How the University Sector Promotes the “White Insurrection” Concept

The January 6th event in Washington, D.C. continues to be systematically promoted as domestic terror, but also as “White insurrection,” and “White Supremacy.”  The three words—supremacy, terror, and insurrection—have been turned into a triad memetic, where supremacy represents terror, and terror leads to insurrection.  They are self-reinforcing and self-perpetuating concepts that can be applied in nearly any context, and positioned as a profound threat to public safety that purportedly needs to be “confronted,” suppressed and extinguished.  It is a theme that is being deepened in its institutional promotion, and accelerated and heightened in its use as threat and intimidation language against millions of Americans who are either conservative, aligned with the Republican Party, or especially, if they are White and have positive attitudes about Anglo-Saxon culture.

What is fascinating however, is how this theme of domestic terror is advanced, not only by most cooperating media that many adults listen to and view, but also that it is firmly entrenched at the higher education level as a tool of political propaganda and influence directed at the nation’s young adults who are at or nearing voting age.  Getting at the 18–25-year-old cohort, with such racial and ideological messaging, is critical in influencing public attitudes, and creating a massive “force” of active followers, whereas older adults generally are either more resistant or indifferent.  Young adults are more prone to become activists, to be more vocal, and to internalize the racial terror concept into their daily thinking and behavior.

“White Supremacy” shares, in this regard, a similar opportunism with the Covid program which in many ways is also centered directly in the university sector, as the modern university or college campus contains all the characteristics and infrastructure necessary to efficiently and effectively promote and disseminate what are highly structured psychological programs, designed to “cognitively infiltrate” (in the words of former Obama advisor, Harvard Law professor Cass Sunstein) young adults.

At the center of the structured programming that I’m describing—and perhaps the most deeply committed higher education institution that is actively serving as an ideological conduit and as an effective agent or partner in racial and ethnic propaganda programming—is the University of Chicago.  Its concentrated mix of political influence (active campus “Left” alumni including former president Barack Obama, Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot, US Senator Bernie Sanders, and DNC operative and former Obama advisor, David Axelrod), combined with: active government-corporate sponsored programs in race and identity; medical- and biosecurity-related communications; and the University’s deeply embedded relationships with several foundations, including especially the Rockefeller Foundation, along with the Obama, Soros, Gates, and Pritzker Foundations, and its active management of US Department of Defense and intelligence programs, make the University of Chicago arguably the epicenter of current U.S. university special interest programs that are being directly targeted against the American public.

Among its several institutional campus centers that are actively devoted to the articulation, dissemination, and even “research” concerning “White Terror” is the Chicago Program on Security and Threats (or “CPOST”).  It is headed by former Bush administration White House advisor Robert Pape (Ph.D, UChicago) who is an original member of the Bush “911” team and who subsequently promoted the “Muslim terror” construct, including creating a “Muslim suicide terror” data base as his first effort as head of UChicago’s CPOST.[1]

The Center is supported by an Advisory Board that includes former CIA Deputy (and Acting) Director, Michael Morell who made his career from the Global War on Terror program, and markets himself as one of the few confidants (and apparently a hero) at Bush’s side on 9-11.[2]  It also includes former US Army General Andrew Twomey who acted as “deputy commanding general and chief of staff for the Combined Security Transition Command in Afghanistan, where he planned and directed the execution of security assistance programs to field the Afghan National Security Forces.”[3]

Perhaps more unsettling, and threatening to the larger integrity of the university community is “Counterterrorism Strategic Advisor,” Laurie Adler.  Adler is a graduate of the University of Chicago’s master’s program in International Relations and has a resume that indicates her deep involvement in psychological operations within the Washington establishment: “During her 25-year Washington, DC career, Adler worked with US/International Governments & Fortune 500 clients on counterterrorism, public relations, and government/international affairs.  She managed complex, high-profile, crisis & international public affairs issues.”

As the Strategic Communications Advisor to the US Army’s Human Terrain System (HTS), “Adler led all strategic/crisis communications & public affairs. HTS embedded social scientists with Brigade Commanders in Iraq & Afghanistan which provided field commanders with an understanding of the local population & culture to assist their operational requirements. Spearheading a creative team, she won a $100 million US Special Operations Command psychological operations campaign contract. This campaign was to counter militant Islamic propaganda through creative information campaigns against terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan & worldwide.”[4]

In my view, Adler’s work in the Middle East, like the larger Global War on Terror, is now being turned inward, domestically, on American citizens.  Her new “enemy” is the American “White Supremacist.”

At an organizational level, the University of Chicago consists of a multi-level hierarchy of influence and interests that together create the overall institutional culture and ideology that invites, facilitates and nourishes the kind of programming, like the ideology of “White Terror,” which then serves as a platform for academic activity (research and teaching), as well as for funding, from government agencies, and from private corporations serving them.

At its Board of Trustee level, the University is carefully organized with influencers and interests that consolidate around opportunistic themes, programs and strategic initiatives that can be used for several purposes: to extend university-corporate linkages; to attract finance to underwrite new departments or department expansion; and to attract students and researchers who otherwise have no original intellectual instinct or capability, but can attach themselves eagerly to programs that radiate authority, reinforce social and political consensus, and offer reassurances of further career prospects, especially in an institutional dimension.

The University’s “Becker Friedman Institute” (BFI) is its highly financed, para-state flagship economics center, named after Nobel economist Milton Friedman.[5]  It is another active propaganda platform, staffed with a number of political assets including former Obama chief economics advisor, the far Left Austan Goolsbee, who provides regular defense of racial activism, including his regular apologia for BLM terror and violence, by couching it in seemingly objective economic terms.

The BFI organization itself is run by former Chief Economist for the Obama administration Council of Economic Advisers, Michael Greenstone, who champions state-based programs, government spending, radical taxation, and of course equity and diversity studies as part of his larger social engineering advocacy.[6] A recent BFI-sponsored paper sought to reinforce the January 6th event as White terror, by asserting a scientific study of cellphone location data, targeting private citizens as insurrectionists: “Profiling Insurrection: Characterizing Collective Action Using Mobile Device Data.”[7]  It was a stunning intellectual assault on Americans.

The growing consensus on the concept of “White terror” provides an organizing system of thought that allows graduate students and faculty to attach themselves to an initiative with economic promise, and social recognition.  It is by agreement, not by confrontation, that most young adults and faculty seek their orientation within local societies and institutions like university and college corporations.  By tacitly agreeing and cooperating with “White Supremacy” academic programming, both faculty and graduate students are rewarded with grants, donations, academic publishing, and promises of further employment.

For the various special interests that seek to demonize, marginalize, and responsively classify certain others as “White Supremacists”—and to attach to that label a reflexive, conditioned association of danger, threat, destabilization and criminal intent, it is especially vital to condition young adults. And there is no better place to reach them than in the nation’s higher education complex.  The university system is effectively a ready-made network of “re-education” camps that house, feed, train, socialize, condition, reinforce, and dangle life incentives (career preparation, income, economic fit and stability) in return for conforming to the status quo.

In nearly all fascist, authoritarian and operational communist regimes, it is young adult recruitment and control that is key to creating the “army” of mass obedience, and especially, an army with a self-policing sociology where the young adult mind becomes the effective jailor and keeper of its own intellectual confines and of its own tribal affiliations.  Such recruitment and control reinforce group solidarity, but they also radically reinforce group division among “insiders” and “outsiders”—among the safe and unsafe, the acceptable and the unacceptable.  In the past such programs have provided the cognitive and behavioral justification for incarceration and murder, and in some times and places, even mass extermination, imprisonment or isolation.

The “White Terror” meme cannot be as effectively deployed and enforced on older adults, as they already have a network of interests, associations, beliefs and experiences that create at least some resistance to ideological conditioning, if only through economic self-interest (such as property) and the necessary cooperative routines of living and working in an adult economy.

But students generally have no such (or many fewer) compromises, conflicts, practical concerns or attachments: they live in a world of unattached independence, their lives defined by a rented apartment or dormitory room, a meal plan, and the campus itself as their entire economic world including all the issues related to safety, security, health care, recreation, socialization, romance, and highly defined routines.

The college campus is in fact nearly the perfect microcosm of a socialist society, where many of life’s demands are kept at bay or not even visible. These needs are provided for and centrally directed by a controlling administrative authority, and by older adult “keepers” and guides (faculty) who carefully structure acceptable or desirable thinking, especially at a group political level.  Indeed, it is the power of abstraction, privately employed that, as William James remarked, creates a “vicious abstractionism” that is “among the great original sins of the rationalistic mind.”[8]

The University of Chicago further reinforces this arrangement by completely surrounding the university with authority figures—prominent, influential people. As a pillar of the establishment, it regards the state and certain corporations, foundations, and political and even religious affiliations as more, or less acceptable, or even “safe” or unsafe. In UChicago’s case, this includes the on-campus Institute of Politics, run by former Obama senior advisor and Israel-first advocate, David Axelrod, and the Obama Foundation itself, an institution that is much more than a mere presidential library that protects presidential reputations, but rather an active “community organizing” center that promotes and disseminates its racial ideology across the entire university including the professional graduate schools such as the law school, where he taught “race and law.”

The university is further reinforced ideologically by its deep managerial role with the Fermi Lab, and the Argonne National Laboratories, both Department of Defense installations.  The new Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering and the Pritzker School of Medicine, backed by Chicago’s Pritzker family, act as additional nodes of influence and ideology, including the careful thematic management and credentialing of the overall Covid and biosecurity domain, in large part through the use of the “medical expert” platform it provides. (They act also as effective state broadcast and propaganda centers, issuing medical and behavioral guidance on a nearly daily basis.)  Indeed, race, biosecurity, and social divisiveness are powerfully combined in the realm of vaccination policy, where the “unvaccinated” and especially those who doubt and question the Covid vaccines, are branded as outsiders, and linked to red state politics, and White, conservative, rural, and even southern identity

The current biological and ethno-cultural narratives of racial safety and political safety are combined together to create a powerful fear-threat reaction among young adults who are still cognitively and emotionally vulnerable and developing.  Via the totality of conditioning hosted and operated by the university complex, this represents a new social threat—a threat that is more pronounced and well beyond any previously present on our nation’s university and college campuses.  The ever-present indoctrination of racial animosity, fear and even hatred, re-establishes the education complex—including now even elementary and secondary schools—as an institutional body fully absorbed into the state itself, rather than merely part of a “complex” that historically sought to actively maintain some independence from government, commercial, and political influences.

Like the original American system of federalism that consists of separate, independent layers and units of government, the university, originally founded on similar independence, has collapsed into the center of a unified block of monolithic authority, largely because of its vulnerability to and eager willingness to obtain financial grants from government and private foundations, regardless of their objectives.

V.S. Solovyev is a graduate of the University of Chicago





[5] Friedman was not quite the “free market” guru and champion that he is typically portrayed to be, and often argued for state priorities including his design of the income tax automatic payroll deduction system which utterly changed the relationship between the individual and the state by taking private property prior to private review and voluntary agreement.



[8]  THE MEANING OF TRUTH: A SEQUEL TO “PRAGMATISM.” By William James. London, Bombay and Calcutta: LJongmans, Green & Co., 1909

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  1. Oscar Wilson
    Oscar Wilson says:

    White supremacy in practice means white people having and retaining predominant control inside white homelands. What is so wrong about that? Having a major role in world affairs ditto. I don’t support white governments using force against non-white countries except solely in self-defense in protecting their own territories, or supply routes, or citizens menaced overseas, but I don’t see any good in permanent mass-settlement of non-white immigrants inside white homelands; cf. the proportion of refugees and foreign settlers among the “racist” population of China. Exporting helpful agricultural technology, contraceptives and good ideas is a lot better than selling arms to foreign regimes or civil-war terrorists.

  2. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “The three words—supremacy, terror, and insurrection—have been turned into a triad memetic, where supremacy represents terror, and terror leads to insurrection.”

    Supremacy + Terror + Insurrection = Projection

    “They are self-reinforcing and self-perpetuating concepts that can be applied in nearly any context, and positioned as a profound threat to public safety that purportedly needs to be “confronted,” suppressed and extinguished.”

    Projection + Deflection = Moral Insanity

    They victim-blame while placing themselves above criticism. Doesn’t get more ignoble than that. And, as far as the whole Anarcho-Tyranny thing goes. It does seem as if it’s turning into a Sado-Masochisitc Police State. Since there’s pretty much no pushback to their insanity. You get what you put up with.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. What the hostile elite are doing might be one way to acquire power. But it’s not how you hold on to it. Especially when what you have power over is the most complex and unpredictable civilizaiton in world history. They will fall.

    Of course, we might not live to see it. On the other hand, from the looks of things, we might be seeing it now. Either way, they’re not invincible, and it will fall.

  3. Karl
    Karl says:

    To counter the Democrat-led Congressional investigation of January 6, the GOP should be doing its own investigation of the looting, violence, murder, and arson committed in 2020 year (and 2021 too) by Blacks and various components of the Left (as enabled by Democrat and traiterous mayors).

    There is enough public information available to do a good investigation. More information could be gotten from Freedom of Information Act requests.

    It should then be published as a book and made into a movie.

    The GOP is too fearful and stupid to do so, however.

    A patriotic non-profit organization could do it though.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Well, let’s see. Whites are responsible for nearly all the world’s inventions, medical advancements, and explorations (land, sea and outer space). They are the most generous of all peoples (history attests to this) and excel in the arts as well as music and architecture. And, they are the best looking of all people! If all that is sufficient evidence to warrant the title/accusation of ‘supreme’, so be it.

      Yes, it is wonderful to be White, and an honor to act in the best interests of our people.

  4. Jaime Jonas
    Jaime Jonas says:

    I never believed the WHITE supremacists narrative because the numbers and the data tell us the opposite. WHITES are declining in key indexes: demographics, incomes, LABOR, university students, whites commit more suicides, more unemployed. uneducated, those stats does NOT support the CRT/ white supremacists fake narrative. BUT what has been the COUNTER white supremacists CRT strategy?? none.? in Academia? It seems that dissenting voices (even nonwhites) are Censor/supress/opress/ and often times Violently REpresss. In the face of Irrational/pseudo/academics CRT/Frankfurt School/ onslaught the worst mistake is to cow, retreat, hide…specially when not only legitimate/scholarly/ but hard/scientific FACTS support the counter/arguments against CRT/Whiteness trash academics. Lets also consider that Universities as well as other Institutions that received tax funding, govt accreditations, IRS tax exempt status, and ultimately must respond to students, professors,parents accountability..THEY must OBEY abide by the USA Constitution/Bill of Rights/IRS regulations and basic rights such as FREE Speech. It is puzzling that while nations like China/Russia with MILLIONS/BILLIONS of people are doing everything possible to stablish POLITICAL/CULTURAL policies to enhance SOCIAL (national/internal) COHESION/Unity..did you see the Chinese National Parade, Olympic teams ..they dont take a Knee fro BLMANTIFA..but in the USA is exactly the opposite these insane CRT/Racism/anti Whiteness is accelerating the American INTERNAL fragmentation/divisions…Can a nataion, country,culture survive without its peoples’ support?? wars? Well these CRT/Neocons ideologues gave us the Afghabistan fiasco…and they still pushing for more WARS internally/externally.

  5. Frnak Menendez
    Frnak Menendez says:

    What has been the COUNTER respond to CRT/White Supremacists Trash academics??? what happen to FREE speech in Campus??? the USA Constitution/IRS laws dont apply in the Universities funded with tax money??? I didnt see any Chinese/Russian athletes take a knee for BLM/ANTIFA???.. The Chinese are doing all to solidify its internal CULTURAL Cohesion/Unity in the USA CRT/Racism/anti Whiteness has become an industry$$$$. WHITES are declining: demographically, economically, labor, eduation, etc. thats hardly supremiacism…

    • David Schmitt
      David Schmitt says:

      Mr. Menendez, I am glad that you are asking such pointed questions. My self-imposed rule is that when I identify a problem with keen analysis, I force myself to ask what I, not someone else–but what I alone, can do about it, and then–and this is the part that scares most people—I do something about it. AndI try to gather others to follow my lead. Simply to give you ideas (not to brag since many people act much more effectively than I do, maybe you in fact), I have estblished a relationship with some fantastically good, smart university students and I gave a talk at their gathering last Spring. Two days ago, learning that a local school was about to close for two weeks simply because some students “tested” positive for COVID, I visited with the Principal and Superintendent. I did not stop the stupidity of their subsequent action (they are paid like whores to do the wrong thing with cash if the school closes), but if more of us start doing this at everyopportunity, believe me, this nation would turn around. So, good, ask these questions—but also prompt others to act creatively and courageously, and then do so yourself. Start slowly, then grow in boldness. Be virtuous and do not do stupid or immoral stuff. But act and act with virtue, bravery and persistence in the face of long suffering.

  6. Elizabeth Finnegan
    Elizabeth Finnegan says:

    This has been going on for Generations. I listen to David Duke podcast regularly and I’m learning so much. When I was in college in the Midwest, Purdue in the 70 they were brainwashing us back then so I can only imagine how bad it is now.

  7. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    Superb concise exposition on the USA University of Chicago as the nerve center for manufacturing the basic ingredients used in anti-White venom that is lethal to nonJewish Whites .

  8. Jud Jackson
    Jud Jackson says:

    I was wondering if you had any comments about the U of C’s Great Books program which I believe was started by Mortimer Adler (who I am sure was Jewish) and Robert Maynard Hutchins (who I believe was not Jewish). From what I know, that program allowed a student to get one of the best possible Liberal Arts educations in the US. Is the program still there?

    • Oscar Wilson
      Oscar Wilson says:

      Mortimer Adler was Jewish by “race” but for most of his life a gifted intellectual with Catholic leanings. He could be compared to Baruch Spinoza, and to later and lesser philosophical mavericks like Ayn Rand, Robert Aron, Hannah Arendt, Paul Gottfried, Murray Rothbard and Lawrence Auster; most of whom have been accused of “antisemitism” for one “reason” or another. Adler’s public service to literary education deserves recognition, more profound than Harold Bloom’s.

  9. Jud Jackson
    Jud Jackson says:

    For more information on the Big Government activities of Milton Friedman, see Murray Rothbard’s article “Milton Friedman Unraveled” which should be easily findable with Google or Duck Duck Go.

  10. bruno
    bruno says:

    I get over a thousand emails a day, as I’ve been all over. However, a limit has been put on daily computer time to 3 hrs max, which often slides into 5 hrs. However, TOO is never placed in file #13. It’s consumed with relish. Here, the replies to this article were superb. It’s why TOO is so dear to the soul.

    As KMac has often indicated, the world of the University is an anti-W breeding ground. I am truly amazed and thankful that he survived. Having resided in both the Western and Eastern parts of EuroMan’s home it’s heartbroken to see what’s occurring in old haunts like once-GB, Germany and of course France, not to mention Amdom.

    My deceased beloved dad, a son and a cousin all have the exact same name as I do (sort of like the George foreman cliché). That has often shielded me from what KMac had to endure. In middle age it was learned that the only possible path for survival in academia and related fields is diplomacy. One can only imagine, for example, what giants like KMac could really have accomplished if the lid were taken off of so called open communiqué.

    Looking back on all these decades one can only envision the applied principle of ethno states. The factor of anti-majority education —from K to pre-school— has spawned some very intelligent elements that are a vibrant nemesis to the survival of EuroMan. I have seen this in my own family with a female who has an exceedingly high IQ.

    The battle line is that despite all of EuroMan’s posturing it appears that the only hope is the ethno state. As those above have indicated the Chinese, in all probability, will just continue to advance. That’s simply becuz the mother of edukashon has created a 5th Column.

  11. anonym
    anonym says:

    They have hi jacked European culture.

    The same way they hi jacked market economy and turned it into Jewish capitalism. Wealth production (agriculture and manufacturing) turned into usury, gambling and general exploitation. If you criticize the capitalism (usury globalism) of Milton Friedman et al, they call you an anti capitalist (and a hundred under names). They hi jacked European socialism. An ordered society with fair wages, institutions, health care and a safety net for unfortunate people, turned into class warfare, gulag camps and genocide.

    They have now hi jacked European culture as a whole. They make us believe that democracy, free speech, equality, human rights and European standard of living, comes from nowhere (or maybe from Jehovas “judeo/christian values”). But absolutely not from European people. Even noticing the fact that white Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and white South Africa is the only places on earth that has democracy, free speech, equality, human rights and European standard of living, is considered racist and immoral.

    They destroy genuine European culture in those European countries, in the name of “democracy” and “equality”, while at the same time imposing their own “European culture” on the rest of the world. The wars for “democracy” in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc., the “philanthropist” projects in Africa, done by such nice people as Paul Singer, Mark Rich and Robert Friedland, and all the sweat chops in “underdeveloped” countries.

    Every time someone comes up with something good, you can be sure they come and turn in into a tool for exploitation.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      What you say is true, but forces the question….how? They accomplished this without our counter action, and with great assistance from our own. They took we we had away, every asset, advantage, and what was uniquely ours.
      The presumption of New Testament Christianity is to “Love those who will destroy you”, expose your vulnerabilities.
      Whites are uniquely naive and vulnerable to the implicit stupidity that, if you are nice to someone, harbor them no ill will, and with them well, then all we roses and lollipops, they will respond in kind because you have a pure heart, and Jesus will see this, bless you while you bleed out somewhere.

      • anonym
        anonym says:

        We have a long fuse, I guess. It seems to take a century or so, of abuse, before things happen. They are born salesmen, know every trick and view everyone as a mark.

        Farmers and workers have to collaborate and have to trust each other, which is a free lunch buffet for those people. “May I take your bags?” “Yes, thanks!”, Walks off…

      • David Schmitt
        David Schmitt says:

        Poupon M., your general critique of the actions of Christian nations has some merit, but it is not complete in ts details. The nations are not the religion, but I also do not want to absolve both state and the temproal Church of its responsibilities. The injunction to “turn the other cheek” may have indeed bled into policies of nations, but that was clearly a misapplication of that teaching. Individuals should be turning cheeks. Leaders of nations, with thie responsibility for others, are not authorized to turn cheeks which are not their own, but rather are the cheeks of citizens whom the leaders have been charged to represent and to protect.

        This is what happens when societies lose sound systematic theology with all of its orderings and prioritizations and distinctions. Naturally, it takes smart and moral leaders and judges to understand and execute these rules correctly and with wisdom. The moral requirements for a person do not simply scale up for states.

      • Ned J. Casper
        Ned J. Casper says:

        @ Poupon Marx
        (& Shitton Marcuse)
        “We urge the British government to go further in helping at-risk Afghans…and women activists…and create safe passages so that people can find sanctuary…. We have seen in our parishes the warm response to refugees from Afghanistan and other parts of the world….we should not be led by a quota, but by the need and pain before us….”
        – Paul McAleenan, Lead [RC] Bishop for Migrants & Refugees, Bishops Perumbalath, Chessun & Butler, “The Guardian” [of course], August 26. Hundreds of millions in parts of the world are in great need or in greater pain, many of whom would love to come and live in the UK, along with their non-Christian religions, foreign languages and diverse behaviors – what about them?
        These Right Reverends are “right idiots” which is par for the course.

        • Oscar Wilson
          Oscar Wilson says:

          Ned Casper hits the right button.
          The current Archbishop of York, second in the order of primates [sic], once expressed the view that Jesus of Nazareth, aka God the Son, was/is a “black man”. His amiable diocesan predecessor John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu, who was a real black man, actually had more sense, and is now a Lord, though not a supernatural one, like “Our Lord”, having been elevated only to a red seat in Westminster, rather than to sit by the right hand of the Father in Heaven, “whence he cometh to judge the quick and the dead”, and all that malarkey (which I doubt if many of the sanctimoniously woke bishops in the so-called “Church” of “England” seriously believe).
          However, pundits in another “religious” community are likewise clamouring to welcome Afghans into what-was-England; see “The Jewish Chronicle”, August 27 — JCORE, WJR, Nick Cohen, Marie van der Zyl and Rabbi Elchonon Feldman, an’ all.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        >>>then all we roses and lollipops, they will respond in kind<<<

        (((Lesley Gore))) had a song about sunshine and lollipops [1963]:

        etymology of the word "kind"-

        From Middle English-kinde, -kunde, -kuinde, alteration (due to the noun kind (" type, class ")) of -kin, -kun, -cun, from Old English-cynn (" of or belonging to a specified race or family "), from cynn (" family, race "), see kin. Most uses appear to have been formed by analogy with mankind. Suffix -kind. . . .notice that KIN is part of KIND. . .be KIND to your KIND, be KIND to your KIN. . .

        Being KIND to outsiders [non-Whites] would be a contradiction. One can be nice or fair with outsiders, but not kind- they are not your KIND . ., . not your KIN

  12. TJ
    TJ says:

    Mr. Friedman was also an advocate of guaranteed annual income [“negative income tax”]. [So was Nixon and Hayek]
    friedman favored the federal reserve, only was critical of its policies, not its existence, wanted money supply to be inflated 3-5% per annum, asserting that this is not inflation [lying]. Inflation is not inflation so long as productivity gains match- rongo bongo. Inflation is any increase in money supply, having nothing to do with changes in production. friedman was actually claiming that inflation was scientifically necessary to have a stable price level- he called it “increasing the money supply.” He dared not call it inflation. . .This was his way of debauching the currency by stealth– he basically succeeded, notice how inflation is no longer viewed as a problem, except at zero hedge. Yet the money is literally going straight up. . .

    All of the folks named above were socialists- advocating guaranteed annual income can only be socialist.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      More- When the [fake] money supply is increased this is actually adulteration, like adding water to wine. It is, or should be, a crime. Today there is no precious metal in the system- increasing the money supply amounts to adding nothing to the existing supply of nothingness- how very jewish. friedman’s main assignment was to inflate [debauch] the currency without the public being any the wiser. Gold could be debauched by inflation, but how can nothing be debauched, when it is already nothing? jews can figure out a way.

      Ask around, what is a dollar? [legal definition] Go into a “bank” and ask the manager. A dollar used to be 1/20 troy ounce of gold, around $90 in today’s fake money

      . . .money. A silver coin of the United States of the value of one hundred cents, or tenth part of an eagle. 2. It weighs four hundred and twelve and a half grains. Of one thousand parts, nine hundred are of pure silver and one hundred of alloy. . .This law is still on the books, a dollar is a certain amount of silver. Try to get your silver from a bank by turning in a paper dollar!

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        …” increasing the money supply amounts to adding nothing to the existing supply of nothingness “…

        Pure unadulterated rhetoric .

        Way too many people worldwide and in all levels of society ( especially Whites ) do not get that

        [ Fiat Money ] is Wealth … until it is not ;

        that is until you cannot use your fiat cash , fake coins , or fiat credit card to purchase goods and services .

        In particular for heuristic purposes , diamonds normally have great value/wealth and can easily function as money in a bartered transaction because the big money jewmasterss maintain diamond scarcity despite a real world abundance of that mineral . There are more valuable manufactured diamonds in the world today than ever before and the sum total value of them is greater than ever before even tho they would be worthless if the scarcity was not maintained by the jewmasterss .

        The widely believed myth that [ fiat currency ] is not [ money ] needs to be acknowledged then cancelled asap .

  13. Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton says:

    As was written in the Judeocommunist platform – Take their children and you will rule their world.

    The world you see outside your door was the creation of a generation of stupid, gullible youths labeled “baby-boomers.”

    This generation was led to rebel against a useless, warring, conflict in the orient, manufactured as part of a plan to lead them to a carefully planned backlash.

    The backlash to this war was part of a wider “cultural revolution” against the rigid, military, lockstep mentality of their parents, the so-called “greatest generation.”

    This previous generation had been manipulated to fight a murderous, fratricidal, global war against their own people, a war that wiped out a large percentage of its best and brightest.

    These in turn were the children of the first generation led into the first, fratricidal, global war that wiped out a large percentage of its best and brightest. This was before Jew wordsmiths began labeling generations for propaganda purposes to further divide and conquer the white race.

    These were the children of the generation that had been led to fight a fratricidal, so-called “Civil War” that divided a white nation and wiped out a large percentage of its bravest, best and brightest.

    Stupid, Jew labels for generations of stupid, Jew-programmed white people, convinced to repeatedly slaughter each other in wars designed and implemented to facilitate their own suicidal march to oblivion.

    And now, after centuries of continual winnowing of our races’ best, brightest and bravest, we march to the final slaughter-by-needle, orchestrated by our global Jew overlords. The time has come for us to say – “Bye-bye stupid people.” Or as Jews would say, “good riddance stupid goyim.”

    “War is a horrible thing, a grotesque comedy, and it is so useless. This war won’t prove anything. All we’ll do when we win is substitute one sort of dictator for another. In the meantime, we have destroyed our best resources. Human life, the most precious thing in the world, has become the cheapest. After we’ve won this war by drowning the hun in our own blood, in five years time the sentimental fools at home will be taking up a collection for this same hun that are killing us now, and our fool politicians will be cooking up another good war. Why shouldn’t they? They have to keep the public stirred up to keep their jobs and they don’t have to fight and they can get soft berths for their sons and their friend’s sons. To me the most contemptible cur in the world is the man who lets political influence be used to keep him away from the front, for he lets another man die in his place. The worst thing about this war is that it takes the best; if it lasts long enough, the world will be populated by cowards and weaklings and their children.” – John MacGavock Grider, Sept. 1918. Twenty-six years old. Killed in combat two months before the end of the Jews’ first, fratricidal, global war.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      It has been very aptly noted by various scholars that Christianity is Judaism for gentiles . If that is basicly correct , then the single biggest problem most by far Westernworld Whites have is their religion of subservience to their chosenhite jewmasterss . Even tho most contemporary Whites are not especially religious they remain thoroly Christianized where the indoctrinations , mind conditioning , programming , training , brainwashing , and other enculturations , cannot be easily abrogated in a mere generation or two . The Westernworld Boomers are the grand finale of generations of Christian submissive nonsense that goes back two thousand years .

      Time for a new religion .

      Or do you want to keep playing humanity’s old-as-the-hills
      blame game ?

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Excellent comment, Arch. I have read many of yours here and on Darkmoon. I infer that you have been influenced by Buddhism. Non-rigid ideology, fluidity of thought, and extended range of infinite possibilities are the touchstones of Buddhism.

      Founded by a Danish husband and wife, growing among Indo-Europeans who are generally the better educated and higher aptitudes. 640 centers worldwide, headquartered in Germany.

      And of course Falun Dafa.

      It is interesting to note that Falun Data adherents are willing to suffer torture and death rather than submit to a lie of denunciation or restriction of practice and worship. On the other hand, in the West, Christianity has chosen inanity, grotesque and pathological mental disorder and disgrace in “putting up with it”. Chistian “leaders”, in contrast, are limp noodles and poodles. Most squeak and peep now and then, which is the limit of their discomfort. Almost all organized Christian Churches have become enablers of the Great Replacement. “Ye shall know them by their deeds”. Or duds, or dumps.

      By-passing the Roman Catheter Church, it is instructive to apprehend the price paid for faith of the early leaders for the REAL Chistian Church, which is of course Eastern Orthodox. Blacked out news-even from Western Christian denominations, are the daily deaths and torture of Middle East Christians. Their faith is not to be insulted by juxtaposing the useless, stale, tired, old dishwater of the Western Churches.

      I will not that several articles on this site have revealed strong connection between the Hellenic Greeks and Buddhism.

      I am not referring here to the filth of latter 20th century infiltration of Jewish crypsis into the main vein of Buddhism.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      “As was written in the Judeocommunist platform – Take their children and you will rule their world.”

      Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.
      -Vladimir Lenin

      “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”
      ― Joseph Stalin

      “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” -Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild.

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      When the former UK Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan returned from WW1 ( Grenadier Guards ) to Balliol to resume his interrupted degree in Greats , he discovered that, out of the 28 students who had been his first year cohorts , he was the only one left alive .

      Macmillan, heir to a renowned and prosperous publishing firm, had been wounded in two separate actions and , understandably dispirited ,decided to drop out of Oxford..

  14. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    The most important aspect of defending White EGI is to be a a Christian, who lives every day in the eternal Supernatural and is “infinitely ” laid back about what happens to those of us have kept our terrestrial Reason in abeyance and , for their, Jewish – defined sins, may only live for the moment..

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