Much Worse than Rotherham: How British Politicians, Police and Feminists Are Guilty of Systemic Rapism

In the year 2000, the small Yorkshire town of Rotherham was little-known in Britain, let alone overseas. In 2020, Rotherham is infamous around the world as a place where Pakistani rape-gangs have been raping, prostituting and murdering working-class White girls for decades. Meanwhile, the staunchly socialist and fiercely feminist Labour council and Labour MP, Denis MacShane, helped the rapists by either ignoring their crimes or actively suppressing news of what was going on.

Piranha-enrichment programmes

In other words, Rotherham was the scene of systemic rapism, that is, of systemic collusion by politicians, police and feminists in an engrained Pakistani culture of rape and misogyny. But although the Rotherham rape-gangs are now world-infamous, a very important question about their activities has barely been asked by the British media. To see what that question is, let’s look at a simple allegory that even leftists should be able to understand. Suppose that next week a British journalist comes across a small lake in Yorkshire called Rotherpool and discovers that left-wing ecologists began enriching it in the 1950s by introducing piranhas to its boringly bland waters. Anyone who objected to the piranha-enrichment on behalf of native fish was accused of vile speciesism and sternly lectured that all fish are the same under the scales.

Fish are all the same under the scales: some piranha teeth

The journalist investigates further and discovers that, sure enough, the piranhas have been preying savagely on native fish right since their introduction. Meanwhile, left-wing ecologists and fish-wardens helped the piranhas by either ignoring their predation or actively suppressing news of what was going on. The journalist does his job, informs the British public, and a scandal erupts about the ecological disaster visited on Rotherpool. But that isn’t the end of the scandal. There are much bigger lakes elsewhere in Yorkshire: Sheffmere, Bradwater and Lake Leeds. The journalist and his colleagues naturally investigate whether piranha-enrichment has been going on there too. Indeed it has and the journalists discover that even bigger ecological disasters have taken place in those bigger lakes — and in truly giant lakes elsewhere in Britain.

Pakistani-enrichment programmes

The allegory is ridiculous, of course: leftists would never introduce dangerous alien species like piranhas into British lakes. And they certainly wouldn’t pretend that all fish are the same under the scales and that “species” isn’t a valid scientific concept. Leftists aren’t irrational, stupid and malign people, after all. They don’t want to cause or conceal horrendous unnecessary suffering. At least, they don’t when it comes to important native creatures like fish. But when it comes to unimportant native creatures like the White working-class, leftists are happy to both cause and conceal suffering on an endless and industrial scale.

The point of the allegory should be obvious even to leftists. For “piranhas,” read “Pakistanis.” For “lakes,” read “towns and cities.” It wasn’t just the small town of Rotherham that experienced a Pakistani-enrichment programme. Big cities in Yorkshire like Leeds, Sheffield and Bradford did too. So an obvious — and almost unaddressed — question arises from the Rotherham scandal. If Pakistanis have been behaving so badly in a small town, what have they been doing in big cities nearby? And what have they been doing in even bigger British cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham?

Only Non-White Lives Matter

The British media haven’t been been trying to answer this question, but in fact the answer is already known. The Rotherham scandal was horrific, but much worse things have been happening elsewhere in Britain. Rape-gangs of Pakistanis and other non-Whites have been operating with the complicity not just of supposed feminists in the Labour party but also of the police. Let’s take the big city of Manchester, where a policewoman called Maggie Oliver worked on an investigation into child sex-abuse called Operation Augusta, which began sixteen years ago in 2004. As Maggie Oliver witnessed at first hand, senior officers weren’t serious about ending child sexual abuse. And unlike many thousands of her tough male colleagues who witnessed the same thing both in Manchester and elsewhere, Oliver wasn’t prepared to be complicit in what she calls “gross criminal neglect and misfeasance in public office” by those senior officers.

One Black Life Matters; Countless White Lives Don’t

So she resigned from the Greater Manchester Police, campaigned for the victims, and was instrumental in exposing the so-called Rochdale scandal, in which White working-class girls in the small town of Rochdale had been raped and prostituted by Pakistani men. Nine Pakistanis were convicted, but they represented a new leftist adaptation of an old legal strategy. You’ve heard about specimen charges, selected when a criminal has committed too many offences for a court to deal with speedily and efficiently. The nine Pakistanis in Rochdale were specimen defendants, selected because a “community” contained too many criminals for the authorities to charge without embarrassment.

A nationwide problem

In truth, not just dozens, not just hundreds, but thousands of Pakistani men should be prosecuted and imprisoned for the sex-crimes they have committed against White girls and women in Brave New Britain. This is what Maggie Oliver wrote in 2020:

Operation Augusta engaged with other British police forces and we soon realised there was a nationwide problem, where in other cities and areas, including Liverpool, West Yorkshire, Bradford, Keighley, Birmingham and Bristol, young girls were being groomed and then raped by predominantly Pakistani men. Some examples of this were broadcast in the documentary by Dispatches, titled ‘Edge of the City’, in August 2004. Subsequent revelations about grooming gangs in other towns and cities such as Rotherham, Telford, Rochdale and Oxford all demonstrated a similar pattern.

By the spring of 2004, I had a detailed list of 207 men who we believed had abused at least 26 young girls. I recall that these men were all Asian. I am certain that these numbers are a massive underestimation of the true scale of child abuse. I know this because the numbers were strictly ring-fenced by the Greater Manchester Police as they did not wish for the investigation to escalate further. (Witness Statement of Margaret Oliver to the Independent Enquiry in Child Abuse, February 2020)

That is from Maggie Oliver’s Witness Statement to a massive “Independent Enquiry in Child Abuse” that was set up in response to such scandals as the repeated and prolonged failure of the authorities to prosecute Greville Janner, a senior Jewish politician and community-leader, on credible charges of raping gentile boys. The Enquiry hasn’t got to Janner’s case yet or investigated child-abuse among Orthodox Jews. This may be because it’s less an Enquiry than an Unenquiry, designed not to expose the truth but to obscure it. Maggie Oliver has said this about the Enquiry:

There is a massive imbalance in the witnesses, or the participants that have been called, and it meant that the vast majority of the time was being given to those organisations who have failed and still failing victims and survivors of child sexual exploitation and grooming gangs. … I provided a 58-page witness statement and I wanted to give give evidence to the inquiry, which was denied. … Forty pages of my statement were deleted, all the statements were hidden behind numbers and symbols on the website. …

You would imagine with a problem identified in the northern towns and cities like Rotherham and Rochdale and Middlesbrough and Halifax, you would have one of those towns included in a public inquiry looking at grooming gangs. Not one was included. So we had an area like Swansea, St Helens, Warwickshire. … I know this isn’t a historical problem it is going on in every town and city in the north of England. Even now, even today and I have information from this weekend [October 2020]. This is not a historical problem.

The establishment don’t want to hear that truth, they peddle out the same platitudes. They always say these are historical failures. These are not historical failures. These are current failures, that every single day children are being groomed by gangs of predatory men. (Maggie Oliver blasts national child abuse inquiry and says not enough is being done to help young survivors, Manchester Evening News, 19th October 2020)

Maggie Oliver is right: “The establishment don’t want to hear that truth.” And why not? Because the truth contradicts the massive lie at the heart of Britain’s new state religion of minority worship. According to this new religion, the White majority are evil oppressors and non-White minorities are saintly victims.

One victim among thousands: Victoria Agoglia was raped, injected with heroin, and murdered by Pakistanis in Manchester

That’s why the quick and relatively painless murder of the Black teenager Stephen Lawrence by a White gang in 1993 has been endlessly re-visited by the national media, while the prolonged and extremely painful murders of the White teenagers Kriss Donald and Mary-Ann Leneghan by non-White gangs in 2005 were long ago forgotten. Just as in the United States, non-Whites commit violent crime against Whites in Britain much more often than the reverse.

Labour don’t care about “white trash”

Non-Whites also commit massive amounts of violent crime against each other. Minority worship makes this problem worse. Like the martyr-cult of George Floyd in America, the martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence has caused thousands of extra deaths in the so-called Black community, because it has made the police ever-more reluctant to enforce the law against non-Whites. But even as the martyr-cult demands that the British police worship non-Whites, it also demands that they neglect the welfare of Whites. Here is Maggie Oliver again, describing how her police colleagues viewed the White victims of Pakistani child-rapists:

Attitudes towards these kids seemed to be ingrained and widespread. They were widely viewed by fellow officers, senior officers and politicians as ‘white trash’ or the ‘underclass’. In this new millennium, they were seen as ‘losers’. As a result, they were left to fend for themselves, which they clearly couldn’t do. (Witness Statement of Margaret Oliver, 2020)

As its name proclaims, the Labour party was founded to serve and defend the White working-class. But in Labour-controlled Manchester, White working-class girls were dismissed as ‘white trash’ and ‘underclass.’ They were abandoned to the violent predation of Pakistani Muslims, whom the Labour party were not founded to serve and whose presence in Britain has always and overwhelmingly been opposed by the White working-class.

Rich Jewish lawyers

This betrayal by Labour is a scandal far greater and far more prolonged than the “anti-Semitism” that supposedly blighted the party under Jeremy Corbyn. As I pointed out in “Labour’s Shame,” Jews in Britain are not being raped, prostituted, murdered and ethnically cleansed with the encouragement and complicity of the Labour party. Jews are a rich overclass in Britain, not the victims of decades of violent crime and official neglect. But the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) rides to battle against Labour on behalf of Jews, not of behalf of Whites. The EHRC’s concern for Jews and not for Whites is entirely predictable, given that the EHRC is headed by two rich Jewish lawyers, Rebecca Hilsenrath and David Isaac.

The EHRC is not interested in genuine crimes and genuine suffering. Instead, it is interested in protecting Jewish power and privilege, and in extending the scope and fanaticism of minority-worship. That’s why the EHRC won’t be calling on Maggie Oliver to describe what she witnessed in Manchester after taking leave to nurse her terminally ill husband:

When I returned in September 2005 I found that the investigations [into child-sex abuse] had been closed down. I found that rather than investigating, arresting and prosecuting the serial sexual offenders for the multiple rapes that had been perpetrated against dozens of young girls in Manchester, elements of the Greater Manchester Police were instead just warning the abusers under the Child Abduction Act and allowing them to evade justice. … I believe that a link to this might have been the July 2005 (‘7/7’) bombings in London, in which 52 people were killed by home-grown terrorists using explosive devices on public transport in the capital. Race relations were very fractious as a result, and there was hesitancy, I felt, from the police to take any steps that might inflame racial tensions — including investigating widespread abuse by predominantly Pakistani men.

My gut feeling at the time was that the young victims of sexual abuse in Manchester were overlooked, partly because of their class background, and dismissed as ‘slags’ or ‘slappers’ and ‘child prostitutes’ (a term I utterly reject — no child can consent to be a ‘prostitute’). There were also no parents to fight for these children, as they were all already in the care system. They did not have a voice and the government and senior authorities within the Greater Manchester Police were not listening. The term often used was that the child victims were making “a lifestyle choice.”

I feel that the closing down of Operation Augusta in 2005 was a travesty and a missed opportunity for the Greater Manchester Police to prevent so much abuse that would later take place. I believe that had they pressed ahead and prosecuted more people implicated in Augusta we would have caught the abusers at the centre of the Operation Span inquiry. I believe that the senior officers who made the decision to close Operation Augusta are guilty of gross criminal neglect and misfeasance in public office. (Witness Statement of Margaret Oliver, 2020)

In its scale, the abuse in Manchester has plainly been much worse than the abuse in Rotherham. But there has been no scandal about what has gone on in Manchester — and is still going on. And there have also been no scandals about abuse in London and Birmingham, Britain’s largest and second-largest cities, which have been enriched by non-White predators just as Manchester has.

Fighting antisemitism, ignoring rape and murder

Why no scandals about abuse in these big cities? Maggie Oliver has answered that: “The establishment don’t want to hear [the] truth.” And recall these other words in her witness statement: the White working-class victims “did not have a voice.” But the Labour party that controls Manchester was founded precisely to give the White working-class a voice — and a sword and shield to defend itself. In Rotherham, Labour snatched that sword and shield away, and left White working-class girls voiceless as they were preyed on by non-Whites. Meanwhile, the Labour MP for Rotherham, life-long feminist Denis MacShane, was working for Jews in far-off London and chairing an “all-party … inquiry into antisemitism which,” he proudly boasts, “was hailed as a model of its kind and changed government policy.”

But bad as it was, Labour’s betrayal in Rotherham was only a small part of a much bigger betrayal. Much worse has happened in bigger cities not just in Yorkshire but wherever Pakistanis and other predatory non-Whites have been imported against the clearly expressed opposition of the White working-class. And it isn’t just thousands of non-White child-rapists who should be prosecuted, but thousands of treacherous White politicians, officials, academics and journalists, from prime ministers like Tony Blair and David Cameron on down.

Brave New Britain is built on lies

Blair and Cameron were busy working for the tiny Jewish minority when they should have been working for the White majority. And what happens when the majority loses control of its own nation to a predatory and ethnocentric minority like Jews? You get the partly exposed horrors of Rotherham and the worse but still barely exposed horrors of Manchester, Birmingham, London, Sheffield, Leeds and Bradford. Much worse than Rotherham has happened and is still happening in Britain.

Meanwhile, minority-worship and the martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence continue to control politics, academia and the media. These false new religions insist that Britain is ravaged by the scourge of “systemic racism” against non-Whites. This is a lie. The real racism is against Whites and one symptom of that racism is systemic rapism, or the collusion of politicians, police and feminists in decade after decade of rape committed by non-Whites against Whites. Brave New Britain is built on lies, but those lies will sooner or later crumble. Then the prosecution of traitors like Blair and Cameron can begin.

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  1. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    Very good piece (though I’d have liked numbers, and international comparisons).
    But unfortunately the piece repeats (twice) the false belief the ‘the Labour party … was founded precisely to give the White working-class a voice — and a sword and shield to defend itself.’ In fact, in about 1900 rich Jews decided to establish a Jewish party to side with the vast numbers of immigrant Jews who came to Britain since about 1880 while the politicians colluded or slept. They couldn’t call it the ‘Jewish Party’, so they pretended to be labour. The party took the Jewish line in money and the Treasury, mass newspapers, taxation, the ‘Great War’, the BBC, the depression, the Second World War, education policy, and anti-white moves of all types including male education and discrimination and race replacement, and expolitation of white women by sex crimes and anti-motherhood actions. That’s the big picture.

  2. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Many thianks to Tobias Langdon for that powerful article. It was hard to get through. Twice while reading it I had to stop myself from flying into a rage. I can only imagine how hard these articles must be to research and write.

    This article should be on the front page of every major newpaper in the UK, and not just the UK. That it isn’t says everything. And, to make matters worse and even more infuriating, to think that publishing such articles can be genuinely risky.

    “cause and conceal.” Great phrase. It captures perfectly just how seedy and ignoble these people are. To cause something this evil and then conceal your crime by hiding it in plain sight behind a mask of virtue-signalling. A better example of moral insanity would be impossible to imagine. Or, better yet, moral imbecility.

    “Systemic Rapism” Brilliant.

    The hostile elite causes systemic rapism and conceals it with the lie of systemic racism. The cure for the lie being, of course, minority-worship and a corresponding self-hatred.

    “…but those lies will sooner or later crumble.”

    Of course. And hopefully sooner than later. But, either way, it’ll go. The whole thing is simply unsustainable.

    • JL
      JL says:

      “And, to make matters worse and even more infuriating, to think that publishing such articles can be genuinely risky.”

      Indeed, in the UK many political dissidents have been jailed for “inciting hate” (what a legal concept). Typically they are forced to use pen names, VPNs and other tactics to avoid prosecution.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      “This article should be on the front page of every major newspaper in the UK”

      Even without it being spelled out in the newspapers as you suggest, surely most people are already fully aware that there is an agenda going on, and blacks are overrepresented in ads, although most people do not realise the full extent of the messages as documented in the article. But the majority must surely still observe at the very minimum that there is an agenda going on to portray blacks in a very positive light relative to whites, and a very strong agenda at that.

      We are at the stage where the message is no longer subtle, so it does not need any full page newspaper ads to point it out. People are being told via TV what attitudes they MUST have towards blacks and whites – namely, negative towards whites and positive towards blacks. Those leading the agenda are no longer pretending that all they want is fairness and equality. That stage has passed, now they are TELLING whites they MUST now accept their new submissive role and the blacks’ dominant role, as whites must submit to being conquered.

      It is no longer ‘please be nice to blacks as they are just the same as whites as our films show us they are’ and now it is ‘get on your knees whitey you are no longer top dog.’

      Some whites object, but unfortunately most accept their new role, as they are sheeple who think they will have an easy time in life and better job prospects if, even as a white, they submit and support the anti-white agenda. And they do this in their hearts, not just as a tactic, as in the privacy of voting almost half of whites vote for the openly anti-white politicians and despise Trump.

      Basically, if a people chooses submission under the hectoring and pressure of the culture, they will get conquered.

  3. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    What a crying shame that this trenchant article would never have been published by the MSM! White children without protective families are left to the pleasure of filthy dogs like Lord Janner, and to the stone-age low IQ dirt among Pakistani men.

    Maggie Oliver, admirable WPC, has called police neglect to stop this crime against children ‘gross criminal neglect and misfeasance in public office’. Right: So the Police Commissioner of her County, and Police Commissioners elsewhere, cannot but have heard this. But they did nothing. So we must, by class/group action suit, cause the courts to order the arrest and trial of those Commissioners for the crime they have committed: gross criminal neglect and misfeasance in public. But who among us will do that? Local Councils, Church groups, the Clergy? Is Archbishop Justin Welby not in the least bothered? No? Oh, dear. Yet he has confessed to being unable to sleep for shame about how the Church has failed homosexuals.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      MSM more accurately could be called JCM.

      “MSM” omits the most pertinent information about the impertinents who control media. Remember that the Media was “purchased” with fake money.

      Here, I omit the most pertinent information of all, namely

  4. Peter London
    Peter London says:

    A Muslim well-versed in taqqiya will tell you their tradition permits a man a maximum of four wives at any one time. What they don’t tell you is that their tradition also permits men as many slave-girls as they wish: the Koranic expression for such girls is “those whom your right hands possess” (sura 4:3; 4:24; 23:6; 70:30, see also 33:50). The ‘Prophet’ himself had perhaps thirteen official wives at one time or another, but in addition he kept innumerable slave-girls taken in his wars. Even if the supposed limit of four were to be strictly observed it would still be the case that Nature doesn’t produce the sexes in a ratio of four-to-one. Such a system places immense pressure on the men at the bottom of society. How are they to be satisfied when the rich and powerful men have rounded up all the women? In such a world a steady supply of slave brides offers a vital chance – probably the only chance – to reduce internal violence, hence the vast slave trade conducted by Islam for nearly fourteen centuries without the slightest sign of a bad conscience. Non-Muslims soon learnt to associate their Muslim neighbours with armed raids in search of women. Even Muslims themselves became distrustful of fellow believers who claimed to be stronger in the faith. The inevitable kidnapping and fear of kidnapping soon led to the removal of women from most open-air activities. Polygamy has always been a recipe for turbulence, a reason why blood feuds are still a marked feature of Muslim societies. You can see why the Islamic ideal was one of perpetual foreign war to extend the frontiers of the ‘House of Peace’ and bring in more women captured from those who lived in the ‘House of War’. Surveying the record of Islam’s astonishing early expansion you should always remember – at the root of all that extraordinary aggression was polygamy. This primitive custom, with its accompanying traditions of early arranged marriage and the enforced seclusion of women, was thus an essential part of the Islamic war-machine. Polygamy has always been accompanied by slavery. That remains so to this day.

    • Adolf Shickelruber
      Adolf Shickelruber says:

      “the vast slave trade conducted by Islam for nearly fourteen centuries ”

      Excellent point. All we are taught by our Masters is how evil and immoral the slave trade conducted by Whitey was, which is indeed true. But not a word about the equally sordid Islamic run slave system. How many people know that the Turkish Ottomans only banned slavery in 1923(!) Could it have something to do with the fact that 95% of Islams slaves were white Europeans?

      • Awolsco
        Awolsco says:

        “But not a word about the equally sordid Islamic run slave system.”

        ……Which is at least 70% of the history of African slavery…..and had been running for centuries, if not millennia, prior to white involvement. Captives, either consequent to inter-tribal warfare or raids by mounted Arab gangsters, were taken to Timbuktu and sold in the market there. Then began the long trek of some 2,000-2,300 miles, on foot, across the Sahara to the main markets of Tripoli and Cairo.
        Death rate was about 30%.
        Then, on approaching the border of Islamic territory, the males were castrated. As this involved not only the amputation of the testes but the penis as well, the survival rate was only about 30%.This was mandatory as no self-respecting Arab would ever allow an intact African male anywhere near his household and/or harem. The two most expensive items in the Cairo markets were black eunuchs and white females.
        The surviving females were mostly employed as domestic servants. Some became pregnant and the newborn had their heads smashed against the nearest rock………which is why, when you go to whitey controlled N and S America, you’ll see millions of blacks, mulattos / mestizos/ half-castes, but despite millennia of slave imports you will see few blacks in Arabia India and N Africa( apart from recent immigrants).
        When the subject of reparations comes up I find myself expounding , yet again, a minority and highly unpopular view……namely……That blacks should compensate whites for not castrating blacks and their refusal to practise infanticide on their newborn.
        The provision, freely given, of reading, writing, arithmetic, education and health-care are, of course, minor details hardly worth mentioning……..
        After all, EVERBODY does that for nothing, don’t they?

        • pterodactyl
          pterodactyl says:

          Awolsco – good post. An interesting book is ‘Robinson Crusoe’ as the first half of the book is about being captured as a slave himself. Then he escaped and took an arab boy to be his own slave, but this boy was treated by him just as well as white people were who were indentured for seven years by other whites. The boy ended up being freed and doing quite well out of the arrangement. A bit like the blacks did very well out of being the slaves in the US and now are the honoured guests.
          The second half of the book is too depressing for me to finish as it is about terrible loneliness, so I would stop reading when he gets marooned.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        The history of slavery is never taught in schools or on TV. All we get is references to the way the mslms in Spain enabled a period of learning and advancement and so were a positive contribution. Nothing about how arab slavery ships capturing whites decimated shipping trade and European coastal towns and caused the Dark Ages. There are many defence forts eg Corsican towers built against these raiders – none of this is ever mentioned.

        About 30 years ago they excavated the ship ‘Mary Rose’ off the British coast, but in the hundreds of hours of TV about this over the decades since they have never once mentioned that it was used to blast the N African coastal pirate ports used by arab slavers. This is an example of how they are trying to suppress the real history.

        None of the demonisation of whites as slavers whilst the rest of the world are innocent, none of this would be possible except for the take over of the TV media by the anti-white enemy within. Many think this is a recent takeover, but the agenda of the TV has been there since the start of TV, and these days they simply no longer try to hide it now that they think they are so dominant and in control.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Peter London – excellent post.
      Polygammy is also facilitated by high male casualties, including your own tribe’s casualties. If half the males of both sides in a war are killed in the actual war, then at the end of the war the victor kills all the other side’s remaining males, this enables the winning side males to have almost 4 wives each on average (some of the women will be too old), although they might need a few male slaves to help toil on the land.

      In fact this can cause rapid changes in the gene pool of the population, for example if all the top males with 10 wives each all choose the fairest skinned wives or slaves, and the bottom section of males in their own side are also largely killed off in the war, this will mean the elite group that likes fair skinned women provides the next generation, and whatever genes these males have will be highly represented in the next generation, and their children will also receive more than the average share of the resources of the tribe to help their survival to breeding age themselves. Many Syrians are very white and look completely Western, and probably have genes from the captured white slaves, whose genes were absorbed by the wealthier elites.

  5. Dan Duchamp
    Dan Duchamp says:

    One main issue we white people have is the “International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) “, by he UN.

    That forbides racist speech, information, organizations, segregation and he like.

    It forbides freedom of speech (USA did not sign that) and also calls for affirmitive action. Created in 1963 it is probably a main reason together with subshaharian africans protesting.

    How can his be combated. Also he articles leading to it are bad…

    “The Convention also requires its parties to outlaw hate speech and criminalize membership in racist organizations”.

    I states: “Encourage groups, movements, and other means that eliminate barriers between races, and discourage racial division”

    “to prohibit and criminalize membership in organizations that “promote and incite” racial discrimination.”

    “condemns propaganda and organizations that attempt to justify discrimination or are based on the idea of racial supremacism”

    ” it obliges parties to criminalize hate speech, hate crimes and the financing of racist activities ”

    “obliges parties to adopt “immediate and effective measures”, particularly in education, to combat racial prejudice and encourage understanding and tolerance between different racial, ethnic ”

    This may have been used to force bussing of subsaharians. It can be used against Israel and has been used by jewish groups against freedom of speech.

  6. Canadianer
    Canadianer says:

    At this point we can pretty much say that there is an infectionnin our countries. First we were taken over by a mind controlling parasite. Then they brought all sorts of infectious agents into the open wound.

    If the civilization has has been destroyed – to continue the analogy – if the national body is almost dead – we should be looking formnew territory where we will be treated better. Even if Brits shake off the Jews – they are still stuck with a rainy carribbean country full of blacks and pakistanis.

    Sometimes I dreammabout conquering Denmark or Finland and deporting all of the undesireables. Sometimes I think about being put up in one of those cities in China that looke like Paris – we could basically tell them that we could being them innovation in exchange for safety.

    Whatever we choose – we have to act fast because the clock is ticking.

  7. bruno
    bruno says:

    I thank the author. This was well composed. It was also heartbreaking.

    Looks to me like the only solid places for EuroMan are Byelorussia, Poland, Hungary and northern Russia. Actually you can throw in Finland. Despite what some imply, from what I’ve read, that nation is still okay.

    Who would have thought Whitey would not only engage in brother wars, but face liquidation. By the 1970s. going to England was no longer desired. It was easy to see there was turmoil in once-GB’s future.

    The United States and Canada, because they are so huge, can still build Ethno states the size of European countries. One can only imagine what the future holds without controlling the anti-majorityites.

    As for Amdom, one thing is for sure, the media needs to be broken up as well as the Deep State. That’s no easy chore. The voting in Georgia, Pennsylvania and other states has shown exactly how the USA has evolved.

    It’s more than possible that about 40% of the country hates EuroMan. A person would have to be suffering from myopia not to see that some sort of a legal endeavor must be initiated so that the unofficial, but real, City States can be somehow, in someway, be given a special status and be separated. If that is at all possible, as it may be too late.

    It seems the only real hope is a strong man, with near dictatorship type powers. For many areas it’s already too late. There are many places such as Oregon, outside of the Portland area, where EuroMan unity is still somewhat substantial. Those areas could easily disappear unless immigration is halted. If the Third World flood continues one needs only do use his imagination…

    • Canadianer
      Canadianer says:

      The thing about creating ethnostates in North America is that we have a weak claim to the land relative to European counries. The options are that we become a jew-gypsy people capable of unity and prosperity in the diaspora, or we try to set up a back to europe movement where we regroup in a place where we can hold territory and attain political sovereignty.

      With the second option the options are mass murder or keeping minorities as second class citizens – as is the case in Israel.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        “The thing about creating ethnostates in North America is that we have a weak claim to the land relative to European countries”

        The Smithsonian Institute oversees the museums in the US, initially under the influence of the Jewish anthropologist Boas (his agenda has been mentioned by K Macdonald prevoiusly). The Smithsonian Institute in collusion with academia and the MSM suppresses all archaeological evidence that in fact gives whites a very strong claim to North American lands.

        There is a law in the US that states that any ancient bones found MUST be handed over to the ‘Native Americans’ for disposal according to their religion. In my view, this is clearly in case they turn out to be white mans’ remains. It is easy to bulldoze over ancient sites these days (such as burial mounds) but hard to get permission to excavate and study them. I saw a TV program on ancient N American cultures where they said ‘we cannot actually show you the photos of these bones’, and they go on to assume the ethnics built everything, and the TV presenter bows reverently to the command that they must co-operate with hiding the bones from scrutiny.

        There have been court cases where the court allowed DNA testing and the remains were white people’s, but this made no difference to the ‘whites have no land claim’ agenda.

        For an academic book, see Richard Dewhurst’s book, something like ‘The Ancient Giants that Ruled America’ and reviewed in Red Ice Radio. Apparently some of the white people were very tall. This research is deliberately exaggerated in some places into false clams that some were giants as big as houses, and this false portrayal and exaggeration is done deliberately in order to discredit this line of research and put it in the same category as UFOs and rule by ancient aliens, and crop circles etc. They set up a straw man saying the giants were 100 ft tall so we can all dismiss the research.

    • Adolf Shickelruber
      Adolf Shickelruber says:

      “Looks to me like the only solid places for EuroMan are Byelorussia, Poland, Hungary and northern Russia”

      The situation indeed is dire but Id add Ukraine, Baltic States, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and perhaps Romania

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Adolf – hard for whites to emigrate to these places due to the language problem and due to grudges held by the white people who live there about which other whites they do not like due to ancient feuds.

    • Carl Kircher
      Carl Kircher says:

      Yes we are beaten down yes average whitey is brainwashed, yes alot on legal drugs (opiods, weed).

      We just break through with the truth, then build a movement and then break free in real life.

      Throw out most non whites from Europe maybe no east asians but…

      Inernet is great but there needs to be a real movement with people engaging in spreading the TRUTH and activism. And people need to be able to do it while having a somewhat normal life…

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Bruno – unfortunately, the countries in the first paragraph do not have English as the main language (although they all understand English largely because of films). If they did, there would be massive immigration into these countries from whites fleeing the leftist regimes in the English speaking West, and their economies would be booming. And what a pity the Russians are unable to emerge from their strange insular way of thinking that makes them prefer to ally with China than other white nations, and,unlike other white peoples, cannot forget their grudges. Plus, decades of communism helped a bad subsection of the population to establish itself as the ruling class, and they are still in charge. There will come a point when they realise the Chinese are not their friends after all.

      As you say, ethno states are the best solution. There is already geographical sorting of people going on naturally as people move to places where the people share their own politics. One way to encourage this would be to designate some areas as ‘free zones’ where you can get free money for life if you move there. It would be worth the price in reduced crime alone for the remainder of the people.

  8. Nigel Erlich
    Nigel Erlich says:

    @Sophie msm is adopted to history (ww2) the jews and their money and influence and ownership especially over their industry.

    And also of other races such as blacks and arabs and the like, if you have them here you really can’t tell the truth about racial matters. Also the UN which represents an anti white world and the illmuinati (the racemixed secret society probably)…

    @Canadianer Or you grow a pair of balls and dont be a sissy. Be a man get guns prepare. Even most white nerds can outshoot n-words subsaharians or whafever.

    The solution is very very simple.

    1. We build a pure white culture from scratch frisic destroy the enemy by brutal superiority. Pure WHITE music, pure WHITE paintings pure white litterature…

    2. We write down the truth and make a homepage that is on loin. We describe matters with relevant examples and links to the homepage.

    3. We make some new technological things that benefit our people.

    4. his way we reach mos of or people and then political change happens.

    5. If here is a racewar we are well prepared educated ready and well trained for the scenario. KILL KILL KILL.

    And I don think we have to initiate such a racial conflict it will if it happens (hope it can be avoided). But if necessary non whites cold be taken out to set examles I suppose although it is not something I would suggest certainly not a this poin in time…

    Why go o a country like Finland (most finns are like 4 o 8 % non white asians, probably why they have no geniouses). Denmark has a good media and is less anti white than other countries and it’s better with countries with a higher level of conflict like he USA and Sweden…

    Hopefully the Russians will help us out.

    It is WAR. It is holy war. We must follow the true path set out by or LORD, GOD

    • Canadianer
      Canadianer says:

      The war is full spectrum: culture, demographics, information, law, academia, finance, etc.

      Simply building strong families, building strong business networks, and working with other people in our race to grow prosperous so that the money earned can be used to secure our interests is more useful than stocking up on guns and preparing for WAR WAR WAR!

      Even if you have guns, they are useless if you don’t know who the high value enemies are, and lack the cojones to go through with it.

  9. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    “Brave New Britain is built on lies”

    Very true. But there are none so blind as those who cannot see that the fundamental lie is that Britain won the two World Wars. Holding on to that lie is the cause of its current blindness and suffering.

  10. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    The people controlling the UK are stooges of the American occupiers.
    They have controlled the UK since 1939.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      The “American” occupiers are stooges of the “bankers” who just happen to live in London- The City of London.

  11. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    A former Labour MP for Rotherham has admitted that he held back from confronting the problem of Asian groups sexually exploiting young girls because he is a “Guardian-reading liberal leftie”.

    Denis MacShane, ((born Josef Denis Matyjaszek) who resigned as an MP in 2012 over expenses fraud for which he was later jailed for six months, said that he was never directly approached during his 18 years as an MP by anyone with allegations of child abuse. Yet he “probably” didn’t do as much as he could have done and should have “burrowed into” the issue, he said. “I think there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat, if I may put it like that,” he told BBC Radio 4’s World at One.

    In 2009 campaigners for the victims of child abuse wrote to Denis MacShane with a five-page letter detailing abuse concerns made by a Rotherham family but received no response. It beggars belief that this reprobate was an MP for Rotherham for 18 years.

    I wonder how self-confessed Zionist Josef Denis Matyjaszek, would have reacted had the young girls being raped, beaten and murdered were Jewish? It is tragic that these poor girls did not receive the never-ending attention from the global media that Jeremy Corbyn endured regarding accusations of antisemitism.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Chilled Bee – The Jews insist that all politicians are not only free from any trace of ‘antisemitism’, but that they also have to go further and say so very loudly and publicly and in a way that involves crawling to them in public submission and prostrating themselves and declaring their devotion to the H story.
      – We can only hope that this rubbing it in and display of power and interference in our politics is an own-goal and will prompt a backlash at some stage as resentment builds.

  12. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Mr. Langdon thank you for ramming the points home time-and-time again on the destructive elements that continue to assail Great Britain.
    An anecdote I heard related to Stephen Lawrence was that his father Neville was a painter and decorator, who worked at the house of the Editor of the Daily Mail. This key-media shaker was major catalyst in promoting the Sainthood of the knife victim anomaly that is S. Lawrence. This was approximately 15 years, 2005.
    2005 saw more Britain’s murdered by the unleashing of psychotic tendencies of .Pakistanis and West Indians: 7th July Islamic bombings in London on buses and tubes:52 dead. But two culturally-enriching murders that were picked up by the media with any substantial hooha, were the savage killing of 28 year old Richard Whelan, who was stabbed to death by a ‘Brit’ Jamaican on a 43 bus in July 2005; and 30 year old Christopher Yates who was kicked to death by three Pakistanis males in Ilford, East London.
    In these last case, the judge asserted that the ‘evidence did not show the attack on Christopher Yates was racially motivated’. The former example of Richard Whelan, race did not even enter the equation.
    I think Maggie Oliver’s name will resonate in my mind as being a true English hero and would like to see a statue of her in every city that has experienced the crimes enabled by the establishment.
    I came across this webpage readers may find pertinent to the article:

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      T.Gilligan – interesting comment. I am sick of the ongoing articles about Stephen Lawrence still being printed regularly in the DM – at least one a month still, 27 years on, and none about Kriss Donald. Only the Holocaust story gets more updates in the DM than the Stephen Lawrence one does.

      I was in a cafe in a working class white town with several whites and one black man who said very loudly whilst standing at the counter so everyone could hear, ‘We would have rioted after the Stephen Lawrence murder in Manchester except for the fact that they made his mother a Dame in the House of Lords’. … And no-one in the cafe dared say anything even though he was the only black there. And the reason whites were cowed is that we know that 20-40% of whites are always monitoring other whites for ‘racism’, and these lefty whites have the backing of the legal system, the media and the local authorities, and are bullies.

      But guess how the other 60% of whites who live in this town I mention and are being bullied by the left – guess how they vote in elections. Answer – they vote for far-left pro-immigration anti-white LABOUR by a vast majority, even when UKIP and other small parties are options. At the last general election in white working class Gorton, the white working class voted for Mohammed Afzhal Khan (Labour) to be their representative in parliament. So these white voters do not like the mass immigration and they cannot stand the way the ethnics are put ahead of them in the council house queue, but nevertheless they VOTE FOR MORE OF IT.

      All the problems in the West are self inflicted by the way the voters are easily persuaded to keep on voting against their own interests by some very strange (and stupid) thinking whereby they think the far-left enemy-within political parties are ‘their Party’ who will promote their selfish narrow interests (welfare mainly), and are too stupid to see that in fact the parties they keep voting for actually despise them, and want them to be dominated by foreign racist third world races. The white voters keep supporting these anti-white parties, just as in Manchester they keep on supporting the ‘local’ football team Manchester City and are convinced that the football club represents them, even though the club is owned by arabs (‘Etihad Stadium’) and uses millionaire black athletes.

  13. Anon
    Anon says:

    As bad as things were at some Catholic orphanages, they had a hard and fast rule against girls getting raped . They were kept behind walls and were educated. Gratuitous slander against the Catholic Church is an attack on European heritage.

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