Russia From the Right — Vladislav Ugolniy: Donbass Cyber Guerrilla and “Russkiy Mir” Nationalist

I’d like to introduce Vladislav Ugolniy, a Russian nationalist in Donetsk and a founder of OPCB  — a humanitarian aid and media project which I can’t for the life of me translate. When I asked Ugolniy to help me out he just chuckled and said it was an inside joke. So there, sorry, I tried. 

Ugolniy is well-known in youth patriotic circles and wants to work on preserving the Russian heritage of the Ukraine, once the Russian military takes it all that is. He sees himself as a culture warrior and wants to create a positive counter-culture to counteract Liberal and Western influence. He is a proponent of the idea of the “Russkiy Mir” (Russian world) and the reunification of the Slavlands.

Ugolniy and his people are quite active and provide drone training to DNR, LNR and Russian fighters in the Donbass. But their main function is providing information to the military command operating in the Donbass. They run a network of pro-Russian sympathizers and informants. Pro-Russians send them information, which they analyze and pass on to military command. Their work has led to several strikes on Ukrainian positions thanks to information provided to them by locals. Internet meme veterans have probably heard of similar volunteer groups providing information to the Russian military and Assad’s government in Syria which led to targeted missile strikes on ISIS training facilities.  

So, basically, you’re telling me that the cyberwar is quite real and not just people posting memes at one another.

Yes, it is, and if anything, we were unprepared for it. At least from the side of the Russian government which wasn’t prepared at all. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian side was prepared, and everything that we do, well they do the same thing to us. They too get information sent to them by sympathizers and spies in Ukraine. In the DNR [Donetsk People’s Republic] and the LNR [Lukanshk People’s Republic], the problem is not as apparent anymore. But, for example, in 2017, Ukrainian sympathizers were paid 200$ to help correct and coordinate artillery fire coming from the Ukrainian side on militia positions. They went up to high vantage points and phoned in correct striking coordinates to the Ukrainian side. These people helped the Ukrainians bomb their own people – their neighbors, for less than 30 pieces of silver. This is an endemic problem. At least in the Donbass now, the Russian counter-intelligence operation has been set up and deals with this problem. As a result, we do not work on sniffing out spies on our territories anymore and leave it to the professionals.

We would also fight Ukrainian bots by launching DDOS attacks on them. So, if we were to uncover an information-trawling Ukrainian bots operating on social-media, we would take them offline by spamming them with messages and stickers causing an overload and a 404. Again, we don’t do this as much anymore now that the professionals have finally gotten their act together, but it was a very active front for us in the first days of the war.

Tells us more about yourself, Ugolniy. You use a nom de guerre – is there a reason for this? 

Well, first of all, I spent my childhood in Donetsk. Then I went to study in Odessa and returned to Donetsk just as the troubles started.

In 2014, the situation came undone at a frightening pace and, seeing as I was always a politically vigilant young man, I was very aware of what was going on. I followed the events of Maidan closely. In February, when the protests started in Crimea and then the Russian military swooped in to save them, I expected the same thing to happen to us in the East. We had a hope that we would be able to effect a political movement that would bring us back into the fold of Russia. We thought that we could seize the local government buildings, declare independence and then wait for help. That was the plan.

In Kharkiv, they succeed in taking some government buildings, but the SBU [Security Service of Ukraine] was sent in by Kiev and the rebellion was put down in a bloody way. In Donbass, we had more success though as you know.

As May came, Russians were burned alive in Odessa and that angered us all. I was ready to run off to join Igor Strelkov and his rebellion when I heard the news then and there. Hearing about this, my dad belted me in the face and told me in no uncertain terms that he wouldn’t let me go, and that dashed my hopes of joining the rebellion. But, nonetheless, I decided to start getting politically active under a nom de guerre at that time in my own way. Because of spies and Ukrainian terrorism, hiding my identity was very important.

Anyway, Russia did NOT swoop in to save us like they did with Crimea. Some military supplies and humanitarian aid came through, of course. But people like Strelkov claim that it wasn’t anywhere near enough. It was, however, enough to stop the Ukrainian advance for a time. If Russia hadn’t helped at all, the Ukrainians would have taken our cities and we would have been genocided — or at least many would have been arrested and killed and we would be living under an armed, hostile occupation. Like the people in Mariupol were. Hostages.

People in the East were not happy that Russia let the conflict simmer for as long as it did. It was a difficult time during which many hoped for rescue, and many also felt abandoned. However, many now believe that Russia simply wasn’t ready for a conflict with the West. They needed time to prepare. However, during this time, Ukraine didn’t sit idly by and got ready as well.

In 2014, Ukraine had practically no army and we could have taken the entirety of the East. Now though, they have the largest army in Europe and are being equipped by the West. This is not an effective offensive army, true, but they are successful at defending their fortified positions, which is easier.

What comes next? Do you think the Russian campaign will succeed? What are their goals — we don’t even know do we?

I believe that the Russian army will liquidate the state of Ukraine in one form or another. Here in Donbass, we consider this the third campaign of this war and it will take a few more campaigns to achieve Russia’s objectives. I believe that Russia will take all the territories in the south up to Transdniestria to cut Kiev off from the Black Sea eventually. Also, Kharkiv will be taken — which historically has always been a center of Russian influence. As for Dniepopetrovsk, it is a rich city and a worthy prize, but it won’t be taken in this campaign season. As for Kiev itself, it used to be the third city of the Russian Empire. It is an important seat of Orthodoxy. Without Kiev, we simply won’t have all of our historical core territories under our control. This problem has to be corrected. It is inconceivable that we would continue to exist shorn of our core territories and cities.

What is the situation like in Donbass? What is it really like there — before the war and after it began?

Before the war, there was a huge problem with banditism and oligarchism in the East. I hate Yanukovitch, for the record. Westerners think that he was “pro-Russian” right? No, no, no. But the banditism in Ukraine wasn’t contained to just our region. It was widespread.

I’m from Kiev myself and I was always taught that the East was nothing but criminals and oligarchs and organized crime. “Mordor” basically. Is this true or just typical Kievan snobbery?

There is certainly some Kievan snobbery at work here. As a result of the war, we have finally been rid of the worst of the parasitical local oligarchs. The rest of Ukraine has not been so blessed.

But you need to understand what has happened here since 2014 before this will all start to make sense.

For example, take the case of the Donbass oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, who took a pro-Ukrainian position and started arming Ukrainian death squads.

[NOTE: Rinat Akhmetov is operating freely in America now, he owns many coal mining operations in Appalachia.] Thanks to Akhemetov, we lost Mariupol. Mariupol was under the control of pro-Russians, but Akhmetov intervened and handed it over to Ukraine. But here’s the thing: Akhmetov initially supported the “Russian Spring” and the protests in the Donbass because he wanted to gain a negotiating chip to play against Kiev. This is typical of the politics in Ukraine — the Donbass oligarchs would manipulate latent Russian patriotism to threaten Kiev and demand concession.]

But then Igor Strelkov came along.

Strelkov refused to be a part of these oligarchic power plays and refused to allow Russians to be pawns in these games. Thanks to Strelkov, the rebellion started in earnest. Once Akhmetov realized that the rebellion was real and not something that he could control, he switched to supporting Ukraine to try and put a lid on it, but it was too late.  Kiev turned on him too, eventually. As a result, Akhmetov and other oligarchs ended up losing almost everything in our territories.

Things got worse from that point onwards for Donbass though. By 2016, Ukraine put sanctions on us. That meant that coal and other products were blocked from entering Ukraine and businesses and entire industries were shut down. People weren’t being paid for months at a time. Alexander Zakharchenko, who had been given absolute power of running the affairs of the DNR at the time, stepped in and nationalized the industries in the Donbass as an emergency measure. Thanks to him, people were put back to work.

It wasn’t long before another oligarch, however, decided to make his play for power and money.

The oligarch Serihy Kurchenko, a man with friends in Ukraine and Russia, used his influence in Moscow to swoop in and claim the government monopoly on the Donbass war-economy for himself. Naturally, he began stealing huge amounts of money and things went back to business as usual — the old model of looting returned. Wages went unpaid and our industry, already crippled by the war, was brought to the edge of ruin by his corrupt operation. To get this position though, Zakharchenko had to be removed and Kurchenko was almost certainly the man behind his assassination.

In Donbass, it is easy to arrange the murder of one person or another for money. There is an effort to combat this now and rein in the contracted killings, but it is still a problem.

After the death of the hardliner Zakharchenko, Denis Pushilin came to power [in the DNR], who remains at his post now, and Kurchenko began making his profits.

The people of Donbass went on mass strikes and protests because of the absurdity of the situation. It got so bad that eventually Moscow decided to do something about it. Kurchenko had stolen too much and angered too many people so he had to go, his connections and friends in the security structures notwithstanding. It was in 2021 that Russia started making serious plans for dealing with the situation in Donbass. As a result, Kurchenko was slated to be replaced and Yurchenko was tapped to replace him. Pushilin, however, remains at his post.

As a result of the special military operation, the political situation in Donbass has drastically improved. People were quite happy to hear the news of the start of the special operation when it began in February. To be fair, happy is not the right word, perhaps because people are not happy that the strikes have intensified and no one can even go out for strolls outside anymore. Actually, the people are absolutely livid now, seeing as the shelling hasn’t stopped since the operation began. But they’re angry at Ukraine, not Russia.

In Luhansk, however, life has returned to normal. Many LNR citizens are still fighting, of course, but Ukrainian artillery can’t reach the city. They have constant water supplies, unlike us [in the DNR]. The Ukrainians control our main water canal and deny us water. We can’t take regular showers and we can’t wash our dishes until the Russian army takes Slavyansk. I keep water in large water bottles — I count 14 in my kitchen now.

What can we expect for Donbass in the coming months and years? Any forecasts on your part? 

We have a referendum up ahead of us in the DNR. But that won’t happen until the rest of our territories are reunited. If we had taken Kiev quickly, we would have probably been given a special status as autonomous states. But, because of how the war has progressed, we are now almost certainly going to be incorporated into the Russian Federation. We are going to be a “special territory” and not just a regular oblast (equivalent to a US state). We will probably have some sort of Cossack status because of our wartime experience and enjoy special privileges in exchange for providing volunteers for further war efforts. We will remain militarized and the military structures that we have now will be preserved. We are not going to be rebuilt on a liberal model, but on a militarized one, most likely. Our people aren’t going to surrender their guns. In Russia, in contrast, guns are much harder to get.

And right now, we have Pushilin at the head of the DNR. He will probably become the governor once the referendum is decided, but once there are elections, he will probably be replaced. But to get to all that we have to first win. We are now in what can be understood as the third phase of the military operation. Our forces are now launching a full attack on the Ukrainian positions, where the enemy has spent 8 years entrenching themselves.

It will be a bloody fight.

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  1. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    I do not understand the scope of Russian nationalism. I can understand the plausibility of reuniting Ukraine with Russia, but does this mean Russia going after Polish territory, to recapture the lands which it took when it partitioned Poland along with Germany and Austria-Hungary. Before that the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth had putatively Russian and Ukrainian territory. Doesn’t Poland have a moral claim to Russian and Ukrainian territory just as Russia has a claim on Ukraine? How much territory do these Russian nationalists want?

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      As a practical matter how much territory can Russia take? At the present rate of gain the answer seems to be “not much.” Anything more ambitious would require mass conscription and Putin seems manifestly unwilling to do it.

      So far Putin’s army consists largely of Slavs from the outer oblasts and wogs from the Caucasus. From a Moscow-centric perspective these people are viewed as disposable cannon fodder. If young people from Moscow have to start dying in this war of expansion the national political temperature could change rapidly, and not to Putin’s liking.

      • George Kocan
        George Kocan says:

        Apparently, Putin and Russian nationalists dos not have a principled respect for Poland’s (and others) borders.

        • Armin
          Armin says:

          What about the respect of the Poles for the Eastern German borders – for East Germany, namely Silesia, Pommerania, East and West Prussia (Königsberg, Danzig) and Eastern Brandenburg???
          The Poles have stolen 100.000 km² of German land and expulsed 10 million Germans, 2 millions of them died during the expulsion.

        • Captainchaos
          Captainchaos says:

          The bottom line is that in the end the Nordic race must survive and prove triumphant or the world – even including Europe – will be given over to barbarism. Those are indeed the stakes. I see no good reason to NOT be perfectly explicit about that.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Doesn’t Poland have a moral claim to Russian and Ukrainian territory just as Russia has a claim on Ukraine? How much territory do these Russian nationalists want?

      What is a “moral claim” and how do you define it? Going back how far? What language and culture do the present population have? Can’t answer? You question highly suggests your knowledge base is gossamer and a thin volume.

      • George Kocan
        George Kocan says:

        A “moral claim” is a claim which is based on the belief that a territory belongs to, say, Poland, because of history. The moral part implies a property right to the territory. However, I am compelled to agree, I have much to learn.

  2. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Israel shamelessly deprived Palestinians of water by controlling the Jordan River.

    During the 48 – 49 Blockade of Berlin, not even the DDR restricted West Berlin’s water supply by blocking the River Spree, originating in the labarynthene Spreewald [ -forest ].

    All the slavs I know are extremely handy and make-do people. All the necessary materials can be found in the war rubble, for makeshift water collection from all intact roofs. At least for showers, dishes and vital garden plots.

    I well remember jerry-rigging a septic system out of a large cattle-watering trough, covered by 2×6’s, plywood and earth, and 100 feet of four inch diameter, perforated ” Big-O ” hose in a trench, for comparatively sediment free outflow. It worked as well, for years, as my later $ 9,000 inspected intallation.

    You have to survive today in order to act politically/militarily tomorrow.

    • Birhan Dargey
      Birhan Dargey says:

      In light of the Jew’s inmense historical world power , I have often wonder weather their divine choosen/ness is believable or not. IF their argument is true then a barrage of questions parade my thinking: how can God only choose 1% of his Human creation? and IF the jews are chosen why are they usually and frequently if not always at the leading front of the worlds most evil enterprisses: WARS, famine, usury, sexual perversions, inmorality,abortyions, treachery to the countries that welcomed them, fraud, lies, deceive, child sex pronography, and they KILLED Gods Son..that should be proof enough of their EVIL origins/nature . being chosen by the God whose son you killed..makes no sense.. God can NOT choose love his sons executioners taats the ultimate sin/betrayal. Such people can NOT be chosen divinely. Then I conclude that their biblical citation is FAKE, is a made up myth by of course other jewish writers. Still then, how do you explain their power..since I dont believe in the unitary/monotheistic GOD I believe that only ONE God is contrary to the negative/evil/ forces present in the world..Hence ,there only ONE other possible option that they are the chosen people of the EVIL/Devil/Satan/. Now I see them for what they really are a satanic evil people..thats why their undermine Human seeking wordshipping a loving God. The jews are the children of Moloch and they must keep their covenant to Moloch with blood/deaths of the goyim to keep their POWER.

      • George Kocan
        George Kocan says:

        I have pondered this question over the years. I think God chose the Jewish people not because they were good but because they were so bad. The needed Divine intervention.

        • Birhan Dargey
          Birhan Dargey says:

          So God chose Hitler/Charles Mason for being so bad?? NO the jews are NOT the chosen people of God..thats a LIE a myth..Funny I heard a jew saying that You can NOT love the father if you hate his son..Exactly how can you KILL the Son of your God..and still claim to be his chosen people..No that nonsensical..The FACT that you kill Gods son Jesus thats 100%PROOF that jews are NOT chosen..It also proves the direct opposite jews are the chosen people of the DEVIL..the opposite universal force to God. Now it makes sense why they are so powerful and always the main instigators of the worse crimes against humanity. IT all makes sense NOW.

          • George Kocan
            George Kocan says:

            Neither Hitler nor Manson were Jewish, so they were not “chosen.” I do not offer my speculations as authentic doctrine or dogma.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        Surely you intended your compendium as a stand-alone comment, as opposed to a REPLY to my earthly advice !

      • Gerry
        Gerry says:

        Birhan Dargey

        how can God only choose 1% of his Human creation?

        He doesn’t! His choice has to do with man’s character of faith which when tested by Him in the life of Abraham proved to be of such great worth that God took it to the desired end and chose blessed him.

        One must understand that of all of the Deities that existed in that old world which Abraham could have chosen to believe and follow his choice was for the one true God.

        So it seems to me Abraham made the choice first! Now that raises the most important question of all yes? That being how is it that Abraham followed this God and not the many hundreds if not thousands of others around town?

        And why did the peoples of the land not follow this one true God? Certainly the Egyptians knew who God was and was in fear of Him and yet neglected and rejected Him in favor of their own idols who were more to their liking yes?

        God always has a representative and Melchizedek to whom Abraham gave a tenth of all he had is a prime example.

        Start from this juncture and then ask yourself why all of the idolatry which God the true God was furious about. Strange as it is as Christ said some have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying? That I guess ultimately determines who the elect actually is and not that which is just based upon the natural children.

        Perhaps what they need is a return to the wilderness to be tested and proved “{like they’re forefathers}, and indeed even Abraham.

        But I guess rejecting Christ the Messiah really says it all which surely would have horrified Abraham!

        Hope it helps

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        The Jews ” KILLED Gods Son.”

        Not exactly . The Pharisee Jews agitated for his death and the Roman governor Pontius Pilate did the good Christian harmony thing ( not to insinuate that Pilate was a Christian ) by ordering his troops to crucify JC and thus avoid conflict with the Pharisees .

    • Waldemar
      Waldemar says:

      Hello Charles,

      please don’t be angry that I overlooked your following reply, it is unfortunately confusing because Prof. MacDonald understandably does not have the financial means of more differentiated equipped platforms, it unfortunately lacks a function (like Unz has for example), where an overall version of each commentator is immediately retrievable.

      Your reply: “Many comments ago, you mentioned, that your parents came from the East, including Silesia; as did mine. I asked you by Reply, from where, and how they made it out. But my querie was never posted. Could you share that with us?”

      I will gladly give you information on this. My mother was born in Königsberg in the early 1940s, but has no conscious memory of her birthplace. However, to this day she can remember seeing the burning sky from her baby carriage as she fled some 30 kilometers from Dresden (Pirna?).

      The half-German actor of the same age “Terence Hill” stuttered until the age of 20 due to his trauma. My mother’s father, my grandfather, was an air force pilot, I have his flight log with entries from Italy, Greece and Libya.

      My father’s ancestors came from Silesia, but emigrated in the early 1930s in search of work. He himself was born on an estate in Mecklenburg, which at the time was a base for an SS cavalry squadron.

      His father, my grandfather, fell at the age of 32 in Belarus on June 25, 1944, where his bones remained is unknown to this day. We only know that he was blown to pieces by a Russian shell. Maybe even shot out of a “Stalin organ” invented by a German.

      After the war some relatives emigrated to America (Anaheim, a very German town in California), with the death of my grandmother their names were also lost. However, I am not aware that our ancestors would have fraternized with the enemy or made themselves available as “shiksa”.

  3. Waldemar
    Waldemar says:

    When I walk through the pedestrian zone of our city
    centers, I see more and more white girls and women
    walking alongside colored or oriental men. It is appal-
    ling that this racial mixing is promoted by the state with
    our own tax money. It is shocking, leaves one speech-
    less and stunned. One looks at the evil goings-on and
    inwardly shakes one’s head in despair and perplexity.

    Here is an erasure of our racial identity in progress, in
    addition we are systematically robbed of our cultural
    roots. This is a genocide that has been planned ice-coldly
    for a long time. It seems absolutely hopeless; the process
    of fragmentation and amalgamation is so far advanced
    that, on sober reflection, it seems irreversible. Every day
    thousands more of these invaders and parasites are allo-
    wed onto our continent, while at the same time our own
    birth rates are throttled and slowed down. A (new) separa-
    tism can only arise when there is inevitable frictional resis-
    tance. I see bloody racial conflicts for the European kind in
    the future, South Africa is the blueprint for the entire West.

    I would rather watch a film about a different ethnicity
    and culture, but one that is self-contained, than the
    crap that Hollywood & Co stuff down our gullets every
    day until it pours out of our ears. Two short hours few
    once this whole f-d up world forgotten. Therefore, my
    tip today is a Japanese adventure movie from 1983, with
    the soundtrack of the recently deceased wonderful master
    Vangelis. No annoying relationship kitsch in “transsexual
    and transnational societies”, just Japanese-speaking men
    and sled dogs in the harsh nature of Antarctica. But the film
    was actually shot on the northern tip of Japan in Hokkaido.

    In this way I also learned what sacrifices the Japanese civil
    society has paid to the American terror bombs. Jewish-ru-
    led America has thus decapitated itself, because the future
    is determined by China. America and Europe are finished.

    Back then, in 1983, our world still seemed halfway in or-
    der. This is not how we all imagined the future back then.
    If I had known then what would become of Europe one day,
    I would have emigrated in time, perhaps even to the Far East.

  4. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    And another unsolicited remark.

    Mir, in Russian, means WORLD, PEACE or VILLAGE.

    As well, it should be remembered as the name of the first Soviet Space Station.

    MIR MIRY [miru] was a Communist slogan: Peace to the World.
    Identical to the full-spectrum Peace we are subjected to by the White House Hebrew ventriloquists’ dummy.

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      A more honest and to the point translation would be “Muh Rooskie.” Meaning second world living accommodations and a seamless blend of state power and organized crime. Just because it happens to have pale skin doesn’t mean it’s Nordic. Wake up.

    ATBOTL says:

    The more I study Russian boomers, the more repulsive I realize they are and the more like American boomer conservatives I realize they are too. Russian boomers hate Russian nationalism and love the anti-Russian USSR and the hyper-zionist Stalin. American boomer conservatives hate white nationalism and love the anti-white “black civil rights movement” and zionism.

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