The Way of the Red-Pilled

Today we often hear of persons becoming “red-pilled” while others remain “blue pilled.” The expressions originally sprang from the widely popular science fiction action film “The Matrix” (1999) starring Keanu Reeves as “Neo” and Laurence Fishburne as “Morpheus.”

The movie, according to Wikipedia, “depicts a dystopian future in which humanity is unknowingly trapped inside the Matrix, a simulated reality that intelligent machines have created to distract humans while using their bodies as an energy source.” “Neo” is given the choice between taking the blue pill or the red pill. If he takes the blue pill, he simply returns to his old life and his old way of thinking in which he believes all that his masters want him to believe.

If he takes the red pill, his eyes are opened to see things as they truly are, a world he never knew existed. In doing so, he’ll learn just “how deep the rabbit hole goes.” “Neo,” of course, takes the red pill but not before he is warned by Morpheus: “Remember, all I am offering is the truth. Nothing more.”

Yet what exactly is the “Matrix”? Morpheus defines it as “the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” Those who have become red-pilled, then, are likewise persons who recognize that the wool has been pulled over their eyes. They see things as they really are and not as the government nor as prevailing opinions would have us believe.

Such persons now perceive the lies they’ve been fed their entire lives. They see the ‘system’ for what it is, and they recognize that it does not have their best interests at heart. They have broken from the prevailing worldview which most people share. They tend to be anti-establishment in their thinking and political dissidents. They are distrustful of their own government and its complicit media. Like the wizard behind the curtain who uses illusions, sleight-of-hand and artful flourishes to deceive the gullible masses, those who are red-pilled have broken from such delusions. They are now free.

Persons who have taken the blue pill, in contrast, are those content with whatever they have been told throughout their lives. Although they can be creative and even insightful at times, their entire view of life, politics, and the world around them is couched within a modernist or secularist perspective. They tend to be socially and politically liberal. They accept the essential foundations of a globalist worldview, and do not challenge it. The term they have appropriated for themselves is “woke,” meaning social awareness, being alert to social issues such as racism, discrimination, and injustice. They are militantly consumed with dissolving the nuclear family, abolishing capitalism, eliminating religion — especially from the public square, promoting gay, lesbian and Transgender rights, and raising children to be gender neutral. They stand firmly opposed to the traditional values of western civilization which is grounded on marriage between a man and a woman, the family, the importance of religion (however conceived), patriarchy, the reality of racial differences, including the importance of racial and cultural homogeneity of one’s nation.

I am using metaphorical expressions, of course, but it helps to illustrate the great contrast between red and blue pilled persons and how they interpret the world.

Like most people, my journey to the red pill came in stages. It began in 2000 when strangely enough I happened to read an article about race realism in of all places a liberal Bohemian newspaper in Southern California! The editor explained that while he did not agree with all the conclusions of the author, he thought his case was so well stated that he felt obligated to make it available to his readers. This would never occur in today’s political climate, of course, but things were not as badly radicalized twenty-three years ago as they are now. I carried that newspaper around for at least six months and read it numerous times. I had never heard such truths, but it made complete sense. It provided a small framework in which I could hang my thoughts about racial differences. In the past, I implicitly recognized that Blacks were different than Whites, but I couldn’t quite articulate it in ways that made sense. My racial equality assumptions muddied up the waters so badly that I couldn’t see what should have been patently obvious. That particular article (author unknown), thankfully, set me on a path that would eventually lead to many other ‘naughty’ truths.

Yet it wasn’t until 2002 when I read Pat Buchanan’s book, The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization (St. Martin’s Press), that my eyes were finally opened. It was revolutionary to say the least, and I was able to make better sense of racial issues, especially those pertaining to mass non-White immigration into Europe and America. Jared Taylor’s website, American Renaissance, also played a major role in filling out and making sense of the racial puzzle which I am grateful for.

The point being that the path to the red pill often occurs in stages. Rarely does it occur overnight or in one dramatic event. It’s usually a series of events, seemingly unconnected, that bring us to the point of considering ideas we had not previously entertained.

I have wondered why more people are not red-pilled. How could they not be when there are so many reasons to believe we have been lied to about almost everything? Our government lies to us constantly. Our colleges and universities have lied to their students for decades. Our nation’s most prominent newspapers have a long history of either featuring articles containing half-truths or outright lies to the American people. Our history books often have a political agenda that outweighs the need to present accurate history.

The sad truth is that most people are content to live with a blue-pilled mindset, to see things just as the media dictates. They have no interest in thinking differently or in challenging the status-quo because they are not even aware that there exists competing worldviews or alternative viewpoints. Even if they did, it would matter little to them. They are not inquisitive by nature nor are they particularly openminded. Their thoughts are limited to that which is earthly and temporal. They do not ask the deeper questions of life, nor does it bother them in the least that they possess no appetite for such matters. They are, as the old saying goes, “A mile wide and an inch deep,” meaning shallow or lacking depth in their thoughts and opinions. The challenging or probing questions from those who are red-pilled is dismissed by them as mere quibbling over insignificant matters.

The red-pilled way of life is largely unpopular because such truths are disturbing and take us out of our comfort zones. It leaves us with the real possibility of knowing that we have been wrong and have misunderstood reality. For many people this is too much to bear. They want to be liked, to have the approval of their friends, family and business associates. They care more about what others think of them.

Yet for those who have become red-pilled, truth is paramount! Thus, the kind of person who is red-pilled is, generally, a truth seeker. Granted, there are going to be degrees to this depending on the person and their intellectual acumen. But overall, the red-pilled person seeks to know and understand the truth. They have little patience for lies, no matter how pretty they might be painted.

The red-pilled way of life is also often costly in terms of losing friends, being popular and widely received by others, and there is always the looming threat to one’s employment and finances. The Left has made it so due to their intolerance of other viewpoints which threaten their foundations. The federal government, as one might expect, looks the other way while Bolshevik Leftists seek every avenue to silence, vilify, and physically attack their opponents.

I am thinking of such dissidents as the prolific author, Harry Elmer Barnes, who challenged and refuted the court historians in his day over inconvenient truths surrounding World War II and its aftermath. The late David Hoggan, the historian who became a pariah to the academic establishment because he dared to set the record straight showing that Churchill, FDR, and Stalin were the real warmongers rather than Adolf Hitler (see his The Forced War: When Peaceful Revision Failed and his later work, The Unnecessary War: 1939-1945 Germany Must Perish).

Harry Elmer Barnes

Germar Rudolf, the brilliant German chemist, has been arrested numerous times and has endured severe persecution by the authorities because he has academically challenged the Holocaust narrative in a host of publications.

Special mention must be made of the late Canadian German, Ernst Zundel, who suffered multiple trials and imprisonments because he published literature critical of the Holocaust. His house was even burned down because of what he dared to say.

Zundel and many others like him, such as Monika Schaefer and the 94-year-old Ursula Haverbeck, have been tried and imprisoned by the German authorities not because they stole from or physically harmed anyone, but because they expressed their opinions. The authorities strike hard against such dissidents because they upset the narrative which all are expected to believe without question. Their lies are on such shaky ground that even 94-year-old grandmothers must be silenced and imprisoned so as not arouse inquiries from the sheep.

Ursula Haverbeck

There is also the eminent British historian, David Irving, whose books are praised for their historical accuracy and attention to first-hand sources. Yet because he mildly challenged some aspects of the Holocaust story and maintained that Germany’s Chancellor never officially issued an order to exterminate the Jewish people, he has been attacked, ridiculed, jailed, sued, and chased down by his detractors (see his Hitler’s War).

And then there is our own Kevin MacDonald who has been constantly maligned and attacked for over two decades because he wrote a scholarly book documenting Jewish power in America and the cultural subversion they have engaged in since at least the 1930s (see his The Culture of Critique).

Once one becomes fully red-pilled, one cannot unsee what has already been seen. The great truths concerning racial differences, Black dysfunction and criminality, third-world immigration, the great Covid ‘plandemic,’ Europe’s migrant invasion, the truth behind 9-11, Jewish cultural subversion, Pearl Harbor, World Wars I and II including the atrocities committed against the German people after the war, the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the World Economic Forum and its earth-shattering plans, including the truth about the Austrian corporal, and a plethora of other subjects are so startling and revolutionary that one cannot return to their old ways of viewing the world as they once did.

David Irving

And this is precisely why book banning, shadow banning, and doxing those who spread dissenting social and political viewpoints are so vigorously pursued by our enemies. They are unwilling to engage dissidents in open debate for all to see and for people to decide for themselves because they know, perhaps intuitively, that their position has little if any evidential merit. It’s much safer to censor their opponents than risk the seeds of doubt that will surely spread if the public is given alternative paradigms. There can be little success in controlling people when they are given the entire truth.

On a practical note, sharing red-pilled truths requires tactfulness, wisdom and patience. I have seen a tendency among zealous red-pillers to ridicule and purity spiral with others who may not quite be where they are in terms of understanding all the issues. They mock those who adhere to racial differences, but who haven’t yet arrived at the Jewish Question.

In my own case, it took several years of much reading and carefully thinking through the JQ before I was persuaded by it. This was not due my obstinance against the truth, but rather because I wanted to be certain that I truly understood the issues at hand. I didn’t want to deceive myself nor others.

Civic Nationalists are similarly ridiculed because, while good intentioned perhaps, they come from an intellectual framework that assumes the validity of the current system. They think it merely needs to be reformed rather than replaced by something that truly accounts for racial differences and works to secure a future for Whites and their posterity.

Yet Civic Nationalists are often on board with some of what we believe and want for our country. Yes, they are still stuck in an old paradigm that has proven not to work, but they are generally politically conservative, and stand opposed to the Left’s degeneracy. What sense is there in alienating them because they have not yet arrived where we are in understanding some of the deeper truths about race and other matters? Can White Nationalists in the U.S. really afford dismissing massive numbers of Whites who may not have progressed to where we are at this point?

Christians, likewise, who may not yet be racially conscious are often vilified as “Christ-cucks” and other epithets. Yet what sense does it make for us to alienate huge numbers of White Christians throughout America’s Bible Belt when in large measure they hold to very much the same traditional values that we hold dear? Rather than express hostility toward them, wouldn’t it be more prudent to try to reach and reason with them? You’d be surprised how many of them would be receptive to our message if treated politely and respectfully. As the old saying goes, “You can catch a lot more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

Thus, there is the need to be patient with others who are still struggling through many of these issues. And it’s important always to recognize that what may be rejected today, might be accepted tomorrow as both experience and circumstances combine to awaken our people to reality.

Finally, there is the need to be cautious of becoming so black-pilled that one despairs and is thereby rendered ineffective for our cause. There is plenty to be concerned about, no doubt, and it’s easy to become depressed and hopeless when we witness the condition of our country and the blindness of our own people. Despite this there are still reasons to be hopeful.

A growing number of Whites are waking up, and the federal government along with its street shock troops of Antifa and BLM are doing their best to vilify all White people which only serves to drive them to our camp. Truths such as the ‘great replacement’ are being more widely discussed than ever before. Patriotic White Americans are gradually losing their patriotism knowing full well that their own government is unabashedly anti-White and corrupt to the core. The Left has shoved the most deviant and imbecilic doctrines down our collective throats which has provoked many Whites to fight back. This is not something they would have done ten or fifteen years ago. But things have changed. The Left has also directly targeted our children with their LGBTQ propaganda which has caused a whole lot of momma bears to shake up those school district meetings.

The more the Left pushes the proverbial envelope, the more our people awaken from their racial and cultural slumber. The Left will not stop. They will not give up. They will not come to their senses. They are determined to destroy all that is good, beautiful and decent. They want to burn it all down and replace us and our entire country with their Utopian paradise. Yet the more they pursue their demented dreams, the more they will find a growing resistance among us.

People can only put up with complete insanity for so long. Most of us just want to be left alone. We want our families. We want peace. There is every reason, then, to be hopeful that the Left will inevitably cancel itself out.

There is also good reason to believe that our endless and unpayable national debt, along with our continuous warmongering abroad, will eventually cause this evil system to collapse under the weight of its own hubris and stupidity.

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    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      I am already familiar with it, and I too would condemn such “christ-cuck pastors.” But that’s not the kind of Christian I am, nor would I support anything connected to “Christian Zionism” or the sort of crazy stuff that occurs within modern evangelicalism and the Charismatic/Pentecostal movement.

      Also, there are many Christians within the Protestant Reformed churches, Reformed Baptist churches, including the Russian and Greek Orthodox churches who are NOT slobbering obsessives for all things Jewish and Israel.

      A growing number of White Christians are also starting to get a sense that race and ethnicity does indeed play an important role in keeping society healthy and together. This is especially so as White Christian are more and more confronted with anti-White attitudes and propaganda on TV and in the movies. I know this because I have conversed with many Christians, and I have found that they are not as closed to such ideas as some believe.

      There remains, then, many of us “who have not bowed their knees to Baal” (Romans 11:4).

      • Atreides
        Atreides says:

        Thank you RockaBoatus for this wonderful article. I got red- pilled in similar incremental fashion, and one of the reasons it took me so long were the angry and impatient red-pilled ones, as you so rightfully criticized.
        Keep up the good work.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          “I got red- pilled in similar incremental fashion, and one of the reasons it took me so long were the angry and impatient red-pilled ones . .”
          I don’t believe you. This sounds like self-justifying hindsight from someone who spent ages hating on the people who were proven right all along. It’s a natural, predictable & tiresome response.

          – Mr Rock has a real talent in the issues he chooses to write about, but he’s wrong about ‘civic nationalism’ or ‘jerk-off conservatism’ or whatever. These ideologies are a *cope* for naturally inclined right-wing people(majority of the population). Why do you think they are so controlled by Jews and the state?
          I’m not for “hostility” to anyone, but I am for ruthlessly mocking these losers – and they are losers – because they are a clear and present danger even to themselves.
          Conservatism Inc is such a corral for bovine-thinkers, we should give these people two options – go all in with the woke mania, or stand with us. Letting them linger -for decades often- in these dead ends, prey to every clever Jew who can work his emotions against him, is a kind of abuse.
          There is reality and the Truth or there is leftist utopian cultism and the modern-day purveyors – the ‘false prophets’ of these dipshit ideologies like conservatism or civic nationalism. No ‘-isms’! It’s all garbage.
          People forget, even hard-core nationalism was originally a leftist, revolutionary position. I’d be up for riding it’s revolutionary potential away from where we are now, but we do it with our eyes open. It’s not an end in itself, the clue is always in the last three letters.

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          I was red pilled by reading Buchanan, Chronicles, BNP, maybe CofCC, OD (gone), and later TOQ, when it arrived.

          My parents used to talk politics constantly. So, I looked into it finally at college. I couldn’t make sense of anyone before Buchanan.

          I was deeply anti-communist for a time, but I’ve never been a capitalist. I saw “communism” as just globalism/tyranny/cosmopolitanism, etc.

          One area I have been wrong on is the significance of Jews, other similar areas regarding Jews.

          Dr. MacDonald seems almost exclusively responsible for revealing this topic. I’ve had to be beaten over the head for years by him to accept it. Dr. Francis wrote well of him; I should have known to value Dr. MacDonald more highly due to such a quality endorsement.

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      If the above on the secret Kosher tax on most everything including food is something the timidest can share with anyone, consider Sheldon Emry’s short, simple explanation of the debt-money system and inflation tax that currently empowers those promoting everything discussed above. Its available at several locations including

      In more detail, from the August 1943 “Atlantic Bookshelf” page of THE ATLANTIC, when the magazine was the opposite of what it is today:

      OUT OF DEBT, OUT OF DANGER $3.00 By Jerry Voorhis, DEVIN-ADAIR [Pub.] At the end of the war the size of the national debt will force a re-examination of our national policy toward currency, banking, investment of savings, and taxation. These will become political issues of the first magnitude. Congressman Voorhis, who used to make headlines as the lone dissenter on the Dies Committee, is here spokesman for a school of thought in the Jeffersonian tradition. A New Dealer, as current labels go, Mr. Voorhis attacks the centralization of power and growth of bureaucracy inherent in our present Hamiltonian technique of deficit financing, pointing out that in financial matters technique, rather than good intentions, has always won the day. His own recommendations, which follow David Ricardo and other classical economists, and such moderns as Irving Fisher and Frederick Soddy, are simply and lucidly set forth. [Its currently available via 714.593.9725]

  1. Oldtradesman
    Oldtradesman says:

    The author assumes that sheep are like him and will actively search for the truth. 60 years of blight wing failure says otherwise. No epiphanic sound bite or vision will stir the sheep’s curiosity or make our counter narrative clear. Sheep are fine with the mainstream narrative as long as they repeat its magical incantations.


    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      No, not at all. In fact, I believe that comparably few people search for the truth or would be willing to accept the truth regardless of what personal consequences they might experience. To use a biblical expression, “men loved the darkness rather than the light.” Most people by far will run away from the truths that we believe and share among ourselves. The costs for believing such things are too much for them to bear.

      Most people, in my view, are relatively lazy thinkers and are not inclined to probe deeper into their most basic assumptions about life, the world they live in, politics and history. There is, generally, little inquisitiveness and curiosity among the greater number of Americans. It’s no wonder most Americans, seemingly, tolerate the most inane and childish forms of entertainment and for what passes as “modern culture.”

      But the good news is that there are people like you and I, including many others whose eyes have been opened. If we can be changed, then there is hope for others as well. In this we ought to be positive in our outlook and recognize that while many people appear hopeless at first, circumstances and events within their lives frequently have a way of turning them around.

      More than that, the mere insanity of the Left, including their inability to temper themselves and their crazy social agendas, will do for us what all the intellectual arguments and informational data about race could never do. They will drive more and more Whites to our camp by their own stupidity and arrogance. Many Whites who might now reject our message will be inclined to listen when they finally realize that they are despised merely because of their White skin.

      Granted, some Whites will never quite ‘get it’ no matter what is said or done to them. But they will be the minority. Most Whites will eventually awaken. Hardship, poverty, starvation, and great adversity has a way of waking up even the dullest and naive of people.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” Most Whites will eventually awaken. Hardship, poverty, starvation, and great adversity has a way of waking up even the dullest and naive of people.”

        True enough .

        However ,

        ” Hardship, poverty, starvation”

        are not favorable conditions for successfully prevailling against a genocide
        ( sponsored by the globalist ILLuminati jewmasterss )
        in order to preserve or “save” Nordic/White cultures .

      • Oldtradesman
        Oldtradesman says:

        I wasn’t clear. We who changed are fundamentally different from others in the herd. The root of that difference is genetic, which allowed us to be “open to that epiphanic sound bite or vision” when it arrived. The epiphany shook us out of our stupor and showed us the world as it is.

        The majority of my generation have observed and experienced all that I have, yet remain insensate. Nothing penetrates the fog or clears their vision. They do as they are told. Not even a mandatory “vaccination” and two obviously stolen elections can shake them out of their slumber.


  2. Hal
    Hal says:

    Why let the fact that you are an “antisemite” stop you from being influenced by Jewish movies with Messianic messages?

    The dialogue between Morpheus and Neo is a reference to the prohet Isaiah and the concept of Jews being a “light unto the nations” opening up the eyes of the other peoples:

    “Morpheus: lt is the world that has been pulled over your eyes. . . to blind you from the truth.

    Neo: What truth?

    Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison. . . .for your mind.

    Morpheus: Remember. . . all l’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.”

    Isaiah 42:6-7:

    “I, the Lord, have called you in righteousness; I will take hold of your hand.
    I will keep you and will make you to be a covenant for the people and a light for the Gentiles, to open eyes that are blind,
    to free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness.”

    Neo has to choose between blue (ignorance) and red (the truth).
    Within Masonry blue is the color representing the lowest degrees where the newbies are, unaware that they’re being watched and judged etc,, red is the color representing the highest degrees where you finally become “enlightened”.

    From King Solomon Lodge:

    “The Blue Lodge, is the fundamental body of Freemasonry. No other part of Masonry is accessible until one has received the three degrees of the Blue Lodge.”

    “The High Degrees are often referred to as “Red Degrees”, while the three Craft Degrees in their turn are referred to as “Blue Degrees”. In order to be eligible for the High Degrees, the candidate must be a Master Mason.”

    Neo chooses red and leaps straight up to the 33rd degree, becomes “enlighetened” and sees the truth, the real world.
    At the end of the movie he tells the bad guys that he is going to open the eyes of the masses and enlighten the world about the things the antagonists don’t want them to see, he promises a totally new fantastic world without borders, a world where the forces of evil are gone – the Messianic age:

    “I’m going to hang up this phone and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you, a world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries, a world where anything is possible…“

    “Redpilled” should correctly be a term for someone who has been guided by Jews and accepted their ways, instead the first instinct among
    so called “antisemites is to identifiy with the Messianic figure in Jewish movies like the Matrix.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      The point of referencing ‘The Matrix’ movie and its “blue pilled” and “red pilled” expressions is to draw a general parallel or an example in popular form to help teach important lessons for our people.

      I was not following slavishly each and every theme of the movie, nor whether Jews produced the movie or what involvement they played in its ideas and success. As in most things in life that we use to illustrate a point, we employ only that which is beneficial for the idea or story at hand. That’s all I was doing in my use of one scene within the movie.

      Whether we like it or not, terms such as “blue pilled” and “red pilled” are common expressions that people use to describe their awakening to new ideas they had not previously believed or understood. That’s all. Nothing more, and nothing less.

    • Hyacinth Bouquet
      Hyacinth Bouquet says:

      ‘“Redpilled” should correctly be a term for someone who has been guided by Jews and accepted their ways, instead the first instinct among
      so called “antisemites is to identifiy with the Messianic figure in Jewish movies like the Matrix.”

      @Hal – Your comment, uniquely and distinctively, pierced the very heart of the matter. Respect and appreciation to you.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        The Christianized sheeple herds of Western Civilization need to be ruled by a master or [ owner ] ; to wit ___

        Servants ,

        obey in all things your masters


        ( verbatim quote abstracted from :
        The Christian NT / KJV / Book of Colossians / chapter 3 / verse 22 )

        where “Servants” means [ slaves ] .

        That extant ancient divine command quoted above is why virtually the entire Westernworld is today owned/controlled by jewmasterss .

        Reasonably intelligent humans
        ( nonsheeple ) do not normally want nor need to be ruled as sheeple in enslavement . They only need and want to be free to choose whom to follow as a leader toward achieving their own humane goals . They need and want to be free to switch ( no voting required ) to another leader that would seem to be more congenial with their efforts to achieve their own goals ; or simply be free to lawfully do their own thing in achieving their own humane goals .

        Military personnel are not usually sheeple . However , military life is not normal civilian life . It is highly specialized and an exception where personnel are usually more partially enslaved than civilians in order to support group survival under an enemy attack or other severe adversity . Personnel are not usually free to pursue their own goals that may be contrary to military requirements nor free to choose their leaders and must obey commands . They absolutely are ruled by their commander .

        History reveals that military cultures gradually weaken and eventually collapse and are replaced by civilian rule when the sheeple herds they depend on , for goods and services , are under prolonged martial law .
        In other words , sheeple herds under prolonged martial law , in order to support military cultures , do not usually survive much more than a few years .

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      They love to invert symbols and use all the sources at their disposal: biblical, philosophical, occultist, etc… they should absolutely not be taken seriously. We have an example with the recent term “woke”, which is a parody of “awaken”, a term used in extreme oriental religions to mean the awakening to divine consciousness… and which is its complete inversion.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        That’s a good point, the clue where this is coming from is always in the *inversion*.
        It’s a spiritual war . . . as the Good Book said all along.

      • Marcus Baskett
        Marcus Baskett says:

        Thank you ladystrange you Hit the nail on the head. The “Woke” was us conservatives around 2015 before the enemy promoted the meaning to designate the violent terroristic arm of the ADL (Americas Death Leaches) blm, Antifa (don’t laugh)
        They also did this with reactionary street slang towards them (Jews) such as “pig” & “fuz”(spelled wrong on purpose to protect the innocence of “fuzz boxes”) just as the Arabs hear criticism meant for Jews with “antisemite” as anti-arab, they diverted the meaning of the aforementioned (pig, fuz) as a derogatory term aimed at our police services via carte blanche privilege & priority of media in highly impressionable America. These words thrown like pig & fuz all started around the time of what lead up to the Harlem riots of 1940s that erupted as a result of the way Jews were coming out of their sheep’s clothing and exposing the predatory inclinations amidst the “black -slash- Jewish “neighborhoods” or perhaps adjacent those two communities.
        Changing the meaning of words to suite their strategies has been going on for who knows how long.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” Changing the meaning of words to suite their strategies has been going on for who knows how long.”

          Since no later than
          the world renown historic ancient Tower of Babel incident
          about 2500 years ago
          when the ToB slave worker and father of Judaism named Abraham and his merry band of co-workers sabotaged the Tower of Babel engineering project ,

          by injecting language confusions into the project vernacular via “Changing the meaning of words” ,

          and thereby created chaotic workplace communications that resulted in causing King Nimrod to abandon the project

          ( see The Holy Jewish Torah / KJV /
          Genesis / 11 : 1-9 ;
          and also see various Wikipedia articles ) .

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “Redpilled” should correctly be a term for someone who has been guided by Jews and accepted their ways . .”

      What on earth are you talking about Hal? ‘The Torah’ has about as much significance to “Jews” as ‘Paradise Lost’ has to the modern Englishman.
      That’s God talking to the ancient Israelites, not modern Jews. They are not the same people. We all know this.
      Very interesting about the Masons and all that but this weak-ass anti-Christian stuff you get here falls flat on it’s arse, as it always does.
      The Jews who run Hollywood often do ‘limited hang-outs’ on the true nature of reality, even if just to mock us. The red/blue pill analogy is brilliant, it strikes so deep in people *because* it is Truth(what a shock a 2000+yo basic Christian text is similarly deeply true, you white nationalists got anything to compare? Didn’t think so).
      I’d wager they regret giving us a way to communicate on mass with our brethren, they often do stupid things from their hubris.

  3. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    It is very simple; most people are idiots who believe anything they are told or too lazy to check the data. There is a great saying attributed to Mark Twain that encapsulates this idea: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.”

    That is why the ridiculously optimistic belief of the author that “the Left will cancel itself out” will not happen. The Left must be destroyed and that will not happen with cowards who, as the author himself said: “…just want to be left alone” If you want peace you must fight for it. Most people do not fight unless they are pushed into a corner.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      With due respect, I think you’ve read some strange notions into my words.

      The Left will inevitably “cancel itself” just as other socially cancerous ideas have failed and have proven unworkable over time. If things continue as crazy as they have been for the past ten years – and become even crazier which is destined to be the case – then there will indeed be a great backlash. The Left is undoing itself as we speak. Granted, that great Beast has not yet been slain, but it’s only a matter of time.

      And this is due to the very reasons I provided in my article – namely, people will only put up with so much craziness because they naturally want peace and societal stability. When people are oppressed so badly, and when they have nothing left to lose, then and only then will they fight. We haven’t yet reached that point, but it’s coming.

      I was not saying that the way to fight the Left is by having an “I want to be left alone” attitude, but rather BECAUSE people want to be left alone to live their lives as they wish, they will eventually rise up to resist the Left. You have completely misunderstood my words.

      “If you want peace you must fight for it” – Yes, of course! Why would you think I said otherwise?

      “Most people do not fight unless they are pushed into a corner” – Yes, precisely! And that was my very point. That’s why I wrote the following in my article: “Yet the more they pursue their demented dreams, the more they will find a growing resistance among us” and “People can only put up with complete insanity for so long.”

      You refer to my words in the article as “ridiculously optimistic.” Yet I am not optimistic for its own sake as if I were conveying some fairy tale wish. No, I am optimistic because I understand human nature. I am optimistic because I understand history, including other peoples throughout the world who have been terribly oppressed and even slaughtered in great numbers. Yet they too survived as a people. Their sufferings and persecutions too also ended, although at first it may not have seemed like it would ever end. But it did because they were forced to fight back, to resist, and to find a way to ultimately survive.

      The worst regimes and ideologies of history inevitably cancel themselves out by the sheer weight of their own arrogance and stupidity. The contemporary Left will do the same because even sheep want to have peace, stability, and their families.

      To understand this better, we’ve got to have a broader perspective and not become fixated on only what we see currently. History has a way of surprising us, and the dark days ahead will likely produce a much sturdier people different than the soft and naive type of people we have morphed into.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Hello! Thank you for such an elaborate comment or reply. I think you will find that, in spite of some of my words, we have quite a lot in common. Basically, I agree with your considerations, if there are some differences, they stem form a different point of view regarding tactics or peoples’ behaviour

        I have not misunderstood your words regarding the way to fight the Left, if you read carefully, I said the problem is people with the attitude “I want to be left alone”. I never said that you endorsed such an attitude. Moreover, I am sure you will agree with me that is because of that kind of people that we are in this awful mess.

        Yes, you are right, some of them, in the end, will fight back but perhaps it will be too late. Who knows? Perhaps I am a bit too old (I am 63 years-old) and my patience has worn thin over the years. I have been aware of the JQ and cultural Marxism for a very long time (since I was 17) therefore I am inclined to be a bit pessimistic and also bitter and that sometimes leads me to use a fairly sharp language, I am your archetypical Italian hothead! (LOL)

        I liked very much the last paragraph of your reply to me and I fully agree with that; although the skies are very dark nobody knows what will happen. In the 1920s the situation must have seemed hopeless to a small number of brave Germans and yet they turned the tide defeating the Jewish-Marxist onslaught.

        Regardless the situation we must carry on; some people say that those like you and me who write (usually moaning, LOL) are just “keyboard warriors”. Well, at least we are doing something; the time for traditional political activism is long past, only an idiot can expect to achieve a revolution via a political party. The system is fully rigged and controlled by the enemy.

        The war has to be fought on the Internet and the objective is the hearts and minds of our kind, there is no room for petty, old-fashioned nationalism, what is at stake is the survival of the White race. OK, rant over (LOL)


        • RockaBoatus
          RockaBoatus says:

          Thanks Angelicus, I appreciated your thoughtful reply. And yes, you and I do indeed have a lot in common.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Superb observations .

          However , a WN ethnostate sanctuary for Nordics/Whites is not a petty notion . Even the immensely powerful global ILLuminati jewmasterss realized a dire need for their own ethnostate Israel . The survival of Nordics is very much contingent on establishing a territorial WN sovereignty .

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      I had a sad exemple 2 days ago: 2 acquaintances of my family. 2 brothers who were quite old but in good health, and who always  led a healthy life, one of the 2 former judoka, died with no apparent reason.
      Conformists and blindly obeying all the injunctions of the ((french)) State, they scrupulously followed their “vaccinal” shema :  5 injections each.
      But the family remains astonished by their sudden deaths.

      What can be done with such submissive and blind sheep?

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Sorry to hear that. However, they made their choices. Like most people, they chose not to hear or see the warning signs and they act accordingly as good, obedient sheep. I say good riddance!

        In reply to your question, I would say that there is nothing that we can do with people like that. I have two excellent friends, who, BTW, are politically “red-pilled” and yet, they swallowed the COVID scam-demic, hook, line and sinker. I was tempted to end our friendship of many decades but, in the end, I decided it was not worth to fall out because of that. I told them clearly what I thought, that’s it. There is nothing else we can/should do.


        • FranklinS
          FranklinS says:

          Angelicus, I’d say your response to the rhetorical question is sadly 100% correct and proper. There’s a natural tendency to trust authority, however in the face of such dissent, it makes more sense to be prudent and question that authority.
          (btw, my cousin, a very healthy, young doctor, when to sleep one night and didn’t wake up)
          It’s going to take time and surely things will get worse before they improve. But that is what I expect to see.

  4. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    A well thought out, and well expressed article. The nature of the inter-racial madhouse that the West has become in the last 60 years is a real dystopian nightmare that is adversely affecting most White people every single day now. The degenerative historical process is running its self-destructive course, and is now accelerating in this race to the bottom. The hijacked system is starting to come unglued financially, politically and socially. This will mean change.

    As the intellectually contaminated White population is relentlessly brutalized, blamed, asset stripped, and lied to, more of them will have a new realistic perspective of their degraded delimma. That revolutionary state of affairs is where we need to be prepared with a race saving ideology, and logical political wisdom to offer them. Along with an established political leadership cadre like the National Justice Party and the National Alliance, we will have a fighting chance to save the day. Prepare now people, we are living on borrowed time and the enemy is circling for the kill.

  5. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Thank you, RockaBoatus, for this fine article.

    I think we all saw a bit of our own personal awakening (red pilling) as we read through your article. My ‘red pill’ began in the 1970s and was completed in 1991.

    Life is short, and I would rather live a shorter life upholding truth – however unpopular truth may be – than garnering a few more years as a coward. I guess that when it finally comes down to the wire, I’d rather have people hate me than have God mad at me.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      Thanks Tim, and well said. I wish my red-pilling had occurred in the 1970s which would have saved me from many foolish notions and deeds. It was until I was 40 years of age that I finally started to wake up. But I guess better late than never.

      • Junghans
        Junghans says:

        Exactly. Apathy & complacency are natural to the human condition. It usually takes a catalyst of some emotional kind that gets peoples attention. When impacted with some jarring aspect of racial or political reality, most people have at least an implicit reaction that can cause a mind changing perspective in their social outlook. Whites hypocritically pretend to go along with the race denying agenda, yet they are paradoxically en garde nevertheless. Hence the chronic media accusations of “White racism”.
        Slowly but surely many Whites are being subtly deprogrammed by the (((media))) led intellectual assaults, as well as the ensuring physical assaults against them.

  6. psyopolis
    psyopolis says:

    “War is the father and king of us all” Always has been, is now, and always will be. Getting your head around this final truth is the ultimate red pill. And there is nothing else.

  7. Paulos
    Paulos says:

    As Whites become a minority in America, will they get respect, affirmative action, and so forth from non-Whites?

    Probably not.

    The non-Whites will become repressive, and America will descend into a living hell.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      You should prepare your loved ones for the incoming whiplash injuries as ‘minorities’ go from persecuted, blameless victims – to the root of all evil.
      It will make the communist flip-flopping over the Nazi-Soviet pact look like an oil tanker turning around.

  8. Prince Saradine
    Prince Saradine says:

    Part of it (perhaps alot of it) is what I call the “Stalin clap effect,” whereby a regime increases the cost of opposing or denying the official orthodoxy to the point where everybody at least fakes adherence and those who oppose it can never be sure of their true numbers. It’s actually a major part of an essay, On White Normie Brainwashing, I wrote that was sent to TOO (and seemed to be approved). There is both enough overlap–it actually touches on racial realities too–and enough difference of opinion with Rockaboatus’s essay here that it would be interesting to see what he and the readers of his essay think of mine, if it posts soon.

  9. Bernard Fisk
    Bernard Fisk says:

    The JQ is the redpill. And it is very hard to swallow.
    I truly never thought that things would get this bad.
    What an absolute horror show.
    If they impose digital currency it is game over.
    None of us will be bale to fight back if our money supply is cut off.
    So, I would say that our number one objective is to STOP their plan to
    get rid of cash.
    There are other issues of course, the open border, their desire to take our guns, etc.,
    but if they can cut off our money we are TOTALLY screwed.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      “The JQ is the redpill” – Slight difference. I see the JQ as “a” red pill, but not as “the” red pill. The JQ, no doubt, is a vital and important red pill. It’s one that explains a host of racial and societal ills and what group is behind them all. But many people, I suspect, will never reach the JQ until they have first taken the red pill on race and racial equality. Most often, issues surrounding race is the starting point of people’s red pilled journey. The JQ usually comes much later after a foundation of race, White identity, and other matters have been settled. This may not be the case for every person, but this seems to be the general pattern for most Whites who come to understand these great truths.

      I think there is a reason for this. The JQ is a somewhat unique and complex matter to deal with. There’s a lot of emotional baggage to wade through as well, and the depth of Jewish power is difficult to at first perceive unless one is carefully shown where to look. Yet once we are told what to look for, it’s almost impossible afterwards to not see it.

      “None of us will be able to fight back if our money supply is cut off” – Perhaps, but I’m not so sure of that. Not having money, of course, will make it more difficult to fight back. But would it completely cripple Whites from resisting this wicked system? Have other people groups throughout history been incapacitated and unable to resist their oppressors simply because they lacked monetary funds?

      It seems to me that Whites would have get very creative, improvise, and become industrious in ways that would compensate for their lack of funds. I’m not so sure that the absence of money would necessarily nullify all of our efforts.

      • Tim Folke
        Tim Folke says:

        There is much fear in the Christian community over not being able to ‘buy or sell’ without, ahem, embracing a certain endorsement.

        My background is in finance and I can assure folks that it is indeed possible to live freely without buying or selling; i.e. – without cash.

        I would counsel all Christians to do this first: ensure your faith in God is greater than your faith in money.

        • anti-commie
          anti-commie says:

          Christians are the most delusional people on Earth. It is true that communism is a product of jewish thought. And it is true that roughly 66 million were killed in the Soviet Union (according to Solzshenitsyn but most of the killing was not done by “jews” That would be impossible. They may have gave the orders but it was white Christians who did the slaghtering, just as they did in WW I and WW II on behalf of “the chosen”. That’s a hard pill to swallow I know but it must be “swallowed” before real salvation can begin!

          • Weaver
            Weaver says:

            Solzhenitsyn attempts fairness in “200 Years.” He blames Stalin, other leaders for things.

            It’s tricky following him on Jews. Jews were sometimes the enforcers, as I recall. It’s difficult to assign blame. Could a person have resisted an order? If some handicapped person is ordered to do something, maybe he lacks the sense to understand.

            It’s difficult to assign blame.

  10. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    Curious this Binomial RED/BLUE pills..given thr current Red/Blue states analogy. Well I think there are degrees of RED as well as Blue positive/negative those that had attained levels of TRUTHFULNESS and in more red (Zundel/Irving/Duke/EJones etc.). .., as well as those that one can tell remain hopelessly ignorant (Zio White Evangelicals). Lets also remember that being HOT red can bring about severe punishments from the system (JEWS) like YES case and others. My journey to the RED path is too long and complex to narrate in a commentary, but it came ironically reading the Old Testament..and reading about the Greater Israel prophecy..which is a LIE that I found out was INSERTED in the Biblical text . What I would like to point out is the deep indiffrence/fear/ignorance/ on the part of the masses some of whom really know better for example academic/scientists/journalists etc. After the 911 JEWISH attacks on the Twin Towers in NYork is unbelievable that many people believe that a couple of planes can go through a massive steel structure like jelly on a sandwich…water through a funnel impossible…and yet we/they believe IT. I saw the J6 Hearings and all congress men/women repeated that 6police officers died as a result of the mob attacks..all certifiable LIES. There is Forensic medical reports that attest to officer Sidnicks death..a stroke not a wound. And no mention of Ashli Babbit the only dead person, executed point blank shot on the neck..she is not mention..she doesnt exists at all.. All those Historical events are a testament to Jewish Power since their existance on earth. My main point being that I go OUT and I see the masses of young people drinking away in bars, casinos, paying $7 for gas/ $5 for Starbuck coffee,,just going about their business oblivious uncaring about any of those issues. Once again the JEWS have succeeded the masses remain docile, manageable. The 2020 election were stolen, in AZ, PA the elections were also stolen. Now we have a senile idiot president, a USA Senator with two strokes unable to speak/Think coherently, and NO one cares. The SuperBowl is going on without a single protest/nuisance.. in AZ the very site of the latest JEW fraud..NOT ONE/single protest..The Greeks said that a life is worth living only if you seek the TRUTH…and a cynic would say ignorance is blessed. Now I dont believe anything (Historical) unless it adresses the JQ factor ,

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      There were strange goings on with that Ashley Babbitt ‘killing’, I wouldn’t trust any anonymous ex-military just like there are extremely bizarre aspects to the Julian Assange thing. Without going down the rabbit hole, is he really in a Belmarsh dungeon, while the UK stands tall against ZOG? Give me a break. Have you seen his pretty public school lawyer wife and three kids? How’d he manage that?
      Richard D Hall can school you on Assange, YouTube can on the Babbitt case. They have so much contempt for the MAGA peasants it’s mind-blowing, journalists are a different matter though.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Psychological science
      has inadvertently established
      [ the truth ] that achieving FUN is
      the Ultimate Purpose of Human Life ;

      where FUN is basicly understood ,
      by the vast majority
      of normal people in the world , to mean :
      happiness / pleasures / satisfactions /
      enjoyments / thrills / (and the like) .

      Obviously ,
      [ having FUN ] as the ultimate purpose of human life would not be contrary to that ancient Greek belief about a life worth living .

      Please note this Psychological truth is
      a valid authentic empiricly affirmed [ scientific fact ]
      which has been
      explicitly or tacitly democraticly established
      by incontrovertible majority agreement
      especially among pertinent scientific communities .

  11. Hacksaw
    Hacksaw says:

    Was the article you mentioned about reparations for blacks and was it printed in the Ventura County Reporter?

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      I wouldn’t completely rule it out, but from my memory the article was published in the Bohemian newspaper. I was sitting inside an In-n-Out Burger in Newberry Park (Ventura County) when I noticed the newspaper on a table. I picked it up and read it as I was waiting for my burger. I couldn’t believe what I was reading at the time.

      It’s possible also that the Bohemian newspaper picked up the article that was originally published in the Ventura County Reporter?

      If you can find that article about Black reparations in the Ventura County Reporter, could you let me know when it was published and by whom? Much appreciated.

      • Hacksaw
        Hacksaw says:

        I’m the one who wrote one for the Ventura County Reporter years ago but can’t remember when or if it’s the same one you read. The article noted that the demand for reparations for blacks was based on allegations of racism when the difference in economic status, etc. was due to differences in mean IQs.
        Lately there are even more ridiculous demands for reparations at the local, state and federal level.

        Recently the San Francisco African American Reparations Advisory Committee, a group created by the city’s board of supervisors, recommended the city pay eligible black residents age 18 years and older $5 million apiece. It was also recommended that those who qualify for reparations also receive payroll tax, business tax and property tax credits as well as “structures and pathways to mitigate tax consequences for recipients of reparations funds.”

        The Committee also recommended a comprehensive debt forgiveness program to clear all educational, personal, credit card and payday loans for black households. They also want a welfare program that provides $97,000 annual income for low-income blacks for the next 250 years.

        A separate task force created by the morons in the California legislature is studying reparations for blacks while House Democrats in Washington are pushing to establish a reparations committee at the federal level.

        One would think that nobody has ever read The Bell Curve or any of the other books that summarize the extensive research done on intelligence differences between the races, the real history of slavery throughout the world, or the history of different civilizations prior to the influence of White Western man.

        Unfortunately anyone trying to bring up this topic of IQ difference is punished and I believe that the editor of the Ventura County Reporter left or was forced to leave after the article appeared, which is not something I expected to happen. Obviously, the topic is even more verboten today than it was some 20 odd years ago with most of what is available in the mainstream being nothing but fluff and happy talk.

        • RockaBoatus
          RockaBoatus says:

          If you are the same author of the article I read in 2000, then I thank you very much. You definitely got me thinking.

          It’s ironic how so often we tend to think our little efforts have no effect when in some instances, they truly have a wide-ranging effect on other people.

          Thanks again.

  12. Ben Bache
    Ben Bache says:

    While people can become red-pilled about recent history (perhaps as far back as WWI in some cases), few doubt the “greater history” and other absolute BS we all learned in mandatory puppy training academies. For example, no one questions the Biblical narrative about Israel, which Exodus 3:8 refers to as “a good land and a large, unto a land flowing with milk and honey.” No rational person would describe tiny desert Israel/Palestine as “large” or “flowing with milk and honey,” yet 99.9% of people believe it. Or why France has two big provinces named after Lot, the nephew of Abraham — Lot and Lot et Garonne. Or why we have a giant part of Europe called Iberia, and Iber in Hebrew refers to the Hebrew people and language. And Spain/Catalonia has the Ebro River, clearly a cognate with Hebrew. Europe fits the description of “large” and “flowing with milk and honey.” And Europe has Biblical place and cultural names everywhere one looks. The OT describes a system of “perpetual war for perpetual peace,” led by YHWH Ish Milhaman, or Man of War, with the slaughter of innocents for the profit of the “good” people. Just like today.

  13. RegretLeft
    RegretLeft says:

    “Germany’s Chancellor never officially issued an order to exterminate the Jewish people” – are you claiming Irving is criticized for making this claim? Why would that be? – It is widely acknowledged to be true. The Chancellor did sign off, however, – on official letterhead – for the euthanasia program (of the disabled and chronically ill) – on or about Sept 30, 1941 – that document exists.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      As I understand it, that is precisely why Irving was criticized. The Jews were relentless in their efforts to destroy him once he posited the absence of documented proof that A.H. ever signed an execution or liquidation order against the Jews. This, I believe, started the entire matter to destroy and in unperson David Irving.

      Such a prolific and respected author as Irving cannot be allowed to challenge the prevailing Jewish narrative. Thus, they connived to put him out of the WW2 historical business, and were quite successful I suppose in doing so. Tragic.

  14. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    Sometimes it is easier to make a new bulding from scratch than to identify the mistakes in the old one and to correct them.
    So for looking for the truth, we Europeans have time-proven old methods.
    —>Seneca, twothousand years ago:
    „Qui statuit aliquid parte inaudita altera, aequum licet statuerit, haud aequus fuit.“
    —>Germany, 500 years ago.
    „Enes Mannes Rede ist nur die halbe Rede, man soll sie billig hören beede”

    Both sentences say: Hear both sides, if not, you will not find the truth.
    So, we do not need to convince anyone that we are right with our worldview.
    But we have to convince everyone that we should be heard to tell our wordview and that the listener should have a fair chance to compare it with the “State-Religion-Pro-Multi-Kulti-Stories”.

    If spoken out loud in an open discussion, our worldview will win because it goes along with nature and the natural law, with natural justice, with natural inner feelings.
    All countries and all folks in the world will understand that wie Germans want to live our own lives in our own country undisturbed by foreigners. That is the most natural thing in the world.

  15. Happy Tapir
    Happy Tapir says:

    That was a good article in that, while not being particularly original, it was an eloquent and thorough synthesis of white identity viewpoints. Good to share with people.

    I wonder what is the earliest use of the red/blue pill metaphor in dissident right political discussion? That would be interesting to track to its origin. It’s ironic that the prime metaphor of white identity politics is from a myth created by the lunatic leftist Jewish (but very talented) wachowski brothers! But maybe not.

    This will come off as weird to some, but not others. There is an extensive system of Kabbalistic symbolism in media, and it is highly pervasive, books, screen, video games, etc etc. basically, it is mostly about allegorizing or mocking certain individuals whom the Jews(or a certain sect of Jews, not to be all inclusive)dislike. These tend to be private individuals who have attempted or threatened violence(allegedly). Not surprisingly, many times these people are on our side in their politics, or at least become this way secondary to their circumstance, and thus, at times, multiple of these individuals or scapegoats have been present in certain cells, for example, among the people around Matthew hale(unsurprising). Matrix was likely conceived as an allegory of their idea that we live in a constructed media environment that is essentially false, from the Kabbalists’ intimate observation of these people. Hence, the reason the metaphor fits the altright so perfectly is that that is precisely what it was conceived to allegorize in the first place!

    Sorry if this sounded totally unhinged to some!

    • Happy Tapir
      Happy Tapir says:

      Music too, in particular, is pervaded by the Kabbalism. The lyrics of most pop songs don’t even make sense unless one is aware of their esoteric kabbalistic interpretation.

  16. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 As last year, allow me to remind you, that today, tomorrow and the day after, is the anniversary of the destruction of Dresden, in 1945.

    02 Not the destruction of its industrial areas, naturally situated in its suburbs, but its very centre, home of its population and classical architecture, that popularly compared it to Florence.

    03 This was a mere 9 days after Yalta and after Churchill had an opportunity to sober up.

    04 At that time the Wehrmacht was in retreat everywhere. Germany was finished. But Stalin had an approximately fourfold advantage in Eastern Europe over the combined Allies in the West: in men, tanks, artillery and US Studebaker trucks; less so in air-power.

    05 Churchill, now somewhat sober, became fearful of Stalin not honoring the Yalta agreed-upon zones of occupation: encouraged by his aforementioned superiority.

    06 Dresden and its defenseless people, augmented by several hundred thousands of refugees, encamped along the Elbe river were incinerated to demonstrate the effectiveness of Allied air superiority to Stalin. As admitted peripherally, at the end of a RAF, USAF paper.

    07 The Luftwaffe, bereft of fuel, deployed a handful of fighters against bomber fleets numbering 800 at a time.

    08 One such raid by ca. 800 was accompanied by 36 P 51 Mustang US fighters, as protection. 12 were ordered to accompany the fleet back to its base in northern Italy, while the remainder was ordered to go after TARGETS OF OPPORTUNITY.

    07 What greater OPPORTUNITY than defenseless, aged refugees and their grandchildren and their farm draft animals, including cows, who had thus far stayed ahead of that Jewish swine Ilya Ehrenburg and his daily Red Star army paper exhortations to ” KILL, KILL, KILL, ALL DAY LONG, THOSE GERMAN ANIMALS, MEN , WOMEN, CHILDREN AND BABIES. Etc., etc., etc. [ Now whitewashed by the Jews as a mere effective, erudite, gentleman propagandist ].

    08 Heartrending extant photos and film clips of a woman dragging a stroller across burning asphalt streets and succumbing. An old couple, embracing, as if alive, but mummified by the excessve heat engendered by the napalm-like bombs developed at ” German Village “,, Utah. [ worth googling ! ]

    09 I expect today’s commemoration marches to evolve like the previous ones. Mourning marchers will be called Neo-Nazis by Antifa demonstrators chanting ” All good comes from Above ” and kudos to ” Bomber Harris “, its RAF planner.

    10 Fatalaties were numbered from the Police Chief’s 25,000 up to Irving’s 100,000, which tragedy, by the way, started his historical journey via his first book.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      ‘Bomber’ was his public name, his air crews called him Butcher Harris, not because of the slaughter unleashed on the ground, but due to his callousness with their lives. Bomber crews had some of the top death rates of the war.
      Britain certainly wasted more energy building those bombers than the damage they inflicted on Germany(if you exclude the blood orgy at the end), you’re right, it was political not economic or military.
      Harris at least showed some contrition for his part after the war, he met & helped Irving.
      Churchill? Not so much.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        01 Whether motivated by increased or decreased consumption of alcohol, Churchill subsequently came up with his OPERATION UNTHINKABLE.

        02 The RN would attack the SU via the North Sea, in the direction of Murmansk: where he personally fought against the Bolsheyids originally.

        03 The RAF and USAF would bomb Red Army territory in Eastern Euope, Moscow and their industrial area, relocated behind the Urals

        04 Allied armies would attend to the central, land campaign.

        05 Incredibly, he included ex Wehrmacht units, HELD IN RESERVE, ALONG WITH THEIR ARMAMENTS FOR THAT PURPOSE.
        Barbarossa 2.0.

        06 The US declined, further scotching Churchill, pleading unfinished business in the Pacific: itself initiated by the deliberately unacceptable VITAL economic sanctions ultimatum drafted by Morgenthau Jr’s bum boy Harry Dexter White [ really Weiss ].

        07 One can’t deny GRU’s sense of humor, who called their control of Weiss OPERATION SNOW; as in ” White { Weiss } as snow “.

        08 Weiss was a Bolsheyid sympathizer, who feared a Japanese attack on the SU, his ideological home, and thus diverted their attack southward.
        [ Not my personal OPINION, but from their autobiographical notes.]

        09 The German soldiers thus dismissed from Barbarossa 2.0 were then available at Nuremberg.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          It’s a good theory that Dresden was a warning to Stalin, but I don’t think it was.
          ‘Operation Unthinkable’ was about as real as ‘Operation Sealion’ – militaries dream up plans for all contingencies, it doesn’t mean they’re going to do any of them.
          The Red Army was pretty stretched and ragged by the time it got to Berlin, Patton was for “kicking them back to the Asiatic Steps where they belong” and I’d guess he’d be in a position to know if the Allies could do this.
          The Old Soviet Empire was just a bit bigger than the old Imperial Empire, the Russians had as much interest in Western Europe as the Nazis did – none at all.
          Might have been different in 1941 though.
          Dresden was just a bunch of psychopaths drunk on power and bloodlust. The USS Liberty was something similar. So were the atomic bombs come to think of it.

          • Weaver
            Weaver says:

            Atomic bombs were to scare USSR from taking Japan. Similarly, Japan surrendered to the US for fear of USSR.

            The two interesting points are:

            1. The theory that Stalin wanted Western Europe fighting in order to attack and take them all. So, this is the theory that Stalin had offensive troops amassed before Hitler attacked Stalin.

            2. The theory that the USSR was on the verge of collapse, no sense of purpose, sense that the revolution had failed to bring communism. This lack of purpose was altered when Hitler attacked and united Russians against this new common enemy.

            These two theories are very interesting to me.

          • charles frey
            charles frey says:

            @ Weaver
            01 According to post-perestroika documentation, Stalin was coming for us initially on May 15, postponed by the Hess flight to GB, fearing GB siding with the Reich. Aerial reconaissance and Gen Gehlen’s Foreign Armies East, showed the Red Army had massed its armies and air force close to the German lines in Poland.

            02 The best, impartial account, based on Soviet documentation, is given by Suvorov in his CHIEF CULPRIT: STALIN’S GRAND DESIGN TO START WW II.

            03 An initial introduction to him, video on the net, lecturing at Annapolis.

  17. FranklinS
    FranklinS says:

    The following is what a friend wrote to me regarding this excellent article. I think it provides some Important ‘food for thought’. What do others think?

    “Only saw one sideways mention of jews (in relation to Kevin MacDonald) in the whole article. That kind of “slow and gentle” won’t cut it at this late date.

    No one is red-pilled to “the bottom of the rabbit hole” until they comprehend who jews really are and what they’ve done to the world.”

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I think it was Swift who said “you can’t reason a man out of positions he didn’t reason himself into”.
      We’re a very small group of humans who think these things out for ourselves. The masses just go with what they ‘feel’.
      Most ‘feel’ right-words, so are neutralised by conservatism – totally controlled ‘opposition’. A smaller portion are natural leftists, mostly women and beta-males. An even smaller group are these freak cultish ‘woke’ maniacs.
      We’ll never bring leftists with us, and we can’t ‘reason’ conservatives into reality. Our strategy should be to ridicule conservatives for the suckers and frauds they are. Leave them only two choices, go with the left & woke who repulse & frighten them, or they can stand with us, even if they do so unsure and with trepidation. They will choose guys who they think a bit extreme, harsh or fanatical over the woke left all day long.
      These normal, everyday working people, mostly non-political are the prize and the spoils of the war we fight.
      What is absolutely inarguable is the half-assed ‘conservative’ way, totally controlled by our enemies, is guaranteed failure. It never-ever wins. There is a word for this. Trump was lit because he went firstly with what won. That’s why he horrified conservatives. He was, when he was real, radically right. It’s the only thing that works.
      So yeah, “slow and gentle” . . . why not just surrender and die? Be more honest.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      Thanks FranklinS, I appreciate the kind comment.

      As to your friend’s criticism that not enough was said about the Jews in my article, I can only point out that TOO deals with much more than just Jewish power and subversion as is evident in the theme of this website’s sub-title: “White Identity, Interests, and Culture.”

      Yes, the centerpiece of this website is Jewish related articles that are critical in nature, but not exclusively Jewish. I won’t pretend to speak for Professor MacDonald, but if I am correct, I think he wants to cover a variety of subjects connected to White identity, cultural trends in relation to Whites, and that sort of thing.

      My most recent article published here touched very briefly on the JQ and the Jewish Holocaust narrative. Its purpose was different and not intended to expand or exhaustively deal with such matters, even though I have addressed the JQ in other articles on this site.

      I do agree in a sense that one is not fully red-pilled until they understand the JQ, and the degree to which they have subverted the West. In my view, becoming red-pilled is a PROCESS, and even learning of the JQ and racial IQ differences is only the start. There is much red-pilling to discover throughout life’s journey largely because we have been lied about everything.

  18. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    This is great Rock. Thanks so much. Your writing keeps getting better and better.

    Making the horrible mistake of going to a predominantly Jewish college right out of high school, I instinctively knew for many years that something, ‘was off.’ Like you, it took me awhile to accept the truth and that has been both a heavy burden, so much at times, that I wish I could just forget it all and just ‘watch the game.’ But then I always admit to myself, as hard as it is, that no matter what happens from this point on in my life, it is something to be proud of and to live for, being red pilled. The challenges to wake up others are both very frustrating at times and enthralling.

    I can’t exactly remember how, the real legitimate beginnings for me was when I stumbled upon; ‘The Secrets of Communism’, by David Duke. I bought it after I saw him being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly. I was amazed how well spoken, intelligent, and gentle Duke seemed to be. Of course the pompous ass O’Reilly just eviscerated him, calling him all sorts of the usual names and didn’t in any way allow an open discussion. It was in that book that I found out how much Duke admired Solzhenitsyn and had even studied with him personally.

    It all led to ‘The Jews and Their Lies.’ By Martin Luther. Then I stumbled upon an article by our great Andrew Joyce; ‘Modify the Standards of the In-Group: On Jews and Mass Communication”. That piece really blew me away. I’ve read it a bunch of times since that first reading of it. And that’s how I first started reading piles of TOO, then Counter-Currents, then Unz and piles of Kmac, Solzhenitsyn, Donald Rayfield’s ‘Stalin and His Hangmen: The Tyrant and Those Who Killed for Him”, and on and on it goes to this day.

    Ah. But I caught you Rock! You’re still hangin on to some of that blue pill here man, lol… not ‘the left’. Oh no. The Jews! Why do I say that? It wasn’t ‘the left’ who destroyed Russia in 1917. It wasn’t the left who destroyed Germany during the Weimar Republic. It wasn’t the left who destroyed Persia during the time of Esther. It’s not the left who has been thrown out of 109 countries. And it’s not ‘the left’ who is now destroying America. It is the Jews plain and simple and yes, they have lied to us our whole lives and now we know. They lied to me when I was a kid and altered my life for the worst and that totally sucks but I survived and now use what I have learned to help free others and do what I can for our people and our country. It is something to much bigger than myself to live for.

    This is what you write;

    “The more the Left pushes the proverbial envelope, the more our people awaken from their racial and cultural slumber. The Left will not stop. They will not give up. They will not come to their senses. They are determined to destroy all that is good, beautiful and decent. They want to burn it all down and replace us and our entire country with their Utopian paradise. Yet the more they pursue their demented dreams, the more they will find a growing resistance among us.

    People can only put up with complete insanity for so long. Most of us just want to be left alone. We want our families. We want peace. There is every reason, then, to be hopeful that the Left will inevitably cancel itself out.“

    They have never cancelled themselves out, have they?

    Keep fightin’ the good fight everyone. We have no choice.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      Thanks Bobby, you always make insightful comments, even when you think I’m wrong. I appreciate that.

      As to my use of the expression “the Left” or “Leftists,” I tend to use it to describe generally our ideological opponents which is comprised of White Gentiles, Blacks, Browns, and yes even Jews. It’s meant to be an all-encompassing term without getting into the minutia of specifying and targeting only Jewish people.

      Most Whites are not going to always encounter a radicalized and stereotypical Jew, but they will encounter those who have been influenced by their propaganda such as White liberals and people from other racial groups.

      Thus, when I want to specifically and directly refer to Jews for whatever reason, I simply refer to them as Jews. I sometimes use the expression “Bolshevik Left” to imply that the Left really has it origins in Bolshevism which is uniquely Jewish in nature.

      So, yes, while it’s true that Jews are in large part the source of so many of our societal ills, and they have clearly weaponized all minority groups against Whites, it would be strange indeed to ALWAYS describe our opponents as “the Jews” in every reference and description we employ.

      Also, in my view, there is a time and place to speak of the Jews. Often, there is the need to set a context and some background information when taking about Jewish power and societal ills otherwise you’re just going to lose most people who haven’t the foggiest idea of what you are trying to say.

      • Bobby
        Bobby says:

        “Thanks Bobby, you always make insightful comments, even when you think I’m wrong. I appreciate that.”

        Thanks Rock!

        Hey man, we’re always on the same team, and that’s what counts in the end. And I did agree with most of your essay except for the ‘left’ thing.

        Your last paragraph in your reply to me is spot on. Yes, absolutely. Not only do I do that, but I also tell others to do that also. That is very important. Always be gentle, always back everything up everything with facts to the normies. A biggie dissent taught me that a long time ago.

  19. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    Other than Proverbs which teaches on human relations which are not necessarily spiritual insights, I cannot find much Biblical evidence or history which backs up the author’s contention that we red-pilled blokes have any serious influence to prevent blues from becoming red-pilled.
    Jesus didn’t hold back naming DaSynagogue of Satan whose servants they were. And in 70 AD, their fruits of non repentance from Talmudism ended the Old Covenant relationship…..permanently.
    The way to truth is narrow and few that find it – broad is the way to destruction. Unfortunately, that has been aided and abetted by Churchianity which has transformed Christianity into humanistic mush, incapable of discerning between good and evil – completely missing the requirement of Christians to grow into maturity – Hebrews 5:11-6:2.
    You can read more at site and library.

  20. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    Dear Rocka…..ww need to fill DaGap..
    DaJews are just DaTools…as they were in Jerusalem prior to 70 AD……
    The Gap In Understanding World Affairs……
    It is becoming increasingly evident to me that the big question has to be: How is it possible for all the evil work carried out by DaDeepState (or DaJews for that matter) all over the world, even considering the financial incentives involved to the co-conspirators and their natural propensities for evil – all coordinated with seemingly amazing effectiveness for centuries?

    Well, the Bible actually has the answer and I have posted this thread before – There are several factors…. beginning with this question: Are We Governed by Humans? – – and that reference is just the starting point for our research.
    This is a hard thing for both secularists and churchians, but that is the gap which needs to be filled. There is a dimension to life which most folks never see, and I don’t mean just non-believers, because Christianity of the Apostles has been changed to Churchianity – you can check that out at my library as well.
    When Paul said ‘we’re not just dealing with flesh and blood, we’re dealing with wicked spirits in high places’ he wasn’t talking about Halloween tricks.
    Just to give you hint where this is going, in order for DaMasterDeceiver (Satan) to rule over humanity, his first order of business is to infiltrate and corrupt the church……the rest is easy peasy.
    Worldwide that is basically mission accomplished, except for a few outposts here and there – notably Catholic Abp Vigano, the Russian Orthodox church and a collection of small independent congregations around the world, including the US.
    There is another interesting ‘coincidence’ – both Satan himself and his synagogue have convinced the world that they don’t exist. How about that, eh?
    God ALWAYS has a remnant which carries on the work and gives them eyes to see…..and the picture is becoming clearer every day!

  21. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    Actually, it’s better to call it Zioke. So-called ‘wokeness’ is about ultra-right Zionist Jewish Supremaciusts concocting and manipulating faux-leftism to make goyim ultimately serve Zionist-Purimist interests.

    Connect all the dots, and the ‘woke’ are really Zioke.

    1. BLM to morally paralyze whites into serving the Other, namely Jews who make whites support Jewish hegemony around the world(as redemption points for whites.

    2. Globo-Homo to institute neo-aristocratism as homos are about vanity and narcissism and catering to the rich and powerful. Also, homos are an elite minority and their privileges rhyme with those of Jews, also elite-minority.

    3. Silence ‘anti-semites’, which now include even critics of Israeli tyranny over Palestinians. In our surreal world, Jews can ally with sub-nazis in Ukraine, but if you dare mention anything negative about Jews, you must be canceled!

    All this stuff about ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’, and ‘equity’ is total BS. So, where is the inclusion of Palestinian voices in the national dialogue? Why do blue states suppress BDS? Where is the diversity of views and opinions? Where is the equality between US attitude toward Jews and Arabs?

    Woke is really Zioke.

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