Merry Christmas!

TOO Christmas Carol

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  1. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    Merry Christmas also to you and your supporters and readers. Beautiful poem, are these lines from you? I assume so, because nothing identical can be found.

    Although I personally don’t believe (anymore) in a “last” saving event. There is no certainty of a continuum. For this is what all history seems to tell us: Everything that existed over a long time and was considered indestructible can be destroyed by some adverse “world event”, see e.g. “Corona” as a mass hysteria staged by the (((media))).

    That means, even if we would reach our “paradise on earth”, speak: the sheer matter of course to be allowed to live according to our kind, we have no security that not a few decades after our demise, or in the next century, again a roller of the decay rolls over our (now only few) descendants.

    Probably we would tear ourselves with fright the hair, if we knew, what the future still holds in store, just like our ancestors, if they knew, under which conditions we (despite all modernity) exist today, and what is left of former glory and culture. And this with even steadily increasing transformation speed.

    “Merry Christmas and Fröhliche Weihnachten”

    • Strange World
      Strange World says:

      We live in turbulent times. Animal species die out, are displaced by others (e.g. imported “invaders”). It is to be feared that also our race and ethnicities are on the way to collective self-abolition (especially by systematic decline of birth rates).

      In the same way former large families died out, because the descendants decide to remain childless, or because they disappeared by wars (sons to the front), epidemics, defective genetics (inbreeding in Islam) or other causes.

      It can be seen from the fact that once common family names no longer exist. A fate, which draws ever further circles, on which none of the ancestors has an influence. In addition further factors come like e.g. the increasing homosexualization and insecurity of sexual identity by the decadent “value change”.

      One of the most evolutionarily successful animal species is the domestic cat. Today it is at home everywhere where “humans” live. In former times it also provided for the extermination of disease-carrying mice, but today it lives as a pure food parasite (in many cases perhaps even as a “child substitute”).

      Supposedly, their presence prolongs the life of their owners by imparting a (deceptive?) comfort. Kevin already talked about toxoplasmosis. Probably the most “genetically successful” representatives of humanoids are sperm donors.

      Jews say: “What do you care about the preservation of your racial peculiarity? After all your genes are also spread by miscegenation!” They know best what they’re talking about (Zangwill’s “melting pot”). Now they even want to make “transhuman” cyborgs out of us…

  2. WCH
    WCH says:

    Anyone who believes that invisible supernatural creatures exist is either a child or has the mind of a child. Therefore arguing about whether the country is Christian or not is also childish. It is well past the time that we put childish myths to rest.

    • Strange World
      Strange World says:

      Probably the “gods” are extraterrestrials. That’s why UFOs have been sighted only in Western countries for decades (if a UFO should be sighted in the Sahara, it would certainly be by a white nutcase).

      The Jews spread the theory that there are extraterrestrials. And not some ignorant microorganisms, but human-like creatures that have no more important mission to accomplish for decades (that is, not billions of years ago or billions of years from now) than to spy on our world, which consists of a gigantic collection of fools. After all, it was also a Jew named Spielberg who whispered the belief in “ET” to the children.

      Mr. von Däniken is a genius salesman. With his made-up nonsense he has made it to a multimillionaire. Above all the Jews have contributed to the spreading of his ridiculous “theories” in America, one of his biggest admirers is Jew actor Shatner (who likes to confuse himself with “Captain Kirk”).

      For more than 50 years these guys have been spreading their nonsense without ever having proved anything (which does not detract from their popularity). Presumably one must analyze, like this equally senile pasta cook “historical Hebrew texts” (up to a chronic eye inflammation), in order to be able to prove the connection of Kubrick’s “moon landing” with the underlying Mosaism.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      By all means, retain your beliefs: but remain consistent when you lie on some road, bleeding out after a traffic crash.

      Those of us who have stared death in its ugly face, repeatedly, will remain ” childish ” !

      Merry Christmas !

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        Those in danger or other need learn to pray. An old truth. However, still no proof for a “God”-like entity. Rather the activation of early childhood powerlessness mechanisms in the cerebellum (“reptilian brain”).

        In addition, the principle of the self-fulfilling prophecy must not be disregarded (see also placebo/nocebo). Who believes in it that God’s power serves him of all things, increases thereby the probability on success (expectation attitude).

        “God can move mountains, bring a shovel to be on the safe side.” The problem that the “holy warriors” have is that their God, according to their own testimony, supports them of all people and not their enemies.

        Self-responsibility is not compatible with any kind of superstition. Active confidence (in one’s own powers) not with passive hope in force majeure. Religious delusion (alleged “love”) has created much suffering.

        I am generally of the opinion that a fight can only be won in the mode of “as if”. A race that has given up on itself and considers its survival a “crime” inevitably brings about its own downfall, virtually conjures it up.

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          Very fortunately, I had not read your advice when we ran from those deliberately drunk, Jew Swine Ilyah Ehrenburg hyped up Bolsheyid soldiers, exhorted to kill, kill, kill any and all Germans , young and old, man, woman and babies, all day long, instead of sitting idly between battles.

          I get so very tired of reading about all these academic fine points and tedious, mere theories about Christianity, which can, in the end only be decided by an individual him- or herself;

          • Strange World
            Strange World says:

            @charles frey

            “when we ran”

            “We”? You speak as if you were there yourself (just like those who “testify” to the Immaculate Conception).

            What does this have to do with the Jewish “invention” of monotheism, which you seem to be incurably addicted to?

            And as far as the war is concerned, it has nothing at all to do with logic (but obviously with your “God”).

            Instead of agreeing to a mendacious ceasefire, they should have joined forces and stood together against idiotic “command and control”.

            But this does not require beadles who believe in “higher powers”, but those who take fate into their own hands!

        • RockaBoatus
          RockaBoatus says:

          “However, still no proof for a “God”-like entity” – Oh yes, of course. After all, the complexity of life itself on earth, the harmony it manifests, and the myriad signs of intelligent design within the universe is no “proof” in the least.

          The complexity of the human body, the eye, the heart, the brain, is just a product of chance. It’s just a figment of our imagination to believe that we humans are intelligently designed. How ludicrous that anyone might deduce from all of this that there might be a Creator who governs and oversees all that occurs in the universe.

          It’s better, as you know, to believe that life is random, having no purpose, and being only empty and dark. There are no laws of logic that we can discern nor mathematical knowledge that has any consistency. No, none of that. How dare anyone arrive at the conclusion that all of this is the work of God when we could just as easily attribute it to random chance.

          Better to believe that a random windstorm blew through a huge landfill and unintentionally produced a 747 Boeing airplane than to believe such ridiculous notions as a Divine Creator and the plainly evident signs of intelligent design that we witness daily.

          I defer to your greater insight and wisdom.

          • Strange World
            Strange World says:


            “It’s better, as you know, to believe that life is random, having no purpose, and being only empty and dark. There are no laws of logic that we can discern nor mathematical knowledge that has any consistency.”

            These are your (wrong) “conclusions”, not mine. What does your Jewish preacher, who allegedly walked on water 2000 years ago, have to do with logic and the laws of nature?

          • Captainchaos
            Captainchaos says:

            Near death experiences are direct evidence of the existence of a spiritual dimension to reality.

            PS. Why does Strange Wanker have carte blanche to spam this blog? When that old crank Waldemar did it such was regarded as a federal offense.

          • Strange World
            Strange World says:

            Wow. Dat took you a hell of a long time to ejaculate that blob of “spirituality” and consider it an “adequate response”, Captain Near-Braindead!

            PS. Your puerile projections (“wanker”) are (as always) the only “direct evidence” here: of the irreparable chaos in your meathead.

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        “Have patience!” reads a recent article in a Christian conservative paper. By patience, they mean sacrificing their true and only existence in exchange for heavenly promises.

        There is the argument, “If so many people believe in God, then it can’t be that wrong.” Sounds kind of sympathetic.

        But who exactly are the people who believe in God, globally speaking? It seems to be at least 80 percent people who are not in touch with science or the Western (read white) world.

        • Strange World
          Strange World says:

          Of course, the nobility of a fortunate child includes shielding himself against negative influences and the determination to say “No!” against any attempts to damage his integrity. A child of fortune will therefore not run like Don Quixote against windmills, in order to then complain that the world is unfair.

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        So my prescription for all enlightened minds is to replace the Jewish universal principle of “God” with the enlightened individual principle of favor: “I am a child of fortune!”

        This principle does not invoke any fictitious authority called Sky Daddy, but is based on the conviction that all forces are in balance and no happiness can be achieved without one’s own effort.

        • RockaBoatus
          RockaBoatus says:

          “So my prescription for all enlightened minds is to replace the Jewish universal principle of “God” with the enlightened individual principle of favor: “I am a child of fortune!” – Yeah, that’ll do it! Everyone now all in unison: “I’m a child of fortune!” Repeat it again: “I’m a child of fortune!” Now, that’s some deep thinkin’ there.

          • Strange World
            Strange World says:

            If it were (al too) easy (at first), no effort would be needed. Walking, swimming, or riding a bicycle must also be learned before they can be mastered. Apparently, your own “deep thinking” is not yet sufficient to confirm this simplest formula for its effectiveness.

            Goethe: “Nur die Lumpen sind bescheiden, Brave freuen sich der Tat.“ (Only the rags are modest, Brave rejoice in the deed.) Let no one tell you that you have the right to be the master of your own destiny (including your state of mind). You will receive exactly what you are convinced you deserve.

            Obviously, your fictitious “God” does not let you recognize any cosmic regularities, but makes your fortune dependent only on the strict observance of the Bible quotations created by human hand and humble prayers in quiet contemplation. A so far unredeemed all too regrettable fate, which is nevertheless worthwhile to endure persistently and unconvertibly in the hope of “eternal life in heaven” for people like you.

      • RockaBoatus
        RockaBoatus says:

        “In a healthy society, such psychopaths would not sit in front of the cam without a straitjacket” – Yeah, that’s the ticket – straitjacket anyone who believes in God, especially those Christians! The horror!

        • Strange World
          Strange World says:

          As far as I’m concerned, everyone can “believe” whatever they want: in the Easter bunny, Santa Claus, the stork, or the Good Lord. He should just not “believe”, he could push this nonsense on enlightened minds as rational and reasonable, thus at any time verifiable “truth”, or even morally blackmail others with his dogmatic zeal of faith to convert them to the same madness: “Sinners against God’s eternal laws end in eternal hell!”

          Fairy tales and fables should be told exclusively to children as “true”. Anyone who thinks they still have to do this to full-grown people really belongs in a padded cell.

          • charles frey
            charles frey says:

            Listen, you megalomaniacal Grosskotz, don’t know better than I, Besserwisser, what I experienced during and after WW II.

            After all, I was born in Berlin on June 12, 39, bombed out four times and evacuated, with my entire family to south of Forst, where we were overrun by the Red Army on April 21, 1945.

            You ignorant Grosskotz addressed your reply specifically to me on Dec 26:

            @ charles frey
            ” when we ran “. ” We ? ” You speak as if you were there yourself [ just like those who ” testify ” to the Immaculate Conception ].

            Get a girlfriend instead of linking German films without subtitles: better still, found a cult and migrate to Jonestown: then emulate them !

          • Marcus Baskett
            Marcus Baskett says:

            There are Santa Clauses everywhere during Christmas season for several hundred years bub(??) …or are those fake Santa’s?? …same with god. Saying that everyone’s god is fake implies a real one(s) must exist(ed) somewhere at sometime. is what it is. There definitely is a god. No one on earth could Ever tell you how many fishes are in the ocean at any given moment nor is anyone required to know yet it is a Fact that number exists. It’s a choice how interested one prefers to be in it.

  3. Scipio Africanus
    Scipio Africanus says:

    God bless you Kevin McDonald for all your work. You are an inspiration and a gift.
    Merry Christmas

  4. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year to
    Prof. McDonald and those dear to him, with many thanks for all the food for thought provided.

  5. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Christmas Day should be out of bounds for self defense. However, I just found time to bring the following to the attention of those who are unaware or were deliberately disinformed by OUR MEDIA.

    Zuckerberg’s Google has the following to say about the Dedham, MA town’s deciion to disallow the erection of a Tree at both of its library venues:



    Well, complete success by the Bolsheyids, were it not for the fact, that trees at BOTH library venues were permitted at the last minute. [ Shedding light on the illogic and mendacity of the above statement itself ].

    Really worth looking into online to familiarize oneself with town level Commissionars for Civil Rights like Diane Loud, who loudly called Christ that Big Daddy in the Sky, and a female opponent a dumb, fucking bitch.

    Reportedly DEDHAM houses a live-in HEBREW HOME FOR MEMORY CHALLENGED PEOPLE, essentially suffering from dementia. Perhaps that accounts for their 2.9 % of its population.

    Hardly irrelevant, since we know, that Lenin also worked from the bottom up.

    Despite these vital tidings, a very merry and continued Christmas;
    tree and all !

    PS: There were no similar impediments facing the 36 ft MENORAH in NYC, nor the obediently 2 ft smaller MENORAH facing the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin; proximate to their vast Holocaust Memorial

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