A Depressing Election

I am not in the least bit susceptible to depression, but I have to admit that as Tuesday night wore on, I found I was getting depressed. And on Wednesday I was really down. If you watch conservative media, you were expecting a red wave, and there was even talk of a paradigm shift as the GOP was projected to attract new constituencies—suburban Whites, Blacks, and Latinos were supposedly gravitating to the GOP. It would be a landslide. A paradigm shift that would ensure sweeping electoral victories for the Republicans for years to come.

Certainly anyone paying attention could understand why there would be a GOP tsunami: rampant inflation and a weak economy that may well slide into a deep recession; crime, especially by Blacks, in the big cities with radical, Soros-backed District Attorneys (conservative media was full of videos depicting horrible crimes, almost all by Black men, and they emphasized the weak or non-existent punishment); a completely open southern border (also prominently featured in conservative media, along with some discussion of the Great Replacement; resulting in ~5 million additional illegals since Mayorkas got in and untold numbers of fentanyl deaths), a war in far off Ukraine (intensively pursued by the administration and resulting in pressure on energy and food prices); gender indoctrination in the schools; repeated examples of anti-White hate and statements of overt anti-White discrimination by prominent leftist activists and in the liberal-left media (often highlighted on conservative media, so this was not a secret); and a doddering, senile president whose personal popularity is in the tank and would presumably be a drag on the rest of the Democrat candidates.

But why should I be depressed given that the Republican Party is hopeless—at best a palliative that makes the patient more comfortable as he awaits certain death from an incurable disease? I think the reason I was depressed is because I was expecting some signs of a White awakening. If Whites ever needed cover for voting for a party that is repeatedly accused of being racist, misogynist, and generally evil, this would be a golden opportunity given all the negatives of the Biden administration. What White person in their right mind could possibly vote Democrat? Isn’t it obvious to even the most casual observer that we need a change of direction?

But it didn’t happen. The narrative held. The media in general is still all-in for the Democrats, so a great many people likely never heard about the southern border, or the many examples of anti-White discrimination and hate, or the huge spike in Black criminality, and they never heard about Biden’s senility. They heard a lot about abortion and the GOP’s “war on women,” and pro-abortion ballot measures won in several states and probably helped Democrats overall, as in Michigan where it probably helped the evil Gretchen Whitmer.

I should also mention that, even assuming there was no fraud, the Democrats obviously know how to game the current system, often with the help of laws they put in place making it super easy to vote. And they even engaged in dirty tricks like funding Republicans they thought,  correctly as it turns out, who would be weak candidates.

And they heard a lot about endangered democracy, supposedly threatened if Republicans win elections (!). But this was likely an effective message because it’s a moral message (as are so many other messages during this cycle—Trumpian evil [fascist! insurrectionist!] being an obvious favorite). And if it’s one thing White people, especially White women, resonate to, it’s the feeling that they are an upstanding part of a moral community (I try to explain it here, Ch. 8). It’s so comforting to know you are on-page with the NYTimes, NPR, and the college professors the liberal media trots out to give their talking points. White people won’t act unless they think it’s the morally right thing to do, and as always in the media age, the people who control the media create the moral communities. Jewish control of much of the media allows them to create the moral high ground that is absolutely compelling to a great many Whites.

Another factor was that Trump endorsed some marginal candidates as long as they went along with the 2020 election fraud narrative—as emphasized by Ann Coulter. I agree the Democrats cheated (with a lot of help from the likes of Google biasing the news that people see). But let’s face it, it’s a losing issue now. Every news article in the liberal media and much of the conservative media that I have read for the last two years has claimed that election fraud is an outright lie, often repeated several times in the same article. I’m not talking about op-eds, but about “news” articles. It’s never phrased tentatively but as an absolute, undeniable fact.

So the general consensus seems to be that Trump-endorsed candidates went down in winnable seats, but this is likely because of the success of the media in promoting the idea that only crazy people think the election was stolen. And the liberal media continued to spew hatred toward Trump as evil incarnate, the president fomented an “insurrection” to avoid his much deserved electoral defeat.

I certainly supported Trump in 2016 and 2020 even though he was far from ideal, and I would vote for him again if he gets the nomination. But his massive ego is now completely out of control, as seen in his recent comments on Ron DeSantis.

Notice there’s no statement of principle here, only gratuitous disparagement and basically saying that DeSantis owes him—even though DeSantis has never attacked Trump as far as I know. If Trump gets the 2024 nomination, the hatred would rise to fever pitch—an even more intense version of 2016 and 2020, when the media was blaring everything from Trump as the Second Coming of Hitler, to the Russia collusion hoax, to insurrection incitement and  personal corruption. The midterms clearly show that the elite media still has enormous influence and a Trump candidacy would be seen as an Armageddon moment for them. Pull out all the stops. Lying and cheating are completely justified.

But quite possibly a Trump nomination would be good simply because it would further polarize the country, if that’s possible. Trump’s everlasting contribution was to upend the comfortable neocon-Chamber of Commerce Republican establishment that would have given us unending Jeb-vs.-Hillary type elections. We need polarization, hopefully leading to a divorce. White conservatives have to get to the point where they realize that they can’t win elections and that the GOP is a permanent minority party. (If the Republicans do so poorly in these midterms, you have to think it will be far worse in 2024.) At that point other solutions would have to be considered.

But a couple things from CNN’s exit polls (for Whites only).

Whites were overrepresented in the total vote (73%), with 58% going for Republicans, about typical for past midterm elections; so no awakening. As usual, there was a gender gap among Whites, 63%-53%, but with both sexes more Republican. And an education gap, with White women college grads skewing Democrat (56%-42%) and White male college grads skewing Republican (52%-48%), and non-college Whites of both sexes strongly favored Republicans. And there was the usual age gap, with younger voters age 18-29 (still influenced by the school system? youthful idealism?) skewing Democrat (58%-40%). All of these percentages should be increased because there are considerable numbers of people who are classified as White but do not identify with the European Christian-derived population—Jews (at least 66% Democrat, “animated by democracy and abortion concerns”), Middle Easterners, etc.

For Whites, marriage showed a big difference. In general, marriage is linked to voting Republican (63%). Unmarried White men are average White voters (58% GOP), but unmarried White women (20% of the White sample) are only 41% GOP. One envisions wine ladies, pro-abortion fanatics, and graduates of gender studies programs. And it reinforces the idea that White women are especially prone to the morally framed messages coming from the media they watch. White women college grads are a big problem.

A third of the White sample identified as a born-again or Evangelical Christian and skewed strongly toward the GOP (83%-15%), but the two-thirds who did not so identify skewed Democrat (54%-44%).

Try to wrap your head around that. The great majority of White people—the ones who aren’t seriously religious—tend to vote Democrat by a substantial margin. This a good indication of the hopelessness of the cause of getting White people to understand the need to start asserting their interests as Whites.

And of course, to make matters worse, the born-agains and Evangelicals are at best implicitly White. Their world view is foreign to racial thinking and they strongly support Israel and see Jews in a very positive light.

So in general, these results show that the great majority of Whites are still very much under the spell of the narrative being pumped out by the media and the educational system, and have no idea what their long-term interests are. It’s all going to work out wonderfully, and we can all look forward to a harmonious, conflict free future.

The conclusion is that there aren’t any more signs of a White awakening than have been evident in the recent past, despite all the reasons to further coalesce in the Republican Party. Like I said, depressing. The message of the dissident right is not getting through. And of course the demographics and the continuing hold of the establishment narrative on so many Whites means that things will just keep getting worse. It’s become blindingly obvious that Whites can’t or won’t find salvation in voting.

This limits the options: peaceful secession; civil war (resulting in unthinkable destruction and having to deal with a military that is already inundating their personnel with woke propaganda and purging dissenters); making alliances with some non-White groups that don’t really share our interests; or going out with a whimper (what the establishment wants). I would love to see a successful secession movement but that’s a long way off by the looks of things. Far too many Whites still accept the system narrative, and even the best talking heads in the media shy away from advocating explicitly for White interests or dealing honestly with Jewish issues.

Nevertheless, there are still parts of the country that are very White, very conservative, and very angry about what’s going on. So a secession movement may take off, especially if the system shows signs of collapse. So, being the optimist that I am, I continue to have hope.

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  1. Michael Fury
    Michael Fury says:

    …they dared to persevere,

    Finding in themselves something severe

    They had thought lost. Even as they improvised

    To safeguard memory, they realized

    Any worthy future called them to be hard

    In ancient ways, in body and regard

    For the iron disciplines of spirit

    That over ages they did inherit.

    Not as individuals, selfish and vain

    As he wanted them, but to regain

    As men together this potential

    Simply they began by standing tall,

    By setting jaws and leveling eyes

    To recognize their own or the Enemy’s

    Hate in the gaze of his most abject,

    As brother one, the other as object

    Of adamant contempt, not fear.

    To meet the incomprehensible stare

    Of violent accusation, they needed

    The confidence of undefeated

    Men, and this they found in finding

    They were living testaments, binding

    Once and future greatness of the nation

    Whose blood drove them, as by divine action,

    To become who they were, and are:

    Sons of the sun, fathers of another star.

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      A vote for the Republican party is a vote for ZOG. If you vote Republican that makes you a ZOG-loving pussy. Red state secession is the only answer.

      PS. Holocaust denial is retarded.

        • Servenet
          Servenet says:

          Anyone who would say “holoaust denial is retarded” is an enemy. A shill at best but it doesn’t matter. The horrific blood-libel of Whites in this most monstrous of all hoaxes is beyond calculating for its destructiveness. The guy above is pure scum.

          • Thaddeus Noble
            Thaddeus Noble says:

            The entire Holahoax became functionally irrelevant after the Gas Chamber myth was fully exposed by multiple professional forensic sources.

            The Retards keep bleating but their only plus is that they control the media and they have turned the term “Gaslighting” into a art.

      • ariadna
        ariadna says:

        “Holocaust denial” is similar in many ways to COVID deaths denial, for which a specific term has not been invented yet: yes, a lot of people died in 2020-2021 but
        (1) the numbers are vastly exaggerated;
        (2) COVID as the cause of deaths is doubtful;
        (3) the fabricated viral holocaust was used to frighten, subdue, control and deprive of their rights the “deniers” dubbed “anti-vaxxers” and impose inoculations with an immune system-altering “vaccine,” just as intimidation and indoctrination against “anti-semitism” with mind-altering propaganda has been used to present the “holocaust” as an established historic event in and of itself.
        It s retarded to use the word without quotation marks: “holocaust.”
        It is retarded to use the word “denial” in relation to any INTERPRETATION of any part of a historic event, which the holocaust mythology is.

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:


        By attacking all your goofy hobby horses I’m at the same time drawing attention to Red state secession – an actual plan of action. Red state secession is a large enough bin to contain all your pet causes. Moreover, it could provide the opportunity to do something about your chief concerns at the level of state policy. Try doing that under ZOG, it won’t happen. State power will be necessary to change anything.

        Will retarded goofballs ever learn?

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          Re-read your illogical, self-contradictory garbage before you call us goofballs. I bet your shrink is himself under professional care.

        • ariadna
          ariadna says:

          Interesting how in a short paragraph you recast “holocaust denial” from a manifestation of retardation to a ‘goofy hobby horse, to a ‘pet cause’ and finally to a ‘concern’… then use “red states secession” (a “plan” already, no less) to divert attention from said retarded goofy hobby horse/pet cause/concern.

        • Captainchaos
          Captainchaos says:

          Nothing changes until White Nationalists achieve state power. There, that is a statement even the most intentionally obtuse and autistic of you can easily grasp. How can that be done? By running the swastika up the flagpole? By voting for the hopelessly corrupt Republican party? Good luck with that, goofballs!

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Decades ago, on one of the very last live-entertainment programs on commercial radio, the host, Arthur Godfrey, remarked that a certain indivdual, although very successful, was easy to talk to because he was so humble. As soon as the Godfrey had finished speaking, one of the guests that day, the now-deceased black comedian Nipsey Russell,* responded wittily, “Come on, Arthur! It’s easy to be humble when you’re a success. The trick is to be arrogant when you’re a flop.” [General laughter.]

          With so much arrogance and so little basis for it, Captainchaos demonstrates yet again that Russell’s trick is one that he has mastered to a T.
          *Russell would not have found success with today’s audiences because unlike contemporary black comedians, he was funny rather than just dirty.

      • Birhan Dargey
        Birhan Dargey says:

        Correct..In reviewing the numbers It seems that WHITE people had come to that fork in the road. The total VOTES during the past Midterms were 60% WHITE…less tha 20% max were NOnwhite voters..so the Red wave of Latinos/Blacks/Asians voting RED/GOP was a fake mirage. So White and the GOp has become like a toxic relationship with a cheating spouse. The GOP refuses to embrace Whites and whites keep coming back to the GOP in spite of the GOP ultimately betraying them. Unfourtunately these past almost 100yrs of anti white counter culture from the Frankfurt School seems to be paying results..WHITE (nonjews) gentile anglos WASPS are on the path to extinction demographically/culturally/POLITICALLY. The WHITEs seem yo have embraced/internalize/organically their jewish critics. of SELFhatred/GUILT/. Whites are the ONLY group that has been castrated of any will to see themselves in a positive image historically. WHITES do not have any future…unless They let go of their guilt, selfhatred, FEARS and start developing ethnic/group/cultural RACIAL CONSCIOUSNESS and ACT in their best interests. Just like the ADL/NAACP/…BUT the great majority of WASP WHITES evangelicals are too busy worrying about Israel 24/7 and sending close to $50BILLIONS annually to that “nation”…Imagine IF those WHITE zio/evangelical let go of their biblical fake prophecies about Israel and start ACTING with racial consciousness…just consider what more than 60% of the USA/White population can do with their votes and $50Billions in loca/national elections.??? White people must realize that they are ALONE.

  2. Mad World
    Mad World says:

    Since migrants naturally vote for pro-migration parties, which also vie for their favor as voters, a self-reinforcing downward spiral against any form of nativism, nationalism, patriotism emerges with increasing migration. There is also a technical term for this from migration research, which has slipped my mind at the moment. This means that we are dealing with exponential growth. Like a monster magnet that can no longer be turned off, a landslide, an avalanche, a slippery slope.

    So our societies are becoming more and more left-liberal, even though the left-liberal worldview is culturally paradoxically deeply internally repugnant to most migrants. The more time that passes, the less likely an immigrant society will revert to the nation-state. Some claim Trump was the last (wasted) attempt to cosilidate American identity. Others claim that National Socialism was the white race’s last stand against Jewish world domination before its inevitable decline and eventual demise. I recently saw a documentary about British divers exploring a German warship sunk by their forefathers near Malta.

    The world conflict at that time has something to do with the world today. Churchill is reported to have said, “He who owns Malta rules the whole Mediterranean.” The same could certainly be said about Suez and Gibraltar, but it was primarily from Malta that British bombers carried their deadly bomb load against the Axis powers in the Mediterranean and North Africa. Apparently the connection between Lampedusa and the loss of their national identity has not yet come to the attention of the completely absent-minded Brits. This is despite the fact that they have sacrificed their entire world-spanning empire!

    • conrad gaarder
      conrad gaarder says:

      It’s not an unreasonable idea; that National Socialism was the last stand. The Jews maneuvered the US into the war and defeated Germany. Twenty-five years later they dominated the US and steered our immigration policy onto the rocks. Now they have turned their attention to hated Russia, determined to defeat it.

      • Jacobite2
        Jacobite2 says:

        That’s my conclusion also. My eyes were opened by the Left’s constant references to anti-immigration Americans (and most of them are Americans) as racists, fascists, and Nazis. The thought crossed my mind — what would a Nazi Germany do about non-white immigration? Well, for one thing they would have passed an immigration law similar to the one passed in the US in 1924 — which Jews are still howling about. Knowing that the Jews were pretty much the only opponents of the Chinese Exclusion Act of the mid-1880s, it was easy enough to understand that they were pushing for immigration by any non-white population, regardless of any direct Jewish interests. It seems Woodrow Wilson (even more racist than the average American at the time) was blackmailed to appoint Louis Brandeis to the Sup Ct.
        You can date the end of the American USA from that date. Look at today — Brazilians rioting in the streets protesting vote fraud. And all I read in the ‘conservative’ blogs are warnings not to demonstrate outside the Maricopa County election HQ, as the Left might launch yet another propaganda storm. Is there a more pitiful population in history?

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          “Is there a more pitiful population in history?”
          That’s an understandable thought I think it myself sometimes, but a better question would be ‘is there a more psychologically(& pharmacologically) abused population in history?’
          They say elites overthrow other elites, why are we blaming the masses for this? I only know of two peasant uprisings, one in medieval England -crushed- and another as an off-shoot of the Thirty Years War in Germany, result: crushed.
          I used to think I -we- could somehow slag and humiliate our own native elite into oppressing us instead of these satanic blood-drinking Jews. Shame them into it.
          But our British one was broke by WWI and we’re a sad vassal of America now. Have been lock, stock & barrel since 1945 and will go down with the ship next to all you guys.

          • Luke
            Luke says:

            “Is there a more pitiful population in history?”

            I spent over 4 decades trying to red pill a few White male boomers who were part of my very tiny circle of friends, sharing hundreds of race realist oriented news articles, recommending race realist oriented podcasts and websites, painstakingly calling attention to the virulent and ever increasing anti-White propaganda and Hate Whitey mainstream rhetoric that only a blind and totally deaf White man or woman would not be able to see or hear – and I had to finally admit to myself that I had wasted my time. The racially suicide brainwashing has been too powerful to overcome – at least not for a majority of the White population.

            So, I gave up and no longer waste my time or energy on these mentally screwed up White boomers. I decided to sever my associations with these delusional race wimps before their suicidal brainwashing might start infecting me.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” It seems Woodrow Wilson (even more racist than the average American at the time) was blackmailed to appoint Louis Brandeis to the Sup Ct.
          You can date the end of the American USA from that date.”

          Close but not quite a bullseye .

          The beginning of the end , assuming the Civil War victory for the North was not it , of the U.S. of Americans was the 1913 Federal Reserve Act signed by President Wilson .

          It took about five years , beginning from about year 2015 , for www interested parties to uncover that eight Rothschildean empire bank associates secretly own the private U.S. Federal Reserve Banks and thus subsequently acquired ownership of virtually all Westernworld economies . A City of Satan ( officially known as the City of London within London City ) bank executive may have been assassinated for revealing the identities of those eight banks .

  3. Mad World
    Mad World says:

    As an optimist, one could argue that the “law of the eleventh hour” (the night is always darkest just before dawn) is currently prevailing. However, that would be an exaggerated hope, because the bottom of the complete crash has by no means been reached yet. There is still too much to lose. It must come first completely badly, before humans pull themselves up from the social hammock, overcome their trained comfort, because they fear actually a personal descent or loss. Man is generally willing to change his self-defeating habits only under threat of adverse consequences (such as the loss of his freedom). Otherwise, he is completely indifferent to the fate of his “fellow citizens” (or members of his racial species).

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      A leader is required.

      Consider the Morlocks and the Eloi from “The Time Machine”. The following paragraphs are a small excerpt from commentary on these two races and worth reading:

      “The dependency of the Eloi frustrates me as these people seem to do nothing to fight against the Morlocks. In this state, they appear more like animals, and thus, position themselves as prey in the predator/prey relationship the time-traveler ultimately discovers to exist within this environment.

      “The apathy displayed by the Eloi or “the little people” reveals the race to be rather daft, inactive, and helpless. The nickname of “the little people” further emphasizes their lack of awareness and ability to bring about change in their surroundings.

      “…I feel more inclined to sympathize or at least try to understand the Morlock’s cruel point of view because of the action and strategies they employ in their daily lives where I think the Eloi exercise none.”


      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        Interesting comparison. With leaders, however, it has often been proven that their shine was a sham. Today, no one wants to follow them anymore, except on Twitter, Facebook and the like.

  4. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    the Democrat machines in the large cities are able to control elections now.Take a look at Philadelphia(massive black vote) and Fedderman who was not able to read or comprehend without computer assistance. He was still elected as a Democrat.He will be a progressive puppet.

    • K M Landis
      K M Landis says:

      John Fetterman epitomizes the Democratic Party. He is weak, corrupt, criminal and brain-damaged, like Joe Biden. Jewish donors gave him big bucks. He is their puppet, the same as Biden.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        Unquestionably Fetterman is the missing link in evolutionary theory.

        Recall your schoolday sequence of sketches depicting the road from ape to human.

  5. Mad World
    Mad World says:

    I am also an optimist, but only on a personal level (I would
    like to die laughing), not on a social level. If you look at world
    history and our position in it, there is no real reason for optimism.

  6. De Doc
    De Doc says:

    Never underestimate the Republicans’ ability to screw things up on elections. As for Trump, I’m so over that egotistical windbag, who sees the office of the President as his ultimate CEO position. We must come to grips that the conservatives of today are blind to America’s real problems and will continue to steer the nation to its trainwreck future.

    • Thaddeus Noble
      Thaddeus Noble says:

      What the VAST majority of Americans miss, or are conveniently ignorant about, is the fact that Trump has ALWAYS been a fully bought and paid for Gentile shill.

      He was a consummate liar from day #1 and the gullible public just licked it up.

      January 6th clearly disclosed Trump
      “AGAIN” clearly use his clever tactics to lure his unsuspecting followers onto a waiting trap pre-arraigned by the Kosher Cabal.

      Just when are people going to wake up to this enemy agent!

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        “Just when are people going to wake up to this enemy agent! ”

        Perhaps never since most people are sheeple and most Nordics ( aka Whites ) are still in the grip of their 30,000 years old up to ww2 ancestral cultural legacy of a primarily nonpolitical rural way-of-life . In contrast , their globalist ILLuminati jewmasterss have more than 3,000 years up to the present of an inexorable citified political way-of-life .

    • K M Landis
      K M Landis says:

      Correct. The Conservative Movement is part of the controlled opposition, funded by the usual suspects.

  7. Thaddeus Noble
    Thaddeus Noble says:

    It’s best known as “Soft Neutering” in the electronic world.

    You infiltrate a system with your engineered software and install your bots.

    When the data points (voted) are imputed the software places them into segregated holding pens based on counties in a state.

    The software allocates data points as needed to maintain the appearances of a close race by electronically adding data points as needed to achieve this outcome.

    At the close of a data point collection period the software added the necessary points to secure a win for a chosen candidate and they win the race per the official record.

    Please note: A honestly conducted hand count would disclose this electronic fraud that is why the Cabal use their corrupt legal system to block it.

    Fetterman DID NOT win over Oz.
    Lake will lose in Arizona because of this last minute neutering technique being employed.

    In 2020 their program still needed tweaking and they were actually fully exposed in several states but the Cabal used their fully controlled legal system to protect Dominion EVEN THOUGH top attorneys like Sidney Powell had all the evidence needed to blow the scam wide open.

    This is exactly why a predicted and fully expected Red Wave fizzled out at the finish line.

    • K M Landis
      K M Landis says:

      Good analysis. “Our Democracy” is evolving into a one-party banana republic. The elections are becoming more fraudulent every year. The US legal system is crooked and politicized, as highlighted by the conviction of Derek Chauvin, who was obviously innocent.

      • Thaddeus Noble
        Thaddeus Noble says:

        The official autopsy report was more than enough to clear Chauvin of Floyd’s murder.

        You do realize that for Floyd to have this level of illegal substances in his system during the autopsy, and still be mostly functional during the earlier portion of the encounter with the initial law enforcement team to arrive at the store location, he had to have consumed the majority just prior to the encounter. This would lead a prudent individual to consider the fact that he was intentionally overdosed by someone just prior to arriving at the store where he attempted to pass the counterfeit money.

        So you have to ask, was this entire encounter a pre-arranged set up to intentionally sacrifice Floyd knowing he would die of the overdose anyway?

        To be honest with you, I always suspected Chauvin was a False Flag fall guy. The photo was so staged and so perfect. Just what the Kosher Cabal wanted to start the motor running.

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          Not only that, but consider the murders and mayhem that ensued throughout the country.

          The false flaggers probably sacrificed him because he was no great loss to humanity with his ” Floyd the Landlord ” genre prolific pornography. And they didn’t deprive his eight year old daughter of a father, because he had already abandoned her years earlier in Houston.

          I often wondered whether there was a manipulated connection since these opposites both worked together as bouncers at the same local ” night club “.

          It would have been childsplay to hand him the counterfeit money to convert it into then shared goods, along with the laundered change.
          To time this with the cop’s patrol car duty is less than childsplay.

  8. Michael Fury
    Michael Fury says:

    No surprise. No special reason for depression. We were never going to vote our way out of genocide and cultural annihilation when honest representation is forbidden, Dr. MacDonald. Better to preserve and steel the remnant that must survive to carry the fire forward until the torches can be relit. Is our future a crematorium or a forge? That is the question.

  9. cowicklow
    cowicklow says:

    Depressing, yes. But it was a bite of the reality sandwich, too. Our “white” brethren are largely asleep at the wheel, and have no concept of the jew-led, globo/homo agenda and how it is targeting them mercilessly. The frog in the boiling pot. I feel hopeless, a lot. All this talk of secession and parallel societies is just talk, it will never happen. Play that out; do you actually think the powers that be would leave a “red” enclave alone. Not on your life. There is no where to hide. All you can do is try to find like minded people to be around and hope for the best. States like FL are a little slower to circle the drain, but make no mistake, we are certainly circling.

  10. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    I was hoping for a much better result in this election. There were some bright spots, however, including: the decisive victories of Ron DeSantis and J.D. Vance. Flipping the House was good too – to put an end to the J6 one-party show trial.

    The total discrediting of Donald Trump is also great news. He is an obvious conman, an incompetent, and nearly as stupid as Biden-Fetterman. Now we’re finally rid of him.

  11. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    Perhaps the most important part of this article to keep in mind was regarding the born-agains and Evangelicals and their support for Jews and the criminal state of Israel.
    Getting at the root cause of why this is happening to the US is an absolute must! I would be encouraging a coalition of people who are awake to the Jewish problem, be they Black, White, Yellow or Brown! For until that power held by the Jews is greatly reduced, you cannot open the eyes of most Whites.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Building some sort of coalition around ‘white nationalism’ no matter how preferable this would be to us all just seems utopian. Has it ever worked before? It’s only Christian & Muslim societies that have ever solved their Jew issues.
      Blacks and browns and all the other colours are rational humans too(as rational as whites), why cut all them out the project?
      Although this site states it is about ‘whites’ etc, it’s really about the Jews. Defeat them and the races would naturally coalesce around each other, which every race prefers. So everyone is happy.
      I only advocate for whites because they are being flamboyantly oppressed and because I am white. You should stick up for your own the opposite is deranged. But I’ve no great love for them especially. I’d take a decent black, spick or paki over some AWFL or their male equivalents in a heartbeat.
      If Jews, or elite Jews are the issue, why don’t we rally around what is kryptonite to Jews – pre-Scofield Christianity?

  12. Evangelos Aragiannis
    Evangelos Aragiannis says:

    Dear professor, I totally hear you.
    The trend among the people within our movement seems to be liking to dwell inside a mental sanity echo chamber. We prefer to be oblivious to the fact that pretty much everyone else out there have all but lost touch with their emotions AND reality.
    If there ever was a time when Americans should have literally taken to the streets, ARMED, that would be about a year or so ago, right in the middle of forced vaccination terror.
    It didn’t happen.
    I am sorry to say that the same goes for the rest of the “West”, ie Europe.
    It all comes down to geopolitics, now.
    Eurasia has succesfuly duped the (((Western))) elites into believing that what is happening in Ukraine is of a localized nature, all adding up to more or less a military-type affair that somehow threatens jewish interests, (Eurasia) in the mean time having them exhausting all types of badly needed resources in the process of dealing with it.
    These elites seem unable to understand that they have totally lost the wider picture, that is, the ongoing aggression of Eurasia on the West’s socio-economic infrastructure. Mainly the economic part of it.
    Europe is nearing economic collapse by now and with Europe gone the US is next in line.
    The Saudis are for all intents and purposes already inside the BRICS and it it will be only a matter of a few more months or so for them to ditch the petrodollar entirely.
    Noone talks about that, though.
    From day one of the disconnect of the USD from gold, a timer clock started ticking. The socio-economic bubble, that this disconnect created, had always been unsustainable. The elites were only buying time, using the huge amounts of money they were making out of this bubble.
    An economicaly impotent US will not be able to dictate any sort of policy anywhere in the world, anymore. The military (entrusted with securing the bubble’s existence) will dwindle and by that time, that would pretty much be the end of it.
    Eurasia is currently, skillfully trying to make the transition of power as painless as possible for everyone involved (as a sudden collapse would create socio-economic wounds that would take decades to heal).
    The jews at the top, are the ones that control US society and Grand strategy, and they seem totally unaware of what is happening. This is because they have traditionally been informed by an irrational and autistic hatred against Russia or anyone else who will not play along for that matter. This kind of mentality has blinded them, and the ever-resident sense of absolute power, and ideas of omnipotency (possibly combined with substance abuse), have only made things worse for them. But, hey, noone ever expected jewish ability to amount to much more than thriving amidst chaos.
    The fight for White interests in the West will turn into a fight for personal or group survival (although, I would doubt there is any type of survival instict left inside the collective White World’s mindset – see covid).
    At this time, I think it is safe to coclude that the fight we were all hopeful of engaging in (ie to reverse the current trend of things and go back to a safe environment for our people) is all but lost before it even began.
    From now on, people should concentrate on trying to manage the effects of the coming NWO which will see a steep deterioration of the influence of the US in the world.
    The same goes for Europe who will (if it hasn’t already) slide totally under the Eurasian sphere of influence.

    I am sorry to say that at this point we need more managers than fighters.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Europe slipped under American domination in 1945, everyone pretty much got used to it. It’ll be the same with Chinese or Eurasian domination.
      What no-one can handle is this Jewish domination. It’s too unnatural and satanic.
      If the Eurasians manage to break the petro-dollar ponzi scam and the USA goes tits up it’ll probably break up Balkans style. That would be better for everyone.
      Mass bloodshed? Who is going to fight? SJWs? The blacks or Hispanics are going to form an army and attack red America? What’s left of USA military? I don’t see it.

    • Breeze (Brendan Long)
      Breeze (Brendan Long) says:

      Ukraine Issue
      “Eurasia has successfully DUPED Western Elites into believing the Ukraine affair is of a local nature, all adding up to a military type-affair that threatens Jewish interests. In the meantime, having them exhausting all sorts of resources in dealing with it”. Result: Europe now nearing economic collapse. USof A soon to follow.

      OK, ‘Eurasia’ is obviously taking advantage of the Ukraine situation. Question: Who da fk created the Ukraine Situation. The “Western Elites” Who are they? They pursue what and for whom? Does that pursuit include the interests of Joe Shit de Rag Man, aka, guys like me? These, just a few of the questions that will, hopefully be answered.

      New to this site! How does one find posts by ‘Evangelos’ that, in addition to the Eurasian threat to the West, address the documented reality of the established, on going, Zionist Jew Death Grip on the Euro Man World.


  13. Eric Galati
    Eric Galati says:

    Dear Doctor MacDonald,

    I commiserate with you., even though I did not vote. I’d just quickly like to inform you and others of the following, for at this point of time in our history, in our very lives, our survival, severity is called for, and this does not signify cruelty, for the cruel ones are the opposition.
    A. The reason why at the Latrobe rally in Pennsylvania last week-end our 45th President Of The United States, Donald John Trump, called Florida Governor Ron Dion DeSantis Sanctimonious, wasn’t because he did not show up there, but because of the perplexed feeling many have that the 54th Speaker Of The House Of Representatives, Representative Paul David Ryan, embraced him and this was welcomed by Governor DeSantis. Politics. If I were President Trump I would have not said anything, yet it was Representative Ryan with The United States Senate Majority Whip, Federal Senator Mitch McConnell who actually, before the Democrats, contributed to sabotaging the presidency of President Trump. Of course Trump wasn’t without faults himself. One does not clean the swamp by putting in as your United States Secretary Of The Treasury a man from Goldman Sachs, the 77th, Steven Terner Mnuchin. This was the preoccupation that Mister Roger Jason Joseph Stone had in 2017, while still having faith in Trump. Roger my boy, faithful loyal Hungarian-Italian that you were and are, it was beyond your imagination the Neo-Conservatives would be within and without your boy’s government!
    B.Furthermore Doctor MacDonald, Governor DeSantis is a weapon out to destroy President Trump. Stop and think: the greater enemy is The Republicans, despite the perverse insanity of The Democrats. If they are not going to defend President Trump then why would they defend you and I? If they’re appalled by the imprisonment as terrorists the January 6th innocents for an insurrection and riot that never took place as well as the Ashley Babbitt murder then why not Guantanamo Bay. Am I going off on a tangent? No! Governor DeSantis was a prosecuting attorney-at-law on Guantanamo Bay.
    C.Second he is not against Transgender Teaching to children but only from Kindergarten to the third grade. Here is the LINK of his legislation. This is followed by an intelligent essay sent to me by Anastasia. God Bless, Eric Galati

    Why are these people muscling in on Trump’s run for a second term. He helped them all, and that is how they repay him? They all know he is going to run. They all jumped on his coattails to get themselves elected, and look what they are doing now to him. Many Republicans are saying that they don’t want to go through another “circus”. What does that mean? It means that they are so clearly not willing to fight against the grave injustices and outrages and crimes committed against President Trump and the rest of us. If they are not willing to fight against that and rally around him, what are they willing to fight for? The rest of us? These Republicans are no good pusillanimous politicians who will do us no good at all for us or anyone else. They are clearly in it for themselves. No matter how grave the crimes committed against half the country and this President, these Washington elite all seem to want nothing more than power for themselves and to have a “nice day”in Washington. They should all be infuriated at what happened to Trump and daring the Democrats and media to stop them.. Instead, they are doing what the deep state wants. Why? Because they are not fighters like Trump. They are all now backing down in this great fight and backing a candidate who they believe the media will not attack as much. Trump is being attacked because they are frightened to death of him. Well, these Republicans are going to have to make a deal with Dominion Voting Machines to get their pusillanimous candidate in, because Trump supporters will not be voting in 2024 or at any other time thereafter. Election fraud stares them in the face, and they lay down and play dead. Who the hell needs more people like this in Washington? DeSanctimonious and Yun Kim is right.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “Governor DeSantis is a weapon out to destroy President Trump.”

      “Governor DeSantis was a prosecuting attorney-at-law on Guantanamo Bay.”

      “Why are these people muscling in on Trump’s run for a second term. He helped them all … They all jumped on his coattails to get themselves elected, and look what they are doing now to him. Many Republicans are saying that they don’t want to go through another “circus”… they are so clearly not willing to fight against the grave injustices and outrages and crimes committed against President Trump and the rest of us. If they are not willing to fight against that and rally around him, what are they willing to fight for? … They are clearly in it for themselves”

      I agree with the above. Trump is the only fighter we have, just as Hitler was the only fighter Germany and Europe had. After Hitler, there was no more fighting. You people on TOO are not fighters either and so you don’t deserve someone fighting on your behalf. You won’t have anyone, either.

      Election fraud has happened again, after they said it wouldn’t. With the results of the Arizona and Nevada senate races now called, “Election fraud stares [Trump supporters] in the face.” That’s right. The system is not fixable bc it’s too far gone.

      • Eric Galati
        Eric Galati says:

        Dear Miss Yeager,
        I believe you shall greatly appreciate this, as well as will Doctor Kevin MacDonald. I am also including one of Mister Ledger’s reports on Mister Kevin McCarthy, who is The Swamp.

        This gentleman, Mister Graham Ledger has been around for a long time. He was on One America News until 2019. He was the only one who decried intelligently the hysterics and plot of the so-called Pandemic. For logic I put him well over either Mister Tucker Carlson or Mister Dan Ball. You may have to COPY and PASTE the address LINK, Do not avoid. https://rumble.com/v1u2pxy-dont-be-a-judas-dont-abandon-trump.html?mref=2glq1&mc=edaag What he says about President Donald John Trump has not been expressed better than by anyone else. I suggest you view his Ledger Report files
        God Bless, Eric Galati
        POST SCRIPT: Miss Yeager you are correct about persons who do not fight. By the way Aristo Boho sends his regards! . https://grahamledger.substack.com/p/mccarthy-is-the-swamp

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Why does Mitch McConnell always betray his own people? Why is he in charge, who does he represent?
      Maybe a thought experiment would help. Just look into his eyes, look at his face. Even look at his gook wife. Is this a man without secrets?
      Think about it, if he was your neighbour. You’d say hello, he’d be respectable.
      But imagine another neighbour came up to you and said “oh my God, guess what I’ve just found out what Mitch gets up to?”
      You’d cut them off instantly, you’d know instinctively this was some information you seriously did not want to know. You did not need such things in your life.
      Your stomach would sink, but you’d carry on saying hello when you met Mitch in the street.
      This is the situation Republicans are in.

      • Luke
        Luke says:

        “Why does Mitch McConnell always betray his own people?”

        For the exact same reason Paul Ryan and the Bushes and the Biden’s betray their own race of people. Every one of them are race mixers. Ryan was an oil driller in college. The Bushes are mongrelized into the mestizo gene pool and every one of Pedo Joe’s offspring are married to white race hating jews. Mitch McConnell, being one of the absolute ugliest looking superficially ‘White’ men to ever be found anywhere – succumbed to Yellow Fever and is married to some Taiwanese Chinese woman.

        Oh, and come to think of it – and I do not necessarily pin 100 percent of the blame for this on Trump, but most of his kids are also married to white race hating jews. His daughter with Marla Maples, Tiffany, got married this past weekend to some mixed raced, sort of moderately pale looking guy from Nigeria – who I suspect has a dash or more of African DNA floating around inside him. Remember Mittens Romney, when the libs squealed at him because his family photo was 100 percent White people, and then this sorry sack of rat manure promptly went out and adopted some black orphan and took a new family picture that had that eyesore front and center.

        It is almost impossible to ever be able to trust Whites who engage in race mixing. Once someone who is White crosses that line, they have effectively joined the enemy camp of White race haters.

  14. Chris
    Chris says:

    You want to be depressed? How about on top of the 2022 midterms, and a vegetable still at the helm of the free world, Russia losing its recently-captured territory in Ukraine, plus Crimea and Chechnya, Putin being deposed and the Jewish kleptocracy being re-installed?

    • Valkoinen Kuolema
      Valkoinen Kuolema says:

      Thanks for reminding everyone of some uplifting news after this depressing news in America! There was beautiful pan-European unity on display at the Polish Independence Day (11-11) nationalist march. The Ukrainian Armed Forces liberation of Kherson this week helped elevate a jubilant and triumphant mood as White European nationalist brothers from all across the Occident joined Polish brothers in Warsaw, and had great fun burning effigies of that mortal enemy of the White race named Vladimir Putin; to celebrate White Ukraine/Europe’s imminent victory over Moscow’s savage oriental barbarism; pan-Euro White nationalists came together in unity to set fire to the banners of the Russian Federation (though of course neobolshevik Tovarisch Putin prefers his glorious Soviet Union hammer-and-sickle flag anyway). A beautiful sight to behold.

    • Timmy
      Timmy says:

      Spend a little time listening to Colonel Douglas McGregor. Russia hasn’t lost any ground the areas they hold contain 95% of the productive resources in the entire Ukraine they’re regrouping when the weather gets below freezing sustain basis there will be a massive and decisive three prong attack that will bring this war to an end

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        These ‘Ukraine’ people are either satirists or fruit-loops. I don’t doubt for a second the unhinged hatred of Poles or Ukrainians towards Russia, I grew up around an identical ridiculous and totally pointless hatred amongst Protestants and Catholics.
        But if you truly cannot see that ‘Ukraine Democracy War’ is a Jewish project, you’ve lost the plot and there is nothing you or I will be able to say to help them.

  15. Dr Doom
    Dr Doom says:

    The bagel boyz cheated. It’s now undeniable and obvious.
    We outnumber these retards by 30 to 1. This can be a short war.
    These useless idiots have no soldiers to fight for this fake ghey Babylon.
    These retards could have thrived under Trump, but their stupidity prevailed again. These retards should pray for another Hitler.
    This is literally The End of these fools. Only destruction awaits for these idiots.
    This is a Test. Those who fight for what is right will live. Any cowards and traitors that “go along to get along” are Doomed to Eternal Damnation.
    Do the right thing. Tyrants do not give back what they stole. You have to take it back from their cold dead hands.

  16. Tom
    Tom says:

    It’s taken the Left nearly 90 years to transform a formerly free and private civil society into one that is so heavily governmentalized that it is impossible for an individual or individuals to escape from the mountain of laws that force people to think and behave in legally prescribed fashions. As such, even a massive red wave would have been insufficient to make real change in America. The Left has the law on its side and that law basically stipulates that all social groups in society must be accommodated. The law of accommodation has replaced the former metaphysic of American society – life, liberty, property. Therefore any real change can only come when government is forced out of civil society in the same but inverse manner in which the Left produced real change in society by forcing government into civil society. All other tactics are futile.

  17. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    I have said for the past several years that no substantial change in outlook will occur among Whites until they have suffered great losses in terms of finances and general comfort.

    When their pensions are reduced or taken from them altogether, when they can no longer afford their mortgages, when they routinely experience bloody ‘diversity encounters’ from their racial ‘pets,’ when they can’t get a job or menial jobs at best because they are viewed as “oppressors,” and when they feel a complete sense of despair – then and only then, will their eyes start to open in the way we have envisioned.

    Their noses must be forcefully rubbed in the feces of ‘diversity’ dogma, and most need to experience being robbed and beaten by a sub-Saharan knuckle dragger on a public transit bus before they will come to their racial senses.

    Whites will not come to our views in mass based on racial statistics. They will not do so no matter how much evidence we provide proving Jewish political power, influence and cultural subversion. The deception is much too deep among our people, especially when one realizes that we have been daily propagandized to hate ourselves and our country for the past 70 years.

    However, take away their comforts, including their wealth, their sense of security, their personal safety – and then the pitchforks start to come out. But not until then. We are STILL much too comfortable. We STILL have too much food on our tables. We STILL have money (although even that is starting to diminish). We are STILL supportive of the very ‘system’ that hates us and seeks to replace us. We haven’t seen the ‘Beast’ for who and what it is.

    Yet this is what it takes to awaken a people who have been daily demoralized since the end of WW2. This is what it takes to awaken Whites who have willingly allowed themselves to be duped by endless wealth and materialism. This is what it takes to open the eyes of White people who believe that Blacks and illegal aliens are “just like us.” This is what it takes to racially motivate Whites addicted to negro sports and mind-numbing entertainment.

    Inconvenient facts either don’t matter or at least matter very little to a people who are so gullible as to believe that “all humans and cultures are equal.” These kinds only learn by being stomped on, by feeling the boot on their face – and even then, there are no guarantees.

    So, as much as I was disappointed by the mid-term elections, I realized that not enough White people throughout the nation have suffered in the ways I have expressed in my comments. When this occurs, the scales over their eyes that currently cloud their vision will fall off (at least for most).

    This is because the majority of White liberal democrats still possess a sense of personal survival. Granted, many of them do not, and they will fall by the wayside. But most do. The problem is that this inherent sense of survival has not yet been fully tested. But that day is rapidly approaching.

    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      Bingo on that Rocky!
      Like Pogo said: “We have met the enemy, and he is us”. Most Whites live in a world of fantasy & delusion, intellectually poisoned, and without a clue. The reality check will impact them, at some point, as you alluded to. When they are hit, hurt, and hungry, self preservation should start to motivate them. Until then, they will continue their pretentious, profligate life of denial.

    • Breeze
      Breeze says:

      Yo, Rocka

      And, when that day arrives! Then what? How will it shake out? Does it mean de Whites will wake up and save the race or is it about TOO LITTLE-TOO LATE! Fkin Finito! Cheers! Breeze

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      You have gotten ahead of yourself, RockaBoatus. Fretting about white people’s addiction to “mind-numbing entertainment” and surmising an insufficiency of white financial suffering and insecurity amount to speculation in a moral and factual vacuum so long as grave doubt remains about the integrity of the vote count. And yes, I am sugarcoating the pill, since the utter absence of integrity in the vote count is as plain as day.

      Besides, from the uncountable number of references to ridiculous and vulgarly antiwhite movies and TV programs made in comment threads at this site alone, not to mention the still-widespread reliance on Wikipedia for factual data (!), you might generate a more attentive and productive response by following the storied example of Saint Anthony of Padua: preach instead to the fish of the Adriatic.

      • RockaBoatus
        RockaBoatus says:

        “so long as grave doubt remains about the integrity of the vote count. And yes, I am sugarcoating the pill, since the utter absence of integrity in the vote count is as plain as day” – I don’t doubt there was some degree of vote tampering and election fraud in this most recent mid-term elections. When dealing with democrats, there’s always a degree of that. Some elections have more than others.

        Yet I would need proof that there was an inordinate amount of ballot tampering in this recent election to such a degree that it completely thwarted the will of the voters.

        I’m not saying it didn’t happen. Perhaps it did. But there must be compelling proof that this has indeed occurred. At this point, I’m not aware of any exhaustive and widespread voter fraud throughout the nation. Perhaps this will be discovered at a later time?

        I’m more inclined to think that the mid-terms reflected the great social and political divisions that exists among Americans. On even some of the most basic truths of life that basically all Americans took for granted a decade prior, we cannot find agreement. We are divided in every conceivable way, and it doesn’t appear there will be any reunification anytime soon.

        Thus, the mid-term election results in large measure reflected this great division, including the need for nationwide secession, an amicable divorce of sorts.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Your blasé attitude toward voting fraud, encompassing an almost complete absence of interest in this critical topic, is sadly of a piece with the character of your reflections in these comments overall. In sum, pointed insight has declined to the level of tired, clichéd generalization. Encouraging others to maunder as you have been doing about what ails Americans—as if the term even has any denotative value or widespread applicability any longer!—serves no useful purpose.

          Paul Craig Roberts/ has been looking at voting fraud with an intensity of focus that I urgently commend to your attention—indeed to the attention of the entire TOO community. Unlike all too many others, Dr. Roberts has not put the cart before the horse.

  18. Empty Phrases
    Empty Phrases says:

    The (((FBI))) has seized Z-Library. https://www.vice.com/en/article/7k8qby/feds-seize-one-of-the-largest-sites-for-pirated-books-and-articles-z-library

    Now there is intellectual freedom only with Lenin. https://sci-hub.ru/about


    Kim Dotcom sends his condolences. I’m sure none of this is a coincidence; it looks like a concerted action. Also, the thing with Anglin happens with certainty in connection with this whole Ye & Co stuff. One wants to prevent that even more “unrest” is created. As Mao still said: “Punish one, educate a hundred”. An example is to be made, which intimidates all others. Why does this misogynist fool have to mess with a Jewess, of all people? I advised him in time to get in good with the broads. If they present themselves as “victims”, then they can count on powerful support. A male Jew, on the other hand, might have been less harmful.

    • Rebecca
      Rebecca says:


      If men were still masculine protectors they would be able to firmly and lovingly influence the women in their lives accordingly, instead of being silent, stupid, childish or whining from the sidelines.

      This was predictable when the 1965 Immigration Act passed and men have done very little to overturn the illegal act, seal the borders and fight with their strong masculine traits to overpower our immoral brethren and the NWO—the enemy within.

      It’s predictable because Whites will not fight which includes us. Posting comments isn’t fighting, it’s wringing our hands.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        You shouldn’t take comments against feminism personally, you make his point for him. Women are too easy to manipulate emotionally. So we get rule be emotional manipulators – mass media – whoever controls the media(we all know).
        Of course feminism is one of the main weapons of our enemies, why else would they push it so hard everywhere around the world?
        Why else did Andrew Tate make the ADL’s top five never to be allowed back on twitter?
        What good has feminism ever done women? Are they happier? Have young pretty bimbos ever been so glorified and decent old responsible women so ignored? Are normal women in general pleased with this state of affairs?
        Impressed with the state of men after female emancipation are you?

        • Rebecca
          Rebecca says:

          Double yawn. (Obviously feminism has help ruin our society.)

          My post was factual. (Everything we discuss is personal otherwise we wouldn’t do so. Men are simply better at disguising their feelings in their “intellect.”)

          I could careless if I or women have the vote.

          My point, of which I will repeat since it was missed, is:


          We, as fearful sheep, have been complicit in our fall. All of us our responsible when we do nothing. To self-analyze, admit our faults, and then change is at the core of our destruction. RESPONSIBILITY is a lost art.

          Varge’s blog posted by Barkingmad below says it all.

        • Hyacinth Bouquet
          Hyacinth Bouquet says:

          Her response was not emotional, nor did it indicate she had taken the original comment “personally”. The men on this site like to trot out their rote “women to blame” simplistic comments without any pushback. This is an open forum, and we as readers are free to respond in full, or in part, to any comment on it. That does not prove that I am “taking it personally.” I am making, instead, a counterpoint.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            If the post wasn’t emotional, then why did it attack a plain statement of absolute fact and truth?
            That isn’t logical.
            And I’m not against emotion in comments, I’m for it. But not when it makes (women always)argue against plain common sense.

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:

          “Have young pretty bimbos ever been so glorified and decent old responsible women so ignored?”

          A young female, bimbo or not, has always been able to get away with a certain amount of misbehavior, feminist society or not. There’s almost always someone nearby to be nice to you if you are a young female, even if you aren’t pretty.

          I would say that when you slice up the demographic pie into the four groups of male/female – young/old, no cluster is (in general) better treated and regarded than the young female, and no segment of that pie so ignored or underrated as the oldish woman. It has always been that way, long before feminism became the standard issue way of seeing the world.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            “It has always been that way, long before feminism became the standard issue way of seeing the world.”

            I seriously doubt that. At all times in history it was best to be a young man. The older men experienced this themselves so were happy the next generation did.
            Older men cam next, they were masters of their homes and ran societies.
            Women were far behind in all previous eras. Most young girl’s life partner’s were chosen for them by their family, so I don’t see what great advantages pretty girls got. It’s just immersion in the modern world that makes people think women were always allowed to use their sexuality to manipulate men, it never happened.
            Since Garden Of Eden times societies were warned not to allow women to abuse this power. Western women were similarly modest in the past as Muslim women are today.
            But that’s if you were ranking things generally, which is actually not all that worthwhile. Class mattered more than anything, and anyway, even if it was better to be a man in times past, it was also much much better to be a woman.
            There is no even secondary benefit to feminism or any of these Jewish cultural weapons.

  19. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    The words of Dr. William Pierce come back to me in his talk (and following pamphlet) entitled ‘Why Conservatives cannot win’.

    He explains that Natural Law, which governs the multiverses (which I believe to be God but I will leave that open to the readers) embraces CHANGE, and Conservatives oppose change, or Natural Law.

    He summed it all up quite nicely: “When the smoke clears, the Liberal will have got half of what he wanted, the Conservative will have lost have of what he wanted to preserve, and both will declare victory”.

    It has been a little more than a score of years since Dr. Pierce passed on but I still miss him. He had that odd combination of an excellent mathematician and physicist, writer, friendly cohort, and one hell of a good sense of humor.

  20. MP
    MP says:

    One criticism I have seen of righties who keep saying elections are rigged, is they demoralize their own from coming out to vote. I mean, why would anyone bother coming out to vote, if they believe they will lose anyway?

    I didn’t campaign for Trump in 2016, because I knew how it would turn out. He did not disappoint me, and since I’ve lost all interest in electorial politics. I’ve come to the opinion that if we do get out of this, it will be through technology. That doesn’t mean I’m telling people to give up on politics. If you are interested in it, keep doing it to buy us time.

  21. Courtney from Alabama
    Courtney from Alabama says:

    Yes there is a gender gap and ideally women shouldn’t vote but to be fair I honestly don’t understand why only 63% of white men voted Republican either. With all the propaganda directed at white women and all the racism directed at white men you would think the gap would be more like 90% to 20% but it never has been anywhere near that. It usually stays somewhere from 5% to 10%. There are other voting gaps in our race that are actually larger than the male vs female gap but you don’t hear about them much. The 2020 exit polls showed White Protestants voting in the 70s range for Trump while White Catholics voted in the 50s to give just one example. Couldn’t find a similar poll for 2022 but it might come out later.

  22. Harry Hanson
    Harry Hanson says:

    I am totally blackpilled. I think the lousy election is the result of demographics and fraud and the subversive influence of organized jewry.

    I don’t believe any of the stats that they provide for us. I find it impossible to believe that people voted left, given the massive inflation we have been suffering under. Inflation alone should have given the GOP huge wins, and in fact I strongly believe that economics trumps abortion by a huge margin.

    The left cheated, same as they did in 2020. Trump is not to blame, although I am no longer a fan of the orange man. If he were to get back in he would not be any more effective than he was the first time.

    No….we can’t vote our way out of this. Jewish control is nearly total. Surely there are significant numbers of GOP leaders who are completely aware of the JQ, but stay quiet because of their generous Jewish donors.

    The obvious problem is that ALL of the leaders of both parties have been bought off by Jewish donors, and also fear the ADL and AIPAC.

    It doesn’t look good for white people at all. I’m beyond disgusted. I thought we reached peak Jew a long time ago, but every week brings yet another outrage.


  23. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    The midtermelections show the state of the USA, the results are important and they should be analyzed. Nonetheless there is a much broader picture and that should not be overseen. Sometimes those news, which are important for us, come from the USA, sometimes from Europe.
    In Europe the situation is a follows: Polish, Russian, Ukrainian folks do not want to have many foreigners within their lands.
    Formerly “liberal and multikultifriendly” governments in Sweden and Italy have been replaced by means of election “through” [or “by”?] (moderately) right-wing governments.
    The formerly “liberal and multikultifriendly” government in Denmark did not change the party of the government, but the party changed its worldview (because they listened to their Danish voters) and so the socialdemocratic party of Denmark of today is very much “Pro-Danish-folks”.
    So the “Overton-window” what to say and what to do has changed its position very much towards the point “Let the Europeen folks be alive” and this is good so.
    I know that this comment is off-topic. I want to give you some hope and we Europeans will give you a hand and help you up, as soon as we have the possibility to do so. In many respects we Europeans and the US are cousins and of a similar kind.

  24. Servenet
    Servenet says:

    Let’s finally face what has been staring self-preserving Whites in the face for MANY years now – half the White population is our enemy. They may FUNCTION in a civil manner. But their cast-of-mind is poison to us. It is to them as well of course, but they nevertheless are the cause of it. I can’t SAY what I think ought to become of them…as a matter of justice, of what they actually deserve.

    • Lord Shang
      Lord Shang says:

      Mostly at Counter-currents, but sometimes here, too, and over many years (esp at CC) I’ve been making this exact point. We must not be “white preservationists” but “white nationalist preservationists”. We need not white secession, but prowhite white secession, because so many whites are evolutionarily defective – and because of that, their genomes are fated to go extinct (either via non-reproduction, descendant miscegenation, or ultimate extermination when whites shall have been made completely vulnerable to the whims of other races). The only issue is whether enough of us “racial normals” can ingather so as eventually to create a sovereign place of our own (sort of as gays took over San Francisco, Jews NYC etc, but becoming a majority somewhere in an existing jurisdiction is merely a prelude to eventual formal secession).

  25. Joe
    Joe says:

    Secede to where, Kevin? You don’t think (((they’ll))) follow us wherever we go? Parasites are not so easily removed. We would require a flea and tick collar to prevent their fangs from penetrating our wallets and culture yet again. We seceded from Britain and (((they))) followed. The South tried seceding from the same tyranny and they were crushed. There is only ONE solution… only one.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Good point. They didn’t exactly leave NS Germany alone either.
      But 99% of the problems Jews cause come from their elite 1%, not just their ultra elite, the bankers etc, but all the rich slumlords, crooked businessmen and zealous political agitators. All these people together probably don’t rise much above 1% or 5% at most. So it would be a satanic crime to just liquidate every Jew or whatever.
      Even if your conscious could handle this, and there are very very few whites who could even consider such a thing, even for them I wouldn’t advise such an action, as unless they were complete sociopaths, it would eventually wreck them. Never mind messing in such a way with providence or Karma.
      They have their own country they can go there. They boast the can ‘make the desert bloom’, so if they run out of space just allocate them some more desert.
      The Jew/Gentile relationship is toxic, it’s unhealthy and abusive. It’s doing neither of us any good, and we absolutely aren’t allowed to talk about it.
      Want an example? Check out Ben Shapiro in this interview, it’s at the very start where he is discussing Ye. It’s admirable as Shapiro’s voice is quivering in repressed emotion as he discusses this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF8DOS4C2KM
      If you had a son you loved but he was stuck in a relationship where he couldn’t help abusing his girlfriend(and refused to ever discus it), would you advise him to stay with the girl or move on?

      • Joe
        Joe says:

        Sorry that we disagree, Emicho.
        I do not consider your 2-5% figure to be accurate. Jews are a diaspora hive and they are ALL complicit in what their 1% leadership does. They ALL support the myriad of destruction organizations and policies which are tearing apart the nations on which they sup. They ALL support open borders. They ALL support gay marriage. They ALL support leftist political parties and foment, finance and cover up the treasonous fraud that we used to call “elections”.
        No. History proves that there is absolutely no living with this tribe. They are hell-bent on destroying our kind and enslaving the rest. Given this black and white scenario, Nature dictates only ONE solution. Survival of the fittest can be cruel, but it a Law which cannot be “amended”.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          I had the same reaction to Emicho’s comment. In Germany, the ‘people’ wanted to believe that most Jews were innocent (especially the ones they knew), but Jews from every walk of life supported the Jewish collaboration with foreign Jews to damage Germany. They thought they could just bring down Hitler and leave Germany intact. But all Germany’s enemies had different ideas. So all the Jews were dangerous. We have to support our own people and not worry about what happens to the others. They’re sure to be looking out for themselves. Everyone is programed to look after their own interests. It’s the best way. To each his own is the best practice.

          I don’t like emicho’s constant use of the work “satanic” either.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Once you start blaming all Jews for the way their elite operates, doesn’t that mean we are all guilty for the crimes of our elites?
          I don’t disagree all the Jews support their elite and their evil schemes, but the Jew masses are even more brain-washed than we are, they’ve had thousands of years of cruel conditioning.
          I also agree they cannot be lived with, any of them, but that’s just the basic idea Europeans have always had when they kicked them out their territories.
          That is enough. Trying to advocate for some sort of mass murder of liquidation thing just seems utopian and dreamland. It’s never going to happen. No one had more cause to hate Jews than NS Germans(though American are getting there), and even they didn’t consider this.

  26. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    Here is a portion of Varg Vikerne’s latest woe-is-us blast. The remainder is on his Thulean Perspective blog. Never lacking in self confidence, Varg somehow thinks he is safe from the bile and filth, as he refers to the world later in this essay. In any case, he’s correct and I admire his skill with words. Here goes:

    “The world has changed. Not by our hands. Not by our thoughts. Not without our resistance.

    What used to be high ideals are now cast into the deepest mud and trampled on. Light is now darkness. Darkness is now light. Love is now hatred. Hatred is now love. The tallest mountain is now the deepest sea. The deepest sea is now the tallest mountain. All taboos have been broken. All justice destroyed. All truth spat upon. All that was pure has been soiled.

    Like a tidal wave this filth washes over the Earth and defiles all who stand in its way. Mankind is thrown into a pit filled with stupidity, cowardice, perversion, dishonesty, greed, ignorance, mental disease, cruelty, hatred and bile. The end is nigh. [This phrase has a biblical origin; somebody give the church- burning Varg a call.]

    I resisted. Let that be known to all who read this: I did all I could to stop this, using all the means available to me. When I was knocked down, I got back up, and kept resisting. For a long time, I tried to hold back the tidal wave….

    But I was washed away. It was to no avail. It was folly! When I tried to help the others wading around in this sea of shit, I was met with scorn and hatred. They spat at me, called me a “racist” and an “anti-Semite” and other strange name.

    Bruised, injured, weakened, soiled, exhausted and barely able to walk, eventually I waded for higher ground. I made it to a little hill & climbed it. Always looking back at all those I cared for, who remained in the disgusting cesspit behind me. The hardest thing to accept was that they remained there of their own free will. Nobody forced them to. They too could head for higher ground, but they chose not to.

    Rats will always prefer to live in a sewer, I guess.”

  27. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    You know Kevin, the media, even a lot of conservative msm media, deliberately puts a pale over anything pro-USA, pro-white.

    Yes, the results could have been better, but there is still plenty to feel good about.

    Florida. It was only just a few years ago when Florida was on its way to becoming a blue state. As a matter of fact, if Trump had not won the Pan handle in ‘16, he would have lost the election, it was the Florida panhandle that voted Trump and thus because of that, he won the state. DeSantis has now helped to turn Florida blood red. Miami, Dade county even turned red this election. In ‘24, with its 30 electoral votes, Florida could very well greatly help us vote in a Republican President. And talk about secession, one of the reasons that Florida is now a red state is that so many New Yorkers and other big money people have moved there in recent years mainly because of low taxes and laws favoring private property and property protection.

    Out of the 216 candidates that Trump endorsed, only 16 lost. So again, the Jew media is full of crap. Trump was a big winner this election.

    Republicans will most likely take the House. The Senate will probably go to the Dems but only by one, or two members.

    If you look at the electoral maps, you can see that even a state like the one I currently live in, NY, is a red state, oh yes it is. What screws us in the end is the city. Lee Zeldin only lost to Gov. Hochel by 500,000 votes, in a state of over 20 million people, think about that. So, yes, there are millions and millions of white Americans out there who are very conservative, and very angry, voting Republican, even in NY.

    “The message of the dissident right is not getting through”.

    Nah, I disagree with you on that one Kevin. I know that most everyone here cannot stand the blacks, but the Kanye West thing this year was huge for us – huge. He brought the Jewish problem right out into the open to millions upon millions of people worldwide. The Kyrie Irving saga also played a part in that. As it turns out, both the hideous Jew NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, and the Brooklyn, Nets, due to overwhelming public pressure and unhappiness on the bullying of Kyrie by Silver, the ADL, and the Nets, are backing off Irving.

    You are absolutely correct, the media, the education system, pathological altruism, the stupidity of many whites, are problems. That stupidity, dumbing down, is at its roots, caused by Jewish control of our institutions.

    I read an article, I think it was in the Guardian, that many voted for Fetterman because they related to the way he dresses. It made people feel that he was an everyday blue collar person like them and of course, nothing could be further from the truth. You have to remember, that many people, 30 to 40% of the population, vote from emotion, who the TV tells them to vote for, or who not to vote for. The way someone looks, who their social circle votes for etc.

    Will either Trump, or DeSantis, if elected in ‘24 deport millions of illegals? Trump will definitely bring back ICE and deport a lot if he gets in. The jury’s still out on DeSantis in regards immigration but he does seem to be very tough on it. DeSantis is only 44, so let’s hope he is very tough on immigration because it definitely looks like, with his growing popularity and stellar performance as Florida Governor, he is easily poised to become President one day. Eisenhower was able to deport millions of illegal immigrants when he was President.

    All we can do is keep the faith and try not to get discouraged.

    And keep working hard in any way that we can to spread our message. It is our duty to our country and our ancestors and also for the benefits of others.

  28. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Where, among all these valued comments do I find a reference to Biden’s primitive, overt, successful and free party effort to buy votes from state- and bank-indebted university graduates !?

    02 This conjures up images of a bunch of Schumers in conclave : ” Yes, yes, ve can do this just in time to make it appear believable, – then discover, that what’s his name, oh ja, Biden, lacked authority “.

    03 The less than 1% differences between GOP and Demons in Arizona and Nevada, this late, give total credence to the above comment by Noble, in which he explains the technological majic to which the hardware is susceptible, as SOFT NEUTERING. [ Actually rough castration of the US voter ].

    04 Said technology undoubtedly originated with Unit 81 of Unit 8200: components of ” the most moral Army in the world “, serving the Only Democracy in the Middle East : [ in and out of more elections than Italy ].

    05 For a ” full-spectrum attack ” on the west, and it couldn’t be fuller, you need to garner all you can: preferably financef by the targets themselves.

    06 After universal service [draft] several dozens retirees have taken up managerial positions with Google, Microsoft, facebook, etc., themselves directed by their compatriots. 360 degrees !

  29. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    I note Jewish Bankman-Fried who presided over the recent bit coin scam(in the tradition of Madoff and Milken) made massive donations to Democratic candidates comparable to Soros and Zukerberg.
    Both the DOJ and SEC are Jewish controlled now.
    They may protect SBF,
    Tom Brady and other goys were taken/used in a big way,

  30. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Ah. I forgot to mention Ohio. Another swing state in ’16, Ohio, is now solidly red and that means 18 electoral votes for us come 2024.

    J.D. Vance won the Senate seat there. Vance is very conservative and very strong on border security. He’s very young and will hopefully be around a long time. A great V.P. pick for either Trump, or DeSantis.

  31. Cotard
    Cotard says:

    According to Stephen Goodson, these are the reasons to be depressed:

    Central Bank hoax →The concentration of wealth →Fertility

    “When the Government of old Egypt fell, 4 per cent of all the people owned all the wealth. When the Babylonian civilisation toppled, 3 per cent of the people owned all the wealth. When old Persia went down to destruction, 2 per cent of the people owned all the wealth. When ancient Greece fell in ruins, one-half of 1 per cent of the people owned all the wealth. When the Roman Empire fell, two thousand people owned the wealth of the civilized world. Then followed the Dark Ages, from which the world did not recover until wealth was no longer concentrated. Today less than 1 per cent of the people controls 90 per cent of the wealth of these United States.” – as quoted in R. Maguire, “Money Made Mysterious”, American Mercury magazine, New York, 1958, 98.

    No society can survive a false economic system. For any society to function and prosper it is absolutely fundamental that the means of exchange be issued free of debt and interest by the legal authority of the state as representatives of the people in perpetuity.


    The collapse in the birth rate of the developed world.

    At the turn of the twentieth century the White population of the world numbered 590 million or 36% of its 1.65 billion total. In 2016 although that number had increased absolutely to 1 billion, its relative share of the world’s population of 7.5 billion has shrunk to 13.3%. Two fratricidal and pointless world wars over the maintenance of the usury system set this catastrophic decline in motion.

    The following table of fertility rates reveals the inevitability and the near mathematical certainty that by 2100 most of the Whites and a large portion of the Asian peoples of north east Asia will have died out.

    [The accepted fertility rate for the replacement of a population is 2.11]

    A fertility rate of 1.3 would take 80-100 years to reverse, which is well nigh impossible; while historically a fertility rate of 1.9 has never been reversed.

    Moreover the sharpness of the decline in the White population is concealed by virtue of the fact that large numbers of non-Whites, who have much higher rates of fertility, are included in these fertility rates.


    Since World War II ever increasing numbers of married women in the Western world, deluded by the malevolent propaganda of feminism and gender equality, have been forced to seek employment, so that their families can pay the ever increasing amounts of interest necessary in order to make ends meet. Most of this interest is accrued on mortgage loans i.e. on money which banks have created out of nothing. The direct result of this iniquitous financial system has been the undermining of normal family life and a dramatic reduction in female fertility. According to Aaron Russo the Rockefellers were behind this diabolical scheme which was created to draw women into the income tax net, place their children in school at an early age where they could be indoctrinated, destabilise society and set up the New World Order[312]. In this manner the link between usury and demographic decline has been established. Even if the usury system should be abolished in its entirety within the next five to ten years, these trends will not be easily reversed over both the short and medium term. If usury remains intact, then the world must brace itself for a depression, similar to the Dark Ages, which will last for many centuries.

    Deindustrialisation of the United States, United Kingdom and Europe

    One of the primary causes of the ballooning debt bubble has been the suicidal policy of globalisation and free trade, which has resulted in the afore-mentioned partial deindustrialisation of the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. The relocation of industries to third world countries has precipitated a reduction in the manufacturing base of the developed world, structural unemployment of a permanent nature and a widening trade gap. In an attempt to maintain their falling standards of living, consumers in these affected countries have been forced to take on increasing levels of personal debt. Thus in the United States during the 1980s $2.37 of private debt were required to produce $1 of growth in GDP, in the 1990s the figure rose to $2.99, and in the 2000s there was a dramatic increase to $5.67 for each incremental dollar of economic growth – a level which will soon become untenable.

    Stephen Goodson
    from A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind

  32. anon123
    anon123 says:

    If the average white person is less ethnocentric than people from other races, then half of white people are less ethnocentric than that average guy. Is it possible that large minority – or even majority – of whites simply biologically lack sufficient in-group loyalty to survive in global world? Maybe us white advocates are like those naive whites who try to teach Africans to farm and build successful societies. Maybe the biological difference is too big, and we need to give up on this hopeless half of whites who always vote and act against their own interests. In that case the only hope would be separatism, not just along race but between sane and insane whites. Which the anti-white powers will never allow. It is truly starting to feel hopeless.

    • Achilles
      Achilles says:

      I assess what is happening as a natural selection bottleneck which will ultimately improve the quality of Whites. Many of the most deluded and damaged will not have children or will select out through race-mixing, while the most feminine women and masculine men will have the most children. Those trends will have eugenic effects on the next generation.

      That generation will still need resources and information to overcome the antiwhite environment they will live in, and helping to establish those conditions is a virtuous endeavor.

      Perhaps it is better to seek to organize a subset of Whites who are more racially loyal, more objective, less prone to manipulation. There are clearly large numbers of Whites who are also liabilities, apart from how they are programmed. Yes, better education would improve a large percentage of them, but the kids who are inclined to dress up as furries or trannies because of environmental influences are defectives, and a healthy community would buy them a one-way ticket to California anyway.

      In some ways, letting the defectives reveal themselves through this chaos is a healthful natural purging of bad genes.

  33. Rick63
    Rick63 says:

    The enemy wants you to feel depressed. It is a battlefield tactic. Be emboldened to know you are the target. You are the select to do the work of God.

  34. Sam P.
    Sam P. says:

    Everything is a one stop shop, all or nothing for some of you. Ok, fine, Jews are subverting America. True enough. But remind me again…how many Republicans speak out on this? Oh, that’s correct…zero. Zero, gentlemen.

    Oh, but if a black man rapes a white woman, the white woman must be forced to have this baby, on pain of death and being charged with murder. Does this make any sense to you? Yet that’s what you yourselves advocate when you ban all abortion without exception.

    There’s just very little self awareness of the toxicity of your own positions, even as you rightfully name the Jew.

    But like Hitler before you, it’s just not good enough. It’s never good enough. You have to go and invade Russia, because I’m sure the Russians are just going to give in and accept your rule, right?

    First, remove the Jew. Then, remove the thorn from your own eye. If you can’t do that, Democrats will solidify and move from victory and victory. Will you learn?

    But…but…but….women just love being told to have rapists babies! Americans love to march off to wars! Everyone wants to deregulate the corporations so billions can get richer! Americans just love private health insurance bankrupting them for healthcare! And on and on and on.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Welcome to another witless generalizer! Sam P. thinks he possesses insights that everyone else has missed, and he talks as if he has just invented the sociopolitical version of the wheel. He and Captainchaos might be a match made in heaven.

  35. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    G’day Pilgrims,

    Things are not what they seem. This election was allowed in order to confront USans with the reality that their representative Republic doesn’t exist and that their so-called “democratic” governance and electoral system is a sham. THAT is now obvious and USans can start to come to terms with the reality.

    This fraudulent election means nothing except that it will be the last such election. Most USans can now probably see that continuing with the old system is futile and new governance arrangements need to be made.

    As the previous Presidential election was manipulated by foreign as well as domestic US entities, the US military has covertly overseen control of the US since January 2021 and it will now move to remove all traitorous elements in the US polity and arrange for the introduction of a new system of US governance that is free, fair and compatible with divine law.

    Military control and innovative governance initiatives will assuage the underlying disillusionment and anger being felt by a growing number of USans and avoid the risk of widespread violence and civil war. This is being done because the US population has been sooo dumbed down and brainwashed by Talmudic government controllers for many decades that there was no other way to show people the truth.

    Unless the Talmudists manage to pull off a spectacular False Flag or effective covert threat, Trump will signal the change process on 14 November 2022.

    Peace and Blessings,

  36. Courtney from AL
    Courtney from AL says:

    I admit that my position might be naive and might be a minority viewpoint but if Trump continues to make the “stolen election” argument after these midterms I think as many people need to continue to get behind him as possible. The other side can label this whole idea as “ fringe” or “crazy” as much as they want to but that doesn’t make their accusations true. It is obvious that cheating occurred in both elections at this point and probably in both Obama elections as well. Even if elections aren’t our future I don’t think we should be letting this argument rest.

    Fox News can avoid the topic as much as they want but nobody can stop millions of people from repeating it in comment sections under YouTube videos. It is already happening no matter how much they try to censor. I see it all the time even under MSNBC videos.

    I have boycotted Fox News ever since 2020 and I don’t understand why more people don’t do the same. I will also be canceling my subscription to Epoch Times since they are avoiding the topic also and I will be writing them telling them why. I won’t be alone. 99% of the people commenting under the Epoch Times articles are furious that they are avoiding the fraud issue. Don’t plan any vacations in states that refuse to clean up their election process. If more people did things like this then something might actually change.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I have boycotted Fox News ever since 2020 …

      This is a good beginning, but it’s still just a beginning. Many readers of TOO’s articles and participants in its threads haven’t watched television at all for ten, twenty, and even thirty years. Speaking as one of their number, I invite you to cut the cord.

      Television is as much an addictive substance as heroin or methamphetamine and is at least as poisonous as they are. If you switch to methadone, so to speak, you’ve taken a step in the right direction—but don’t kid yourself: you’re still an addict. Kick the habit!

  37. ATBOTL
    ATBOTL says:

    Boomer generation white nationalists have failed by putting faith in a strategy of infiltrating the GOP. That will never work and has held white activism back for decades. The GOP failing is good for white people.

    “All of these percentages should be increased because there are considerable numbers of people who are classified as White but do not identify with the European Christian-derived population—Jews (at least 66% Democrat, “animated by democracy and abortion concerns”), Middle Easterners, etc.”

    We need to support a MENA(Middle Eastern & North African) category on the census.

  38. Stan Wood
    Stan Wood says:

    Thanks for the opinion piece. I’m really disappointed with Trump demeaning DeSantis. That was another gratuitous serving of sour grapes sewing further destruction. The whole election spectacle and outcome was enough to drive a healthy spirit into decline because in reality we are in a slow but effective racial holocaust and those behind it didn’t lose any meaningful ground. Democracy, America, religion; those mean nothing compared to the systematic murder of our race. ANY situation is preferable to slavery and genocide, and Whites need to be collectively open to this concept to survive.

    I agree with what I would call “suicidal White virtue.” For example, I think that teens and young men in Washington State are now being peer-pressured to date other young men posing as women. “We mustn’t be thought of as bigots,” will be our epitaph. This is what a real holocaust looks like, and it’s in every White Western country, unlike other alleged genocide attempts confined to a single area of the globe, none of which actually threatened the total annihilation of a distinct race as the current one does.

    The big message should be “genocide.” We are alone, but we should still demand to know why the violation of international laws prohibiting ethnic replacement is not only ignored, but facilitated by the UN and its member nations, during our holocaust.

    We should be asking ourselves what our limits should be in defense against genocide.

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