The Crusader Armies

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The Crusader Armies 1099–1187
Steve Tibble
Yale University Press, 2018

The ethnic composition of the Crusader armies changed during the decades after the First Crusade took Jerusalem in 1099. By the 1140s, Turkic Muslim mercenaries served openly in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem’s military. The resident Crusader society likewise grew culturally and genetically distinct from its European roots. Crusader men married local Christian women, particularly Armenians for the knights, and otherwise adapted in language, diet, and dress. Successive generations born into such mixed-heritage families felt an ever diminishing connection to Europe. Their menfolk formed the core of the Crusader armies.

Dr. Steve Tibble of the University of London offers a probing study in The Crusader Armies 1099-1187. He cites modern archaeological evidence and sleuths through the historical chronicles to rectify their neglect of the Crusaders’ infantry and their Turcopole light cavalry. Although the heavy cavalry knights were the Crusaders’ most powerful force, their efficacy and very survival depended on the auxiliary services.

Today’s anti-colonial mindset holds that the Crusaders were foreign intruders. They were, but so were all militarily active parties in the region at the time. For centuries, alien rulers had kept the locally established peoples, Armenians excepted, disarmed and subjugated. It was the policy of Byzantines, Arab conquerors, Egyptians, and the Turkic invaders who arrived shortly before the latest interlopers, the Crusaders.

Everything about the Turks made them the drivers of military and social change in the Crusader era. They were nomadic herders from the steppes of central Asia. Expert mounted archers on small, nimble ponies, they were confident warriors who would swarm their enemies while quickly discharging showers of arrows. Droughts on the steppes spurred them to greener pastures. They met and defeated the Byzantines at Manzikert in 1071. Their subsequent migrations proceeded rapidly. They substituted themselves for nearly all the Arab rulers of statelets in Syria and Palestine. They seized Jerusalem from the Egyptians (who returned to Egypt only to be evicted by the Crusaders). And they encountered the First Crusade soon after it had crossed the Bosporus.

Responding to Turkic weapons and tactics transformed the Crusaders’ Western style of warfare. While armor protected the knights from Turkic arrows, weight considerations precluded the armoring of their horses, which Turkic archers sought to wound or kill before or during battle. The Crusaders responded by reinvigorating an institution much slighted in Western medieval warfare, the infantry.

The idea was to have the knights shielded by an infantry cordon of crossbowmen and pikemen. On a “fighting march” or deployed for battle, the crossbowmen’s arrows would fend off enemy archers whose own arrows had less range and penetrating power. The infantry would open to allow the knights their signature charge. Properly executed with intact warhorses, it could overwhelm any adversary. The system began haltingly during the First Crusade and became standard practice in the Latin Kingdom, the principality of Antioch, and the counties of Edessa and Tripoli.
Infantry requires infantrymen. It was in their recruitment that military change became entwined with social change.

Crusader infantrymen had to be part-timers, in complicated contrast to their knightly comrades. The knights, even with their armed dependents, did not form a permanent army so much as a warrior caste whose status they maintained without intermission. They were born for combat, much as birds are born for flight, and saw it as their calling. Infantrymen were less attuned to war. They were recruited from the resident Christian population, both native and immigrant, urban and rural. Most adult men served in some capacity, if only for garrison duty.

Centuries of Muslim rule had left large, varied Christian populations in place. In the Latin Kingdom, roughly the area comprising modern Israel and Dr. Tibble’s focus, they were perhaps fifty percent of residents. They were more prevalent in Antioch and Edessa where Christian Armenians had, with perseverance, retained a martial culture congruent with the Crusaders’ own. Greek and Syrian Christians of various sects predominated in the Latin Kingdom where they commonly spoke Arabic.

The Crusader rulers bolstered their manpower pool by encouraging farming colonists from the West to settle vacant lands. This magnitude and success of this undertaking have only recently come to light. There are 235 known such colonization sites in the Latin Kingdom alone, with less intense colonization elsewhere.

Newcomers and native Christians generally got along well. They often intermarried, to the dismay of Church officials in Rome who regarded Eastern Christians as schismatics or heretics, but with the complicity of local Catholic churchmen who paid little heed to doctrinal niceties. Strong evidence of Western convergence with the East comes from the military where Armenian and Arabic displaced the Crusaders’ medieval French as the usual languages for training and tactical field commands. Some intrepid men of Eastern-Christian heritage achieved knighthood.

Some indigenous and mixed-heritage Christians became Turcopoles, the Crusaders’ light cavalrymen. Named pursuant to a Byzantine precedent, they specialized in reconnaissance and patrolling. They sometimes had knights and infantry accompany them as they sought to detect and engage hostile infiltrators. Most fighting in the Crusader East occurred in such small-unit actions, not the few great battles. Skirmishers par excellence, and the Turcopoles were in the thick of it.

Completing the Crusaders’ manpower resources were Italian seafarers and the warrior-monks of the military religious orders. Italian sailors and merchants provided crucial assistance to capture the Egyptian-held Palestinian ports. Carpenters and engineers from Italian ships built the Crusaders’ siege engines. The military religious orders, principally the Order of the Hospital of St. John (Hospitallers) and the Knights of the Temple (Templars), augmented the Crusader armies in several ways. As the twelfth century progressed, they promoted tactical “best practices” and placed large contingents of their members in the field armies. They funneled wealth and fresh manpower from Europe to the East. By the 1170s, the orders were responsible for most of the great Crusader castles, Kerak notably excepted.

      Military resources available to the Crusaders lagged their enemies’ growing strength. Political changes exacerbated the disparity. Whereas early Crusaders faced feuding Turkic mini-states and an independent Egypt, their successors confronted a united Turkic/Egyptian  superpower whose consolidation its Kurdish ruler, Saladin, had largely completed by 1186. Egyptian revenues enabled Saladin to fund several armies, each larger than any the Crusaders could muster. Finally in 1187, Saladin crushed the Crusaders at Hattin. A truncated Latin Kingdom, bereft of Jerusalem, survived on a narrow strip of the Palestinian coast. With Edessa having fallen generations before, Antioch and Tripoli also continued as diminished survivors. The Crusaders triumphal years were behind them.

The Crusader Armies offers fine style, rigor without academic jargon, and thorough, unobtrusive documentation. Anecdotes illuminating historical nuances grace Dr. Tibble’s presentation. For example, an account of insubordination attests to how seriously Crusaders, unlike contemporaneous Europeans, stressed military discipline. The culpable fighter won grudging acquittal only because his infraction had harmed the enemy. His excuse, that as a Turk he did not understand the spoken command he had disobeyed, seems not to have mattered.

Some readers will object to Dr. Tibble’s dismissal of religion’s role. He claims that the Crusades can be explained as a clash between nomadic and settled societies without reference to religion. To his credit, he often ignores this dictum. Taken to extremes, it accounts for the Turkic invaders well enough but not their Crusading adversaries.

Dr. Tibble’s treatment of Jews, i.e., his failure even to mention them, is mystifying. He discusses in detail the Crusaders’ relations with everyone else. Why not the Jews? He leaves readers clueless.

His foray into White Crusaders’ attitude toward blacks is welcome but not entirely satisfactory. The Egyptian infantry mostly comprised Black Nubians whom the Crusaders often fought and disdained as men and fighters. Even so, Dr. Tibble writes too loosely of medieval Whites’ “casual racism.” The medieval Song of Roland treats Blacks respectfully. Then again, the author(s) of Roland probably had no experience with Blacks.

The biggest disappointment in The Crusader Armies is the absence of reasoned speculation on the self-identification of the mixed-heritage Crusader families. Many knightly families, for example, including the Latin Kingdom’s royal family, were as much Armenian as European. How did they regard themselves? Perhaps this question presupposes a too modern mentality. Medieval men and women, not indoctrinated with self-identity qualms, could experience personal wholeness within their extended families and their people, where the latter understood is as one’s family’s social milieu, not the modern abstract monstrosity called “the nation.”

Whatever self-identification there had been meant little after Hattin when Saladin launched a sweeping ethnic cleansing of the Crusaders’ hinterlands. All apparently Western Christians, but not Christians identifiable as native, were purged by slaughter, enslavement, or forced exile. It was a draconian program. It also made possible some of the Crusaders’ finest moments.

The scope and speed of ethnic cleansing left Crusader castles isolated in enemy territory without hope of relief. Their defenders, as “men trying to make a point,” Dr. Tibble writes, nonetheless fought heroically. The Hospitallers held Belvoir for eighteen months. At Kerak and Montreal, castles of the secular lord Reynald of Chatillon, whom Saladin personally murdered after Hattin, defenders likewise held out, for nearly two years at Montreal.

It was of these defiant Crusaders that Sir Steven Runciman movingly spoke: “Their lives were precarious and they knew it. … [T]hey faced their doom with pride and resolution.” (Creighton Lecture, Athlone Press, London, 1960, not quoted by Tibble).

The pride of the doomed Crusaders haunts me. It was also the pride of the ancient aristocratic warriors whom Ricardo Duchesne posited as the wellspring of Western civilization and its abiding unique qualities. Modern Christian and Jewish moralists, or, arguably more accurately, the Christian ones goaded by their watchful Jewish mentors, tell us that this pride is a sin or, at best, an abnegation of one’s unceasing obligation to self-criticize and remake oneself and one’s society. Very well, I shall sin and abnegate. I shall not revere Abraham Foxman, Martin Luther King, Pope Francis, Nelson Mandela, Nancy Pelosi, and their ilk as my heroes. For solace, I shall take refuge, if only in my imagination, with the great Christian warlords of the Latin East.

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  1. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    Very good article and excellent conclusion. Christianity has proven to be “spiritual syphilis” as the great Revilo Oliver described it. As the old English expression says: “If you want to know the end, look closely at the beginning”. A religion that preaches cowardice, resignation, submission and condemns pride and military virtues (unless they are at the service of the “Holy” Church) cannot but produce the sheep we see today. To this we must add the enthusiastic support of ALL Christian sects to the “refugees” to which they receive with open arms in the name of their vile “brotherly love” who denies the importance of ethnic identity.

    • Birhan Dargey
      Birhan Dargey says:

      I often times ponder how can we gentile brake the yoke of jewish tyranny while we wordship a JEW/ish Christ. I follow the writings of Dr. E. Michael Jones and I would frequently disagree with him,but I woould agree that Christianity Saved the European/Western Civilzations, it gave them the spiritual glue that held them together vrs Muslins vrs Jews. The Counter Reformation was so successful that almost wiped out all non christian religions and put strict controls on the Jews. Even Loui XII of France burnt the Talmud publicly. The Europeans nations grew rich and stable UNTIL the jews began to gain citizenship rights and gradually the great present debacle engulf White Christian Europe. As the saying goes TIME to be great again, Christianity (traditional/orthodox) can once more saved White Christian Nations. It takes racial/spiritual/ideological CONSCIOUSNESS, how can the jews hold hostage more than 100Million Catholics/Lutherans/Methodists/Episcopelians/GreekOrthodox/Baptists PROlife/PROAmerica/RED conservative masses? Thats a movement waiting for a LEADER. It seems that none of those Christian denominations realized the immense potential for spiritual/political/ECONOMIC Christian movement…for example in MEDIA/Digital Platforms.(televangelists).etc. The jews know the great power of Christianity thats why they will eventually OUTlaw Christianity just like they did in Israel/UCRAINE/. The USA DOJ/AG is dilligently supressing prolife/proAmerican/proConstitutional Christian voices..and will continue to do so..I believe that jewish persecution of Christians will lead to a great AWAKENING in America..WHO will LEAD the way?? Messiah?
      PD: an article about the Crusades when Christian White America is in this life/death struggle vrs the jews TODAY.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” I believe that jewish persecution of Christians will lead to a great AWAKENING in America.”

        Wishful thinking .

        Any such awakening , of Christian sheeple herds , would be a NONEVENT unless a powerful Christian leader arises and somehow manages to defragmentize Christianity and then magicly turn the multitude of Christian sheeple herds into sufficiently aggressive wolfish packs that could and would stand down their globalist ILLuminati jewmasterss’ historicly proven world champion capability to slaughter humanity .

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Christianity has proven to be “spiritual syphilis” as the great Revilo Oliver described it.

      This sentence, along with the rest of the comment of whose scurrilousness it is representative, relates in no way at all to Mr. Woltermann’s excellent and thorough account of the pluses and minuses of Dr. Tibble’s book. In other words, it is yet another off-topic rant from a man who has frequently shown himself capable of little else. His personal experience of syphilis is, happily, a matter for his urologist. It does, however, seem to be a factor affecting (infecting?) his attitude to everything else.

      • Angelic
        Angelic says:

        What a pathetic, pompous idiot you are. I just call things by their name and I do not pretend to be a smart ass like you dropping scholarly quotes or using an elaborate language to impress people. Your ridiculous and pretentious nickname says it all.

        BTW, I hope the moderator makes a note of your repeated unprovoked personal attacks towards me. You obviously cannot resist attacking/insulting people who happen to hold opposite points of view to yours. You are very sad (LOL)

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” A religion that preaches cowardice, resignation, submission and condemns pride and military virtues (unless they are at the service of the “Holy” Church) cannot but produce the sheep we see today.”

      Superb observation .

  2. SS
    SS says:

    I remember a line in an old book – non-fiction – that was something like, “We all know the Jews were behind the start of the Crusades.” I had never heard that before and the author gave no further information. Can anyone confirm or deny?

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      The Knights Templars were the premiere crusaders for the RCC Vatican .

      The copyright 1989 book “Born In Blood” , by John J. Robinson , virtually PROVES that Freemasonry was established by Knights Templar fugitives of the Vatican inquisition against them which began on the world renown notorious date of

      “Friday the Thirteenth”

      of October of the year 1307 ;
      where [ 13 ] is a very special jewish kaballah number . Templars were the bankers of Europe at the time .

      The year before , on 22 July 1306 , King Philip of France ordered all jews to be arrested , their wealth confiscated , and then exiled from France
      ( re: Born In Blood / p. 130 ).

      The numerous and significant jewish connections to Freemasonry are such that it would turn into dust without those connections .

      Do the math . Are there any major world affairs that jews have not been major participants of since the ancient biblical Tower of Babel fiasco ?

      • SS
        SS says:

        1306. Six is an interesting number, too.Google search:
        What is king Philip of France known for?
        In 1306 Philip expelled the Jews from France, followed by the total destruction of the Knights Templar the next year in 1307. To further strengthen the monarchy, Philip tried to tax and take control of the French clergy, leading to a violent dispute with Pope Boniface VIII.

  3. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Speaking of crusading armies, Bob Moriatry of in an interview elsewhere came out with something that was news to me (surprise). at 31:30 he said that the Nazis did indeed murder in cold blood Jews, Poles and Russians but it was Ukrainian Nazis, NOT German Nazis and Operation Paperclip brought these murderers to the US and America and Russia have been enemies ever since. I’ll leave I’ll leave you PhDs to sort it out.:)

    • SS
      SS says:

      I reject any new information about Nazi activities from Nazi haters. If they didn’t bring it up last century, they can go pound sand. As far as scientists go, I remember during the Cold War reading that after WWII the Russians just went about the USA and kidnapped scientists and made them work for the Soviet Union. I always wondered – were the kidnapped scientists Jews? Did they actually mind working of the Soviets? Were they really kidnapped? Same with Bandera and Ukrainian Nazi stories. How the hell are we going to know what we really happened, or what is happening over there right now for that matter.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      The Nazis did kill loads eh Jews(and Poles and Russians) but they were executed as enemies of the state in a total war, the vast majority being partisans.
      So it wasn’t exactly in “cold blood”.
      Every other combatant did the exact same thing on both sides.
      Only the allies deliberately mass murdered civilians.
      You know, the good guys.

  4. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    “Why are you spreading out here? For what? Tell us concretely the prosperous benefit that you bring for all of us!”

    The Jew evades: “It is not about you, it is about the WORLD! We are all ONE community, ONE species!”

    “Herr Jude, are you telling us that it is not even WE who define OUR own goals – but YOU??? Are you telling us that YOU know ‘best’ what is good for OURSELVES?”

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      An excellent, didactic link to watch, especially for those here who write of the best methods to confront them or their supporters.

      Quietly, but with polite assertiveness and armed with facts.

      Not having to rely on the interpreter, I can clearly state, that the ” interviewer ” left the stage as the clear looser.

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        The biggest joke about it was that the homosexual Jew intended to “expose” the interviewee as an “evil dumb Nazi”. Unlike the interviewee, he gets precious airtime on German-language state stations (3Sat calls itself “cultural tv” and is broadcast in Germany, Austria and Switzerland). The whole interview (which the interviewee also filmed), actually lasts 45 minutes, but the Jew cut 38 minutes from it.

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        An indignant Wutbürger seeks civilized, confidential and amicable conversation in the local synagogue:

        “Wise Rabbi, I have been suffering from latent hostility for years because I consider the perfidious goings-on of your co-religionists and tribesmen to be fatally unjust to our entire species. My teeth are only stumps, because I grind permanently with them.

        None of your socially so exposed representatives ever speaks out against even more senseless immigration, on the contrary, all social forces that do this are explicitly defamed by you as ‘racist’.

        Our cities are filled more and more with foreign beings who displace our population, who despise our culture, disregard our laws, and who, according to their own statements, regard us as their servants (kafir), whose care and resources are theirs as a matter of course. What is your advice in this tense situation?”

        Wise Rabbi: “Think of it this way: we are all human beings, you must not separate this world into ‘us’ and ‘them’.” “But Rabbi, isn’t that exactly what you and your kind in particular are doing most excessively?”

        Wise Rabbi: “This is an age-old anti-Semitic chimera, trope, canard, spread especially in nationalist circles who want to find someone to blame for their own failures. Refrain from it, for your own safety. After all, it’s no fun to see only injustice everywhere. Happiness means accepting the world as it is.

        Now go home, take a warm relaxing bath, drink a healthy cup of tea and turn on Wheel of Fortune on TV. You will notice, your anger will soon be forgotten. And don’t worry any more about malicious people who want to tell you such lies, they exert a bad influence on you.”

  5. Happy Tapir
    Happy Tapir says:

    Very good article. Most inchursting. I wonder if dilution of good European blood played a role in the downfall of the crusader states?

    Jews win because they are smarter. Everyone wants to serve them in all things. The way of the world, it is.(quoth yoda)

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Jews win because they are smarter.”

      Apparently so .

      They also win because of Christian lunacy about presumed invincibility of their much larger sheeple herds compared to the jewish gangster collectives , presumed superior Christian morality , and mere prayer to summon the assistance of their deity JC altogether would defeat globalist ILLuminati criminal jewish gangsters whom finally after 2000 years have virtual near total ownership/control of the Westernworld Christian sheeple herds .

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Excellent observation. Christianity started as a Jewish heresy and quite rightly the Jews killed that neurotic rabble-rouser (Jesus) who denied their status as “God’s chosen people” and preached equality for all races. Hitler was right when he described Christianity as, quote, “proto-Bolshevism”.

        Like Marxism, Christianity, is a criminal ideology that denies the value and importance of racial/cultural identity (elements that are inseparable) and all in the name of a crazed dream/ideology that fits everyone and where everyone is “equal”. Failure to accept this “wonderful” idea resulted in death (that was the destiny of the old Germanic peoples at the hands of Charlemagne)

        Christian churches have now abandoned their original dreams of global supremacy and now lick the boots of their Jewish masters demanding “no borders” and shouting “refugees are welcome here!”, all the while cursing those Whites who try to defend their race and heritage.

  6. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    In response to your last, rhetorical question: of course Herr Jude knows best.

    After all, Klain’s ventriloquist puppet Biden told us all publicly, that the US has the power, reason, will and means to do away with Nordstream 1, as the cabal did.

    Most people are aware of their timing to pass at least controversial legislation; such as the Federal Reserve Act on Dec. 23, 1913, when all sane poeple were on their trip home for Christmas.

    But consider the identically manipulative timing for his Student Loan Forgiveness, 1.7 TRILLION obscenely pork barrel legislation, supported by too many RINOs, and of course the grand pappy of them all: the withholding of the Hunter lap top information weeks before the last election.

    I am sure others could add to this litany.

    It’s time we all regard timing as a weapon in their full pectrum assault.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Here is the letter s, to complete the word
      ‘ spectrum ‘ above, and –
      reference to December 21, [ 2 days earlier than the Fed Act ] as the cessation date for Title 42, by a federal Juge, to end said Title’s restrictions at the border: buying future voters WHOLESALE, partly through Republicans’ taxes, pursuant to the BOLSHEYID method of socializing the costs, but privatizing the profits.

      Just coined that capitalized adjective, which contracts a longer history. Feel free to use it. I don’t think I could obtain a copyright.!

  7. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    The pride of the doomed Crusaders haunts me. … The [modern] Christian [moralists,] goaded by their watchful Jewish mentors, tell us that this pride is a sin or, at best, an abnegation of one’s unceasing obligation to self-criticize and remake oneself and one’s society.

    I hope that Chris Woltermann will be pleased to learn that, appearances notwithstanding, he is not alone in his admiration for and wonder at the doomed Crusaders’ pride (not to mention their relatively great success in the face of the extraordinary odds against them), even if most of his fellow admirers are, like me, now-elderly men and women who were born in the 1940s and whose formative education, religious and otherwise, was in place before the corrupting effects of the Second Vatican Council perverted both Catholic doctrine and the Catholic perspective on history.

    I thank Mr. Woltermann for his efforts and congratulate him on a fine piece of work. He inquires and probes and critiques in the manner of a true scholar. The (((Saladins))) of today would like nothing better than to see him and men like him permanently exterminated.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Pierre, what is your opinion about my new word BOLSHEYID, It can serve as adjective or noun for a member equally, but what about the movement as a whole. .

      Bolsheyidism ?

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        No offense meant, Charles, but the term looks to me like a word that has been transcribed directly from the Cyrillic alphabet. I thus can’t help wondering both how it should be pronounced and what precisely it means—that is to say, without an accompanying explanation from its coiner (i.e., you). On the other hand, perhaps I just need to get used to it.

        Ich wünsche Ihnen ein frohes und gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest.

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          Bolshoi is the masculine adjective in Russian for large. As in Bolshoi Theatre. It also means Majority as in Russian Social-Democratic Workers’ Party. Said Party’s minority faction were the Mensheviks.

          Ca. 85% of the Bolsheviks / Comunists leadership were Jews.

          Yid is the Yiddish word for Jew, which, if used by a non-Jew, is perceived as derogatory.

          Admit, that it’s easier to simply say Bolsheyid, rather than naming most of Biden’s Cabinet and their senior staffers and husbands individually !

          Merry Christmas to you as well my friend.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            … it’s easier to simply say Bolsheyid, rather than naming most of Biden’s Cabinet and their senior staffers and husbands individually!

            Point taken. For this, there is no counterargument!

  8. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    G’day moneytalks
    On ( December 18, 2022 at 2:24 am) in your comment in the T.O.O. essay “The American Political System and White Racial Discourse” by Robert s. Griffin, Ph.D. at this link
    in respect to my comment that:
    ” It is inevitable that humans will make mistakes through ignorance, peversity and miseducation etc. Those mistakes are falsely labelled as ‘sins’ by religions but in fact they constitute the necessary learning process. People eventually see their mistakes having to endure suffering as a result.”
    You say that __
    ‘A glitter of gold in your prolific theological works of art known as comments .
    However , your theological explanation for suffering has no empirical basis . A more scientific/realistic explanation would be that suffering is usually the result of inexorable chance events ( some of which may not have anything to do with ignorance , nor perversity , nor miseducation ) that negatively impact normal humanity’s efforts to attain goals or fulfill desirable purposes’.

    I disagree. Arguably much suffering IS due to ignorance. And much of that ignorance IS due to perverse actions by Talmudists and others who deliberately mislead and miseducate goyem.
    For instance Ashkenazis fomented aggression and wars create enormous suffering visited upon millions of people who have no input into the creation and prosecution of that aggression. For instance the 500,000 children under five that the then US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, admitted on US TV in 1995, had died as a result of US sanctions on Iraq.

    Similarly, the COVID-19 scamdemic and subsequent governmental policies mandating that hundreds of millions of people must allow government agents to rape them by penetrating their bodies with needles injecting unknown experimental substances, some of which DID cause pain and suffering and even death.

    Also, we learn to avoid hot objects by being burnt or seeing others get burnt and so on.
    Those who don’t learn from such experiences can reasonably be said to act perversely.

    And surely our world is chock full of miseducation, misdirection and propaganda which is widely accepted and DOES cause suffering. For instance most people in Western society think that banks accept deposits of money and then lend it to borrowers, BUT they don’t. See Prof. Brian Werners comments in
    Banks pretend to lend money but actually they create fiat debt tokens (using key strokes on computers, typing book entries into accounts) which the banks fraudulently label as money, charging borrowers compound interest thereon. THAT enslaves whole populations and causes immense suffering, scarcity and want for billions of people.
    Real money created and issued by national Treasuries as coins and notes constitute about 3% of what we use to facilitate the exchange of goods and services. All other financial transactions are performed using electronically generated book entries only.

    Also, banks do not accept deposits of ‘money’. Legally, albeit covertly, they accept clients’ so-called deposits of currency as an investment in their banking corporations in return for which they provide so-called interest payments. That means that anyone putting currency or money into a bank becomes an unsecured creditor of the bank. So when a bank faces bankruptcy it can convert what it misleadingly calls ‘deposits’ into capital in the company and the individual who thought s/he had placed his/her ‘money’ in the bank for safekeeping finds they have shares in the bank and that those shares rank behind secured creditors.

    That surely results from miseducation although another word for it could be government condoned disinformation, propaganda and criminal fraud.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” THAT enslaves whole populations and causes immense suffering, scarcity and want for billions of people.”

      In your comment quoted above , “THAT” refers to the modus operandi by which globalist ILLuminati jewmasterss usually employ fiat money .

      Let us be clear about this contentious fiat money issue . It is the jewmaster banksters whom “causes immense suffering” during [ their jew’s harvest ] when financial conditions are ripe for it .

      Fiat money per se has no agency independent from its utilitarian value to humanity and thus cannot be a [ root or initial cause ] of suffering from a scientific perspective .

      Furthermore ,
      the employment of fiat money is a way to quickly build-up an economy ;
      and it can be done without an eventual implosion of it when a fiat money system is designed to avoid implosion and lawfully deprive banksters of their nefarious presumptuous right-to-harvest via an exploitative predatory financial system owned by them and intended to extract perniciously inhumane and ultimately unjustifiable inordinate profits during their financial harvest season that is normally commensurate with a war economy .

      The Chinese invented fiat money about one thousand years ago and it still is the quickest way to build-up an economy .

      Fiat money is perhaps
      the only and best way to build-up an economy
      when it is properly regulated to prevent
      ultimately unjustifiable inordinate profiteering
      by banksters and their lackeys or other financial allies .

      The main problem with the USA Fiat Dollar System
      ( the world’s reserve currency system )
      is the fractional reserve lending function which is designed to facilitate the ultimately unjustifiable inordinate accumulations of vast wealth by banksters and their investor clientele . Usurious interest rates , legalized tax avoidance schemes , compound interest , and criminal thievery of fiat money are important issues but not the main one .

      The inveterate Talmudic goobledygook that permeates worldwide financial discourse is also a major issue commensurate with the main issue pertaining to fractional reserve lending .

      The Wikipedia ,
      regardless of any deficiencies and regardless of the fact of jewmasterss ownership/control of the Wiki corporation and ultimate control of all the encyclopedia contents ,
      is the most important encyclopedia in the world
      and it has an article on “Fiat Money”.

      In appreciation of your excellent synoptic historical narratives on elite
      “Talmudic Khazarian Mafia”
      ( aka Ashkenazi financial tribe ) ,
      I will make as follows below an extraordinary effort to show unequivocal point-blank evidence of that aforementioned financial goobledygook discourse .

      The very first sentence in the Wiki article ___

      ” Fiat money (from Latin: fiat, “let it be done”) is a type of currency that is not backed by any commodity such as gold or silver.”

      is a deception
      that is at best an inaccurate assertion
      and at worst a patently false assertion .

      Fiat money [ works ] precisely because it is in reality backed by an existing financial stock of gold/silver .

      This below is a corrected rendition which removes the deception from that erroneous assertion above ___

      [ Fiat money (from Latin: fiat, “let it be done”) is a type of currency that is often or usually not backed by any NEW ADDITIONS to the existing financial stocks of gold/silver .]

      The next Wiki sentence in that article asserts that ___

      ” Fiat money generally does not have intrinsic value and does not have use value. It has value only because the individuals who use it as a unit of account – or, in the case of currency, a medium of exchange – agree on its value.[1] They trust that it will be accepted by merchants and other people.”

      is another deception
      which at best is a confusion-of-conflations and
      at worst a blatantly false assertion .

      Here below is an adumbrated rendition to show the gist of the confusion-of-conflations in that assertion ___

      ” Fiat money generally does not have […] value and does not have use value . It has value because the individuals who use it”…”agree on its value.”

      If you do not get the gist of
      the confusion-of-conflations in that rendition
      then it would be too difficult for me to explain it better .

      You can see herein the work involved in exposing only the first two deceptions rendered in that lengthy Wiki “Fiat Money” article pertaining to worldly financial discourse .

      The Talmudic Khazarian Mafia descendants of the babylonian Ashkenazim satanists are masters at injecting linguistic confusions into any and all discourse — financial or otherwise .

      Further elaborations are beyond the scope of this comment .

      A WN ethnostate sanctuary for Nordics or their descendants would dead-on-arrival if they do not understand the value of fiat money and how to properly regulate it against criminal profiteering .

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