Life Without Jews: The Amazing Adventures of Israeli Trans-Pedophile and Tampon-Fetishist Jonathan Yaniv

Does Clown World issue secret (and separate) awards for Jewiest Jew and Polymorphousest Pervert? If so, then I think one man may well have been bagging both awards for years: the polymorphous Israeli pervert Jonathan Yaniv (born 1986/7), who came to the fascinated and disgusted attention of millions of people around the world when he sued female beauticians in Canada for refusing to wax his testicles.

Transgender splendor

I’m sorry: that should be “her testicles.” Indeed, it should be “her lesbian testicles.” Yaniv claimed to be transgender and in mainstream modern leftism that claim instantly converted him into a completely authentic woman, despite the male genitalia he still possessed. It also lifted him to the top of the leftist tree. Although leftists say they believe in equality, in fact they operate a strict hierarchy of victimhood that grants victim-groups, like Blacks or gays or women, special privilege and power over villain-groups, like Whites or straights or men. As I pointed out in “Power to the Perverts,” under normal circumstances Black lesbians are as far above straight White men in the leftist hierarchy as a bar-headed goose flying over Mt Everest, at 29,000 feet above sea-level, is above a sea-cucumber grubbing in the slime at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, at 36,000 feet below sea-level. But some straight White male perverts came up with a clever way of subverting the leftist hierarchy and turning leftism against itself. These perverts have a sexual fetish known as autogynephilia, in which they fantasize about being women, wearing women’s clothes, and entering all-female spaces like dressing-rooms and toilets.

“Who is Jessica Yaniv Simpson?” A fascinating question answered at

But if they’d been honest and told leftists that they were straight White men with a sexual fetish, they would have sunk even lower in the leftist hierarchy. Instead, the perverts cleverly aligned themselves with the sanctified lesbian-and-gay community. They weren’t straight White men with a fetish, not at all. No, they were a persecuted and misunderstood sexual minority – the most persecuted and misunderstood of all. Et voilà! By calling themselves “transgender,” the straight White men were able to leap above Black lesbians in the leftist hierarchy. In Britain, a Black-Jewish lesbian feminist called Linda Bellos (born 1950) didn’t get rapt attention when she pointed out what the straight White male perverts were up to. She didn’t get instant obedience when she said that they shouldn’t be allowed to invade female territory. On the contrary, she was called a bigot and a hater for denying that these straight White men were both fully authentic women and fully authentic lesbians. As I said at the Occidental Observer back in 2019:

[Bellos] isn’t superior to all stale pale males. Some of them are armed with a superpower that allows them to bound above Bellos in the victimhood hierarchy. Astonishingly, they’ve managed to brand Bellos as a hater from whom they need protection. Just let that sink in: some stale pale males have successfully claimed to be the victims of an elderly Black-Jewish lesbian. In 2017 they got Bellos banned from making a speech to a feminist society at Cambridge University, one of England’s biggest cult-centres of minority worship. Even more impressively, they set the police on her the following year: she was “interviewed under caution” after being accused of committing a hate-crime against them. (“Power to the Perverts,” The Occidental Observer, 6th March 2019)

Bellos is a TERF, a Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist, and in mainstream leftism that’s a very bad thing to be. The TERF wars are about territory and who can legitimately maintain borders against whom. Whites can’t maintain literal or cultural borders against Blacks, because Whites are lower in the leftist hierarchy than Blacks. And so Blacks can take any White role in acting, but Whites are now banned from taking any Black role. Similarly, women can take on male roles, but men are banned from taking female roles – unless those men claim to be “transgender.” However, by denying that men can become women, lesbian TERFs like Bellos haven’t embraced biological realism. They’re still leftists and they still believe in hierarchy, not in reality. They just want to keep lesbians like themselves higher in the hierarchy than straight men and don’t want to accept such concepts as “the female penis” and “lesbian testicles.” Alas for Bellos, boring lesbians like her aren’t entertaining like exhibitionist trannies, as I pointed out in “Dykes Are Dull.” That’s part of why trannies have been winning the TERF wars.

A persecuted and misunderstood trans-lesbian

But Jonathan Yaniv didn’t win his legal war on the female cosmeticians who refused to wax his “lesbian testicles.” Instead, he was utterly defeated (see the Wikipedia article for “Jessica Yaniv”). After that, you might have expected him to retire instantly and entirely from public life, particularly when you look at what was exposed to a world-wide audience about his polymorphous perversions. From pedophilia to tampon-fetishism, Yaniv could keep a large team of psychiatrists busy for years trying to turn him from a predatory pervert into a productive member of society. But I don’t think the psychiatrists would ever succeed. Yaniv doesn’t seem capable of embarrassment or self-reform. “Shame” isn’t a concept that he recognizes. No matter how badly he misbehaves and no matter how many court-cases he loses, he still sees himself as the victim and fights on against the bigots and haters who refuse to accept that he is a persecuted and misunderstood trans-lesbian with “special needs.” He’s now had “bottom surgery,” lost his lesbian testicles, and is working for a “Gender Studies Masters” at Simon Fraster University (SFU) in Canada. There’s an entire website,, dedicated to recording his misbehavior, cataloguing his perversions, and predicting his eventual incarceration. Yaniv plows on regardless, a “proud lesbian” in a cruel world.

But amid all the commentary on and condemnation of Yaniv, one central and highly significant fact has generally been overlooked. Yaniv is an Israeli Jew. He looks like a Jew and has what sounds like an Israeli accent. claims that “Yaniv was raised Jewish,” says that “the whole family emigrated from Israel”, and has documented how his mother, Miriam Yaniv (née Miriam Altman, born 1954), tried to destroy proof of her Jewish ancestry on an “Israeli family history site.” Like his mother, he has a Jewish forename and, like the Israel singer Idan Yaniv (born 1986), he has a Hebrew surname that means “he will prosper.” Yaniv also behaves like a quintessential Jewish stereotype, with a mixture of brazen perversity, unblushing shamelessness, and self-righteous aggression. Indeed, Yaniv seems to provide a paradigmatic example of three of the most important background traits for Jewish activism identified by Kevin MacDonald: intelligence, aggressiveness, and psychological intensity. But the most common claim about Yaniv’s race is that he is “white.” This would normally be called Jewish erasure, because ignorant people are erasing someone’s precious and unique Jewish identity. In Yaniv’s case, other Jews have not been anxious to claim him as one of their own. It’s another example of Jews as Schrödinger’s Tribe, switching between a Jewish identity and a generic White identity according to whatever best suits Jewish interests.

White standards don’t apply

Plainly, it doesn’t suit Jewish interests for Jonathan Yaniv to be identified as a Jew. However, it does suit the interests of truth and science. Most or even all of the commentary on Yaniv loses its salience when he is correctly recognized as a Jew. By White standards, his psychology is indeed warped and his behavior is indeed obnoxious. But White standards don’t apply to him, because he isn’t White. Yaniv’s White critics, like the Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy, have tried to shame or ridicule him as though he were susceptible to genetically mediated techniques of social control developed by Whites amongst themselves. But he isn’t susceptible, because he isn’t White. He’s not simply Jewish but Israeli Jewish, the product of a majority-Jewish culture where White standards don’t apply. For example, why is Yaniv shameless? Well, you can’t embarrass an Israeli.

And why is Yaniv such a polymorphous pervert? That is surely related to the higher rate of psychopathology found among Ashkenazi Jews, as described by the Danish researcher Emil O. W. Kirkegaard in a recent paper called “A theory of Ashkenazi genius: intelligence and mental illness.” Kirkegaard argues that the contributions of Ashkenazim to cognitively demanding fields are even greater than one would expect from their higher average IQ. The extra factor, in his opinion, is the higher rate of Ashkenazi psychopathology, which facilitates their ability to generate new ideas and make unexpected connections. Meanwhile, their higher intelligence mitigates the severity of the symptoms and behavior they exhibit, and allows them to remain productive. It’s an interesting theory, but, as is characteristic of Kirkegaard, it assumes a more positive view of Jewish contributions to intellectual life than I think is warranted by the facts. Marx, Freud and Boas surely count as “Jewish geniuses,” but they have harmed the cause of true science rather than advanced it.

Other Jewish geniuses have been central to the creation and promotion of the translunatic cult, as described by Scott Howard in The Transgender-Industrial Complex (2020). Jonathan Yaniv is not a genius, but he has been diagnosed with “depression, anxiety, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.” And the outsize disruption he has caused, as a single Jewish individual in a gentile society, is a clear example of how the West would be better off without Jews and their genius. We don’t live in a more beautiful and truthful world thanks to Jews. On the contrary, we live in a much uglier and much more mendacious one. In his uniquely repulsive way, the Jewish trans-pedo and tampon-fetishist Jonathan Yaniv is just as much proof of that as the Jewish Marx, Freud and Boas.

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    • Luke
      Luke says:

      Someday, in the hopefully not too distance future, I hope I might be able to file a civil lawsuit against the diabolically evil, white race hating, white race genociding jewish hijackers of America and demand reparations for the truck loads of anti-itch creams that I have had to purchase over the last 40 or more years of my life and which I have had to apply to my index finger every day, as a means to suppressing my urge to do what most definitely must be done to ensure the survival of White European people on this planet.

      There will not be any mutually agreed upon truce and separation between Whites and jews. This battle will only be decided when one side or the other, succeeds in exterminating the other.

      Pathetically, jews understand this battle but whites are too busy groveling and begging their mortal enemies for first dibs on kissing their butts and deepthroating their kosher salamis.

      • Birhan Dargey
        Birhan Dargey says:

        The more I reflect upon the origin of jewish power the most I a become certain that they are the children of Moloch, as ridiculous as that may sound. The origins, source, bases of jewish power is, and has always been the DEATH and destruction of the goyim. Jewish fortunes, wealth, immense fortunes is lawys the DEATH and estruction of teh goyim since the beginning of History .The main source of jewish power is USURY. The other side of that coin is the capacty of the jews to be above the law/s of the regular gentile. Jews can cheat/defraud/lie/kill/robe/steal/rape/ the goyim with all impunity. Ponder the cases of the Rothchilds, Schiffs, Lows, FTX, Soros, those are fortunes built on the death of the goyim. Jewish wealth built on illegality, Immorality, impurity. When I go to work and I get paid, I know I earned my pay..the jews dont earn their fortunes they steal them and built them on death.

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          01 Check out their BETH DIN private courts in the US, parrallel to the US jurisprudence in many facets.

          02 They passed the Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913, just in time to finance WW i.
          All normal members of Congress were in the final horse and buggy stages of their trips home for Christmas, while the remainder only had to jump a 4 Hour train ride to NYC.

          03 Now, their chutzpah demands, that we believe they are prepared for the border when Title 42 expires, coincidentally, also three days before Christmas !

  1. Mister Blaine
    Mister Blaine says:

    What is the word for Yaniv’s expression in his business images? I have noticed it, in varying degrees, in quite a number of photographs, over a wide spectrum of “geniuses”.

    • James J O'Meara
      James J O'Meara says:

      “What is the word for Yaniv’s expression in his business images?”

      I don’t have a word for it, but it’s the face that says “I know something you don’t know.”

  2. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Hilarious, were it not much more nauseating and regrettably, not atypical. His British Columbia slightly altered name was Jessica Simpson.

    My own mid-eighties lawyer, Peter V. MacDonald wrote a six-week bestseller, entitled THE COURT JESTERS. Essentially a compendium of grotesquely humorous trials in Canada. As was my trial against this alcoholic and visibly increasingly demented advocate, all the way to the Supreme Court; per se.

    He should have waited to include Jessica Simpson’s multiple suits in all directions, asking throughout for costs and indemnification for hilarious reasons. If, in Canada, particularly B.C., you can’t prevail at a PROVINCIAL HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNAL, you certainly have to be full of shit. As they adjudged.

    Treat yourselves to an IMAGE OF OMAR HA-REDEYE on the net, one of Jessica’s lawyer supporters in Toronto. Double treat by looking at an image of him AND Justin Trudeau together. A complementing pair of __[ fill in space ]_______________!

  3. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    I saw this headline and knew straight away it was from Mr Langdon.
    (That’s a compliment, in case of doubt)

  4. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    “But if they’d been honest and told leftists that they were straight White men with a sexual fetish, they would have sunk even lower in the leftist hierarchy.”

    Would they? I’m not so sure. My first guess would be claiming a deranged sexual perversion would be the only thing likely to gather institutional sympathy from the left for white guys.
    But of course in their hatred for us, it would give many of them an excuse to unleash their venom.
    Probably it would be one of those rare issues that split the boringly monolithic left. No doubt this question will soon be answered, just keep an eye on the tabloids.
    Puzzling over issues like this gives me a seriously strong desire to get out the house more. . . .

  5. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    There is no such thing as “transgender” – that’s a big lie. Transgender” is a phony concept, one of many invented by Jews. “Trans-lesbian” is even more ridiculous. Others include, “systemic racism” and “White privilege.” It takes a lot of chutzpah for Jews to promote such blatant falsehoods.

    A nation without Jews would be much healthier, with lower rates of suicide, mental illness, drug abuse and sexual diseases. American today is more decadent than even the Weimar Republic. It will soon collapse, from numerous causes, all due to the Jewish influence, like a turd in a punchbowl.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I saw a ‘trans-trans’ the other day. This is a female who identifies as a tranny.
      So just to get it straight, a female who identifies as a man who identifies as a woman. This is a real thing.

      So for us, as much as we chide ourselves for not predicting such monstrosities, we also take heart that the bonkers left are going to be surprising us with their manias for the rest of our natural lives. Manias that exist in that sweet spot *just outside* of the most insane thing any of us can think of.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      You are quite correct. One cannot change one’s sex, no matter what they ‘identify’ as (i.e. – pretend to be). Bruce Jenner will always be Bruce Jenner.

      The hallmark of evil is the lie. A few examples:

      a) Those with only brown skin and brown eyes are called ‘people of color’, yet what is the only race that has red hair, blond hair, brown or black hair, green eyes, blue eyes, or gray eyes?

      b) Ashkenazim Jews claim the ‘right of return’ to Palestine, yet how can one return to a place one’s ancestors have never been?

      c) How can a people claim ‘antisemitism’ when they are not semitic but rather Turco Ugric?

      d) How can Whites be the majority when they are roughly 7% of the world’s population?

      e) 4.5 million living minus 4.3 million claiming reparations = 6 million dead.

      f) If there is such a thing as ‘systemic racism’ and ‘White privilege’ then why do non-Whites want to emigrate to White countries?

      My favorite lie was stated by Nancy Pelosi when she (speaking of illegal aliens) said: “Just because they are here illegally doesn’t mean they broke any law”.

  6. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks Tobias.

    Isn’t that why Churchill created Israel? So that Jews would stop destroying countries…? Didn’t work. Probably made it worse.

    Only hope I think is to keep exposing them.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I don’t think it was intended ever to ‘work’. I’m sure Hitler commented in the ‘Table Talk’ book that if the Jews ever got their Israel they’d just use it as a base of criminal operations but continue in the main to live among us.
      That might seem prophetically impressive to us, but was presumably just a reflection of the basic antisemitic wisdom of the time.

  7. Swan
    Swan says:

    Life Without Jews. We need to start banding together and formally a very careful, peaceful secessionist movement. Our civilization is beyond repair. Our “Leaders ” are all on the leash of Jewish money and power. They will not change.

  8. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    Our steady-stoned “philosopher” and total failure is a masochist. Obviously he is courting attention with his low-voltage brain in Murican “chats” (where it just stinks of stupidity!), the devil knows why. He absolutely wants to get a bloody snout (blutige Schnauze) among them, only then his self-abuse is satisfied. The Muricans, who (like always) babble nothing but BS have a much better command of their own “language” than he ever will, naturally make a feast of him.–107—Rat-Pack:8

    In the end (ca 2h57min), there’s a showdown between him and a tattooed and bespectacled wigger who’s proud of his “1000 Jewish friends”, and an ugly old hag who pretends to “have 14 grandkids.” (The two would have been disassembled by me into all individual parts!) Then this “sowhat?” thing even uploads this crap, quasi as a “documentation of his idiocy”. How does it still say: “Only pigs wallow in the dirt” or “Those who sleep with dogs, wakes up with lice”…

  9. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    Why is that? Why are Anglo-Americans actually the perfect Jewish helpers par excellence? Why do they have no racial pride, no ethnic identity foundation, but are the very ones who drive the final nail into the coffin of the White Race and want to convince us of the rightness of this mission after all they have done?

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      Why can’t contemporary Krauts come up with anything better than the Retardburger movement that thought it could overthrow the German government with 25 guys?

      Why was Hitler too much of a pussy to exterminate the Jews?

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        @Chaos-Man for Law and Order

        You are naming a local sitiuative truth that is torn out of the overall context. My statement remains nevertheless of larger far-sightedness. Anglo-Americans were already the intellectual slaves of the Jews a hundred years ago. Their reaction to the reawakened European “nationalism” was accordingly.

        Austrian Paul Watzlawick says that all communicative events can never be understood as a “singularity”, but run in a circular manner, almost like a spiral or chain without beginning and end: One thing leads to another and so on. The Jews want us to believe that there are “unnatural imbalances in nature”.

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        I respond by saying, “Of course there are ‘unnatural imbalances in nature’: you Jews! You are in truth the only (constant) ‘singularity’!”

  10. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Further proof of what was already written for us as a warning yes?

    It is just as Isaiah said previously:

    “Unless the Lord Almighty
        had left us descendants,
    we would have become like Sodom,
        we would have been like Gomorrah.” Romans 9:29

  11. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    It wouldn’t matter life without Jews. When any people turn against God we all can succomb to the Romans 9 and/or 1 phenomena.

     Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

    Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts.

    Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.

    Don’t believe me? watch this guy…

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