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Kosher Delusion

Four generations of Americans have now lived with kosher certified food, soap, detergents, food wrap, appliances and more, regardless of their religious faith or whether they even knew that this religious certification enterprise existed. Most consumers likely see the “Kosher” section of an “International Foods” aisle in their supermarkets, and would never imagine that the […]

Critical Kosher Theory

#CriticalKosherTheory is primarily derived from 1) the 2019 consumer research conducted by the KosChertified? Team titled “A Quantitative Study on Kosher Certification: Seal Visibility and Public Awareness,” 2) the book by Suzanne Bousquet: From Kosher to Halal: When Greed, Politics and the Sneaky Destruction of Western Civilization Intertwine, and 3) from the experiences of our […]