Jewish Troubles with Uppity Rappers

“[Jews] have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes [their] agenda.”
Kanye West, 2022

“The Jews have a grip on America.”
Professor Griff, Public Enemy, 1989.

The narrator of the opening chapter of William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury is Benjy Compson, a 33-year-old man with an intellectual disability who is very much the embarrassment of his disintegrating family. Compson’s diminished mental capacity, and the ‘stream of consciousness’ manner in which his thoughts and perceptions are presented to the reader, make for an extremely challenging read. The result is that relatively few who embark upon the novel outside of a university setting will persevere and finish it. Those who do finish the novel, and better yet those who re-read it, are however rewarded with the understanding that behind the verbal ‘noise’ of Benjy’s apparent nonsense is an astute and unbiased insight into the motivations and behaviors of many of the novel’s other characters. In other words, despite his limitations, Benjy has some important things to say.

Ye’s Sound and Fury

Faulkner’s difficult novel came to mind during this month’s moral panic, and subsequent attempted financial annihilation, over comments made by Kanye West, now known simply as Ye, on the Jews. West’s comments certainly have a Benjy-esque quality to them, jumping from one observation to another without elaboration or logical progression. It’s probably best recounting them, more or less in the order of utterance:

  • Blacks are the 12 lost tribes of Israel, and therefore the real Jews.
  • It is impossible for West to be described as antisemitic because he is a Jew.
  • Jared Kushner only worked on a peace deal between Israel and Arab nations in order to make money.
  • Ye wished his children had learned about Hannukah instead of “a complicated Kwanzaa,” because Hannukah would at least “come with some financial engineering.”
  • “Jewish people have owned the Black voice. Either it’s through us wearing the Ralph Lauren shirt, or it’s all of us being signed to a record label, or having a Jewish manager, or being signed to a Jewish basketball team, or doing a movie on a Jewish platform like Disney.”
  • “Paparazzi taking a photo of you, you ain’t getting no money off of it. You’re used to getting screwed by the Jewish media. And I’m saying, you poked the bear too fucking long.”
  • “They blocked me out. The Jewish media blocked me out.”
  • “This ain’t a game. Imma use you as an example to show the Jewish people that told you to call me that no one can threaten or influence me. I told you this is war. Now gone get you some business.”
  • “I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE. The funny thing is I actually can’t be Anti Semitic because black people are actually Jew also. You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda.”

While there is a lot of ‘noise’ and nonsense (Blacks as Jews) here, there are also some discernible and perfectly reasonable observations. Through his comments on Kushner and Hannukah, West suggests that Jews have a special relationship with money. Jews have, of course, been at great pains in the many volumes of apologetics and propaganda they have produced for over a century to deny any such relationship. Yet all historical and contemporary sociological data suggest that such a special relationship exists. The fact that Jews worry that widespread understanding of this relationship with money will result in a lowering of their reputation, and possible action to mitigate their success in obtaining and utilizing wealth, does not take away from the truthfulness inherent in the basic fact their privileged position in the West is long-standing, empirically observable, and obvious.

This obviousness is inferred in West’s observation that Jews occupy leading positions in many industries, including the fashion industry, the music industry, sports management and ownership, and the movie industry. West’s claim that “Jewish people have owned the Black voice,” would seem to me not only to refer to Jews profiting from managing Black musicians and seeking their works, but also more subtly to such phenomena as Jews historically taking leading roles in organizations like the NAACP. By far the most glaring comments made by West are those referring to the Jewish power to censor. West talks of “blocking out,” threats and influence against him, and the attempt to “black ball” anyone opposed to Jewish interests.

Whether or not West’s comments are helpful to those wishing for a rise in awareness of these precise issues is a matter for debate. Their presentation in such a ham-fisted and outrageous manner is far from ideal, but this downside may be offset by the fame of people like West (over 31 million followers on Twitter) and, ironically, the fact this kind of communication is relatively well-received and understood by the target audience, the Black population. That being said, few celebrities have come forward to support West. To my knowledge the only person of note is Black comedian Dave Chappelle, who once courted controversy himself for a Netflix special joke about “Space Jews” which jabbed at Jewish brutality against Palestinians. The jury is still out on the utility of West’s comments.

Lessons in Power and Censorship

For me, the biggest takeaway from the Ye outburst and its aftermath is the impressive demonstration of Jewish influence and power, exhibited in the form of censorship. In this regard, it’s important to point out that there have been prior cases of celebrities, and rappers in particular — see the case of Ice Cube, daring to mention the existence of Jewish dominance within the entertainment industry and subsequently being forced into grovelling apologies or, in more extreme cases, into exile. One example worth highlighting, purely because it has so many astonishing parallels with the Ye case, is that of Richard ‘Professor Griff’ Griffin, from the hip hop group Public Enemy, who uttered some controversial remarks in 1989.


In an interview with David Mills of the Washington Times in May 1989, Professor Griff responded to one question by telling Mills he believed “the Jews are wicked,” and that he could prove it. “They have a history of killing black men,” said Griff. “The Jews can come against me. They can send the IRS after me. They can send their faggot little hit men. I mean, that don’t move me. Listen, they have a history of doing this.” Griff supported his comments with references to Henry Ford’s “The International Jew,” and added that he’d obtained his knowledge of Jewish history from the Nation of Islam’s historical research department. Griff, like the other members of Public Enemy, belonged to the Nation of Islam. As the interview with Mills progressed, he further alleged that “The Jews have their hands right around (President) Bush’s throat. He won’t make the wrong move. You understand what I’m saying? The Jews have a grip on America.”

As with Ye’s comments, the emphasis here is on Jewish power and control, over the lives of Black people but more generally over the entire nation. Retribution was swift. Griff was labeled a “stone-cold racist” by Lyor Cohen of Rush Management, perhaps the most influential hip hop manager of the period (Cohen later moved to Warner, but is now YouTube’s Global Head of Music). Although Rush had been founded by Russell Simmons (a Black man whose other ventures involved a close partnership with Jew Rick Rubin), Cohen slowly assumed almost total leadership before handing control of the holding company for all Rush’s entertainment assets to fellow Jew Todd Moscowitz. Cohen’s other protégé within Rush was fellow Jew Julie Greenwald (Cohen was himself the protege of Jewish music moguls Jerry Moss and Herb Alpert). In fact, Cohen was part of a long history of powerful and often exploitative Jewish networking in Black music that has been “whitewashed” in every sense of the term. Take, for example, the following description of Cohen from a 2001 Rolling Stone article:

In these years, he has grown into perhaps the most powerful white executive in an African-American business. The history of rock & roll is, of course, riddled with pioneering white record men who built careers recording and, sometimes, exploiting black artists: Morris Levy, that burly, cigar-smoking product of the Brill Building, allegedly stealing writing credits from Frankie Lyman; Herman Lubinsky, the founder of Savoy Records in Newark, New Jersey, throwing around nickels as if they were manhole covers. But Cohen – Cohen is something different. [emphasis added]

Cohen, Levy, and Lubinsky — just your average “White” guys.

In the immediate aftermath of Professor Griff’s May 1989 comments, Lyor Cohen announced the full disbandment of Public Enemy. A few days later, however, Cohen decided to reinstate the band on condition that Griff be removed. It then fell to another “White” music mogul, Def Jam records publicist Bill Adler, to announce that Griff would be fired from Public Enemy.

Whose body language indicates dominance and submission? Jewish Def Jam Records publicist Bill Adler introduces Rapper Chuck D, left, of Public Enemy, as the latter prepares to bow to pressure and fire bandmate Professor Griff for making anti-Jewish remarks, June 21, 1989.

Not only did band member Chuck D make a grovelling apology on behalf of Professor Griff, but he also made what was presumably a much more acceptable call to arms (at least to his Jewish superiors) when he said that “the problem is the system of white world supremacy.”

In a 2020 interview, Griff explained he felt like he was “thrown under the bus” by Chuck D, and that Chuck D didn’t want him out of Public Enemy but that the heads of Def Jam, in league with “Jewish groups like the ADL,” put pressure on Chuck D to kick him out of the group. Chuck D was reported to have had an angry outburst after the public firing of Griff, and in Public Enemy’s first single after the episode, “Welcome to the Terrordome,” he exorcised his frustrations, drawing more criticism from the ADL, which deemed the lyrics antisemitic: 

Crucifixion ain’t no fiction
So-called chosen frozen
Apology made to whoever pleases
Still they got me like Jesus.

Bill Adler later said of Griff’s comments, “It wasn’t just a PR nightmare. It affected me personally because I’m Jewish and I didn’t like the idea that one of our groups was spouting these anti-Semitic comments. It was upsetting to me.” Adler explained that he called Griff in for a discussion but was dismayed that Griff appealed to “a book written by Henry Ford.” Rather than debunk Ford’s work, Adler began to describe the manner in which Ford had created two Detroit suburbs, one for White workers (Dearborn) and the other (Inkster) for Black workers. In other words, Adler tried to deflect Griff’s animosity away from the Jews, and towards Ford/segregation/Whites, even going so far as to tell Griff “[Ford] would have gladly upholstered his cars with your Black hide as well as my Jewish hide.” Griff replied, “Bill, I can’t help it. It’s in the book.”

Griff’s refusal to bow to Jewish pressure in 1989 led to career annihilation. Public Enemy later quietly attempted to reintroduce him into some form of participation in band activities, but were condemned by then ADL chief Abe Foxman who accused Public Enemy of a “repugnant charade characterized by cynicism and disdain for the public.” Public Enemy responded by releasing a track called “Swindler’s Lust” in 1999 and by forming “Confrontation Camp,” a short-lived spinoff project that put Griff in a starring role. But Griff never fully recovered.

In recent years he’s more or less taken to begging Jews to forgive him. According to an article in The Forward:

Ambassadors from Jewish organizations said in recent interviews that they simply do not think Griff has made the proper admission of guilt required for public forgiveness and re-entry into the world of mass culture. But in a series of conversations over the last several weeks, Griff told me that he is still seeking that cultural passport, and vindication for having his life “destroyed” by being labeled a Jew-hater. He said he would do whatever it takes — but that the Jewish world won’t let him. “I’ll go to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Black Power movement center, the Black Lives Matter, the White House, and I’ll apologize everywhere I need to apologize,” Griff told me. “They will never be fucking satisfied. … You can go fucking do back flips, apologize to until the fucking cows come home. You will always be antisemitic.”

 Jews Fear Black anti-Semitism

While Jews are obviously desirous and capable of snuffing out any and all criticism, they are particularly sensitive to influential examples from the Black population. In Separation and Its Discontents, Kevin MacDonald identifies the key themes of anti-Semitism as including an understanding that, speaking in general terms, Jews

  • represent a separate and clannish foreign group with their own set of interests;
  • are highly adept at resource competition and have a tendency towards economic domination;
  • tend to engage as cultural actors in order to shape non-Jewish culture to suit Jewish interests;
  • form a cohesive political entity that seeks politically dominant roles in non-Jewish societies;
  • possess negative personality traits, including the pursuance of a system of dual ethics in which non-Jews can be treated badly and exploited;
  • are disloyal to the host nation in all fundamental and meaningful ways

Among Black expressions of animosity toward Jews, the same themes can be observed, arising first from more modest economic conflicts and, as such, having something more in common with the complaints of the early modern European peasantries. Horace Mann Bond, in his own 1965 reflections on “Negro Attitudes Toward Jews,” comments on the fact Jews historically appeared in the African-American environment overwhelmingly as pawnbrokers, as monopolists of the liquor trade (“The Jews have a stranglehold on the liquor stores in this town”), as the primary sellers on credit of clothing and other essential items, and, perhaps most crucial of all, as the slumlord and property dealer (“Some Jews have bought up that urban re-development land and are putting up shoddy apartments they call “Nigger housing” on it”).[1]  In 2016, local news website Patch published a list of the 100 worst slumlords in Harlem, with the top ten including seven Jews (Mark Silber, Adam Stryker, Joel Goldstein, Marc Chemtob, Moshe Deutsch, Solomon Gottlieb, and Jason Green), a representation that has remained roughly constant every year, with Jews persistently claiming top ranking for building violations, rodent infestations, lack of maintenance, exploitative rent, mold, and other forms of building decay injurious to health. Indeed, this situation has at times resulted in considerable embarrassment to Jews.

Indeed, it is the sheer dominance and proximity of the Jews as primary exploiters of Blacks that has often caused a quite radical break in the Black imagination between perceiving wholesale “White oppression,” and the more nuanced understanding that Jews are a distinctive class unto themselves. Moreover, the reality of day-to-day interethnic exploitation leaves little room for abstract apologetic theories of anti-Semitism, since the problem is never that Jews arouse hostility merely on account of their religion or identity, but rather that Jews arouse hostility because of their behavior within certain ecological contexts (i.e., as a dominant clique within the rap scene). As Bond explains,

It is my considered view that Negro attitudes and actions towards Jews that are frequently interpreted as “antisemitic” actually lack the sinister thought-content they are sometimes advertised as holding. The occasional riots against small businessmen and landlords in Harlem — persons who may happen to be Jews — do not, in my opinion, actually possess the “classic” emotional load of aggression against a Jewish “race” or “religion,” that has been considered the essence of antisemitism.

One of the most prominent Jewish strategies when discussing Black anti-Semitism is the attempt to preserve both Jewish and Black senses of victimhood, and thus preserve the idea of an alliance against an allegedly oppressive White society. So it was hardly surprising for me to hear that Bill Adler’s first approach to Professor Griff involved a quite ludicrous attempt to turn him against the ‘racist’ Henry Ford.


The very existence of a Black anti-Semitism is highly disruptive to established victim narratives which deny the privileged status of Jews as a wealthy and influential elite within Western society. While White anti-Semitism can still be portrayed (thanks to endless propaganda) as a top-down form of oppression directed against Jews, Black anti-Semitism flips the narrative since a received wisdom of modern culture is that Blacks are the most disadvantaged ethnic group in society. When Blacks “punch up” and the target is Jews, the only available solution to Jews is censorship. Blacks who grovel enough, and with enough sincerity (like Nick Cannon and Ice Cube) will be rehabilitated through Holocaust tours and such, and their apologies will be widely broadcast as a form of propaganda literature in its own right.

But those who don’t, like Professor Griff, will have their careers destroyed and they will vanish from the cultural spotlight. It may even be worse than that. In a remarkable incident covered by Tucker Carlson, Jewish trainer Harley Pasternak even threatened to have Kanye West drugged and institutionalised: “You go back to Zombieland forever.” The future of Kanye ‘Ye’ West is currently uncertain, but will undoubtedly be dictated by the extent to which he apologizes to his masters.

Lyor Cohen and Kanye West

[1] H.M. Bond “Negro Attitudes Towards Jews,” Jewish Social Studies, Vol. 27, No. 1, Papers and Proceedings of a Conference on Negro-Jewish Relations in the United States (Jan., 1965), 3-9, p.5.

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    • K M Landis
      K M Landis says:

      That’s a good cartoon. It illustrates the truth. Jews use Blacks as a weapon against Whites. It’s one of many such weapons, to destroy us, as they did to Russia under Communism.

  1. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    We have to wonder if this sudden outburst of black “anti-semitism” (include Candace Owens) is all engineered by Jews. According to the research of Eric Striker, Owens was discovered and groomed by a Jewish pornographer and “talent scout”. Like so many of the “young Republicans,” she is an actress handled by Jewish agents. So might Kanye and Kyrie be.

    • Corinne
      Corinne says:

      This trope that everything is Jewish controlled opposition is literally just repackaged Zionism. Jews are just people. They practice the most ardent ethnocentrism on the planet, while hypocritically condemning everyone else (especially and almost exclusively gentile Whites) when they do the same. Stop believing this blackpilled fatalism. If anything I would expect a Zionist to astroturf LARP as a “White nationalist” spreading such a defeatist myth.

      • Luke
        Luke says:

        “jews are just people”?

        These jews who are a tiny, minuscule minority in the Western world have managed – despite being massively outnumbered by Whites – to have taken over TWO large White European founded nations in the span of a little over 100 years (Russia, now the USA).

        And, this does not overlook or cast doubt on the fact that these same jews have managed to seize control of Germany, England, France, Canada most other White nations on the European continent, as well; as Australia. With the possible sole exception of Hungary (Victor Orban himself is ardent jewish toe licker), you cannot name any historic White European nation who’s leaders are not under the control of jews and helping jews to destroy their own nations.

        This is the wrong website to visit if you wish to shovel rancid jewish manure.

    • K M Landis
      K M Landis says:

      That sounds far-fetched. Jews have over-reacted against Kanye West with a DEFCON-1 level of hysteria, as they did against Richard Griffin in 1989. If he were just their tool, they wouldn’t attack him with such unmitigated ferocity.

      This article describes how some Blacks know from experience that they are just tools in the Jewish war against the White race.

      • Caribbean gal
        Caribbean gal says:

        Well as a Caribbean Black woman
        I don’t like these people at all.
        I know they used Black-Americans as pit-bulls against Whites.

        The same way they used the U.S. as a bully to destroy other countries.

        I also know they don’t want Black and White -Americans to get along

        You can see that by their media.

        I have been praying since 2010 for their exposure to the American people.

        It’s slowly happening
        Wake up Americans.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Of course we have to remain vigilant. Which is not the same as evidencing that Hitler was owned by the Jews.

  2. Flavia
    Flavia says:

    This is a finely crafted piece. Using “The Sound and the Fury” as the example of how nuggets of truth can be embedded in an incoherent delivery is quite excellent, far better than the tired cliche, “out of the mouths of babes,” which is insulting and patronizing.
    I had no idea that this incident in 1989 had occurred. It would appear that this bullying has gone on for some time without comment. In fact, this incident with West has prompted me to reconsider the episode of John Galliano’s banishment from Dior. Here we had one of the world’s greatest designers, head of a major Paris fashion house, caught on video in a bar drunkenly rambling on about his Jewish customers. His forced exit from Dior was swift. And for what?

  3. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    It is a historical fact that the Ashkenazim (who comprise nearly all the world’s Jews) are not a Semitic people and their ancestors never set foot in ancient Palestine.

    There are a number of excellent writings on this. Perhaps the best is Arthur Koestler’s book titled ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’. IMO it should be required reading for every Christian.

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      I beg to differ. The population genetic evidence, the history of Jews spreading north to Germanic areas in the ancient world, and cultural evidence (Yiddish as a Germanic offshoot) indicate otherwise. See Separation and Its Discontents.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        KM, you err. Several years ago an msm Iraeli daily featured a well-researched and sourced article, proving that German, to the contrary, is an offshoot of Yiddish.

        Prior to this cultural improvement, we Germans grunted, elbowed, gnarled, threw our blonde locks over our shoulders in disgust and threw rocks at polyamorous females if dinner was not yet ready in the depressions in the ground.

          • charles frey
            charles frey says:

            Of course it is garbage, but apparently I lost my talent for sarcasm.

            It is yet another self-aggrandizing Jewish asininity. Next they will claim, that Nigerian Pidgin English is the source of the King’s English.

            When you replied, that you ran it by H.H., who left us six years ago, which was about the time I initially ridiculed their erudite article here, I wondered whether that was a result of my comment.

      • Lord Shang
        Lord Shang says:

        If you should happen to see this comment, I would love your opinion as to why, in terms of evolutionary or genetic history, European Jewry generally looks whiter than its Middle Eastern co-ethnics. Are the Mizrahi Jews actually equivalent to the Biblical Jews? If so, who are the Ashkenazim? Basically, I’m asking whether “white” Jews (and Lord do I know a lot of them!) are actually genetically white (and thus persons whose ancestors at some point must have been brought into Judaism)? Or, conversely, are the “true Jews” (the Bible ones) actually more or less “white”, with the swarthier “Oriental Jews” being merely historical converts to Judaism (as I think Arthur Koestler argued)?

        I have wondered about this all my life, having grown up around a lot of Jews most of whom insisted they were “white”, but only religiously different from the majority of whites.

    • Caribbean gal
      Caribbean gal says:

      If you Revelation 2:9

      It tells you about these fake joos being liars, their father being Satan and they are of synagogue of Satan.

      They are not semitic at all
      They are the true anti- semite since the are killing the Palestinians who are actually Semetic.

  4. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    Heidi Brühl achieved the greatest success with the
    title ‘Wir wollen niemals auseinandergehn’ by Mi-
    chael Jary with lyrics by Bruno Balz and Gloria de
    Vos, former wife & assistant of magician Kalanag.

    Heidi at the side of Jew actor Columbo.

    Her American husband could even answer
    yes or no questions – not only at the wed-
    ding altar, but also in television interviews!

    He must have had a soft spot for Germans,
    Heidi was already his second Frauleinwifey.

    “He now resides in Laguna Hills with fourth wife
    Victoria, granddaughter of (((Alexander Korda))).”

    The guy is amazingly fit and mentally agile for his age.

    While Mister Halsey was non-stop imperso-
    nating “Americans” in Europe, this guy was
    non-stop impersonating “Nazis” in America
    (in mostly “Jewish” productions, of course).

    This is said to have been, in the estimation of
    the two Americans who run the YouTube chan-
    nel “Spaghetti Westerns Podcast”, the best Ame-
    rican sphagetti hero. He is said to have cut his
    throat in the hotel bathtub because his lover left
    him (another typical Jewish panic misbehavior).

    “His parents were German or Austrian.”
    However, his physiognomy (and last na-
    me) rather point to a Jewish background.

  5. Empty Phrases
    Empty Phrases says:

    “It is never about ‘truth’, but accuracy”, David Irving quoted another historian. In “truth”, this is the devil within. The Jews claim that there is no unambiguity at all, everything would be merely “relative” (Einstein). Well, if Americans are not true Europeans, African Americans are not true Africans, then what are “American” Jews?

    “’False Jews’: A Study of Performa-
    tive Identities in German Literature”

    You have to activate the (very
    poor) automatic translation.

    I find the whole matter of Jewishness/Judaism extremely questionable. Why is this topic so dominant to this day that our entire existence seems to revolve around it? There is not a day when we do not learn about “anti-semitism” and “Holocaust” from the media and “educational institutions”.

    I once read years ago that in Hollywood at least one in three “celebs” who claim to be Jewish are in fact not Jewish at all, but only pretend to be so to the public for personal gain. So anyone who “credibly” claims to be Jewish already holds the key to (world) fame and fortune, so to speak. Why is this (actually pathological) situation now the normal state in our societies?

    For example, Mr. Harvey Keitel bears an ancient German name that has no connection at all with Jewishness. Although there are even a handful of people of this name in Israel. The face of this “Harvey” undoubtedly bears Slavic, I would like to say Russian features with a strong Central Asian influence (round heads, almond-shaped eyes, see also Putin). Are we dealing with Kazars in these fake Jews?önes_Schlamassel

  6. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    ” In other words, Adler tried to deflect Griff’s animosity away from the Jews, and towards Ford/segregation/Whites…”

    In almost all cultures it is despicable, cowardly and considered childish to accuse others of one’s own misdeeds, but for some it is a well-established habit. Like slavery, which is always blamed on whites, while the biggest slave traders throughout history have been the Semites, and especially a certain tribe…

  7. Achilles
    Achilles says:

    Jews have effectively used Blacks as a weapon against Whites, returning the favour would be fantastic.

    I’ve noticed a degree of criticism in the Dissident Right for people supporting or promoting Ye’s Jew Noticing, but in my view it is fully worth endorsing and amplifying. There are far too few moments to notice Jewish Power in the popular culture, and as Jewish Power is actively trying to destroy ethnic Europeans and Western Civilization the strategic priority should be on shattering Jewish Power, and using every part of humanity that will cooperate in that cause.

    Jew-Wise Blacks are good allies in undermining J Power, as are Jew-wise Muslims. Both groups have completely legitimate grievances from Jewish exploitation and destruction of their communities.

    It is not necessary to also capitulate to antiwhite narratives like multiculturalism or diversity to simply add fuel and support to Black attacks on J Power.

    It also led to Black cryptocurrency journalist Isaiah Jackson noticing that the FTX implosion was all Jews, and he got fired for noticing and supporting Ye as well.

    • K M Landis
      K M Landis says:

      Are you saying that Sam Bankman-Fried happens to be Jewish? And are you saying that the rest of them at FTX are Jews also? That must be just an amazing coincidence.

      • Achilles
        Achilles says:

        When I wrote that “the FTX implosion was all Jews” the most reasonable interpretation would be that I am attributing the pattern to Jewish ethnocentrism, not to coincidence.

        Which would also be supported by everything else in my comment, which is calling for White people to coordinate to defeat Jewish ethnocentrism. As is the link I shared.

        I am also of the opinion that Whites are best off being selective about which Whites they choose to build alliances with. Not every White person is an asset, some are liabilities. Lower IQ or socially defective Whites might drag down a movement.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          “Not every White person is an asset . . ”

          That’s an understatement. Most whites are totally-oblivious-to-their-doom peasants. Plus your AWFLs for example are even worse enemies to whites in general than Jews. Then you have your broken(by their mothers), beta-male whites who spend their life simping to our AWFL’s. Then young females(blameless/victims) who imitate and are the future AWFLs.
          Nothing against white nationalists but even some of them can lose the plot and become feminists, vaxxers, Ukraine-Democracy-Warriors or obsessive anti-Christians.
          Can anyone name a future time when white people won’t be crippled by all these negatives in our ranks?
          I can’t see it happening which is why white nationalism is utopian to me.
          ‘The Jews are our misfortune’, they are the beating back heart of darkness at the root of all our troubles. We should ally and support any race religion or creed that is awake to the J.Q.

  8. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    That’s an interesting account of the 1989 expulsion of Richard Griffin (Professor Griff) from Public Enemy by the Jews of Rush Management (Lyor Cohen) and Def Jam (Bill Adler).

    They are OK with attacking Whites, and they encouraged Chuck D to say that “the problem is the system of white world supremacy.” He didn’t get fired for saying that, despite its falsehood. But any critique of Jewish supremacy provokes a DEFCON 1 attack, such as their reaction against Richard Griffin.

    While any blood libel against Whites is allowed and encouraged, telling the truth about Jews is a firing offense. For the Jews, Whites are enemy #1. and Blacks are merely their tool.

  9. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Excellent piece by Joyce.

    Ye has it about right. African slaves transported by Portuguese Jewish ship operators did not, however, practice Judaism.

    Kushner via Trump did walk away with several billion in Arab bailouts and cash as a White House operative on their behalf. There has been no attention to this by the US Jewish media. Exploitation of the Arabs -and any other non Jewish group- is viewed as positive: a win.

    Kevin is correct re: the Ashkenazi. They are Euro-Jew hybrids. As such they have much higher IQs than the indigenous Jews and Arabs of Palestine.

  10. Karl
    Karl says:

    One problem with Kanye West and other critics of Jews is that they speak off-the-cuff with points that Jews can easily attack.

    I wish that Kanye would consult an expert and come up with a better campaign.

    Maybe someone can get to Kanye and give him better talking points. Kanye needs a script.

    There are factual things one can say about Israel and the Jewish lobby that are hard for Jews to refute.

    Here’s are small examples of things Kanye and others can say:

    “Why are we constantly bombarded by media outlets with films and all kinds of information – reparations, hate laws, obituaries, vandalism, memorials etc. – about the Holocaust but rarely other genocides? There are no other genocides to talk about or make lots of films about? Is this not selfish of Jews and their gentile minions?”

    “Why is there is a highly disproportionate amount of news about Israel? What makes that small country so darned newsworthy? Frankly, what is so wonderful about Israel that it deserves all this PR? Nothing!”

    “Why has Israel supported ISIS?”

    “Why are certain ‘Christian’ organizations in America so hung up on supporting Israel? Christians in the Middle East are worthless people and do not deserve the sympathy of (among others) so-called ‘Christian conservatives’ and big-talking Christian Republicans and other loudmouth mega-church Christians?”

    I could go on and on. Be as intelligent and factual as possible. Don’t let Jews label you as ignorant. Speak and right tactfully.

    Kevin McDonald’s books are a good source too.

  11. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    Tim Folkesays:
    November 19, 2022 at 8:06 am
    It is a historical fact that the Ashkenazim (who comprise nearly all the world’s Jews) are not a Semitic people and their ancestors never set foot in ancient Palestine.

    I agree.
    Although the Levites may have learned about the money meme and money manipulation in Babylon, Christ Jesus said that the Talmudic Pharisees ‘said they were Jews but were not’. The Pharisees seem to have emerged from Canaanite origins, and were probably responsible for spreading the money meme and proliferating fraudulent money changing, long after the Levites, Judahites and Benjamites were eliminated by the Romans and Muslims.
    That appears to have been the opinion of Eustace Mullins who wrote:
    ‘The Babylonian Talmud says: “Five things did Canaan charge his sons:
    love one another, love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and
    do not speak the truth” – The Last Will of Canaan, Babylonian Talmud,
    Peshachim 113b.
    These five points have been the modus operadi of the Canaanites for
    three thousand years. “the Will of Canaan today remains the operating
    instructions of the Canaanite heirs, who presently control the World
    Order. At the same time, it remains unknown to the peoples whom the
    Canaanites continue to rob, enslave, and massacre.” The instructions
    are a command to commit genocide against the people of Shem (Genesis

    The implication is that the Talmudists derived from the Canaanites which would be consistent with their Satanic Ritual Sacrifice (SRA) practices, especially their torture and killing of babies and children, and their practice of cannabilism and extracting adrenochrome from children.

    Arguably the Khazarians who were certainly not “Jews”, adopted Talmudism in the 9th Century AD becoming the neo-Pharisees. Arguably they now represent those who say they are Jews but are not.

    The Khazars converted to acceptance of the Talmud and Torah because it plausibly mirrored their murderous barbarism while cloaking it in pseudo religious rituals.

    They had to do that to placate their neighbours, the Rus, the Muslims and the Byzantine Empire, because their overtly murderous empire was no longer being tolerated and faced invasion if they didn’t. Their barbarity and bad faith continued however and so the Rus (the nascent Russian empire) and the Byzantine empire combined to eliminate the Khazarian empire in the 10th and 11th centuries. The Khazarian ruling class dispersed heading north west towards modern day Poland and Germanic lands where they morphed into the Askenazis that, because of their ethno-centric nepotism and hatred of the Christian Rus and Byzantines who destroyed their empire, lived in in apartheid shtetls and enclaves which enabled their leaders (rabbis) to mind control and hence dominate the Khazarian mass population from cradle to grave. That tyrannical collectivist ideological mechanism has become apparent in our wider world as the Ashkenazis have created various ideologies notably, Capitalism, Communism, Bolshevism, Fascism, Nazism and neo-Marxist Wokeism which they have imposed on various areas of global society.

    Before Khazaria was dissolved they were known ln Europe and Asia as the name stealers (See eg: The new jew question

    And See: Space Aliens –
    because they used to provide hospitality to travelers from both the east and the west, learn all about them and their business and then murder them, steal their belongings and pretend to be them and carry on their trade and defraud the murdered traders’ contacts in neighbouring lands.

    Because of their trading skills and knowledge, and because they harboured fierce hatred for all non-Khazars, and lived apart in tight knit shtetl communities repelling and pillaging outsiders, Khazarian leaders were able, over centuries, to mind control the ordinary members of their communities. That enabled them to act cohesively within other societies such that they became very distinctive (the Pharisees’ use of “goyim” and related terminolgy and their ethno-centric collectivist ideology greatly facilitated this tribal indoctrination and enabled their leaders to become rich and competent in the manipulative arts which they then practiced on Christian and other non-Khazarian societies.

    The neo-Pharisee Khazars didn’t adopt the name ‘Jew’ until around 1775 when they started their overt campaign to dominate Europe and the whole planet.The term did not exist prior to that time.

    Today the neo-Pharisee leaders of those who call themselves Jews still adhere to the Talmud but most of them are of Khazarian origins. The Khazars nurture a deep seated albeit concealed hatred of Christians and especially of Russian Christians because the Rus destroyed their empire and scattered their tribe in the 10th and 11th centuries. Russia’s SMO in Ukraine is finally putting an end to that episode.

    For centuries the Khazarian tribal leadership fostered it’s ethnocentric hatred of all goyim in their followers by isolating them in shtetls and apartheid community situations where they could clandestinely use mind control techniques to foster that hatred of all ‘others’ from birth to death.

    Arguably Talmudic ideology was and still is designed as a brain washing socio-political control mechanism. Jewish leaders are indoctrinated in Talmudic ethnocentric, genocidal ideology from cradle to grave and impose it on the rest of the “tribe”. That ethnocentricity and its inherent collectivist nepotism has garnered enormous financial, political and social success for those who say they are ‘Jews’. While that situation is maintained by the Talmudic Khazarian, i.e. non-Semitic, controllers of global Jewry, (both the Bolshevik NWO globalists and the Zionist, Israel Firsters) the brain washed general Jewish population will remain in the fold. Why not? After all, the educational, vocational, financial and political rewards of covertly not assimilating to the rest of humanity appear to be very substantial.

    Those who say or think that they are ‘Jews’ falsely believe they are because they have been mind controlled, often from birth, to accept that status. Arguably huge numbers of those who think they are Jews although they are not Talmudists and haven’t been thoroughly indoctrinated into Talmudic ideology, actively promote their “Jewishness” because of the social, educational, vocational, financial and political advantages they accrue from that status. In other words, most ‘Jews’ are not guilty of the crimes of their Talmudic leaders.
    Arguably also, a large portion of the general Jewish population that are either not sayanim or hasbara, or even if they are, ‘only ‘go along’ with the directives of their Jewish leaders in order ‘to get along’, just as, for example, most USans and Brits and “Five Eyes” populations fund via taxation, and otherwise ‘go along to get along’ with their leaders’ invasions and other war crimes in foreign nations on the other side of the world. Arguably most people, whether they are goyem or think they are Jews, ‘know not what they do’; but they are still culpable for their apathy, ignorance and cognitive dissonance although not consciously murderous or ‘satanic.’

    Apparently most people who profess to being ‘Jews’ don’t realise that they are not genetically descendants of Shem but rather most of them have Japhethian, ie Khazarian genetic origins. Apparently a much smaller number of people who think that they are ‘Jews’ have Separdic or other ancestral origins. Some “converts” are still accepted. It is widely accepted today that virtually no people who say they are ‘Jews’ actually have significant Shemite DNA; nor were their ancestors Hebrews or Israelites. Most ‘Jews’ don’t know that let alone understand what it means.

    The Pharisees (while they existed as such) and the neo-Pharisees, i.e. the Khazarians who, in the 9th century embraced the Talmud and Torah and the trappings of the Pharisees’ tribal religion in order to pretend that they were changing their murderous and barbaric ways.
    Their Khazarian culture was essentially devious and deceptive before they converted to Talmudism and nothing changed thereafter. BUT to avoid the overt wrath of goyim societies, they redoubled their deceptive efforts to pretend to be religious and to seem like the rest of humanity while merely going underground with their blood thirsty, cannibalistic and satanic behaviours. Thus today, about 75% of ‘Jews’ are atheists and the remainder worship a jealous, vindictive, genocidal entity that is no god at all.

    To survive and carry out their plot to seek vengeance on Christians and all non Talmudists, the neo-Pharisees, have not only hidden the truth about themselves but also they’ve embarked upon a successful millennia long campaign to conceal and falsify not only the teachings of Christ Jesus but also they have successful concealed and falsified virtually all of our planet’s history just as the Pharisees had previously distorted and hidden the truth about Christ Jesus’s divine revelations by influencing Roman emperors to create the Christian religion. Jesus didn’t incarnate to establish a religion and didn’t. He came to teach divine truths lost and corrupted over millenia by Pharisees and others. In recent centuries the Christian religion and especially the Catholic Church, has been a prime neo-Pharisaic mechanism for destroying human spirituality and knowledge. That doesn’t mean that many Catholics, and religious people generally, are not spiritual and moral any more than that many non Talmudic ‘Jews’ are not spiritual and moral people.

    The neo-Pharisees ethnocentric lifestyle, distinctive customs and avarice, and their tendency to parasitically exploit every society in which they live, makes them very distinctive and causes resentment and hatred by those they exploited. As a result they were expelled from well over a hundred societies and countries.
    Never-the-less they persisted and their dominance in trade, ‘money changing’ and banking has enabled them to dominate societies, countries and empires.

    That collectivist exclusivity and ethno-centricity will rapidly dissipate once the Khazarian Mafia’s control of global finance and banking is broken and they can no longer reward, and where necessary, coerce rank and file Jews and others to do their bidding. THAT process is underway now.
    Or so I think.
    Peace and Blessings,

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” THAT process is underway now.
      Or so I think.”

      If THAT process is underway , then it is deep underground and completely out-of-sight ; otherwise you are fantasizing it .

      Regardless , your comment is a superb brief history of the Khazarian Ashkenazi financial tribe .

      Unfortunately , the vast majority of USA Nordics
      ( aka { Whites/Occidentals/[and the like] } )
      have been masterfully sheeplized by Christianity and thus will most likely never know of that brilliantly succinct history .

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “lived in in apartheid shtetls and enclaves which enabled their leaders (rabbis) to mind control and hence dominate the Khazarian mass population from cradle to grave. That tyrannical collectivist ideological mechanism has become apparent in our wider world as the Ashkenazis have created various ideologies notably, Capitalism, Communism, Bolshevism, Fascism, Nazism and neo-Marxist Wokeism . .”

      Yes, this complete physical, mental and spiritual domination of the captive little Jews in the ghettos birthed what is today called ‘totalitarianism’ – that according to kosher history only emerged in the 20th century.
      But although Nazism and fascism are always given as examples of totalitarianism, about 30 seconds just thinking about this proves it to be nonsense.
      ‘Fascism’ is mainly associated with Italians, Spaniards and perhaps Croats? Anyone who believes these people could institute a totalitarian system has never met an Italian or a Spaniard.
      And Nazism wasn’t totalitarian even when total war was declared in Germany at the sharp end of WWII.
      It’s just a basic fact of history, there is no example of anything, at anytime, even remotely resembling ‘totalitarianism’ – except societies run by Jews.

  12. Walter L
    Walter L says:

    “In an interview with David Mills of the Washington Times in May 1989, Professor Griff responded to one question by telling Mills he believed ‘the Jews are wicked,’ and that he could prove it.”

    Here is the incident as reported in Wikipedia:
    “During the interview with David Mills, Griffin made numerous statements such as “Jews are responsible for the majority of the wickedness in the world”. When the interview was published, a media firestorm emerged, and the band found itself under intense scrutiny.

    Did a firestorm just occur without a cause, without any person or group starting the firestorm?

    Here is way an objective, impartial, fair minded Wikipedia would have reported the incident:
    When the interview was published the Jews, who control the media, started an anti-Griffin firestorm.

    • K M Landis
      K M Landis says:

      “a media firestorm emerged” – says Wikipedia. How can it just “emerge”, I wonder? Was it some kind of spontaneous combustion?

      If Richard Griffin had said the same thing about Whites, instead of Jews, would we still get a “firestorm”? No – I am certain there would be no reaction and no persecution of Griffin. The jew-media would ignore it or downplay it, and label as “hate speech” all criticism of Griffin.

      Anti-White propaganda permeates our media and our culture, due to jewish money and influence. A recent example of this is the FTX scandal. FTX is the second biggest donor to the Democratic Party, after George Soros. They bribed Republicans too, and arranged money laundering from Ukraine.

  13. Michael Fury
    Michael Fury says:

    Their love for their imperiled heritage

    The Enemy announced was “hate”, and in his rage

    Demanded all must hate their hate and all

    Must hate without exception any soul

    Unwise enough to show them sympathy

    Or face the trials of his antipathy,

    From social exile to the heavy threat

    Of laws he promised soon to legislate

    Against the merest overheard expression

    In defiance of his anti-white suppression.

    Thus he sought to isolate these heroes

    And make of their potential allies foes.

  14. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks for this essay Andrew.

    This is a subject that has fascinated me and one that I think is a very positive one for our cause.

    Kanye, and Kyrie Irving, although not in a perfect way of course, have done a great thing. David Chapelle, even better, imho. I don’t understand the dissidents who are saying this is just some kind of game the Jews are playing on everyone, I just don’t see that at all.

    Kanye comes off a bit threatening, he’s angry. He’s not really capable of expressing a subject as tangled and involved and lengthy as Jewish supremacy in a concise manner. Kyrie Irving is a super-star basketball player. Although soft-spoken and intelligent, he comes off as unapproachable to many. I wish you would have talked about Irving, Andrew. Please look into the Kyrie Irving issue. Lot’s and lots of similarities between him and Griff. Except, there was a ton of pushback from Irving’s fans against the Jew NBA commissioner Adam Silver and the Brooklyn Nets in regards their bullying of Irving and wanting him to grovel to their demands of “rehabilitation” and publicly admitting that he was wrong and that anti-semitism is evil. There was also pushback from Kanye’s fans against Nike who will still be using his sneaker designs but will now be changing the name of the sneakers…lol… crazy!

    Dave Chapelle however, is witty, soft spoken, and although not a genius, he is very intelligent. I’m not big on comedians because they’re mostly Jewish, but Chapelle is in the vein of George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, and Richard Pryor. The world definitely needs more David Chapelle’s. His SNL monologue a few weeks ago on Jewish supremacy was stunning. It has currently garnered over 8 million views. Every dissident needs to watch it.

    Chapelle comes off as the black dad down the block in a white neighborhood . He’s invited over for the Fourth of July barbecue. Your kids play with his kids etc. He even stated in his SNL monologue that he still lives in Ohio, and amazingly, that he still lives around and grew up around – POOR WHITE PEOPLE! Here he is, delivering a very powerful monologue to millions of people about Jewish domination of our society and he mentioned the very real fact of our suffering people; think about that. Of course the Jewish media and government, will always pronounce that all of our nations problems, and its biggest threat is “White supremacy,” yet, no one knows who these white supremacists are. But many know who George Soros, Alejandro Myorkas, and Merrick Garland are (the list goes on…) and their evil deeds against the American people and our country.

    The FTX scandal is turning out to be one of the biggest money laundering debacles in history and of course, all Jewish. All tied in with Ukraine and kickbacks to the Democratic Party. Look into that one Andrew, you would have a field day with it.

    Our world is in danger because of the Ukraine/FTX money laundering fiasco. Russia has her back against a wall and would have no choice but to launch an all out war for its survival, which I would bet would include the use of nuclear weapons if NATO was to attack her. And it would all be because of Jewish greed and worldwide financial domination.

    I’ve lived in the cities of the East coast my whole life. The black communities know and have known for years that the Jews are no good. They know how they are being used by the Jews in many, many ways. The Jews rob them of their real estate when neighborhoods in the inner-cities gentrify. They plunge them into debt. And we all know about planned parenthood, crime, etc. I know that many dissidents don’t like the blacks, but we have to admit that they’re currently leading the way in our battle.

    Support them! In anyway you can. Use the system that’s in place. Example, if you’re on social media, or out with friends, you can say, “you know, I’ve never been to keen on black people, but what the Jews are doing to Kyrie Irving is just plain wrong. Did you see that David Chapelle on SNL? Wow, you know, I’ve always been afraid to say it, but he’s 100% right!

    You get the picture.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Someone said Adam Silver looks like the sort of creature that would greet you at the Gates Of Hell.
      All those giant, muscular, tough, high T blacks in their lifetime’s peek condition, yet they’re all presumably terrified of Silver. And I don’t reckon it’s just the power over their career he wields, there is something not-of-this-world about so many of these frighteningly hideous Jews.
      And that is just us seeing them in pictures or TV, up close you can presumably smell the sulphur and such things too.

      • Bobby
        Bobby says:

        “Someone said Adam Silver looks like the sort of creature that would greet you at the Gates Of Hell.”

        Flattering that you would remember that I said that Emicho. Is there any other way that you could describe him?

        “And that is just us seeing them in pictures or TV, up close you can presumably smell the sulphur and such things too.”

        Emicho, you can say that again! Don’t doubt that in the least.

        I made the very naive and stupid mistake of attending a predominantly Jewish college fresh our of high school. Living on the east coast of the U.S., for most of my life, I deal with Jews all the time. But it was my experience in college, many years ago now, that I can attest that you can smell the sulphur steaming off of them, that is the power of their hatred towards the goyim. I have never felt hatred, from any other person, or persons, as the hatred that I have encountered and been the target of like I have from the Jews. The blood libels and how they tortured Christian children during the Holodomor, and in the gulags, at the Pitesti prison in Romania, I believe it, every word of it. If it wasn’t for the fact that we were all in the U.S., while I was in college, if it was a different time and place, I know that the Jews would have tortured me to death. Even to this day, they send chills down my spine.

    • Hitmarck
      Hitmarck says:

      David Chapelle on Dave Chauvin was pretty much the dumbest soft spoken race hate inciting shyte one could imagine.

  15. Mark Cis
    Mark Cis says:

    “While Jews are obviously desirous and capable of snuffing out any and all criticism, they are particularly sensitive to influential examples from the Black population.”

    This hints very strongly to me at the divide & conquer mind control jews hold over blacks in playing them off against Whites. It’s been such a successful strategy for them over the past few decades in their march towards total conquest of the USA. And of course, as you well know, you’ll find jews behind all the civil rights & black power movements.

    Angering aggressive blacks while simultaneously guilt tripping good natured Whites is a powerful synergy. Black anger should always be directed at Whites & they will scramble to remind blacks of this whenever they start looking in the direction of jews.

    Which brings me to my next observation that speaks to the second part of the equation. They are just as sensitive to displays of Whites shedding their guilt. Which isn’t exclusively tied to blacks, it’s also tied to the jewish victimhood narrative, but it shows you just how much their spiritual & mental domination over us relies on guilt tripping us. It is THE KEY in their suppression of our will.

    Just think about what they’re actually pulling off as well, they’re suppressing the will of the majority population in their own nations, that’s a very strong oppression & is destroying us as a people. And I have absolutely no doubt that jews are the driving force behind this, because as soon as you start tracing the roots you find them everywhere, & it’s been all the more effective due the jews’ ability to engage in mimicry. Even Hitler had become a noticer first, as described in Mein Kampf. The mimicry results in Whites just viewing it as a self-regulated guilt instead of an out-group hostility.

  16. coyote
    coyote says:

    “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.”

    The International Jew – The World’s Foremost Problem by Henry Ford (1920).

    Judas-ism: it’s NOT a religion, it’s a satanic, criminal conspiracy/cult.
    If you really want to make a difference, EXPOSE judas-ism’s bible, the talmud.
    Show regular Americans what satan’s rats are all about.
    That’s all you need to do.
    EXPOSE the talmud!

    MUST read:

    China officially recognizes several world religions.
    Judas-ism isn’t one of them.

    Brother Nathanael – “When jews Run a Country”

    America’s Enemy is talmudism

  17. Empty Phrases
    Empty Phrases says:

    “Incompetent negress” (a pleonasm!) pockets $366 M for “discrimination suit” against former employer. In contrast to the Alex Jones case, she will in all likelihood even receive the money.

    You have to swallow this gigantic sum slowly! With this, one would never have to work again for all eternity and all following generations, the money would multiply by itself. Of course, Negroes with their low IQ and hyper “emotional” disposition have squandered the cash on useless things in a short time and/or thrown it down the throats of their Jew “advisors”. The relatives of criminal George Floyd have also become filthy rich through his fate.

    A lucrative business, even for (in Jewrica, mostly Jewish) law firms, who probably build an entire “social industry complex” around it. In Jewrope, the naive people always believe at first that such disproportionate, unimaginable madness is actually only possible in Jewrica. Until one recognizes after late 5 years that each of these Jewrican”trends” establish themselves with some time delay also in Jewrope.

    And with every arrival of another black have-not and good-for-nothing in Jewrope, the likelihood of crying “racism” in a few years because of laws established for them by the Jews increases in percentage. Ironically, the infamous EU “anti-discrimination” directive (“Muzzle Law”) was pushed through by Jewish oligarch Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor, who was not even from the EU, and formulated by his Jerusalem “legal expert” Yoram Dinstein.

  18. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    As a regular viewer of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Larry David’s foul-mouthed comedy series that flaunts its Jewishness in virtually every episode and breaking politically corrects taboos that no other ethnic (European/Gentile) group would get away with.
    Larry David has a house-black who goes by the name of ‘Leon Black’ and as of yet, I have read or seen anything negative about this inter-racial dynamic.

    • JA
      JA says:

      I remember being instinctually repulsed by shows such as this and Seinfeld. At the time I didn’t know why. But I do now: they’re so Jewy.

      However, I used to love the comedies of Mel Brooks, especially History of the World. But now I can hardly watch them because I’m tired of all the Jewy sarcasm, mockery, obscenity, etc.

    • Valkoinen Kuolema
      Valkoinen Kuolema says:

      Funny you say that as Larry David comes from a family of Jewish slaveowners in Mobile, Alabama.

      Larry David’s great-grandfather Henry Bernstein owned at least two mulatto slaves, as Larry discovered in a segment on PBS television series “Finding Your Roots”.

      • T.Gilligan
        T.Gilligan says:

        Slave-owning Jews?
        That as a fact would be highly embarrassing for said people, and leverage of sorts in the ‘right’ hands.

  19. Parnassus
    Parnassus says:

    Another interesting story involving Jews and rap music is that of the Source magazine, the most popular rap magazine of the 1990s. It was founded by a group of Jews at Harvard in the 1980s. Somewhere along the way they became involved with a black Boston thug/aspiring rapper named Benzino. Through intimidation and extortion, Benzino would eventually push out all but one of the Harvard Jews and become co-owner of the magazine. He turned it into a platform for promoting his career and started an ill-advised, racially charged feud with Eminem, then the biggest rapper in the industry. As a result, the magazine’s credibility was damaged and sales plummeted. Benzino and the remaining founder would be removed by the stockholders and the Source never recovered its former stature.

    From what I can gather the Jew who stayed on with Benzino took pride in being associated with a genuine black street guy and hated his “whiteness”, so this was a case of someone in the industry getting caught up in the myth and not insulating themselves properly from the brutish reality. Lyor Cohen, on the other hand, seems to have always maintained a strong Jewish identity and thus was able to remain clear-headed about what he was dealing with.

    I guess in Harvard cultural studies classes they don’t teach the first rule of the streets: “Never let a N—- take your lunch money.”

  20. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    The narrator of the opening chapter of William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury is Benjy Compson, a 33-year-old man with an intellectual disability. … [T]he ‘stream of consciousness’ manner in which his thoughts and perceptions are presented to the reader, make for an extremely challenging read.

    Andrew Joyce is certainly correct in saying that chapter 1 of “The Sound and the Fury” is a challenge to readers. Being a modest albeit learned man, he declines to add that most of the book’s other chapters aren’t exactly a picnic either.

    Anyone who seeks an unchallenging chapter written by Faulkner will have better luck with “As I Lay Dying,” which contains several chapters that are a good deal less demanding than the Faulknerian norm. The chapters in that book are not numbered. Each chapter’s title simply identifies the character who is narrating it. Probably the easiest, least taxing chapter to read is the second chapter narrated by the character Vardaman. In its entirety, it reads thus: “My mother is a fish.”

    (I’m sure I once heard someone say that this is Kanye West’s favorite chapter in all of Faulkner’s books. As I can’t seem to recall who said it, however, perhaps the best way to conclude this comment is by saying “never mind” and thanking Andrew Joyce for his original and insightful perspective on the Kanye West affair.)

    Never mind. Thanks, Dr. Joyce.

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