The Island of Slave-Keeping Cannibal Saints: Neglected History and Anti-White Ideology in New Zealand

I love islands. Real ones, metaphorical ones. I’ve spent happy holidays on Iceland, Malta, and Hawaii. I’m fascinated by linguistic isolates like Basque and Sumerian, which are islands in a sea of unrelated languages (“isolate” is from Latin insula, meaning “island”). And part of my interest in groups like Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals comes from the way that they too are like islands. They’re minorities in a sea of majorities.

The birth of the Moriori

Given all that, how could I not be interested in the Moriori? They were a minority of a minority living on islands off the coast of an island. Their homeland was the Chatham Islands, which lie in the Pacific about 800 kilometers east of New Zealand’s South Island. The Chathams were uninhabited until about 1500 A.D., when they were settled by tribes of New Zealand’s indigenous Māori. As the Māori settlers adapted to the colder climate and harsher living of their new home, they developed a distinct identity and language, those of the Moriori, and adopted what would prove a very dangerous new code of ethics. Sometime in the first century after their arrival, their chief Nunuku-whenau “outlawed bloodshed” and the Moriori abandoned three great traditions of their Māori ancestors: warfare, slavery, and cannibalism.

The Chatham Islands, homeland of the pacifist Moriori (image from Wikipedia)

In a word, the Moriori became pacifists. And there were an estimated 2000 of them when Whites first discovered their islands in 1791. If leftist lies about Whites were correct, it would have been a fatal encounter for the pacifist Moriori. Cruel Whites would have enslaved this gentle brown-skinned race, slaughtering the men, raping the women, and erasing a unique culture on the very site of its birth. But leftist lies about Whites aren’t correct and that didn’t happen. The White newcomers had no hostile intentions and although they did some harm to the Moriori by introducing European diseases like influenza and by competing with them for natural resources, the Moriori still numbered about 1600 by the 1830s.

The death of the Moriori

No, the pacifism of the Moriori was exploited by a group from much closer home: their own Māori kinsfolk. In 1835 a hijacked European ship brought 900 members of the Ngāti Mutunga and Ngāti Tama iwi, or tribes, to the Chatham Islands from mainland New Zealand. They were in effect refugees from the so-called Musket Wars, in which new European weapons allowed the martial traditions of the Māori to burst forth in an orgy of bloodshed and cannibal feasting:

In December, 1831, a taua [war-party] of nearly 4000 Waikatos made a descent on Waitara, inhabited by Ngatiawa. Several small parties of these latter fell into the hands of the enemy, and were killed and eaten; while the bulk took refuge in the strong pa, Pukerangiora. There they held out for twelve days, and then, overcome by famine, the wretched garrison tried to break out and escape. Unfortunately this was attempted in the day time. The Waikatos perceiving this, pursued and captured numbers of half-famished wretches. Mothers threw their children over the precipice which surmounts here the Waitara River, and leaped after them to avoid a more dreadful fate at the hands of their sanguinary foes. The captives were driven into whares [wooden huts], and guarded by sentries armed with sharp tomahawks. On that day the Waikatos glutted themselves with the flesh of the slain, and on the following morning nearly 200 prisoners were brought out. Those who were well tattooed were beheaded on a block for the sake of their heads; some of the remainder were slain by a blow or cut on the skull; on others every refinement of cruelty was practised, particularly the thrusting of a red-hot ramrod up the bowels. Children and youths were cut open, eviscerated, spitted, and roasted over fires made from the defences of the dismantled pa. In the afternoon a similar massacre took place, and so greedily did some of these monsters gorge, that they died from the effects of their gluttony. The feast was graced with the tattooed heads of the slain, which were stuck on short poles and placed vis-a-vis to their captors, who would at times pause in their feasting to address them with the most insulting expressions. (From a 19th-century European text on Maori cannibalism)

The same orgy of bloodshed took place on the Chatham Islands after the hijacked ship arrived. The Moriori greeted the Māori with goodwill and friendship; the Māori greeted the Moriori by killing a 12-year-old girl and hanging her butchered flesh on posts. They then embarked on what is today called the Moriori Genocide, which “included staking out women and children on the beach and leaving them to die in great pain over several days.” The Moriori outnumbered the invaders and might have fought them off, but it was decided in a council that Nunuku-whenau’s prohibition on bloodshed could not be overturned.

The same council provoked the full genocide, because the Māori invaders naturally enough assumed, from their own bloodthirsty culture, that it was a council of war and that the Moriori would now begin resisting the invasion. After the slaughter was over, the enslavement and colonialism followed. The Māoris systematically crushed Moriori culture and nationhood. As even leftist Wikipedia admits: “the Māori invaders forbade the speaking of the Moriori language. They forced Moriori to desecrate their sacred sites by urinating and defecating on them. Moriori were forbidden to marry Moriori or Māori or to have children.” By the 1860s, there were only about 100 Moriori left alive. Today there are effectively none: Tommy Solomon, the last known full-blooded member of the tribe, died in 1933. Pacifism in the face of Māori aggression resulted in extinction. And that is the sad story of the Moriori. It’s also a little-known story, because it doesn’t conform to leftist lies about the uniquely evil and destructive nature of Whites and Western civilization.

Māoris fail: Whites to blame

Contact with Whites was harmful but not fatal for the pacifist Moriori. What proved fatal was contact with their own kinsfolk, the Māori. If those Māori tribes had never gone to the Chatham Islands, the Moriori people and language would still exist today. The harm done to them by Whites was unintentional and Whites did not exploit the pacifism of the Moriori, let alone slaughter and enslave them. Nor did Whites follow Māori codes of war on the New Zealand mainland. When Whites arrived there, the Māoris were living in the Stone Age and had never seen weapons like the musket. It was the Māoris themselves who eagerly adopted White technology to attack and oppress Māoris — or rather, to attack and oppress other tribes, because there was no unified Māori identity before the arrival of Whites. Yes, there was a shared language and culture, but you can say the same of the mutually hostile Blood and Crip Black gangs in America. Māoris are in effect the Blacks of the South Pacific: primitive, violent, and woefully unequipped to succeed in an advanced industrial civilization.

For example, although Māoris are 16% of New Zealand’s population, they are 53% of those in jail there. And their crimes are disproportionately violent and sexual in nature. New Zealand has a Māori equivalent of the remarkable Black Jamaican Delroy Easton Grant, who committed dozens of rapes against elderly White women in the British capital of London. The Māori Joseph Thompson committed dozens of rapes against White women and girls in the New Zealand capital of Auckland. But the mainstream media don’t mention his race or discuss the possibility that he was practising the rape-culture of the American Black Eldridge Cleaver (1935–1998), who boasted like this in 1968:

Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women — and this point, I believe was the most satisfying to me because I was very resentful over the historical fact of how the white man has used the black woman. I felt I was getting revenge. From the site of the act of rape, consternation spreads outwardly in concentric circles. I wanted to send waves of of consternation throughout the white race.

But the mainstream media in New Zealand do, of course, endlessly discuss the over-representation of Māoris in jail and the failure of Māoris in education and employment: “once you disaggregate the PISA scores, Pakeha [White] students are second in the world and Māori are 34th.” The media blame these Māori pathologies on White racism. After all, what else could be to blame? Nothing else, according to leftism. If there is only one human race, all groups are equally capable of high achievement and there’s no reason a Māori shouldn’t one day follow in the footsteps of the great White New Zealander Ernest Rutherford (1871–1937), who won a Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1908. In fact, contra the lies and fantasies of leftism, there’s a big obstacle to anyone with substantial Māori ancestry winning a Nobel Prize for science. Pure-blooded Māoris have low average IQ and an evolutionary history that has selected for physical prowess, not for intellectual endeavor.

Conquering the Pacific

The Māoris reached New Zealand after about 1250 A.D. as one of the last acts of a truly remarkable diaspora, which saw the prehistoric non-Chinese inhabitants of Taiwan spread their genetics and languages to islands separated by vast stretches of featureless ocean, from Madagascar in the west to Easter Island in the east. The greatest Taiwanese-descended sailors of all were the Polynesians, who used their hard-won knowledge of night skies, ocean currents, and other natural phenomena to conquer the Pacific. The Māoris are Polynesians, like the Tongans and Samoans who also swell New Zealand’s prison population while remaining stubbornly absent from cognitively demanding fields like science and mathematics.

James Cook witnesses human sacrifice in Tahiti, c. 1773 (image from Wikipedia)

But who would expect Polynesians to succeed at science and flourish in an advanced industrial civilization? They were all still in the Stone Age when White Europeans began their even more remarkable diaspora, navigating all of the world’s oceans and literally putting Polynesia on the map. The Dutchman Abel Tasman (1603–59) discovered New Zealand in 1642, naming the islands after the Dutch province of Zeeland. Then came the great Briton James Cook (1728-79), who was once celebrated as one of the greatest explorers and self-made men in history. He rose from humble origins in north Yorkshire to become an expert navigator and favorite in the Royal Navy. By the time of his murder in Hawaii at the age of 50, he had made three astonishing voyages in the Pacific, gathering invaluable scientific and ethnographic data and creating maps that were still being used in the twentieth century.

Ruling the ruins

But it’s precisely because Cook achieved great things that he now is a prime target in the leftist war on the West. As Nietzsche sardonically explained, envy and resentment are at the heart of leftism. So is the drive to create guilt and self-doubt in those who are capable of high achievement and noble deeds. Leftists can’t add to the greatness of Western civilization, but they can do what is, in their minds, the next best thing: rule the ruins. In Pacific nations, Cook is now denounced as an instigator and agent of White colonialism, which cruelly oppressed and exploited the Māoris and other Indigenous peoples. As the Guardian put it in 2019: “Cook’s arrival was a disaster for Māori.” But nowhere near as big a disaster as the arrival of the Māori was for the Moriori. The Māori invasion of the Chatham Islands refutes leftist lies about White villainy and non-White virtue.

Victims of Maori ecocide: four species of moa compared with a human being (image from Wikipedia)

The Māori invasion would also be a highly teachable moment if leftists were sincere about their dogma of “Only one race — the human race.” Leftists claim that humans are all the same under the skin, which means that all groups can ascend the same heights of achievement — and plumb the same depths of evil. Māoris and other Polynesians were practising slavery, cannibalism, and human sacrifice long before any contact with Whites. Māoris were also energetic practitioners of the horrible modern sin of ecocide. When they arrived in New Zealand, they found a flourishing population of giant flightless birds which they called moa. Now those birds are gone: the Māoris slaughtered them even more effectively than they would later slaughter the Moriori. I greatly regret the disappearance of both the moas and the Moriori, but I don’t blame the Māoris for what they did. They were true to their own standards and pursued their own interests in a hostile world. Nevertheless, it is solid history that all the so-called sins of the West, from slavery to genocide to colonialism to ecocide, existed in microcosm among the Māori. If leftists were sincere about the oneness of humanity, they would stress that the genuinely great achievements of the Māori — the dangerous and daring discovery and settlement of a new landmass — are accompanied by some genuinely horrible misdeeds.

Whites are an island too

But leftists aren’t sincere about their pious dogmas. If they taught that Māoris and other non-Whites can also be villains, they would frustrate the real aim of their ideology: to denigrate Whites, overthrow Western civilization, and rule the ruins. That’s why leftist propaganda portrays pre-colonial New Zealand as what you might call a land of slave-keeping cannibal saints. Māoris are non-Whites, which renders them innately virtuous in leftist eyes and superior to innately villainous Whites. That leftist fantasy of innate White villainy and innate non-White virtue contradicts the leftist dogma of absolute human equality, but so what? Leftists are pursuing power, not principle, when they elevate melanin-enriched Māoris over stale pale Pākehas (as Whites are called in New Zealand). But there’s an even deeper level to leftist duplicity, because their supposedly pro-minority policies do great harm to the Māoris whom they claim to be so concerned about. Like all Western nations, New Zealand is ruled by traitors who have opened the borders to mass immigration against the wishes of the White majority.

This means that New Zealand is filling with groups like Asians, Blacks, and Muslims, who are not susceptible to guilt about the supposed colonial sins committed against the Māoris. Open borders are bad for Māoris in New Zealand just as they’re bad for Blacks in America. But leftists don’t care. What matters to them is that open borders are bad for Whites and Western civilization. The sad story of the Moriori is also a prophecy of what will happen to Whites if they remain passive in the face of non-White invasion. I said at the beginning of this article that part of my interest in minorities like Jews and Gypsies came from the way that they are metaphorical islands, minorities in a sea of goyim or gorjas (the Gypsy word for non-Gypsies). Whites are now an island in the same sense, a minority in a sea of non-Whites. Whites are also an island of unique achievement and unique potential. Leftists want to see the island of Whites invaded, conquered, and destroyed.

Moriori as memento mori

But that won’t happen. The iron law of leftism will apply to the ideology itself. And what is the iron law of leftism? Simple: the law states that leftists always most harm what they claim to care about most. Leftists in America claim to care deeply about Blacks and their welfare. Sure enough, as Steve Sailer has tirelessly and irrefutably demonstrated, leftist policies have been responsible for a horrible rise in the number of Blacks murdered and maimed by other Blacks. And also in Blacks killed by dangerous Black driving.

That’s the iron law of leftism at work. It’s also at work in the way the self-proclaimed Labour party in Britain has overseen the impoverishment and ethnic cleansing of the White working class, including the mass rape of White working-class girls in staunch Labour constituencies like Rotherham. But the same law will destroy leftism itself in the end. In the meantime, the Moriori are a gruesome memento mori of what happens to those who are passive in the face of invasion.

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  1. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    Just read an article on the Hawaii fire disaster on zerohedge, obviously the left-wing media didn’t mention it, but very quickly, complaints multiplied about rapes and looting.
    So much for the noble savage. and Polynesians embody the quintessential noble savage in the left-wing imagination : pacifist, ecological, wise, sexually liberated, etc…
    Katrina in New Orleans: rape, looting, cannibalism
    Hurricanes in the French dom Tom in 2017: murders, looting and… Massacre and torture of ALL the rare and beautiful animals in the zoos…

    HANNES says:

    Pretty bloodthirsty fellows, the grimacing Maoris.
    “V. Tempsky fell in the Battle of the Beak fighting
    the soldiers of the Māori chief Riwha Titokowaru,
    who appreciatively called him Major Many Birds;
    his English comrades called him the Prussian.” A
    special giant Bowie knife is still named after him.

    Today’s film tip: “An old Norse legend of revenge,
    power and human spirit, that subsequently inspi-
    red William Shakespeare on his tragedy Hamlet.”

    HANNES says:

    Only sick minds can glorify such a degradation
    and defacement of nature as “art”. Congo’s “art-
    works” had about the same expressive quality.

    But oh, beware, not that our and the coming
    time, in which the white race collectively willful-
    ly and ignorantly abolishes itself, is the darkest,
    but that in which this scribble and scrawl was
    still called what it in truth unmistakably is.

    It takes more skill to forge a Hitler diary than
    the entire life’s work of “artist” Moore ever
    produced in terms of anything meaningful.

    But consumerism has long since ceased to be
    about meaning and significance; it’s all about
    sales value. Everything is degraded as object.

    “Police investigating the theft believe it
    could have been stolen for scrap value.”

    Someone had obviously estimated the real
    value of this “sculpture” absolutely correct-
    ly – even 60 years after the end of the war!

    Why does the artist’s daughter Mary speak
    with a German accent? That’s not what Brit
    English sounds like, rather an imitated one.
    Perhaps she is in fact the daughter of Gurlitt,
    whose grandmother, by the way, was Jewish.

  4. GirlinTexas
    GirlinTexas says:

    Well, I find it interesting that in many places in the world today, you find peoples still living in Neolithic or near-Neolithic societies, and amongst those, none, whatsoever, are White/European. In the years before my “awakening,” I came across a report from an early settler in Australia about the habits of the Aborigines that were so repulsive, I could not accept it as truth; now I wouldn’t doubt he left more offensive details out. The canard, “What one man can do, any man can do” applies only in the context of “all things being equal,” which they rarely are, and are certainly not to be found between the races. There is a report from France today about a savage, beastly rape/assault committed by a Frenchman named “Oumar N.” Since his face is not plastered all over the media, he must not be white (or French); how “regular” people can work in the media and participate in the incessant obfuscations/deceptions is beyond belief, as is the unbelievable level of deception about historical events. If any textbook or history book, written by an unfamiliar author, I peruse was published after 1940-1945, I prepare myself for incessant fact-checking, if I bother to consider what is written at all. I am grateful for TOO, and the beleaguered, Kevin MacDonald, and all contributors. At this point, I believe EVERYTHING you say/write.

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      Thank you for this information, I am in France and was not aware of this. After some research, it seems that the rapist is a black muslim who has been institutionalized in France since childhood for crimes and violence. In short, another useless eater and a monster, fed by white French people who were never asked for …
      The sad thing is that Cherbourg (the famous film “Les parapluies de Cherbourg”) was until recently the typical French provincial town where nothing ever happened. Now, rape with torture, exactly like in South Africa (the victim is still between life and death in hospital).
      Yes, evil is spread everywhere ( by the usual suspects ) where no white person can be safe.

      • Dave Bowman
        Dave Bowman says:

        The “usual suspects” (ie. those factually, calculatedly and provably responsible for this gross and terrible evil in the peaceful heartlands of civilised White people) will pay the ultimate price for their godless anti-White hatred, and ruthless nation-wrecking treachery when their time eventually arrives.

        Serpents! Offspring of vipers! How shall you escape from the judgement of Gehenna ?

        – – Matt. 23:33 (Berean Literal Bible)

  5. Devon
    Devon says:

    Never knew any of this history about the Moriori people, really fascinating and at the same time devastating to read.

    It does go to show though how virtuous the White man is that he chose not to genocide a clearly barbarous and sadistic set of people in the Maori despite being able to. This of course in direct contrast to the Maoris own actions against the Moriori.

  6. Deb
    Deb says:

    I “love” learning swaths of history unknown to me before. In addition to the valuable information presented, what most reaffirmed my philosophy about blacks in America today (most everywhere for that matter) was the quote by Eldridge Cleaver. He espouses what I believe is passed on from generation to generation – a deep hatred of Whites and an uncontrollable desire for revenge. Blacks will never ‘play nice’ no matter how much self-flagellating Whites bend over for them.

  7. WCH
    WCH says:

    The amount of death and destruction going on right now in Ukraine, brought to you by Biden’s tribe, is far greater than what the Maori did…

  8. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    By the time of his murder in Hawaii at the age of 50, [Cook] had made three astonishing voyages in the Pacific …

    In Tobias Langdon’s fine article, the quoted material above includes a link to Wikipedia’s account of Cook’s death. Wikipedia is, of course, a notoriously dishonest propaganda generator, yet I am sure that Langdon acted purposefully in linking to that specific site. His article underlines the (((Establishment’s))) anti-white bigotry by focusing on its refusal even to acknowledge, let alone condemn, the Maori’s cannibalism and their utter savagery toward other peoples. In much the same way, Wikipedia, an organ of the (((Establishment,))) conceals the savagery of the Hawaiians who ambushed and killed Cook and four members of his party—and then proceeded to roast and eat him. The Wikipedian “editors,” Jews of very delicate sensibilities,* chose to ignore the killers’ dietary proclivities. Instead, they emphasized that these noble savages demonstrated their immense respect for Cook by returning most of his thoroughly washed bones to the British officer who had succeeded to Cook’s command.

    • Lucy
      Lucy says:

      @Pierre de Craon
      Wikipedia is indeed far from impartial. I realised that when checking their “info” on what happened in Poland Anno 1968 (Jews were harassed and expelled…. ) As I was back then studying at the University of Wroclaw (i.e. Breslau), I easily could see that Wikipedia is about telling us the kosher truth.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        On November 19, 2009, the late Bradley Smith, the founder of CODOH, wrote the following on his blog: “Wikipedia is the first place to go if you want it quick, do not want much, and there are no ethical or moral issues involved.” In other words, practically speaking, Wikipedia is a reliable source for World Series and Super Bowl scores and little else.

    • What's up Skip
      What's up Skip says:

      Well-said, M. de Craon. We should be allowed to be informed about the savagery of savages, so as to distinguish them from civilized peoples. That being said, can we really criticize a people for a cannibalism which they and those they were eating have presumably practised since time immemorial? Lucky for them we didn’t elect to wipe them out completely but they can hardly be blamed for correctly identifying Cook as the vanguard of the demise of their culture. His killing was an act of war rather than murder, just as many of the so-called atrocities of the European conquests were.

  9. What's up Skip
    What's up Skip says:

    Thank you for this cautionary tale of the dangers of virtues becoming mortal vices when unexpected threats emerge.

    Whatever their fearsome way of war and the spiritual significance they presumably attached to cannibalism the Maori and the Polynesians in general were superbly capable navigators. Really their ability to spread themselves from Madagascar to Easter Island so quickly and without the aid of any advanced technology is testament to an uncanny ability to find their way and surely also of well-developed intelligence in certain domains, at a minimum amongst the navigators. Whilst they may be more violent and not the intellectual equals of the British New Zealanders they are surely far from the intellectual level of most sub-Saharans. The website you linked to shows that recent estimates of their IQ are around the 91 mark. Given the limited founding population there could well be a relatively small standard deviation which might explain disproportionate under-representation in the learned professions, generally demanding an IQ of 120 or more as I understand things.

  10. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    This is so great Tobias. Like other commentators here, I never knew this.

    There are many different styles of writing; Historical fiction, non-fiction, memoir, hybrid memoir, sci-fi, and the list goes on. I’m writing a book about what happened to me as a kid, how I made the mistake of going to a predominantly Jewish college fresh out of high school, and how I became red-pilled years later to the Jewish problem. I’ve sent it to some beta readers since I feel it’s as completed as it can be right now and one of them said to me, “gee Bobby, you’re childhood was like a grotesque cartoon.” I really liked that description. And I also think that it would make a great new genre of writing, the ‘grotesque cartoon’ genre.

    Your writing would seem to fit very well into a genre like that Tobias. That’s why I like your stuff so much. I can relate.

    Our country, and your country Tobias, are now grotesque cartoons, created by the grotesque cartoon race known as the Jews. They turned our beautiful civilizations, and culture, like a Monet, Rembrandt, or Renoir that reflected them, into grotesque cartoons.

    When will we finally stand up to them…? Again.

  11. Tom Carberry
    Tom Carberry says:

    Thanks for the interesting article. Cannibalism plays a much larger role in human history than our mandatory indoctrination camps teach us. The Bible talks of cannibalism multiple times. e.g., “Therefore the fathers shall eat the sons in the midst of thee, and the sons shall eat their fathers.” Ezekiel 5:10. “And thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body, the flesh of thy sons and of thy daughters.” Deuteronomy 28:53. What did the children of Israel eat during 40 years of wandering in the desert? Josephus wrote of Mary of Bethezuba who killed her infant son, roasted him, cut him in half, ate one half, and hid the other half.

  12. Theo Radic
    Theo Radic says:

    Thanks for a very informative article. I am glad to learn about aspects of history that I know nothing about. We are presented with a profound moral dilemma of the homo sapiens in which the Europeans are no more without guilt than any other ethnic group. The great epic of western civilization – the Iliad and Odyssey – begins with child sacrifice by the Greeks. The murder of the Iphigenia at the orders of her father Agamemnon leaves a permanent blemish on the 2,500 years of western culture that followed. Cannibalism as well was a part of ancient Greek culture. The conduct of both the Greeks and Trojans in the Iliad is extremely bloodthirsty, and many innocents were slaughtered by both sides, as happened in the Vietnam war and numerous other wars of aggression committed by Europeans and Euro-Americans. The problem lies not in one ethnic group, but in the homo sapiens species. The homo sapiens arrived in Europe around 43,000 years ago. After hundreds of thousands of years living on the continent of Europe, the Neanderthals disappeared at about the same time. Why the coincidence? Did the diabolic cleverness of the homo sapiens and its technological superiority lie behind this sudden disappearance?

  13. Katherine Brannen
    Katherine Brannen says:

    Ask the Maori to speak to Tobias Langdon about the junk that he packaged as the Orwellian means of lies and lies and more lies allowed to think that White is the way to returning to the ways of the WE there to rephrase to the world that the Moriori and the Maori are the abused characters in the prose that Mr. Langdon has allowed to be the lies and the forbidden ways between the Jews and the Goyim. The Goyim are the ways and means to replace the truths with the lies and the suddenly the story is there to recreate the race theories that are hogwash.

    Ask the Victorian novel that spells the gore that got the English hotted to the violence and sex and cannibalism that wins “I’m having an old friend for dinner” from the Lambs silenced movies that shows that Tobias too knows the tricks of the trade to return again to the so-called “fifth generation warfare” meaning propaganda where the liars are the truthers and the lies are the truth and the heated discussion to the Jews there now is the stories are all fiction, each of the so-called erasing the truth stories about Maori colonialism are inaccurate totally.

    And that is the way to “scholarship” meaning the White world, as the Tobias Langdon implies isn’t the ways of the “White” beings that know too their achievements are the reason their “race” war is now in high gear, Charlie “Manson Wants Helter Skelter Race War” Windsor has the throne to become now the king of everything, including his laird Tobias Langdon, the man that serves the crowns of European renewal to the colonialists are better now than then, the man Tobias Langdon knows that mentioning that his earnings are the spoils of the fighting that says too he is the cannibal meaning he too attends the meetings of the secret societies that too think that murdering for the fun of the fun of the bloodshed too upends the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s ways. And that is the way to returning to the so-called occult and the so-called mysticism that too isn’t that but deception and trickery and lies and murder and blood-letting to want to know that Tobias Langdon isn’t a man but a man’s child, meaning Tobias isn’t a man but the man that thinks that mentioning that service to the lieges, meaning King Charles and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is the way to returning to the ways of the WE there to re-climate to the climate that the Epstein Air trips were fun, huh Tobias?

    Ask the way to suffice to say that Mr. Langdon isn’t that well to the mentioning that he isn’t a well man in the head either. And the Maori that are there to return to the land being the home to their ancestors for the thousands of years that means the millions of years returns to the migrations of the “White” men to the rapists, now that is the sexual need to up the ante to extreme violence, like Clockwork Orange, or is that Willem-Alexander Orange that takes men’s genitals to the rear end to show off the Crowley ways are the way of the aristocrats that think they are given permission by the evil beings they respect, the shit that shows off that the writer too thinks that homosexuals are neat, shows too that the Christianized ways, the way spoken to the fruition of the civil rights for the so-called Blacks in the United States was too the man that wanted the color of the skin to never define a “race”. And the so-called need to reiterate to the still blackness that the ways of the world to the knowing that the coloring to the multicolored dream coats will be when the summer hears that the Maori too think that Griffith Rutherford was the man that sold out the children in the Irish world and then returned there to return again to the removal of the Cherokee to the lands that needed to be “owned” by the Europeans that granted too themselves the realization that reloading the guns to the man called Tobias Langdon too the member of the secret usury club that wants to CBDC the millionaires to not that too, wants to hear that he is the man that loves to love to butt f##k because that is the sexual stimulation that then treats the men that love to return to lies as the truth to the truthing that the men that f##k off the hardest this go around serve the oligarchs of the European aristocracy.

    And the writer that writes writes too for the so-called big birds that were never there as the pets either nor as the farm animals kept in coops. And the “White” legacy of cooping too the kids to the locking them down in wifi houses equipped with “smart” meters and 5G apparati that win the covid-19 diagnosis toward too the injections of the indigenous with the worst planned “vaccine” batches to harm them the most is the way to the Indian removal of the so-called ancestors to the Ancestors now there to recoup to the cooping the Moa the assistants of this: they were there when the Cook’s showed up with the muskets. And the “White” invaders killed each and every bird to starve the natives!!!

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      The moral and psychological grotesquerie of this woman’s fulminations imparts the uneasy sense that neither factual rebuttal nor rationality itself will suffice to mitigate the intensity of her evident hatred. She is a frightening specimen of what the Jews wish every woman in every white society to become.

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