Hey, Red States: Ready for Secession Yet?

When I wrote this, six full days after the 2022 midterm election, the situation was still undecided.  The Senate is apparently in Democrat hands again, and the House was “leaning” Republican , although some 19 (!) races are still undetermined.  [Editor’s note: The Democrats have indeed held the Senate, and the Republicans now have been assured of a very slim majority in the House.] But in any case, what we have witnessed here are multiple systemic failures at multiple levels.  The simple fact that so many races have no results even now, over a week after the fact, is itself an indictment of “American democracy.”  But the problems go much deeper than that.  If it wasn’t already obvious, the system is broken beyond repair.  The house is rotten.  New siding or new paint won’t do it.  Down it must come.

But before I get to that, let’s look at a few details of the results.  Even a basic analysis at this point is helpful.  Obviously the anticipated Red Wave never materialized, but there were still a few bright points.  At the moment, according to the Cook Report, Republicans have earned 5 million more votes than Dems in House races (out of about 100 million cast).  This gives them a 51.7% to 46.8% edge in terms of total votes—a significant margin.  If this margin is reflected in the final tally, Reps will hold 225 House seats and Dems 210.  We will see what comes.

Strangely enough, in the 2010 “Obama backlash” midterm, Republicans won by a very similar margin in terms of total votes (51.7% to 45.0%), and yet held 242 seats—a full 17 more than expected this time.  This is an astonishing difference; clearly, new district maps have favored Democrats.  They clearly have profited from the many redistricting initiatives out there.

Also, the current split in the House races is almost the exact mirror image of the last presidential election, where (officially, at least) Biden took 51.3% and Trump 46.9%.  To me, that indeed counts as a ‘Red wave,’ even if it is something less than expected.

In terms of racial categories, as Kevin MacDonald emphasizes, Whites voted 58% Republican, whereas non-Whites went 68% Democrat.  (Among non-Whites, Asians voted 58% Dem, Latinos 60% Dem, and Blacks a whopping 86% Dem).  This is highly revealing.  By significant majorities, Whites see Republicans as their party, and non-Whites see Democrats as theirs.  Bottom line: When Democrats win, non-Whites win.  And when Republicans win, Whites…well, they don’t win (we never really win these days), but at least White grievances can be heard.

And then a few other interesting statistics:  Voters who had a least one gun in their household voted 66% for Republicans—unsurprising, and potentially good news down the road.  And this was some 53 million voters!  Second, a surprising (to me) 27% of voters said abortion was their #1 issue.  (Really?  With all the problems in the country and the world, with your economy a mess, a doddering senile president, and a planet facing potential nuclear war, abortion is #1?)  These were largely incensed liberal women, and they voted 76% Dem.  Third, 53% of voters said immigrants “help the nation” and just 39% said they “hurt the nation.”  (Obviously, the relevant issue at the moment is illegal immigration, but cleverly, the question did not specify.)

What about election fraud?  Was this election, too, “stolen”?  I must admit that I have yet to see compelling evidence for fraud in 2020, but I remain open to the possibility.  And there are already hints of problems now in 2022, but it remains to be seen if these amount to enough to account for the difference in outcomes.  Also, as Tucker Carlson has pointed out, it is highly suspicious that, of the longest-delayed results, Democrats seem to win most of the time—the figure he cited was 77%.  It’s almost like, “Keep counting until the Dem is ahead, and then stop.”  Again, we’ll see where the longest-delayed and closest races shake out this time.  But the example of the Senate is not encouraging.  Of eight tight races there, Dems won four, Reps won three, and Georgia is in a runoff, almost certainly to go Democrat.  That will give Dems five of eight (63%) close races in a national environment that was supposedly pro-Republican.

But my main takeaway from the current situation is this:  Whether there was fraud or not, either way, the outcome is very bad.  If there was sufficient fraud to tip the outcomes, then the system obviously has zero credibility and something approaching a revolution is immediately required.  On the other hand, if all reported votes are legitimate, then that tells us that far too many people were willing to reward the current administration; that they are not terribly upset about record inflation caused, in part, by record federal spending; that they don’t mind funding wars in Europe; that they were not all that concerned with the Covid fiasco that allegedly killed over 1 million Americans and destroyed thousands of small businesses.  (Republican candidates should have repeated over and over: “vaccine mandates,” “mask mandates,” “shutdowns,” “school closures,” “Anthony Fauci,” “Rochelle Walensky,” etc., etc.  Remember those?)  In short, either we have (1) a fraudulent democracy that is literally worthless, or (2) an electorate so bamboozled by the Jewish media machine—and Jewish porn, and Jewish legalized pot—that they can hardly think straight.  Both alternatives are bad news indeed.

The bit of good news, again, is that a strong majority of Whites (58%) could see through the nonsense and propaganda.  This is certainly cause for hope.  But even at that, a Republican vote was really nothing more than “sending a message.”  Even with a true Red Wave, even with a Republican House and Senate, virtually nothing was going to change anyway—partly because of Biden, but mostly because the same corrupting forces hold sway in both parties.

As we know, Jewish donors are dominant funders of both parties.  One recent Jewish study admits that “Jews donate as much as 50 percent of the funds raised by Democrats and 25 percent of the funds raised by Republicans.”  Other sources give higher estimates.[1]  But even these figures are appalling.  Think of it: Of the hundreds of lobbies and special interests out there, a quarter to a half or more of all campaign funds come from a single lobby: the Jewish Lobby.  Guess who calls the shots.  Politicians just don’t pass on that kind of money because, quite obviously, they understand that they can’t be elected by alienating Jewish money. The Democrats are totally and completely sold to the Jews, and the Republicans are only slightly less sold-out.  No matter who won, the Jews win—and Whites lose.

That is the definition of a rigged system: a small, wealthy, corrupt minority wins out over a large majority of the people.  Until that changes, nothing of substance will change.  Even if Trump or DeSantis miraculously wins in 2024, nothing of substance will change.  In fact, the Jews love nothing more than masses of people getting all worked up about “Democrats versus Republicans” or “Trump versus Biden” or “pro-life versus pro-choice” or “pro and con LGBT rights.”  Such issues are wonderful distractions.  They take everyone’s eyes off the ball—the Jewish ball—and put them on relatively trivial side issues.  The main issue, and the only issue that really matters at this point, is:  How will a given candidate address the Jewish dominance and Jewish corruption of our nation?  At every town hall, at every candidate panel and forum, people should be hammering away at their candidates:  What will you do to stop the Jewish Lobby?  Virtually nothing else matters at this point.  And how often did that question come up in the 2022 cycle?  Case closed.

As it is, the situation is hopelessly corrupt.  The system has completely failed.  ‘Representative democracy’ is utterly discredited and worthless.  ‘America’ as a functional nation is dead.  The lowest and most pernicious criminals hold sway at the top, and the nation drowns in Democrat-voting Third-World immigrants at the bottom.  Which party holds the Senate or House is irrelevant.  With anything short of revolutionary action, the nation will sink ever further into the abyss:  economic decline, rising crime, moral degradation at every turn—a wonderful future for your children and grandchildren.

The Only Option

Fortunately, we do have a revolutionary option: secession.  As MacDonald and others are openly stating, secession is now perhaps our only viable alternative.  For myself, I have been advocating such a thing for literally 30 years now; it was clear to me, long ago, that no nation as large and diverse as the USA could be rationally governed.  And worse, that the size and complexity of modern America ensured that malevolent actors would inevitably gain the upper hand—as indeed they have.  I argued this position long ago, and nothing since has made me alter my view.  A breakup of the USA is the only option if we want accountable, responsible, and reasonably non-corrupt government.

In theory, almost any subgroup of people, of almost any size, has the right to secede from their existing forms of government.  If there is any truly inherent human right, it is the right to self-government.  Just as no one is born a slave, no one is born enslaved to their local nation-state.  All people have the right to re-form and re-create their own government—even if it involves violent action.

Here, states are the obvious candidates for secession.  Not only do they have well-defined boundaries, they (some of them, at least) have a long history of independence—in some cases, older than the US itself.  In fact, secessionist movements exist now, and have existed, for a long time; if we can believe Wikipedia, there are at least 14 active organizations: 7 regional groups, 6 states, and Puerto Rico.

This is a good start, but it’s not enough.  There is no reason why all 25 Red States (per the 2020 election) shouldn’t immediately create active secessionist parties.  Red-Staters: you have no good alternativesYou will continue to lose.  Trump won’t save you.  “MAGA” won’t save you.  You deserve better, and you can have better, but not within the current “America.”  You need to go it alone—or with a few other like-minded states.

For practical reasons, the most viable movements will be in border states; it would be tough for landlocked Kansas, for example, to become an independent, self-governing country.  There is a reason that, for centuries, nations have fought for access to oceans and waterways.  Free access to trade routes is vital.

Of the 2020 Red States, 12 are border states (I am including Indiana and Ohio, which have access to the Great Lakes).  Here’s a list of them, along with percent voting for Trump:

  • North Dakota (65.5% Trump in 2020)
  • Idaho (63.9%)
  • Alabama (62.2%)
  • Louisiana (58.5%)
  • Mississippi (57.6%)
  • Indiana (57.1%)
  • Montana (56.9%)
  • South Carolina (55.1%)
  • Ohio (53.5%)
  • Texas (52.1%)
  • Florida (51.2%)
  • North Carolina (50.1%)

Of these, only Texas has an active secessionist movement.  We need all the others to get on board, immediately.  (Unfortunately I do not reside in any of these states, but I would be happy to move, once a serious movement gets going.)  And again, it need not be individual states.  Consortia of states would be more powerful, obviously.  One can envision the power of a unified block cutting right down the middle of the US, if the two Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas all got together to form a single union.  It would be a dagger to the heart of the American Judeocracy.

This last point bears emphasis:  Secession of one or a group of states has a huge, double benefit.  It would bring true freedom and autonomy to the secessionists, and second, it would dramatically weaken the power of the Jewish Lobby to wreak havoc here and abroad.  American Jews rely on the wealth, tax revenue, and labor of a nation of 330 million.  This is where they draw their power.  Secession directly impacts their power in a way that nothing else can.  It would be like chopping off a finger or two from a professional athlete—devastating.

But could it really work?  Would secessionists have a reasonable chance of success?  We can already hear the scare-mongering reply:  “Oh, that will never work!  The army will come down on you in a flash.  They’ll nuke your ass!”  So wait—which army was that?  Oh, right, our LGBTQ+, pregnant-women, trans-Army.  Seriously—our military is so degraded, and our Congress sufficiently conflicted, that they would hardly be able to conduct a significant counterattack.  There would be a lot of bluff and bluster, and nothing to show for it, especially if the secessionist states had their own “well-regulated militia” (remember that silly Constitution?).  Recall those 53 million voters with at least one gun.  That’s a lot of guns.  All the militaries in the world, combined, can’t match that.

“But now you’re talking violence.  No one will go for that.”  Okay—except, every national struggle in history has involved some level of violence.  You don’t get something for nothing in this world.  If you’re happy to be a slave to the Judeocracy, then stay home.  If you want to “live free or die,” then take action.  So far, all action has taken place in the voting booth, and Republicans, and Whites, have been losing badly.  That will only get worse in the future.  The problem is that we are playing on the enemy’s turf.  It’s “home field advantage” for the Jews and the leftist liberals when we rely on elections to solve our problems.  That’s a losing strategy every time.  Now is the time to turn the tables and play on our field: the battlefield.  That’s where we win.

Never forget:  This nation was born in ‘revolution’ and secession.  It’s in our DNA.  Now is the time to reawaken those inborn feelings, and act.

Thomas Dalton, PhD, has authored or edited several books and articles on politics, history, and religion, with a special focus on National Socialism in Germany.  His latest work is the anthology Classic Essays on the Jewish Question: 1850 to 1945.  He has also recently published the definitive critique Unmasking Anne Frank, and a new edition of political cartoons, Pan-Judah! Volume Two. All these books are available at www.clemensandblair.com.  See also his personal website www.thomasdaltonphd.com.

[1] For Democrats, estimates include “as much as 60%” (Washington Post, 13 Mar 2003), “over 60%” (Jewish Power in America, R. Feingold, 2008, p. 4), “as much as 2/3” (JTA, 7 Jun 2011), “80% to 90%” (Passionate Attachment, Ball and Ball, 1992, p. 218).  For Republicans: “nearly 60%” (Passionate Attachment), “over 60%” for Richard Nixon (Israel Lobby, Mearsheimer and Walt, 2007, p. 407).

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  1. John D. Alder
    John D. Alder says:

    Bravo ! For a political movement States Rights is a good slogan to revive. Perhaps pro White states rights parties could form. Independence for Dixie is a good rallying call. It’s way past time to start planning for a replacement system that serves our interests. Trump and Desantis should put a letter U in a circle on their campaign material so everybody will know they are certified kosher.

    • Seekers
      Seekers says:

      But what good would secession do us, really? First, secession means retreat, which puts race realists in a weak strategic position from the very start. (How did that 1860-61 secession work out, by the way?) Second, a lot of Red State yahoos aching for secession are anti-white cucks at heart. They positively love blacks if they can “own the libs” in the process — you know, “Liberals are the real racists.” Hey, it’s not Sha’quan’s fault that he robs or carjacks us. The progressive Left made him that way. Amazing how so many people on the Right fall for this claptrap.

      In my opinion, “conservatives” such as Rich Lowry, Dinesh D’Souza and Jeffrey Lord are as useless if not worse than the Left. “Conservative” blacks would be invited into the new Red State nation en masse, with Christian evangelicals, Mormons and Catholics endlessly flattering themselves over their “rescue” of millions of enslaved blacks who had been trapped on the liberal “plantation.” The Silicon Valley types, moreover, could wreak havoc on our commercial, military and social media software. Cyberspace knows no boundaries.

      Thanks, but secession isn’t for me, mate. We must fight for our country — all 3.6 million square miles of it. No retreat, no surrender.

      • John D. Alder
        John D. Alder says:

        Secession that isn’t based on race and what’s good for the White race would not be worth supporting and a secessionist movement that doesn’t address the jewish question would be of no value as well. I too am disgusted by those who can’t see that race matters and all else is dross.

  2. Richard McCulloch
    Richard McCulloch says:

    I wonder how what should be for us, and certainly is for me, the most important issue, the issue of race, relates to this essay and its proposed secessionist solution. Would the parts of the country that secede have racial as well as territorial boundaries, be nations in the full racial sense and not only in a territorial sense, in short be exclusively White (i.e., European) ethnostates, with non-Whites transferred out of their borders? I can only assume they would, otherwise in racial terms the game wouldn’t be worth the candle, i.e., the result wouldn’t be worth the effort and cost put into it.
    I also wonder why White racialists seem to continue to exclusively conceive of White separatism and racial preservationism in terms of secession without consideration of partition, the alternative concept which I consider far superior in terms of achieving our racial interests while being no more difficult to realize.
    The differences between the concepts of secession and partition are very important. They were important enough to cause a confusing misunderstanding between myself and Sam Francis in a debate we had in the nineties, when he conceived of racial separatism in terms of secession and opposed it whereas I conceived of it in terms of partition and supported it, with the result that we were really disagreeing over two very different things, as we fortunately later realized.
    I address the differences between the concepts of secession and partition in Part 3 of my essay
    “Saving the White Race: The Problem and Solutions” at:
    The following two paragraphs from that essay provide an introduction to the subject:
    “From its antebellum beginnings, separatist thought traditionally centered on the sufficient solution concept of a deportation of non-Whites and their resettlement in another country or countries. Around 1970 there was a paradigm shift in separatist thought that went all the way from a quest for victory to sauve qui peut—from the sufficient solution of a complete deportation of non-Whites to insufficient solutions, usually in the form of a partial White secession, that effectively surrender the far greater part of the White race and its territory. Richard Butler was an early proponent of such an insufficient solution, and his influence caused the concept to focus on a homeland for a small minority of Whites in the northwestern region of the country, with others like Michael Hart, Harold Covington and many subsequent movement writers and activists following in his path. Curiously, the concept of partition, which in its “National Premise” form is a sufficient solution, was passed over by this shift with scarcely a mention outside the pages of Instauration, and remains largely ignored.
    “Judged by the goal of White racial preservation and independence, all secession and similar insufficient solution plans I am aware of share four major flaws. The first is that they are all intended and designed to preserve only a lesser fraction of the White race, surrendering the majority to destruction in the larger multiracial nation. The second is that they are designed to include only a lesser fraction of the national territory (usually where only a small fraction of the White population resides), with the far greater part retained by the multiracial nation. The third is that they allow the still existing and larger multiracial nation to be the continuation of the United States, and still a nuclear and economic superpower with overwhelming military supremacy over North America and possibly effective dominance over Europe. The fourth is that they are cut off from lines of communication with Europe—an indication of their lack of consideration for Whites outside of the U.S.”

    • HamburgerToday
      HamburgerToday says:

      It seems to me that your plan for ‘partition’ assumes leverage we don’t have and demands that the members of the White race who – sadly – will resist being saved will be simply dominated or coerced in some manner that is as unspecified as you argue the ‘insufficient alternatives’ are. If you’re not working from the resources Whites have (or are likely to readily obtain) to achieve incremental goals that lead to your ‘sufficient solution’, you’re doing fantasy, not political strategy.

      What Whites have is akin to an combination epidemiological and ecological problem. A problem in which our ‘safe harbors’ for breeding and nurturing are being attacked by invasive species, disrupting our natural patterns resulting in distortions of behavior and reduced success as a species.

      Our response needs to be in keeping with managing a complex form of attack in the same manner that invasive species and epidemiological ‘pests’ are dealt with.

      The first step is to make our territories inhospitable. Not every territory can be so made, but all the ones that can be made so, should be.

      Lets look at what Whites have already been doing successfully to make their areas inhospitable. One example that stands out is 2A Sanctuary counties (https://sanctuarycounties.com/?amp=1) and permitless carry states (https://www.handgunlaw.us/documents/Permitless_Carry_States.pdf).

      We all know how our racial enemies feel about guns and White people carrying guns and, more importantly, White people using guns. The implementation of a policy of generalized carry is explicitly non-racial, but implicitly – and overwhelmingly – a behavior of Whites (with some highly-assimilated non-Whites who accept White rule).

      This is not the grand project of overtly removing non-Whites from White spaces…yet. However effectively does covertly much of the same things: Drives away invasive species by enhancing the political-social immune system of White rule.

      We need to take instruction from these types of movements to look for other ways to enhance the authority and defense of the White race in North America.

      We have to have a strategy that starts from where we are, not where we’d like to be in 100 years.

      • John D. Alder
        John D. Alder says:

        We can also by way of distributing pro White literature give a town a reputation for being a hotbed of White supremacist activity. Word will get around and certain elements will chose elsewhere to live and fellow White nationalists will move to the hitbed we create.

  3. Natalie Golovin
    Natalie Golovin says:

    Secession will not work – Large Blue Cities in Red States / Prime Real Estate in Red States going to wealthy Blue DemLibs

    • John D. Alder
      John D. Alder says:

      It just might require pitchforks and torches to carve out a nation for White people. It’s worth the effort let’s not end the way Camp Of The Saints ends with us being trampled by the dregs and useless eaters.

    • Jacobite2
      Jacobite2 says:

      I agree with your emphasis on the Left-big city relationship. The only obvious solution would be to attack North Korea with nukes immediately. I assume everyone agrees that any peaceful co-existence with Leftists is forever impossible.

    • HamburgerToday
      HamburgerToday says:

      There are other reasons why full sovereign secession at a state level is problematic, but one of them is not the issue of voting. A state that decides to go it’s own way can have any voting laws it wants. ‘Blue’ voters can be denied the franchise for, say, 30 years. That will make ‘immigration transformation’ of such areas very unappealing.

  4. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    Once a few states got the ball rolling a kind of ‘government in exile’ would be a wonderful thing to see.

  5. Marcus Baskett
    Marcus Baskett says:

    Only if we secede with states and/or nations outside of the “USA” like parts (or all) of Europe, Canada, Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Greenland etc… or at least official endorsements and support because the “democrats” is a mere fumbling dummy front for the UN shadow government that has subversively surpassed in authority and power the governments it used to be accountable to. These are criminally minded people and we of the “good Americans” are dealing with and we must think like they do in order to secure any representative balance. I do agree that the American Constitution is Ours as it appears the leftoid democratic constituency would prefer not to be bothered with it. And so there does seem a built in Ace for our cause because we love and respect the US Constitution and it’s still much more maximum potential to be culturally realized for hundreds of more years at least. All that said however if we just make ourselves smaller with a secession within just the USA we’re fooling ourselves again and thus becoming even more vulnerable than ever after any initial relief from “separation” because we’re dealing with an enemy entity that never sleeps yet depend on comfortable populations in order to thrive in their parasitical gorge. We all know who we’re talking about.

  6. HamburgerToday
    HamburgerToday says:

    Nullification sufficiently applied is virtual secession. Declarations of sovereignty are going to give the enemy a hard target around which they can rally well-meaning Whites who want to ‘preserve the Union’ in some form. We need not give them that propaganda resource to use against us. Also, we need to look at more than just the state level to see nullification at work. There are plenty of 2A Sanctuary Counties and the seemingly they’re going to continue increase in number (and intensity): https://sanctuarycounties.com/?amp=1

    There’s also no reason why select areas cannot simply cease to abide by federal law regarding immigrants or ‘civil rights’ for that matter. We just have to approach the process of exclusion and White rule incrementally, making sure we have the resources to move to the next step.

    • Col. Douglas Mortimer (ret)
      Col. Douglas Mortimer (ret) says:

      You start with laws that expel repeat offenders with specification that they are never permitted to ever return, even if they have family there. In addition, the border states of the new country will all be notified of this expulsion with accompanying documentation related to all crimes perpetrated. All the dirty details. A rigorous border enforcement department would be created. I could go on but you get the drift and this is just one small piece. Thanks.

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      Yesterday, I visited a “community association” of which I’m told there are dozens organized by municipal government in one of the most corrupt and conflicted and least effective at preventing crime and other simple problems like fire prevention and maintenance of quality of life, home equity, you name it cities. All this one and I’ll bet all the rest are seem to be something not unlike safety valves on pressure cookers where those with resources to attend such meetings simply blew off steam which I call majoring in the minors. A police community resource officer spoke and said nothing but got irritated when I asked a couple of penetrating questions that got nods from practically everyone in the room because they pointed out what could have been being organized at such meetings. My guess is that is why government hasn’t shut-down the internet and, instead, is using it for monitoring, targeting. It also has the potential to defuse frustration, anger, and– if we’re not careful– it can diffuse resources the most precious being time.

      That police resource officer was a small non-white woman who mentioned that she arrested homeless repeat trespassers herself and that the new chief of police was working on homeless problems. But she was defensive to the point of rudeness when pressed about how to report, evaluate service, complain effectively, and enforce feedback on response including petitioning, removing and replacing everything from the mayor to her if they a problem rather than a solution. And both the keepers on her handcuff case and her chemical mace (pepper spray, these days) were unsnapped: one was flapping over the grip of her handgun that would have impaired a quick draw– things I photographed. That’s the sort of thing that needs to be pointed out to others less perceptive who pay for such service including salaries and benefits under threat of liens, levies, foreclosure, eviction, and homelessness themselves by moneylenders and its collaborators including developers, Realtors, government, and such associations. It’s not a good way to make political allies of the similarly comfortable. However, the smarter ones recognize the value of paying such a price for prevention, preservation, and restitution. It’s human nature to avoid rather than confront and too many avoid doing their job whether paid or volunteer. Weightbearing strengthens one’s spine.

  7. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    A good concept. The American public, however, does not understand or perceive the insidious Jewish takeover. Bankman – a prime example of nefarious Jewish infiltration of the financial system- will not be punished. His victims were goys: acceptable- even encouraged- per the Talmud. Madoff was pursued vigorously as his victims were largely other Jews: prohibited by the Talmud.

    Publication of the Talmud teachings would help. This will never happen with our Jewish controlled media.

  8. WCH
    WCH says:

    You missed an important point, white men voted red, but single and divorced white women voted blue. Feminism is rotten and at the core of the distruction of the west.

    • Col. Douglas Mortimer (ret)
      Col. Douglas Mortimer (ret) says:

      Too many women are deer in the headlights. Too afraid to see the world for what it is. It is easier to believe the lies than to admit that you have been wrong. Women by nature suffer from anxiety just being exposed to reality.

      • James Clayton
        James Clayton says:

        I’m just learning to appreciate blogging in several of its aspects. I’ve been accused of being a hobbyist by a former membership director– essentially a salesman for one organization that wants financial support. It took time to locate quite a few things including that Taos Land and Film Company and I’d have appreciated an easier to navigate environment: it’s what I hope Elon Musk brings to the party. Here’s one of them: “Feminism” is simply another weapon to liberalize, to Judaize society, community. I don’t believe that posting links to others’ organizations who have done a good job articulating compelling arguments on such problems is negative generally though it may be depending upon an organization’s primary goal which is not necessarily bad. However, at my current state of awareness of which I would appreciate being disabused, my position is not wasting time reinventing the wheel so to speak but considering what the best of us have already written on simple, fundamental problems and let those who don’t want to share this sort of thing without charging money for it can require a paid subscription to access it, e.g.,


        Dr. William Pierce on Feminism – Vanguard News Network

  9. Rev Kev
    Rev Kev says:

    The top of Maine could leave the bottom. It is a red family in a Blue state. It could take Northern New Hampshire.

  10. Ghost-Righter
    Ghost-Righter says:

    There is a way to do this cleanly and quickly without actual state secession and a big legal mess. Using MN as an example, a classic example, all of the blue votes are restricted to the metros. 90% of the rural areas are deep red and ANGRY about their long term lack of representation. The awful problem of young leftists voters has yet to infect these areas and their populations are older. MN counties bordering SD and ND have the right to vote to leave MN and join SD or ND, both states offering 0% income tax. MN even taxes Social Security! The majority of residents of these red counties are on SS now. Considering inflation, voting to become SD saves them a lot of money. It makes financial sense. Why remain in MN? Your vote doesn’t count. You are going to have Somalis forced on your community, and taxed to death for it. IL resident (where SS is taxed) may want to join IA, who do not tax SS. Colorado residents would benefit from becoming Iowans, and Nevadans from becoming Texans. This process holds for half of OR voting to become ID, and this process is already underway there! IT needs to become a national movement of the people, and most counties require very few elected commissioners to make this choice. Not only would this be a monetary gain to seceding county residents, but culturally their vote would count and they would have a representative government. Once the bordering counties do it those bordering them can follow, gobbling up half the territory of MN, IL, CO, NM, OR, etc. Do border people have any sort of state pride? Unlikely given the contrast of their values vs the metros that govern them. The ultimate point of this would be a redistricting of house and senate seats based on populations. Though these counties are sparsely populated enough of them banding together could swing national elections in favor of the GOP reliably well above 60%. And it could be accomplished by the end of Biden’s term if the GOP put all of their effort into making it happen.

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      SEARCH “The power of the county”
      Derived from Latin, posse comitātūs (“force of the country/region”) is sometimes shortened to simply posse from the mid-17th century onward to describe the force itself moreso than the legal principle. … See more
      Start by listening to Part one (1) here and you’ll be hooked studying this:
      https://archive.org/details/theGordonKahlStoryAsToldByDarrellGraf [in three (3) parts]

      encyclopediaofarkansas.net › entries › gordon-kahl-5483Kahl, Gordon (Shooting of) – Encyclopedia of Arkansas
      Sep 01, 2022 · Kahl immediately fled North Dakota, traveling first to Texas and then to Arkansas, where he contacted fellow Posse Comitatus member Leo Ginter for help. By March, Kahl was hiding in Mountain Home (Baxter County) with a seventy-four-year-old man named Arthur Russell, who was also highly distrustful of the government.

  11. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    In the meantime I also know the name of the
    “lady” who asked the guy named Platthaus the
    question about Judaism in the Feiniger “family”.

    “Veronika Fuechtner is Interim Chair of Jewish
    Studies and Associate Professor of German Studies
    at Dartmouth. She also teaches in Comparative
    Literature, Jewish Studies, and Women’s and Gender
    Studies.  She is the author of “Berlin Psychoanalytic”
    and the co-editor of “Imagining Germany”, and “A
    Global History of Sexual Science 1880-1960”. She is
    completing a monograph on Thomas Mann’s Brazilian
    mother and Mann’s construction of race and “German-
    ness.” Her research interests include the history of
    psychoanalysis and sexology, the relationship between
    science and culture, discourses on race and ethnicity,
    German-language modernism, contemporary culture,
    German-language film, and global cultural and scientific
    histories.” https://i.ibb.co/p3xx75T/face.jpg

    (No further questions.)

    ‘Veronika, the spring is here’ was the
    song of a Jewish a capella ensemble.

    Of course (who would have expected
    anything else): “The growing aspara-
    gus can be read as a sexual metaphor.”

    I’d rather listen to my old Nazi
    song about the fishermen of Capri.

    “The Regime of the Charlatan: Political sci-
    entist Claus Leggewie and literary scholar
    Veronika Fuechtner talked about the fasci-
    nating power of charlatans, their techniques
    and the people who surrender to them. The
    figure of the charlatan, who feigns abilities
    and deceives others, runs through the history
    of literature as well as politics. What makes it
    so difficult to unmask and fight charlatans to
    this day? The background foil for the conversa-
    tion is Thomas Mann’s novella “Mario and the
    Magician,” which Mann wrote after a trip to fas-
    cist Italy. Years later, it prompted author Grete
    De Francesco to write her comprehensive study
    “The Power of the Charlatan,” which has recently
    received renewed attention.

    Quote: “Who knows? Maybe some Germans are
    actually sick and tired of the BS so they are play-
    ing some tricks on these jews, just for the laughs
    (‘Oopsies! How silly. Sorry, it won’t happen again’)
    That would be really funny to find out about.”

    As for “tricking the Jews”: they are just too dumb to
    do it, although it is so simple that even a toddler un-
    derstands it. If, for example, the unflattering features
    of a Jewish appearance are to be emphasized, of course
    you don’t say: “What a disgusting prototypical Jew mug!”

    With it one makes oneself attackable in the highest
    measure! Instead, one exaggerates one’s formulation
    by ironically turning it into the opposite, so that even
    the Jews themselves have to smile about it. So one
    says: “What a shapely noble face to fall in love with!”

    If the Jews now claim that this is “irony to hide
    anti-semitism”, then you innocently ask again
    ironically like a child: “Do you mean to say that
    this Jewish face is not beautiful at all? That’s anti-
    semitic! You are insinuating your own anti-semitism!”

    Lies are absolutely legitimate as a weapon against liars.
    If they don’t have noble, honorable and honest intenti-
    ons towards you, you don’t have to have noble, honora-
    ble and honest intentions towards them. It is as simple as
    that. The Jews are slipping on their own banana peel,
    which they had prepared beforehand to bring you down.

    Heidi Brühl achieved the greatest success with the
    title ‘Wir wollen niemals auseinandergehn’ by Mi-
    chael Jary with lyrics by Bruno Balz and Gloria de
    Vos, former wife & assistant of magician Kalanag.

  12. Achilles
    Achilles says:

    I am not opposed to secession, but the Judeocracy’s main weapon is information control and psychological manipulation. This weapon can easily destroy any small, independent nation, including ones that technologically superior to their neighbours, highly ethnically homogeneous, uniquely unified and led by charismatic visionaries like National Socialist Germany.

    The best will always be outnumbered, and if the populations of the Judeocracies that surround you are weaponized with actrocity propaganda about the evil White nation next door, your days are numbered. They will be sending in weaponized robot drones to cleanse the land, or starve you out.

    I think that the best strategy is to fiercely fight for the control of media and finance within the borders of Western countries today. Mobilize the passionate 3% of the population to fight Antiwhitism even more fiercely than the Jews fabricate Antisemitism narratives. We don’t need to have 90% of the population feel fiercely about the issue — we just need the 3% of fanatically committed people to takeover BlackRock shareholder meetings and shame and expose their Antiwhite ESG policies, have Facebook and Google exposed for their Antiwhite algorithms, go after NBC/CNN/CBS/ABC for their Antiwhitism, and make Antiwhitism paired with exposure of Jewish hypocrisy the goal.

    It will still be a brutal fight, people will be beaten and jailed, and some will die in that process, but strategically I think that it is better to win the moral high ground using relentless rhetoric and information, because in the long-run I think that they can simply use information warfare to weaponize the 92% of non-Whites around us to destroy us.

    Our major threat is information war, as that becomes financial and kinetic war, so I think the counter-strategy has to neutralize their weapon, and go on the offensive.

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      Saturdays, there’s not much on AM talk radio I listen-to sometimes when I’m in town and can receive it. They are syndicated via the “I ‘heart’ Radio” smart phone application (“app”). I like to know what they’re wanting us to believe particularly during an obviously scripted drive time program “John and Ken” one of whom is admittedly a Jew. But Saturdays is Leo Laport https://twit.tv/shows/the-tech-guy and, today, surprise, comedian Steve Martin phoned-in with a couple of technical questions, Leo Laport knew all about Martin’s career, and just happened to mention having read Martin’s recent book and made a brief comment about The Holocaust and that Laport was retiring.

      Today, November 19, 2022, they discussed TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and the “tracking” functions, various information collected by their use including users’ locations even when phones are “off”, and the statistics generated including the number of government “requests” for information on that tracking they receive for various reasons. Privacy concerns generally were discussed, belittled, and dismissed eloquently. And, predictably, Leo Laport had no problem with being tracked and neither did his guest. Today’s episode will likely be archived if you’re interested.

  13. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    In the 70’s I used to teach in some of the Embassies in London. It has always amazed me that the Americans have the arrogance to tell nations that are 3000 years old what to do.
    I used to say that the Americans are not a nation but a collection of Cowboys, Red Indians, Negroes, East European Truck Drivers and Academic Wind Bags. I forgot about the Bog Irish and would now have to include Latinos and God knows who else.
    At the end of WW2 Stalin wanted peace. He suggested that the Americans develop the Americas, the Europeans stay in Africa. I forget the rest. The people who control the USA wanted NATO and the Cold War and that is why we are in this mess.

  14. Joe
    Joe says:

    With all due respect, Dr. Dalton… you have to know that (((they))) will follow us wherever we go and continue their guilt-tripping, subversion and overall destruction of our race, culture and mores. Secession is not the answer… we must stand and fight. It starts with NAMING the Jew (as Ye has done) and letting go of any fears of ostracization. There isn’t much time left.

  15. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    Arguably the USA and our world must get rid of the Khazarian Mafia masquerading as Jews if humanity is to be free so that white people and all non-Talmudists in the US and everywhere can live in peace and prosperity. Any lesser action will not permanently eliminate the dystopic mind control and physical enslavement drowning our world in usury, blackmail, corruption, murder and warfare.
    Fortunately, Universe management has decided that enough is enough and organised the Triodity of presidents Trump, Putin and Xi to create a global military Alliance to eradicate the Talmudic problem on this planet. That is being done as we speak.
    Once that is accomplished USans and the peoples of all nations on this planet will be required to take responsibility for governing themselves instead of allowing Jews and their minions and enablers to do it.

    To prevent a repetition of the current financial and political enslavement of humanity, arrangements will be made to ensure that primary responsibility for governance in every nation will be devolved to local community, district and regional councils in which community members will be required to elect local representative members who must be held responsible for implementing local governance decisions in accordance with community wishes. That representative Republican governance model will place responsibility for governance outcomes on local populations who will be able to recall and replace any elected council member who fails to genuinely attempt to appropriately implement the policies upon which s/he was elected.

    Devolving governance responsibilities from centralised national parliaments to local community councils avoids manipulation by outside influences and ensures that those being governed are responsible for any failures in planning, supervision, control and auditing in the performance of projects and services.

    Devolution of governance responsibilities to local councils will eliminate most of the efforts and expenditures relating to centralised parliaments and their bloated bureaucracies. The ability of local communities to fund their own governance, infrastructure and services will be made possible by having each nation issue its own interest free, asset backed money and currency to satisfy the population’s legitimate needs based on the available population’s ingenuity and labour and physical resources. Money would be relegated to its rightful role as a facilitator for the exchange of goods and services and not as an intrinsic source of value to be hoarded and used to manipulate others.

    Once national treasuries issue their own asset backed money and currency in accordance with the dictates of community councils, existing immoral income taxes will be abolished because they will be unnecessary since necessary national expenditures will be funded by issuance of money by national treasuries. THAT will ensure that local communities will retain all of the fruits of their labours and can therefore fund their own local infrastructure and services. Gone will be the days when people can whinge about central governments misusing their taxes and failing to look after them.
    In addition, if necessary, national projects could also be funded by tariffs and, say, a 14% tax on new purchases of nonessential goods. Alternatively a 1% tax on all electronic transactions might be instituted in lieu of a tax on new non-essential goods.

    Peace and Blessings,

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