Nuclear Buffoon: Jews Select Politicians for Compliance, Not Competence

I was too optimistic. Far too optimistic. I should have remembered what Jonathan Swift (1667–1745) wrote centuries ago: “When a true genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign; that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.” And there was certainly a confederacy of dunces against the highly intelligent and innovative Dominic Cummings, who tried to turn British politics into a powerhouse of physicists and mathematicians, not a monkey-house of “Oxbridge humanities graduates.”

Confronted by a confederacy of dunces: Dominic Cummings and his crammed cranium

I was hoping that Cummings would face down the hatred of incompetent government officials and leftist journalists, who damned him as the “evil genius” behind the successful campaign for Brexit. And yes, he might well have survived their spiteful scheming and remained as chief aide to the British prime minister Boris Johnson. What he didn’t survive was the hatred and scheming of the intellectually vacuous but psychologically formidable Carrie Johnson, the PM’s wife. Cummings was forced out of government in autumn 2020. But he hasn’t gone quietly. He saw Boris Johnson close-up for a long time and wasn’t impressed by what he saw. Now he calls Johnson a “sociopathic narcissist” and tells very disturbing stories like this:

I spent a lot of time in 2020 trying to push changes across ‘national security’ issues. I also went around some of the deep state sites to talk to people engaged in operations and try to figure out what important things were being starved of money/focus because of the general MoD [Ministry of Defence] horrorshow (leaked by a minister at the time to cause trouble). For example, I found our special forces are deprived of tiny amounts of money for crucial things — literally often so tiny you’re talking THOUSANDS, not even millions, while the MoD blows BILLIONS.

I spent time in the no-phones room under No10 discussing nuclear wargames and the UK nuclear enterprise.

In autumn 2020, I forced the PM to carve out 3 hours to discuss the nuclear enterprise. I had wanted to have a whole weekend at Chequers, including sessions with outside specialists, but he balked at just a few hours. After sort of listening, including to an account of rotten infrastructure and the truly horrific bills amounting to many tens of billions we face in coming years because of 25 years of rot and shockingly bad procurement under both parties, we left the room.

He picked up his phone (left outside for security), turned to me angr[il]y, and spat out.

What a waste of my time.

This sums up a lot not just about him but about our political system. Their single most important job is not seen as a priority! (Dominic Cummings’ Substack, “‘People, ideas, machines’ II: catastrophic thinking on nuclear weapons,” 18th March 2022)

Boris Johnson is a nuclear buffoon — a buffoon with his hand on the nuclear button. And the story is even more disturbing today, when the Jewish neo-cons running American and British foreign policy are poking the Russian bear with ever-sharper sticks at ever-shrinking intervals. But in one sense Johnson was right and Cummings was wrong. It was a waste of Johnson’s time to learn more about how to avoid a catastrophic nuclear war. And the “single most important job” of our political system isn’t protecting the population from natural or technological disaster and the collapse of industrial civilization.

Grovelling goys in British politics: (clockwise from top) Sajid Javid, Boris Johnson, Priti Patel at Conservative Friends of Israel

Instead, Johnson’s time is far better spent placating the rich and powerful Jews who put him into office and ensure that he stays there. Similarly, the most important job of our political system is serving the interests of those Jews. Cummings saw those toxic truths of Jewish control again and again during his time in government. He knows all about Jewish power and the way it corrupts Western politics. He knows that Jews select their political servants for compliance, not for competence. And he knows that this is why the prime minister of Britain is a sociopathic narcissist and the president of America is a corrupt, senile narcissist. But Cummings has never discussed any of that. He has always carefully avoided the topics of Jewish power, in particular, and of race, in general.

Cancelled for crimethink

Sadly, he’s right to avoid those topics. If he’d spoken the truth about them while he was in government, he would’ve been driven out immediately. If he spoke the truth about them now, he would lose what influence he still has. But we can be sure that he knows the truth, because while he was in government, he employed a highly intelligent young White male called Andrew Sabisky. Unlike Cummings, Sabisky hadn’t kept quiet on the topic of race. And he paid the price for telling the truth: in April 2020, he resigned as an adviser to the British government after what the Guardian described as “fierce criticism across [the] political spectrum.”

In fact, Sabisky was criticized only by leftists and their cuckservative allies, but the Guardian has always preferred fantasy to reality and will always misrepresent reality when it can. That’s why it was so horrified by Sabisky’s ideas: “In one post from 2014, he suggested that politicians should pay attention to ‘very real racial differences in intelligence’ when designing the immigration system, and another from that year suggested black people on average have lower IQs than white people.” Sabisky also supported eugenics and other attempts to improve the intelligence, health and behavior of the human race.

That was crimethink. But Cummings didn’t condemn Sabisky for it and didn’t want to lose him as an adviser. Indeed, it’s certain that other people in Cummings’ government-team shared Sabisky’s heretical views. Those other crimethinkers were simply more discreet, that’s all. And this is Cummings himself obliquely expressing his disdain for Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other forms of pro-Black, anti-White agitation:

People in SW1 [the London postcode where British government is based] talk a lot about ‘diversity’ but they rarely mean ‘true cognitive diversity’. They are usually babbling about ‘gender identity diversity blah blah’. What SW1 needs is not more drivel about ‘identity’ and ‘diversity’ from Oxbridge humanities graduates but more genuine cognitive diversity.

We need some true wild cards, artists, people who never went to university and fought their way out of an appalling hell hole, weirdos from William Gibson novels like that girl hired by Bigend as a brand ‘diviner’ who feels sick at the sight of Tommy Hilfiger or that Chinese-Cuban free runner from a crime family hired by the KGB. If you want to figure out what characters around Putin might do, or how international criminal gangs might exploit holes in our border security, you don’t want more Oxbridge English graduates who chat about Lacan at dinner parties with TV producers and spread fake news about fake news. (Dominic Cummings’ Substack, “Snippets,” 7th March 2022)

In other words, Cummings thinks that anti-racism is “drivel.” He wants much more reality in politics and much less rhetoric. That’s why he employed physicists who knew about lambda rather than “Oxbridge English graduates” who knew about Lacan. He wanted to make Britain a beacon of efficient government and technological innovation. But in a sense, he was merely trying to fit faster engines to the Titanic. Thanks to mass immigration from the Third World, Britain is steaming straight for a giant iceberg of societal collapse and civil war. So are America, France, Sweden and all other racially and religiously enriched Western societies. And it’s too late to stop all those ships of state colliding with all those icebergs.

Quantum comfort?

Unless a nuclear war intervenes, of course. And with Jewish neo-cons so thirsty for revenge on Russia, nuclear war is once again a very serious threat to the world. We were lucky to survive the Cold War, the last period of prolonged hostility between nuclear-armed Russia and the nuclear-armed West. And far more people should recognize how lucky we were that the Cold War didn’t turn into a Hot War. Unlike Dominic Cummings, the humanities graduates in government don’t know about heroes like Stanislav Petrov and Vasily Arkhipov. And who were they? They were, in effect, complete nobodies who saved the human race by refusing to allow the Russian military to launch nuclear weapons in response to false alarms. Petrov saved the human race in 1983, but he was able to do only because Arkhipov had saved the human race in 1962.

Jewish control may lead to nuclear catastrophe (image courtesy Wikipedia)

We got lucky. Very lucky. Indeed, so lucky that I wonder whether the hair-raising stories of Stanislav Petrov and Vasily Arkhipov count as evidence for quantum immortality, the strange and disturbing concept raised in a famous thought experiment in physics. Some physicists have hypothesized that the universe is continually spawning an infinite number of new universes, each of which spawns new universes in its turn. The human race exists in an infinite subset of those universes — and ceases to exist in an infinite subset of the subset. Perhaps nuclear extinction during the Cold War was probable or even almost certain. The universe I’m writing in just happens to be one of the lucky ones that got through. That’s quantum immortality: if there are infinite copies of any individual in the multiverse, some of those copies will always survive. So I’m immortal, you’re immortal and everyone else is immortal.

I find that a fascinating idea, but it doesn’t comfort me as I contemplate the Jewish fanatics trying to foment a war with Russia. Perhaps there are an infinite number of universes or perhaps there’s just the one. All I know for sure is that the universe I’m in has a nuclear buffoon as British prime minister and governments of grovelling goys all across the West. Jewish power has never been a good thing but now it threatens the survival of the human race. I think Dominic Cummings knows that too and I hope he’s right to keep quiet about it. But in the end the dominance of Dominic wouldn’t be a good thing. Cummings is interested in performance; his leftist enemies are interested in power. None of them are interested in truth, beauty and goodness. Technocracy, even in its genuine and positive sense, isn’t the cure for the pathologies of the West.

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  1. Arwald
    Arwald says:

    Why is Boris Johnson being referred to as a “goy”? His matrilineal ancestry indicates jewish blood, which according to jewish law, makes him jewish.
    Also, why do WASP’S (WHITE ANGLO-SAXON PEOPLE, PAGANS, PROTESTANTS) refer to their own by the pejorative term “goy”?
    It’s not unlike a ‘gger calling a fellow ‘gger, a ‘gger, right? Are we able to have pride in ourselves and reclaim the glory and destiny that was once ours?

    • Ray Caruso
      Ray Caruso says:

      We use sarcastically. And the more we use it, the better, because the term should be popularized. Every White should know Jews have a term for us that is equivalent to the n-word.

    • Ted
      Ted says:

      Well at least one person here realizes what is going on.
      BORIS JOHNSON IS A CRYPTO JEW….for crying out loud.
      His wife,the scheming trollop is also a tribe member.
      As was or is Cameron (descended from a banking family) his wife,also Jewish of course,is from a wealthy Jewish family.(Johnson is said to have shagged her on the sly…see Private Eye magazine)

      There are MANY crypto Jews governing Britain.The Director of Britains Secret Police MI5 is a Scottish crypto jew.Infact EVERY director of the Stazi like MI5 have been crypto Jews,bar one.
      The control over the population exerted by the secret police in Britain is at least the equal of East Germany.
      Theresa May and her financier husband are BOTH Jews.
      That ragtag bunch of wasters the Windsors are most certainly crypto Jews.The prick Prince Charles was circumcised by a Jewish rabbi! obvious do you want it to be.The deputy PM Raab is actually an “open jew”.
      So like Homeland Security Britains intelligence services are OWNED by the Jews.
      If things are not turned around via immigration control BRITAIN IS FINISHED AS A NATION.
      The same is happening in Australia and NZ.
      The new Australian PM is a crypto jew of Italian origin…a “Marrano” in other words.
      It is thought that the crazy smiling bitch Ardern is actually a “trans”….she is wrecking the country via vast uncontrolled third world immigration…the rich Jewish elites benefit but the infrastructure is grossly overloaded.
      The Jewish run media is simply appalling.

  2. Alan Donelson
    Alan Donelson says:

    Suppose, just suppose, that “nuclear bombs” as depicted in faux imagery (e.g., do not exist and, in fact, have never existed. For those who would like a more “physical” approach to the topic, I recommend the essay-in-progress by Anders Björkman (last updated 9 July 2022, What a relief, eh?

    Those of us instructed to get down below our desks, await a great flash of light, or, after a while, we hoped, an “all-clear signal”, had no such commonsensical counterpoint. Today, we may. To have a true “nuclear buffoon”, one needs nuclear bombs. Boris Johnson may be a lot of things, but a “nuclear buffoon”? Not likely in my book. Which seems why an elderly man apparently suffering from an intermediate stage of dementia is allowed to play the role of President of the USA, Inc. No harm, no foul in regard to a nuclear WWIII.

    • Lord Shang
      Lord Shang says:

      Nukes don’t exist? Hiroshima (or was this mere atomic weaponry, and you’re referring to something else)?

  3. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    Have we finally reached a time where some prominent people who know the truth about the Jews stand together and state the problem to the world? It’s just that once you know about these people it is exceptionally frustrating to watch events unfold with the vast majority of humanity having no idea about this sick race of international criminals.

  4. Anonyma
    Anonyma says:

    Notice the timing of how Dominic Cummings was booted out of office right after Biden stole the election. Looks like Boris and Carrie were deliberately purging their administration of hard Brexit elements.

    Also their should be more investigations into Carrie Johnson’s background. Her father, Matthew Symonds, was one of the founders of the left wing independent and headed internal Jew Larry Ellison’s Foundation. Ghislaine Maxwell also had strong links to the charity Carrie worked for.

    • Andropovid
      Andropovid says:

      Supposedly she is. A ‘catholic’. Too many Catholic crypto Jews in Britain today. OO even ran a feature on one (David Ames).

  5. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    I find Russia and its leadership to be the most transparent and coherent leadership of Jeurope. All ministers are older, seasoned, highly intelligent, rational, and well grounded in Reality (Wow! What an interesting concept). The Spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, is not only brilliant, but entirely believable and eloquent.

    I read RT and Pravda continuously. Both are straightforward, blunt, and entirely believable. There is no higher example of better or equal journalism on a large scale in the World. That includes The Straits Times of Singapore.

    Even if a lottery chance of defeat and invasion is experienced by Russia, threatening its civilization, they have made clear that that their doomsday option will be exercised. At this point, the West commits ultimate suicide and vanquish from the face of the earth and history. This final euthanasia will be performed in tandem with China-to prevent major damage to Russia. A discussion of relative lethality of nuclear armaments is another discussion. Summarily, Russia has an enormous advantage in quantity and quantity. Russia has and is developing new weapons that are unstoppable. There is little doubt that a one way ticket to Hell, should the option be exercised, will include the obliteration of Israel. Mr. Putin and the Leadership are reflective of the Russian people: slow fuse, patient and calm, until the fuse runs out. Like the bulls running loose in Pamplona down narrow streets, the difference is the street ends in a dead end, and the bulls punch holes in all the people and trample them to death. Their dissatisfaction and enmity towards Israel has arrived and is unpacked and assembled.

    • Andropovid
      Andropovid says:

      ‘I find Russia and its leadership to be the most transparent and coherent leadership of Jeurope’

      A little too transparent. Like when a Putin controlled TV station went on air detailing a plan to use an underwater drone to launch a nuclear weapon that would unleash a tidal wave to drown Ireland and Britain.

      Ireland is a neutral country, this along with continued incursions into Irish air space (does not help that Ireland has no military radars and a tiny navy) is a disgrace.

      Diplomatically Ireland has not been so bad to Russia even refusing to send weapons to Ukraine.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      “People from the Jewish community have been feeling the Iron Curtain setting on them and they fear they won’t be able to escape the country”
      Senior sources

      Russian government has ordered the Jewish Agency to cease all operations inside the country, The Jerusalem Post has learned.
      The order was given in a letter received from the Russian Justice Ministry earlier this week. Officials in the Jewish Agency confirmed that the letter was received. They would not comment, however, on the response that is currently under consideration in the organization’s offices in Jerusalem in consultation with the Foreign Ministry and the Prime Minister’s Office.

      Get a Russian passport if you are an Indo-European.

  6. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    When the British left India, the new administration asked the British to murder Gandhi.
    The British said that they were going home and India was now their problem, thank God.
    Mr. Patel had Gandhi murdered.
    In the 1960’s I visited a bomber base with my brother. I was sitting in the control tower and heard people say that the Vulcans were 5 hours out and they had not dropped their Atom Bombs on the Chinese Army because it was no longer moving towards India.
    A friend of my brother was at a French cabinet meeting when de Gaulle said that the Anglo Saxons were about to land in Normandy, the Germans invade Belgium and the Russians
    invade southern France. This meant that France must fire its missiles at the USA and Russia.
    They came and took him away, they filed away the notes and put on long white coats, they came and took him away.
    The French military were told not to push any buttons and the French Chief of Staff flew to Belgium to tell NATO that the military had taken over.
    My brother’s friend said that if the missiles were on their way the the French hoped that the Americans and Russians would say ” We understand, accidents do happen”.
    I always like to read Mr. Langdon’s articles. I wish he lived in 10 Downing Street so that I would not die over bloody Taiwan and because the Fake Jews hate Russians (Nice people.The Russians,not the Fake Jews)

    • Andropovid
      Andropovid says:

      I was always under the impression that the famous Ghandi family (Indra etc) was related to the actual Ghandi and was amazed to find out they had simply appropriated the name.

      • Flo
        Flo says:

        Indira didn’t “appropriate” the Gandhi name, she married a fellow whose family name was Gandhi. Everyone knows she was Nehru’s daughter. Gandhi is a fairly common name in India.

    • Andropovid
      Andropovid says:

      A French nuclear strike? On mainland America? In De Gaulles time?

      You sir are delusional.

      And by the way De Gualle had a long retirement where he was very clearly not insane.

  7. Good Days 're Comin'
    Good Days 're Comin' says:

    National Socialism had seen through the Janus-facedness of the Jewish system of world domination: Capitalism inevitably conjures up communism, since excessive wealth promotes and must provoke excessive social envy. It is always about selfishness and division of society. Like a shadow, one side of the worthless coin (capitalism) always carries the other (Marxism) with it.

    It is amazing how much admiration Elon Musk, for example, receives on the Internet just because he tweets some profane remarks that are completely irrelevant to world events, and spreads announcements on the net that he then fails to keep. They all want to be like him, but will never be able to be, because only a few can be rich at the expense of many. They admire his unattainability.

    But of which attitude does this testify? Of total selfishness and impersonality. If Musk would donate even a fraction of his gigantic fortune to cancer research or at least to the preservation of national interests, he would deserve reverence, but not like this! People like Musk blackmail whole national economies: “If your conditions are too expensive, I’ll go to China, there I can produce cheaper!”

  8. Raeto West
    Raeto West says:

    @’Tobias Langdon’ — you’d do well to look at where Cummings/ Komnenes are shown to be long-established covert Jews, doing what Jews do. You might consider looking into the whole idea of nukes, starting perhaps with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and contemplating the immense waste of money, of which Boris may well be aware of.
    Probably this posting won’t appear here, so I’ll add it somewhere else, on my own site.

  9. Good Days 're Comin'
    Good Days 're Comin' says:

    Hitler did not expropriate the German industrialists. He made a deal with them: “From now on, you will act exclusively in the national interest, and we will protect you from the communists from the East who want to get at you! In addition, you will get a lot of advantages from our territorial gains.”

  10. Good Days 're Comin'
    Good Days 're Comin' says:

    Hitler not only overcame the seemingly insurmountable (but artificially created by the Jews) opposition between capitalism and communism, he even dissolved it, but suddenly all those who had previously eked out a dreary meaningless existence for decades, once again had a worthwhile goal in life, for which it was really and only worth fighting: the common struggle for survival and pride in one’s own kind. Suddenly, the employer recognized in the employee, even in the unemployed, the national comrade who, in truth, was genetically much closer to him than his former foreign “business partners”.

    How do I say this to the people who are brainwashed by the (((system))) , and who are genetically closest to us – just like then – but were mentally reprogrammed by the mortal enemy of our kind, thus aligned against their own kind? There one must make careful hints, until the person draws his own conclusions:

    “Was there ever any attempt or possibility to resolve these two opposites?”

    “There was, for a very short time in the last century. It was so successful that both the capitalist and communist sides of the world froze in shock and joined forces. But to mention the name of this model or concept is not only frowned upon, condemned and demonized 24/7 by all means of propaganda, it is downright ‘forbidden’ in many places. Not without reason, because the ruling system does not like it when one brings this truth to light.”

  11. James J. O'Meara
    James J. O'Meara says:

    Without questioning the author’s general point, and as someone who despises Lacan and others of that ilk, and who thinks the humanities, and philosophy in particular, would be improved immensely if they required a prior background in science, I fail to grasp how adding physicists to government would improve things. As the author says, the people we have there now are governed by hatred of the goyim, not an ignorance of quantum physics.

    Are there not physicists who are themselves neocons? There’s certainly a lot of Jews in physics, anyway. Wasn’t the whole problem the result of Jews like Einstein pushing FDR to develop The Bomb? Wasn’t it Jewish physicists who gave the info the Soviets?

    Buckley was right about being governed by the first 500 names in the Boston phone book rather than the faculty of Harvard. We’d be better off in those Oxbridge grads were replaced by school dropout from the BNP or whatever it is these days.

    • Andropovid
      Andropovid says:

      ‘, the people we have there now are governed by hatred of the goyim, not an ignorance of quantum physics.’

      Given Jewish nepotism and exclusivity (Jewish bubble- Bidens cabinet is the most Jewish in history and he has less approval than Truman) they are hardly the intellectual elite they were in the early neocon days of the 1970s. They are now fat and lazy. Surely even the Jews do not want nuclear accidents? Having physicists in government would defieitley be an improvement.

      A prime example of this is decommissioning of nuclear submarines. Expected to cost billions (from where?) Britain has more than a dozen decommissioned nuclear powered submarines (with their own reactor and spent fuel) sitting in dry dock with no plan to recycle them. Each presents an immense health hazard to the nation and while it was acceptable during the cold war to commission nuclear submarines they had no way of correctly disposing of thirty years after the end of the cold war it is now a national scandal.

      People with a hard science/mathematics background in western governments are needed urgently.

  12. michael
    michael says:

    Yes, to everything in this analysis. It’s an expose. It declares what and who and how the jews are operating in the UK and in America.

    The operation is for a ‘Greater Israel’, a greater jewish control of the western world, with its capital being Jerusalem, and the whole of it is so heinous, so fanatic, so committed by the Zionists, their partisans, that there is practically no other ‘unified people’ with this determination.

    And the rest, the goyim, the gentile, doesn’t realize the plan in operation. Because the whole of it is so well-orchestrated, so versed at bribery and intimidation and success at assassination and the likes of the USSLiberty “almost” successful attempt to attack and destroy an American naval ship and have it blamed on Egypt.

    Eventually, the real assassinators of Kennedys, of the plot to push a ‘war on terror’, of who and how the World Trade Center was destroyed, all of these things will be revealed.

    Then, their glory and the tribute extracted will end. The world will be a better place for it. If they don’t bring the whole thing down with them if they don’t get their way… first. Witness the very likely blackmail of ‘The Samson Option.’

    Not only probably have it, but are willing to get it rolling to bribe or intimidate.

  13. Art Deco
    Art Deco says:

    The author is right to call Boris Johnson a nuclear buffoon and a sociopathic narcissist. Johnson betrayed the working-class people who switched from Labour to vote for him in December 2019. He preferred to advance the interests of the hostile elite.

    He should have taken the advice of Dominic Cummings, instead of his wife, Carrie. But he’d rather lose his job as PM, than say no to his wife, a “woke” air-head.

    Like Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Johnson chooses to act as a tool for the globalists. They are all shameless traitors to their own people, provoking war with Russia, and opening our borders to millions of migrants. Not the Russians, but the globalists are the enemy of America and Europe.

    • Andropovid
      Andropovid says:

      ‘sociopathic narcissists’

      I remember when Johnson called a saint Patrick’s day dinner hosted by the Irish diaspora in Britain a ‘dinner for the IRA’. This at the height of multiculturalism. Says it all about him really.

  14. Good Days 're Comin'
    Good Days 're Comin' says:

    What a blessing for us crazy Krauts, the territorially and mentally
    occupied, to be able to count on our American allies at any time
    to provide factual information about German history. Otherwise,
    we would consider McDonalds, Hollywood and bubble gum to be
    the ultimate achievement of civilization. This time, “trans historian
    Tipsyfish” lets us in on the background of “Operation Osoaviakhim”.

    [sarcasm off]

  15. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    SriLanka Alabania Argentina Germany collapsing..IT looks like the JEWS did it WARS hunger chaos Depressions..while the jews walk away with TRILLIONS…and of course they will be the main VICTIMS..

  16. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    ” He knows that Jews select their political servants for compliance, not for competence.”

    Jews are politicly astute .

    They know that a non-compliant servant , whom is capable of conspiratorial activity ( most all are capable ) , can usually do much more political harm , to the zionist goal for world dominion , than could a known to be incompetent compliant servant .


    ” So I’m immortal, you’re immortal and everyone else is immortal.”

    Obviously , virtually everyone believes otherwise since the desire to not be dead is very real and very powerful .


    ” Technocracy, even in its genuine and positive sense, isn’t the cure for the pathologies of the West.”

    Not to insinuate that technocracy is the cure , however , is there any greater Westernworld pathology than the massively pervasive worldwide ignorance of a crucial and indisputable , but not always necessarily absolutely complete , distinction between religious fantasies and scientific realities ? ;
    Where technology and science are properly de-conflated ; where the language of science (mathematics) is by far much more universal and absolute than the language of religion (morality) ;
    and where religion is much more concerned with
    the meanings/interpretations/translations of life whereas science is much more concerned with the purposes/goals/objectives of life .

    Very thought provoking essay .

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