The Rude Boys of South London

As a young man in the 1970s I always enjoyed observing the characteristic behaviours of the various races I saw around me in the English cities where I lived. For example, I was intrigued by the way older Black men played dominoes in the doorways of empty shops on the Golborne Road in west London, round the corner from my bedsit. When gaining an advantage, they would slam their tiles down with a shout, sometimes getting out of their seats to do it. It would have been hard to imagine them quietly playing bridge in a social club.

But it was only when I moved to South London twenty years later that I came to see just how different from White people Black people are. I especially noticed the behaviour of “rude boys”, this being a traditional Jamaican term for anti-social young Black men.[1]

Every day as I rode my motorcycle to or from work in another part of South London, I was inconvenienced three or four times by anti-social driving. When I looked at the offending driver, I usually saw a Black face. “That’s funny”, I thought. “Why are so many anti-social drivers Black?” Noticing that they were rarely old or female, I started looking to see how much of south London’s anti-social driving came from young Black men. It was three weeks before I was inconvenienced by someone of any other description.

In a typical scenario I would be riding along a main road such as the Albert Embankment when I would see a car approaching down a side road, which instead of stopping and waiting for me to pass would join my lane so that I had to brake to avoid going into the back of it. I sensed that these drivers wanted to show that they had got the better of me. They had forced me to give way to them when I had the right of way.

If I didn’t have the braking distance, they would continue as though they hadn’t seen me and then just as I was preparing for a collision would slam on their brakes and stop right at the line. I gathered that this was supposed to be some kind of joke. They had made me expect a crash before in effect saying: “Ha ha, not really!”

One day I was riding along a residential street when an oncoming car moved onto my side of the road and stopped right in front of me, staging a nose-to-nose confrontation. After nonchalantly dialling a number on his mobile phone, the driver, a young Black man, reversed and went off, having at no point looked at me. This time the message seemed to be that he was in control. I would proceed at his pleasure, nor was it incumbent on him to acknowledge my existence.

This kind of thing happened so often that I began to wonder whether young Black men didn’t have a conception of themselves as slave-masters with White people as their slaves. One day I was walking down the road when I heard a shout from a young Black man standing by a parked van. He wanted to borrow a pen, so I gave him one, which he took without speaking or making eye contact. After spending some time writing something on a piece of paper, he extended his arm, again without looking at me or saying anything, holding the pen. He had finished with it. I could have it back.

Another time, I was walking down the left-hand side of a thoroughfare with a side road ahead of me to my left, which a car behind me was about to turn into. I slowed down to let it make the turn, after which I would be able to pick up speed and cross the side road. But as soon as the car turned, it stopped dead, right in front of me, so that under my momentum it was all I could do to avoid walking into it. Had I done so I imagined that I would have been roundly attacked by the young Black man at the wheel for taking insufficient care.

I came to recognise this kind of trick as typical of rude boys, who would set up situations where a White person’s normal behaviour could be held against them with an implicit accusation of being anti-Black. Similar behaviour was documented in a travel guide to Jamaica, which spoke of the psychologically disturbing games played on visitors by obstreperous and confrontational young Black men, who would suddenly say out of nowhere: “What matter? You got sometin’ against me?”[2] Here was the essence of anti-racism as an expression of racial politics: the false accusation.

Yes, I had become so interested in rude-boy behaviour that I was reading up on Black people even to the extent of buying travel guides to Jamaica without having any intention of going there. It was only later, however, that I saw the resemblance between the anti-social young Black man on the street and the one in a suit, the activist, who used the same technique of false accusation. It was a while before I started investigating the politics of race rather than just the anthropology.

But it wasn’t only White people who were targeted by the rude boys of the street. They might target anyone. One day I was walking down the same thoroughfare to post a letter when I saw the following five things. A young Black man parked his car so that it stuck out enough to take out a lane for other drivers. Another nosed his way in from a side street so that other drivers had to steer round him or give way. A third, going down the middle of the road, saw a car coming towards him and instead of moving to one side to let it pass, stayed in the middle. Young Black men were constantly creating deadlocks of this kind, which became showdowns between their manhoods. Fourthly, a young Black man reversed into the road from a side street, forcing others to stop for him. Finally a young Black man stopped his car in the middle of the road and stayed there conversing with his passenger, who at length got out. There was nothing unusual about seeing this much anti-social driving during a ten-minute walk. For the rude boys of South London the road was a stage on which to demonstrate their prowess, which was measured by the amount of inconvenience they could cause for others.

Rude boys produced similar behaviour as pedestrians. Once, I was walking down the road when I saw ahead of me two Black couples talking. If they had drawn in a bit I would have been able to pass them on the pavement, but as I approached, a man enlarged the group by stepping towards the kerb so that I could only pass them in the gutter. I wondered whether he had done it consciously or had acted out of a purely instinctive urge to obstruct.

One got involved in the pedestrian version of the Ha-ha-not-really game as follows. A young Black man approaching on a collision course would continue until the last moment, when he would nimbly step aside as though to say: “You didn’t think I was going to knock you over, did you?” This game was mentioned in a childhood memoir of London in the 1980s. Referring to a Black classmate, John-Paul Flintoff wrote: “Samuel Thomas scares women in the daytime, and old men. He walks towards them on the pavement and, just when they’re passing, he swings his hand out so they think he’s going to thump them — but all he does is, he looks at his watch!”[3]

As with the rude boy’s car or physical person, so with his bicycle. In my part of South London, young Black men habitually laid their bicycles across the doorways of corner shops behind them as they went in so that no one could enter or leave until they had finished their business. Everyone seemed to accept this as entirely normal. I never once saw anyone question a rude boy’s right to assert himself as top dog in this way. I must admit that I deferred to rude boys myself in these situations. Who wants to get a black eye or a broken jaw? But I did start to get a little tired of rude boys after living among Black people for a few years.

I wondered how a race could have evolved to be like this. Surely any society depends on a degree of co-operation among its members, I thought, and couldn’t see how natural selection could have favoured a race whose young men were devoted to the opposite of co-operation. Only later did I see that such people could form the basis of the sort of society that appeared to exist in sub-Saharan Africa and had apparently existed there for centuries. The crudest and most cunning would rise to the top, which could continue generation after generation. There was no particular reason why civilisation should appear.

I also wondered whether the fact that I had noticed the anti-social character of many young Black men meant that I was a racist. I was fairly sure that most people would say that it did. How could it be acceptable to notice an unwanted fact about another race, especially Black people? But I couldn’t see how it could be wrong to make an observation and eventually decided that our problem was that we were not allowed to make observations. The problem was not racism but the the concept of it, which forced us to close our eyes or at least say nothing. This only made social reality worse, for if the behaviour of rude boys could not be taken in, let alone commented on, they would be induced to behave even worse than they were already doing.

[1] The term “rude boy” appears in Desmond Dekker’s 1967 song “007 (Shanty Town)”, which begins with the words: “0-0-7, 0-0-7 / At ocean eleven / And now rude boys a go wail / ‘Cause them out of jail / Rude boys cannot fail / ‘Cause them must get bail”. A “rude boy” was also the subject of the 1979 song “A Message to You Rudy” by the Specials. Although by the 1990s the term had been replaced by “ragamuffin”, I use “rude boy” here because it is more descriptive.

[2] Christopher Baker, 1996, Jamaica: A Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia: Lonely Planet, p.62.

[3] John-Paul Flintoff, 1999 (first published 1998), Comp: A Survivor’s Tale, London: Indigo Orion, p.180.

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  1. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    It has been found that eye contact among Negroes is much shorter than among Europeans, probably due to their lack of impulse control. Those who cannot keep their emotions under control will not be able to do so as road users over a vehicle. Our road traffic is becoming increasingly unsafe due to Africanisation. But Negroes can also lose control of themselves anywhere else. The “knock out game” is thus the most direct expression of their animal-like behaviour.

    • John the First
      John the First says:

      As a white man, I argue that the ‘impulse control’ of European white men has made them stiff and highly unnatural, producing a race of blockheads and stiffies of various kinds.

      • Space Cowboy
        Space Cowboy says:

        However, this assessment does not stand up to comparison with East Asians, who have both higher impulse control than Europeans and a resulting lower average crime rate than these in America. If you look for a lack of impulse control in Europeans, you will find it mostly in criminals in prisons. Moreover, I would argue that impulse control for the purpose of social peace was much higher among our ancestors than it is today, because the whole principle of social discipline has practically corroded. So that can’t be the reason.
        P.S. A lack of impulse control always goes hand in hand with a lack of frustration tolerance. In this respect, our ancestors were able to withstand much more resistance and endure far more impositions than we can. Among East Asians, for example, Buddhism makes self-control and self-mastery a primary value to strive for.

        • Brian Rockford
          Brian Rockford says:

          One must make the best of genetic virtues and try to reduce the impact of genetic handicaps, in our own race and in relation to others.
          The dystopia to avert is the having the Chinese, the Muslims and the Hindus fighting for control over the Afro-European ruins.
          I realise I am in a minority here in thinking that Jews are not keen on that outcome either.

          • Space Cowboy
            Space Cowboy says:

            I absolutely agree with you on your first point. On your further arguments: The Jews are above all interested in extending their “evolutionary advantage” (MacDonald). No one can blame them for that, but they do it largely by unfair means, because otherwise they would have no chance at all of holding their own against the (alleged) giants and colossi. They can only succeed in this if geopolitical control remains firmly in their hands. It is also not without reason that Mr Putin is a great admirer of the Jews. I would even bet that the influential arm if the Jews reaches so far that even the Chinese do not notice when their decisions are not their own but those of the Jews.

            What is true of the Chinese is even more true of the Indians. The Chinese may soon get past the Federal Reserve and the worthless dollar, but that does not mean they will get past Blackrock, Vanguard and Co. It used to be said there that “to learn from Mao is to learn to win”. Mao’s time is over. Today, Chinese want to learn from Jews, and have been doing so for quite a while. The Jews seem to promote the interest of the Chinese in them, since the Chinese have so far not had to gather bad experiences with the Jews like the squeezed, demoralised and deprived of their identity and self-determination whites. Almost 20 years ago

          • Space Cowboy
            Space Cowboy says:

            P.S. Of course, it is no different for Muslims, even those who have no oil to sell.

            Jews can only be temporarily disempowered and ousted at the local level, as the sorrowful history shows, since they have spun a worldwide web to keep them in power, and that already more than 100 years ago.

            A completely new model would have to be devised to deal with the problem, but the Jews always seem to be one step ahead due to their pronounced infiltration activity.

            That is the reason why they are working so hard on worldwide censorship through their gigantic internet companies. RediceTV reported, Israeli companies are working on manipulating surveillance cam footage.

      • Space Cowboy
        Space Cowboy says:

        @John the First

        I think we are all looking for reliability. Cause A must be followed by effect B. Those who do not discipline themselves will be disciplined by their environment.

      • Space Cowboy
        Space Cowboy says:

        @John the First

        You may object, “don’t feelings matter at all?” Well, they do play about the same role as the waves washing around a rock, they come and go, but the standpoint taken by the immovable “stiff” rock is and remains the only reliable point of orientation.

      • Space Cowboy
        Space Cowboy says:

        @John the First

        The overemphasis on “emotions” is clearly a Jewish invention. Hence also the whole sentimental sliminess in their so-called “cultural works”. Rationality is not to be confused with Jewish “intellectualism”!

        Emotions befuddle the senses and plunge the individual from objectivity into subjectivity. Everybody knows that, who has slept over his impulses and found them void the next day. The most brilliant thinker is always “free of emotions”.

        Emotions are biochemical processes, which mainly underpin negative thoughts. Irrational impulsivity is also shown by gorillas, which are threatened with extinction. Who intends an important operation, e.g, a medical one, should not prefer an intemperate monkey, but a clear mind as a doctor.

      • Space Cowboy
        Space Cowboy says:

        @John the First

        The impulsive person runs into his misfortune. The smart one waits ice-cold for his opportunity and doesn’t let anything show before. I would even suggest that the Negro revolt is a collective cry for strict measures of order by the white man. The Negro by nature wants to have limits set; if one denies him these, he goes completely crazy.

  2. A white woman
    A white woman says:

    In some Black and Hispanic neighborhoods in the US, these sorts of people will stage various kinds of auto accidents and then sue or go to a fake doctor for injuries and split the insurance money.

    There are all kinds of scams like this.

    These places often have higher auto insurance rates, thus victimizing Whites.

  3. John
    John says:

    -W/out Europeans there would b no African astronauts.
    Thank Whitey.
    -Thank Whitey for all the suffering our European Peoples have & continue to endure for the foreseeable future, &, it’s all due to not insisting that we maintain forevermore a European Homeland. Now, imagine where we would b today in terms of space exploration alone had we remained European & continued of quest for knowledge. Our paramount goal now must b to have our own homelands in perpetuity; otherwise our children will pay, with some paying the ultimate price.
    View “The Color of Crime”.

  4. Formal Liberal
    Formal Liberal says:

    Living in the American South, I see black rudeness while driving daily. Not only are blacks most likely 200, 000 years behind everyone else from an evolutionary point of view, I believe deep down inside most blacks realize that they are indeed inferior to other races, so act out accordingly. Of course the nonstop antiwhite propaganda from the media and the government don’t help either.

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      Like a well-known tribe with which they have much in common, blacks have an enormous sense of their supposed superiority and simultaneously an enormous inferiority complex. For a white person, this would be impossible to reconcile, but blacks ( Jews and Arabs ) do it very well. They have no concept of European logic.

      • Anonymous
        Anonymous says:

        So True – We need to separate – the jews and negroes need to be expelled to what is left of the U.S. – America below the Mason Dixon Line – plus Md., Delaware and DC plus the 3 Pacific Ocean States – Kalifornia, Orygon and Wa. State. Then right the ship with what is left by expelling skum from the Va. suburbs and other border problems.

  5. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    Mr. Knight and I must be about the same age. I rode both a bicycle and a motorcycle to college and to work in the early 1970’s and see central and southern Californians of all races and persuasions but younger than me increasingly behaving as he describes. Don’t miss RockaBoatus on us, Here’s one observation I’ve made:
    Rescuing a lot of mutts, a term of affection but realism, indiscriminately as opposed to purposefully bred and educated, exclusively bitches however (with a tip of the hat to George Leonard Herter). A few years ago, a young man barely out of his teens was making such a pest of himself trespassing and vandalizing that– given my age– he was putting himself in peril of my having to subdue rather than spar with him. I preferred to rescue a Doberman from a would-be puppy mill in East Los Angeles that ended up in an honest shelter such that I knew her history including having been separated from her siblings too early to understand manners, what hurts, what is unacceptable, and she got-away-with threatening including biting my wife and that emboldened her. So, she and I got into it over nothing such that I probably should have had a stitch or two before I trained her (at least with me) not to behave thusly. My wife probably won’t ever be willing to go through that experience and that’s the cost of an essentially-free dog, them never being everything a predictable, certifiable Schutz Hund could be but a port in the instant storm in which we find ourselves due to not being willing to go through such experiences regularly with our brethren (make that our distant cousins).
    At my age, I don’t want to move. My wife doesn’t want to move to Iceland. And I’m tired of dealing with the product of father-absent and liberated-mother by-degrees households. It’s not just exasperating and life-threatening organizational and social dysfunction. Life was better before. And I blame us for not providing feedback, accountability, meaningfully, and at practically every level.
    In corporate law homeowners associations being a good example, members agree, promise to obey conditions and restrictions, servitudes that they read beforehand. Today, “lawmakers” are constantly in-session rulemaking, explaining, and courts too often are interpreting whether the rules are clarifying or standing on their heads guarantees, for example that the right to keep and bear arms won’t be infringed.
    In marriage, in those days in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. one got to know the character and temperament of a prospective spouse before bonding physically, emotionally, and that included knowing each other’s parents, siblings, health challenges if not at least a blood test and marriage licensing. Then solemnly promising in the presence of whatever one regarded as community, vowing to love, honor, and keep– meaning supporting and protecting, or to love, honor, and obey respectively based upon an understood orientation.
    Now anything goes. No one sends Thank You notes for cash or money orders congratulatory gifts acknowledging it wasn’t stolen, much less that its appreciated. And that’s because behavior isn’t modeled, taught, rewarded, punished, but ignored. It seems refreshing if not odd that someone writes about the deterioration of encounters from pedestrians and drivers to law enforcement or its neglect go these days.
    To me it’s simply breathtaking and I guarantee from personal experience that to even mention, much less YELP about such aggression, assertion, posturing, grabbling a little sense of power– of worth– by behaving thusly fosters hatred rather than the sort of corrections that are required to lubricate interactions, civilization. And so I blame those of us who don’t speak up, much less knock down and literally throttle– choke or strangle as circumstances warrant– an instead simply complain behind perpetrators’ backs, maybe screw-up our face a little or say something deniably snide.
    Please forgive my presumption that my remarks are worth your time.

    • What’s up Skip
      What’s up Skip says:

      My dear Mr Clayton,

      My congratulations on a truly epic rant.

      I fully agree with you that the problem arises in large part from modeling poor behavior rather than good. In this we are now up against an ocean of bad examples, especially from the virtual world, but we can at least dress well when we leave the house, speak politely, maybe even say hello to strangers if it seems safe to do so, and write using proper grammar and terms of address even in text messages or email. No doubt there are many other changes back that could be tried by a kind of distributed flash-mob.

      Hoping that I may consider myself, your somewhat curmudgeonly trans-Pacific accomplice,

      Yours Sincerely
      W. U. Skip Esq.

  6. John
    John says:

    -In 1862, President Abraham Lincoln addressed several African leaders at the White House:
“You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffer very greatly, many of them by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence. In a word we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated.”
    “I do not propose to discuss this, but to present it as a fact with which we have to deal,” Lincoln continued. “I cannot alter it if I would. It is a fact, about which we all think and feel alike, I and you.”
    Lincoln voiced that emancipation and deportation was the key to a peaceful United States. He supported a bill in Congress that provided money:
    “to be expended under the direction of the President of the United States, to aid in the colonization and settlement of such free persons of African descent now residing in said District, including those to be liberated by this act, as may desire to emigrate to the Republic of Haiti or Liberia, or such other country beyond the limits of the United States as the President may determine.”
    -Thomas Jefferson wrote: “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free; nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government.  Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.”

    • Dr M
      Dr M says:

      Whatever happened to Lincoln’s efforts to send the blacks back to Africa? Was it
      debated/defeated in Congress? Was it simply lost in the chaos of the Civil War? Thanks for sharing this – I’d heard once about this but never the details.

      • RockaBoatus
        RockaBoatus says:

        As I understand it, Lincoln was assassinated before his plans could be implemented. I think it was a month or so before his assassination that he was still trying to ship the Africans to Liberia. He had called a group of Black leaders to the White House, but they were not interested in supporting his cause. Despite slavery, Blacks even back then knew that living among the White folks was far better than living among their own people in the hostile regions within Africa.

        The funding for Lincoln’s plans had also dried up. I don’t think he had the full support of congress either. Some may have agreed with it, but it wasn’t really an important priority on their list – especially after such a grueling and bloody war.

        Congress, I suspect, wanted things cool down and they knew if there was a real and costly effort to ship Blacks to Liberia, it would have caused more civil unrest for the nation.

        Our nation’s failure to rid the U.S. of Blacks after the war between the states, however, was a MAJOR and pivotal mistake. White Americans have been paying for this great mistake ever since.

        Note: Importing African slaves in the first place, was perhaps our greatest mistake as well as permitting large numbers of Jews to immigrate.

    • Frederick Breisch
      Frederick Breisch says:

      Well said. In this case Lincoln knew what he was talking about. Unfortunately USA law has made matters infinitely worse for both races.

  7. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    I read an article in a newspaper in the 1950’s, written by a UK Government Minister, that the USA forced the UK to admit Windians after WW2. Before WW2 many Windians moved into the USA. The Americans wanted to stop this and, I suppose, keep the Uncle Toms happy.
    The late David Rockefeller was obsessed with race mixing. He sent his friends to many countries to argue for multi culti nonsense. He tried 3 times with Japan. On the third and last occasion the Japanese PM did not invite the visitor to sit down but talked standing up with 3 Japanese generals in uniform, complete with sheathed swords, standing behind him.
    The Yankees understood in the end.
    The Upper Class in Japan is Japanese and so Japan is Japanese.
    The Upper Class in the UK has a lot of Yankee, Jew and European in it.
    In Queen Victoria’s Glorious Days a lot of American heiresses married into the Upper Class
    usually degenerate families, which was bad for the UK because it gave bad families a new lease of life.
    Half of the good Upper Class families were killed off in WW1 which was made possible by Bismark’s Germany which was supplied by the USA until the Balfour Declaration.
    Europe must end the American occupation. Yankee go home.

    • JM
      JM says:

      @Edward Harris
      “The late David Rockefeller was obsessed with race mixing.”

      Why a piece of shit like “Rockefeller” would be “obsessed with race mixing” is one key to the present dilemma faced by the spawn of the Boomers, who are faced, maybe for the first time in history, with an almost insoluble situation: how to reverse it?

      The scientifically established truth is that one of the certain fruits of multi-racialism, is that he class struggle is deeply muted, so their often ill-gotten property is secured. The same goes for their obsession with supporting the deeply subversive Feminism, something that has a very high and noxious uptake and contingent effect (e.g. BLM, “Trans” obsessionism and so on).

    • @ Edward Harris
      @ Edward Harris says:

      Postwar West Indian arrival – the “Windrush Revolution” in embryo – was contrary the Royal Commission on Population and opposed at the time by many Labour Party MPs.
      The USA banned Jamaicans from entry and started to import their staple products from Cuba.

  8. Mark Gullick
    Mark Gullick says:

    Young black men are one of the main reasons I left London, the city in which I was born. Your piece is very familiar. The last time I was in a car in London, with my girlfriend driving, I noticed that young blacks would cross the road in front of the car and dawdle, not looking at the driver, but very aware of the delay they were causing. They are socially malevolent and will ultimately degrade any city that is foolish enough to host them.

  9. Stephan Blackford
    Stephan Blackford says:

    My only comment, you may call it a defense, is that, this behavior may only be seen in descendants of slaves.
    I wonder if this behavior is commonly found in west Africa, although many of those nations have experienced colonization which could produce similar behavior.

    • Hyacinth Bouquet
      Hyacinth Bouquet says:

      My comment to you, you may call it a dismissal, is WHATEVER. Whatever the cause of the eternally malicious attitudes and behavior of blacks everywhere in the world, they are clearly civilizationally incompetent and not fit to live among us. Left to their own devices — without White intervention, so-called “colonization” — they would perish. Let them.

  10. John
    John says:

    -Lincoln was assassinated. Repatriation seems to have died w/him, still researching, however, it makes little difference as we Europeans as a collective tend to not think as a collective for our longterm (like centuries) benefit, thus, avoiding making the correct longterm decisions in building a strong foundational Nation. We r now experiencing in real time the affects of not correcting a problem, hence, America’s foundation is cracking.
    -Around 1820 Jefferson warn that we must compensate the slave owners & repatriate all Africans because their presence represented a threat to the newly formed nation. Jefferson was told that there isn’t the money to repatriate them. Thomas did not accept the lack of funds & responded – USA will spend more money in the first twelve months of the upcoming conflict than the cost of repatriating all of them.
    Jefferson died in 1826.

  11. John
    John says:

    Methinks our “greatest mistake” was not correcting the mistake, many knew full well their presence a problem & Jefferson was not alone in stating the threat. Aren’t we doing the same thing now & for many decades? We have at least 25 million illegals; we pretend it is not a problem. We suffer & die now for past decisions, as our children will suffer & die for our present decisions.

  12. John the First
    John the First says:

    I have observed comparable behavior in Moroccan or Turkish(young) boys, in the sense of a deliberate obstructive presence, or a not-being-aware-of-the-other.
    My theory is that people on lower levels of evolutionary development are more self-assertive, so they acknowledge others of their presence all the time.
    Comparable to how young children in general go through a phase of increasing independence, which requires a period of bold self-assertion.
    I take it that if they lived in their own culture, they would be more embedded, and their need for self-assertion would be culturally guided, so that it would express itself not just anywhere they like, but in special activities like sports, hunt, etc.
    Let loose in a multicultural babylonia, protected as spoiled children by the multicultural western priest-traitor-class, they become a burden everywhere.
    But it is not just a thing of blacks, Moroccans, etc, also among whites who are on a lower levels of development there are annoying self-assertive types, but whites just do not tend to hang out on streets, but they do act it out in various ways, at work, among family, at school, etc.

    • Brian Rockford
      Brian Rockford says:

      In Britain, the lack of empathy is obvious among the more stupid Caribbeans, but Somali males are worst of all, the most sadistic towards victims.

  13. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    The average -culture adjusted-sub Sahara IQ is 66.The average NW Europe IQ is around 105+/-. Does this sound compatible?

  14. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    “Alane” by Wes was about a ly-
    rical African actual incident ex-
    pressed in a phantastic poetry.

    One must add for the sake of completeness
    that this song was produced by Europeans.


    You are beautiful.
    I am man.
    Sun shines.
    Life good.


    Life life good.
    Sun hot.
    Life good.

    You dance so beautifully.
    Dancing is fun.
    Let me dance too.
    We dance together.


    Live life well.
    Sun hot.
    Life good.

    Now let’s listen to “Welanga” (not to confuse with
    Welenga!), “produced” exclusively by Africa itself!

    As the trained white ear immediately perceives,
    the melody line and the much more profound ly-
    rics are extremely elaborate here, in contrast to
    the Fake “African” model Made in Franchisistan.

  15. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    “Brutalism”: Quarter Jew Jarre meets half Negro
    Gore, that can only be a promising aural collusion.

    Dad Chicago visits northernmost point Denmark,
    but not without mom & daughter Chicago. Which
    would be an impertinence. Bride’s effort is always
    groom’s disadvantage, as in every solid marriage.
    Including a visit to a Nazi bunker. (Dog on board!)

    At this point North & Baltic Sea unite, where-
    by it’s not clear who is bride and who groom.

    A German “declaration of love”
    (so far historically unanswered).

  16. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    Here is a very interesting blog of a guy living in a large American city.

    The following grabbed my attention as it is exactly the same behavior albeit on another continent.

    Just an excerpt from his piece on his personal experiences with Black crime.

    “I can’t count the number of times that I’ve encountered angry black men outside various stores, demanding money, or glaring at me or others in a threatening way, or parking their cars at gasoline stations deliberately in such a way that made it difficult for others to pump.”;

    “We know not much will ever be done about these crimes because City Hall is monopolized by blacks who control the machinery of justice in this city”

    It would be a good feature to have the ability to be able to highlight words in Bold, Italics, etc. just to make things clearer. Thank you. .

  17. Terry Bull
    Terry Bull says:

    An alternative history suggestion, if you can find (1) a competent author and (2) a willing publisher: Instead of western Europeans killing one another over colonies 1905-1918, they decided to unite and pool their resources? Would we have the chaos in the Global South that we all suffer from today?

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