Lipton Matthews Interviews Thomas Dalton

 Dr. Thomas Dalton is an American academic known for his extensive commentaries on controversial topics.  Today he joins the Occidental Observer for a stimulating Q&A where we discuss his views on Jews, anti-Semitism, and Jewish power structures.

Matthews:  ‘Anti-Semitism’ is frequently employed as a derisive term to shame thinkers like yourself who adopt an unflinching approach to criticizing Jewish power structures.  Do you think that this epithet is justified?

Dalton:  This all depends on what we mean by ‘anti-Semitism.’  Let’s look at a bit of history.  The Semites were the people traditionally descended from Noah’s (of the ark) son Shem, who were described as ‘Shemites’ or Semites.  Some nine generations after Shem came Abraham, traditional patriarch of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  Abraham was said to live circa 2000 BC, which would put Shem at 4000 BC or earlier—although such genealogies have almost zero credence.

Abraham supposedly had two sons:  Ishmael (distant ancestor to the prophet Muhammad) and Isaac.  Isaac in turn had two sons:  Esau (progenitor of the Edomites) and Jacob (progenitor of the Israelites/Jews).  A few generations after Jacob came Moses, who is said to have lived around 1500 BC.  I would note that all this is from Jewish tradition, and it has no historical or anthropological foundation; in all likelihood, all these individuals (apart from Muhammad) are fictitious.

Anyway, technically speaking, ‘Semites’ are a potentially huge group of people, including Jews and indigenous Arabs across the near Middle East.  They all speak a ‘Semitic’ language, like Hebrew or Arabic.  Arabic-speakers alone number over 300 million, and spread across much of the Middle East and North Africa.  Today, though, the term is not frequently used, owing to its vagueness and lack of substantial basis.

But of course, anti-Semite is widely used today, which is interesting.  The term emerged in Germany in the 1860s and 1870s and was employed both by Jews (such as Steinschneider) and Gentiles (such as Wilhelm Marr).  There, for whatever reason, ‘Semite’ came to mean ‘Jew’ alone, distinct from all the other descendants of Shem.  By 1879 there was an “anti-Semitic League” in Germany, which meant formal opposition to Jewish influence and Jewish power.

My dictionary has a very simple, one-line definition of anti-Semitism:  “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious or racial group.”  This, I think, is not quite right.  ‘Shemite,’ or ‘Semite,’ is a biological—and hence racial—term.  Anti-Semitism thus opposes Jews as an ethnic group, rather than as a religion.  In the nineteenth century, this distinction was relatively unimportant; at that time, all ethnic Jews were religious Jews, and vice versa.  Today, of course, it is different:  Many ethnic Jews are non-religious, and some (very few) Gentiles adhere to the Jewish religion.  In the present day, the main concern is with ethnic Jews, regardless of their religion.

As we know, Jews have appropriated the term ‘anti-Semitism’ to apply to anyone they view as a threat, for virtually any reason.  An anti-Semite is thus an opponent or enemy of the Jewish people, as a collective.  And since Jews get to determine who is an opponent, the term can mean anything they want it to mean.

Speaking for myself, I oppose Jewish dominance and virtual rule in the Western nations—countries in which they are historic foreigners and infiltrators.  I guess that makes me an anti-Semite; so be it.  I also oppose “Jewish power structures” in Israel when they commit war crimes and crimes against humanity.  So that makes me a double anti-Semite.  So what?  On this basis, any thinking, moral person ought to be an anti-Semite.  We need to make that term a badge of honor.

Matthews:  Could you elaborate on the politics behind applying the charge of anti-Semitism solely to critics of Jews when the Palestinians are also Semitic?

Dalton:  Well, yes, Palestinians speak a dialect of Arabic, and hence are Semitic speakers, and thus are technically Semites.  But again, so too are over 300 million other people.  But it makes no sense to be anti-Semitic in terms of language.  So the only meaningful sense of ‘anti-Semitism’ is biological, or ethnic, or racial.  Thus we are back to ‘descendants of Shem,’ or something like that.

But if we believe the Biblical nonsense, then we can try to label other groups in the same way.  Many Middle Easterners could be called ‘Hamites’ (descendants of Ham) or ‘Japhetites’ (descendants of Japheth)—named for the other two sons of Noah.  But it’s all just mythology anyway, and so the term has no real substance.  I don’t think there is any politics behind it.  Jews have appropriated the term ‘anti-Semitism,’ and there is little hope of changing that.

Matthews:  You have written profusely on Jewish issues.  What sparked your interest in studying their influence?

Dalton:  For me personally, it goes way back, at least to my elementary school days.  I can recall writing a very early book report on Einstein, in which I mentioned in passing that he was a Jew—which of course, he was.  I don’t think I even knew what a Jew was; I never encountered any until college.  But my teacher was aghast:  I had outed a Jew!  She rebuked me in her little written comments, something to the effect that “that doesn’t matter, it’s not relevant, …”  I was shocked.  Here I was, a mere kid, writing what I read in some book somewhere—a true fact—and I was attacked for it.  There was a lesson in that, and it wasn’t the one the teacher intended.

More came in middle school.  I can recall one of the guys calling someone a “Schweinehund” (literally, a pig-dog), and the teacher jumping all over him because he used a “Nazi” word.  I was like, wow, what’s a Nazi?  More lessons.  Incidents like this got me interested in Nazism and Hitler, and I really became intrigued by the whole World War Two story; for me, the Germans were always the more interesting characters.  In high school, I wrote a major (and sympathetic) English paper on Hitler, and actually got a high grade for it; I can’t imagine that happening today.

Then into college, I lived in the student dormitory for my first two years.  I remember well the loud and obnoxious guys “from New York,” which, for a long time, prejudiced me against all New Yorkers.  Only later did I find out that the “guys from New York” were virtually all “Jews from New York”.  Then I recalled the anti-Semitic scrawlings and swastikas on the bathroom stalls, and it all made sense.

Later, in my various travels, I encountered seemingly random individuals who, for some reason, just made my skin crawl.  They were utterly repulsive.  I had never met anyone like these people—who I later realized were Jews.  Not long after, I started to notice their role in government, and in particular their over-representation.  Then the same in Hollywood, and more of the same in media.

Not long after that, I started thinking critically about the Holocaust.  I had never given it much thought, and basically accepted the orthodox view without much consideration.  This was in the “pre-indoctrination” era, so I basically never really covered it in school.  I studied technical subjects as an undergrad, and so, again, never had to address it.  But I knew something was wrong with the story, and eventually started digging into it.  The end result, several years later, was my book Debating the Holocaust.

About the same time, I got more active against Israeli crimes in the Middle East, and began to support BDS actions against Israel.  It was then that I started to feel the first real push-back against me personally.  Once again, more valuable lessons.

Basically, at some point, I began to realize that I was virtually surrounded:  Jews on all sides, at all levels of society, calling the shots—and this, even though they were a mere 2% of so of the US population (and less in the state where I lived).  Then I knew that it was a major problem that had to be addressed on multiple levels.

Matthews:  Some contend that Jews are overrepresented in major movements and industries due to higher intelligence and concentration in urban areas, but you dismiss this argument.  Why is that?

Dalton:  It’s true that Jews, as a group, score higher on IQ tests than the average White person.  If the White average is 100, I believe that Jews score about one standard-deviation above this, which means an average score of around 115.  This is a huge difference.  But an IQ of 115, in itself, is not that impressive.  So-called ‘genius’ level starts at about 140, and statistically, a higher percentage of Jews will be in this category than Whites.  But of course, they are still a small minority—around 2%, as I said—and so the total number of White geniuses is significantly higher than the corresponding number of Jews.

Still, when you encounter an ‘average Jew,’ he or she will likely seem quite intelligent.  I don’t dismiss any of this, and it does account for much of Jewish success.

But intelligence alone is not the sole measure of success, as we all know.  Jews also possess a number of stereotypical and distasteful characteristics, like aggression, assertiveness, selfishness, greed, ambition, and narcissism.  For most people, these traits would be vices; but for Jews, they work to their advantage.  Jews also are more prone to mental illness than the population at large, probably due to centuries of in-breeding within a relatively tight gene pool.  And most importantly, they are highly clannish.  This is a strange concept to most American Whites, who are, generally speaking, individualists—that is, we tend to judge people as individuals, on their own merits.  But Jews will seek out and cooperate with other Jews, to the exclusion of non-Jews.  This tribal, in-group preference also accounts for much of their success.  They generally view Gentiles with distaste, distrust, and even disgust.  Literally for centuries, Jews have been known for their “hatred of mankind.”  And it shows.

In a sort of pathological twist, Jews actually enjoy this antipathy.  They actually seem to like being hated!  It keeps them close, compact, and unified.  It builds their in-group.  And it promotes the ‘victim mentality’ that they love to exploit.  So they get multiple benefits from being detested.  It’s sick.

But to close on your question, the overrepresentation comes from (a) above average intelligence and cleverness, (b) immoral treatment of others, meaning, a willingness to exploit and deceive with impunity, and (c) in-group synergies.  Again, this does not apply to every individual Jew, but it holds for Jews in general, and is particularly relevant for those at the top of the social hierarchy.

Matthews:  Your latest book, Eternal Stranger: Critical Views of Jews and Judaism through the Ages (2020), forcefully posits that, despite residing in Western civilization for centuries, Jews have remained as outsiders.  What explains this development?

Dalton:  That’s a long story, but in short, Jews have developed, over the centuries, the ability to manipulate and exploit people everywhere.  This is only possible if you dislike or detest the people you are working with.  Jews have learned how to profit by treating others as inferiors, and consequently the masses, in turn, treated the Jews as strangers, as outsiders, and as infiltrators.

On top of this, for centuries, when Europe was dominated by Christianity, Jews were also religious outsiders because they wouldn’t accept Jesus as Messiah.  But this aspect has faded in the past century, as the US and especially Europe grew less religious.

Jews furthermore have discovered that there is much profit to be made from exploiting people in distress—as when people are penniless, or hungry, or at war.  This again is a very old story, reaching back to Old Testament days.  More troubling, Jews also discovered that, by manipulating events to their liking, they could actually create distress—that is, they learned how to put people under pressure, to make them suffer, to make them needy, and to make them fear for their wellbeing and even their lives.  Under such conditions, Jews stand to make huge gains in wealth, influence, and power.  This has been true for centuries, and it’s still true today.

What is largely unknown—and the reason I wrote that book—is the fact that many of the most prominent and brilliant thinkers in history have recognized this malicious Jewish nature.  This is important because it shows that critics of the Jews are not just a handful of “neo-Nazis” or crackpot haters, but rather intelligent and insightful men of history.  And not just in recent times, but literally for millennia—reaching back at least to 300 BC.  In Eternal Strangers, I took the trouble to hunt down and verify the relevant anti-Jewish comments from dozens of perceptive critics.  All my quotations are confirmed and properly sourced.  It is a truly damning story, one with huge repercussions for the present day.

Matthews:  Kevin MacDonald has written widely on the involvement of Jews in movements hostile to the interests of the West.  What do you think motivates their activism?

Dalton:  It’s basically what I said above:  that Jews are eager to exploit and manipulate people for their own personal gain, and for the benefit of Jews generally.  They are attracted to the West because it is a source of productive wealth.  The West has also created potent science and technology, which the Jews desire; such things have a great potential for further manipulation and control.  And there is (or was) a kind of cultural greatness about the West that the cultureless Jews sought to appropriate.

But there is a deeper issue:  Jews see Westerners as their primary threat.  Ever since the days of the Roman Empire, it was the Westerners, the Europeans, the Whites, who have been their most dangerous opponents.  Being massively outnumbered, Jews have long realized that they would have to undermine the West on moral, religious, and ideological grounds.  In recent years, they have also undermined us on racial grounds, by promoting mass immigration from Africa, the Mid East, and Latin America.

I mean, just look at Hollywood, and the entertainment industry generally.  There is nothing more degrading than the endless stream of utter garbage produced by Hollywood Jews—unless we count the insipid filth that passes for popular music (hip-hop, especially; if you doubt me, check out the lyrics to the recent hit “WAP”).  One need not be a prude to see how corrupting it is to live in a society that promotes deviant sexuality, Internet porn, online gambling, recreational drug use, and moral offenses of the most diverse kind.  And there is a strong Jewish hand behind all these things.  For them, it’s a double win:  lots of money to be made, and lots of Westerners corrupted in the process.  It could hardly be better.

Matthews:  In Debating the Holocaust, you give a fair hearing to mainstream arguments and sobering critiques, yet despite the impartial tone, many consider it to be an anti-Semitic text.  Why are people hesitant to challenge orthodox assumptions of the Holocaust?

Dalton:  The Holocaust is the Achilles’ Heel of the global Jewish Lobby.  It is their central guilt tool.  It was the final justification for the creation of Israel.  It is the source of countless billions in ‘reparations’—well over $120 billion to date.  It allows them to promote their victimhood status throughout the West, and to exploit peoples’ sympathies.  It is the true “Big Lie” of the present day.  Consequently, undermining the standard Holocaust story is one of the most potent actions we can take today, to bring down Jewish power.

Interested readers will have to read my book, but in brief, there are many serious holes in the orthodox view.  Start with the fact that the supposed deaths of 6 million Jews, over about five and a half years, comes to nearly 3,000 deaths per day—every day, 24/7, rain or shine.  Amidst a global war.  It hardly seems plausible on the face of it.  Then we note that killing people is relatively easy, but disposing of their bodies is much, much harder.  Even a modern crematorium cannot reduce a human body to ash; large bones always remain.  Crude Nazi ovens could do much less—not to mention the “open-air fires” that are said to have consumed hundreds of thousands of bodies (almost 600,000 at Auschwitz alone).

The famed gas chambers could never have worked in the manner described.  They were illogical from the start:  cram hundreds of people into an enclosed room and then sprinkle cyanide pellets on their heads.  Right—and then what?  Now you’ve got hundreds of dead bodies intermixed with highly toxic pellets that continue to emit gas for hours.  Who’s going in to clean out the bodies?  Even Jewish inmates are no use dead.

And the supposed diesel exhaust chambers that were used at Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec are even more ridiculous.  For one, you can’t pump engine exhaust into an enclosed room; the engine will simply stall.  But more importantly, diesel exhaust gas has far too little carbon monoxide, and far too much oxygen, to kill people in any reasonable time.  Gasoline engines can do the job, but the orthodox sources are adamant:  the Germans used diesel engines.  This whole aspect is made even more absurd when we realize that some 2 million Jews allegedly died by diesel gas, as opposed to some 1 million by cyanide.  In the end, it appears that the actual overall Jewish death toll was something like 500,000—far less than the proclaimed 6 million.

These are only a few of many unresolved issues.  Again, interested readers should see my Debating book, or read my short version: Holocaust: An Introduction (2016).  Both can be found on my personal website (, and at my primary publisher site,

In view of all this, I am continually surprised that some in the dissident right and White nationalist movement don’t want to address the Holocaust.  They seem to think that, in essence, the Jews have won the ideological battle, and that any critic—any “Holocaust denier”—is automatically viewed as a nutjob.  (I find it odd that people who are routinely labeled as vicious anti-Semites are suddenly afraid of being called a “denier,” but such is life.)  More concretely, they worry about such things as false testimony, doctored evidence, outright fraud, and so on.  Sure, these exist.  But most of the revisionist case is based on fact, hard science, and elementary logic.  The basic case is quite clear and compelling.  You don’t need to have a PhD in science or math to follow the story.  My little book Introduction can be read by any college undergrad, and my Debating is not much harder.

Finally, we need only consider how much effort the global Jewish Lobby puts into squelching Holocaust revisionism.  They know how important the orthodox story is to their grip on power.  They pass laws, they burn books, they block websites, they fine and imprison people, all to stop the counter-story from getting out.  But they are losing.  Revisionism is winning the day.  The more that we can bring this to light, the better for everyone.

Matthews:  Can you identify broader trends of suppressing information critical of Jewish power structures, beyond the Holocaust?

Dalton:  Sure:  almost any exposure of Jewish influence, Jewish wealth, or Jewish power is suppressed.  Even ‘outing’ Jews is forbidden.  Even mentioning names like ‘Soros’ or ‘Rothschild’ in the wrong context is forbidden.  Any look at media figures, leading billionaires, Hollywood moguls, Big Tech luminaries, or top political donors is sure to include a massively disproportionate Jewish presence.  But this fact will never be mentioned—not by the left, not by the right, not by Democrats, not by Republicans, not by CNN, and not by Fox News.  I exposed some of this dominance in a recent TOO essay, “Confronting the Judeocracy.”  Note:  this is not even talking about “criticism,” but rather simply naming the Jews as Jews.  That fact alone is too much to swallow.

When you look at the Jewish role in political and financial corruption, ethically dubious industries, control of public opinion, foreign wars, and so on, you then get a situation that is utterly unmentionable—except by those of us with a bit of courage and some backbone.

One of my favorite examples is the Jewish role in warfare, both present-day and historically.  It has long been a cliché that “Jews caused all the wars in history,” but few have taken the time to confirm and document this situation.  I did it, and the result was my book The Jewish Hand in the World Wars (2019).  My focus there is on the two World Wars, but I also look at conflicts before and since.  Again, it was remarkable to me how much information is never discussed, never examined, never found in text books.  It is suppression by omission; this is their favored tactic.

Matthews:  Do non-Jewish leaders support the state of Israel to advance the goals of Zionism, or is doing so merely financially rewarding and not indicative of Gentiles genuflecting to Jewish powerbrokers?

Dalton:  We can never really know what induces so many Gentiles, of all races, to yield to Jewish temptation.  I suspect it is something like a ‘carrot-and-stick’ strategy:  the carrot is big money and fame, and the stick is unemployment and shame.  Probably very few influential Gentiles know or care much about Zionism; there are, of course, millions of so-called Christian Zionists, most White, but they seem to not hold positions of power.  Equally probable is that very few influential Gentiles have real affection or concern for Jews.  Most are probably uncomfortable with Jews at best, and secretly hate them at worst.  But they play along—for the money and fame, and for fear of losing their jobs.

Matthews:  How do we distinguish between “anti-Semitism” and legitimate explorations of Jewish Power?

Dalton:  The implication here is that anti-Semitism involves “illegitimate” explorations of Jewish power—a point that I would dispute.  All such examinations are legitimate, whatever the motive.  Jews have caused so much pain and suffering over the millennia that no exposé can be unwarranted or too harsh.

Matthews:  Your trenchant critiques of Jewish power structures are legendary, but what do you have to say about wokeness, Covid-19 hysteria, and the religion of anti-whiteness?

Dalton:  Huge issues here, for sure.  On the Covid-19 hysteria, things are still a bit too fluid and muddled to draw big conclusions.  Apart from the Jewess now running the CDC (Rochelle Walensky), there seems to be a minimal Jewish role here.  It wrote a recent piece on the uselessness of masks (“The emperor’s new mask”), and I suspect the vaccines are almost as bad.  Never before have we been able to vaccinate against a coronavirus, and I would guess that these recent ones will prove either marginally effective or short-lived.  Evidence is increasing that the virus itself was generated or manipulated in a Chinese lab, with potentially huge implications.

‘Wokeness’ is a hypersensitivity to all issues favored by Jews:  gender confusion, gay rights, interracial mixing, mass immigration, pity-mongering, and other generally politically-correct matters.  Jews push a woke culture because it serves their interests; a diverse, multiracial, multicultural, sexually-confused nation is one that can scarcely muster the strength to deal with the Jewish Question.

In particular, Jews like to portray themselves as great friends to Blacks, Hispanics, and other “oppressed” minorities.  In reality, Jews hold nothing but contempt for such people; we need only recall the leading Jewish role in the American slave trade.  Jews are expert at using and coopting minorities for their own ends.

And to your other point, they use minorities in a kind of war against Whites.  Holocaust-guilt seems to have reached the saturation point, so prominent Jews now have turned to racial-guilt in their battle against Whites.  Whites are guilty of “systemic racism,” and hence must continually feel bad about themselves and their race, and must continually atone for this original sin.  Again, it puts Whites on the defensive and minimizes any risk of a mass White Nationalism—or so they believe.  Some of us suspect that this Jewish strategy may backfire.  Time will tell.

But these and related issues are sure to resurface in the future.  Jewish potential for mischief is endless.  It takes a fair amount of reading and thinking to get a grip on this situation, and on the radical solutions that are likely necessary.  Again, I would point interested readers to my personal website (, and to the Clemens & Blair publishing site, which handles many of my books (  There are lots of good sources there, and many profitable leads to follow.  Thanks for the opportunity to chat.

Matthews:  Thank you!

Thomas Dalton, PhD, has authored or edited several books and articles on politics, history, and religion, with a special focus on National Socialism in Germany.  His works include a new translation series of Mein Kampf.  For all his writings, see his personal website


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  1. Dan Baron
    Dan Baron says:

    My experience was almost exactly the same as what he said in response to, “What sparked your interest in studying their influence?”

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    That is a splendid interview. Doctor Dalton mentions $120 million in Danegeld, which is partly confirmed by Spiegel, a well known German mainstream magazine. It tells us that Jews have taken Germany for over EUR 63.2 billion. They published that in 2007. It is there this day in 2021 at
    Given the German political enthusiasm for pandering to God’s Chosen People that qualifies as serious evidence.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      If memory serves [ and it usually does ], one of several NYC Compensation Committees, staffed largely by recent Russian arrivals, falsified a great number of fraudulent claimants, to the sum of 52 million US.

      Berlin caught it and a number of FBI came there to investigate. No doubt they were w[h]ined and dined by the Berlin AJC office. The fraud was corroborated by the FBI, lamented by NY crocodile tears, criticized with internal theatrics – but never credited to Germany.

      Just a minor pattern recognition !

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      People claim the same about me even though it’s demonstrably untrue. Remember, Dalton is a pseudonym, and we really don’t know what else he writes on. And what’s wrong with specializing in a certain area. Lots of people do it, but the only time I see complaints is when someone focuses on Jews.

      • James Clayton
        James Clayton says:

        Well, I’m suffering from hearing FROM Jews fatigue myself, waking-up this morning to the New York Times on alleged Congressional concern over “… US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia comparing mask and vaccine mandates to the treatment of Jews by Nazis during the Holocaust…”

        • guest
          guest says:

          She’s certainly a christian zionist appealing to her base. Like nearly all conservatives, she probably thinks if she shows some kind of recognition and sympathy for the holocaust, the jews might let up on her. Actually, jews get indignant at copyright infringement.

        • Lancashire Lad
          Lancashire Lad says:

          Not a bad idea – try scrolling down to “individualism and the Western Tradition”.

      • Douglas Mercer
        Douglas Mercer says:

        Wagner said he knew people said that all he did was harp on the Jews. He said he wished he didn’t have to do it but that in order to fight for the survival of the German race he had no other choice.

      • David Wheeler
        David Wheeler says:

        Well said Dr. MacDonald – I have been encouraging a number of close friends to “dig a little deeper” than what the company line says is true about the jews and other related fables – it’s tough – I realize some of them will never ‘get it’ until it’s too late — thank you for providing a forum Mr. Dalton – he and Joyce and true gems

    • Dan Baron
      Dan Baron says:

      If you don’t like what the talks about, you can not read it, not read it, and again not read it.

    • Dan Baron
      Dan Baron says:

      If you don’t like what he talks about, you can not read it, not read it, and again not read it.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      And the experts, convened to solve the door problems at Douglas Aircraft, would knowledgably and exclusively talk of ” doors, doors, and more doors “. One can fly more confidently than if they had fingered through their compost piles.

    • Barron Sackler Covid
      Barron Sackler Covid says:

      That is an idiotic comment.
      Truth is that Jews are talked about very LITTLE in the media and academia because they CONTROL the media and academia. And because of their insane stranglehold on information we have to endure constant abuse in the form of evil anti-white propaganda 24/7.
      If a writer on this site exposes the jewish role in the anti-white system….that writer is to be commended.
      This site is one of the very rare places you can come to find the truth.

      • Rae West
        Rae West says:

        Well, you can try. But the opposition has very well worked-out techniques including ‘Kris’. They’ve worked out the timing of comment closure here so they get the last word. A few days ago I replied to Carolyn Yaeger, Brittany Rothchild, Pierre de Craon, and Charles Frey, pointing out that all were completely wrong, since (in sequence) I was far better able than she to detect fake conspiracies, some facts about Henry Ford’s publication, ( ), something about funding of Catholics by Jews, and curiosity about Frey’s desire to prevent people reading hexzane527 and miles mathis.
        They have perfect timing. KMac has infinite naivete in running his site (or more likely controlling it).

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          So now you’re a victim, too, in addition to being a seer? How lucky the TOO site is to have you! How heroic you are to persevere in offering enlightenment in the face of such formidable obstacles—including Ms. Yeager, Ms. Rothschild, Mr. Frey, and moi-même!

        • Ned J. Casper
          Ned J. Casper says:

          @ Rae West

          Are you the bloke who thinks all the nuclear arsenals in the world are imaginary and just a deception cunningly contrived by the Jews? Just asking for information

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          @ Rae West; or nom de jour:

          01 Everyone who watches TV with 20/20 and clean ears, knows, that so-called newscasters regularly feature those antagonist interviewees first, whom they wish to discredit, by interviewing their protagonists last.

          Pursuant to chapter 2 in your average Journalism textbook.

          02 I haven’t tripped over that method here, but if it were intended as such, I would prefer to think, that no one here would fall for it: casting doubt on your assertion above.

          03 A couple of years back, predating the time you became omniscient, I replied and disagreed with your position, that Stalin would have stopped short of crossing the antiquated Channel, with a reorganized pan-European industry and forced manpower behind him, aided by his still intact spy organizations such as the Red Orchestra, etc.

          04 I added, that if we had not bled to death at Stalingrad and henceforth, until just after Yalta, you British, with your well-known lack of talent for foreign languages, would thereafter have to listen to Shakespeare in Russian in a cockney dialect.

          05 In another omniscient lecture from you, I discovered, that you were completely oblivious, even to your geographical surroundings, i.e. the ROUND SQUARE CONFERENCE in Gordonstoun, Scotland, home of the Conference now including 50 schools in 20 nations on all continents.

          Founded by Kurt Hahn, who had initially founded that school for the elite of the elite at Castle Salem in Baden-Wuertemberg; with its SJW and globalist-based ideology, which got him thrown out in 33. Sort of an early Davos.

          [ It remains a source of pleasure, that a friend who bought a farm close by, as a refuge for the next Bolshevik visit to Germany, and who had two daughters at that school, also had a wife who was friends with the wife of Dr, Oetker, who managed, together, to get a too leftist teacher fired ].

          06 I can’t speak for the other three enumerated by you, who, like myself,
          ” were all completely wrong, and that you were far better able than she [?] to detect fake conspiracies ” [ based on the combined ethereal wisdom of Mathis and zany hex ].

          07 One of these two Wunderkinder had 30 good reasons why Hitler was part of the controlled opposition. My ass. 30 good reasons to cease reading or bringing up. Why in hell would I discourage others from reading their garbage, since that is the only guarantee to dissuade them ???

          08 Additionally, your utter disrespect for KM, who, after all, hosts this site, is quite as disrespectful in one sense, as is mine earned by you in another.


      • Kris
        Kris says:

        What universe do you live in? Jews are constantly talked about in mainstream media and popular culture. Jewish publications and mainstream media discuss Jewish influence, though of course place a positive spin on it. The so-called dissident right seems more concerned with Jews than ‘white people.’

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          Mainstream media rarely talks about Jews or Jewish influence.

          Just check how many times the word “Jew” or “Jewish” is said on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, PBS, and Fox News — or written in newspapers and magazines.

          Hardly ever.

          Of course, you already know that and are just here to troll.

          • Kris
            Kris says:

            YES, yes, anyone not in complete agreement with your worldview ‘is just here to troll ‘ I got the cultist memo already. Stories about Jewish influence are readily accessible on social media like Facebook and hardly a guarded state secret. No one btw here denies disproportionate Jewish influence or power in the United States.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      But surely this is an important topic – see Thomas Dalton’s comments about the Jws having disproportionate influence. They are pushy (see above about New York Js) and unembarrassed and never feel that they have to return any kindnesses or favours shown to them, and for these reasons are able to cause turmoil out of proportion with their small numbers. This is why it is important – to identify the causes of our problems in the West.

  3. Luke
    Luke says:

    “Then into college, I lived in the student dormitory for my first two years. I remember well the loud and obnoxious guys “from New York,” which, for a long time, prejudiced me against all New Yorkers. Only later did I find out that the “guys from New York” were virtually all “Jews from New York”. Then I recalled the anti-Semitic scrawlings and swastikas on the bathroom stalls, and it all made sense.”

    This comes very close to describing my own awakening to the jewish problem. I first began to notice that, whenever I ran into someone new who struck me as obnoxious, rude, egotistical, narcissistic and hyper aggressive and totally repulsive and unpleasant to be around – I would invariably discover that they were from New York. This peculiar pattern was one that I began to pick up on in my early to middle 20s, It wasn’t until I hit my mid-30s, however, where I discovered American Dissident Voices broadcasts by the late Dr. William L. Pierce and that’s when I was fully red pilled on the jewish problem and realized that every one of the repulsive characteristics that I always saw being exhibited by every single individual I would meet who had come from New York – were actually jewish character traits.

    Even non-jews, i.e., White gentiles who grow up in cities like New York and are submerged in the jewish dominance of those cities – get infected with these repulsive and obnoxious jewish traits and fundamentally act like, behave like, and are almost indistinguishable from jews themselves.

    Thus, my cardinal rule is to avoid anyone who I suspect or who I discover has spent any amount of time in New York. Tom Metzger, RIP, once observed that Whites who catch this jewish disease and who behave exactly the same as jews do – are infected with a disease he called ‘jew think’..

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      It’s difficult to disagree with anything in Luke’s comment, especially not with the Metzger diagnosis he repeats. I can elaborate a bit on another paragraph, however.

      Even non-jews, i.e., White gentiles who grow up in … New York and are submerged in the jewish dominance of those cities – get infected with these repulsive and obnoxious jewish traits and fundamentally act like, behave like, and are almost indistinguishable from jews themselves.

      Sad but true, nowadays certainly, and I speak as a New York native. The situation Luke outlines, however, became immeasurably worse from the mid-seventies on than it had been earlier, thanks largely to the influx of a few million blacks and Puerto Ricans that began in earnest in the fifties. These are people who are ever ready and willing to ape the basest aspects, human and otherwise, of whatever society they inhabit, and they did to New York precisely what the Jews intended them to.

      It’s still true, however (to channel Emily Dickinson for a moment), that a civilized New York white soul can still select its own society—that is, a like-minded one. Unfortunately, doing so has passed from being just the ordinary business of life to something reminiscent of a labor of Heracles.

    • Stuart Jacobite
      Stuart Jacobite says:

      Luke’s latter claims illogical, implicitly positing some environmental factor in New York makes Jews act as they do, thus also affecting Gentiles? As opposed to how Jews behave everywhere else? Jews segregate in ghettos, share traits with world Jewry, not Gentiles they live near (and seek to exploit). NY no more submerged in Jewish dominance than US as a whole. 8% of NYC population Jews don’t live in same areas nor interact with non-Jews nor send kids to same schools as White Gentiles.

      Gentiles who grow up near Jews earliest awakened, conscious of Jews as distinct race, learn “anti-Semitic” attitudes by experience. Odd to say NY exception to historical global norm. Conversely, BoomerCons in judenfrei Middle America shocked to learn their love for Israel unrequited as I inform them Jews vote 4/5 Democrat (despite “antisemite Biden hates Israel”), love abortion and open borders…

      I never had adult eureka Jew ‘redpill’. My intro to word “Jew” was as a young New York Catholic schoolboy: “Jew” a verb meaning cheat, defraud, swindle, pull dirty underhanded trick (cf. “gyp” from “Gypsy”); “Jew” a noun for someone cheap, selfish, greedy, money-hungry, dishonest, untrustworthy.

      We knew what Jews were, as kids would see—NEVER interact—creepy Orthodox Jews with dark hats/coats on hot days. We’d share stories, some true, some myth, about peculiar habits of Jews (e.g. Jewesses all shave their heads and wear wigs).

      Dr. Dalton saw “anti-Semitic scrawlings and swastikas on bathroom stalls” in college. That was normal to see in NYC Catholic primary school, “jews killed jesus”, “hitler was right” and the like—although no Jews around to see it.

      My NYC schoolmates a diverse lot: Irish, Italian, German, English, Scots, Poles, Nordic, Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Croatian, etc. We discussed ancestry out of curiosity, but racially we were all just White. Jews were NOT: always OTHER. In high school we had one student half-Irish/half-Jew—Ashkenazi “German” name—so he was nicknamed “Jude”.

      Hardly does it seem as White gentiles who grew up in cities like New York that we were “submerged in jewish dominance” and thereby “infected with jewish traits”…

      See article on Tsarist “pogroms”. By Luke logic, Russians/Ukrainians/Greeks in Jewish-dominated Odessa—Jews 1/3 of population—would be “infected with jewish traits”, rather than resisting Jews with hardened resolve (which Jewish propagandists spun as irrational “pogroms” against blameless Jews who must be let in as “refugees”…worked like a charm on naïve Americans with no experience of Jews—unlike Russians who long lived with Jews.)

      • Kris
        Kris says:

        When did you grow up, in the 1910s? Jews aren’t at all segregated and most live among Goyim in urban or suburban areas. Jewish children go to public or secular private schools and are exposed to the same media and popular culture everyone else is. Your analysis is so nutty here it isn’t even funny.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Everything you write, sir, is consonant with what I experienced as a child and young man from the late forties through the sixties. Unfortunately, I see little or no evidence of its continuance in the present day.* A large part of the problem is that it is close to fifty years since Catholic grammar and high schools were Catholic in any sense recognizable to a Catholic who passed through adolescence prior to the Second Vatican Council, which perpetrated a revolution within the forms that, soon after, discarded even the forms with which the council had camouflaged its subversion.
        * Except within the die-hard segment of the Catholic Traditionalist community—itself, alas, still merely marginal.

        • Kris
          Kris says:

          It is total fantasy straight out of Streicher’s Der Sturmer. My father grew up in Brooklyn back in the 40s and 50s in an almost 100% Irish neighborhood and attended Catholic schools through High School. Everyone fought everyone as kids, Jews, Italians, Irish, etc and then everyone started dating everyone as adolescents and intermarrying as adults.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Speak for yourself! The largely middle-class area of the Bronx in which I grew up, about a mile from Yankee Stadium, was roughly 75 percent Catholic Irish, Italian, and Polish in ethnic makeup. The character of the neighborhood being what it was, many of my neighbors had contact with Jews only at work. As for cross-ethnic antagonism, I saw essentially none, perhaps because many of the dads were white-collar workers and thus more or less fully assimilated Americans. Until my age passed into double digits, what I knew about Italians as such was that they all ate much more spaghetti than we did and the adults drank wine rather than beer at the dinner table

            The local grocery store owned by a Christian guy of German stock got three times the business of the deli owned by a Jewish family—and that was no coincidence. Sermons at the Sunday masses attended by adults frequently warned against interaction with Jews.

            Virtually the only Jews who were regarded with trust were family doctors, and by no means all of them were so regarded. Unfortunately, by the fifties Jews already constituted a sizable and growing proportion of the physician pool in New York.

          • Kris
            Kris says:

            Who cares about all this rubbish! Israel exists and is where it is. Would you like 5 million Israeli Jews moving to Europe or America? How many here would like that instead?

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            No need for that. Jews will be absorbed by their Arab neighbors and Israel will no longer exist. It’s only a matter of time.

    • guest
      guest says:

      Morally clean living, a diet of unprocessed food and most importantly, a vivid imagination!

  4. Servenet
    Servenet says:

    …although such genealogies have almost zero credence.

    Mr. Dalton makes such a claim because of the antiquity of the Bible. Indeed, the Scriptures are essentially the most ancient of all human literature, other claims being tenuous but more importantly of very small content especially in comparison to the voluminousness of the Bible.

    He has no compelling evidence that the genealogies (meaning the Scriptures themselves) “have almost zero credence” to say nothing of proof. He has bias based on conjecture and prejudice and zero besides. For the regenerate man (Christian) the Scriptures are believed, thus known to be the indefectable Word of God. And they have never been successfully contradicted by anyone, claims to have done so notwithstanding. Naturally the non-believer scoffs at such “theology.” This is also a claim of the Scriptures – “For the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” (I Corinthians 2:14)

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      I see your points and in many ways empathize with you. Allow me to share what I have learned.

      In seeking truth I have learned to prove or disprove things from at least three independent sources. Especially in regards to the study of history this has served me well.

      In regards to the Bible, using the above methodology and employing various sciences and secular history, I have concluded that much of the Bible is true. Likewise, I have concluded that some of it is either erroneous or blatantly false. And, some parts are simply egregious; the Book of Esther comes to mind.

      Also, having a love of foreign languages, I have also concluded that material errors in translation exist, whether by way of ignorance or design. In this respect, one might wish to note that Jesus – according to the Bible – not only condemned the Pharisees, but the Scribes as well.

      • Servenet
        Servenet says:

        As might be expected many things may be said by way of argument to your remarks but I will say only this – Jesus is either the Son of God and the only Savior of men…or He isn’t. And according to the Scriptures it is impossible that He isn’t. This may be what is sometimes called begging the question. But again a Christian always does best to reference the Scriptures as he asseverates that it is the only infallible rule for faith and practice in this world – “And we know that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true; and we are in him who is true, in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.” (I John 5:20)

    • Clem
      Clem says:

      Yes. Thank you. He instantly self-categorizes as not credible with his rejection of the geneologies based on his eerily jew-like understanding of history.

      I try not to pay attention to ignoramuses when they start moving their mouths.

    • David Wheeler
      David Wheeler says:

      I’m assuming you read Greek – so you can read the Septuagint in the language it was originally written

  5. Martin Fisk Weiss
    Martin Fisk Weiss says:

    Great interview.
    Jewish IQ is lower then 115….probably 108 for the Ashkenazi…..
    much lower in Israel.
    Intelligence is not the reason for Jewish success; ingroup preference/
    outgroup hostility is the reason.
    If whites were permitted to have ingroup preference, whites would be running the show.
    I agree with the 500K figure for jewish deaths in WWII…..that is the same number I found after
    research. Keep in mind that 55 MILLION non-jews died in that war, and that number is not disputed.

    • guest
      guest says:

      Although they developed a written alphabet, I am unable to name a single innovation in science, mathematics or technology by the ancient hebrews. There were some jewish scholars in the Islamic world at the “House of Wisdom” in Bagdad as well as Moorish Spain, but they were involved in theology or philosophy. We don’t see jews in science, math or technology to any significant degree until the latter half of the 19th century after several generations in Europe.

  6. Clem
    Clem says:

    When I saw that you were interviewing an ignoramus who claims Christ’s ancestors are fictitious, I tuned out the article. I’m probably tuning out your website, too, because if you give credence to such jungle bunny idiocy, you might be a jungle bunny yourself.

    What a joke denying Scripture, and yet calling jews–who have no part in the Word of God according to Jesus–somehow less intelligent and more evil than yourselves.

    Dreaming of some White paradise disconnected from Biblical religion is more foolish than all the marxists hallucinations put together.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Don’t give up on us, my friend. There are many paths to the palace, and often times Lady Truth hides Herself until the time is right for each of us as individuals.

      I wish you a good week! If you were in my neighborhood, we could sit on the upper deck, drink a few beers, and watch the wolves, elk and deer.

      I think the message of TOO, after some years of involvement with it, is that we should be the wolves, and not the elk and deer.

    • Will W Williams
      Will W Williams says:

      Clem, Clem, Clem! The tide is turning on the Jewish Question thanks to courageous scholars like Thomas Dalton and to those who dare publish his work like Dr. MacDonald. Expect more.

    • guest
      guest says:

      Aesop’s fables have clearer and more credible moral lessons than the bible. Also better written and more interesting. Even kids know that a talking scorpion is a literary device.

      Why is it in every religion that anyone speaking to god is always alone out in the desert, on a mountain, in a field or on the ocean? Does god have an aversion to crowds?

      • Clem
        Clem says:

        Why reject one group of satan’s minions just to shack up with another.

        That’s my point. If I wanted a new nation with evil ignorami as my “neighbors,” I would just maintain status quo in the United State.

        White covenant breakers are not superior to jew covenant breakers, and to me, a White man, probably worse, because of the nearness of ancestry.

        Not interested in throwing in with an of the enemies of Christ, regardless of ancestry. The only benefit that may come with White enemies of Christ, is that they retain some trappings of the Christian culture which elevates the race. But without that, there is no advantage.

  7. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    Who is Lipton Matthews? This is his third interview published at TOO, but the second one, featuring Kevin MacDonald, has disappeared, For awhile, I was trying to watch it, but the link to it had stopped going anywhere. Now it’s no longer posted here at all. But the interview with Gregory Hood still is and can be seen on Youtube. However, Mr. Mathews is not on camera there either.

    This interview with Thomas Dalton is not recorded at all, and it struck me as sounding a lot like the whole thing was written by Dalton. So I wanted to know if there was such a person as Lipton Matthews, and I found this: And these more recent entries: and

    Or just go here:
    So it seems he’s a now-27-year-old Jamaican conservative who is quite busy in the Interview business. Nothing wrong with that! But I found this over the top:

    “Matthews: Your trenchant critiques of Jewish power structures are legendary, but what do you have to say about wokeness, Covid-19 hysteria, and the religion of anti-whiteness?”

    Legendary?? Well, I guess anyone can overstate things, but the whole interview comes across like an info-commercial to me.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      This interview is introduced with these words:

      “Dr. Thomas Dalton is an American academic known for his extensive commentaries on controversial topics. Today he JOINS THE OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER (my caps) for a stimulating Q&A where WE discuss his views on Jews, anti-Semitism, and Jewish power structures.”

      Who wrote this? The Occidental Observer? Kevin MacDonald? Was it submitted with this included? Submitted by whom? Thomas Dalton? Lipton Matthews?
      It says “he joins the Occidental Observer.” Who represents the Occidental Observer? Matthews? I don’t think so. Or does he? What does MacDonald have to say about this?
      Learning that Matthews is a Jamaican black man, questions do arise. Will Thomas Dalton answer them?

  8. Vehmgericht
    Vehmgericht says:

    Dalton undermines his own credibility by proposing that ‘only’ half a million Jews perished due to Nazi actions in the Second World War. This figure is simply absurdly low! There is no need to go into the niceties of the Operation Reinhard murder factories or Auschwitz & Majdanek — the number of Jews simply lined up and shot by Einsatzgruppen is easily higher than that! And what became of the three million Jews of Poland, not to mention the balance of prewar European Jewry? Dalton states that Jews anathematise European ethnic advocates, but if White nationalists continue to belittle and disown the bloody track record of the Third Reich in this regard, can one really blame them?

    • Ceri
      Ceri says:

      Go and read Carlo Mattagno’s Einzatzgruppen book – he diligently and unequivocally proves that “the number of Jews simply lined up and shot by Einsatzgruppen is easily higher than that! [half a million]” is simply not the case.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Your evident credulity with regard to Auschwitz alone leaves you in no position to question anyone else’s credibility. As long ago as 1964, Paul Rassinier’s exhaustive study “Le drame des juifs européens” (The Drama of the European Jews) had already demonstrated that the highest possible count of Jewish deaths and disappearances during the period 1939–1945, from all causes whatsoever, could not have been more than 1.2 million and was quite likely to be far fewer.* Rassinier’s methodology and sources have never suffered a successful challenge, and his studies of the Holohoax and the Eichmann show trial are as relevant today as they were fifty years ago. Instead of being rebutted, he was simply denounced as an anti-Semite and later, when the term became fashionable, a denier. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.
      *In the last chapter of “Judaism and the Vatican” (1967), Rassinier’s contemporary Léon de Poncins presents the former’s analysis and conclusions at length. Poncins’s own conclusion is that half a million is a more realistic maximum figure. Part of the signficance of that number is that it renders Jewish losses comparable to those of every other segment of Europe’s population during the war.

  9. Bubba Hill
    Bubba Hill says:

    not sure why such a self-proclaimed anti-semite is peddling Jewish fairy tales about IQ. their IQ is 95% according to the folks at Vdare and they are very serious about IQ. which means the only thing they have is playing a clan game against individuals.

  10. Rubicon
    Rubicon says:

    It’s amazing how powerful religious indoctrination can be. Believing in the Bible like if it really was from God. It’s not, folks. To all overly religious people: you are in a cult. Cults can be VERY VERY powerful! More powerful than the will to live and to exist, a deluded neo-cortex can override any other part of the brain. Please read about the Heaven’s Gate cult – 39 people committed ritual mass suicide because they TRULY BELIEVED their souls had to be freed to reach an alien spacecraft. Religious fanaticism can do that.

    On the original topic: I agree with everything. That’s my experience with Jews as well. They suffer from a lot of neuroses, paranoia, constantly thinking that everybody is against them and they project that to the outside World and thus everybody really starts to hate them for real. It’s all rooted in Judaism, not in their race. There are plenty of racial Jews who leave Judaism and become very decent human beings. I recommend the short text “Psychopathology of Judaism” by Herve Ryssen.

    • Clem
      Clem says:

      The religious indoctrination that teaches you to deny the truth of Scripture and of Jesus Christ as Lord is indeed powerful. You have more faith in your puny little brain as though it could somehow comprehend God, and reduce him to the limits of man’s intellect.

      I can’t think of a religion that is more fanatical and less supported by the evidence than the religion of human reason.

      It is right there with judaism, and I am sure they would welcome you to their soiled bed of lies and trickery. You both love opposing Christ so much.

      • Rubicon
        Rubicon says:

        Quite the opposite. I am not an atheist. I recognize the Absolute Universe itself as God. I recognize it is mystical and we’re never going to understand how and why the Universe is the way it is. I also work on developing my own consciousness through practical spirituality.

        That said, I do not subscribe to the idea that Jesus is the Messiah or God’s son. I don’t subscribe to the idea that Jews are chosen by God. For me, the Jewish God Yahweh, is just one of the many tribal Gods that existed back in the Bronze Age, modeled after the Egyptian monotheistic cult to Amun-Ra and influenced by Persian Zoroastrianism (both of these monotheistic religions precede Judaism which Jews often like to boast as the “first monotheistic religion”). Most good ideas in the Abrahamic religions come from Ancient Greek philosophy, while the ideas of Heaven and Hell in Christianity (and later in Orthodox Judaism although not part of the official doctrine) come directly from Zoroastrianism.

        So while Christians, Jews, Muslims may believe in Yahweh as their monotheistic supreme God, I believe in the natural monotheistic God – the natural laws, the Universe and the Absolute itself. I don’t need myths, I don’t need mythical figures splitting the sea to tell me to believe in it, I don’t need angels speaking to prophets. I am probably more spiritual than most religious people. I have developed certain levels of clairvoyance and claircognizance and other quantum phenomena simply by practicing. I believe that morals are based on humane principles, not on religion. China, for example, has an intentional homicide rate of 0.53, which is among the lowest on the planet, much lower than most countries where Abrahamic religions dominate – remember one of the commandments in Abrahamic religions is “Don’t kill”. So the Chinese can manage to not kill each other even without a commandment from God. How come?

        • Clem
          Clem says:

          Satan is very spiritual. Very religious. And very much the source of your religious myth.

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          I imagine China has a very low crime rate because the Chinese Communist government has been efficient at liquidating the criminal riffraff — along with tens of millions of innocent Chinese.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      There are plenty of racial Jews who leave Judaism and become very decent human beings.

      Plenty? More like about as many decent human beings as Lot found in Sodom and Gomorrah.

      • Rubicon
        Rubicon says:

        Yes, you just don’t hear about 99% of them. Just look around for atheists’ and ex-jews’ forums. There have also been, and still are, many Jews that have become so secular that they essentially lose all relation ot Jewishness and intermarry with the goyim and have goy children.

        It’s a natural process. Assimilation is one of the biggest fears of Jewry. That’s why right-wing Jews will push hard for Anti-Semitism – in order to create that sense of shared victimhood to help them keep their ‘shared fate’ and identity. That’s why Jewish children have separate schools, Jewish summer camps, Holocaust trips, etc.

        As Herve Ryssen notes Judaism is a psychopathology, a “mental race” that, extremely similarly to the example of the Heaven’s Gate cult that I gave, programs people to behave in ways that are only concerned with the continuation of the cult itself.

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          The only way to stop being a Jew is to become a Christian. It is not enough to be “secular” or to intermarry with non-Jews. This is so, because the Jews were presented with the truth and they rejected it.

          They knew God and rejected Him.

          They don’t have the excuse of ignorance, which non-Jewish secularists may or may not have.

          The most evil thing you can do to a Jew is encourage him, either directly or through indifference, to continue to reject Jesus.

  11. crank
    crank says:

    On the Covid issues, I am surprised that TD didn’t expand and include more.
    A couple of articles on this website list considerable involvement of Jews at the helm of the Great Reset agenda – a point to consider regardless of one’s view of the balance between the lethality of, and hype around, the virus itself.
    More stories are emerging of the Gates foundation’s ties to the Epstein circle of spook technologists, blackmailing pedophiles and string pullers.
    The crisis broke at a time when the White House was alleged to be ‘effectively run by’ the president’s son in law, Jared Kushner. Kushner headed the ‘pandemic response’, Operation Warp Speed.
    Also worth mentioning was the news story from Spring 2020 that Israeli researchers had already developed a vaccine – just weeks after the pandemic had been officially declared.
    I think I read that the global vaxxpass system will be effectively administered from Israel, or it is proposed that this will be the case. In my opinion, this is a reasonable hypothesis to explain why an only moderately serious disease has been exploded into a global paradigm shift, the contours of which are only just becoming clear to even a minority of thinkers.
    Anyone interested in this aspect, might do well to read articles at Unlimited Hangout, such as this one, for example:

  12. bruno
    bruno says:

    I have always enjoyed reading Dr. D. Having lived extensively in Eastern Europe and being able to function in Slavic languages I was able to rub shoulders with the crème de la crème. In fact, I had lunch with some of the leading politicos. Thus, one knows personal intrinsic mindsets. It is absolutely true that people with wrong thoughts can suffer grave consequences. This is not only true in the United States, but Europe and also other places. Journalists and others are full of trepidation when crossing certain lines.

    In the 1960s or early 70s I often visited the world’s most famous camp. Somewhere in the house I have pictures of former inmates carrying one of my children. In private, back then, they essentially denied most holocaust insinuations. Yes, Zs were killed, however, the scale was much smaller than alleged by governments. Some of the big killing fields, like Ponary, have different figures. I have the exact info, but I have no inclination of looking it up. It goes something like this: Info was found in bottles by a guy by the name of Sakowicz (if I can remember correctly). Our Z subject was indeed killed. Some Lithuanian professors, in their homes, insisted that the number could be as low as 500. The curator at the Lithuanian Z Museum gave a figure of something like 30,000. Most books put the figure at something like 10,000. Once again, it’s been a long time and therefore I can’t recall the information without spending time to find it. I just had an operation and cannot search.

    Moreover, in addition to Ponory and other places, like the big find at BabiYar, most figures are greatly inflated. The reason that the “best of all people” are so successful overall is not merely because of IQ, it’s because of transnational networking. As KMac has emphasized, they have always bribed the political elite. The Chinese have learnt from them and that’s why masses of pertinent Americans are in Chinese pockets.

    Although I don’t agree with some of Dr. D’s information, I’ve spoken with high ranking German military officials, spent time running all over East Germany and overall thought they were wonderful people. Someday most of the myths will be broken up. Perhaps it’ll be when the Chinese officially or unofficially run the show. Lastly, whatever the Z element implies always take it with a grain of salt.

  13. Hans Frank
    Hans Frank says:

    “Only later did I find out that the “guys from New York” were virtually all “Jews from New York”. Then I recalled the anti-Semitic scrawlings and swastikas on the bathroom stalls, and it all made sense.

    Later, in my various travels, I encountered seemingly random individuals who, for some reason, just made my skin crawl. They were utterly repulsive. I had never met anyone like these people—who I later realized were Jews.”

    LOL! Did we go to the same school?

  14. Michael Santomauro
    Michael Santomauro says:


    I would like to form a book club by zoom (or in person on Hilton Head Island, SC), based on KMD’s books and Thomas Dalton’s books. I was the publisher of Dalton’s first book and all of Germar Rudolf’s books when he was in prison–The Holocaust Handbook Series. Feel free to call or text my iPhone at:


    Michael Santomauro

  15. Swan
    Swan says:

    Another great article. And I agree wholeheartedly that we must do all we can to expose the great lie. It’s not, however, an easy task. Brainwashing, conditioning, indoctrination are very effective. The human mind tends to close tightly. With most people, no matter how many facts you show them, no matter how well you make your argument, people just can’t open their eyes to reality. Any advice anyone has on waking people up would be greatly appreciated.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      That was the figure (which later was revised and increased a little bit) for the total number of people — not just Jews — who died in the concentration camps.

      In my opinion, the total number of Jews who died in the camps could not have been larger than 100,000.

      And almost all of those deaths were from typhus epidemics that swept the camps at the end of the war when they were overcrowded and Germany’s infrastructure was completely destroyed.

  16. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Thank you for a very enjoyable and enlightening read. If I could only say one thing to it all it would be to add to the Jewish question a question that puzzles as to why coming here to TOO over the last few years not one essay by anyone have I read about the cult of Freemasonry? An organization that I believe amounts to little more than White Supremacy for Jewish causes? Look at America and her history and one can do no better than looking up this website to find something truly strange about America and the world? Or perhaps the best books written is by Henry Makow The Cult that Hijacked the World? There is more going on behind the scenes I think and it leads to very strange inexplicable places?

    As for any criticisms the label that Old Testament history is just fables and fairy tales lol can be debunked and quite easily I might add. Maybe I will contact the above publishers?

      • Gerry
        Gerry says:

        @ Clem,

        thanks. the bible has stood the test of time and will forever stand every test thrown at her.

        By the way I imagine you would enjoy this:

        Strange business Freemasonry is? The further one reads about them and more at the Vigilant Citizen the more proof one has for the existence of Satan.

        It is not just the Jews but these white supremacists who have empowered and continue to empower the enemies of Christ and his gospel message. Wow, how much wealth and power do these people actually sit on to build these monstrosities, pyramids and such, all over the world? The Egyptian Pharaohs would be scandalized and so jealous? The envy would be maddening!

        • Clem
          Clem says:

          I’m not sure what you mean by “these white supremacists.” Freemasons? I’m not sure they would qualify, but then the definition is somewhat fluid in these times.

          I have no problem saying that by most standards that the White race in general is supreme in rank and ability.

          As a Christian, I believe that means we have more responsibility towards God and our fellow man, be they White or whatever, but we have to take care of our own primarily. Otherwise, we are worse than heathens.

          I don’t have a seething hatred of others because they are from a different race, but the enemies of God and the enemies of my people are my enemies. Otherwise, I have no love for God or respect for my fathers and mothers (speaking of ancestry).

          There are white supremacists who seem to just hate because of difference, and that is unChristian, and unWhite, in my opinion. They lower themselves to the level of the savages, who do the same.

          Freemasonry is a serious problem, though. No doubt.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      Vigilant Citizen is a very good site. Their latest story highlights what children in the New York City school system are being exposed to. The episode is part of the show “Let’s Learn,” produced in partnership by the public media company The WNET Group, lead by
      Lindsey Horvitz (quelle surprise) and the New York City Department of Education. This features a drag queen ” “Little Miss Hot Mess” ” who is teaching 3 – 8 year old children how to become a drag queen. Why on earth would parents put up with this kind of perversion?

      • Clem
        Clem says:

        Depravity given over to itself. God judges us by giving us over to the hellish slavery to the sins from which we refuse to repent.

        Molech demands their children, and their idolatrous hearts long to worship anything but the One True God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  17. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Cudos to Dr. Dalton for his forthrightness about Jewry. They are undoubtedly the quintessential exploiters of mankind. Human parasitism takes on a whole new meaning when these perverse people are studied. That’s precisely why they constantly screech about “Anti÷Semitism”. They can’t stand any criticism of their nefarious activities.

    As regards the so called ‘Holocaust’, and the KZ internment camp ‘suvivors’, just where does anyone think the inmates released from them went, post 1945? Europe had been wrecked & held little prospect for them, so, in fact they piled into Palestine by the millions, and dispossessed the people there, thus creating “Israel”.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      A lot of them came to the United States, too, unfortunately — after whining about us not admitting them during the war.

  18. Gil Villarreal
    Gil Villarreal says:

    Thomas Dalton in his response to Matthews’ question regarding the idea of ‘anti-Semitism’, appears to not go far enough in his study of the ancient near-East people groups and their origins. He correctly identifies Shem (the second son of Noah) as the ancestor of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who was renamed Israel and from whom the Biblical Jews sprung from, but he misses the critical fact that there is another people-group named after their ancestor who descended from Japheth, the oldest, first-born son of Noah. Japheth’s grandson was named Ashkenaz from whom sprung the Ashkenazim. Most of Japheth’s people settled Europe and the Ashkenazim settled mostly within the Caucasus Mountain region.

    For those who are familiar with Koestler’s book, ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’, he demonstrates that it is the Ashkenazim/Turkic peoples that adopted Pharisaical/Rabbinic Judaism as their national religion and began to self-identify as ‘Jews’. These proselytes later spread to southern Russian, Poland and the Rhine Valley and today make up about 95-97% of the modern world’s ‘Jews’. Therefore, biblically and historically speaking, these so-called ‘Jews’ are not descended from Shem and therefore ‘Shemites’ or Semites, but rather they are descended from Japheth’s grandson Ashkenaz.

    Thus the term anti-Semite having any meaning for the vast majority of modern Jewry is purely fictional and tradition and has no biblical or sensical meaning whatsoever.

    Ironically, modern day Jewry divide themselves into three ethnic categories, Askenazim (95-97% European Jews and most of those who have migrated to modern day Israel/Palestine), Sephardim (1-2% Iberian Peninsula), and Mizraim (2-3% Arabian/Middle Eastern), and thus reinforce the very truths I have outlined above.

    So we see, for practically every Jew who cries ‘anti-Semite’ against a detractor, does so with no biblical or historical foundation at all. Clearly the only reason modern Jewry claims to be ‘Semitic’ is to further support their bogus claim upon the land of Israel/Palestine.

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      Koestler’s politically motivated 45-year old study is not the 100% last word on this subject. Wider and rounder research is needed.

      • Gil Villarreal
        Gil Villarreal says:

        Thank you for your comment Mr. Casper.

        I mentioned Koestler simply to demonstrate that secular work exists to substantiate the biblical fact that Ashkenazim are not a Semitic people. Whether Ashkenazim are of Turkick/Khazarian ancestry is really moot, and the primary point remains that the vast majority of modern Jewry are not descended from Shem, are not Hebrews, and have no biblical claim to Palestine/Israel.

        • Ned J. Casper
          Ned J. Casper says:

          Among many other disagreements from Jews, non-Jews, anti-Semites and philo-Semites, David Duke’s website (qv) has had a few lengthy critiques of the Koestler thesis. The Khazar masses were presumably Turko-Mongolid in physiognomy which does not fit the general facial Jewish stereotype that evokes derision or amusement here. See also e.g. H F K Guenther, “The Racial Elements of European History” (1927) ch.4; John R. Baker, “Race” (1974), ch.14; & Wikipedia, “Khazar Hypothesis of Ashkenazi origin”.

  19. Okke Min Son
    Okke Min Son says:

    The Parasite has become the Host.

    We are hijacked by an alien paradigm, a cocktail of Christianity and Artifiality.

    Nice reading as is the material of Andrew Joyce, prompting me to the books of Klier about the pogroms®.

  20. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    It is not just the dedication of the Js/left to their cause, or the emergence of TV (which enables a minority to influence the majority), it is not just these two factors that explains why the Js/left were able to take over the culture in the West in recent decades. Various other factors also favoured the takeover of the left in recent generations. One of these is the vast wealth of the West, and another is that we felt safe. A wealthy state favours a certain type gaining power and influence. It favours those who can talk and play politics (all the things the Js are good at). Compare this with previous centuries, where the struggle to find enough food to eat favoured those who can ‘do’ rising to the top, not those who can ‘talk’ or ‘parasite’ on and manipulate the others.

    And those who can ‘do’ does not just refer to those who can make wealth by being productive in factories and farms, it also includes the teacher who can teach writing and number skills, as oppose to a non-productive modern political teacher who does not teach these things and concentrates on planting harmful political and sexual ideas in children’s minds instead. A political teacher who cannot teach actual maths or thinking skills is only possible in a wealthy society. Our poorer societies of the past could not afford to keep children in school until the age of 16 and still not have basic number skills or writing, and then keep them in education until 21 whilst adding no new skills. This is a luxury/process that only a wealthy society can afford.

    But what is happening now is that the factors are changing again, and the new factors might go against the left.

    The new factors are: the wealth is about to go, in particular due to zero carbon targets and Western responses to fake ‘pandemics’. The feeling of being pampered and safe is going, due to impending financial collapse and mass immigration inviting in hostile races to dominate us, and due also to the prevailing anti-white culture. Another recent factor that never appeared before in history for any culture is that for the first time the dominant culture declares that the people (the host population, the whites) must be anti-self and anti their race and history, despite being strong and in charge. This new factor is causing white people great stress, especially males. Another new factor is the internet, as this makes available other narratives apart from the controlled ones of the dominant culture. We are able now (since the internet) to access other versions of history and the H in particular that were not available after the War for several decades. Another factor is that people who do not take an interest in politics are being forced to do so as they are alarmed by our current decline, and these types of person are by their inner natures ‘on our side’ and are not lefties, as the genetic lefties & Js were already tuned into politics their entire lives. So the awakened lot comprise reinforcements for us. And the process is only one way, people awaken, they do not go back to sleep, so our numbers will grow.

    We now have access to other narratives not accessible since the War. Ppl can waken and become aware, but never the other way around: “But they are losing. Revisionism is winning the day. The more that we can bring this to light, the better for everyone.”

    Another source of stress is that these days those who get promotion are, due to quotas and selection procedures, incompetent people, so things are beginning to not work properly – medicine, police, legal system, local authority activities, education.

    Regarding the stress white people are now under, a new factor changing the way we think:

    As Thomas Dalton says, “it puts Whites on the defensive and minimizes any risk of a mass White Nationalism—or so they believe. Some of us suspect that this Jewish strategy may backfire.”

  21. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    Many people COULD think logically and critically on the subjects of lockdowns or the H if they chose to, but deliberately switch off this facility in order to fit in for an easy life.

    This is described by Thomas Dalton: “utterly unmentionable—except by those of us with a bit of courage and some backbone.”

    So it is not ability to think that is the problem – how hard is it to think about the way the gov hides vax side effects & the way the MSM colludes in this, or to think about the H? – not hard to think about really. The problem is not that it is difficult to think critically, the problem is that to think about these things makes the person into an outcast. But factors are changing rapidly and people are realising that conforming these days NO LONGER allows them to be left in peace to get on with their lives. People are being forced by the collapse around them, and by anti-white agenda, to start thinking, and the option of: ‘close your mind for an easy life’ no longer applies.

    And when people, due to the collapse of society, do start thinking, the information to awaken them fully is all still available, for now, on the internet. Those entrapped in E Europe under communism in the last century did not have this information.

  22. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    moneytalks: May 26 I look forward to getting back to that topic of why the white left are against their own people at some other time in the future when K MacDonald returns to it, and why natural selection would ‘allow’ such a gene-based characteristic if it causes members of a species to seek their own demise. Basically, a hatred of the better types (which is what a true lefty is controlled by, and now manifests as a hatred of whites) in the genes would have conferred advantages in some circumstances in the prehistoric past for a subsection of the population with these genes, and still does so today, but if it gets out of control, there is no way to switch it off currently, as natural selection can only ‘disapprove’ when the chickens come home to roost. One way for Nature to disapprove is to wipe out an entire population that is under the control of its lefties and therefore intent on its own demise (or, if not completely wiped out, taken over), although during a conflict a sub-group with fewer lefty anti-white genes could migrate to their own geographical areas. Perhaps this is happening now without the need for war as conservatives migrate to selected states in the US and later might secede.. There might also be migration from lefty Western Europe to Eastern Europe, which will happen more when Western Europe loses its financial superiority. (I did not reply previously as I am not well these days so contribute less often).

  23. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “Jews see Westerners as their primary threat.”
    I have to disagree here. We are their protectors and friends and the source of their wealth. It could be that the hostile Js act NOT by reasoning out strategies to follow, and instead merely act on their instincts and inner urges programmed in their genes – urges to be hostile, and to not feel bad about inflicting harm on those who show them kindness and generosity. So perhaps they are controlled by their behaviour programming (‘wiring’) and NOT by strategies that are thought out. Maybe justifications/reasons are attached later on by Jews to explain to themselves why they are biting the hand that feeds them, or trying to kill the golden goose, or trying to kill the host that gives them such safe and wealthy lives at present. They need to try and think of reasons, when the reality is that their subversion of the West is actually extremely contrary to their own best interests. Surely the Js are fully aware that whilst the white people of the US shed tears over the H, the Chinese are not interested in the slightest?

    Many divorcing couples do not act in their own interests, and put hostility to the other person higher in priority, even if it means the entire settlement goes to lawyers and nothing left for them.

    Many domestic cats are compelled by their genes to fight their pampered neighbour cat next door, even though in a modern setting this hostility gives them no gain, but they cannot stop themselves even though it causes injury and stress.

    Maybe Js also are unable to switch off the hostility even when it is going to be bad for them in the long run.

  24. Eric
    Eric says:

    I have read “Eternal Strangers” and found it to be valuable. However, I do have one criticism:

    I collect quotations by notable people (and others) critical of Jews. I found that I could not use many of the quotations in Dr. Dalton’s book because they were only partial. For example (this is not from Dalton’s book, but I use it just to serve as an illustration): Such and so said that the Jews are “[fill in the blank].”

    Without the word “Jews” being in the actual quotation, and the full quotation being given…well, I couldn’t add it to my collection.

    I hope that Dr. Dalton will do a revised edition of the book that remedies this shortcoming.

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