ADL Audit Shows Anti-Semitism Rising

On May 5, 2022, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith published its annual “Audit of AntiSemitic Incidents 2021.” This is an extensive document with graphs and charts, and seven sections including Executive Summary, Major Findings, Themes and Trends, Methodology, Policy Recommendations, Take Action, and Acknowledgements. The document does have demands for extensive action that must be taken on “whole-of-government” and “whole-of-society” levels to stop “incidents of anti-Semitic harassment, vandalism and assault in the United States.”

Since this report has excessive influence on government and social policy, it is essential that we examine it for validity and relevance.

The report features a picture of what appears to be a phrase stenciled on a stone surface, perhaps a gravestone, in blue paint which reads “THE JEW IS GUILTY.” This is apparently meant to convey the absurdity and “extremism” of anti-Semitic incidents, and of those who would say such a thing. Yet when we consider the origins of the ADL in 1913 (which it describes under its About section) — to exonerate Leo Frank in the murder of little Mary Phagan—it’s a dubious claim at best.

We might be able to find the specific incident on the HEAT Map (hate, extremism, anti-Semitism, terrorism), where ADL catalogs the incidents in some detail by state, but it is not searchable in such a way as we can reasonably find where “THE JEW IS GUILTY” came from. Perhaps the incident refers to the Ghislaine Maxwell (Hoch), accomplice of the child-raping blackmail organizer Jeffrey Epstein who was found guilty late last year of several sex-trafficking charges (though many of her grotesque crimes were not prosecuted, and she never ratted on all the wealthy, politically connected individuals who willingly engaged in these crimes).

The ADL claims an increase of 34% in anti-Semitic incidents last year — the highest total since it started keeping count in 1979. A portion of this increase is admittedly due to new “partnerships” in reporting that joined the ADL in 2021:

Of the 2,717 incidents included in the 2021 Audit of AntiSemitic incidents, 494 were identified through newly established partnerships between ADL and several Jewish organizations, including the Community Security Initiative (CSI), Community Security Service (CSS), Hillel International, Secure Community Network (SCN), Union of Reform Judaism and the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. This shared reporting represents 18% of the total number of incidents in 2021.

So a significant portion of the increase—~72 percent —is due not to an increase in incidents, but to expanded reporting. Factoring out the new reporting for 2021, we find a less than 10% increase in incidents, not the 34% ADL is claiming.

The incidents are divided into three categories: harassment, vandalism and assault. Starting with the most serious, assault:

The 88 incidents of anti-Semitic assault (a 167% increase from 33 in 2020), involved 131 victims; none of the assaults were deadly. In 2021, there were no assaults perpetrated against the Jewish community that resulted in mass causalities. Of the physical assaults against Jewish individuals, the vast majority (77 of 88) were perpetrated without the use of a deadly weapon.

This is in sharp contrast to assaults generally in the US. Official FBI crime statistics are always about a year behind, but looking back to 2020 for trends:

Per 2020 FBI final statistics released in late September 2021, the number of homicides increased nearly 30% from 2019, the largest single-year increase the agency has recorded since it began tracking these crimes in the 1960s.

Violent crime in general was up 5.6% in 2020, and aggravated assault up over 12%.

Preliminary data for 2021 is alarming:

According to the Gun Violence Archive, from January 1 to September 15, a total of 14,516 people died from gun violence in the US. That’s 1,300 more than during the same period in 2020, a 9% increase. Mass shootings are also on the rise. Through September 15, there have been 498 mass shootings across the US, or an average of about 1.92 per day. That’s 15% higher than last year, when there were a total of 611, a rate of 1.67 per day, according to data from the GVA.

The rapid rise in gun violence, however, might be slowing down. Richard Rosenfeld, a criminology professor at the University of Missouri–St. Louis and his colleagues found that in the first quarter of 2021, the number of homicides was 23% higher than in 2020. In the second quarter that number went down to 10%.

To be clear, in the second quarter of 2021, the increase went down to only 10% above 2020 levels.

Compared to these alarming statistics on violent crime, homicide, gun violence and mass shootings among the general population, during the same period of “anti-Semitic assault,” Jews experienced zero homicides, possibly zero gun violence (only 12.5 percent of assaults on Jews involved a deadly weapon, not necessarily a gun) and zero mass shootings. Jews were overwhelmingly safer from assault than other racial groups in 2021 in America, especially Blacks. The ADL shows no shame in hyping an increased threat to Jews however.

I was curious to see the ratio of assault against Jews compared to other racial groups. If we take not the number of incidents, but the number of individual Jews assaulted in 2021 as tallied by the ADL, 131, divided by the number of Jews in America, 5.8 million (at least, and possibly 2.8 million more). we see an incidence of at most .002%. Blacks for instance number about 45 million in the US today, according to Statista. The best Black violent crime statistics I could find come from 2018, so the comparison is not current, but we must suppose the data were worse in 2021. So this is conservative. Blacks experienced 563,940 violent incidents in 2018 (Over 70% of the perpetrators of this violence were Black themselves.). If blacks were about 42.5 million in 2018, then Blacks were a victim of violent crime at an incidence of .9%. Blacks were at least 450 times more likely to be victims of violent crime than Jews.

The ADL does not explain to us how many of the incidents of assault against Jews were perpetrated by other Jews. We are to assume that all the incidents are perpetrated by non-Jews, but history is filled with Jew-on-Jew violence, what we might call Jewish “Anti-Semitism.”. Some of it is deliberate false flag activity so certain Jews can use fears of anti-Semitism for various manipulative schemes. It appears the ADL is engaged in this audit with a deliberate attempt to inflame fears of anti-Semitism for various agendas, not the least of which is the ADL’s reason for existence.

Turning to the ADL’s “vandalism” category, we see that swastikas, “which are generally interpreted by Jews to be symbols of anti-Semitic hatred,” were present in 578 of 853 incidents, a staggering 68% of cases. Numerous incidents have been reported of swastika symbols being painted, scratched or otherwise displayed as symbols of anti-Semitism. In what seems a regular occurrence, too often the perpetrators are discovered to be Jews, which Jews themselves admit, such as this Times of Israel report of 2017, “Jewish suspects arrested over swastika graffiti on synagogues,” or this from only a couple months ago, “Jewish woman arrested for painting swastikas in Jewish neighborhood.” The ADL does not tell us how many of these swastika incidents are self-inflicted, and it does not tell us if the swastikas were displayed with absolutely no intention of “vandalizing” Jews. We can suppose the painting or scratching or otherwise drawing of a swastika somewhere visible is a form of vandalism (though not always; are all other cases of graffiti considered vandalism?), but it seems a rather mild form to me. Jews have been the targets of far worse forms of vandalism in history, probably Kristallnacht in Germany on November 10, 1938 the most well-known.

The ADL does qualify what it considers vandalism:

Incidents are defined as vandalism of property, or as harassment or assault on individuals and/or groups, where either 1) circumstances indicate anti-Jewish animus on the part of the perpetrator, or 2) a reasonable person could plausibly conclude they were being victimized due to their Jewish identity. Vandalism against Jewish religious institutions or cemeteries may also be included.

But not every case of painting a swastika is “anti-Jewish animus.” Jews have claimed the swastika as their own symbol of anti-Semitic hate and they cannot allow it to mean anything else. Traditionally the swastika is tens of thousands of years old, has been found all over the world wherever ancient Aryans traveled and raised civilizations, and was a symbol of cosmic order, alignment and prosperity.

We will look at one more statistical deception in the ADL Audit, though many more can be explored. The ADL assigns anti-Semitic incidence numbers by state, suggesting that some states are more anti-Semitic than others. What the ADL fails to do is rank the states by Jewish and non-Jewish population numbers, arriving at a per-capita incident number, not simply a total number.

The states with the highest number of incidents were New York (416), New Jersey (370), California (367), Florida (190), Michigan (112) and Texas (112). Combined, these states account for 58% of the total incidents.

New York has by far the highest percentage of Jews of any state at over 9 percent, amounting to almost 1.8 million Jews. At 416 incidents, this makes only .02 percent of the Jews in New York were likely to be victims of anti-Semitic incidents. For comparison, choosing a state such as Kansas with relatively few Jews, 17,425, we find the likelihood of Jews suffering anti-Semitic incidents (3) to be about .017%, almost identical. California had 367 incidents, but has a Jewish population of 1,188,000, giving a likelihood of an anti-Semitic incident in CA of .03%. Again for comparison, Idaho had only 5 anti-Semitic incidents, and a Jewish population of 2,125, delivering an incidence rate of .2%. This is 10 times worse than New York! Not that 5 cases of alleged anti-Semitism in Idaho including drawing swastikas is of any concern to anyone. The ADL features the relatively high numbers only in states where Jewish populations are largest, making the raw number of cases higher, but the per capita rate lower than in many other states.

A careful analysis of the ADL’s 2022 “Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents” reveals that there is no reason for Jews to be alarmed at these levels of harassment, vandalism and assault. The ADL uses various deceptive techniques to inflame fear of anti-Semitism on the rise in the U.S. in order to impose key aspects of their agenda for Jewish power in America.

The Audit makes extensive demands. Some of the ADL’s stated and unstated objectives in the report include continued and expanded lavish support of the US for the state of Israel; suppression of “white supremacist” groups; a 5 part program for online censorship and free speech control; increased funding at all levels for “security enhancements” at Jewish facilities (which already receive the vast majority of federal funds); beefed-up and re-educated law enforcement; fully implementing “the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act in 2021, which incorporated the Jabara-Heyer NO HATE Act,” the Hate Crime Statistics Act, the Emmet Till Antilynching Act, and the National Incident-Based Reporting System; and “teach the universal lessons of the Holocaust.”

If you are wondering at certain rhetoric concerned about Jews at official levels:

Public officials and civic leaders — from the President, to governors, attorneys general, mayors, other civic leaders, and law enforcement authorities — must use their bully pulpits to speak out against antiSemitism…

Such vague concepts as “Protect Democracy” and “Fight Extremism” are carefully detailed, and finally we are urged to “Speak Up” and rat out anti-Semites boldly, tell Congress to allocate more money to protect synagogues, and “Show Strength” by attending the ADL’s Never is Now conference in November, “the world’s largest annual summit on anti-Semitism and hate.”

The ADL also has six “More Ways to Take Action,” and those further inspired can learn about the “PROTECT Plan To Fight Domestic Terrorism.” This is an acronym which stands for:

Prioritize Preventing and Countering Domestic Terrorism
Resource According to the Threat
Oppose Extremists in Government Service
Take Domestic Terrorism Prevention Measures
End the Complicity of Social Media in Facilitating Extremism
Create an Independent Clearinghouse for Online Extremist Content
Target Foreign White Supremacist Terrorist Groups

Finally, let us not forget about that special resource for identifying anti-Semitism, the HEAT Map. It details every incident by state with a user-friendly graphic map of the US. Just click on any state and scroll down through the many anti-Semitic incidents by date in that state. Obviously a great deal of time and money was spent on this useful resource, so be sure to sample it and be amazed at how much anti-Semitism is afflicting all the states of the nation at this time.

I used to live in Oregon, so I sampled some of the incidents listed during the time I lived there. All I found in my former region was Patriot Front distributing literature which said such blasphemies as “Reclaim America” and “American is Not For Sale.” In the 20 years I lived in that part of Oregon, I never once saw a Patriot Front piece of literature. If I had, I certainly would not have identified it as anti-Semitic.

Much more analysis can be done on this Audit to discredit the ADL’s attempts to incite fear of increasing anti-Semitism in America at this time and to implement its policies and programs to further entrench Jewish power. Feel free to review other aspects of the Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents, where you will surely find many other frauds, data distortions, false claims, irrational emotional appeals, exaggerations and paranoia. For myself, I’ve seen enough.

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  1. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    What did Jefferson Really Mean When He Called For Rebellion?

    When Thomas Jefferson said, “a little rebellion now and then is a good thing,” he was expressing the idea that a little rebellion is healthy for a democracy and shouldn’t be punished too harshly by the state (it should be punished, as it was illegal, but not too harshly). This was said in a letter that was expressing worry that Shays’ Rebellion would be be used as a reason to justify a conservative Constitution (the letter has him commenting on Shays’ rebellion, the Constitution which is then in draft form, and the British propaganda claiming the colonies where anarchistic).
    Likewise, Thomas Jefferson never called for a revolution every generation or a revolution every 19 or 20 years. When Jefferson said, “God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion,” he was expressing the idea that “liberties are ensured by the spirit of resistance” and that all great nations had rebellions (again justifying that liberty shouldn’t be sacrificed by conservative worry). He says, “We have had 13 states, independent 11 years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century & a half for each state.”… so he is arguably justifying a revolution every century and a half more than every 20 years here.

    IOW, vigilantism is justified under certain circumstances, e.g., when injustices and tyranny are thrust upon a people, existing laws protecting same, or laws prohibiting abuse and tyranny are not applied, enforced, or unevenly so. This one of the Natural Rights that are inalienable and come from Cosmic/Divine Justice.

  2. Martin Webster
    Martin Webster says:

    I shouldn’t get too fussed about these reports from Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith concerning the “rise in anti-semitism”, Karl. Such reports are a continuous feature of propaganda from Jewish organisations who pose as defenders of Jewry. They issue these reports not just annually but almost continuously. Such reports stampede the herd and excite donations.

    The oufit in the UK which produces such reports is the Community Security Trust. Over the past couple of decades, this private “charity” has been given government permission to run its own uniformed ‘Police’ patrols in Jewish areas, wearing uniforms which closely resemble those of the official police and drive patrol cars with marking which also resemble official police vehicles. All this is an “extra-legal” (illegal?) privilege only extended to the Jewish community.

    Additionally, the CST’s full-time salaried staff and its “volunteers” are given training by the London Metropolitan Police, the Greater Manchester Police and other constabularies. To what extent official police officers give information to the CST about “anti-semites” and provide it with surveillance equipment is not known, but can be imagined.

    This Jewish community/Police service ‘bonding’ process goes to the top. CST ‘hubs’ throw annual banquets at the poshest hotels for senior police officers. These events are always well-attended by top cops, and also by convicted Jewish former jail-birds. Cops retire quite early and are hungry for non-executive directorships with major companies (little work, but nice salaries and expenses allowances) to fill their retirement years. This is how senior police officers are bribed by the Jews – all quite legal!

    By such patronage corruption and by training courses for junior entrants to the police service, whose syllabuses are “contributed to” by the CST (as well as myriad other politically-correct, woke, multi-racialist “charities”, pressure groups and ethnic minority axe-grinders), the once independent heart of the Police in Britain is being rotted out. Just like the body politic and the media, Britain’s police are bought-and-paid-for by the Jews

    Though the government gives the CST a grant (£14 million p.a. the last time I looked) in addition to the other benefits in kind I have mentioned, the CST’s machine is ever money-hungry and so the Jewish community must be subjected to regular frightening reports so as to make it cough-up.

    Fifty years or more ago I heard what is now a corny joke:

    An Englishman, and Frenchman and a Jew were asked to deliver a talk on the subject of elephants. The Englishman spoke on “The elephant’s rôle in Imperial India”. The Frenchman spoke on “The sex life of the elephant”. The Jew spoke on “The elephant and the ever-rising tide of anti-Semitism leading to another Holocaust”.

    P.S.: This Jewish ‘Police’ privilege is being developed in parallel with the creation of “Eruvim”. An “Eruv” is an area of land in which a lot of Jews live and around which is a natural continuous border and/or around which can be constructed an artificial border — such as telephone wire stretched from tree to tree, lamp-post to lamp-post, etc. Local municipal authorities are giving planning permission for the creation of such ‘borders’.

    The Jews declare that the purpose of Eruvim is to provide an area in which ultra-observant Jews can, on the Sabbath, disregard God’s alleged strict injunctions to Jews not to “work” on that day. To the ultras, “work” can be pushing granny in a wheelchair out of the house into the garden, switching on/off a light or picking up a dropped bunch of keys. Within an Eruv, such actions cease to be sinful. This ‘justification’ is, of course, sheer tosh. The British Isles are, self-evidently, islands. What more natural border could their be than the cliffs and beaches of these islands?

    But that isn’t the point of the Eruvim exercise. What Jewry wants is the creation of Jewish areas — areas recognised by the laws of our land to be “Jewish areas”. How soon will CST patrols be deployed to regulate access to such areas? The implications of the growth of Eruvim along with the development of a “Jewish Police”| are considerable

      • Martin Webster
        Martin Webster says:

        Hello Raeto,

        Thank you for remembering my contributions to ‘TOO’ of around 2008/2010. I think Kevin MacDonald has kindly kept them on the ‘TOO’ archive (if you dig deep enough!).

        As my next birthday will be my 80th I am not as active nowadays as in yester-year. Yes I do have a connection to a web site inasmuch as I sponsor it and write for it as and when I am moved to do so. It is . I think in my original comment on Karl Haemers’ fine review of the ADL’s latest outpouring my name incorporates a hyper-link to

        In more recent years there have been three very fine writers from (I guess) the UK writing for ‘TOO’: Andrew Joyce, Tobias Langdon and Thomas Dalton. They are all highly-qualified academics whose output far surpasses my efforts to comment on the baneful impact of Jewry upon the world, and particularly on Britain. I am lost in admiration for their scholarship (to say nothing of their ability to keep ‘typos’ out of their texts). My contribution, such as it was, to the Cause, was in the area of activism and journalistic propaganda

        My greetings to them, to you, to Kevin MacD and all true American patriots.

        • Raeto West
          Raeto West says:

          Martin, I thought the time was overdue for retrospective of Nick Griffin, yourself, and of course others.

          I found Mike Emery’s site in an attempt to find Martin Webster. I put ‘The Longest Hatred’ online 20 years ago – one of the first articles I ever uploaded. This was Birdwood’s piece, still here

          It suddenly struck me that a lengthy retrospective piece would be valuable. Really I wanted an overview, my topics including nuclear frauds, WW2 as a Jewish victory, medical frauds, the entire conception of wars and the ‘cold war’, events such as the Vietnam war, and generally Jewish policies and money supplies and the Internet (and a bit on Nick Griffin; was he a fake?). Just reviewing the past.

          • londonstone
            londonstone says:

            Could Mr Webster please give consideration to addressing certain allegations against the late Colin Jordan made most recently by Michael Walsh / McLaughlin (also 80!) – if a short note, perhaps here, or if he is so disposed, maybe an article at



            “…why we now know that Colin Jordan was working for the KGB…”

            per contram:
            “I respect Colin Jordan as a man who has devoted a major part of his life to the service of his beliefs, at times at considerable personal sacrifice. At this distance of time, this seems much more important than the matters over which we fought a long time ago.” p191 of John Tyndall’s 1988 autobiography (Walsh/McLaughlin does not figure in it at all so far as I can see).

          • Martin Webster
            Martin Webster says:

            Gentlemen (or Gentleman and Lady):

            I don’t have sufficient knowledge about the career of Colin Jordan in his days as leader of British Movement to comment on allegations about him from his former colleagues, who were never colleagues of mine. I ceased to be a colleague of Colin Jordan in 1963.

            All kinds of allegations flurry about about people who have been active in politics, especially after they are dead. I might take ‘Londonstone’s’ allegations about Colin Jordan seriously if he/she used his/her own real name (as I do) and give some verifiable information about his/her service to the nationalist cause and not resort to the cover of a ‘nom de plume’.

            I am in process of writing my memoirs (after a long delay) and when these become available no doubt you both will read them with avidity. I am not willing to spoil you pleasure by pre-publication leaks.

  3. Martin V
    Martin V says:

    re. “but I’ve seen enough”
    …suggests “don’t get bogged down in the
    details (content) of j-propaganda” , which is nearly all public messaging in all areas of American life. When you consider that this might include certain pro-WN programming operating intentionally or unintentionally as a pressure release valve, you can see the deep, deep caca goyim are in

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      That would depend on which messaging. Patriot Front? I am not convinced it is a controlled opposition steam valve group. Its optics are very good, and people are noticing and approving.
      Tucker? Most certainly. He’s worn the Kabalah bracelet, and his father worked for years for the CIA’s Voice of America media outlet.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        This kind of remark is typical for the idealist who concerns himself with ideological purity and simplex digital thinking. All or nothing. Black or White. He doesn’t think to consider that partial or majority wins or advances are the stuff of the real world. Perhaps this person is one who has a modern virtual job, sitting at a computer all day, or a “knowledge” worker.

        He usually preoccupies himself with what “ought to be”, not what possible given complex circumstances of context and time.

        Tucker-I believe-is too smart to post his opinions and reportage to the point that Fox will fire him, as they have several others. In an interview with Newt-ered Gangrene Itch, he mentioned George Soros and the Fox doxies said, “You don’t have to mention his name”. Cowardice, in all its masquerades, is a most common feature of manunkind. So is lying.

        On ocean going ships of the very large size, occasionally one of the deck officers will comment on a engineering condition. Since he does not get his hands dirty, has no technical skills except navigating and planning cargo transfer, his queries originate in a methane generating chamber.

        Engineers operate in the real world, with its possibilities, resources, and limitations. We make all available progress with the bounds of Reality, which is a novel concept to many, including the commenters here on TOO.

  4. Alan Donelson
    Alan Donelson says:

    Thank you very much, Karl Haemers, for doing the hard work bringing this document to attention of TOO readers and providing a timely digest of selected contents. Some may recall the interview of former Israeli cabinet minister Shulamit Aloni, winner of the Israel prize (2000), by Amy Goodman on Democracy NOW! One who remembered is The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who commented at some length on the minister’s comments, which I quote ( ).

    [QUOTE] During an August 14, 2002 interview on her show Democracy Now! (, host and executive producer Amy Goodman interviewed former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni. Pay attention to Miss Goodman’s words introducing her guest: “Yours is a voice of criticism we don’t often hear in the United States. Often when there is dissent expressed in the United States against policies of the Israeli government, people here are called ‘anti-Semitic.’ What is your response to that as an Israeli Jew?”

    And Minister Shulamit Aloni answered: “Well, it’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country people are criticizing Israel, then they are anti-Semitic. And the organization is strong, and has a lot of money, and the ties between Israel and the American Jewish establishment are very strong and they are strong in this country, as you know. And they have power, which is OK. They are talented people, and they have power and money, and the media and other things; and their attitude is ‘Israel my country, right or wrong,’ identification—and they are not ready to hear criticism. And it’s very easy to blame people who criticize certain acts of the Israeli government as ‘anti-Semitic,’ and to bring up the Holocaust, and the su​​ffering of the Jewish people, and that is [to] justify everything we do to the Palestinians.”

    This “anti-Semitic labeling” is a trick that they use! But look at how many people have been destroyed on account of such a trick!” [END QUOTE]

    Reminded of the above, and in light of Dr. MacDonald’s recent experience (retraction of his paper published by the Israel-based journal Philosophia), I suggest that we have available to us in voluminous, explicit historical detail a peculiarly Jewish dialectic. I briefly describe preliminary thoughts on a topic that would seem worth my pursuing.

    The core pivotal concept, both amorphous and malleable, is “Anti-Semitism”, which may serve as an appellation both for “problem” and “reaction”, depending on specifics of its deployment. For example, if deemed a “problem”, then we quickly come to Anti-“Anti-Semitism” as a category of “reaction”, in which the ADL excels as does B’nai Brith in Canada ( We find direct measures targeting identified and selected “anti-Semites” or “anti-Semitic” publications as “solutions”. But suppose “Anti-Semitism” also serves as a reaction. To what?! How about a flagging of Jewish ethnocentricity, perceived or actual? In that case, we have both a claimed increased in incidents of “Anti-Semitism” along with a list of ameliorative “solutions”, each of which address the actual problem, namely, doing what is good for Jews collectively.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      It seemed to be a remarkable moment when Aloni casually blurted the truth. Yet nothing has really come of it. The trick still works. She might have been engaged in Revelation of the Method, secure in Jewish power, showing the trick behind the magic, knowing there was nothing the goyim could do.
      Maybe there is something we can do. It’s why I study these things and write about them. Maybe it’s why we have TOO.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        Maybe there is something we can do

        Mebbe. Write letters to your local newspaper. Shout from the top of Mt. Rushmore. Howl at the moon. Finalize the agonizing decision making the process to own a firearm-after years of deliberation, angst and hand wringing, screwing up the courage to fire the instrument, taking care to wear absorbent pad. Taking an oath not to beg for mercy the next time Antifa or BLM beats you in public or invades the restaurant you are eating in.

        Decades ago there was a phenomenon called White Flight from the cities of JUSA to the suburbs, when Niggaronians took them over with the assistance of Jewish Bolsheviks.

        Now the dominant phenomenon of the Euro Peon Amurkin is White Fright whereby he is paralyzed, dumbstruck, and irresolute. I left my heart in Sans Fransicko.

  5. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    To put the “H.E.A.T. Map” in context, today “hate” is used in the same way “dislike” was used 60 years ago. “Extremism” now means disagreement. Anti-Semitism is a meaningless manufactured term. Semitic refers to a language group. I don’t know how anyone could be opposed to a Semitic language being spoken. “Terrorism”, for the ADL, does not require violence or threats of violence, only an opposing opinion.

  6. Brian
    Brian says:

    More self-centered nonsense from the ADL about “anti-semitism.”

    In 2007, a dozen cities in Massachusetts kicked out the ADL.

    Did you know that?

    It was because the ADL was being a total hypocrite. How so?

    The ADL was denying the factuality of the Armenian Genocide committed by Turkey and trying to stop its commemoration in Congress.

    The ADL demands recognition of the holocaust and yet turns around (at the behest of Turkey and Israel) and yet demands that we NOT recognize the genocide of a Christian people (Armenians).

    This is chutzpah.

    Several other Jewish groups did the same (AIPAC etc.). They’re shameless.

    By the ADL’s own standards, therefore, the ADL is anti-Christian.

    Yes, I’m an Armenian American.

  7. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    What I see is antiwhite/Christian rising in America. I find it astonishingly that the (jew) AG DOJ are openly publicly defying the (christian) SCOTUS. Now AG/DOJ/ACLU/ADL/SPLC/Rabbis etc. recruiting financing terrorists to carry acts of VIOLENCE targeting the Christian SCOTUS in their daily lives. AG Garland openly threatening the physical moral integrity of Christian SCOTUS and their children..IN their OWN homes. AG Garland has completely gone off the rails..losing all sense of decency morality ethical professional behavior and his OATH to the USA Constitution. AG Garland a Jewish/Zio/israel/Holocaust/Russophobe FANATIC psychotic zealot..HE must be stopped/impeached..before his behavior words bring us DEATH.

    • Fred Penner
      Fred Penner says:

      AG garland is the stereotype of the subversive jew….subversive, duplicitous, hypocritical, dishonest, disloyal.

    • Birhan Dargey
      Birhan Dargey says:

      ANOTHER example the NYTimes has been running daily articles/oped pieces attacking WHITE CHRISTIANITY as the biggest Threat to American Democracy…under that BS of White Supremacists Christian Nationalism…loaded with insults blood labels defamation of Christianity. What about Jewish Supremacists..????

  8. Hillary Goldberg Levin
    Hillary Goldberg Levin says:

    The ADL always sees a “rise in antisemitism” because that is
    how they raise money.

  9. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks Karl. Great reporting on these shysters.

    As an interesting, relevant juxtaposition, there is a website, I took a quick look and it seems that it is an anti-Jewish supremacist YouTube. I came across it in a Reddit discussion.

    The people who are involved with this website do some good things it seems in spreading the truth. They take lists, ex., with headings such as; “Covid19 and vaccines are a Jewish concoction!” Then they put the lists in sandwich bags, weigh them down with corn, so they don’t blow around. People then pick them up and read a list of all the Jews who head the CDC. They also do things like hang banners from freeway bridges and things like that.

    I’m mentioning this because I think it’s a really great way to spread our message and of course people love lists and they’re easy to fact check.

    I wonder if they made the ADL report.

  10. jay bee
    jay bee says:

    The headline reads like good news!
    then you guys start picking it apart.
    I was happy with the dream

  11. Joe
    Joe says:

    “ADL Audit Shows Anti-Semitism Rising”

    If only this were so. In order for a body to heal, it first has to identify the bacillus which is attempting to kill it.

  12. Eric
    Eric says:

    Rise in antisemitism? In Murica?
    You kiddin’ me?
    This is a country where 95% of white protestants worship Jews.
    I wish it was true.

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