London Crawling: A City Takes the Knee

I was born in London, England. I say England because apparently there are seven Londons in the USA, and another one in Ontario. I am in Costa Rica, and there is even a Londres here, a bus-ride away. I haven’t been back to my home city for three years, not since everyone thought Covid was a Roman poet, but I do feel sentimental about the old place, and Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner. Not the least of the attractions of England’s capital city is that it is a treasure trove of everything it means culturally to be white and English. Well, it was. What happened? Let’s jump in a London black cab and have a look. First stop, 96 Euston Road.

The British Library (BL) in London is one of the leading and most comprehensive collections of the world’s literature. They even have my doctoral thesis in there somewhere.  However, things are changing. In 2020, chief Librarian Liz Jolly spoke of removing and revising certain displays after the usual racial forensics had determined any historical figures even tenuously linked to slavery (which Britain, of course, was instrumental in halting). ‘Hundreds of staff’ reportedly signed a letter declaring a racial ‘state of emergency’ at the BL. Jolly herself spoke of the importance of White colleagues playing their part in the now-familiar ‘decolonization’ process, which she proposed was due to the fact that ‘racism is an invention of white people’. I don’t suppose there’s any chance of borrowing a copy of Conrad’s The Nigger of the Narcissus.

From literature to music, and we’ll ask our cabbie to whisk us across London to Covent Garden, home of The Royal Opera House (ROH). As with all the institutions sketched out here, they of course have a “Diversity and Inclusion” policy. Two points are of interest. Firstly, the ROH “is a member of the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion, which is the UK’s leading employer network covering all aspects of equality and inclusion in the workplace”. Not only will the cost of this consultancy grift be built into the price of opera tickets almost exclusively bought by White people, it also implies that trained Black opera singers and professional Muslim wig-makers are clearly too stupid to find the ROH for their audition or interview. The ROH also dances to the tune of an organization called Stonewall, an LGBT charity, but this is just their aria and we will wait for their grand entrance when we get to the police. The ROH is the first of many examples of the following ethnically cleansed selection process:

We actively encourage people from diverse backgrounds to join our teams and value the positive impact that difference has on our work. We particularly encourage applications from people that are currently under-represented in the Performing Arts and at the ROH including those from Black, Asian [in the British sense, i.e., hailing from the Indian sub-continent] and minority ethnic backgrounds and disabled people.

This is, of course, coding for “English Whitey need not apply”. So, we can look forward to future productions of The Berber of Seville and Nigaro.

From literature and the opera we will jump in the back of the cab and head down The Strand to Trafalgar Square for a spot of art at the National Gallery (NG). I have spent many happy hours there, although it seems not enough Black people feel the same. The NG has a questionnaire on its website concerning ethnicity and disability, and this is not just a polite English nicety: “We are committed to eliminating discrimination in the arts and one of the tools we have to do this is monitoring who our services reach”.

As such, this seems reasonable enough. But the ultimate reason for this monitoring paints a depressing picture repeated across Britain’s cultural institutions: “This [monitoring] is a way of ensuring we are held accountable if we fail to serve members of our society equally” [Italics added].

I have never seen Blacks turned away from the NG by guards with snarling Alsatian dogs, nor cripples refused entry on the grounds they will just be a pain in the arse, what with needing to be pushed around and special toilets and what have you. But the NG diversity policy brings into focus the fact that these new laws are not so much about marginalization or equality as they are about enforced White guilt and, above all else, accountability. Whites are also accountable for just about every masterpiece in the NG, by the way, but it doesn’t work that way now.

We are going through the arts at a whirlwind pace, and before we taxi down to the Thames Embankment to visit Shakespeare’s Globe, we will tarry a while in Trafalgar Square. Rather naively, when I saw that the new work of art destined for Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth was called Antelope, I thought it might be a representation of that beautiful creature. It was, of course, more Black/anti-White propaganda (the two are equivalent now).

Trafalgar Square’s four quadrilateral plinths were installed in the 19th century. Three of them hold statues of Major General Sir Henry Havelock, King George IV, and General Sir Charles James Napier. Both the iconoclastic Left and their Mohammedan ally, Muslim fifth-columnist Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, will be eyeing all three for removal. Napier is credited with the famous announcement in India concerning the prevalent Hindu ritual of sati and always worth a re-run. Sati was the requirement of a widowed woman to throw herself on her husband’s funeral pyre. Sir Charles told the Hindu priests the following:

Be it so. This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation also has a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs.

However, the fourth plinth’s intended statuary occupant, William IV, never materialized, and since then it has been used to promote modern art with an increasingly racialized and ideological slant. It is the London Assembly – the legislative body over which Mayor Khan presides – who give the most revealing description of the new installation, Antelope:

Supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, Samson Kambalu’s bronze resin sculpture restages a photograph of Baptist and pan-Africanist John Chilembwe and European missionary John Chorley, taken in 1914 in Nyasayland (now Malawi) at the opening of Chilembwe’s new Baptist church.

Chilembwe is wearing a hat, defying the colonial rule that forbade Africans from wearing hats in front of white people, and is almost twice the size of Chorley. By increasing his scale, the artist is elevating Chilembwe and his story, revealing the hidden narratives of under-represented peoples in the history of the British Empire, and beyond.

The previous commissions that have been placed on the fourth plinth can be found here. They are not all ugly and ideological, but most are. Their artistic worth, however, is of less interest than their intentional architectural incongruity. The regime that currently dominates the British cultural elites has made sure that each work of art is entirely out of keeping with the historical shrine which Trafalgar Square was designed to be, each one a sore on classical, white skin.

An Example of the Fourth Plinth from 2020

From Trafalgar Square our cabbie would naturally take a tourist up The Mall to Buckingham Palace, but we will respect the long period of mourning being observed for the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and merely note in passing that royalty is not diverse enough, a mulatto princeling notwithstanding. But we haven’t got time to hang about at the Queen’s, or rather the King’s, gaff, as Londoners would once have said. We’ve got a date with the Swan of Avon at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

After a while, going through the various diversity and inclusion statements from London’s great institutions becomes as wearying as sitting through the Bard’s longest play, the four-hour-plus A Winter’s Tale (A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the shortest, by the way. It’s about the length of a soccer match and that fact may win you a bar quiz one day). The document from Shakespeare’s Globe is here. What is interesting about this policy statement is its sense of culpability. Scholars still wrangle over the meaning of Shakespeare, but his opening lines all have more meaning than that of The Globe’s policy statement, “Action must be taken to dismantle systemic racism”. King Lear is easier to understand. Also, actors’ guild rag The Stage could not resist a bit of virtue-signalling concerning Ukraine—“Ukrainian voices should be heard on UK stages.”

Staying with the drama, The National Theatre, a bit of a walk from the Globe on the South Bank, near the London Eye, has an appropriately dramatic diversity and inclusion policy, but you can always trust luvvies to out-perform everyone else. If you enjoy comic theatre, this will make you laugh:

Reinforcing racial justice and equity is an ongoing commitment for the National Theatre. While this work progresses we remain focused in our support for other under-represented groups as they too drive for access to opportunities, to be treated fairly and to have their voices heard.

So dramatic. Darling, you were wonderful. If any of the gauleiters who run this pansified operation believe Black actors are having a thin time of things they are in a drama they wrote themselves. This is cotton-picking season if you are a Black thespian.

If you walk back down the Thames Embankment from The Globe, and you know what you are looking for, you will see across the river the building which is home to MI5, nerve center of Britain’s intelligence services. Fictionally, this is James Bond’s office, and not a bad piece of architecture in the context of the Lego brutality of most of the rest of London’s contemporary builds.

MI5 Headquarters

If you happen to be a White man looking for a job, however, don’t even think about a shaken Martini and a tuxedo. Only ethnic minorities and women need apply: “MI5 recruiting new spooks but will only consider women and ethnic minorities.”

So, if you want to be a spook it helps if you already are one. “Our operations are hugely varied, which is why increasing the diversity of our people is needed more than ever before,” say MI5. There is no correlation between variety of operational practice and a concomitant requirement for more colored people, but we are now used to this type of ex cathedra pronouncement intended to marginalize Whites in their own countries, or what used to be their own countries. It is the equivalent of giving an answer in a mathematics exam without showing the working, only a good deal more serious. Had MI5 said, for example, that they wanted to recruit more Muslims to go undercover among the Muslims we are assured are constantly plotting terrorist attacks, that might have made some sense. It is far more likely that these new James Bonds will be used to go after chimerical “White supremacists” of the type that Hope not Hate pretend exist and the police are desperate to find so that they are not forced to investigate Pakistani Muslim rape gangs. Taxi!

To Green Park, taking us past the world-famous Ritz Hotel. At least we can be sure that a hotel won’t be “woke”. Oh, wait. Here are their website’s policies on the 2019 Modern Slavery Act, green issues, and the gender pay gap. Well, let’s pass on and get to the RAF (Royal Air Force) Club in time for lunch. I have actually eaten there, not because I have any connection with the RAF, but my ex-wife’s parents knew a pilot famous for making one of the test flights of Britain’s very first jet fighter, the Gloster Meteor. He was a charming man, oddly eccentric and excellent company. He had forgotten to wear a tie and had to borrow one from the barman so that we could be seated in the dining-room. If he were to apply to the RAF as a pilot today he may have a problem, given that their aim is to stop hiring white men. Back in the cab and to New Scotland Yard, the nerve center of London’s Metropolitan Police.

A sleight of hand took place a while ago regarding the British police. A degree did not used to be required for employment as a police officer. Now it is, and it is unlikely that your average copper will read for a STEM degree. Why would you graduate in civil engineering or molecular chemistry then take a job in which the only time you left the office was to be spat at by this week’s demonstrators? Police officers will, of course, have arts degrees, which now consist mostly of intellectual confectionery intended to stamp the braille of conformity into their personalities and thus ability to do the job.

Where the police have been threatened in the USA by mostly Black Democrat Mayors, governors, DAs and the rest of the apparatus supposed to maintain law and order, the British police have been neutered by being forced to go “woke”. Stonewall is an aggressive, pro-homosexual organization who have taken control of the ideology of the police. The mewling response of London’s police to Stonewall’s “action plan” can be downloaded here. The police are powerless to stop escalating Black knife crime and looting in London, but they have resolved to “explore whether we can include an explicit statement of zero tolerance to homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying”.

Britons never, never, never shall be slaves. So say the lyrics to the National Anthem. But they already are, and these supplicant documents paraded by a nation’s great cultural institutions in its capital city show that. British culture is now constrained by coercive protocols, a quasi-legal system of crime and punishment. London is not unique. Wherever you are, if you are white, male and heterosexual, look at the organizations involved in your life, your employer, your bank, your insurer, you or your kids’ university or college or school, and it’s a pound to a pinch of snuff that they will have a diversity and inclusion policy which implicitly — and increasingly explicitly — tells you that you are a bad person. It would be easy to declare that you will have nothing to do with any organization which has such a policy, but only given that you have no need to work or use a bank or send your kids to be ‘educated’.

London is a beautiful, wonderful, historical city. But, like the underground rivers that crisscross that city beneath its pavements (which American readers would call ‘sidewalks’), there is hidden activity in its great and founding institutions. Whites are now a minority in London, not simply because of influx but because whites are leaving, for which they will of course be blamed. Britain is just as close to the USA to a civil war, and I hope the first places torched are the treasonous ones I have mentioned here. People may be unforgiving when, as The Clash sang in London Calling, war is declared, and battle come down.

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  1. Harry Warren
    Harry Warren says:

    ‘Not a bad piece of architecture’? Britain’s ‘security services’ used to operate discretely in the background, from nondescript civilian buildings. This ziggurat from Hell was built for the express purpose of ensuring that none of us will ever be in any doubt that Big Brother (now no longer a Englishman, a Welshman, a Scotsman or an Irishman) is watching us all 24/7with pitiless, reptilian eyes.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      No one ever asks what all these secret police buildings are for!
      During the Cold War, an argument could at least be made it was to ‘fight the communists’, although if anyone wanting to speak to a communist you’d just talk to a dozen Labour MP’s and at least half of them would be cryptos.
      But these monstrosities sprung up after the Cold War ended, who was the enemy then? The EU was the power trying to absorb us, everyone admitted this!
      The old left would say the American Empire was the enemy, I often wonder if the security services didn’t deliberately make these types repulsively anti-patriotic and weird, so that normal types ignored them.
      Who else is there? Terrorists? They can’t even keep the streets safe, how were they to stop mass casualty attacks?
      We all remember when the IRA fired an RPG at that horrible building, you recall it because it was the only time the IRA did something for us.
      But they also fired mortars at 10 Downing Street, and from that day forward the entire street was closed off, so who knows the truth.

  2. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    So, what you are saying, is that you didn’t really win on D-Day.
    Obviously RADIO BERLIN proved itself correct and LONDON CALLING was, and is full of shit ! Eh what ? Pip pip !

  3. Lord Snooty
    Lord Snooty says:

    The photo shown marked “MI-5 Headquarters” is, in all strictness, actually the SIS Building, headquarters of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, aka MI-6). MI-5 is based at Thames House, Millbank.
    However, MI-5 is often used as a casual, catch-all title for all branches of the Security Service.

    The numbering once went up to MI-19 (enemy POW interrogation) but, bizarrely, MI-13 was never used. At least, that’s what they’re claiming.

  4. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    “the British police have been neutered by being forced to go “woke”. Stonewall is an aggressive, pro-homosexual organization who have taken control of the ideology of the police” – I don’t doubt this at all. Prior to my retirement as a police officer, I was required every two years to attend sexual harassment and racial diversity classes in order to maintain my state police certification.

    My last racial diversity class was led by an obese Black lesbian officer who became visibly angered when students (all police officers) didn’t quite answer the way she wanted. I think several of them saw right through the nonsense they were being fed. It reminded me that not every person has bought into the fables of multiculturalism.

    In 2000, I had to attend to a racial diversity conference organized by the ADL. It was specifically designed for cops. At the time, I was not racially conscious. I knew something was not right, but I didn’t have a framework in which to make sense of it all. That would come later in 2002. The speaker was TJ Leyden, a former Nazi skinhead who has renounced his past and now travels around the country speaking on behalf of the ADL. The shocking thing was that several of the White police officers verbally challenged him during the Question & Answer period. I was surprised at the amount of negative feedback TJ got. Being perceptive of how disingenuous humans can be, some of the officers saw right through him.

    One of the police departments I worked for had a lesbian police chief. She made sure our department received monthly magazines published by the SPLC which documented the most recent incidents of “hate.” I also learned that the ADL and SPLC play a huge part in training the FBI and numerous other law enforcement agencies throughout America.

    Just as there is currently a conservative purge going on in the U.S. military, so also there is a conservative purge going on in the law enforcement profession. It’s being kept quiet, and the purge is slow and gradual. But I believe there is a concerted effort to remove politically conservative White males from the ranks of our miliary and police (unless they indicate by other means that they are on board with the ‘woke’ agenda). This is because the powers-that-be are anticipating some kind of societal conflict in which race will play a significant role. They are seeking to prevent another occurrence of ‘January 6th’ in which White males were the major protesters.

  5. WCH
    WCH says:

    This moment of Karma is brought to England by generations of evil forgien policy. And even now waging war against Russia is proof that the sun is setting on the British Empire. Good riddens.

    • Common Sense
      Common Sense says:

      Why sympathize with Mother Russia? It was always the enemy/nemesis of the West, even during Czarist times! Just as Ukraine has its Russia hegemonists to worry about, Croatia has the Serbians! Russia/Serbia never had democratic ideals and were expansionists powers! But, true it was Great Britain that did so much to destroy Western civilization! May God abolish those two evil Byzantine entities!

      • Raeto West
        Raeto West says:

        “… Russia … always the enemy of the West …”
        Who says so? Jews say so. There’s a good case for whites uniting across the entire northern hemisphere. Just because you’ve been told it – as you’ve been told the Germans are the enemy etc – when have you seen a serious assessment of the pros and cons of Russia? Never, of course.

  6. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    PS Wanklin

    Incite against women, bastard! With us antisocial
    creatures like him are staked and skinned! Does
    not notice probably nothing, the shabby mise-
    rable dog, shall go to Jerusalem to his “God”!

  7. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    “Be it so. This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation also has a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs.” – Sir Charles James Napier.

    I’ve heard about this glorious civilising aspect of our Indian Empire since I’ve been about 5 years old. This, and the destruction of the Thuggies, you’d think this was all the Brits did, and wonder where they found the time to loot the place.

    But what right did we have to interfere in their ancient customs? If the wives wanted to throw themselves on their husband’s funeral pyre, what business was it of ours? I think it’s romantic. And it sets a woman’s place in society in stone.
    Might we have held onto India, or had much less trouble with the natives, if we didn’t interfere in one their favourite customs?
    Was it worth it to save the lives of a bunch of pointless Indian women? Pointless as in who is going to marry them now?
    How many British lives were lost so Mr Napier could publicly preen his morality in public?
    Isn’t this ‘moral preening’ not the bane of our existence today? We start out simping for used-up old Indian wives, we end with a Indian Proconsul for Globalism.
    Is anyone going to argue the one has not led DIRECTLY to the other?

    • JM
      JM says:

      The British Empire was a mercantile, capital, commodity based Empire. As such “pillage” was rare. The norm was the payment of market prices. How else to extract sought after products from such a vast hinterland? Studies after the Empire’s days were numbered showed that prices weren’t improved by the termination of British rule.

      Facts for you to consider rather than getting off on your unwarranted hysterical rants about something you really know very little of.

      • Bob
        Bob says:

        People really hate the British ❣️❣️🌭😊 even the Germans have managed to export their food favorites. Hamburger and weiners. The British need something…crown royal for all 😁 a lost weekend 🙂

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Gandhi did let the British beat him up… they seem like good people 😁 I’d definitely choose them over Pakistan.

    • T Vilhelmsson
      T Vilhelmsson says:

      Part of it was Christian missionary zeal, part of it was the inherent nobility of the White men of that age (completely gone now) and part of it was simply good propaganda (i mean that term in it’s pre-war sense).

      The fact is, these British people in India were there to work and the didn’t need the awful distraction of some native primitives burning themselves alive and all that entails.

      It used to be that when the White man went into a new territory the first thing he would do was establish some kind of order and ‘tidiness’. Think of it as housekeeping.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        I’m not even against what Mr Napier did, I’ve tried, really tried, but just cannot find it within myself to give two fooks for the lives of scrawny Indian concubines from 150 years ago.
        It is a good story, I suppose it does make us look civilised, and I’m aware millions of my fellow Brits took great pride that that continent was coloured pink, even if it didn’t materially benefit us in any possible way.
        Mainly we just died there of malaria.
        But whatever.
        I still say my point about moral preening, which is different than neo-colonialism, (which I’m for, depending on the empire) stands.
        And of course it was completely ignored, snark and sarcasm mixed with faux-learning being the comment of choice for all the old women on this site.
        Speaking of which, I couldn’t care less for JM and his boring Marxist neologisms of the correct definition of the pre & post British Empire from an economic perspective.
        Such thoughts make me want to put a revolver in my mouth.

    • Raeto West
      Raeto West says:

      @Emicho & JM – India was run by the East India Co [east India then was Bengal, now Bangla Desh] and they seem to have destroyed it – but it’s hard to know, because the Jews in the pilots seat don’t tell.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        No doubt Raeto West, even if you knew nothing about the British Raj, you were the world’s no.1 British patriot, if someone told you: “you know the Jews ran that thing and took the majority of it’s profits?”
        you’d be like, yeah, I can believe that.
        Kind of a more respectable version of the American mafia, the more we learn about that, the Jews ran it, and took the majority of the profits.
        But the point is it was called Italian, looked Italian and had an Italian culture. Dito the British Empire.
        Peasant British goyim, like their Italian cousins, are entitled to be proud of such things, even more so in this age when EVERYTHING is just so in-your-face Jewish you can hardly breath.

  8. JM
    JM says:

    This essay uses a great device to present the new stage of displacement that is happening across the Western world. ALL the state and private institutions we built over centuries (congealing millennia of European history/prehistory) have been/are being alienated from/denied to our people. The State-Private measures used in the “Covid pandemic” have created the necessary repressive settings to exercise the possibilities that are latent in this stage. In the USA, they are allowing the Free Market in the form of the increasing Black on White crime to do some of the killing, but this is just a taste of things to come. Intransigence in relation to Russia’s resistance to subversion of their State and certain victory in Ukraine might well be part of the plan to deepen the process by deepening NATO direct military involvement The smell of genocide is in the air. Even in small ways. Every time I open up my Yahoo mail account, up pops another death of a large number of White people AS THE MAIN ARTICLE…EVERY DAY. They are gaslighting the people. It’s not me who is crazy/paranoid/lost it, it’s they who are genocidal. They are CELEBRATING our demise in advance.

  9. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    In the Summer of 1915 there was a hot dry spell. Peas needed to be picked quickly.Belgians and Londoners had been evacuated to our village. The local people asked the Belgians and Londoners to help. They both refused so a German POW camp was asked to help. The Germans helped and my Mother, who was then a young girl, sat on an upturned bucket picking peas and eating them, surrounded by Germans.
    Local people liked the honest,clean,likable Germans and disliked the dishonest,dirty, unpleasant Belgians and Londoners.
    At least,at the end of WW1 the Belgians went home. Although the Londoners whined about how much they missed London we never managed to get rid of them.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Edward Harris is one of the true gems of this site, he should be writing the articles.
      He’s been doing these family anecdotes(or made-up stories, it doesn’t really matter) for what seem like years and I’ve never read a dull one.

  10. Hyacinth Bouquet
    Hyacinth Bouquet says:

    Brilliant article from start to finish; absolutely brilliant! What the writer has witnessed in London, we can all see for ourselves wherever we live, and in an infinite variety of our foundational institutions. What strange sickness has Western man and woman in its grip?? It cannot simply be the Semites.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Maybe something like mk ultra? Now… I’ve studied neo Nazi stuff for awhile and never actually met anyone into it… TV and media is so powerful to brainwash people into all kinds of things. It makes you wonder how fake a great deal of it really is.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Oh we are sick alright, it’s just classifying these disorders in rank we ain’t sure about.
      For me personally, I’d begin with the eradication of infant mortality. We live all around adults who should by all laws of nature never made it past 5 years old.
      Probably about half the population falls into this category. That’s going to majorly retard your gene pool.
      Secondly, it’s got to be the stuff they put in the food and water. Fluoride for a start kills the spiritual but not the religious impulse, they need to hold onto that for all their scams and hoaxes.
      And that’s just what we know about.
      Chem-trails are probably a phy-op, I’ve no doubt if they wanted to spray us with poison they could make the stuff invisible, and I’ve no doubt they do.
      Big Pharma next? All those vaxx injections as kids do nothing except bring on some illness in adulthood to be milked by the blood-sucking Jews.
      Then you have the music. All religions going back to stone age man have used music for purposes of control, are we to believe our current rulers haven’t figured this out? The only difference is back then the masses had value to the rulers, now we are just hated useless eaters, hence the difference in our diet of music.
      Certainly ‘the pill’ has done diabolical things to young women. Apart from all the cancers etc it gives them, it’s the foundation of sluttery, as it tells the woman’s brain that every man she sleeps with, includer her husband/partner, is infertile, so instructs her to go and find one who isn’t.
      Obviously women aren’t rational enough to understand this is what is making them whores, and if you told them they wouldn’t believe you anyway, so what’s the point.
      One thing you notice watching old films or reading old books is nobody ever really complains about lack of sleep. Not just labourers who need it, but aristos too.
      I’ve read entire volumes of Trollope, and it’s not as if he couldn’t fit such things in, if they were talking about lack of sleep back then, Trollope would have mentioned it. It was the middle to upper classes he dealt with, these folks were not bringing in the harvest.
      If you know Trollope you’ll know what I mean about the way he describes all aspects of upper class chitter-chatter.
      Yet these days it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t complain about lack of sleep.
      Probably all the above has much to do with it, but what about all the electronic noise buzzing around everyone 24/7, 365 days a year? Radio, wi-fi, sonar, GPS . . . I’m showing my ignorance here, but you know what I mean.
      No doubt there are many more things, but these I’d say are the most obvious causes of our undoubted sickness as a people.

  11. John
    John says:

    If Britain’s latest PM is ‘British’, then, why are people in India celebrating? Because Sunak is Indian, he is not British. When are the British going to wakeup?

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Well…I think the Jesuit army is using it for war against Islam…all these stabbing victims will help the romish seize back control of Europe 😋 they fit Bible prophecy for a religious system with a political system.

    • T Vilhelmsson
      T Vilhelmsson says:

      Britons are not blind. They are awake. But being awake does not help you when you are stricken with terminal apathy, laziness and cowardice.

      There is a British saying that describes the problem in a nutshell:

      “I can’t be arsed.”

    • Brixton Boy
      Brixton Boy says:

      The British didn’t print the Mohammad cartoons after several vile terrorist attacks and made a Pakistani mayor of London after the Rotherham abuse scandal. Having an Indian PM won’t wake them up. They’re one of the few countries in Europevwho don’t even seem to manage to have a strong pro-natives party. Brexit surely was even more of a false solution than Zio-Trump (soon to receive the rare Herzl gold medallion) was in America. It basically achieved nothing in regards to non-White immigration and potentially made it worse.

  12. andyay
    andyay says:

    Hope Not Hate was founded in 2004 after Nick Griffin’s complaint to the Charities Commission, that Searchlight magazine’s Educational Trust was in breach of its charitable status in its indulgence of anti-BNP activism, was was upheld at tribunal. The board of trustees of Searchlight, a hysterical anti-fascist periodical with ties to MI5 and Mossad, dissolved the Educational Trust (although they were not obliged to by any legal ruling) and created Hope Not Hate to act in its stead. The new trust’s supposed founder, Nick Lowles was formerly an editor of Searchlight.
    Although Hope Not Hate has tried to distance itself in recent years from its Searchlight progenitor, the board of trustees of the charity remains the same. Like the grubbing publication that spawned it, HNH blithely takes its orders directly from Ramat HaSharon in sunny, downtown Tel Aviv.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Nick Griffin is a fascinating character.
      University educated, then leads all that British far-right energy straight into a dead-end. Get’s rewarded with a cushty job in Brussels as an MEP.
      Security Services job?
      I don’t know, I don’t even care, I don’t know enough to take an opinion, but it’s just so funny that if they’d asked for a ‘swivel-eyed racist from central casting’ they couldn’t have done better than our Nick:
      He is the DEFINITION of what an entire generation of Brits have been programmed a racist looks like.
      That just seems too much of a coincidence.
      If he was a plant all along, and is even now, when he talks some very good sense, at least we can say this was funny.

  13. Ffffff
    Ffffff says:

    The British didn’t want to speak another Germanic language but they sure love Urdu and to have their women boned by Jamaicans. There’s just something very sick about a country that worships Churchill, still mocks Germans and other Ruropeans and wants to keep Europeans out but has an Indian PM and a Pakistani mayor of its only major city.

    And then the cab driver drove us around Tottenham and we suddenly realised there are 6 million people wearing funny furry hats here whilst they walk their 5 kids each….

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