Every. Single. Time: HHS Secretary Blocks Report on the Dangers of Fluoride

Just yesterday The Defender, the journal of Children’s Health Defense, presented its article “Report Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ in Children Made Public After CDC, HHS Tried to Block It.” The comprehensive meta-analysis report by the National Toxicology Program, “an interagency program run by  the Department of Health and Human Services that researches and reports on environmental toxins, conducted a six-year systematic review to assess scientific studies on fluoride exposure and potential neurodevelopmental and cognitive health effects in humans.” Note that the NTP is a sub-agency within Health and Human Services, as is CDC and NIH.

This report was ordered by the court considering the legal case of Food and Water Watch vs. EPA over human and particularly childhood exposure to toxic fluoride, not just in drinking water but other sources as well. Now, 6 years later, the results of the study are presented.

For 10 months certain people within the HHS tried to block release of this report that should break the legal case wide open—and much of the nation’s public drinking water policy. “We had to fight hard to have this report even made public,” Connett (plaintiffs’ attorney) said. “They [CDC and HHS] buried this. If they had gotten their way, this report would have never even seen the light of day.”

Before we reveal exactly who at CDC and HHS tried to block the report, let us examine what it reveals about fluoride and public health. “Of the 19 high-quality studies assessing the association between fluoride and IQ in children, 18 reported an association between higher fluoride exposure and lower IQ in children. Forty-six of the 53 low-quality studies also found evidence of that association.” And: “This review finds, with moderate confidence, that higher fluoride exposure… is consistently associated with lower IQ in children.” This can have a significant societal effect: “a 5-point decrease in a population’s IQ would nearly double the number of people classified as intellectually disabled.”

Who at HHS blocked this devastating report? Ghouls! Only a megalomaniacal psychopath who intends to deliberately dumb down children would try to prevent the truth in this study from reaching the public. In particular, that psychopath is the Jewish transsexual Assistant Secretary of HHS, Rachel/Richard Levine. “Emails also indicated that HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine was going to ‘get involved,’ and, ‘the May 18 release date for [the report] is almost certainly not going to happen.’” Attorney for the plaintiffs Connett said: “We have emails showing that Levine is the one who put it on hold. Rachel Levine said not to publish this report at this time. Then we got the FOIA emails showing that and NTP said they may not publish this [the report] at all.”

Kanye and many others were right. Jews are powerful. Always in the room, typically directing things—in this case the program to lower the IQ levels of American’s children through poisoning the drinking water, as part of the broader campaign to destroy White Christian civilization and replace it with the whatever the World Economic Forum wants. Here Levine and baby killer Rochelle Walensky, its Jewish colleague directing the CDC, are engineering the mass poisoning of children and hiding the evidence.

I call Walensky a baby-killer for her recommendation that it was “urgent” for “pregnant persons” to get the covid vax in order to protect themselves and their babies, when the CDC’s own study which Walensky cited concluded that more data was needed to make any recommendation (see my Taboo Truth essay “Jews of the CDC”). That study showed a 26% adverse outcome (miscarriages, small birth weight, early birth, defects) according to the voluntary V-Safe reporting system and VAERS data. These data were only for first-trimester injections, and only from “several states,” and only from January to July, when a much smaller percentage of “pregnant persons” (of course, they would not even say “women” or “mothers”) were vaxxed. Walensky, who conducted a phase 3 trial on pregnant mothers in the U.S., must have known what the outcome would be: death and mangling of babies, and grief for the parents and other family members.

Now her Satanic tribe member Levine is conducting another campaign in the assault on children and society and hiding the evidence. We’ve had enough. We’re done with this. This report to the court should result in the EPA being ordered to remove all fluoride from drinking water, and from any other products or sources that can reach not just children, but all ages. If it does not, we will know that the public health establishment and its legal infrastructure are manipulating matters to continue the mass poisoning and the intentional dysgenic program on the populace. These people should be in prison.

To save the children.

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  1. Lancashire lad
    Lancashire lad says:

    I find this unconvincing. The author is too quick to jump to conclusions about malicious motivation. Much depends on the details of the studies – concentrations of the chemical element, what compounds are involved and no doubt other variables – and experience of likely public reactions.

    • Hyacinth Bouquet
      Hyacinth Bouquet says:

      As prejudiced as I am against our Eternal Enemies, I have to agree with you, Lancashire Lad.

    • dogismyth
      dogismyth says:

      Then the blood of children is on your hands fool!

      If you had any intelligence you would know more about the fluoride poisoning that occurs predominantly in the USA, its historical use (WWII) and the lobbyist that pushed it through to rid themselves of a waste product.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I feel I have been too slow in assessing malicious motivation–because any delay is ruinous. As I have developed my conceptual framework, I have found that we should Start with malicious motivation, not gradually end there. This is clearly true with fluoride when we learn it is a toxic waste product from the manufacture of aluminum and other industrial processes, it would be an expense to dispose of it as such turned into an income when sold as a nutritional supplement, that no nutritional need for fluoride exists in the body, that the body attempts to neutralize the fluoride it cannot expel by sequestering it in the bones and teeth where it causes discoloring and brittleness, that it particularly affects the pineal gland, known as the “third eye” in hindu beliefs, which is the seat of consciousness or the God-connection…

      This last fact explains why fluoride exposure decreases IQ in children: it is a neuro-toxin, especially damaging to intelligence and higher brain functions such as perception of divinity. And That reveals malicious motivation. They want to separate us from any divine connection and debase us to an animal state. They are trying to remove our humanity (in many ways), and fluoride is a chemical weapon in their culture war. I know of no motivation more malicious.

  2. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    “Is drugging an unstated motivation behind fluoridation? Fluorite, a naturally occurring compound of calcium and fluoride, is already used as a formidable tranquilizer in traditional [but it is not as traditional as they want you to think] Chinese medicine; and Prozac (fluoxetine hydrochloride), a modern antidepressant, is based on the fluoride molecule…

    “Originally, decay-prevention tests with fluoride were carried out with CALCIUM fluoride, yet SODIUM fluoride and fluorosilicic acid are the chemicals added to city water supplies…[at one time] the primary use of fluoride was as rat poison. After approval for city water, the price of sodium fluoride shot up 1000% almost overnight”. (And much more on this topic from Healing with Whole Foods, Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition by Paul Pitchford)

    Various parties have been trying to ban fluoride in public water supplies, but are never successful as far as I know. In any case, I don’t think that fluoride is the only culprit in the overall dullness of most of the population. But they have no right to put that stuff in our water. Why should everyone get some people’s medicine?. Mind you, there’s ways around it – various kinds of water filters or buying distilled water in jugs.

    • JBeen
      JBeen says:

      You forgot to mention that the entire floride campaign was to find a way for Alcoa to profit from the massive floride piles they had leftover from aluminum production.

    • Happy German
      Happy German says:

      The flouride in our drinking water comes from industrial waste. It is not by any means natural.

  3. His Grace
    His Grace says:

    Great article!

    The two parallel disasters, flouride in drinking water and the covid vaxxx debacle are both linked to the NWO great reset.
    Blending, homogenizing and lowering social achievement standards is the goal of the Rothchilds, Gates, Schumer, Walensky, et. cia.

  4. Sam Owen
    Sam Owen says:

    It’s insane that this has been well known and considered “conspiracy theory” for so long. Even the EU has fluoride banned in 97% of regions. It’s very well established that it’s bad and has little if any benefit.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Yup. So why did the judge decide that the evidence Food & Water Watch presented was insufficient, and order another 6 year meta-study by a sub-agency of HHS? The facts are in, the case is closed. Perhaps the industry needs time to reposition investments and work up a substitute.

  5. Kelly Witling
    Kelly Witling says:

    What else could poison the wells?
    Any chance of putting oestrogen in the drink of black men?

  6. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Further to Barkingmad’s comment, everyone interested in fluoridation as a big-government hustle should read Murray Rothbard’s in-depth essay, now fully thirty-one years old. There is a different link to Rothbard’s essay in this Mises.org article, also recommended, from seven months ago.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      Boy, those 2 articles make great reading. I did not know that Rothbard was opposed to fluoridation of drinking water. I would have assumed in any case that his arguments would be of a typically narrow libertarian nature and that he would not have bothered with doing research into the nasty effects of ingesting this poison.

      While I’m here, fluoride ( not only bromide) depletes iodine absorption. So you get the thyroid angle there as well. Dr. Sircus sez, “Iodine Protects Against Fluoride Toxicity”. We may not consume fluoridated water but we still have to bathe in it, so we take Iodine drops. Iodized salt is largely useless.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        … so we take iodine drops.

        So do I! Iosol Formula II drops (1 fluid ounce) can often be found for about $14 at Swanson or iHerb. If one takes two drops a day, the bottle will last ten months.

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:

          Well, bless my soul, Pierre. That’s what I take, too, though kind of sporadically, but I don’t have to force it down my offspring’s or husband’s throat. They must be nuts, they actually like the taste.

          However, most people seem to prefer the Lugol’s version (liquid or tablet) but I have heard that it does not agree with everyone. Oh well, at least they are taking something instead of trusting the iodized salt to fill their need for Iodine.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            I too now take iodine only twice or thrice a week, and so the bottle that I have is nigh on two years old and still half full. I am glad to have it on hand, however, especially as New York’s water is fluoridated.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        Yes, fluoride displaces some iodine and some calcium and other nutritional minerals as well. I hope to get most iodine needs from toasted seaweed and seafood, particularly shellfish. Iodine acts in the thyroid as part of the holistic immune system, neutralizing any contaminants in the blood, as the full contents of the blood passes through the thyroid every 20 minutes or so.

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:

          Thanks, Karl. Personal story: I suppose that consuming iodine-containing food makes more sense than taking a supplement, though at one time I consumed generous quantities of kombu, hijiki, nori and any other seaweed I could find in the health food store. My acquaintances would gag at the sight of me scarfing this stuff down (cooked for half an hour to make it palatable).

          But years prior to the above: Your mention of seaweed reminds me of the day my Commanding Officer, who had recently returned from a visit to his home town on the east coast, marched into the front office with a plastic bag of some red crispy looking things, and handed some to every one of us and “encouraged” us to eat it. And eat it we did, trying to be polite about it.

  7. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Turnabout being fair play, it is useful to get a sense of how (((the masters))) think of the peasants in “our democracy.” This Jewish-authored 2017 article from the “Daily Beast” is a good place to start.

    Note how the article’s most revealing sentence, “the USPHS practiced a major dental experiment on a city full of unconsenting subjects,” presents an extraordinarily dangerous and completely arbitrary exercise of raw governmental power as a good thing. To the Jews’ way of thinking, when the choice is between the citizenry and The Science®, the penalty for making the wrong choice must be extreme.

    How fortunate mere Americans are that Jews know best!*
    * Sarcasm alert!

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Sounds like tikkun olam. Jews are obligated and ordained to complete God’s creation. What could go wrong?

  8. Marcus Baskett
    Marcus Baskett says:

    Small community watershed water treatment plants generally do Not use fluoride or chlorine period. Alum and filtration and sometimes just filtration. Why?

  9. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    ” Mind you, there’s ways around it – various kinds of water filters or buying distilled water in jugs.”

    Good point . There are ways around virtually everything the jewmasters establish . Unfortunately , there is nearly always an additional expense for all of those ways that tally up to a big cost .

  10. londonstone
    londonstone says:

    For inquiring minds: properly documented books – in the usual online book dump/s

    Bryson, Christopher: The Fluoride Deception (2004) – 374pp appx.

    Connett, Paul, et al.: The Case against Fluoride (2010) – 372pp appx.

    Yiamouyiannis, John: Fluoride: The Aging Factor (1983) – 210pp appx.

  11. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    We have to invite them in for them to suck our blood, they have to carry a bag of their home soil with them and even sleep in it because they are away from their native home, garlic repels them (Rome?), sunlight (truth) destroys them, they prey on the weak and gullible, they are parasites that have to feed on the energy of others, they convert others into themselves, and basically they suck… Jews for sure.

  12. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    “Soros-phobia”. Here, the hopeless attempt to cover up the all-too-revealing turns into the purest comedy. Call a Jew a Jew, and immediately another Jew comes along and claims that this Jew is not a Jew at all, but a Nazi. An insult to every common sense: “If something looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, smells like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it can only be a zebra!” https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/opinion/call-it-soros-phobia/ar-AA1928oT

    Oh, such “insensitive anti-Semitic” simpelst truth must not be told! The wrong mouth spoke it out. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/nation-world/national/article248988415.html

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