The Rarely Noticed Wire Running Through Our Nation’s Cities: The Eruv as a Symbol of Jewish Settler Psychology, Invasion, and Social Control

Many readers may not appreciate that there is literally a Jewish religious metal wire, running overhead in many of our nation’s cities.  It is strung up like a telephone line or electric wire and can run for miles in large cities like New York.  Seen from overhead by drone cameras, for example, it looks like a wire used in a livestock fencing system.  It is constantly overseen, inspected, serviced, protected, and maintained by a secret organized team in each city.  It is regulated by city ordinance and subsidized by taxpayers.  The wires are not only in New York, but in St. Louis, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, and dozens of other cities across the United States.

Business Insider described it thus: “Unbeknown to most, there are transparent wires that wrap around over 200 cities in North America — including Manhattan — to mark a religious boundary. And every week, there is a “secret operation” to check and repair the wire in time for the weekend.”

A part of the overhead Eruv wire, and a maintenance truck, extending across public streets in New York City.  “It’s like social engineering,” said Arnold Sheiffer, founder of the opposition group Jewish People for the Betterment of Westhampton Beach. “We [the Jewish people] fought like hell to get out of the ghetto and now they want to create that again.”

The Shabbat wire encasing Manhattan, turning it into a effective private Jewish home

Its general purpose and background is described in “The Wire That Transforms Much of Manhattan Into One Big, Symbolic Home”:

Every Thursday and Friday morning, Rabbi Moshe Tauber leaves his home in Rockland County, New York, at about 3:30 a.m. He arrives in Manhattan an hour later and drives the 20-mile length of a nearly invisible series of wires that surrounds most of the borough. He starts at 126th Street in Harlem and drives down, hugging the Hudson River most of the way, to Battery Park and back up along the East River, marking in a small notebook where he notices breaks in the line. Known as an eruv, the wire is a symbolic boundary that allows observant Jews to carry out a range of ordinary activities otherwise forbidden on the Shabbat.

Any necessary repairs must be finished before sundown on Friday, when Shabbat begins. The day of rest then lasts until the following day when there’s no more red in the western sky. Throughout that time, observant Jews are prohibited from performing many basic activities, and the observance of this law has been updated over time to reflect current technologies, such as cars, electricity, and keys. “Carrying from one domain to another,” or moving objects between public and private areas, for example, is forbidden. Eruvin (the plural of eruv) transcend this restrictive rule by serving as a symbolic border that links together many private spaces in the community, which in turn permits people to ferry around keys, children, and canes, or push wheelchairs and strollers.

But a single break in any part of the line voids that symbolic space. According to the 100 pages devoted to eruvin in the ancient Talmud, the boundary is only effective when the entire line is intact. And there are plenty of ways these breaks can happen. Sometimes it’s the elements, but more often construction is responsible. The wires, attached to telephone and light poles, can be severed or simply pushed down (the eruv must remain at the top of the pole) to make room for maintenance on other lines. And this is where Tauber comes in. “If they’re lousy, they’ll just cut the lines and let it go,” he says. He’s been doing this carefully orchestrated monitoring since 2000. The repairs are “a secret operation,” chairman of the Manhattan Eruv Committee Rabbi Adam Mintz told the New York Post in 2015. That’s by design.

A fence being used as an eruv boundary in Israel

A contractor attaches a Shabbat wire in mid-town Manhattan 

The wire surrounding New York City Manhattan Island, is 18 miles long and encircles the entire city from Harlem to the north, extending east-west, down both sides of Manhattan, all the way down to Battery Park, Wall Street and the former area of the World Trade Center:

It’s hard to imagine that anything literally hanging from utility poles across Manhattan could be considered “hidden,” but throughout the borough, about 18 miles of translucent wire stretches around the skyline, and most people have likely never noticed. It’s called an eruv (plural eruvin), and its existence is thanks to the Jewish Sabbath.

On the Sabbath, which is viewed as a day of rest, observant Jewish people aren’t allowed to carry anything—books, groceries, even children—in public places (doing so is considered “work”). The eruv encircles much of Manhattan, acting as a symbolic boundary that turns the very public streets of the city into a private space, much like one’s own home. This allows people to freely communicate and socialize on the Sabbath—and carry whatever they please—without having to worry about breaking Jewish law.

The nature of cultural aesthetics is obviously invoked when a special interest group feels that it is necessary to impose its religious belief system on the rest of a local, heterogenous society, with a secret worship totem that literally corrals everyone into a converted private home.  But it is much more than this: in what ways is the Eruvin system a larger symbol of Jewish oppression, invasion, usurpation, imposition and appropriation of public and private space? Can it be compared to the Kosher food industry?  Is the Eruvin a strong symbol of Jewish conceit that is also seen in the ways the country of Israel is managed?  Is it really Palestine, for example, that seeks to “wipe Israel off the map,” or is it perhaps Israel that seeks to imprison Palestine and Palestinians in its larger Pan-Israel geopolitical compound, of which the Eruvin apparatus is its psychological manifestation?

More wire  

Israeli West Bank barrier – North of Meitar, near the southwest corner of the West Bank

Moreover, how do the ironic similarities of the Eruvin wire fencing apparatus with concentration camp fencing construction, perhaps reflect a deep cultural and group psychological disorder—a disturbance of rational thought, and a manifestation of mass psychosis?  How do the confines of Jewish ghettos, of Israel itself as an effective barbed wire and walled ghetto and prison, find some similarities in the primitive superstition and obsession of the Eruvin wire?  In what ways is this wire also manifest digitally in Israel’s “Green Pass” identity tracking system?  Or in American society surrounded with Jewish media broadcasting a kind of constant loudspeaker of their interests, ambitions, and quest for cultural dominance by corralling its local host society with an array of “wires?”  Is the Covid bio-security complex also not largely a Jewish construct that embodies the same sociopathy for control, herding, and domination accomplished deceptively through a mix of secrecies?

What is it about Jewish culture and social psychology that it would install a secret overhead wire around an entire U.S. city, and keep its presence generally out of public awareness through secrecy or deception?  Does this wire system tap into precisely the same cultural coding and motivation as its efforts to invade Gaza, de-populate Syria, destabilize the Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon, and to geopolitically encircle Iran through its bordered regions?

Indeed, as former Pentagon Controller Rabbi Dov Zakheim explained, surrounding Iran is precisely the goal of the US-Israel GWOT (Global War on Terror).  While the initial targets of U.S. military “retaliation” in the Middle East were Iraq, then Afghanistan, then Syria, “ISIS” and even the Sudan, as Zakheim somewhat cleverly explained in a January 2007 Financial Times article, “Why America Should Operate From Iraq’s Borders,” the joint forces strategy that he was at the time tasked with designing and operationalizing as a consultant to the Pentagon, was based on a careful and systematic encirclement of Iran, and the domination of the larger Middle East (with Israel as a continually reinforced military and strategic platform):

Rabbi Dov Zakheim, former Pentagon Controller during 9-11, and champion of  Greater Israel plan that encircles Iran with an effective military version of the Eruvin system

Thus the US objective should be framed in terms of the wider region: stopping Iraq from launching attacks against its neighbours, preventing any invasion by Turkey in the north and barring Iranian domination in the south.  Then the US must reposition its forces to foster regional stability and minimise casualties. Up to two brigades should be devoted to Kurdistan and a roughly equal number to the far west of Anbar province. The forces in Kurdistan would help forestall a Kurdish declaration of independence that would prompt a Turkish invasion. The troops in western Iraq would help prevent both terrorist infiltration into Jordan and serious incursions from Syria. They would also indicate to Damascus that it should not misinterpret a readiness to talk as a concession. The Pentagon should also move a division-sized force to the south, with a significant presence on the border with Iran. Tehran must understand that the US will not tolerate its domination of Iraq’s south. Nor, as with Syria, would Washington’s willingness to talk mean a readiness to appease. Finally, US allies must be pressed to take the lead in establishing a network of provincial reconstruction teams similar to those that have met with some success in Afghanistan. By operating from Iraq’s borders American forces would be well placed to prevent the establishment of terrorist training camps anywhere in the region. In addition, it ensures that US forces have a realisable mission. They may be unable to bring stability to all of Iraq, but they can certainly bring a degree of stability to the region. The US can thus reassert its leading role in [the] Middle East.


The barrier and wires between Abu Dis and East Jerusalem.  Bottom: Route 443 near Giv’at Ze’ev Junction, with pyramid-shaped stacks of barbed wire forming a section of the Israeli West Bank barrier

Zakheim’s rather coy if mendacious vision has been precisely that followed by the U.S. over the past three presidential administrations: the installation of a geopolitical Eruvin wire around the entire Middle East, and ultimately around Iran (known as the Middle East Transformation Plan, the Greater Israel, Pan-Israel or Oded Yinon plan). 

The Covid vaccine program, largely operationalized by the C.D.C., is run by Biden-appointed Harvard MD and progressive Left Jewess, Rochelle Wolensky.  It is noteworthy the extent of her alignment with Israel’s radical agenda in public biosecurity, vaccination passports, and mass tracing, tracking and surveillance: the medical “Eruvin” that is the equivalent of a biological and digital “wire” (wireless) around society. 

CDC head Wolensky: “I’m motivated by the Jewish teachings of tikkun olam.  We must vaccinate hundreds of millions of people. We must get the public to wear a mask, practice social distancing, and avoid crowds and poorly-ventilated areas. We must improve our public health system to detect threats.”

“She may be at the CDC now, but we like to say she got her start at Camp Yavneh.” said Bil Zarch, executive director of Camp Yavneh, a Jewish overnight camp in New Hampshire where for many summers Walensky and her physician husband spent a week volunteering as camp doctors.

She is someone who lives the essence of Judaism,” said Harvard Medical School’s Freedberg. “I’ve been watching her for 30 years,” he continued. “She views the mitzvah of Tikkun Olam as a guiding light in her career. This – her work at CDC – is that on a grand scale.”

Wolensky is also assisted by the Biden-appointed coordinator of COVID-19 Response, and Counselor to the President, Jeff Zients, an economist who owns a chain of Jewish delis in Washington, D.C., and by “Doctor Death, ” Covid advisor Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel.

It is hard not to see the secret Eruvin system of wires strung up and obsessively maintained across many of America’s key population centers, as a symbol of Jewish-Zionist interests that are fixed in the concepts of entrapment, encirclement, confinement, control, and most of all, the constant imposition of a highly organized, special-interest world philosophy that feeds off of the “domestication” and “farming” of other humans, their cultures, their wealth, and their independence.  In this regard especially, it is a central strategic Jewish imperative to circumscribe and suppress threats to their control, by systematically imposing a panoply of biological, digital, conceptual, mimetic, and economic “viruses” into their host societies, and then acting as an expert authority in the institutional intermediation between these risks, and a frightened public: hence the critical requirement for institutional saturation and control across key state and other organizations that act as conduits for the exercise of top-down control by “experts,” and ultimately as its organizing structure for its monetization: they include the CDC, much of the university complex, especially in administration, law and medicine, the World Bank, Federal Reserve governance, key Wall Street institutions including exchanges, the State Department, the White House chief of staff, several Silicon Valley firms (particularly those involved in social media and advertising), parts of the pharmaceutical and raw drug complex, and the media.  Together, these may be seen to represent the larger Jewish Eruvim that is simultaneously poisoning and strangling large parts of previously functional Western societies.

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      • W. Poe White
        W. Poe White says:

        You don’t need to cut the whole thing down. Just snipping it at one place is enough to break the magic circuit and stop the Holy Shekhinah Ectoplasm from circulating.

    • W. Poe White
      W. Poe White says:

      No protection, tinfoil cap or otherwise, is needed by non-Jews against the “Jewish juju wire.” It’s sole significance is as an indication of Jewish group mentality. A tinfoil cap will certainly not protect against the supremacist super-mafia behavior which issues from that mentality.

  1. Richard McCulloch
    Richard McCulloch says:

    The final paragraph may be the most concentrated description of the Jewish modus operandi I have ever read.

  2. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    Thank you Mr Solovyev for a great exposé of the eruv shystem, which is indeed “a larger symbol of Jewish oppression, invasion, usurpation, imposition and appropriation of public and private space.”
    I would add one other aspect, namely, it is also a symbol of the unique relationship Jews have with their deity.
    They profess to fear and adore the all-powerful, all-knowing Yahweh to the point of not allowing its name to be uttered, and even in English (not exactly the Talmud idiom) they write it as “g-d.”
    On the other hand, clearly they must view their “g-d” as less than smart since it can be so easily fooled by the all-smart Jews just by stringing a wire on poles. Arrogance in all their dealings with the Goyim cannot surprise in a tribe that considers itself smart enough to outwit their own “g-d” when convenient.

    • Jacobite
      Jacobite says:

      Yahweh is a bloodthirsty, mean, tribal oriental god, who bears little relation to the God of the New Testament (although, for some reason, the Catholic Church considered this one of the first heresies). Can anybody imagine the New Testament God adding to the Sermon on the Mount an instruction to invade Cyrene and to kill every man, woman, and child, as well as animal, living there. The Jews did massacre about 250,000 there in the 115-117 A.D. Diaspora Uprising.

      • Tarrasik
        Tarrasik says:

        Yahweh massacred all the Egyptian firstborn. Jews celebrate this event as Passover.

        Jesus was massacred on Passover. He represents the gentile (Egyptian) firstborn.

    • Jacobite
      Jacobite says:

      This “eruva’ gimmick seems insulting to any god, as it takes a perfectly good word (‘house’ or ‘dwelling’) and redefines it as any given area marked off with some kind of barrier. My favorite story is the one where European Jews decided that the prohibition against “traveling on the Sabbath, except over water” (well, if you’re on a boat, what can you do?). So, these Jews were careful to put a water-bottle under their seats whenever they took a train or coach. Judaism is a racial religion first of all. The hundreds of prohibitions concerning everyday life are just various superstitions of the Near East, codified. As they are so open to outrageous dickering, they can’t be that important. Read any page of a Talmud and you’ll know where the whole idea of totalitarianism originated.

  3. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Although the insidious nature of this thing is no real surprise, there is an eerie unwholesomeness about it that, if possible, even surpasses that of the troubling ‘celebrations’ in this otherwise wonderful month of June.

    • Tarrasik
      Tarrasik says:

      Jews are far more than 1% of the population. I have personally known hundreds and hundreds of Jews. IMHO, Jews are at least 10% of the US population, perhaps more.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Kevin: As I am sure you know, since as long ago as the 1950s (if memory serves), when the Jews and their Gentile allies in Congress disallowed the counting of Jews as an ethnic or religious category in the decennial census, virtually all formal, widely accepted estimates of Jewish numbers and percentages in the USA’s population have come from Jewish sources.

          If, as I think, it is neither irrational nor uncharitable to consider these sources ipso facto tainted, surely there is justification for taking into account the “anecdotal” observations of careful, cautious men and women in such areas as medicine, the law, education, the media, the arts, and government, all of which are marked by a heavy Jewish presence.

          During the past fifteen years, many TOO commenters with such backgrounds have remarked that the figure of 2 or 3 percent for society at large simply seems incommensurate with the disproportionately large, often dominating, Jewish head count in these fields. Although I’d agree that a claim of 10 percent would meet widespread disbelief without evidence provided by the sort of statistical apparatus and hard cash that no interested pro-white source appears to have ready access to, I don’t think that the same can be said for 5 percent. Indeed, I don’t see how the stifling Jewish presence in the named fields could be accounted for by any percentage figure below 5.

      • ariadna
        ariadna says:

        I think they are well above 70%, judging by the number of experts I see on TV or read in the media. Then 19% are Blacks, 10% are Hispanics and the rest are Whites.

  4. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    The message is cogent, plausible, as it identifies yet another tactic of a people who seem incurably toxic….

    But their belief in the ERUV is YET ANOTHER inanity characterizing Abrahamic superstitions as embarrassing tomfooleries. (Christianity and Islam may not include such belief, but they have similarly asinine notions!) Truly, these superstitions of West Asian provenance are for idiots–or, in the case of persons of intellect who don’t merely give lip-service to them in view of social reasons, they are for people with deep-seated psychological derangement.

    • Tarrasik
      Tarrasik says:

      How do you know it’s insanity?

      Did you ever entertain the notion that maybe they have a deeper understanding of metaphysics than you do? Maybe there is something to their fetish with numerology, Kabbalah, and astrology. Maybe it’s the source of their power.

      At this point, we should not pretend we have greater insight into the nature of the world than they do.

      • Lucius Anthony Vanini
        Lucius Anthony Vanini says:

        Yeah, and maybe they know the difference between INSANITY and INANITY.

        But sure, fella: there’s MAGIC–oooh–in being outside the wires! Hey, I know a couple of books that would wow you by their profundity: THE BROTHERS GRIMM and ANDERSEN’S FAIRY TALES.

        Sorry, superstitious one: all they really have going for them is our decadence, our loss of backbone, which afflicts all cultures in time. When it comes to understanding the world, they have learned from US. It’s not the Jews who discovered physics, or made the farthest advances in mathematics, or discovered DNA, or propounded key theories like evolution or quantum…. Indo-Europeans introduced philosophy to THEM; and where technology is concerned they’ve never been in the running….

        They are mostly only shrewd.

        Outgrow your awe (or conceits?) if you can.

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        I called it INANITY, not INSANITY.

        In any case, are you a believer in hocus pocus and think it manifests intelligence because some people connected with it–not necessarily voluntarily–have acquired some power in the world?

        Let’s say, for the sake of argument that the Jews’ god HAS commanded them to behave in a certain fashion every Saturday lol. You suppose then that hanging up some wire will enable them to behave otherwise with complete piety just so long as they do the forbidden things outside the wire?

        YES, I call such a thing INANE–ditto circumcision (which is also barbarous, an atrocity inflicted on infants), ditto congenital guilt, ditto belief in guys who live to 950 and save all the Earth’s air-breathing creatures in their boats, ditto the risible dread of saying one’s god’s name, ditto the worship of a JEALOUS (LOL!!!!!) god and any Creator of the Universe that can feel insulted if spoken ill of lol by a creature who’s a molecule living for a nanosecond in the immense expanse of space-time.

        But in fact the movers and shakers who’ve acquired great power in the world have not, and do not, credit the eruv, or Kabbalah, or numerology or astrology. No, they are ETHNO-CULTURAL Jews who have been assimilated in the intellectual life of Western Civilization.

        My attack was upon superstition, not on the native intelligence of Western Jewry.

        Cultural-Marxist Jews are not Jews in religion. Actually, of the very many Jews I’ve known, not a one has been a believer. Down to last Jew and Jewess, they have been agnostics or atheists. They haven’t credited the Torah, let alone Kabbalah, numerology, astrology or lol the eruv. Yet they’ve had an ironclad self-identification as Jews. Ethno-cultural Jews. And what makes them dangerous is that they DON’T credit silly things like the eruv but are intent on seeing what gets you what you want in the real world….

        Do I ever entertain the notion that Jews have a deeper understanding of metaphysics than I do?


        Outside of Spinoza I haven’t found Jews (or any of the monotheists) to be persuasive metaphysicians. And remember that Spinoza was an apostate, cast out from the synagogue and the recipient of an assassination attempt made by members thereof.

        What Jews (and I suspect that includes you) have in abundance is shrewdness and cunning, a tenacious malevolence and collective egoism that makes for cohesion. When it comes to philosophy, art, science and technology they are hopeless debtors to other West Eurasians, especially Europeans. OUR people introduced philosophy to THEM, also drama, opera, ballet, symphonic orchestras, algebra, physics, etc., etc. It’s OUR people who’ve trekked farthest in mathematics, who’ve propounded the key scientific theories from evolution to quantum theory. Even the most celebrated theory attributed to a Jew, relativity, was essentially anticipated by a White non-Jew, Ernst Mach. And where technology is concerned the Jews haven’t even been in the running.

        The Arabians basically created the science of chemistry. What have Jews created that’s of comparable weight? Basically all they’ve done is run with sciences and arts originated by lol the unchosen…. They’ve done well, but blazing a trail is harder than following one.

  5. W. Poe White
    W. Poe White says:

    I never heard of eruvin before. What an astoundingly irrational thing to do. It’s on the level of superstitions like not walking under ladders or fearing the number 13. What stunningly psychopathological behavior will they come up with next?

    The observation that Jewry “feeds off of the ‘domestication’ and ‘farming’ of other humans” is profoundly true. This will be the ultimate result of Jewish rule on those who fall under it. Now that biotechnology and genetic modification technology exists they might actually succeed in altering the genetics of non-Jews to create biologically degenerate domesticated Eloi-like Epsilon untermenschen genetically engineered to serve the Master Race and utterly incapable of rebellion. They won’t even want to rebel since they will be engineered to love their servitude and love their masters.

  6. W. Poe White
    W. Poe White says:

    The areas contained within the eruv wires are analogous to the Green Zones established by the American occupation forces in Iraq.

    The areas within the wire are the magical Safe Spaces of Jewry where their supremacy is securely established. The abode of the Human Beings. The realm of Light.

    Outside the wire lies the Wilderness, Gehenna, Sheol. The haunt of Goyim and other wild beasts. The Outer Darkness still unsanctified, still untransformed by Tikkun Olam.

  7. 9593
    9593 says:

    My favorite kosher ruse is the Quicken Loans Company fakery to, as a majority Jewish-owned firm, make loans to Jews. A practice forbidden under the Jewish laws. It’s a deal where they pretend that the borrower and Quicken Loans enter into a very temporary partnership. Quicken Loans adopted what is known as a heter iska, a technicality that changes the loan into a co-investment in which the lender and borrower become “business partners” — one supplies the capital and the other uses it as they see fit. What about the interest? No problem; Quicken Loans always sells its loans immediately to another lender in any case. But these special loans are presumably sold to Gentiles, who collect the interest.

    But, an aside: Quicken Loans is not really a lender. They are fee-based loan brokers.

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      Thank you for this. Just when one thought one had heard it all, the Chosen surprise you again. All the ingenuity and talent they have applied for centuries to nothing but accumulating wealth and inventing new ways to fleece the goyim (and when pressed, each other) left nothing for developing a culture, a civilization of their own.

  8. Eric
    Eric says:

    The San Diego Union Tribune had an article in 2005 (or thereabouts) about Jews in La Jolla stringing wire around that posh seaside neighborhood, regardless of the wishes of the goyim who lived there. At about the same time, a Jewish atheist was suing to get a cross removed from the top of nearby Mr. Soledad — a memorial to fallen San Diego soldiers. The cross, last I heard, survived after years and years of expensive litigation, but only because the public was able to raise enough money to buy the land from the government so that the cross was no longer on public property.

    At around the same time, La Jolla’s movers and shakers decided under Jewish pressure to remove the word “Christmas” from the town’s annual Christmas parade. Simultaneously, the City of San Diego renamed “Christmas Nights” in Balboa Park “Winter Nights”.

    Shortly after that, Irwin Jacobs, Jewish Qualcom magnate, got the San Diego City Council to agree to create paid underground parking in Balboa Park (parking had been free before); this was supposed to be a great benefit to the citizens of San Diego. Of course, the whole look and ambience of the park had to be radically altered, and little interest was shown in preserving the lawns, trees and vegetation.

    And so it goes…I left in San Diego in 2019 and moved to Palm Springs. And I see the same shenanigans going on here: e.g., a Jew named Weiner (who doesn’t even appear to live in Palm Springs) pushing to remove a statue of one of the city’s legendary city fathers — Frank Bogert — “because he was racist” (in 1945!).

    I myself have gotten some pushback. Last summer I had a letter published in the local Desert Sun newspaper (now owned by USA Today) questioning the official mortality rate for Covid. A response letter was published ridiculing and misrepresenting what I said. And of course, it was written by a Jew.

    In a letter I wrote that was published a few weeks later, I said Covid was a scam and nothing more than an excuse for the Davos crowd to seize all the planet’s resources and ration them out to the rest of us. Then, perhaps in a spirit of exaggeration, I told how we proles would be controlled (as we were depopulated with toxic vaccines) through 5G, nanotechnology, the Internet of Things, and other miracles of modern technology.

    Again – quelle surprise! — a Jew responded. But this time with a full length column deploring “the writer of that letter” who wanted to deny the young people of Coachella Valley good high tech jobs!

    I don’t want to give the wrong impression though. While Palm Springs certainly has a Jewish past (Hollywood) and present, it’s not nearly as “Jewed” as your average American metro area. It’s still a great place to live. And inexpensive for California.

    • guest
      guest says:

      Regarding covid, I just present a graph showing new covid cases peaked in late December-early January long before a significant number of people were vaccinated. I also present a bar chart showing Florida’s covid deaths per 100,000 is not significantly different from California’s despite Florida’s less draconian covid restrictions and higher elderly population. The stats are from official, respectable “mainstream” sources, so they can’t bitch. And they don’t.

  9. Joe
    Joe says:

    I’ve never even heard of eruv. Yet another bizarre and alien aspect of the tribe.
    They bury their dead standing up. (Probably because a 3×3 plot is cheaper that a 7×3.)
    They read and write from right to left.
    They bite off foreskins of baby’s penises.
    They swing chickens and torture animals to be slaughtered.
    They lead the world in psychological disorders and paranoia.
    They put invisible wires around their encampments.

    Everything they do is odd and AT odds with normal humans around them.
    Re-ghettoizing them in every way would remove 99% of the problems from our world.

  10. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    Ever since Jews were liberated from their totalitarian ghettos during the European Enlightenment, they have ever since strived to recreate this ghetto life of nothing but Talmud study, and money-making.
    Their planned utopia, when every every nation on earth is groaning under the jackboot of their technetronic bio-security dystopia, with all peoples broken up & disbanded, and they have destroyed all art, music, literature, culture and human joy or flourishing of any kind, then they will go back to they way they lived(presumably happily enough) for 3,000+ years – nothing but Talmud swindling & mammon-worship, or the other way around. With no juries, liberties, or freedoms of any sort to get in the way of the uber-despotic rule of the Rabbis.
    This has been the Jewish project ever since we naively ‘liberated’ them from their medieval ghettos.
    As we liberated all our own peasants and middle classes, we inadvertently kicked off a process to not just destroy the new future, but to create Hell on earth. We forget that up until the 1990’s(in UK at least), the general wisdom was that the future was exciting and we all couldn’t wait to arrive.
    Obviously if you were a reader of books you understood that by the 1930’s at the very latest the entire ruling elite was well aware that our civilisation was headed for destruction. Certainly Nixon is on tape speaking with Billy Graham in the 1970’s, explaining that they will lose their nation if they don’t get a grip on these Jews.
    The Pope during WWI called it correct at the time, “this war is the end of our civilisation.”
    But it wasn’t until the phrase ‘Broken Britain’ came into mass use in the 90’s that the general population began to understand we were finished as a society.
    You could say it was leftism, not Jews that destroyed Britain, leftism’s destruction of religion, architecture, education, criminal justice, & promotion of mass immigration and every other weird and horrible thing, but leftism is just an out-growth of Judaism, which itself is simply Satanic. And as Satanism inverts, perverts, & destroys, so too does leftism.

  11. W. Poe White
    W. Poe White says:

    “We must vaccinate hundreds of millions of people” says CDC Director Rochelle Walensky.

    But why? SARSCov-2 aka “Covid-19” is not a dangerous pathogen to anyone except the old and ill. The actual infection fatality rate as determined by blood serum tests for coronavirus antibodies is around 0.2% according to Stanford Professor of Medicine Jay Bhattacharya.

    Thus SARS Cov-2 is no different than the seasonal flu. What is different is the extraordinary overreaction. There has been a massive campaign of disinformation to create the illusion of a pandemic when in fact there has been no pandemic. This has been accomplished through the obviously deliberate misuse of the PCR assay and corrupted protocols for reporting cases of “Covid-19” and deaths due to “Covid-19” obviously designed to generate a large number of false cases of “Covid-19” and deaths falsely attributed to “Covid-19.”

    Alarmingly, there is increasing information surfacing that the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) and viral vector vaccines (Astra Zenica and Johnson and Johnson) are causing serious harm including 4201 deaths and 18,528 serious adverse reactions after coronavirus vaccination in the US as of May 14, 2021 reported to VAERS (the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).

    Some of the most important recent findings discussed in a recent paper of MIT Prof. Stephanie Seneff are: (1) The coronavirus spike protein appears to be toxic in of itself. (2) The mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) are genetically modified to produce a modified version of the coronavirus spike protein which is more toxic than the naturally occurring spike protein (through the addition of prolines rendering the spike protein rigid). (3) There is reason to suspect that the modified spike protein is a prion. (Prions are misfolded proteins which have the capacity to infectiously induce misfolding in related properly folded proteins by a mechanism still not understood). (4) There is also the possibility that, contrary to the claims of the manufacturers and the medical establishment, the synthetic mRNA might actually be reverse transcribed into the human genome. This is because of the LINE-1 (Long Interspersed Nuclear Element) retrotransposon regions of the human genome which contain multiple copies of the genes for reverse transcriptase (which reverse transcribes RNA into DNA) and integrase (which integrates cytoplasmic DNA into the genome). All these matters are discussed here:

    Rochelle Walensky, Anthony Fauci and other medical establishmentarians are too sophisticated not to understand that the Covid-19 pandemic is a hoax. The purpose of the unprecedented mass forced vaccination offensive is plainly NOT to protect public health.

    Then what exactly is the purpose? Numerous people are speculating that the purpose is depopulational genocide. This is probably wrong though it can’t be ruled out. It is surely premature to come to this conclusion. However it can be safely concluded that forced vaccination will certainly cause serious harm to large and continually increasing numbers of people as time progresses, especially since there will surely be numerous other vaccines imposed upon the masses in the future. They will not stop with the Covid-19 vaccines! The purpose, rather than depopulational genocide, might be to induce mass debilitating illness in order to render the mass population helpless, dependent, fearful, stressed-out, docile and incapable of any resistance. Hence, ripe for a top-down Globalist Technocratic revolution of the West.

    The medically unjustifiable lockdowns and mandatory masking and “social distancing” commands further tend toward mass docility.

    My hunch is that all these measures are a repressive response by the Zionist Globalist ruling class to the spreading mass awakening in the West about the JQ, Globalism and the escalating attacks on the White race which has blossomed since circa 2016. These Jewish-led plutocratic Zionist Globalist hostile elites realized that awareness of their power and the leading role of Jewry among them was spreading and threatening to go viral. Hence they deployed their Operation Covid-19 to end freedom of speech and attempt to disrupt the spread of awareness before it reached a critical mass point-of-no-return.

    The Zionist Globalist ruling elites are now busily engaged in escalating their war on the Western masses. The forced vaccination campaign is elite biowarfare against the Western masses. The lockdowns are elite economic warfare against the Western masses. The imposition of forced masking is a form of elite psywar against the Western masses. Inciting BLM and Antifa riots through media disinfo propaganda and elite funding and protection while depriving White people of the protection of the law and criminalizing White self-defense is elite anarchotyranny and street violence war specifically targeted against the White Western masses. Coupled as it is with the Kalergian engineered demographic transformation, all this Jewish-led ruling elite warfare by any means necessary poses an accelerated existential threat to the White race and the West more potent than before 2020.

    Operation Covid-19 appears to be how the Empire Strikes Back.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      David Icke swears in his videos that there isn’t one scientific paper on earth that actually proves that Covid19 exists, never mind any variation of it. If this is true, it’s mind-blowing.
      You don’t have to believe everything Icke sais, many on the right dislike him because recently he has been straying away from denouncing the evil elites as “ultra-Zionists” to just “the cult” or “Sabbatean-Frankists” or some such. They also don’t like the way he uses phrases like “fascists” or “Nazis”, basically as swear words to demote all that is evil.
      But this is just a kind of tick’ that all people from the old Left have, plus I am glad he does it, as it is leftist-leaning folks who most need persuaded. “Fascist” just means uber-authoritarian in leftist speak. I know they don’t want people pointing this out as I got shadow-banned from Bit-chute for pointing this out to dozens of hard-rightists. As we all know Bit-chute is the most monitored and infiltrated comments section in English, probably only half were genuine, and the rest were security service provocateurs. Either way, they didn’t like it.
      The way Icke has changed his ideas over his thirty odd years in the game demonstrates truth to me more than it does deception. He is in my view just a classic English eccentric, of the type we used to produce on mass before this conformist age of ours.
      None of us have it all right, we need to take bits from Icke, from Kevin MacDonald, from Richard D Hall, from Andrew Anglin! from whoever you believe to be speaking the truth as they understand it, and come to your own conclusions, which will be different from who you admire, but like theirs, also not the full truth.
      It’s just far too complicated for us to figure it all out, atomised as we are, when we are up against our own states’ unlimited recourses of dis-information.
      The recent ‘China lab’ theory is classic dis-info, for the purpose of backing up the theory that there even is such a thing as Covid19. But if there is, why isn’t there any scientific paper proving it? Why did the inventor of the PCR test go to his grave screaming as loud as possible that this was all ridiculous gibberish? Amazing how many of these whistle-blowers have unfortunate early deaths.
      Another reason Icke has been laying off the Jews recently, in my view, is because of the way he sees the Jewish masses are being treated in Israel. None of us have got any issue with any average Jew-on-the-street, nor would 99.9% of the commenters on this site stand by while an innocent Jew was maltreated just for being a Jew. It’s their organisations that cause us all these unlimited problems.
      I wish when discussing the JQ we could find a non long-winded way of stating that it’s not the average Jew our grievances are with, but their nefarious, deadly, and soon to be genocidal organisations.

      • W. Poe White
        W. Poe White says:

        Emicho: I have heard the theory that Covid-19 does not exist before. I have heard that the only evidence for its existence is genome sequencing from China. So this is a possibility. However, coronaviruses certainly exist even if there were no SARS Cov-2 aka Covdi-19 variant.

        In any case there has been no pandemic. There has been no excess mortality and the seroprevalence studies looking for coronavirus antibodies that have been done indicate an infection fatality rate of about 0.2% according to Prof. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford. There have been numerous real cases of coronaviruses (whether or not they are SARS Cov-2) – just as there always are (coronaviruses are part of the grab bag of viruses called “the seasonal flu”). And the infection fatality rate for these coronaviruses was nothing like a genuine pandemic in which millions would get seriously ill or die.

        There is also a theory being bandied about now by Andrew Kaufman that viruses are not real and that what are taken to be viruses are actually exosomes (external vesicles which bud off from cells originating from the cell’s Golgi apparatus). I’m not buying it. Viruses are plainly real. There are plenty of electron micrographs and other evidence. This sounds like a classic disinfo psyop on the order of flat earth and the idea that the moon landing was staged. This is (((nonsense))).

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Numerous people are speculating that the purpose is depopulational genocide. This is probably wrong though it can’t be ruled out. It is surely premature to come to this conclusion.”

      You do not believe the luxuriously survival bunkered
      Judeo-Masonic NWO ILLuminati Globalist Ruling Oligarchy
      are serious about using a preferred most economical bio-WMD or any other affordable weapon system to remedy their proclaimed world humanitarian overpopulation crisis ?

      • W. Poe White
        W. Poe White says:

        moneytalks: I’m sure the Globalist ruling oligarchy is up to no good with their mandatory vaccination campaign but it doesn’t seem likely that the jab is going to produce a depopulation level genocide. That would require billions of deaths. It will surely kill some people (it already has) and make a lot more people ill or have a debilitating effect on health but it won’t likely kill billions.

        Another possibility is that the vaccine will reduce population without actually killing millions and millions by inducing infertility in huge numbers of people.

        As I said in my previous comment, I have little doubt that they will be forcing a steady stream of vaccines on the mass population so the death toll and serious harm toll will surely mount over time. This forced vaxxing campaign is indeed alarming and a serious threat but I don’t think it will bring billions of deaths by itself.

        There are other threats which might bring genocidal levels of death. Engineered famine like the Holodomor is one. Pushing the US into war with China is another.

        Depopulational genocide is not the only thing to fear. Other dangers: totalitarianism, genocide of the White race through demographic swamping rather than mass murder, destruction of the ecosphere, mass extinction and degrading or destroying the biological integrity of the human organism through genetic engineering and other technological alterations of the human body

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” This forced vaxxing campaign is indeed alarming and a serious threat but I don’t think it will bring billions of deaths by itself.”

          Many bio-medical experts have asserted that a potential for a mass death event by vax does exist when you have the Global Oligarchy pushing for mandatory vax for ninety-plus percent of the world population .

          Most people are sheeple and will submit to anything TPTB insist on . The worldwide masking hysteria is clear proof of it given the lack of genuine scientific consensus for the need/effectiveness of masking ; and given the willingness of the worldwide sheeple majorities to surrender their sovereign property rights over themselves to the Global Rulers ( aka Banksters ) ; and given the vast majorities are ignorant of the existential risks of submission to medical despotism .

          • W. Poe White
            W. Poe White says:

            There really is an emerging Malthusian crisis. The Globalist elites have not publicly articulated a policy for dealing with this crisis other than Agenda 21 type measures to gather people into “smart cities,” conserve resources and feed people on GMO crops, insects and synthetic petri dish cultured meat. I’m sure that they are planning some measures to at the very least reduce the birth rate, perhaps by inducing mass infertility, on a scale which will address overpopulation. Would they go as far as engineering a depopulational genocide? They are certainly capable of this.

            I agree that the vaxxing campaign will kill many, just not enough to have a serious effect on the gathering demographic crisis. I also agree that there is a real possibility of genocidal depopulation events, but I doubt that they would result from vaxxing only.

            The sheeplike passivity of people in following the unprecedented masking commands and getting the jab being pushed on them by transparently disingenuous authorities and a campaign of obvious scientific fraud and media propaganda is disappointing, disturbing and profoundly depressing.

  12. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    1) Wow, I had absolutely no idea this even existed. Thank you for informing me because I would have no knowledge of this otherwise. It’s incredible how much crazy nonsense jews are able to get away with in our society on the taxpayer dime.

    2) Abrahamic religion is beyond asinine.

  13. JOE WEBB
    JOE WEBB says:








  14. Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg
    Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg says:

    What a bonkers concept. If these people are subtly controlling the world then we’re really reaching a white knuckle moment.

  15. 9593
    9593 says:

    About eruv battles. Towns in New Jersey fought an expensive battle against eruvin in 2017 – 2019.

    I have a recording from “old time radio” CD’s of Father Charles Coughlin, in the 1930’s, admonishing Jews about a recent success against Christian symbols on government property, to congratulate the Jews on their success, but to declare that it was very poor judgement for such a small minority to impose its will on the whole country. Just looking for trouble.

  16. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    ” [ Jews ] Just looking for trouble.”

    They have nothing to fear since the 1965 Vatican Council II when Christianity became irreversibly a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to the chosenhite jewmasterss .

    Fortunately with regard to their need for psychological bliss , most Christians seem unable to foresee what their fate will be when their worldly masters cyclicly and inevitably lose a significant share of the market for their fleece ( Hint : sheep roasts are tasty when properly done ) .

  17. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Those who have ever completely wired a number of houses, and survived it, must ask themselves what gauge [ diameter ] of cable is essential to satisfy their circumvention of all four sequential issues of the Talmud.

    02 Is it essential to use copper, after aluminum has been discouraged and even forbidden by the authorities ?

    03 Is it sufficient for each Eruv wire to consist of a single conductor, or is a triple conductor cable required: for two positives, one neutral and one ground: like your stove connection ?

    04 While it is advisable to stay abreast of their silly-ass, G-d cheating Voodoo BULLSHIT, we are also entitled to adequate rest and recuperation at night without dashing to our medicine cabinet.

    05 Therefore, without fail, I watch YOUNG RUSSIAN ICEDANCERS on the net: always an assured antidote.
    My favorites, by far, are Evelina Pokrasneteva [9], and Ilya Makarov. [11]. They are thoroughly cued in on one another and the music, to the nanosecond. Each little accompanying story-line a pure pleasure.

    06 In my favorite performance, Evelina enters by crawling on all four, tapping her hands on the ground so as not to run into any obstacles: since she is blind. Ilya is sitting on a suitcase which he raises so as not to obstruct her. After he raises it she hits her head on it. She crouches down, into an almost fetal position and places her hands on her hurting head. This scene is the most successful depiction of any and all hurt that has ever been inflicted on womanhood: both in time and space. .

    07 I like good popular, sensible music, but have also seen my share of opera. This image of Evelina, blind, hurt, alone and uncared for, is, in my opinion, easily equal to the best moment of any opera.

    08 Ilya, symbolized by his suitcase as also alone, begins to dance with her. Twice she skates off into the wrong direction, missing his whereabouts, but is retrieved by him. Their final embrace, after she skates along, with her hands raised, looking for him, is heart rending.

    09 They also feature several hilarious numbers.

    10 Indicators of Slavic Untermenschen were entirely lacking in these performers, as indeed among the remainder of the audiences. It would be great if other modern nations would spend time and resources on the cultural development of their youngsters: i.e. well beyond racialist mathematics !

    11 Cancel your next Tylenol fix and give the above a try instead.

  18. Daniel Patrick Hayes
    Daniel Patrick Hayes says:

    In the article there is a cryptic statement that the Eruv wires are “regulated by city ordnance and subsidized by taxpayers.” Can anyone expand on this subsidization?

  19. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    “Known as an eruv, the wire is a symbolic boundary that allows observant Jews to carry out a range of ordinary activities otherwise forbidden on the Shabbat” – So, let me get this straight: Jews create a symbolic boundary so they can engage in activities that their Hebrew Bible and God would otherwise forbid? Got it. Geez, they are truly masters of deception.

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