Racist Redneck Rapists: Mia’s Macho Murderer and a Clue for Kurt Cobain

If I could’ve offered Kurt Cobain of Nirvana a word of advice before he got himself a Jewish girlfriend in the shape of Courtney Love, it would of course have been: “Don’t!” He was probably doomed anyway, but he might have lasted longer and been much happier without her. Cobain was a fragile soul; Love had all the fragility of a titanium cockroach.

“Psycho hose-beast”

Which is why she’s still here and Cobain has been dead a quarter-century and counting. But Courtney Love wasn’t the only Jew in Cobain’s life or the only Jew benefiting from his goy talent and blond, blue-eyed goy looks. There were also David Geffen at his label DGC and his manager Danny Goldberg, to name but two. Perhaps this helps explain why the legendary producer Steve Albini said: “Every other person involved in the enterprise that is Nirvana, besides the band itself, are pure pieces of shit.” Albini also said that Courtney Love was a “psycho hose-beast” and turned down the chance to earn millions from producer royalties on Nirvana’s In Utero (1993).

Goyishe kop! Cobain himself was what you might call a goy gallimaufry. He had ancestors all over north-Western Europe: Dutch, English, French, German, Irish, and Scottish. But the trouble for goy Cobain wasn’t just that he had lots of Jews around him. He also had lots of Jew inside him — inside his head, to be exact. His rebellious punk politics were standard-issue cultural Marxism, anti-White, anti-male, and anti-Western. After he got successful and won a mass audience, he fretted that unclean ears were listening to his music. And so he scolded crime-thinkers thus in the liner notes of Incesticide (1992): “If any of you in any way hate homosexuals, people of different color, or women, please do this one favor for us — leave us the fuck alone! Don’t come to our shows and don’t buy our records.”

And who were those homo-hating racist misogynists, those central figures in Cobain’s Jew-curated demonology? Rednecks, of course! That’s why he dedicated one live performance of the song “Rape Me” to “hairy, sweaty, macho, redneck men [portentous pause] who rape.”

The redneck raison d’être

Yes, rednecks are racists who rape. Indeed, racism and rape are their raison d’être, as White Leftists like Cobain had learned from films like The Accused (1988), in which blonde, blue-eyed Jodie Foster is gang-raped by three White men. That film was based on a real gang-rape of a White woman, but Jewish Hollywood White-washed (sic) the rapists. In reality, they were dark-skinned Hispanics; on film, they became White. Kurt Cobain probably never knew that and certainly wouldn’t have re-thought his politics if he had. Rednecks are the problem, not “people of different color.” Rednecks are racists who rape. Kurt Cobain knew that and so did his fellow musician Mia Zapata of the Seattle band The Gits.

And Cobain went on knowing it after Zapata was raped and murdered in Seattle on July 7, 1993. Cobain must have thought the still-at-large rapist was a redneck. Who else could it have been? And that racist redneck needed to be caught before he raped-and-murdered again. So Cobain’s band Nirvana played a benefit concert with other anti-redneck bands to raise money for a private investigator. Cobain was dead himself before the money ran out, but I assume that he would have been happy to donate more to the investigation if he’d stayed alive. After all, that hairy redneck was still out there, sweating, raping, and being racist.

The faces of rape #1: Mia Zapata and her rapist-killer Jesus Mezquia

Well, the redneck rapist was finally caught in 2003, thanks to the DNA analysis developed by White scientists who shared ancestry with Kurt Cobain. But the rapist’s neck turned out not to be so red after all. In fact, he was a very dark-skinned Cuban called Jesus Mezquia — exactly the kind of person Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Mia Zapata of The Gits were so enthusiastic about welcoming into America. Mezquia looks to have had substantial Black ancestry, especially when he’s set beside Mia Zapata. But as a Cuban he was probably entered into the rape and murder statistics as “white” or “Hispanic.”

Vibrant pathology

Even with mislabeling like that, Blacks are undisputed champions of both rape and murder in every Western nation privileged to host them. Various groups of non-Black Muslim also punch well above their demographic weight in such criminal endeavors. And while White-on-vibrant rape is almost non-existent, vibrant-on-White rape is a serious but ignored pathology everywhere from America and Australia to France and Sweden.

Did Mia Zapata finally “git” that unpleasant truth on the last night of her life? Perhaps she didn’t. She tried to walk home alone late at night from a bar in Seattle, caught the eye of the blackneck Jesus Mezquia, and was probably listening to a music-player when he struck from behind. So she may never have realized that her rapist-killer was a non-White victim of racism, not a redneck inflicter of racism.

The faces of rape #2: Morgan Harrington and her rapist-killer Jesse Matthew

If she did realize the truth, I doubt that she had time to reflect that racism would have kept her rapist out of America. The same goes for Morgan Harrington, another young White women who tried to make it home alone in a racially enriched city. She attended a Metallica concert in Charlottesville, VA, on October 17, 2009, and somehow found herself outside the arena. She wasn’t allowed back in (I wonder what color the unsympathetic security guard or guards were?) and tried to get home alone. She caught the eye of a Black called Jesse Matthew and her remains were discovered three months later.

Repairing the World

Morgan Harrington was a lot more attractive than Mia Zapata and her horrible ending was more unjust. Although she was probably misled and manipulated by the anti-White Jewsmedia just like Zapata, she was just an ordinary white woman, not a politically active White musician collaborating with the great Jewish project of Tikkun Olam, or “Repairing the World” by allowing non-Whites to flood into the West.

Whatever her politics, Morgan Harrington became yet another example of how White nations face a simple choice. We can have racism or rapism. That is, we can have pro-White governments that end mass immigration and begin to repatriate non-Whites. Or we can have more of what we’ve already had for decades: non-Whites raping us, murdering us, and eating our taxes.

Enemies, not amigos

Kurt Cobain didn’t “git” the simple choice of racism or rapism. And even if he’d lived to see the true face of Mia Zapata’s killer, I doubt he ever would have got it. Jesus Mezquia wasn’t a hairy, sweaty, racist redneck. And the odds were never good that he would be. But he was definitely macho. It’s a Hispanic word, after all, and that should have given Kurt Cobain a clue.

And if he’d thought a little more, he might even have realized that the many Jews in his life were his enemies, not his amigos.

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  1. Bill Colohan
    Bill Colohan says:

    No, they won’t get it. The question becomes, will there be sufficient numbers and awareness to reverse this trend.

    • Roberto
      Roberto says:

      There are Sufficient numbers to turn this around now. I know this for a fact. It’s coordinating that is most difficult part. The establishment has portrayed all our gatherings the same way they did a certain highly industrialized European nation. Then come waking the normie, who is so philozog that, rather than change their opinions, they typically just change the subject when they are confronted with the truth.

  2. Heartland Separatist.
    Heartland Separatist. says:

    I noticed in the latest Disney/Marvel movie (Black Widow) they used Nirvana’s music (Smells like Teen Spirit) albeit with a different singer but left out his chorus: A mosquito, an albino, a mulatto, my libido!

    I know he is a freak of freaks but I find myself drawn to Marlyn Manson as regards his interviews (I believe Rolling Stone says he had the highest IQ in rock music ) and his lyrics (I forget which song) “Capitalism has made it this way, old style Fascism will take it away.!” Plus he uses the Tyr rune.

    • Chet Nixon
      Chet Nixon says:

      Fun fact about Black Widow star Scarlett Johanssen, according to IMDB, her father is Danish, and her mother’s last name was Sloan, and so ScarJo is Jewish.
      From the Times of Israel:
      NEW YORK — “Black Widow” may be the 24th (wow, 24th!) entry in the wildly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe series, but it’s the first ever mainstream, big-budget Hollywood summer movie with Jewish women as the star and producer (Scarlett Johansson), director (Cate Shortland), and supporting actress (Rachel Weisz). And since we’re rolling, let’s add that second-billed Florence Pugh may not be Jewish, but she’s famously dating one Zachary Israel Braff, aka That Nice Boy From “Scrubs.”

  3. cairsahr_stjoseph
    cairsahr_stjoseph says:

    The extent to which true crime statistics have been obscured in the Internet age is surprising. Also, if many more are aware of the truth than I think, then -that- also is obscured very well.

    Ostensibly, the reason for this is to protect non-whites from excessive retribution, but what happens is that just retribution does not come about either.

    The real reason for this is the devil’s hatred of that race which used to be Catholic Christian for than a thousand years, and at least generally Christian for the last few centuries. It is part of his many-faceted campaign against the descendants of Christendom (the “accuser” of Apocalypse Ch. 12: 10; 17-18). The opening of the borders in the West (in 1965 in the U.S. in particular) is part of this.

    Ostensibly, the goal of the globalists is to create a new world order without borders, etc., yada yada. Whether they realize it or not, the real goal (of their father, the devil) is to destroy the foundation of the West and lead all souls to hell; and as for building anything ? Maybe large piles of debris where cities used to be.

    So long as the devil succeeds in grinding the descendants of Christendom to dust, to him, mission accomplished, and nothing else matters.

    • eric smith
      eric smith says:

      The jews only know how to destroy and feed off the detritus. They are utterly incapable of the creation of anything good and productive. This is seared into their very souls by breeding resulting in genetic traits, their hateful violent supremecist “religion” and their criminal mega-mafia culture. They have destroyed humanity and the natural world with their agenda of what can only be described as total war. And finally they have destroyed integrity, honor and decency. Much of “white” civilization has now internalized this code of conduct and the poison just spreads thru the body politic. I see no positive outcome anymore but perhaps total collapse and with a huge amount of luck the something- anything positive might emerge from the denuded world.

    • Damon
      Damon says:

      for reference, “yada, yada, yada” is another Jewish term with an obscene definition that has entered the corrupted modern lexicon thanks to the nice jewish boy Seinfeld

  4. Kris
    Kris says:

    Is Courtney even half-Jewish, ‘Tobias’? You seem a sucker for any Nordic face. Cobain was doomed long before he got involved with da joos.

    • Hans Frank
      Hans Frank says:

      She was adopted and later learned her mother and grandmother were Jewish so yes. Rhinoplasty seems to be something the tribe has developed great expertise in. Behavior not so much.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Seems like a good question. The (((Wikipedia))) mob, for whom ferreting out and celebrating Jewishness is a full-time occupation, never suggests that she has even a trace of Chosen blood in her veins—more’s the pity, in light of what Wikipedia reveals about her own dissoluteness and the deplorable narcissism of most of her antecedents going back three generations.

  5. Mark Gobell
    Mark Gobell says:

    The date given for Kurt Cobain’s death, April 5, 1994 was Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi, “The Rebbe” – Menachem Mendel Schneerson’s 92 nd birthday.

    Note also, that the Rebbe died shortly afterwards on June 12, 1994 – the 65 th birthday of Saint Anne Frank of WW2 Jewish Holocaust fame.

    The Rebbe’s death date of June 12, 1994 was also the date that the ex-wife of OJ Simposon, Nicole Brown Simpson ( and Ron Goldman ) were murdered by person(s) unknown …


    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Gays regularly kill themselves…once one acknowledges embracing their so called gayness…it’s a small step to blowing your brains out. That could be the only real message to be Gained from Kurt Cobain…if it’s not FAKE like a TV show .

    • eric smith
      eric smith says:

      The entire “grunge” thing in the ’90’s was so over the top transparent it is pathetic. The jew had moved the white male into the position of aspiring to be a unclean, smelly. self-hating heroin addict without a morsel of self respect. The jews must have howled with satanic laughter with their enjoyment of watching the stupid goy lap this up like a dog.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Brilliant observation Eric. Most whites are crap, that should not surprise us since the educational system has been geared up for that purpose since the 1940s. Some fools think that everything was OK in the US until the 1960s. If they look carefully they will find that the seeds of the destruction of the white race began in the 1930s with the appointment of several Jewish “refugees” as professors in the leading American universities. These POS were all founding members of the accursed Frankfurt School. No wonder the 1960s witnessed an explosion of anti-white, dirty, scruffy degenerates (hippies). They were the product of the 1940s “education”. Since then everything has been a race downhill.

  6. Chet Nixon
    Chet Nixon says:

    I was in the 7th grade when Kurt Cobain killed himself, and I was SOOO HAPPY! That gave us ammunition to launch moral and psychic attacks on our teenage foes for years. In public schools of the 90’s, and 2000’s, as race, religion, and culture were unacceptable means to discriminate, and all economic classes are mashed together, our teenage identity groups were based on what kind of music we listened to; the first thing people would ask you when you met someone new was “What kind of music do you listen to?” or “What’s your favorite band?” Mine was MANOWAR!

    My friends were all Metalheads; we listened to Judas Priest, Motörhead, Iron Maiden, and the like, and we all loathed the whiny, emo “Faggot Rock” of the mainstream Alternative scene; the kids who listened to Pearl Jam (literally a reference to swallowing semen), REM (or “REM-Job”), or Alice in Chains (degenerate bondage shit), Smashing Pumpkins, or Silverchair (which surf-fags liked), or Stone Temple Pilots, et al were our enemies. This was less a matter of taste, and more a matter of IDENTITY; if it got played on the radio, it was unclean, and we stood in literal violent opposition to its acolytes (unless they were pretty girls; the preferences of females were always neutral). The ironic difference between then and now was that we didn’t get suspended for saying the phrase “Faggot Rock”; although if you were to literally define yourself as a faggot these days, they’d probably give you a medal.

    I had no racial consciousness at the time (I did go to public school, after all; how much could I possibly know about anything?), but upon reflection a certain racial sub-consciousness was ever-present; the kids who listened to metal in my school were all white, and most were high-IQ; the more numerous, lower-IQ whites listened to country (and there was a fair amount of overlap between those groups, i.e. who we would hang out with). The even-lower-IQ white Leftists, and now that I think on it, most of the Jewish kids I knew listened to Alternative Faggot Rock, and obviously, all of the Blacks listened to ascendant Gangsta Rap, which I loathed then, but was objectively better at the time then anything that race has adhered to since.

    Even though I grew up in Florida, non-Cuban Hispanics were still a minority in my area back then, so I have no idea what the majority of them would have listened to if there was a sudden influx of beaners in my middle school; probably that hideous bandito-pseudo-polka I hear them all playing nowadays. I literally knew only one Hispanic kid, his family was from Mexico, and he was a novelty in my middle school because he was bilingual; just like that girl from Laos (who was a cunt) and that kid from Quebec (who was pretty cool, even though he liked Faggot Rock). In High School, I went to the good school, which was the most-white one (my mother’s alma mater), and one of my best friends from church went to the mostly black one (which had the better basketball team), and the cubans all went to the worst one (which was also predominantly black). If you were from my county, and I told you which school I went to, you’d know what neighborhood I grew up in, about how much money my family made, and the like; I doubt the lines are so clear anymore.

    • JR
      JR says:

      Sounds like you’re still in 7th grade. Sad.

      In any event, yes, metal (real metal, the likes of Iron Maiden or Megadeth but NOT the likes of Whitesnake or Warrant) is infinitely superior in every way to grunge.

  7. Fred
    Fred says:

    In 1974 I drove from New York to California with a friend whose name was Cohen. He had been brought up to fear and despise rednecks so we hugged the Canadian border till we crossed the Mississippi. Later I worked on offshore oil rigs with self-proclaimed oil field trash. They are the salt of the earth. I have worked and lived in many countries outside my native Britain for forty years, and I can say that I have never encountered fairer or more decent people than those rednecks.

    • Roy VonOben
      Roy VonOben says:

      Hipsters came later than Nirvana though and was invented by Gavin who also founded proud boys.

      They were grunge. Which was a kinda vague punk rock lumber woods worker man look thing. He was also PC, which I had no clue about until I read about it.

      We are in cultural WAR. Our enemy use culture to KILL us, take us out. They will not hesitate one bit to KILL people in order to let hip hop reign supreme over WHITE culture.

      Did hip hop fill the vacuum of Nirvana for WHITES?

      I mean hip hop was founded probably came to it’s form over 35 years ago, or longer ago and rock is like from the 50’s.

      I never thought about it but hip hop has been a tool for jews in creating a cultural landscape that is universal.

      I remember reading in attac, the paper by the national alliance (I may not agree with William Pierce on many subjects but his writing is quite often on point in certain matters).

      The article stated something like:
      “a people’s culture is a reflection of their racial character… It is equally true that when a people’s culture succumbs to illness their racial constitution also loses its resistance to infection”.

      The jews have read every word the man wrote, trust me and by the jews I mean their organizations such as the ADL bnair bnirth or whatever.

      It is a WAR by the more racemixed parts of humanity such as a clear majority of jews (who are mixed with arabs and subsaharian africans). The goal of their WARFARE is the KILLING of all WHITE genetics a total holocaust by racemixing and anti white child and family propaganda.

      Will they KILL to achieve this goal. Cultural warfare and propaganda is their main WEAPON but they try to KILL all of us why would they hesitate to kill one or two prominent white people… THEY WONT…

    • Roy VonOben
      Roy VonOben says:

      Jews that are racially mixed want to KILL all WHITE people by racemixing and propaganda not to have children and so on.

      It is a strategic WAR a WAR strategy crystal clear it is MILITARY strategy to kill us off.

      What ir your answer on their WARFARE and constatnt attempt of MURDER (propaganda not to have WHITES have children), propaganda for vaccines that makes WHITES weggies and slaves and no good non inventive idiots and propaganda for massimmigration and race-mixing. And they hide it in “entertainment” such as music and movies and TV series as well as commercials.

  8. S. VonOben
    S. VonOben says:

    Not a great fan of the band although Kurt was agreat songwriter. I’m just not much into rock music I suppose. If he wrote hos own songs.

    Was it musically somewhat a combination of the sound of punk, metall, hardcore and beatles / pop. Maybe.

    Wasn’r Kurt himself a bit bisexual, which may explain some of his attitudes.

    As for him being against raciosm, I guess Seattle at the time was very white i.e. not that many non whites hense his attitudes on race would have been picked up from media and not reality which is the case for most whites.

    This is a problem with the secede / etno state solution all pro or many moving to whiter states, makes sense from a security perspective but not a propaganda perspective. People living in more multi racial environments know from experience how bad other races are for whites and see more of the anti white crime hence may be more open to information and new political solutions.

    As for the jews, I guess it has been speculated that Courtney who did have a jewish grandmother may have murdered him. He seemed kinda happy so the suicide didn’t make sense.

    But she was a stripper in Portland right?

    So I guess this article is speculaiting kinda that jews killed him for being a great songwriter and white and therefore a symbol of white strength of kind despite his weaknesses as a person and the like.

    Sure quite possible that this is the case.

    White culture has always been dependent on a few great songwriters whereas african music is more the attack of the mass, even mass-movement somehow. They often say among themselves, “monkey see moneky do” (the afros).

  9. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks, Tobias. I’ve always been a huge Nirvana fan, so it was great to see Kurt in a piece here from one of my favorite TOO writers.

    Here’s a bit of interesting info: when Nirvana was looking for another guitar player to join the band, this was right before their Saturday Night Live appearance, they chose Pat Smear. Out of all of the guitarists that he could have chosen, why Pat Smear who was a member of the insignificant Punk/noise band the Germs? Pat Smear, real name (Georg Albert Ruthenberg) was very good friends with Courtney Love. Smear is Jewish on his father’s side.

    Cobain is at the same time an enigma and then not. As someone who writes songs I can tell you that he was very much a genius. With no formal musical training whatsoever, he was able to channel his obsession with the Beatles into his own songs, creating some of the best written songs since the 60s. Heart Shaped Box, You Know You’re Right, Lithium, Come As You Are, Pennyroyal Tea, and of course, Smells Like Teen Spirit, and the list goes on. Cobain was able to express what was goin on inside of himself in masterfully, crafted songs that moved in and out of keys, minor and major scales, and were thrown at us with sharp, fierce sing along melodies, many of rage. What could have he accomplished if he would have lived past 27!? Unfortunately, we will never know.

    We’re all in many ways products of out environments and Kurt was no exception. What if there would have been someone there for him, when he was lost in heroin addiction, which compounded many of his other problems, someone there to throw him up against a wall and say, “listen, cut the bullshit. Stop being so selfish and be a man. You have a two year old daughter now. Be a man and get yourself together enough to be responsible and take care of her.” But there was no one there who did that. Cobain’s psych was the feminized, emasculated, whiny environment of current day Seattle. So, instead of ‘showing up,’ at 27 years of age, worth millions of dollars, beloved by millions, with years ahead of him, the father of a beautiful two year old daughter, he blew his own brains out. Mental illness? He in so many words admitted to being bisexual, maybe he was a homosexual? The physical pain he suffered for years? All of it combined and with the heroin addiction mixed in that pushed him over the edge? We’ll probably never know.

    In regards the subject of your piece, F. Roger Devlin wrote a great one on the rape culture that has become Sweden. I believe it was in regards to a book review on that subject. I took a quick look but couldn’t find it. I have the title written down and if I have time later, I will post it.

    • JR
      JR says:

      Your standards are painfully low. Bach was a genius. Mozart was a genius. Beethoven was a genius. Compared to them, fatally confused degenerates like Cobain are mere amoebae. Cobain’s is the music of sad degeneracy, nothing more.

  10. Swan
    Swan says:

    No, nothing can wake up the socially engineered. No matter how many facts, statistics and data you show them. It’s a religion. You will have a better chance at converting an AL Queda fanatic that Islam is false and God does not exist.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Very good observation, Swan. The average White, the so-called “normie” is a zombie, an imbecile that will repeat what the TV and the media told him/her. The ability to think for yourself is extremely rare. Those who do not possess that gift are and will remain, sheep. The so-called “pandemic” has demonstrated this very well. The White race is heading for a well-deserved culling!

  11. Bob
    Bob says:

    All Hollywood is fake. This Cobain character used to vandalize churches and if he WAS real…was Jewish himself and just an actor . Why would a millionaire kill oneself ? Can’t buy a boat to live on ? He is popular to the extent the media promotes him. Now…they probably don’t get paid like we believe because they are just actors playing a role. I’ll bet if we search…we can find other actors or media personality who look like him…perhaps a shot of his profile 🙂

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Another is the singer of Alice in Chains. Also Soundgarden. All Jewish. 🙂 Probably they have that fabled island somewhere. Jamaica used to be one of their hang outs in the days of piracy. One I’ve stumbled upon is the actress called Redfield. She was the top paid actress in Hollywood at one time. Allegedly died at early on from alcoholism. Barbara Payton was her name. Psychological Warfare basically. They say when James Dean died…many copy cats followed. Kurt Cobain had quite a few as well. Something like 50 suicides from his fans.Good eye on Paul…some think “Ron Paul” is one of them but he talks a good game , I have to say 🙂 or rather…he waxes religious whenever they are doing something bad like starting a war…

  12. Anon
    Anon says:

    Cobain was in trouble way before he met Love. He began smoking marijuana at age 13. May have turned homosexual tricks as a teenager. Seattle has a sizable gay population. Heterosexual men who have these acts performed on them are deeply wounded for the rest of their lives. In my opinion, the music is just awful.

  13. Bubba Hill
    Bubba Hill says:

    Funny thing is Tobias, who considers himself enlightened, spews the MSM narrative that whites are racist. anybody who dislikes rape is a racist according to him. we deserve all we git and yes we are very far from gitting it.

    • T.Gilligan
      T.Gilligan says:

      Hello Bubba,
      That my friend is Tobias mocking the ‘msm’ narrative in an acutely rhetorical tone.
      After reading Mr.Langdon’s articles on TOO for around 5 years I will have to think hard to recall my first impression of the acerbic humour deployed and question whether I viewed his writing as you do.
      Mr. Langdon points out among the dazzling hypocrisy of the bog-standard media, to the unbridled hatred of Europeans; to disastrous naivete of stooges like Cobain who unfortunately was in a business where ‘rebellion’ was packaged and neatly sold like any other trifling commodity.

  14. Roy VonOben
    Roy VonOben says:

    What is the western world worth to the racemixed masses (like 80 % of jews, most latinos and so on) aswell to the other races.

    It is the largest market for everything.

    Shure, with globalism, africans could make music in Africa or an african etno state in the USA and export to white countries same with racemixed people.

    When white people had more media control and a culture that was not diluted to the max or hijacked by race-mixed hordes we had a feeling of self, we were in contact with our self.

    In this age when the media is run by anti white racemixing hordes and you have plenty of white sellout slaves of these media masters the situation is different.

    These masses the other races, the racemixed are truly parasitic, I know this from my own experience.

    They use the west and controll over secret services to steal everything WHITE people do. Like subsaharian africans steal in music from whites. Asians steal in technology (mainly the Chinese, this is well documented), the part gypsies and tattare steal in technology, music and so on.

    I suspect the race-mixed part of the jews are in the midst of this orchestrating this anti white plundering of everything we do.

  15. Rubert L. Gartner
    Rubert L. Gartner says:

    The attempts by organized jews to take out the white race is nothing new.

    The UN laws against racism in the 1960’s by them of course.

    The bussing of subsaharian race elements into WHITE schools.

    The constant propaganda for racemixing in the media, advertising and arts by them of course.


    Edwatd Fields wrote a pamphlet on the subject: “Jews behind race mixing”, that cna be found in the link I provided above.

    Hence this obsession by race-mixed jews (mixed with arabs and subsaharian races), is nothing new and I would say, pretty well documented by now.

    A strategy of war, certainly, warfare by genocide.

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