The Aryan Ideal: From Ben Franklin to National Socialism

In my recent essay “Blond hair, blue eyes: Some thoughts on the Aryan ideal,” I examined the physiology and history of the classic Nordic features.  I argued that these hallmarks of beauty have been acknowledged and respected for millennia and around the world, and thus constitute a kind of universal aesthetic standard or benchmark for humanity.  The Nordic/Aryan people furthermore have been proven to have a number of other virtues, including higher intelligence, higher moral and ethical standards, and a greater capacity for building cultures and civilizations.[1]  It was not without good reason that Plato called light-skinned people “children of the gods”; it was not without good reason that Pindar called the northerners “a sacred race.”[2]  I concluded that the White race was the most beautiful and the most virtuous on Earth, based not on my own biased opinion but on testimony over centuries, scientific research, and on commonly-held views around the world today.  Though representing only some 10 percent of humanity, Whites have good reason to be proud.  We are exceptional, by most any measure.

Whites used to be proud.  They used to speak openly and clearly about their love of their own, about their sense of pride, about their hopes and dreams for a great future for their race.  Take, for example, that wise and insightful Founding Father, Ben Franklin.  In 1751 he wrote a short essay entitled “Observations concerning the increase of mankind.”  In it, he expresses concern about the need to fill up the “empty” lands of the nascent American colony—there being very little talk of independence yet.  (This was still five years before the Seven Years’ War, a conflict that set the stage for the later American revolution.)  Franklin clearly understood the tradeoffs between native-born North European-American natural increases and the “importation” of foreigners of other ethnicities and races:

The Importation of Foreigners into a Country that has as many Inhabitants as the present Employments and Provisions for Subsistence will bear, will be, in the End, no Increase of People—unless the New Comers have more Industry and Frugality than the Natives [Whites], and then they will provide more Subsistence, and increase in the Country; but they will gradually eat the Natives out.  Nor is it necessary to bring in Foreigners to fill up any occasional Vacancy in a Country; for such Vacancy will soon be filled by natural Generation.  Who can now find the Vacancy made in Sweden, France, or other Warlike Nations, by the Plague of Heroism, 40 years ago; … or in Guinea, by 100 Years Exportation of Slaves, that has blacken’d half [of] America?

Thus there are suppos’d to be now upwards of One Million English Souls in North-America, (tho’ ‘tis thought scarce 80,000 have been brought over Sea,) and yet perhaps there is not one the fewer in Britain, but rather many more. …  This Million doubling, suppose but once in 25 Years, will, in another Century, be more than the People of England, and the greatest Number of Englishmen will be on this Side the Water. …

And since Detachments of English from Britain, sent to America, will have their Places at Home so soon supply’d and increase so largely here; why should the Palatine Boors [i.e., Germans] be suffered to swarm into our Settlements and, by herding together, establish their Language and Manners, to the Exclusion of ours?  Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a Colony of Aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanize us instead of our Anglifying them, and will never adopt our Language or Customs any more than they can acquire our Complexion?

Clearly there was no love lost here for the Germans; the mere fact of their foreign language was enough to hinder true integration.  Franklin then closes with these stunning thoughts:

Which leads me to add one Remark, that the Number of purely white People in the World is proportionably very small.  All Africa is black or tawny [i.e., light brown or yellowish]; Asia chiefly tawny; America (exclusive of the new Comers) wholly so [i.e., Native Americans].  And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians, and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who, with the English, make the principal Body of White People on the Face of the Earth.  I could wish their Numbers were increased.

And while we are, as I may call it, Scouring our Planet…why should we, in the Sight of Superior Beings, darken its People?  Why increase the Sons of Africa, by planting them in America, where we have so fair an Opportunity, by excluding all Blacks and Tawneys, of increasing the lovely White and Red [i.e. rosy-cheeked]?  But perhaps I am partial to the Complexion of my Country, for such Kind of Partiality is natural to Mankind.[3]

A truly remarkable statement by the 45-year-old Franklin, and one we are not likely to see quoted in a textbook of American history.  Given the amazing opportunity of a vast, productive, and largely open land, why, asks Franklin, would we import non-Whites?  The creators of the American colony were Whites from England, who included a healthy admixture of “Saxons” (including Frisians, Angles, and Jutes) from the very north of mainland Europe—people who shared much genetic heritage with the Nordic Scandinavians.  Why dilute the “very small” number of true Whites in the world with yet more dark-skinned races?  If only we all were “partial to the complexion of our (native) countrymen”!  Here is true pride in oneself and one’s people, something utterly lacking in present-day Whites—thanks in part to relentless bashing by Jews and other PC-liberals.  Today, Whites are becoming a minority in their native lands; “I could wish their numbers were increased”—indeed.

Back in Europe, a few brave individuals were proclaiming White virtues, including White/Aryan beauty.  As I mentioned in my previous essay, the earliest prominent advocate was probably Arthur Schopenhauer, who, in his 1851 work Parerga and Paralipomena, wrote that “The highest civilization and culture…are found exclusively among the white races… [N]ecessity is the mother of invention, because those tribes that emigrated early to the north, and there gradually became white, had to develop all their intellectual powers and perfect all the arts…”  This was followed shortly by Arthur de Gobineau’s influential work, Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races (1855), which made an explicit and extended case for the superiority of the Germanic/Aryan people.

Enter Nietzsche

By 1883, Friedrich Nietzsche had published his great work, Thus Spoke Zarathustra.  There he famously introduced the idea of the Übermensch—the overman, the super-man, the being who would succeed today’s human in the course of evolution.  “I teach you the overman.  Man is something that shall be overcome” (p. 124).[4]  And a few lines later: “The overman is the meaning of the earth.”  The precise nature of the Übermensch is never clear, unfortunately, and he is certainly never described as white or Aryan.  Nor is he a conqueror; he is, to be sure, “the lightning out of the dark cloud of man” (p. 132), but again, we are unclear of the implications.  The overman is associated with “rainbows” and “bridges” (e.g., p. 163), and thus is clearly a transitional figure, a ‘next phase’ in some sense.  But he is no world-destroyer, and is nothing to be feared.  In fact, he does not yet exist on the planet; he is still coming, still in the future.  “Never yet has there been an overman” (p. 205).  He is an aspiration, not a reality—certainly no “master race,” certainly no proto-Nazi figurehead.

Nietzsche wrote little more on the Übermensch, and in truth, little at all on race, even the White race.  Even Aryans are barely mentioned—though with two notable exceptions.  In 1887, he released his book On the Genealogy of Morals, which contains a striking analysis of the origin of contemporary Judeo-Christian morality.  Early in the book, Nietzsche makes some preliminary comments on the notions of good and evil as he contrasts the indigenous “pre-Aryan” people of Italy with the “blond, that is Aryan, conqueror race” that arrived from the north.[5]  “The Celts,” he adds, “were definitely a blond race.”  A few lines later, we find the one and only appearance in Nietzsche of the dreaded word:  “who can say whether modern democracy…does not signify in the main a tremendous counterattack—and that the conqueror- and master-race, the Aryan, is not succumbing psychologically, too?”  Here, for the only time, we find him explicitly describing the Aryan as the “conquerer- (Eroberer-) and master-race (Herren-rasse).”  Clearly, though, he is describing a historical reality; this is no prescription for the present or future.  If anything, he is implying that modern democracy has defeated any remnant of the old conquering Aryan.

Nietzsche picks up this same theme a few sections later, where he writes, rather notoriously, of the “blond beast” (blonde Bestie).  The phrase occurs three times in section 11: “One cannot fail to see at the bottom of all these noble races the beast of prey, the splendid blond beast prowling about avidly, in search of spoil and victory” (p. 40).  He then speaks of “the raging of the blond Germanic beast” in reference to German aggression over past centuries.  Finally, and most ominously: “One may be quite justified in continuing to fear the blond beast at the core of all noble races, and in being on one’s guard against it” (p. 43).  It would seem, then, that Nietzsche locates an aggressive core within the historically conquering peoples of the world—which is undoubtedly true, given their various invasions and successes.  In a European context, the successful invaders would often have been the Nordic/Aryan blonds from the north, hence the blond beast—the Viking, if you will—at the heart of the traditionally invading peoples.

Is this bad?  Is this evil?  Hardly.  First, it is simply an acknowledgement of historical reality.  Second, it suggests that something of the lion-hearted persists in the northern Europeans.  If so, what of it?  Perhaps we ought to treat them with respect, if true!

The second exception on the topic of Aryans comes in one of Nietzsche’s final works, Twilight of the Idols (1888), where he has some important words to offer on the Aryans of India vis-à-vis the supposed Aryanism of Christianity.  In India, the noble Aryans, the upper-caste Brahmins, stood in stark contrast to the lower ranks, especially to the “chandala”—the untouchables.  In India, everyone understood the order of rank, and all knew where they stood.  Christianity, by contrast, claims to raise up the lowest of the low, the untouchable chandalas, to turn even them into the “beloved of God”—and indeed, the favored of God.

For Nietzsche, this was sheer nonsense.  Even more: it was sheer Jewish nonsense.  The Jew, Paul, created his universalist church in the manufactured image of a perhaps mythical, and certainly dead, rabbi named Jesus.  As a leading chandala, Paul hated the nobles: the Romans, the Aryans.  It was Paul’s hatred of Rome that sparked the creation of the Christian religion.  As a result, Christianity is the enemy of Aryanism; it is the most anti-noble, “anti-Aryan” religion of all time:

These regulations [of the Hindu Manu] are instructive enough: here we encounter for once Aryan humanity, quite pure, quite primordial—we learn that the concept of “pure blood” is the opposite of a harmless concept.  On the other hand, it becomes clear in which people the hatred, the chandala hatred, against this “humaneness” has eternalized itself, where it has become religion, where it has become genius.  Seen in this perspective, the Gospels represent a document of prime importance; even more, the Book of Enoch.  Christianity, sprung from Jewish roots and comprehensible only as a growth on this soil, represents the counter-movement to any morality of breeding, of race, of privilege: it is the anti-Aryan religion par excellence.  Christianity—the revaluation of all Aryan values, the victory of chandala values, the gospel preached to the poor and base, the general revolt of all the downtrodden, the wretched, the failures, the less favored, against “race”: the undying chandala hatred as the religion of love.  (VII.4, pp. 504–505)

What better cover for this religion of hatred—hatred of the noble, hatred of the Aryans—than to cast it as a “religion of love”?  Paul:  that master-hater and master-deceiver of all time.[6]

Into the Twentieth Century: National Socialism

All these ideas, then, were important precursors to the emergence of Adolf Hitler and his National Socialism, which first caught the public eye in 1920.  For Hitler, Aryans were a major theme in many of his early speeches, and they were notably present in his Mein Kampf.  His critics (Jews above all) were quick to distort things, decrying the Nazi conception of an Aryan “super-race” that would take over the world, slaughtering their way to total domination.

We all know the standard line:  Hitler was allegedly obsessed with this super-breed of humans—which included Germans and most ethnicities of Northern Europe—throughout his alleged drive for world-domination.  The ‘master race’ concept was closely linked, we are told, to his program of literal mass-murder of Jews, Slavs, and other “undesirables.”  Indeed, his alleged murder of some six million Jews, many in gas chambers, was seen as proof of his master-race ideology.[7]  Furthermore, we are told that all of Hitler’s top people subscribed to the same theory and actively worked on its behalf, which formed a cornerstone of the broader National Socialist worldview.  Consequently, the entire concept of Aryanism is wrong, evil, and hateful.  Most importantly, it still lingers today in the form of so-called “White supremacy” movements, White nationalism, and the dissident right more broadly.  Therefore, it must be unconditionally opposed on all fronts.

The problem here, as usual, is that nearly all of this is wrong.  The concept of a master-race (Herrenrasse) is nearly nonexistent in the actual writings of the leading NS personnel, Hitler included.  If there was an “obsession,” it was with the German people and German nationalism.  Hitler was an ultra-nationalist, and this dictated most of what he did.  Yes, he naturally thought of the German people as the best and brightest among the nations of the world—and with good justification, given the vast cultural and scientific contributions of the Germanic people over the centuries.  Yes, he felt that a nation that was unaffected by Jewish corruption would, in effect, lead the world by example—a City upon a Hill.  But this was not an intention for world domination or world rule—unlike, say, the United States of today, which strives, at the behest of the Jewish Lobby, to be a global hegemon via its trillion-dollar military and hundreds of foreign bases.

Furthermore, the “attack” on Jews and other minorities constituted a program of ethnic cleansing, not mass murder.  Hitler and his staff wanted a Germany for the Germans, clear of other detrimental influences and conflicts that come with Jews and non-German ethnicities.  All of Hitler’s terminology in his speeches and writings indicates a need to forcibly remove Jews and others.  Goebbels, too, in his vast private diaries, only and always spoke of removal and deportation, never—until the very end—of killing.[8]  Obviously, amidst a major war, lots of Jews and other civilians did die, but none through a systematic process of industrial mass-killing.

If we proceed to cut through the nonsense, we will, first, set aside our obsession with a Nazi “master race” out to control the world.  We will then bring to light, if we are diligent, a number of interesting facts on the truth about National Socialism and the Aryan ideal.

Rosenberg in His Own Words

Let’s take a moment to examine the thinking of the so-called “leading Nazi ideologue,” Alfred Rosenberg.  Four years Hitler’s junior, Rosenberg was an early member of the NSDAP party, joining in early 1919, some eight months before Hitler himself.  Rosenberg came to the Party with Ph.D. in hand, marking him as one of the smartest and best-educated of all leading NS figures.

Throughout the 1920s, Rosenberg continued to support the emerging Party even as he continued his academic and publishing efforts.  In 1930, he published his magnum opus, The Myth of the Twentieth Century—a stunning and far-reaching book, encompassing a vast range of knowledge.[9]  He covers many aspects of what would come to be known as National Socialist ideology, and he touches in particular on the question of Aryanism and the blond, blue-eyed Aryan aesthetic.  Consider the following passage from the initial chapter of the book, which examines this aesthetic as it relates to the culture of ancient Egypt:

In predynastic Egypt, we find the Nordic boat with its swan neck and trefoil decor.  But the rowers are the later-ruling Amorites, already recognized by [Archibald] Sayce as fair-skinned and blue-eyed.  They once travelled North Africa as strictly homogeneous hunter-clans which gradually defeated the entire land.  They then migrated somewhat further, across Syria and toward the future site of Babylon.  The Berbers, among whom even today one finds light skins and blue eyes, do not go back to the Vandal invasions of the fifth century AD, but rather to the prehistoric Atlantic Nordic human wave.  The Kabyle huntsmen, for example, are to no small degree still wholly Nordic—therefore, the blond Berbers in the region of Constantinople comprise 10% of the population; at Djebel Sheshor they are even more numerous.  The ruling stratum of the ancient Egyptians reveals significantly finer features than the subject people. …

Suddenly, around 2400 BC, reliefs of men with fair skin, reddish blond hair, and blue eyes begin to appear; these are the “blond Libyans” of whom Pausanias later reports.  In the tomb paintings at Thebes, we find four races of Egypt represented: Asiatics, Negroids, Libyans, and Egyptians.  The last are depicted with reddish pigmentation; the Libyans, on the other hand, are always shown bearded, with blue eyes and white skins.  Pure Nordic types are shown on a grave of the Senye dynasty, in the woman on the pylon of Horemheb at Karnak, by the swan-boat people on the temple relief at Medinet Habu [in Egypt], and by the Tsakkarai who founded Phoenician sea travel.  Light-skinned men with golden hair are shown on the tombs at Medinet Gurob.  In the most recent excavations in 1927 in the mastabas at the pyramid of Cheops, the Princess and Queen Meresankh III (2633–2564 BC) were found depicted with blond hair.  Queen Nitocris [c. 2180 BC], legendary and surrounded by myths, is likewise always said to have been a blonde.  All these are racial memories of a prehistoric Nordic tradition in North Africa.  (pp. 22-23)

There is a lot to unpack here, but if nothing else, one gets a feeling for the immense learning of the young Alfred Rosenberg, who was only in his late 30s when he wrote this.  More to the point, he has much evidence that the divine northerners had a significant impact on southern culture as early as 3,000 BC.  This, of course, is significantly older than the Homeric and pre-Socratic Greek texts that I cited in my prior essay.  But it supports my main points:  that waves of northerners pressed down into southern regions, successfully building culture and civilization in the process.  Classical Greeks and imperial Romans were largely of Aryan stock.  Consequently, the southern peoples would have been duly impressed by the appearance of the northerners, to the point that they cast their own heroes, royals, and gods in the Aryan image.

But what about the “master race”?  Surely Rosenberg wrote extensively on that topic, did he not?  Actually, no.  Myth contains no explicit reference to the concept.  He did write in an indirect fashion about human mastery, as in this passage: “As rugged masters and warriors, the Hellenic tribes supplanted the decaying civilization of the Levantine traders, and with the labor of the subjugated races, constructed an incomparably creative culture” (2021, p. 29).[10]  In the second half of the book, he wrote:

Today the German people begin to dream Eckhart’s and Lagarde’s dreams again.  But many still lack the courage for this dream.  Alien dream-visions still often hinder their spiritual effectiveness.  For this reason, a modest attempt is undertaken here to lay down what, in the two preceding sections, was represented more analytically as our essence, as an image, insofar as this is permeated by the eternal Nordic-Germanic ideas. …  And where this must be outlined, it is done with the awareness that they could take a completely different appearance if new means of mastery over the Earth are found.  (p. 273)

But this is clearly no program of racial domination by superhumans.  Then we have a third indirect reference near the end of the book, where Rosenberg quotes a British military writer:

The Englishman, Victor Germains, was therefore right when he declared: “The world-conquering Englishman who, glittering in his virtues and terrible in his passions, rough and brave simultaneously, raises his hand and…erects a world empire as a creative master people”.  (p. 409)

Perhaps surprisingly, it is the Brits who are the self-proclaimed “master people”—not the Germans.

At the end of the war, Rosenberg was captured and hauled before that mock-trial known as the Nuremberg Tribunal, where he testified extensively in his own defense.  His personal attorney, Albert Thoma, queried him on certain key topics; Rosenberg gave thoroughly impressive and even heroic replies.  One portion of the transcript is particularly relevant here:

THOMA: Mr. President, National Socialism as a concept must be dissected into its constituent parts. … Then I should like to ask the defendant how he will answer the charge that National Socialism preached a master-race.

ROSENBERG:  I know that this problem is the main point of the indictment, and I realize that at present, in view of the number of terrible incidents, conclusions are automatically drawn about the past and the reason for the origin of the so-called racial science.  I believe, however, that it is of decisive importance in judging this problem to know exactly what we were concerned with.  I have never heard the word “master race” (Herrenrasse) as often as in this court room.  To my knowledge, I did not mention or use it at all in my writings.  I leafed through my Writings and Speeches again and did not find this word.  I spoke only once of super-humans as mentioned by Homer, and I found a quotation from a British author, who in writing about the life of Lord Kitchener, said the Englishman who had conquered the world had proved himself as a creative superman (Herrenmensch).  Then I found the word “master race” (Herrenrasse) in a writing of the American ethnologist, Madison Grant, and of the French ethnologist, Lapouge.

I would like to admit, however—and not only to admit, but to emphasize—that the word “superman” (Herrenmensch) came to my attention particularly during my activity as Minister in the East—and very unpleasantly—when used by a number of leaders of the administration in the East.  Perhaps when we come to the question of the East, I may return to this subject in detail and state what position I took in regard to these utterances which came to my attention.  In principle, however, I was convinced that ethnology was, after all, not an invention of the National Socialist movement, but a biological discovery, which was the conclusion of 400 years of European research.  The laws of heredity discovered in the 1860s, and rediscovered several decades later, enable us to gain a deeper insight into history than many other earlier theories.  Accordingly, race…  [President Lawrence interrupts, refusing to allow Rosenberg to finish his statement][11]

Obviously, Rosenberg was attempting to save his own life; but nothing he said is evidently incorrect.  As noted, his primary work includes no mention of the topic, as anyone can confirm.  Of course, there was much discussion of race and racial issues, not only by Rosenberg but also by Hitler, Goebbels, and others; but this in no sense entails an endorsement of any master-race theory.  In the end, the result seems clear:  The concept of a world-dominating master race was not a central NS idea, but rather was mostly imposed upon them by their inquisitors.

Aryan Hitler

Consider, next, the views of Hitler and Goebbels.  Let’s start with the latter.  As we know, Goebbels kept a highly detailed diary over nearly the whole of his adult life.  It was recovered after the war, and ultimately published (in German).  This massive documentation, covering 20 years, 29 volumes, and some 7,000 pages, details his intimate thoughts on every conceivable topic.  When we scan the entire document for Herrenrasse, we find just two or three passing references—one of which (August 21, 1938) refers, like Rosenberg, to the Britons; and another (December 26, 1943) which quotes Roosevelt’s stated desire to “liquidate the master race in Germany.”  Obviously Goebbels, at least, had no ‘obsession’ with the master-race concept.

In a similar vein, he had little preoccupation with the Aryan ideal.  Only very few of Goebbels’ diary entries even mention Aryans, and they are almost nonexistent in his speeches and published writings.  Below are three of the most relevant passages in the entire diary, as brief as they are:

The prophesy that the Führer made about [the Jews] for having brought on a new World War is beginning to come true in a most terrible manner.  One must not be sentimental about these things.  If we didn’t fight the Jews, they would destroy us.  It’s a life-and-death struggle between the Aryan race and the Jewish bacillus.  No other government and no other regime would have the strength to solve this question in general.  (March 27, 1942)

Eden gave a speech in the House of Commons on the Jewish problem and answered planted questions. Rothschild, the “venerable MP,” as the English press calls him, took the floor and delivered a tear-jerker bemoaning the fate of the Polish Jews.  At the end of the session, the Commons observed a minute of silence; all members of Parliament rose from their seats as a silent tribute to Jewry.  That was quite appropriate for the British House of Commons.  Parliament is really a sort of Jewish exchange.  The English, anyway, are the Jews among the Aryans.  (December 19, 1942)

So we have to realize that, in this conflict between Aryan humanity and the Jewish race, we still have to fight very hard battles because Jewry has managed, consciously or unconsciously, to bring great tribes of the Aryan race into their service. … There is therefore also no hope of returning the Jews to the circle of civilized humanity through an extraordinary punishment.  They will remain forever Jews, just as we are forever members of Aryan humanity.  …  On the basis of their very materialistic attitude, the English act similar to the Jews.  They are the Aryans that have most acquired Jewish traits.  (May 13, 1943)[12]

Out of literally thousands of daily entries, these few are all but inconsequential.  One could surmise that Goebbels, being short, club-footed, brown-hair, and brown-eyed, had little personal commitment to the Aryan ideal.

And then, what about the man himself?  Hitler indeed had much to say on the Aryans, but nothing on any ‘master race’.[13]  The same with the blue-eyed blond aesthetic, which almost passes without mention.  This is notable, given that he himself had striking blue eyes.  In an early diary entry, Goebbels recounts one of his first personal meetings with Hitler:

We’re going by car to see Hitler.  He’s just eating.  He already jumps up and stands in front of us.  Shakes my hand.  Like an old friend.  And these big, blue eyes.  Like stars.  He’s pleased to see me.  I am very happy. … Then he speaks here for another half an hour.  With wit, irony, humor, sarcasm, with seriousness, with glow, with passion.  This man has everything to be king.  (November 6, 1925)

In his important biography, historian John Toland quotes a number of people attesting to the same.  Toland writes that, according to Josef Keplinger, “[Hitler’s] own eyes…were blue” (p. 16).  A professor, von Müller, is quoted as speaking of Hitler’s “remarkable large light blue eyes” (p. 89).  Early enthusiast Kurt Lüdecke comments on his “intense, steel-blue eyes” (p. 123).  And close personal friend Helene Hanfstaengl wrote in her memoirs of Hitler’s “very blue eyes” (p. 142).[14]  Despite this virtue, Hitler apparently placed little emphasis on eye color.

Regarding hair, again, there is almost nothing of substance on the blond ideal.  In all of Mein Kampf, there is only a single mention; in volume two, Hitler writes against Jewish racial contamination of the noble German race.  He elaborates:

Look at the ravages that our people are suffering daily as a result of Jewish bastardization, and consider that this blood poisoning can only be eliminated from the national body after centuries, if ever.  Think further of how the process of racial disintegration is debasing and often even destroying the fundamental Aryan values of our German people, such that our national cultural creativeness is regressing and we run the risk, at least in our large cities, of sinking to the present level of southern Italy.  This pestilential contamination of the blood, blindly ignored by hundreds of thousands of our people, is being systematically conducted by the Jew today.  These black parasites of our nation systematically corrupt our innocent blond girls and thus destroy something irreplaceable in this world.  (vol 2, sec 10.6, p. 194)

But this is a mere passing reference to “blond girls,” and it is not repeated.  Even in his major speeches attacking the Jews, Hitler never refers to the blond-haired, blue-eyed aesthetic.  Evidently for Hitler, as for Goebbels, the physical features were simply not that important.

The ‘Aryan,’ though, makes many appearances in Hitler’s work, as in the above passage.  In Mein Kampf, Aryans are a dominant theme in the highly-important chapter 11 of volume one (“Nation and Race”), where Hitler expounds on racial mixing, race and culture, idealism, and especially the contrast with the anti-Aryan, the Jew.  The following passages are representative:

Every manifestation of human culture, every product of art, science, and technical skill that we see today, are almost exclusively the creative product of the Aryan.  This very fact fully justifies the conclusion that it was the Aryan alone who founded a superior type of humanity; therefore he represents the archetype of what we understand by the term ‘man.’  He is the Prometheus of mankind. …

If we divide mankind into three groups—founders of culture, bearers of culture, and destroyers of culture—the Aryan alone can be considered as representing the first group.  It was he who erected the foundation and walls of every great structure in human culture.  Only the shape and color of such structures can be attributed to the characteristics of the various peoples.  The Aryan furnished the great building stones and plans for the edifices of all human progress; only the execution of these plans can be attributed to the qualities of each individual race. … The real foundations are the enormous scientific and technical achievements of Europe and America; that is, of Aryan peoples.  ….

If, from today onwards, the Aryan influence on Japan ceased—if Europe and America collapsed—then Japan’s present progress in science and technology might still last for a short while.  But within a few decades, the inspiration would dry up, native Japanese character would flourish, and present civilization would become fossilized and fall back into the sleep from which it was aroused seven decades ago by Aryan culture.  Therefore, just as present Japanese development is due to Aryan influence, so in the distant past, foreign influence and spirit awakened Japanese culture of that day. …

This short sketch of the development of the culture-bearing nations gives a picture of the development and activity—and the decline—of those who are the true culture-founders on this Earth, the Aryans themselves.  (vol 1, sec 11.4, pp. 294–296)

The words are compelling, forceful, and clear.  Notable is his reference to the Japanese as being an Aryan people; clearly he draws a larger circle than simply the White, blue-eyed blonds of northern Europe.  Hitler adopts the broader, academic notion of the term—Aryans as culture-creating and noble northerners.

Our Jewish Masters

And we can hardly leave the topic of master-race theory without mentioning the oldest and most consequential of these:  the Jewish master race.  Everything is documented in the Old Testament, for all to see:  a Jewish god, Jehovah, the “creator of the universe,” who selects, among all living beings in the cosmos, a small tribe of belligerent semi-nomads as his favored.  “For you are a people holy to the Lord your God.  The Lord your God has chosen you to be a people for his own possession, out of all the peoples that are on the face of the earth” (Deut 7:6).

As a consequence, the Old Testament is replete with self-important references to the claimed Jewish mastery over others.  The Book of Exodus states, “we are distinct…from all other people that are upon the face of the earth” (33:16).  Similarly, the Hebrew tribe is “a people dwelling alone, and not reckoning itself among the nations” (Num 23:9).  In Deuteronomy (15:6), Moses tells the Jews “you shall rule over many nations”; “they shall be afraid of you” (28:10).  Then we have Genesis:  “Let peoples serve you, and nations bow down to you” (27:29); and Deuteronomy, where God promises Jews “houses full of all good things, which [they] did not fill, and cisterns hewn out, which [they] did not hew, and vineyards and olive trees, which [they] did not plant” (6:11).  Outside the Pentateuch, we can read in Isaiah:  “Foreigners shall build up your walls, and their kings shall minister to you…that men may bring you the wealth of the nations” (60:10-11); or again, “aliens shall stand and feed your flocks, foreigners shall be your plowmen and vinedressers…you shall eat the wealth of nations” (61:5-6).  If we are to criticize the concept of a master race, we can start with the Jews; no need to dwell on the Nazis.

Closing Thoughts

The moral here is that European Whites have much to be proud of.  All White Europeans have a more or less substantial genetic component of northern, Scandinavian, Aryan ‘blood’ (as they used to say), and this accounts for their broadly good looks, robust health, intelligence, morality, and ability to create civilization.  Euro-Aryans, as we might call ourselves, are distinguished from all other races and ethnicities on the planet—especially from those white-appearing people of the Middle East or Latin America, who embody a different genetic heritage and thus a different moral, intellectual, and cultural outlook.  We are different from Indo-Aryans, East Asian Aryans, and any others who have benefited from an admixture of northern genes.

This has two consequences for White Europeans.  First, it explains why our physical standard of beauty—including light skin, blond hair, and blue eyes—is nearly a universal human ideal.  Second, it ensures that peoples lacking in such qualities will be jealous, envious, and even hostile.  In the most extreme case of the Jews, it yields a kind of burning hatred and resentment, and a desire to see us “brought down” to their level, or less.  Jews know that, ultimately, it is only White Euro-Aryans who pose a real threat to their domination of much of the globe.  Ultimately, only we stand in their way.

Thus, in the end, all this comes down to a basic conflict:  the future of Whites versus the dominance of the global Jewish Lobby.  If it was true back in 2003 that, via the American superpower, that “Jews rule the world by proxy,” as Mahathir Mohamad said, then it is all the truer today, nearly two decades later.  American Jews alone own or control some $50 trillion in assets—an astounding fact.  Should the reader doubt this, consider that just the five richest Jews—Larry Ellison, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, and Michael Bloomberg—collectively own more than $500 billion.  That’s half a trillion dollars, for just five individuals; we can thus imagine the combined financial might of 6 million American Jews.  Add to this the wealth of some 9 million other Jews around the world, and we get an idea of the situation.

Even so, Whites globally are not without resources.  There are around 800 million Whites in the world today, and their combined wealth and power exceed that of the Jews by a large margin.  The problem is that our power is scattered, diffused and often directed against White interests, whereas theirs is focused and directed against White interests.  Most Whites are ignorant of the Jewish Question and of the coordinated attack on their well-being.  Many Whites are vaguely aware, in some very imprecise way, of “issues” with Jews, but they are too lazy or too distracted to bother investigating the matter.  Being generally naïve and trusting—by nature—Whites have a very hard time believing that there is a hostile minority out there that is working collectively to undermine their very future.  We have a huge educational task before us.

But as the old saying goes, it will probably have to get a lot worse before it gets better.  And we can rest assured, it will get worse.  As “America” continues to disintegrate, pockets of opportunity will open up.  The same holds with the “European Union,” which is declining as we speak.  The only path forward is for sub-groups of Whites in North America and Europe to break away completely from their Jewish overlords and establish truly independent political and financial structures that are completely free of Jews and Jewish influence.  Only then will Whites be free from the constant cloud of Jewish obfuscation.  When the fog clears, and when Whites realize the price that they have paid, the response will be ferocious.

As I have argued here and in my prior essay, Whites are a beautiful, noble, intelligent, and creative race.  It is no boast to acknowledge that we are “children of the gods,” that we are a “sacred race.”  This is the message from antiquity.  In the past few centuries, though, we have failed to live up to that legacy.  We have been, frankly, an embarrassment to the gods.  We have allowed our better nature to be used against us by unscrupulous, malicious, corrupt minorities—Jews above all.  The rare exceptions, like National Socialist Germany, have shown what can be accomplished when Whites are free from the Jewish yoke.  The potential is breathtaking; we can scarcely imagine the bright future before us, should Whites regain true political autonomy.

The task is great, the climb is steep.  But we are capable of meeting the severest of challenges.  The looming crises will present many opportunities—for independence, for retribution, and for justice.  Be prepared; a better future is coming.


Thomas Dalton, PhD, has authored or edited several books and articles on politics, history, and religion, with a special focus on National Socialism in Germany.  His works include a new translation series of Mein Kampf, and the books Eternal Strangers (2020), The Jewish Hand in the World Wars (2019), and Debating the Holocaust (4th ed, 2020).  Most recently he has edited a new edition of Rosenberg’s classic work Myth of the 20th Century and a new book of political cartoons, Pan-Judah!.  All these are available at  See also his personal website

[1] Obviously, this does not imply that individual non-Whites cannot be beautiful or intelligent.  Nor does it imply that Whites lacking in blue eyes or blond hair are in any way inferior.  I am speaking here of generalized racial characteristics as they are realized in large populations.  It says nothing about particular individuals.

[2] For Plato, see Republic 474d.  He was referring specifically to boys and young men, but his statement was clearly in reference to “the pale ones” in general.  For Pindar, see his ode Pythian 10, line 40.

[3] From Benjamin Franklin: Representative Selections (1936), F. Mott and C. Jorgenson, eds.; pp. 221-223.

[4] Quotations and page numbers come from the standard Kaufmann translation in The Portable Nietzsche (1954).

[5] First Essay, sec. 6.  Quoted here from Vintage Books edition (1989), pp. 30-31.

[6] For the full story, the reader is referred to Nietzsche’s Antichrist.  See also my essay “Christianity: The great Jewish hoax.”

[7] For a recent elaboration on the Jewish death toll, see my essay “The Holocaust of Six Million Jews—in World War One.”  Also of interest here is the book The First Holocaust, by Don Heddesheimer.

[8] See my book Goebbels on the Jews (2019; Castle Hill).

[9] I have published a newly-edited and translated version of this book; see here.

[10] The Myth of the 20th Century (1930/2021, T. Dalton, ed.; Clemens & Blair).

[11] Cited from Streicher, Rosenberg, and the Jews (T. Dalton, ed.; 2020), p. 77.  In the end, Rosenberg’s defense failed.  He was hanged on 1 October 1946.

[12] For the full diaries entries as they relate to the Jewish Question, see Goebbels on the Jews (T. Dalton, ed; 2019).

[13] Even incidental references are rare.  In all of Mein Kampf, for example, there are just a handful of appearances of variations on the term.  For example:  “It required the entire bottomless falsehood of the Jews…to lay blame for the collapse [of Germany] precisely on the man [Ludendorff] who alone had shown a superhuman will (übermenschlicher Willens) and energy…”  Obviously, this is irrelevant to any Nietzschean Übermensch, let alone any ‘master race.’

[14] Adolf Hitler (Doubleday, 1976), volume one.  Incidentally, Toland also remarks in passing on Hermann Göring’s “luminous blue eyes” (p. 129).

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  1. HamburgerToday
    HamburgerToday says:

    ‘This has two consequences for White Europeans. First, it explains why our physical standard of beauty—including light skin, blond hair, and blue eyes—is nearly a universal human ideal. Second, it ensures that peoples lacking in such qualities will be jealous, envious, and even hostile.’

    I greatly admire Dr. Dalton, but the emphasis on Aryans and ‘Aryanism’ seems to me counterproductive to any kind of political movement that might result in pro-White policies.

    Does it make sense to advocate for the idea that all other races – and even less-Aryan Whites – *should* be against Aryan Whites because they *have* to resent us.

    This position seems especially egregious when there’s no polling evidence to support that most non-Whites of any race – even Jews – harbor no conscious enmity against Whites. There may be much unconscious enmity – and this is surely true with Jews – but what’s to be done about that?

    The modern Racial Right (which I date from George Lincoln Rockwell) has had 70+ years to influence Whites to support ‘White power’ in some form or another with little success and much failure.

    Maybe a re-think of how the White population is addressed is in order here. And I’d like to suggest that ‘Aryanism’ is probably not a part of that expression.

    ‘All White Europeans have a more or less substantial genetic component of northern, Scandinavian, Aryan ‘blood’ (as they used to say), and this accounts for their broadly good looks, robust health, intelligence, morality, and ability to create civilization.’

    Is this true? If so, why is any conversation about ‘Aryan’ even needed? If this is true, aren’t ‘Aryan’ and ‘White’ largely co-extensive? And if so, what are the advantages/disadvantages of each with regard to the ‘huge educational task before us’?

    It seems to me that ‘true political autonomy’ for Whites is the highest immediate goal for White people. Everything the racial vanguard is doing should be oriented toward (a) figuring out how to achieve this result and (b) implementing the actions that will deliver this result.

    We need to see our political task as aligned with the educational (propaganda) task and seek to engage the enemy at every place where even a loss will deliver a propaganda victory.

    What we cannot afford is a description of our cause or of our people that alienates the common, decent White person who is unsettled by events and who needs us to communicate with them where they are, not where we’d like them to be.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      Well said. I too have thought the entire emphasis on Aryans and ‘Aryanism’ is a bit too much. I don’t see a problem in people studying the subject as a more or less historical inquiry, but we as White racialists have a lot more on our plate than to be preoccupied with promoting ‘Aryanism’ among our people who in many cases already see our movement as ‘dangerous’ and full of ‘hate-filled’ cranks.

      • Jack
        Jack says:

        So? Are you open to discussion about national socialism, I just discovered this website and I hope that I can find answers.

      • HamburgerToday
        HamburgerToday says:

        I’m just not convinced the use of ‘Aryan’ is of benefit our rhetoric. Does it improve or inhibit the embrace of pro-White sentiments? Just getting White folks to accept ‘It’s OK to be White’ is a big hurtle, let alone ‘Aryans are the best!’.

        As for ‘hate-filled’ cranks, etc. Our enemies are going to call us names in order to inhibit interest in and uptake of pro-White sentiments. We cannot control their attacks. All we can do is control our responses to those attacks.

          • HamburgerToday
            HamburgerToday says:

            People in the NS sphere project onto NS all kinds of personal hobby horses. Since there have been (and are) socialist states as well as nationalist states, what makes ‘National Socialism’ unique? The best explanation, the one that make it clear what make NS different from other political systems is the embrace by the NS elite of Darwinian evolutionary perspective at the racial level. In short, what makes NS different is eugenics. You can have a nationalist and socialist state without eugenics. But you cannot have a National Socialist state without eugenics. You have accept Hitler et al’s view that the long sweep of history is the conflict between races and that, eventually, one race must dominate them all. This is only controversial because there are NS who want to recruit people into NS and don’t want to explain to them the role of eugenics and Darwinian theory as the foundation of NS philosophy. The NS folks made no attempt to hid this, and the SS was founded on the SS being a specific leadership cadre for the NS eugenic state. Socialism and nationalism are simply aspects – or instruments – of the NS biostate.

            For a really good understanding of what makes NS what it is and what makes NS unique, I cannot recommend more strongly ‘National Socialism: It’s Principles and Philosophy’ by
            Carlos Videla.

    • Michael Adkins
      Michael Adkins says:

      In your last sentence you might have written, ‘that alienates the common decent European male who is unsettled by events.’ Why, because there’s a market for our reproductive tissue. The globalists analyze our sperm count, shape, velocity and wobble. They deconstruct us and reconstruct us as they want They are making us a commodity it’s as simple as that.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” It seems to me that ‘true political autonomy’ for Whites is the highest immediate goal for White people.”

      Probably so .

      A sovereign WN ethnostate is necessary for ‘true political autonomy’. How can that happen when the NWO globalist

      {{ Rothschild empire || ( The RCC Vatican Jesuits/[crypto-jews] ) || British Monarchy of Queen Liz }}

      troika of grossly inordinate political power is against it ?

  2. JRM
    JRM says:

    I have one minor concern about this article, but first I must say that the essay is a wonderfully clear and thoughtful one. As always, there is quite a bit more nuance in the full story than in the simplistic “received wisdom” the common culture version would address. Kudos to the writer for his outstanding scholarship.

    My only quibble is in the following sentence: “Notable is his reference to the Japanese as being an Aryan people…”.

    I interpret the passage referred to here as one in which it is the Aryan *influence* on Japanese culture that is being evaluated, not a statement of a biological Japanese position in the Aryan subgroup of humans. I believe Hitler is referring to the stasis in Japanese culture when it is self-isolated and their responsiveness to Aryan invention when exposed to “Western” learning. To put it more crudely, he seems to be saying that the Japanese are clever imitators of the Aryan- and benefit accordingly. Of course, if there are other examples of Hitler naming any Asian group as “Aryan”, I would be interested in reading it.

    Again, the article is a fine example of detailed investigation.

  3. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Any normal, healthy person would agree that they should put their own spouse before the spouses of others.

    And any normal, healthy person would agree that they should put their own children before the children of others.

    Does it not follow then that it is normal and healthy to put one’s own race before other races? It is morally right, indeed Natural Law, to put one’s race before others. It is called self-preservation. It is called love for one’s own kind.

    We are the true people of color. We alone are not simply different shades of brown. Only our people have blond hair, red hair, brown hair and at times black hair. Only our people have green eyes, blue eyes, hazel eyes, gray eyes and brown eyes. Only our people have light skin, freckled skin, or at times light olive skin.

    On a different note, thank you Dr. Dalton for being clear on which 6 million allegation you refer to. Absent clarification, one wonders which six million? Which holocaust? The one the Germans are accused of? Or the one before that, where the Russians were accused? As most of us know, the six million accusation goes back to the late 1800s.

  4. Jett Rucker
    Jett Rucker says:

    In 1795, Congress that took up a proposal to (translate and) publish the federally enacted laws in German as well as English. The proposal failed, by a single vote according to legend, but the single-vote issue actually concerned an adjournment. The vote on the German-language issue, if any, seems not to be recorded anywhere. This incident is widely misremembered as a proposal to make German the official language of the US.

  5. sandram
    sandram says:

    For the comment that mentions the holocaust the Russians were accused of, that was Jewish Russians-Bolsheviks and they managed to torture and murder around 100 million white Christians.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I think he’s actually talking about the constant whineing and kvetching that Zionist Jews were doing in American newspapers, about so-called pogroms in Tsarist Russia.
      They’d always give the death-toll as six hundred, six thousand, sixty thousand, or six hundred thousand. Six million were usually ‘on the brink of death’ or some such melodrama.
      They were trying to publicly enchant the magic human sacraficial number, which would summon the help of their gods in their quest to build the state of Israel.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Forgot to say about constantly repeating this number six, six, six in relation to death, it didn’t matter that it didn’t actually happen. A good part of Jewish esoteria is scamming their own gods. These people just can’t help themselves.
        It’s all very dark. You really don’t want this cult in control of your society. We used to understand this. The great men of our day used to explain it to us, never mind our religion explaining that they basically killed our God.
        Jews themselves are beyond reasoning with, they are what they are, but you’d think we could make an impression on our people who consider themselves liberal.
        I wonder what the people of Ukraine think of what their new Jewish over-lords have accomplished for them. Less than a decade in control, they are at war with their brother nation. This kind of reminds me of something, I just can’t think what.

      • Guest
        Guest says:

        Replying to Emicho @10:42 am:
        The repetition of the number six, and more explicitly, of six million, which appeared in hundreds of newspaper articles in the US and UK from the mid-19th century onwards, was more than a ritualistic calling forth of their ‘god’ (Satan); it had a very worldly purpose: in several of those articles, it served as a call for monetary contributions from Western peoples (therefore, mainly Gentile) to assist these supposedly persecuted jews in Eastern Europe. One of the earliest articles, from the New York Times I believe, mentions the figure of $2,000,000,000 needed in fund-raising. These fund-raising activities, buttressed by the ‘magic’ 6 millions number, may well have provided the monies which actually supported the overthrow of the Tsarist Government and the very real persecution and attempted genocide of the Russian people.

  6. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    “The Jew, Paul, created his universalist church in the manufactured image of a perhaps mythical, and certainly dead, rabbi named Jesus. As a leading chandala, Paul hated the nobles: the Romans, the Aryans. It was Paul’s hatred of Rome that sparked the creation of the Christian religion. As a result, Christianity is the enemy of Aryanism; it is the most anti-noble, “anti-Aryan” religion of all time” – Really? Paul, Peter, and the rest of the apostles suffered and died for what they knew to be a bold-faced lie – namely, the notion that Jesus rose physically from the grave? People sometimes suffer and die for what they believe to be the truth, but they don’t die for what they consciously know to be an outright lie, especially when they gained nothing from life except suffering, poverty, and rejection.

    It wasn’t “Paul’s hatred of Rome that sparked the creation of the Christian religion,” but the bodily resurrection of Jesus and his physical appearance before His disciples to prove the truth of it (Matthew 28:9,17; 1 Corinthians 15:6-9). Paul didn’t ‘create’ the Christian religion. There is nothing in the gospels and epistles that declare it nor even hint at such a notion – unless, of course, one wants to read into a text a meaning that is foreign to it which is all too common.

    The belief that Paul created Christianity has been debunked by a host of New Testament scholars. In the early 1920s, the Westminster scholar James G. Machen wrote a devastating critique of this theory in his ‘The Origin of Paul’s Religion.’ Recently, Professor Craig Blomberg debunked it too in his ‘The Historical Reliability of the New Testament’ (2016; see Chapter 9 where an in-depth treatment is given). The idea is popular among people who haven’t delved deeply into the subject and are too prejudiced to carefully ferret the matter out.

    Christianity is the enemy of Aryanism? The many centuries of Europeans who embraced Christianity certainly didn’t think so. The thought would have been preposterous to them. It was only later in the 19th and 20th centuries when certain writers became reactionary to Jewish cultural subversion that we start to witness a complete ‘throwing out the baby with the bathwater’ approach to Christianity. The earlier pro-White advocates in America (e.g., Rockwell) saw no tension between Christianity and White racial identity. I question whether some of them truly understood the Christian Faith and its finer theological nuances, but they at least recognized that Christianity was not the enemy of the White race as William Pierce and others have wrongly claimed.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      As a creed enjoining docility in the face of aggression, Christianity is opposed to any people’s prosperity and strength. It also prescribes “other-self”-interest, “unselfing,” the not preferring oneself to others and acting accordingly. It prescribes humility and is conducive to the triumph of a mischievous fallacy–that of equality. For that matter, it actually GLORIFIES evolutionary handicaps: the “meek” shall inherit the Earth–which stands reality on its head–and the “poor in spirit” are blessed! It also breeds self-alienation, not only via the sinister dogma of “original sin”–i.e., congenital guilt–but through an animadversion toward sexuality, the miraculous process whereby human life has been perpetuated for hundreds of millennia (not 6000 years lol).

      I’M STILL WAITING for your NT passages overruling the “virtue is being a grateful doormat” notion implicit in “turn the other cheek,” “resist not evil,” “pray for those who despitefully use you,” “love your enemies,” “do good to them that hate you,” etc. And again, where does your god say that if peoples assail peoples these prescriptions, which you’ve seemed to characterize as pertaining solely to individuals, don’t apply?

      It’s no good to appeal to any exegesis done ages later–any interpretation allegedly reconciling the teachings with practical realities. That literary character you consider God was forthright in talk, and presumably would’ve stated clearly whether the “resist not evil” didn’t apply to peoples or was good only for a time in which it was tactically expedient. Witness his precision (I quote from memory): “You have heard of old that you shall take an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, but verily I say unto you that you shall not resist evil, and that if anyone smites you on the right cheek you shall turn the other to him also.” It’s no good for someone who’s not that god, nor one of his immediate disciples nearly two millennia ago, to say: “This is what he really meant.” Who since then has had that authority?

      Europeans, as I’ve said elsewhere on these pages, prospered as NOMINAL Christians because of their hypocrisy, their non-adherence to the tenets mentioned. In time however the toxin kicked in.

      That your circumcised friends, Saul and Simon Peter, met with their bad end is no proof of their good will, nor of their honesty. Plenty of snake-oil salesmen get into trouble. Going to Rome–ROME–to push a Sklavenmoral may have even suggested a kamikaze suicidal tendency. In any case, who can doubt that these members of a nation which fanatically hated the Romans–indeed all goyim–wouldn’t have desired that their oppressors feel guilt and hate themselves for being violent and carnal–and worship one of their own, a Hebrew??!! (If you know anything about ancient Paganism, you know that the Romans especially were disposed to honoring other people’s gods and cults.)

      Ah, yeah: it was the “bodily resurrection” of your magic Semite and his “physical appearance” before his disciples that determined Saul to preach to the Herrenmenschen. C’mon. Get off that bull. You think people’s estimation of your wisdom is heightened by your spouting fables which the Brothers Grimm would’ve deemed too far-fetched? You insult people here by trying to make such trash pass for fact….

  7. Liam D.
    Liam D. says:

    The author writes:

    “hence the blond beast—the Viking, if you will”

    Well science, in this case shows that it seems that most wikings were not blonde but brown haired. Also alot of easterneuropans baceme incorporated viking so to speak. This according to large sclae DNA testing of Vikings from a large battlefield in the UK.

    He then writes:

    “Classical Greeks and imperial Romans were largely of Aryan stock”

    Again where is the proof of this I would like to see it. Preferrably in paintings and DNA tests aswell as in texts. Also this would include a scientific view i.e. percentages in mentioning of haircolour and eye colour of the old greek & roman elites. It certainly is possible but I aint seen no proof.

    As for the jews having been a master race where quite a bit of racial mixing occured against GOD’s will this is certainly so in my view. The averege jew is like 6 to 8 % arab and 4 % subsaharaian African. I read 25 % of jews have no arab DNA or middle eastern background and there are probably a few percentages that have neither african or arab influence whatsoever. And of this ancient people GOD states they are like the bucket full of water and the rest of the world is like drops falling out of the bucket onto the ground. Also the choosen people.

    Given their on the averege high IQ despite racial mixture with low IQ populations this deos not surprise neither does their dominance in winning Nobel prices given the size of their population.

    Anyways as a true superhuman or UBERMENSCH or genious of geniouses I do have people with different hair colour in my family tree and I am not blonde. Neither has most inventors been. But I am sure many geniouses have been blonde also just haven’t bother to research the matter.

    I guess an author claiming blondeness being great could try to look at this, maybe at blondeness of ancient greeks, scientists (nobel prices), mathematicians, composers, inventors, authors, artists (painters) and the like. What percentage of the best scientists, inventors, geniouses, mathematicians, nobel price winners, composer, best authors & painters and the like have been blonde?

    The indo europeans were not blonde.

    Where does this trait come from and when did it enter in history. All this is missing from the text here. Thus the text is certainly incomplete and unscientific also with claims to which there is no proofs presented whatsoever.

      • Liam D.
        Liam D. says:

        Young, you mean as a kid? Later in life he had pretty dark hair (as an adult).

        Did the dude even write his own songs.

        Would you call him a genious.

        Some dude told me he stole songs from others, which apparently Michale Jackson did according to some subsaharian african of the “afro america” kind said.

        certainly gifted and a great voice though I suppose even though I’m not from that generation.

        I allways thought Elvis was part gypsy and apparently he has a bit of jewsih background. There was a gypsy owned restaurant in a smaller town I wisited and they were major elvis fans.

        As for the origin of blondes or blonde hair, I did glance through wikipedia and obne or two articles in sceince mags and there seems to have been different theories to where and how it evoled.

        One was that it evolved as a “mutation” during tha ice age. But at the time then most people in Europe modved to current Spain and Italy and if so, why did the gene not spread to the latin populations of Europe at a large scale.

        Then it seems that blondeness was common or atleast existed with Eastern Hunter Gatherers, that separated from western Hunter Gatherers in like todays Russia, Ukraine or middle east. But then again, east Asians are all related to them aswell as Native Americans and there is not much blonde hair there.

        But all Nordic people have Eastern Hunter Gatherer background (they were not asians this was before evolution made asians look asian and the like, they were in essence similar to Western Hunter gatherers). And this could explain the common feature in these regions.

        Another theory is that during certain times like after some iceage or something there were many

        I though maybe artist Brueghel was blonde but he was brown haired. Mozart the same.

        Bach maybe blondeeish? Anyone has ideas. Dudes used wigs and stuff (that was some weird fashion that was certainly hijacked by mulatto hendrix).

        Tchaikovsky, brown haired. Hamsun, brown hair, Dostojevsky, dark hair, Tesla, dark hair, Thomas Edison Dark hair, Inventor of the computer, dark hair, inventor of the internet, brown hair, Edmund Cartwright, lighter brown hair, Shakespear, dark hair,

        Apparently jesus was somewhere between blonde and brown haired, more like wheat colored hair according to the writings of Pontus Pilatus or something I read.

        But, please list more blonde geniouses preferrably blonde as grown ups.

      • Liam D.
        Liam D. says:

        I did not finnish my writing regarding another theory of blondeness so here it is:

        On scientist thinks there were alot more women than men like after an iceage or the like and the blondehaired women stood out and had easier finding a partner hence more blonde people.

        Also regarding the wikings I did read some arab that described a bunch of Vikings as tall, large and blonde. So maybe it varied during that tiome and also different regions of the Nordic countries?

        All this is certainly interesting.

        I guess we can all agree that it is evoultion and gene change through mutation that to various degrees spread through populations or something the like at some time or times…

      • Liam D.
        Liam D. says:

        Inventor of the electric guitar and multitrack tape recorder, Les paul, dark hair.

        Was Strindberg blonde or brown haired seems to differ in different portraits.

        Vivaldi I guess reddish lighter brown or something not the classical blonde anyways but then again dude was from Italy.

        But I would certainly enjoy to see many examples of blonde geniouses listed here. I like blonde people it’s nota bad look at all, can look great on many.

      • Liam D.
        Liam D. says:

        I dod look at this briefly and yes it seems that Elvis was naturally red haired or blonde and that he coloured his hair to look better on the telly or the like.

        But what is he compared to Bach, Mozart, Grieg or Vivaldi.

        Beethowen also dark hair.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “Classical Greeks and imperial Romans were largely of Aryan stock”

      Again where is the proof of this I would like to see it. Preferrably in paintings and DNA tests aswell as in texts.”

      Is the proof not in the sculptures? That’s what I always thought.
      Octavian, Ceaser, etc, they look exactly as we do.

      Fair enough if they looked like George Floyd, but they never do.

      • Liam D.
        Liam D. says:

        Well I guess the sculptures does npt show eye, skin or haircolour.

        They certainly were white looking, but that was not my point was it. It was more about eue colour and hair colour which the author does have more ideas about in his previous article on the same subject if I remembre correctly.

        I am certainly a pro white person and you might even call me a white uniqueist. I do think white people are unique and that this has genetic grounds.

        This does not mean I disslike other races. Well I do hate subsaharian africans deeply and wish them all removed from white lands pronto if I may use a foreign term. But I do not want to kill them off although I do consider them being part of what I would at large call an evil RACE with some exceptions maybe (using the word evil in a way that whites do). However this does not mean I do not think they can do good things. I certainly think so.

        But I do think we should support in any ways possible a lessening of that population due to them allready being overpopulated. And this seems to be the only part of the world where there are too many children born possible because they can’t afford condoms or abti pregnancy pills or the like, but probably also due to their sexual nature aswell as the fact they controll their own culture by aggressively throwing out non blacks and thereby have a culture based in afro pop and afro jazz and the like and an african movie industry reflecting their true self.

        This is not something white people have our culture being hijacked by racemixed people and people hostile for various reason against our culture and kind.

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          LIAM D.–
          How you’ve doubted the Indo-Europeanness of the Romans, I can’t quite figure out. Everything points to it. Genetics, ancient images including sculpture, linguistics and literature including biographies.

          In terms of Y-DNA, the bulk of Roman men appear to have borne variations of the haplogroup R1b, the overwhelmingly dominant patrilineal type of Western Europe.

          The sculpture and other images reveal classically Caucasoid features. High, long nasal ridge; thin nostrils; strong chin and no prognathism; high, straight-up forehead; deep-set eyes; no high cheekbones. A note on the very curly hair one often sees on them: the Romans seemed to have thought curly hair attractive and so they curled their hair with an instrument called a “calamistrum.”

          Of course the Roman language, Latin, is an Indo-European (I-E) or Aryan language, marking the ancient speakers as descendants of the I-Es who emerged on the Pontic-Caspian Steppe, Southern Russia and Ukraine, where the I-E family originated.

          Roman phenotype according to Suetonius:
          Augustus: blue eyes, hair yellowish
          Caligula: pallid, pale
          Domitian: ruddy-complexioned
          Galba: blue-eyed
          Julius Caesar: fair complexion
          Lucius Domitius (Emperor Nero): light blond, dullish blue eyes
          Tiberius: fresh-complexioned

          According to Plutarch:
          Brutus and Cassius: pale
          Marcus Cato: ruddy complexion, gray eyes
          Lucius Sulla: blue eyes, white-ruddy face, red-blond hair

          Other sources:
          Justinian: ruddy
          Lucius Verus: blond
          Commodus: blond

          The poet Ovid, famous for eroticism, says “I’m crazy for girls with pale skin and blond hair.” He also made the Gods Aurora, Ceres, Minerva, Diana and Venus blondes. As Xenophanes the Greek philosopher said, peoples tend to create their gods in their own image (“The Thracian Gods have red hair, the Ethiopian Gods have snub noses and black skin”).

          Many Romans were named Flavius (yellow) and that usually bespoke blond hair, as Rufus and Rutilius, also common, meant red hair.

          P.S. Are you Irish? I lived in Erin for 11 years, County Leitrim.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          “This does not mean I disslike other races. Well I do hate subsaharian africans deeply and wish them all removed from white lands pronto . .”

          That was funny.

      • Al Ross
        Al Ross says:

        Classical Greeks and Romans were not all of Aryan stock.

        However , their respective Aristocracies were and that’s where the greatness originated.

    • Ogarat
      Ogarat says:

      “Well science, in this case shows that it seems that most wikings were not blonde but brown haired. Also alot of easterneuropans baceme incorporated viking so to speak. This according to large sclae DNA testing of Vikings from a large battlefield in the UK.”

      That’s not true, actually read the study which the media misrepresented they are little different from modern Scandinavians genetically.

      “I guess an author claiming blondeness being great could try to look at this, maybe at blondeness of ancient greeks, scientists (nobel prices), mathematicians, composers, inventors, authors, artists (painters) and the like. What percentage of the best scientists, inventors, geniouses, mathematicians, nobel price winners, composer, best authors & painters and the like have been blonde?”

      Let’s talk about the overrepresentation of Jews in Nobel prize winnings and other achievements then? Remember blondness is a minority even north of the alps.

      “The indo europeans were not blonde.”

      Which ones? The yamnayans? The andronovo? Some were blonde.

    • TheGorgutz
      TheGorgutz says:

      Another dullard who can barely speak english attacking the whitest white people based of 4chan memes from southern europeans with a chip on their shoulder. I’ll give you this factoid, scandinavian countries are among the most overrepresented countries in terms of nobel prizes won. I guess that means scandinavian brunnettes are super smart compared to brunettes of other countries or something? Blonder countries are typically better countries despite not blond countries getting endless handouts, etc.

    • TheGorgutz
      TheGorgutz says:

      And I hope you don’t say nobel prizes are “biased” towards scandinavians as they are to jews, as southern Europeans and dark europeans are generelly the “best” or “coolest” Europeans in the minds of deracinated whites, the system and nonwhites.

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        THE GORGUTZ–
        I have an especially soft spot in my heart for Scandinavia: Norge er min favoritt av alt lander; og jeg bodde i Sogn og Fjordane for tre ar. Jussi Bjorling is my favorite singer ever, and Greta Garbo my favorite film star.

        The last thing I want is intra-European discord, but I don’t think I contribute to it by standing up for historical fact–especially since Northern Europeans, who’ve flourished more recently than Southerners did, sometimes express some disdain for the latter, forgetting the head start they provided.

        Sir (I tend to think you’re a man), it was Hellas and Roma that made Europe great, if not also the Minoans in Crete. And after Europe declined and stagnated for centuries, sickened by an opiate imported from Semitic Asia, it was the Renaissance that made Europe great again (Hey, M.E.G.A.!);and that phenomenon not only consisted in the rebirth of the Classical perspectives of Hellas and Roma, but it originated and reached its heights in Southern Europe, in my ancestral town of Florence.

        The Renaissance afforded an eruption of art, science and philosophy, and soon led to a Global European Hegemony anchored on several multicontinental empires. And which Europeans spearheaded the Age of Exploration, which led to that European Hegemony? Southerners: a few Italian adventurers (Columbus, Cabot, da Verrazzano, Amerigo V.); the Spaniards, who sponsored and achieved the re-discovery and conquest of the Americas; the Portuguese, who discovered the sea route to the Indies and Far East. (Now, I’m aware of the Vikings’ settlement in Newfoundland, well ahead of 1492; but whereas Leif Eiriksson’s voyage left the Old World ignorant of a New, Columbus established permanent knowledge of and connection with it, changing the whole world….)

        Does any of this make Southerners better than Northerners? Hell no. It’s all in the family. And by the way, because the Hellenes, Romans, Renaissance Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese hailed from the South doesn’t mean they were necessarily “dark Europeans,” a phrase you use. They were all Indo-European peoples, and in Europe there’s long been demographic interpenetration, North-South.

        Vennlig hilsen!

  8. Liam D.
    Liam D. says:

    Also the use of national socialist made up term Aryan as a middle eastern people of European background that mixed racially with middle easterners seems stupid and childish.

    I feel the usage is a bad omen. The aryans in Iran went extinct so… Maybe not a great ideal is it…

    Same with India…

    Also it seems that many babylonians were blue eyed.

    Did blue eyes come from the white levians from southern Russia / Armenia / Turkey? (todays turks are them being mixed with invading turkmenians that took over or the like so not the original Levian’s).

    Also in Israel they found a mass grave with like blueeyed people burried (maybe even blonde can’t remember) and these semms to have been of white Levian stock. So maybe not an original northern European look?

    Also it seems that only the Nordics of the western hunter gatherers had white skin genes. Sure the others may have been white without the associated genetics like many japanese are white without having these genes but also an interesting factor.

    The origin of jews is also interesting. On the female side they are like 40 % Italian from a stock of Italians that died out in Italy. In the bible they are encouraged to go where they originally came from (not Israel) to take wives, could have been Italy given the genetic facts.

    So could the original GOD’s choosen people have been a mixture of southern Italians or the like and white levians such as the blue eyed ones mentioned. This is possible.

    The aggressiveness and ZOG mentality and anti white hatred we see with many of them could be an effect of racial mixture with the afforementioned races / ethnical groups, culture, historic events and the like.

    Do many racially mixed people hate people that are racially pure? Do they fear them? Are they affraid all the time o being thrown out and seen as non-desirablöes that people do not want to mix with. But then again traditionally, jews have tried not to mix with other “groups”.


  9. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Regarding Hitler, I wish he had won the war and survived. He wasn’t perfect but he was not evil as the people who ended up controlling the world today. I went from thinking of him as evil to admiring and respecting him. I regret that he was such a good man who wanted nothing more than to just get the Jew out of Europe.

    All of the attributes of white people that are discussed here are the reason that today we are the main target of those behind the Great Reset. They openly discuss their plans for us and have no fear that we will stop them. In an online article there is a list of the leaders around the world who were trained by Klaus Schwab to be part of the Great Reset. They staged a White House coup and insult us and show their contempt for us with Biden and Harris. Our best and bravest men are killed in continual wars that have been waged by the Jew for generations. They openly mock us with their claims about Russia invading Ukraine. We are being killed by the horrible things that are in the bio weapons that are being injected into people around the world. They are even targeting our babies with vaccines. There are articles by funeral directors who are revealing the horrible things they find in the bodies of people who were vaccinated. Our young athletes are dropping dead during sports events.

    Our borders are open to all of the other races who hate us. According to Nick Griffin if the young Islamic men in Great Britain decided to turn it Islamic it is doubtful that they could be stopped. The most recent meeting of the World Economic Forum was in Saudi Arabia. Does that ring any bells? Rothschild has been in China for a very long time and has a central bank there. Our economy was liquidated in China. All other races are being brought into the west so that our enemies are already here and we are powerless to defend our borders. The international cabal will cut off the food supply lines and people will starve. They’re already starving in the third world where in India and Africa the traditional ways of farming were ended and replaced by GMF.

    Robert Kennedy’s book makes clear that Fauci is purely Satanic and evil and is committing crimes against humanity and yet he has not been arrested and continues to taunt us. Our legislators continue to pretend that the fake pandemic was real and they are going along with the Great Reset. They are doing NOTHING to save us or our country. They see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

    Marilyn Monroe was one of the most beautiful women in the world and other men simply don’t compare with the way Elvis looked but their beauty didn’t save them and they were both victims of the Jew. David Cole at one time boasted that his father killed Elvis. Before he died, Author Miller said that after meeting Marilyn he just had to have her. He explained that he convinced her to marry him by promising that he would help her with her psychological problems and he said it in the sense that he tricked her into marrying him.

    What is the point of this essay by Thomas Dalton? Are we supposed to be remembering our past as the history of a great and beautiful race that is no longer? How can a man like Thomas Dalton be unaware of our current reality? By what magic does he imagine that we are going to survive?

    I don’t care about the past. I want to know what we can do right now to solve our immediate problems. Truck convoys are not even an annoyance to those in control. People will continue to die from the vaccines and the other machinations of the Jew. Our soldiers are being injected. Only God can save us now and I hope there is a God who is not Jewish. I hope that we have been a good and honorable people as well as beautiful and superior so that God will see us as worthy of saving. In the meantime does anyone have any good ideas about what we might do for ourselves? Those are the people I want to hear from on TOO.

        • Jack
          Jack says:

          Well, for a good while I’ve always had the notion that nazism was an evil ideology because it desired for “aryan domination of the world”, that is until I watched the greatest story never told and it gave me a much different view on it. So I scoured the internet to look and find more natsocs to confirm, the problem is that I keep running into the stereotypical neo-nazis that are full of vitriolic hatred. if I’m being personally honest, I’ve known people of color who have been my friends so I’m really torn on it.

          • Barbara
            Barbara says:

            I don’t hate others but I certainly have no love for the Jews. If white people do not “dominate” the world, someone else will so it had better be us. For a very long time the Jews have dominated. And they are the enemy of all non Jews. Just imagine a time when they have opened our borders to so many people that we become a powerless, bankrupt minority. What will happen to blacks when the EBT cards run out? It is in everyone’s interests for white people to defeat the Jew and we cannot do that if non whites are running our government or causing divisions based upon race interests.

            I’ve lived around blacks all my life but I want them to have their own country because diversity simply doesn’t work. Every race cares only about their own interests and open borders are destroying the west. Races are very different from each other and we could all function better in our own spaces. My definition of racism. The desperation of non whites to live around, live off of and when possible mix with white people. White people who oppose this are racists.

            In reality we’re realists. I don’t even treat the word racist as legit because it’s not. It’s simply a tool of non whites to take away the last defense of white people.

            We can’t take care of the entire world and we are a minority race. Our survival depends upon defeating the Jew and being able to make the west white again.

    • Marcus Baskett
      Marcus Baskett says:

      We could do something along these lines… Declaration of Segregation of Gentiles and Jews.
      We’re now separating ourselves from Jews, secular and/or otherwise. The Gentiles declare gentile/Jewish segregation we will steadily work towards this goal confidently & openly whatever the costs. It is our principal purpose (now duty and responsibility) to expand and exert our might and resourcefulness in order to bring to bear our aims in removing ourselves from underneath ridiculous Jewish oppression and bring them to justice for every crime they’ve committed against our people.

      1.Jews do NOT have any right to boss a gentile(s) around under ANY circumstances.
      2. Jews have no jurisdiction or justification to prosecute or bring civil charges to any gentile, unless it has been approved by us gentiles first. …if in doing so there will be consequences in the form of a multitude of swift counter actions as well as civil and criminal legal actions brought on the jew(s) responsible for their racist grievance . –
      3. If a Jew has a problem with a gentile they are to call on the assistance of another gentile to help straighten matters – and we get to publish among our people the case, updates and results as we see fit. This will administered as service to be paid for by the jew(s) to the gentile in service.
      4. A gentile has no obligation to explain anything to any jew(s) if they wish not to for any reason.
      5. Jews can be punished for boycotts against gentiles -whether outward in public or secretive. we will investigate and look for the patterns of such boycotting and bring down our rightfully obtained recourses on the jew(s) responsible for the offense.
      6. No jew is allowed -unless approved and invited by a gentile in our discussions about us gentiles among us gentiles for any reason. If our efforts to assemble are impeded by any other peoples other than who We deem “us” we’ll consider it an act of support to genocide (undeclared war, War crimes to our people) of our people and appropriate actions will have no match in priority or immediacy.
      7. We are in direct opposition to the ADL, IPAC, SPLC and any other “agencies” known for their history of abusing and persecuting gentiles while claiming to be for “social justice” in our own language – as well as Israel’s glutenous gouging of the gentiles taxes.
      8. No foreigners is allowed here unless we approve and no other languages will be spoken in public. Legal immigrants will be required to learn and speak English in a reasonable amount of a specified timeline and will speak properly with approved certified enunciation.
      9. bad gentiles are still gentiles and no jew has jurisdictional command over them under any circumstances.
      10. jews are emotionally retarded yet often coupled with being Too smart in matters technical – bad mix for social services of any kind under the laws of the US Constitution. Therefore Jews are not capable of carrying out fair and just results if in important positions of power over or within a white gentile society and must not continue in those positions ever.
      11. Historically, jews in power over white gentiles has incontrovertibly proven to be the epitome of conflict of interest, grossly lopsided to favorable outcomes for Jews whereas as White Gentiles has to suffer ruin slander alienation marginalization and silenced.
      12. This inverted “norm” is no longer bearable for us and will no longer be tolerated under any circumstances. If Jews exceed this provision (or any other) we will consider it an act of declaration of War and\or Genocide to our people and swift severe actions shall follow.
      13. If a jew is caught lying to a Gentile that jew will be deported or prosecuted.
      14. Our Monetary systems are to be separated at once with that of the jews. A jews money holds No currency value in a white gentile society nor does a gentiles money mean anything in the jews society
      15. Jews will be treated with the harshest punishments under OUR laws if a jew attacks a white gentile for any reason under any circumstances at any degree whether it be verbal clandestine and\or physical.
      16. Jews are to seize any contact or influence to white gentile children and minors at once and are to under commandment to stay out of the business of any other teaching matters other than within their own distinct jewish group(s).
      17. Jews are not allowed to teach among any other groups other than themselves yet a gentile can teach among jews and if jews continue to impose de facto monopoly to historical authorship expertise to everyones else histories, it will be considered and act of treason sedition and attack on our people.
      18. jews cannot enter into the christian priesthood until it has been approved by white gentile clergy.
      19. We don’t want to live among jews but jews can still live among us under strict monitoring and surveillance.
      20. White gentile headed social offices and law enforcement have the right and legal duty to audit, inspect the affairs of and investigate any jew living in the united states at as set schedule with frequent regularity because jews are traitors and can’t be trusted and must be watched closely. Otherwise they cannot live among us.
      21. Jews are allowed to earn profit and own businesses however their earnings will be closely monitored to assure the money they make in the white gentile communities and society(s) stays in the reciprocal cycle of our society(s) economic pool. if a jew is caught investing anywhere else using money made from our economy they will be hanged or sentenced to death. (we’re not fuckin around anymore)
      22. Jews cannot teach in white gentile schools under any circumstances ever.
      23. Jews cannot attend events of white gentiles if instructed not to.
      24. Jews will not have any access whatsoever to gentile minors for any reason
      25. Jews are not allowed to continue propagandizing they are or ever were victims of persecution
      26. Jews will no longer be permitted under the law to propagandize to popularize hatred towards any other peoples especially Germany and Hitler
      27. Jews must forgive Adolph Hitler or be deported and chase hunted about the globe like they did to innocent Germans
      28. Jews will no longer be eligible for “reparations” and must begin paying reparations to the USA and Germany.
      29. Israel shall seize its illegal occupation’s at once and acknowledge
      30. Jews shall be audited by authorities of the white gentile nation of the USA regarding their acquired “wealth” and appropriate legal actions will descend upon anyone that amassed wealth in ways we believe to be illegal past present & future – retroactively & prorated.
      31. The USA is a white gentile nation all other peoples not distinctly such are mere guests. With limited rights and with restrictions. The jew being at the lowest rung.
      32. Jews must actively be engaged in courses that are aimed towards sensitizing them to the ideas of nature, nature order of the universe and the teachings & lessons that came from Jesus Christ (hypothetical notwithstanding)
      33. Jews living anywhere in the world will be counted assessed and documented and monitored for a protracted period of time.
      34. Jews are to be place into a probationary period until we know what disciplinary and correctional measure will be appropriate and approved for their crimes to humanity for the past 800 years
      35. Jews are not to be treated as equal to us and are not to be given the same freedoms as natural citizens of the USA
      36. No jew shall hold any position in our government nor our department of justice.
      37. Etc
      38. Etc
      39. Etc…
      40. .
      41. .

      Or, we will not fight with the Jews but we will commit to the natural process of becoming a stronger people and commit to uphold our values steadfastly and experience the new growth of those values to even greater virtue than before. The western gentile distinction

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Your list would perhaps be a good starting point for nonpublic White discussions on the establishment of a WN ethnostate .

        However , Jews are superior at getting disparate cultures to support their causes in both peace and war . Whites are hamstrung from acquiring reliable allies to fight for exclusive White racial interests unless the fight is ostensibly against unjustifiable Jewish dominion .

        In retrospect , Christian Whites have demonstrated their willingness to slaughter each other for the sake of Judaic dominion .

        Whites do not normally have a theology ( Christianity is ultimately helpless against Judaism ) , nor ideology ( Whites are not normally as politicly astute as the jewmasterss ) , and they do not have adequately interwoven social organizations for a unified defense in order to prevail against the long established collectivized jewmasterss whom also control international freemasonry which includes The ILLuminati . Whites need to establish their own viable cultural secret society or give up the ghost .

        The fascinating book “Born In Blood” by John J. Robinson
        ( copyright 1989 ) is a more or less definitive historical account of what was involved in the establishment of
        the secret society of FreeMasons .

        • Marcus Baskett
          Marcus Baskett says:

          I think I disagree with your interpretation of my post but in all fairness it’s pretty ranty, blanket and general.
          now, Nothing progressive will get accomplished by being secretive or non-public. Of course that’s the initial impulse of those that have found themselves in a terrified state of being knowingly acknowledged or still in denial about what “peoples” are in fact in control of them more importantly not just them but everyone (again I say this hypothetically bcz I sense something beyond our current limited understanding of action-reaction, or resistance and\or counteraction of a perceived negative – that’s nothing but random based grappling, often, off a ledge or thru a window and nothing happens except damage. fear is the responsibility of the one experiencing it and 9 out 10 won’t ever work for a better base motive for their every day functioning let along the ones who have a hunch something else is going down.
          that doesn’t mean I endorse taunting or mocking fearful people even if I myself fall woefully short of a perceived ideal state of inner peace. I feel bad if I catch myself being being a jerk to anyone but I actually was expecting some laughs (I did) as well as offense to what I posted. Im finding out that you first have to be sure you’re being honest then give it expression (secretive is Not expressing) laugh at the notion of fear of reaction and then I see my perspective can change and I opt for that over anything else. I do not subscribe to any religiosity period. no really. humanity has accesses to better ways of behaving and much inventive improvements were in full swing before the notion of a G 0 D requiring my acknowledgment let along “worship of”. at the sometime I’m still viscerally indoctrinated in the human culture persuasions attributed (falsely perhaps) the “Jesus” teachings. This is why I believe in the still valid concept of a pre christian ideology of a source (monolithic) that can be tapped to reflect on and mingle with. furthermore and perhaps to sum that up… it doesn’t have to be a Bentley (G0D) it can be a broken and rusted Chinese bicycle and be just as powerful-less… see there I go.
          thanks for the link maybe I’ll check it out but I doubt any gained enlightenment from learning more about Free Masonry, UFOs (tho fun) Alex jones or “the illuminaughty” or the Bible. I want to read the book learn what hasn’t been written yet.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            I am all for maximum governmental transparency that unfortunately will not happen any time soon given the current level of USA and other Westernworld political corruptions and criminality .

            However , Whites are in an existential cultural war for survival . How do you imagine that big prior wars could have been won without secrecy within the military subset of the civilian societies that fought the wars to victory ?

    • marcusbaskett
      marcusbaskett says:

      to Barbara; …don’t mind my dissertation. sorry, I could’ve swore I thought you wanted to discuss it. sure woosh I could hear even crickets

  10. Horst FLEMMER
    Horst FLEMMER says:


    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Why judeo-Christian? Why never judeo-Islamic?
      Apart from the blazingly obvious BDSM & humiliation aspect, every cloud has a silver lining, it does at least highlight to us everyone who is fundamentally cucked and not serious.

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      The risible term Christian – Judeo values , may be accurately substituted by the racially honest CHICKEN – FOX.values.

  11. scipio africanus
    scipio africanus says:

    Commentary on Nietzsche’s view of Christianity.
    Many on the right are anti Christian and justifiably so in that modern day Christianity has become a cultural marxist suicide cult ,especially for white European people. Christianity has been subverted just like almost everything in todays western culture. The military , education system , the constitution, morality even the basic truth of gender all subverted by jewish intellectualism. The Jew, to paraphrase, Dr. Macdonald, utilizes subversion as a evolutionary survival adaptive mechanism while being a minority in a host population. There is also a spiritual component involved whereby Jews reject natural law and Christ.
    Orthodox Christianity is only universalistic as it pertains to the soul and salvation. For two thousand years of western civilization aristocracy, warrior elites, social hierarchy and the pursuit of excellence and beauty were paramount. The Benedictine monastic system believed in maintaining the integrity of organic communities and culture cooperating with others when mutually beneficial but not destroying community integrity. Even in America there were Polish, Italian, Irish, Catholic parishes that valued ethnicity and cooperated when needed. We will not defeat the Jew without spiritual unity and fundamental Orthodox Christians are our natural allies in this fight.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Thank you, Sir, for your comment. I am Christian. I am also a National Socialist (NS). I despise Judeo-Christianity. I despise the Judeo-Christian religion.

      Having said that, I share this with my non-Christian NS friends: Yahshua (Jesus) is like Sasquatch. If you never met Him, no explanation is possible. But, if you have met Him, no explanation is necessary.

      It does not take much honest effort to discover that Jesus was not a Jew. Actually, it takes much less effort than discovering the 6 million allegation is a hoax.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” We will not defeat the Jew without spiritual unity and fundamental Orthodox Christians are our natural allies in this fight.”

      What percentage of all Christianity are “fundamental Orthodox Christians”?

    • bellamoon
      bellamoon says:

      ” Orthodox Christianity is only universalistic as it pertains to the soul and salvation …”

      “only”? This is the most dangerous .. subversive aspect of the religion!

      Orthodox Christianity rejects racialism. Period. Orthobros attempt to use “nationalism” as some kind of in to White racialists. But.. wait a minute.. can anyone answer me this. Why do religionists butt in on racialism? Everywhere you go Christians stick their nose into racialist spheres. Always. Why do these Christians choose to bring their religion into racialist areas but they do not take their supposed racialism into their churches?

      The only response a body/mind/soul (<see that word?) White racialist should give to a Christian is "Go to Church".

      I understand entirely why Alex Linder (years ago now) made it a rule to ban Christians who brought their religious crap to VNN forum.

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        Congratulations for having the awareness to smell something fishy–indeed rottenly fishy–about these shills for a Jewish heresy infesting what you call “racialist spheres”! YES, WHY are they about???

        As you say, actual Christianity rejects–is incompatible with–racialism. (I say “racism” instead: I’m proud to be a racist and I know it is only ignorance, abetted by Jewish/leftist lies, which makes people think that racism is necessarily harmful to anyone. Cf. “The Reasonable Racist,” )

        In the final analysis, NONE of these self-identifying Christians gives a damn about White race. For them, embracing absurd but toxic fables is what really counts; and they’re likelier to join hands with our biological enemies, who are above all the blacks, if those natural enemies of Whiteness become “believers,” rather than with us non-believing Caucasians.

        How about this as an hypothesis: They are in our spheres because they want to DULLEN, if not wholly subvert, that very racialism of ours? Remember, while they lambast Jews 24/7, it’s from that very ethnic group that they’ve drawn their creed!!!! In the name of opposing Jews, they shill for the most damaging Jewish assault ever inflicted on Western Civilization. They follow Hebrews from the age of the Great Revolt–zealots with every motivation to resent Europeans and to harm them if possible.

        P.S. Alex Linder seems to have acted wisely, but on the other hand it may be better that we know who’s who, because if Christians assume leadership positions in a WN movement, their contravening or betraying that movement can always be induced by appeals to their superstition. I can’t trust them as far as I can throw Gibraltar.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Christianity has been subverted just like almost everything in todays western culture. The military , education system , the constitution, morality even the basic truth of gender all subverted by jewish intellectualism.”

      Superb observation .

      1 ) Jewish subversion of the USA via
      Frankfurt School modus operandi ( chek )

      2 ) Jewish acquisition of ownership/control of
      USA Christian cultures ( chek )

      3 ) Elite Jewish plutocrats covertly supervise the
      treacherous WDC establishment population culling ,
      of USA people cultures , which they are beginning to
      ramp up ( chek )

  12. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you so much for another great piece Thomas; it was a joy to read.

    You forgot to mention Ezra 9:2, “They have taken some of their daughters as wives for themselves and their sons, and have mingled the ‘HOLY RACE,’ with the peoples around them. And the leaders and officials have led the way in this unfaithfulness.”

    And yes. Your statement is very true: “If we are to criticize the concept of a master race, we can start with the Jews; no need to dwell on the Nazis.”

    That is what they do. They are satanic. They blame the victims for their crimes and invert reality.

  13. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Before I even finished Ben’s sentence, in which he declares that Swedes, Russians and Germans are ” tawny ” and of ” swarthy complexion “, I catapulted to my bathroom mirror and consulted it with: ” Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all ? ”

    There must have been an audio connection difficulty, for it remained still. Ella Fitzgerald did not have this difficulty with her mirror, because, in response to her identical question, it responded: It’s still Snow White – and don’t you forget it !

    Ben, for all his acknowledged achievements, should have consulted his optometrist and have developed a preference for carrots.

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      I stopped at those sentences too. Interestingly, I recall many years ago when I was working with this guy and he said Germans were dark or dark haired. I recall always seeing on TV blonde hair, blue eyed Aryans marching with swastikas on their arms and so I was wondering where he got that idea from. I only know in southern Germany I think you will see more people with dark hair (like Franz Beckenbauer) but they are still light skinned and often have blue eyes.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        My mother, surely inadvertently, chose to give me both a blue and green eye.

        One for my schizo half and the other for my phrenia side.

  14. Feric Jagger
    Feric Jagger says:

    I think we ought to employ the term Aryana instead of Aryan because gives it a mythic feel. Have you not noticed a few names in the Lords of the Rings and even the Game of Thrones series have names that come quite close to Aryan or Aryana in many cases just rearranging the letters. Mother of Dragons in Game of Thrones is one example. There are countless more.

  15. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    ” Christianity is the enemy of Aryanism; it is the most anti-noble, “anti-Aryan” religion of all time:”

    Christianity is also the premium spiritual opiate among the sheeple herds of the world and addiction to it has and will continue to devastate White people cultures as did chemical opium physical addiction devastated the Chinese people .

    Religious spiritual opium likely will continue to have as much of an inveterate and egregious hold on humanity as does the historical inveterate and egregious narcotics hold on humanity .

    Maybe it is time to consider a new religion that is short on subjective fantasies and long on objective facts ; one that would have no problem supporting the preservation of White cultures that adhered to the religion .

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      I totally agree with you, even as an old fashioned romantic.

      A new religion, from an amalgam of logarithms, algorithms and artificial intelligence. How calming when you take your last breath.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        It is difficult to believe that

        (Mod. Note: I’ve approved similar sermons from your pen many times in the past. Repetition gets boring, so this will be the last one.)


        “an amalgam of logarithms, algorithms and artificial intelligence”

        would be a viable option .

        How about a new religion that simply aims at

        creating , developing , and employing the

        { sciences | technologies | arts }

        that will be needed by future generations of humanity and

        especially by your progeny if any

        to thrive-n-survive beyond any

        DOOM of OBLIVION

        such as the ( immediately next ) ( inevitable )
        ( specified and guaranteed )

        {{ Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }} .

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          “Christianity is also the premium spiritual opiate among the sheeple herds of the world and addiction to it has and will continue to devastate White people cultures….” Utterly true. Volumes in a nutshell!

          May such clear, unequivocal perspectives ever endure among awakened Whites. Messianism adapted for goyischeh consumption remains a pitfall. Any WNs who think otherwise are living in a fool’s paradise

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      A religion based on facts is no longer religion. The Bible itself says “by faith and faith alone.” A fact- approach pertains to philosophy, not to religion. Philosophy demands much more brainpower than is currently available. Paine knew this- only a handful attended his funeral. Preachers despised TP [AFAIK].
      Religion is accessible to all- philosophy is not.

      The core of religion is consensus for the sake of consensus- everyone is expected to agree with everyone else. Scientology: “Reality is what we agree it to be.”

      The prime task of religion is to replace REASON with this consensus. Replacing individualism is also part of the religious consensus. Another goal of religion is to establish communism- recall that the Pledge of Allegiance was written by the communist/socialist Francis Bellamy [1892]

  16. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    This is one of several various definitions of religion ___

    ” religion (noun)

    Any practice that someone or some group is seriously devoted to.

    At this point, Star Trek has really become a religion.”

    at this link ___

    Accordingly , the pursuit of scientific enlightenment
    could be perceived as a religion .

  17. Autisticus Spasticus
    Autisticus Spasticus says:

    Honestly, I think the word “Aryan” and all the hopelessly confused, mistranslated and misunderstood concepts associated with it need to be completely abandoned. Over the decades it has coalesced into nothing but indecipherable waffle. The Hyperborean, Teutonic, Nordic, Aryan master race who founded Atlantis and conveniently managed to shoehorn themselves into every corner of the Earth where a half-decent civilisation happened to flourished? Come on, get real. It reads like bad fanfiction. In any case, the word “White” is more powerful than “Aryan” ever was.

  18. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    (Mod. Note: Please stick to making comments about the article you’re posting under. This mod is definitely not in any TOO article. Most other commenters here are the same, unless they’re the article’s author. Thanks.)

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