Jewish Corruption in Ukraine

“At the same time, fifty Jewish families own 80% of all wealth. Where do you see the Ukrainian oligarch? I don’t know any. They are all Jews. Their wealth betrays their own bragging rights: Rolls-Royces, planes, castles, hotels, casinos owned in Monte Carlo. Aircraft and yachts under foreign flags. And, of course, they don’t pay taxes. And plants and factories were bought by them not at a real price, but stolen from the entire Ukrainian people.”
Serhiy Ratushniak, Former Mayor of Uzhhorod

With Russia now slowly escalating its ‘special military operation’ against Ukraine on the eve of its first anniversary, I find myself drawn once again to the complex but stark phenomenon of extreme Jewish corruption in the latter nation. While it’s become commonplace to note Volodymyr Zelensky’s Jewishness, and perhaps also that of Volodymyr Groysman, the first Prime Minister to serve under Zelensky, I have yet to read a detailed discussion of the major Jewish players in the ongoing saga of Ukrainian oligarchy and its political affiliates. If anything, the present conflict is a huge distraction from the fact that, for decades, the biggest threat to Ukraine hasn’t been Russia, but financiers and speculators operating with impunity within Ukraine’s borders to exploit ethnic Ukrainians and plunder their resources.

Speaking in general terms, of course, Ukraine is an extremely corrupt country, with the culture of fraud and graft stemming in large part from the Soviet legacy and saturating all levels of society. Crooks of all ethnic backgrounds are ubiquitous in the nation. Bribery is systematic, where it’s accepted as a basic fact of life by ordinary citizens and extends even to such mundane tasks as vehicle inspection. As well as infesting politics, bribery and other forms of corruption remain endemic in the police force, higher education, health care, and the justice system, with the result that Ukraine ranks alongside some of the worst African nations in Transparency International’s assessment of corruption perception. According to 2015 data, politically connected businesses accounting for less than 1 per cent of companies in Ukraine owned more than 25 per cent of all assets and accessed over 20 per cent of debt financing. In the capital-intensive mining, energy and transport sectors, politically connected businesses accounted for over 40 per cent of turnover and 50 per cent of assets.

Far from being the beacon of freedom presented to us now by the mass media, Ukraine is a nation bankrupt in social trust and well-accustomed to the yoke of exploitation. There has been little internal outcry over the massive trafficking of its women for sex, both inside and outside the country, with coastal cities such as Odessa becoming sex tourism hubs for the worst of the Turkish and Israeli middle classes. Ukraine now has the highest adult HIV prevalence outside Africa, with sexual contact outpacing injection drug use as the primary form of transmission since 2008. The National Institute on Drug Abuse points out that substance abuse in Ukraine has been at epidemic proportions for the last 15 years.

Ukraine is on multiple levels a deeply flawed and troubled state, and like any bloody carcass it has attracted its share of hyenas. I believe, however, that Jewish corruption in Ukraine, despite Jews only comprising around 0.5% of the Ukrainian population, is of a character significant enough to merit special attention. In the following essay I want to explore some of the key players and their interconnections, as well as to offer some thoughts on the reasons why anti-Jewish attitudes have not taken hold in Ukraine, and why they are unlikely to do so in the future.

How ‘Anti-Corruption’ Is Zelensky?

Now overshadowed by his reinvention as a kind of Second Coming of Winston Churchill, Zelensky’s first great transformation was that of a close associate of the worst of Ukraine’s oligarchs (Ihor Kolomoisky, discussed below) into an “anti-corruption” populist. Zelensky’s relationship with Kolomoisky goes back to around 2012, when Zelensky and the Jewish brothers Serhiy and Boris Shefir, began making content for Kolomoisky’s TV stations through their production production company, Kvartal 95. As is now well-known, Zelensky’s political ascent began after his starring role in the political satire ‘Servant of the People,’ which began airing on Kolomoisky’s 1+1 network in 2015. The 1+1 channel had been founded by another Jew, Alexander Rodnyansky. Servant of the People starred Zelensky as a school teacher whose anti-corruption rant in class is filmed by a student, goes viral, and wins him the presidency. Zelensky turned to real-world politics, capitalized on widespread public anger at corruption, and ended up winning the Presidency with ease just three-and-a-half years after the show’s launch.

Zelensky is entirely a media creation, a blank canvas upon which anything can be projected. Before the war, the German Council on Foreign Relations pointed out that “Zelensky has so far been very vague about his policies and vision for the future. So it has been extremely difficult to tell what he stands for or fact-check his largely policy-free statements in the way the experts have for other candidates. He rarely mentions facts.”

Zelensky’s 2019 campaign was dogged by doubts over his authenticity given his close association with Kolomoisky. Britain’s Royal Institute of International Affairs astutely observed that, even if Zelensky was earnest in his claims to oppose the corrupt, “he cannot govern without systema [the oligarchic structure] and will bow to its interests.” In the heat of the campaign, an ally of incumbent Petro Poroshenko (rumored to have a Jewish father), journalist Volodymyr Ariev (who also claims Jewish ancestry), published a chart on Facebook purporting to show that Zelensky and his television production partners were beneficiaries of a web of offshore firms, which they had set up beginning in 2012, that received $41M in funds from Kolomoisky’s Privatbank. Many of these allegations were proven correct after the leaking of the Pandora Papers, millions of files from 14 offshore service providers, to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

The documents show that Zelensky and his Jewish partners in Kvartal 95 set up a network of offshore firms dating back to at least 2012, the same year the company began making regular content for Ihor Kolomoisky. The offshores, which filtered Kolomoisky’s money through the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Belize, and Cyprus in order to avoid paying tax in Ukraine, were also used by Zelensky associates to purchase and own three prime properties in the center of London. The documents also show that just before he was elected, Zelensky gifted his stake in a key offshore company, the British Virgin Islands-registered Maltex Multicapital Corp., to Serhiy Shefir — soon to be his top presidential aide. And in spite of “giving up his shares,” the documents show that an arrangement was soon made that would allow the offshore to keep paying dividends to a company that now belongs to Zelensky’s wife.

Zelensky and Serhiy Shefir

Besides providing financial support during Ukraine’s 2019 election, Kolomoisky supplied Zelensky with cars, and the bulletproof Mercedes Zelensky used on the campaign trail was owned by Kolomoisky associate Timur Mindich — who is on the board of trustees of the Jewish Community of Dnipropetrovsk, a body of which Kolomoisky was president. Although Zelensky continued to deny that his relationship to Kolomoisky was anything but professional, the Kyiv Post reported in April 2019 that Zelensky traveled a total of 11 times to Geneva and an additional two times to Tel-Aviv, during precise periods when Kolomoisky was in these locations. Zelensky’s travel companions during these trips included Jewish oligarch and close Kolomoisky associate Gennadiy (Zvi Hirsch) Bogolyubov, and the brothers Hryhoriy and Ihor Surkis both whom have been accused of serious corruption. They are among the wealthiest people in Ukraine and are Jewish through their mother Rima Gorinshtein. The very Jewish character of these trips should come as no surprise given that, where possible, Zelensky likes to surround himself with Jewish aides. In the aftermath of the outbreak of war, for example, it emerged that he sought advice on public relations from two Likud-backing Israelis, Srulik Einhorn and Jonatan Urich.

Zelensky hasn’t exactly turned on the hand that fed him, and his rise coincided with the downfall of several of Kolomoisky’s opponents. After Zelensky became President, Kolomoisky’s nemesis at Ukraine’s central bank, Valeria Gontareva, was subjected to a sustained campaign of intimidation. Criminal proceedings were brought against her for alleged abuse of office during her time at the central bank, her Kiev flat was raided by the police, a car belonging to her daughter-in-law, also called Valeria Gontareva, was torched, and her house outside the Ukrainian capital was set ablaze and destroyed. Under Zelensky, Ukraine’s parliament passed a measure that prevented Kolomoisky from having to pay higher taxes on his mining operations, and prior to the start of the war with Russia all indications pointed to the renewed influence of interest groups opposed to reform. First, in March 2020, was the dismissal of the government of prime minister Oleksiy Honcharuk (who didn’t help his case by attending a concert headlined by an anti-Jewish heavy metal band), followed, a day later, by the removal from office of the reformist prosecutor-general, Ruslan Ryaboshapka. Then, in April, came the Constitutional Court’s blocking of judicial reforms, and a ruling by the same court, in October, that effectively paralyzed the work of the National Agency for Corruption Prevention. In July 2020 Zelensky forced the resignation of Yakov Smolii as National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) governor. After leaving his position, Smolii referred to “systematic political pressure” on the bank, and did not rule out a coincidence of interest between the President’s Office and Kolomoisky. He said that the President’s Office wanted to replace the NBU’s leadership with people it could control. Smolii’s resignation came shortly after Ukraine had received the first tranche of a new $5 billion IMF stand-by arrangement. A key condition for continued IMF support was the independence of the NBU, and the IMF had made it clear that it held Smolii and his team in high regard.

Seeking international assistance in the aftermath of Russia’s “special military operation,” Zelensky has done much to give the appearance of fighting corruption while actually doing very little. Western media and politicians in the last few weeks have lavished praise on Zelensky for a series of raids and dismissals tackling corruption in the country, but few charges have been brought and the raids have been perfectly timed with EU accession talks and attempts to obtain European financial and military assistance. Political commentator Yuriy Vishnevskyi pointed out the uselessness of the raid against Kolomoisky, stressing that “detectives knew perfectly well that they would most likely not find anything there, since Kolomoisky was not an official at [government bodies suspected of tax evasion]. It is doubtful that he compiled documents at home that would prove his involvement in criminal schemes.” Rumors that Zelensky has stripped Kolomoisky of his Ukrainian citizenship, along with the Ukrainian citizenship of Jewish oligarchs Hennadiy Korban and Vadim Rabinovich, have prompted counter-rumors that this is nothing more than a clever sleight of hand designed to free these figures from already weak anti-oligarch laws passed in 2022.

Ihor Kolomoisky – Supreme Parasite

Kolomoisky, who also holds Israeli and Cypriot citizenship, is probably one of the worst thieves to ever walk the earth, and there has been no greater parasite feeding on Ukrainians. Once named by the Center for Corruption and Organized Crime Research (OCCRP) as being in the top four most corrupt individuals on the planet, Kolomoisky used his ownership of PrivatBank to defraud customers of around $5.5 billion in deposits, which amounted to 40% of all private deposits in Ukraine. Although now banned from entering the United States, where he has numerous assets, Kolomoisky has never been arrested in Ukraine and Zelensky shows no indications of ever bringing him to justice. Regarded as criminal by almost anyone with a brain, Kolomoisky is a hero of the international Jewish community. In 2008 Kolomsoisky was elected President of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine, and in 2010 he was elected president of the European Jewish Council.

In keeping with centuries of the same historical pattern, large-scale Jewish financial crime perpetrated by small numbers of key actors continues to benefit the general Jewish population. Jews internationally have benefited for years from Kolomoisky’s plundering of the Ukrainian people. In March 2021 it emerged that two Miami-based Jews, Mordechai Korf, 48, and Uri Laber, 49, were acting as Kolomoisky’s middlemen in the United States. As well as laundering his money in various assets, the pair donated more than $11 million to nearly 70 yeshivas and religious charities (Jewish Educational Media, Colel Chabad, among others) in Brooklyn and across the state of New York. Kolomoisky is also a listed donor for Yad Vashem. Both Korf and Laber also held shares in PrivatBank, and are reported by The Forward as having pumped “about $25 million into Jewish nonprofits between 2006 and 2018.” Kolomoisky is of course the patron of “Menorah,” the largest Jewish center in the world. Entirely appropriate given its existence is owed to international robber barons, the center is home to travel agencies and banks. The official website says that the building is something “every Dnipro resident can be proud of,” to which I can only reply that I’d hope so given that, willingly or not, some of the savings and deposits of every Dnipro resident went into its construction.

Menorah – Largest Jewish Community Center in the World

One of the best examples of how Kolomoisky conducts business is his ownership of Dnipro Airport. In 2009 Kolomoisky bought 99.45% of shares in the airport through his company Galtera. Under the terms of the investment agreement, Galtera was to invest UAH 882.1 million in the development of the airport, and had to hand over the runway, radio beacon system, and land plots to the state. By 2015, Galtera had invested only UAH 142,145, and failed to turn over any real estate to the government. A sequence of litigations began, but with Ukraine’s justice system fully in thrall to the oligarchy, no resolution was ever reached. Kolomoisky, meanwhile, made flying from the airport so expensive (one commentator explained that even short flights carried fees that would elsewhere take one to space) that the citizens of Dnipro overwhelmingly opted to drive three hours to Kharkiv rather than pay the airport’s extortionate and inflated prices. On the bright side, they have an absolutely gargantuan Jewish center they can be proud of.

Jewish Invisibility in Ukraine

The lack of outcry over Ukrainian money going into Jewish pockets might seem surprising to Western observers but is perfectly explainable. There have certainly been no shortage of Jews acting parasitically in Ukraine. In addition to Kolomoisky and others named above, Hennadiy Kernes, Pavel Fuks, Andriy Yermak (now Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine), Hennadiy Korban, Vadim Rabinovich, Alexander Feldman, and Victor Pinchuk have engaged in fraud, corruption, and the amassing of vast amounts of wealth and power at the expense of the Ukrainian people. In Ukraine, however, pronounced examples of corruption and oligarchy are also found among other ethnic minority groups like Muslim Tatars (e.g. Rinat Akhmetov) and among ethnic Ukrainians themselves. The country is so corrupt that even clear examples of ethnic cohesion, such as the overlapping Jewish circles of Zelensky and Kolomoisky, fade into a broader picture of socio-political decay.

Discussion of the particularities of Jewish corruption in Ukraine became more difficult in September 2021 when Zelensky signed a new law defining the concept of anti-Semitism and establishing punishment for transgressions including imprisonment up to five years. The new laws mean that outbursts such as that by Vasily Vovk and Nadiya Savchenko will become a thing of the past. Vovk, a retired general who held a senior reserve rank with the Security Service of Ukraine wrote in a 2017 Facebook post that Jews “aren’t Ukrainians and I will destroy you along with Rabinovich. I’m telling you one more time — go to hell, zhidi [kikes], the Ukrainian people have had it to here with you. Ukraine must be governed by Ukrainians.” In the same year, Savchenko, a fighter jet pilot who was elected to parliament in 2014 while she was still being held as a prisoner of Russia, said during an interview “I have nothing against Jews. I do not like ‘kikes.’” She later said Jews possess “80 percent of the power in Ukraine when they only account for 2 percent of the population.”

Investigations into Jewish criminality are also being hampered by accusations of anti-Semitism, as witnessed in the May 2020 case involving Mykhailo Bank, a senior police official in the Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine. As part of an investigation into “transnational and ethnic organized groups and criminal organizations,” Bank wrote to Yakov Zalischiker, the head of the Jewish community in the city of Kolomyia, demanding the names of all Jewish community members as well as those of foreign Jewish students staying in the city. Reading between the lines, one assumes that Bank had good reason to believe that these “transnational and ethnic organized groups and criminal organizations” were Jewish. Unfortunately for Bank, he was singled out by Eduard Dolinsky, Ukraine’s incarnation of the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt, who portrayed the demand as implying an impending Holocaust. “This is called stigmatization,” complained Dolinsky. “They [the National Police] did not send such a letter to the Greek Catholics or the Orthodox to compile lists in connection with the fight against organized crime. They turned to the Jews. This shows deep xenophobia.” The case was further amplified by the involvement of Jewish politician Igor Fris, who personally lobbied Zelensky about the matter. The head of the Department of Strategic Investigations of the National Police of Ukraine, Andriy Rubel, and the head of the National Police, Ihor Klymenko, were both forced into groveling apologies. Within weeks Bank was spontaneously “discovered” to have been involved in corruption and was quickly fired.

Finally, since Kolomoisky was one of the main funders of Ukrainian ultra-nationalist groups like Right Sector, was linked with the Svoboda party, and was involved with the Azov Battalion, Ukrainian ultra-nationalism has a strangely non-ethnic quality; or rather, it is concerned more with defining itself as being against Russia than in pushing for any kind of “Ukraine for Ukrainians” platform. As such, Ukrainian ultra-nationalism has become a kind of aggressive civic nationalism, harmless to Jews and other minorities but incendiary enough to play a part in provoking the massive conflict currently absorbing the attention of the world.

What kind of Ukraine will emerge from the ruins remains to be seen. What seems certain is that luxury homes in Florida, London, Geneva, and Tel Aviv will long continue to host those who’ve fattened themselves on Ukrainian money, and who continue to hoard their stolen profits while tens of thousands of body bags continue their somber transit to the graveyards of Kiev and Moscow.

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  1. Dixie Serb
    Dixie Serb says:

    Impressive researched expose! I am curious where the fanatical revolutionaries (NeoCons) like Viktoria Nuland, Blinken Biden’s and others fit in this?

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Particularly Nuland [ Nudelmann ] brought this successful scheme to the Maidan upheaval. Under then Hillary.

      02 The net is brimming with contemporaneous coverage. Enjoy the video of her bugged cell phone call with the US Ambassador to the Ukraine, during which she disparages his concern for the EU’s recommendation for a suitable replacement leader with ” FUCK THE EU ! ”

      03 Biden and Blinken were honing their expertise, subsequently on display.


      This morning, a FOX commentator quipped, that he has a ship mounted in a bottle at home, and hopes that Biden will not deploy a nuclear sub to sink it.

      I envisioned transvestite Admiral, Dr. Rachel Levine, hair aflutter, manning said sub’s conning tower.

    • Lorus G.
      Lorus G. says:

      If this article was photocopied and handed out as flyers in appropriate locations in Washington, DC, New York City, and other major cities, America,Ukraine, and Jews would be thoroughly embarrassed, and American policy would have to change.

      Hundreds of thousands of this article can easily be photocopied. If it’s too long, excerpts would be acceptable.

      This is the kind of grassroots action that the American Right does not think of because it is used to talking only to itself.

      Truth must be placed directly into the hands of the American people.

      No one can stop you from doing as described above.

      Why limit this information only to people who visit this website?

      • Xwpis ONOMA
        Xwpis ONOMA says:

        Sure, go ahead, do it!!! Then let us know in which prison you are to bring you …cigarettes (if you smoke) or if you don’t just some chocolate candy to sweeten your incarceration. Where do you live? Or are you just so desperately naive ?!?

  2. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    As soon as one thinks one has heard it all with regards to the Jews, yet more is unearthed. Sadly for the people of Ukraine, Russia and other Eastern European countries Jews and Jewish interest go back centuries and the damage inflicted by them is beyond what most of us can possibly understand.

    We are at this stage needing to spread the information, nothing else is more effective than that at this stage. Hopefully we will get to something like a tipping point and take real action. I very much hope so!

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Indeed, ” everyone ” can take real action.

      02 Cancel your next family size pizza with six extras and convert the savings into postage stamps.

      03 Then print out this splendid article and mail it to the HOME of your Congress Critters; instead of to their district or Washington offices, where it will not survive its intention

      04 At the very least, they may ascertain, for their first time, the location of Ukraine on their globe, before they vote the next billions tranche of US taxpayers’ money to enable the Jews to pocket the Ukraine forever.

  3. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    At the risk of being controversial, there is a more than a grain of truth to Dr, Joyce’s “his reinvention as a kind of Second Coming of Winston Churchill”. Both Churchill and Zelensky chose war, because “the Jews” wanted it, and they were owned by Jews.
    I think boatsinker sums up the situation in Ukraine (and elsewhere) nicely

    • Nicholas Seaman
      Nicholas Seaman says:

      Apart from the fact that Hitler invaded Poland and Putin invaded Ukraine. Never let the facts spoil a conspiracy theory.

      • Ivbin Band
        Ivbin Band says:

        And both occurred for the very same reason. Poland (then) represented a growing threat to Germany and refused to negotiate a resolution, despite many offers to do so, as Britain assured them that they would be protected by the British Empire. Ukraine (now) represented a growing threat to Russia and refused to negotiate a resolution, despite many offers to do so, as the United States assured them that they would be protected by the American Empire.

        • Nicholas Seaman
          Nicholas Seaman says:

          What was the threat that Ukraine posed to Russia, apart from the denial of autonomy to the regions that the census showed were prominently Russian? Was Ukraine planning to invade Russia?
          The problems of international politics in 2023 as in 1939 are interactive, including of course (mis)perceptions and memories of the political leaders in command, and never simple, strategically or morally. The danger now is that Russia cannot be permanently defeated without a successful attack on Moscow and its chief centres, military and civilian. Danzig was not worth a world war, but Kyiv is not worth a nuclear desert. The hysteria whipped up by Rishi who presides over a defenceless island is a sad sign of the times.

          • Liosnagcat
            Liosnagcat says:

            Would have to educate you before debating you. From what you’ve typed thus far, it wouldn’t be worth the effort.

          • Servenet
            Servenet says:

            The NON-Jews here have sufficient context to know the basics, the background for the advent of this war. Your comment is bereft of said context and is therefore just more Jewish lying. It never stops, it never ends. The complete absence of any moral center is ever witnessed by those paying attention. You are not welcome here but here you are doing exactly the JEWISH thing we all expect to continually see. The author of the article gives virtually exhaustive detail of Jewish plunder, perfidy, peculation and more, much more. And you care NOTHING for it. Indeed, there is not a glimmer of shame in you in making – CASUALLY making – the most blood-thirsty remarks about ¨defeating¨ Russia and ¨attacking¨ Moscow. Pathological arrogance doesn´t even cover it. And this mentality and behavior is the root of all the detestation that exists in the world for ¨you.¨

      • Colleen
        Colleen says:

        Poland declared war on Germany midnight 31 August 1939.
        Hitler order the German army to attack Poland about dawn the following morning.
        Poland caused WW2.

        • JM
          JM says:

          @ Colleen
          “Poland declared war on Germany midnight 31 August 1939.
          Hitler order the German army to attack Poland about dawn the following morning.
          Poland caused WW2.”

          You speak the truth. The Poles, whose security was “underwritten” by this same British Empire, felt secure in their provocations. Little did they know their self-made final fate, agreed by what was to become the remnants of that same Empire.

          A cheeky non-nation made up of components of Empires that suited the deeply Zionist influenced Franco-Anglo-American coalition-of-convenience.

          Perpetually yapping like dogs in the back of a ute as an act of vain self-justification, as exemplified by their recent true-to-form behaviour again under the protection of the aforementioned Empire.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        Both “invaded” as rescue operations for ethnic nationals brutally persecuted in other nations. Both operations were exploited by Jews to incite wider wars the original “invaders” did not want or need. Both said this was only a local conflict that could be decided locally, as in a limited military operation with local strategic objectives–to rescue the “Volksdeutschen” in Poland, and the Russian-speakers in Donbass, from ongoing death and misery inflicted by the host nation (in the case of Ukraine, with assistance from International Jews through the US state department and Jewish bankers/oligarchs).

        • John D. Alder
          John D. Alder says:

          Hitler was right ! Lance the boil and there you will find the Jew. No need to shy away from telling the truth. Too many Americans think America is the good guy , spoiler alert : WE AREN’T !

  4. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    Thank you Dr. Joyce for the excellent article and Prof. MacDonald for TOO.
    I am part Jewish and the good news is my relations are in the London banking racket. The bad news is they have nothing to do with me.
    In my teens they contacted me, because my mother had me Jewd, by someone the rich called a useful peasant. He said they never call me a peasant, but I told him that I felt like one. J P Morgan spoke the truth when he said that rich people are poor people with money.
    My maternal grandfather married a gentile and was never spoken to again by the family.
    This behaviour makes me angry.
    The mass murder of Palestinians by the American supported invaders ditto
    The concentration camp in the Negev Dessert containing 30,000 Palestinians ( have they closed it?) ditto
    The very abusive things the invaders call the Americans, which the Jew side of my family would not tell me about does not anger me.
    The fact that I am not allowed to know does anger me.
    The Faithjew hatred of the Russians ditto
    The Faithjew causing the Falklands war to get rid of anglophile Gen. Galtieri ditto
    The Faithjew lengthening WW1 ditto
    The Faithjew causing WW2 to get rid of Hitler ditto
    The Faithjew causing famine in the USSR ( family friend Trotsky attended the meeting as an observer. No Stalin) ditto
    Etc., Etc.
    IMHO TOO is good for the Faithjews because it is honest about them.

  5. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Good research. It is not as if these Jews are hiding their power and wealth. Only the media/government/academia complex is. This is the kind of knowledge that should reach far beyond anything Kanye said.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” This is the kind of knowledge that should reach far beyond anything Kanye said.”

      It should indeed .

      Unfortunately , most USA Nordics/Whites cannot grasp much of anything political beyond what Kanye said because of their strong legacy cultural tradition of a primarily nonpolitical rural way-of-life .

  6. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    The hero of World War Two put it best when he said : Lance the boil and there you will find the Jew. I think Ukraine is proof positive that he was right. Thanks for this most detailed and informative article.

  7. Sorel McRae
    Sorel McRae says:

    This is another great and useful article from Dr. Joyce but I also wish he wouldn’t use expressions like “probably one of the worst thieves to ever walk the earth,” “there has been no greater parasite feeding on Ukrainians,” and “[r]egarded as criminal by almost anyone with a brain” (12th graf). He does have evidence to substantiate this rhetorical extravagance but I wish he would just let it and the citations speak for themselves. Such gratuitous prose adds no substantive factual content and is a bit insulting to the reader, as if we cannot be trusted to draw the appropriately condemnations and superlatives on our own.

    You need not post this comment publicly but I would appreciate your passing it on to Dr. Joyce before Unz Review picks up the article. Thanks.

  8. B. Rockford
    B. Rockford says:

    Putin’s “anti-Nazi” reason for his invasion looks odd in the light of this research.
    Crimea was always Russian, and NATO should not get involved into a giant repetition of “Charge of the Light Brigade”.
    In the UK also, the increasing appearance of individuals of Jewish heritage at the top of various important institutions and publications, from the BBC to “Index on Censorship”, combined with ostracism of critics of Israel, from the Labour Party to the “National Church”, is a phenomenon especially noteworthy in view of the UK-Israel trade and military alliance, and the determination of the government to overturn existing legislation in order to establish a huge Holocaust Center alongside Parliament to reprimand British people for “antisemitism and racism”, past, present and future. It is now “racist” to stick up for Palestinian Arabs.

  9. Cheese
    Cheese says:

    Good article, however some innaccuracies.

    1. Outside of the Third World, it is Russia, not Ukraine which has the highest rates of HIV/AIDS. Two-thirds of new HIV cases registered in Europe are in Russia

    2. The far-right militias of Ukraine have long ceased to be funded by Kolomoisky, in fact Kolomoisky was recently arrested by the SBU (by an agent wearing a Totenkopf patch no less)

    But as I said, a good article and I hope Dr. Joyce will look into Jewish corruption in Russia as well, especially that of Wagner Group CEO Yevgeny Prigozhin who enjoys sending Slavs into the meat grinder for personal profit.

  10. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks Andrew. Great piece.

    Everyone knows Jewish gangsters control Ukraine. Thanks for these details about them.

    Then there’s our politicians here in the States who, have given these Jewish gangsters over $100 billion dollars of aid, and that’s American taxpayers dollars that gets added to the ever spiraling out-of-control national debt. Our children’s children, will be paying it. So the Christian Ukrainian population suffers, as does the American one.

    More people are waking up. Will it stop them though, the Jews? Probably not.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” More people are waking up. Will it stop them though, the Jews? Probably not.”

      You are probably correct .

      Sheeple are notoriously addicted to their ages-old fantasy of a world that has “no more wars”.

      War veterans through the ages and around the world offer these words of wisdom ___

      ” War There Will Always Be ”

      until such a time when and wherever
      there is no inveterate and/or no intractable scarcity of any life-sustaining resource .

      Wars arise when two or more sufficiently large groups cannot reasonably settle their differences on how to distribute a contested limited/scarce/finite resource between the two competitors ; where virtually any resource can be deemed , by one contestant or the other ,
      to be a vital [ life-sustaining ] resource .

      Wars end when a resource competitor enemy is defeated , exterminated , withdraws from the lethal contest , negotiates a ceasefire , or the resource is totally consumed or depleted ; however , a war to acquire other resources of the enemy may ensue upon the prior depletion .

      In particular , the current Ukraine war is ostensibly a lethal power struggle , between Russia and Westernworld jewmasterss via NATO , over control of Ukraine resources where the main conflict is for control over the principal resource known as the Ukrainian population . This conflict can also be viewed as an attempt by Russia to redistribute or restructure Ukraine political powers which would subsequently and inexorably result in redistributions of control over resources , other than the population , such as geographical land resources .

      In any case and regardless of any particular viewpoint of the political realities of the Ukraine conflict , the politicly naive , politicly gullible and typically feckless Westernworld Nordic/White Christian sheeple herds will as usual continue to deny the existence of a global conspiracy and continue to acquiesce to the preferred propagandistic narratives , of the worldly events sponsored by their globalist ILLuminati jewmasterss to acquire dominion over the world , as the Ukranians become increasingly dispossessed of their resources commensurate with the jewmasterss accumulation of ever more grossly inordinate political powers .

  11. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Ukraine was once a very wholesome Christian country. But things change, and oftentimes rapidly for the worse as was the case with post 2013 Ukraine. Now Ukraine is the world’s center for both child trafficking and money laundering.

    Russians are not saints; none of us are. But in this conflict (Russia and Ukraine) I wish the best for the Russians and the good-hearted Ukrainians.

  12. michael
    michael says:

    Ugh. The picture of Zelenskyy on a pole would better be of him in his cod piece, on the disco floor. Another picture to include, is Rishi Sunak shaking hands with Zelenskyy. On Rishi’s wrist is a red ribbon, the Kabbala bracelet. Done on purpose, of course. But, given the financiers, the bankers of Khazarian descent in the City of London, of course Zelenskyy visits England, shakes hands with the new front man for them all.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 The most characteristic exposures of Zelensky are the two where he plays piano with his penis: hands above his head. One with one accompanist and the other with three on two pianos.

      02 Before a huge audience, including children on their mothers’ laps.

      03 In the video showing four of these virtuosos behind two pianos, one of them is unable to play a base note, He is kissed on his cheek by his partner after which he plays said note beyond the called for volume.

      04 Disappointingly, an otherwise popular judge on the excellent UKRAINE GOT TALENT show, probably franchised to Kolomoisky, was likely
      ” assigned ” to participate in this renowned Jewish humor, deemed appropriate for youngsters.

      05 Don’t believe it ? Google ZELENSKY PLAYS PIANO WITH HIS PENIS ! Actually two different episodes. One to the tune of the joyous jewish Hava Nagila [ Let us rejoyce ! ]

      06 Little wonder, that his dealing with Ukraine is called Churchillian.

      • Junghans
        Junghans says:

        Oh, how disgustingly true.
        Churchill, the obese, sodden grave digger of Europe & Zelensky, the degenerate grave digger of Ukraine.

        • Nicholas Seaman
          Nicholas Seaman says:

          There is always the reinforcement of the population of Israel by immigrants or escapees from real, threatened, imagined or exaggerated antisemitism, and from conflicts in general, not that the Jewish state has fulfilled the expectation of some of its early Zionist advocates as a peaceful refuge!
          Regarding Ukraine, see “The Times of Israel,” March 13, 2022, online. Better a little rocket from Gaza than big ones from Russia.

    • B. Rockford
      B. Rockford says:

      The kalava is a red wrist ribbon worn by some Hindus including a Brahmin acquaintance of mine who was anti-Israel. Sunak has worn it for years. Judaism is quite unlike Hinduism. However, Jews and Indians get on better with each other than most, and there is a defense agreement between Israel and India, no doubt with an anti-Islamic angle.

      • Flo
        Flo says:

        Yes, it’s a Hindu thing, not Kaballa. It’s a raksha or raksha bandha. It’s usually given to one’s brothers and sisters to bring luck and protection to the wearer. Photos reveal Sunak wears a lot of bracelets.

      • JM
        JM says:

        @B. Rockford

        “However, Jews and Indians get on better with each other than most…”

        Yes, paraphrasing the words of Hanging Judge Jeffreys (who was actually referring to Presbyterians): “Hindoos and Jews in a mutually opportunistic alliance…don’t talk to me about that, I can smell THAT a mile orfff”.

        And so it goes…yesterday it was the Micks, or at least the most unprincipled of them, the artefacts of which are apparent everywhere you look.

  13. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    Someone send this to VDare… That group is still cheering on Ukraine in the spirit of “supporting nationalism.”

    I love VDARE, but they’ve just been mistaken, including Sailer. That’s not to say they’re wrong on everything… and it is well that they aim for truth and are not following the herd or blinding reacting against the left. Nevertheless, that group needs to read this article.

  14. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Expert, factual compilation of past and present.

    02 Regrettably any reference to the future is missing.

    03 Understandably, professionals shy away from predictions: however Larry Fink’s 31 TRILLION BlackRock assurance to
    Zelensky, to ” help out with their reconstruction ” after their war is not a prediction, but a PLAN, necessarily earning dividends for that firm’s shareholders, and, more significantly, affording total control over all institutional aspects of Ukrainian formerly Christian life.

    04 In addition to behemoth BlackRock, JPMorgan and the IMF had joined BlackRock in its assurance to Zelensky, well before this otherwise brilliant essay.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      You stated “…is not a prediction, but a PLAN”. Probably. And the same can be said for the ghastly events described in the Book of Revelation.

  15. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 The Ukraine is among the largest debtors of the IMF, along with also resource rich and nearly equally defrauded Argentina; and Egypt.

    02 So we can add those apparently also stolen IMF funds, contributed by the world at large, to Kolomoysky’s grand theft of his PrivatBank depositors, that together allow their oligarchs to heavily invest in the US: just in case NEVER AGAIN falters through Putin’s ” military action “.

    03 The IMF is itself the Bretton Woods Conference creation of.Harry Dexter White [ Weiss] and Keynes, with Weiss being the tribal bum boy of avidly genocidal Morgenthau Jr., Secretary of the Treasury under US President Campo di Rossi, who drew Japan to Pearl Harbor, away from his beloved Soviet Union.

    04 Please keep this hush-hush, lest I be accused by bitter Trucker-Enemy Trudeau of his criminalized PATTERN RECOGNITION.

  16. Irina
    Irina says:

    Very interesting! But I would addosso, that the Jews are 2 % of population now, because 90% of them leaved the Ukraine in the last 3 decades. So it was a kind of selection, only bastards have found themselves good in independent Ukraine. All those industries etc. was created with the strong participation of soviet Jews. In cities of Ukrain in 1920s the Jews were the third part of population.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Welcome Irina.

      02 Would you be so kind as to translate for us what it says on the posters featuring Zelensky at the top of this article ?

      03 I don’t feel certain with my translation of WOODPECKER OLIGARCH !

      04 Or does that mean he ” is picking the insects out of the dead wood ” ? .

      05 Most of us here have absolutely no problem with the Ukraine: only with our perceived Jewish preparation for a Jewish reconquest of Russia, as in 1917 and during the mid- to late 90s, by Larry Summers of Harvard University.

      06 We never hear anything from ordinary people, only from experts, mostly foreigners themselves. So let us know something about your day to day experiences, please.

      07 If you have received any support through your church, it may have come from the Good Samaritan Fund. I support them regularly; specifically for their Ukrainian relief.

      08 But don’t credit me. It is in memory of your Ukrainian soldiers who remembered their mothers’ orders to behave like Christians, even during war,
      [ April 21, 1945 ] and did so despite Ilya Ehrenburg’s exhortations to behave like animals.

      09 Your English is much better than our Ukrainian, so let’s hear from you, please ! Charles

      • Irina
        Irina says:

        The Poster: “The servant of oligarch is a toy/puppet of oligarch”. The irony is that Z’s party is “The servants of people”.

        02 i don’t live in ukrain for many years. I remember that in 1990s died a lot of people in criminal struggles and in abcense of good medicine. i have relatives in Ukrain and can tell that the news were full of fake-news from the beginning. The Z government is really unpopular and people understand that they are used like victims.

          • charles frey
            charles frey says:

            01 Amidst all this bloodshed, take ten minutes to enjoy a performance by an 8 year old, very talented and beautiful Ukrainian refugee ballerina on SPAIN GOT TALENT.


            03 If art is supposed to move you, then this is the best I ever saw in my 83 years, despite its ten minutes duration.

            04 Be careful when telling family in Ukraine about you reading this site. Ask refugee friends around you to also be careful. Z is vengeful and has enormous ears.

      • Anon
        Anon says:

        Many Ukrainians claimed to be Jewish so they could immigrate and be given free stuff. They are former Christians who went along to get along.

      • Irina
        Irina says:

        And dear Charles, thank you very much for your memory about 1945. We, grandchildren of those, who revealed against nazism from Stalingrad to Berlin, will never forget those young men, who gave their lives in the struggle from Atlantic to Berlin. This memory is still very important.

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          Many Ukrainians at the time saw the National Socialist Germans as liberators from Soviet tyranny. Many Ukrainians formed military units and fought side by side with the Germans against Soviet communist forces. It got complicated when Bandera started defying the Germans and fought them too for Ukrainian total independence. That could have come later after the war with German support, but Bandera began hostilities against Germans during the war, which was intolerable. First alliance, then independence, should have been Bandera’s and the Ukrainians’ policy.

          • Irina
            Irina says:

            I think you are confusing two phenomena. Bandera and Ukrainians who met the Germans as liberators. It is the Germans – not necessarily the NS – according to the old age-old memory of relations with the Germans. This was how not only Ukrainians, but also many Russian villages up to Moscow met. Almost all of these greeters were disappointed in the first few months and realized their mistake. I’m not talking unfounded, this was my great-grandfather, who was dispossessed, and who forced his son to go to work in Germany, thinking that this was “an introduction to great culture.” But it turned out that it was just slavery, the son escaped, he was caught and sent to a camp, after that, released, he consciously joined the Red Army. Do you understand? The Red Army in Ukraine had 4 times more convinced supporters in 1945 than in 1939. The Red Army in Ukraine finally won not in 1922-24, but in 1945. Ukrainians, who initially met the Germans positively, and then were disappointed, were no different from the right-wing French or Italian fascists, for example, who, after the German occupation of France and Italy, decided that they had more to do with the Americans than with the Germans. It’s the same in the Balkans. Many met the Germans as a hope, but then they were glad to get rid of them. These Urkainians wanted one thing – to be left farmers quietly on their land, and that’s it. Bandera is a completely different matter. Bandera created a terrorist organization based on strict collectivist discipline and pseudo-religious mysticism, similar to the Taliban, of a completely collectivist Middle Eastern type with sophisticated Asian methods of torture. It was with this that he eventually horrified both Poles and Germans, apart from Soviets.

  17. Tony W
    Tony W says:

    This is another tightly argued, well documented essay. Joyce provides facts and names names. The problem is that most people who can be persuaded don’t get exposed to this excellent work. The political and media establishment, therefore, is not forced at confront it. So nothing changes. Peter Brimelow recently tweeted that VDARE won the immigration debate with the Wall Street Journal years ago in a rout, but the WSJ still controls the megaphone. How do we change that?

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Nostr is supposedly good. Panquake if it comes. The Internet empowers the little man, and none are smaller than we.

      It’s also possible to influence a foreign state. Hungary could be influenced, for example. All of Europe will be lost if things continue. No more brothers’ wars! Or there will be no more Europeans in the world.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” How do we change that? ”

      A USA Red State secession
      ( just as Captainchaos has persistently recommended )
      and subsequent establishment of a WN ethnostate sanctuary , in the Pacific Northwest region , especially for Nordics/Whites ;
      then install a Nordic version of Wall Street to buildup a globally competitive high-tech ethnostate economy .

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        Homeschooling can be good, develop a curriculum for children. I don’t know that the power base is there for secession. Hungary is unique in having a moderately pro-Hungarian government. It might offer protection to raise a family.

        Ultimately, a win is measured in how many high quality children are raised well. Whatever structure provides that opportunity is best. 4g war has survival as the objective.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” Homeschooling can be good “…

          No doubt .

          Unfortunately , homeschooling alone can never be good enough because it does not provide an organization specificly dedicated to defending and protecting Nordics/Whites from an inevitable jewish enslavement agenda . The RCC Vatican eventually capitulated to judaism , beginning with the 1964 Council II , and Protestantism has always been in cahoots with judaism . The jewmasterss will not allow Nordics/Whites/Celtics/( and related others ) to form any kind of organization that does not permit jewish infiltration , then subsequent jewish subversion , and ultimately jewish conquest/obliteration of it .

  18. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    Once again the whole WAR in Ucraine is NOT about Liberal Democracy. It is all a huge/giant/perverse Global FRAUD. Trillions stolen robbed from poor starving sick terminally ill unemployed children old disabled people goyim all over the world, and the JEWS will just cash in with all the loot booty with all impunity. The question yet remains WHY WHY are all those dumb/ignorant GOYIM dying for Judea in Ucraine..Shouldn’t the Christian Russians Orthodox be siding with Russia?? …The facts are that Ucraine can NOT/Wiil NOT win a war against Russia so 1) the jews knew that beforehand. 2) so as planned the war will expand to USA/Israel/Nato/Europe vrs Russia.WW III, .which means that Putin/Russia can NOT will NOT win a long protracted war against the entire Western Military Industrial Capitalistic Financial Complex…The world goes into a bankruptcy and the JEWS Win once again..then they will claim that they were the victims…again.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      I dont know that Jews are winning this event. Russia is aligning Christians and Muslims together in an interesting alliance. It’s also aligning with south and southeast Asia.

      Many are getting rich, but it’s unlikely one group remains on top forever. Russia, Japan, even China: many nations are focused on increasing their birthrates. It’ll happen, and that is the victory.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        …” many nations are focused on increasing their birthrates. It’ll happen, and that is the victory.”

        Nope . It is called

        ‘counting your chickens
        before the eggs are hatched’

        Mankind has not yet discovered or learned how to create essential life-sustaining resources ( such as oxygen , water , food , shelter , etc. ) , as fast as it can procreate/reproduce itself . In other words , humanity does not yet know how to convert supposedly boundless spiritual resources into unlimited new material resources essential for sustaining procreated life and especially for sustaining population growth . Consequently ,

        ” War There Will Always Be ”

        until such a time when and wherever
        there is no inveterate and/or intractable scarcity of any life-sustaining resource .

        An infinite universe has an infinite amount of resources . The challenge for humanity is to discover and learn how to access those resources in both outer-space and inner-space . Perhaps a new religion would be needed to accommodate or facilitate those discovery and learning processes . In the meanwhile as la-la-land sheeple fantasies are not withstanding , war games will continue .

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          That can be true, can also be misleading.

          In Japan, as with many other states, retirees need workers to support them. This pressures immigration. If Japan is overpopulated, its current correction is overfast.

          Russia or Greece might be better examples, but everyone talks of Japan. Italy refuses to reproduce; even Ukraine seems in a similar situation.

          Regardless, all of this is obvious. Most people, I expect, want a diversity of nations, to some degree, a diversity of societies anyway, a diversity of communities. The present trend is towards a global monoculture, or absence of culture with an elite defining what has been logically or irrationally argued in the past.

          Anyway, I have plenty of resources. The US is not overpopulated. Our living standards will decline here but not to the low level of some other polities.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” The facts are that Ucraine can NOT/Wiil NOT win a war against Russia so 1) the jews knew that beforehand. 2) so as planned the war will expand to USA/Israel/Nato/Europe vrs Russia.WW III, .which means that Putin/Russia can NOT will NOT win a long protracted war against the entire Western Military Industrial Capitalistic Financial Complex…The world goes into a bankruptcy and the JEWS Win once again..then they will claim that they were the victims…again.”

      Superb observations .

  19. Céline Lagacé
    Céline Lagacé says:

    Thank you very much for this excellent historical document. I would happily share ti but unfortunately, most french speaking «Quebecers» do not understand English. I have tested the WEB translation and actually it is not always accurate. I feel so privileged to have the access to your sources or information. Long live!

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:


      01 It is of great importance and consequence to follow your gut feeling of getting your fellow Quebecers off their Bronfman inspired, liberal/socialist Trudeau mindset.

      02 Simply use the Web translation of this, or any other informative article, using double spaces.

      03 Then make a sentence by sentence comparison between the original English and the Web translation, using the spare space to NOTE questionable interpretations/translations.

      04 Check with the net dictionary to assure the best replacement word, as you understand it and its connotations.

      05 Rewrite the entire, corrected text on your computer and print out for your intended distribution.

      06 If you don’t have a printer, go to your local library and use their photocopy machine for a small fee.

      07 Ask your recipients whether they have additionally interested parties and supply them accordingly, or, if too costly, ask them to go to your local library as well.

      Bon courage, and follow your instinct !


  20. Oswald UK
    Oswald UK says:

    Good article Occidental Observer. I want to donate to the cause but don’t have crypto, is there a way to use a vida debit card?

  21. William Sun
    William Sun says:

    Incredible article. As always we owe a debt to the men who do this type of research. I wouldn’t even know how to begin.

  22. Patrick Mulvey
    Patrick Mulvey says:

    Very good article. Zelensky is a devil….sending young men and women to their deaths in a hopeless cause while he and his cronies pocket billions from the USA knowing they will be evacuated when the Russian tanks start rolling across the steppes.

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