924 and 1952 immigration laws. Otis Graham (2004: 80) notes that the Jewish lobby on immigration was not only the most effective force in enacting the 1965 law, their activism “was aimed not just at open doors for Jews, but also for a diversification of the immigration stream sufficient to eliminate the majority status of western European so that a fascist regime in America would be more unlikely.” The motivating role of fear and insecurity on the part of the activist Jewish community thus differed from other groups and individuals promoting an end to the national origins provisions of the 1924 and 1952 laws.

Stuar Svonkin ( 1997, 8ff) shows that a sense of “uneasiness” and insecurity pervaded American Jewry in the wake of World War II even in the face of evidence that anti-Semitism had declined to the point that it had become a marginal phenomenon. As a direct result, “The primary objective of the Jewish intergroup relations agencies [i.e., the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, and the ADL] after 1945 was . . . to prevent the emergence of an anti-Semitic reactionary mass movement in the United States” (Svonkin 1997, 8).

Writing in the 1970s, Isaacs (1974: 14ff) describes the pervasive insecurity of American Jews and their hypersensitivity to anything that might be deemed anti-Semitic. Interviewing “noted public men” on the subject of anti-Semitism in the early 1970s, Isaacs asked, “Do you think it could happen here?” “Never was it necessary to define ‘it.’ In almost every case, the reply was approximately the same: ‘If you know history at all, you have to presume not that it could happen, but that it probably will,’ or ‘It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when.’ ” (p. 15).

Writing long after the passage of the 1965 law, prominent Jewish social scientist and ethnic activist Earl Raab remarked very positively on the success of American immigration policy in altering the ethnic composition of the United States. Writing for a Jewish publication, Raab noted that the Jewish community had taken a leadership role in changing the northwestern European bias of American immigration policy (Raab, 1993a, 17), and he also maintained that one factor inhibiting anti-Semitism in the contemporary United States is that “an increasing ethnic heterogeneity, as a result of immigration, has made it even more difficult for a political party or mass movement of bigotry to develop” (Raab, 1995b, 91). Similarly, Elliott Abrams (1999, 190) noted, “the American Jewish community clings to what is at bottom a dark vision of America, as a land permeated with anti-Semitism and always on the verge of anti-Semitic outbursts.”

In 1952 President Truman’s President’s Commission on Immigration and Naturalization (PCIN) pointedly noted that the 1924 legislation had succeeded in maintaining the racial status quo, and that the main barrier to changing the racial status quo was not the national origins system, because there were already high levels of nonquota immigrants and because the countries of Northern and Western Europe did not fill their quotas. Rather, the report noted that the main barrier to changing the racial status quo was the total number of immigrants.

The [PCIN] thus viewed changing the racial status quo of the United States as a desirable goal, and to that end made a major point of the desirability of increasing the total number of immigrants (PCIN 1953, 42). As Bennett (1963, 164) notes, in the eyes of the PCIN, the 1924 legislation reducing the total number of immigrants “was a very bad thing because of its finding that one race is just as good as another for American citizenship or any other purpose.” Correspondingly, the defenders of the 1952 legislation conceptualized the issue as fundamentally one of ethnic warfare. Senator Pat McCarran stated that subverting the national origins system “would, in the course of a generation or so, tend to change the ethnic and cultural composition of this nation” (in Bennett 1963, 185)—a result that has indeed come to pass. (The Culture of Critique, 1998/2002: 281)

The chairman of the PCIN was Philip B. Perlman, and the staff of the commission contained a high percentage of Jews, headed by Harry N. Rosenfield (Executive Director) and Elliot Shirk (Assistant to the Executive Director); its report was wholeheartedly endorsed by the AJCongress (see Congress Weekly, Jan. 12, 1952: 3). The proceedings were printed as the report Whom We Shall Welcome (PCIN, 1953) with the cooperation of Rep. Emanuel Celler and with an essay by Oscar Handlin, the Jewish academic activist (see below).

The American Jewish Congress, the largest American Jewish organization at the time, testified during the Senate hearings on the 1952 law that the 1924 legislation had succeeded in preserving the ethnic balance of the United States, but it commented that “the objective is valueless. There is nothing sacrosanct about the composition of the population in 1920. It would be foolish to believe that we reached the peak of ethnic perfection in that year.”[i] During this period the Congress Weekly, the newsletter of the AJCongress, regularly denounced the national origins provisions as based on the “myth of the existence of superior and inferior racial stocks” (Oct. 17, 1955: 3) and advocated immigration on the basis of “need and other criteria unrelated to race or national origin” (May 4, 1953: 3). Dr. Israel Goldstein (1952a, 6), president of the AJCongress, wrote that “The national origins formula “is outrageous now . . . when our national experience has confirmed beyond a doubt that our very strength lies in the diversity of our peoples” (Goldstein 1952b, 5), thus presaging the current mantra promulgated by American media and politicians that “Diversity is our greatest strength.”

Prominent Jewish intellectuals, such as Harvard historian and public intellectual Oscar Handlin, published pro-immigration books (e.g., The Uprooted [1951/1973]) and articles. Handlin’s (1952) article, “The immigration fight has only begun,” was published in Commentary (published by the American Jewish Committee) shortly after the Democrat-controlled Congress overrode President Truman’s veto of the restrictionist 1952 law. In a telling comment indicating Jewish leadership of the pro-immigration forces, Handlin complained about the apathy of other “hyphenated Americans” in joining the immigration battle. He repeatedly uses the term “we”—as in “if we cannot beat [Sen. Pat] McCarran and his cohorts with their own weapons, we can do much to destroy the efficacy of those weapons” (p. 4)—suggesting Handlin’s belief in a unified Jewish interest in liberal immigration policy and presaging a prolonged “chipping away” of the 1952 legislation in the ensuing years mentioned by Graham (2003) as part of the context of the 1965 law and noted by Cofnas.

Handlin clearly rejected an ethnic status quo, arguing that it was “illusory [to expect] that the composition of American population will remain as it is” (Handlin, 1947, 6). And he never addressed the stated justification used by restrictionists in the 1924 debates, describing their attitudes as follows: “The hordes of inferior breeds, even then freely pouring into the country in complete disregard for the precepts of the new racial learning, would mix promiscuously with the Anglo-Saxon and inevitably produce a deterioration of the species” (1951/1973: 257).  Handlin thus ignored the actual argument used by restrictionists during the Congressional debates of 1924—that the national origins formula was fair to all ethnic groups in the country because it created an ethnic status quo (MacDonald, 1998/202: 263) with its implicit and entirely defensible assumption from an evolutionary perspective that different ethnic groups have conflicts of interest on immigration (e.g., conflicts between Palestinians and Jews in Israel over a Palestinian right of return).

Handlin was a critical figure in the decades leading up to the passage of the 1965 law:

Handlin’s thinking on immigration policy both reflected and shaped the course of reform in the postwar period. He may be credited with popularizing a new interpretation of American history—one that conceptualized immigration at the heart of American economic and democratic development. In creating this framework for immediate political reform, he founded a normative theory of immigration history—one we popularly known as “a nation of immigrants” (Ngai, 2013, 62).

[i]. Joint Hearings Before the Subcommittees of the Committees on the Judiciary, 82nd Cong., 1st Sess., on S. 716, H.R. 2379, and H.R. 2816, March 6–April 9, 1951, 410.

Abrams, E. (1999). Faith or fear: How Jews can survive in a Christian America.

Graham, O. (2004). Unguarded gates: A history of American’s immigration crisis. Rowman & Littlefield.

Handlin, O. (1947). Democracy and America’s future. Commentary 3: 1–6.

Handlin, O. (1951/1973). The uprooted, 2nd ed. Little Brown and Co.

Handlin, O. (1952). The immigration fight has only begun. Commentary 14(July), 1–7.

Isaacs, S. D. (1974). Jews and American Politics. Garden City, NY: Doubleday.

Ngai, M.M. (2013). Oscar Handlin and immigration policy reform in the 1950s and 1960s. Journal of American Ethnic History, 32(3), 62–67.

President’s Commission on Immigration and Naturalization (PCIN) (1953). Whom we shall welcome. De Capo Press.

Svonkin, S. (1997). Jews against prejudice: American Jews and the fight for civil liberties. Columbia University Press.

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  1. Ned J. Casper
    Ned J. Casper says:

    Well, some Jews could be quoted in support of replacement “theory”; e.g. Melanie Phillips, Ilana Mercer, Gatestone Institute, Eric Kaufmann, Eric Zemmour….

      • Leon Haller
        Leon Haller says:

        I hate bringing up this kind of thing, but are you aware that TOO has been plagued of late with what seems to me to be an ever increasing number of typos and minor errors? In every recent article, including this one, I have caught multiple small errors. How hard is it to have someone other than each post’s author simply read over posts prior to posting, and fix overlooked problems?

        My concern is not any lack of understanding resulting from typos, but rather, that leaving small errors cheapens the value of the very real insights offered, especially in the eyes of educated but unawake whites with curious and open minds – precisely the type I would imagine TOO would like to reach and challenge. On a number of occasions recently that I have copied/emailed posts, I have had to go through them myself first, fixing the small problems. Unfixed, at least with my educated [conservative but not fully based] friends and acquaintances, they won’t have their maximum impact.

      • J. A. vonWreemers
        J. A. vonWreemers says:

        LOL, the truth is now racist!

        Mathematical facts are RACIST and WHITE SUPREMACY.

        That means white supremacy and racism is true aka truth.

        LOL at these mofos (adl bitches).

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      I wonder if you are saying they acknowledge the validity of the theory, which the facts bear out, or are you saying they support replacing whites with non-whites. If it’s the first, should they be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for not arguing, lying, propagandizing and using the usual tactics they usually use to get their view accepted as factual.

      I’m looking forward to the day when Tucker Carlson invites Dr. Kevin MacDonald to explain the facts to the American people in his professorial manner. It would be remembered for generations.

    • Mel Ford
      Mel Ford says:

      KMAC has never written a boring pointless article, and in fact his work is always riveting and brilliant.
      This article is an excellent reminder regarding who opened our borders and why they did it.
      I’d love to see Cofnas try to defend the Pollards mentioned above, the nation wrecking scum that is ruining not
      just America but the entire western world.
      It’s stunning that they can be so insanely disloyal to a people that has shown them so much kindness. At this point the nose has incited blood libel against innocent whites, and we have an epidemic of black on white violence, essentially open season on white people. At the same time they want to take our guns away! This is a prescription for genocide. There is no other way to describe it.
      The nose is stabbing us in the back, scorpion and frog style.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        To Mr Ford: “KMAC has never written a boring pointless article . . ” I give you that, but ” . . and in fact his work is always riveting . .”
        Not that one. His academic style is simply impossibly boring.
        That is no critique, I’m in awe of the guy, he HAS to write this way, it just doesn’t make rollicking reading and we shouldn’t pretend it does.

      • Hannity The Useless
        Hannity The Useless says:

        I agree 100% Mel.
        Thanks KMac. I’ve been in this sphere for quite some time and learned a lot from this. It’s infuriating.

    • Will W. Williams
      Will W. Williams says:

      Thanks, Angelicus. I also was thinking back to Mr. Mercer’s outstanding expose of Tucker last year as I read this.

      What a dilemma for the Jew bosses at Fox News. Arguably the most popular host on their “conservative” network. Probable demiJew Rupert Murdoch — https://www.realnews247.com/rupert_murdoch_jewish_by_David_Irving.htm — 88, founder of Fox News has turned over management of the “conservative” network to his billionaire children for the most part.

      When ADL chief Greenblatt calls for the firing of Carlson, is he taking into consideration that ultra-Zionists son James Murdoch and his wife Katherine have given a cool million to the ADL of B’ad B’reath? They donated more than that to Joe Biden’s anti-White presidential bid. A million to these Jews is chump change when it comes to keeping the restless goyim down. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/17/us/politics/james-murdoch-trump-donation-anti-defamation-league.html

      Is Carlson tied up with a no-competitive clause if cut loose from Fox, like Lou Dobbs is probably under? If not, with his following he could be dangerous to the Jews finally. He’s been exposing the SPLC for 25 years, but not for that anti-White closed shop for being heavily Jewish, just crooked: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/tag/tucker-carlson?source=%2Fweekly-standard%2Fwith-friends-like-dees

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        To Mr Williams: “What a dilemma for the Jew bosses at Fox News”

        There is no dilemma. The mass media conglomerates, Hollywood included, isn’t run for profit, that is not their purpose. Since the days of Mayer Rothchild up to the creation of the Federal Reserve, money is no issue to Organised Jewry, power is.
        If Fox News disappeared tomorrow with all their staff fired, would any Murdoch lose any sleep over it?
        Old man Rupert might, as I believe he uses Fox & Tucker in his internecine squabbling with his ethnic cousins.
        RM was a Jewish pretend goy front man when he came over and bought up American media, but from what I’ve read, he’s a shrewd operator and has obviously accumulated independent power of his own.
        I remember an offhand remark made by a well known British Journalist who in his youth happened to share an elevator ride with our man. Although he didn’t dare look him in the eye, he described it as like being in the presence of Lucifer.

    • Patrick White
      Patrick White says:

      That gatekeeper is the only representative we have in the mainstream.

      Let me know when you’ve more meaningfully stepped up to the mantle, and we can all take turns in writing boring, pointless articles lauding and defending you instead.

      • 12AX7
        12AX7 says:

        Many Whites fill in the blanks in Tucker’s show when he cannot or will not bell the cat. Everyone knows Tucker means ‘anti-White’ and that he cannot say it without it being his last show. His adherence to “color blind conservatism” with some black “conservative” spouting CPAC talking points from 1982 is just ridiculous nonsense though.

        Race replacement is hate speech when a White person says it but it is inevitable when the Usual Suspects celebrate it as the future.

        • Leon Haller
          Leon Haller says:

          What is so sad, though, is that Trump himself could have broken through. He still could, unless he continues to fantasize about running in 2024 (I voted for him 3x, but absolutely will not again; he accomplished very little, while his off-putting personality needlessly ‘toxified’ America First civic nationalism, which is a necessary first step towards white awakening, among the type of mindless, moderate whites who are potential converts to some degree of redpilling). Imagine if Trump just started talking about the Great Replacement. He is totally undoxxable. A 74 year old ex-President with a few billion dollars in net worth. What does he have to lose? Doing some national truth-telling would burnish his posthumous reputation.

          • Chris
            Chris says:

            I have longed – and still long – for much the same thing. But I worry that a) Trump is compromised by the lawfare currently being waged against him (His horrid exiting pardons seemed to be one last-ditch attempt to placate his Jewish antagonists) and b) that January 6 has indeed robbed Trump of credibility with many of his supporters (it shouldnt, but it is what it is).

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Do you honestly believe Tucker does more harm than good? Why wld the ADL be trying to cancel him then, because he is helps the Jew’s schemes??
      You can despise who you like, it just seems like wasted energy on Tucker, when your heart is so obviously in the right place.
      Tucker was a total let down after the election, but I believe he was muzzled. Anyway, he kept his show and is constantly pushing at the edges. Perhaps the most important thing he does is get Jimmy Dore & that renegade gay Jew journalist, who’s name I forget on. These guys are right, the elite really fears the populist Left/Right coming together. Tucker coming out for White Nationalism wld end that project.

      I read the TD article, his critiques are pretty obvious, I get them. But he admits at the start that Tucker HAS to hide behind this W.F. Buckley loser-conservatism to keep his job, he hasn’t any choice! If TD could offer a better way? Should the likes of Tucker & Mark Stein just immolate themselves like Catholic Martyrs?
      I’ve thought about this problem and my solution would be of a group strategy, learning from our foes, in homage to our host.
      All ‘Trumpist’ type personalities on TV are already cryptos(Leftists accuse boring, moderate, beta-male conservatives of being secret semi-fascists, & this is actually one of the few things the Left get spot on. Because if nothing else, Leftists understand politics & power).

      Instead of blazing out individually, they should all organise secretly to come out together with a full-throated declaration that Organised Jewry isn’t just a problem, it’s a mortal threat to every white person on earth, and from now on, we all will be fighting *it* & not the constant ideological gibberish they throw up to befuddle & distract us.
      Who cares if this terrifies the Jewish masses, they or their neurosis’s are not our problem. They are rational folks, they’d pretty quickly realise it’s their accursed elites we are going for.
      I reckon, just instinctively, that many your average ‘lay’ Jew, wouldn’t mind seeing his ‘betters’ tore down a peg or two.

      I’ve no great ideas how something like that could be organised without being betrayed, they’d all think it was the FBI setting them up, suggestion: perhaps it should be run as a rumour, then a hoax, back & forward, gets the idiots up in arms chasing their own tails, then just as it all calms down, come out with it.

      There is going to have to be some sort of Alamo type all-for-one-and-one-for-all type situ. All these guys must know that if they don’t all hang together just once, they will all hang separately, it’s just a matter of time.
      Such an operation, just the preparation, could form the genesis of something good.
      You’d get as many respected politicians, businessmen, TV stars, actors, academics etc, to sign it, these networks exist, I’m not a part of them, but what on earth are they doing? Fiddling while we burn.
      The Great Barrington Declaration was the right idea. I know that seems a damp squib now & it ain’t exactly inspiring, but it’s the right idea, and done like I suggest, or better yet, modified by greater brains than mine, if pulled off right, would be explosive.

      Yes, everyone would get fired, but if they all get fired together, they could easily create their own independent livings, together. It would be the kind of spark that could ignite a real Movement to defend us, not a political party, a Movement, along the lines of the old IRA, or the Algerian NLF, Basques, even the Viet Cong, whatever, there is no shortage of historical examples.
      I DO NOT mean conduct a terrorist campaign and kill innocents. That was *just one* of these groups tactics. The *main thing* was always the political movement. Blowing innocent people up is from a past era, it’s self defeating now, and most of it is done by the state itself anyway.

      (Yes I am thinking of a certain exception to this rule, when the IRA figured out the British government couldn’t care less how many of it’s pubs or soldiers or people were blown-up, it took them till 1990 before the IRA realised where power truly lay, blew up the stock exchange, and the British State had surrendered and left Ireland within the decade. The decentralization of our enemy will work in our favour to keep us respectable. Isn’t the point to always turn your enemies strengths into YOUR strengths?)

      If we had such a respectable movement, led by admired men, celebrities, ect, you’d actually be able to keep a tight lid on any of our hot-heads or saboteurs if they tried that killing garbage, we could have our own internal security ‘Nutting Squad’, on the old British Army principle of always having your foot soldiers 100x more terrified of his own NCO’s than any enemy. This stuff isn’t rocket science.

      Look, they can do this sort of thing now, and blast the crippling Overton Window to pieces(it’s cornerstone is Jew-Talk/ Verboten), and all lose their jobs, positions, friends, etc, or they could wait a decade, do it then, and all lose their lives’ and get thrown in a pit.

      At this stage, what exactly is there to lose? Are we going to be the first people to be extinguished without the wit to organise a common defence?

      P.S. Such a declaration of intent to identify and go for the jugular of Organised Jewry wouldn’t kill any proto Left/Right populist movement. Left-wing populists know the score. They have internalised too much of the guilt-poison to rally immediately to the colours, but they could get over it. What is OJ if not everything they themselves hate?
      Us on the dissident right should understand that though the populist left is even more useless & abused politically than we are, like us, they do have the people with them.

      • ChilledBee
        ChilledBee says:

        “If we had such a respectable movement, led by admired men, celebrities”

        I’m pretty sure Mel Gibson would like to get a few more things off his chest.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          We only know of Gibson’s true beliefs because they were recorded by the police & broadcast when he was hopped up on pills & booze.
          Does anyone really imagine he is the only admired American man who sees things that peasants like me & teenagers can understand?
          None of them are ever going to do it individually, we get that now, it’s too easy to isolate and crush a single guy, no matter how eloquent, popular & respected, see David Duke.
          It has to be a mass team thing, a declaration, a manifesto, some obvious evidence, then whatever the issue, child trannies, immigration, mass criminality, white disposition, financial crime, any issue at all, we by-pass, whenever anything is brought up, all we talk about is how all these disasters are linked to these cancerous Jews. Every single second we are talking about any political issue is a second when we LOSING because we are not talking about the REAL issue.

    • Mary Ann Evans
      Mary Ann Evans says:

      “[T]hat smarmy gatekeeper called Tucker Carlson” has come a long way of late.
      He constantly, as MacDonald says, touts color-blindness, However, he’s become much bolder. Tucker makes fun of those who idiotically claim everything is white supremacy.
      Yes, he’s too timid, but he wants to keep his job. Who else do we have with a microphone that goes as far as he does? I’ve wondered if he started the new internet broadcast just in case he gets canceled.

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        Yes, I wondered about that, too. He’s obviously looking down the road. Interesting that he has been allowed to advertise this on his regular show.

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      And I would add that anyone who talked about replacement in the context of immigration in the mainstream media would be pilloried. It’s really not about Carlson. I bet a lot of White listeners are red-pilled from hearing this, and that’s all to the good.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        What other national network would ever have dared to feature a program with a pretty good explanation of something as relevant as it is generally unknown as THE FRANKFURT SCHOOL, and its deleterious affect on the deplorables ?

        I have never, ever, caught any of their people with their own shows in a single contradiction. Unlike Dalton’s ” on this hand this ” and on ” the other hand the other ” article, cited by a commenter as a valid critique of Tucker. Recently he had the balls to call out Israel for its reluctance to supply Palestine with vaccinations [ as required by the Fourth Geneva Convention ].

        And what the hell is Dalton’s problem in faulting a relative of Tucker’s for having worked for the ” propagandistic ” VOICE OF AMERICA ??? In addition to that we also had RADIO IM AMERIKANISCHEN SEKTOR [ RIAS BERLIN ] and were damned grateful for both, helping to prevent them from belatedly having us for lunch as well !.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          I think Dalton’s point about Tucker’s background was to ground him in the elite class he rails against.
          He appears to be on a mission to save this class from itself, I’ve heard him say things like “we’re going to go the way of the Romanovs”. Obviously this thought isn’t restricted to Tucker, hence the elite surrounding themselves with soldiers and purging MAGA types.
          Us on the dissident right I presume have all given up on our current elite ever redeeming themselves, most of us was probably prefer to be run by the Chinese, we wouldn’t be allowed to criticise them, but we can’t critique our elites now!
          Plus the Chinese would be free of the Satanic Jewish sadism our current elites inflict on us.
          Especially us in Europe, I imagine they’d just allow us to go about our business and actually preserve our culture instead of trying to eradicate it, if only to give rich Chinese families somewhere interesting to go on holiday.
          I for one would swap our lesbian/beta-male dominated Scottish Parliament, trust me, you’ve got to see it, it’s an absolute horror show, for Chinese domination in a heartbeat.

      • Al Ross
        Al Ross says:

        You are , of course , correct , Prof MacDonald, but timing in business life is everything and the US is almost beyond tipping point so perhaps some TC latitude is vouchsafed by Mr Murdoch if only because , management – wise , the 90 year old founder feels that ” apres moi le deluge”.

      • John P. Eldrige
        John P. Eldrige says:

        Yes, but he mentions it very vaguely without numbers or statistics. Hence it becomes not graspable for the average conservative fox viewer and gives no real insight.

        It may be somewhat of a reminder to people who are already aware, but very few are aware that half of people under 18 are non white or the effects of this and also how few Christian WHITES get into university.

        This development has most likely been a plan for hundreds of years for enough motivated racemixed socalled “jews” so that it has been in effect policy.

        What the TOO blog seems to impliciteky hope for is some kind of change within the current system and mainstream politics that will change the narrative and development to a brighter future, which also David Duke has hoped for.

        Looking at it demographically and with the rate of race mixing and homosexuality and low levels of births with whites (also due to increased powerty and lack of housing due to massimmigration of course), has not the ship sailed already for that to happen?

        Looking at socalled “jewish” (hebrews that mixed with arabs and subsaharian africans for the most part) power through the financial markets, ownership in media and IT and also money going to the major parties, isn’t that naive. Journalists are slaves for the most part.

        The whole fake PC culture is an effect of controll, propaganda and can you have democracy when you have a anti white ownership of the media, that in itself is an occupation. You are not free you are programmed and ruled by anti white hostile race-mixed crazies.

        Your whole society and 90 % of people are programmed by these owners deliberately doing so.

      • John P. Eldrige
        John P. Eldrige says:

        The whole society is fraudulent, noone can speak their mind without being fired and this is opinions based on science that are TRUTH and was the norm with most WHITES up to and during ww2 in many ways.

        WHITE american soldiers during ww2 in general wanted less subsaharians around and some kind of solution to have less of them also this was when there was segregation.

        Keeping the USA like 80 % WHITE was a normal position. In effect as much as an etno state as Israel is now I suppose although slavery was a huge mistake, to bring over that kind of genetics was not a good idea. Well you may argue their work in rhytmic “music” is of some relevance for western civilization but that goal and objective is met and now there is NO reason to share territory whatsoever.

        I know people who grew up in the Soviet Union who said something like: “why didn’t just enough people start to oppose the regime, then it could have turned democratic earlier”. We’ll I said they would end up in the gulags or without a job and and a place to live it was a totalitarian system where the state controlled all companies hence the ultimate control of people, which may have been an objective of Karl Marx indeed.

        So there is in effect a similar system now in the west where anti white media, and ownership and control increasingly so through “hate speech” legislation fear of loosing ones job is used to make people not protest the replacement and holocaust on whites.

        Racemixed fake “jews” did loose a bit of control in the Soviet union, will they in the USA, and what effect will that have.

        I mean most whites want a wall and the like. They could just boycott all anti white companies which would include most media companies and TV channels aswell as most of Hollywood and quite a few other companies but that kind of action would severly limit the power of anti whites.

        But could and would the averege sleeping so to speak WHITE person be able to look at this kind of thing and take that kind of action. Maybe. But it’s probably to late and most likely some kind of guerilla war will ensue if we are lucky and can avoid a greatr war possibly with nukes…

        • Ned J. Casper
          Ned J. Casper says:

          Considerable evidence suggests that Jews in the USA, and Zionists particularly, were instrumental in the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union and also Poland. The crude witticism is that the people who once put in them were the only people to bring them down. Start your research with past publications like “Soviet Jewish Affairs” (IJA/WJC), and writers like Paul Lendvai, Abraham Brumberg, Paul Hollander, Colin Shindler, Andreas Umland, Saul Jay Singer, &c &c. A relevant follow-up to “Culture of Critique” begs to be written.

    • Eric Novak
      Eric Novak says:

      Tens of millions of normies-Boomers in particular (no offense, Kevin 😉)-care about what Tucker has to say.
      You’re going to elicit this kind of response from the opposition then, shortbus? Virtue signaling on the right is clownish and pathetic.

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      I understand the sentiment but I don’t agree. If he spoke the truth he would be gone in a day and I think overall it is better for people to hear what he says than not. But if you saw last night’s show you might feel a little better. He mentioned the ADL and he’s fighting back. I’m wondering if FOX will fire him for having the nerve to stand up to that puke.

    • Aristo Boho
      Aristo Boho says:

      Dear Angelicus,

      If you believe that Professor Thomas Dalton’s article is superb then it is obvious, another example, of why America hasn’t a valid dynamic highly cultured and intellectual political movement, other than the fact that what I call The Traditional Right hasn’t any finance to support its initiatives. Almost all the time the Right wealthy elite, as opposed to the Left, support a movement or a politician only if it helps their personal gain; they haven’t a national traditional concept, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries like America. I will blow my own horn by suggesting that you read my COMMENTS therein the Dalton below the belt stygian luminosity. What intelligent radiance to speak of his childhood family tragedy..

      All of which brings me to point out that many Germans and Italians who experienced and know what the reality of a true political dynamic thought and action tradition is want nothing to do with a vast majority of post-World War II Americans. Angelicus, you despise Mister Tucker Carlson. Are you sure he is not the psychological scapegoat for your, and that of some others who COMMENT herein and elsewhere,on this web site, for the inertia of the average European, here in America? And it exists also in Europe: did the French elect either Len Pen father Jean Marie or daughter Marie? No. A population gets what it deserves despite the hierarchical evil manipulation of our lives by well-planned mattoids. We are a minority, and the many to be fair just aren’t educated enough, some deliberately so, others are truly innocent. Look I do not care for everything Mister Carlson states: he was dastard in his criticism of Attorney-At-Law Sidney Powell about The Stolen Election. The problem is Metaphysical! And we are in such an abyss of tragic darkness that to make Mister Carlson such an enemy, an object of one’s hatred, is to put it simply ridiculous. I take what is positive and discard what I do not agree with. God Bless, Aristo Boho

  2. Inquisitor
    Inquisitor says:

    Off topic, but did Andrew Joyce shut down his bitchute channel (OccidentalJoyce)?

    And is there any word on the book he is going to publish?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Patrick White
    Patrick White says:

    In the modern world, Jews have been culturally terrorising westerners now for about 80 years.

    It’s high time that cultural terrorism – undermining the principles and population upon which your host country is founded – was made into a crime, and organisations like the ADL, Nation of Islam, CAIR, SPLC, Black Lives Matter, etc, all outlawed upon that basis. It’s as if countries such as Britain and the US are being held to moral and actual ransom by overseas powers.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      The Nation Of Islam is a perfect ally of ours. Don’t rise to some occasional anti-whitey cracka stuff from that direction, they have every right to say what they want.
      Getting offended by such nonsense is fundamentally leftist/female/beta-male thinking.
      The NOI is as Jew woke as we are. They actually care about their black brothers, which is actually emotionally moving to witness, considering how the Jews have manipulated and turned them into savages.
      Jesse Lee Peterson is right(not on the NOI), but that blacks were, before the civil rights disaster, a NOBLE people. Some of them still are.
      We were actually being warned in the 1980’s that what the Jews did to the blacks would soon be turned on the white underclass. I can’t remember the black gentleman’s name, others might though.

      • Patrick White
        Patrick White says:

        I understand where you’re coming from – but I don’t think anything Islamic can be an ally of ours.

        Both Islam and Judaism are profoundly supremacist dogmas, but neither ‘offends’ me, to use your word.

        I just don’t want them in my country. Or I want them segregated and/or powerless if they have to be here.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          We’re cool though brother because the NOI isn’t really Islamic anymore! Under Farrakhan’s leadership, whether for opportunistic, honest, financial, or reasons of growth in the black community, the Nation of Islam is right now about 1,000,000% MORE Christian than ANY white dominated mainline church.
          If you don’t believe me I could direct you to videos proving this, just say the word.

  4. Todd Hupp
    Todd Hupp says:

    Fox is the lone USA gentile owned/managed major media operation remaining.Sad but at least there is one.

    • Martin Velasquez
      Martin Velasquez says:

      FOX is no such thing. If you don’t know what Finklethink is, then you’re not up with the times. There is no excuse for ignorance at a time of peak crisis for nationalism.

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      Murdoch is a Zionist .

      Murdoch has as much interest in White EGI as Ocasio Cortez has in Etruscan hieroglyphics.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Your reference to matters Etruscan brings to mind an insufficiently examined aspect of AO-C, one directly related to her strikingly ugly mug—specifically, the fact that she could easily pass for Miss Tenochtitlán 1519. Prior to her election and subsequent lionization, I’d have said that the Aztec threat was no longer serious enough to lose sleep over.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          That is a weird comment. AOC is a ridiculous bimbo, but she is undoubtedly a ‘smash’, not a ‘pass’.
          The only thing that would put me off her is the thought of where she’s been, I recently saw a picture of her white, ginger, male-feminist beta-male boyfriend, so probably I *would* actually back out, as I doubt I could get that disgusting image out my head.
          Also??????? “Miss Tenochtitlán 1519”???
          She would be below your standards as well? Unless you are a fag, losing your mind, or are one of those purist white supremacists that don’t ever touch anything with a bit of colour, I simply do not understand you.

  5. Conrad Gaarder
    Conrad Gaarder says:

    “The world-wide struggle between the primary races of mankind – tge ‘conflict of color,’ as it has been happily termed – bids fair to be the fundamental problem of the twentieth century, and great communities like the United States of America, the South African Confederation, and Australasia regard the ‘color question’ as perhaps the gravest problem of the future
    . . . “The subjugation of white lands by colored armies may, of course, occur, especially if the white world continues to rend itself with internecine wars. However, such colored triumphs of arms are less to be dreaded than more enduring conquests like migrations which would swamp whole populations and turn countries now white into colored man’s lands irretrievably lost to the white world.”
    Lothrop Stoddard
    February 28, 1920
    from the introduction to “The Rising Tide of Color”.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Dwelling on these quotes from Stoddard’s 1920 book, or many quotables from Adolf Hitler in the 1920’s, can be more fruitful for seeing the core problem and how to solve it than dissecting Tucker Carlson’s TV monologues.

      Likewise, my latest post [https://carolynyeager.net/blacks-put-police-risk-aiding-and-abetting-crime-their-neighborhoods] points clearly to where the problem lies. I wrote –
      “The question must be *openly* asked: When did diversity become a ‘good’ in and of itself, for its own sake, and is it a plus or a minus for stable societies?”

      Tucker believes in diversity and defends it like the good boy scout he is. Let’s not make more out of Tucker than he’s ever going to be. It’s up to all of us publicly stating our outrage and taking action to the extent we can. I think there is a lot of new, real-life organizing going on right now. Get involved and make a difference.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        Mr. Carlson, 2/3 weeks ago: “I really want to talk about the Federal Reserve but they [Fox] won’t let me.”

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            Carolyn, what is the point of asking them to explain ‘diversity’ and how exactly is strengthens us?
            How many people over the years have tried such a thing? It’s obviously just Satanic inversion, up is down, black is white, man is woman, sodomy is healthy, death is good, life is bad, 2+2=5, the point is not to confuse, or try to figure out the esoteric meanings of their slogans, it’s simply a demoralisation project to make us lie along with them.
            Human beings are born, most of them, with a God-given sense of right & wrong, it’s why it’s so easy to first teach kids this principle, which they get immediately, then get them to do, or not do, things based on this principle. All people with experience of kids will agree with this.
            This forced lying they make us engage in is a spiritual attack on our very souls.
            I’m not saying you don’t get this, I’m just reminding you.

            As for all the organising that’s going on, as long as it is all atomised, it will always be so easy to be banned, doxed, destroyed, therefore impotent.
            Plus, for every frustrated millennial doing something, there must be 1000 at least without any idea or guidance, and no club, party, movement to enter.
            And we NEVER EVER get any advice from the very elders who should have been thinking on this issue for years, never mind putting up the green to organise such things.
            All we get is “stay healthy, do the right thing, marry, have many kids.” Apart from the fact that is exactly what we are all trying our very hardest to do already, this is a total waste of potential. Imagine the energy that could be unleashed if we all belonged to a multi-national anti-Jewish white brotherhood that was respectable & actually defended it’s soldiers on the ground?
            But it would HAVE to begin & be headquartered in America, that is today’s Rome, this is why we all pretty much ignore our own ‘national parliaments’ ruled by Satraps, which are in effect town councils.

            Once again, I am in awe of your site on our mutual friend, it’s fantastic, at least no one will ever be able to say you didn’t do what you could. You’ve more cajones than the entire Republican Party put together.

  6. Earl Johnston
    Earl Johnston says:


    So pointing out a mathematical fact now makes you and evil NAZI who wants to gas and eat samll innocent jewish children and make soap of them.

    This exaggerated hysteric response and tactic seems to be repeating itself again and again and again.

    And extra friggin LOL for them using the attacks of paid shooters (by gypsy racemixed fake “jews”). These are created atacks where they use some unorganized nutcase who is desperate to commit something they can use to SCARE people to not organize in their ethnical self interest.

    Indeed wwII is used this way. Like: “look how bad opposing racemixed fakejews will end up, world wars, holocaust…”.

    In effect I think there was people that knew or expected that Hitler would loose and also gave him the symbols he used. All symbols for racial mixture, racemixing. Like the swastika from India where whites mixed with non whites and the Roman salute where in rome there was mixture albeit to a much smaller degree, but the romans placed arab ()north african) troops in the UK that are still there and so on. Was Hitler the death angel of the white race whose actions would be used to get the PC climate we have and scare off whites from taking action? I don’t think he thought so, but some people who tried to control and use him and the anti “jewish” movement probably used him to obtain this goal. The goal of the holocaust of WHITES by race-mixing.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      They did a genetic study on white people in the UK and the vast, vast majority of those studied share almost the exact same genetics with their ancestors in the UK of like 7,000 years ago.
      The only statistically detectable traces were from the Vikings & Germans.
      There wasn’t any Arab blood at all, no matter what the BBC children’s department puts out in cartoons of black Roman soldiers with white wives and scores of mulatto children. It’s just a lie, like all the rest.

  7. Judd Pierce
    Judd Pierce says:

    The Murdoch’s are filth.
    Gentiles in name only…..full on zionist scum.
    Tucker makes something like 6 mil a year, so yeah he’s not going to screw that
    up if he can help it.

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      There is evidence backing that up and that the Murdoch’s are not just Zionist, but partly Jewish. I think the evidence is convincing.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Is part of this evidence the fact a small-time local newspaper publisher in the wilds of Australia moved to America and bought up all the multi-national media mega-corporations?
        Nowt shady going on there, I’m sure.

  8. Eric
    Eric says:

    When it comes to blatant lying, you really have to hand it to the Jews.

    They would have you think the term “replacement migration” was invented by White supremacists.

    Here’s where the term came from:

    “New Report on Replacement Migration Issued by UN Population Division” — United Nations, un.org, March 17, 2000

  9. Jody Vorhees
    Jody Vorhees says:

    As one commenter above asked: “Are we going to be the first people to be extinguished without the wit to make a common defense?”

    Actually, the six million whites of South Africa preceded us. I remember when they used to say they’d fight to the last bullet to keep their lovely country. Now, they are an irrelevant, dispossessed population, with virtually no rights of self-determination. I believe at some point in their future, during some political or economic crisis, they will be stacked like cordwood on street corners.

    Portents of our own future, I suspect, unless we find our spines.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Very good observation my friend. Most Whites are pathetic, despicable zombies who embraced the Jewish gospel of self-hatred and White-guilt. Regarding White South Africans I would say “Serves them right!”. Still, those of us who believe in something better and greater will carry on ranting and writing until this f… system implodes and we can do something about it. Traditional political activism (i.e. voting) is useless. Is time for weapons. Regards

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      Yes, most whites are utterly useless. They are evolutionarily defective – prone to utopian brainwashing. Of course, this may be the flip side of Euroman’s historic ability do to produce so many of the geniuses that have created the modern world. There is a great culling happening across this century. Eventually, only those whites who are racially strong (and perhaps strong across the board) will survive these insane conditions that the white liberal defectives of the past have imposed upon them. WHAT KIND OF A PEOPLE LITERALLY GIVES UP ITS TERRITORY TO ALIENS, pretending that doing so is some kind of improvement or even blessing??? Clearly, a people that is evolutionarily maladapted, and will not long endure (though individual survival- and self-interest, along with the basic inertia of civilization, mean that whites, though in a sense already walking dead, will still keep on walking for some considerable time, during which ever more will be awakened as the race as a whole grows weaker – I predicted this by the mid-80s; hence the metaphor of a race against time).

      The only chance white preservationists have is in ideo-racial ingathering into defensible territories and polities in which our kind (not whites, but prowhites) are in the electoral majority, followed by the push for secession and new sovereignty. That in turn must be followed by the creation, for a considerable period, of a or several teleological racial states, societies specifically ordered around the idea of preventing white extinction. Such states will be capitalist, to harness individual greed to the promotion of economic growth, a critical component of national power, but emphatically not libertarian (think post-Maoist China). Racial preservation and ethnonational defense, which will include extensive pro-natalist and eugenicist legislation, as well as traditional martial policies, like weapons acquisition as well as intense R&D of new types of ethnoweapons for white racial self-defense, will be the highest priorities.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        The utterly cringe pathetic state of so many whites today might have something to do with the fact 100 years ago, most white babies didn’t survive past 5 years, only the strong did. We never used to have this problem. Whites were considered outrageous barbarian savages by the first civilised tribes to encounter us.
        The timing of my theory at least, like tallies, no?

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Ditto the Rhodesians. But you can’t really blame them, both these people’s organised a pretty impressive & robust defence, but when they were back-stabbed by greater powers, the UK then the USA, what could they do?
      At least many white South Africans have retreated to fortified communities in the interior.
      The Rhodesian Bush Army fought heroically, and when SA was sanctioned from buying weapons, they invented their own. This shouldn’t be forgotten.
      Both were eventually overwhelmed by outside forces.

      • Conrad Gaarder
        Conrad Gaarder says:

        That’s right. It should also be remembered that the Rhodesians created that beautiful country from nothing, and that there were never more than 250,000 White Rhodesians.

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      An objective, thorough analysis of precisely how and why the Afrikaner people lost its position repays study – the psychological, economic and demographic factors.

  10. NBF
    NBF says:

    Since Alzheimers Joe’s stolen victory, even the most bovine dullards – Boomers & other MAGA monkeys, and White normies generally – can now see what the jews & their Cultural Marxist scum from the boardrooms to the universities to the gutters have in store for them & their grandchildren: all the polls show a new racial awareness emerging among now constantly demonized Whites – even including the acceptance of the possible need for violence to counter that which is all currently coming from the (((left))).

    Because the usurper jew parasites see all Whites as latent Nazis & treat us accordingly, they’re going to get the real thing.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      I hope you are right my friend. I am so sick of our cowardly, brainwashed, fellow Whites. That is why I once wrote here “I am glad that Biden won”. Because what this f… race of ours needs is a colossal kick in the testicles, assuming it has some… Well, let’s see what happens (fingers crossed). If you live in the JSA (Jewnited States of America) I suggest you join the National Alliance, they are wonderful people. Regards!

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        “That is why I once wrote here “I am glad that Biden won”. Because what this f… race of ours needs is a colossal kick in the testicles, assuming it has some… ”

        That is brilliant. It’s so funny cos it’s so true.

  11. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    I think it is worth pointing out that to a very high degree of certitude ALL THREE ‘events’ mentioned as being emblematic of crazy white nationalists namely Pittsburgh (Tree of Life synagogue shooting) Christchurch (notice the name of the city that was picked designed to tarnish Christ and his Church) and El Paso were all HOAXES!. Hoaxes for the specific reason of making white people look bad and ‘racist’. I knew something bad was in the air when the ‘terrorist du jour’ was switched from Islamic crazies (9/11 and many more after) to so called white crazies. The real point being ALL of these were false flag/hoaxes including the ‘Islamic’ ones. So basically a certain ‘chosen group’ have over the last 20 years demonized BOTH Muslims and Christians. Doesn’t leave much left over except I suppose the championing of Chinese style totalitarianism……………..which we see now with the Covid hoax!. We are living in a world of lies so thick that any attempt to push back on it gets one into trouble. Tucker at least on the surface believes in all these hoaxes as real…………….or he ‘has’ to. As even Kevin McDonald ‘has’ to.

    Even though the covid hoax had it’s origins in China isn’t it strange that the only countries the suffer under it are the white western countries? I wonder why that is? If we could root out all of this hoaxing by a certain chosen group we might have a chance. As things stands right now we are like the fish in the barrel.

    • Scott Burns
      Scott Burns says:

      Might be able to help you there pal. I reckon China was once, about 60 years ago, part of this embryonic NWO, but certainly isn’t now. They kicked their Jews out the way the Russians did after WWII.
      Anyway, I reckon, going by China’s reaction, they genially believed they had been hit with a bio-weapon. But soon realised it was just a hoax designed for the West.
      There is no way on earth ANYTHING we are shown on MSM saying “this is China” is going to real, or at the absolute minimum totally manipulated.
      Soon we will be so locked down and atomised you won’t know what’s happening in the centre of your own village unless you stroll down yourself to have a look.
      If you just take EVERYTHING the MSM puts out as complete lies you will be way, way more in touch with actual reality than the bovine herds.

  12. Brian USA
    Brian USA says:

    The best way to remove the power of elite Jewish extremists in the USA is informing Americans Israel’s intelligence agency the Mossad and Jewish terrorists did the evil 911 event as a false flag to initiate a US war against Islam on behalf of Israel and the elite Jewish controlled media covered it up.

    From Alan Sabrosky (Jewish heritage), former Director of Studies at the United States Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute, from an article:

    I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at the Headquarters Marine Corps, and I have made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100% certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period.

    Here is some of the evidence: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_911zion_01.htm

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Yeah, but that’s not exactly worked m8, has it? As soon as the turned the word ‘truth’, as in 9/11 ‘truthers’, into a pejorative, we should have known we were dealing with some seriously evil, deeply Satanic people.

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      Why does the global “Jewish elite” want simultaneously to replace Europeans and Americans with non-whites who have no love for Israel, and to encourage Americans and Europeans to wage war against non-whites who have no love for Israel?

      Answer, not abuse, requested, please.

      • Aristo Boho
        Aristo Boho says:

        Dear Mister Casper,

                I do not have an exact answer to your perceptive observation of what’s taking place. I can only conjecture the following: A. There is a Jewish Elite, or as I prefer to describe it, as a specific category of Jews, who are quite a few, and not all Jews, almost all Secular and from a background and foundation which is Engelsist-Marxist. These Atheistic Jews want nothing to do with religion including their own. Hence they wish to eliminate as they see it, all differences of mankind into one big collective brotherly love compound, which deconstructs and eventually destroys all distinct traits and values of a given people, their nationality, race and religion. These Jews are quite psychotic, and I’m not being sarcastic. For within their psychosis is also cultural and sociological schizophrenia, whereby they carry forth an exclusiveness of their being the dominant prime motivator of a utopia of which they are the elite.Exclusivity is a factor of every major religion which includes Judaism, hence the Secular Jew is an inversion materialistically of  the Theistic Jew, and carries forth the latter’s own corruption that comes from the distorted Talmudic logic that subverted original Judaism. The immediate answer to your question is this schizoid factor. B. Now we have the Israeli aspect of the problem. Authentic Jews believe that Israel can not take place until the Messiah has come. Some of them even march alongside the Palestinians in New York, as for example against Zionism. Certain sincere Secular Jews will participate as well. C. Another problematic is the Zionist factor. Here we have Jews who are for Israel, yet their Nationalism is based originally upon Benito Mussolini’s Fascist Kingdom Of Italy. Mussolini’s Italy was their paradigm, he was their hero for a nationalistic nation-state. They don’t look to destroy other nations, as in European, and I know many will disagree with me. D. Now as far as other races are concerned, this problem of allowing them all to come into Europe and elsewhere, is not just a Jewish problem. I honestly believe that there are Elitists who are not Jewish and want this also. The agenda is one of absolute control of the World financially and hence economically. A corporatocracy controlled by Transnationals, formerly Multi-Nationals, originally Big Business, whose patriotism was only that of their own respective companies, part of a culture of their own world, which as they grew, created a syndicate for which the given employees, such as those who worked in their factories and other centers of creativity, were expendable, to be dispensed with on a whim, for whatever fabricated excuse given, such as things aren’t going well with the economy, and so forth. Other than their having gained control of a given nation’s government. Many on the Libertarian Right, and certain Leftists believe this to be Fascism, the merging of big business and government, but this is a gross error. This monstrosity of Government-Corporatocracy is Globalist, which as long as it serves them, works hand in hand with the Secular Jew I indicate above.I personally believe there was Israeli involvement with 9/11. Big time! Just as what is taking place with Iran right now. And the Globalist Corporatocracy is part and parcel of it.  E. I do not see this as a conspiracy, except if we understand it Metaphysically as Evil dominating Good. Lest we forget the spineless Gentile filth who do not stand up en masse against this. F. Food for thought. When conversing one day with an Italian intellectual of the highest and most profound culture, Mister Claudio Muti, we covered China and the Middle East. Although there will be those completely of a conspitorital state of mind who would disagree, Mister Muti and I recognised that one of the main differences between America & Europe, and that of Red China, is that politics controls the economy in China,not economics. This was a fear that Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski had expressed about her, and the danger of the People’s Republic Of China army taking over one day if necessary. With the Middle East, if we go back in history there was imperialistic involvement there on the part of Europe, including Russia,that had nothing to do with the Jews. The question we asked was, would not America still be in the Middle East even without Israel? Anyone for Petrol?

            I have perhaps offered you something to think about in some way. I do not believe in a Jewish Conspiracy, nor that of Freemasons or Jesuits. Notwithstanding, there are those in these three entities who can do and have done great harm. Yet beware of extrapolating! Aside from understanding Good and Evil it is for me at least, not simple to actually exclaim that so and so is at fault.  God Bless, Aristo Boho

        • Ned J. Casper
          Ned J. Casper says:

          Thank you for troubling to reply, notably your concluding observation. It is necessary to do the “homework” which includes careful and reflective study of the literature produced by all of the “groups” mentioned, and some others.
          There is a joke ascribed to the late Duke of Edinburgh that, on being introduced to a society concerned with Jewish-Christian relations (on which see e.g. the “christian” experience of Stephen Sizer), he remarked: “How about Jewish-Jewish relations?”

          • Aristo Boho
            Aristo Boho says:

            Dear Mister Caspar,

            It was not of any troube whatsoever but a pleasure. It even enriches my mind, as it does yours when you compose replies or COMMENTS. We must not be satisfied with the knowledge we have but continue to ascend in pursuing it, and to learn from one another God Bless, Aristo Boho

  13. kolokol
    kolokol says:

    By what right does the ADL think it can demand the firing of anyone?

    Such chutzpah! Since its founding in 1913 to defend Leo Frank (the jewish pervert, rapist and killer), it’s been promoting a criminal agenda, subverting American institutions, including the FBI. It should be outlawed.

  14. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    Obviously, “replacement” is a euphemism for ethnic cleansing and genocide. Poor Tucker, he can’t even use a euphemism without the Democrats stoking hysteria.

  15. bruno
    bruno says:

    First of all, those criticizing KMac, in all probability, have not even done 10% what he has accomplished. He has among the biggest balls on the planet. All these talkers out there could not even have dreamed 15% of what he has mastered. How many out there have had to face the big guns like he has? How many have ambulated in his shoes?

    One has interacted with the world media and has seen how the “best of all people” do things. It’s all about what’s best for the Z. As for the subject of typos, what a minor issue within the big picture. This typo thing has happened even before the age of the typewriter. People have families, jobs and a slew of obligations. Typing generally doesn’t come anywhere near a first priority. Yeah, typos have always been and will always will be prevalent, to say the least.

    As for Mr. Tucker, all those squawking about him could never have obtained his position. Like KMac, he’s a miracle in himself. In fact, it’s amazing that he has survived. Don’t be surprised if he’s removed.

  16. Richard McCulloch
    Richard McCulloch says:

    Oscar Handlin was the author of the two volume textbook for my lower division course in American history in 1968. This was the standard survey text for American history in the Florida state university system at the time.

  17. Arr Vee
    Arr Vee says:

    As a white European who socializes with non-white immigrants on a semi-regular perspective (a rarity in TOO’s comments section

    One thing I have consistently noted about the Anti-Defamation League is that it’s mostly a White Pacification Organization that uses a tried and true formula on whites (one, produce Hollycaust Porn, two, feed Hollycaust Porn to kids, three, mention Hollycaust whenever Jew is criticized; “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”) that serves a useful purpose on white Americans. However, what I think the ADL understands albeit in a powerless sense is that this crap does not work on non-whites, especially not the ones flowing into Europe.

    The Arabs I’ve spoken to here in my European hometown (which shall remain unnamed for anti-doxxing purposes) are far more literate on the JQ than even you are K-Mac, to the point they’re aware of Jewish desire to produce mass immigration into Europe and deliberately move to Europe to spite them. A Moroccan couple actually told me that. Their understanding that Jews are a Zionist collective that moves in shadows to screw over gentiles is also on point and in a very personal sense due to the Palestine-Israel conflict.

    This is not unique to European immigrants. Malay Indigeneity (the ethnicity that produced superstar anti-semite Mahathir Mohammed; look him up) understands Jews are trying to fuck them over. So much so Israel’s best and brightest Hollycaust Pornographers at the Vidal Sassoon “Center” for the “Study” of Anti-Semitism could not get most Malay Natives to sympathize with the teachings of a center named after the descendant of a drug dealer and usurer by the name of David Sassoon because they were aware of it. That’s what I learned from them.

    Non-whites in this sense could be useful to some extent in the long game if they’re told to go back when Jews are dealt with. Or just considered Caucasian if we move past the White Advocacy phase. Just my thoughts.

    That being said, I don’t believe this Great Replacement spiel is what turned the ADL off. The ADL was probably pissed about his Jewsury segment a while back where he identified Paul Singer economic schemes as bad. The ADL, in my humble opinion. is purely a defense mechanism for these shitmongers.

    Arr Vee out.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Hello “Arr Vee”. What you have written is very interesting and it has stirred memories of a very revealing article written by a Jew regarding the “anti-semitism” of Indonesians (by the way, how guilty the bastards must feel to use such deceptive/inappropriate word since most people hate/dislike the Jews but not the Arabs) I shall include the link below.

      I was born and bred in South America, therefore I never had the opportunity to meet people of other races, until I went to live in Australia in 1995. I met a couple of Indians and Arabs and when the subject came about they spoke against (((them))). I never had bad feelings towards other races and only lately I developed a strong animosity towards Blacks, obviously influenced by the neverending reports of atrocities committed by Blacks against Whites and the hateful speeches by Black leaders. Having said that I must say that the problem is mostly confined to American Blacks. I have been to Brazil (50% of the population is Black) and never had a problem. Brazilians (Black or White) are generally very nice and courteous people.

      I agree with you and we should, when possible make contacts with like-minded Asian or Arab thinkers or activists. Because they exist! Thank you very much for your comment. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Regards


      • Arr Vee
        Arr Vee says:

        Hello Angelicus.

        One thing you’ll note about Indians is that they, even very pro-Zionist ones, strongly dislike Jews but can get away with it because Israel seeks to ally with them and they can’t use Hollycaust Pacification on them.

        This is a concept i like to call “Opportunistic Hollycaust Concern” where the Hollycaust is only used if it serves a Jewish purpose. The reason I know that is that recently there was an incident where Holocaust survivors were denied welfare by the very state designed to protect them. It’s only when the the hard-left Hadash political party (which is a spokesperson for more secular Arab-Israelis) demanded they receive welfare that they were given any.

        This indicates the extent to which Jews care about the Hollycaust, e.g. only

        Makes you think whether the Hollycaust is actually factually presented by the White Gentile Defamation League, especially its extent.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          I also found your first comment interesting, but I didn’t understand this bit: “The Arabs . . . to the point they’re aware of Jewish desire to produce mass immigration into Europe and deliberately move to Europe to spite them. A Moroccan couple actually told me that.”

          They know of the Jewish invasion plan of Europe, but go along with it, to spite, the Jews?

          I don’t get this. Do they think this is a wrong move the Jews are making or something?

  18. Brian USA
    Brian USA says:

    It seems elite Jewish extremists didn’t have complete control of the US congress back in the 1950’s which they’ve basically enjoyed for decades.

    From the article:

    Senator Pat McCarran stated that subverting the national origins system “would, in the course of a generation or so, tend to change the ethnic and cultural composition of this nation”

    Excerpts from an article:

    Harry N. Rosenfield, executive director of the President’s Commission on Immigration and Naturalization, which investigated the workings of the McCarran-Walter Immigration Act, today took issue with Rep. Francis Walter’s charge on the floor of Congress yesterday that “professional Jews” were the only opponents of the law.

    Rep. Lester Holtzman, of New York, said today that he was “shocked and disillusioned by anti-Jewish remarks made in Congress yesterday by Rep. Francis E. Walter and by “the round of applause which followed. ” Following Rep. Walter’s attacks on “professional Jews,” mail has been received by a number of Jewish Congressmen containing Nazi-like insults.


    These days it’s hard to believe a harsh comment about Jewish power in Congress elicits applause.

    Elite Jewish extremists utilize massive illegal and legal immigration along with the absurdity of White privilege, White supremacism and systemic racism (demonizes and marginalizes Whites) to vastly decrease the percentage of Whites and vastly decrease their power.

  19. Chris
    Chris says:

    Two or three white Canadian cops sitting in their garage having a private beer. One of them says, “Yes, matey, it looks like the white-man’s day is past”. The recording of this statement is leaked to the press. For this a national hue and cry calling for their firing.

    This is where we’re at.

    Population replacement is the only sure-fire way to conquer a country. Because once-settled, there is no “sending them home”.

  20. Aristo Boho
    Aristo Boho says:

    To All,

    Get a load of this article criticising Mister Tucker Carlson by an otherwise intelligent Mister Dick Morris, who unfortunately doesn’t get it or really does not care about the attack on Europeans here in America.https://www.dickmorris.com/tucker-carlson-gets-it-wrong/?utm_source=dmreports&utm_medium=dmreports&utm_campaign=dmreports. Obviously Mister Morris is not concerned about race in America, and most likely anywhere. I wonder why? God Bless, Aristo Boho

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      Could this be why? From Morris’ Wikipedia bio – “Morris is a first cousin once removed of Roy Cohn, who served as chief counsel to Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s.” It says Morris is Jewish or at least part Jewish.

      • Aristo Boho
        Aristo Boho says:

        Dear Peter,

        Thank you. I do not know; it could be why because there can be a propensity amongst secular Jews to be pro-immigration and not care about a nation’s racial structure, except when it comes to Israel. But we mustn’t extrapolate on account of the many non Jews who are the same, and viciously so: they hate themselves. I wonder what Attorney-At-Law Roy Cohn would’ve thought of this mass invading migration? He was quite the highly intelligent deviant. Bt back to Mister Morris. I thought he had converted to Roman Apostolic Catholicism when he married his wife, Attorney-At-Law Eileen McGann. One thing that I must say is that he and his wife wrote a magnificent book, simply explicated but thoroughly investigated that is the template for the successive almost fifteen other essays to be published, it being the first, about the phony Russian Collusion. Exceptional. Rogue Spooks: The Intelligence War on Donald Trump (2017, with Eileen McGann) Do read it Peter. In today’s forlorn existence take what is positive and use for your own benefit when going inot battle. God Bless, Aristo Boho.

      • Ned J. Casper
        Ned J. Casper says:

        Gay Cohn was no use to McCarthy. Some other Jews or part-Jews whatever their motivations have done better, e.g. Herbert Romerstein, Eugene Lyons, Nathaniel Weyl.
        In the UK leading Jews have been recently keen to define themselves as a distinct ethnic group. It is hardly surprising that such a group, dispersed historically across the lands of other ethnic groups and facing opposition, should work for a more comfortable position in a “multi-cultural society” than in an ethnically nationalist society, and therefore become generally supportive of foreign immigration, including their own people. It is also hardly surprising that given its postwar position after Hitler and Stalin, and the state of Israel after the unsuccessful Arab attack, that many among this ethnic group should now be against immigration from Muslim and ipso facto anti-Zionist regions. If the ethnic self-interest of Jews happens to coincide with the ethnic self-interest of Anglo or European ethnicities, that is a bonus, however temporary.
        Analysis of interests should not depend primarily on an assumption that the Protocols of Zion was an authentic record of permanent validity.

  21. Jeff B
    Jeff B says:

    Tucker Carlson just offered a brilliant response to the ADL and Jonathan Greenblatt’s attack on him:
    “Tucker fires back at criticism over immigration, voting comments”

    He reads from the ADL’s website and calls out the total disconnect between what the ADL promotes for Israel and what they demand for European ethnic people and countries ie., the destruction of one and the preservation of the other.

    • Aristo Boho
      Aristo Boho says:

      Dear Mister B,

      Thank you. All one can say about MIster tucker Carlson’s opening defensive monologue is brilliant! No partisanship of being ensconced wth one of the two political parties our socially engineered country allows to be the political mandarins of mob democracy. Yes, President Ronald Reagan got the ball rolling to take us where we are to-day and the double standard of Jewish-Zionism is ever so obvious that one cannot respect the average person for not caring. God Bless, Aristo Boho

  22. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    So, according to the AJC (in 1952) and to Truman’s Jewish-dominated PCIN, “one race is just as good as another for American citizenship”, and “our very strength lies in the diversity of our peoples”. In other words, race replacement is good for White people. We know it’s good for Palestinians too, but not for the Jews and the Uighurs. Likewise, the Jews will complain about non-White under-representation, which suggests that White people are replacing the non-Whites (!), and they will complain about antisemitism if we raise the issue of Jewish over-representation in the country’s top positions and in anti-White organizations.

    Tucker Carlson may get fired if he is too explicit about the Jewish “race replacement” program, but I think anonymous nationalists on the internet need to make greater use of that phrase since it’s an accurate description of what’s going on. It will add moral and intellectual clarity to the debate. Using the right words makes the Jews sound ridiculous as they try to mock the “replacement theory” and deny the reality of it all. They have to deny that is it real because it is morally unjustifiable. If they openly advocate race replacement, they openly reveal themselves as our enemies. If they say race replacement isn’t happening, they reveal themselves as liars.

    The fact that people have been afraid to use the word “replacement” is not a natural situation at all. It is the word that should naturally spring to mind.

    It’s remarkable how the Jews push blatant nonsense, like the idea that race replacement is good for us. What’s even worse is how they manage to dominate institutions like the 1952 President’s Commission on Immigration and Naturalization. Their political clout clearly isn’t based on their high moral and intellectual standards. They behave like a mafia.

  23. TJ
    TJ says:

    On Carlson around 5:30 Pacific tonight (April 13)- the discussion was about health rationing by race. The guest was about to leave and then exclaimed- “Tucker one more important item. This is actually about genocide.” Then some weird stuff happened, strange expressions, Tucker banging on the side of his head like he was receiving urgent message in his earpiece- STOP THE INTERVIEW! And then the guest was gone. See if you guys can find the show. . .Rationing, Whites get care last.

    • Richard McCulloch
      Richard McCulloch says:

      He said Prof. Jason Hill of DePaul University, a black “Jamaican-American,” was discussing the application of critical race theory to medical care and says “This is a movement that is quite unified,” then pauses a moment, then repeats “It is unified,” then hesitates again, then Tucker can’t seem to hear him and apologizes that the audio seems to have been lost, and the interview is ended. I guess it would be possible for someone to hear “genocide” instead of “unified,” and “white genocide” instead of “quite unified.” My impression was that the director might have thought Prof. Hill was losing his composure and thought best to cut the segment short.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        I agree with you that Professor Hill was saying “quite unified,” but the look on Hill’s face at the same moment that Carlson apparently lost the audio feed was that of a man who was hearing something unexpected, such as a loud hum or a similar audio artifact, not a man whose composure was lapsing because he had lost his train of thought. What Hill’s face seemed to be expressing was “Huh? What’s up?”

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