What’s Up with All the Blacks on Television?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have thrown your television out the window, you’ve probably noticed how frequently Blacks are shown on TV and in the movies. It’s not like the old days when token Black actors played minor and inconsequential roles. Blacks were rarely portrayed as important persons in professional roles such as doctors, lawyers, school administrators and scientists because it didn’t reflect their actual place in society. Such portrayals would have been seen as contrived and unrealistic by most Americans because there were comparably few Blacks who were doctors, lawyers, school administrators and scientists.

Blacks in television and the movies were commonly portrayed as hustlers, pimps, and low-level street criminals. They were rarely portrayed as college-educated, and those Blacks who sought to obtain an education were often depicted as attending night school to get their high school diploma. This wasn’t a cruel and “racist” portrayal of Blacks, but one that accurately characterized what far too many of them were like (and yes, there were exceptions then just as there are exceptions now).

Those days are over. Today, almost every commercial and almost every movie features a Black person in a leading role. This has been occurring for at least the past five years. At first it was gradual, but it wasn’t long before it increased to the point where even ‘normies’ began to recognize an obvious pattern of overrepresentation of Blacks or “people of color” on television. Foreigners watching American television might be tempted to think that Blacks are the dominant U.S. demographic, yet they comprise only slightly above 12% of the overall population. Even at 12%, it’s a dangerously high number when one considers the skyrocketing levels of crime Blacks in America commit. They have managed to make unsafe and almost unlivable every major U.S. city — a truth the mainstream media refuses to concede even though it’s abundantly apparent that America has a serious Black crime problem.

One doesn’t need to be “red-pilled” or “racist” to see that the entirety of our nation’s media outlets is preoccupied with portraying Blacks in ways the vast majority of them are not. How so? Racially mixed couples (usually a Black man with a White wife) are constantly presented as the norm. Though there has been an increase in racially mixed marriages in America, I doubt it’s as common as portrayed on television commercials. They even show White men with Black wives which is even rarer.

The image of such mixed couples portrayed by the media is always idealistic and pristine. They live in perfect, designer-style homes, and the image is almost always of a wealthy or above-average income family with beautiful racially mixed children. Though this may sometimes be case, I have rarely witnessed this sort of thing in all my years. Usually, the White female is morbidly obese and settles for a Black guy because no White guy wants her. The Black guy is most often a street thug or aspiring ‘rapper.’ He’s happy to be with any White woman even if she’s visually repugnant to most men, and of course, he won’t be around when the babies come.

The Black actor on Television is always portrayed as witty and well-spoken. Often, he’s the alpha male. He or she is always smarter and more perceptive than any White man in the room. White males are almost always portrayed as weak, and socially awkward or imbecilic. They must be constantly corrected by both the Black male and White female actors in any commercial or TV sitcom. This is such a common theme that only the most biased would deny its truth. Whether it’s the cool Denzel Washington, the multi-talented Jamie Foxx, or the all-wise Morgan Freeman, Blacks are better and smarter than any White guy portrayed on television.

Yet despite the constant praise given to Blacks for their “achievements” and “culture” by a fawning media, they have produced nothing of real value in the world, at least in comparison to what Whites have produced over the centuries. Years ago, I discussed this very point with a Black gentleman who tried to persuade me of the great intelligence and ingenuity of Black people. He pointed to a host of modern skyscrapers and complex architectural designs found in some African countries. In his mind, this demonstrated the equality if not the superiority of Blacks over Whites. It didn’t seem to occur to him that all of it was the result of what Whites previously invented many years earlier and which they graciously shared with Blacks under their tutelage.

It’s important to remember that Africans in all their history never even invented a second story building let alone beautiful cathedrals and towering skyscrapers. The first Christian missionaries upon arrival on the Dark Continent were appalled at the ignorance, superstition and blood-thirsty nature of the Africans they encountered. Cannibalism was a common occurrence and was an integral part of African tribal existence. Moreover, Africans had not invented the wheel nor even a codified language. That came years later under the direction of White missionaries. Yet the sort of Wakanda mythology that prevails in America today has permeated the thinking of almost all Blacks and a sizable portion of the White population too. No fair-minded person wants to point out such uncomfortable truths about Blacks, but when complete lies and fabrications are spread about them, there is the need to set the record straight, especially because any shortcomings of Blacks are automatically attributed to White evil.

If one wants to get a perspective of just how ineffectual and backwards Blacks are in creating the kinds of societies that Whites take for granted, I’d recommend the documentary Empire of Dust (2011). It chronicles the frustrating and often futile efforts of Chinese workers to get Blacks in the town of Kolwezi (Congo) to mine the immensely valuable resources available to them. Lao Yang is repeatedly stunned at the level of incompetence, lack of organization and forethought of the Congolese Blacks to take steps in improving their country. The simplest tasks take weeks and even months to accomplish because of problems in the supply chain, mistakes that could have easily been avoided, unskilled laborers, language barriers, and constant bribery which grinds everything to a halt.

At one point, Yang complained to his Black translator and assistant, Eddy, as to why the Congolese people never improved conditions after French colonial rule. Yang tells him, “You went backwards, not forwards. You neglected the things others had left to you. What’s more, you completely destroyed them!” Eddy had no answers because he knew it was true.

What Yang finally realized after spending time with Blacks was the opposite of any Wakanda fairy tale. He discovered that Blacks accomplish very little in terms of productivity even when given the resources and direction they need. They tend to waste all that’s handed to them and, as Yang discovered, they destroy it too.

When apartheid ended in the early 1990s, for instance, the entire nation of South Africa that was previously ruled by Whites was handed over to South African Blacks. Yet it wasn’t long before they managed to turn it into a corrupt and criminal cesspool. Blacks don’t seem to understand the value of what is before them even when it’s shown to them. They are disorganized and embarrassingly incompetent. Is it any wonder why China has managed to mine the abundant natural resources of Africa rather than indigenous Africans themselves?

There is another documentary that likewise illustrates the rather primitive nature of Africans. It was released in 1966 by two Italian filmmakers and shot over a period of three years: Africa Addio (Farewell Africa). It’s a graphic portrayal of African Blacks and the chaos and bloodshed that ensued after colonial rule. The film illustrates the downfall that occurs when Blacks are left to their own devices. Their more primitive traits are unleashed with no restraint. This is not a movie for the fainthearted. Its value is found in showing how dependent Blacks are upon the White man if they want a civilized society with law and order – the very thing that Blacks historically have been unable to create on their own.

Thus, when America’s media and entertainment industry places Blacks on such exalted pedestals, it reveals how absurd things have become in this once-great nation. It exposes what complete fabrications we live under and which we as Whites are expected to believe without question.

What’s the purpose of so much overrepresentation of Blacks and racially mixed couples on television and in the movies? What is the end goal?

Corporate Profits

There is undoubtedly a financial motive involved. Manufacturers and corporations feel the need to keep up with the changing racial demographics of the U.S., and so they intentionally choose minorities to represent their products since it’s likely to have a broader public appeal. The bottom line for such corporations is understandably large profits. They want to reach as many consumers as possible in order to create great wealth for their shareholders. Thus, if there is a declining White population and a growing minority population, and since Whites don’t seem to mind being portrayed as relatively weak, unmasculine, and stupid, they will make whatever marketing shifts they need to in order to reach any new or increasing demographic. Since financial profits are the bottom line, any concerns over Whites being slowly erased from television sitcoms, commercials and movies plays no role in their marketing strategies.

Hollywood’s Promise to Rectify Past Wrongs

The increasing presence of Blacks and other minority groups is part of Hollywood’s promise to make television and movies less White. Their rational is that Black talent has been held back, that they have not been treated fairly throughout the movie industry’s history, so they are now trying to rectify past wrongs by giving Blacks a greater presence in all forms of entertainment. This is essentially how the motion picture industry frames it. I find it disingenuous at best.

Yet there are other reasons, ones that have a more sinister purpose behind them.

To Signal that a New People Have Arrived

The overrepresentation of Blacks and other minority groups on TV and commercials is intended to signal that a new people have arrived and that White America is history. No longer are Whites seen as the dominant and most important demographic in America. Blacks and an ever-increasing Hispanic demographic are the new Americans. This did not occur overnight. Instead, it played out over a period of about 60 years. It was the result of American corporations wanting cheap labor coupled with millions of apathetic Americans who chose to ignore what was occurring at their southern border. Both legal as well as illegal non-White immigration contributed to our current circumstances. All the while our elected representatives stood by and did nothing of any real significance to stop the flood of invading hordes. President Reagan, in fact, gave millions of them amnesty in 1986 which only exacerbated the problems we faced as a country.

In the past, when one conjured up the image of an American, they naturally thought of a Caucasian. One did not immediately think of a Black or a Mexican. This is no longer the case. We are taught that an ‘American’ is anyone who happens to land on U.S. soil regardless of whether he’s Hispanic, negro, Asian, Middle Eastern or whatever his racial ancestry might be. This, of course, stands in stark contrast to what our American founders would have thought about Blacks and Mexicans for in no way would they have viewed them as our equals or even as rightful citizens. Yet that matters little in today’s America where what our Founders envisioned for the country has been almost completely jettisoned.

To Demoralize Whites

The overrepresentation of so many Blacks on television is meant to demoralize Whites. Its purpose is to make us seem less and to even feel less than who we are. This explains why Blacks are always portrayed as cooler and smarter than Whites. Even our White women are portrayed as smarter than White males. None of it is accidental. All of it is meant to demean us racially, to make us feel inferior, and to condition the entire country to believe that White people are not needed. They are, at best, merely tolerated but even this won’t be for much longer if the anti-Whites have their way. This is why anti-White racism is so widely sanctioned in the U.S. No other racial group, other than Whites, is permitted such opprobrium and overt discrimination. It’s socially acceptable in the U.S. to denigrate White people. And the greater tragedy it is that Whites are more than happy to lead the charge! I can’t think of any other racial group — other than Whites — that works so hard to abolish themselves.

The degradation of Whites in all forms of entertainment becomes even more disturbing when one realizes that we are not being subdued or outclassed by a superior or more intelligent race of people, but essentially by sub-Saharan negroes and their descendants — a racial group that’s only slightly more intelligent than the lowest aboriginals! Talk about rubbing salt into the wound. The powers-that-be have made sure that not only are Whites gradually erased from the very nation their ancestors founded, but they are erased by a vastly inferior racial group — one that not only possesses on average significantly lower intelligence levels than Whites — but which has a long history of strong criminal proclivities and an inability to function in western civil society. It’s perhaps the ultimate insult. But this was its purpose all along.

To Promote and Normalize Miscegenation

The presence of so many racially mixed couples on television is meant to persuade us that marrying out of one’s own race is normal and a good thing. It’s intended to make us think it’s proper. Its ultimate purpose is to dilute our European bloodline. It’s intended to make us mutts, to have no real identity, no real culture, no deep-seated ancestral roots.

But mark this well: The push for racial miscegenation is only for White people. Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are permitted to retain their unique racial identities, including all that is distinctive of them as peoples. And they are encouraged to do so too. As Whites, we are encouraged to celebrate their racial identities and their cultural uniqueness but to loathe all that is unique to us as a people. That so many White people in America would subscribe to this way of thinking shows just how badly we have been propagandized for the past sixty years.

Who is Behind So Much of This?

The question naturally arises: Who’s behind all of this and why? There can be little doubt that a host of elite Jews and Jewish organizations stand as the central figures behind most of what’s occurring (along with plenty of White sycophants eager to please their Jewish masters) — especially plausible given the very prominent, even dominant role that Jews play in the media which of course is the main purveyor of these messages. This is not to say that every single Jew without exception has as his or her goal to deracinate White people and to make them minorities in their own countries. The average Jew, I suspect, has no such goals and may not even think in such terms, although most of them would likely support Third-World immigration into the West for perceived humanitarian reasons — the very thing they would not support if such immigration were occurring in Israel.

Yet there is a wealthy and powerful cabal of Jews throughout the West who have worked tirelessly to destroy all vestiges of White racial identity. It’s not so much “white supremacy” they fear (however defined) but organized White solidarity; the fear that Whites might unite on behalf of their own racial and cultural interests; and especially the fear that Whites might discover the culturally subversive ways of Jews and muster the courage to give them the final boot. It’s happened so many times in history that it’s naïve to imagine that perceptive Jews don’t think of it often. Their proclivities toward hysteria, overreach and a victimhood mentality help keep far too many of them in a constant state of paranoia over this very possibility.

There can be no reasonable denial that Jews largely run Hollywood, including the media and an array of social media platforms that guarantee the constant presence of Blacks on television and the movies. Countless names could be mentioned to confirm such an assertion, including Israeli-born billionaire and mega-producer, Arnon Milchan, Bob Iger (Chairman/CEO of Walt Disney Company), David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Steven Spielberg (co-founders of Dreamworks SKG), Jason Blum (founder/CEO of Blumhouse Productions), Aaron Sorkin (prominent writer and producer), David Herzog (Viacom President), and the list goes on. Some Jews are quite proud of it, and they’re not afraid to admit it. Jay Michaelson is one such person. In an article he wrote titled, “The Oscars are Too White – and That’s a Jewish Problem” (The Jewish Daily Forward, February 1, 2016), he posits the following:

 “The Jews control Hollywood.” It’s one of those anti-Semitic tropes that, we all know, contains a certain grain of truth. “Control,” no — not with that ominous, conspiratorial connotation. But “helped create”? “Disproportionately populate?” Sure. From the founding of California’s motion picture industry (well documented in books like Neal Gabler’s “An Empire of Their Own: How Jews Created Hollywood”) to the present day, Jews have played an outsized role as its producers, agents, directors and writers.

It’s not just a myth. Which is why the at-least-equally disproportionate exclusion of people of color from the Academy Awards — the phenomenon hashtagged as #OscarsSoWhite — is a Jewish problem.

But it’s also a Jewish opportunity, because if Jewish leaders took the initiative to address the crisis proactively, the Jewish “elephant in the room” could instead be a powerful force for change . . . If the academy were an actual academy in the true sense of the word, it might recognize the present-day effects of historical injustices — part of what we call white privilege — and take affirmative actions to correct them. But the academy isn’t a real academy, it’s a club. Specifically, it’s like a 1950s private social club. Apart from Oscar winners, members must be referred in. Now, this situation is finally changing. The academy’s president, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, is a woman of color. And, in response to the recent outrage, the governing board took some important steps: abolishing life membership, and doubling female and minority membership by 2020.

These steps are valuable, but the academy is a symptom of a larger, industrywide problem . . . Here’s where Jewish leadership could play a role. Suppose L.A.’s celebrity rabbis urged Jewish film makers to take the initiative in diversifying the industry as a whole, not just the academy specifically. Suppose those movers and shakers personally committed to more recruitment, more support and more training of women and people of color in the film industry at large. None of this would require government programs, quotas or race-based hiring. Rather, imagine if the Spielbergs and Geffens of L.A. endowed scholarships for minority students working in film, internship opportunities at their own shops, and proactive efforts to reach out to those from disadvantaged communities. And imagine if they did so as Jews — generally, in the case of Hollywood, non-practicing and non-religious Jews, but still members of what Justice Felix Frankfurter once called “the most persecuted minority in history.” If a public alliance of American Jewish filmmakers took personal initiative to fix this unjust, embarrassing and ugly situation, they could make a real difference.

Michaelson not only concedes that Jews created and “disproportionately populate” the motion picture industry, but he publicly urges Hollywood moguls to recruit and hire even more minorities for leading roles. The result inevitably leads to the displacement of White actors in Hollywood — Whites, although underrepresented, are noticeably missing from Michaelson’s recommendations. Such blatant discrimination wouldn’t be tolerated in today’s racially correct climate if its subjects were Black or Hispanic, but no eyebrows are raised when the subjects are White.

The reasons behind Jewish cultural subversion remain the same whether it’s national immigration policy, the promotion of pornography, gay and LGBTQ+ rights, gay marriage, or the slow and steady erasing of Whites on television, commercials and the movies — namely, to make Whites a despised minority in the very country they’ve founded so that what occurred in Germany between the years 1933 to 1945 may never occur again. Jews may not at first agree with this point, but if you press them long enough, many of them will concede that White racial solidarity remains a constant fear of theirs.

Discerning Jews know they cannot rule when Whites are aware of their racial identity and are strongly connected to it. They oppose all forms of nationalism (other than their own) among Whites because it produces the very solidarity that threatens them and which they seek to destroy. Whites united and racially conscious of their heritage invariably creates the kind of society in which Jews remain as outsiders, and they know it all too well.

For Jews to be successful in our societies, they must sever our racial bonds and create division and strife among us. They use a divide-and-conquer playbook to dispossess our people. Yet panic erupts among them once we discover their playbook and make it known to others. That’s why even veiled public references about Jews are quickly denounced by Jewish activist groups such as the ADL (e.g., “rootless cosmopolitans,” “internationalists,” or even references to George Soros’s political activism). Consider as an example the recent overreaction by Jews over Kanye West’s statements in “naming the Jew” as responsible for originating cancel culture The general public, then, must at all costs be prohibited from learning anything negative about Jews lest they start to connect the dots and see for themselves.


For Whites in America, there is no easy way out of our problems. There is probably a multiplicity of paths that can be taken to help reverse current trends as opposed to one definitive plan. Yet I doubt any of it will prove effective so long as Whites remain divided and under the spell of so much propaganda and deception. Perhaps the greatest need now is for racially aware Whites to work on educating our people. Unless we work to awaken as many as we can about our racial and cultural concerns, little progress will result. Failure to get our people to think differently will only encourage them to side with our enemies.


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  1. John
    John says:

    “What’s Up with All the Blacks on Television?” Why, that’s an easy question, &, the answer is because the European Race is being exterminated. And, the funny, bizarre, stupid, idiotic, moronic part is – the Europeans aka Whites are allowing it. Many (yes many) parents don’t have much of a problem when their son or daughter is murdered. In fact, these parents even forgive those who killed their child. Nature will ensure these suicidal genes will rightly go extinct.

      • Reasonablewhiteguy
        Reasonablewhiteguy says:

        At this point in the game, I feel that the jews have overplayed their hand a bit to early. With access to social media and the fact that “normies” are now seeing the effects of any form of commentary about obvious Jewish power. Any critique of Jewish power is met with an automatic reply of “antisemitism”. This is the only race of people that are above criticism and the only race of people that can LEGALLY punish those who criticize them. Yet they deny that they have overwhelming and disproportionate influence. Their genetic predisposition dictates their inability to simply shrug off cultural critique with a reply of: “Well, that’s your opinion”.

        • Ivbin Band
          Ivbin Band says:

          I must respectfully disagree. As long as millions of whites can be mesmerized by the image of a descendant of a plantation-bred “minority” run with a leather ball, or toss a rubber ball through a hoop mounted on a pole, nothing will change, regardless of how obscene the Stupor-Bowl “half-time entertainment” may be. As long as millions of whites continue to purchase from the sponsors of these advertisements, continue to watch imbecilic television shows, and continue to line up at movie venues like automatons to pay hard-earned money for Jewish-inspired propaganda, nothing will change.

    • K M Landis
      K M Landis says:

      I agree. Those who forgive the killers of their own children will go extinct. They are white-masochists, and dupes of the jew-media.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        I must disagree. White masochists dying off will not remove the trait from the gene pool, because the trait is Learned. Have we learned nothing from TOO editor and evolutionary psychologist Kevin MacDonald? Rather than wishing for any Whites to die off, we should be working to re-educate them into a fierce love of Whites as a race, and active self-defense.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Have we learned nothing … ?

          What the commenters you rebuke have “learned” is that expressing contempt for other whites endues them with an importance, if not indeed a moral superiority, that no inherent character trait of their own is able to supply. An overwhelming sense of their own inadequacy, aggravated by the aggressions and frustrations of daily life in an ever more hostile and ever less recognizable public sphere, prompts them to strike out at those around them who appear to possess even a modicum of the intellectual and spiritual resources, however poorly directed or employed, that they themselves lack.

          Some of these blatherers have persuaded themselves that they truly do want to see the whites they hate die off. What with their warped moral outlook and their disinclination to remedy it, I should not be surprised if a number of them become allies of the (((actual oppressor class,))) where their homicidal inclinations will be encouraged and exploited to the full.

        • Danielle
          Danielle says:

          Karl, I absolutely agree with you. Now, that is not to say I am not completely disgusted, even sickened, when I see these pathetic, groveling Whites who appear more than happy to go along with the whole multicultural (anti-White) ideology permeating every facet of our culture today. Like you, I believe these people need to be rehabbed – for one thing, it is not known to us if these Whites are even remotely aware of what is underway here – I have to assume, for the most part, these Whites are completely unaware of the jew agenda. Now, if Whites become aware of the agenda and are indifferent to it, that is a different story.
          With our dwindling numbers, we are not in a position to lose more of our people.
          Another point I would like to make here is that, more than anything, I hate to see the conflict and division that is constantly taking place among our own people. THIS is part of our problem! We Whites are TERRIBLE with this. Go to any comment section of a blog or video channel that is for “pro-White” types, and it never fails that you often come upon “in-fighting” within the group.
          As an American who is of Eastern European descent, I can’t tell you how many times I have been offended by things I have read or heard from Europeans who are of Northern/Western ethnicities who openly denigrate, insult, bash, and put down Poles, Ukrainians, etc. – as if we are inferior – it is quite disgusting.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Very nicely put John! Those “forgiving” morons/traitors are mostly fervent Christians, a race who believe that “offering the other cheek” is a noble act. What can we expect from such people?

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        What can anyone expect, what does anyone ever get, from you, a typical Johnny-one-note, except hatred of white people whose “crime” is that they are smarter and more psychologically stable than you are?

  2. Lancashire Lad
    Lancashire Lad says:

    It is much the same story in the UK, though overseas sales, including to the USA, may be partly to blame.

  3. John
    John says:

    The globalist Italian media, having attacked Fratelli D’Italia & Giorgia Meloni prior to her victory, is ratcheting the attacks to get rid of her.
    The author, Aldo Cazzullo, was already on Italian TV peddling his book “Mussolini il Capobanda” (gang leader). Perché dovremmo vergognarci del fascismo (Why should we be ashamed of fascism).
    Italian TV are depicting Africans as Italians & Italians are buying it. I was recently talking to an Italian & posed the question of an African born in Italy, fluent in Italian, is he Italian? He said “yes”.
    Arrivederci Italia! The Italians are just as suicidal (cucks) as the British, French, Americans, Canadians, Swedes.

    • Henry
      Henry says:

      Very sad to hear. Those fools will only listen to one thing now, frankly they need a repeat of what happened 100 years ago this month.

          • Danielle
            Danielle says:

            Hello, Rae, lol, this seems to happen to me every so often – I get to a comment section and there you are! Even funnier is that, after not having visited his website for a few months, I literally just got done catching up on some of his updates last night! I have shared his website countless times over the years – I have shared your website, as well. I don’t know why you didn’t share it here, but I will.
            Rae has one of the most crucial, critical, and all-inclusive websites, packed with more truth than one can get through in 5 years, even with daily dedication. There have been tons of Johnny-come-lately’s, but Rae has been at it since 1997. Visit his website at big-lies.org.

          • Angelicus
            Angelicus says:

            I read and found very interesting some of Miles Mathis’ articles about painting. However, in political matters he is awfully ignorant and also a bit of a loony. I just read some of his ridiculous, awful piece about Mussolini.

            This man (as a typical North American does not have the slightest idea or percepcion of the European culture and mind; most importantly he sees Jews under his bed. It is a waste of time.

            The worst aspect of Miles Mathis and similar folks; is that their quite clever cocktail of lies/fantasies and truths end up confusing and leading young, uneducated people, off the right track.

            Instead of wasting time on him and his minions stay with the classics, mainly Adolf Hitler. All the rest, like many comments here, are just poppycock.

            PS: The National Alliance’s website (www.nationalvanguard.org) is a fantastic resource. You will not find there loonies like Mathis and his friends.

          • John Alder
            John Alder says:

            The National Alliance is excellent. I would add that the New Order in Milwaukee ,Wisconsin is an excellent openly National Socialist organization with level headed rational leadership. Finally I would add that Cosmotheism is better for our race than any religion of semitic origin.

          • Raeto West
            Raeto West says:

            @Angelicus (below; I couldn’t rely to him there, as the nesting is not large enough).

            You say Mathis is ‘something of a loony’ without evidence you’ve read any of his material.
            ‘Pierre de Craon’ said in effect that many whites get a thrill from denigrating other whites; no doubt part of the psychology of teaming up with Jewish murderers. You’d do better to talk of things you understand. If there are any.

    • Lord Shang
      Lord Shang says:

      This cuckery was a latent potentiality, now made phenotypally explicit, born of an underlying evolutionary defect in a huge number of white genomes. That Europeans go along with this racial abasement shows that America’s “peculiar” racial history never really explained it. A substantial percentage of whites are simply evolutionarily defective – innately prone to one worldism, globalism, race-denialism, anti-tribalism, racial guiltism, etc. This propensity is as innate to them as my racialism is to me. It’s absolutely not a product of education, which only affects weak minds (respecting such a visceral issue as race and reality). Our only hope is to segregate ourselves geographically (and psychologically, of course) from these defectives, and then eventually politically. Prowhite whites must have our own sovereign nations, or our collective quality of life will only ever continue to decline, and our race itself will soon go extinct. White nationalist ingathering, secession, and new sovereignty (followed by full-scale militarization of this new Racial State) constitute our only hope.

      • Dorfmann
        Dorfmann says:

        Wow, I can’t believe those foolish Jews wasted so much time, effort, and money taking control of academia, journalism, Hollywood, etc. when social engineering, education, and propaganda don’t even matter! It’s all genetic! By the way, would you say the same applies to Christianity and its teachings? That belief in Christ doesn’t actually have the power to transform a person? That’s just how they were born?

    • John
      John says:

      Lord Shang,
      U nailed it: “Our only hope is to segregate ourselves geographically (and psychologically, of course)…”
      We could end all this nonsense by reclaiming our nations. We European Peoples aka Whites are wasting our valuable time, resources, & our many victims of interracial crime. We need total separation & embark on our breakaway civilization to pursue our destiny as the explorers we are; resume our quest for knowledge & head back to the stars where we left off in 1972 (last time we set foot on our Moon).

      “The Slow Cleanse aka Restoring White Homelands” by Greg Johnson explains how to reclaim our nations & in turn take back our stolen future. We owe it to our children.

  4. HamburgerToday
    HamburgerToday says:

    White people are not all of one mind. Therefore, the serious activist or advocate for White survival does not depend upon political operations that require a consensus of all White people. There is already a core – what I call the ‘Mystical Body of Pro-Whiteness’ exists and is doing whatever it is doing in keeping with its pro-White disposition. The authorities look for ways to get this Body to present itself as a ‘hard target’ but have not been able to do so. Attention-whoring and protest-politics have won nothing for White people for 70+ years and certainly will not do so now. The Jews have succeeded in weaponizing immigration and the Negro against Whites, but both are a hazard to Browns and Yellows, despite the benefits elites of both races gain from these instruments of White dispossession.

    Much of the physical territory of American is dominated by White people. Within these White territories there is almost no coherent racial consciousness, but there is the Mystical Body of Pro-Whiteness and it is growing and having an effect. We can accelerate the process of awakening by first, and foremost, removing the stain of anti-White ideas from our hearts. Any idea or feeling or impulse that causes you to separate yourself from your fellow Whites along some non-racial lines – IQ, income, marital status – needs to be rooted out and destroyed. Then you can begin to radiate pro-Whiteness to those around you in subtle but effective ways. Even if it’s just a smile or a nod.

    Don’t let the fact that there are Negro-worshiping Whites deter you from caring about all Whites. Those of us who have embraced pro-Whiteness know that there is no racial home for Whites outside our people. And, eventually, Negro-worshiping Whites will realize this as well… or be murdered and miscegenated out of existence.

    Set a good example.

    Be loving to your people.

    If you build it. They will come.

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      Meh. Unfortunately there is an entire litany of “White” goofballs that need to be frequently kicked in the teeth in order to ensure discipline in the ranks in the pursuit of ethnic genetic interests. Christards, peckerwood trailer trash, covid vaccine obsessives, Third Reich fetishists, greasy Southern European swarthoids and backwards Eastern Europeans that refuse to acknowledge their proper subordination to the Nordic race, etc.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        The Third Reich is our greatest example and inspiration. Fascism generally seeks to unify the nation and people. Communists and Jews seek to divide and destroy. Your words appear rather divisive,sir, when among the white race we need unity.

        • Bob
          Bob says:

          Gassing the mentally ill 🌭 Hitler is like Jesus or something… what a great guy he was. Im So inspired now. Wow. 😬

        • Rae West
          Rae West says:

          @Karl Haemers – You sound of German heritage. It’s not surprising you should admire the Third Reich. But recent work on history by competent people makes it pretty certain that the whole outfit was a result of jewish string-pulling, just like the history of the rest of the world.
          The best skeptic on all this is hexzane527, who is French. (As far as I know).
          See https://big-lies.org/hexzane527/index.html
          I collected together his pieces (in English) and gave them titles. They are very good.

      • Dorfmann
        Dorfmann says:

        Ah yes, the much vaunted Nordics. The ones who have been in charge of the American movement for over 100 years and have accomplished absolutely nothing. The ones who are the biggest race cucks and degenerates of all Whites. The ones who allied with the Jew and Negro against their White “swarthoid” brothers. Bravo, bravo.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I am in almost complete agreement. I would only say that the Jews have certainly gotten white advocates to expose themselves as “hard targets”. The Capital Insurrection was only one example. Parents at school board meetings was another. So was Patriot Front actions. We shall see what becomes of the National Justice Party.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” The Jews have succeeded in weaponizing immigration and the Negro against Whites,”…

      More importantly , about ninety percent of ALL worldly information ( good , bad , otherwise ) is produced by anti-Nordic weaponized global media conglomerates owned/controlled by ILLuminati jewmasterss .

      Westernworld Nordics are predominantly Christian
      and also known as :

      Whites / Aryans /

      Euroman / Europeans / Indo-Europeans /

      Caucasians / Occidentals /

      [ and a some other unspecified smaller predominantly Nordic cultures scattered around the world ] .

      Many more adult Nordics need to somehow have an epiphany that Christianity ( except maybe the Orthodox Russian version ) has not , can not , and will not “save” them from the virtual extinction of a Fabian socialist soft genocide against primarily non/anti-submissive nominal Christian Nordics in this world . Then assuming they have such an epiphany , Nordics must break the powerful hold of their more than ten thousand years old cultural legacy of typical nonpolitical ( where voting enthusiasms are mostly irrelevant to serious and realistic political discourse ) and thus typical anti-intellectual lifestyles in order to begin to have hope in acquiring a capability to prevail against the existential threat of the on-going ILLuminati jewmasterss genocide against Nordics .

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “Any idea or feeling or impulse that causes you to separate yourself from your fellow Whites along some non-racial lines – IQ, income, marital status – needs to be rooted out and destroyed.”

      You left out a very important classification of separation among Whites — gender. I submit the primary antagonism between what I prefer to call genetically European people is the ‘battle of the sexes.’ This mainly expresses itself in the desire of the Euro male to dominate and subjugate (own) the Euro female. It was not always so. There was a time when the female was seen as the highest God-diety because of her mysterious ability, which men didn’t have, to bring forth the necessary new life – children.

      I believe that the fear of women outweighs the fear of other races/peoples in the eyes of men. It’s shown in the way men will join with men of other races to put down women, when they feel it’s necessary. The great majority of men will stand with men of any race or ideology when it comes to defending men’s interests against the intrusions of women. It’s telling that Rockaboatus didn’t mention this, nor does “Hamburger Today, ” nor does anyone here mention it. Where men are gathered, women are simply unmentioned ‘attachments’ of themselves … unless they are specifically criticized.

      And you know what? This is not just “culture.” It is real fear of your own women. So is this on a primitive level? Can we advance beyond that level? Would it help us … or hinder us? Worthy questions.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        …” ‘battle of the sexes.’ ”

        If it ever materializes on the battlefield , women will be slaughtered and then men will become extinct .

        Fortunately for men , if push gets to shove , women will default on showing up on the battlefield .

    • Danielle
      Danielle says:

      Thank you for an excellent and thoughtful message.
      I especially like and relate to: ” The authorities look for ways to get this Body to present itself as a ‘hard target’ but have not been able to do so. Attention-whoring and protest-politics have won nothing for White people for 70+ years and certainly will not do so now.”
      This is the absolute truth and I wish more Whites were aware of it!

  5. Raeto West
    Raeto West says:

    “… what occurred in Germany between the years 1933 to 1945…” was of course part of the Jewish process of victory; it was nothing like its portrayal by the Jewish media and education system ever since. There is a constant, continuing pattern of whites failing to understand the endless – or at least very deep – series of lies spun by Jews.
    It’s possible that Jews have longer term objectives; here’s hexzane527 who, in opposition to most of the Jew-aware, thinks after a Jewish WW3 the white world may be made white again. This sounds unbelievable, I concede.
    I’d be grateful for emailed comments, in fact.

    • Danielle
      Danielle says:

      Ooops, my apologies, Rae, I spoke too soon. I hadn’t scrolled down far enough to see your additional comment. Oh well, nothing wrong with 2 plugs for your amazing website, eh? Take care! Danielle in Delaware, USA

      • Rae West
        Rae West says:

        @Danielle in Delaware – thanks very much for you comments above, which doesn’t seem to allow for more replies. Maybe I’m just too modest! TOO has a history of disallowing some of my comments, e.g. on n****** w****** and m**** m*****. So you would have seen more of me if I’d worded things differently. Oh, well.

  6. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    A very well written article, and one I will pass onto others. It is now a duty for each of us to wake up as many Whites as possible. I would add one other point, also wake up people of any race about the Jews and their plans of dominating a planet of mixed race slaves. Given just how many billions of non-Whites there is on earth, getting some of them in division with Jews will weaken the Jews, and take some of the heat off us. Ironically, some Whites will think “it’s okay to expose Jews, after all these nice brown people do”

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Im not saying you’re wrong but the Catholic church brings in most of them and how do we know it’s not chick FIL a behind it ? Steady stream of workers coming in…. probably can come down on them sandwiches if people can’t afford it. Hardly socialist over there.

  7. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    Jews own and control the US media. Hence all the lying and warmongering from our media. Jews are anti-White. Therefore, they hire Negros in vastly disproportionate numbers. It’s dishonest propaganda, to brainwash the masses. Eloi are easily brainwashed.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Yeah… well how do you explain Pat Robertson and Joel Osteen then . 🙂 And another one is almost richer than any Jew… from donating goys… what’s his name… Kenneth Copeland. They all could be cryptos.

      • James Clayton
        James Clayton says:

        The United States currently [2006] borrows from Japanese and Chinese bankers $2.2 billion dollars a day just to pay the interest on the deepening trade and budget deficits. Massive military spending and the wholesale transfer of wealth to America’s very rich now comprise 2/3rds of the world’s savings. Clearly the imminent world economic collapse will dwarf the “depression” of the 1930’s.
        Judeo-Christian Values http://www.notinkansas.us/monkeys.html
        And then there’s the phenomena of something continues apace including throughout my region of the country, while being refined in subtlety as everything else continues to get crazier:
        Jesus Camp (2006) – IMDb [The internet movie database]

        Dec 22, 2006 · Campamento Jesús Filming locations Devils Lake, North Dakota, USA Production companies …
        Is Jesus Camp a form of brainwash?
        Jesus Camp is a film that really can disturb many people. Most will refuse to view it due to their faith, but really along with Deliver is from Evil this is one documentary you must watch. It makes you just feel so bad for the children, and it really is a form of brainwash by evangelicals among us.
        Jesus Camp – Reviews – Rotten Tomatoes
        Search for: Is Jesus Camp a form of brainwash?
        What was the purpose of the camp in the summer camp?
        The camp is shown to make children believe that they have gifts that they can use to spread the word of Christ throughout America. Throughout its runtime, the film focuses on devout Christian kids from a Christian background who were in the camp in 2005.

  8. Richard McCulloch
    Richard McCulloch says:

    Excellent essay.

    The last several paragraphs regarding the reasons or motives for the Jewish anti-white program are especially noteworthy, but I would caution against any assumption that their anti-white behavior is just a defensive reaction to the actions taken against them by National Socialist Germany. As evidenced by “The International Jew” and many other works written before the National Socialists appeared on the radar the consistent Jewish pattern of behaving, and promoting policies, contrary to white racial interests has very deep roots. As the degree of Jewish power and control increases so does the harmful effects of their anti-white program. This is perfectly natural because although we tend to see their actions as anti-white, as against fundamental white interests, from their perspective their actions are simply pro-Jewish, being for Jewish ethno-racial group interests. Their interest is in increasing their degree of power and control over their existence, and when they co-exist in the same country with whites this interest is in direct conflict or opposition to the fundamental white racial interest to have control of their own existence. For Jews to be in control of their existence they have to be in control of the country in which they exist, and the more total and powerful that control the more secure they are. Necessarily, and fatally for whites, the greater the level of Jewish power and control the lower the level of white power and control, and the last 150 years has seen the steady waxing of Jewish, and thus the proportionate waning of white, power and control.

    As the author observes, this has been an almost totally one-sided conflict, with the Jews highly mobilized, organized, energized and unified in the promotion of their interests while whites, with the defeated and demonized National Socialists as the only noteworthy exception, seem scarcely knowing or caring about the matter. When only one side is fighting the side that is fighting can hardly fail.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Excellent comment!

      I like the essay very much too, but since this thread is already getting long, I’d rather REPLY further upthread than have to have my comment published so far downthread. Richard McCulloch is a very smart man and has been in this movement for a long time doing important work. He should be listened to when he writes, after quoting Rockaboatus:

      “The reasons behind Jewish cultural subversion remain the same […] — namely, to make Whites a despised minority in the very country they’ve founded so that what occurred in Germany between the years 1933 to 1945 may never occur again. Jews may not at first agree with this point, but if you press them long enough, many of them will concede that White racial solidarity remains a constant fear of theirs.”

      And the next two paragraphs also. This is the key to the solution which WE ignorantly/foolishly allow ourselves to lose sight of when we fall for the distractions the Jews prepare for us — including ‘Liberal Democracy’ itself.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      An Israeli sold me an underground,( he gave it to me , I guess) transgender singers CD..it was great, like jungle music… she could make all kinds of grunts and such. It’s too bad it’s not more popular. This one is called Jew El or something like that. 😊 Mainstream music is boring

  9. John D. Alder
    John D. Alder says:

    Of course the jews are pushing negroids on us. Those same jews under the name of the Zionist Organization of America will be honoring Donald Trump in New York City on November 13th with the Theodore Herzl medal for Trump being the best friend Israel ever had in the White House. Any racially aware White person would not be a sucker for Trumpty Dumpty. Save your money don’t waste it on Trump.

    • JM
      JM says:

      @John D. Alder
      “Of course the jews are pushing negroids on us. Those same jews under the name of the Zionist Organization of America will be honoring Donald Trump in New York City on November 13th with the Theodore Herzl medal for Trump being the best friend Israel ever had in the White House. Any racially aware White person would not be a sucker for Trumpty Dumpty. Save your money don’t waste it on Trump.”

      I think that the political reality is that Trump still has to be supported at this juncture, though rather “as a rope supports a hanged man”.

      I also find it interesting that – the often very censorious, even scolding – Carolyn Yeager, serially abstains from answering these kind of facts. It’s as though the “very successful” Trump is a kind of belated baby in her protective arms.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        LOL. What ” kind of facts” are you speaking of? That Trump will be receiving a Jewish/Zionist award in NYC? I didn’t know about it until reading it here. But I don’t see it as my mission or job to reply to every ignorant slam at Donald Trump that appears, and I’ve given you no reason to think I do. I’m not the ATL – the Anti-Trump Defamation League, after all. Haha. But I will put myself up against the cowardly “JM” any day.

        As to the Trump award, I’ve never claimed he is anti-Jewish, nor is a single American politician currently in, or running for office. So select someone better if you can.

        • John Alder
          John Alder says:

          Comedian George Carlin describes elections and voting very well. In my opinion it’s better to expend energy building a pro White movement than it is to grasp at straws and think any of the current politicians can accomplish anything for us. It’s heads they win tails we lose.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            No matter what you think, John, elections are going to take place and someone will be elected to a position. One might as well have a say in it, don’t you think. It’s not like it takes up much time.

          • John Alder
            John Alder says:

            I do vote for what it’s worth , I just don’t have high expectations from those elected. I would love to see the two party swindle shattered by new parties winning elections but getting people to stop playing in the two party playpen and vote for a third party candidate is rough. The best showing by a third party candidate in my lifetime was George C. Wallace. As a teenager in 1968 I campaigned for him and attended his rally in Madison Square Garden which was packed with Wallace supporters.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Well, why don’t you say what you really think and what you really do, instead of making up stuff because you imagine you’re a propagandist rather than just an ordinary guy. This is way too typical of (mostly) men in comment threads, and it really takes away from their effectiveness, imo. It’s too easy to see through.

  10. Billy
    Billy says:

    My question is whether American Jews can hold onto their immense power when Blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities take over.

    Do Blacks and Hispanics like Jews?

    I find that hard to believe.

    Maybe Jews will simply move to Israel en masse when things get bad enough.

    I bet lots of them have stashed their money in Israel, Switzerland etc. and bought real estate abroad.

    But who are the Whites who are going along with the diminution of Whites?

    I think they’re nearly all Leftists.

    Finally, if Jews like colored immigrants, why don’t they demand that Israel let them in?

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      Note the critique of https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1995/09/slavery-and-the-jews/376462/
      Slavery and the Jews: A review of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews: Volume One (by one Winthrop D. Jordan) in the

      The ownership of THE ATLANTIC and the mass media of so-called news and entertainment generally is discussed here and, if you haven’t experienced Windows 10/11 reading aloud to you, I recommend trying it: https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2021/04/23/confronting-the-judeocracy-the-six-stages-of-enlightenment/

    • Ivbin Band
      Ivbin Band says:

      You write “I bet lots of them have stashed their money in Israel, Switzerland etc. and bought real estate abroad…”
      Just where do you think those billions the U.S. has been sending to Ukraine has ended up? That is exactly why we’ve seen a revolving door of American Jewish politicians taking flights to the “embattled Ukraine” every time another cash dump is sent from Washington. They want to ensure their share is being funneled into the correct Israeli bank accounts. And Israeli banks will never, ever reveal their account-holders to any government. Much safer than Switzerland. And Ukraine isn’t the beginning, as its been on-going since 1947, which is why Washington politicians are always so eager to provide “foreign aid” to cesspool countries run by cesspool dictators. Everyone gets a cut of the money. Except the U.S. taxpayers, of course.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      They are in charge now and nobody is complaining about it. Otherwise, how can they get that sex change? They will have to ask Mark Bowers to do it… and he’s Jewish, man .

  11. Bold Inq.
    Bold Inq. says:

    When I read these excellent pieces here on TOO and elsewhere (C-C, NationalVanguard.org, etc) I’m always stimulated and entertained, but wistful all the same. Where in this country **is it likely** to build communities of like-minded men and women? Where might I run into a RockaBoatus at a coffee shop or tavern? It is so demoralizing being surrounded by hostility and apathy. Is east Tennessee a place to start congregating? Northern Arkansas? Would love to hear anyone’s suggestions.

    • John D. Alder
      John D. Alder says:

      Suggestion : Build a pro White organization where you’re living now. Distribute pro White literature, you will eventually reach like minded people and in the process ruin the day of many a leftist. Literature makes it real to people it tells them we are living amongst you in your town and are not just something existing only online.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Northern Florida is the last decent place in the USA…but it’s not the Aryan Nations hq, you might be thinking of. You would probably want Montana or Wyoming or Alaska. The bass player of Metallica had a nice ranch in Montana…of course… this isn’t going to be cheap. I only name Florida because im a Christian and they have alot of that there.

    • friend
      friend says:

      Northwest and central Arkansas (major cities) are so leftist they were blue on the 2016 election map. The rest of the state was red. There was an 80% vote for Trump in 2016 and only slightly less than that in 2020. No one likes the Clintons here. Not enough to matter anyway. I am west of central Arkansas; in a small, but growing, town. Try to talk to anyone about anything that isn’t on TV and you can seriously watch his/her (I avoid talking to “its”) eyes glaze over. The mental fog rolls in and they’re gone. There’s no one like minded where I am. Just me, my husband, and two little ones. I homeschool and we don’t watch TV. There’s nothing left to bond with people over. Not even church.

  12. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    1.Semites do have African genetic makeup.
    2.There was a push back in Israel to the citizenship of African Jews.
    3.The Talmud emphatically teaches Jewish supremacy over European whites(goys).
    4.The multicultural USA movement is intended to dilute white influence while promoting
    Jewish control at the top.The Jews have been successful in this effort; especially in the current Biden Administration(made possible by Zukerberg et al manipulation of the US election system @ 500 million +)
    5.The now entrenched takeover can probably not be reversed (as it was in 1930s Germany.)


  13. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    This is a very good article,descriptive, concise and to the point. We need a lot more information like this going out to those deracinated Whites who are part of the beguiled and deluded Anglo Slumber Party. Make believe America is coming unglued, and the harder Jewry pushes their anti-White narrative, the quicker the Jewish agenda will backfire.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Well…I would say it will cause massive depopulation when drug cartels battle the Mormons in America as just one example of the unsustainable multiculturalism project 😊 if you just want a bunch of depopulation…it might serve up a bunch of that. That’s just one example of it. We could argue Muslims and Indians could be fighting it out. It’s really limitless I guess.

  14. James J. O'Meara
    James J. O'Meara says:

    “Michaelson not only concedes that Jews created and “disproportionately populate” the motion picture industry, but …”

    Excellent piece, but just to be precise, Jews did not “create” the motion picture industry, they took over the production and distribution of movies, which were made possible by White inventors, as in the case of the Africans you discuss earlier, whose skyscrapers etc. were made possible by Whites. In the same way, Jew Zuckerberg did not “create” Facebook but stole it from two Whites guys (with the help of his Tribesman, Larry Summers). At some point in the future they will probably claim to have “created” the Ivy League, rather than to have taken it over.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Yeah…it must be quite a deal 😊 sounds like depopulation to me…most of Canada is freezing cold…as is Poland. It will be just great times for a traveler.

    • Steve Bushert
      Steve Bushert says:

      I agree. Shoe-horning profit motivation is superfluous here. It’s easy to understand why it’s being done. They have identified white males as their greatest threat, and they simply do everything they can think of to harm that potential threat. Stars are made with a little bit of talent, and a lot of money; while every minute suckers are born in the glow of media screens.

  15. Lord Shang
    Lord Shang says:

    “to stop the flood of invading hoards.” Is it so hard to have a bit of editorial oversight, even just self-proofreading? I find typos and small errors all the time here. They just detract from the overall image of intellectual seriousness that I’m sure the site wishes to present of itself.

    Otherwise, solid piece. Better for the masses than intellectuals (as is often the case: what intellectuals like, the masses find boring).

    • friend
      friend says:

      Oh unholy lord (of typos and errors?) shang, i’m under the impression you are of the “masses” class, not so much the intellectual one. please, do so forgive me not of my own typos. But really….should you, yourself, have used so many commas?

  16. Luke
    Luke says:

    I’ve been noticing that a lot of the articles that appear here on this website are being cross-posted to the Ron Unz’s website, as well.

    I find that to be both interesting and also somewhat curious, due to the fact that Ron Unz is jewish and seems to me to be attempting to draw a growing number of the more pro-white intellectual dominated websites into his arena, which hints that he is positioning himself to be a ‘gate keeper’ of sorts.

    Professor Kevin MacDonald has written about this type of jewish strategy; whereby, whenever they see Whites forming a coalition of some type, organizing and coordinating their pro-white activism with other like minded Whites, jews try to rush in and “join” that group and then quickly elbow the White leadership aside and appoint themselves as the new leaders. This gives them oversight and the authority to carefully define the parameters of allowable discussion – and to establish the boundaries of acceptable discourse. I wonder if this is what Ron Unz is up to?

    I also wonder if this excellent article by Rockaboatus will be cross-posted over on Unz’s website? This is such an outstanding analysis of the subversiveness of jewish behavior that I encourage every reader of TOO save a copy and then share the article with as many of their fellow Whites as possible.

    I wonder if it would be worth the postage stamp to send a copy to our U.S. House Rep and each of our US Senators?

    Probably not. Low level staffers read all of the mail these creeps get from their constituents and with the current toxic percentage of jews in the regime in D.C., they might decide to do a 1am SWAT assault on your residence. It is pretty evident that the jews are resurrecting their coveted USSR style Police State here in the USA.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Israel was a fine south African Ally 😊 you know…the apartheid colony they used to have? I like kingdom better. Israelis kingdom. Usually their enemies just want to rape and stab them , as you can read in the news. But they also call it an apartheid state. So , it’s not really the Israelis that are the problem… because they need money and weapons and air support.

    • Johan
      Johan says:

      A gatekeeper? I haven’t noticed any complaints about censorship on UNZ. I think I have seen gatekeeping, by the ones who are so Jew obsessed that when anything you write in a comment which vaguely matches something attributed to Jew strategy, you are a Schlomo or a rabbi. There are others complaining at UNZ about the Jew thing floating to the top of the head of a number of commenters, so they start to see it everywhere…
      The behavior matches the style now prevalent in Europe, that when you are not against Putin, you must be paid by the Russians, or having connections..
      So far your suggestion… good health.

    • Johan
      Johan says:

      Or in short, the Jew observance and awareness brings with it some serious dangers of its own, among which, gatekeeping, lack of freedom to decide things for yourself, control of narratives.. and not at all at the hands of Ron Unz. I already consider such sites to be partially to be avoided for free discussions.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Thank you very much, Luke. My impression is that Ron Unz just “picks up” articles that he thinks fit his requirements at Unz Review, though of course he would ask permission to do so. So maybe he was given general permission to do so by TOO. I don’t think it’s a matter of the author or TOO of “cross-posting” the article. Ron Unz IS selective and only takes what he wants.

      I agree with your point about Unz as a gatekeeper. I have brought that up in the comments section at Unz, without any repercussions. That is the great thing about UR — he tolerates everything and almost anything in the interests of free speech. But of course, then people put their guard down, so at the very least the PTB can learn which way the wind is blowing and how WE are thinking. It may help them keep ahead of us, which is probably the most important advantage in their eyes.

  17. Chris
    Chris says:

    You would think at the some point that the lack of correspondence to reality would begin to erode viewership. Since all art is, at its root, about mimesis, it would seem highly self-defeating to counter And with respect to ads, I thought that the point of advertising was to conjure up in the mind of the target, a real-life scenario that they could imagine happening if they bought the product?

    • Raeto West
      Raeto West says:

      @Chris – like most goys, you think in terms of liking a product and hence making a profit from it.
      You don’t seem to understand Jews print money, so the goy problems don’t need to surface. If they want to present lies in sequence for years, they can print money to fund it. If they find ads are trusted by stupid goys to be just for selling, then can output countless race mixing ads. In the same way, if they want a war they just fund the publicity and find goys to fight.

    DICARLO says:

    This is not to say that every single Jew without exception has as his or her goal to deracinate White people and to make them minorities in their own countries.

    JUST BECAUSE …… — B’nai B’rith, the Association of Reform Zionists, the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Labor Committee, the Hebrew Immigration Aid, the Conference of American Rabbis, AIPAC, the ACLU, the Jewish National Fund, AMIT, the Jewish Federations Of North America, the Zionist Organization Of America, the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Women International, the Union For Reform Judaism, the Jewish Council For Public Affairs, B’nai Zion, the National Council Of Jewish Women, Maccabi USA, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Jewish Defense League, Jewish Funds For Justice, the Conference Of Presidents Of Major American Jewish Organizations, the Jewish Socialist Verband, J Street, the Progressive Jewish Alliance, all Jewish Senators, Congresscritters and media moguls



    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Absolutely. I’m pretty sure that Genghis Khan’s army also had two or three guys who felt really bad that circumstances compelled them to profit from their fellow soldiers’ pillage, rape, and murder. It’s a pity that they didn’t leave us their memoirs.

  19. Bob
    Bob says:

    None of you seem as inspired as Himmler to me. 😊 Race mixing is great stuff. Part of my family comes from France and France used to own Vietnam. On TV shows , the Vietcong desire to be at least part French and I feel a great race mixing opportunity has been lost forever. I really like Vietnamese people and this is a shame we couldn’t race mix our way deeper into the culture. No wars…no fighting… just love . This doesn’t stop me from going to Vietnam to right some of the problem, of course. This racist viewpoint is really holding the white nationalists back I think. Just read your comments about how white people are all trashy and worship Hitler… they are dumb…etc. etc.

  20. steve
    steve says:

    At least 75% of the so called ‘black middle class’ rests upon government jobs; when the Civil Service Tests existed, blacks were much less often employed by various levels of government, for the simple reason that a large majority of blacks could not pass the tests.

    Now we get Tucker Carlson virtue signalling by talking to ‘Kanye West’.

  21. John
    John says:

    “My question is whether American Jews can hold onto their immense power when Blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities take over.”
    Little wonder y our children r being thrown under the bus, we r choosing our children’s future as minorities. This is the “when”, we r already giving up!!! Our ancestors bequeathed this nation to us & we r already going to allow “…and other minorities take over”!!! How pathetic.
    “But who are the Whites who are going along with the diminution of Whites?”
    Have a look in the mirror.
    We should b discussing how to reclaim our nation, fore, it doesn’t belong to us – it belongs to our children.

  22. Anne C
    Anne C says:

    Another excellent article from RockaBoatus. For those interested in the videos mentioned in the article, here are links to free downloads:

    Africa Addio

    Empire of Dust

    Another very revealing documentary series (I believe from the 1960s) was “Wild Sweet Africa.” I think the film makers were German anthropologists. My husband (wisely) downloaded them from youtube years ago; they have since been removed and I haven’t been able to find them again. If anyone knows of links, please post them. They are a very honest portrayal of African tribal society; difficult to watch at times, but they provide insight into the stark racial differences between Europeans and Africans.

  23. Karen Conley
    Karen Conley says:

    What really makes my blood boil is when a Black comes on TV, usually on a talk show, and mentions how important it is for Black children to see “people who look like them” in important positions in society. White children are becoming demoralized because all they see and hear is Black, Black, Black, and minority, minority, minority. In school, they must sit through Black History Month, Martin Luther King Day, Rosa Parks Day, Hispanic Heritage Month and who know what else. At the same time, they must listen to their teachers prattle on about how they are defective and degenerate because they were born with white skin.

  24. blaine b.
    blaine b. says:

    Personally, I hardly ever watch commercial television anymore. I get tired of looking at them every 10 seconds!

    Television has changed drastically since the ’80s/90s era. It seems nowadays television has a very ‘Rags magazine’ type format to it. I guess to appeal to the ever- growing Black/Mestizo population that tends to have a mean IQ almost a standard below the Europid mean IQ.

    It seems the advent of ‘streaming’ services for “entertainment” is just going to exacerbate the low quality content.

    • John D. Alder
      John D. Alder says:

      Ditto for clothing advertising. The adverts make you think they are catering mostly to blacks and what are they races. First image to pop up is some coon wearing the clothes they want you to buy. Otger ads shiw a family at Thanksgiving with a mixed race couple at tge table of mostly White people . I kid you not one ad showed a White man with a black female and a Chinese child. How did that happen?

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