Blacks, Books and Bedlam: What Jews Did to South Africa They’re Now Doing to America

Steven Pinker (born 1954) is the Jewish academic whose scientific acumen enabled him to dismiss Kevin MacDonald’s books without taking the trouble to read them. Well, he got that wrong, and he got something else wrong, as I saw when I read an anodyne discussion between him and Richard Dawkins from 2008. According to Pinker, reading “just appeared too recently in human evolutionary history for it to have left its mark on the genome.”

Genes for literacy

Contra Pinker, five-and-a-half millennia are more than enough time for such a radical innovation to leave its mark on the genome. That’s how long, at minimum, reading and writing have been part of human culture. But some groups of human have been literate far longer than others. In parts of sub-Saharan Africa, literacy arrived only in colonial times, but in the Middle East and China selective pressure for literacy may have been at work for millennia. As Ron Unz has described, the sophisticated, literate but sink-or-swim culture of ancient China had obvious evolutionary implications. Those who did well had more children; those who didn’t often starved. But doing well meant mastering the complex and finely detailed Chinese writing-system — those who could master it were able to move into lucrative positions in the civil service, complete with wives, concubines, and many children. So the Chinese may well have acquired genes that improve their ability to read Chinese.

Complex and finely detailed: the Chinese writing-system

Elsewhere in the world, different writing systems may have had different selective effects and favoured different genes—see Peter Frost’s fascinating discussion of the Visual Word Form Area (VWFA), for example. Steven Pinker may not simply be wrong about the invisibility of “reading” in the human genome, but multiply wrong: it may be visible in different ways in different regions. However, reading could well be invisible in the genomes of groups like Blacks, Amerindians, and Aborigines, who have not been literate long enough to experience its selective effects. Accordingly, the failure of Blacks in European societies may be due not only to their lower average intelligence and higher average criminality, but also to their lower average literability (as we might call the ability to master reading and writing and the complex argumentation that they enable).

Rapaciousness and rape

It’s easy to see the unimportance of books in Black culture. Rap music celebrates rapaciousness and rape, not reading. And the recent riots by Blacks in South Africa have provided a tragicomic echo of the riots by Blacks in England in 2011. Back then, Blacks expressed their deep pain at injustice by committing murder, setting fire to buildings, and looting shoes, clothes, and shiny technology. But they left bookshops mostly untouched. Ten years on, their co-ethnics in South Africa have expressed their pain at injustice in the same way:

More than 300 people have been killed and more than 50 schools in KZN [KwaZulu-Natal] have been ransacked; thousands of shops, including big, insured, white-owned supermarkets and small, uninsured, black-owned stores, have been destroyed; pharmacies and clinics have been attacked and trucks and buses have been set on fire. The main motorway from Johannesburg to Durban is often simply closed. The damage now amounts to billions of rand. Only bookshops seem to have escaped the looters, which might tell us something. (The real reasons for South Africa’s riots, The Spectator, 31st July 2021)

It does tell us something: that books don’t matter to Blacks. But books matter hugely to the group whose intellectual and ideological magic transformed the gold of White-run South Africa into the dross of Black-run South Africa. Ashkenazi Jews like Joe Slovo, Denis Goldberg and Helen Suzman were central to the heroic struggle against racism and Apartheid. They supplied the intellect and ideology for the unintelligent but charismatic Nelson Mandela and his Black comrades.

Success as a scholar

Blacks are not bookish, but Jews are famous for their devotion to books and their success as academics, journalists, and publishers. As Kevin MacDonald has noted of medieval Jewish culture in Europe: “success as a scholar was valuable because it allowed the scholar to contract a desirable marriage, often to a woman from a wealthy family. At the very center of Judaism, therefore, was a set of institutions that would reliably result in eugenic processes related to intelligence and resource acquisition ability.” Even as the Jew Steven Pinker was denying that reading had left a “mark on the genome,” his own genome may have borne marks of selection for literacy.

Joe Slovo with Nelson Mandela

The same is true of the Ashkenazi Jews who fought with Blacks to end White rule in South Africa. And so very bookish Jews put very unbookish Blacks in charge of an advanced industrial society. The results were entirely predictable:

In 1994 the ANC [African National Congress] inherited the strongest economy in Africa, with excellent infrastructure, including cheap, reliable electricity. [In 2021] the ANC has wrecked it all. We have continual blackouts; the passenger railways are crumbling into ruin; most of the municipalities are dysfunctional, with appalling water supply and sewage running in the streets; South African Airways is bankrupt; the economy is crippled; deep poverty is widespread, and unemployment is at 43 per cent (including many who have given up looking for work). This tragedy has been caused by systematic corruption, a bloated government, ruinous racial laws and a relentless assault on private enterprise. Violent crime alarms the rich and terrifies the poor. (The real reasons for South Africa’s riots, The Spectator, 31st July 2021)

The Greek scientist, mathematician, and engineer Archimedes was one of the greatest geniuses in history and understood the huge power of levers and of limited force applied in the right way. He is reputed to have said: “Give me a place to stand and I will move the world.” But levers exist in a sociological sense too. Jews were a tiny minority in South Africa, but they used levers of ideology, rhetoric and finance to move the vast and hugely successful society of White South Africa—and drop it over a cliff.

Straight from the Hebrew’s mouth

Jews are now using the same levers to move the even vaster and more successful society of White America. And with the same intent: to drop it over a cliff. You don’t have to take just my word for that. I’m a rabid and irrational anti-Semite, after all. But you can have a similar assessment of Jewish nation-wrecking in America straight from the Hebrew’s mouth, as it were. The bookish Jew David Cole has published an article called “The Dysgenic Duo” at TakiMag. The duo are the same as they were in South Africa, namely, Jews and Blacks:

There’s a core of the Jewish American community that will never stop being “revolutionary.” They may do it from a street corner with a bullhorn, or from the safety of a tenured professorship, or from a Hollywood studio, or from the comfort of their own home writing checks to the DNC or a Soros PAC, but it’s a trait that’s continually passed down, generation to generation. They may not even know what they’re “revolting” against or why; but consciously understood or not, the target’s always going to be stability, “the system,” as best represented by white Western civilization. …

Just as there’s a core of Jews who’ll never stop being revolutionaries, there’s a core of blacks who’ll never stop being criminals and underachievers. I’m not talking about all blacks. But at the core of the community exists an unsalvageable rot — low IQ, low impulse control, high criminality.

That core of blacks will always give that core of Jews the conduit for their revolutionary compulsions. The worst of the worst of the present-day anti-West Jews, like Soros, don’t give a damn if a Chinaman is imprisoned in a U.S. jail. Or an Indian. Or even, frankly, a [beaner]. Because those groups, even with all the immigration pushed for by leftist Jews, would fundamentally change America but not sink it as an entity. Don’t get me wrong — they’d change it in a bad way. An Asianized America (an America with a British Columbia-level Asian percentage) would no longer be America. But it would function. A Hispanicized America would no longer be America. But it would function (poorly). But a black America would fail on its own because that particular group always needs someone else to do the math and grow the food and create the jobs and treat the sick. …

It’s a symbiotic relationship; blacks who could never achieve that level of dominance, of importance, on their own, and Jews who channel their revolutionary desires through a hopeless people who give them permanent surrogates. The two groups don’t have to like each other (and they don’t), but they both profit from the relationship. (The Dysgenic Duo, TakiMag, 20th July 2021)

Susan Rosenberg, Jewish brains behind BLM

Cole calls the Black-Jewish alliance “symbiotic,” from the Greek syn-, “together,” and bios, “life.” But the symbiosis is causing thousands of unnecessary deaths among Blacks, as police step back from doing their jobs in Black districts and Black criminals grow ever more violent and impulsive. Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a death-cult for Blacks driven, like the ANC, by bookish Jewish brains. Working at the heart of BLM is a Jewish woman called Susan Rosenberg.

How have unintelligent Blacks done it?

Millions of Whites oppose BLM, recognize the inadequacies of Blacks, and are dismayed by the increasingly shrill and malevolent anti-Whiteness of the equity-industrial complex. But how many of those Whites have heard of Susan Rosenberg and know about the central Jewish role in anti-White ideologies like Critical Race Theory (CRT)? Not enough of them. Our role, therefore, is to educate those unaware Whites and point out an anomaly that is staring them in the face. If Blacks are so inadequate and intellectually undistinguished, how have they managed to create so much turmoil and angst in advanced Western societies? Why are the media and other institutions worshipping Blacks so fervently and making such absurd excuses for their misbehaviour?

The Black-Jewish alliance: Jerry Nadler with Maxine Waters

The answer is simple, as David Cole has pointed out at TakiMag. It wasn’t Blacks on their own who did all that. It was much more intelligent and Machiavellian Jews. In fact, Jews have been allying with Blacks since early in the last century and  were instrumental in the Civil Rights movement (CofC, 255–56). The same applies to non-Black Muslims in countries like Britain and France. They too are of low average intelligence and accomplishment, but they too benefit from minority worship and commit horrific crimes against Whites with the complicity—and even the collaboration—of the authorities. Muslims didn’t achieve this cultural elevation and criminal privilege on their own. Once again Jews have been their allies. Indeed, you can find many examples of Jews explicitly proclaiming that “Jews and Muslims are natural allies.”

“Natural allies” against whom? Against Whites, of course. Jews also see themselves as the natural allies of Blacks against Whites. That is what too many Whites presently fail to see. They might see the smaller truth about the low intelligence and high criminality of Blacks and Muslims, but they don’t see the larger truth of how Jews are using Blacks and Muslims as weapons against White Western civilization. However, the more Blacks and Muslims misbehave, the more obvious the larger truth will become. And then Jews will be brought to book for the bedlam they’ve created.

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  1. OMGDwayne
    OMGDwayne says:

    Jews are highly destructive parasites wherever they settle. In the U.S. and Europe (((they))) have finally come very close to killing their hosts with their immoral financial and political practices, their weaponizing of nonWhites against Whites, their policy of mass third-world immigration to White countries, their war against all morals, standards and ethics, their worship of Negroes. Ha ha. We’re expected to worship the race that is the ugliest, stupidest, most violent, most emotionally unstable. It bears repeating that BLM is actually financed, organized and run by Jews. Negroes could never in a million years put together a malignant organization like that.
    The destruction of Europe and the U.S. will also destroy Israel; without out aid, Israel will be overwhelmed by her many, many deadly enemies. This Ben and Jerry’s stuff is a very minor bit of nothing. A parasitic Israel will die when its hosts are destroyed by the Jewish diaspora.

    • kolokol
      kolokol says:

      Good summary. Few people even know that “BLM is actually financed, organized and run by Jews.”
      Susan Rosenberg, for example.
      Its very name – “Black Lives Matter” – is typical phony propaganda.

    • Juliana
      Juliana says:

      I beg to differ. Israel aims to replace the US as a global hegemon and to rule the entire Middle East. Since they still control the central banks, they will find a way to keep Israel well funded, plus the American Jewish billionaires who made all their money as Americans will keep them well funded over America. American Jews are largely disloyal to America. Unless the Jewish money system is defeated, Israel will thrive by enslaving the rest of the world. We can END the FED if we wish, even now, still, but the white peoples make a major mistake in not relentlessly attacking the Jewish central banking system. They have no right to print money. The minute we take away Shlomo’s money printer, then, and only then, will the Jew wither away. But it will take vigilance and active surveillance of these people. Instead, they will surveill the world. Act now, or die, whites.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        My ID thanks you

        My EGO thanks you

        My SUPEREGO thanks you

        Me, myself, and I

        Yes the fake money is the largest problem. We will be on the bottom until the Fake Money Mafia is gone

      • Trenchant
        Trenchant says:

        Economics, as a discipline, is in worse shape than anthropology. Your gloomy scenario looks almost certain to play out.

    • hotrod31
      hotrod31 says:

      I do suspect that the Jewish people have learnt their parasitic mores from the European nations … only thing is that they have become better at the raping, robbing and stealing of the resources of the darker nations of the globe. Europe wouldn’t have their filthy-rich royals and assorted oligarchs if it wren’t for the plundering of the resources of the ‘3rd’ world.

  2. Philip Power
    Philip Power says:

    “The truth must be repeated over and over again, because error is repeatedly preached among us, not only by individuals, but by the masses. In periodicals and encyclopaedias, in schools and universities; everywhere, in fact, error prevails, and is quite easy in the feeling that it has a decided majority on its side.”
    ~ J. W. v. Goethe


    [mod. please provide a link rather than a torrent of text.]

  3. Babs
    Babs says:

    Most of Jared Taylor’s videos are about ridiculing black people. How does he continue to make these videos and ignore the obvious?

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      Jared Taylor is hopeless, with regards to ever admitting the obvious – namely, that he spends 100 percent of his time and efforts complaining about the ‘symptoms’ of the disease that is rapidly destroying every White Western nation – America in particular – and continuing to live up to his insane comments that he made on the loathsome Phil Donahue show back in the 1970s or 1980s where he incredulously said that: ‘jews look white to me’.

      Jared could sit in his favorite easy chair in front of his TV and watch a TV show where 25 of the most notorious and diabolically evil jewish elites would openly admit that their #1 most important priority was to orchestrate the genocide and extinction of every man, woman and child of White European descent – and that they intend to pass laws to make it illegal for any White human to resist that agenda, either verbally, physically, or even ideologically and Jared would still not change direction and name the enemy.

      • BillMiller
        BillMiller says:

        Jared Taylor has made valuable contributions to the discussion of race realism and white racial consciousness. And he has done it all under his own name – which is more than can be said about you.
        In the comments section at one finds discussion of the deleterious role of organized Jewish political power. Anyone who manages to find his way to American Renaissance will soon encounter Kevin MacDonald.
        I know JT. He has a sober appreciation of the role of organized Jewish political power in in the crisis that confronts us. It’s just that he leaves that part of the discussion to others.

      • Servenet
        Servenet says:

        Taylor’s data machine is impressive. But it seems to be rendered completely ineffective by his automaton, completely emotionless personality/delivery. That he has made a conscious decision to absolutely ignore Jewry is tantamount to pathological lying. In the end, I think, it may be that any “good” that he may have done will be canceled by these twin flaws that are so obvious with him. Too bad.

      • Leon Haller
        Leon Haller says:

        Jared Taylor has done more for the white race than you ever will in your Nazi fantasies. Who are YOU to be criticizing HIM? Taylor has been sticking his own neck out for over 30 years to awaken his people about the facts of racial differences, and he has redpilled many. If enough people understood a) the reality of racial differentiation; b) the reality of an overclass war on whites; and c) the Christian morality of resistance to white racial destruction, the Jews would be rendered powerless. They have inordinate power solely because of white brainwashing, and that less about them than about race. Also, there are a lot of good Jews who dislike wokeness, black crime, immigration and similar modern horrors. I know this as I know many such Jews. Rhetoric like yours only causes them reluctantly to double down on liberalism (even though many know it’s evil – for them as well as whites).

    • Hans Frank
      Hans Frank says:

      Didn’t stop him from being deplatformed. The mental gymnastics to dance around who the slavers actually were is amazing.

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      @ Babs
      Chacun a son gout.
      Jared Taylor does a good job that only a few others are willing or even able to do. Some bloggers on his AR website post remarks about the “usual suspects” no less inordinately “obvious” than some appearing here.

    • DELFI
      DELFI says:

      Give Taylor some credit. He’s doing a good job on his own. It would be unreasonable to expect every normie taking the red pill and see the light in a flash. First you have to crawl, then step and then walk. Remember: arguing between family only works in favor of our beloved circumcised. K. MacDonald also wrote somewhere that obtaining the JQ knowledge does require some effort & time. You just can’t understand the full picture in a week’s study. So give Taylor some room for doing his thing. Let his audience grow and in the meantime try to subtly influence it, don’t rush it. Easy does it. Rome wasn’t built one day either,

  4. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    “And then Jews will be brought to book for the bedlam they’ve created” Agreed, but only wishful thinking, considering the poisoned Anglo psyche that exists today. It will take a literal ‘Revolution in Thought’ to bring about such a race saving transformation. Hopefully the National Justice Party, or another such White racially animated group will emerge from the threatening racial & political chaos to bring it about.

  5. William
    William says:

    Great article.

    The US is also going downhill because the Left wants the 20 million illegal aliens in this country (with millions more being let in as this is being written) to become citizens who will vote Democrat 90% of the time and bankrupt the country even more.

    Here are my questions:

    If, as the author says, a Black or Hispanic USA will be a disaster, have Jews figured out how they will prosper in such a new America?

    Will they mostly move to Israel?

    Will a Black and Hispanic USA support Israel?

    And what about the Jews in Europe, which is also going downhill?

    Finally, will Jews be able to pull off a second Bolshevik revolution in Russia?

    Maybe Jews will go there or China.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      It’s shoddy and ahistorical thinking to imagine Jews have some rational End Game worked out. They attack and destroy us because that is what they are biologically programmed to do, like the scorpion that just can’t resist killing the frog he’s floating on.
      The rich Jews will be fine, the rest will perish in the carnage planned for us.
      The Chinese won’t let them in, if they have resisted their intellectual gibberish until now, then they obviously have their number, the Chinese understand exactly what is going on.

    • kolokol
      kolokol says:

      Those are good questions. I guess some jews believe they can stay on top in a nonwhite America, pulling the strings to manipulate the masses and sic the races against each other.

      Divide and rule. It must be exciting for them to anticipate such a future. Terrible for most people, but great for the psychos.

    • PermanentRefugee
      PermanentRefugee says:

      No need to move out of the US. They’ll occupy the top rung, live high off the hog and happily call the shots — just as they did in the USSR while the rest struggled in hunger and destitution.

    • Mary Conroy
      Mary Conroy says:

      I have often wondered the same thing, I think that the answer to that is that they don’t think about what comes after, only what is here now, they know from history that eventually white people will find them out and kick them out, in this post pogrom period where they have survived the latest attempt to escape from their clutches they have a window of opportunity to destroy our status once and for all time, whatever comes after that they will more easily dealt with than us if/when we once again have enough of their shenanigans

  6. canadian goy
    canadian goy says:

    Good essay. I enjoyed it. It’s incredible to me that Jews get away with what they are up to without the majority of whites understanding it.

    • Robert Penman
      Robert Penman says:

      The average White person does not wake up to the Jews, because of the unbelievable level of influence Jews have in media and education. They have had this influence for so long now, that it has become exceptionally difficult to get Whites to understand the reality of what is happening.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      The majority of whites, just like the majority of any race, will never understand much about anything, as most people simply are not political. What is unforgivable though is the mainstream right avoiding the root core of all our troubles.
      There wouldn’t be any sort of ‘Left’ without Jews, just as the Left would never win any elections if woman weren’t foolishly given the vote.
      Only mothers, or women of particular distinction should be allowed to vote. Giving the vote to the masses of us peasants was just a cruel trick played on us to make us culpable/responsible for the destruction of our societies. It’s just rule by mass media manipulation with universal suffrage.
      To vote, you should need a stake in the nations past, present and future, so only mothers, fathers, property/business owners, should be allowed the vote, and only those whose are native to the land going back a couple of generations.
      Others who don’t qualify could vote, but only if they went out of their way to apply, passed a competency test, and were sponsored by native.
      Just some ideas for the rebuild after our coming collapse.

      • Arch Stanton
        Arch Stanton says:

        Vote? On what? The prettiest hairdo? The whitest teeth? The best-dressed for success? The clowns voted into office are worthless scum. Therefore, the vote is worthless as well.

        Giving women the vote was wrong? How about letting them lead? One might note the preponderance of women among all those Jews and kneegrows holding political office and other positions of power.

        One might also note the rapidly disappearing white male from the halls of power. The vote has degenerated to a point where it is now a contest over who is the ugliest Jew or other minority to preside over America’s destruction.

        People say that those who voted for the drooling fool Biden are guilty of treason, but the fact is only thing Biden voters are guilty of is voting.

        The idea of “representative democracy” is more of the Jews’ oxymoronic nonsense. True democracy has no representatives, it is the people that rule through their collective vote on issues affecting their welfare.

        It is a republic that has representatives, in the manner of the Roman Republic on which America’s original political system was based. One can hear this fact clearly echoed in the words of the American oath of allegiance; “and to the Republic for which it stands.”

        The true Democracy of ancient Greece was in fact an anarchist system, i.e. no centralized power or authority ruling over the people.

        If one wants to understand how effective voting works, read how the Spanish Anarchist led Spain after the King relinquished his centralized, authoritarian power.

        The Judeocommunist, Spanish Republicans only feigned alliance with the decentralized power of the Anarchist, using them as a lever to recentralize authoritarian power under totalitarian, Judeocommunist control.

        After achieving power, Judeocommunist Republicans set about methodically eliminating the Anarchist whose decentralized system they abhorred.

        Decentralized power, like that of an Anarchist system, is truly the Jews’ biggest fear. That is why the very term “anarchy,” like the term “Nazi,” has been redefined and vilified by Jew wordsmiths to strike fear into the hearts of the ignorant, gullible goyim.

        Total decentralization of power, authority and control is the only political answer to the hive-minded, totalitarian Jew.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          I know little of anarchism, it’s always seemed dumb on it’s face to me, as without order there is no liberty. But I learned over time that there is wisdom in most ideologies, even if I’m not a fan of ideologies themselves.
          Plus because I consider the Victorian/Edwardian era to be the panicle of my own nations’ civilisation, I’ve always wondered where all this anarchist energy of that time came from, and even more so, where did it disappear to?
          Also off-putting was anarchists being on the left, fighting for communism in Spain, high number of Jews, ect. But I wouldn’t ridicule anarchism the way I ridicule leftism, because I simply don’t know enough about it.

          As for voting, I believe it has a place in a functioning free society. The problem is when bad actors make a fetish out of it, and turn it into the defining aspect of our society.
          Compare 100+ years ago to today. Now everyone can vote, but we have never been so unfree in Britain. Yet in 1914, when most couldn’t vote, we weren’t just the freest we’ve ever been, we lined up on mass to volunteer to defend the country with our lives.
          As did men all over Europe, even less of them could vote, which though a tragedy, was at least a perfect demonstration of how much the men of those days valued their countries.
          Say the West declared a similar world war on China and Russia tomorrow, how many normal people would sign up? Would they overwhelm the barracks offering their services? Would they all congregate on mass in city squares in celebration?

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Neither Tao or Maoism. Though obviously the former if I had to choose, but that is for the Chinks, not us.
          All we say to our Chinese overlords is “look, we will be much more productive and stable, and therefore pay so much more tribute, if you help us eliminate the Jewish poison that wrecked the previous system we built over two millennia.”
          The Chinks will understand this, as the Jewish poison of communism or Maoism caused so much damage to their own civilisation.
          It’s win-win for us both. Plus the Chinese understand that their is a creative, imaginative, artistic spark in whites that the Chinese lack. Obviously for them “China is best!”, but that doesn’t mean they don’t recognise other strengths in other races, that they could profit from, just as we always have.

  7. Jaime Jonas
    Jaime Jonas says:

    JEWS are not revolutionary for intellectual/spiritual/altruistic reasons they want POWER : Economic,$$, …Before the end of apartheid WHO owned SAfrican most valuable resources…?? WHO owned them NOW??? WHO is used/using blacks to confiscate land, minerals, etc. in favor of (JEWS)???? whay do blacks gain????

  8. Bill
    Bill says:

    Sure but who has helped Jewish power expand but white colonists and white elites from Europe? Who has fought Israel’s wars but whites? Why did jews like Ben Wattenberg want to keep the white birthrate high in the 1980s? Read the Birth Dearth.

    Do jews really think they can get blacks (or any other non-white race) to mindlessly fight for israel the way white americans have? Please address this.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      He did address it. You are presuming they are rational actors. You might as well try having a conversation with any parasite.
      These madcap, destroying zealots with their un-hinged intellectual gibberish, they are just as beyond ration persuasion as the most degenerate alcoholic or junkie, as they try(in vain) to fill that great gaping hole in their hearts.
      God gave white people all the blessings white people have shown throughout history, unfortunately we also got the Jews as well. It’s our curse. “The Jews are our misfortune” is German, I think, but it sums the situation up perfectly.
      No other group has this problem with Jews. Hard-core Christianity, of the European medieval kind, inoculated us from their poison, but that was only because they put Passion plays on all the time, decorated their churches with warnings of Jews, so the peasants would be aware of the danger.
      Once our religion went, so did our protections from their filth.

    • Brandi Fowler
      Brandi Fowler says:

      Ben Wattenberg is just another J ahole. He said that whites becoming a minority would be a transcendent moment…..he is OVERJOYED that whites will be a hated minority.
      Contrary to what you said, organized jewry has moved heaven and earth to ruin the demographics of every white nation. Paul Ehrlich lectured whites for years to stop having babies because of the “population bomb.” He lied and claimed there were not enough resources…..while at the same time his buddies Celler and Javitz were opening our borders to invaders.
      With jews you lose.

    • Larry
      Larry says:

      In fact the lowest birth rate in recorded history was 1973 and it inordinately affected whites. The suddenness of this drop indicates intention. They were done using aryans to fight their wars and the last generation born before this drop would be used in the wars for Israel in the Middle East.

    • Juliana
      Juliana says:

      They have the Chinese now. I thought that was increasingly obvious but obviously not enough. I suggest you watch all of Brendon O’Connell’s videos on Bitchute or Brighteon.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        You say “watch all of Brendon O’Connell’s videos on Bitchute”, that’s a little bit of an ask, if he is right, and you understand his point, then you should be able to sum his opinion up in a few paragraphs.
        It shouldn’t take watching all someone’s videos, or even reading a whole book. If you understand an argument, and especially if you also agree with it, you should be able to sum it up cogently, and then you can expand when asked to defend it.
        What is O’Connell’s China argument? As I have heard his name before, but I ignored it when I learned he was against China, presuming him just another typical bad actor who want us to look away from the real cause of our misfortunes, and blame a Chinese strawman instead.

    • PermanentRefugee
      PermanentRefugee says:

      “Fighting for Israel” has become a political necessity because of how the political money flows. Over half of political contributions in America come from (((our friends))) and half of that is recycled from US aid to Israel. Netanyahu bragged about having the US “in my back pocket.” Cut yourself off from this source of financing, and cook your own political goose.

    • Fenria
      Fenria says:

      Jews want whites to exist in a deracinated, diluted form. They want racially mixed, consumer whites with no connection to their ancestors, culture, or Europe. They want whites who listen to church pastors blather on about undying love for Israel. They want white liberals who will turn hawk on the one issue of Israeli safety. They don’t want actual white people. They don’t want us to think for ourselves or have any ingroup preferences. The perfect white person to a jew is simply a consumer NPC who has no “subversive” thoughts, but enough IQ to work hard, follow the rules, and keep society functional in a way that none of the brown races can on their own.

  9. Frozy
    Frozy says:

    David Cole is an unusual jew. When he was young, he discovered the truth about the WW2 German camps’ “gas chambers”. Because he was naive, he thought it would be enough to have unassailable arguments for the truth on that question to be established publicly. Not only it wasn’t enough but, out of fear for his own -physical safety, he actually had to go into hiding for a few years and make himself forgotten. He re-emerged with the job at Taki magazine. It would appear he hasn’t forgotten and likes to give kicks to his fellow coreligionists whenever he has the chance. By the way, this shows that the Jewish community is not monolithic as the commentators of this site too often imply. Another example of “good” Jew would be Eric Zemmour in France who, day in day out, wages a glorious fight against immigration and the great replacement .

    • Oggy
      Oggy says:

      True, and he’s a good writer, but he has totally back-away from his “no gas chambers” assertion.

    • Hans Frank
      Hans Frank says:

      You are too generous. Cole is one of those “shit, this is going to come back to bite us” Jews. Ron Unz is interesting but I really don’t trust any of them nor do I have any reason too. You can count the “good ones” on one hand or less.

    • Jared Gold Levinberg
      Jared Gold Levinberg says:

      Your comment is absurd. The IQ on this site is off the charts. Nobody ever said that the jews are monolithic….but there are VERY few David Coles. You’re talking about outliers, exceptions, deviations from the norm. And those very few have ZERO influence on organized jewry as whole.
      Overall, organized jewry is insanely, feverishly, ridiculously anti-white to the point of psychosis.
      I keep asking who is going to fight their stupid wars if they wreck every white country. But the awful possibility is that there blind idiotic hatred of our people trumps their own survival instincts.
      They are not really that smart at all. They can’t build anything; all they can do is tear down.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I believe David Cole was outed as one of the main organisers of the(kinda) secret ‘Lincoln Club’ of Republican voters in Hollywood, that Clint Eastwood belonged to. He then wrote that autobiography ‘Party Animals’.
      His work on the holo-hoax was pretty good I thought, I really don’t understand why more of our people don’t go after what is really the defining genesis event of our horrible, Jewish regime, that misrules the Anglo nations, Israel and Western Europe, and has done since the end of WWII, the Anglo-Zionist Empire.
      They really do see their victory over the ‘fascist’, ‘dictator’ led nation of Germany as their moral justification to rule us as a ‘democracy’, which as Ezra Pound correctly described as “a society run by Jews”.
      Lot’s of people on the right who understand that our Hostile Elite lies about EVERYTHING, especially every single war they’ve embroiled us in since the Spanish-American War of the 19th century, stupidly believe the totally ludicrous WWII myth.
      They don’t even rationalise that the propaganda the governments of the time used to get their men to fight, is the exact same propaganda they STILL USE. If anything, it has gotten even more cartoonish, with the holo-hoax rubbish added on in the 1970’s, or whenever it was they started to roll that garbage out in earnest.
      It’s such an easy case to make that WWII was a catastrophe for us, the dead, the unquantifiable ruination of old Europe, the death of the British Empire, Britain finished as a power, our people still on rations right into the 1950’s, the rolling out of the embryonic world government, the start of America as an empire, the birth of Israel, the loss of half of Europe to totalitarianism, all the patriots of all Western nations, after two pointless slaughters in a generation, either dead or utterly demoralised, allowing to Left a free run to implement all of their garbage ideologies that have destroyed families, communities and finished off our religion.
      European nations went from running most of the world through their huge empires, to vassal states of the USA, just as the American elite was becoming Jewish.
      They really, really don’t like you questioning their WWII myth, because it is so important to their legitimacy. I’ve noticed it’s one of the fastest ways to get banned from MSM website comment boards, pointing out the total foolishness of their WWII story. I’ve created three dozen email addresses over the years to get back onto MSM sites to comment, after being banned, and was initially surprised how quickly you got liquidated for critiquing their WWII crap, but I understand it now.
      Pat Buchannan and Peter Hitchens have both moved the window a little in what we are allowed to say about WWII, but to argue we should never have fought at all is totally verboten, and a banning offence. I suppose they take it as anti-Semitic.
      If all critiques of the ruling political, cultural and financial world elite is considered by them as anti-Semitic, it takes some amount of cognitive dissonance to hold to the belief we aren’t run by Jews.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Also, the Gold Standard of the helpful, truthful, humanitarian Jew is not Gilad Atzmon or Norman Finkelstein, but the late Israel Shamir, author of ‘Jewish History, Jewish Religion, . . . 3,000 Years’.
      Everyone who attends to this site should at least peruse this book, as you can read it for free online, I know I did. It gives you so much our side really needs to know.

      • coinherence
        coinherence says:

        You seem to have confused Israel Shahak with Israel Shamir. Shahak wrote the useful work to which you refer, and is deceased. Shamir is very much alive and is a convert to Orthodox Christianity.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Well noticed, I’ve never even heard of an Israel Shamir, that was strange.
          Wiki sais this about him: “is a Swedish writer and journalist, known for promoting antisemitism and Holocaust denial.”
          So in other words, is an all round good guy. I’d have hated to mistake Mr SHAHAK for some scum-bag. . . . .

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      I second this. I am a hardcore white preservationist who wants to be as informed and realistic about the JQ as possible. Obviously, the trilogy of Prof. MacDonald on Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy is the best thing ever written to awaken intelligent whites as to the reality of Jewish ethnonationalism and the threat it has posed and continues to pose to the West. I also like the information in David Duke’s My Awakening, as well as Douglass Reed’s The Controversy of Zion (there are some other mainstream books which MacDonald has referred to over the years which also shed much light: eg, Lindemann, Esau’s Tears; Slezkine, The Jewish Century; and Heine, Jews and the American Soul, come to mind {titles and spellings from my memory}). It is important to gather the facts, and then derive the rational and logical conclusions they lead to. Seeking truth is an endless Christian moral obligation. There is no justification for exempting investigations into Jewish behavior from this stricture (and no excuse beyond cowardice).

      But just as race realism is not the same thing as racism, so too with JQ realism and antisemitism. Given the immense damage that leftist/Marxist Jews, OTOH, and rightist/Zionist/Jewish ethnonationalists, OTOH, have caused the West, it is understandable that so many JQ-aware whites become antisemites (real ones, not just honest men falsely alleged to be such by the likes of the antiwhite ADL and other Judeo-supremacist entities). Nevertheless, I think this tendency should be resisted, for tactical as well as personal moral reasons. There are many genuinely good Jews, and they in turn have many white friends. Whites tend to be ethical; one aspect of this is loyalty to friends, esp those who themselves are seen to exhibit good moral character. Blanket antisemitism, besides being morally problematic in itself, raises red flags and alarms in the eyes and minds of otherwise good whites. That only makes the task of de-culting these people that much harder.

      The better approach is to be as fair and accurate as possible. A good Jew – an “ally” – should not be rejected just because he’s semitic. The white race is growing weaker by the day. That some of this enervation is due to the efforts and activities of Jews doesn’t change the fact itself. We need allies now (someday, if we can recover sufficient racial will and cohesion, we won’t). The interests of white preservationists, even white nationalists, considerably overlap with those of many American Jews (the conservative ones). Many Jews don’t want Muslim immigration due to concerns about both terrorist targeting, and the rise of a Muslim lobby to counteract the Jewish lobby. We should use this to our advantage, as we also don’t want Muslim immigration. There are many other possible areas of white/Jewish alliance that benefit whites. Remember: the stronger whites grow as a race, the relatively weaker Jews as a tribe in our midst become.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        I agree we shouldn’t hate ALL Jews, but no man should ‘hate’ anyone, or anything for any length of time. Hate is a negative emotion, coming from anger, which is female and beta.
        But hate is also a perfectly natural & normal human emotion, and often is useful in proportion to feel hatred towards things such as injustice or bullying. Which is why these moron leftists, with their talk of ‘fighting’ hate, makes about as much sense as fighting the wind. And if allowed to ban ‘hate’, will simply move on to banning some other normal human emotion, knowing who we are dealing with, my guess is they will want to ban happiness.
        Our issue is not with the Jewish people, but with ‘organised Jewry’, and activist Jews, who are all to a man and woman working fanatically to destroy white people.
        As for taking Jews as allies, we must be uber careful, as their record for treachery is unbelievable. Drudge is a good recent example of a long time undercover Jewish activist who spent decades building trust among right-thinking whites, only to use this to betray them into this Jewish virus hoax garbage.

      • Oscar Wilson
        Oscar Wilson says:

        There is good advice in Mr Haller’s contribution, though likely to fall on more than a few deaf ears here. The Jews are more heterogeneous, even genetically, than either some Antisemites imagine or many Zionists hope. They unite when they perceive, correctly or otherwise, an existential threat, although some leadeship groups will play the dangers up (for example, to keep migrants flowing into Israel and money flowing into its diaspora lobbies) and some “white nationalists” (mentioning no names) gratuitously provide convenient corroboration.

        In several decisive, though not all respects, Jewish attitudes and actions have changed, first since the Emancipation era, but especially since WW2 and Israeli statehood, from Hitler to Hamas, so to speak. Their change from international sovietism to either (1) neoconservatism or (2) “race, gender, class” wokism needs careful and accurate analysis, more than supplied almost uniquely by Kevin MacDonald.
        The sour joke is that there are at least six million books about Jews, the Holocaust and Antisemitism, from all viewpoints, and you can’t read them all (or even easily get hold of some of them)! To those noted by Mr Haller, I would suggest just a minimal far from exhaustive, varied few I consider as essential but critical and corrective reading, for information rather than opinion, leaving out however recent Palestinian issues, Corbyn, Baddiel, Kushner &c :
        [1] Richard Lynn, “The Chosen People” (2011); [2] Mitchell Hart (ed), “Jews and Race” (2012); [3] Bernard Lazare, “Antisemitism” (1995 ed. plus Wistrich critique); [4] Theodor Herzl, “The Jewish State” (2014 ed. plus introductions); [5] Julius Carlebach, “Karl Marx & the Radical Critique of Judaism” (1978); [6] Jerry Mulller, “Capitalism & the Jews” (2011); [7] David Nirenberg, “Anti-Judaism” (2015); [8] Nancy Harrowitz, “Tainted Greatness: Antisemitism & Cultural Heroes” (1994); [9] Paul Johnson, “A History of the Jews” (2004); [10] John Glad, “Jewish Eugenics” (2011); [11] Gilad Atzmon, “The Wandering Who?” (2011); [12] Robert Holub, “Nietzche’s Jewish Problem” (2015); [13] Sander Gilman, “Freud, Race, and Gender” (1995); [14] Cesare G. de Michelis, “The Non-Existent Manuscript” (2004); [15] Jonas Alexis, “Christianity & Rabbinic Judaism, Vols. I & II (2012/3).

        • Ned J. Casper
          Ned J. Casper says:

          The last author on Mr Wilson’s “short”-list is a dedicated traditional Christian. These two books usefully refer to sources on negative actions by various Jews, but as with most publications about them – hostile, apologetic or (rarely) objective – readers need to double-check much of the content. His comments on Darwin, Galton and Nietzsche are unreasonable. He cites, for example, in questioning the gas-chamber narratives the puzzling reference in the extorted “confession” by Rudolf Hoess to a camp called “Wolzek” which is of course almost certainly Sobibor near a town called Wolczyn.

      • marvin
        marvin says:

        this is easily the most valuable comment on this thread. i also struggle with calibrating a MODERATE direction, an attempt to convince others that its very counter-productive, and self-defeating to generalize, or forgo the approach that people must be judged on a case by case basis, by their actions and intent. “cant through out the baby with the bath water.” hence, many thinkers, who happen to be jews, have the same interests and goals as ourselves. they also oppose the destruction of America, and European civilization. guess what, the same can be said of other hyphenated Americans. so we cant alienate our African American brothers and sisters. this is such an obvious, yet apparently a subtle and nuanced issue, that i rarely have the opportunity to illustrate it appropriately. Leon’s comment seems the closest to how im thinking. one final point, and briefly. the real beneficiary from Americans fighting each other, are foreigners, as in, globalist/CCP allied hegemons. right? if we devolve into a stupid ethnic civil war, its the globalists that win…

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          There is no Globalist/CCP alliance, the “Chi-coms” is just a synonym Alex Jones uses, when we all know he means Jews.
          The Chinese are the only independent power left on earth that hasn’t succumbed to Anglo-Zio-Homo tyranny.
          The definition of a masochist is someone who would prefer a Jewish master to a Chinese one.

          • marvin
            marvin says:

            so this is some issue of nomenclature, or what the common debater makes reference when they invoke “semantics.” however, there IS a mistake in your comment, these chinese tyrants are hardly independent. thats laughable. nixon/kissinger and zhou enlai? WE made china what it is. WE sent our manufacturing there, handed over our intellectual property, facilitated the reverse engineering, WE BUY the crap by the boatload. how can this be contrued as independent. its the chinese iron fist which wears the globalist glove. and that last sentence you’ve got there is just too freudian for me. if you’ve got issues, thats your problem. there’s zionists/evangelicals/taoists/satanists in all walks of life. one-world-govt types, aka GLOBALISTS are no friends of mine, regardless of if they read the i-ching or refuse a shrimp cocktail. people need to be judged by their actions, and im comfortable fighting for freedom with the bagel and lox crowd, the rappers, the falung gong, and the little sisters of whatever they were. Leon made it perfectly clear, if you somehow think “mein kampf” got a bad wrap, or you feel compelled to be as categoric as a common talmudist hating on all the GOYIM, then we lose half our audience, and its exponentially more difficult to organize people against a common enemy. there’s a pavlovian response which is crucial to avoid triggering. to me its clear as day, and its a massive moral and practical benefit to include EVERYBODY in the coalition necessary to defeat the central-government tyrants. nk-usa DOT org is a prime example. candace owens, shelby steele, daryl davis, glenn loury, are people we cant lose when americans stand with americans…

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            To marvin

            Just because traitors & saboteurs in your elite de-industrialized your nation and handed it all over to China, doesn’t mean China isn’t independent.
            If staff from the billionaire in your city approached you and offered you all of the billionaires’ money and businesses, you’d understand the man had disloyal staff, and you’d gladly accept all his wealth, yet that still wouldn’t mean you were now joined to him, or not your own person, in fact it’s the opposite, you are now MORE INDEPENDANT because you were given all the wealth, therefore power.
            As for my ‘last sentence’, instead of bumbling gibberish about Freud, or making an insulting ad hominem which just looks like projection, why don’t you just prove it wrong? Or is that beyond you? When stumped, just slime your tormentor, this is leftist/beta/female behaviour, and a bad habit. You should really try not to do this, it’s so pathetically obvious.
            I just ignore the rest of your comment as you are getting me mixed up with someone else.

  10. Stoffel Makwassie
    Stoffel Makwassie says:

    The orcs need a Saruman or a Sauron to command them. The latter two need an army who will obey their command for wanton destruction.

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      @ Stoffel Makwassie

      Not only Tolkien but Norman Spinrad, “The Iron Dream”.
      (“When it comes to science-fiction, Jews wrote the Bible,” – Peter Marmorek.)

  11. Harry Warren
    Harry Warren says:

    At, a claim is made that “in the anti Apartheid South African Liberation Struggle it was estimated that Jews were represented by 2,500% (sic) in proportion to the white population.”

    A chart on the website features the mugshots and brief biographies of 48 of these worthies.

  12. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks Tobias. Another great piece.

    “Our role, therefore, is to educate those unaware Whites and point out an anomaly that is staring them in the face.”

    That is the key my friend. Makes me feel good that a scholar such as yourself feels the same way I do. We have to get the subject of Jewish supremacy and what they are doing to us and this country to the masses in some kind of user friendly, understandable way.

    I’m working on it. Hope other’s are too. For now, we must all show up and in a gentle way, tell everyone we know what’s going on when appropriate.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      “I’m working on it. Hope others are too. For now, we must all show up and in a gentle way, tell everyone we know what’s going on when appropriate”

      Admirable instruction but I believe it is way too late to be gentle. Being gentle is exactly why we find ourselves living in this dystopian crisis. Whilst they have been busy destroying Western countries we have been laying down and taking it. The fact that the whole of the media is owned and operated by them means that it is literally impossible to get any messages out into the mainstream where it is most needed. A few have tried and we all know how that ended with the offenders publically groveling and begging for mercy whilst being forced into re-education programs. I know I sound defeatist but I really see no feasible way out of this.

  13. Larry
    Larry says:

    In fact, jews have been exploiting blacks to take over Aryan societies since at least the Hyksos takeover of Egypt. The Hyksos utilized the blacks in the southern region as soldiers. This is why the soles of the sandals of a certain pharaoh depict the Semite and black. Blacks have always been the perfect golem used against the Aryan.

  14. Oscar Wilson
    Oscar Wilson says:

    The “black brain” may be more accustomed to sound than to print. This may to some degree explain the lower African to European and Chinese scores on IQ tests even with culture-fair accommodation. An audial IQ test might show different results. See e.g. J. C. Carothers’ “The Mind of Man in Africa” (1972).

  15. kolokol
    kolokol says:

    In this article, Tobias Langdon asks some key questions –
    – “If Blacks are so inadequate and intellectually undistinguished, how have they managed to create so much turmoil and angst in advanced Western societies?”
    – “Why are the media and other institutions worshipping Blacks so fervently and making such absurd excuses for their misbehavior?” –

    Yeah, I wonder what the answer could be. It will never stop – the jews will make certain of that. “Absurd excuses” for black criminality is definitely the right expression.

    Another key question – “But how many Whites have heard of Susan Rosenberg and know about the central Jewish role in anti-White ideologies like Critical Race Theory?”

    Another Rosenberg. Always another project to deconstruct White societies. Now they want to do to America what they did to Rhodesia and South Africa. This is a life-and-death struggle for the White race.

  16. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    The jew always knows he can rely on the black as a trusty golem. To those ends, he enrages the black, gets him all worked up into a froth with a head full of phantom slights and oppressions, and then turns him loose on whitey. The jew laughs at the end result; whites terrified in their own society, blacks neatly packed away in negro storage containers called prisons. What the jew fails to understand is that if whites lose control of white nations, no other group out there has any love for the jew. No other group is going to protect jews the way whites have. If whites are forced to stand outside the societies our ancestors built, the jew will be standing right there next to us, but this time he will have no cover to hide behind, and all the lights will be shining directly on a den of rats who have nowhere to run.

  17. Ned J. Casper
    Ned J. Casper says:

    Take Jared Taylor, Steve Sailer, Ron Unz, David Cole, Eric Zemmour, Norman Finkelstein and suchlike right out of the picture, and instead “Name the Enemy” (with or without a lot of obsessive drivel) at the top of your voice, and what happens then?

  18. Servenet
    Servenet says:

    And then Jews will be brought to book for the bedlam they’ve created.

    Two things that seem just heart-breakingly fantastic – that the White race…will truly (i.e., in LARGE numbers) become fully race conscious and determinedly self-preserving…and…Jews and all other enemies (and they are legion)…will FULLY pay the price for their VAST crimes against us. From where I stand at present, it appears Whites simply CANNOT wake from their torpor. The mind-control/hypnotic propagandizing of at least 60 years have had their full effect. That they have passed the point of no return. I hope against hope that the fantastic will become a reality. Especially as I have many grandchildren. I just haven’t seen a shred of evidence that it might. On the contrary, that snowball rolling down hill just KEEPS GETTING LARGER. Sorry for such pessimism. I still appreciate reading the believers…and hoping.

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      Clinton also pardoned Marc Rich. His legal opponents were also members of the Hebrew persuasion, so nothing too much to see here, folks. Incidentally, do any of your esteemed authorities know whether or not Monica Fellatinsky was “wired” by Mossad (without citing a well-thumbed passage in the “Protocols”)?

  19. Gordon
    Gordon says:

    “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years” was written by Israel Shahak, not Israel Shamir. Shamir has written a lot of good stuff, though(IMHO).

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I’m glad to see so many pointing out this mistake I made, as it shows more than I thought were familiar with the book, and it should encourage everyone here who has not read the book to do so.

  20. gordon
    gordon says:

    I tried commenting twice today. Very unexceptional remarks about correcting something; but, other than the moderator, indicating they were being reviewed, nothing.

  21. gordon
    gordon says:

    I’ll try this again(since I haven’t seen anything in re my previous comment). The book, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of 3000 Years, was written by Israel Shahak, not Israel Shamir. Israel Shamir has written many other good things along these same general themes, however.

  22. Ned J. Casper
    Ned J. Casper says:

    How about an intelligent review of the content of Steven Pinker’s “Better Angels” and “Blank Slate”, without dismissing the author as just another “asshole”, “scorpion”, “parasite” or “rat” (see TOO blog)?

  23. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Many thanks Mr.Langdon for the conscious bias awareness training. Should I ever become a Prime Minister of Great Britain I will appoint you Secretary of State for Education. A ‘Star Czar’
    Catching up with London Regional News on tv channel ITV on Tuesday 3rd I have become inured to ethnic related news stories but on that evening’s program there were 4 consecutive piece: An African father lamenting the loss of his two sons to ‘youth violence’; two half-sisters of mixed Caribbean heritage murdered by a Indian, or Pakistani at a birthday celebration; A Pakistani Muslim Sudesh Amman released from prison- despite warnings from the Metropolitan Police, who then went on a stabbing spree in South London and had his life terminated by the surveillance detail.
    In discussing the 2011 riots on the radio one morning Labour lefty MP Steven Reed for Croydon estimates the families at risk due deprivation, poverty, drugs, county lines debt slavery had trebled from 500,000 to 1.5 millions since that time; and that central government needed to intervene.
    One common thread that has become crystal clear is the omission or, ‘omerta’ of the 5 letter word ‘black’ or the recurrent ethnic heritage from the third world Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi.

    • Oscar Wilson
      Oscar Wilson says:

      The quite extraordinary feature of UK commercial TV is the truly
      colossal number and sequence of advertisements for everything from banking to aftershave with blacks only in the picture. Even the larger Indian ethnic minority is comparatively rare. And of course there is “The Guardian” which follows suit, the front page predictably having a photo of four black women in Team GB leapin(g) for joy. Black Faces Dominate.

      • ChilledBee
        ChilledBee says:

        My curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the Guardian to see the sports section. Alas, before I could even get to it the following front pages articles squelched it.

        Hey fellas, consider yourself an ally to women? Consider a vasectomy
        Jill Filipovic

        Being a Black Weirdo is harder than being any other kind
        Shayne Oliver

        The Guardian’s relentless, negative messages to British men are one of the reasons this paper is always out with their begging bowl.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          That’s funny about The Guardian(or ‘the guardian’ as capital letters aren’t egalitarian), but I can’t help agreeing with the guardian’s war on the phycology of it’s male readers.
          If you are a full grown adult male, and you don’t just buy the guardian or believe everything you read in it, but actually orientate your life around the fashions and fads the guardian pushes, haven’t you just proved beyond any doubt that you are already a walking genetic dead end?

  24. dave lard
    dave lard says:

    You couldn’t be more wrong, I am part of a the Jewish community in Brooklyn NY, which is one the biggest Jewish communities in the country, and the overwhelming majority of my community is republican and anti – BLM.

    What you basically do is, you pick out the few major liberal activists who are Jews and you make a claim that Jews are running this whole movement, why not pick out all the tall liberal activists and say that tall people all over the country have conspired to drive out the whites from the us??

    What should I say, you sound almost as unbookish as the people you mentioned in this article.

    • Henry
      Henry says:

      Ha – this is pretty much the same argument that one of my Jewish friends used on me when I told him that Jews were behind the “Russian” revolution. He said, “So what. Some of the revolutionaries were over six feet tall, so one could just as well blame tall people.”

      First of all this is a ridiculous argument. There probably were people over six feet tall involved in the revolution. But that doesn’t change the fact that the whole thing was organized by Jews, just as they are the organizers of BLM and just about every other subversive organization and activity in history.

      And secondly, this “tall man” argument must be something that they teach you Jews in school – as a way of weaseling out of responsibility for your nefarious undertakings, as I don’t think it was a cohencidence that both you and my Jewish friend presented this same silly argument.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        If we don’t believe in collective punishment, or ‘blood guilt’ to coin a phrase, we cannot blame all Jews for the way the Jewish elite wage war on our civilisation and race. It would be like Muslims killing us & our families for what Blair and Cameron did to Iraq, Libya and Syria.
        I’ve no doubt this Jew is correct that in his circles they are Republican, though Republican don’t mean too much nowadays. Better if he said they were Trumpists.
        But also, we cannot ignore the JQ, nor the fact of the reality of the Jewish religion, and that Jews come from a race that has been programming it’s people to hate all outsiders for 3,000 years.
        Even the Nazis, what in the public and Jewish mind is the ultimate definition of Jew haters, didn’t immediately start slaughtering them when they came to power.
        All they wanted was the Jews gone, as their presence was so obviously deleterious to Germans, they had no intention to kill them.
        Anyone who even slightly looks into the holocaust story, finds it’s about as water tight as the American government’s version of 9/11.
        Ron Unz, himself a Jew, but a mostly honest and open-minded one, used to joke that Nazism was simply Judaism for wimps. Everyone will come to the exact same conclusion by doing two things, one, understand what Judaism really is, Israel Shahak’s above mentioned book will do this for you, and two, understand the reality of the Nazis, not the Jewish Hollywood version, the reality. A brief study into the holocaust, or one of David Irving’s books will do this for you.

  25. K. Giladi
    K. Giladi says:

    WOW! This article completely demonizes the entire population of Jewish people.
    Yes. Every ethnic group, religion, nationally and country has its share of human donkeys. And, the donkeys mentioned in the thesis are no exception. Specifically, the donkeys that aid and abet the anti-American domestic terrorist organizations of BLM and Antifa.
    Bottom Line: It is intellectually and factually incorrect to bash the many for the actions of a few loco donkeys.

  26. aingel
    aingel says:

    The real problem lies in the fact that folk do not realise that when people describe themselves as “Jewish” or Islamic – for example, they are telling you to your face judaism or islam forms their constitution and it is to the laws, customs, beliefs, mores, etc of those constitutions they lean. If or when a Constitution – historically dangerous to your own moves in and (its) citizens perform or participate in particular obligatory behaviours (Jihad, for example, is a “Communal Obligation once per year in “people of the Book lands”… “Dhar al Suhl – house of treaty [thus linking that “JUSTICE” Obligation to TREATY obligations (a treaty must not last beyond ten years). As a political tool jihad (and the methods of, e.g.”mass, seemingly uncoordinated migration”) is tried, tested and proven to be (and continues proving to be) more formidable than the mightiest Armies could dare to be. It is all too easy (and convenient) to pick out “the Jews”, or “muslims” … rather than admit lack of duty to the Christian Covenant forming the backbone of “western democracy”. (The) Henry III preamble to the Magna Carta 1225, which Edward I carried over to begin the Magna Carta 1297 – the same being current statute law, under the terms of the Covenant formed there-in may be no atheos, et alias sectas making law on the land, ergo ‘lawding’ it over “faithful subjects”. Law writ by such men would be law-fare… not fair law. From the mid-19th Century law-fare, not fair law is the Parliamentary (and – by proxy, Sovereign) norm. In our world our worst enemy is ourselves… “These shall fight with the Lamb. And the Lamb shall overcome them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings: and they that are with him are called and elect and faithful”. Why did/do we elect/appoint atheists, else foreign sect actors to deceive us? Literally, in your face unfaithful beings reconstruct the Covenant, the Law, the Constitution to their advantage?

  27. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    Hello Servenet,
    do not be pessimistic about our future as white folks, be optimistic about awakening and self-preserving.
    For a good example, look a Denmark. Within a small number of years, the politics of the Danes have changed from pro-multikulti (and in this way killing the Danish folk) to hard-core self-preserving politics and therefore they do what has to be done. At a first step they break down many living blocks, forcing the non-Europeans to find another living space. Also they deny asylum on a large scale, contrary to their politics 10 years ago.
    And you speek about a snowball effect: That is only the start in Denmark. Both in Denmark things will go on, as well as other countries look at the Danes and they will copy it.
    Even our German State Television has reported this and just as a report, without whining or pity for the non-Europeans. See the following film:
    Dänemark: Mit einer Quote im Wohngebiet gegen “Ghettobildung” | Weltspiegel

    Denmark is a small country of only 6 Million inhabitants. They have seen the abyss and they stopped going foward into it in the last minute. They had upcoming right-wing parties and this influenced the left wing-parties to copy the right wing politics so that in Denmark all parties are “for the survival of the Danish folk”
    Boss in Denmark is the 44year old Mette Fredericksen, Social-Democrat. It is signicant, that both men and women, left and right, in Denmark work together in preserving their lifes for their children. If the left does the hard decisions, the right will give applause and the things can be reality very quickly. Denmark leads the game!

  28. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    However, the more Blacks and Muslims misbehave, the more obvious the larger truth will become. And then Jews will be brought to book for the bedlam they’ve created.

    The assumption inherent in the quoted sentences is that it’s possible to win big by betting against the house—and the unanimous opinion to the contrary of thirty centuries’ worth of killjoy gamblers be damned. Fortunately, in the age of the Internet, an individual who shares Mr. Langdon’s view need no longer even venture as far from home as the local floating crap game to put this notion to the test.

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