Prevent what?

When Theresa May was Britain’s prime minister and Amber Rudd was her home secretary, one of them, I can’t remember which, identified not only terrorism but also far-right extremism as a threat to society, suggesting that the two were equally to be feared. I assumed that this was done out of political correctness. Everyone knew that terrorists were almost invariably Muslims, who had killed about ninety people in Britain in recent decades whereas only one or possibly two people had been killed by far-right extremists.[1] Given the Muslim and White shares of the population, this meant that a random Muslim was more than 500 times likelier to be a politically motivated killer than was a random White person. But the pretence of racial equality had to be maintained, and what White counterparts of Muslim terrorists could there be but far-right extremists?

Since then, the government has extended its pretence. It now speaks not only of far-right extremism but of far-right extremist terrorism, which, despite the lack of cases, it seems to regard as more prevalent or serious than Muslim terrorism. The web page of its Prevent programme, which “supports people who are at risk of becoming involved with terrorism through radicalisation”, mentions extreme right-wing terrorism first and Islamist terrorism only second when identifying common types of terrorism.[2]

Where does the government expect to find all the right-wing terrorists it refers to? It is one thing to conjure up an image of large numbers of White people holding secret meetings to plan atrocities that never happen or sitting in bedsits up and down the country cooking up murderous plots that rarely come to fruition, but quite another to show that such people actually exist. Won’t Prevent eventually have to admit that they are largely imaginary? No, because Prevent doesn’t deal with terrorists but with people at risk of becoming terrorists, whom it can easily create. All it needs to do is decide that common products of White culture can exert a radicalising influence and it will be able to identify anyone who partakes of White culture as a right-wing terrorist in the making.

In February 2023 we learned that it had done just this by giving out a list of books and DVDs that, if found in a person’s possession, might indicate a tendency to far-right extremism. On the list were the works of Shakespeare, Chaucer and Milton, which were “warning signs of potential extremism” since people on the far right were known to read them. Also listed were Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and The Dam Busters. Read a book or watch a DVD like this and Prevent might come knocking on your door to “support” you, meaning to stop you going any further down the path to terrorism. The government seemed particularly concerned about books that might provoke thought about the nature of the society it was creating. George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World were on the list. Nor did it want to be made fun of. Yes Minister and The Thick of It were also thought capable of “encouraging far-right sympathies”.

Looked at linguistically, Prevent had only given an unusually bold push to what decades ago Peter Simple called the Great Semantic Shift, whereby people’s opinions are moved inexorably to the left by the constantly changing use of the words “left” and “right” by the media and politicians.[3] Peter Simple was the pen name of Michael Wharton, who wrote a column in the Daily Telegraph for about thirty years starting in the 1970s. According to him the Great Semantic Shift began in about 1960, an example being the way that opinions about the multi-racial society once described as “moderate” or “of the centre” came to be described first as “right-wing”, then as “extreme right-wing,” and finally as “lunatic fringe” or “fascist”. Thus the opinions of the majority in one generation are called “right-wing” in the next, when views that were previously “right-wing” are called “far-right”. Eventually, sticking to the values of yesteryear makes one a “far-right extremist” or a “fascist”. Meanwhile, views that were once “left-wing” or even “far-left” go unlabelled as though they were those of any decent person. To keep in step with this, people move their opinions to the left so that they can continue thinking of themselves as decent.

For Simon Webb, a popular YouTuber, Prevent’s initiative was part of the war on White history and culture seen in such other things as books by White authors being replaced by books by Black authors on school and university reading lists, streets and buildings named after White people being renamed after Black people, and the closing of museums such as the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood or the disposal of the contents of the Wellcome Collection.[4] No doubt he is right, yet perhaps advancing the war on White culture is more a side-effect of Prevent’s initiative than its main purpose. Perhaps its main purpose is to give the government a warrant to enter people’s lives so as to modify their behaviour and manipulate their minds in the name of preventing terrorism. If we don’t want to be “supported” as incipient terrorists, we must learn that only books and DVDs that foster sympathies once called left-wing or far-left are acceptable.

Prevent’s initiative is reminiscent of the way in which the government’s mental health agenda aims to drive more and more people, mentally ill or not, into the arms of its agencies to have their minds worked on, this time in the name of their mental health.[5] The government’s mental health agenda does not stop at what Public Health England calls attitude change, when people come to see themselves as having mental health problems. They must then “take the step from awareness to action”, as Clare Perkins, a deputy director of Public Health England, put it and present themselves for treatment. Moreover, in 2019 Public Health England, now called the UK Health Security Agency, had a prevention programme, which meant that you didn’t need to have a mental health problem or even to think you did before the state could step in to stop one from arising.

Any resistance to its overtures could be taken as a sign of a mental health problem. Similar is the way that state agencies with a generation of young people in their hands, namely schools, bend children’s minds by introducing them to perverse sexual practices when they are too young to be introduced to any sexual practices and encourage them to doubt their “gender” while stopping their parents from expressing a view about what is being taught or even being able to find out what this is.

Then we have the government’s “Nudge Unit”, which according to Wikipedia uses “social engineering as well as techniques in psychology, behavioral economics and marketing … to influence public thinking and decision making in order to improve compliance with government policy”.[6] We can also think of the propaganda the government put out for two years causing people so to fear a fairly normal virus that it could impose extraordinary restrictions on their freedom. Perhaps Prevent’s initiative is just another manifestation of the government’s determination to gain ever more control over people’s minds and behaviour.

[1] I am thinking of the killing of Jo Cox in 2016 and that of someone outside Finsbury Park mosque the following year.

[2] “The most common types of terrorism in the UK are extreme right-wing terrorism and Islamist terrorism” according to, June 8th 2022, “Get help for radicalisation concerns: find out how the Prevent programme supports people who are at risk of becoming involved with terrorism through radicalisation”,

[3] See Michael Wharton (ed.), Peter Simple’s Century, London: The Claridge Press, 1999, p. 36.

[4] History Debunked, Feb. 19th 2023, “How Michael Portillo’s Railway Journeys, came to be seen as indicative of far-right extremist views!”

[5] See Clare Perkins, Oct. 10th 2019, “Prioritising mental health”, Public Health England,

[6] This is the Behavioural Insights Team, which came under the Cabinet Office when it was created in 2010 but is now an independent company.

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  1. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    Boomers want to Prevent revolution by encouraging people to vote Tory and Republican so that they can enjoy their pensions during their declining years without unwanted interruption. Pass the buck on to subsequent generations, that is the boomer way.

    • Bernard Fisk Wellington IV
      Bernard Fisk Wellington IV says:

      Boomer bashing is ALWAYS an attempt to blame innocent old people for what the Jews have actually done.

      • Tardwrangler
        Tardwrangler says:

        The jews are responsible for their own behavior.
        The boomers are responsible for their own behavior.
        Together they mostly made the current year.
        We hold boomers accountable for having so much power & doing nothing with it besides complain, consume & fornicate. Then preen themselves as they sold us all out for ‘diverse’ cuisine, cheap gardeners & a traitors pension.
        You know what i really hate about boomers? Its that they are so cowardly & weak that even when confronted by what they have wrought & how utterly everything they believe has failed, they refuse to accept their part in it. They just hope the decay & degeneracy mostly passes them by before they die. All while spewing the same pablum’s they were spoon-fed in youth like its the word of god.
        Their stinking corpses need to stop twitching & getting in the way.

        • Luke
          Luke says:

          I would venture to say anyone who is fully red pilled on race and the JQ and who was unfortunately born during the generation that produced these nauseating and totally disgusting :”Boomers” – which I happen to have been – deserve to be defined as the top most subject matter experts on the subject of how destructive Boomers have been for America and for the future survival prospects for Whites in America.

          Does anyone remember the old adage: Familiarity breeds contempt? That most certainly applies in this instance. Boomer generation Whites tend to find themselves most closely surrounded by and acquainted with, these White boomers because they share our same generation. Therefore, for those of us who are full red pilled on the topics previously cited – nobody has been in a better position to observe, notice patterns, recognize the destructive and racially apathetic and, all too often – openly racially treasonous behaviors that most of these boomers have engaged in.

          I can flatly state that I wasted nearly 40 years of my life trying to help several of my Boomer buddies to see the light on race and on the JQ and recognize that Whites were engaged in a subtle cold war (at first) with the jews and now, with the theft of the 2020 election and the 80 plus percent jewish infested Biden Administration – that cold war has now gone radioactive ‘hot’, I finally got so disgusted that I could no longer tolerate the company of these brain-dead stupid, racially emasculated, selfish, self-centered, White boomers who were programmed to be apathetic about the survival of their own species of human – and terminated those friendships.

          So, every negative criticism I hear or read about the White Boomer generation, I tend to agree with. I’ve been a part of that generation and I have seen these wastes of White skin first hand, and they make my skin crawl.

          • Karst
            Karst says:

            Our problems started in the mid sixties with “civil rights” and “immigration “ legislation. The oldest boomers were 19 years old in 1965 and couldn’t even vote much less make policy. Your hatred of your parents/grandparents for not handing you this fallen world on a silver platter has unhinged you and made you easily manipulated by our enemies into making their work of cultural destruction much easier.

      • What’s up Skip
        What’s up Skip says:

        Blaming any one generation is pointless, as indeed is blaming any one racial enemy. We wish to play by our rules and have done so for many centuries but we used to have different rules for the Jews among us because they were not us and we recognized the threat. The Jewish leadership worked diligently during those centuries to prepare. Now they are playing by their rules, and increasingly make us play by their own different set of rules; because we are not them. All that matters is making every potentially patriotic European man understand this.

      • JimB
        JimB says:

        Thank you for that. I agree 100%. Not because I’m a Boomer (I’m not; I’m Gen-X) but because the sentiment is both insidious and counter-productive as hell. There’s plenty of blame to go around if we must travel that road. How about the generation who thought it would be a good idea to purchase all that human farm-equipment from the happy merchants? And how about the Millennials and Gen-Z who comprise the bulk of White BLM supporters, Antifa and “the LGBTQ community”? Where does all this blaming one another get us? I’ll tell you where: it gets us not blaming the actual culprits.

        • Karst
          Karst says:

          I’ve never encountered a Boomer-hater willing to dial back a single millimeter of his nasty, slanderous invective directed at an entire generation of his own people; they are impervious to reason. Daddy issues, probably.

      • Luke
        Luke says:

        You are clearly missing the big picture. Boomers deserve to be bashed and criticized not because of the destructive things that jews have done, but because of their lack of backbone and sense of racial awareness and nauseating inability or unwillingness to fight back against the destructive agendas that the jews were promoting.

        Instead, most Boomers just rolled over and were either too stupid or too decadent or too lazy or just plain did not give a crap and did not offer any resistance to the war that the jews were waging on White Europeans here in the USA and around the entire White Western world. And, if we are going to be 100 percent honest – a significant percentage of White Boomers actually decided to become allies of the jews and eagerly embraced the destructive agendas that the jews were pushing into our society.

        • What’s up Skip
          What’s up Skip says:

          In terms of the ‘bigger picture’ my take is that we are in a winner takes all race war, which we are losing. Most of our people are so brainwashed they don’t realise they are the target of the helpfully named ‘DIE’ agenda.

          The only thing that matters is gathering men and materiel to our cause. Those over age 55 have the most money, the most time and the most memory of a white country. I understand your frustration with many of them but however difficult it is to get through we must never give up attempting to do so.

    • eddie
      eddie says:

      That would be the pension that I started paying into in the early 60s and paid into until the day I retired having never been out of work , having never claimed any government ( tax payer funded ) benefits and also paid into a private pension to ensure a liveable retirement .

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        The problem is that you use muh pension as a rationalization to continue supporting ZOG in the form of voting Republican. What if I told you I have a Master Plan to get rid of ZOG and allow you to keep your precious pension, would you be interested?

      • KT-88
        KT-88 says:

        Your Federal Reserve notes are about to go poof. In reality you never earned anything. In all probability your pension funds are already bankrupt.

  2. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    If we put ourselves in our ((enemies)) shoes, it is perfectly logical that the most terrifying individuals for them are what they call the ” far-right activists ” .
    Well ahead of the Muslims, who can commit their terrorist attacks because of the extreme laxity towards them, and their proliferation in white societies.
    In the same way, if some Jewish individuals are victims of these Arab terrorists, the cases are infinitesimal compared to those of the white gentiles.
    When you see things according to the enemy’s point of view, everything becomes perfectly clear.
    And it doesn’t matter if there is no risk of far-right terrorism, what matters is that it exists in their paranoia .They are nuts.

  3. Shekelgrabberberg
    Shekelgrabberberg says:

    If you go from the standpoint that we are under occupation by a zoguk and they are at war with the indigenous population it all makes sense.

  4. Luke
    Luke says:

    AmRen has been uploading the speaker’s speeches from the last AmRen Conference and today they uploaded the one by Jared Taylor. I can remember a time when listening to speech by Taylor was a pure delight and a breath of fresh air, in a world that is rapidly becoming increasingly insane and dysfunctional. So, I clicked on the video and tried to watch his most
    recent speech. I could only stick with it until the 28:32 mark, and I had to shut it down and find something else to do with my time. Jared Taylor continues to push the ‘Suicide Meme’, placing 100 percent of the blame on Whites.

    Here is the video description posted on bitchute for this video:

    “What is it about whites,” Mr. Taylor wants to know, “that makes them casually say such vicious things about their own people?” He traces this to a uniquely white compulsion to feel virtuous. Mr. Taylor notes that whites’ zeal for the welfare of other races and a thirst to condemn their own people is unique. No other people ever work up a fanatic conviction that they are bad and should be suppressed. He says we should not to think of our opponents as vicious or bad-intentioned, but as lost brothers and sisters whom we must respect enough to try to understand and win over. We cannot afford the dizzying luxury of hatred; we must enlighten and lead.”

    As always, Jared Taylor refuses to consider or factor in the decades of anti-White brainwashing by the jewish owned and controlled mainstream media, the jewish infested world of academia, and the jewish infested hierarchy of state, local, and national governments of the United States and of most other historic White European nations – all of whom have been indoctrinated with endless anti-White, White guilt propaganda – and that is the answer as to why so many Whites seem to be hell bent to eradicate their own race from the face of the Earth.

    The frustrating thing about all this, at least to those of us in the pro-White, racially healthy, jew wise community – is that we have been largely immune to this brainwashing and refuse to hate ourselves or work with our enemies to help them destroy our race. In other words, we are like Roddy Piper in the John Carpenter movie “They Live”. We can see who the enemy is and we NOTICE the tactics they are using to destroy our people. But, Jared Taylor continues to push the ‘Suicide Meme’ and pretends to be baffled and bewildered as to why so many Whites are hating themselves?

    This line of baloney needs to be retired and buried. I for one, am sick of hearing it being repeated.

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      The most infuriating thing about this type of character ( Jared Taylor ), is that he could at least discuss the role of the most outrageous left-wing Jews. In my country we have a Gallic “Jared Taylor”, but he occasionally criticizes the most anti-white virulent ones. Jared Taylor invariably continues with his demoralization of whites and glorification of Jews.
      In my opinion, financial motives, services (example: maintenance of his site), etc… Are at stake…

      • Aiden Lake
        Aiden Lake says:

        So for all his excellent and almost unique initiatives, Jared Taylor is now accused of deliberately “demoralizing” Whites and “glorifying” Jews – for shekels. This is untrue and ungrateful, and therefore contemptible. He made his earlier views on Jews clear in May 2006, but other views have appeared on his blog. So what?
        Let him make his own race-realism case in his own away, and let Kevin MacDonald, David Duke, Paul Eisen and Greg Johnson, and the rest, make theirs likewise, and let sensible readers judge.
        Why join the ADL & SPLC witch-hunt against an intelligent and eloquent patriot? Turn your fire on them!
        As for the “guilt” issue, I personally suspect that north Europeans may have a genetic susceptibility to a refined conscience, revulsion against cruelty, a compassionate empathy and a sense of responsibility, not shared to the same degree by other peoples. But what has happened is that the “strategists of woke” have played on this surviving feature of a decadent western Christianity, creating a self-abnegating and pathological altruism, on which consult varied authors starting with Nietzsche and ending with Ayn Rand, Pascal Bruckner and Barbara Oakley.

    • Flavia
      Flavia says:

      Luke, thank you for your comment. I have wondered the same thing about the writers at AmRen and gave up on that video at approximately the same point you did. I think the genetic explanation is interesting, and probable, but there are other forces behind the onslaught of barbarians into white lands. Those gimmiegrants uprooting themselves are not doing so because of white people’s genetic inheritance. They are being prompted (and funded) to do so by those who aim to dismantle Western Civilization.
      I am deeply puzzled and dismayed by AmRen’s general resistance to credit conspiracies. Conspiracies by the powerful to commit fraud in order to augment their power are as old as the hills. I’ve written in a previous essay (American Thinker) about Lorenzo Valla’s Donation of Constantine in light of the 2020 election fraud. If people want to change bad policies, it is imperative to acknowledge root causes.

      • Aiden Lake
        Aiden Lake says:

        The (interesting) journal “American Thinker” which printed your stuff is self-admittedly Zionist. So?

    • What’s up Skip
      What’s up Skip says:

      Having relistened to the opening five minutes we here of a ‘huwhite’ woman, Julie Powell, who made some unhinged and obscene statement about her hatred of her own kind. He then goes on to discuss our old ‘friends’ Susan Sontag and Noel Ignatiev and their role in drummimg up these sorts of sentiments. Neither are acknowledged by him as being ‘huwhite’. So what’s going on here? I don’t know, but it seems to me at least possible that this is carefully calibrated communication from which even the neophyte listener gains the opportunity to find out more about these two characters and their origins. Those in the know can follow along perfectly.

      Amren’s beat is slightly different from many other groups and I see it as educating people to the point at which they understand that whites are different from other races and have a right to maintain themselves as a separate people living in more or less exclusive communities. Given the level of indoctrination about the ‘evil’ of noticing jewish power it could be argued that it’s not helpful to emphasise the jewish angle to people who aren’t even sure that race is any more than skin deep. The comments section is usually very frank on the JQ but Mr Taylor remains above the fray. Maybe he is funded by jewish money but I don’t think it would be a plus for us were AmRen to disappear.

  5. Flavia
    Flavia says:

    I appreciate this essay, and so I mean no criticism by saying this, but I believe that Prevent’s inclusion of great works of English Literature in its list of suspicious indicators of extremist inclinations is actually an end in itself. The Powers That Be want to eradicate independent critical thinking, which reading, and most specifically, reading those works, enables. This belief may be spurred by my current reading of Ford’s “The International Jew,” and his analysis of various of the protocols, but the West is in the grip of the most anti-intellectual ethos it has ever seen.

    • Aiden Lake
      Aiden Lake says:

      The “Protocols” have evoked a massive, unending literature. Two different writers on them, at least, should be studied in detail: Kerry Bolton and Cesare G. De Michelis. Suffice to say here that there are French and Ultramontane clues in the text which has no signs of a Hebrew or Yiddish original. The authorship, location and date are significantly absent. It has its origin in the late 19th century hostility to the infuential Masonic-Jewish collaboration in French politics and is a fairly clever satire that uses much genuine Jewish and secret-society material in addition to the writing of Joly. It was less likely aimed at the Zionists of that time like Ginsburg than at Freemasons like Cremieux. Its “prophetic” accuracy relates mainly to the financial and international events at that time. In 1943 Hitler and Goebbels debated whether it was authentic after all, a bit late in the day.

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