Paul Lagarde on Jews and Indo-Europeans, Part 3: Jews and Politics

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There remains one point to be discussed: the participation of the Jews in politics. From the start one should suppose that the members of a nation that lives in the midst of enthusiastic followers of the nationalist principle would have enough sense of honor to raise demands, even for their nationality itself, that Jewry will work for the founding of a state located in Palestine. However, from an ethical point of view, the Jew thinks as little as the parasite that battens on a foreign body ubi bene, ibi patria.[1] One should further think that a nation foregoing a political life for almost two thousand years would decide to remain far from politics that is unaccustomed to them; a Jew who politicizes today, however, offers the spectacle of an eighty-year-old man who, because he once as a boy—and no longer—rode with a sword and went skating, embarks on a sabre duel, romps on a stallion before his beloved, and does a big act on hoar frost. One should, thirdly, suppose that all nations that have behind them an uninterrupted political work of centuries, even if often not enjoyable, would find it especially stupid to allow themselves to be advised on the political work now at hand by those who cannot have, and do not have, insight into politics, who, faced with the tasks of German political life, stand with the ingenuousness of a jackdaw that flies away from a copy of Iphigenia or Antigone lying tattered in a garden or over a score of Grell’s[2] Mass for sixteen voices. But matters have developed differently than they should have according to propriety and reasonableness. The long-dammed stream of Jewish skill pours out like the well-known Wilhelmshöher waterfall; after a long pause, Israel gives birth to politicians, people like Johann Jacoby,[3] Lasker, Ludwig Loewe,[4] Singer, Sabor. “Small Germany” is the battle-cry; they thus appear on the scene with the betrayal of Greater Germany. The Jews of Austria must indeed first be able to eat up Austria in peace before they go on to the harder task of digesting the “new Reich.” Almost all of them appear with [promises of] utopias, the loudest of them with principles which, when one has tried to implement, must give up after a short time, and the most Jewish of them with “No, No, No” against everything that is, even if not the best, still necessary at the moment. And since a Jew “will not prostitute himself before potentates,” Iohann Jacobi says to the King of Prussia who finally plucks up courage against the dirt of the revolution acted out by the Jews, in his house, the great words: “that is the misfortune of kings, that they do not wish to hear the truth,” and Mr. Singer remains seated when the German Reichstag rises in honour of Field Marshal Moltke.[5] If a Pincus Hersch, convicted on account of a serious procuration, should at one time direct an appeal for clemency to the German Kaiser, he will sign “with friendly greetings, Pincus Hersch,” for “wagging his tail” is not his style and he—who is a Republican—tolerates the Kaiser of Germany only according to I Samuel 8.[6]

Why does the German Philistine let himself be led by the Jews by the nose? Because he is a Philistine.

Jacob Grimm once wrote to his brother Wilhelm that, after his brother, nobody stood closer to his heart than Savigny[7] and Clemens Brentano.[8] This Clemens Brentano is too good to be reproached for the ale-bench; I must nevertheless cite an essay of Brentano’s against the danger of seeing him too drawn into the mire. In the fifth volume of his collected works is printed Brentano’s “jocular essay on the Philistines in and according to history,” which once appeared in Berlin by itself, but became known to me only very recently, even though I have always loved Clemens. Brentano recognises the Jews and the Philistines as the two heads of the old serpent set one against the other; he would agree with me if I said briefly that the Jews and the Philistines (which latter are now called Liberals) have in common that they deny history, that they think that something can be good and lasting that does not appear as the continuation of an already existent good or as the combating of a bad that has already been combated. The strife of the world does not start from today, because God is eternal and his enemy, the Devil, is older than the world of humans.

Moritz Lazarus and Levin Goldschmidt[9] had a sense of the situation when they warned the Jews before the last Reichstag elections to leave the progressive party if they wished to be tolerated in Germany. They acted as Jews when they presented to the Reich Chancellor, no matter in what way, the prospect of the votes of Jewry if he would forbid anti-Semitism:  something would be gained thereby. They did not perceive that the Jews would have to stop being Jews if they—who, in Brentano’s words (1887), wish to make a business of the manna fallen to them from heaven three thousand years ago—wished to recognise for once that one can appease the hunger of 1887 only with the corn grown shortly before 1887. They did not perceive that, in England and Germany, a considerable number of commoners were accepted into the aristocracy but that this aristocracy of recent date could stop being parvenus only because they found an old aristocracy of ancient custom and emulated them, and that, analogously, every member of a foreign nation can become a German but on condition that he acknowledge Germany and indeed acknowledge it as something much higher than one’s own nationality that has to be given up, but that he cannot, and will not, become a German if he prides himself on the uniqueness of his own nationality, if he wishes to become or be a German and, as an entrance courtesy, he undertakes to make the Germans like himself and to master them.[10] Those two have not perceived that every government of Europe that is not anti-Semitic—in my sense—conducts a betrayal of the people whom they serve. They are as little aware that they imagine that there are among us respectable men who are not anti-Semites—in the good sense; I know born Jews who suffer badly under the anti-Semitism of the masses and themselves practise my anti-Semitism as necessary.

And as proof that Jews as Jews never have an understanding of real life when it is not represented through exchange, interest coupons and Deutschmarks, Lazarus and Goldschmidt are ostracized by Jewry. “May he not be remembered any more”[11]—that is how it goes in the old excommunication formula of the synagogue against Lazarus. Lazarus was one of the idols of his people, though an idol the reverence for whom I never understood; now he has fallen and his place is vacant. Perhaps Mr. Abraham Berliner[12] notes (14,15) now that I was not so far removed from the right path when I considered a refutation of Mr. Graetz signed “M.L.” as being written by Moritz Lazarus;  I knew the man well enough to know that the essay “To the German Jews”[13] bothered him a long time.

I have for years been convinced that Jewry nested in the Christian-Germanic-Roman cultural world is, as a result of the above-mentioned characteristics, the cancer of our entire life. Our economy cannot thrive on account of them, our nationality withers, the truth is withheld from us by them, the Church is hostile to them and makes them contemptible instead of helping them to a new life.

Friendship is possible with every individual Jew, but only on condition that he cease to be a Jew. Jewry as such must disappear. And the individual Jews will be glad to experience by themselves what Ludwig Steub,[14] certainly a man of insight and intelligence, wrote to Mr. Isidore Singer in Vienna, thus to a Jew:

There are no more persecutions as soon as there are no more Jews. That is why I greet with joy all measures that can make them disappear, as for example the freedom to marry. I do not believe that tasks are still placed for the Jews that cannot also be solved by Christians and to that extent I see no great loss if they disappear from the screen. They will obtain peace only when they are no longer there.

I have often enough acknowledged that we Europeans, Christians are not what we should be when there are still Jews among us; I have therefore thrown a good part of the blame for the deep decadence of our life on our shoulders. But where there is heaped up such a mass of putrefaction as in the Israel of Europe one achieves one’s goal only through an inner physic after one has removed the collected pus through a surgical procedure. I have therefore taken from the Jews that for whose sake they are Jews and through which they rule, money, thrown out the financial monopoly, and explained it in my Deutsche Schriften 496–498. That I am thereby in the right is shown to me by the rage of Mr. Abraham Berliner (26):

The speech about the methods of taking away wealth and income from the Jews truly deserved to be rewarded with the diploma of a gang of burglars from the remotest recess of Corsica.

Here Mr. Abraham Berliner is apparently not anxious in the choice of his expressions. He clearly does not fear “crossing the boundaries of the penal code” in this sentence. Perhaps he was interested to find out from the front page of the Vossische Zeitung of 25 February 1887 that in the Kreuzzeitung, in the “national” programme of the Conservative Party a high stock-exchange turnover tax, or a “nationalization of the Reich bank” appears. We do not fly, we go step by step.

Europe suffers under a debt burden of 96,000 million Deutschmarks;[15] those men who stand at the top of European affairs do not have enough insight and will to understand that the shedding of these 96 billion is the very first condition for the prosperity of Europe. Much less do these men understand that through these debts of ours the Jews become important.[16] Roughly calculated, through the manipulations made with these debt securities, every year 960 million marks go into the pockets of the Jewry working in financial trade. So that the ten percent—not paid in Germany, far exceeding that in most other countries of Europe—may not be lacking, I do not calculate the debts of the municipalities, from which Israel likewise has its profits, but remark that the supplies for the army in many states lie regularly in the hands of the Semites and I let you consider what is earned from these supplies.

I present here the last statistical notice known to me on the number of Jews. Of the six million, three hundred thousand Jews that there are overall, there live

In Europe 5,400,000
In Asia 300,000
In Africa 350,000
In America 250,000
In Russia 2,552,000
In Poland 768,000
In Austria-Hungary 1,644,000
In Galicia 688,000
In Germany 562,000
In Romania 263,000
In Turkey 105,000
In the Netherlands 82,000
In France 63,000
In Italy 40,000

Whereby one may note that the homeland of the people, Palestine, hosts 25,000 Jews, Prussia has 366,543 of them, and especially Berlin 64,355.

When one divides the number of inhabitants of Europe by five and a half million—the number of Jews of Europe—one will discover what percentage of the population of Europe the Jews constitute. When one then considers that 960 million in expenses that the Jewry of Europe draw from us, one will understand why in 1881 I wrote the sentence:

The Jews remain Jews not only because of our fault but also because of our debts.

It is extremely advantageous to be a Jew. Many Liberals who, in the interest of humanity and justice, speak on behalf of the Jews, and now we, know that the Jews are not sparing with tips—the form of the tip is of no importance—they have funds for this and what they invest in such tips—recommendations, testimonials, contributions, positions on the boards of directors—is advertising capital. But what sort of statesmen, what sort of princes are they who do not put an end to this corruption! Are they really not aware of it?

And the Jews will finally thank us themselves. We shall take from them that which maintains them as Jews: as they will no longer possess money, they will become free of the Old Adam and be forced to become what we are already, Germans.

And now, in conclusion, another observation.

I have for many years been the proponent of the view that the present German Reich and Austria-Hungary should be joined in an indissoluble manner. I have always thought of Central Europe as divided into two but united; numerous students and friends know that I became reserved about a public confession of this view only after the inordinate incapacity of the Austrian statesmen was exposed fully at the Frankfurt Diet of Princes[17] and did not obtain a correction from the Habsburg-Lothringen dynasty.

That the German Reich is not viable is now clear to all: it collapses on account of its position between enemies and unreliable friends, on account of the necessity conditioned by this position of being constantly armed to the teeth, and on account of the financial distress forced by this necessity to live in an armed peace.

That Austria is not viable the representative Knotz said in the Austrian House of Representatives on 5 May 1887. As far as I know regarding the mood of the German Austrians, they all think like Knotz. The Irishman Tahaffey=Taafe[18] has lost all ground among his people: the civil war in Austria—my discussion published almost twelve years ago, in September 1875, can be read in the Complete Edition of my Deutsche Schriften, 134, 135—the civil war stands so clearly recognisable before the gates that indeed the newspaper apparently supported by Count Taafe’s government in which Mr. Güdemann,[19] non sine diis animosus,[20] was able to write the essay printed above on pages 264–268[21]; he had to call his burlesque remarks on Knotz “little dignified,” but the other newspapers (one may read the evening Vossische Zeitung of 7 May 1887) recognised the remarks of the representative for Teschen as essentially justified. The Germans of Austria are the cultural fertilizer—this expression was introduced into the world by me around thirty years ago—with which Czechs, Magyars and other ethnic communities are rendered receptive to the rule of Jewry; our brothers in Austria do not have a right to be Germans any longer, in spite of the declarations made by Kaiser Franz Josef at the Frankfurt Diet of Princes.[22] And Austria is bankrupt.

Everywhere where there is financial distress, especially where there is financial distress as a result of disorganized political conditions, the Jew flourishes on the ruins of nations. For, one may lie about peace or about war, the Jew profits; if Pinkus operates when conditions are bad, Pinkus’s brother Schmul operates when they are good; when there is war, Pinkus and Schmul together undertake the supplies; when thereafter there is peace, they undertake the financing of the necessary loans; the family wins in all cases. Only those served by the family lose.

Financial distress prevails in Germany as in Austria, and indeed as a result of the separation of these two Reichs. From this it follows that the Jews wish to maintain the division of these two Reichs. From this it follows that every patriot of Germany and Austria must wish to remove the division of the Reichs and, for the sake of the unification of the Reichs, the Jews—about individual Jews we can speak.

But the Jews know about more than the financial side of the matter; they know also that every German is not an enemy of individual Jews but an enemy of Israel as Israel. The stronger German life becomes the more certainly Israel will disappear. That is why Israel prevents the rise of a Central European Union. For, in this union there would be no masters but the owners of the land, the Germans. Let Israel exist as an independent nation and establish an independent state; Germany and Austria will live with this nation and state in peaceful concord, and members of this Israelite state will be treated by us as benevolently and politely as the members of any other state will be—as foreigners. That Israel wishes to rule among us, that it allows itself to be praised by Geiger, and Graetz and comrades as the bearers of a cultural mission, since it, in truth, does nothing but exploit Europe financially and praises the grinning grimace of our culture as an ancient family possession of Israel—that we Germans precisely refuse before the other nations because we are younger and more unprotected than the other nations and therefore more sensitive to attacks and diseases.

[1] “The fatherland is where life is good”—a saying that may date back to Marcus Pacuvius, a second-century B.C. Roman poet quoted by Cicero.

[2] Eduard Grell (1800–1886) was a German composer noted for his sacred choral compositions.

[3] Johann Jacoby (1805–1877) was a German Jewish doctor who became a Liberal politician who fought for the emancipation of the Jews.

[4] Ludwig Loewe (1837–1886) was a German Jewish industrialist and member of the Reichstag whose socialist friends included Ferdinand Lassalle and Walther Rathenau.

[5] Helmut von Moltke (1800–1891) was a Prussian Field Marshal who commanded Prussian troops during the Austro-Prussian War and the Franco-Prussian War and was famed for his skills in military organization and strategy.

[6] This refers to section of the first book of Samuel that begins the account of Samuel’s establishment of a monarchy among the Israelites through his appointment of Saul as king.

[7] Friedrich Carl von Savigny (1779–1961) was a famous German jurist.

[8] Clemens Brentano (1778–1842) was a German Romantic poet and Catholic who wrote several essays on Christian subjects.

[9] Levin Goldschmidt (1829–1897) was a German Jewish jurist, academic and member of the Reichstag.

[10] Lagarde: Cf. something on Heinrich Heine, one of the most repulsive subjects that have ever been printed on earth—H. Hüffer in J. Rodenberg’s Deutsche Rundschau, 1878—and something which G. V. Albert has discussed in 1886 in the—at the moment, to me, substandard—Revue des deux mondes and which Mr. Graetz has acknowledged as correct—and in a commendatory way—in his monthly journal of 1886, 188, 189.

[11] This is also the opening line of a poem by Heine, “Nicht gedacht soll seiner werden”

[12] Abraham Berliner (1833–1915) was a German Jewish theologian and historian. He also published a pamphlet against Paul de Lagarde, Paul de Lagarde, nach seiner Natur gezeichnet (1887).

[13] Moritz Lazarus, An die deutschen Juden, 1887.

[14] Ludwig Steub (1812–1888) was a German jurist and writer.

[15] Vossische Zeitung (10 March, 1887).

[16] Paul de Lagarde, Deutsche Schriften, Complete Edition, 413.

[17] The Frankfurt Diet of Princes took place in August 1863 to discuss reforms of the princely Deutscher Bund that lasted from 1815 to 1866. The Deutscher Bund was an association of 39 predominantly German-speaking sovereign states in Central Europe.

[18] Eduard, Graf von Taafe (1833–1895) was an Irish Austrian statesman who served as minister-president of Cisleithania in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

[19] Moritz (Moshe) Güdemann (1835–1918) was an Austrian Jewish historian and Chief Rabbi of Vienna.

[20] The line from Horace’s ode “Descende caelo” is “non sine diis animosus infans” (“a spirited child not without the help of the gods”).

[21] The pages referred to in Mittheilungen, II, reproduce an article entitled “Der ‘deutsche Nationalheilige’ Paul de Lagarde” by Güdemann published in the Viennese Freie Presse, 42 (February 12, 1887).

[22] de Lagarde, Deutsche Schriften, 507.

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    Another idiot arguing for Jewish assimilation.

    And we all know how well that turned out…

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    I can only hope Prof. MacDonald is not only on paper “rather a Germanicist”, but does not continue to suppress my comments in the most absolutely ridiculous way. Just because I was drunk in a night two days ago and interpreted a “technical ambiguity” (? my comments no longer appeared as a preview) as malice. With it he would show in my eyes at most that he is just no a “free spirit”! If I should have hurt or offended someone, I apologize expressly! It’s starting to get ridiculous and childish here, folks!

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            Now you really let the bad uncle have it, didn’t you? (Just stop it, or he won’t be able to fall asleep tonight because of grief.) One wonders, however, where you get the audacity to fancy that Kevin needs your unsolicited intercession as his personal mouthpiece and loudspeaker, as if he had vested in you the exclusive right to it. To accost others seems to be your only vocation in life.

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        No, you don’t have to panic now, I would now “abandon you forever” and you would now even have to do without my invaluable contributions forever and would only have to put up with the above-average ordinary contributions of your above-average ordinary “commentators”! This deadly boredom seemed to me – despite all reservations against your naughty behavior – absolutely unreasonable towards you!

        A striking characteristic of American light-skinned hybrids is their endless conflict with the word “socialism,” which for them is synonymous with Marxism. They have learned since childhood, through their own materialistic system, that “socialism” is something quite evil, unproductive and unfree. It is not about the common cause to join forces for them, otherwise they would ask the right questions and it would be indifferent to them which label a “product” carries.

        In all likelihood, they will continue to spend the next few decades trying to define whether China is “communist” or “capitalist” without ever coming up with a conclusive answer. By then, China, which does not know such definitional crises and does not waste time with such theoretical palaver, will have completely dominated the American economy and taken over its markets.

        What remains striking about the matter is that it is precisely the losers of capitalism who defend it to the death. This seems to be a variant of the Stockholm Syndrome. Someone once said: Fascism recruits its successors from the youth of the proletariat, communism on the other hand from the youth of the upper class.

        And so it is no wonder when millionaires like Roger Waters refer to Africans as “brothers and sisters” and lament “500 years of white oppression.” However, these hypocrites are far from sharing their much money with the (“idelogocal”) black and brown brothers and sisters.

        Capitalism as an economic system based on the inequality and division of peoples (divide and rule), like Marxism as an ideology, is never nationally oriented. If the costs of production in its own country seem too high, then it dismisses the personnel and builds its factories abroad. Therefore, there can be no national capitalism, which would be a contradiction in terms.

        Two married U.S. hybrids find out that some of their ancestors came from the same German region. They may now claim the title of “honorary Aryan” with the express permission of the RuSHA.

        My music tip today is a German nerd who weaves “experimental entities and landscapes” with antediluvian sound generators. At least it sounds a little more interesting than most of the rest, and also doesn’t contain any Anglo-American “I love you so, please come back” nursery rhymes.

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          Capitalism is economically “effective”. What does it mean? It means that the products have no substantial content, but above all an attractive packaging. Products are designed in such a way that their degree of wear and tear is so high that the customer soon has to exchange the broken product for a new, healthy one of the same brand. We all know this, when suddenly all letters on our (why actually?) black keyboard disappear. There is even a technical term for designing products for everyday use exactly like this.

          Anything else would be “overdesigned” and economically counterproductive. This is not about pleasing the customer, but the producer. This is also the reason why the technology from communism, e.g. the space technology is so robust and unbreakable that today Russian rockets are used to carry American astronauts into space. Of course it’s all a matter of price. The underclass is, as always, the most cheated and the most paying. Those who can afford a Rolex watch for $3000 will still enjoy it after 10 years. A pair of jeans for 20 dollars falls apart after half a year at the latest. But paying more does not mean living cheaper.

          That is why the contents of our “media” have no substance whatsoever, which, for example, conveys and prepares history in a way that is worth learning. Because that costs time and effort. Our media are to the mind what sugar is to the stomach. Quickly burned but without nutritional value. Capitalism has no time to train talented actors for years, it wants cheap extras and many consumers. This is why the oh-so-zealous advocates of 100% private enterprise like Brandon Martinez are complete idiots who have no clue whatsoever about any context.

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          So let’s better speak of National Socialist security of supply instead of capitalist overproduction. What’s unnecessary doesn’t belong in the world. Tits are superfluous on men like dicks on women.

          What’s so f-ing incomprehensible about that for “Anglomuricans”? Nature supplements and nourishes itself, it doesn’t need any Jewish generated “consumerism” that fulfills artificially created “needs” and makes BlackRock & Co even richer!

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          Capitalism constantly talks about “growth”. But cancerous tumors also grow constantly. What should be fabulous about it?

          Capitalism, however, never talks about population growth of national ethnic groups. But National Socialism did talk about it.

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        To Kevin:
        There is not a single comment of the 22 here now that is “germane” to the article. I don’t think those commenting have even read it, except C.F. (and now myself). What a showing!

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      It is indeed ” ridiculous and childish,” Waldemar, to apologize in one sentence, only to reoffend in the ensuing one.

      You write of willpower and discipline: just resolve not to comment when you are admittedly drunk !

  3. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    “the participation of the Jews in politics.”

    The day I came across and memorized this quote by the German Jewish banker Paul Warburg left me questioning a great many things.

    “The world lives in a fools paradise based upon fictitious wealth, rash promises and mad illusions. We must beware of booms based upon false prosperity which has its roots in inflated credits and prices.”

    Warburg apparently said these words after witnessing the roaring 20’s and then the results the great bubble that collapsed and it resulted in his total and complete contempt for the political class for allowing that to happen.

    False Prosperity? I got to say when i look around me at what is occurring, a house built only 10 years ago for 400,00 selling or sold rather for 1.7 million is mind-boggling unbelievable really, well if that isn’t what i see again occurring false prosperity!!! If this Paul Warburg were around to see real estate prices being what they are i wonder if he would be in horror at it all?

    I’m further puzzled these international bankers do they step on one another toes as they go about their business? Certainly it seems to me that it must have occurred until they realized oopps we can’t be stepping on the toes others holding debts of nations and kings? But in the end we find what now? these words!

    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years……It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government which will never again know war, but only peace and prosperity for the whole of humanity. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries. It is also our duty to inform the press of our convictions as to the historic future of the country.” David Rockefeller1

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:

      by the way it should be further noted 1.7 mil comes with no views, laminate flooring, no name fixtures etc? I said to some friends imagine what the price would have been if it had real wood floors? What add another 200,000 to price lol? What gets me though is no one in my immediate circle of friends or any that i work with including the professionals and such could afford a place like that. Even doctors and lawyers would be hard pressed to afford it and yet the owner got it. the agent who sold the house worked not even one hour and made enough money to buy a small plane and paid cash!!! The owner was angry at that because he worked at two jobs for 7 years and then a further 3 years at two jobs just to get started and is still behind the 8 ball so to speak? He turned around lol and bought another expensive home this time with a view being on a mountain lol and is now lamenting the cost of fuel for two vehicles?

      False prosperity?! Very few people have the income to support such values and yet how are people making money the key is home renovations!! And the homelessness is growing by leaps and bounds and those that i know who have homes of their own lament our children’s future? Thats how capital gets found. Buy a house one day spend a few dollars and turn around and voila you have the tens of thousands of dollars to smile about! and lets not forget rent extraction. But we are all screaming for what higher wages lol, which so few companies can afford to give. Someone better than me said it best no one among the intellectuals bothers to look at the physics of the situation.

      It leaves me thinking that the words “stupid goyim” has some truth to it lol.

      The world does indeed live in a fools paradise based upon fictitious wealth, rash promises and mad illusions.

      We must beware of booms based upon false prosperity which has its roots in inflated credits and prices.”

      Would Warburg be incensed? Bankers they see what we do not see the math of it all at the end of the day. That’s why they are obsessed with control.

      • Socraticist
        Socraticist says:

        Stupid goyim, lol? actually the scientific method, the physics so to speak, and the liberalism, capitalism and free markets, behind all the prosperity, is the exclusive product of pre-democratic European culture. It is the dumbocracy and curroptocracy (democracy) which is the stupid.
        It is not even funny, as it implies how ignorant Western man is of the real source of his relative prosperity. If you are in need of an intellectual looking at the physics of the situation, which also implies the classical-liberal philosophy which makes it all possible, you should read the works of nineteenth-century philosopher-scientist Herbert Spencer. Indeed, twentieth-century democratic ideologue-intellectuals never look at the physics.

    • c matt
      c matt says:

      At least you still got a piece of land for your troubles. You have to resort to scientific notation to measure the level of false prosperity raised by the stock market.

  4. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Couldn’t disagree with a single description or word of de Lagarde. Entirely transferred to America and the SU in its traditional borders, as well as to an ever larger part of the remainder of the world.

    Improved upon by their ” full spectrum ” and ” woke ” attacks; unthinkable during his time, which would have had its proponents forcibly and justifiably incarcerated in an insane asylum.

    Even he could not have envisioned their later, far more efficacious mendacity and psycholocically new and improved methodology imposed on their traditional instrumentalities.

    • Gnome Chompsky
      Gnome Chompsky says:

      The post below this seems incorrect, only three of the five listed seem truly pro-Italy.

      Also, amused by the anti-Christian replies, really, there are other sites that have that. I don’t think it wise to alienate Christians who have seen through the ‘Judaeo-Christian’ scam.

      I reply to you also somewhat off-topic. I had cataracts in both eyes, technically, in English, blunt-force injury cataract.

      One with an artificial lens now, so, much the same as your situation from years ago, as you described in a reply several months ago.

      I still intend to have both eyes done, but waiting for cooler weather seems a good idea.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        Can you even get your head around the recent article in the ATLANTIC, which classifies the Rosary as a ” white supremacist ” emblem ???????!!!!!!!!!!

        En route to outlawing the display of the ” white supremacist ” Cross.

        Also, HAARETZ just published an article on the Leader of the Kahanist party, Itamar Ben-Gvir. ” who called for the deportation of two lawmakers and others ‘ who are disloyal to the State of Israel ‘ to Europe on Tuesday, declaring during a radio interview that he would promote such a policy if included in the next government.”

        ” It is our duty to deport [such a person] from here, to deprive them of their citizenship and to fly away from here, he told Army Radio “.

        I can’t help but wonder, whether he holds a patent on his policy ! What a saving in jet fuel if we could fill the planes in both directions.

        Happy to hear of your so far partial eyes success. Good idea to split up the two operations to see whether the first one worked out.

  5. Waldemar's Holy Spirit
    Waldemar's Holy Spirit says:

    Gaywiggers from Outer Space: Jewtube clown Dottore Spaghetti catches a glimpse of one of his negroid idols: “Steffen Wunder”.

    Devoutly and reverently they surround their oh so “great world star” as if his cacophonous strumming were Bach, Beethoven or Mozart. These fools do not even suspect that they are in truth only deplorable victims of bad listening and consumption habits. There are rumors that “Wonder” and his conspecific Ray Charles are not blind at all, but only pretend to be so in order to increase the pity and “wonder” factor of the duped white people…

  6. John
    John says:

    Send whatever words of wisdom to WAKE UP the Italians as their election is September 25, 2022.
    Here is the info. gathered so far, please provide corrections if discrepancies are found. Italy has five parties that are pro-Italy for Italians:
    -Fratelli D’Italia
    (email:, &,
    -Forza Nuova
    -Cinque Stelle
    -Casa Pound

    I believe Casa Pound has a Telegram account.

  7. John
    John says:

    Italy election Sept. 25, 2022.
    Italians cannot be this stupid; the nation that produced Da Vinci, Medici, Fermi, Marconi, Volta, Torricelli, Michelangelo, Queirolo, Caselli, Volta, Cristofori, Cassini, etc. etc. etc. cannot throw their existence away, cannot throw their future away, cannot pass on Italy to their children as minorities, and, choose to be replaced by non-Italians. All Italy’s institutions including its government and media number one priority is the safe guarding of the Italian People, with everything else being a distant second. If they do not, then, they are betraying the Italian people. “ITALY MUST ENSURE THE EXISTENCE OF ITS PEOPLE AND A FUTURE FOR ITALIAN CHILDREN.”
    The existence of Italians is non-negotiable. The existence of Italians must always be explicit.
    An article that can help reclaim your nation is “The Slow Cleanse aka Restoring White Homelands” by Dr. Greg Johnson.
    Rai-Italia is trying to normalize that non-Europeans can be Italian .

  8. John
    John says:

    Today, Monday August 15, 2022, RaiItalia had a show called “Agora estate” discussing the upcoming Italy’s September 25, 2022 election. An African was one of the commentators with Dario Galli from La Lega discussing the “flat tax”. It cannot be more simple than – Italy is not Italy without Italians. Asians, Africans, Arabs are not Italian. Apparently, the English have accepted Miss England 2021, now the globalists are trying to convince Italians that an African can be Italian. What good is a “flat tax” if Italy is no longer Italian. There is not much more to say, except, the Italian People as a collective are either accepting their own replacement, extermination, genocide, or, lack the ability in seeing how the decisions they make today will affect their posterity; will lead to their demise. Not unlike the French, British, Germans, Swedes, etc.

  9. Gnome Chomshy
    Gnome Chomshy says:

    Antlatic is just rubbish.
    I don’t know why I even
    comment here now.
    but as a good site I like it.

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