On Jewish Vulgarity

I read with interest a recent column in The Tablet by David Mikics (Professor of English, University of Houston) on Jewish vulgarity or, as the piece otherwise explains it, “the once-vibrant Jewish trait of not caring what the goyim think.” Although touted as a three-part series, only the first part has been published thus far, and this first essay is a kind of focused review of elements within John Murray Cuddihy’s The Ordeal of Civility and Yuri Slezkine’s The Jewish Century. In the following essay I want to expand upon, and challenge, some of the ideas raised in the piece by Mikics.

I have to agree with the basic premise of the opening remarks of Mikics’s column. He writes that “the charge that Jews are vulgar now seems almost quaint. … Jewish lack of manners was once taken seriously both by Jews and by their gentile neighbors and competitors. The vulgar, unmannerly Jew was a countercultural force, and not just a reason for shame and repression.” The overall state of contemporary culture has indeed degraded to such an extent that Jews no longer stand out as singular producers of cultural obscenities. And yet there is a deep history of Jews as the agents of vulgarity in the West, stretching back to Roman accounts. Mikics doesn’t seem concerned with this deep history, focusing only on the twentieth century as covered by the works of Cuddihy and Slezkine.

Historical Jewish Obscenity

Jews have often been regarded by host cultures as both inherently obscene and as promoters of the obscene — a corrosive force acting against group morality, and therefore group cohesion. In Unclean Lips: Obscenity, Jews, and American Culture (2014), Josh Lambert points out that in the ancient Mediterranean Jews were referred to as “an obscene people.”[1] Such comments may have been as much observations as aspersions, since we know that in later centuries obscenity became an integral part of Jewish linguistic culture. For example, Bernard Dov Weinryb writes that in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Poland, “many erotic or obscene expressions and metaphors appear in Hassidic writings. …They reflect the way the average Jew in those times used obscene language, mainly of an erotic character, in his conversation.”[2] On more recent contexts, Jonas E. Alexis has written that,

Jewish actors tend to gravitate towards shows with sexual themes. …  Israeli-American Natalie Portman tells us in the movie No Strings Attached that “monogamy goes against our basic biology.” And [Jewish singer] Adam Lambert says, “When I’m on stage there’s definitely a sexual energy that goes into it.” In 2009 Lambert performed ‘For Your Entertainment’ at the American Music Awards. During the performance Lambert dragged a female dancer by her ankles and pushed “a male dancer’s head into his crotch and simulated oral sex.”[3]

As well as being represented and self-representing as having an intrinsic relationship to the obscene, the historical record is also replete with examples of Jews involving themselves heavily in the trade in obscenity. In his pseudonymously-published Letters from England (1808), the English Poet Laureate Robert Southey remarked on Jewish peddlers who wandered nineteenth-century England hawking “miserable and obscene prints.”[4]

In 1886 Édouard Drumont warned of a “pornographic war” being waged on France by Jews.[5] In 1913, a “filthy press” in Warsaw “belonging to a certain Zimmerman,” was confiscated by Polish police after it was discovered disseminating pornography throughout the Russian Empire — activities described by the newspaper Przegląd Katolicki as a “Jewish atrocity.”[6] Estonian police raided a building in 1909 belonging to the Jewish Benjamin Mikhailovsky, one of the richest merchants in Narva. One of Mikhailovsky’s side projects, apart from the trade in precious metals, was printing, and during their search police seized “11,119 cards they considered pornographic.”[7] And in Poland in 1910, the Polish Archbishop Pelczar would write, “I consider it my duty to warn Christian society against those Jews who intoxicate our people in the tavern and destroy them with usury; against those who maintain houses of debauchery in the towns; who trade in live goods [i.e. selling women into prostitution], who poison our young people with pornographic prints and periodicals.”[8] In the U.S, it is well-established that Jews have had a prominent role in the porn industry since the late nineteenth century.

Weaponized Rudeness

As well as prominent involvement in pushing pornographic vulgarity into Western culture, Jews have been noted for their general disdain for the social norms and manners of the host population. Naomi Cohen writes that the nineteenth-century Jew was faulted for “his vulgarity, boorishness, and ostentatious behavior.”[9] In his article in The Tablet, David Mikics is primarily concerned with this strain of Jewish vulgarity. Although it was a kind of open in-joke among Jews, discussions of Jewish social vulgarity among non-Jews were a source of alarm. Cuddihy’s book in particular, notes Mikics, “was notorious: Here was a non-Jew talking about vulgar Jews, as if this were a real thing. Clapping the lid over such a shonda was the primary task of some reviewers, who hinted that Cuddihy must be an antisemite.” He continues,

It is bad manners to talk about Jewish bad manners the way Cuddihy did— and even more so today than 50 years ago. But his book made a powerful case that Cuddihy did not see vulgarity as a flaw but instead as a weapon Jews used to disrupt gentile society—for which he admired them. Jews deployed their rudeness to make a principled argument against the goyim (a word Cuddihy didn’t shy away from), who were cultural prisoners of a hypocritical code that swept unruly emotions under the rug and leaned on polite euphemism to conceal the vampiric nature of capitalist exploitation. The grand Marxist and Freudian theories about the human condition have a crude Jewish impulse at their core, Cuddihy argued, which makes them more, not less, compelling.

Cuddihy, like Josh Lambert and Unclean Lips, imputes an idealistic motive to what is quite obviously a phenomenon fuelled more by the baser instinct towards aggression. Lambert, for example, argues that Jews “engaged with obscenity — produced it, defended it, wrote about it — for precisely the same reasons that many of their Protestant, Catholic, and nonreligious peers did so: to make money, to seek sexual gratification, to express antisocial rage.”[10] In terms of factuality, this probably ranks somewhere alongside defining a dog as a four-legged mammal — it is technically truthful but is so insufficient and incomplete as to be almost worthless. Most interesting of these proffered reasons is ‘antisocial rage,’ which is left hanging in tantalizing fashion without further elaboration. Indeed, lest readers begin to ponder the fact that, numerically speaking, Jews appear to have a disproportionate amount of ‘antisocial rage,’ Lambert hastens to clarify that he means his subjects are merely “expressing anger about their individual lives” [emphasis added].

Speaking through one of his characters in The Anatomy Lesson (1983), the Jewish filth-peddler Philip Roth seethes: “With me money is not the paramount issue. The defiance is. The hatred is. The outrage is.” Lambert takes this comment and avoids asking who Roth is defying, or who his hatred and outrage is directed towards. Roth’s hatred, like other subjects discussed in Unclean Lips, is simply abstracted into what Lambert describes in anodyne fashion as a purely “personal, apolitical rage.”

I’ve reached different conclusions from Lambert, who argues with some tremendous leaps of logic that Jewish vulgarity was a method employed by Jews to facilitate assimilation and force their way into genteel society (!). Evidence in the field of obscenity suggests that Jews have long possessed a disproportionate surplus of “antisocial rage,” and that the expression of this rage is rather more political than apolitical, and rather more communal than purely personal or individual. In the careful, consistent, and persistent action of Jews in challenging and overturning obscenity laws, for example, one detects a hatred that is more focused than abstract, more contrived than spontaneous.

My own perspective is echoed by Joshua Furst in a 2014 article published in The Forward, titled “A Short History of Jews and Obscenity.” The article reviews Unclean Lips and finds the book an anodyne and bland text that avoids the fundamental impulses behind Jewish transgression of the host culture’s norms. For Furst,

What’s lost in “Unclean Lips” is the thrill obscenity can create. It’s the sharp dangerous edge of anarchy and when used effectively, it can BLEEP up the most carefully planned cocktail party, smashing all propriety to BLEEP. Lambert’s systematic and earnest exegeses take all the fun out of obscenity. It’s like going to a strip club to find yourself being lectured about heteronormativity and the male gaze by a fully clothed BLEEPer. Presenting obscenity as a means of gaining access to the domain of polite, civil society seems, to me at least, to miss the BLEEPING point.

Furst continues:

Maybe more problematic, if one cares about the relationship between Judaism and American culture, are the limited and predetermined objectives Lambert presents his Jewish protagonists as having. In these pages, obscenity is first and foremost presented as a tool by which Jews were able to assimilate and gain acceptance by the American cultural elite as well as monetary and societal success, and to enter the “prestige culture” as Lambert calls it. But what of the other ways in which obscenity can and has been used? What of transgression and dissidence? Obscenity is such a powerful weapon against those who would wish to control our behavior (to say nothing of our imaginations) and villainize us for our culture. And the angry refusal of Jewish figures like Lenny Bruce, Abbie Hoffman and even Al Goldstein to accept the terms the over-culture demanded was as Jewish in character as Henry Roth’s yiddishisms and Liveright’s entrepreneurship through scandal.

Genteel society, or Gentile society?: Moral Destruction as Ethnic Warfare

When Jews discuss Jewish vulgarity and its motives, there is an obvious conceit at play in the framing of the issue. Almost exclusively one encounters the notion that Jews wanted to upset a stuffy “genteel society.” Such phrasing places Jewish action in the sphere of a clash of behaviors rather than a clash of ethnicities. Take, for example, Mikics, who writes, “The one time I saw him, in the 1980s, Abbie Hoffman seemed to me a genuine charismatic, as well as a matchless stand-up comic. Like Lenny Bruce, Mel Brooks or the gang at Mad, he sensed how Jewish vulgarity could explode the sacred cows of genteel society” [emphasis added]. This is little more than a clever shell game. If Jews are the aggressors seeking change, isn’t the genteel society really just gentile society?

The lowering of the moral values of a nation or ethnic group and the systematic encouragement of vice in it are inherently aggressive and political acts, designed to weaken the spiritual resistance of the national group. In Empire, Colony, Genocide: Conquest, Occupation, and Subaltern Resistance in World History, the Australian academic A. Dirk Moses discusses the use of “moral techniques” as an instrument of genocide. He writes that “The technique of moral debasement entails diverting the ‘mental energy of the group’ from ‘moral and national thinking’ to ‘base instincts.’ The aim is that the desire for cheap individual pleasure be substituted for the desire for collective feelings and ideals based upon a higher morality.” It is demoralizing to a people. It is debasing to a nation. It is a weapon wielded in ethnic warfare.

Moses, who I am assuming is Jewish based purely on his name, was writing specifically about policies enacted in post-invasion Poland by the National Socialist regime. On these policies, Raphael Lemkin, a Jewish self-styled expert on genocide, remarks: “Therefore the [National Socialist] occupant made an effort in Poland to impose upon the Poles pornographic publications and movies. The consumption of alcohol was encouraged, for while food prices have soared, the Germans have kept down the price of alcohol, and the peasants are compelled by the authorities to take spirits in payment for agricultural produce. The curfew law, enforced very strictly against Poles, is relaxed if they can show the authorities a ticket to one of the gambling houses which the Germans have allowed to come into existence.”[11]

As discussed in Kevin MacDonald’s Separation and Its Discontents, the National Socialist movement in Germany adopted what in many respects was a mirror image strategy of that employed by the Jews. This is clear not only in the adoption of race laws, but also in the fact the National Socialists were here merely copying and expanding upon what they understood to be the pre-existing tactics of Jewish cultural domination in Poland (and others in Europe). Indeed, Jews were widely understood by both Poles and Germans as having been intimately involved in the alcohol industry of Poland prior to the invasion of 1939, with the Tablet even affirming in a 2014 article that Jews “ruled Poland’s liquor trade for centuries” in a system in which Polish peasants were compelled to purchase Jewish alcohol. Jews have also long been associated with dominating the gambling industry (Israel is currently the global center for online gambling). In those areas of nineteenth century Poland where local nobles granted tax exemptions to Jewish communal institutions, Jews continued to sell liquor and run inns and taverns, in which they established gambling facilities to further squeeze the Poles. And the activities of Jews in promoting pornography in Poland have already been discussed above.

My question then, on considering the remarks of Moses and Lemkin, is both simple and stark: If, by promoting vice, the National Socialists were employing a genocidal technique against the Poles, what had the Jews been doing? And if the Jews are engaging in the same activities in the West today, what are they doing and why? Can we really describe a set of behaviors as on the one hand indicating a desire to “assimilate” and promote “freedom,” while maintaining on the other hand that these same techniques are designed to destroy?

Jewish Vulgarity

Mikics, while playfully teasing for much of his article as if these Jews were simply a bunch of loveable rogues, slips towards the end when he laments such ‘tame’ shows as Curb Your Enthusiasm:

Shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm hawk Jewish rudeness for easy laughs, proving that the vulgar Jew has declined from a real threat into an amusing, half-legendary caricature. … The exuberance of Jewish vulgarity, and the in-group solidarity of the shtetlakh it expressed, are both missing. [emphasis added]

What is Jewish vulgarity, then?  Mikics seems to suggest here that it’s a way in which Jews can both bond with one another and threaten the host society. Or, to use another of his phrases, it melded “Jewish aggression with communal solidarity.” Perhaps it’s best to end with the self-explanatory, and consider the following remarks from Joshua Furst:

Among the Jewish traits I am most proud to be historically and culturally associated with is the way my people obstreperously defend our principles even when doing so goes against our best interests. … I see it as my birthright to get under people’s skin and annoy them until they want to scream. And one of the greatest rhetorical tools people bent towards this sort of behavior can wield is the well-timed, carefully aimed obscenity.

[1] J. Lambert, Unclean Lips: Obscenity, Jews, and American Culture (New York: New York University Press, 2014), p.3.

[2] B. D. Weinryb, The Jews of Poland: A Social and Economic History of the Jewish Community in Poland, from 1100 to 1800 (Jewish Publication Society of America, 1972), p. 387.

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[6] Ibid.

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[8] B. A . Porter, Faith and Fatherland: Catholicism, Modernity, and Poland (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011), p.303.

[9] N. Cohen, What the Rabbis Said: The Public Discourse of Nineteenth-Century American Rabbis (New York: New York University Press, 2008), 159.

[10] Lambert, Unclean Lips, p.14.

[11] J. G. Heidenrich, How to Prevent Genocide: A Guide for Policymakers, Scholars, and the Concerned Citizen (London: Praeger, 2001), p.45.

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  1. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Thanks Andrew for another look inside Jewish psychopathology. This is another classic, and notorious case of Jews rationalizing the NORMALIZATION OF THE ABNORMAL in order to subvert the host ‘Goyim’.
    Furthermore, one has to wonder what their demented fascination with scatology might reveal.

    • Birhan Dargey
      Birhan Dargey says:

      Another gift from the “chosen” people of God?? That gave us Slavery, sex trafficking, pornography, abortions,usury,frauds, homo/pedo/lgbt sex gender queer ideology..these are NOT the virtues of divine people, Jews are the chosen people of Moloch, their true god. BUT the issue/debate must be how to break their power over the goyim..how??

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” BUT the issue/debate must be how to break their power over the goyim..how?? ”

        Start with a Red State secession
        ( nonviolent if possible )
        then proceed to establish a
        WN ethnostate sanctuary for Nordics
        in the USA Pacific Northwest region
        beginning with Idaho .

        Find some Nordics that truly understand fiat money/banking/economics , then design and establish a fiat money system ( no gold required ) without a jew’s harvest eventual implosion built into it .

        Secretly plan viable defenses and counteroffensives against an inevitable ILLuminati globalist jewmasterss cold war on a WN sanctuary .

        Keep in mind that ___

        All Wars Are Resource Wars ;

        where power struggle wars
        are for control over a resource called humanity which is the source of accumulated powers .

  2. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    If your essay were in need of a visual. recent example, to corroborate it, nothing could serve better than an episode of that slut SARAH SILVERMAN and her JESUS IS MAGIC episode:

    ” I’m glad the Jews crucified Jesus; if he came back I’d do it again, in a fucking second ! “

  3. Garry K
    Garry K says:

    Calling a whoöe people as a whole vulgar?

    Like saying Swewdes are vulgar.

    Or the french people pushing sex with to young people or the like or vulgar due to how some of them act.

    This was unscientific and typical in many ways of the author’s writing.

    • Servenet
      Servenet says:

      ¨…[this] author´s writing.¨

      Right. This author, that author, the other author or any other source(s) no matter how many, how much, whatever the volume of evidence, or how deep and on and on, this is the kind of individual who can never be persuaded, satisfied, much less convinced. Because he is ideologically committed where emotion and stubborn mental intractability rule. Perhaps 20% of the White population in this ruined country are of this kind. And it is this category of people who rule over us politically and in academe and from virtually all media points. A very high hurdle to make. And perhaps it simply can´t be made.

  4. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    A good article showing how vulgar and, ultimately, destructive Jews are to our national spirit and cohesion. They are always the purveyors of filth and vice, including mockery of the sacred and tradition. Sure, gentiles can be pretty vulgar too, but I think it’s fair to say that Jews (as usual) seem to always take a leading role in such things. Gentiles seem to follow whatever trends Jews establish.

    Consider how filthy and deliberately offensive Jewish ‘comedians’ such as Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Jeff Ross, Andrew Dice Clay, and Chelsea Handler are. Only the utterly depraved and mentally rotten would find their comedic ‘heroes’ in such persons. Yet they are widely popular. Most people are not even aware that they are Jewish.

    And then there are those Jews who do their best to mock Whites, and to divide as well as demoralize the American people, such as the late Lenny Bruce, Bill Maher, Al Franken, Jon Stewart, Howard Stern (he’s apparently fully Jewish and not half as he often joked), Lewis Black, and so many others.

    And none of this even begins to cover the disproportionate number of Jews involved in the porn industry.

    Yet this is what Jews bring to America and Europe. This is how they reward the American people who gave them refuge during WW2 and after.

    In my view, there is a revolutionary spirit (per Michael E. Jones) inherent among Jews in which they feel obligated to ridicule and bring to ruin all that is decent, beautiful, and good. They are a people in total rebellion. Yes, there are some Jews who do not follow this particular path, but they seem to have little effect on the greater number of prominent Jews who are bent on bringing everything down to the gutter.

    • Hitmarck
      Hitmarck says:

      Chelsea Handler

      For years was her uganda be kidding me special on youtube including images of seniors performing gay oral sex on each other.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” In my view, there is a revolutionary spirit
      (per Michael E. Jones) inherent among Jews in which they feel obligated to ridicule and bring to ruin all that is decent, beautiful, and good. They are a people in total rebellion.”


      ( especially the Ashkenazi financial tribe headquartered in the [ City of Satan ]
      officially known as the “City of London”
      within London England )

      are abiding by the ancient extant instruction ,
      of the God of the jews , to attain ___

      … dominion …

      over all the earth ,

      and every creeping thing

      that creepeth upon the earth .


      ( verbatim quote , except for the ellipses , from :
      The Holy Jewish Torah / KJV / Book of Genesis
      / chapter 1 / verse 26 )


      “creeping thing” also includes humanity .

      “They” first learned how to subvert and disintegrate established power structures in the historic ancient biblical Tower of Babel incident where they injected language confusions into the project

      ( that was sustained by
      the King Nimrod political power structure )

      workplace vernacular and thereby dissolved
      the ToB project bonds of cohesion

      ( refer to : The Holy Jewish Torah / KJV / Book of Genesis / 11 : 1-9 [ the historic ToB incident ] ; and re : various Wikipedia ToB articles ) .

      Eventually “they” , now known as jews ,

      established the Frankfurt School ,

      of elite intellectual jewish dominionists ,

      in Germany .

      The Frankfurt School is dedicated to promulgating [ critical theory ]
      which according to the first sentence of
      the Wikipedia article on it ___

      …” is any approach to social philosophy that focuses on society and culture to reveal, critique and challenge power structures.”

      Also in the first paragraph of that article
      is asserted that critical theory ___

      …” argues that ideology is the principal obstacle to human liberation.”

      Have no doubt that Christian theology
      ( aka religious ideology )

      “is the principal obstacle to ”

      Nordic/White liberation from
      rabbinical Talmudic judaism ;

      since christianity is a sheeple-oriented religion
      of self-enslavement to chosenhite jewmasterss .

      Be assured ,
      “all that is decent, beautiful, and good”
      is forever , always , and everywhere
      established and sustained by
      some kind of power structure ;
      otherwise it would not exist .

      In 1935 a spawn of the Frankfurt School ,
      which is dedicated to promulgating
      [ critical theory ] ,
      was procreated in the USA
      at Columbia University in NYC .

      Doubt it not , today in year 2023 ,
      ILLuminati globalist jewmasterss
      ( descendants of babylonian Ashkenazim satanists )
      own and/or control the Westernworld ,
      which also includes the USA .

      • Dirk Manly
        Dirk Manly says:

        That was God’s instructions to the Hebrews, not the Talmudists, who Jesus himself described as the Synagogue of Satan.

        Notice that the HEBREWS only had temples, without a single mention of even one synagogue in the Old Testament.

        Equating Judaism with Hebrews is a category error. Equating Ashkenazi identity thieves with the descendants of Judah is the yet another.

        Just because these horrible people call themselves Jews doesn’t make it so.
        And “Isrealis” (Isn’traelis would be more accurate) are NOT Isrealites.

    • Seekers
      Seekers says:

      A dissent on Andrew Dice Clay: Back during the late 80s and early 90s, he opposed male homosexuality in pretty graphic terms during his comedy routines. He made clear that buttstabbing was not a healthy way to go. And he was hilarious. Naturally, the gay radicals went after him with full force.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “They are a people in total rebellion.”

      Because, at bottom, they worship Lucifer, who is *defined* by his rebellion against God.
      This is why we use words like Jews/Satanists interchangeably. More should.

  5. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Footnote 11 references Heidenrich’s work How to Prevent Genocide. Does it promote the holocaust hoax as if it was real? It’s hard to trust a work published by Jewish Praeger, especially about anything National Socialist. The German-Polish war of 1939 was over so swiftly (2 weeks) and German occupation was completed so swiftly and thoroughly (4 weeks), and soon after the Soviets also occupied the Eastern half of Poland, that it’s hard to believe the National Socialist Germans even needed the cultural warfare described. It has the stink of more Jewish anti-German war propaganda.

    • Armoric
      Armoric says:

      Heidenrich was simply quoting Raphael Lemkin, the Jew who coined the word “genocide”.

      In his book (Axis Rule in Occupied Europe), Lemkin explains again the meaning of the word:

      [ GENOCIDE is effected through a synchronized attack on different aspects of life of the captive peoples:

      • in the political field (by destroying institutions of self-government and imposing a German pattern of administration, and through colonization by Germans);

      • in the social field (by disrupting the social cohesion of the nation involved and killing or removing elements such as the intelligentsia, which provide spiritual leadership —according to Hitler’s statement in Mein Kampf, “the greatest of spirits can be liquidated if its bearer is beaten to death with a rubber truncheon”);

      • in the cultural field (by prohibiting or destroying cultural institutions and cultural activities; by substituting vocational education for education in the liberal arts, in order to prevent humanistic thinking, which the occupant considers dangerous because it promotes national thinking);

      • in the economic field (by shifting the wealth to Germans and by prohibiting the exercise of trades and occupations by people who do not promote Germanism “without reservations’’);

      • in the biological field (by a policy of depopulation and by promoting procreation by Germans in the occupied countries);

      • in the field of physical existence (by introducing a starvation rationing system for non-Germans and by mass killings, mainly of Jews, Poles, Slovenes, and Russians);

      • in the religious field (by interfering with the activities of the Church, which in many countries provides not only spiritual but also national leadership);

      • in the field of morality (by attempts to create an atmosphere of moral debasement through promoting PORNOGRAPHIC publications and motion pictures, and the excessive consumption of ALCOHOL).

      . . . ]

      Is it well attested that the Germans encouraged pornography and alcoholism in Poland?

      In any case, Lemkin’s book isn’t serious and doesn’t help today’s gas chamber narrative. When the Jews put a hundred-year old German on trial under the pretext that he once worked in Auschwitz, it just shows that he didn’t see anything. The few pages I’ve read of Lemkin’s book give me a similar impression. He condemns the German looters and wants the paintings, jewelry, gold, silver, and platinum to be restituted to their legitimate owners.

      Another excerpt: “The practical ancient Roman had a proverb —facit cui prodest (he in whose interest it was, did it). Indeed, all groups of the German nation had their share in the spoils of occupied Europe. The German Hausfrau used for her family the food of all occupied countries, Polish geese, Yugoslav pigs, French wine, Danish butter, Greek olives, Norwegian fish; the German industrialist used French and Polish coal, Russian lumber; the German employer in agriculture and industry used for his greater profit imported conscript labor; the German business man bought up foreign interests and properties, taking advantage of the debasement of non-German currencies; . . .”

      My conclusion: Lemkin’s book isn’t the work of a big intellectual!

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        Conditions in West Prussia (Western Poland) at the time of the German occupation were entirely different that those described in this genocide account. The lands were basically German to begin with, only having been given to Poland 20 years earlier, but occupied by German nationals. The situation was not one of occupation genocide, but reclamation rescue. Certainly the Germans did not impose these genocide policies on their own people, nor would they need to impose them on the occupied Polish people, at least in the area of West Prussia (West Poland). Certainly the Germans needed to expel the Poles from these areas, and detain and contain them in other areas they occupied. I find it highly unlikely they would employ these genocide tactics. The German occupation tactics in a number of nations they needed to occupy, such as France, were well-known and very different than these. Genocide tactics were not needed and would be counter-productive.
        Germany certainly had as one objective in its occupation strategy the access to resources. This was the main dispute between Chancellor Hitler and his Generals as to military strategy. The Generals did not understand or appreciate the importance of obtaining not just military targets, but resource targets as well, which Hitler did.
        I seriously doubt this quote is contained in a honestly translated copy of Mein Kampf. It has the stink of Jewish propaganda. I have the Stalag edition. I will check. Do you have a chapter number or name?

        • Armoric
          Armoric says:

          I had not paid attention to the quote from Mein Kampf in the passage I extracted from Lemkin’s book.

          So, this is what Lemkin wrote:

          And this is what Hitler wrote (Mein Kampf, Book 2, Chapter 9 – Basic thoughts on the meaning and organization of the storm troops) :
          [the order service] “war schon damals erzogen worden zum blindlings auzuführenden Angriff, aber nicht etwa, weil sie, wie man in dummen deutschvölkischen Kreisen daherredete, den Gummiknüppel als höchsten Geist verehrte, sondern weil sie begriff, daß der größte Geist ausgeschaltet werden kann, wenn sein Träger von einem Gummiknüppel erschlagen wird…”

          Murphy translation:
          They used the cudgel because they knew that it can be made impossible for high ideals to be put forward IF THE MAN WHO ENDEAVOURS TO PROPAGATE THEM CAN BE STRUCK DOWN WITH THE CUDGEL.

          Ford translation:
          “What fundamentally distinguished the storm troops of the National-Socialist movement at that time from all militant defense groups was that our troops were not and did not want to be a servant of the existing state, but instead wanted to fight exclusively for a new Germany.
          At first, this troop simply provided security at meetings. Its first task was to make it possible to hold meetings, which otherwise would definitely have been prevented by the opposition. At that time, this troop was trained to attack blindly. However, it did not regard the rubber billy-club as the highest ideal as some stupid German nationalists claimed, but THESE MEN UNDERSTOOD THAT THE HIGHEST IDEAL CAN BE EXTERMINATED IF ITS LEADER IS KNOCKED LOW BY A RUBBER BILLY-CLUB. As history has frequently shown, the most important thinkers have died as the result of a blow by the most insignificant slave. Our troops did not consider violence as a goal but wanted to protect the messengers of a spiritual plan from being oppressed by violence. The troop also understood that it was not duty-bound to assume the protection of a State which failed to protect the nation from those threatening to destroy both people and State.”

          So, Hitler writes in Mein Kampf that high ideals should not be destroyed with a club, and Lemkin quotes him as saying that high ideals can be destroyed with a club, as if Hitler would approve of that.

          Apart from that, Lemkin gave a whole list of things that he says are contributing factors to a genocide. It’s more than just encouraging alcoholism and pornography. And most of the genocidal policies he attributes to the Germans are now used by the Jews against White people.

          For example, there is no question that the Jews have destroyed the intelligentsia in White countries. Our natural elites have not been executed, but they have been completely sidelined. The media is now full of nonsense, the universities are full of woke people, and we can no longer have an intelligent public conversation.

          But I think the Jews are now trying to redefine the word “genocide” and make it a synonym of “big massacre”.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            I’ve always said – here many times – swallowing ANY Jewish linguistic invention is never a good idea.
            The idea that we needed some Jew to invent a new English word for mass murder our historic ancestors were incapable of doing themselves, is so retarded . . . it’s hard to comprehend just how gullible white people can be.
            Glad to see others expand this point more eruditely than I ever could.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        Yes, according to the book German Soldier vs Polish Soldier by David R Higgins, the bulk of the actual conflict was complete within 2 weeks, with residual fighting amounting to a mopping up operation and implementation of the occupation in the next 4 weeks. Remember, the Soviets invaded from the East during this time, so that put a swift end to any Polish resistance against the Germans.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          I always enjoyed this line from Hitler’s speech after the victory over Poland:

          “At this moment we want to give the Polish soldier absolute justice. At many points the Pole fought bravely. His lower leadership made desperate efforts, his middle-grade leadership was too unintelligent, his highest leadership was bad, judged by any standard. His organization was – Polish…”

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      The German Military Administration needed no help to culturally undermine their civilization.

      While all of us are well served with photographs of starving children within and outside of the Warsaw Ghetto, Jewish witnesses inform us of well stocked restaurants in private apartments, serving sumptuous meals with champagne.

  6. Heinrich Metelmenn
    Heinrich Metelmenn says:

    I have worked for 35 years as an attorney in a major multi-cultural city in Europe. I have had clients from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Despite having seen many types of clients, I have always been constantly stunned by the sheer vulgarity, lack of class and use of blasphemous words by my Jewish clients. I cannot remember ever having had a Jewish client who was an exception to this rule.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Then why take Jewish clients? Oh right, the money. Perhaps a less than dynamic representation while taking their money would be a just verdict.

  7. Phil
    Phil says:

    One just simply has to witness and hear Yiddische spoken to instinctively know of their atavistic characteristics. ie. crude, rude and vulgar.

    • Strange World
      Strange World says:

      @kevin (ntbp = not to be published)

      Professor Dr. Ulrich says, “we are alone in the Milky Way, but not alone in the universe” (so at least his “current state of knowledge”). A sheer groundbreaking insight, which is not based on concrete observations and collected data, but on purely theoretical assumptions, considerations and (pseudo) “probabilities”, and which does not serve any practical use except the stimulation of irrational phantasms, but with which nevertheless and just therefore money can be earned…


    • GMless
      GMless says:

      People need to make a living to do productive work. The fact that our people are not willing to support them in this endeavor speaks more to their unwillingness to sacrifice even a little to help their fellows.

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        Unfortunately, you don’t understand what it’s all about at all.

        I’ll try to make it clear to you with two simple questions that you should answer to substantiate your “statement”:

        1. was what you read of high enough quality to generate a paid account?

        2. did you generate that account?

        I’ll add even a third question:

        3. if not, why not?

        You are of course welcome to tell us all about your positive experience as a new member of his community!

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        I am also of the unbreakable conviction that that knowledge which helps us should not be “commercialized”, but should be and remain freely available and accessible to all, yes even to our enemies, so that they too can “reflect” on our collective state of knowledge at any time (and confront their own shameful impact on the world).

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        You may object that it is just the Jewish determined world, according to whose (questionable) laws we have to live.

        I hold against: It can be only a trick of the Jews! Idealism is and remains no whoring and no marketing! Try to “deal” with it!

        • Hitmarck
          Hitmarck says:

          The Jew made them all to his co-criminals, since the English speaking world lacks a path to redemption, they compensate with just more lies, deception … den Schein wahrend.
          Those people rather bow down in Front of Floyd, for the crime of ending slavery (not the first time, iirc that’s another Germanic accomplishment, like mostly everything …), instead of collectively shattereing the Jewish spell, by – for example – kneeling down and uttering a few apologies to those they really wronged, so big time, they selfgenocided as a result.

          That lack of character and totally fucked up moral Gesamtsituation is the real leash on which the Jew dreidels his idiots through the circus arena.

          One might think, here, on KMac’s place, with all the talk about the special moral ingroup, that would be understood. Pustekuchen.

          Instead they prefer special morals, special needs.

          So sad and tiresome.

          Maybe that’s what happens, if people fall for the Jonathan Haidts of this world.

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:


        I continue (with your “most illustrious permission”!), your embarrassing train of thought:

        GMless: “Mr. MacDonald had a well-paid professorship, he can afford not to beg for money!”

        Me: “But what price did he pay, financially (lost assignments, lectures, reputation), and still continue?”

        GMless: “But we’re not all Professor MacDonald, we have to make a living too!”

        Me: “That’s where the dog bites its own tail. You can go on forever in the same circle around yourself, pretending in this hypocritical way to want to ‘redeem’ the world.”

  8. Happy
    Happy says:

    The Jews I’ve worked with have been paradoxically paranoid and confident, all of them, without fail.

    As someone who grew up in the PNW it was legitimately more of a culture shock to work with them than say a black, or Amerindian. They are pathologically sinister.

  9. Casper Koch
    Casper Koch says:

    Unfortunately, the triumph of the Jewish sewer mouth is complete in the USA via the media which they control. Gentile grammar school children regularly use obscenity learned first from their parents who see nothing wrong with speaking this way.

  10. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    Mr Joyce writes what? An article a month here? And it’s always scholarly, top notch and original.
    So what does he do between then, study old books about how the Jews have pounded Christian peoples for centuries if not millenniums?
    If what he sais is true, and I believe it is, the Jews really are a sort of Anti-Christ people. Janissaries of Beelzebub, a demonic army sent to wreck the lives of normal human beings.
    This cannot be pleasant work for him, demoralizing and depressing are not the words.
    Mr Joyce deserves a level of thanks and appreciation it’s not possible to express.
    What a trooper he is, if we ever manage to turn this thing around, Mr Joyce will deserve a place in our pantheon.

  11. SimpleMale
    SimpleMale says:

    “The technique of moral debasement entails diverting the ‘mental energy of the group’ from ‘moral and national thinking’ to ‘base instincts.’ The aim is that the desire for cheap individual pleasure be substituted for the desire for collective feelings and ideals based upon a higher morality.”

    As I understand it, what is being described here is the difference between a Group Selected mentality and its accompanying Religiosity/Spirituality/Monumentalism/Altruism/R-Selected behaviors versus an Individual Selected mentality combined with R-selected traits. So, we have a European ethnicity losing its innate Group Selectedness since the Enlightenment, resulting in the emancipation of the Ashkenazim and the removal of the constraints on them to practice extreme ethnocentrism against the Europeans. The Ashkenazim, noticing the decreasing collectivism of the Europeans, decided that it would be relatively safe to promote Cultural Marxism in an attempt to weaken them. The Ashkenazim noticed the continued decrease in Group Selected behavior of the Europeans and assumed it was the result of their promotion of Cultural Marxism; they did not have the scientific knowledge to realize that it was actually the underlying dysgenics and mutational load that was the actual cause of the European degeneration. This, as I understand it, is a quintessential example of a legitimate reason to bring up the caveat that correlation does not necessarily mean causation. Though the Ashkenazi promotion of Cultural Marxism was correlated with the increasing degenerousy of Europeans, it was not the actual cause.

    As Europeans continued to genetically degenerate, they were more and more willing to allow the increasing magnitude of intensity in the promotion of Cultural Marxism, and they were more and more actually practicing the tenets of it, again causing the Ashkenazim to falsely believe that their increasing intensity in the promotion of Cultural Marxism was the actual cause of the increasing willingness of Europeans to allow the increasing magnitude of Cultural Marxism manifesting in the West and the actual cause of Europeans actually increasing the magnitude of their adherence to Cultural Marxism.

    Now, follow the trajectory of these dynamics to the present, and we can accurately understand the causation of the current European predicament.

    Finally, as I stated, the above is just my understanding, a comprehension that I acknowledge could be false.

  12. Fin of a Cobra
    Fin of a Cobra says:

    [A. Dirk Moses] writes that “The technique of moral debasement entails diverting the ‘mental energy of the group’ from ‘moral and national thinking’ to ‘base instincts.’ The aim is that the desire for cheap individual pleasure be substituted for the desire for collective feelings and ideals based upon a higher morality.”

    The Jews haven’t abandoned “the technique of moral debasement”, but they have added another one to their arsenal which is similar but even more devious and subtle in its implementation: the Jews will now attack the “collective feelings and ideals” through hyper-individuality but, at the same time, pretend to be appealing to a “higher morality”. As in the past, Jews have hidden behind the public face of a shabbos goy carefully chosen to spearhead the implementation of that technique: in this case, it is Jordan Peterson.

    This (new?) “tweaked” technique has split the binomial of “moral and national thinking” into two separate parts, in order to attack the latter while nominally appealing to the former. In this diabolical fashion, while seemingly supporting “higher morality”, at the same time Jews can attack “national thinking” by using Peterson as their prophet of the ideology of hyper-individualism.

    Why have the Jews chosen to apply this tweaked technique? Well, perhaps the “moral debasement” technique through obscenity was losing its effectiveness with certain cohorts of the population? Were too many goys getting weary of it, because it had been overapplied and because it was such an obvious ploy to those with above average intelligence? Could it be that, through their ownership of Google and analysis of the hidden Big Data, the Jews have been noticing a spontaneous rising tide of “higher morality” in the goyim and thus had to co-opt that populace and direct it towards hyper-individuality, lest this rising morality lead directly to “national thinking”?

    To the Jews, a rising tide of “national thinking” within the White race is anathema and must be siphoned off into sterile backwaters. The Jews know that a united White nation is the only force that would be capable of thwarting their inexorable drive towards world domination. This is why the Jews are now using the US as a big stick to destroy Russia, whose “national thinking” the Jews consider an abomination. As soon as their diabolical destructive plan has finished off Russia, the Jews will focus their fiendish attention on the one other major threat to their world domination scheme: nationalistic China.

    • Fin of a Cobra
      Fin of a Cobra says:

      As for the Jews’ attempt to preemptively thwart any growing “national thinking” among Americans, and, more generally, among people of the West, it has been relatively easy to do so, given the natural tendency of Westerners towards individuality (as readers of Kevin MacDonald’s most recent opus are certainly aware of). But among the people of the rest of the World, including Russia, the Jews will have a much harder to break this “national thinking” through mere propaganda scheming (à la Bernays). This is why the Jews had to resort to open military conflict with Russia, through Nato’s proxy war in Ukraine, which risks starting World War III.

      According to Emmanuel Todd, a French anthropologist, WWIII has already started, and in this quote below he uses the term “nation-family” to describe how deep this “national thinking” runs within patrilinial societies like Russia:

      “I speak here primarily as an anthropologist. In Russia there were denser, communal family structures, certain values of which have survived. There is a Russian patriotic feeling that is something unimaginable here, fed by the subconscious of a nation-family (“nation famille”). Russia had a patrilineal family organization, that is to say in which men are central, and it cannot adhere to all the neo-feminist, LGBT, transgender Western innovations… When we see the Russian Duma passing even more repressive legislation on “LGBT propaganda”, we feel superior. I can feel that as an ordinary Westerner. But from a geopolitical point of view, if we think in terms of soft-power, it is a mistake. Among 75% of the planet, the kinship organization was patrilineal and one can sense a strong understanding of Russian attitudes. For the collective non-West, Russia asserts a reassuring moral conservatism. Latin America, however, is here on the Western side.”

      The whole interview is well worth reading, for Todd also explains why this war is existential not only for Russia, but for the United States as well, arguing that if Russia doesn’t break economically, the result will be the further weakening of the dollar as the international reserve currency and, ultimately, the collapse of the American Empire:


      • Floda
        Floda says:

        I don’t see it as an ‘American Empire’, it is a Jewish controlled monster. It might one day become American, but not until Pitchforks and much, much worse are used round up every last one of the murderous tribe of foul swindlers in Washington and evicts them just as they have been evicted from wherever they have ever been. It seems they are very likely to be soon evicted from Ukraine and there is no way they are going to be able to prevent it, no matter how many Goys are killed in the process.

  13. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    Jewish “cosmopolitanism” directs our mind into the distance, “out there” is supposed to be “the truth”. The Germanicism turned into itself and referred to itself, however, directed the view to itself (just like the Jews themselves permanently). So here it is about distraction, diversion (the opposite of Versammlung, samling, assembly) in any form, which plays into the hands of the enemy as a wanted effect.

  14. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    “They must receive such a strong blow that afterwards they do not regain consciousness of themselves at all, but are in principle completely finished, knocked out, unable to remember themselves. They must lose all pride in themselves, they must become soulless shells and willing tools of our will.” This is pure torahic agenda.

  15. anonym
    anonym says:

    Their vulgarity is a symptom of something bigger and more problematic. It seems to me that the most important difference between Jewish and European culture is the Jewish lack of romanticism. Jewish culture barely has any poetry, painting, or music. Or even myths. The bible may be composed of mystical myths stolen from neighbor cultures, but in Jewish hands it became a history book, where all mysticism was purged. Jesus even more so – it’s a Jewish appropriation of the myth of the aryan hero – but where the timeless drama of Dionysos/Orpheus/Osiris etc. has been reduced to a “historical” Jewish figure, without the aryan mysticism.

    Obviously over the last three centuries they have learned to imitate European art, but their copies just makes the difference more apparent. Jewish art, generally, has a cold cerebral character, combined with expressions of the most base primitive instincts and urges. Writers like Bachevis Singer, Philip Roth, Saul Bellow, musicians like Dylan, Steely Dan, Kiss, painters like Rothko, Auerbach, Lucian Freud – their works may be impressive in many ways, but it’s never soulful or emotionally enchanting, like the European greats. Jewish art make you think intellectually, or give you a boner (or make you throw up), but it doesn’t take your breath away, like Bach, Rembrandt or Tolkien.

    A almost too obvious example is Sigmund Freud, who more or less purged the soul (psyche) from psychiatry, and reduced it to bizarre pseudo scientific claims about even more bizarre sexual perversions.
    Jewish vulgarity is a form of disrespect of the very things that take our breath away. Jews, as a cultural collective, don’t get what it is we find so beautiful – the mysterious emotional reverence that can only be expressed in poetic metaphors. The soul or essence that can’t be described in prose, and that is elevated far above primal urges. Like falling love.

    The reason Europeans don’t like excessive vulgarity is because it destroys what is beautiful. You don’t talk abour your loved one as a “fuckhole” because it reduces love to a basic animalistic mechanical instinct, and you get offended because it’s disrespectful to what you love and respect. Jewish pornography may not even be a conscious political attack on European culture, it’s just a natural expression of what Jews consider “romantic”. A closeup of a gaping asshole is, to them, sexy and hot, while Rodins sculpture “The Kiss” makes them yawn till the jaw is dislocated.

    Among Jewish intellectuals European romanticism is a puzzling, annoying mystery. Isaiah Berlin wrote a pretty good book about it – “The Roots of Romanticism” – where he describes it’s history and context, but, more or less, admits that he doesn’t understand the core and true meaning of it. Moses Hess likewise, wrote with contempt about the germanic romanticism, and viewed it almost as a defective mental condition that was the main obstacle for a united (communist) humanity. Freud was outright proud of the Jewish lack of “the mystic element” which, according to him, gave them an advantage. (Which it does, in the short run, but after a century or so, of exploitation, they get expulsed.)

    It’s this romatic sensibility that makes European societies pleasant and peaceful, or with a better word: family friendly. Wherever Jews takes power, the first to go is anything family friendly, whether it be a capitalist “paradise” like Las Vegas, or a communist “paradise” like bolshevik Russia. Whether it’ll be Milton Friedman or Karl Marx – they have about as much respect for the human soul and spirit as your average psychopath.

  16. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    Who can “save” us now (except the old
    one-eyed Germanic storm god Wodan)?
    Should we have to awaken him again?

    “Old one-eyed Wodan, Lord Odin, I call
    upon you, Lord Master of our people, who
    did not hear us (for too) long, hear our need,
    save us from this cursed Jewish pestilence,
    which now really threatens to destroy us all!

    Strengthen again our thirst for revenge
    to get rid of this life-threatening plague
    with your wise help once and for all! I
    Teuton, your own child, hereby call upon
    you, righteous old storm god, stand by us
    now and let our power and strength grow!

    Great Almighty God Odin, we have for-
    gotten and shamefully spurned you, for-
    give our abject idiocy and grant us once
    again the strength and fortitude that our
    race, your children, so desperately need!”

    • Strange World
      Strange World says:

      Why am I suddenly worshipping Odin? Because he becomes alive only through it again. He is drawn only by my invocation into existence, into the here and now, and can work only then actively to our favor (or harm!).

      Only my attention gives him the power he needs. He does not exist without my imagination, just as the Jew-“God” is still only existent through firm belief in him.

      Why, in fact, should our own gods be mean deceivers instead of being on our side? They are not “monsters”, but the souls of our ancestors, the source from which we all come, to which we owe our life.

      The Jews do everything to bury this connection, we have to shovel it free again! The Jews claim, if we do this, then we “play with the fire” (yes be Faust personally!).

      Should I be a coward like the rest of us and claim, “It’s just a little thought experiment, guys, you don’t believe in it!” Our existence is too short, and the rest of what we still are is too little for that!

      I want to try that, Jews! You want to “save” us from the working thoughts in the heads of our ancestors (of course for our own sake, how could it be otherwise!)?

    • Strange World
      Strange World says:

      Wotan, make me back to the man I am supposed to be. Let me feel my strength, let me be alive, let me find the meaning in life that I deserve and give me the right position to save our beloved and so shamefully oppressed people and our entire species!

    • Tomorrow We Live
      Tomorrow We Live says:

      What a weird fucking channel. An Indian (by appearance) living in Canada, promoting a weird synthesis of Street-shitter religions and European paganism, race-mixing, with commies congratulating him in Anglo-Saxon in his comments. White people truly can’t have anything, not even our own ancestral tongues.

  17. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks Andrew. Great essay.

    I think it’s the inbreeding. I’ve been around Jews my whole life, hysteria, arrogance, misanthropy.
    I think also that their vulgarity is a rebellion against our poise, and class.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Bobby, the Rothschilds are supposedly inbred. That’s supposedly why they run the world, to prevent outside access to the power. It’s like they structure themselves on the old pagan kings.

      The Icelandics did a study on levels of inbreeding and outbreeding, found that marrying other Icelandics produced more children. Garbage-in-garbage-out.

      Even if we say Jews are bad in some respect or other, it’s indisputable that at least presently they are our masters, and we are being wiped out by them. With genetic engineering on the horizon, we could be some of the last Europeans to walk this Earth. So, the fact that they win and might have won everything suggests they do some things right.

  18. WCH
    WCH says:

    Essays such as this, which I do enjoy, make American and most European Christians appear stupid, weak and gullable. The root of the issue stems from the fact that anyone who believes in supernatural creatures will fall for any propaganda or marketing campaign.

  19. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    This is an incredibly impressive article, ty.

    I told a Russian Jew at RT that Jews had pushed porn here in the US. He refused to believe me. Many Jews seem brought up to believe the outsiders lie about everything and are perverted, sinful, that Jews are better.

    So, they corrupt us and then set up separate virtuous groups of Jews who then look down on us. It’s fascinating.

    It seems like Christianity turned Europeans into sheep who have forgotten pagan political science and experience. This is no problem against more pagans, because Christians simply disband and absorb pagans (banning consanguinity to the 8th degree seems part of that). However, Christians don’t absorb Jews. So, Jews remember the old pagans ways and conquer, like wolves.

    Similarly, it’s interesting how WASPs looked down on trades like film and media, which opened these powerful areas to Jews. The pagan Greeks, as I understand anyway, would have protected their culture. WASPs didn’t understand its importance, not fully.

    I don’t think it’s easy to somehow return to being pagan, not suggesting that. It’s just clear that we’re vulnerable, defenseless in political competition. Hopefully, Christians can adapt, perhaps by organizing as groups like in South Africa (the thriving white town in SA.)

  20. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    In the US, Jews were disallowed citizenship at the colony level. However, they won acceptance. They were especially welcomed in Charleston. It would be interesting to look into what happened there, how they won acceptance. Nick Griffin explained how Jews won entry back into Britain by funding both Cromwell and his opposition.

    Venice also has a history with Jews.

    If Brits were in charge of a polity somewhere in the world, children would be taught how in 1066 the Normans and Jews conquered us, but with hard work we eventually won our freedom. Sadly, Brits run nothing, but hopefully that changes.

    Europeans are looking so tattered that perhaps the identity will become just generic European, uniting as a group for survival, which might not be so bad. Regardless, it’s fascinating how Jews are so focused on conquest, power and riches. Maybe this is how Vikings were, in a sense?

  21. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    “The Jewish crooks in Germany, their tactics,
    their peculiarities and their language (1840)”.

    “Yiddish-German pun theory”

    Folkteacher: “Watching
    Jews ‘being Jewish'”

    “In this vid, I explain what the
    connections are and why Jews
    and Christians alike are blinded.”

    Much is not to be questioned anymore nowadays but
    simply adopted unquestioningly in a societal form of
    pure consumption of useless (and often even destruc-
    tive) content, which the Jews have devised for the stu-
    pid gentiles without anyone ever asking them to do so.

  22. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    The Jew claims to stand for the “individual” (secretly at the same time for his tribalistic collective). What he consciously and deliberately conceals from you is that there cannot be an individual without a social context. Only the collective can produce individuals, thus individual representatives of the collective.

  23. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    It has gotten so out of control now, particularly with pornography that I am no longer surprised by it. Mind you, I don’t want to go so far the other way that we can no longer see a few tasteful photos of a beautiful naked girl, let’s keep it a bit real.

  24. Anne Frank Rizzo
    Anne Frank Rizzo says:

    What are your thoughts on using their methods (vulgarity, mockery, etc.) to counter anti-white philo-Semitism? Can it be employed effectively without corrupting the user by regarding such methods as holding up a mirror, or maybe a form of internal anti-Semitic catharsis?

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