Jewish Control of U.S. Presidents #2 — Ronald Reagan

Similar to an addict who must bottom out to a recognition of the full horror and misery of life before turning sincerely to recovery, so we must understand the full depths of Jewish power over us before we can really turn our situation around. In #1 of this series we examined the Jews who gained control over U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, leading to the placement on the Supreme Court of the first Jew, the imposing of the disastrous Federal Reserve system dominated by Jewish bankers, and entry into World War I to the profit and advantage of Jews.

Many other Presidents can be chosen almost at random to continue this examination, but we will look next at Ronald Reagan because it is estimated that around 1980 was the culmination of the rise of Jewish power in America—when they finally achieved dominance over the long-held power of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs).

Within the past 60 years, the Jews have risen to elite status in the United States, totally displacing the traditional WASP elite who used to run the country. Their infiltration of the highest offices of every American institution, their extreme over-representation in every profession, their control of the news and entertainment media, their over-representation in the universities, is even more pervasive in America today than in Weimar Germany…

But unlike the WASP elite whom they have displaced, the Jews have become what Professor Kevin MacDonald, in his trilogy of books on Jewish culture, calls a “hostile elite.” The old WASP elite never lost its sense of noblesse oblige toward the ordinary people of America. They were, after all, of the same religion and of the same ethnic origin, and they felt a sense of responsibility for the general welfare of all of their fellow citizens. Our new Jewish elite is different. They feel no identity with ordinary Americans, only contempt, and they concern themselves only with “what is good for the Jews.”

Not only does this new Jewish elite have no empathy for the traditional European majority in America, they actively work to undermine it…

-Benton Bradberry, The Myth of German Villainy, 2012, pp. 434–5

The election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 marked a milestone in this advance of Jewish power, and arguably could be viewed as the transition time. Reagan served as the 40th president during two terms from 1981–1989, with Vice President George H.W. Bush. We will see the role Jews played in Reagan’s trajectory, and Reagan’s receptiveness to Jewish power.

Jewish Media Mafia Origins

Reagan attended Eureka College in Illinois, the state in which he was born. There he acted in school plays. “Upon graduation, he became a radio sports announcer. A screen test in 1937 won him a contract in Hollywood. During the next two decades he appeared in 53 films.” According to Dan Moldea, researcher and author on organized crime, in his The Corruption of Ronald Reagan:

Reagan came to Los Angeles in 1937 to make motion pictures, and, in 1940, MCA bought out his talent agency.  Lew Wasserman became Reagan’s personal agent; he negotiated a million-dollar contract with Warner Brothers on Reagan’s behalf.  In 1946, Wasserman became the president of MCA, and the following year, Reagan, with his film career already in decline, became the president of the Screen Actors Guild.

MCA “was founded in 1924 by Jules Stein, a Chicago ophthalmologist who quickly became friendly with the local underworld,” according to Moldea. He will not state the obvious, that Stein was Jewish, nor that the “underworld” Stein allied with also included Jewish elements. Lew Wasserman who was Reagan’s personal agent and had become president of MCA was also of course Jewish.

Every facet of Reagan’s life, from his careers in acting and politics to his financial successes, were directed by MCA, which, with the help of the Mafia, was the most powerful force in Hollywood from the mid-1940s until the Bronfman family purchased the company in 1995. The Bronfman family was/is also Jewish, as was the Hollywood Mafia as we will see.

It may seem tedious to identify so many of the names in this investigation as Jewish, but that is something Moldea and some other sources we refer to will not do, making it significant obscurantism. Revealing the Jewish identity of those who created and controlled Reagan the president will assist us in a clear identification of the enemy of America and its people, and inform an effective self-defense.

Lew Wasserman’s career in entertainment and organized crime lasted 70 years, starting as an usher at a movie theater in Cleveland in 1933. At the peak of his career as Chairman of MCA in 1973, Variety magazine called him “Hollywood’s ultimate mover and shaker.” Wasserman’s Wikipedia entry references Moldea, and says:

Wasserman was the link between the Mafia, the Hollywood film industry and Reagan, who obtained very lucrative deals as an actor with Wasserman as his agent. By 1947, just after Al Capone died, and still with the help of his alliance with the underworld, Wasserman was instrumental in helping Reagan to become president of the Screen Actors Guild, which kicked-off Reagan’s rise to power. Reagan allowed MCA to work both as a producer as well as an agent, which enabled the Mafia to earn a huge income.

Another Jewish mobster in Hollywood was Sidney Korshak. A Vanity Fair profile on Korshak titled “The Man Who Kept the Secrets” states:

Wasserman’s rise had brought him in contact with the underworlds of both Cleveland and Chicago; MCA’s ascendance in Hollywood in the late 30s was simultaneous with the Chicago Mob’s infiltration, through union control, of the movie business, and with Sidney Korshak’s own move to the Coast. Wasserman was perhaps the most powerful and revered figure in Hollywood, and Sidney Korshak was perhaps his closest friend. … it was Glaser who introduced [Jules] Stein to Korshak. It seems likely that it was Stein who then introduced Wasserman to Korshak.

 Joe Glaser was another Jew of Russian origin involved with MCA and the Hollywood Jewish Mafia. Here is a good summary of the Hollywood/Jewish Organized Crime Syndicate environment at the time:

“Twentieth-century organized crime in America was a primarily Jewish-Italian coalition that shared the sensibilities but lacked the ethnic purity of the true Sicilian Mafia.”

Reagan Groomed for President by Jews

A definitive research work by Dan Moldea titled Dark Victory: Ronald Reagan, MCA and the Mob recounts:

In the late 1940s Hollywood shifted its attention away from the Mafia’s infiltration of the film industry to its infiltration by Communists [i.e., another group of Jews]. Ronald Reagan, a young actor who was represented by Wasserman and MCA, was a star player during the investigations and hearings by the U. S. House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), serving as both an informant for the FBI and a friendly witness for the committee.

After his performance in the war against communism … Reagan was rewarded by being elected as President of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), serving for five consecutive one-year terms. (p. 16)

As SAG President, Reagan allowed a violation of rules that was immensely profitable to MCA:

“In 1952, during his fifth term, Reagan engineered a ‘blanket waiver,’ exempting MCA from SAG rules prohibiting a talent agency from also engaging in film production.” Earlier Moldea writes: “decisions made by SAG while under Reagan’s leadership became ‘the central fact of MCA’s whole rise to power.’” Already in the early 1950s Reagan and MCA were in a mutually beneficial relationship, but

soon after Reagan’s tenure as SAG President ended, he found himself in serious financial trouble. With his film career on the skids, Reagan was saved by MCA with jobs in Las Vegas and on television. …the preferential treatment Reagan received from MCA was a payoff for services rendered while Reagan was President of SAG. (Ibid.)

By 1959 Reagan was reelected to a sixth term as SAG President, this time to oversee a strike of the actors against major studios. Reagan resolved the strike eventually with the assistance of Jewish Mafia attorney Sidney Korshak. Reagan’s own role as President was against SAG rules, since having become a producer with Jewish support, he was disallowed from being President. He refused to recuse himself.

Jews Place a California Governor

Jules Stein was also known to be “active in Republican politics,” and influenced Reagan to shift to the Republican party after the “break up” of MCA. During Reagan’s campaign for California Governor, “Among the guiding forces in the shaping of Reagan’s political philosophy were MCA’s Jules Stein and Taft Schreiber. … [S]everal of Reagan’s campaign financiers (p. 18) were close friends and associates of Sidney Korshak.” (p. 18) Only Schreiber is unconfirmed as Jewish. Reagan won the Governorship in 1966 and again in 1970, with Jewish Hollywood Mafia help. Reagan’s fundraising and campaign management “was arranged and financed by Jules Stein and a group of conservative southern California businessmen.” (p. 252) “Considering all the help Reagan received from Stein and Schreiber, the standing joke in Hollywood was that ‘MCA even had its own Governor.’” It was no joke that Jews had their own Governor in California.

Early in Reagan’s Governorship, “Wasserman had become the most powerful legitimate force in Hollywood.” Reagan paid back the Hollywood Mafia Jews who had placed him in the Governor role:

To help the film industry, Governor Reagan pushed legislation through the California State assembly giving all Hollywood studios, including MCA-Universal and 20th Century-Fox, huge breaks on their film libraries. The tax savings at each studio was estimated to be worth a minimum of $3 million. (p. 266)

Jews such as Stein and Korshak arranged real estate deals for Reagan at values well above market rates, making him a multi-millionaire through what was essentially Jewish money laundering bribery deals. Hollywood Mafia Jews controlled Reagan as far back as 1966 at the beginning of Reagan’s time as role as California governor, by funding and running his campaigns, and bribing him through cutting real estate deals. Reagan reciprocated by passing legislation in the California legislature profiting Jewish Hollywood Mafia moguls.

President Reagan, Actor for Jews

In November 1979, Reagan kicked off his presidential campaign with a speech at the New York Hilton Hotel. Earlier that year, Nevada Senator Paul Laxalt, with extensive Las Vegas Mafia ties, including the Jewish Mafia through the figure of Moe Dalitz, formed the Reagan For President Committee. Laxalt was quoted openly in New York Times Magazine as saying “Moe Dalitz is a friend of mine.” Dalitz and the Jewish Mafia contributed large sums to Reagan’s campaign. Reagan’s platform was to be limited government regulation, low taxes and limits on government spending. Reagan’s main campaign manager was William Casey, corrupt businessman and lawyer who had been lead counsel at the primarily Jewish Bear Stearns investment bank where Jeffrey Epstein also worked, before its bankruptcy. The Jew Alan Greenberg, who recruited and advanced Epstein, was CEO of Bear Stearns at the time of its collapse. Casey went on to be Reagan’s CIA Director. (Moldea, p. 310–11)

In her great chronicle One Nation Under Blackmail, Whitney Webb details Reagan’s CIA Director’s relations with the Jewish Mob:

 [William] Casey and [Roy] Cohn were close friends, and, during the 1980 Reagan campaign, Casey “called Roy almost daily.” … [I]n the immediate aftermath of Reagan’s electoral victory, Cohn … took (Adnan) Khashoggi on as a client. Epstein would follow suit, shortly after his resignation from Bear Stearns. … Casey had been the legal representative of Bear Stearns during Epstein’s time there up until several weeks before Epstein’s abrupt resignation, when Casey became CIA Director. (Webb, ppg. 650–51)

Roy Cohn was of course the Jewish mob attorney in New York City who ran his own child-raping blackmail rings, similar to Epstein. Epstein resigned from Bear Stearns on March 12, 1981, less than a month after Reagan took office. The timing coincided with an insider trading crime at the bank that involved the Jewish mob family the Bronfmans. (Webb, ppg. 18–23)

By August 1980 Reagan gave a campaign speech in Ohio before the Teamsters Union, whose vice-president at the time was Jackie Presser, Jewish, who went on to become the Teamsters’ President in the Reagan years. Through his Jewish father, convicted labor racketeer William, Jackie had close associations with Jewish mobsters Moe Dalitz, Allen Dorfman and Sidney Korshak. (Moldea, p. 315)

Lew Wasserman, the movie mogul who dominated the Los Angeles business scene, worked to restrict funding for Reagan’s competitor, incumbent Jimmy Carter, and was unobtrusively supporting Reagan. (Moldea, pp. 316–17) “Wasserman was also one of the driving forces and chief political patrons of Ronald Reagan, making him a ‘kingmaker’ for several U.S. Presidents during his lifetime,” including Carter. (Moldea, p. 309) Reagan appointed Presser to be his “chief economic advisor” on the transition team, and Presser influenced the selection of other Reagan officials, including Labor, Treasury and others, which would have jurisdiction to (not) investigate Teamster mob connections. (Moldea, p. 317)

Reagan tried to appoint William McCann as ambassador to Ireland, but in the confirmation hearings it became known that McCann had been associated with convicted stock and insurance fraudster Louis Ostrer, who stole funds from the Laborers Union account (Moldea, p. 319). I found no direct evidence Ostrer was Jewish, but his name association with the clearly Jewish Harry Ostrer who conducted the genetic studies that showed Jews are a genetically distinct group, makes it likely.

When MCA founder and Wasserman mentor Jules Stein died on April 29, 1981, President Reagan was one of the seventy-six honorary pallbearers (Moldea, p. 326).

For twenty years including during the two Reagan presidencies, Wasserman’s second in command of MCA was President and Chief Operating Officer Sidney Scheinberg, Jewish. Scheinberg mentored and groomed Jewish movie maker Steven Speilberg, and oversaw the holocaust promotion block-buster Schindler’s List (based on a fictional novel). Also appointed to the MCA board was the Jew Robert Strauss, who was the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Later Strauss went on to advise Reagan on the replacement of his controversial Chief of Staff Donald Regan with Republican Senator Howard Baker. Baker later had a close working business relationship with Israeli super-spy Robert Maxwell (Hoch), in the Newstar investment and advisory corporation, investing in privatized assets of the former Soviet Union (Webb, p. 191).

We could provide more evidence from these excellent sources for Jewish power and for Jewish organized crime control over Ronald Reagan in his presidential campaigns, transition teams, and two presidential terms. Let what we have seen already suffice to establish its factual basis.

Reagan’s Gifts to Jews
Next we will examine just some of the many benefits Reagan bestowed upon Jews during his governorship and presidency. Our source will be the Jewish Virtual Library entry on Reagan, which provides a convenient list:

  • California had the second largest Jewish population in the U.S., and served their interests as Governor
  • Resigned in protest from the Lakeside Country Club because it declined to admit a Jew [probably a Jewish mobster]
  • “…strongly supported Israel during the Six-Day War and was the featured speaker at a pro-Israel rally in the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.”
  • Passed a law that banks were authorized to purchase State of Israel bonds
  • Wrote a weekly column in the Jewish Press newspaper, for an audience of mostly Orthodox Jews
  • Jews not yet mentioned but active in both gubernatorial and presidential campaigns and administrations: Theodore Cummings, Albert Speigel (L.A. businessman, head of the Jewish Coalition for Reagan), Max Fisher , Maxwell Rabb , George Klein, Gordon Zacks.
  • “Neo-conservative Jewish intellectuals, such as Eugene V. Rostow, Max Kempelman, Irving Kristol, and Norman Podhoretz were active in the Reagan election campaign and many became influential in the Reagan Administration.” Irving Kristol along with Leo Strauss was a known Communist Trotskyite who gave rise to today’s “Neo-Con” Jews, including his son William.
  • Brooklyn Jews voted strongly for Reagan, an unprecedented split along a “religious” divide.
  • After seeing propaganda footage of the “liberation” of German camps, referenced it in a Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) speech from the White House in 1981.
  • Israel First policy: support the Israeli military and recognize it as “the only remaining strategic asset in the region on which we can rely,” opposed the PLO and rejected a two-state solution, and provided “strong support for Israel as America’s most reliable ally in the Middle East.”
  • Regarding Israel’s illegal settlement activity in the West Bank and Gaza, Reagan’s consistent position was: “the settlements are not unlawful.”
  • Instructed US delegates to the UN to veto any resolution characterizing Jerusalem as “occupied territory,” and authorized the only veto cast against the UN Security Council resolution condemning the mass shooting of Palestinian worshipers by an Israeli gunman at the Dome of the Rock in 1982, on the grounds that the resolution contained a paragraph declaring Jerusalem occupied territory.
  • In a speech of September 1, 1982, announced the “Reagan Plan” for peace in the Middle East, which denied independent statehood for Palestine, and Jerusalem to remain undivided and its jurisdiction ambiguous.
  • Through negotiations with U.S.S.R. President Gorbachev, conditions in Ethiopia changed to allow Jews there to move to Israel in 1985, in Operation Moses, “with some covert U.S. assistance.”
  • Steady support for Israel was “somewhat marred” by his visit in 1985 to the Bitburg Cemetery in Germany, where SS officers were buried, “who committed the most heinous crimes.” Yet this “caused no lasting damage to the cause of remembrance.”

Regarding the rise of the neocons during Reagan’s presidency:

The fault lines between neoconservatives and paleoconservatives were apparent during the Reagan administration in the battle over the appointment of the head of the National Endowment for the Humanities, eventually won by the neoconservative Bill Bennett. The campaign featured smear tactics and innuendo aimed at M. E. Bradford, an academic literary critic and defender of Southern agrarian culture who was favored by traditional conservatives. After neocons accused him of being a “virulent racist” and an admirer of Hitler, Bradford was eventually rejected as a potential liability to the administration.102

The entry of the neoconservatives into the conservative mainstream did not, therefore, proceed without a struggle. Samuel Francis witnessed much of the early infighting among conservatives, won eventually by the neocons. Francis recounts the “catalog of neoconservative efforts not merely to debate, criticize, and refute the ideas of traditional conservatism but to denounce, vilify, and harm the careers of those Old Right figures and institutions they have targeted.”103

There are countless stories of how neoconservatives have succeeded in entering conservative institutions, forcing out or demoting traditional conservatives, and changing the positions and philosophy of such institutions in neoconservative directions.… Writers like M. E. Bradford, Joseph Sobran, Pat Buchanan, and Russell Kirk, and institutions like Chronicles, the Rockford Institute, the Philadelphia Society, and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute have been among the most respected and distinguished names in American conservatism. The dedication of their neoconservative enemies to driving them out of the movement they have taken over and demonizing them as marginal and dangerous figures has no legitimate basis in reality. It is clear evidence of the ulterior aspirations of those behind neoconservatism to dominate and subvert American conservatism from its original purposes and agenda and turn it to other purposes.… What neoconservatives really dislike about their “allies” among traditional conservatives is simply the fact that the conservatives are conservatives at all—that they support “this notion of a Christian civilization,” as Midge Decter put it, that they oppose mass immigration, that they criticize Martin Luther King and reject the racial dispossession of white Western culture, that they support or approve of Joe McCarthy, that they entertain doubts or strong disagreement over American foreign policy in the Middle East, that they oppose reckless involvement in foreign wars and foreign entanglements, and that, in company with the Founding Fathers of the United States, they reject the concept of a pure democracy and the belief that the United States is or should evolve toward it. (“Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement;”  inner quote from Sam Francis)

Reaganomics: Trickle Down, Flood Up

The Jewish libertarian leader Murray Rothbard in his essay “The Myths of Reaganomics” states: “I come to bury Reaganomics, not to praise it.” Rothbard’s main critique is that Reaganomics’s stated goals of reducing government spending, reducing taxes, reducing government regulations and balancing the budget all significantly worsened under Reagan. Rothbard’s main agenda however may be to obscure the Jewish role in Reaganomics.

The Chairman of Reagan’s first Council of Economic Advisors was Murray Weidenbaum, Jewish. Martin Feldstein, also Jewish, served on the Council under Weidenbaum until Feldstein went on to the Chairman role from 1982–4. The third among the Chairmen of Reagan’s Council was Beryl Sprinkel. I could not determine if he was Jewish, but he “was heavily influenced by the monetarist ideas of Milton Friedman, who late won the Nobel Prize in Economics.” Friedman was another Jewish Libertarian, who influenced another influential Reagan economic advisor, non-Jew William Niskanen.

The Council lists 64 other people under Members, Special Assistants to the Chairmen, and Senior Staff Economists, not counting the Junior Staff Economists, Staff Economists, Senior Statistician, Statistical Assistants, Research Assistants, Student Assistants, Staff Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Secretary/Staff Support and Title Unknown (85 more). Plenty of the next 64 are Jewish based on name recognition alone, including Feldman, Frankel, Freedman, Hahn, Krugman, Zimmerman and Zycher, and then Greenspan, Kroszner, Milberg, and others. Of note, Larry Summers served among Reagan’s Senior Staff Economists, who went on to serve as the Secretary of the Treasury, Director of the National Economic Council and President of Harvard University.

In opposition to the Jewish Rothbard, non-Jew Niskanan assesses Reaganomics favorably in his Library of Economics and Liberty essay: “The rate of new business formation increased sharply, but the rate of bank failures was the highest since the thirties. Real interest rates increased sharply, but inflation-adjusted prices of common stocks more than doubled.” Business in bank consolidation was good, which included banks laundering Jewish organized crime syndicate money, and Wall Street surged. Niskanen says, “Banks were allowed to invest in a somewhat broader set of assets, and the scope of the antitrust laws was reduced.” Jewish investment banks such as Goldman Sachs expanded their wealth and power due to these Reaganomic measures. This was the era of hostile takeovers of firms via leveraged buyouts, junk bonds and much else. Edmund Connelly: 

I’ll start with Oliver Stone’s 1987 Wall Street, where (half-Jewish) director Stone was at pains to avoid portraying any of the leading characters as Jewish, despite the fact that the 1980s were famous for the rise of Jewish financiers on both sides of legality — Boesky, Milken, et al. The first book to read on this subject is Connie Bruck’s The Predators’ Ball: The Inside Story of Drexel Burnham and the Rise of the Junk Bond Traders. The book is a convincing account of Jewish financial mischief — that it is pervasive and has a massively negative effect on the greater non-Jewish world.

An even better book is James B. Stewart’s Den of Thieves, in which Stewart chronicles the misdeeds of Ivan Boesky, Martin Siegel, Dennis Levine (who wrote his own book, Inside Out: The Dennis Levine Story), and most of all, Michael Milken, the mastermind behind it all. Simply by describing all the Jews involved, Stewart makes it clear that it was a cabal of Jews that pillaged and destroyed some of the most well-known corporations in America at the time by inventing and peddling “junk bonds” as an “advance in capitalism” which enabled hostile takeovers of corporations while typically saddling them with huge debt and enriching themselves. A must-have book. (Intriguingly, the obituary of Stewart’s mother notes that her son James’ “spouse” is one Benjamin Weil, who is Jewish.)

“Reagan supported the large increase in defense spending…” In fact, the Baltimore Sun stated in 2004 that “Reagan presided over the biggest peacetime defense buildup in history,” and that many of the weapons systems developed then were “used in both Persian Gulf wars,” “forced Saddam Hussein’s troops out of Kuwait,” and eventually (under George W. Bush) invaded Iraq to bring down Hussein himself. A list of U.S. wars shows four conducted throughout the eight years of Reagan’s Presidency, including intervention in Lebanon (1982–4), Bombing of Libya (1986), and the Tanker War (1987–8) in which Iranian oil tankers were bombed. The only one of the wars conducted during this time of the Reagan Presidency and the subsequent wars mentioned as using weapons developed during the Reagan years which was not a war on behalf of Israel was the invasion of Grenada (1983). All the others were fought not for U.S. interests and concerns, but for the expansionist, terrorist, apartheid, Zionist supremacist state of Israel. Jewish control of Reagan ensured such a foreign policy in support of Israel and at the expense of U.S. blood and bounty.


Ronald Reagan was literally an actor, spokesman and front man for Jewish power, first as President of the Screen Actors Guild, then as California Governor, and finally as President of the United States for two terms. Throughout this career Reagan’s handlers were mainly Jewish organized crime bosses and their agents, who funded and organized Reagan’s campaigns, handled his financial affairs including lavish real estate deals and lucrative media appointments which rescued Reagan from poverty and made him relatively rich, and directed his policies and programs. In return Reagan manipulated laws and policies that favored first MCA in its expansion of wealth and power, benefited the Jewish organized crime syndicate including deflecting investigations and prosecutions, and later blessed the entire Jewish lobby in America with a flood up economic policy and military support for Israel.

End of story, until we examine another U.S. President controlled by Jews. Who shall it be? Clinton? Nixon? Trump? They might be too obvious. JFK might warrant a closer look, since he too appeared to defy Jewish power—although that topic may have been beaten to death already. Throwing a dart blindfolded at a wall of name slips will likely reveal a President under Jewish control as well as any other method.

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      KM global power depends on three main frauds viz:
      1. Fraudulent political and legal systems – Democracy, Deception, Deceit – they’re all the same

      Professor Delores Cahill – It’s The Law – the Real Law: Brilliant:

      An Investigative Report Re the US Strawman UCC/Redemption Process By Barton A. Buhtz

      2. The unnecessary, mind controlling money meme accompanied by unlawful nation-controlling political corporations unlawfully giving to private corporations the community’s exclusive right to emit money and currency AND to fraudulently distribute that pretend money created out of thin air via usurious, fiat, fractional reserve bank debt tokens.

      3. Fictional KM controlled corporate entities like the Vatican, the US CORPORATION, the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, the UN and the WHO etc, exercising power over flesh and blood humans with those unlawful corporate constructs ostensibly empowering myriad other lifeless corporation entities to unlawfully have and exercise greater rights and privileges than real flesh and blood humans:
      Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific Railroad Co. in 1886, See: Supreme Court of the United States (via Findlaw), Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company, decided May 10, 1886.



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    I think LBJ would be a good candidate for the next president to examine as he was president when Israel stole enriched uranium from a US defense plant and of course, during the USS Liberty attack and coverup.

    Interestingly, the first call for a presidential commission to investigate the JFK assassination came from jew Eugene Rostow within hours of Lee Harvey Oswald being killed by jew Jack Ruby. When Ruby’s identity was announced on nationwide TV, his name was given as Jack Rubenstein which surely must have alarmed jews.

    Whoever was behind the JFK assassination, they obviously saw JFK as an existential threat, could not take a chance he would be defeated in 1964, and thought they’d get better treatment from LBJ. JFK’s attempts to curb Israel’s nuclear weapons program certainly qualifies as a motivation.

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  6. Dingo bayrum
    Dingo bayrum says:

    No, now Roy Cohen besides being a homosexual was running a child rape scheme.No background is given for this charge. Although Cohen denied being a his last days.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I think you mean Cohn, and the reference is to a Whitney Webb essay on the topic. I searched that essay and Cohn is mentioned many times.
      Cohn is said to have died of AIDS, which most likely means his dirty degenerate “life style” among New York’s most perverse homosexual freaks.

      • Brian Rockford
        Brian Rockford says:

        The extent of Roy Cohn’s successful celebrity-schmoozing among the despite the Liberal, Communist and Jewish hostility to “McCarthyism” is instructive. He and his boyfriend Schine did not to the Senator’s fight against Soviet agents in government much good, nor did his bland and feeble book about Joe. Cohn was probably more a pervert than an invert (to use Havelock Ellis’s distinction), i.e. someone who just liked “sex” with men rather someone irreparably “born that way” (hormones/genes).

  7. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    In order to understand a subject that some call Jew-bashing, we need to fill what I call DaGap – – because lacking the spiritual understanding of world events inevitably leads us into a dead end and we repeat ourselves endlessly blaming DaJews…..without seeing the ultimate cause involved. Once we see that, we just might have a clue as to what the solution might be.
    Being blind is not an excuse for not trying to see!

    • Sick of it
      Sick of it says:

      Why dont you shut up? Explain how people who have been forced out of every place they have ever settled and who are ruining the White world not to blame for 95 percent of our ills?

        • SS
          SS says:

          Regarding a video on your site that presents an explanation of the word “cannibal” as derived from “Canaan” and “Baal”, this is foolishness, look it up in the Britannica or any other such site. Apparently Christopher Columbus did not have a word for cannibals, and when he saw cannibalism in the New World he called it after the perps, Carib Islanders. I mention this as I saw a recent headline by National Geographic claiming that the Europeans were enthusiastic cannibals.

          • Gerry
            Gerry says:

            “enthusiastic cannibals.”

            Now that you bring it up I was going to comment on this very topic yesterday about Crush Limbraw on spiritual understanding giving the illustration of that cannibal Armin Miewes. If you didn’t hear about it well he had a homosexual tryst with his male lover whom he then killed by cutting off his friends penis. He then proceeded to have dinner upon it and his friend and yeah if it wasn’t brought out in a court of law who would believe it yes? As the article said though it was ‘unprecedented in German legal history’ the whole affair horrifying all who witnessed the shocking testimony. But what we should find especially troubling is Mr. Miewes confession that before he killed and ate his murdered friends corpse he said he prayed for forgiveness for his friend and himself and then proceeded with the act! What you say? This man actually had the presence of mind to pray?!?!?!?!?!? And not just pray but actually ask for forgiveness as in repenting for his actions? Know what this tells me? This man was demon possessed totally and completely and that we find him in prayer means one thing and only one thing the demon or demons inside this man were sticking it to God and that quite literally! They sent God a message of contempt for His loving ways with the human race which these demons scoff and laugh at. I hope one understands this? For Armin and his friend to find themselves at God’s throne before Christ has some real serious theological implications.

            Now as for Jew-bashing what did they have to do with any of this?

            The real problem as I see it anyway goes to what St. Paul tried to teach us that unless God had left us a seed we would have become like Sodom and Gommorah. When a people don’t care to retain the knowledge of God and His laws they wind up being forsaken to the pleasures of life and become easy prey for Satan. this is what i believe Mr. Limbraw was alluding to!

            What shocks and bothers me though is the scripture from Romans 1:18. Why? Because here is another direct quote among hundreds in the Bible about climate change which I argue, write and prove is the work of God.

            The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

            So perhaps someone can help me to understand how is it that what is “made plain” is changed into a lie about industrial pollution? How is it that the truth of it gets suppressed. Why are we throwing the baby out with the bath water and O look you want a or the solution to our problems isn’t it right here in Scripture?

            hmmmm? Being blind is not an excuse for not trying to see!

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Dr. Walter Martin he was the preeminent expert as he was involved in many exorcisms and saw firsthand the consequences of what Satan is capable of. I to have had my own astounding experiences which I’m not going to go into here. Rather staying on topic it is what Bush said and did that needs addressing. That Gog and Magog was at work in the Middle East is a horrifying picture of what could occur and it is a mistake of huge proportions.

      A mistake that unfortunately goes all the way back to the Council of Nicea. To condemn the Doctrine of Chiliasm was a grave mistake which took away the hope of Israel. If only they got it right back then we wouldn’t be seeing the actions of Bush today and the likes of the Christian Zionists as well. The truth about Magog and Gog from Ezekiel 38 and 39 revolves around treason pure and simple. A treason that happens after the one thousand year reign of Christ Jesus in Jerusalem. What is taught in Ezekiel is further elaborated on in Revelation 20:8 and Spiritual warfare, Satan plays a big part in that. Please we need to stop and stop immediately all of this talk that Russia and Germany are the nations of Magog and Gog. I wrote the truth about this topic as I received it from Christ Himself. The book is entitled Lies all Lies by Gerry Fox and I know how to interpret the Book of Revelation as well!!! All of this talk about a coming WW 3 which Bush and strange as it is the entire US political system seems to believe in has to end!!! We got it wrong though understandable given the rise of communism and fascism.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        Certainly aspects of extreme Talmudic Judaism are driving the ruin of the West and system of world rule. Israel is the be the epicenter of the One World Government.
        Fascism arose to stop this mad plan and support a world-wide system of thriving ethno-nation-states using currencies without interest to Zionist banksters. Because Fascism lost, we have the hell-world we contemplate today.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” When a people don’t care to retain the knowledge of God and His laws they wind up being forsaken to the pleasures of life and become easy prey for Satan.”

        Humanity does not yet even come close to having and much less retaining

        ” the knowledge of God and His laws ” ,

        to be able to thrive-n-survive beyond the

        [ guaranteed inevitable ]

        {{ Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }} ,

        unless you believe that simple-minded faith in a patently nonscientific religious fantasy

        ( of a Christian rapture ,
        before that TOTAL Extinction Event ,
        to another planet somewhere in the universe )

        will secure the continuous survival
        of future human progeny .

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I think you must be referring to the quote by Bradberry, that the WASP elite was not a hostile elite, whereas the Jews are. I agree it is an arguable point, though it is hard to imagine an elite more hostile than Jews.

      • Gerry
        Gerry says:

        Might I remind of another quote by the General George Cornwallis who apparently said:

        “Your churches will be used to teach the Jews religion and in less than two hundred years, the whole nation will be working for Divine World Government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry.”

        Without the help of the white race the hostile elite would never have stood a chance thus fulfilling what St. Paul warned of for over three years constantly to the early Church:

        I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. 30 Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. 31 So be on your guard! Remember that for three years I never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears. Acts 20:29-31

        My wasn’t America a special case for being taken over? When one studies and learns about the great revivals of religion the Synagogue must have looked on in horror. Why else would they stick their nose into a life like C. I. Scofield and others and judaized so much of it? There is indeed a “tidal wave of deception flooding into the Church and my people do not know the difference between truth and error anymore.”

        • Swan
          Swan says:

          The Cornwallis quote is remarkable and I have never heard it before, could you please provide me with the source? Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:

      I love reading Romanoff!!! thank you!!

      There was a quote by a Dr. C. M. Ward that I came across over 25 years ago:

      “America has 1/3 of the worlds population but uses up something like 79% or more can’t remember the exact figure but it was high of the worlds resources.”

      We have raped our oceans and raped our land, poisoned the world over so is it really about the 1% or are they like that Dr. Carroll Quigley trying to be the saviors of the world knowing that we live in a finite world with finite resources?

      “The standard of living of the average American has to decline.”

      • Barbara
        Barbara says:

        Should we get rid of money and capitalism and go back to trading? Or will humans simply become bio-mechanical and it won’t matter if all life on earth disappears? Shouldn’t we be worried about what’s coming next? What does Romanoff say about that?

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” Should we get rid of money and capitalism and go back to trading? ”

          No .

          An obsolete barter economy is not a viable option .

          A return to a gold standard is not a viable substitute for fiat money that greatly facilitates optimizing economic progress — in the absence of the current dreadful Westernworld Jew’s Harvest Season of financial slaughter , where too-big-too-fail banks open their gates wide for receiving huge transfers of wealth , baked into their corrupt fiat money system .

          Entrepreneurial capitalism is the best way to constantly raise standards of living which is necessary to acquire the technologies that would be needed for humanity to survive continuously into the future .

          The Westernworld effective monopolization
          of financial capitalism
          ( in particular , monopolization of the means for producing and distributing money )
          by the City of Satan
          ( officially known as City of London )
          Ashkenazi financial tribe
          is an egregiously intractable problem .

  8. Miguel Flanderos
    Miguel Flanderos says:

    In ancient times Children were considered property. They could be sold to settle debts (jews) for labor/sex etc. During the Industrial Revolution Child Labor was common. Today a child/minor can not work, buy guns, liquors, pornography etc. BUT the new WOKE dark empire wants to reverse more than 5Kyrs of human social/political evolution in laws/psychology/economics/philosophy/anthropology/education/health…THE WHOLE WORLD recognizes the universal principle of a definitive frontier legal/biological/ between CHILDREN and adults. The WOKE empire is pushing that children as young as 5yrs old can request/demand/ gender/sex mutilations without parental approval. A woke creature calling himself a that before his class term starts less than 50% of her students were transgender, and he/she celebrates that at the end of his/her term 100% of her CHILDREN…have gone transgender.. and she/he claims that was natural..what??

  9. HEH
    HEH says:

    “They” are all Kenites. They have no ties to the true tribe of Judah other than hiding behind and among them to complete their work in this age. “They” are the children of Cain – literal flesh and blood decendants of Satan himself from when he beguiled Eve in the Garden. Ever wonder why they call themselves Jews and not Hebrews? or Israeli’s instead of Israelites? Yeah, thats right because they’re neither. Look at the lineage of Adam in Genesis, Cain is not listed their because Cain is not Adam’s son. Adam’s geneology goes from himself to Seth. YESHUA reveals who they really are throughout the Gospels. We are to leave them alone and let them complete their work which is to prepare the world for the arrival of the Antichrist. Satan comes first claiming to be JESUS at the 6th seal, 6th trump and the 6th vial, hence 666. The True JESUS does not RETURN until the 7th seal ,trump and vial 777. Do not be deceived by Antichrist.

    • todd hupp
      todd hupp says:

      The “Anti Christ “is interesting. Is it a person or a group?He or they will operate out of the third temple.The temple will unify Jews globally in a
      new,very powerful way. A network of power and control.

      • Gerry
        Gerry says:

        Not if the late Paul Hellyer gets his way. Know about him? A military man from Canada who became a Statesman and political financial guru. Seek him out and you’ll learn about an actual alien from some planet named Valiant Thor who arrived in Washington, DC to help us sort out our troubles. Yes, an alien from another planet?

  10. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    I learned a lot from this acticle. I have no doubt it’s all true – amazing, but true. For example, there is the 15-point list of “Reagan’s Gifts to the Jews”, during his governorship and presidency, from the Jewish Virtual Library. And immediately following that, there is an excerpt from Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement, by Kevin MacDonald.

    I always liked Ronald Reagan. His election in 1980 was a decisive victory for the Silent Majority and social conservatives, or so I always believed. But no longer. After reading this article, I am more positive about Jimmy Carter. Many NYC Jews really hated Carter, for no reason other than his race and ethnic background. I liked Carter, but preferred Reagan, who was supposed to be right-wing. Now I know better.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Yes, Reagan is revered still today as a good Conservative president who supported classic American values, especially economically. It can be disappointing and even despairing to learn the truth. I believe the truth is always best in the end. Reagan was a puppet and actor for Jewish mobsters.

      But Carter was no exception either. Wasserman was a big supporter of Carter before Reagan, and basically betrayed Carter to support Reagan in 1980. Maybe Carter would be a good focus in this series too.

      • Barbara
        Barbara says:

        I think the Jews hate Carter because he was no friend of Israel and even wrote books like Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.

        • Flo
          Flo says:

          Exactly right. Have you ever heard the popular Jewish “conservative” radio talkshow hosts — Medved, Prager, Shapiro, etc. — light into Carter? They go absolutely nuts whenever they mention him, spewing venom and spittle.

      • ChilledBee
        ChilledBee says:

        Hi Karl – Wouldn’t it be easier and use up less of your precious time to highlight which presidents { were not } under total control of the Jews. Sarc.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Glad to see you admit that every U.S. President has been beholden to the Jews to some extent — has at the very least needed their support to get elected. If they’re against you they can destroy you.

            I don’t understand, therefore, why you take every opportunity to call Donald Trump a “puppet of the Jews” as though he is extreme in this way. You don’t say that about DeSantis or Biden, that I have ever seen. You expect way more of Trump than you do of the others. Is it because he did try to stand up for Whites and even White Nationalists, and got hammered for it. He was forced to “explain himself.” You all seemed to turn against him then.

  11. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Please consider writing about Abe Lincoln and whether or not he was a puppet of the Jew. According to Otto von Bismarck, Lincoln was and his purpose was to divide the United States which the Jews believed might someday become the world’s bankers.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      A good suggestion. I’ve long wondered at the claim that Lincoln was killed by Jewish banksters such as the Rothschilds for issuing Greenbacks. Or maybe for his plan to repatriate blacks back to Africa, when Jews wanted blacks in the US to use as shock troops against WASP society. Is it true one branch of the Rothschild family funded the North, and another the South? When the Czar of Russia sent a Russian fleet to protect the South, did that contribute to the Jews’ hatred of Czarist Russia and lead to the Bolshevik Revolution?
      Lincoln could reveal some interesting answers.

      • Barbara
        Barbara says:

        This is the only quote that I have about Bismarck

        “The division of the United states into federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil War by the high financial powers of Europe. These bankers were afraid that the United States, if they remained in one block and as one nation, would attain economic and financial independence, which would upset their financial domination over the word. The voice of the Rothschilds prevailed. I fear the Jewish banks with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America, and use it to systematically corrupt modern civilization. The Jews will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos that the earth should become their inheritance. Therefore they sent their emissaries into the field to exploit the question of slavery and to open an abyss between the two sections of the Union. (Prussian statesman Otto von Bismarck, 1815 – 1898)

        • Aiden Lake
          Aiden Lake says:

          @ Barbara X
          This quote is of devastating importance.
          What is the original source and authentication?

  12. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    One thing you have to give the showman and Western hero Ron credit for: his successors seem more lifelike in their grotesqueness than the parodies that were circulating about him at the time.

    While Ron was still able to keep his Jewish backers largely secret, his completely disreputable and embarrassing successors have meanwhile let the cat out of the bag and quite unabashedly adorn themselves with their actual masters.

    ONTHATDAY says:

    ” I found no direct evidence Ostrer was Jewish, but his name association with the clearly Jewish Harry Ostrer who conducted the genetic studies that showed Jews are a genetically distinct group, ”

    • Aiden Lake
      Aiden Lake says:

      There were Whitechapel Jews called Ostrer, one of whom became a big noise in the British cinema world and was criticised by the British Union of Fascists for creating hostility to Germany. Harry Ostrer’s work on Jewish genetics has been both attacked and defended by other Jews.

  14. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    Not that I have much hope in changing the behavior of most folks, but I can’t help but notice the lack of proper scholarship in too many comments here and other sites – pissing contests about our opinions are not edifying anyone.
    What I have also learned in my last 15-20 years – besides the fact that most of what I knew prior to that time was bullshit and propaganda – is that most folks are ignorant…..WILLFULLY…..unwilling to challenge their own ‘knowledge’.
    And that is
    the height of IGNORANCE? When It Becomes WILLFUL!
    The fundamental purpose of my website and library is to fight ignorance – yours – and mine!

    First things first – Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. That’s it!

    Therefore – I am not ashamed to confess I am ignorant of what I do not know. – Cicero. – if or when you actually research my LIBRARY, you might notice that it is mostly a collection of writings by OTHERS and not my wisdom. That is how I learned……by reading OTHERS….not my own yammering.
    Try it, you might learn something!

  15. anonym
    anonym says:

    Superb article. Reagan´s greatest gift to the Jews, and his whole purpose as a puppet, it seems to me, was to turn USA into a merchant society, and away from a wealth creating industrial/agricultural economy. Everything reduced to it’s dollar value, and the whole country turned into a shopping mall. Exactly the way Marx viewed (Jewish) capitalism as a revolutionary force, that breaks society apart and drown every other value (patriotism, ethnic loyalty, human decency, trust, a sense of home…) in “the icy water of cold egotistical calculation”. (As if our only choice is between Jewish communism and Jewish capitalism.)

    A review like yours on the history of American presidents could be enormously revealing; is it a coincidence that all murdered presidents challenged the Jewish monetary dominance, and that the most maligned refused their bribes?(Especially Nixon who seems to have been fully aware of the Jewish problem).

  16. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Thanks Karl, a very good expose of the phoney decoy & kosher conservative, Reagan. Anybody remember when he used to call himself Ronald “Reegan”, in the 1950’s, when working in the pay of the General Electric Corp.? I’ll always remember him as the Shabbas Goy grave digger of the White working class.

  17. Swan
    Swan says:

    Having read Michael Collins Piper on the JFK assassination, it would be interesting to see what jews were in his surroundings.

    • Adrian Lake
      Adrian Lake says:

      @ Swan
      Piper is very informative on the crooks who hated JFK but keeps away from the key forensics about the assassination bullets and Oswald. JFK like his dodgy father had expressed some sympathy for National Socialism in earlier years, and there was talk of his wish to prevent the development of nuclear weapons by Israel (and Red China). There were KGB attempts sexually to compromise him, and the Soviets also had a motive in retaliation for the Cuba fiasco and an effort to provoke civil war inside the USA by also killing Edwin Walker on the “right”. The MSM jumped to support the Soviet explanation that JFK was killed by “right-wing” racists, oil millionaires, anti-Castro assassins and/or the President’s mafia “love” rivals.
      There are some indications, after all, that this was a Soviet hit-job, one of Khrushchev’s “harebrained schemes”. But the chief supporter of this neglected explanation from Romanian intelligence officer, Ion Pacepa, has been the leading Zionist “Vulcan” and anti-Carter publicist Michael Ledeen. Which may tell us something (or not, as is often the case with the JFK & Marilyn Monroe sagas).

  18. Julius Skoolafish
    Julius Skoolafish says:

    Most informative. I’m sure you will covering this in a future article in this series…
    “Roosevelt himself brought into his immediate circle more Jews than any other President before or after him.”
    • Lucy Dawidowicz, “American Jews and the Holocaust,” The New York Times Magazine, 18 April 1982, p. 102.
    cited here (Note 39) …
    • The Journal of Historical Review Volume 04 Number 2

  19. Hampton
    Hampton says:

    Good article. From the economics angle, it’s worth mentioning that neoliberalism, financialization, and trade deficits all really take off under Reagan. I don’t know to what extent these policies were pushed by Jews (other than Friedman, obviously), but they benefit the financial elite that is disproportionately Jewish and disadvantage the white middle class, who underwent deindustrialization, deunionization, and falling real wages. This fact is widely accepted, though the racial angle is not discussed. Nevertheless, good article!

  20. T. N. Watkinson
    T. N. Watkinson says:

    What about Reagan’s campaign against the Hollywood Communists?
    Was the USSR an “evil empire” or not?
    Quite apart from “prisoners of Zion” who were wanted to boost Israel?
    Didn’t US Star Wars helped to bring it down? Was this wrong because it had Jewish support?

  21. Brian Rockford
    Brian Rockford says:

    Hitchens-haters here may be interested in Peter’s latest comment on God’s Own Land of the Brave & Free (“Mail on Sunday”, April 2023): “A powerful faction in Washington DC, with supporters in the West Wing of the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department and the CIA have long wanted a proxy war with Russia…. This faction, whose foundation document is known as The Wolfowitz Doctrine, have been hard at work since 1992….almost exactly the same people who created the Iraq war…got the West into the Afghanistan quagmire, and who backed Islamic fanatics in Syria….everywhere they intervene ends up in corpse-strewn ruins….the rest of us have to…receive the fleeing multitudes.
    “How does Britain benefit from war between Russia and Ukraine….Why should any British soldiers be there at all?”
    Such comments are more useful than claims that Peter Hitchens is “really” the genetic and political puppet of an Omnipotent Giant Global Entity know as The Evil Jew.
    What we can say is that the switch in general Jewish opinion from international Communism to imperial Zionism
    is reflected in the US controlling infrastructure; from the Harry Dexter Whites and Morton Sobells to the Richard Perles and the Douglas Feiths. Facts not fantasy, please.

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