Racism or Rapism: No Third-World People, No Third-World Pathologies

One reliable sign of leftism in action is that it most harms those whom it claims to care about most. For example, the Labour party in Britain proclaims its concern for the working-class in its very name. But Labour has been attacking the working-class with mass migration and anti-racism for decades. When working-class Whites called for help against the invasion, Labour didn’t simply ignore them as they were murdered, raped, robbed and driven out of their traditional districts by non-White enrichers. No, it demonized them as “racist,” “xenophobic,” and “fascist.”

The golden rewards of treachery

Roy Hattersley (born 1932), once deputy leader of the Labour party and MP for the Birmingham constituency of Sparkbrook in the 1960s and ’70s, has boasted about his own treachery. He’s written in the Guardian that: “For most of my 33 years in Westminster, I was able to resist Sparkbrook’s demands about the great issues of national policy — otherwise, my first decade would have been spent opposing all [Third-World] immigration and my last calling for withdrawal from the European Union.”

Smug traitor Roy Hattersley and his Jewish wife

Hattersley openly admits both that immigration is vitally important — in his own smug and pompous words, it’s one of “the great issues of national policy” — and that he refused to defend the people he was elected to serve. In other words, he betrayed the White working-class. And his treachery has made him both rich and respected. He’s now married to Maggie Pearlstine, the Jewish literary agent who made him rich, and sits in the House of Lords as Baron Hattersley. You can be sure he feels no shame about what was happening to the White working class in Birmingham while he was “resist[ing] Sparkbrook’s demands about the great issues of national policy”:

A man has been convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl 46 years ago, after the daughter conceived during the attack pursued charges against him. Carvel Bennett, 74, was convicted by a jury at Birmingham crown court. Members of the jury deliberated for just over two hours before finding him guilty.

In what is thought to be the first case of its kind, Bennett was tracked down by Daisy, now 45, who was conceived through the rape. DNA tests on Daisy and her birth parents confirmed that Bennett was her biological father. … While Bennett told the court he regretted what had happened, he denied raping her. He said that she had made sexual overtures to him and that she had told him she was 16. She strongly denied both claims.

Bennett said in his evidence: “I didn’t know she was 13. It wasn’t a deliberate, contemplated act. I don’t feel I have to apologise to her. I don’t think I have done anything to her. I don’t remember her as a scared child.” (Man found guilty of rape after woman conceived in attack pursues charges, The Guardian, 2nd August 2021)

A Black breaking barriers: Carvel Bennett

How the Guardian illustrated Mr Bennett’s Black barrier-busting

Thanks to traitors like Roy Hattersley, there have been many “scared children” raped and otherwise harmed by unrepentant non-Whites in Britain. That report appeared in the Guardian, which chose to head it with a photograph of “Birmingham crown court.” The newspaper didn’t want to celebrate another milestone for Britain’s Black community, you see, because Carvel Bennett is Black (another story in the Guardian did give his photo proper prominence). What were the odds that a Black rapist would be the star of “the first case of its kind” in Britain?

Well, the odds would have been low if Blacks committed rape in proportion to their small share of the population. But Blacks commit rape, murder and other violent crimes far out of proportion to their numbers, which is why the leftist parties that support Black migration are also supporting the rape and murder of White women who would otherwise lead rape-free and violence-free lives.

They know the evils they’re importing

That’s leftism, you see: it most harms those whom it claims to care about most. But it isn’t only Black rapists whom leftists import into the West in ever-growing numbers. Muslim men also commit rape and murder far out of proportion to their numbers. And leftists know this very well. The Guardian reported recently on some shocking comments by the Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan. He “advised women to cover up to prevent” men being tempted to rape them.

The Guardian then put Khan’s disgraceful victim-blaming into cultural context: “Pakistan is a deeply conservative country where sexual abuse survivors are often viewed with suspicion and criminal complaints are rarely seriously investigated. Much of the country lives under an ‘honour’ code where women who bring ‘shame’ on the family can be subjected to violence or murder. It regularly ranks among the worst places in the world for gender equality.”

Non-White rapism in White Denmark: Rape-rates by country of origin

An obvious question arises. If Pakistan and other Muslim countries are among “the worst places in the world for gender equality,” will mass migration by Muslims into the West be good for Western women? An obvious answer follows: No, it will be very bad for Western women. And Muslim have proved it by forming anti-White rape-gangs everywhere from Rotherham in England to Sydney in Australia. Leftism has worked its maleficent magic once again. It claims to care immeasurably about women’s welfare while simultaneously importing non-White rapists and misogynists who do immeasurable harm to women’s welfare. And leftists are not doing this out of ignorance. As the Guardian’s own words prove, they know how badly Third-World men behave towards women on home soil. But it doesn’t stop leftists feeding relentless growth of Third-World colonies in the First World. By doing that, they also feed the growth here of Third-World rapism, the genuine rape-culture that flourishes in countries like Pakistan and Jamaica.

An even more remarkable Black rapist

And rather than admit they are wrong, leftists do their best to hide or deny the crime committed by Third-World colonists. The Black rapist Carvel Bennett starred in what “is thought to be the first case of its kind” in British legal history. The Guardian chose to illustrate his breakthrough with a photo of Birmingham crown court. But the leftist ideal is to ignore Black rapism altogether. Back in 1999, the Black rapist Milton Brown was the self-appointed star of his own trial for rape, after he dismissed his defence team and spent “five days” personally cross-examining his three victims.

But he failed in his heroic resistance to the racist White legal system and was jailed for 21 years. The then prime minister, Tony Blair, made a great show of changing the law to prevent men accused of rape being able to cross-examine their alleged victims. At the same time, Blair’s Jewish immigration minister Barbara Roche was opening the borders to the Third World and ensuring that lots more rapists like Milton Brown took up residence in Britain.

Rapist then, rapist now: the remarkable Milton Brown

While Brown was in jail, one of his victims committed suicide. It’s reasonable to conclude that she never recovered from the way he had “locked in his [apartment] for three months, sexually abused her and beat her with a nail-studded plank.” But Brown was released early from jail, “after 14 years,” and resumed his career of rape and violence against women. This year, he’s been jailed again on “two counts of rape, assault by penetration and attempted rape.”

You’d expect the feminists at the Guardian to be writing detailed analyses of this Black high-achiever, because his crimes say so much about toxic masculinity, rape-culture, and the shameful woman-harming failures of Britain’s male-dominated justice system. But the Guardian hasn’t mentioned Milton Brown’s remarkable feats at all. Quite understandably, leftists don’t want to discuss Black rapism and the consequences of their own ideology.

The simple choice facing the West

That’s bad enough, but leftists also want to stop everyone else discussing the consequences of leftism. It’s “racist” to point out that Blacks, Muslims and other non-Whites rape at higher rates and in worse ways than White men. And what is worse than racism? Well, rapism is worse than racism. Much worse. Indeed, racism in the true sense isn’t bad at all. It’s a healthy and natural response to Third-World invasion. Unlike leftism, racism acknowledges reality rather than denying reality. It doesn’t seek to harm non-Whites, but to stop non-Whites entering and harming White nations where they don’t belong.

So that’s the choice we face: racism or rapism. Either we acknowledge racial reality or we deny it. If we acknowledge it, we have to send non-Whites back where they do belong. If we deny it, we will continue to suffer rape, murder, terrorism and all the other Third-World pathologies that inevitably accompany Third-World people.

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    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      The normies are floundering because they are like flotsam upon the water: without propulsion or a rudder. They (inclusive of “Whites”, better referred to as Into-Europeans) are confused, confounded, ambivalent on the essentials for spiritual, psychological, and societal health. They have been co-opted.

      Gone are the topics of the day which focused on spiritual and moral poverty, a World without heroes, and immutable and irreducible seminal survival imperatives and necessities. In my youth-many years ago-there was a striving to divine MEANING and transcendence.

      The uncritical adaption of Enlightenment ideas, concepts, and ideas, and the inherent weakness and internal contradictions and “pure ideas”(from Nikos Katzantzakis) foretold our doom and our ontological inertia and ineptitude toward maintenance of a nucleus of our World of the West.

      Just the crisis of Darwin’s observation that evidence existed for the relation of the infra-human species to ours dealt a crippling blow to easily buckled foundations of the Christian West. Even as child, I would wonder what Evolution Theory has in contradiction to a theological belief in the Christian constellation. Growing up around Southern Baptists and Hispanic, Irish and Italian Catholics, I used to wonder, “Can they be serious?” Where others saw doors and paths to The Infinite and Beyond, I only saw walls and impediments.

      Five decades later, these opinions haven’t changed, through hundreds of miles traveled, several international residences, and many thousands of acquaintances. I have found superior beliefs to the Abrahamic import crafted, it seems, to debilitate its followers. As at least one rabbi put it, “What do you want from us? We gave you a religion and a savior.” Jeopardy: what was the Trojan horse?

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        The enlightenment died in 1789- are you implying that it still is in the driver seat?

        See George Berkeley’s philosophy immaterialism- “that tree you ‘think’ you see out the window- it does not exist.” German mysticism has prevailed, along with all versions of non-sense. Denial of the legitimacy of the senses [Kant and Berkeley] meant the end of science, as science begins with observation. The West is built by one Greek , a true giant- Aristotle. Common sense all the way. . .fighting contradictions all day. . .Hooray!

        An example of a bad guy is Paul Feyerabend [UC Berkeley, natch]. His main book, Beyond Method. Conclusion? Anything goes, all ways of “thinking” are valid. . .

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      A link to my comment following explores and expounds on the mere empirical observation (induction) and its hypothesis (deduction) of a principle that seeks to make sense and order of sensate observations.


      And this dealt a morbid blow to a Divine belief system? That supposed wall and load bearing structure was hollow and farcically weak. Layers of paint and patina hid the cracks. Putty hid the buckling and bulging surface on a low specification material and design conception.

      As a maritime analogy (my professional life), Christianity was not and is not and never will be fit for oceans and the vagaries of weather, wind and water, i.e., stress tests.

      We need to unpack this wreck and examine its failed points and breeches, and points of failure.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      His wife exudes a Demonic visage and Rorschach . Gives me the creeps. Her eyes look souls and lifeless.

  1. Gerald Goldberg
    Gerald Goldberg says:


    “THE JEWISH TALMUD IS ONE OF THE WONDERS OF THE WORLD. During the twenty centuries of its existence…IT SURVIVED IN ITS ENTIRETY, and not only has the power of its foes FAILED TO DESTROY EVEN A SINGLE LINE, but it has not even been able materially to weaken its influence for any length of time.
    The Talmud, then, is the written form of that which, in the time of Jesus, was called the Traditions of the Elders, and to which he makes frequent allusions.
    — Rabbi Michael L. Rodkinson (1)

    More on the Talmud

  2. Jacobite
    Jacobite says:

    The Leftists’ targets are white European peoples. Everything, and everyone, else are just possible weapons.

  3. kolokol
    kolokol says:

    What a farce! After a 33-year career in the House of Commons, deceitfully betraying his constituents & his nation, Roy Hattersley was elevated to the House of Lords in 1997, to become “Baron Hattersley”. Pure farce!

    Over the past 50 years, the Labour Party has betrayed its core constituency. In the USA, the Republican & Democratic parties have done the same. They take bribes from jewish hedgefunders & vulture capitalists, to enable mass turd-world migration into Britain, the USA & other White countries.

    Jewish influence is the root cause of Britain’s suicide. Every political party & the entire media are financed & controlled by jews. That is a fact. Jews seek to genocide the White race & to destroy our civilization using many different methods, including open borders. Look what they did to South Africa & Rhodesia – that is our future, unless we do something about it.

  4. Oscar Wilson
    Oscar Wilson says:

    Two comments:
    1. The Guardian this past week ending August 21, 2021, seems to have temporarily reduced the huge numbers of black faces (not so much south or east Asian) in its pages, if only ITV would follow suit with its adverts, but this “race, gender, class” agitprop daily, read by all the metropolitan “intellectuals”, has long had a policy not only of flagging up one black grievance after another, but lionising black musicians with a record of drug, sex and other crimes. Its weekend reviews are a classic self-parody of wokeism-on-stilts.
    2. Whatever the criminal record or moral character of non-white would-be immigrants, we cannot take the lot, so why discriminate by taking any – the lucky (for them) few. What about Afghan No. 500,001 or HK Chinese No. 300,001? Climb aboard the Titanic, folks. US readers should search Migration-Watch UK for a gentle demurral within our race-speech laws.

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      Another of Wilson’s “typos” – he means 3,000,001 Chinese! According to the British press, a million or so are already expected. Some recent arrivals complained that they were only given refuge access here, nothing else (council houses, “benefits”, &c). Per contra UK councils are already making arrangements for the Afghan influx. “The Guardian” letters are predictably on about “our” moral duty.

      As for Hatter-sly, he is a split-personality. He has written articles and a book with touching tributes to England. One of these however is under the illusion that the “Battle of Cable Street” was a hand-to-hand battle between local people and Mosley’s blackshirts, when it was an attack by communists on policemen, and that the only fascist convert after the event was an animal-loving lady who disliked the way the rioters threw marbles under the police horses (an old trick, like razor-blades in potatoes thrown at the faces of Mosley’s speakers), whereas in fact British Union local membership virtually doubled after the event. The TV satire “Spitting Images” depicted Roy as its most spluttering puppet.

  5. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    There’s a great scene in the film adaption of ‘The Time Machine’ where actor is shaken and shuttered through the future decades in the seat of the time-travel contraption and the image of the changing shop window clothes mannequin changing fashions was visually entertaining. HG Wells went too far into the future to discover a dystopian future: reaching the year 2000 would be far enough to show the tableaux that is the shop window broken and looted, with graffiti tags marking territorial claims.
    Two more noted figures for the rich vein of African and Caribbean contribution to Great Britain and to add to Black History month (which seems to be twice a year?) – Adekunle Fadare imprisoned for 25 months for a spate of sex attacks- 5 in total and 4 in one day. Beating that incarceration achievement is Kadian (who thinks of these names?!) Nelson, who is now serving a minimum of 12 years out of 20 for the kidnap and rape of a schoolgirl.
    So Hattersley, old chum, well done!
    All the soldiers, who sacrificed limb and life for this country and their families of years past, my one miracle wish would be to afford them the luxury to witness the what lies ahead: a multi-ethnic nightmare where the Morlocks feed off the Eloi.

  6. bruno
    bruno says:

    Years ago, in the late 1960s or early 1970s I got to know a female who was connected somehow to the British media. We had left the University and we were in a Niemiecki café. All she did was espouse info pertaining to the “best of all people” destroying what was once Great Britain via media indoctrination. I’ll never forget it cuz she was a beautiful brunette with lovely legs. Her vibe was that in the UK she could I have a substantial amount of bread. In Warsaw she’s have an all W environment, but few zloties (Polish bucks). Looks to me that things not only changed but exacerbated. BTW, I was invited to London sometime in the 1970s and was disgusted with what I had seen. Gone were the once-lived English characters on the streets. I still enjoyed English tea it was different than anywhere else in the world. They say it’s becuz of the milk(?).
    It breaks my heart to read such articles as above.

  7. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    The 1st Viscount Stansgate, before he was enobled, was the senior member of the Comintern in the British Isles. A Red Army had been formed within the British Army during WW1. During the general strike in the 1920’s the communists held a meeting to decide whether or not to attack Buckingham Palace.
    The first plan had been to evacuate the Royal Family through Portsmouth but this idea was dropped in case the RN mutinied.
    The communists were relieved because although Jack Tar is a fine fellow, he is not up to regicide. The next plan was to evacuate the Royal Family through Bristol but the communists would have derailed and machine gunned the train in a railway cutting near Swindon.
    These ideas were passed on to the authorities by either Wedgwood Benn, Zinoviev or Stalin.
    So the Royal Family stayed in Buckingham Palace. They would have been killed to prevent counter revolution. Killing MP’s and their families would have been carried out, otherwise killing would be kept to a minimum with the Yankee lovers given a month to leave through Liverpool. The MP’s had voted to let the Russians kill Lenin when he was in Belgium.
    Most of the communists were also in the Labour Party, like my family.
    They would never have given the British Isles away like the present collection of, often, American and Glaubenjuden loving traitors.
    Lenin, like my family, was part jewish and had jewish friends, like my family he couldn’t stand other jews (real and imagined).
    I believe the communists made the wrong decision caused partly because of those nuisances the USA, Ireland and Poland.
    The British and German communists liked each other and could have cleaned up Europe together, reunited Germany and stopped the mass murder of Christians in Russia by glaubenjuden who pretended to be communists. Hitler got it wrong,
    The Americans ordered the British to admit Windians and the Germans to admit Turks just after WW2.
    This is irreversible.
    Europe is a continent occupied by Americans with Glaubenjuden giving the orders. That is the problem, not Woy Mad Hattersley

  8. Oscar Wilson
    Oscar Wilson says:

    Edward Harris puts an odd spin on the history of British communists and thereby the Comintern. However, during the Russo-German Pact, Earl Browder issued a booklet (text available online) “The Jewish People & the War” which inter alia noted the Jewish organizations urging US intervention more specifically than in mainstream America First or British Union propaganda. This drove large numbers of Jews from the CPUSA but they returned when the Nazis invaded the USSR.

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