Twilight of the Oligarchs?

Russian Jewish Oligarchs, from left: Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven, Moshe Kantor,
Roman Abramovich

The subject of Jews and money is controversial and essential, and yet not without its darkly comic aspects.  Back in November I wrote an essay on criticism of Bram Stoker’s Dracula for its alleged anti-Semitic qualities, and noted one scholar’s angst about a scene in which Jonathan Harker slashes at Dracula with a knife, cutting the vampire’s coat and sending a flood of cash to the floor. Instead of fleeing immediately, Dracula snatches up handfuls of money before sprinting across the room. The offended scholar, Sara Libby Robinson, complained that “This demonstration of putting the preservation of one’s money on par with the preservation of one’s life shows that stereotypes regarding Jews and their money were alive and well in the late nineteenth century.”

Those who spend enough time observing Jews, however, will know that the curious thing about them is that associated stereotypes have an uncanny habit of finding constant empirical confirmation. Take, for instance, a recent news article pointing out that Israel has experienced an influx of Jewish refugees since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24. The punchline is that the influx has involved many more economic refugees from Russia, who are seeking relief from Western sanctions and dropping currency values, than Ukrainian Jews seeking safety from violence. Faced with warfare, Jews really are “putting the preservation of one’s money on par with the preservation of one’s life.” In one of my favorite anecdotes from the Ukraine crisis thus far, the Russian-Israeli immigration lawyer Eli Gervits claims to have received thousands of calls from Russian Jews issuing an appeal he calls SOS: “Save our Savings.” This remarkable story is emblematic of the fact Putin’s war in Ukraine is a net negative for the Russian-based international Jewish oligarchy, and the international Jewish networks that survive and thrive on their patronage.

The Fall of Moshe Kantor

Few things have raised my spirits in recent times like the news the UK government has finally imposed sanctions on Moshe Kantor. Russian billionaire, pernicious oligarch, and one-time president of no less than the European Jewish Congress, the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, the World Holocaust Forum Foundation, the European Jewish Fund, and the Policy Council of the World Jewish Congress, Kantor is the quintessential strongly-identified Jewish activist, fully committed to the advancement of the interests of his ethnic group. A devoted Zionist, Kantor is a citizen of Israel, as well as both Russia and the UK. Kantor, with his curious blend of citizenships, didn’t so much straddle East and West as use plunder in the former to fuel activism in the latter. One of his primary projects in recent years has been to lobby the European Union for greater restrictions on individual freedom and for the imposition of a vast, draconian apparatus for the protection and enforcement of multiculturalism across the continent. In his treatise Manifesto for Secure Tolerance, Kantor writes with Orwellian flair that “Restrictions are necessary for the freedom to live a secure life.” Reading between the lines, the message becomes clearer: “Restrictions on Europeans are necessary for the freedom of Jews to live a secure life.” Among Kantor’s proposals was the creation of a continent-wide apparatus for internet surveillance targeting opponents of multiculturalism, enforced promotion and ‘education’ on multiculturalism across Europe, and a significant increase in prison sentences for all infractions against the cult of diversity.

Kantor escaped the wave of Western sanctions on Russian (often Jewish) elites until last week, but was finally targeted because of his role as the largest shareholder of the fertilizer company Acron, which has strategic ties to the Russian government. Needless to say, the sanctioning of yet another one of their hugely influential oligarchs is sending shockwaves through international Jewish institutions reliant on the wealth and influence of such figures. On April 6, the European Jewish Congress, Kantor’s primary vehicle for the advance of his war on European freedoms, issued a statement stressing that it was

Deeply shocked and appalled by the decision today of the British government to sanction Dr Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress, the World Holocaust Forum Foundation and the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation. The decision is misguided and lacks any factual or evidence-based merit. Dr Kantor is a British citizen who has lived for over three decades in Western Europe, many years of which has been in the UK. He is a long-standing and respected Jewish leader, who has dedicated his life to the security and wellbeing of Europe’s Jewish communities and the fight against antisemitism, racism and xenophobia. … We call for this decision to be reversed as soon as possible.

Moshe Kantor hobnobs with the boss

The most recent statement issued by the British government is low on detail, stating only that Kantor will be subject to an “asset freeze.” Since Kantor owns, and spends much time in, a substantial mansion on London’s Winnington Road, where property prices average over $8 million, this is sure to be a sore point for the oligarch. Much more worrying for Kantor is that the European Union followed suit a few days later, issuing its own asset freezes and travel bans. His bank accounts, homes, and other economic interests across the continent have been locked down.

Hungary and Austria, influenced by Zionist sympathies, both attempted to save Kantor from sanctions, with the Hungarian envoy expressing “surprise at the blacklisting of somebody he described as a highly decorated man.” However, Kantor’s fence-sitting strategy of being an Eastern kingpin and Western multiculturalist preacher has been demolished by the Ukraine conflict. Like a game of musical chairs, he finds that the music has stopped and he’s left standing, his hands full of Russian assets that were once so precious and central to his power. Ironically, the envoys of Estonia and Lithuania, two countries accused of anti-Semitism and fascism by Russia, successfully urged their partners not to remove Kantor, one of the most influential Jewish activists in Europe, from the list. And so poor Moshe, who once proposed that restrictions were a pathway to freedom, will now have to live by his own words. As his homes and possessions are seized by European governments, as the value of his companies declines, and as he finds himself with fewer places to go, I can only offer to Moshe the reassurance of his own dictum: Restrictions are necessary for the freedom to live a secure life!

Stadtlans in the Spotlight

As leader of so many groups and mover in so many high circles, Kantor fulfils the qualifications of the early modern stadtlan—Court Jews of the early modern period who boasted of significant wealth and intensive relationships with non-Jewish elites. And he exemplifies many of the same qualities, acting always in un-elected but highly-influential intercessory roles, seeking to improve the tactical and material advantages of his tribe. Look at any country of significance and you will find not only a Jewish clique ensconced in the heart of its political machinery, but often also a small number of Jewish individuals so influential that they can be regarded as political actors in their own right. These figures are the tip of the spear of Jewish activism, and in the past such men and their families have been so impactful on the course of history that their names have passed into common parlance — Rothschild, Schiff, Warburg, and more modern corollaries such as Soros, Adelson, and the constellation of Jewish billionaires infesting Ukraine and orbiting Vladimir Putin.

For these eastern Jewish elites, the war in Ukraine has had the doubly concerning effect of impacting their finances and raising their profile. Petr Aven, Mikhail Fridman, German Kahn, Roman Abramovich, Alexander Klyachin, Yuri Milner, Vadim Moshkovich, Mikhail Prokhorov, Andrey Rappoport, Arkady Rotenberg, Boris Rotenberg, Igor Rotenberg, Viktor Vekselberg, God Nisanov, Oleg Deripaska, Alexander Abramov, Gavril Yushvaev, Zarakh Iliev, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, Arkady Volozh, Eugene Schvidler, Leonid Simanovskiy, Yuri Shefler, Kirill Shamalov, Aleksandr Mamut, Lev Kvetnoy, Yevgeniy Kasperskiy, Yuriy Gushchin, Oleg Boyko, Leonid Boguslavskiy, are just some of those who have hidden in plain sight for some time, but now find themselves not only discussed, sanctioned, and blacklisted, but also grouped together in lists that highlight the startling patterns of their wealth accumulation and ethnic partnership.

In 2018 the U.S. Treasury department published a list of Russians they were considering for sanctions, and the list has continued to cause unease in Jewish circles. The Times of Israel recently tried to downplay the Jewish prominence by arguing that “At least 18 of the figures on [the Treasury list] are Jewish oligarchs,” while adding that the list consists of 210 names (meaning a Jewish representation of 8.5%). But they don’t mention that the Treasury separated their list into 114 politicians and 96 oligarchs, and there are in fact 29 confirmed Jewish oligarchs in the latter list, with a further two (Aras Algarov and Alisher Usmanov) married to Jews and raising Jewish children. In other words, at least 30% of Russia’s most influential oligarchs are Jews in a country in which Jews comprise an estimated 0.1% of the population. One cannot honestly speak of the eastern oligarchs without on some level discussing the Jews.

Russia’s billionaire Jews might be almost untouchable, but they have a history of worrying that their Jewishness might become a topic of public discussion. In 1998, the Irish Times published an article outlining the beginning of the end of the Yeltsin era. Titled “Russia Bows to the Rule of the Seven Bankers,” the article explained that Russia had fallen largely into the hands of six Jewish financiers (Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Guzinsky, Alexander Smolensky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Mikhail Fridman and Vitaly Malkin), and a token gentile (Vladimir Potanin). The most interesting part of the piece is the discussion of the old Jewish strategy of using a European frontman to disguise the Jewish nature of the power structure:

In the run-up to the 1996 election, the tycoons contributed millions of dollars to Yeltsin’s re-election campaign, spurred on by Berezovsky, who later boasted that the seven members of the club controlled half of Russia’s economy. It was an overstatement but reflected their hubris. After the election, according to several sources, the tycoons met and decided to insert one of their own into government. They debated who — and chose Potanin, who became deputy prime minister. One reason they choose Potanin was that he is not Jewish, and most of the rest of them are. They feared a backlash against Jewish bankers.

Putin’s Increasing Control of the Jewish Oligarchs

As with Yeltsin, the seven bankers, especially Berezovsky, initially claimed to have promoted Putin and insisted on his candidature as a Prime Minister and President. As the Guardian pointed out in 2013, Berezovsky’s fatal flaw was simple: he misread Putin:

Berezovsky met Putin in the early 1990s, when the KGB spy was working for St Petersburg’s mayor. The two socialised and even skied together in Switzerland. By the late 1990s, Putin had become head of the FSB, the KGB’s successor agency. Yeltsin’s entourage was seeking a successor to the ailing president. They dispatched Berezovsky to offer the job to Putin — who became prime minister in the summer of 1999, succeeding Yeltsin as acting president six months later. Berezovsky had reckoned that his friend would be a pliable successor — and that he, the ultimate Kremlin insider, would continue to pull the strings. It quickly became apparent that Putin had his own vision of Russia: a darker, less democratic place, in which the country’s spy agencies would play a vanguard role, and with Putin unequivocally in charge. The two clashed; Putin seized Berezovky’s ORT TV station; and Berezovsky decamped to London. Their feud was nasty and would lead ultimately to Berezovsky’s death at the age of 67 in exile.

Other members of the Semibankirschina (Seven Bankers) were either exiled or brought to heel. Gusinsky left Russia in 2000 following accusations of misappropriation of funds. Khodorkovsky was arrested by Russian authorities in 2003 and charged with fraud. He served 10 years in prison, during which time his wealth was decimated, and he fled to Switzerland and then London upon his release. Alexander Smolensky sold off many of his assets, lowered his profile, and reportedly moved to Vienna. Vitaly Malkin became an outward Putin loyalist, while trying for almost 20 years to relocate to Canada, investing millions in Toronto, and taking Israeli citizenship. Curiously, Vladimir Potanin, the lone gentile among the Semibankirschina, prospered most under Putin, becoming Russia’s wealthiest man.

Ukraine-born Mikhail Fridman has steered a mostly steady course, focusing on financial matters, cultivating an East-West persona from his London mansion, and avoiding political confrontations. The wheels have recently started to come off for Fridman, however, thanks to the Ukraine conflict and his desire to avoid personal financial repercussions. Fridman was one of the first oligarchs to make clear his opposition to the war, and in a later interview with Bloomberg he admitted that his statement decrying the conflict as a tragedy “could make it dangerous for him to return to Russia.” The Bloomberg interview highlights the shock that Fridman felt on finding himself frozen out of the Western sphere despite, like Moshe Kantor, investing years in careful networking:

None of this helped him avoid the fate of some fellow Russian tycoons. Nor did his years of networking in the U.S. and Europe. On Feb. 28 his lawyer pulled him out of a meeting with the news that the European Union had sanctioned him and his longtime business partner, Petr Aven [also Jewish], who was heading Alfa-Bank, Russia’s largest privately held bank and a key part of Fridman’s Alfa Group Consortium. The lawyer started to rattle off what it meant: travel bans, frozen accounts. Fridman could barely register the words. “I was in shock,” he tells me. “I almost didn’t understand what he was saying.”

Fridman claims that sanctions are politically useless because the oligarchs have no influence over Putin, only business relationships:

What’s clear to him now, he says, is that the EU doesn’t get how power actually works in Russia. If the point of sanctions is to motivate people like him to apply pressure on Vladimir Putin, he says, that’s worse than unrealistic. “I’ve never been in any state company or state position,” Fridman says. “If the people who are in charge in the EU believe that because of sanctions, I could approach Mr. Putin and tell him to stop the war, and it will work, then I’m afraid we’re all in big trouble. That means those who are making this decision understand nothing about how Russia works. And that’s dangerous for the future.”

Sanctions and other economic impacts of the war have already wiped out a third of Fridman’s wealth, and although he’s still incredibly rich, he is more or less trapped in London and has no access to cash. Stephanie Baker, interviewing Fridman for Bloomberg, points out that “he now must apply for a license to spend money, and the British government will determine if any request is ‘reasonable.’” Jewish organizations in Ukraine keep calling him asking about progress on a $10 million donation he promised them but can no longer fulfil. Baker adds,

Fridman’s argument that he’s not positioned to exercise influence over the Kremlin reflects how the role of Russia’s billionaires has been turned on its head since the 1990s. Back then, Fridman was one of the original seven oligarchs, the semibankirschina. As a group they backed President Boris Yeltsin’s reelection campaign and had sway over the Kremlin. When Putin came to power in 2000, he imposed his own model: The new deal was that if they stayed out of politics, they could continue running their businesses. Putin destroyed oligarchs who violated that arrangement.

Fridman’s inability to contain his frustration at sanctions, and willingness to express opposition to the war, may well mark the end of his direct involvement in Russian life. Perhaps more than any other oligarch, his actions provoked the now infamous speech in which Putin attacked anti-war oligarchs seeking after their own economic interests:

The Russian people will always be able to distinguish true patriots from scum and traitors and will simply spit them out like a gnat that accidentally flew into their mouths — spit them out on the pavement. … I am convinced that such a natural and necessary self-purification of society will only strengthen our country, our solidarity, cohesion and readiness to respond to any challenges.

“A natural and necessary self-purification of society”

News that thousands of Russian Jews are fleeing to Israel to protect their money, and the ongoing signs that many Jewish oligarchs now outside Russia may never return, are suggestive that Putin’s “natural and necessary self-purification of society” will involve a reduction in the Jewish presence, in Jewish wealth, and in Jewish influence in the country. As well as the oligarchs already mentioned, there are several Jewish billionaires, including the recently sanctioned Boris Mints, on Russian most-wanted lists, for a variety of crimes including embezzlement and fraud. Leonid Nevzlin, a Jewish oligarch, friend of the exiled Khodorkovsky, and former oil tycoon who fled to Israel from Russia 20 years ago in order to escape a life sentence for murder and financial crimes, recently undertook the symbolic act of renouncing his Russian citizenship. Russian requests for Nevzlin’s extradition have been repeatedly ignored by Israel. Nevzlin recently told a journalist: “I was one of the first to be hit by Putin. He threw my friends in jails, and killed some of them.”

One of the most fascinating aspects of Putin’s political career is that it combines an often flamboyant rhetorical and performative philo-Semitism with actions that directly harm or obstruct Jewish interests. As mentioned in a previous essay, Putin is one of Europe’s foremost promoters of the Holocaust narrative, but it is a Holocaust narrative significantly less useful to Jews than the Hollywood/Spielbergian version we are so used to in the West. It’s a Holocaust narrative stripped of Jewish exclusivity, imbued with geopolitical moral codes favorable primarily to Russia, and unashamedly directed by, and for, Moscow rather than Jerusalem. In another curious example of rhetoric clashing with reality, in 2016 Putin invited Jews to come and settle en masse in Russia, presumably knowing full well that thousands of Jews were already leaving Russia at an increasingly rapid pace. In 2014, more than double the number of Jews left Russia than in any of the previous 16 years.

One of Putin’s strengths in overcoming Jewish financial power at the highest level, which he has unquestionably done, might have its basis in the fact he is not an anti-Semite in the classical understanding. He may well not think in racial terms, but, as a former member of the secret service, he is finely tuned to cliques, intrigue, subversion, and the subtleties of identity — the standard hallmarks of Jewish activism in European cultures. He appears fully capable of eliminating such strategies when he confronts them on an individual basis and with autocratic power. He can depose a Berezovsky, for example, not on the grounds of Jewishness, but, nonetheless, on certain behaviors and associations that are an outgrowth of Jewishness. They say a broken clock will still be right twice a day, and in the same way if one sets out to eliminate opposing, group-based strategies, even in a “race blind” manner, then confrontations with Jews become inevitable. In this way, Putin is a kind of accidental, or rather incidental, anti-Semite who has dominated or eliminated Jewish financiers in his country in a way probably not seen since the days of the Court Jews and the rise of parliamentary democracy.

Jews as Warmongers and Pacifists

There is an irony in the latest predicament of Russia’s Jewish financiers given that war, historically, has been very good for Jews. For this reason, it is worth looking for some historical precedent and parallels. Derek Penslar, in his Princeton-published Jews and the Military (2013), points out that Jews might be notorious for shirking actual military service, but have been prolific in profiting from conflicts all over the world:

Jews were prominently involved in an international banking system that derived considerable profit from lending funds directly to governments or packaging and selling government debt. Much of this activity took place during or in the wake of wars. During the American Civil War, the Union government’s debt skyrocketed from $65 million to $3 billion, some 30 percent of the Union’s gross domestic product. Much of that debt was marketed in the form of government bonds in small denominations and bought by ordinary citizens. The Rothschilds had pioneered this practice in France during the 1830s, and the banker Joseph Seligman picked it up in the United States during the Civil War. After the war, the Seligmans, along with the bankers Mayer Lehman and Jacob Schiff, energetically marketed U.S. bonds as well as those of cash-strapped southern-state governments.[1]

It was Schiff who provided some $200 million in loans to Japan to fuel its expansionist aims in the Far East against a Czarist Russia that was much hated by Jews, and it was the Seligmans who “encouraged the United States’ intervention in Colombia in 1903 to carve out a quasi-independent Panama, where the Seligmans had invested in land along the prospective route of the canal.”[2] One of the most obvious and notorious examples of a war for Jewish interests is of course the Boer War, 1899–1902. South Africa had been regarded as a rural backwater by the Jews until a diamond strike in 1884 and the discovery of gold in the Witwatersrand in 1887. Following these events there was a substantial influx of Jewish traders, who quickly became a clique of millionaires. Claire Hirschfeld, writing in the Journal of Contemporary History, describes how Jews “were able in a relatively short period of time to create powerful financial syndicates and extended empires within a Boer republic of farmers still clinging to a pastoral life-style.”[3] Financial power soon evolved into a desire to achieve political domination, which required the toppling of the Boers. This would require the use of the British army, and Hirschfeld points out that much of the fever for war was whipped up by a British press dominated by Jews: Oppenheim’s Daily News, Marks’ Evening News, Steinkopf’s St. James Gazette, and Levi-Lawson’s Daily Telegraph. One of the foremost opponents of the war was the English Marxist Henry M. Hyndman, who accused “Semitic lords of the press” of hounding the government into a “criminal war of aggression” in South Africa. He was joined by the editor of Reynolds’ Newspaper, W. H. Thompson, who wrote at the beginning of the war:

At the bottom of the war are the Jewish syndicates and millionaires … counting the chickens shortly to be hatched. … The Stock Exchange pulls the strings and the government dances. But behind the Stock Exchange is the sinister figure of the financial Jew who is gradually enmeshing the world in the toils of the money-web which day and night the great racial freemasonry is spinning in every corner of the globe.

Penslar agrees that Jews worked together to profit from war, writing that “it is a fact, not an antisemitic fantasy, that Jews played vital roles in coordinating the allocation of raw materials during the First World War, not only in Germany but also in the United States.”[4] This involved overlapping cliques of Jews profiting from every aspect of war production.

Conversely, Jews can flip the pacifist switch when it is judged that war can harm their interests. Penslar points out that the Rothschilds worried in 1914 that “a war could divide the great banking dynasty,” while Max Warburg began hastily dumping his shares in companies trading on the Vienna exchange. Baron Rothschild pleaded with The Times to tone down its anti-German rhetoric, only for the editor to publicly retort at this “dirty German-Jewish financial attempt to bully us into advocating neutrality.” The German-Jewish shipping magnate Albert Ballin looked on despondently when his merchant fleet sank to the bottom of the Atlantic.


The present war in Ukraine carries more echoes of Ballin than of the war against the Boers. Faced with the Russian invasion and the perennial question “is it good for the Jews?” the scattered Jewish oligarchs of Russia would probably answer a resounding “No.” The most important reason would, of course, be the decline in their individual and collective wealth. Billions have been wiped from their accounts, their businesses have been hobbled, their movement and ability to do business is restricted, and their access to cash is limited. The nature of international finance — politically, philosophically, and technologically — has evolved to such an extent that Jewish profiteering in the old style is more difficult than ever. In addition, it’s also made the individual targeting of financiers in the context of conflict and war not only feasible, but easy and immediate.

The oligarchs find themselves between a rock and hard place, viewed with hostility and suspicion by the West, despite years of Holocaust promotion and Jewish philanthropy (as if this actually contributes anything to the West), and increasingly distant from, and fearful of, the Kremlin. The natural settling place for most of them is Israel, which itself tries to cultivate a relationship with both East and West, dropping one and fawning at the other according to the winds of its needs. Even Israelis, however, are viewing the oligarchs as “toxic,” and have been warned by the US government about taking in “dirty money.”

Forbes has discussed speculation from some experts that Putin is secretly happy about the twilight of the oligarchs. Sanctions may force them into asset sales that ultimately benefit his security agencies. Or they may return to Russia and be forced not only to invest in the Russian economy rather than spread their wealth globally (like property empires in London, opulent yachts etc.), but also to adopt an even more servile position under Putin. Diminished oligarchs will lead to a vast diminishment in the coffers of international Jewish organizations. A key financial well will have dried up. Putin’s war may well have breathed some truth into an edited version of Moshe Kantor’s dictum: Restrictions on Jewish financiers are necessary for the freedom to live a secure life.

[1] D. Penslar, Jews and the Military (Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2013), 146.

[2] Ibid, 147.

[3] C. Hirshfield “The Anglo-Boer War and the Issue of Jewish Culpability.” Journal of Contemporary History 15, no. 4 (October 1980): 619–31.

[4] Penslar, 150.

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    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      You don’t have to be an oligarch. “Asset forfeiture” is a fait accompli when a legal entity decides they want your money. This is complete lawlessness and a means of intimidation to silence and emasculate any dissent or differences someone in Government (the “front man” puppet) does not not like. America is irredeemable and a criminal enterprise. Lawless, savage, arbitrary, and malicious.
      BTW, heard any organizational dissent from the Repugnant Party, Disorganized “Religion on **cough** Biblical grounds?

      Where’s Rudolph Vasoslino when you need him, and Batman and his “ward” Robin?

  1. Patrick Pappano
    Patrick Pappano says:

    I had always concluded that the Rothschilds ran everything, picking goyim stooges like Buffet and Gates and the others, first financing their success and then making talking heads out of them. But this article seems to debunk the homogenous Jewish conspiracy. Or maybe these oligarchs are really not allies although Jewish. Maybe it takes more than being Jewish to be one of the chosen. And maybe Jewish homogeneity is a myth, with each Jew deciding for himself what’s good for the Jews. In any case, a very interesting read.

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:

      Given how nobody in business likes competition a question that has bothered me is rivalry? It wasn’t Rothschilds who formed the Federal Reserve system of the US. That was Paul Warburg?

      • Jud Jackson
        Jud Jackson says:

        Warburg was definitely one of them, but there was somebody else as well. I seem to remember it was the House of Morgan and the House of Rockefeller who were the driving forces behind it. And both J P Morgan and John D. Rockefeller were Goys, I think. One book that I have to read is “The Creature from Jekyll Island” which I think gives an accurate history of the origin of the FED.

        • Gerry
          Gerry says:


          Aldrich is the other name and probably the most important as he was the government man. It wasn’t called the Aldrich plan for nothing. So goys working with ahem. Strange business treason?

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Regardless of who the Rothschilds permitted/chose to be the foremost Jekyll Island proponents of The Federal Reserve System , Rothscildean empire associates own it all — from the beginning . It took at least five years for the www of financial cognoscenti to uncover , via the internet , that secretive fact .
          A City of London/Satan major bank executive may have been suicided for disclosing that forbidden ownership revelation .

          • Gerry
            Gerry says:

            @ moneytalks

            Yes, and there is also the name Col. Edward House! Wow, when I did a study on this man and came across this quote of his everything fell into place to the extant that here we find an almost and this is the shocker in the second paragraph of his quote it’s as if one is reading verbatim from the book of Rev. 13 and why our birth certificates are a bank note. I still have in my possession my original Canadian birth certificate and in very small letters is stamped Canadian Bank Note!

            “He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell…
            unless he had the mark, which is the number of his name.” {Rev. 13:16} {Emphasis mine}

            The full on quote read as follows:

            “[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a National system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer not being able to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two would figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner; every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.

            Well there you have it the answer to practically everything. The only difference from then to now is the revolution of computer technology which is rapidly changing our world.

            Whether one cares to believe it or not this right here is the foundation of this 666 prophecy in the Book of Revelation.

            And moneytalks yes about the internet but there were those before the internet who were trying to get to the bottom of this Federal Reserve System. some further history by Dr. Cantelon:

            “To what extant did international bankers exercise ownership or control over America’s Federal Reserve System?

            The public in general assumed that the stock in the FRS was owned by America’s private banks, but apparently this was not voting stock. For years I observed those who were genuinely concerned over this very grave question. The men concerned were often the most astute business men and lawmakers of our land, some as prominent as Wright Patman, Chaiman of Banking and Currency. In 1941 Congressman Patman wrote concerning this question to Marriner S. Eccles, Chairman of the Board of Governors for the FRS Bank. On April 18th of that same year Congressman Patman received a reply from Eccles which read,

            This so called stock ownership, however, is more in the nature of enforced subscription to the capital of the Federal Reserve, than an ownership in the usual way.

            More than a quarter of a century later, Mr. Patman was still trying to get an answer, from the Chariman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, then William McChesney Martin:

            The stock, or that word “Stock” is a misnomer, is it not?

            Mr. Martin’s answer:

            If you were talking about stock in terms of proprietor-ship ownership-yes.

            Mr. Patman continued,

            Then the word ‘stock’ is misnomer. It is not correct at all. It is just an involuntary assessment that has been made on the banks as long as they are members. Therefore the statement that the banks own the Federal Reserve system is not a correct statement, is it?

            Mr. Martin:

            The banks do not own the Federal Reserve System.

            I still find though and question was there rivalry between these men Warburg and Rothschilds and others? Perhaps yes in the beginning but being both from Rabbincal families my guess is they then decided somewhere upon what Christ said ‘a kingdom divided against itself will never stand.’

            and here’s another shocker for you. They want desperately want some kind of savior thinking that what the world needs is a god like figure:

            “It is necessary to discover a head capable of directing it, endowed with an intelligence surpassing the most elevated human level.” H. G. Wells

            “Let that man be a military man or a layman, it matters not.”
            Paul Henry Spaak, first president of the Council of Europe, planner of the European Common Market, president of the United Nations General Assembly, and one-time Secretary-General of NATO

            “Strong, one-man civilian control of America’s giant military establishment is vital to the nation’s well being. The concentration of authority is inevitable.” Roswell Gilpatrick, Deputy Secretary of Defense

            That god like figure was Christ Jesus but alas they rejected Him for another and my how they distort the Bible in the hopes of getting what they want. They fulfilled or are presently in the process of what Christ said:

            Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber. John 10:1

            Replace Pharisees with International Bankers and voila one has everything one needs to understand our present world and I am very suspicious that this false impostor king is among us right now.

            Lastly, the 1930’s was where everything changed so was it just a coincidence that she suffered the Dust Bowl during the same timeframe? It’s not a coincidence to me because Climate Change is indeed the work of the one true King!

            Now where the Old Testament is concerned can we please stop throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Yes, and it is not due to ‘anti-Semitism’, whatever that means. From 250 A.D. to 1948 A.D. they have been expelled from 109 countries and provinces.

  2. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    A little bit of trivia for readers: In old pictures of Bela Lugosi as Dracula he is wearing a Star of David medallion. In some pictures you can see they tried to airbrush it out but they did a poor job of it.

  3. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    The most positive development to come from the war in Ukraine is Russia’s alliance with China. That alliance will drive a wedge between China and the West, severing economic and political ties between the two. Chinese influence must be pushed out of North America, South America, Africa and the Middle East – securing the resources of those regions for the White race and depriving the Chinese of them.

    The Jews can then be relocated to Israel and all their mud-pets can be repatriated to their ancestral homelands.

  4. Haxo Angmark
    Haxo Angmark says:

    according to an article on today’s (4/22/22) crawler @ Zerohedge, 2 Russian-Jew oligarchs (one in Moscow, one in Spain), apparently despondent about their shrinking piles of loot, have killed themselves – along with wives and children – in the last 48 hours.

    good times.

    • Andrew Kotka
      Andrew Kotka says:

      A jew and his loot shall not part but together, lest they forget ‘a jew IS loot’.
      Curioser – Sarah ‘wokey’ Robinson attributing jewishne$$ to the Drac, not leaving before ensuring the count goes with every drop of blood it came in with is a mighty odd way of arriving at her A-i$m trope. Is it not she doing the cross attributing of vampire to loot = jew, therefore – someone’s A-ism at work?
      Great article, Good journalism. A worthy reference to on-topic discourses. I will be ref linking it much. Thanx for the work AJ.
      Isn’t it strange, whatever sub-tier ‘ethnic’ nationality they infuse into, the ‘jew look’ remains evident. It is the Shylock, crooked look. You trust it like you trust Dracujew on a dark stormy night in Soho.
      A jew minus other’s wealth simply isn’t a jew. Anymore. Such, reverts to its cocoon/pupet form as ‘perpetually oppressed victim’ denied its rightful place as garch, satrapy of, ‘A4 pusher’ Hyding wherever it Parks.
      Seems GB’s mission to ‘get Rusky all over’ even overrides its own love of parked-in garchs. A sly steal-back by whiteys? A greater consolidating of the 2nd tier hoarders? Where big loot is concerned, almost any hidden agenda is possible.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      The “Nation Of Laws” is no more. The seizure of private Russian assets and foreign reserves under the present circumstances violates Constitution and long standing laws. And then there are International laws, for which I am sure have be violated and ignored.

      Trashing The Constitution To Seize Russians’ Property

      There are still Americans who remember how respect for freedom is supposed to operate in America and who are willing to stand up and say “no way” to Biden and his bullies out trashing the US Constitution to seize Russians’ property.

      Constitution scholar and Ron Paul Institute Advisory Board member Andrew Napolitano is one of those Americans challenging the abusive government action. In a new editorial out this week, Napolitano explains that the seizure frenzy put in motion since the State of the Union address is a terrible violation of restraints placed on the US government under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the Bill of Rights.

      Watch out, warns Napolitano in his insightful editorial: If Americans permit such abuse, the result is a “disaster for freedom”…

      * * *

      Some key excerpts from Judge Andrew Napolitano’s column below…

      I have argued in this column and elsewhere that the Biden administration sanctions imposed on Russian and American persons and businesses are profoundly unconstitutional because they are imposed by executive fiat rather than by legislation and because the sanctions constitute either the seizure of property without a warrant or the taking of property without due process.

      When the feds seize a yacht from a person whom they claim may have financed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rise to power, they are doing so in direct violation of the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment.

      Similarly, when they freeze Russian assets in American banks, they engage in a seizure, and seizures can only constitutionally be done with a search warrant based on probable cause of crime.

      As well, when the feds interfere with contract rights by prohibiting compliance with lawful contracts, that, too, implicates due process and can only be done constitutionally after a jury verdict in the government’s favor, at a trial at which the feds have proved fault…

      Officials Seizing Russian Yachts Now May Steal Americans’ Property in the Future

      — Thomas Paine (@Thomas1774Paine) April 12, 2022
      …As if to run even further away from constitutional norms, a group of legal academics began arguing last week that the property seized from Russians is not really owned by human beings, but by the Russian government. And, this crazy argument goes, since the Russian government is not a person, there is no warrant or due process requirement; therefore, the feds can convert the assets they have seized and frozen to their own use.

      To these academics — who reject property ownership as a moral right and exalt government aggression as a moral good — the argument devolves around the meaning of the word “person.” The Fourth and Fifth Amendments protect every “person” and all “people,” not just Americans…

      Read the rest of Napolitano’s editorial here.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        …” since the Russian government is not a person, there is no warrant or due process requirement; therefore, the feds can convert the assets they have seized and frozen to their own use.”

        Typical Jewish legalistic sophistry where corporations have legal personhood and a government or state does not . Another instance of reality being merely what our master say it is .

        Does anyone know of a worldly government that has no in-person representatives or officials or employees that actually commit the violations or crimes attributable to “the government” ? Does anyone know of a government that exists and does not have numerous persons matriculated into it so that a particular person or group could be assigned as a proxy defendant ( immune from arrest and not personally financially liable ) for judicial charges against pervasive government involvement in alleged lawlessness that would ipso facto imply governmental personhood ?

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          I first heard this during the 1960s, when I was an impressionable tabula rasa undergraduate, “Power comes from the barrel of a gun” – Mao Tse Tung.

  5. Cat
    Cat says:

    Would that a similar brilliant enumeration of wealth and criminal behavior likewise expose America’s Jewish billionaires . The appropriately named Larry Fink would be at the top of my pike list of fifth-column, backstabbing traitors.

  6. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    And then there’s this….Some important history to chew on from Dr. Willard Cantelon’s book The Day the Dollar Dies 1973:

    “We know from assertions made here by the Honorable John Garner, Vice-President of United States, Paul Warburg did come here from Hamburg, Germany, for one purpose-to take over the treasury of United States as the international bankers have done with the treasuries of Europe.

    Regarding the so-called group of international bankers, Mr. McFadden said further on June 10, 1932,

    It controls everything here, and it controls all our foreign relations. It makes and breaks governments at will.

    Paul Warburg had a son named James P. Warburg. On February 17, 1950, he stood before the U.S. Senate and declared,

    We shall have world government whether or not we like it. The only question is, whether world government will be achieved by conquest or consent.

    The House of Rothschild

    Meyer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812) of Frankfurt, Germany, studied originally to be a rabbi. Later, however, he turned his interests to finance and, with his five sons, established the famous banking house in Frankfurt. Four of the sons were later sent to Vienna, London, Paris, and Naples to set up branches of their family bank. This combine soon became the most powerful banking establishment of Europe.

    Amschel Rothschild, the eldest son, remained with his father in Frankfurt and became the treasurer of the German Confederation. Salomon, the second son, founder of the Vienna branch, became a leading personality in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Nathan, the third son, founder of the London branch, became the most powerful man in English finance. Carl, the fourth son, founder of the Naples branch, became one of the most powerful men in Italy. James (Jacob), the flfth son, founder of the Paris branch, soon dominated the financial destiny of France. By 1850, the House of Rothschild represented more wealth than all the royal families of Europe and Britain combined.

    International Bankers

    The House of Warburg, the House of Rothschild, the few other powerful banking houses became known as “the international bankers.” They are described best by Dr. Carroll Quigley who taught at Princeton and Harvard. He did research in the archives of France, Italy, and England and authored several widely read books. When Dr. Quigley decided to write Tragedy and Hope (Macmillan, 1966), he knew he would be exposing one of the best-kept secrets in the world. Regarding the international bankers, Dr. Quigley states,

    They remained different from ordinary bankers in distinctive ways: (1) they were cosmopolitan and international; (2) they were close to governments and were particularly concerned with questions of government debts; (3) their interests were almost exclusively in bonds and very rarely in goods; (4) they were, accordingly, fanatical devotees of inflation; (5) they were almost equally devoted to secrecy and the secret use of flnancial influence in political life. These bankers came to be called the international bankers.

    In quoting Dr. Quigley, W. Cleon Skousen comments on page 4 of his book entitled The Naked Capitalist, Dr. Quigley makes it clear throughout his book that, by and large, he warmly supports the goals and the purposes of the network. If that be the case, why should he want to expose a world-wide conspiracy and disclose many of its most secret operations? Obviously disclosing the existence of a mammoth power network which is trying to take over the world could not help but arouse the vigorous resistance of the people who are its intended victims, so why did Dr. Quigley write this book?

    Quigley’s answer appears in a number of places, but it is especially forceful and clear on pages 979-980. He says, in effect, that now it is too late for the little people to turn back the tide. In a spirit of kindness, he is therefore urging them not to fight a power that is already established. All through his book, Dr. Quigley assures us that we can trust these benevolent well-meaning men who are secretly operating behind the scenes. They, he declares, are the hope of the world. All who resist them represent tragedy, hence the title of his book.

    Dr. Quigley states,

    I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years, and was permitted for two years in the early 1960’s to examine its papers and its secret records. I have no aversion to it, nor to most of its aims, and have for much of my life beenclose to it, and to many of its instruments.

    According to W. Cleon Skousen, Dr. Quigley expresses the utmost contempt for members of the American middle class, who think they can preserve what he calls their “petty bourgeois” property rights and constitutional privileges.

    After pondering these writings, I asked myself how far back one could trace this organized plan for control of world finance. On July 4,1856, Benjamin Disraeli declared before the British House of Commons,

    The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.

    Some of the strongest words that came to my attention were those of Curtis B. Dall, written in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 1968, as an introduction to H. S. Kenan’s book on the Federal Reserve Bank. In reference to the international bankers, Mr. Dall writes,

    They are driving toward complete control of the world’s long-range monetary policy and principal world markets for their own profit. They foment foreign wars to aid this objective.

    It did not take a brilliant mathematician long to prove with simple arithmetic that war debts allowed to continue would soon burden the people of the world with such indebtedness that it would take most of the earning power of the masses simply to pay the compounding interest. Was it possible, I asked myself repeatedly, that men could so crave power that they would be willing to sacrifice millions of lives to the god of war in order to achieve their goals? If it were true, were they so deluded or deceived that they justified the mass slaughter of the innocent as a so called stepping-stone to a better world they were seeking to build? Regardless of the questions, or their answers,
    here was one certain fact: the world was swiftly moving toward centralized government and universal control. The General Assembly of the United Nations frequently echoed with accusations and dissension. But there was one power that seemed even stronger than man’s endless legislation. It was the power of money. Whoever controlled it, controlled man’s destiny. The path toward world control seemed to be indeed a divided highway. On one side, there were the shadowy personalities representing the high priests of finance, who visualized the wealth of the world in few hands-their hands. On the other side of the road, there were a number of men, honest and sincere, who pointed out that the total commitment to a world government was man’s only hope of escaping a nuclear holocaust. Or famine from exploding population, or poison from pollution.

    Checks Obsolete

    Members of the Federal Reserve warned that the nations’ banks could strangle on the 22 billion checks the Americans wrote each year, pointing out that in a hundred months the number of checks would double. They urged the adoption of a computer system which would automatically transfer funds between bank accounts. A person’s pay would automatically be credited to his bank account by his employer, without the writing of a check. And the regular payments which the worker owed-car payments, rent, etc. -would automatically be sent to his creditors’ accounts when due. George Mitchell of the Federal Reserve declared it was most urgent to reform the checking system
    before the economy smothered under a pile of paper.

    I did not know George Mitchell personally, but I did know many honest and sincere bankers who shared his sentiments. There was Carlos Verheek of the Kredietbank of Belgium, and Banker Keller of Germany.

    Mountains of Paper

    As I sat with Banker Keller in his Stuttgart office, I heard him heave a weary sigh. “We are being buried under paper,” he said sadly. From the doorway of his office I could see the lines of people standing impatiently before the bank tellers.

    I knew that back home our government was spending $350,000 a minute. The welfare program alone was costing the taxpayers more than a billion dollars a month’ In a four year period, the federal budget had increased 84% and in five years the money supply 47%.

    ln America, I had talked with my banker friends’ Without exception every banker realized we were coming to the end of an old regime and the dawn of a new era’ Our early an-cestors had used shells, iron, cotton’ or cattle as a medium of exchange. Then gold. Now, the paper currencies were becoming as antiquated as all of the obsolete systems that man had used. A new system was about to dawn over the
    entire world and it would be a number system’ made possible by the birth of the computer in 1946!
    close quote.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Mr. Gerry, you deserve credit for spending the time to give a brief on what most folks have no conception. Dr. Joyce, of course, is the next KMac. That’s a great compliment.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Excellent and valuable synopsis. Only denial, cowardice, and materialism-the lack of spirit and Conscious-has allowed us to be enslaved.

      Our ethnic elites knew this process, the masses did no due information lacking.

      • Gerry
        Gerry says:

        @ bruno and Poupon Marx

        yeah, enslaved and information lacking:

        “We also have the prophetic message as something completely reliable, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.” 2 Peter 1:19

        Dr. Cantelon was/is a hero of mine. He was Oxford and he was an advisor to the President and was trying to wake up the world but the Christian Church specifically as to to what was laying the foundation for what is prophesied in the book of Revelation 13:16

        It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

        I summed it up in a reply here

        If the QR Code, the Social Credit System of China and crypto currency doesn’t hold in its hands the power now to fulfill this very thing Rev 13?

        So your last question will it be government or the economy and its people? I think we have the answer, a coming king working I fear in cahoots with current monarchies who lost their kingdoms but will be getting it back with a vengeance?

        That is my suspicion. That and a coming Robinhood moment. More interesting history here if one wish to read:

        @ bruno:

        Nevertheless, the one who receives instruction in the word should share all good things with their instructor. Gal. 6:6

        I’m sharing. i’m sharing but is it helping? Hopefully so eh?

  7. Shep
    Shep says:

    Israeli set the stage up for the Serbs and the Myanmar armies to engage in genocide. They sold arms and provided training to both stressors. Check it out by doing news searches on Google. They also caused the split in Sudan.

    • D. Gra
      D. Gra says:

      Mate wtf? It’s the Croats that were armed and trained by the US i.e. the Anglo-Zionists. Serbs are the victims of genocide at the hands of Ustasa’s twice in the 20th century, 1940’s and 1990’s. Can’t comment on Myanmar or Sudan.

      • Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg
        Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg says:

        The Croatians were organized and sponsored by NATO as was the Kosovo muslim heroin gangs who were touted as a Liberation Army. The Serbs were treated very unfairly and in many ways it was all a petty revenge move on Germany’s part for the murder of Archduke Ferdinand who wanted to reconcile the three big ethnic groups in the Austro-Hungarian combine. It’s not likely to redound to Germany’s ultimate benefit. Nor Anglo-America’s

  8. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Why could one suspect, that Jews are listening in on KM when he discusses the pulication sequence and dates of articles on hand ?

    02 When Haaretz, only one day before this essay on Russian oligarchs, publishes excerpts from Dutch twit journalist, David de Jong’s brilliant new book, NAZI BILLIONAIRES.

    03 Treat yourself to this Haaretz masterpiece and don’t dare to park your VW beetle near this writer, because after reading the above book, he feels like smashing your rear view mirror.

    • anonym
      anonym says:

      I wish someone would write similar books about Jewish wealth. There should be hundreds of them, but for some reason there’s hardly any. Apart from Sombart’s “The Jews and Modern Capitalism” I can’t think of any other book, written by an established academic and published by a mainstream publishing company.

      There’s Zarlenga’s “The Lost Science of Money”, Astle’s “Babylonian Woe”, Mitford Goodson’s “A History of Central Banking”, Fritsch’s “The Riddle of The Jews Success”, Eustace Mullins books, and a few more.

      Jewish control over monetary systems seems to go back as far a Babylon, and has played an important role in most historical events since. The Peloponnesian War, for example, doesn’t make much sense without knowledge about the independent monetary system of Sparta, and the gold/silver based Athenian system, controlled by the international bankers of it’s time. When these are mentioned, it’s always in vague terms, as “aramaic speaking foreigners”, and without any more information. (Apart from Zerlanga’s and Astle’s speculations in their books.)

      The same story of control and exploitation reverberates all throughout history, but hardly any one dares to mention it.

  9. Peter
    Peter says:

    About 90 years ago an [in]famous German leader described the oligarchs of those days perfectly, just as they are in this article, without any affiliation or loyalty to any country, travelling all over Europe and the world establishing interests everywhere and being loyal only to themselves (the Jews). The war is a “tragedy” and I doubt if that is all the Jewish oligarch said and that that would get him in trouble. If he repeatedly says it and if he is placing the blame for the “tragedy” on Putin and Russia, that is where he gets into trouble with Putin and is correctly called a traitor. The war is the fault of Jewish neocons, the American leadership and their European lapdogs and the order is important, with the Jewish neocons being the most responsible. This war should never have occurred and could have been avoided if Ukraine, the EU and the US all made it clear Ukraine would not join NATO and would be a neutral country, like Austria, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland. Instead, the west insisted Ukraine had a right to be Russia’s enemy (or in their words, decide on its own if it would join NATO) which the Americans had spread to virtually every former Warsaw Pact country after telling Gorbachev 32 years ago they would not do that. The Russians had had enough from the dishonest, double talking Americans and Europeans and the Ukrainians are suffering again, due to the Jews. At least the Jews are losing some money but that does not make up for the misery they have imposed upon the Ukrainians again.

    That reveals the farce that this whole affair is, that the Jewish dominated Americans are supposedly friends and allies of the Ukrainians, whom they called “NAZIS” for more than 45 years after he war, prosecuting several high profile cases covered by the worlds media. These supposed allies of Ukraine accuse the millions Ukrainian victims of Jewish Bolshevism of being murderers themselves because instead of thanking the Jews and communists for killing their relatives, like other victims of Judeo-Bolshevism all across the USSR, they joined up with the Germans and formed a legion that became part of the Waffen SS so they could fight against their oppressors and murderers. Unfortunately, I’m afraid the modern day Azov battalion, which the western press refers to as “NAZIS”, has only hurt Ukraine’s reputation more with their behavior. I suspect the accusations against them may be true.

    But it’s good news the Jews didn’t benefit from this war and in fact may suffer losses from it. That is at least something and if they converted their rubles to dollars they may have incurred big losses for that too, while they thought that would benefit them. After initially falling, the ruble has recovered remarkably against the dollar, euro and all the other big currencies and there is no end in sight. It’s these currencies that are in serious danger of collapsing. The Japanese Yen is collapsing. It dropped 12 percent against the US dollar in the last 12 days and the dollar is in big trouble itself. Yeah, it’s a problem for these Jewish fatsos. Where is it safe to put their money? If they had been loyal Russians they probably would have been better off today and in the future. The Jewish degenerated US and Europe will fall much further and its going to happen soon, as in this year or the next two before they turn around, if indeed they ever can. After destroying Germany, they have now destroyed the entire west with their degeneracy. They hated the Europeans (and other Whites) so much that they have elevated the Chinese to becoming the world’s leading power. I don’t have anything against the Chinese. I like them but I would prefer my own people to be prosperous and lead.

  10. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks for a great piece Andrew.

    As hard as it is sometimes, knowing what we all know, we must always remember that- ‘hope springs eternal.’

  11. IronForge
    IronForge says:

    Thank you, Mister Joyce.

    Please don’t forget to mention Kolomoiskyy when Ukrainian Jewish Oligarchs are mentioned. Kolomoiskyy owns Zelenskyy (TV Station), Hunter+JoeBiden (Burisma), and the Bandera-Nazi (Personal Security+Muscle).

    Zelenskyy+Biden not only managed to convince Scholz and Baerbock to Cancel NordStream2 – Zelenskyy is now trying to get Von der Leyen and Scholz to re-direct Russian Natural Gas from NordStream1 to be shipped through Ukrainian Pipelines for more Transit Fees.

    With Soros-Schwartz running the ColorRevoRiots back in 2014, family friend Blinken now as USA_SecState, and Nudelman-Khagan Running the Policy Gambit for this Proxy-War since 2014 – We can say that this is “yet another Khazari-Ashkenazi Jewish-Tribal War”, or “Kolomoiskyy’s War”

  12. Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg
    Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg says:

    It has taken a master chess player like Putin to outmanouver the schemers. What’s ironic and hopeful is that the claque of neo-cons, led by Jews like Nudelman and Kagan, Perl and the rest pushed the hardest for war to bring Russia to heel. This isn’t turning out so well for them, as the petrodollar, America’s whip of world financial domination is falling apart. So ‘The Jews’ do not exactly act like a hive-mind controller. They are as riven with faction and rivalry as any other ethnos. Putin has been able to take advantage of this. Russian jews who are Russian first will prosper. Those who have been part of the now discredited and hard pressed WEF globalist faction are very much on the back foot. And lastly, it should be pointed out that Jews don’t always escape the wars the finance people benefit from. It’s really just that aristocratic strata that makes it look that way.

  13. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    Putin and Orban, the only adults in Europe Kindergarten class. The BRICS, esp. Russia and China, are the only impediment for The International Jew, Illuminati, WEF, NWO, Globalists to spread their social and economic rot and diseases to the remaining world. Russia, not wanting the filth that the West wallows in, wants none of it. Therefore, they must be destroyed.

    This is their way out. As always, the EU will just define things however they need to in order to save face, while ultimately capitulating when forced to show their hole cards.

    We watched this same pathetic display for more than three years over Brexit. And if not for a complicit, nee treasonous performance by Former Prime Minister Theresa May, Brexit negotiations would have been finalized in around six months.

    All she had to do was set terms and walk away from these people. All she had to do was what Putin just did.

    This isn’t to say Putin’s handling of this growing crisis has been perfect. His biggest fault as Russia’s leader has been his continued underestimating the duplicity and sheer evil emanating from the European Commission.

    However, I also feel Putin knew that Russia’s best strategy was to be the best neighbor it could be despite the obvious provocations. It cost him politically for years. This is why he tried so hard for so long to find common ground with these folks, attempting where he could to make allies and create political leverage.

    This is why Putin has refused to shut off the gas to the EU, even while they dragged their feet on paying in rubles. He always knew where this would end up, and if you asked the Eurocrats in Brussels quietly, so did they.

    The political costs to Brussels for turning off the gas would be too high a price for them to pay.

    This issue has caused fracturing in German’s fragile ruling coalition. It has harmed France’s Emmanuel Macron’s re-election chances in France. It will cost Mario Draghi his government next year. Of course, by then Draghi’s destruction of Italy as a country will be nearly complete. One can only hope the Italians find their voice between now and then.

  14. ron
    ron says:

    Ok so a lot of yids have been complaining that these sanctions will result in less stolen money going to the kike community as philanthropic donations. Well what the hell do you think these Jew-dominated western governments are going to do with the money they just stole from the oligarchs? They are going to use the money for the same purpose. With this phony east-west conflict, they make Puto look like a hero, so the masses of asses in Russia won’t band together to overthrow him, but rather they will sit on their asses, watching TV shows full of praise for the punk, and sit around praying and hoping that their personal “hero” will ‘fix everything’.

  15. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:

    “Kantor is the quintessential strongly-identified Jewish activist, fully committed to the advancement of the interests of his ethnic group.”

    Is he really altruistically driven to advance his ethnic group, or does he see his activism as protecting him personally? It is true that before the Enlightenment, the Ashkenazim were much more group selected than today, but with all the dysgenics and mutational load, would it not be expected that at least among the secular/atheist Ashkenazim, there would a significant shift towards a more relatively Individually Selected state? Thus, a question arises as to whether all these billionaire Ashkenazim donors are sincerely concerned about the welfare of the typical Ashkenazi person with their typical IQs of 112, or if they are only trying to protect themselves as individual billionaires since they fear facing individual persecution. And perhaps their only interest in Israel has to do with it serving as a place they can escape to for protection, as well as a place they can acquire Gentile organs for transplants as well as Gentile sex slaves. It would please me if Professor Kevin MacDonald would still do research on, or at least write about the current genetic status of the Ashkenazim. How much dysgenics is occurring among the secular Ashkenazim? Are the Hassidic/Haredi Ashkenazim still engaging in eugenic practices? What is the Group Selected status of the current Ashkenazim versus those before the Enlightenment? And so forth. I think this would be a great area for collaboration between Professor MacDonald, Dr. Woodley of Menie, and Professor Lynn.

    Second point: Dr. Joyce mentions in this article that the Russian billionaires use the wealth they have been acquiring in Russia to promote Cultural Marxism in the West. However, is it possible that President Putin is actually using these Ashkenazi billionaires to weaken the West with Cultural Marxism? Putin may have no visceral/organic antipathy towards Western Europeans, but may simply be looking at the situation from a purely pragmatic point of view, which is that whether by choice or not, Western Europeans are providing the bulk of the resources for the Ashkenazi war on Russia. Thus facilitating the Ashkenazim’s promotion of Cultural Marxism in the West could be considered a morally valid strategy. And perhaps this is why Putin is allowing the Russian Ashkenazim to become billionaires. My understanding is that Putin does indeed put some restrictions on the Ashkenazim when it comes to promoting Cultural Marxism in Russia, but not in the West. Also, I’ve read various anecdotal reports about Russia funding Cultural Marxism in the West such as by providing resources for BLM, Antifa, other Left-Wing activists, etc. Some of you may have read these stories, whether true or not, about Russia funding advertisements for BLM and such on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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