Recent Research on Race Realism

Race and Evolution: The Causes and Consequences of Race Differences
Stephen K. Sanderson
Self-published, 2022

Stephen Sanderson is the author, coauthor, or editor of sixteen books in twenty-two editions and some seventy-five articles in journals, edited collections, and handbooks. He is a retired professor of sociology and is quite unusual within his discipline for applying evolutionary principles to the study of society. His latest offering, dedicated to J. Phillippe Rushton, Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen, combines a useful summary of the best in recent research and theory regarding human racial differences (seven chapters) with applications to such topics as the history of slavery, liberal stereotype theory, social stratification by color, the history of human accomplishment, the rise of Northeast Asia, and the decline of Africa (six chapters); a final chapter discusses policy options. Being an American, the author devotes special attention to Whites and Blacks, but includes information on other races wherever helpful.

Sanderson begins his book with several epigraphs that indicate his awareness that he is stepping into a very politically incorrect minefield. These two are well worth pondering in the present context where woke ideology—an ideology based on moral judgments and equitable outcomes rather than science and facts—reigns supreme in universities, the media, and corporate culture:

A good society is one that permits a maximum amount of objective pursuit of truth and beauty, and this pursuit should be undertaken “irrespective of the consequences.” Such inquiry may lead to the discovery of “inconvenient facts,” but it must be undertaken nonetheless. We cannot know in advance whether the knowledge we create or discover will support or contradict certain moral positions already held. And “philosophies incongruent with the pursuit of a reduction in misery should be permitted since the basis of rationality is strengthened through argument,” and “all opinions, however obnoxious or however passionately held, [should] be heard and subjected to the test of rational criticism.” Barrington Moore, Jr.

Political thinking, especially on the left, is a sort of masturbation fantasy in which the world of fact hardly matters. George Orwell

The first section of the book, entitled “Foundations of Race Realism,” will be well-trodden ground for regular readers of The Occidental Observer, so I shall be brief. The first chapter defends the biological reality of races by providing a point-by-point refutation of two high-profile formal statements of social constructivism, one issued by the American Anthropological Association (AAA) in 1998 and the other by the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (AAPA) in 1999. The author explains what is wrong with “Lewontin’s fallacy,” i.e., the inference of the unreality of race from the fact of greater genetic variation within than between racial groups. He quotes some older texts to show that the concept of race was not invented by eighteenth century European colonialists, as the AAA and many antiracists maintain. A good example of the lengths to which some people will go to deny reality is the AAPA’s declaration that “human traits known to be biologically adaptive do not occur with greater frequency in one population than in others.” Sanderson marvels that this is “obviously false and a rather astonishing statement for a biological anthropologist to make,” giving a few simple examples. The chapter closes with an account of how cluster analysis of population genetic data can reliably identify “four to six major racial groups.”

Chapter Two explains the inadequacy of non-biological explanations for differences in racial outcomes, including discrimination, the lingering effects of slavery, and systemic racism. The best of these theories focuses on the higher rates of fatherless households among Blacks than Whites, but the explanation for this difference lies ultimately in racial biology after all.

Chapter Three summarizes evidence for genetically based racial differences in average intelligences. American psychometric data showing an average White IQ of about 100 and an average Black IQ of 85 has now accumulated for over a hundred years. In the course of childhood, the degree to which environment can explain such differences steadily declines, disappearing entirely by around age fourteen. Most damning for the social constructivist position, however, is that Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) now make it possible to identify specific genes that contribute to intelligence, meaning that intelligence can be reliably (albeit not perfectly) predicted from biological data alone. One particularly telling statistic Sanderson cites is the correlation between the average IQ of the nations of the world and the percentage of their population that is Black: .808.

Many Black-White socioeconomic gaps disappear once IQ is controlled for, but one difference that does not is out-of-wedlock births. In his fourth chapter, Sanderson explains race differences in sex, reproduction and family patterns, summarizing Rushton’s evidence for high mating effort/low nurturance among Blacks and low mating effort/high nurturance among Northeast Asians, with Whites intermediate. He demonstrates that fatherless homes are common in Africa and among Blacks worldwide, not something unique to post-World War II America.

Chapter Five discusses race differences in personality and temperament. In the American context, the most important are that Blacks have significantly higher levels of antisocial personality as well as higher time preference than Whites (i.e., Blacks are more likely to place less value on returns receivable or costs payable in the future and hence more likely to accept immediate rewards rather than wait for larger returns at a later date and more likely to take out disadvantageous long-term loans with immediate up-front payouts). Confusingly, the author systematically switches the terms “high” and “low” time preference; one hopes this mistake can soon be corrected through the print-on-demand system.

Chapter Six explains racial differences in law-abidingness, including violent crime, civil disorder (mob violence), and political corruption. Such differences are in large part a consequence of differences in intelligence and time-preference.

Chapter Seven outlines the historical development of racial differences following the migration of early humans out of Africa and into colder climates where getting through the winter required planning ahead. There is also a discussion of Life History Theory and the r-K continuum (basically the continuum from high mating effort/low nurturance to low mating effort/high nurturance).

The six chapters which make up Part 2 of Race and Evolution apply the race realist perspective to particular issues. Chapter Eight provides a brief history of New World slavery, including regional comparisons, arguing it was fundamentally an economic rather than a racial institution: “Europeans did not choose Africans as slaves because they considered them biologically inferior, but because Africa provided a huge supply of labor that could be transported to the New World more cheaply than slaves drawn from, say, India or China.”

Chapter Nine discusses racial stratification around the world, showing that Blacks have the lowest average socio-economic status in multiracial societies everywhere. The author explains that the phenomenon of “pigmentocracy”—where increasingly light skin is found the higher one goes up the socio-economic scale—results from a hierarchy of ability: “Lighter skinned people are regarded more highly because they are more talented.”

Ever since psychologist Gordon Alport published The Nature of Prejudice in 1954, “stereotypes” have been a staple of social constructivist discourse, the assumption being that they are unreliable. But this has never been demonstrated. In Chapter Ten, Sanderson summarizes the findings of a series of studies published since 2012 by social psychologist Lee Jussim and colleagues. They found a high positive correlation between racial, ethnic, and gender stereotypes and empirical reality. For instance, in one study comparing stereotypes with US Census data, correlations ranged from .27 (already moderately significant) to .96, with a mean as high as .83. Jussim et al. write that “stereotype accuracy correlations are among the largest and most replicable effects in all of social psychology.” This is no doubt because, over human evolutionary history, accurate knowledge of behavior patterns of social groups within one’s environment must have had considerable survival value, and thus been favored by natural selection.

Chapter Eleven demonstrates that the bulk of scientific discovery and other advances in human knowledge have been the work of European and European-descended men. Northeast Asians may have somewhat higher average intelligence, but they tend to produce highly conformist cultures where copying from accepted “masters” is inculcated and originality is frowned upon. Africa, of course, has produced nothing notable in scientific discovery.

Chapter Twelve discusses the recent rapid economic development of Northeast Asia and the dominance of Southeast Asian economies by the overseas Chinese.

Chapter thirteen contrasts this with the catastrophic fate of sub-Saharan Africa since decolonization and demonstrates the inadequacy of anti-colonial theories to explain it. The late Ghanaian economist George B. N. Ayittey has described the typical African post-colonial regime as a “vampire state.” Sanderson summarizes:

A vampire state is one run by crooks and gangsters who come to power either through rigged elections or coups d’état. Their leaders are functional illiterates who debauch all major government institutions: civil service, military, judiciary and banking system. They transform their countries into personal fiefdoms for the benefit of themselves, their cronies and tribesmen.

The author offers a brief tour of the continent filled with collapsing public services, universal corruption and bribery, civil wars, cannibalism, torture, a five hextillion percent rate of inflation (in Zimbabwe a few years ago) and outright genocide (in Rwanda). As he explains:

Before colonialism Africans had indigenous political institutions that were much simpler and more easily used to maintain order than those established by the colonists. The new colonial institutions were not natural to Africans and proved beyond their ability to manage effectively. Indeed, it took Europeans thousands of years to develop such institutions, . . . so it is no wonder that Africans did not understand them.

To this must be added that many who succeed in the ruthless world of African power politics have extremely antisocial personalities and are not really interested in economic development or the general welfare. They concentrate their efforts on enriching themselves at the expense of the countries they govern, displaying “a massive failure to adhere to social norms, no regard for truth, a lack of remorse or feelings of guilt, extreme aggressiveness, impulsiveness and recklessness, and an unusually weak moral sense.”

The final chapter of Race and Evolution is devoted to policy, explaining the failure of racial preferences, the lack of any evidence for the alleged benefits of “diversity,” and the many powerful objections to slavery reparations. Sanderson agrees with law professor Amy Wax’s position that “outsiders’ power to change existing [dysfunctional Black family] patterns is severely limited; the future of Black America is now in its own hands.” Yet he notes that the choices Blacks have to make are constrained by their own biological nature. Some Blacks do make good choices and prosper as a result, but these are generally those with above-average intelligence and an absence of antisocial character traits. Many others are unlikely ever to make better choices than they are making now.

Sanderson agrees that America needs a “national conversation on race,” as advocated, e.g., by Bill Clinton and Howard Schultz (the CEO of Starbucks), but unlike them he understands that it will do no good as long as knowledgeable race realists are banned from participation. As Arthur Jensen and J. Phillippe Rushton have written:

There is a need to educate the public about the true nature of individual and group differences, genetics, and evolutionary biology. Ultimately, the public must accept the pragmatic reality that some groups will be overrepresented and others groups underrepresented in various socially valued outcomes. The view that one segment of the population is largely to blame for the problems of another segment can be harmful to racial harmony. Equating group disparities in success with racism on the part of the more successful group guarantees mutual resentment.

Racial equality of outcome is not achievable, but race relations could be greatly improved if the biological reality of racial differences were understood by more people.

There is not a lot of original material in Sanderson’s Race and Evolution, but I am not aware of any other single volume which summarizes so much useful information about race between two covers. It could do a great deal of good if made widely available. Is there any chance it will be? The author is currently trying to get an e-book version published on Amazon. For the time being, you can order the book directly from him for $12 US plus $4 US shipping (domestic) or 10 EUR plus 7 EUR shipping (outside the United States). Write to:

Stephen Sanderson
460 Washington Road, Apt. G-3
Pittsburgh, PA 15228


The author also maintains a website at

23 replies
  1. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    The general reason why racial and ethnic differences result in hostility between different groups is simple: homo sapiens is a social animal.

    Being a social animal requires members of the social animal group to use signals, both physical differences such as smell or physical differences and/or behavioural changes such as the use of calls to allow other members of the group to identify who is and who is not within the social group.

    Human beings require such signals, and especially behavioural ones, to allow other humans to identify a group member. Of course humans are better at the recognition game than any other animal. David Hume put forward the idea that a human would identify with other humans up to a point. For example, an Englishman travelling in China would welcome the company of another Englishman first, then the company of a Frenchman, then the company of a or German more than he would a Chinaman .

    Finally, however much liberals claim physical race is of no consequence humans give the lie to this in racially mixed societies by disproportionately take taking as sexual partners those of the same general racial types. This is unsurprising because there is such huge physical differences, for example, between the Nordic type and African pygmies.

    • Brian S. Rockford
      Brian S. Rockford says:

      Nordics and Pygmies are unlikely to meet and marry.
      The scale of BMxWF crossing in Britain is a matter of interest if not concern, promoted by clubbing, mass media especially TV and entertainment, mixed schools and anti-racist propaganda. The paradoxical combination of childlike personality and muscular power of the black male has its appeal to the white no-longer chaperoned nubile female susceptible to guilt politics and negro flirting experience.

  2. tog
    tog says:

    I hope R Lynns book on Race and Psychopathy gets a mention. If I remember correctly, lower IQ can only explain half of the Black imprisonment rate, while psychopathic personality can explain the rest.

  3. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    No progress can be made on any point of division – including race and racial differences – until both sides agree to be honest. I do not see that happening in the West as honesty would prove destructive to those powerful few who can prosper and rule only through dishonesty.

    Americans blindly embrace the epitome of stupidity when they say they champion ‘diversity and equality’. The two – diversity and equality – are polar opposites and one cannot have both any more than one can have war with peace, misery with happiness, danger with safety, or disease with health.

    To those who champion equality and diversity I advise to embrace indignation that their favorite basketball team is not staffed by Koreans.

  4. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    Everyone knows that biological race exists in some sense. But as the article makes clear, there’s this political crusade to make us think all humans as alike as peas in a pod, except perhaps (and such is the doublespeak of the Leftist mind-conditioners) insofar as White racism has made them seem different. The same mentality that promotes the transgender myth, according to which men get pregnant and women can impregnate, underlies categorical race denial. This is an age which would’ve shocked Orwell.

    Part of the rationale is that race-realism will give rise to, or countenance, White-racist political movements. Scientists have been made to believe that too much truth is dangerous—that, in the words of race-realist anthropologist George Gill, they “have their hearts but not their heads in the right place.” Actually, I don’t think their hearts are in the right place. I think many are mere cowards, while the rest of them are just as useless to us for placing morality—which for them means altruism—above facts.

    However, very few really believe the self-righteous and/or conspiratorial brainwashers. Scientists and academics may stay within bounds of political correctness, and liberal commentators may broadcast that science has exploded the myth of race, but there’s probably more talk of race and races now than ever. People, the public at large, believe in Whites, blacks, East Asians, Australoids, etc., as objective realities, not as subjective constructs. Fact is, they must. That the species comes in readily distinguishable varieties is too evident. I mean, an ancestral European remains instantly distinguishable from an ancestral sub-Saharan, or from a Chinese, etc. At a split-second glance. Despite our being told we shouldn’t see differences, seeing remains believing.

    Not even the most p.c. of the p.c. actually believe racial groups don’t exist. From one side of their mouth they spout race-denial; from the other side they talk of systemic White racism; they favor black reparation and affirmative action; they celebrate the first black this and the first black that. They insist, not that all lives matter, but that black lives matter. They blame Whites for all ills and relieve other groups of historical or social accountability—except for good things, of course.

    These anti-racists usually praise and advocate diversity! Now, how can there be racial diversity unless there are different types to bring together?!

    It’s clear that the crusade against belief in races has Whites in its crosshairs. And I fear that though it falls short of converting us to flat-out race-denial, it has some effect. I think it helps divert Whites from self-preference, solidarity and pride of heritage. It helps persuade them to embrace mixed marriage and mixed-race offspring, because, above all, people are people! Meanwhile, its inconsistency allows for approval of non-White racial pride, of non-White collective egoism. Long acculturated to thinking “selfishness” sinful or immoral, too many Whites are too vulnerable to such warfare.

    • Robert Henderson
      Robert Henderson says:

      “Everyone knows that biological race exists in some sense.”

      Exactly right In fact if racial differences (many of them major differences ) did not exist then the concept of race could not exist.

  5. Anne C
    Anne C says:

    African power elites display “a massive failure to adhere to social norms, no regard for truth, a lack of remorse or feelings of guilt, extreme aggressiveness, impulsiveness and recklessness, and an unusually weak moral sense.”

    Gee, I guess when Justin Trudeau was doing black face he was just showing his true colours.

  6. Andrew K. Carter
    Andrew K. Carter says:

    Maybe the dude should set up a webshop. Should not be too expensive. Given he has self published I assume the cost for this is much higher than starting a simple webpage to sell the book and he allready has a webpage so should be not too costly.

    Using google to order books on race? I mean the company is owneed by liberal jews obsessed with PC policing and propaganda aswell as obsessed with immigration.

    Not a great idea just saying.

  7. Stan Wood
    Stan Wood says:

    Studies continue to suggest that NE Asians do better on intelligence tests, but that Asians lack creativity. This is because these Asians are prepping for the tests, in a sense. Also, millions of Congoid-like, non-academic Chinese peasants are not given IQ tests.

    Creativity, which Asians are generally incapable of, is the true hallmark of genius; but this is not being credited as intelligence, for Whites. Creativity is not being tested for on standard IQ tests. Therefore, NE Asians are not more intelligent than Whites. Furthermore, if creativity and nobility are the ultimate human traits, then non-White races are fundamentally less human; relative to racial realism and honesty. Humanity itself is the victim of the ongoing racial holocaust globally threatening the White, human population with extinction.

    This ongoing racial holocaust poses a threat to all life on Earth. White creativity is the source of all advanced science and technology. This is the planet’s only hope of deflecting inevitable extinction level events, such as a comet or asteroid impact, or many other apocalyptic scenarios requiring genius creativity and an advanced, free, White society.

    Evidently, only Whites are capable of understanding this, or caring. This is the most important issue since life began. The existence of life itself is at stake.

    • Tog
      Tog says:

      Genius, according to Jensen, is Ability times conscientiousness times creativity. All of which are white traits.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      This comment overstates the gap of INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY, which are different concepts. Before this topic, I had reviewed academic opinions on this subject and incorporated my extensive experience living, working and interacting with several Asian societies on different levels.

      The rest to the comment proposes that only creativity of thought will save the planet, its species, etc, etc. This is specious, to say the least. While thinking “out of the box”, breaking convention, and extreme individualization and individuation are related to overall advancement, one without the other is a subtraction from total potential benefit.

      The entrepreneurial spirit, associated with invention, was much higher in the West, than now-where it continues to decline, as does almost using any marker or statistic of quality of life and societal/cultural health in the West.

      There simply are more factors that must be included. There are few more truth table crucibles than managing marine power plants of modern ships upon oceans. Creative solutions are necessary to develop and implement. Cohesion of a team, internal synchronicity and effective leadership are essential. The management and control of individual ego, the collective mindset and group identity are important. Durability, reliance, predictability and in toto, CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY are make or break. North East Asians have more of this than Whites.

      Asians have a slightly different Collective Consciousness. If one knows Jung then this statement is self evident. They are able to work and function in a more integral and independent milieu than Whites, who require “social maintenance” in excess. This is similar to person that needs to have some sort of noise wrap around him, either conversation or music, etc. This greater ability to concentrate and exclude “noise” or exterior stimulus has hard wire characteristics, and I believe a genetic basis. This provided the development of their societies, from the construct and characteristic begets the reality and existence.

      Asian emotions are slower to manifestation and take a longer path through rational thinking and cognition, compared to White spontaneous emotional manifestations. This is a spectrum where Asians occupy one pole and the more easily excitable and volatile Negroes occupy the other. Whites are in the middle.

      There is no denying that Asians have a higher IQ that is correlated with the physical sciences, mathematics, and abstract thinking. Their superior ability to concentrate more fully over greater time produces many products that display exceptional craftsmanship and excellence.

      Now, being a practical person, I look for results, manifestations and confirmations. This is inductive, the field and loci of evidence, data, facts, etc. It is indisputable that Asian societies are more inherently stable, being that parts and components add up in summation to a whole phenomenon, concretely. Harmony as a construct and ideal is more more important and valued than the Western societies. This can be seen in the greater integrity and stability of the family unit.

      A more traditional society will be less of an innovation than a more “creative” society, in grossly simplified terms. The degree of difference may be small, and the valence of this one factor or attribute may be outweighed by the aforementioned components.

      Rather than this defensive “pat on the back” theme, what REALLY counts is SURVIVABILITY and LONGEVITY. Should one care to open that theme for discussion I would oblige to be included.

      I have said, based on experience in extremis situations that I prefer the worker that shows up on time, does his best, is consistent, prudent and reliable, rather than the individual that is erratic, high and low, inspired, more ability, etc. It’s all about Ultimate Outcomes.

      The above links have common themes. A power plant is composed of many components and systems. So are societies. Machinery in general does not care about your whims or fancies, your problems, explanations, etc. It operates on a straightforward, ineluctable, inescapable principle in a rational and empirical universe. It performs as well as you maintain it, operate it, and repair it. There is no cheating, shortcuts, abstract escapes, and cognitive clogs of fluff and the immaterial.

      “A sailor without his own ship was like a hermit crab without a shell.”
      ― Richard McKenna, The Sand Pebbles

      “Machinery only cared about what a man knew and what he could do with his hands,”
      ― Richard McKenna, The Sand Pebbles

      “Jake Holman loved machinery in the way some other men loved God, women and their country.”
      ― Richard McKenna, The Sand Pebbles

  8. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Good comment! You mentioned “Studies continue to suggest that NE Asians do better on intelligence tests, but that Asians lack creativity.”

    That is true. The overwhelming majority of the world’s inventions have come from Whites. On the other hand, NE Asians have a proven track record for taking such inventions and improving on them, whether it be motor vehicles, medical equipment, or whatever.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      While we shot our flaming arrows over the wooden fortifications with bows, the Chinese propelled theirs with gun powder.

      • Tog
        Tog says:

        It is true that many great inventions came from China. But, the last 400 years 97% of all important discoveries and innovations came from white men (according to Murray).
        Asians clearly lack creativity, as anyone living there for a while will confirm.

  9. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    Did Arabian scholar al-Jahiz (776-868 CE) notice this “time preference” by blacks, this giving no mind to what might eventually result from immediate gratification? Is that what he’d observed when he wrote that blacks are “the least capable of understanding the consequences of actions”?

    Very interesting and cogent, that living in a cool climate and having to make it through inclement winters conditioned Eurasians to think ahead, explaining why Whites are better at that than blacks are. I believe that life in Eurasia had to lead to extra aptitudes.

    Nobel Laureate James Watson’s realism is classic: “There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of people geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically. Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so.”

  10. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    I notice you did not post my submitted comment with some contra posed information and expansion of the previous poster’s comment. Well, it seems the moderator (which I hope is not you, Dr. MacDonald) is more interested in exclusion of other worldly influences that could be of benefit for the pitiable state of Western Man, and the Indo-European. Since our (my ancestors are pan Mediterranean) plight is now all but hopeless, is nostalgia and “The Way We Were” is now the dominant theme of this site.

    Many of the submissions here are, well, delusional with untoward and undeserved high praise for Northern European man as the progenitor of all that is great, the pinnacle of human thought and achievement. A horse breeder in the back mountains of 1600s Scotland might have thought the same about its horses.

    If it isn’t obvious by now that there are elements, characteristics that are either missing or faulty in Western Man in his unrelenting odyssey of humiliation, subjugation, passivity, and masochism at the hands of Shmolo and Hymen Lipschtiz, than you (not me inclusive) should just interbreed or become trans XXX.

    On the other hand, Northeast Asians have surpassed Western Man in every scientific, technical and engineering field. And that lead is out of reach, progressively, of the West day by day.

    I’ll leave it to this: The Orient leaped from its traditionalist and relative stasis in the physical sciences by adopting, learning, and apprehending Western achievements. They had no trouble setting aside with an open and voracious appetite for this knowledge. That is a superior move. Inferior is the smug retrogressive attitude of eternal superiority of the West, absurdly projected into a future of fantasy. Any attempt I have at breaching or causing some expansion or comparative approach of the Occident and Orient has met with moderator censure and total lack of interest.

    Suck it up, Northern Euros and the rest of the West. In 30 years at the outside you will be an effective, totally powerless, servile, minority, randomly beaten and spat upon by your invitees from the Turd Wold, the ones your women folk welcomed at the arrival ports. Today’s. Western college educated woman are the ONLY voting polity who BELIEVE IN THE MAJORITY THAT TRAITOR JOE IS DOING A GOOD JOB MORE THAN BAD. EVEN MULTI-CULTIS DO NOT BELIEVE THAT WAY. What does that mean for Western Men? Your women don’t want you. Like the constantly eroding Cliffs of Dover, it’s all over. I won’t tolerate it because I don’t have to. I have my escape in place, like a Bat Outta Hell-

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      See? It’s just like I said in another thread here, Nordicism and National Socialism are the only things that cause the Jews to mess their trousers. Coupon Marx’s public conniption fit is a sterling example of what I’m talking about. Even IF you don’t happen to like Nordicism, and National Socialism is too stiff of a drink for your particular palate, you must confess it is useful in provoking emotionally incontinent Jews (is there any other kind?) into taking their masks off. Plus it’s just good for lulz to see Jews have a meltdown.

      • canadianer
        canadianer says:

        One other jewish obsession is diverting any talk of white greatness to the greatness of other people. we’re on a site based around the topic of white nationalism and the Poupon Marx tries to divert talk about european greatness to talk about how the Chinese are actually superior. This is the kind of attitude that we need to stamp out from our communities and it has to become a barred behaviour that we do not tolerate so that jews like poupon Marx don’t even try.

    • canadianer
      canadianer says:

      Why does Mr. MacDonald allow these abusive, anti-white comments to get through? I don’t understand why racist comments aren’t deleted on sight. It adds nothing to the dialogue. Part of acting in a white positive way is learning to do what we can to censor anti-white voices in the same way that jews censor anti-jewish voices. You have the power of censorship mr Macdonald and now is a good time to flex your censorship muscles.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      How “the Northeast Asians have surpassed Western man in every scientific, technical and engineering field” is beyond my understanding. Seems to me that the Asians, notwithstanding their stratospheric IQ, are quite derivative—having depended on Europe-descended men for their technological advancement. If in the last century and a half there have been greater advances than aeronautics, automobiles, cinema, television, radio, genetics, space exploration and travel, space telescopes, laser tech, atomic tech, infrared tech, communication and photo-reconnaissance and weather satellites, cell phones, carbon-dating, quantum theory, etc.—all of which are products of Europe-descended genius rather than Asian minds—please tell me of them. And I’m being less adversarial here than earnestly curious, because if I’m wrong in thinking that, since the Renaissance, Euro Civ has been the most dynamic and creative civilization, and has created the modern world with its marvels, I’m ignorant in an important way.

      I don’t remember seeing such a tone of pessimism in your comments as I see in this one. You say:

      “Suck it up, northern Euros and the rest of the West. In 30 years at the outside, you will be an [in?]effective, totally powerless, servile minority….”

      Has this long been your view, or are there recent and particular developments which prompt you to conclude that there’s no hope? I’m no optimist either: things don’t look very promising, certainly. But I don’t know the future, and perhaps am naive to think that the opera ain’t over till the fat lady sings. Until I feel I know exactly what the future holds, I’ll remain reluctant to talk in ways which might antagonize effort and commitment.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        L. V. : For an understanding of your assertion, a timeline is necessary. My statement refers to the present, the now. I am not talking about the progressions of the past, and where the starting point of comparison is. The West was only innovative and pioneering in profound was for a little over 600 years. It is now falling further and futher behind the East. This is indisputable.

        Your descriptive adjective, “derivative” is historically true. If you want to have the West stand up and take a bow, and a nice plaque, as in Professor Emeritus, than we in concordance.

        Now, go to the link I posted. I know you did not read it.

        Please go down the page to Figure 1 and you will see that China lead Europe in invention and discovery for 1600 years. Then Europe surpassed China and absorbed the knowledge of China, at various Fusion Points. But this graph is dated. Above that is a table that shows the decades lag that the West needed to catch up.

        Today, this is the reality: China has overtaken the US when it comes to the highest-impact research —

        China declared world’s largest producer of scientific articles —

        This is inevitable and a Greek tragic play, L. V., but predictable entirely. It’s a matter of genetics of both regions, and the ascendence of one, and the dependence of another. Which is on the decline, you know already. Combine that with government, NGOs, ((( Yikes))), and their aims (totally successful) and the calligraphy is written on the Times Square marquee. Yes it is.

        L.V., My whole life was dedicated to extrapolation, extension, projection, and prediction. I have been an amateur cultural anthropologist for my entire adult life. My cognition determines trends.

        Western Civilization is in its terminal stages. This site, Counter Currents, Unz, and countless others of high end, high quality, publications make the case. The only event is the cataclysm, which is a violent rebellion, the last gasp of the I. E. That outcome is very hard to predict because there are several different outcomes and resolutions.

        The only fix, solution is the one I have suggested, endorsed by none other than Captain K-Y Chaos, where we incorporate the midwest and agricultural lands. See my post on this.

        Of course, there might be mitigating and extrinsic factors, such as aliens coming to our rescue, or Whites suddenly acting like Antifa and BLM, The Weathermen, and Bolsheviks. Possibility is slim, and Slim left town.

        Demographics is destiny, Mein Freund. Non posso fare un cazzo.
        With the parts we have, we cannot make this machine run. It won’t work.

        “No, it will, I know it will. We can do it!”, said my colleague regarding the combustion control of a package boiler. After some swearing, I left him, refusing to participate. A few hours later he appeared at my cabin, with a painful comportment. “You were right, we need additional parts”.

        For me, this is an easy determination. It’s almost mathematical and physical. The elements are finite. The curtain closes, The lights get dimmer as the motor-generator slows and then POW!, the lights go off. Sometimes you can see it coming; sometimes you cannot.

      • Stan Wood
        Stan Wood says:

        What is delusional, or simply false, is the notion that the Chinese are gaining in technological advancement by creation or innovation. The Chinese steal any White technology that isn’t given to them by the enemy within. There are many current news articles and books referring to this. Here is a decent primer for anyone genuinely ignorant of this unprecedented crime, in the form of a well indexed Wikipedia piece:

        White decline:

        What is defective in Whites is that their natural altruism and highly developed conscience is exploitable. This is the great problem.

        “Common secular or scientific views regard the capacity for conscience as probably genetically determined, with its subject probably learned or imprinted as part of a culture.”

        Certainly, not all Whites possess the aforementioned traits. Whites lacking in conscience, but possessing impulse control, rise to positions of power. Prominent individuals (and eventually organizations) are compromised through bribery, blackmail, and extortion. These White individuals have been instrumental in facilitating the ongoing racial holocaust.

        As for the demise of Whites, again we have the sociopathy/psychopathy at play, suggested by the article being commented on. Destruction is easier than creation and construction.

        Interestingly, a Semitic genocide cult breeding one hundred and twenty generations of people devoid or incapable of scruples (psychopathy), with an unequalled inferiority complex, empowered by stolen White genetics (IQ), can destroy civilization, and perhaps the world (great impulse control). But, a vast horde of yellow perils (psychopathy + impulse control) does not appear capable of exterminating Whites without assistance and theft (demonstrates lack of IQ). Neither parties are ultimately interested in technology or utopia. Technology and science are merely weapons to be taken away from and used against Whites to destroy them.

        The unified combination of intelligence, psychopathy, and impulse control is a supreme threat to everything Whites have strived for over tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of years.

        This unified combination is characteristic of both the genocide cult and China. Both are collaborating on many levels. This isn’t new. The enemy within gave China the bomb. Kissinger secretly met with China before Nixon. Chinese leadership is faithful to Judeo/Marxism, the nihilistic philosophy introduced in the Jewish “New Testament.” There is now widespread Chinese intermarriage within the cult, and they are deeply embedded in places like Shanghai and Wuhan.

        (Wonder what the real agenda was here? )

        The cycle of Asiatic/Semitic “IQ+psychopathy+impulse control” exterminating Whites is prehistoric. Whites were exterminated throughout Asia and (evidence suggests) prehistoric North America. The history of Europe demonstrates this pattern from ancient times to the modern era. Anatolia and Spain are relatively recent examples. Today, we see a racial holocaust utilizing advanced White technology and psychological techniques against the creators of the same. White “IQ” has been systematically stripped from Whites to facilitate the only real and meaningful racial holocaust that Whites (and any species capable of understanding this) should be concerned about.

        To circle back to the article and the original comment: “Evidently, only Whites are capable of understanding this (IQ), or caring (psychopathy).

        (Incidentally, the Western view of the Chinese is greatly skewed for the benefit of China and White genocide. Most of the Chinese do not look like what you see in America or in media. You never see the millions of primitive East Asians, who look similar to Blacks, only lighter complexioned with coarse, black hair. The main difference is their wide, orangutan-like faces, which seem startlingly Denisovan. Their other features [eyes, noses] are strikingly Congoid. What you see are the most European-looking individuals. Like everywhere, those with the most Europid traits receive higher education and rise to prominence and exposure.)

        Lastly, I feel Mr. Marx might enjoy the following article:

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