Aleksandr Dugin on the Alien, Substantially Jewish Elite in the U.S. and Its War Against Traditional American Individualism

A translated version of an article by Aleksandr Dugin has appeared on KATEHON, an anti-globalist, pro-Russian website. (When I tried to post a link to the article on Twitter, they said that “the link has been identified by Twitter and its partners as harmful” and they blocked it.) Dugin’s article indicates that he has a solid grasp of politics in the U.S., and for the first time that I am aware of, he points to Jewish influence. Since Dugin is reputedly close to Vladimir Putin (“Putin’s brain” and of course, a “fascist,” as the neoliberal Washington Post phrased it) and because he has supported the Ukrainian war, it indicates that the Russian political establishment understands the upheaval going on in the United States.

Excerpts from Alexander Dugin: “The United States Court Against the Ideology of Progress.”

The fact is that there is not just one American state, but two countries and two nations with this name and this is becoming more and more evident. It is not even a question of Republicans and Democrats, whose conflict is becoming increasingly bitter. It is the fact that there is a deeper division in American society.

Half of the US population is an advocate of pragmatism. This means that for them there is only one yardstick: it works or it doesn’t work, it works/it doesn’t work. That is all. And no dogma either about the subject or the object. Everyone can see himself as whatever he wants, including Elvis Presley or Father Christmas, and if it works, no one dares to object. It is the same with the outside world: there are no inviolable laws, do what you want with the outside world, but if it responds harshly, that is your problem. There are no entities, only interactions. This is the basis of Native American identity, it is the way Americans themselves have traditionally understood liberalism: as freedom to think what you want, to believe what you want, and to behave as you want. Of course, if it comes to conflict, the freedom of one is limited by the freedom of the other, but without trying you cannot know where the fine line is. Try it, maybe it will work.

That is how American society has been up to a certain point. Here, banning abortion, allowing abortion, sex change, punishing sex change, gay parades or neo-Nazi parades were all possible, nothing was turned away at the door, the decision could be anything, and the courts, relying on a multitude of unpredictable criteria, precedents and considerations, were the last resort to decide, in problematic cases, what worked/didn’t work. This is the mysterious side of the Americans, completely misunderstood by Europeans, and also the key to their success: they have no boundaries, which means they go where they want until someone stops them, and that is exactly what works.

Dugin is describing traditional American political values based on individualism and personal freedom. But traditional American political values have been in conflict with the values of a new, substantially Jewish elite with strong authoritarian tendencies.

But in the American elite, which is made up of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, at some point a critically large number of non-Americans have accumulated. They are predominantly Europeans, often from Russia. Many are ethnically Jewish but imbued with European or Russian-Soviet principles and cultural codes. They brought a different culture and philosophy to the United States. They did not understand or accept American pragmatism at all, seeing it only as a backdrop for their own advancement. That is, they took advantage of American opportunities, but did not intend to adopt a libertarian logic unrelated to any hint of totalitarianism. In reality, it was these alien elites who hijacked the old American democracy. It was they who took the helm of globalist structures and gradually seized power in the United States.

This is exactly what we have emphasized at TOO. There are people with a variety of backgrounds that make up our new elite, but there is a substantial Jewish core with “alien” values, and in general, this elite speaks with one voice and dissent on important issues is not tolerated. This new elite largely emigrated to the United States in late nineteenth and early twentieth century, and the Marxist commitments of many of them were an important aspect of the enactment of the 1924 Immigration Restriction Act in the wake of the Bolshevik Revolution. In subsequent decades Jews became the backbone (p. 68ff) of the American Old Left and New Left. Indeed,  as noted in my review of Amy Weingarten’s Jewish Organizations’ Response to Communism and Senator McCarthy, “a major problem that the organized Jewish community was forced to confront—a problem stemming from the long involvement of the mainstream Jewish community in communism and the far left, at least until the end of World War II, and among a substantial number of Jews even after this period. … Weingarten points to a “hard core of Jews” (p. 6) who continued to support the Communist Party into the 1950s and continued to have a “decisive role” in shaping the policies of the American Communist Party (CPUSA) (p. 9). These leftist Jews were welcomed into the Jewish organizations during the early post-war, particularly the American Jewish Congress, the largest American Jewish organization, but they were gradually made unwelcome due to the anti-communist fervor of the period.

Notice that Dugin emphasizes that the new alien elite has exploited American individualism to advance these alien values—they “took advantage of American opportunities, but did not intend to adopt a libertarian logic unrelated to any hint of totalitarianism.” When they achieved power, they rejected the libertarian ethos in favor of top-down, centralized, authoritarian control that is antithetical to traditional American political culture.

This is precisely the thesis of my 2019 book Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition: Evolutionary Origins, History, and Prospects for the Future where I document the rise of the substantially Jewish elite (Ch. 6; see also here) and describe how this new elite is shaping attitudes via domination of the media, the educational system, and political culture. Rejecting the libertarian framework, the new elite favors censoring ideas that conflict with these messages (Ch. 8), and it has established a two-tier justice system in which dissidents from the established orthodoxy are treated far more harshly than those favored by the new elite. In Chapter 9 I argue that traditional Western individualism is under dire threat from this assault. I would add that our new elite is not only alien to traditional Western values, it is also a hostile elite—hostile to the traditional people and culture of America, and that their desired multicultural future in which Whites would be a much-hated minority is very dangerous for Whites.

And I agree entirely that Jews “took advantage of American opportunities.” Because of their intelligence, their ethnic networking, and their long experience as merchants and in  financial matters, Jews  have certainly shown that they are quite successful in an individualist economic system (capitalism) and they have taken advantage of the relatively low ethnocentrism that is an integral aspect of individualism. As I noted in Chapter 8 of Individualism,

as emphasized throughout this book, White people tend to be more individualistic than other peoples, implying that they are less likely than other peoples to make invidious distinctions between ingroups and outgroups and they are more likely to be open to strangers and people who don’t look like them. Because Whites are low in ethnocentrism and high in conscientiousness, controlling ethnocentrism is easier for them. Their subcortical mechanisms responsible for ethnocentrism are weaker to start with and hence easier to control [via messages from the media and educational system enabled by top-down inhibitory control over the modular processing typical of the lower brain].

As a result,  this new elite encountered only minimal resistance from the old American elite which was under intense pressure during the 1950s and capitulated entirely in the 1960s and 70s—the era that resulted in Roe v. Wade (1973), civil rights legislation, affirmative action, replacement-level non-White immigration, etc.

Critically relevant is that Dugin notes parallels of the new elite with Bolshevik attitudes of authoritarian control, including “destruction” of those seen as having the wrong attitudes: “If you are not a progressive, you are a Nazi and “must be destroyed.”

These elites, often left-liberal, sometimes openly Trotskyist, have brought with them a position that is deeply alien to the American spirit: the belief in linear progress [as in Marxism]. …

However, the emigrants from the Old World brought with them very different attitudes. For them, progress was a dogma. All history was seen as continuous improvement, as a continuous process of emancipation, improvement, development and accumulation of knowledge [presumably a reference to Marxism]. Progress was a philosophy and a religion. In the name of progress, which included a continuous increase in individual freedoms, technical development and the abolition of traditions and taboos, everything was possible and necessary, and it no longer mattered whether it worked or not. What mattered was progress.

This, however, represented a completely new interpretation of liberalism for the American tradition. The old liberalism argued: no one can ever impose anything on me. The new liberalism responded: a culture of abolition, shaming, total elimination of old habits, sex change, freedom to dispose of the human foetus (pro-choice), equal rights for women and races is not just a possibility, it is a necessity. The old liberalism said: be what you want, as long as it works. The new one replied: you have no right not to be a liberal. If you are not a progressive, you are a Nazi and must be destroyed. Everything must be sacrificed in the name of freedom, LGBT+, transgender and artificial intelligence.

We often hear the phrase “on the right side of history” from progressives, the idea being that history is going in only one direction and change in that direction is inevitable. At this time, being on the right side of history means believing that you believe in a future in which White “racism” is abolished and all peoples will live together in peace and harmony, ethnic conflicts will be abolished, and all groups—freed from the scourge of White racism—will have the same average level of income and achievement. Such a utopian view flies in the face of the long history of ethnic/racial conflict and the reality of biologically based race differences. But believing it is progressive dogma and, as Dugin would say, “If you are not a progressive, you are a Nazi and must be destroyed.”

Dugin is quite aware of the opposition of our hostile elite to Donald Trump:

The conflict between the two societies — the old libertarian, pragmatic one and the new neoliberal, progressive one — has steadily escalated over the past decades and culminated in the Trump presidency. Trump has embodied one America and his globalist democratic opponents the other. The civil war of philosophies has reached a critical point.

As I have written before, Trump made many mistakes and often fumbled the ball on  his appointments (although the pool of mainstream Republicans from which he chose was completely corrupt, and he saddled himself with Jared and Ivanka as central players). However, his campaign pronouncements were clearly anti-globalist—opposing immigration (not just illegal), building the wall, wanting better relations with Russia, removing U.S. troops from the Middle East, complaining about the effects of immigration (“Paris isn’t Paris any more”), etc. These pronouncements engendered an unprecedented uproar from our hostile elite (now being reenacted as a result of the recent SCOTUS rulings—blamed on Trump because of his choices in SCOTUS nominations) and the Washington bureaucracy—the deep state (including the FBI). Media articles during the 2016 campaign were replete with messages that Trump was the reincarnation of Hitler, etc. This hostility continued throughout Trump’s presidency resulting in the prolonged Mueller investigation (based on the Russia collusion hoax) and two impeachments by the Democrat-controlled House (with the help of some Republicans). For the entire four years, there was an atmosphere of crisis surrounding Trump’s presidency, and this has continued now with the January 6 Committee hearings (which are mainly aimed at preventing Trump from running again).

Dugin repeats his emphasis on the totalitarian and violent tendencies of the new elite:

New America … insists that freedom requires violence against those who do not understand it well enough. Which means that freedom must have a normative interpretation and it is up to the neo-liberals themselves to determine how and to whom they use it and how they interpret it. The old liberalism is libertarian. The new is blatantly totalitarian. The Supreme Court is now overturning the totalitarian dictatorial strategy of the neo-liberal globalist elites, who act — a bit like the Bolsheviks in Russia — in the name of the future.

Yes, but I’d say it’s more than “a bit like the Bolsheviks.” Moreover, it’s tempting to think that Dugin is here linking Bolshevik-type authoritarian attitudes to the Jewish overrepresentation in the new American elite, given that he noted the obvious role of Jews in the new globalist elite dominating America, and his likely awareness of the well known outsized Jewish role in the murderous, intensely authoritarian early decades of the USSR with its utopian promises of creating the New Soviet Man. This very large role of Jews in the early decades of the USSR has also been noted by Putin and is presumably common knowledge among Russian intellectuals.

And the almost desperate old Americans, pragmatists and libertarians rejoice [at overturning Roe v. Wade]: the freedom to do what you want, not what the progressives and technocrats say, to go in any direction, not just where the globalists are forcibly sending us, has triumphed again, and Missouri’s brave attorney general has already shown what can be done. Bravo! It is a pragmatic revolution, an American-style conservative revolution.
Of course, all the globalist progressive crap is about to go down the drain. The old America has in a way counter-attacked the new America. “If the kingdom of law is divided in itself, it will surely become desolate”. Matthew 12:25 Better sooner than later…

“Better sooner than later.” I couldn’t agree more. While the White population still has political and demographic clout.

Dugin’s comments on the alien American elite and his strong support for the Ukrainian war make clear the dominant Russian perspective on this conflict. They see it correctly as a conflict between Russian sovereignty and neoliberal globalist elites based in the West that are aiming for a unipolar world with themselves dominating a subservient, relatively powerless Russia. It is the world dreamed of in the 1990s during the Yeltsin administration and abruptly snuffed out by the rise of Putin. Neoconservatives have targeted Russia ever since.

Make no mistake. It is critical for Russia to win this war. But it’s quite clear that the neoconservatives (Blinken, Nuland, Sherman) dominating the Biden administration’s foreign policy also see this as a critically important struggle, and they have continued to increase the U.S. commitment—willing to fight to the last Ukrainian. And, I suspect that ultimately they will be willing to use U.S. troops in the conflict to prevent a Russian victory.

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  1. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    Fascinating ! Now we lnow that Russia knows the score so it behooves us to do all that we can to make all White Americans as aware as the Russians are . The sooner the house of cards in America collapses the sooner we can replace the old rotten system with one of our own, one more suitable for White people.

      • Erik
        Erik says:

        Why do we still pretend as if Russia was somehow fighting the “Jew World Order” when they are run by Jews?
        Yeah, Dugin, as usual, does some dog whistling, this time in “our direction” and everything is good? When will “we” wake up, smell the coffee and realise that neither Putin nor Trump are on our side? You do know that they play both sides like always, right?

  2. jay bee
    jay bee says:

    the us, as it is, will be completely destroyed. there are no options.
    organized jewish power would rather rule a smoldering pile of shit than be just another slice of a nice apple pie

  3. Odessa Choppo
    Odessa Choppo says:

    KMac, thank you for posting this. Much negativity has been written on Dugin. Many are afraid of being associated with him or his ideology. This article clears up much.
    We all hope very much that the world is about to see the verboten truth. The parasite must be removed so that we may heal.

  4. Lazy guy
    Lazy guy says:

    Interesting, as always.

    Trump was virtually thrice impeached if you count the mueller investigation. They would almost certainly have impeached had there been a shred of evidence.

  5. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    The Russian oligarchs are mostly Jewish.The were funded by the IMF to purchase industrial assets. Adamovich openly brags (per Wikapedia ) that he was able to bribe IMF lenders, Is there a Jewish connection in the IMF???

    • Berglander
      Berglander says:

      A jewish connection to the IMF, which is a giant bank???

      What are you, some kind of anti semite???

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Assets “purchased” with fake money are ar fact stolen. . .but wait, said assets are already jewish property. . .

      • Swaytonious
        Swaytonious says:

        I do think at this point some class warfare is valid. I’m all for nationalizing the elites’ businesses and imminent domaining their property.

        Like Blackrock and the housing shortage they are creating.. since I hate the renter class, we should get local county boards to levy.. let’s say a %10,000 property tax on non-Primary domicile homes.. a %10k property tax on non single proprietor farms. Imminent domain Gate’s farmland and sell it to a white American farmer for $1. It just takes strong will to get these things done.

  6. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    The white American Christian public is largely unaware of the Talmud teachings,It is not “anti Semitic” to reveal or discuss these.The anti white( goy ) sentiment is apparent along with Jewish supremacy over all on the Planet.The Talmud justifies the USA takeover by Jews that is occurring in all ares now including Government.

  7. SS
    SS says:

    Dugin skips over, “when America was a white, Christian nation, everything was done with an eye to what was good for the kids they were raising.” Now, what is good for the Jews is our main concern. The Jews unleashed the counter culture and gay power, and the old time Christians sank back in disbelief as they saw their own young kids sucking it up. Beatniks, hippies, punks, rappers, and then it got worse.

  8. Phil
    Phil says:

    Why are most American Whites (who know what Jews are up to) so cowardly as to not publicly confront Jews and their pals on the Left?

    What, specifically, are these Whites afraid of?

    Losing their next election?

    Not being invited to a BBQ by their Jewish neighbor?

    Some conservatives in the mainstream media will mention “neo-cons” (latter are 90% Jewish) but won’t actually say they’re Jewish.

    Why are Christian Whites so concerned about the well-being of Jews and Israel but not about Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere?

    Nearly everyone knows what the truth is, but few will say it out loud.

    We’re cowards, and we’re to blame.

    How did this happen?

    • Robert Penman
      Robert Penman says:

      The fear I believe comes from knowing that the vast majority of people are completely under the spell of the Jews, via the mainstream media they have lapped up all their lives. In exposing the Jews, a person knows that the mainstream media will completely pile in on them, and bring the brainwashed public into attacking them also. Then there is the financial pressure Jews can bring to bear on a person who dears to take them on.

      However, I believe there are a few openings. Look into the big meeting that took place in Israel in 2015 where Jews from around the world gathered, plus leading government officials from other nations, to fight “anti-Semitism”. The result of this meeting was to censor the internet, thus making it a crime to question Israel, or indeed criticise ANY Jew. Our people must start a campaign in which it is pointed out that – NO nation is above criticism, NO nation has a right to prevent questioning, or criticism of them or their people! Then simply quote from the above mentioned meeting about Israel doing just that. The beauty of this is, one does not have to be anti-Jew, or anti-Israel, but simply standing by a value.

      Also, show Christians all these Jews who have recently said that abortion is a Jewish right and part of their religion! That should wake a few Christians up.

      So everyone should find these two issues and start a leaflet drop with this information.

      • de Tocqueville
        de Tocqueville says:

        What does it say when the Pope gives communion to Nancy Pelosi, who is a blantant “ABORTIONIST” supporter, not to mention Transvestite adherent!

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          It says that we have an extraordinarily bad pope.

          The period from roughly 1800 to 1960 was an anomaly in Church history in that most of the popes in that period were remarkably intelligent, learned, realistic, and in several cases—notably Pius VII, Pius IX and Pius X—genuinely profound and saintly men. Prior to that period, bad popes weren’t precisely commonplace, but anybody who lived to the age of sixty probably saw one or two. Going farther back, to roughly the fourth through the sixth centuries, bad popes sadly outnumbered the good ones.

          (In 1963 there was published a highly readable book called “The Bad Popes.” Its author was an English historian called E. R. Chamberlin. I heartily recommend the book, which is still in print, to anyone interested in the subject. The only real complaint I have with Chamberlin is that he limited his study to eight or nine bad popes during a five-hundred-year period. There were so many more!)

          What distinguishes Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis, from his really bad predecessors is that most of them had failings associated strictly with sex, money, and political power. Few of them, aside from the Arian heretics, had any interest in messing about with Catholic doctrine or moral teaching—except insofar as they exempted themselves from religion’s strictures. Francis, however, plainly hates the Faith whose unchanged character he is solemnly sworn to maintain. If he were cleverer than he is, he wouldn’t be as embarrassingly subservient to the Jews and to what the Jews insist we all regard as the inevitable claims of the Zeitgeist as he has shown himself to be since the start of his papacy. The transparency of Francis’s weakness of character is, granted, no more than a very small blessing, but I am grateful for it.

          Whether Francis’s corruption will engender a salubrious reaction when he shuffles off this mortal coil is something no one can predict. I, for one, wouldn’t bet on it. Indeed, my considered fear is that both the Church and the white portions of the world are looking at a pretty bleak century or more before the (((sworn enemies of both))) suffer a significant and presumably bloody reversal.

  9. Annon-number-5
    Annon-number-5 says:

    “Paris isn’t Paris any more”

    If anyone wants a reminder of Paris when she actually was handsome Paris, you can see a great deal of her and her timeless beauty in this classic film linked below.
    As long as Paris can avoid being nuked, she can be cleaned up to become a European city again. It’s not impossible.

    (link provided by our bestie new comrades!):

    • SS
      SS says:

      Day of the Jackal! Ha-ha. Yes, I agree. But hell, even Dallas looks lovely in the old JFK assassination news coverage.

      • Annon-number-5
        Annon-number-5 says:

        Yes SS, it was all gorgeous, every Western town and city.
        When man first started to build, naturally these constructions would correspond and harmonise with the surrounding nature, by default.
        The 20th C switch to making buildings an aggressive attack on nature, and harmony & humanity is a revolution that isn’t mentioned enough.
        (I wonder who could be behind such a movement?)
        Just the horrible crap they paint all over the roads is even worse, and harder on the eye/soul than the adverts and modernist architectural monstrosities.
        It’s incredible how much lovelier everything is when just the road surface is plain.
        You *could* actually get rid of all the lines and arrows and crosses etc that they ruin the pristine surface of roads with, but you’d have to ban women from driving. There could just be a gentleman’s code, with a few obvious rules. It would work fine. Not obviously in today’s cess-pit, but in an all white civilized nation where Jews haven’t dumbed the masses down, it’s perfectly possible.
        – Note on the above link – It is an excellent site for watching old movies and series for free. Getting things for free was half of what the internet used to be all about. Not a coincidence it’s a Russian site.

  10. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    If the Nordic race goes extinct, in the long run, Russia will not be strong enough to stand against China and China will eventually consume Russia. Russia needs an alliance with the Nordic race in order to protect itself against China. Ensuring the survival of the Nordic race so such an alliance can be formed is Russia’s great existential need. That is the one thing the Putin clique needs to understand, all else is mere distraction.

    Russia must begin to contribute money and propaganda to the effort to achieve Red State secession in America. This process has already begun anyway with the Texas Republican Party calling for a referendum for a Texas secession from the union to be put on the ballot in 2023. Now is the time to jump on the bandwagon. Russia must demonstrate its good will towards Nordics by aiding us in this endeavor. If Russians don’t care about Nordics then why should Nordics care about Ruasians? Brute pragmatism and naked self-interest dictates that Russians MUST care about the fate of Nordics if Russians wish to survive in the long term themselves.

    • Phil
      Phil says:

      Let me add this about Russia, even as we praise its alleged social conservatism:

      None of us would want to live in Russia under the present regime. Little freedom, a lot of corruption. Would we be able to speak out in Russia as we do in the U.S.? Who knows? I myself don’t want to take a chance.

      That may change, but please consider that the new generations of Russians are probably a lot more liberal than their elders.

      Moreover, we must ask these very tough questions:

      Has Russia come to terms with its Jewish/Bolshevik past and Soviet repression? (No.)
      Why does Russia has such good relations with Israel?
      Why are there so many prominent and rich Jews in Russia?
      Why is Russia NOT a particularly strong supporter of Christianity in eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Caucasus?

      I’m just asking questions to make sure we know what we’re dealing with.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        I believe you are shooting blanks, and don’t even know it. Your experience with Russia is what? Have you been there? Have you spoken to any Russians; gotten to know them? Invested time and effort researching and exploring the complete milieu of Russian through various media? I wager you have failed at all the above.

        My experience, which undoubtedly exceeds yours, produces the opposite opinions and impressions. I do not like to ejaculate opinions when I do not have concrete and Real experience as a witness.

        Either you are grotesquely ignorant or a Shabbas Sanhedrin. People who ask questions on here, especially of the elemental variety, expose themselves as intellectually lazy and/or not adroit.

      • Dixie Serb
        Dixie Serb says:

        How would you know if you wouldn’t live in Russia? Have you ever been there? Here you go, typical liberal view of the World where everyone has to adopt your way of life. Remember, not all countries develop at the same rate. Besides not many countries experienced amount of devastating wars and revolutions as Russia did.

      • Sam
        Sam says:

        I am an American citizen currently living in Moscow, actually. I would rather live in a closed, authoritarian state than in the modern USA. At least there are no disgusting trannies and homeless African vagrants littering the streets. Hard pass on the USA. You can feel free to stay ignorant though.

    • Swaytonious
      Swaytonious says:

      Putin said he would provide military aid to whites if a civil war occurred back during the Obama Administration.

    • Simon
      Simon says:

      China has had no larger territorial ambitions, other than what they justifiably perceive as legitimate historically. Compared to the US, their foreign policy looks decidedly meek, resource sequestering in Africa and elsewhere notwithstanding. Where does this fear of China get its impetus from? Could it not be generated by those who have the most to lose, our current masters?
      Besides, if the white countries, for whatever reason, can’t cut the mustard any more, then I’d chafe far less at Chinese interference than the current, parasitic one.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        “Where does this fear of China get its impetus from?”
        My dear chap! This is the easiest question ever asked. Americans have took it for granted that they lead the world since WWII. It’s in their DNA.
        Tucker Carlson is a perfect and hilarious example of this type in it’s essence.
        He accepts the current American elite is the worst it’s ever had, he even struggles to find historical examples of an elite so deranged, degenerate, corrupt, hubristic, destructive and full of pointless seething hatred of it’s own people.
        (Of course you and I understand it’s an alien, hostile elite, “own people” is a shameless falsehood, but that’s a bridge too far for Tucker)
        Yet at this moment I believe he is in Brazil to propagandise to South Americans to stay the course with the same USA that has brought nothing but poverty, misery and violent carnage to this part of the world, just like they have to every other people on earth.
        China may be building up your infrastructure and creating wealth in exchange for your natural resources, instead of robbing you, indebting you, disenfranchising you, assassinating your local political leaders, etc, etc.
        Tucker knows all this, but still he cannot let go of the idea the USA must rule. It’s a bizarre contradiction.
        If Tucker just came out and said “look, you wanna’ be ruled by greasy yellow slant-eyed gooks, or proper white men, Where’s your self respect?”
        At least this would be explicable. It would make sense.
        But we all know Tucker isn’t as racist as this.
        No one is as big a racist China-hater to make an earnest argument that Globo-homo rule by Jews, with micro-management of all your personal affairs down to the teaching of gender-bending to your grandchildren and sacramental abortion to your women, is better than hands-off Chinese investment.
        I wondered what Bolsinaro would tell Tucker. The obvious truth is when you are this deep in the sh*t you need an authoritarian strongman champion and protector of the peasants, like Xi, or Putin(or Caesar).
        That’s the only way out. American Trumpist peasants are more than ready to get over this intellectual barrier, and jettison the ‘democracy’ that’s brought them all their misery, sadly too many ‘right-wingers’ are not.
        Tucker is excellent, but he is like a dear in the headlights with respect to China eating America’s lunch all over the world.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Ah, the Nordic folks and those naughty Slavs. Norway has about 5 million people and the percentage is mostly Norwegian. That is unless you go to a few cities that are becoming Third World. Russia has about 150 mln citizens. Of these, somewhere around 50 – 65 mln are Nordic. In other words, Russia is the largest Nordic country in the world. In fact, it has more Nordics than all Nordic countries combined. As for KMac’s take, he’s generally correct. As for the entire picture, in the West only a minority know about Zs. That’s not e case in Byelorussia, Poland or Ukraine. But, that’s a story for another day. One thing’s for certain and that’s most of those infighting characters tell half truths. That’s becuz they have been reading propaganda, are ignorant and/or have never resided amongst both societies. Oh, and they have never mixed amongst the intelligentsia and proletariat of both societies.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        Honestly, your use of “Nordics” is a banner and marque of formless, loose stools. In other words, I believe sincerely, you don’t know what you are talking about.

  11. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    Ironic, isn’t it? Dugin could have been channeling Hitler or Goebbels in his comments – the Jews being alien to the German culture, taking advantage of the latitude they were given in Germany, then controlling it to the disadvantage of the Deutches volk. It’s the JewSA doing Ukraine, but somehow the “Nazis” are following the Jews’ orders. Any honest look at NSDAP policy will show that they believed that people should be proud of who they are, and that Germans had the capacity to lead away from the consumerism and into the spiritual. It has always been the Jews who have thought they are the “Master Race”. The Galicians/Ukrainians just hate everyone Poles, Hungarians, Germans, Czechs, and especially the Russians, whom they can’t separate from the Jewish led communists that starved millions of them to death.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Germany has always been a highly materialistic and Rational/Irrational civilization. It’s potential for spiritual growth overall has always been limited or proceeded with too much cultural, historical, and personal baggage from its individuals. Germans are obsessive compulsive, self righteous (overly), and tend to use inappropriate cognitive and spiritual tools to understand beyond the senses. Hence the impenetrable, sclerotic, and idiotic piling of abstractions based on antecedent abstractions. A fool’s endeavor to comprehend the Unseen and Unheard. Pathetic efforts of engendering spiritual growth by mediocrities like Hermann Hesse illustrate this. Had the Nazis invited Carl Gustav Jung for advice and insight, the whole direction of history would be different.

      My observation that Richard Wagner was profoundly influenced by Buddhism, who influenced Wagner hence from the same, got absolutely no comment here.
      Conclusively, German attempts at building a spiritual basis for human life was stillborn, as one can see the inadequate endeavor at Greater Consciousness rapidly decay and degenerate, especially that of the Fuhrer. To me, his evil deeds, his stupid mistakes, his shortcomings, and his ultimate unmasking of his human and masculine assets exceeded the good and positive accomplishments and efforts.

      • Liosnagcat
        Liosnagcat says:

        ” Had the Nazis invited Carl Gustav Jung for advice and insight, the whole direction of history would be different.”

        Sure, Jung’s insights would have somehow enabled the Third Reich to prevail against the Jew-instigated perfidy of England and the U.S., the global ambitions of the USSR, and the relentless, Jew-fomented treason within Germany’s own ranks, not to mention the full force of Jew-controlled international finance, pulling out all the stops to debilitate a leader whose globally-recognized economic recovery was abetted principally by his withdrawal from their corrupt system.

        You are an erudite, if arrogant, contributor to this comments section, and I generally look forward to your comments, your obvious biases notwithstanding. But, man, did you ever over-reach here!

        I guess if someone is allowed to bloviate long enough, he’s bound to step on his own genitals.

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          You are using broad, sweeping terms and timelines. Jungian value system, core principles, and principles are innermost in consciousness. His is not an economic or sociological set of ideas, theories, etc.

          Ultimately, Mr. Rational Deterministic Man, it is the individual and collective Consciousness which defends and actuates the persona, the milieu, and the Collective Consciousness. The Mass Formation Hysteria and cult of the personality rivaled Mao’s and other Demi-gods.

          While your pejorative remark makes no impression upon me, you owe it to yourself to be more familiar and intimate with the subject matter. Honestly, your comment is a throwaway leaker, useless.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        My observation that Richard Wagner was profoundly influenced by Buddhism, who influenced Wagner hence from the same, got absolutely no comment here.

        Count your blessings. Any day that you aren’t called out for being a fool is a good day.

  12. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    “Since Dugin is reputedly close to Vladimir Putin (“Putin’s brain”)…”
    Dugin has suffered the same fate in Russia as Solzhenitsyn and is being vilified nowadays so, if he is still close to Putin, then I guess Putin must keep it a secret.
    I was quite shocked to discover how virulent is the widespread hostility to Solzhenitsyn among Russians these days and how dismissive they are of Dugin.
    I attribute this change, at least in part, to the effect of the rabid “collective West”‘s russophobia that pushed Russia away from the Western world and its circling of wagons in defense of ALL of their history from attacks from WWII revisionist narratives. When I asked I was told that Solzhenitsyn was a traitor, no less, that the “Gulag Archipelago” was all an invention. The Soviet Union was in fact all good… So the “repaired” Russian history is now a smooth, a continuous, congruent line, no stumbles, no hiccups. Bring up Ilya Ehrenburg and they will object. Anti-semitism is a punishable offense in Russia. There are no Jewish oligarchs, there are “our oligarchs” and the unpatriotic ones that fled abroad but ethnicity is not an issue. I guess Russia cannot fight on too many fronts simultaneously.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Ariadna, please see my comment submission on Mass Formation Psychosis/Hypnosis as elucidated by Professor Mattias Desmet on Epoch TV and several other venues.

      These people are in the grip of the Totalitarian hypnosis-stasis where an illusory “reality” that is unreal substitutes for confronting the Reality and Actuality. It is a closed system, entirely reductionistic, Rational Materialistic Determinism, exclusionary and can be summed up as a maladaptive state of being.

      The ultimate failure of relying totally on Enlightenment “science”, Rationalism as a complete operating guide for Human Life could not be greater than exposited here.

      I have stated this many times here, but it bounces off the Western conditioned Mind and gets lost like piss on a flat rock.

  13. RegretLeft
    RegretLeft says:

    I see you fixed “late eighteenth … Century” (that old “hundreds” vs “Century” mistake)

    This is just about my first encounter with Dugin (beyond the name) and if he wishes to write a grand history of the USA without reference to its Christian founding he’s not going to get very far – he needs to read De Tocqueville and start again! (a point it seems other commenters above are making).

    And going back to that corrected sentence: “new elite … emigrated to …” – but surely in almost all instances they were not an elite when they emigrated and we therefore need an account of how they became so. Without being able to create that account myself, I would suggest that it will find considerably more collaboration between old elites (i.e. N Eastern old money) and striving elites (i.e. those immigrants) than you perhaps allow for. To flip it back a hemisphere, certainly not all the Bolsheviks were Jewish; and there were Russian Bolshevik factions who found them to be very useful in their totalitarian project both as foot soldiers and as skilled managers. A similar dynamic may have been at work in the 1930s as old money elites in Wash D.C. built their fascism with an American face; same account for 1930s and 40s and beyond as old money elites who controlled and expanded the US Intelligence apparatus found European Jewish refugees to be highly skilled accomplishes.

    • Swaytonious
      Swaytonious says:

      America got her first batch of j3ws when New Amsterdam became New York.. it has always been jew York and jews have always been tunneling through the woodwork. The jews that were here from the beginning were far less aggressive than their eastern European kin, but they were still jews. Note that Southerners know. Carpet Bagger is a euphemism for Hook Nosed. They were even jewing it up during the Civil War behaving as they usually do, making money from human misery. One military governor even expelled them from his district during reconstruction because of how they behaved. Yes, jews have already once been internally expelled in America.

      The arrival of their jewish supremacist world domination oriented cousins from Eastern Europe are when the real bacon began to fry for my Anglo Saxon people. Don’t try to minimize jewish leadership in the bolshevik revolution. They were far more than middle managers. Their ethnic hatred, their racial animus for the Russian people is why if became so bloody.

      The real story of the 20th century is the Slavocaust.. and the jews spearheaded and executed it well before Hitler sig’ed his first Heil. Infact, the Nazis could be said to be the reaction to the bolsheviks. The jew tried to bolshevize Germany in a bloody failed revolution. The nazis were the German’s returning the favor. Even Antifa predates the Nazis. Did you know the Soviets named the Berlin Wall in their honor? They named it the Antifa Defense Rampart. Antifa has always been a jewish militia.

      • Art Deco
        Art Deco says:

        Good history lesson, Suetonious. You say that the 1961 Berlin Wall was named “the Antifa Defense Rampart” – that could be. Today in the USA, Antifa is financed and controlled by Jewish oligarchs. It serves as a Jewish militia.

        There would have been no Bolshevik regime in Russia, without the Jews. Jews played a central role in the Cheka and its mass killing of Russians. They got help from Jacob Schiff and other Jewish financiers.

        Jews in America were loyal to the USSR and advanced its interests at America’s expense. Not now. Now they hate Russia again. And they hate us too. They provoke war with Russia, to destroy us both.

      • RegretLeft
        RegretLeft says:

        That’s a big rush of additional context. I can offer a few factoids: It was General Ulysses Grant – when he commanded the Union Occupation force in Tennessee who – briefly – ordered all Jews expelled from the state in Dec 1862 – he was unhappy with their commercial practices (selling goods to the Union forces, etc); Jewish individuals in DC met with Lincoln on the issue and the latter quickly forced Grant to rescind the order – I think just a couple weeks later. Google tells us about 25K Jews lived in the CSA; Judah Philip Benjamin, a former US Senator served for most of the war as CSA Treasury Secretary (“… the more things change…” etc) – he ended up in London after the war where he was successful as an attorney (barrister) until the 1880s.

      • Liosnagcat
        Liosnagcat says:

        Further, Jews were the predominant force in the transatlantic slave trade, going all the way back to its beginnings; and the Puritans were a highly Judaized protestant sect if not crypto-Jews themselves.

        • Swaytonious
          Swaytonious says:

          Oh indeed.. and the Puritans weren’t fleeing religious persecution.. Cromwell was a Puritan and they were responsible for the English Civil War.

          Boy was that a suprise to learn.

    • SS
      SS says:

      More like Jeffrey Epstein’s great grand-pappy came over and blackmailed the non-Jewish elite into doing what the Jews wanted.

  14. Art Deco
    Art Deco says:

    Alexandr Dugin is right – “In reality, it was these alien elites who hijacked the old American democracy. It was they who took the helm of globalist structures and gradually seized power in the United States.”
    A victory for Russia in Ukraine will also be a victory for the American people, and a great defeat for the US regime. It’s just what we need.
    The US regime are aliens, hostile to the people they rule. They provoked this war, and now they are desperately escalating it, at our expense.
    I welcome all Ukrainian refugees to Europe and America. They are White. They will improve our demographics. They are genuine refugees, unlike the phony ones from Africa and elsewhere.

  15. Christopher Caudill
    Christopher Caudill says:

    I wonder if Dugin is aware of Wilmot Robertson’s “The Dispossed Majority” and specifically, his concluding chapter about a “northern european ingathering.” Although what such a movement would look like politically is pretty fuzzy, the social/cultural reality it suggests is potentially a powerful unifying energy. Can “legacy” Americans learn to detox from the worldview forced on them by Jewish propaganda, and continue on the path laid out in the 1860’s by Abraham Lincoln and Tsar Alexander II? The best qualities of American individualism united with the incredible resilience of the Russians – God’s Chosen Darlings would have nowhere to hide.

  16. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you Kevin for this very well written, and spot on piece.

    However, the last paragraph:

    “Make no mistake. It is critical for Russia to win this war. But it’s quite clear that the neoconservatives (Blinken, Nuland, Sherman) dominating the Biden administration’s foreign policy also see this as a critically important struggle, and they have continued to increase the U.S. commitment—willing to fight to the last Ukrainian. And, I suspect that ultimately they will be willing to use U.S. troops in the conflict to prevent a Russian victory.”

    This is what is worrying me. I think it would be very hard for the Jewish elite who are running this country, to get any kind of support from the American people to engage in a war with Russia. Too many would be afraid that it would escalate into a nuclear war.

    I worry that we will not make it to the midterms. What do the Jews, those who make up most of the Biden administration, and Soros, Bloomberg, Zuckerberg, the rest and then their Shabbez Goy, Gates, etc., what do they have planned? They know that since so many Americans are financially suffering under Jewish control, come midterms, it’s over, the Congress, and Senate will be Republican and Biden will be a lame duck President for the next two years. Then it will most likely be either Trump, or DeSantis in 2024. If it’s Trump, we’re talking most likely 12 years of very conservative rule in the U.S., Trump four years, then DeSantis eight, the Jews know that people will not forget the disaster of Biden’s Jewish administration and how quickly they drove the country into the ground after Trump’s prosperous four years in office. Plus we have a conservative Supreme Court now. So, what do they have planned…?

    Will China invade us? Will the grid go down? Massive food shortages? More scamdemics? A combination of these things?

    I sure do hope that we make it to November but I have been looking into buying some survival food kits.

    • Derek H.
      Derek H. says:

      One thing to keep in mind is the almost visceral hatred Jews have for Christianity. I think a major part of problem, and why the Jewish/globalist elites have gained so much power, is our country’s declining spirituality. America–and perhaps Dugin would agree with this–is where the Christians became as the bull constantly confused by the waving of the red cape of the Zionist matador. On the other hand, I think a lot of Christians are starting to awaken and throw off their Christian Zionist blinders. One site where this seems to be the case:

  17. White Nation
    White Nation says:

    Jewish power is predicated on Jewish loyalty to each other. Intense loyalty. Loyal until death. That’s why they have conquered White societies.

    But White Europeans are individualists. They will not be able to muster loyalty to each other. This dooms them to extinction.

    Also, Jews do not believe in a derivative of White Greco-Roman, Viking, or Anglo Saxon Religions. But White societies believe in Christianity, a vulgar, self debasing derivative of Judaism.

    This Jewish victory is assured.

    To become mirror image of Judaism, White societies will need to exhume White Religions and breathe life into them.

    • John Alder
      John Alder says:

      You are correct ! We need a religion that boosts our morale and christianity ain’t it ! Cosmotheism and National Socialism make perfect sense to me and are healthier than bending a knee to some malicious vindictive Hebrew tribal god called yahweh ,a fabricated deity who needs anger management help.

        • Swaytonious
          Swaytonious says:

          Telmudic Judaism was the response to the Romans destroying the temple. The Telmud was promulgated in the 500s AD

          • Mark Gobell
            Mark Gobell says:

            Thanks Swaytonious.

            The written version yes, but the oral Talmud pre-dating Christiananity?

          • Swaytonious
            Swaytonious says:

            Without the ability to conduct sacrifice at the temple the entire nature of the religion had to be rebuilt. This was the impetus for the Telmud. Without a temple there could be no priests. Without priests, no sanhedran. It had to reinvent itself. This was the Jewish reformation and they got worse.

        • Liosnagcat
          Liosnagcat says:

          Your instincts are correct. Recommend “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed. The oral Talmud goes back to the Babylonian Exile, even further, to Moses, if the rabbi’s are to be believed.

          • Mark Gobell
            Mark Gobell says:

            Thank you Liosnagcat.

            I have Douglas Reed’s book. It’s been a while since I read it.

            Most of what I’ve picked up about Judah ism is from Michael A Hoffman II’s work.

            I note your qualification made :

            “if the rabbi’s are to be believed.”

            If only it wasn’t so serious, I would laugh out loud at that …

  18. Schindler’s Guest List
    Schindler’s Guest List says:

    I deeply respect Kevin MacDonald and all he has done. But I could never stomach this notion of European Individualism. It seems to me a post hoc rationalization to explain why modern Whites are so deracinated and cucked. Were the Crusaders individualists? What about the Spanish Empire in the Americas? Or the Puritans? People will make the case that Protestantism is, but the mid century Germans were largely Protestant and it’s difficult to see them as libertarian individualists. America, owing to unique historical circumstances, may be individualist to some degree, with its opposition towards centralized power, and a high degree of autonomy afforded by an empty continent. But that seems the result of historical contingencies, not biological impulses. Yet even in the US, the Jews were highly aware of and wrote extensively about the rigid societal standards and White Anglo Saxon ethnic particularism they encountered in America (as has MacDonald himself). i would also note that the “only minimal [WASP] resistance” MacDonald describes occurred after a New Deal revolution (heavily infiltrated by Jewish radicals) that reshaped American government and purged much of the old guard, followed by a genocidal European civil war fought largely over the Jewish Question which resulted in Nuremberg making it de facto illegal to be right wing, ethnocentric or antisemitic. That’s not mild. But even all that didn’t quite do it. Jews had to take total control of media and make it the all pervasive narrative-forming machine that it is today before we start to see America become a “melting pot” and “propositional nation,” and Whites truly begin to see themselves as atomized economic units saying how they “don’t see race” and “live and let live.” It is this bacteria pumped into the brains of Americans that has made them so hapless and feeble, which is then exported to Europe (which appears no more historically liberal than anywhere else). If anything, the issue is not so much the uniqueness of the European mind, but that of the Jewish mind. Add to this the emergence of globalism, managerialism and the triumph of finance capital, developments Jews were uniquely adapted to and which largely harmonized with their cosmopolitan elitist worldview.

  19. Frederick Ford
    Frederick Ford says:

    American individualism was one that was derived from the Enlightenment and was compatible with the group identity of being an America. But modern individualism, in its raw form, is something that instead undermines the group especially the White racial group within America. Individuality itself is an inherent part of the nature of humankind and animal kind but human groups have always found ways to deal with such individuality for millennia until our modern day where people have lost sense of what the human group is and how the individual relates to it.

    If someone is wondering why individuality is an inherent part of our existence or why the White race, as a genetic group, should be preserved and protected then check these links out.

  20. Peter
    Peter says:

    It’s interesting that Twitter blocked the link to Mr. Dugin’s article. I wonder how many Jews are on Twitter’s Board of Directors or what other influence Jews might hold over Twitter. I support Elon Musk’s attempt to take it over and remake it and if that doesn’t work it should be destroyed.

    Yes, the similarity in the behavior and policies of the Jewish-Bolsheviks and American Jews like Merrick B. Garland, Antony Blinken and others are clear to see. Since Jews are always present in positions of power and frequently have their names in the news and “freedom of speech” and other “freedoms” were touted as uniquely American values and talked about all the time (going back to the “NAZI” book burnings) which were used to justify a world war, you would naturally ascribe these values to Jews. Actually, I probably thought it was Jews that imbued America with such values, as they advocated for them so strongly many times. Jews defense of free speech for Hollywood communists and others outed by Senator Joseph McCarthy really affirmed Jews love of “free speech”, or so it seemed. The fact that they were just using free speech to empower themselves until they gained enough power themselves so they could ban free speech in the future so they could implement their own policies for the country without being hindered wouldn’t enter most peoples minds. Most people would not believe that a group could behave in such an underhanded and devious way and would probably be called “anti-Semitic” if they said such a thing.

    Maybe a key giveaway was not just their own leadership of communism in Russia and Europe for which “free speech” was not a value but the fact that they didn’t just advocate for free speech in the US at a time it would help American communists but they really hated those like McCarthy, Nixon and others that went after the communists. But these communists and their sympathizers helped drag America into WW II against their hated enemy, the Germans. That is why they hated McCarthy and Nixon, because they were going after those that were their anti-German allies, not because of anything having to do with free speech. I believe that little hiccup of exposing the communists after WW II was done by those who otherwise would have kept the US out of WW II. That was the best they could do and against Jewish power at that time already.

    I remember reading once how after WW I Einstein was spouting off about free speech to leftist university students in Germany shortly after WW I. Since he was on the left, those students were aligned with him politically, but apparently they were not all supportive of free speech so the great Einstein was advocating for the great Jewish value free speech, or so the Jew that wrote the book was saying.

  21. JR4567
    JR4567 says:

    “They see it correctly as a conflict between Russian sovereignty and neoliberal globalist elites based in the West”

    Sovereignty is invading and conquering other countries? Does MacDonald think Hitler’s invasions were just a defence of German sovereignty too?

  22. Lord Shang
    Lord Shang says:

    Interesting that Greg Johnson at Counter-currents takes the opposite view on the Ukraine war, supporting Ukrainian ethnonationalism on principle, as well as noting that Russia is a far more multicultural state than Ukraine, and that neither Putin nor Dugin (the “Eurasionist”) have ever expressed much concern about white racial preservation, which is or should be our main concern in international affairs. Obviously, unimpeachable prowhites can line up on different sides of the Ukraine conflict, which I why I keep arguing that the only responsible stance for the US is to remain neutral (other than helping displaced white Ukrainian refugees via humanitarian aid).

  23. Tsigantes
    Tsigantes says:

    Just for the record, Dugin is NOT close to Putin or the Russian government. He is a professor at one of the many Moscow universities who is a great self promoter, along with his daughter. Some of what he says is interesting, some not so much. Except that Kevin McDonald seems a nicer person, they are both outside their respective systems.

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