A Government of Grovelling Goys: Boris Johnson, Friends of Israel and the Second Coming of Cummings

Why aren’t the British Left celebrating? The “one-man melting-pot” Boris Johnson has become the new prime minister. He has Turkish, Jewish, French and English ancestry. Johnson has appointed two politicians of colour to the most important posts in his cabinet: the Pakistani Muslim Sajid Javid is now chancellor and the Indian Hindu Priti Patel is now home secretary. And there are other politicians of colour in other posts, making this cabinet the most “ethnically diverse” in British history.

Boris Johnson gets his priorities right

However, the Left aren’t celebrating. Instead, they’re once again condemning Johnson and his party for racism. They’ve got the so-called Conservatives exactly where they want them: endlessly and fruitlessly chasing the approval of non-Whites. Although the Tories are, like the Republicans in America, completely dependent on White votes to win elections, they never try to advance the interests of Whites or to defend Whites against incessant accusations of racism, bigotry and selfishness. Instead, they embrace the profoundly unconservative and deeply stupid concept of the “proposition nation.” According to the Tories and the Republicans, anyone on Earth can become British or American if they embrace the right “values” and believe in the right ideas.

Serving the Tribe

Meanwhile, the Left harness the primal and potent forces of tribalism as they pursue the only thing that really matters to them: power. But tribalism is actually on plain display in the new Johnson government too. Or rather, it’s Tribalism, with a capital “T.” Johnson, Javid, Patel and Company are all dedicated servants of the world’s oldest, most selfish and most successful tribe: the Jews. However, no mainstream commentator will dare to label this a kosher cabinet. Nevertheless, that is exactly what it is. The dominant lobby-group Conservative Friends of Israel has praised Boris Johnson for his “long history of standing shoulder to shoulder with Israel and the Jewish community.” That’s rather like a puppeteer praising his own puppet for its devotion to duty. As I’ve pointed out in articles like “A Shameless Shabbos-Shiksa” and “How to Win Power and Riches by Betraying Your Own,” Boris Johnson, Sajid Javid and Priti Patel are expert practitioners of the goy-grovel, having endlessly ladled sycophancy on Britain’s tiny but very rich and powerful Jewish minority, and worked non-stop to advance Israeli and Jewish interests.

The Goy-Grovel: Sajid Javid, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson perform at Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI)

But some members of the new cabinet have never practised the goy-grovel, because they’ve never needed to. The Jewish Board of Deputies is particularly pleased with two of BoJo’s new boys:

The Board of Deputies has welcomed Boris Johnson’s new Cabinet, saying there are “many firm friends” of the Jewish community among them. After officially becoming prime minister on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Johnson embarked upon a total reorganisation of Theresa May’s Cabinet.

His appointments include former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab as foreign secretary — the son of a Jewish refugee who fled the Nazis from Czechoslovakia. During his bid for the Tory leadership, he produced a video telling his father’s story, in which he said of Labour’s antisemitism crisis: “Every one of us in politics must always stand against antisemitism in all its forms. It’s not just political. For some of us, it’s personal.”

Grant Shapps replaces Chris Grayling as Transport Secretary. In an interview with the JC [Jewish Chronicle] in 2010, Mr Shapps said: “I feel totally Jewish; I am totally Jewish. I don’t eat pork, we only buy kosher meat and we don’t mix meat and milk. I like being Jewish and I married a Jewish girl. It’s like a way of life and it’s good to be able to instil some of that sense of being in your kids. All of that makes me seem as though I am quite observant but actually the flipside of this is I don’t know if there is a God or not. But one thing I am absolutely certain of is that God wouldn’t care if you were Jewish or Christian or Muslim [i.e., so long as you serve only Jewish interests].”

Board President Marie van der Zyl said: “We are very pleased to see many firm friends of the community taking their places on the front bench. We had a good relationship with Theresa May’s team, and look forward to continuing to advance the interests of the community with our many longstanding friends in Boris Johnson’s new government.” (Board of Deputies praises ‘firm friends’ in Boris Johnson’s new Cabinet, The Jewish Chronicle, 25th July 2019 / 22nd Tammuz 5779)

Grant Shapps’ comments about God are disingenuous, because at heart Judaism is about worshipping Jews, not about worshipping God. Or you could say that, in Judaism, Jews are God: not so much the Chosen Ones as the Self-Chosen Ones. And note that Grant Shapps and his colleague Dominic Raab do not count as “ethnic minorities” in Johnson’s cabinet. As I’ve pointed out before, Jews can be described as Schrödinger’s Tribe. In quantum physics,  Schrödinger’s cat is simultaneously alive-and-dead until the universe decides one way or the other. In Western politics, Jews are simultaneously a minority and not-a-minority, switching between the two identities according to whether they want to claim victimhood or make a Western organization seem more “White” than it actually is.

A government of occupation

If Shapps, Raab and Johnson himself were counted as minorities, the new cabinet would look even more like a government of occupation, disconnected from and antagonistic to the White and historically Christian majority of the British Isles. It’s certain that we will see no reduction in Third-World immigration under Johnson. He has abandoned even the pretence of trying to reduce the flood. And he is a long-standing advocate of amnesty for illegal immigrants. You can explain Johnson’s career by these lines from Rudyard Kipling: “Down to Gehenna or up to the Throne, / He travels the fastest who travels alone.” Johnson does indeed travel alone, unburdened by principles of any kind, least of all conservative ones. He is more intelligent than Tony Blair, but is made in the same amoral and self-centred mould.

“Please G-d, I want to be PM next!”: Sajid Javid at the Wailing Wall

That makes Johnson, like Blair before him, a perfect tool for the most powerful and selfish group in British politics: the organized Jewish community. Third-World immigration will not shrink under Johnson, but free speech certainly will. As home secretary, Sajid Javid boasted that Britain will have “the toughest internet laws in the world.” Now Priti Patel has become home secretary in his place and you can be sure that she will match both his hatred of free speech and his dedication to serving the Tribe.

Indian corruption at work

Patel has already brought a spicy breath of her Indian motherland to Britain: the Guardian reports that she is earning “£1,000 an hour … advising” Viasat, a Californian company that supplies lucrative “products and services” to the British government. India is one of the most corrupt and badly governed nations on Earth, and Patel’s family brought those vibrant traditions with them when they emigrated to Britain from Uganda in the 1960s.

And Patel is actually “advising Viasat on a matter relating to India.” The Conservative party would insist that Priti Patel is 100% British, but that’s obvious nonsense. She works for herself and her own bank balance, serving the highest bidder, not the nation of which she is a citizen on paper. She’s more intelligent than the numerous corrupt Black politicians who disfigure American politics, but she’s made in the same mould.

The Second Cummings

That means Priti Patel and Sajid Javid are not interesting in themselves. They’re a symptom of our parasitized politics, with no original ideas and no ambitions beyond self-advancement. But amid dull shabbos-goyim like Javid and Patel, there is one figure of great intrinsic interest in the new government.

The crammed cranium of Dominic Cummings

Who is that figure? It’s a stale pale male called Dominic Cummings, who enters Westminster for the second time after a stint advising Michael Gove at the Department of Education. And “figure” is the mot juste for Cummings, because he is not a typical Western bureaucrat or official, trained in the slippery evasions of law or the nebulous abstractions of the humanities. Instead, he recognizes the vital importance of mathematics and science in the analysis of reality and the enhancement of what he calls “performance.”

As his blog lays out in great detail, he wants to draw inspiration for better governance from hard sciences like physics and great technological feats like the moon landings. And Cummings will now be “advising” Boris Johnson at No. 10 itself. His advice will not be conventional, because Cummings despises and disdains the Civil Service and official government bureaucracy.

Basic features of the world

He’s quite right to despise and disdain them. And he’s provided hard evidence of his own greater competence and abilities. Cummings was, in the view of many on the Left, the “evil genius” behind the successful campaign for Brexit. As he’s written at his blog: “But the fact that Cameron, Heywood (the most powerful civil servant) et al did not understand many basic features of how the world works is why I and a few others gambled on the referendum — we knew that the systemic dysfunction of our institutions and the influence of grotesque incompetents provided an opportunity for extreme leverage.”

One very “basic feature” of “how the world works” is of course human genetics and its influence on cognition, psychology and “performance.” Does Cummings understand that feature? Well, he seems very careful to avoid the topic of racial and sexual differences in his public statements, but he is a good friend of the similarly interesting Chinese physicist Steve Hsu, who is not only a race realist but an actual and unabashed eugenicist. Cummings may be a eugenicist too, but he is certainly not a White nationalist. And he must have been certified fully kosher to become Johnson’s advisor.

Nevertheless, his appointment is a very interesting development. At the very least, we can hope that he will be a fox among the chickens of the Civil Service and government bureaucracy. And once ideas like his are loose in the body politic, who knows what may follow?

Appendix: Boris Johnson’s goy-grovel to Conservative Friends of Israel during his successful leadership bid

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for reaching out and giving me the opportunity to express my deep admiration for CFI and our shared goals of supporting British-Israeli relations. Over the years I have enjoyed my engagements with the CFI and I always look back fondly at the events we have shared at past Party Conferences.

I have always considered my trip to Israel in 2015 to have been one of my fondest memories and have always considered myself to be a true friend of Israel. I admire the courage, determination and robustness of the Israeli state, the only true democracy in the region. I have always sought to support British-Israeli relations in whatever capacity I am able to.

When I was initially running for Mayor of London, I saw first-hand the dog-whistling of hateful rhetoric from some of my competitors and I knew in my heart that I had to do something to stop it. As you may be aware, I have Jews in my family and the thought of any form of institutionalised anti-Semitism stemming from the city I love was wholly unacceptable. As Mayor of London I refused to bend to calls for boycott on Israeli goods and I want to assure you that I will continue to refuse to bend to the whims of racists or Antisemites. We must trade more with Israel and, under my administration, we will!

As Foreign Secretary I had the great honour of delivering the official invitation to the Royal Family, specifically to His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, to visit Israel. It was a true pleasure for me to be able to organise the official visit, one which I believe without my office would have been different or potentially not undertaken at all.

It is a sad reality that the once-proud Labour Party has succumbed to extremism and hate, but I want to assure you that you will always have a political ally in the Conservative Party and a personal friend in me. I fundamentally believe that our nation would be less without our Jewish citizens, many of whom have been here for generations and have helped weave the history of our proud Union.

I am happy to reassure you today that should I become Prime Minister the pledge of £144,000 from the Government to combat Antisemitism on UK university campuses would be safe, providing an invaluable service to our young future leaders. This programme will be delivered by the Holocaust Education Trust working in conjunction with the Union of Jewish Students. I have been told that the programme will enable some 200 students and university leaders from across the UK to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau. I have consistently and firmly believed that education is one of the keys stamping out anti-Semitism and rooting out hatred and bigotry. I strongly condemn any form of racism or anti-Semitism and want to ensure you that I will be a champion for Jews in Britain and around the world should I be fortunate enough to become the next Prime Minister, as I was when I was the Mayor of London.

It is for this very reason that I regard the construction of a National Memorial to the Holocaust and a Learning Centre next door to Parliament as a shared national responsibility. I firmly believe, like every nation, that Israel has the fundamental right to self-defence, and I am greatly disheartened and upset over the constant illegal and deadly rocket attacks which are launched daily by Hamas terrorists. Additionally, I wish to stress our shared concern over the actions committed by ban’s leaders.

Our relationship with Israel makes us Brits safer and more prosperous. From the record bilateral trade and close cooperation of our security services to Israeli medical equipment and software used daily by Brits, we are better off standing shoulder to shoulder. I also wish to stress that the relationship between Britain and Israel will not change post Brexit, and that I look forward to striking a comprehensive and wonderful free trade deal between Britain and Israel. It is pivotal to deepen relations with nations we consider to be our closest allies, and I fundamentally believe that the world is safer with the British Israeli alliance intact and empowered.

Brexit will allow Britain to become, once again, an outward looking nation, one which will seek to strengthen our friendship with our allies in order to produce a united front to our enemies.

Thank you for all you do for our party in CFI and beyond.

With best wishes,

The Rt Hon. Boris Johnson MP

(For the original text, see “Conservative leadership candidates write special letters to CFI supporters” at the Conservative Friends of Israel website.)

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  1. John McArthur
    John McArthur says:

    “According to the Tories and the Republicans, anyone on Earth can become British or American if they embrace the right “values” and believe in the right ideas.”

    At face value there is nothing wrong with the principle save that in practice the embracing of values doesn’t happen?

    Ancient Egypt seems to prove that people of different roots can live and prosper together for millenia in a society founded on Maat. The exception was the Hyksos period when, according to Josephus, the ancestors of the Jews (with patriarchal names like Jacob) took over and imposed their ways and bit the hand that fed them.

    Christianity as a transnational religion describes a spirit which transcends the merely genetic but that been thrown out the window along with its values.

    The appointment of Grant Shapps says everything you need to know. According to wikipedia he has used multiple names in the past, has been involved in modern versions of the old chain letter scam (with even google pulling the plug on him) yet he is now fit to be a minister.

    • Harbinger
      Harbinger says:

      “According to the Tories and the Republicans, anyone on Earth can become British or American if they embrace the right “values” and believe in the right ideas.”

      At face value there is nothing wrong with the principle save that in practice the embracing of values doesn’t happen?

      There is everything wrong with this principle. You are either white, that is European origin (Celtic, Germanic predominantly) or you are not. This belief that any Muhammad, Juang Chi or Obongo can come to the UK, apply for citizenship and become part of a culture, traditional way of life and race, they are not of is nothing more than sheer insanity.

      You are either white and therefore British, of English (Germanic/Norse), Scottish, Irish, Welsh origin or you are not. It is the very fact that everyone IS NOT British that gives Britishness its uniquity.
      If I planted a pear tree in an apple orchard and upon the time to collect the fruit came, would they be apples or pears? You see, some people have this preconceived idea, that somehow a pear automatically becomes an apple, because it’s grown in the same area.

      The idea of being British is purely a post WW2, indoctrination and nothing more. By making people believe that anyone can become British, it creates the belief that we’re all the same and therefore no need for borders and national identity and when that happens, it’s oh, so, incredibly simple to create a world government, and a world, socialist state, divided into regions, albeit classed as the same peoples through miscegenation and the adoption of multiculture = no culture.

  2. John McArthur
    John McArthur says:

    Fron Wikipedia “Under the name Michael Green, Shapps offered customers a “get-rich-quick scheme” costing $497 and promised customers a “toolkit” that would earn them $20,000 dollars in 20 days, provided they followed its instructions.[66]”

    “Shapps’s use of the pen names Michael Green and Sebastian Fox attracted controversy in 2012. He denied having used a pseudonym after entering parliament and, in 2014, threatened legal action against a constituent who had stated on Facebook that he had. In February 2015 he told LBC Radio presenter Shelagh Fogarty, “Let me get this absolutely clear…I don’t have a second job and have never had a second job while being an MP. End of story.”[60]

    In March 2015, Shapps admitted to having had a second job whilst being an MP and practising business under a pseudonym.[61][62] In his admission he stated that he had ‘over-firmly denied’ having a second job.[63] In March 2015, Dean Archer, the constituent previously threatened with legal action by Shapps, threatened Shapps with legal action.[64][65] Under the name Michael Green, Shapps offered customers a “get-rich-quick scheme” costing $497 and promised customers a “toolkit” that would earn them $20,000 dollars in 20 days, provided they followed its instructions.[66]”

    “In 2012, Google blacklisted 19 of the Shapps’s business websites for violating rules on copyright infringement related to the web scraping-based TrafficPayMaster software sold by them.[87][88] The Green’s web marketing business’s 20/20 Challenge publication also drew criticism. It cost $497 and promised customers earnings of $20,000 in 20 days. Upon purchase, the “toolkit” was revealed to be an ebook, advising the user to create their own toolkit and recruit 100 “Joint Venture Partners” to resell it for a share of the profits.[89]”

  3. Jan
    Jan says:

    The article may underestimate the influence within the Johnson cabinet. Both Michael Gove and Robert Jenrick are married to Jews (Jenrick’s children are raised Jewish), Andrea Leadsom and Brandon Lewis are Jews and Theresa Villiers is the Vice-chairman of Conservative Friends of Israel.

  4. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “Probably the last throne to be vacated will be the British throne because what to the British mind is the honor of being Jewry’s protector and therefore the inheritor of the blessing which that attitude brings, is to the Jewish mind the good fortune of being able to use a world-wide empire for the furtherance of Jewry’s purpose. Each has served the other and the partnership will probably last until Jewry gets ready to throw Britain over, which Jewry can do at almost any time. There are indications that it has already started in this last task.”

    The International Jew Chapter 16

    September 1920

  5. Herman Rosenblatt
    Herman Rosenblatt says:

    A fantasy museum next to the parliament? What better way is there to extort compliance from the sheeple. Why not just put it inside the parliament and ask the imaginary victims of the insidious hoax to participate via satanic kabbalist channeling? The world is descending into a living hell. I don’t see too many people even seeming to notice this fucking insanity.

  6. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    I’m grateful to you for drawing attention to Dominic Cummings (if that’s his real name). I looked at his blog. It’s possible he has doubts about Jewish traditions, which of course are parasitic and uncreative. Anyone aware of the irresponsible power of ‘Jews’, particularly after they won the Second World War, must share these doubts, particularly if they actually know anything about science and technology and history. Cummings’ blog reveals he is ignorant of NASA, 9/11, such non-events as the ‘Cuba Crisis’, the Fed and the related issues of fake money, the genesis of wars, and the corruptions of biology and medicine. It’s I suppose appropriate that he was in touch with Gove, a typically half-witted Jew unfit to have anything to do with education. Don’t be taken in by Cumming’s crummy blog; he’s just another wearying nonentity.

  7. ghali
    ghali says:

    Both, Sajid Javid and Hindu Priti Patel are Zionist stooges. I wouldnt (No sane person would o) call Javid a Muslim. He is a dirty scumbag and showed himself to be an obidient AngloZionist servant. He is a disgrace.

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