The Bigotry of Borders: How Leftism Welcomes a Sea-Invasion by Savages

Caterpillars are racist. Fact. When a caterpillar is fully grown, its body is packed with tasty nutrients. But the caterpillar doesn’t want to share those nutrients with other insects, no matter how needy they are. This is ignorant and irrational xenophobia. Science teaches us that all insects have a common ancestor and are essentially the same under the cuticle. But caterpillars reject these plain scientific facts, embrace outdated separatism, and cling bitterly to crypto-fascist concepts like “species,” “family” and “order.” When a caterpillar meets a humble wasp that just wants a better life for itself and its offspring, the caterpillar will refuse to share its nutrients with its fellow insect.

Wasps on the waves: illegal migrants crossing the English Channel

Or at least, the caterpillar would refuse if it could. Fortunately, wasps are well-trained in the insect equivalent of antifa. They know how to overcome bigotry and hate with their stings. A well-judged dose of neurotoxin paralyzes the caterpillar’s xenophobic nervous system; the wasp lays its eggs without resistance; and wasp-larvae are soon happily sharing the caterpillar’s bounty. They’re also preventing the caterpillar from spreading its bigotry in its adult form. In the end, rather than one racist butterfly, there will be dozens of anti-racist wasps, all eager to fight hate and bring more xenophobic caterpillars to the right side of history. It’s a beautiful sight, isn’t it?

The Brotherhood of Birds

Well, it’s a beautiful sight from the wasp’s point of view. But not from the caterpillar’s. The same is true of cuckoos and their hosts. If birds had language, cuckoos would be passionate universalists, proclaiming the Brotherhood of Birds and condemning the bigotry of borders whereby reed-warblers and rock-pipits seek to keep their nests for their own offspring. If the Marxist biologist Stephen Jay Gould had been a cuckoo, he would have cooed the following: “Avian equality is a contingent fact of history. Equality is not true by definition; it is neither an ethical principle (though equal treatment may be) nor a statement about norms of social action. It just worked out that way. A hundred different and plausible scenarios for avian history would have yielded other results (and moral dilemmas of enormous magnitude). They didn’t happen.”

A cuckoo chick celebrates the Brotherhood of Birds

In other words, if Stephen Jay Gould had been a cuckoo, he would have been a liar. But he wasn’t a lying cuckoo: he was a lying Jew. He didn’t falsely claim that species does not exist and that all birds are the same under the feathers. Instead, he falsely claimed that race does not exist and that all humans are the same under the skin. When wasps want to exploit caterpillars, they use neurotoxin to paralyze the caterpillar’s resistance. When Jews want to exploit gentiles, they use words like “racism” and “xenophobia” and “hate.” The effect is the same: paralysis and the collapse of resistance to predation and parasitism.

In Britain, we can see this process playing out very clearly as illegal migrants flood across the English Channel and begin feasting on the bounty that awaits them on British soil. In 2019, there were about 1,800 such crossings, which was bad enough. In 2022, there will be about 40,000, which is considerably worse. By saying that, I am of course being racist and xenophobic and hate-filled. I’m also being truthful: the migrants all come from failed states where nothing flourishes but corruption and crime. They bring that corruption and crime with them, neatly stowed in their culture and in the genetics that underlies their culture. But these truths are treated as “hate-speech” by Jews and by the leftists who apply Jewish ideology as they pursue the all-important leftist goals of power and punishment. The power will be for themselves and the punishment will be for their enemies.

“Vote for us, you racist scum”

And whom do leftists regard as their enemies? Take the leftist Labour Party, whose name proclaims its founding purpose: to defend the working-class and promote its welfare. But Labour is now led by a lawyer, not by a labourer, so you shouldn’t be surprised that it has become an Orwellian party. In Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), “The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation.” Orwell’s satire is modern British reality: the Labour Party now concerns itself with attacking its working-class voters and harming their interests. The Jewish Labour peer Maurice Glasman admitted in 2011 that his party opened Britain’s borders with malice aforethought, seeking to harm its own voters. He said: “In many ways [Labour] viewed working-class voters as an obstacle to progress. Their commitment to various civil rights, anti-racism, meant that often working-class voters … were seen as racist, resistant to change, homophobic and generally reactionary. So in many ways you had a terrible situation where a Labour government was hostile to the English working class.”

Decades too late, trusting and traditionally minded Labour voters got the message and finally understood that Labour had trashed tradition and turned against them. That’s why millions of them switched their votes to Boris Johnson’s Conservative party in 2019, handing him a big majority and trusting him instead to defend their interests. Once again their trust was betrayed. The Tories had no more interest in stopping mass migration than Labour had. They postured about stopping the ever-growing numbers of illegals crossing the channel and the results are plain to see: as noted, about 1,800 crossed in 2019 and about 40,000 will cross in 2022. Meanwhile, much larger numbers of non-Whites are entering the country legally from corrupt and crime-filled nations like India, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Muslim male, misogynist murder

And what happens to those who object to this flood of harmful non-White migration? They’re attacked by furiously buzzing leftists, who sting them with accusations of “racism” and “xenophobia” and “hate.” Take the leftist Rachel Youngman, a possibly Jewish physicist who is also “chair of charity Hibiscus which supports migrant women.” Ms Youngman was horrified when the non-leftist Nigel Farage accurately described the channel-crossers as “illegal migrants” and said that most of them are Albanian men “coming to join criminal gangs.” She said “the assumption of illegal actions by virtue of a nationality is a very dangerous route to take” and condemned Farage for “making an assumption that all people on boats are from Albania.” He’d assumed no such thing, of course, but Youngman is a leftist and not interested in the truth. Most illegal migrants are fit young men of low social value and high criminal potential, but Youngman didn’t want to talk about them. No, she wanted to talk about the small numbers of women among the illegal migrants. She said that these “women are at high risk of gender-based violence and trafficking.”

And yes, she was perfectly correct to say that. The women are indeed at high risk of “gender-based violence” and “trafficking.” And who will be committing the violence and carrying out the trafficking? That is a question that leftists do not want to face, but it was in fact answered by the world’s greatest leftist newspaper at the same time as Ms Youngman was attacking Nigel Farage:

A domestic violence victim who was stabbed to death by her former partner felt too scared to tell police the full extent of his abuse over fears that social services would take her baby away, an inquest has heard.

Raneem Oudeh, 22, was killed along with her mother, Khaola Saleem, 49, in Solihull in August 2018 by Janbaz Tarin, who had subjected Oudeh to a campaign of abuse and stalking in the run-up to the attack. The inquest heard Tarin once carved Oudeh’s name into his arm with a razor and would spend days sleeping in his car outside her house. …

Oudeh came to the UK in 2014 from Syria to escape war and join her mother. After befriending Oudeh at Solihull college, Tarin began “stalking and hassling her”, and she married another man in 2015, partly due to fears over her safety as a result of Tarin’s harassment. The marriage broke down and Oudeh brought up their son alone. By the summer of 2016, she was “down, upset – a single mum at the age of 20”, and still being “stalked” by Tarin, Norris said. Tarin harassed and frightened Oudeh into a relationship and the couple had an Islamic marriage ceremony in April 2017, Norris said.

Oudeh told her family that hours after the marriage, Tarin said to her: “We don’t have divorce in our culture. The day that you will be free from me is the day I will kill you.” … On 27 August 2018, Oudeh and her mother had gone to a shisha bar where Tarin accosted them and slapped Saleem. They rang the police but their response was delayed because of a firearms incident in the city, the inquest heard.

The pair then returned to Saleem’s address in Solihull where Tarin stabbed them both to death. He was convicted of the double murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 32 years after a trial in 2018. (Woman killed by ex feared losing access to child after reporting abuse, inquest told, The Guardian, 31st October 2022)

Rachel Youngman postures about her opposition to “gender-based violence and trafficking,” but she is actually working hard to increase both of them in the UK. As the no-nonsense male-supremacist Janbaz Tarin said: “We don’t have divorce in our culture. The day that you will be free from me is the day I will kill you.” He was referring to Muslim culture, where male supremacism, misogyny and “gender-based violence” all flourish. And here’s something else from the article: “the police response was delayed because of a firearms incident in the city.” The “incident” almost certainly involved more ethnic enrichers, just like this further example of “gender-based violence” from the same time as Ms Youngman’s attack on Nigel Farage:

Detectives are appealing for witnesses after a woman was raped in Bournemouth town centre. Dorset Police received a report at around 3.05am on Sunday October 30 that a woman was approached by four unknown men in Wootton Gardens and was raped. The men are described as Turkish with black beards and were all wearing black. The victim – a woman aged in her 20s – is being supported by specially-trained officers. (Woman raped in Wootton Gardens in early hours attack, The Bournemouth Echo, 30th October 2022)

Bournemouth is a genteel town on the English channel and once famous as a place where colonial officials retired after working hard to uphold White civilization in what is now called the Third World. At least, Bournemouth was a genteel town. Nowadays it’s enriched by ever-growing numbers of non-Whites who have migrated to Britain both legally and illegally. What would the colonial officials have predicted about that? They would have predicted exactly what has happened: the destruction of peace and prosperity. Whites once went by sea to civilize savages. Now savages come by sea to uncivilize Whites. Like America and France and many other Western nations, Britain is a juicy caterpillar offering no resistance as it is eaten alive by hungry larvae. Our paralysis is explained by the power of leftist rhetoric our own cowardice and desire to be seen as morally upright citizens in tune with elite thinking on race. But the recent success of “far-right” and anti-migrant parties in Italy and Sweden is proof that leftist rhetoric is losing its paralytic magic.

As rhetoric recedes, reality rises. The iron law of leftism is that it always most harms those it claims to care about most. For example, leftism claims that “Black Lives Matter” even as it sends the rates of murder and traffic-death soaring among Blacks all across America. Leftism claims to defend women and fight rape-culture, even as it opens the borders to uneducated and illiberal rapists from the most misogynist and male-supremacist cultures on earth. But that iron law of leftism will also apply to something that leftists genuinely do care about: their own power and privilege. Leftism is an ideology of lies that is now lying itself to death.

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  1. J.M.
    J.M. says:

    Superb. The best description I’ve read yet on what is happening to the West, and inevitably beyond. Tobias Langdon and Occidental Observer, thank you many, many times. Bravos!

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      It’s not like they are going to find a good job or something. Just more woke slaves ☺️ most are great people too…it seems like a manufactured issue. The KKK even said the French were like the Chinese and would destroy America. This was around 100 years ago.

      • Jm
        Jm says:

        “…most are great people too.”

        Are you making anything out of it? These people – at this late stage – are nothing less than conscious invaders, shitting on the British people with the aid and force of the usual suspects.

        And never mind your worthless, unsubstantiated, “historical” fragments.

  2. conrad gaarder
    conrad gaarder says:

    “. . . will be judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
    It could be said that when this second-rate prose (“character” subsumes “content of,” but the preacher was, as usual, striving for symmetry) was enunciated and celebrated, the Jews had achieved their victory over the historic American people.
    There were a few older, sensible men who signaled that they wanted to speak, to point out how unnecessary and perhaps foolish (and, as we know now, suicidal) it would be for a nation to confuse equal treatment under law for the Negro with color-blindness as a general policy, including as an immigration policy .
    But no one spoke out, or no one of any stature. Or if they did, they were immediately drowned out by a chorus of righteous indignation.
    Much the same way the abolitionist pyromaniacs ignited the Civil War, they swept all before them, and here we are.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Well…it’s like a sick love song really…”I know ya lynched me but I wanna be friends “🤡what ? Civil rights people are all mentally ill and probably crisis actors or something like this.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Ghastly(they all are, obviously) gatekeeper at The American Conservative Rod Dreher is also pretty sharp, and writes some good stuff about the latest trans lunacy.
      It’s got it’s comical element too as he is always trying to persuade younger sane liberals(as if such things existed) & cuckservatives they are going too far, and this just has to stop, because it’s just wrong. This is funny because Dreher admits the generation before his, had deep reservations about mixing the races, but of course they were so totally not with the program and just wrong. And discussing such things is correctly verboten.
      No, that aspect of the Jewish agenda was good, it’s just this latest thing that’s too much, and it’s outrageous they are censoring me too!?!?
      You can do this with every single self described ‘conservative’ in the Western World, they are just trying to ‘conserve’ some moment in time of the Jewish project for us that happened to give them butterflies.
      Conservatives have their uses, much to learn from them, yes of course. But in general they’re appalling, and revolt me ten times what the average liberal or leftist does.

  3. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    Migrant crossings are an invasion. “In 2019, there were about 1,800 such crossings … In 2022, there will be about 40,000.” These could easily be stopped. Just use the Royal Navy to sink every one. Record the results, and post the videos on the internet to deter others. It would make for fun viewing, including the hysterical reactions from degenerate leftists.

    But it won’t happen, due to the liberal deathwish. Britain’s ruling class have been poisoned by jew-propaganda, similar to neurotoxin. This will end only when Britain is dead, and the white race is gone.

    Most Jews are disloyal, and anti-White. Hence their hatred and hostility for the host population, which they seek to destroy. They scarcely bother to conceal it. Jews are also behind the war against Russia, which they provoked. This winter, there will be fuel shortages and price increases in Europe. That will be a wake-up call for anyone not yet thoroughly brainwashed.

  4. cowicklow
    cowicklow says:

    Brilliant summation of the rot that is leftism. You have to hand to the jew – they conduct their nefarious business in plain sight (for the most part) – because they know they can. The “goy” are largely asleep at the wheel, easily led and seem more than willing to participate in their own destruction. The few that are awake face a formidable situation – speak up, and ye (no pun intended!) shall suffer. They have been kicked out of 109 countries throughout history. They are having a hey day now. The question is – is the jig up?

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Well…I think history is largely made up…in 1492 , Spain made the Jews leave… that’s right about when Columbus discovered America 🤡 seems a rather large coincidence to me. A huge continent run by freemasons sends a bunch over to write fancy documents about the new country. You can’t make this stuff up ☺️ and no one questions this stuff either. The Jews really are blessed with the media because they can show what really happened ☺️

  5. Raeto West
    Raeto West says:

    Yes, I agree, well-written, though you treat the ‘physicist’ Rachel Youngman more tenderly than she deserves. The whole of science is being corrupted by the forced inclusion of incompetent women and blacks.
    May I interpose a note here, with regret, on KMac. I realised what I think is his weakness. He is very concerned about aliens ruining the USA (and Europe). But I think he weakens his case by his small range of interests. Does he see how the Holohoax is being used? – No comment. What are his views on the World Wars and their deaths? – No comment known to me. What about printing of paper money? – No detectable comment. What about nuclear issues? – No comment, no apparent interest. What about foreign wars of the USA? – Nothing. What about the effects of religion on Americans? – no comment. And so on.

      • Bob
        Bob says:

        Yeah….lol…do you ever experience something called ” gangstalking” , where anonymous people know all about you and try and run you out of town? Workplace mobbing is a close parellel to it.

        • JM
          JM says:

          “Yeah….lol…do you ever experience something called ” gangstalking” , where anonymous people know all about you and try and run you out of town? Workplace mobbing is a close parellel to it.”

          Please explain.

      • Raeto West
        Raeto West says:

        @K MacDonald – I hate to go on about this. It’s true there are occasional references in your work to a few of the many major issues. I’m just giving voice to the disappointment I felt over your most recent book – which took 25 years to appear and if anything was a retrograde step. Arguably the most important issue is Jewish power round the world, not just the bits in UK and the USA. By omitting most of that, you’re probably removing sympathy from other Jewish victims around the world. If your only issue is illegals pouring into the USA and Europe, why should victims of Jewish wars and frauds elsewhere feel any sympathy? That’s all really. I know it’s asking a lot to cover all the multiple issues.

        • Kevin MacDonald
          Kevin MacDonald says:

          I take it you mean my book on individualism. Am I supposed to write books on a certain schedule? I have a lot on Jews in Chapter 6 and 8. I am most concerned about the West because that’s where we are, and in the last 25 years I have published a lot on Jews, from extended articles available on my website (much of which will be integrated to a revised edition of CofC) to numerous blog posts. In Separation and Its Discontents I describe the long history of anti-Semitism beginning in the ancient world and try to show it’s rational.

          • Raeto West
            Raeto West says:

            @K MacDonald – As I say, I hate to go on about this. As you know, Jews have points of concentration around the world and act as a unit most of the time. It’s not enough to say they’re tiny minority here or there; the total is large. So a full commentary needs to include world-wide analysis. Bit it’s your life; and of course you’ve done more than most.

        • Captainchaos
          Captainchaos says:

          If MacDonald gave you a straight answer it wouldn’t be the answer you want to hear and then you’d be butthurt. Like it or not, that is the blunt truth.

          Besides, MacDonald already did give an answer of a sort to Carolyn Yeager in saying that regards the Holocaust he doesn’t believe all of it, of course implying he believes some of it. My guess would be that means the Operation Reinhardt stuff.

          In Eichmann’s confession to Willem Sassen he said that those Jews physically unable to be used as slave labor would be liquidated. This lines up perfectly with what Goebbels said in his diary. The Nazis were perfectly willing to do to Jews what the Judeo-Bolsheviks wanted to do to Germans: enslave and exterminate them. Why should that surprise you in the least, Pollyanna?

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      There is much to be said for specialists like our Mr MacDonald, who have the grace and self control not to stray too far from what they’re best at.
      If you were a semi-genius at one thing, a thing which just happens to be the most important subject on earth, would you draw attention to all the subjects you are semi average at?

      I don’t want to know his opinion on inflation or QE. We don’t need such things smudging our illusions.
      Heroes to look up to are in short supply for our people, Mr MacDonald understands this.

    • Auto-correct
      Auto-correct says:

      Read CofC re: the first one. Not sure about the rest but hardly see it as a major failing to not talk about everything in existence.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      KMac published my essay “Why ‘Nazis’ in Ukraine”, related to foreign wars.
      More recently he published my essay “Obscuring the Jewish Issue in Alt Media: Example 2 Banking Dynasties”, closely related to printing paper money (Jewish founding and control of the Federal Reserve). I am sure a search of the blog archive by topic will show many more.

      TOO does maintain a certain range of focus, since so few other outlets even touch the topics in this range. I approve of TOO maintaining this range of focus, as at least a chronicle and at best a resolution.

  6. Vick Mackerel
    Vick Mackerel says:

    I got shutdown “restricted” an or on twitter today. I feel good I was able to push back some but its plain to me that I could explain until I’m blue in the face but NOTHING will bring these monsters around. It’s a might its right fight. enough talking. please email me for networking purposes to mobilize for our survival now! we must act or were goners.

  7. Bob
    Bob says:

    Well I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Anyway… leftist seem to have alot of hate for other people ☺️

  8. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks as always Tobias.

    My heart goes out to you. I don’t follow U.K. Politics as closely as I do the U.S.s’ but from even what I know, it’s a nightmare for sure.

    Unless there is some major change sometime soon, it does not look like there is much hope for what’s left of the white race in the U.K. I will pray for you and that country since, on my English side, my ancestors came from it.

    There are some things to be more optimistic about for the states though. I know I’ve carried on about this but the Kanye West thing and now the Kyrie Irving thing has really helped to bring the Jewish problem a lot more out in the open here. There is now pushback on social media against the Jews because they are trying to humiliate Irving into doing things to be able to play basketball again, e.g., admitting to needing rehabilitation, meeting with local Jewish leaders, going before the national media and admitting how wrong he was and that anti-semitism is evil etc. The Irving/West saga will reverberate for a long time and that is a great thing for our cause.

    You might want to look into the Irving thing Tobias. The characters and narrative are right out of one of your essays. Google NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. If you died and went to hell, this is who would meet you at the entrance. Wait until you see this guy lol… You should right a piece on the Irving fiasco. I would take a stab at it but I am spread thin at the moment and need to research black standards of living in the U.S. going back to the 50s. I might start on it just for my own education and maybe one day write about the whole thing. You seem to have the time for that though.

    Let’s hope for a great red wave tomorrow everybody. If it goes well we could very well see Trump, or DeSantis in the W.H., in ‘24 and hopefully either one will bring back ICE and implement mass deportations of illegals. Please do get out and vote. Keep spreading our message at this time to newbies. Every little bit helps.

  9. JM
    JM says:

    The English have been the subject of history since at least the Great Revolution. In the more recent period, the stench of it pervaded the (owned) Churchillian takeover on the eve of WW II and continues with the horrible suckers who still worship this disgusting creature.

    The Serious Left since the “Russian” Revolution have been their main enemy because they pretended otherwise and dominated the critical economic struggle.

    The Great English Revolution was done with Sephardic Jewish Banker money…

    “Suasso joined his father’s banking business.[1] He continued a successful banking career after the death of his father in 1685, when he inherited half of his father’s considerable fortune, much of which was in the form of shares in the Dutch East India Company.[5]
    In 1682, Suasso married firstly Judith Francisco Teixeira, at Hamburg. She was the daughter of the banker Manuel (otherwise Isaac) Teixeira, who after Suasso’s father and De Pinto was the third most important Portuguese-Jewish merchant-banker in Northern Europe, by his marriage to Beatrix Nunes Henriques.[2] In an age of strategic marriages, the union can be seen as intended to raise capital within a narrow circle, but this design was thwarted when Judith died childless in 1689.[1]

    A notable instance of the support of the house of Suasso to the Dutch stadtholders is the loan of two million guilders which Suasso made to William of Orange in 1688 in support of his invasion of England to claim the thrones of King James II.[1] The story is told that William asked Suasso what he wanted as collateral for the millions, to which Suasso replied: “If thou art felicitous, I know thou wilt return them to me; art thou infelicitous, I agree to having lost them.” However, this may be apocryphal.[1] Suasso was responsible for a number of elements of the invasion, and through his father-in-law in Hamburg he was able to make speedy arrangements for the transport of Swedish and Pomeranian troops provided in November 1688 by Charles XI of Sweden to assist William.[6] The coffer in which William repaid the loan to Suasso is today on display in the Willet-Holthuisen Museum in Amsterdam.[1]”

    I double checked my SIX volumes on the Seventeenth Century English revolutions by the ’eminent’ Oxford Communist historian, Christopher Hill. Not ONE reference on Suasso! What servile bastards these people were – even then. They kept us in the dark and fed us a pauper’s broth of third rate compost. That’s not history at all. These people are, and ALWAYS were devious social garbage. And the same for all of their contemporary followers. May Hill’s stinking soul continue to rot in Hell. And may the stupid English finally wake up. They will need a genuinely TOP CLASS leader to do it because centuries of forelock tugging requires it.

  10. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    The people who control Europe have been stooges of the Yankees, who are stooges of the East Europeans/ West Asians, who call themselves Jews, since 1945.
    In the 1970’s I lived in a rented room in West London about 5 minutes walk from a large house which had been empty for a long time.
    One day council workmen arrived and the local people asked about the property but the workmen would not give any answers. After a couple of months the uncooperative workmen left and a few days later a teenage African came out of the house. More Africans arrived and a local person asked one about the house. He said it was a hostel for Africans who, if they purchased a plane ticket to London, would stay in hostels, on welfare. After 3 months or a maximum of 6 months they would be moved into a council flat to live on welfare.
    In London there are Black and White parties for race mixing. The only people to approve of these are the Rockefellers, Kennedys and other degenerates. There was a picture in a newspaper, of a Rothschild walking through London with a huge Negro, at 2am, with a cigartte hanging from the corner of her mouth. Those German immigrants, who call
    themselves Jews, are a classy lot!
    Some of my students knew the families so I asked where did the Vanderbilts live before they lived in the shack on the New York docks, where did the Rockefellers live before the covered wagon, which bog in Ireland did the Kennedies emerge from? None of my students knew.But perhaps they were just being polite
    Pakis run a Passport Office. For some reason my students had jobs there. Piles of new passports were on tables and some of their friends would take a pocketful.
    Pakis work with the Home Office computers. An Iranian student told me his father was shocked to be told by his lawyer that for a few thousand quid Pakis would escort him
    from Rome to London,give him a passport and put him on the home Office Computer.
    Still, while people like Mr Langdon an Prof Macdonald are around there is hope.

  11. Cotard
    Cotard says:

    Strategic Engineered Migration as a Weapon of War

    from the book – Strategic Engineered Migration as a Weapon of War – K. M. Greenhill

    Contrary to conventional wisdom, the fact is the instrumental exploitation of population outflows is neither a new nor a particularly unusual phenomenon. Rather, such exploitation has had a long, influential, and often successful history, one that includes both wartime and peacetime use, by both state and non-state actors.

    Furthermore, despite a widespread belief that the majority of outflows are simply the unintended consequences of man-made or natural humanitarian disasters – for example, wars, floods, famines – in reality most are created as the direct result of political decisions taken by sovereign states, often for specific political and/or military ends.1 In the last decade alone, we have witnessed their use in wartime in multiple locations and in numerous ways. They have been pressed into service as soldiers Civil (in the African Great Lakes region, for example), deployed as human shields (such as in Afghanistan and Iraq), and used to create logistical logjams (in Kosovo and Sudan, for instance). They have likewise been employed as propaganda tools to elicit international sympathy and support (including by all parties to the conflicts in Bosnia, to name just one example). (…)

  12. Cotard
    Cotard says:

    “Fortunately, wasps are well-trained in the insect equivalent of antifa. They know how to overcome bigotry and hate with their stings. A well-judged dose of neurotoxin paralyzes the caterpillar’s xenophobic nervous system; the wasp lays its eggs without resistance; and wasp-larvae are soon happily sharing the caterpillar’s bounty.”

    Also from the field of entomology: Mosquitoes and Jews

    William Luther Pierce on Jews

    The common mosquito is a parasite which sucks its sustenance from the bloodstream of its host — and yet, it can do so only after it has injected some of its own saliva into the host’s blood. The reason is that the nutriment the mosquito seeks, the blood cells of the host, will not flow easily into the mosquito’s proboscis. in order to suck them up it must first break down their structure, and this is accomplished by the injected saliva.

    Likewise, the Jew, in order to prey on other peoples, must disrupt their societies, and he accomplishes this by the injection of his own special poison into their bloodstream.

    Order is the Jew’s mortal foe. One cannot understand the role of the Jew in modern European history unless one first understands this principle.

    The Eternal Bolshevik

    It explains why the Jew is the eternal Bolshevik: why he is a republican in a monarchist society, a capitalist in a corporate society, a communist in a capitalist society, a liberal “dissident” in a communist society — and, always and everywhere, a cosmopolitan and a race mixer in a homogeneous society.

    And, in particular, it explains the burning hatred the Jews felt for European institutions during the Middle Ages. It explains why the modern Jewish spokesman, Abram Sachar, in his A History of the Jews, frankly admits that the universal attitude of the Jews toward medieval European society was, “Crush the infamous thing!” (…)

    From Who we are?

  13. Michael Fury
    Michael Fury says:

    In Europe as well the planned invasions

    Of homelands for millennia Aryan

    Were his sudden “humanitarian”

    Emergencies, against whose dark legions

    And convoys could be no moral defense.

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