How Jewish is Azov?

In the essay “Why ‘Nazis’ in Ukraine?,” I looked at the historical basis for significant remnants of interest in National Socialism as a political ideology in Ukraine. That essay was not the place to evaluate whether the famous—or infamous—Azov Regiment (formerly Battalion) is National Socialist in any sense. We will evaluate that here.

The Azov Regiment displays flags, patches and other regalia featuring a symbol associated with the National Socialist German military from World War II. Something called Reporting Radicalism gives a good description of the main Azov symbol, as well as a good example of how it can be mischaracterized:

Idea of the Nation

A modern symbol created as an emblem for the Social-National Party of Ukraine (now known as the Svoboda Party). It is a combination of Ukrainian letters “I” and “N” allegedly written in an “ancient script,” though there is no evidence that these letters were ever written in such a way.   The symbol is a variation of the Wolfsangel; a mirror image of the emblem of the SS Panzer Division “Das Reich” (a division of the Nazi security services). The leader of Patriot of Ukraine rejects the notion that the symbol has any connection to the Wolfsangel. However, the organizations that use the Idea of ​​the Nation symbol are far-right and use other hate symbols.

Before the beginning of the Russian war with Ukraine in late February 2022, media attention had been invested in presenting Azov as “Neo-Nazis,” Fascists and “far right extremists.” This is especially true of Russian media, such as this RT depiction titled “Not worth your sympathy: The story of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov battalion” released in July of last year, equating Azov with the original racist, mass murdering, evil “Nazis.” Only six days after the Russian “special military operation” began, in early March Aljazeera did a fine job demonizing Azov in its piece “Profile: Who are Ukraine’s far-right Azov regiment?,” assigning it all the same atrocities attributed to “Nazis” such as “pogroms” against Roma and homosexuals (but not Jews), “white supremacist” and “far-right ultra-nationalism” ideology, and raping and torturing civilians in the Donbas region. Aljazeera mentions “Igor Kolomoisky, an energy magnate billionaire and then-governor of the Dnipropetrovska region” as an oligarch who funded Azov, but omits that Kolomoisky is Jewish. This will prove significant.

Not to be left out, Western media such as The Nation was depicting Azov in a similar vein in 2019 even before the Russian incursion, using every label imaginable just in its title and subtitle: “Neo-Nazi,” “far right,” “anti-Semitic,” “fascist” and “ultranationalist.” As far back as June 2015, the US Congress was passing an amendment to the Department of Defense Appropriations Act which stated: “None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to provide arms, training, or other assistance to the Azov Battalion.” The reasons were provided by a Mr. Conyers, sponsor of the amendment:

Foreign Policy magazine has characterized the 1,000-man Azov Battalion as “openly neo-Nazi” and “fascist.” Numerous other news organizations, including The New York Times, The Guardian, and the Associated Press have corroborated the dominance of White supremacist and anti-Semitic views within the group; yet Ukraine’s Interior Minister recently announced the Azov Battalion will be among the units to receive training and arms from Western allies, including the United States.

Azov’s founder, Andriy Biletsky, organized the neo-Nazi group the Social-National Assembly in 2008. Azov men use neo-Nazi symbolism on their banner.

Facebook took a similar view of Azov, then moderated it. In 2016 Facebook declared Azov a “dangerous organization,” and by 2019 Azov was banned from Facebook entirely. “Users engaging in praise, support or representation” of Azov were also banned. The day after the Russian offensive, February 24, 2022, Facebook abruptly changed the policy, allowing praise and support for Azov. In a vain and desperate attempt to find some non-existent middle ground, Facebook will “allow praise of the Azov Battalion when explicitly and exclusively praising their role in defending Ukraine OR their role as part of the Ukraine’s National Guard,”  but that “Azov still can’t use Facebook platforms for recruiting purposes or for publishing its own statements and that the regiment’s uniforms and banners will remain as banned hate symbol imagery…”

This moderation by Facebook is typical of Western media generally after the Russian intervention in early 2022. Azov had already been the focus of intensive propaganda warfare prior, which escalated when Putin declared “de-nazification” as a main objective of Russia’s direct entry into the conflict. Russian propaganda depicts Azov as “Neo-Nazis” and even “White supremacists” as one justification for crossing the border into Ukraine.

Azov has its own highly polished and professional propaganda, which labeled the Russians “the real fascists.” The UK Telegraph said Azov was “playing a PR game” as a “well-oiled publicity machine.” International news outlet France 24 reported in late March 2022 that Azov maintains a professional presence on Telegram social media, posting drone videos of Azov’s military successes against Russian tanks. The article states, “The Azov now function like other regiments ‘but with better PR,’” according to a human rights expert.

More typical “de-nazification” of Azov that Western media itself engaged in at this point declares: “'(Azov) doesn’t have the connotation of being a sort of fascist symbol anymore,’… Overall, ultra-nationalist political forces have been on the decline in Ukraine since 2014…”

These apologetics and white-washing of Azov should perplex us, given the absolute hysteria with which the Jewish-owned and -operated Western media and governments depict anything even remotely considered “Nazi.” One example was the frenzy that ensued when it appeared the stage at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) was shaped in the form of a Nordic rune (the Odal), also displayed by some National Socialist military units. Obviously the Russian invasion in 2022 changed something fundamental and now it is acceptable to exonerate Azov from “Nazi” affiliations and even praise it.

At the time of the dramatic confrontation in Mariupol between Azov barricaded in a steel plant, and Russian forces besieging them in May 2022, some surprising (to those who remain perplexed) developments occurred. Some media attention was devoted to showing Azov as definitely not “Nazis,” but devoted Ukrainian fighters trying to resist the Russian invasion of their lands. These accounts seek to further sever the association between Azov and “Nazis,” and even re-associate Azov with Jews!

To counteract Russian accusations, Ukrainian news outlet Gordonua quoted an Azov deputy commander: “I want to emphasize that these (Azov people) are not militants. These are military personnel of Ukraine, these are citizens of Ukraine of different nationalities. These are Jews, these are Ukrainians, these are Greeks, these are Belarusians, these are Gagauz.” Jews in the ranks of “Nazi” Azov?

Apparently so. A Jew trapped inside the steel plant with Azov sent a video message out, directed to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet, the people of Israel, its journalists, Rabbis, and others, as reported by Ukrainian news Focus. Vitaly Barabash published his video on the Ilgam Hasanov Facebook page “on behalf of all Jews who are in the blocked ruins of Azovstal” (name of the steel plant). How many Jews are there with—in—Azov? Enough to make this appeal to Israel.

The next day on May 12, Haaretz quoted the same Azov deputy commander in its article titled “Azov Battalion’s Second-in-command: ‘Like in Israel, There Is Also Terror Against Us. We Are Not Nazis‘” The relevant passage states:

…a video appeared on social media of a coast guard fighter who identified himself as Jewish from another unit inside the Azovstal plant, in which he appealed to Israeli lawmakers. He addressed Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Russian-speaking Knesset members Yuli Edelstein of Likud and Evgeny Sova, Yulia Malinovsky and Alex Kushnir of Yisrael Beiteinu and asked that Israel help evacuate the Ukrainian forces from Mariupol.

“He addressed your politicians and the nation of Israel,” says (Azov deputy commander) Palamar. “He thinks, and so do I, that Israel is a strong country that has been fighting for a long time and that protects its soldiers. We know that Israel takes the members of its military seriously, who defend your country from both territorial attacks and from terrorists who carry out attacks. The same thing is happening here. I think this is terror.”

Yes, an appeal by a Jew closely associated with Azov, for help from Israel, “a strong country that has been fighting for a long time,” to intervene and rescue all the Jews in the steel plant. The article is framed as a question and answer session with the deputy commander.

Haaretz:The Azovstal plant is already being compared to Masada, where Jewish fighters who rebelled against the Roman Empire barricaded themselves in, and in the end all of them were killed. Do you understand that this could be your fate, too?

Azov: “Every minute. Any minute, we are expecting to be killed.”

In fact, the Jews within Masada committed mass suicide rather than be captured or slaughtered by the Romans. This was considered a brave act of faith, and is the essential meaning of the story. For Haaretz to get this wrong cannot be a mistake. Haaretz certainly cannot suggest suicide for Azov and the Jews in Mariupol, and so the story is distorted for propaganda purposes. The meaning of the Mariupol story is for Israel to rescue brave fighters against imperialism (this time Russian instead of Roman), to avoid the tragedy of a modern Masada.

Finally the interview devolves into Azov “Nazi” denial. This is astounding in a Jewish Israeli outlet such as Haaretz, so we will examine it in full.

Haaretz: The Russian propaganda is claiming that you are Nazis. But in addition to the propaganda, there have been testimonies for years in independent media outlets and in international reports that Azov fighters hold extreme rightist positions.

Azov: What is Nazism? When someone thinks that one nation is superior to another nation, when someone thinks he has a right to invade another country and destroy its inhabitants — this is terror, this is violence, these are crematoria and filtration [sic; concentration?] camps.  This is clinging to one religion or one idea. What is happening here? We believe in our country’s territorial integrity. We have never attacked anyone, and we have not wanted to do that.

Our unit came together when our country was attacked [in 2014], and our highest priority is defending our country. We do not think, and we have never thought, that we are better than anyone else. People from different nationalities are serving with us – Greeks, Jews, Muslims, Crimean Tatars — and even if at one time there were soccer hooligans among us who shouted things in stadiums, those are the positions of young people who have changed because we are a military unit. We have no political ambitions or stances. Only citizens of Ukraine are serving with us. There are no foreign citizens with us because that is prohibited by law.

Haaretz: A few days ago, I spoke with a former resident of Mariupol, She claimed that Azov fighters walk around with Nazi symbols, with swastikas. Is that a lie?

Azov: They’re talking about our symbol, ‘the idea of the nation.’ Its meaning is that the main idea of what was once a regiment and is now our battalion is the defense of our national ideals. I think that every civilian and soldier in every nation — that’s his idea, because it’s incumbent on everyone to defend their national interests, especially if the country gives them weapons.

Haaretz: Nevertheless, I want to be precise here. Can you say that the fighters of the battalion do not have actual swastikas tattooed on their bodies?

Azov: There are no swastikas. It could be that there are inscriptions in ancient Slavic letters, or a pagan runic inscription. Every individual among us can believe whatever he wants here in the unit. We all live in peace.

No swastikas in Azov, just Jews and peace. A few young soccer hooligans, a couple pagan rune tattoos. No “Nazis” here! Is Azov “denazifying” itself to remove one of Putin’s reasons to invade? To recruit support from the West? To Jews, “Nazi” denial must be almost as heinous as holocaust denial, yet Jews themselves are supporting and propagating it in regard to Azov.

The antagonism between National Socialist German leadership and Jewish Communists and bankers could not have been more acute. Anything National Socialist, then or today, is by definition “anti-Semitic.” To see Azov, which had been so thoroughly demonized as “Nazi” now harboring Jews in its ranks and associated forces, funded by a Jewish oligarch, white-washed by Jewish media, and sanctioned and approved by the Jewish President of the nation of Ukraine, is so incongruous that it can have only one explanation: Azov is now a propaganda creation serving a dual schizophrenic purpose. It can be depicted as a gang of evil “Nazis” committing atrocities and war crimes to perpetuate the evil “Nazi” mythology and absorb all accusations of Ukrainian atrocities. It can also be depicted as a band of brave multi-cultural freedom fighters resisting Russian imperialism. Whichever suits the purposes of the Western media. The second depiction sounds oddly similar to the Waffen SS, the first ethnically diverse all-European army which fought on the side of National Socialism against Communism. The Azov propagandists do not want us to see that, though.

Then again, plenty of Jews—up to 150,000—fought for Germany in World War II, and 77 of Germany’s officers, some of high rank, were Jews. Could this explain why Jews serve in Azov today? We should not believe it. Azov changes its colors with the circumstances of war and the needs of Western propaganda. Russian propaganda remains constant: Azov is a bunch of “Nazis.” Today however, Azov has Jews. That should be irreconcilable.  

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  1. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    When the Russians call anyone ‘Nazis’ it should be taken with a pinch of salt and you shouldn’t really think this has anything specifically to do with National Socialist Germany, except the name, because it’s become a catchy sort of swear word.
    Neo-Nazis are as similar to NS Germany as today’s gay, feminist war-mongering left is to the Stalinist left, or the old trade union left. Just the word & the odd symbol remains, nothing of the reality.
    Simple Russian propaganda for their masses describes anyone who invades them as Nazis, going all the way back to the Teutonic Knights. The accurate translation is ‘aggressive invader’, and not just of Russia. They make out the Normans who invaded England and Italy etc are the same sort of thing. They’re basically trying to say this is the history of the entire West and that’s why they keep invading us. Because they are deranged war-mongers.
    It does make sense and there is truth in it, though obviously as with all propaganda, it’s not the whole truth.
    Russia, without natural defences and very rich in resources has always been invaded, it’s a human thing as opposed to some ideological thing, and they got it bad from the South and East as well. If they were being threatened today by the Muslim world instead of the West, their mass propaganda would obviously be different.
    We certainly cannot blame them for what they tell their own people, it’s none of our business, and is nothing compared to the garbage fed to the Western masses.
    The main point is anyone with sympathy for NS Germany shouldn’t dislike today’s Russia because they use the word ‘Nazi’. Just like us in WWII, they weren’t fighting Nazis, they were fighting Germany. All the British and French troops thought correctly they were fighting Germany, and though the Russians were much more propagandized, any Soviet soldier with a brain would understand the war was against Germany, not some ‘Nazism’ spook. Most of that garbage was added on later when the war ended.

    • Denethor
      Denethor says:

      Well, just recently the Russians got a resolution adopted in the UN that condemns “glorification of the Nazi past, the Nazi movement and neo-Nazism” and wants to “encourages states to develop and implement national action plans for the elimination of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, with a view to, inter alia, monitoring closely the phenomenon of Nazism, neo-Nazism and Holocaust denial, such as commemorative celebration of the Nazi regime, its allies and related organizations”. For some reason this was not reported in any Western media.

      “The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution dubbed Combating Glorification of Nazism, Neo-Nazism and Other Practices that Contribute to Fuelling Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, submitted by Russia.

      The resolution expresses “deep concern about the glorification, in any form, of the Nazi movement, neo-Nazism and former members of the Waffen SS organization, including by erecting monuments and memorials, holding public demonstrations in the name of the glorification of the Nazi past, the Nazi movement and neo-Nazism.”

      The document “encourages states to develop and implement national action plans for the elimination of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, with a view to, inter alia, monitoring closely the phenomenon of Nazism, neo-Nazism and Holocaust denial, such as commemorative celebration of the Nazi regime, its allies and related organizations.”

      In addition, the resolution “expresses deep concern about increased frequency of attempts and activities intended to desecrate or demolish monuments erected in remembrance of those who fought against Nazism during the Second World War, as well as to unlawfully exhume or remove the remains of such persons.”

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Well that’s hardly surprising considering using Nazi iconography is the only way the Jews can rile Ukrainian peasants up into hating Russians.
        I’d be against such a motion though, it’s disgusting and inhuman that National Socialist Germany cannot be celebrated and remembered considering how many Europeans of all nationalities fought and died honourably for it.
        But of course this is only because the Jews have perverted NS Germany’s memory by blending it in modern people’s brains with the Jewish scam of ‘neo-Nazism’.
        Even after all these years it’s still absolutely astounding how seemingly EVERY terrible thing on earth seems to have Jews at it’s very core.

      • SimpleMale
        SimpleMale says:

        Yes, I have speculated that Putin was attempting to mimic the promotion of Cultural Marxism by the Ashkenazim for the purpose of attempting to receive sympathy from the genetically/culturally diverse world population, but also for the purpose of attempting to destroy the genetics/culture of the nations fighting against Russia. However, Putin also promotes Cultural Marxism in Russia, meaning that he is also the enemy of his own people. He is basically a universal Genetic Sociopath.

  2. Walter
    Walter says:

    Maybe I am wrong, but does not some of this controversy stem from the fact that in WW 2 many Ukrainians wanted to throw off the Soviet Russian yoke and thus, rightly or wrongly, saw Germany as the preferable country?

    Does that make then “Nazis”, or are they just anti-Soviet or anti-Russian?

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Remember, that a mere eight years elapsed between the Holodomor and the Wehrmacht’s therefore welcomed invasion and temporary emancipation from the Bolsheyids. Closer to 6 or less years if you calculate the aftermath of the Holodomor.

      02 The Ukraine did not gain its independence through the disintegration of the SU in 91, but through the after dinner drunken largesse by Ukrainian SU Premier Nikita Khrushev.

      03 Portions of its previously strictly controlled plutonium found their way as distant as Western Germany, around Ulm. Likely also to the Israeli nuclear bomb development site at Dimona; reassuringly described to JFK as a mere Textile Plant.

  3. John D. Alder
    John D. Alder says:

    The truth is like a cork, it always rises to the surface. Thank for helping bring the truth to the surface.

  4. JoaoAlfaiate
    JoaoAlfaiate says:

    “Das Reich” was a Waffen SS Panzer Division which fought along side other German units in WW2. It is notorious for its murders in the town of Oradour in France in 1944. The Ukie Azov Battalion probably adapted the Division’s insignia as their own because Das Reich spearheaded the last major successful German offensive on the Eastern Front, the recapture of Kharkov, in January of 1943.

    It is also important to remember that the 14th SS Panzer Grenadier Division was recruited by the Nazis from the ethnic Ukrainian population around Lemberg (now Lvov) in the western Ukraine. Many of the survivors of the 14th SS managed to emigrate to Canada. There is a memorial to those Ukrainian Nazis in the Canadian town of Oakville, ON.

    No one in the msm (or the USG) is ever held accountable for their errors and lies. I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Oradour was truly reprehensible.

      02 But so was what an always truthful friend told me of his experience as a 16 year old student at the Luftwaffe Navigation School near Lyon.

      03 The entire School staff and students were ordered back home from France, just before the Reich’s collapse.

      04 They were warned not to take the main roads because of Allied air superiority by that time.

      05 Consequently their convoy chose a secondary, single lane unpaved sideroad. Several hours into their journey, they were obstructed by another German convoy that had come to a halt.

      06 My friend’s convoy commanders investigated the cause of the other column’s obstruction, followed by their students.

      07 Said convoy’s vehicle motors were still running. All of its ca 90 personnel was most horribly disfigured by the valiant French Resistance.

      08 Its several female members had their ears cut off, their eyes gouged out, their breasts cut off, as well as their vaginas. Males were similarly mutilated.

      09 My friend’s predominantly youthful convoy passed by with difficult maneuvers and headed to Germany, wondering whether they would be next.

      10 After the war, the female owner of the Moulin Rouge was asked about her experience during the German occupation, and the comparison between her wartime German, predominantly military clientele and her post war Allied clientele.

      11 Her comparison came down heavily in favor of her Wehrmacht clientele.

      12 What the hell happened between the time described by her and Oradour ?

      13 An almost identical situation described by my friend occurred in the area of Army Group Centre on the Eastern Front.

      14 A Divisional HQ was separated from its main body of troops but recaptured during the following day.

      15 The entire staff had been murdered and mutilated by Partisans, most frequently consisting of Jews. The HQ’s 18 year old girl telegraph operator suffered the same fate as those of my friend’s road blocking convoy, with the difference, that she was crucified on a tree and had the penis of another fellow soldier, crucified on the next tree, stuck into her mouth.


      The entire world is constantly and profitably reminded of all German crimes, but very seldom, if at all, of those Allied crimes I listed, far from complete, in a recent Comment. I

      • Peter
        Peter says:

        Thanks for your response to the preceding comment. There is always something that preceded something the Germans are accused of, but it is never mentioned out of ignorance or malice. It is easy for anyone to be ignorant of such things. I strongly believe the allies (Jews, English, and Americans) are much more prone to lying or repeating lies. So many lies have already come out (soap and lampshades), but they never show any shame. They actually insist this wasn’t a lie and claim it was a “mistake.”

        • JoaoAlfaiate
          JoaoAlfaiate says:

          “…accused of…”?

          The Burning of Women and Children in a Church
          The SS men next proceeded to the church and placed an incendiary device beside it. When it was ignited, women and children tried to escape through the doors and windows, only to be met with machine-gun fire. 247 women and 205 children died in the attack. The only survivor was 47-year-old Marguerite Rouffanche. She escaped through a rear sacristy window, followed by a young woman and child.[5] All three were shot, two of them fatally. Rouffanche crawled to some pea bushes and remained hidden overnight until she was found and rescued the next morning. About twenty villagers had fled Oradour-sur-Glane as soon as the SS unit had appeared. That night, the village was partially razed.

          Several days later, the survivors were allowed to bury the 643 dead inhabitants of Oradour-sur-Glane who had been killed in just a few hours. Adolf Diekmann said the atrocity was in retaliation for the partisan activity in nearby Tulle and the kidnapping and murder of SS commander Helmut Kämpfe, who was burned alive in a field ambulance with other German soldiers.

          Amongst the men of the town killed were three priests who worked in the parish. It was also reported that the SS troops desecrated the church, including deliberately scattering Communion hosts before they forced the women and children into it. The Bishop of Limoges visited the village in the days after the massacre, one of the first public figures to do so, and his account of what he witnessed is one of the earliest available.[6] Amongst those who went to bury the dead and document the event by taking photographs were some local seminarians.

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          01 Given the brilliant chemists we Germans are, we also developed processes to render Bristish Army fatalities, as well as our own, into PURE JEWISH SOAP.

          02 Starting as soon as possible, we developed this even during WW I. !

          03 During WW II, commercially available under the abbreviated initials as RJS; OR, ALLEGEDLY IN GERMAN, but incorrectly and purposefully propagandistically misrepresented AS ” REINE JUDEN SEIFE “.

          04 However, among a purportedly English speaking people, whose EDUCATED classes, even lawyers, use INFERENCE and IMPLICATION as one and the same : for whom everything , from the number of people to flour and time comes in AMOUNTS: for whom LIE and LAY are synonyms: for whom a single COINCIDENT become two or more COINCIDENCES, would hardly know, that the printed capital J in German, extends below the baseline, while the capital letter I, in German, though printed identically to J, rests on it.

          05 For wilfully illiterate experts, RIS, i.e. REINE INDUSTRIE SEIFE, profitably was said to refer to REINE JUDEN SEIFE.

          06 And of course we unteachable Germans, who have an easily defineable murder gene imbedded in our DNA, according to an Ivy League so called historian, had such an enormous supply of corpses, that we not only still use Kernseife [ Industrial strength Soap ] or curd-soap, well after the war, but, in addition, supply much of the rest of the world, where it’s still marketed. We had a twelve story morgue under the entire area of Belgium.

  5. David Halladay
    David Halladay says:

    It never sat well with me. You cannot be authentically National Socialist and serve Jewish interests. Simple as that.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Because they ain’t ‘authentically National Socialist’ but definitely are authentically Neo-Nazis.
      Neo-Nazis have as much to do with Hitler as neo-conservatives have with Edmund Burke.
      Neo-Nazism wherever it has flared up has ALWAYS served Jewish interests and NEVER normal white people’s.
      Jews love them because they get to point and say “look, the Fourth Reich is on the rise, so we need this, this, this and that, and white’s in general should lose this, this, this and that freedom or liberty”.
      It’s a scam and it always has been.

      • Dirk Manly
        Dirk Manly says:

        Remember, the leader of the”Illinois Nazis”in Skokie, Illinois was a Jew. And not a crypto-Jew but one whose very face fit the stereotypical appearance of a Jewish man.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        I just finished White Revolt by Dilion. It is largely a history of the post-Rockwell National Socialist Party of America. This group would have to be considered “Neo-Nazi” but truly served white people’s interests and genuinely opposed Jews. A number of other “Neo-Nazi” groups achieved the same. Sure Jews pointed to them and said “more security!” This is often the reaction to successful white advocate “anti-semitic” groups, which does not make them willing participants in the Jewish agenda. The trick is to overcome the Jewish reaction and prevail.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          No doubt Mr Haemers you know more about this subject than I do, and are of course older and wiser.
          Your articles here are as good as anyone’s.
          But why on God’s green earth would pro-whites back then, even if they were in earnest and genuinely wanted to stand against Jews, why would they don a Nazi aesthetic?
          There couldn’t BE a more despised ideology amongst the Western masses at that point in history than Nazism.
          Not just the brain-dead masses, but what about all the veterans and their families who were killed by the Nazis? British and American patriots truly hated Nazism.
          How on earth could any thinking person imagine for one second this would be a good strategy that would gain popular support – political power?
          I forgive of course the ‘troopers’ in such a movement, the average peasants cannot be expected to understand this, and I’m sure they got a buzz from being heretical and winding up the bien-pensants, but what was the leader’s excuse?

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Well said, my friend.

      It is frightening how more and more Aryans conclude 2+2 = 5.

      Yet, as has been said, world history is made by the minorities when that minority (our Folk) embodies the majority of will and courage.

  6. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    David Halladaysays:
    January 10, 2023 at 1:59 pm
    It never sat well with me. You cannot be authentically National Socialist and serve Jewish interests. Simple as that.

    G’day David,
    I disagree. Parasitic AshkeNAZIS use everyone. Hitler’s National Socialists served the interests of International Jewry whether they knew it or not.
    The AshkeNAZIS (International Jewry) controlled Britain, France and the US and organised WWI and the destruction of Germany under the Treaty of Versailles (during which the two AshkeNAZI Warburg brothers sat on either side of the table and sold out Germany. That precipitated WWII (predicted by Albert Pike in his letter to Mazzini in August 1871).

    International Jewry then started WWII by declaring war on Germany in March 1933 and initiating a global trade boycott designed to starve the German nation. AshkeNAZIS owned the corporate German war industry and used perhaps 100,000 Jewish slaves and millions of other slaves in their concentration camp factories during WWII.
    Churchill, whose mother was a Jewess, was a paid Jewish puppet who initiated the bombing of civilians in German cities 4 months before Hitler’s airforce retaliated by bombing Coventry (an industrial city). Churchill used carpet fire bombing of civilians in 60 German cities, immolating a minimum of 2.2 million German civilians in the process, INSTEAD of bombing Ashkenazi owned factories throughout WWII. The militarily pointless Dresden holocaust at the end of WWII probably incinerated eight times as many civilians as German bombing killed in London during the entirety of WWII.
    Hitler let the 300,000 soldiers of the BEF cornered at Dunkirk sail back to Britain instead of killing or incarcerating them and invading Britain. Hitler and his National Socialist military obviously served AshkeNAZI interests on that occasion.

    In my lifetime EVERYONE has served Jewish interests. Do you use and pay interest on fiat currency created out of thin air by Ashkenazi Central Banks and their commercial offshoots? IF you do, you are serving Jewish interests. The reason that ‘Jewish interests’ destroyed National Socialist Germany and have denigrated and subjugated Germans (supposedly for being Nazis) to this day, is that Hitler had the temerity to sack Ashkenazi Hjalmar Schacht (Germany’s President of the Central Bank (Reichsbank) in 1939 and issued Germany’s own form of currency which eliminated the Jews’ ‘free lunch’.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      You forgot to mention that the Zionists very much did everything in their power to manipulate the Nazis into cracking down on German Jews, so that as many as possible would flee to Palestine. They also forbade refugee Jews, up to and including turning back ships full of them, including children, from leaving NS Germany UNLESS they went to Palestine.
      Though if you were being pedantic, he did actually say *authentically* National Socialist, so he is in fact correct. Anything that helps International Jewry, the blood enemy of NS Germany, is not serving her.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Your final paragraph refutes your thesis that Hitler was an agent of the Jews.
      It is far from obvious why the troops were allowed to escape at Dunkirk. Von Runstedt reported a halt because his troops had been on the move for 14 days straight (may 10 – 24), the panzers needed repairs and maintenance, the enemy was in no position for a counter-offensive, and the ground in front of the panzers was coastal fill in which the tanks would have sank. Hitler merely approved the pause order, but did not issue it. Some speculate Hitler allowed the escape at Dunkirk as a signal to the peace movement in Britain, which was still strong at the time. No historical evidence exists for this though.
      It was impossible for Hitler to invade Britain at the time, since Operation Barbarossa was of the utmost priority and needed most of Germany’s and her allies’ forces. The timing was crucial, to strike before Stalin could launch his armies, and the surprise attack was at first hugely successful.
      Hitler did not only sack Schacht when he was done using him, but also imprisoned 5 Rothschilds. That is incompatible with any theory that Hitler was an agent of Jewish bankers. The only reason anyone would think Hitler was an agent of Jewish bankers is because Germany lost, but it was a near thing. The fate of the future of the world was in the balance, and Germany nearly won. Alas for the world.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        It was impossible for Hitler to invade Britain full stop. I still don’t really know what The Battle Of Britain was all about, some say it was just a continuation of the Phoney War, with Germany bombing British industry simply because they didn’t really have anything else to do with their Luftwaffe.
        It well known at it’s height, when Britain was in ‘mortal peril of invasion’, Churchill was sending squadrons of Hurricanes and Spitfires to the Middle East.
        The idea that taking out British air power would allow the German’s to cross the Channel in the face of the Royal Navy is insane.
        If you look on Wikipedia, it sais this on one page: “The Battle of Britain . . . was an effort by the German Air Force during the summer and autumn of 1940 to gain air superiority over the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom in preparation for the planned amphibious and airborne forces invasion of Britain by Operation Sea Lion.”
        While on another it sais this: “The primary objective of the German forces was to compel Britain to agree to a negotiated peace settlement.”
        But that’s Wikipedia for you.
        As for Dunkirk, even although Churchill ordered his generals to pull back and basically collapse the French defensive left flank(without informing their allies), the French fought like lions to protect the Brits stranded on the beaches.
        The men got away, but they lost all their heavy equipment. Maybe Hitler was satisfied with this.
        Hitler’s biggest mistake wasn’t Barbarossa, but the failure to understand just how un-hinged and in hock to International Jewry Churchill was.
        But you can hardly blame him for that, the British public had no idea either, so how could a German-speaking corporal?

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I find equating “Nazi” with “Ashkenazi” or “Ashkenasi” foolish. The first term was invented by Jewish journalist Konrad Heiden as a racial slur and insult, derived from the German name Ignatz. The second term derives from the grandson of Noah Ashkenaz or Ashkenas. The two are completely unrelated and attempts to assign a significance between them is like trying to assign a significance between Anne and American.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        I read once that the average Germans in WWII weren’t even aware the rest of the world called them ‘Nazis’.

  7. Peter
    Peter says:

    There is something else too. Something completely hidden by the history books, that you will find nowhere (almost nowhere) that conceals the mistreatment and murder of Ukrainian Galicians before the war by the “little, innocent and defenseless” country on whose behalf Great Britain and France started WW II. In order not to tarnish Poland’s pre-war image the lying allies have covered this up. But, they have no problem accusing Poland of killing Jews during or after the war. But the justification for starting WW II must be defended at all costs, at least for one very small but very powerful minority.

    Poland ruled over Lviv (known as Lemberg until 1918) when Poland got the city and a large part of Galicia and White Russia (Belarus) shortly after WW I. The new country wanted to Polonize the Ukrainians and White Russians. I’ll copy here part of a previous post on the subject.

    “Lviv was Lemberg for 150 years until around 1920 and under Austrian rule it became a beautiful city.The Ukrainians generally regard their years under Austrian rule as good years and that is part of the reason Ukrainians welcomed Germans as liberators in 1941. They were mistreated and murdered by Jewish Bolsheviks in the USSR and mistreated and murdered by the Poles in Galicia. Their national hero Bandera has a statue in Lviv and he fought both”

    “Regarding the Polish atrocities against Ukrainians, I gave some background on this covered up aspect of history in another comment and I’ll repeat it here.

    Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof discusses this starting at 15 min and 15 seconds into his lecture.

    Poland annexed parts of Ukraine and Belarus (White Russia) from the USSR after WW I.

    “Banned from German schoolbooks” is “the humanitarian tragedy of the non-Polish minorities in Poland”. Poland had “five million Ukrainians” and many fled to (British) Canada. British newspapers and the British Parliament took up the subject.

    Manchester Guardian, 12/14/1931 – “The minorities in Poland are to disappear. This policy is being pushed forward ruthlessly and without the slightest regard for public opinion abroad” “The Ukraine under Polish rule is an inferno – the same can be said of White Russia [Belarus] with even greater justice. The purpose of the Polish policy is the disappearance of the national minorities”

    British Parliament, 6/15/32 -“in Volhynia, the conditions are harsher still” “one especially deplorable matter – that is, the torture of prisoners in the prisons and of suspects…I regret that the evidence is convincing that medieval torture is practiced”

    In France, a professor of Slavic studies who had lived there – “There were shootings, hangings, tortures, imprisonments, confiscations…Many Ukrainian priests were executed”

    In the lands taken from Germany things were similar. By 1931 already, over one million Germans fled Poland for Germany. More would flee later.

    The War That Had Many Fathers”

    You will see Volhynia mentioned in articles all over accusing Bandera and Ukrainians of killing a large number of Poles there during WW II, but you will see what I posted above nowhere. As the General says, it’s even “Banned from German schoolbooks.” I wonder how many Ukrainians were murdered before the war that they would take revenge in the same province a few years later?

    The War That Had Many Fathers

    But then the tragedy continued when the Bolsheviks of the USSR invaded Poland from the east and occupied Lemberg, Galicia and part of eastern Poland in 1939. Besides the atrocity against the Poles at Katyn (which the allies lied about and blamed on the Germans for the next 50 years), when the Soviets occupied Lviv/Lemberg, the NKVD massacred many Ukrainians (but you don’t hear about that). This film clip shows the liberation of Lviv in July 1941 by German forces. It shows how the locals welcomed the Germans as liberators. It shows murdered Ukrainians and their weeping relatives. A German soldier is interviewed to find out what they thought when they saw this.

    The “great democracies” should pay for their role in supporting that monstrosity, the USSR, which they probably would not have done except for the huge role their friends the Jewish Bolsheviks played in that country.

    NKVD Massacres

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Many Germans swung after Nuremburg for complicity in the massacre at Katyn Forrest.
      Even after the Nazis made massive propaganda out the atrocity when they discovered it.
      They also reckon a Soviet agent murdered General Sikorski as part of the after effects of that crime.
      I’ve read David Irving’s book on it, ‘Accident’ and if it was murder, it was exceptionally done. Everyone on board, including Sikorski’s daughter died in the plane crash at Gibraltar, the only real anomaly was the way the pilot who crashed the plane was the only one with his life preserver on.

      • Peter
        Peter says:

        I think the word “propaganda” and attributing it to “NAZIS” are way, way overused. I think the biggest propagandists, by far, were the allies, especially with the Jews’ huge role in the media in the US, Great Britain, and the USSR. I think discovering 15,000 murdered people, especially when they were Poland’s elite, should have been exposed to the world. No doubt, Germany also wanted to counter the massive propaganda and lies the allies were using against Germany, attributing to them the worst of deeds.

  8. SimpleMale
    SimpleMale says:

    I am confused. First, as I understand it, Ukraine was taken over by the Ashkenazim once they left the Soviet Union. So, why would even an ethnically European Nationalist Socialist battalion come into existence, when they would just be fighting for the Ashkenazi elites who own the nation? Could it be that because of their median IQ of 90, they were not aware that their nation is rules by the Ashkenazim? Did they not have the intellectual ability to be cognizant of how the international Ashkenazim were heavily involved in all aspect of Ukraine, from the Ukrainian female sex slave trade to the R&D of bio-weapons? Also, if these people were really European National Socialists, then why were they being funded by Igor Kolomoisky?

    Could Azov be a sincere low IQ Nationalist Socialist group, but one that was infiltrated by the Ashkenazim and then deceived into serving Ashkenazi ethnic interests, which explains why in the end, the Ashkenazim were exposing the true ethnic identity of the infiltrators to Israel in the hopes of getting their help?

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I don’t know how low IQ the Ukrainian peasants getting wasted in the meat-grinder are, but American soldiers have been tearing up the Middle East for twenty years to make Israel safe, so this isn’t exactly a new thing.
      Then you have soldiers from the entire British, French and American Empires warring on NS Germany when they couldn’t have shouted any louder their only issue was with International Jewry.
      It goes back even further, during the Boer War there was plenty of old Labour leaders all over the press crying out that this stupid aggressive adventure against fellow Europeans was entirely for Jewish money interests.
      So we can’t be too hard on the Ukrainians. They presumably have even less access to information than any of our people did.
      Yes they seem unhinged to us, but no doubt Ezra Pound felt the same way about American farm boys and the British working class getting mowed to bits on the beaches of Normandy.
      Or how working class hero John Burns(who resigned from the Cabinet in protest at WWI) felt seeing the British poor dragooned into regiments to be shipped to South Africa to die for Jewish profits.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        Yes and Germany also shouted about the threat of Communism–which was certainly largely Jewish, Stalin a significant exception.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          I wrote a comment to this but it didn’t post, so I’ll try again, as I can’t think why it didn’t appear.

          I just wanted to mention something never really stated about Stalin. Yes, he wasn’t Jewish, but he was an ‘ethnic’ to Russians.
          Jews always use ethnics in their hostile ruling class when they take over nations, look at today’s America?
          Especially in those times when they couldn’t rely on white women to oppress the masses mercilessly.
          I also wanted to draw attention to a similarity between Stalin and Hitler. Both get full blame for all the atrocities committed in ‘their’ names, Stalin’s purges and genocides, and Hitler’s mass murder of Jews & Slavs in the East(which were really just a mix of anti-partisan killings and thieving operations).
          But if you think of it, how much control did either leader really have over the executioners in these cases?
          With Hitler, you had men brutalised by total war fighting a savage insurgency behind the German lines, men who were very much aware their families were being incinerated back home by Allied war-crime fire-bombing of cities & towns full of innocent civilians. Were we supposed to expect men a thousand miles from home, with expected life-spans counted in weeks if not days and surrounded by enemies, were they to act more moral than a pampered, decadent drunk like Churchill?
          Every single soul murdered by Churchill’s area and de-housing bombing was innocent, you can hardly say the same for the combatants murdered by the Nazis.
          As for Stalin, he was just the head of a Jewish mass-murder machine based on satanic hatred of Christian Russian peasants.
          Neither man created or could really have had much control over these atrocities.
          We have to be real here.
          Perhaps I’m wrong, no doubt I am, I wasn’t there, but basically nothing the history books tell us about that war is truthful, so logically we’d be closer to the truth just going by the opposite of what they tell us.

          Your right as well Mr Haemers, Nazism was a reaction, as all right-wingery is a reaction to leftism. That’s why they call it ‘reactionary’.
          I wish our folks could put some thought into figuring out some sort of strategy that’s easy to verbalise, easy to sloganize, that highlights how all we do is in defence of the aggression of the left.
          Because the left are so much better than us at this, they’ve turned ‘reactionary’ into a bad word, when in all other aspects of human affairs, the aggressors are the ones who are in the wrong.
          They attack us, we organise, usually too late, to defend ourselves, and we are deemed the bad guys.
          It should be on leftists to explain why they want to change our lives, rather than on us for striving to keep things the same.

  9. Thaddeus Noble
    Thaddeus Noble says:

    “ In fact, the Jews within Masada committed mass suicide rather than be captured or slaughtered by the Romans.”

    Yet when the Roman commander eventually reach the top of Masada there was nobody there to resist but a handful of elderly nobodies ?

    This mass suicide propaganda is another prime example of HollyJEW script writers at work. I’m really surprised that the number that committed this mass suicide didn’t number 6 hundred, thousand, million ??

    They love the number “6”.

    • SS
      SS says:

      You all need to do a search for “Masada debunked”. Mainstream media sources have been admitting Masada suicide is a myth for ten years or more.

  10. Joe WEbb
    Joe WEbb says:

    The answer to the riddle of a form of nazi formation in Ukraine, with some Jewish Characteristics is this: Israel is a fascist state: militaristic, expantionist, racist, revanchist, and especially hateful of Arabs, Palestinians. Jews are extremists, etc. It is in their blood.

    Joe Webb

  11. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    @ Karl Haemers:

    Karl, given the considerable research you have already done on that regional subject, could we convince you to go a step further, and to give us your assessment of the PROBABLE development, after Fink’s 31 Trillion BlackRock ASSISTS fellow tribesman Zelensky in the TOTAL RECONSTRUCTION of the Ukraine ?

    I could never be convinced, that TOTAL RECONSTRUCTION, after its translation from Hebrew, would limit itself to brick and mortar endeavors.

    Such essay here would put our readers at an advantage, when , not if, the shit hits the wall.

  12. Robin
    Robin says:

    CHABAD website admits:

    “In Russia’s involvement in the Middle East, it maintains security coordination with Israel. Putin has a close relationship with Rabbi Berel Lazar & surrounded by Jewish advisers.”

    Paragraphs 3-4


    “The Medvedev-Putin tandem is under B’nai-Brith & fulfils its will.”

    “The Jewish community in Russia has developed the closest partnerships with the central govt”

    15th p

    • Thad Noble
      Thad Noble says:

      As I have said, time and time again.

      Both Russia and Ukraine are Jewish controlled. This fake war that they are engaged in is only a fraud used to extort money and military equipment out of gullible Gentile countries.

      As an example, the United States of America has a government saturated with dual national Jews, who all vote to promote more money and free equipment for JEWkraine. The same scenario is repeated in western country after western country.

      The level of extortion here is absolutely phenomenal and these gullible Gentile countries are being drained of money and advanced weaponry by the very same enemy that they have developed these weapons to protect against.

      The JEWSMEDIA promotes more money and advanced military equipment be given every day. There is no limit to the level of greed and extortion going on here but these total assholes in our government know this, but are in full cover up mode.

      The necessity to raise the debt ceiling is only to cover more extortion for these Jews.

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