Toxic True Confessions of a Facial Fascist

I’m fascinated by faces. In part, this is because I’m an ignoramus who has to gather information by instinct and intuition rather than by intellect. Faces are fruitful for me in a way that lots of other things aren’t. But then you’re an ignoramus too. You’re human, after all, and no human can look at a liver or lung and get as much information out of it as out of a face. The information is there all the same. A pious leftist radiologist lamented in 2021: There “is no easy way to remove racial information from [medical] images. It is everywhere and it is in everything.”

Jews for you: like it or not, Jewish ugliness is a real and important thing

As I described in “Biology Is Blasphemy,” the radiologist was talking about a “shocking, confusing, and frankly horrifying” discovery: that AI can identify race in X-rays of anything and everything in the human body. The discovery shouldn’t have been shocking, of course. Race is obvious in the human face and faces are built by genes in the same general way as everything else in the body is, from the brain to the bones. Therefore one would expect, a priori, that bones, brains and everything else would bear a racial hallmark just as faces do. It’s just that we can’t easily read the racial hallmarks in most of the body. We haven’t evolved like that: our brains have no dedicated modules for detecting the race or sex of livers or lungs. But we certainly have such modules for faces.

The smiler with the knife under the cloak

That’s part of why I’m fascinated by faces. They’re rich and easily accessible sources of information about some very important things, like psychology, personality, and race. I’m also fascinated by the way we can get that kind of information out of a face without being able to explain how. For example, have a look at the Jew Merrick Garland, current Attorney-General of the United States:

Sinister-looking Merrick Garland, anti-White US Attorney-General

Why is his face so sinister? I don’t know, because the face-decoding modules in my brain operate below the level of consciousness. It doesn’t matter: those modules are supplying accurate information about Garland. He looks sinister because he is sinister. And it’s very bad for America that he holds such a powerful and important position in government. Lots of right-wingers would agree with me when I say that Garland is bad for America, but most of them would recoil with horror if they heard me link Garland’s sinister face and psychology with his ethnicity. The truth is toxic: Garland is a classic example of a creepy Jew. So are Richard Perle (born 1941), the Jewish neo-con who was nicknamed “the Prince of Darkness” in America, ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt (born 1970), and Michael Howard (né Hecht 1941), the Jewish politician who was nicknamed “Dracula” in Britain.

Jonathan Greenblatt

A wider racial pattern

Howard’s gentile colleague Ann Widdecombe famously said that “there is something of the night about him.” She would vehemently deny that she was being anti-Semitic when she made that judgement. And yes, in one way she would be perfectly correct. I’m sure that she wasn’t consciously thinking of Howard as a sinister Jew, but as a sinister individual who “just happens” to be Jewish. Nonetheless, Howard’s sinister nature fits into a wider racial pattern: like Garland, Perle, and many others, he is sinister in a specifically Jewish way. Although she would never admit it, Widdicombe was reacting as a gentile to the alien and predatory nature of a Jew. So are those who will readily agree that Garland and other Jews are sinister, but won’t admit that Jewishness is relevant.

I think they’re wrong. Jewishness is highly relevant: it isn’t just faces that are built on genetics, but also mannerisms and movements and voices, all of which are contributing to the sinister aura that surrounds Jews like Garland and Howard. I have to admit, though, that few Jews have voices as sinister and ugly as that of the shiksa Hilary Clinton. Her evil nature is obvious when she speaks, but again it’s subconscious modules in the brain that process her voice and supply us with this important information. I’m fascinated by voices too. Like faces, they’re another rich source of information for an ignoramus who can’t say how he knows but can say what he knows. For example, I can’t say exactly how I know that the Jewish politicians Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler are  sinister and crooked. But I just have to look at their faces or listen to their voices to be flooded with revulsion and aversion.

Two more sinister Jews: American politicians Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler

Does that make me a facial fascist and a vocal villain? It certainly does in the mainstream of modern culture and politics, but I don’t care. I want to understand the world, not be rewarded by it. That’s why I break the core commandment of the modern West: “Thou shalt not recognize patterns — except when they’re not there.” For example, to belong to respectable society you have to recognize and loudly condemn a huge but non-existent pattern of “systemic racism” against Blacks and other non-Whites. But you can’t, on pain of immediate expulsion from respectable society, recognize genuine patterns of Black criminality and intellectual inferiority. Intelligence, or the lack of it, is something else that can be read in faces. In America, the loudly acclaimed Black activist Ibram X. Kendi is obviously stupid, at least compared to other much-acclaimed, non-POC academics outside of ethnic and gender studies. So is the Black academic Kehinde Andrews in Britain. You can see it in their faces, just as you can see intelligence in the sinister faces of Jews like Merrick Garland and Chuck Schumer.

Acclaimed thinkers Ibram X. Kendi and Kehinde Andrews

Physiognomy is real, as the great Chateau Heartiste often reminded his readers. That doesn’t mean that it’s infallible, because faces and voices are biological phenomena and biology is full of exceptions and anomalies. But physiognomy is a reliable guide to highly important social phenomena like the sinister and predatory nature of Jews and the stupid and anti-civic nature of Blacks. Physiognomy is also an excellent way to bypass the social conditioning or intellectual resistance of normies. For example, you can argue long and loud to a normie that antifa is an evil, corrupt, and psychotic ideology. Or you can make the same point much more efficiently and effectively by showing that normie the faces of some typical antifa:

Evil, corrupt and psychotic: the pernicious punims of some American antifa

Physiognomy is real. The ugliness of the ideology is reflected (and reified) in the ugliness of its adherents. Now suppose that you wanted to convince a normie that the Ukraine war is a heavily Jewish project that doesn’t serve the interests of American and British Whites. Again, you can argue long and loud with words. Or you can quickly and efficiently appeal to intuition with photos of faces. Let’s have a look at some faces from a video of a British diplomatic delegation visiting Ukraine’s Jewish president Volodymyr Zelensky in June 2023 shortly before the beginning of Ukraine’s counter-offensive against Russia. As you can easily see, it’s not really a British delegation at all:

Zelensky meets James Cleverly, the half-Black “British” foreign minister and staunch Friend of Israel

Anatoly’s Anglo again: Zelensky meets Jew Melinda Simmons, “British” ambassador to Ukraine

A Jewish-looking official who accompanied Cleverly and Simmons

It’s very easy to read racial information in the face of James Cleverly, the current British foreign minister. He isn’t White, so it should be no surprise that he isn’t serving the interests of the White British. Instead, he’s serving the interests of Jews, as is shown by the faces of two officials who accompanied him. Racial information is also obvious in their faces. But Melinda Simmons was misidentified as an “Anglo” by Anatoly Karlin at the Unz Review. I think Karlin was being dishonest rather than ignorant, because Simmons is obviously Jewish.

She’s ugly-Jewish too, which is why I felt foreboding for the White natives of Ukraine when I first saw a photo of her taking up her appointment there. Soon after her arrival, war broke out. Like it or not, ugliness and evil are strongly linked. Not inevitably and absolutely, because there are people who are ugly and good, just as there are people who are attractive and evil. But ugliness goes naturally with evil all the same. That’s why Clown World wages war on beauty and why it’s so appropriate that Jew-controlled Britain sent an ugly Jewish ambassador to Ukraine shortly before war broke out there.

Warring on the West

But I have to admit that Melinda Simmons is not as ugly as the other Jewish official in the “Anglo” delegation. I would say he’s Jewish, at least. I haven’t been able to identify him, but my subconscious face-reading modules spoke up loud and clear when I first saw him greeting and grinning at Volodymyr Zelensky. “That’s a creepy Jew!” they said (I’m sorry, but they did). If your face-reading modules don’t agree with mine, I strongly recommend that you take your J-dar in for servicing. The Ukraine war is a Jewish project just like the wider war on the West.

I’ve spent a lot of time writing and reasoning about that wider war, but I think that the faces of Merrick Garland and Melinda Simmons are worth far more than a thousand words in making my case. Physiognomy is real. Jewish physiognomy is often repulsive. You can call me a facial fascist for saying that, but I’ll simply repeat what I said above: I want to understand the world, not be rewarded by it. And faces are an excellent and intuitive route to understanding the world.

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  1. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    It’s funny how a female brain sees things completely differently : for this Garland, I see above all a weakling, terrified and humiliated by women (it would be interesting to know his relationship with his mother: was she of the well-known Jewish abusive mother type? ), he looks like a frightened rabbit taking revenge for his humiliations on the goyim.

    For this Greenblat, it’s a completely different matter and he’s the funniest of all : you can feel the vain guy who would have loved a career in Hollywood but too bad !
    The 1922 Nosferatu cast was already full, but no matter, he turned to the adl, where he exploited Jews and non-Jews.  the jews calling him a swindler, which coming from them means everything.

    This Greenblatt is one hell of a clown.

    Needless to say, a clever woman whose brain quickly registered all these instructive details would make of these 2 individuals, the Fearful and the Vain, jewish or not, whatever she wanted…

    To be continued…

    • Atreides
      Atreides says:

      The shiksa female brain would overlook such glaring imperfections in a Ashkhazarim’s countenance given that such male specimens are renown to habenz zee Gelt$$ , or highly capable of acquisition of it if they do not.

      Look at the babes Larry King had, for one of many examples of a stereotypical rodent -faced Ashkhazarim that shiksas found ( cough) “sexy.”

      • Lady Strange
        Lady Strange says:

        Agree. Numerous greedy and pea brains Hollywood shiksas come to mind ( see Harvey Weinstein for ex ), I just wanted to give my personal ” appreciation ” and how male and female brains function very differently.

  2. Flavia
    Flavia says:

    Thank you for this breath-takingly frank essay. You really hit the nail on the head when you wrote that you can see intelligence or stupidity in faces. I’ve always thought that IQ is right there, for all the world to see. We could also add the characteristics belligerence, petulance, and aggression, all euphemized as “the resting bitch face.”

    I’m just surprised you didn’t add Sam Bankman Fried to your list. His is a face that speaks volumes–unfortunately. (I still can’t believe he’s going to get away with his massive swindle.)

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      I was thinking of this Sam fried bankster when I saw the 2 muletta and mulatto send by the neocons to Ukraine. Same phenotype.
      Even their ” genre ” is questionable.

  3. Wilburn Sprayberry (professional nitpicker)
    Wilburn Sprayberry (professional nitpicker) says:

    OK, I generally agree with the article, but two objections to your antifa gallery. The unfortunate fellow in the 2nd row from the top, 4th from the left, looks badly burned & scarred – how can you tell whether his original appearance was typically antifa malevolent-sinister-ugly? And the guy in the upper right photo looks like a Presbyterian engineering professor from the midwest, circa 1960 – that is, normal. Actually, I think he might be the prof from some college in the northeast who wrote an admiring book about antifa a few years ago – that is, support for your statement that there are evil attractive people, too.

  4. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    That are very interesting observations. Thank you to the author. You can look at an even more broad picture. Often you can decide from the first glance if you like someone or not. This decision does not need much time und it does not need words und often you do not need to think about it but you feel it without words, without thoughts.

    Often it is so, that if you want to describe it with words or even if you only want to justify or clearify it inside yourself with thoughts (your own thoughts are often intertwined with the words of your language) that than the original feeling becomes changed by some influence from school, state propaganda, “Zeitgeist”, “official morality” (=pseudo-morality, “Schein-Moral”), allowed or forbidden use of words.

    So it may be much better to relay onto your first feeling, for example: That and that is disgusting, I very strongly do not like it and there is no need, that I explain why.

    In Germany, there is no need to make words. We sit together at a “Kerb” (local fest in the summertime) in a tent at a beer table and have a good time. It is the feeling, that we are among us, that makes us relax and feel happy and that gives us very strong power for the tasks that the future will bring to our folk (and the other European folks).

  5. Dr Tom Sunic
    Dr Tom Sunic says:

    F. Nietzsche had a good formula on how looks betray someone’s character. (Twilight of the Idols) “monstrum in fronte, monstrum in animo” [monstrous in appearance, monstrous in spirit]. Also, a racial scholar Ludwig Clauss, Rasse und Charakter (Race and Character) (1936). Old Romans had age-old wisdom; “In facie legitur homo.” i.e., one recognizes a man/woman by his/her face. Check the poet Juvenal in ancient Rome. BTW. It is natural we all like to hang around attractive women of our kind and befriend men who share same gene pool. Friendship, dating, making out, having sex is by definition a form or racial selection. We all make selection – preferring in most cases our in-group pick. One cannot be friends with everybody, nor sleep with everyone. Whites’ mortal enemies, however, are often those of their own in-group, family, or clan, often ending in unbelievable cruelty. Witness incessant civil wars amidst Whites; from Troy to WW2 and on and on…Tough call.

  6. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    Hunter Biden EXONERATED,,,another big FKyou from AG Garland to Congress…at this point only a MILITARY uprising could save the Republic…??? what are the options????

  7. Deb
    Deb says:

    Love the tongue-in-cheekiness of the author. The amount of sinister faces pictured are sure to launch a thousand nightmares. I’ll keep my light on for awhile.

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