The Zeroth Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Recognize Patterns

What is the point of a nervous system? Well, you could call it a mechanism for recognizing patterns and responding to them. Sensory information enters a nervous system, is processed, and generates a response. A blind nematode wriggling in the slime at the bottom of a lake has a nervous system and can recognize patterns. So has and can a kestrel hovering at 60 feet and scanning the ground with ultra-violet vision. Or a bat flitting through the night sky, shrieking at the top of its voice, and listening for faint ultrasonic echoes.

Undisputed champion

Bats and kestrels operate at a much higher level than nematodes in more senses than one. But the undisputed champion of pattern recognition on Planet Earth is the species known as Homo sapiens. For example, you are performing an astonishingly subtle and sophisticated form of pattern recognition at this very moment. In other words, you’re reading. If language was the most important evolutionary advance in the history of life, then writing was the invention that supercharged language. Millennia later, printing was the invention that supercharged writing. Modern science could never have developed without the printed word.

But the printed word contributed to science both directly and indirectly. It allowed scientific ideas and data to circulate ever faster and ever more widely. But it also, and inadvertently, expanded the scientific armoury. Short-sightedness is unknown among hunter-gatherers but very common in literate societies. That’s why glasses were invented. Books begat glasses and glasses begat two very important scientific tools: the telescope and the microscope. These were ways for scientists to extend and refine their senses, allowing them to — guess what? — recognize more patterns. The history of science has involved human beings inventing ever-more powerful ways of recognizing and analysing ever-more subtle patterns. When the English genius Isaac Newton (1642–1726) improved the reflecting telescope and experimented with a prism, he was taking the first step towards radio astronomy. When the Dutch biologist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (1632–1723) looked at stagnant water with his early microscopes, he was taking the first step towards cytology and DNA analysis.

Stephen Jay Gould: Masquerading as a Scientist

The same under the skull

The biologist Stephen Jay Gould (1941–2002) was Jewish, not English or Dutch. He wasn’t a genius either, but he was part of a truly extraordinary scientific development — something that Newton and van Leeuwenhoek could never have imagined possible. Those two goyim wanted to advance science by refining human senses and allowing us to recognize yet more patterns. Gould and his Jewish confrères, in complete contrast, wanted science to reject sense-data and restrict its understanding of the world. They added a new commandment to the Mosaic Decalogue. It’s the Zeroth Commandment, supreme over all the rest (see Steve Sailer’s “Zeroth Amendment”), and it states: “Thou Shalt Not Recognize Patterns.” However, the Zeroth Commandment doesn’t forbid the recognition of all patterns, just those that constitute “Hate-Think.” For example, the Zeroth Commandment says that biologists must not recognize the very obvious patterns of racial and sexual difference. Swedes and Somalis, Magyars and Māoris, Tibetans and Tongans — they might look and act very different, but they’re all the same under the skull. To suggest otherwise is evil, disgusting and racist. In short, it’s hate-think and it breaks the Zeroth Commandment.

A giant toppled by pygmies

And denying the psychic equality of men and women is evil, disgusting and sexist. It’s hate-think and it breaks the Zeroth Commandment. Some bad people think that women can’t match men at the highest levels of intellectual achievement. The same people generally think that Blacks can’t match Whites there either. Why do they think this? Because they’ve seen obvious biological patterns and drawn obvious evolutionary inferences. They’ve refused to deny the evidence of their senses and refused to abandon the practice of logic and reason.

In other words, they’ve embraced heresy and broken the Zeroth Commandment. And punishment will follow. The great American biologist James Watson won a Nobel Prize for co-discovering the structure of DNA. He was a giant of science in 2007, but that was no protection when he broke the Zeroth Commandment by recognizing obvious patterns and saying that Blacks were not the intellectual equals of Whites. He was swiftly punished for his heresy. Seven years later, the British biologist Adam Rutherford said in the Guardian that Watson was “an 86-year-old hero ostracised for his views” and “shooed from public life by the people who walk in his scientific shadow.”

Hunt down the heretics

But Rutherford didn’t describe Watson’s punishment to condemn it. No, he thought it was a Good Thing. Watson was a racist, was guilty of “hideous errors,” and deserved everything he got. Rutherford also talked about Francis Galton (1822-1911) in the Guardian. He was the Victorian polymath and statistician who demonstrated more scientific insight and creativity than a hundred Rutherfords could match in a hundred lifetimes. But so what? Galton was “another racist,” Rutherford said. He went on: “The nicest irony is that genetics — the field [Galton] founded and Watson transformed — is precisely the subject that has singularly demonstrated that race as a scientific concept holds no water.” Rutherford was talking nonsense, of course. Twenty-first-century genetics is confirming the biological patterns that Galton recognized in the nineteenth century. Charles Darwin (1809-82) recognized them too. And explained them. Racial differences exist because natural selection worked in different ways in different environments.

But Darwin came up with another very powerful way to explain racial differences: sexual selection. Why do so many species, from peacocks to narwhals to stag-beetles, have such a marked sexual dimorphism? In part because males compete for the attention of females. Males display and fight, females choose the champions. But it’s obvious that female choice will shape male brains, not just male bodies. A peacock is splendid, a peahen is drab. But a peacock is psychologically different from a peahen too. It’s more aggressive and adventurous, because it plays for higher reproductive stakes. A successful peacock will mate with multiple females. In some environments, a successful male from the species Homo sapiens will do the same. Human beings evolved in Africa, where the good climate and fertile soil allow women to raise children without the help of men. In Europe and Asia, where human beings evolved further, the climate and soil aren’t suitable for fatherless child-rearing.

Evolutionary explanations for Black crime

In other words, there are different evolutionary pressures on men and their psychology in these different regions. In Africa, men benefited from aggression, impulsivity and charisma. Those things allowed them to compete with other men and attract women, whom they could impregnate and later neglect or abandon in order to pursue more women. In Europe and Asia, men benefited from foresight, intelligence and familial commitment. Fatherless children did not tend to survive northern winters. Evolutionary logic says, then, that male psychology will have evolved different forms in these different environments. Black men will not think or behave like White men or Asian men.

Of course, this isn’t a purely scientific question. If Blacks are indeed more aggressive and impulsive than Whites, with less average foresight and intelligence, this has huge implications for White societies that contain large numbers of Blacks. One would expect higher levels of crime and educational failure among Blacks, for example. And that is precisely what we see. Even the Zeroth Commandment can’t stop recognition of the vast and depressing patterns of Black criminality and failure. But the Zeroth Commandment is actually more sophisticated than I’ve yet described. Yes, the Commandment prohibits some kinds of pattern-recognition. But it mandates other kinds of pattern-recognition. It prohibits the recognition of patterns that are actually there in reality, like the existence of race and the inequality of the sexes. But at the same time it mandates the recognition of patterns that aren’t actually there in reality.

For example, the Zeroth Commandment orders us to recognize the huge and horrible patterns of “white racism” and “male sexism,” which prevent non-Whites and women from realizing their vast potential. While politicians, academics and media-folk throughout the West resolutely deny the existence of innate racial and sexual differences, they just as resolutely insist that non-Whites and women are the victims of deep-rooted systems of oppression and prejudice. Whites and men have created these systems to maintain their unearned privilege by crushing and crippling victim-groups, in defiance of that supreme scientific and sociological truth: “We Are All the Same Under the Skull.” According to the Zeroth Commandment, Blacks do not fail in White societies because they have a different evolutionary history and different genetics. No, they fail because Whites are racist! So says the Zeroth Commandment and woe betide any public figure who denies it.

Blacks and acid-attacks

But Black failure is still embarrassing to the high priests of the Equality Cult. They prefer to conceal Black failure, especially when it takes the form of crime. For example, three men were jailed in September 2018 for an unusually horrible and callous series of robberies in London. But the Guardian did not even report the story. It was obeying the Zeroth Commandment, unlike the less politically correct London Evening Standard:

Spot the pattern: a “British” acid-attack trio

Acid attackers jailed over ‘shocking’ spree of brutal robberies … across London

Three robbers who maimed Gumtree [a selling website] users with acid and alkaline in a spree of attacks across London have been jailed. Antoine Mensah, 21, Miracle Osondu, 19, and Mohammed Ali, 17, robbed mini-cab drivers at knifepoint and also targeted sellers and buyers on the classifieds website.

They carried out 19 robberies in north and east London between April and May [2018]. Mensah was jailed for 13 years, Osondu for 11 years and Ali for eight years at Wood Green Crown Court on Tuesday, Scotland Yard said. One of their victims was left with horrific burns on his face […] He said in a statement: “The initial injuries were that my skin was burnt all over, even in my mouth and on my tongue. Even after I gave them what was in my pockets, they kept pouring acid over me, just because they could. When I looked in the mirror and saw my injuries for the first time, I felt like I had become a zombie in just two hours.” He was blinded in one eye and added that “anything that relied on my eyesight has been robbed from me.”

The muggers started their spree by robbing a taxi driver in Enfield with a knife and threatening to stab him on April 26. In another incident on May 11, they arranged to meet a 40-year-old man in Barnet, pretending they were going to buy a phone he had advertised on Gumtree. They sprayed ammonia in the victim’s face and stole the phone, leaving him with serious eye injuries, impaired vision and psychologically traumatised.

The trio carried out a similar attack the next day, dousing a 49-year-old man with acid after luring him to a street in Barking, saying they were going to sell him a phone. They sprayed acid in his face, stole cash and his wallet before returning and spraying him again. The victim sustained life-changing injuries, including losing most of his sight in one eye which meant he had to leave his job.

They were arrested together in a taxi on their way to commit another robbery and had a bottle of acid, 22cm blade, £2,000 cash and balaclavas with them. Detective Constable James Rush described them as “dangerous individuals” and said their crimes were “truly shocking.” [He added:] “These males appeared to feel no guilt over their actions, using strong acids, alkalis, and knives, to rob and maim their victims without a second thought for the impact the injuries they inflicted would have.” (Acid attackers jailed over ‘shocking’ spree of brutal robberies on Gumtree customers across London, The Evening Standard, 11th September 2018)

Note this line: “These males appeared to feel no guilt over their actions.” Were appearances deceptive? I doubt it. The acid-attack trio are probably examples of another pattern we’re forbidden by the Zeroth Commandment to recognize, namely, the higher average levels of psychopathy among Blacks. Certainly the acid-attack trio above displayed extreme levels of psychopathic traits like callousness, impulsivity and aggression.

The destruction of trust

But their crimes didn’t just inflict horrific physical and psychological injuries on innocent people in London. They also harmed an essential part of White society: trust. Users of websites like Gumtree will now be aware that an apparently innocent offer to buy or sell could result in a faceful of flesh-destroying acid or alkali. Non-White crime imposes both direct and indirect costs on White societies, but the Zeroth Commandment makes it impossible to discuss these costs honestly, let alone propose and implement effective ways to prevent them.

Unfortunately, the most effective method of preventing non-White crime is now impossible in Britain. What is that method? It’s simple: don’t let non-Whites into your society. No vibrancy, no vice. Ordinary Whites wanted that and strongly opposed the entry of non-Whites into Britain after the Second World War. But our traitorous elite imposed mass immigration regardless, just as allied elites have done across the West. This means that Britain needs to implement the next-most effective method of preventing non-White crime. What is it? Again, it’s simple. Non-Whites have to leave White nations. Separation is the solution. For example, if the Blacks Timchang Nandap and Phillip Simelane had been in Nigeria and Swaziland rather than in Britain, they would not have murdered the White scientist Jeroen Ensink and the White schoolgirl Christina Edkins.

A “life sentence” that wasn’t

But where should the Black rapist and murderer Leroy Campbell have been rather than Britain? I don’t know, but he’s nearly 60 and it’s quite possible that he’s a member of the sanctified “Windrush Generation,” that is, he’s one of the Blacks who came to Britain from the Caribbean between 1948 and 1971. The Guardian has complained long, loud and often about the “malign neglect, active mistreatment [and] flagrant discrimination” inflicted on the Windrush Generation by the current Tory government. One of the Guardian’s Black journalists, the relentlessly self-righteous Hugh Muir, has called the “Windrush scandal” a “disturbing soap opera.” But you can be sure that Muir has never written a word about the much more disturbing behaviour of his fellow Black Leroy Campbell. Muir has not marvelled at Campbell’s criminal work-ethic nor condemned the British authorities for giving him repeated opportunities to exercise it. And note that Campbell seized his latest opportunity for violent crime after being released from a “life sentence”:

Leroy Campbell: “a great danger to womenfolk”

A convicted rapist who brutally raped and murdered a nurse after climbing into her bedroom at her home has been handed a whole life sentence. Leroy Campbell also tried to strangle to death Lisa Skidmore’s 80-year-old mother, who had come to visit her, then cover up what he had done by setting fire to the property.

Campbell, after being released from a 16-year sentence, went to live in a hostel in Forest Road, Moseley. He had confided to a social worker that he had an urge to re-offend but later claimed to have responded well to support.

Campbell made a number of trips to the Bilston area and three days before he carried out the murder was captured on CCTV putting a ladder up against the victim’s first floor window and looking in. On the morning of November 24 [2016] he used the ladder to get into Miss Skidmore’s bedroom. Michael Burrows QC, prosecuting, said: “He was in Lisa Skidmore’s house for about two hours before being disturbed by Lisa’s mother. During that time he raped and murdered her.”

Mr Burrows told the court that when Margaret Skidmore — Lisa’s mother — let herself in to her daughter’s home she was confronted by Campbell. He punched her in the face, got her in a neck-hold before forcing her into a chair and trying to strangle her with a vacuum cord before she passed out. Campbell then started a fire in Miss Skidmore’s bedroom as well as putting a match to a lighted gas hob in a bid to cover his tracks. …

Birmingham Crown Court heard that Campbell had previously raped a woman after breaking into the home she shared with her five-year-old son. He also had convictions for choking a woman with intent to rape, and aggravated burglary and indecent assault when another woman was targeted, and had previously been handed a life sentence for public protection.

In passing sentence Judge Mark Wall QC, who described the offences as “grotesque”, said: “You made repeated trips to Bilston. “I am sure what you were doing, at least in part, was searching for another victim. Your victim was completely unknown to you. Miss Skidmore had to suffer the pain and terror of being raped by someone in her own home before she died. This was a sustained incident lasting over two hours. There was a significant degree of planning that went into the commission of these grotesque offences. Your actions on that day have had a most dramatic effect on a number of people. Lisa Skidmore was a nurse who well liked and respected by those who knew her and who were treated by her.”

He said it was an exceptional case and that he was passing a life sentence from which [Campbell] would never be released. Campbell, 56, who appeared via a video link, pleaded guilty to murder, rape, attempted murder and arson with intent. Rachel Brand QC, defending, said Campbell suffered from mental illness and had been “struggling with what he feels is a compulsion to commit offences of this kind.”

Investigating officer Detective Inspector Harry Harrison, from Force CID, said: “The tragic death of Lisa has not only devastated the whole family but also her friends and work colleagues. …” Detective Chief Superintendent Mark Payne added: “This horrendous crime has had a devastating impact on the many people who knew Lisa, her family, friends and work colleagues and those who lived near her. Campbell has refused to give an account of what happened that morning and they may never know, so I hope they can get some comfort from the fact that Campbell will never be set free again.” (Man who murdered nurse in her own home will NEVER be released, The Birmingham Mail, 12th May 2017)

Do British judges and policemen take lessons in making fatuous, reality-evading statements about non-White crime? You could be forgiven for thinking so. The judge said that the victim was “completely unknown” to the psychotic Black thug who raped and murdered her. What difference does that make? And I strongly doubt that anyone got “comfort” from Campbell’s “life sentence.” After all, he’d already had one of those for earlier crimes against women. He had previously appeared in the Birmingham Mail in 2000, when he was described as a “convicted rapist” being “jailed for life” after holding a “French au pair” at “knifepoint.” The judge who imposed that first “life sentence” described Campbell “as a great danger to womenfolk.” But Campbell didn’t serve life: he was out in sixteen years to rape again, then add murder to his criminal resumé. And he’d actually told probation before the murder that “he was thinking of raping again, and that he had been looking at, or had noticed, open windows.”

Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks

The judge at Campbell’s trial in 2017 said his crimes were “grotesque.” By whose standards? By White standards, but not by non-White standards. In my article “Black Saints, White Demons,” you can read how Blacks raped, tortured and murdered the White 16-year-old Mary-Ann Leneghan. In “A Tale of Two Nations,” it was the Black gerontophile Delroy Easton Grant raping scores or even hundreds of elderly White women. In “Crock of Shock,” it was Pakistani Muslims raping, pimping and beating “at least” 1400 White girls. The rape of babies is common in South Africa. Millions of rapes have been committed in the Congo against both women and men. Boys are routinely prostituted and raped in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and other Muslim countries. But don’t think that Blacks and Muslims have a monopoly on “grotesque” sex-crimes in the non-White world. Hindus in India are no slouches either. The fatal gang-rape and evisceration of a young woman in New Delhi in 2012 was not anomalous, as you can see from these recent stories in the Guardian, Independent and Daily Mail:

White men are obviously capable of committing horrendous sex-crimes too, but they commit them at much lower rates. In White-majority nations such crimes as gang-rape are overwhelmingly committed by non-Whites. Non-White immigration is very bad for women and girls in Western nations, but the traitorous elite refuse to recognize the clear patterns of rape and murder committed by non-Whites.

Feminists don’t care about dead women

Recall the British judge who gave Leroy Campbell a “life sentence” for the second time. Let’s suppose that the judge had been realistic rather than righteous about Campbell’s crimes. Suppose he had said that they weren’t “grotesque” but fitted a long pattern of Black psychopathy. And that they were yet another example of how British Whites have suffered horrific and entirely avoidable harm as a direct result of mass immigration from the Third World.

If the judge had said that, he would of course have been dismissed immediately and might well have been charged with “incitement to racial hatred.” And he would have received no support from British feminists, who have shown no interest in the murder of Lisa Skidmore, despite its clear potential as a “campaigning issue.” Leroy Campbell was described as “as a great danger to womenfolk” when he received a “life sentence” in 2000. Why was he ever released from jail? Why was no action taken when, following his release, he told probation that “he was thinking of raping again”? Feminists should have been asking these questions loudly and repeatedly ever since they heard about the rape and murder of Lisa Skidmore.

Richard Bailey, another Black-on-White killer in Birmingham

They haven’t been asking those questions. They never do when stories like these hit the headlines. They’re obeying the Zeroth Commandment and refusing to recognize the clear pattern of non-White violence against White women. Like Mary-Ann Leneghan, Lisa Skidmore has been the victim of a meteor-murder, a crime briefly glimpsed in the British media and then gone for ever. Charlotte Teeling has been the victim of a meteor-murder too. She was a White “mother of two” who foolishly accepted an offer of casual sex from Richard Bailey, another Black male in the heavily enriched city of Birmingham. During the sex, Bailey fatally “strangled or smothered” her, then claimed her death was an accident.

A serious ideological offence

As the late, great Larry Auster pointed out: “To import a black population into a previously all-white country is to consign a large number of whites in that country, year after year, generation after generation, to violent death at the hands of blacks.” Richard Bailey lied about the murder of Charlotte Teeling, but his lies didn’t keep him out of jail. He won’t stay there, of course: he’ll be out sooner or later to have another opportunity to kill a White woman.

Meanwhile, the liberal elite in Britain will continue lying about non-Whites without any fear of jail. We’re constantly told to “celebrate” the contributions of non-White immigrants to British society. From gang-rape to child-prostitution, from suicide-bombing to female genital mutilation, from incurable genetic diseases to political corruption, where would we be without them?

Far better off, that’s where. But those who speak the truth about non-White immigration are breaking the Zeroth Commandment. They’re recognizing obvious patterns and drawing obvious conclusions from them. In the modern West, possessing a nervous system and using it has become a serious ideological offence.

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  1. Hatecrime Hotline
    Hatecrime Hotline says:

    In Britain, the monolithic nature of the complicity in the multi-racially driven destruction of British people is truly like the movement of something of the magnitude of a continental shelf drift. It’s mass seems other-worldly gigantic, like an enormous tsunami of lava. It APPEARS as if it cannot be stopped. The five main drivers appear to me to be:

    1) it’s the new ‘social norm’ (acceptance by feminized masses)
    2) a component of the revolt of the inferior (antifa/student unions/Marxists/etc)
    3) fear of losing one’s livelihood (police/public sector/corporate)
    4) political gaming (electoral demographic blocks, etc)
    5) innate jewish hatred of Aryan civilization (media/lobbies/business/etc)
    6) business / profiteering

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Genocide of the Europeans

      This blog is a translation from Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi’s book, “Praktischer Idealismus” (“Practical Idealism”), originally written in German, in 1925. There are currently no other English translations of Practical Idealism available anywhere. With this blog I intend to prove once and for all, that mass immigration is not a spontaneous phenomenon. What Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote was actually a plan to completely eradicate the “European” race (Caucasians) and this plan has been prepared for almost 100 years by various leaders and organizations (Winston Churchill, the Jewish Masonic Lodge, B’nai B’rith, and major newspapers like the New York Times. The plan got accepted by the United States Government and the CIA later undertook the completion of the project. The “COUDENHOVE-KALERGI EUROPEAN PRIZE” is awarded every two years to Europeans who have excelled in promoting this criminal plan. Among those awarded are Angela Merkel and Herman Van Rompuy.

      I will publish the entire book here (191 pages) as I translate it. Check back every week for fresh pages!

      • Hatecrime Hotline
        Hatecrime Hotline says:

        I am aware of it. But, I do not agree that it is the plan of which all the endeavours to import and assimilate non-Aryans in Aryan lands are based.

        Our race is not as it was. Our collective psyche is entirely different, and that change in our collective psychological orientation has not happened through arbitrary measures: it was triggered by biblical-scale mass death and mass destruction across two world wars.

        As Sunic said, “a sheep will easily find a wolf to eat it”!

        The origins of our extensive racial predicament are many and complex. A simple answer, one-dimensional, neatly packaged and made ergonomic for mass consumption will not cut it. It may be a more convenient workload for the eager but ill-equipped 21st diagnostician, but there are no shortcuts in this instance.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Hatecrime Hotline: You forgot the most important one. You forgot OUR Zeroth Commandment:


      Orwell talked about “the power of facing unpleasant facts”, and it is a power. But many Whites, even among TOO Readers, who I consider to be among the brightest and best of what we have to offer, rarely have the courage to face that fact. Which is why, if you zip through the comment sections of this site (and Taki Mag before they (((eliminated))) the comment section) you rarely see it mentioned.

      Sure, KM mentioned it in CoC. Aside from that, I rarely hear it mentioned as the primary cause.

      A quick and easy thought-exercise ought to settle the matter, or at least make the point clear.

      When an individual Jew and non-White is attacked* they don’t say, “One of us was attacked.” They say, “WE were attacked!” And in no time flat they’re organized and out on the streets, in the media, and wreaking havoc, etc.

      And Whites?

      *They react like this when they either imagine themselves to be attacked or create a hoax out of thin air, the way they do with finance and much of their work in academia (notice a pattern?). In other words, they’re never attacked by us (or if so, in numbers that don’t matter in comparison to what they’re doing to us) and yet are ready to spring into action. In short, they can lie about us and attack us with impunity.

      But Whites really are under attack. In fact, we’re under seige. And yet, we can’t tell the truth about them or defend ourselves!

      Until this changes everything else is just talk; a form of consolation.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      A great quote from William James makes clear the heart of our dilema.

      “A social organism of any sort whatever, large or small, is what it is because each member proceeds to his own duty with a trust that the other members will simultaneously do theirs. Wherever a desired result is achieved by the co-operation of many independent persons, its existence as a fact is a pure consequence of the precursive faith in one another of those immediately concerned. A government, an army, a commercial system, a ship, a college, an athletic team, all exist on this condition, without which not only is nothing achieved, but nothing is even attempted. A whole train of passengers (individually brave enough) will be looted by a few highwaymen, simply because the latter can count on one another, while each passenger fears that if he makes a movement of resistance, he will be shot before any one else backs him up. If we believed that the whole car-full would rise at once with us, we should each severally rise, and train-robbing would never even be attempted.”

  2. Peter G.
    Peter G. says:

    Charlotte Teeling joins a long list of white women killed by black or Asian men friends:
    Louella Michie, Sept. 2017
    Sinead Woodings, May 2017
    Alice Ruggles, Oct. 2016
    Karen Hayles & daughter Jade, June 2016, killed by Jade’s ex-boyfriend
    Julia ‘Tshabalala’ Dec 2014
    Leighann Duffy Sept 2014
    Helen Dillon May 2014
    Judith Nibbs, Apr 2014
    Hollie Gazzard, Feb 2014
    Victoria Adams, Dec 2013
    Orina Morawiec Aug 2013
    Kate Dixon June 2013
    Charlotte Smith Sept 2012
    Natasha Trevis, Aug. 2012
    Samantha Warren, Apr. 2012
    Kimberley Frank & Samantha Sykes, March 2012, stabbed to death by ex-boyfriend of K’s sister
    Kirsty Treloar, Jan 2012
    Ruby Love, Christmas 2011
    Heather Cooper, Oct. 2011,
    Michaela ‘Gol’ and her mother Julie ‘Sahin’ Sept. 2011.
    Melissa ‘Muhammadi’, Sept. 2011.
    Beata Slomiana, Aug. 2011.
    Emily Longley May 2011
    Tracy Donnelly, and her daughter Louise, 23, March 2011.
    Louisa Brannan, March 2011.
    Joy Small, Feb. 2011.
    Laura Wilson, Oct. 2010
    June ‘Jumaily’, Dec. 2009.
    Katie Cullen, Oct. 2009,
    Joanna Michael, Aug. 2009.
    Fiona Newton, June 2009.
    Amy Leigh Barnes, Nov. 2008.
    Emily Brady, Nov. 2008.
    Cara Burke, July 2008
    Sylwia Sobczak, 2008.
    Jemma Norman 2008
    Martine Vik Magnussen, March 2008.
    Magda Pniewska, Oct 2007.
    Stacey Westbury, Aug 2007.
    Kate Beagley, June 2007.
    Jeanette Diane ‘Hullah’, Dec. 2006.
    Grace Moore 38, Nov. 2006.
    Serena Mahoney, 26, March 2006.
    Samantha Anderson, 29, Oct. 2006.
    Wendy Billing, 32, Sept 2006.
    Kally Gilligan, 15, June 10, 2006.
    Karen Hartshorne, 37, Feb 2006.
    Kimberley Fuller, 19, Nov 2005.
    Gemma Louise Newman, 21, Nov. 2005.
    Lynne Savery, 19, Sept 2005.
    Tracy Cullum, 30, Aug 2005.
    Mary Ann Lenaghan, 16, May 2005.
    Inga Losiene, 32, May 2005.
    Colette Lynch, 24, Feb. 2005.
    Linda Macdonald, 50, Oct 2004.
    Terezia Sternbergerova, 25, Sept 2004.
    Mandy Skedd, 30 2004.
    Kelly Sinnott, 24, Oct 2004.
    Melanie Horridge, 25, Feb. 2004.
    Collette Magee, 44, Nov. 2003
    Charlene Downes, 14, Nov. 2003.
    Rae Torbet, 19, Mar, 2003.
    Sandy Hadfield, 13. 2002
    Sandra Poole, 35, Feb 2001
    Sinead Healy, 26, Oct 2000.
    Lucy Lowe, 16, Aug 2000.
    Valerie Brocklesby, 62, Jan. 2000
    Jennifer Elverson, 27, Nov. 1999.
    Christine Askey, 20, Nov. 1999.
    Kerry Harris, 16, Sept. 1999.
    Johanne Powell, 18, 1999?
    Jenny Morrison, 51, Nov. 1998.
    Carla Thompson, 57, Jan. 1998.
    Caroline Burningham, 29, June 1997.
    Natalie ‘Rhee’, 25, April 1997.
    Nicola Dixon, 17, New Year’s Eve 1996.
    Lucy Burchell, 16, ?Aug 1996
    Gill Montgomery, 53, 1995.
    Julia Downing, 55, 1995.
    Louise Crowe, 23, May 1995.
    Tracy Mertens, 31, Dec.1994.
    Cara Hepworth, 17, May 1994.
    Susan Martin, 44, 1994.
    Tracey Carey, 20,
    Laura ‘Shatanawi’, 36, June 1993.
    Katie Rackliff, 18, June 1992.
    Donna Simpkins, 27, May 1992.
    Kathryn ‘Narayan’ 24, unknown date 1986.
    Karen Price, 15, July 1981, Cardiff.

  3. Right man for the job
    Right man for the job says:

    Patriots ought to revisit the heinous tale of the Spaghetti House Siege (1975) in London which lasted five days.

    There was an attempt in some media outlets to make the robbery-gone-bad appear as a purely criminal anomaly, not the political terrorist act which even the perps admitted (which included a medical student!). These blacks were so stupid that could not even carry out a simple strong armed robbery.

    I have previously posted this link which examines shootings in Chicago, shootings which cause the deaths of innocent neighborhood kids sleeping in their beds, felled by stray bullets discharged by incompetent, sociopathic Congoid thugs, I am able to access cable-TV for that city and each time I watch the “news” I am flabbergasted that most of it deals with criminal acts caused by blacks. Immediately there appears a bevy of “reverends” and unemployed “bishops” who begin the mantra “We gots to keep da neighborhood safe for are chillin.’ It is the same in San Diego, Atlanta, Miami and other large metro areas where dense concentrations of these people exist.

    One of the exposers of contemporary English dilemmas is the pundit Simon Sheppard, a man constantly harassed by the British government. and

    • Lou2
      Lou2 says:

      Hello Andrea.
      (Mod. Note: Please use this comments feature to make substantive comments about the article. TOO comments are not a chat room.)

  4. Mark
    Mark says:

    We’re in a death struggle as a people. Self-censoring and ‘accepting” of censorship: being ‘nice’ is killing us. In mental terms, the levels of depression, teenage and male suicide rates and female antidepressant usage, it is clear our societal trajectory is flawed. This ‘Britain’ would never have been chosen by its peoples pre-WW2. Our innate ‘niceness’ has led to it.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Mark, you are right. Our innate ‘niceness’ is indeed our undoing. No more Mr. nice guy! And while some of us can accomplish this as individuals, do you have any suggestions on how we can do it in a broader sense as a people?

  5. Joe six pack
    Joe six pack says:

    David Cole at Takis mag in his recent article titled ‘Handiblackin’ discussed the lack of Government statistics in the USA on interracial rape. Actually the government does not release these numbers and refused his entreaties to go a little more granular in the stats.
    Cole says, “As my old friend Jared Taylor told me in preparation for this piece, “I’m afraid to say there *are* no reliable stats on interracial rape. Or if there are, they are carefully hidden. Some US cities collect good racial stats on offender rates, but I have never seen even a city that matches race of rapist with race of rape victim. If you find even a small sample, let me know!”

    Taylor, as usual, is absolutely right. These days, the Department of Justice refuses to release broken-down interracial sexual-assault stats. In the most recent crime-stat report (released in October 2017), “Race and Hispanic Origin of Victims and Offenders, 2012–15,” sexual assault is lumped in with other violent crimes, and the race of the offender is not provided in interracial rape cases. ”

    As Ann Coulter says,”The government is keeping detailed records on how many Americans have carports. How many Americans have mold in their bathroom,”
    You know the USGov has the stats on Interracial rape, they just won’t release them for fear of stirring the 65% White Beast from its guilt induced shame stupor.

    • Lou2
      Lou2 says:

      I thought it did release.
      (Mod. Note: Please use this comments feature to make substantive comments about the article. TOO comments are not a chat room.)

  6. PaleoAtlantid
    PaleoAtlantid says:

    Non-whites were brought into White nations for one purpose only; to destroy those nations. It really is that simple. The hostile elites have acted with malice aforethought, they intended the miscegenation, rapes, murders and societal chaos to achieve their desired ends.
    The important lesson for us is the mental acceptance that the elites who rule over us have no legitimacy whosoever. We owe them no loyalty or deference. Only when we accept we are alone in this death struggle will we fight with resolve and implacable determination.

  7. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Another great article Tobias, thank you. Keep it coming, as organized resistance is all important. At some critical juncture this vital information will hopefully reach and penetrate enough somnolent White minds to stoke a White racial counter-revolution.

  8. Jett Rucker
    Jett Rucker says:

    Ranking as at least equal to the Frankfurt School Delusions is the Gas-Chamber Libel against the Germans.

    Invented out of whole cloth, the gas chambers of the Holocaust stand as a monumental stain on the collective soul of the German nation but … quite like racial equality/equivalence, they NEVER EXISTED.

    And the source of this monstrous hoax is … quite the same folks as brought us the Frankfurt School. Wonder what ELSE they’ve put over on us? The “Light unto the Nations.” Ah, yes …

    • Framp
      Framp says:

      The monumental fraud of holocaust story (millions of tribesmen murdered one way or another) is so offensive to human intelligence. The narrative is breathtakingly fraudulent, and deliberately so!

      Those demanding a proof are advised to consult a demographer. Ask him to estimate for you the numerical amount of a population in 1945, of which 190 thousands still live (approximate number of living “holocaust survivors”). This exercise alone is sufficent for the brainwashed to re-brainwash oneselves.

  9. Michael Crew
    Michael Crew says:

    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Facebook does not allow me to say this one sentence. They call it hate speech. Soon our country will only be using the Spanish language because the majority population always wins out in the use of it’s language. So please speak out now or forever hold your peace.

  10. pj dooner
    pj dooner says:

    The jew-tool Churchill is responsible for this mess, not only in the UK but in all our countries. And all the jew-tools running our countries today are modern day Churchills!

  11. Realist
    Realist says:

    “Short-sightedness is unknown among hunter-gatherers but very common in literate societies. ”

    The term you should have used in nearsightedness. The two have different meanings.

  12. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    Excellent article! The reason for the Zeroth Commandment in the first place is because the jew knows that his entire agenda to break white civilization and cohesiveness is doomed the minute white people start seeing trends. The jew sees them for himself, which is why he lives nowhere near the non whites that he champions, preferring to always live in some gated community of condos somewhere, safely behind an entryway with a security desk. In Israel, he openly denies them entry and openly demands the removal of those already there.

    The jew’s agenda depends on us not being allowed to notice or talk about trends, which is why it’s always so important to highlight and talk about them whenever possible. Be that person at the dinner party who brings up the fact that we’re not allowed to use IQ tests in schools or in the workplace anymore. Gods know, there will already be that one loud and obnoxious person perpetuating the Zeroth Commandment as if it was law, and you know THAT person certainly doesn’t care about speaking out of turn.

  13. JJ
    JJ says:

    A must read article. Chilling stuff… because it’s absolutely true. This lack of objectivity and conscientiousness extends to the political and media blacks. I cannot recall a single occasion when one of them has given a single mention to any of the White people killed because of their tribe. Or the role of their tribe in so many tragedies which do not include a “pity poor us” clause.
    Not once. And yet the amount of bending over backwards Whites engage in on behalf of their embraced “victimhood” shows no sign of ever abating.

  14. Armor
    Armor says:

    We are supposed to believe that nothing makes sense and nothing has a cause. Seeing patterns, studying stats, using logic and reason, expecting intellectual coherence and unambiguous words, looking for explanations, asking for hard evidence, considering the context, listening to opposing viewpoints, relying on the whole film rather than on a simple snapshot chosen by the Jews, being wary of the media, not believing in fortuitous cohencidences, believing in the effectiveness of bribery, ethnic networking, lobbying, blackmail, intimidation, and so on… That is the kind of unhelpful attitude that makes you not just a racist, but also a crazy CONSPIRACY THEORIST –if we are to believe the Jewish propaganda put out by the government and the media.

    For example, if you do not believe in the anti-Dreyfus conspiracy, in the purely Muslim 9/11 conspiracy, in the German conspiracy to wipe out all the Jews, or more generally, in the gratuitous age-old worldwide antisemitic conspiracy, that makes you a conspiracy theorist.

    Like many authors on this blog, Tobias Langdon keeps breaking the Zeroth Commandment. Nelson Rosit did it too when he wrote this sentence (in the article “Rape and Murder in the Heartland”) :
    “Cally Jo Larson’s death should be seen not as an isolated incident, but rather as one small, but particularly tragic part in the destruction of her community by the forces of the New World Order.”.

  15. Alex Ambro
    Alex Ambro says:

    Darwin? Arthur de Gobineau (An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races), states that civilizations decadence is caused by race-mixing (blood-mixing). Do you believe that mass migrations to the white(majority) nations is Gabienaue applied science(no theory) and the best confirmation of his ideas?

  16. Jay
    Jay says:

    Of course, because over time psycho/sociopaths make it to the top, dominate society, then create pure psychosis and chaos on everyone else.

    Parasites cannnot have a healthy host who can fight back, but they also cannot build anything of intrinsic value and thus their parasitism weakens the host until they can no longer function and nourish them.

    The lies and psychotic thinking are part of the strategy to create confusion, distrust and a lack of proper social structure so that they can easily manipulate the rest of us. They then rouse those simple and irrational brainwashed masses to attack the few healthy people left who could bring back rationality and gather people to resist.

    Sociopaths and psychopaths are violent animals in human clothing. As long as they are allowed to exiat and flourish society will constantly collapase from parasite overload and social order breakdown.

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