Rakib’s Retarded Rightist Rhetoric: How Men Can’t Be Women and Bangladeshis Can’t Be British

Thank Heavens for Rakib Ehsan! This insightful commentator on modern Western politics and culture has a Bangladeshi body and a British brain. 100%, innit! He’s a former “research fellow” for the Henry Jackson Society, a neo-conservative lobbying group, and now writes for everyone from the trans-skeptic Trotskyists at Spiked to the monarchophile mensches at the Jewish Chronicle. To watch him in full rhetorical flow is truly a stirring sight. For example, all right-thinking folk are agreed that mass migration from the corrupt, violent and diseased Third World has been an immeasurable boon for Britain. Equally, all right-thinking folk have to admit that there have been some problems with Third-World enrichment. You know, a suicide-bombing here (and here), and a decades-long epidemic of child-rape there (and there, there, there, there and there).

Bangladeshi body, British brain: the right-thinking rhetorician Rakib Ehsan

But fear not! Whenever a problem associated with Third-World folk occurs, Rakib Ehsan straps on his trusty Flame-Thrower of British Values and strides forth to solve it with a blast of fiery rhetoric. Take the very serious problem of Muslim rape-gangs preying on White women and girls all over Muslim-enriched England. Here’s Rakib’s fiery response:

This crisis can be ignored no longer. Politicians need to lead from the front. They need to show some moral and political gumption. To this end, the government should instruct all police forces and local councils to collect specific data — disaggregated by socio-demographic characteristics, such as ethnicity and sex — for all cases of known or suspected child sexual exploitation.

That is not happening at the moment. Indeed, it was recently reported that South Yorkshire Police have still been failing to routinely record the ethnic background of child sexual abuse suspects. Indeed, suspect ethnicity was missing in 67 per cent of cases recorded by South Yorkshire Police. This is an unacceptable state of affairs, given the significance of ethnicity in the grooming-gangs scandal. Too often politically correct identitarianism is getting in the way of protecting young, vulnerable members of the public. (Grooming gangs: the making of a national scandal, Spiked Online, 17th July 2022)

Hooray! Problem solved! Now take the even more serious problem of anti-Semitism in Britain’s vibrant Muslim community. Here’s Rakib’s fiery response:

So if the government is serious about tackling the growth of anti-Semitism among British Muslims, it needs to embark on an agenda of radical reform. This should include: identifying the parts of the country that are socially segregated, materially deprived and have a history of Islamist activity — so-called failed neighbourhoods. It should then implement localised social-cohesion and counter-extremism plans, and address the corrosive effect of official multiculturalism. This effort shouldn’t be a top-down state effort — that would be counterproductive. It should be led by local bodies — educational institutions, good-faith civic associations, social services and local police forces.

The government should also empower anti-Islamist British Muslims, who can play a key role in challenging anti-Semitism. After all, it is worth remembering that the vast majority of British Muslims are worried about Islamist extremism and do not support anti-Jewish views. For example, Muslims Against Anti-Semitism (MAAS) — a charity of which I’m proud to be a patron — is a good example of an interfaith organisation that works to cultivate stronger Muslim-Jewish relations in the UK. These are the kind of organisations that are deserving of more public backing and support. (Britain has a Muslim anti-Semitism problem, Spiked Online, 23rd January 2022)

Hooray! Problem solved again! Finally, take the woefully misguided official policy of multiculturalism, which was clearly revealed, Rakib says, in the way Muslims and Hindus “fought each other for days on end” last year in the heavily enriched English city of Leicester. Here’s his fiery response:

[Multiculturalism] is elevating the protection of group-specific identities over the needs of the most vulnerable. It is emphasising what divides us over what we have in common. And, in doing so, it is racialising and dividing society — and sowing conflict in our midst.

Diversity can be a strength. But only if it is bound by shared values, mutual obligations and a sense of common purpose. Without these essential ingredients for social cohesion, community relations in our diverse communities will disintegrate, with potentially disastrous results.

In 2023, we need to tackle the ideology of multiculturalism head-on. (In 2023, we need a reckoning with multiculturalism, Spiked Online, 21st December 2022)

Hooray! Problem solved yet again! Yes, all right-thinking folk read Rakib’s articles feeling a warm glow of optimism about Britain’s future. Okay, Muslims and other non-Whites are causing one or two problems, but you just have to look at Rakib himself to see how well non-Whites can assimilate when they try. Rakib Ehsan is British to the core, bursting with patriotism, and passionate about improving life for all of his fellow Britons, whatever their color and whatever their creed.

A golden and glorious prospect

Well, all right-thinking folk regard Rakib Ehsan as British to the core, that is. But by “right-thinking folk” I mean retarded rightists who accept his bullshit about Britain being a proposition nation based purely on values that anyone in the world can embrace. I don’t know whether Ehsan sincerely believes his own bullshit, but I do know that he is telling retarded rightists exactly what they want to hear. For example, in an article called “Will ethnic minorities be next to abandon Labour?” he tantalized them with the golden and glorious prospect of non-Whites finally recognizing that the Conservative party is their natural home. But that isn’t going to happen, of course. Nor is any of the tough action against rape-gangs, Islamism, and multiculturalism demanded by Ehsan in his articles. He’s full of posture and pretence, but reality does occasionally peep through his rhetoric. Take the opening lines of one of his articles for the Trotskyist libertarians at Spiked Online: “Britain remains a successful multi-ethnic, multi-faith society. But 2022 served up several brutal reminders of how quickly social cohesion can unravel under the impact of the divisive ideology of multiculturalism.”

Ehsan is admitting that mass immigration has turned Britain into a place where “social cohesion” can quickly unravel. That’s not a “successful” society. Still less is it a stable society. Nor does Ehsan mention that those who most promote “the divisive ideology of multiculturalism” are also those who most promote mass immigration from the Third World. And look at his admission elsewhere that “the British state [has] turned a blind eye to the rape of thousands of children” by “mainly Pakistani-heritage perpetrators.” Again, how on earth can he describe Britain as a “successful multi-ethnic, multi-faith society” when White children are being raped here on an industrial scale by brown-skinned Muslims? Of course, he doesn’t point out the obvious: that the rapes would not be happening if the Muslim “perpetrators” weren’t on British soil. Nor would the Muslim terrorism and Muslim anti-Semitism he denounces and demands tough action against in other articles.

As far as I know, Rakib Ehsan has never denounced the horrible genetic diseases caused by consanguineous marriage among Muslims, but that is yet another pathology that exists in Britain only because of mass immigration. So is the drain on the British economy caused by non-Whites who contribute much less in taxes than they take in services. The truth is that Third-World folk are very bad for Britain, but Ehsan can’t admit that because he would also have to admit the truth about himself.

Rhetoric vs reality: a transwoman and trans-Briton compared with the real thing (Ehsan is next to the White genius George Boole)

And the truth about Rakib Ehsan is very simple. He isn’t British. Instead, he’s what you might call trans-British and trans-Western: he claims an identity that he can never possess. That’s the great irony of Rakib’s regular appearances at Spiked, which incessantly condemns the lunacies and lies of transgenderism even as it promotes the even more harmful lunacies and lies of trans-Westernism. Just as “transwomen” claim to be women, but aren’t women and never will be, so Rakib Ehsan claims to be British, but isn’t British and never will be. Instead, he’s Bangladeshi and always will be. His residence on British soil doesn’t change that, which is why he needs to pretend that Britishness depends on ideas, not on biology. Here he is celebrating the betrayal of Brexit as Britain’s hostile elite ignore the wishes of White voters and open Britain’s borders even wider to the Third World:

For all the talk of post-Brexit xenophobia, or of the UK government pursuing a ‘white nationalist’ agenda, the official migration figures paint a very different picture. In the first full year of Britain’s post-Brexit immigration system, following the end of EU freedom of movement, the number of non-EU migrants arriving in Britain has risen sharply. These migrants are from predominantly non-white countries, and there have been notable increases from Commonwealth countries, such as India, Nigeria and Pakistan. Meanwhile, inward migration from predominantly white EU member states has dropped.

Although EU migrants face more restrictions than before, Brexit Britain’s skills-based immigration regime has actually liberalised the UK’s approach to the rest of the world. And this has shifted the demographics of inbound migrants towards the English-speaking Commonwealth and other non-EU allies with shared historical and cultural ties.

According to the Home Office, Indian professionals accounted for the largest number of skilled visas granted last year, with 67,839 issued — a 14 per cent increase from 2019. Brexit is clearly not about pulling up the drawbridge and turning Britain into an isolated island, cut off from global movement. On the contrary, the latest immigration figures are indicative of an outward-looking, post-Brexit internationalism, which is at ease with rising levels of migrants and students from the Indian subcontinent, west Africa, North America and Australasia. (The myth of post-Brexit xenophobia, Spiked Online, 24th April 2022)

Ehsan claims to be a patriotic Briton even as he celebrates the flooding of Britain by non-Whites from the corrupt, violent and diseased Third World. The flood is very bad for Britain, but good for Ehsan himself, because more Third-World folk mean that he stands out less as an alien intruder. Racial differences aren’t as absolute and easily defined as the anatomical differences between men and women, but there are strong parallels between transgenderism and trans-Britishness. Just as men can never become pregnant and give birth, so Bangladeshis like Ehsan could never have created the Industrial Revolution. With their low average IQ and creativity, Bangladeshis will never contribute to the world in the many and varied ways achieved by the White British.

Mass murder and mass rape

Low-IQ Pakistanis will never contribute to the world like that either. But Pakistanis certainly contribute an abundance of pathologies to the world. And if Rakib Ehsan were an honest man and truly wanted to help Britain, he’d write about the pathologies visited on his own homeland by Pakistanis:

The mass killings in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) in 1971 vie with the annihilation of the Soviet POWs, the holocaust against the Jews, and the genocide in Rwanda as the most concentrated act of genocide in the twentieth century. In an attempt to crush forces seeking independence for East Pakistan, the West Pakistani military regime unleashed a systematic campaign of mass murder which aimed at killing millions of Bengalis, and likely succeeded in doing so. (Bangladesh Genocide Archive)

Pakistanis also committed mass rape in what would become Bangladesh. Mass murder and mass rape were also seen in the Armenian Genocide against Armenian Christians committed by Turkish Muslims under the possible control of crypto-Jews, but rape wasn’t part of the Holodomor, the genocide against Ukrainian Christians overseen by the disproportionately Jewish secret police of the Soviet Union (see Kevin MacDonald’s “Stalin’s Willing Executioners”). Curiously enough, the genocides in Armenia, Ukraine and Bangladesh go entirely unremarked on Britain’s annual Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD), which also commemorates “more recent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.” And there is no mention on HMD that the genocide in Darfur is also being committed by Muslims.

Muslim rape-gangs are rehearsing for genocide

In other words, Holocaust Memorial Day is deliberately concealing the propensity of Muslims and Jews to commit mass murder. Rakib Ehsan could correct that by writing a hard-hitting article about the Bangladesh Genocide and linking it to the Armenian Genocide. But I’m sure he never will write such an article. If he did, he would benefit the White British but harm himself and his fellow Muslims. And how would he benefit the White British? Well, he would be warning us about what will happen here if Muslims are allowed to carry on growing in numbers, arrogance, and power. The genocides in Armenia and Bangladesh show what Muslims are capable of. And the Muslim rape-gangs of modern Britain are rehearsing for more Muslim genocide against the White British. Rakib Ehsan doesn’t want to warn the White British about what Muslims are capable of. Instead, he wants to carry on pretending that all will be well when the right policies are finally put in place and the British government finally takes the tough action that he has demanded in article after article.

Ehsan also wants to carry on serving Jewish interests, because he knows that serving Jewish interests will ensure he continues to earn a good living as he postures and pretends for his audience of retarded rightists. As I mentioned above, he’s a former “research fellow” for the Henry Jackson Society, a neo-conservative lobbying group that thinks the solution to Muslim pathologies is not an end to migration by Muslims but an ever-stronger surveillance and security state. Rakib Ehsan thinks the same. He is not British and his rhetoric for retarded rightists is very bad for Britain. But I have to be honest myself and admit that I’ve sacrificed reality for rhetorical convenience in the article above. “Britishness” is an artificial concept and Britain is not a genuine nation. Instead, it’s an uneasy marriage between the four (and more) genuine nations of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

In an ideal world, these four White nations would be independent allies. As it is, all of them are slowly submerging beneath a non-White flood of alien invaders. Or not so slowly, in the case of already independent southern Ireland, whose treacherous elite have opened its borders to the Third World and peddled lying propaganda like “Diversity is at the core of what it means to be Irish.” But in opening the borders, the elite have woken the spirit of the only true Irish: the White Irish. Resistance is beginning in Ireland, dominated by working-class folks while their liberal compatriots would rather appear virtuous. More will follow in the rest of the British Isles. Rakib’s retarded rightist rhetoric will not hold back reality much longer.

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  1. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    ” For example, Muslims Against Anti-Semitism (MAAS) — a charity of which I’m proud to be a patron — is a good example of an interfaith organisation that works to cultivate stronger Muslim-Jewish relations in the UK. These are the kind of organisations that are deserving of more public backing and support. ”

    What a despicable individual !
    He literally begs for more personal subsidies (at the expense of taxpayers of course), under the guise of writing an helpful article, from his Jewish owners…

      His greed is as disgusting as his alien looking earlobes.

  2. Marcus Baskett
    Marcus Baskett says:

    Hooray! Problem Solved! We now know the name of another anti white troll we didn’t ask for and he got free jew/left signal ad right here on TOO, where it couldn’t be more obvious it’s not wanted.
    Rolling my eyes

  3. J.M.
    J.M. says:

    Outstanding, as usual. Thank you Sir.

    I’m beginning to believe that the White race has given up winning this battle for civilization.

    :Long-Legged Fly
    W.B. Yeats

    That civilisation may not sink,
    Its great battle lost,
    Quiet the dog, tether the pony
    To a distant post.
    Our master Caesar is in the tent
    Where the maps are spread,
    His eyes fixed upon nothing,
    A hand upon his head.

    Like a long-legged fly upon the stream
    His mind moves upon silence.

    That the topless towers be burnt
    And men recall that face,
    Move most gently if move you must
    In this lonely place.
    She thinks, part woman, three parts a child,
    That nobody looks; her feet
    Practise a tinker shuffle
    Picked up on the street.

    Like a long-legged fly upon the stream
    Her mind moves upon silence.

    That girls at puberty may find
    The first Adam in their thought,
    Shut the door of the Pope’s chapel,
    Keep those children out.
    There on that scaffolding reclines
    Michael Angelo.
    With no more sound than the mice make
    His hand moves to and fro.

    Like a long-legged fly upon the stream
    His mind moves upon silence.

  4. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    As the US diversifies, I increasingly identify as just British. I somewhat see the old US ethnicities as Brit/northwest European.

    If Jefferson cared for “freedom,” why did he aim to destroy Haiti? The US was never about freedom as we see it today.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        What is going on with Canada and euthanasia? That seems rather frightening.

        The original Canada was like 98% British at one point. I guess that’s not counting Quebec. I can’t recall the name of the Canadian who once stated that percentage, but it’s someone everyone here would know. So, I assume there’s truth to it without looking into it.

  5. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    The problem with the Pakistanis is Islam.
    The American bombs brown people to keep them backward and Muslim.
    Gadaffi was a good man so the (redacted) NATO crooks murdered him because he was good for Libya and Africa.
    Sieg Heil Victoria Nuland encouraged Iraq to invade Kuwait so that Kuwait could be liberated and the Americans replace the British in that country, according to a rich Iraqi whose children I used to teach. I did not believe him, of course. The story is as absurd as the Americans going to the Moon or Arabs blowing up three buildings in New York.
    I am sure the coloured population of the UK is much biggger than what we are told.
    The supermarkets say that the UK population is over 80 million. I believe them already.
    I have known many Pakistani families. They had, on average, 4.2 children, 2 or 4 grand parents on State Pensions and 2 parents living in one house.
    Because I was teaching some of their children the local KFC would give me a lot of extra pieces. I became so fat they nearly killed me.
    I preferred their children to the London Kulak children. Their girls are much better, in my opinion.
    I have always been against immigration, being called liar,fool,nut, nazi scum, racist filth, colonist and later holocaust denier.
    I hate the fools from Oxford and Cambridge who have ruined the country through immigration and not the foreigners.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      NumbersUSA says the same: Don’t blame the immigrants.

      In a way the US rebelled against aristocracy, but we’ve found that there’s always an oligarchy. So, we believed we owned the US, Britain, etc., but “we” never did.

      South Carolina formed an aristocracy more obvious than others. Ironic if one looks at US history: Rebel against aristocrats and replace with slave masters… who behave as aristocrats.

      And the word “aristocrat” might be misused here. It is supposed to mean a good elite that acts for the whole. However, it might be almost impossible to have such a thing. It’s probably a sliding scale between good and bad, regardless.

  6. Flavia
    Flavia says:

    I loved this essay. Using the “trans” concept for ethnic interlopers is brilliant. Thank you for writing this.

  7. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    I don’t think Britain has anything to lose by voting Labour for purposes of accelerationism. There is no viable nationalist party in Britain and Mark Collett certainly doesn’t have the brains to make one. I wouldn’t trust that boy to manage a clusterfuck at the county fair.

    Boomers and bourgeois conservatives in Britain will tell you to vote Tory. Don’t listen to them, they are full of shit. Don’t listen to their counterparts in America who instruct you to vote Republican. We need revolution, not support for the 100% kosher controlled opposition.

    • Hyacinth Bouquet
      Hyacinth Bouquet says:

      Mark Collett has formed an organization that gives the indigenous British Whites who are concerned about their political and demographic destruction a sense of community and purpose. They have leafletted, rallied & protested, and formed local IRL social support groups. Mark Collett also works, personally, with distressed and deracinated young men, and also women, who reach out to him for help when all other sources of help have been denied to them as Whites.

      And you have done — exactly what?

    • curri
      curri says:

      Some nuance from mainstream sources (Conquest and Tolstoy):

      During the war, the Germans made repeated attempts through neutral countries and the International Committee of the Red Cross to reach mutual agreement on the treatment of prisoners by Germany and the USSR. As British historian Robert Conquest explains in his book Stalin: Breaker of Nations, the Soviets adamantly refused to cooperate:

      “When the Germans approached the Soviets, through Sweden, to negotiate observance of the provisions of the Geneva Convention on prisoners of war, Stalin refused. The Soviet soldiers in German hands were thus unprotected even in theory. Millions of them died in captivity, through malnutrition or maltreatment. If Stalin had adhered to the convention (to which the USSR had not been a party) would the Germans have behaved better? To judge by their treatment of other ‘Slav submen’ POWs (like the Poles, even surrendering after the [1944] Warsaw Rising), the answer seems to be yes. (Stalin’s own behavior to [Polish] prisoners captured by the Red Army had already been demonstrated at Katyn and elsewhere [where they were shot].”

      Another historian, Nikolai Tolstoy, affirms in The Secret Betrayal:

      “Hitler himself urged Red Cross inspection of [German] camps [holding Soviet prisoners of war]. But an appeal to Stalin for prisoners’ postal services received a reply that clinched the matter: ‘There are no Soviet prisoners of war. The Soviet soldier fights on till death. If he chooses to become a prisoner, he is automatically excluded from the Russian community. We are not interested in a postal service only for Germans’.”

      Given this situation, the German leaders resolved to treat Soviet prisoners no better than the Soviet leaders were treating the German soldiers they held.


      • JM
        JM says:

        Thank you for this very important and authoritative correction to these lies.

        My understanding is that the Germans, as much as any other nation in the war, sought to adhere to the Geneva Conventions. Of course the Eastern Front was as dirty as any war could be and guerillas (‘partisans’) and those giving aid to them, are not protected under these protocols and in the heat of combat it doesn’t take much imagination to see how that could become very blurred.

        Apparently the wretched Bangladeshi shill keeps political company with all the worst purveyors a subversion and lies and manages to do so in the most sickening style possible.


      [mod. comment: please get psychiatric help asap.]

      If your “website” buddy/admin/chief (or who the fuck ever) releases my comments for days on end, then you have to RESPECT HIS PERSONAL DECISION, you unique saudummes Arschgesicht you!



      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        01 @MODERATOR

        02 You misdirected your advice to the very obviously reincarnated previous STRANGE WORLD above to seek psychiatric advice: his own shrink is likely seeking professional help.

        03 Have I got a deal for you ! I’ll translate his tirade from German for you, if, in return, you publish my previous comment regarding this problem, wherein I drew attention to all the aspects identifying him as the reincarnation of the simultaneously disappeared Strange World: who had also been cautioned by you more than once.

        Including his tolerated, one time heading of:

        ” Professor ” MacDoofnald NIGGER.

        05 I’m opposed to censorship, and divergent views invigorate, but there are limits. How many first time readers, running acros this maniac, would return to this site ???

  8. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 We here will agree, that the mission of this site is to guard our tradiditonal civilization against its increasing ” full-spectrum assault “.

    02 If we are annihilated by our foreign enemies before our domestic enemies achieve their identical goals, then this site disappears.

    03 Thus, I argue ‘ relevance ‘ before the moderator.

    04 Last Friday I emailed the baddest, most relentless member of the FOX team; DAN BONGINO UNCENSORED. [ copied to Alaska Senator Murkowski, Trump Jr., and the Montana Governor.]

    05 My nose, elongated by looking under the fingernails of certain DDR burghers, and exfiltrating others, which earned me a 71 pp STASI file, later perused and copied, told me to ask the above to take a deep dive into some aspects of all of those purported
    ” unidentified, downed objects “.

    06 [a] Did the balloon’s large payload, which lingered above the Montana nuclear ICBMs launching silos, have the ability to jam their operational and especially targeting systems ?

    [b] Do the silo staffs have the technical ability and foresight to discern such successful OR attempted jaming ?

    [c] If such successful jaming were to have occurred, it means, that the entire North American population would have been exposed to an irreversible Chinese nuclear first strike for an undetermined length of time.

    [d] If the jaming were to have been successful, though undiscovered by the US, then this ability would enter into any future Chinese planning; predetermining any outcome.

    07 Washington could and would never admit to having rendered the American public unprotected. The public is yet awaiting a detailed report on the analysis of the capabilities of the payload, retrieved off SC.

    08 Said analysis was left to the scandalized FBI [ rather than Walmart ].

    09 Subsequent shoot downs diluted the public’s attention.

    10 Who were the companies or nations, whose components were reported to have been incorporated into the payload of the first balloon, over Montana ???

    11 Washington can not plead lack of funds, since the DOD, once again, could not account for over 200 billions in assets during its last audit. Dwarfing that of its conveniently timed 9/10/01 shortfall of several TRILLIONS, under Rabbi, Phd. Dov Zakheim, son of a Russian Rabbi, announced by Rumsfeld. [ extant net clip ].

    12 Additionally, we regretfully have to remember, that ca. 15 years ago, the US supplied Israel with its newest fighter jet, outfitted with a revolutionary, naturally top secret navigation system, presumably to defend itself against youtful Palestininan rock throwers, which it promptly sold to China; for ca$h.

    13 Nothing quite like knowing, that we are paying their costs for our own demise.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      The elites are probably all in it together 😋 some proof is that they never bomb royal places…they have done that in Laos tho. I guess they don’t like them too much.

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      The Chinese economy is heavily dependent on selling its manufactured goods on the American market. Why would China nuke its best customers? That would be like the all you can eat buffet assassinating Hunter “Fatboy” Wallace, it just wouldn’t happen.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        01 Right, and Taiwan, which Biden guaranteed to protect, is not a likely nuclear trigger ?

        02 Their own commerce and production would only grow in an American wasteland: just a change in ownership.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        China ultimately wants to produce high quality goods using exclusive tech and capital. It wants the “West” to produce higher labor, lower value-added goods, in addition to just raw materials.

        So, there’s really no need to destroy anyone necessarily, but China would want, ideally, no competition. It’s just a question of, “who rules?”

        I actually suspect China could be benign as a hegemon provided it doesn’t become overly dominant. Some fear Chinese nationalism as worse than US transnationalism, but I question that fear. No nationalist, I suspect, wants to replace every other group. Maybe I’m wrong.

        Regardless, biotech is coming. I don’t know that it matters who is in charge when that hits.

    • JM
      JM says:


      “I believe the goal is actually depopulation.”

      Yes depopulation of those of European stock, through social marginalisation of, in the first instance, males, their most serious competition. As for the rest, unless affecting Israel, they aren’t bothered, except to use the misery of their nations against us.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        You misunderstand: All nations and religions are being destroyed. Europeans are simply more hated due to recent (false) history. And Europeans are more feared due to colonialism.

        Also, it’s wanted to unite the world against something. That something is often Europeans. Jews offer themselves as an alternative to the bad European colonialism.

  9. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Rakib Ehsan: Bangladesh’s talent and brain drain is Great Britain’s gain! Certainly mainstream’s (main sewage) media’s obsession with trans- posing British-born Nigerians in ‘English’ as was the case with actor John Boyega soil-born British, described as an ‘English’ actor who turned up in a shiny satin traditional Nigerian costume at a film premier in Mayfair. Oh! The embarrassing and contradictory truth shows up in all it’s African glory.
    Then we have ersatz artist who in addition is an ersatz tranny, states in his series ‘Full English’ about English identity “We’ve always been mixed”; proving the intellectual bar for artistic talent and integrity is so low that a limbo dancer would struggle to get under it.
    The propaganda project in Ireland went back to 1971 via the film in a scene lasting less than minute and irrelevant to the story, “Flight of the Doves” where a parade of people march down a street in an Irish town. The ‘people’ are mostly comprised of the third-world variety; and a policeman declares to the young (English) teenager “You don’t have to be Irish to be Irish”. This film I would have seen at least twice by the time I was 11 in 1973.

  10. Devon
    Devon says:

    Spiked adore “based” brown people like Rakib who sell the model immigrant image to the retarded rightists. It’s all so subversive, it makes me sick.

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