Martyr-Cults and Meteor-Murders: How Leftism Inverts the Truth about Inter-Racial Murder

BL? BS! That’s what I used to think. In other words, I used to think that the blood libel was bullshit. Then I read Ron Unz’s article “Oddities of the Jewish Religion” (2018). And it completely changed my mind. The blood libel is the accusation that wicked Jews kidnapped Christian children and ritually tortured them to death in order to use their blood for black magic. I once accepted all the standard refutations of the blood libel: that blood is ritually unclean to Jews, that Christians were cruelly projecting their own psychoses onto an innocent outgroup, and so on.

Not so ridiculous after all

But I accepted those refutations only because I was ignorant about post-Christian Judaism and about that strange and disturbing text known as the Talmud. Unz’s article changed that (see also Bernard M. Smith’s essay). He summarized the work of the “extremely erudite” Israeli Jewish scholar Ariel Toaff, whose book Passovers of Blood (2007) argues that the blood libel had a solid basis in fact:

It appears that a considerable number of Ashkenazi Jews traditionally regarded Christian blood as having powerful magical properties and considered it a very valuable component of certain important ritual observances at particular religious holidays. Obviously, obtaining such blood in large amounts was fraught with considerable risk, which greatly enhanced its monetary value, and the trade in the vials of that precious commodity seems to have been widely practiced. … Furthermore, as extensively discussed by [Israel] Shahak, the world-view of traditional Judaism did involve a very widespread emphasis on magical rituals, spells, charms, and similar things, providing a context in which ritualistic murder and human sacrifice would hardly be totally unexpected. (“Oddities of the Jewish Religion: The Surprising Elements of Talmudic Judaism,” The Unz Review, 16th July 2018)

As so often, the mainstream view may not merely be wrong but the opposite of the truth. Jews were not the innocent victims of a psychotic and sadistic conspiracy theory by Christians. Indeed, most or all of the psychosis and the sadism seems to have been on the Jewish side. The blood libel isn’t fully proven, but Ariel Toaff has clearly demonstrated that Jews used Christian blood in magical rituals, traded in it, and may have committed murder to obtain it. William of Norwich and Little Hugh of Lincoln weren’t so ridiculous after all. And who were William and Hugh? Child-martyrs in medieval England, that’s who. They were tortured and slain by wicked Jews whose crimes were then miraculously exposed. Or so the old stories run. I’m much less inclined to dismiss those stories now. In fact, I think England’s medieval martyr-cults were much saner and much less harmful than England’s modern martyr-cult.

Demonizing Whites, sanctifying Blacks

And what is England’s modern martyr-cult? It’s the cult of Stephen Lawrence, the Black teenager who, as politicians and the media endlessly remind us, was murdered by a “gang of white racists” in 1993. Thousands of other young Black men have been murdered since then, often in much worse ways, but none of them — with one exception — has received prolonged attention and veneration like Stephen Lawrence. The one exception is Anthony Walker, who was also murdered by “white racists.” Walker has a martyr-cult too, albeit a much smaller and less well-publicized one. The cult of Stephen Lawrence is enough, you see: it does the job it is intended to do, namely, to demonize Whites, promote lies, and present Blacks as the virtuous victims of omnipresent White racism.

Martyr-cult vs meteor-murders: leftism inverts the truth by ignoring the far more numerous White victims of non-White savagery

In other words, it’s a new blood libel that turns the old blood libel on its head. This martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence is a very strange thing. It’s wholly unnatural. The martyr-cults of William of Norwich and Little Hugh of Lincoln were on the side of the White Christian majority against the Jewish minority. Even if they weren’t based on fact, they were a healthy reaction to Jewish predation and anti-Christian animus. So were similar martyr-cults in the rest of Europe. And those medieval cults rose from below, from among the ordinary Whites who were exploited and preyed upon by Jews. But now Britain has a martyr-cult that demonizes the White majority and sanctifies the Black minority. And that cult is imposed from above by the elite. For example, when the physically and ideologically repulsive Theresa May was our so-called “conservative” prime minister, she added Stephen Lawrence Day to Britain’s official calendar. It’s strategically positioned on 22nd April, just before St George’s Day on 23rd April. Britain’s government, media and academia now work against the interests of Whites, not for them.

What is going on? Well, I’ve drawn parallels elsewhere with parasites that subvert and redirect the brains and bodies of their hosts, forcing them to work against themselves and for their alien controllers. It should come as no surprise, then, that a Jewish “racial equality activist” called Dr Richard Stone has played a central role in the martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence. He has supplied the intelligence, verbal dexterity, and Machiavellian skills lacked by the martyr’s mother, the Black Jamaican Doreen Lawrence, who was elevated to the House of Lords by David Cameron, another so-called conservative prime minister, and unofficially serves as the ethical overseer of policing in Britain.

White traitor, Jewish subvertor: the repulsive Theresa May and the Machiavellian Dr Richard Stone (images from Wikipedia)

Jamaica has a much higher murder rate than Britain. The discrepancy gets even bigger if you take murderous Jamaican immigrants out of the British statistics and add judicial executions by Black Jamaican police to the Jamaican statistics — just see the Guardian article “Jamaica police commit ‘hundreds of unlawful killings’ yearly.” The sight of a Black Jamaican like Doreen Lawrence lecturing Whites on their ethical failings ought to provoke nothing but incredulous laughter. But it doesn’t. Instead, it wins hushed respect and promises to do better. But dim Doreen Lawrence could never have won her elevated status by her own efforts. She owes it to intelligent subversives like Richard Stone. As I described in “The Ruling Stones” and “Black Saints, White Demons,” this Jewish “anti-racist” was acting in what he regards as the interests of Jews as he worked so hard in the martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence.

Concealing the truth about inter-racial murder

But I don’t think that Dr Stone has any real concern for the welfare of Blacks. If he does, his untiring work has been woefully misdirected, because the cult of Stephen Lawrence has done exactly what the later cult of George Floyd has done in America: caused huge harm to Blacks. The cults have discouraged the police from enforcing the law against Blacks, with the inevitable result that many more Blacks have been murdered and maimed by other Blacks. When White civilization retreats, Black savagery advances. That’s what the martyr-cults of Stephen Lawrence and George Floyd have achieved. They’re perfect examples of the Iron Law of Leftism at work, namely, that leftists most harm those they claim to care about most. But that doesn’t matter to leftists, because they’re not interested in reality or truth. Instead, they’re interested in feeding their narcissism and pursuing what are, to them, the most important things in life: power for themselves and punishment for their enemies.

The pursuit of power radically simplifies politics for leftists, because it means that they don’t have to worry about facts or logic or any other messy aspect of reality. Leftists subject all social and cultural propositions to a single simple test: does this advance the cause of leftism? If it does, it must be enthusiastically accepted and energetically promoted. If it doesn’t, it must be censored or minimized. The martyr-cults of Stephen Lawrence and George Floyd are based on a gigantic lie, namely that cruel and hate-filled Whites are an ominous and omnipresent threat to the lives and welfare of gentle and virtuous Blacks. But so what if that’s a lie? The lie advances the cause of leftism, therefore leftists like Dr Richard Stone and crypto-leftists like Theresa May have energetically promoted it. At the same time, leftists are entirely uninterested in stories like the following, which reveal the truth about inter-racial murder in modern Britain. Inter-racial murder is committed overwhelmingly by non-Whites against Whites — and especially by Blacks against Whites.

Susan Hawkey, the elderly White victim whose cruel murder leftists want to be forgotten (image © Metropolitan Police / SWINS)

Grieving widow was brutally “stripped and murdered by young couple” who then used her bank cards in £13,000 spending spree while her body decomposed, court told

A grieving pensioner was stripped and murdered in her own home by a young couple, who left her body to decompose while they went on a ‘massive spending spree’, a court heard. Susan Hawkey, a 71-year-old who lived alone, was described as ‘highly vulnerable’ when she was fatally attacked last September.

Prosecutors said Chelsea Grant, 28, and boyfriend Xyaire Howard, 23, ‘preyed’ on their slightly built victim, who was ‘struggling to cope’ following the death of her parents and a partner. Police found her body after friends reported that Miss Hawkey — who was found with her lower clothing removed, and her T-shirt slashed — had not been seen for weeks.

The suspects are alleged to have blindfolded, tied and murdered Miss Hawkey in her home, before stealing her bank cards and PIN and frittering away £13,000 of her money during a three-week spending spree.

Opening the trial at the Old Bailey today, prosecutor Annabel Darlow KC said: … ‘Miss Hawkey had been tied up, with both her hands tied together, her eyes had been taped shut and a ligature knotted around her neck. Her body was found under a duvet and had been decomposing for some time after her death. [The suspects] were boyfriend and girlfriend and lived in a flat a short walk away from Miss Hawkey. At some stage during the summer of 2022, they had clearly spotted Miss Hawkey and recognised in her an ideal victim.’

The court heard the pair mugged her twice on the street, and then used her stolen keys to enter her home in Neasden, north west London, within the space of a few weeks, to take her card, making a small number of transactions. [S]hortly after, the pair are alleged to have returned, extracting the PIN to her bank card which Miss Hawkey had ‘committed to memory’. Ms Darlow said it was ‘only if she was the victim of considerable violence and aggression that she would hand over’ the four-digit number.

The court heard the pair made nearly 150 transactions, with the vast majority of Miss Hawkey’s savings ‘burnt away’ in three weeks. The couple are alleged to have bought ‘luxury’ items including watches, a new television and speakers, with money spent on brands including John Lewis, Michael Kors and Puma, the court heard. Grant is alleged to have conducted internet searches about body composition, while Howard is said to have researched transaction limits. (Grieving widow was brutally “stripped and murdered by young couple” who then used her bank cards in £13,000 spending spree while her body decomposed, court told, The Daily Mail, 6th September 2023)

Sadism and stupidity: the two Blacks accused of savagely murdering the helpless White Susan Hawkey

That story seems to be an excellent example of both the exceptional sadism and the exceptional stupidity of Blacks. The accused couple seem to have committed a very cruel murder that was very easy for the police to solve. But that sadism and stupidity are precisely why the trial is receiving almost no attention in the leftist media. If the Black couple are found guilty, their crime will become what I call a meteor-murder: something that flashes through the headlines and then disappears for ever. And leftists will never ask whether the relentless leftist demonization of Whites contributed in any way to the cruel death of the elderly White woman Susan Hawkey. The two Blacks who are accused of killing her, Chelsea Grant and Xyaire Howard (his given name means “Zairean”), have been bombarded throughout their lives by the message that Whites are cruel oppressors and Blacks are virtuous victims. Did that influence their behavior? Does anti-White propaganda influence the behavior of other Blacks?

Leftism is ethically and intellectually bankrupt

Of course it does. Anti-White propaganda incites non-Whites to commit murder, rape, and other crimes against Whites throughout the West. And after leftism pumps out the propaganda that incites those crimes, it ignores the crimes or gives them minimal attention. Ideally the former. The fiercely feminist Guardian, for example, has not given even a single short paragraph to a horrible crime recently committed in France. An 18-year-old woman was brutally and repeatedly raped, and also left with a perforated colon after she was sodomized with a broom. Hardened medical staff are said to have been shocked and traumatized by the extent of her injuries. But reporting on that rape does not advance the cause of leftism, because the victim is White and the alleged perpetrator, Oumar Ndiaye, is non-White. That’s why the Guardian has ignored it. But the Guardian, BBC and rest of Britain’s leftist media have given exhaustive coverage to the over-enthusiastic kiss bestowed on a White female Spanish soccer-player by a White male Spanish soccer-official at the Women’s World Cup.

If feminism were an ethically and intellectually serious ideology, feminists would not react hysterically to a kiss and ignore an exceptionally brutal rape. But feminism is part of leftism, so it isn’t ethically and intellectually serious. Instead, feminists and other leftists are interested in power, not in truth. That’s why they’ve turned the murder of Stephen Lawrence into a martyr-cult and countless other murders into meteors. The other murders are much more frequent and often much more brutal, but they’re committed by non-Whites against Whites, so they can’t be used to promote the lies of leftism. That’s why they’re meteor-murders, flashing through the headlines and then disappearing for ever.

Leftists are guilty by leftist standards

Or so leftists fondly imagine. But when leftism loses control of politics and media, those murders of Whites by non-Whites will return to the headlines as White traitors like Theresa May and Jewish subvertors like Richard Stone are put on trial for their crimes. And the charges against them won’t be confined to the way they’ve incited non-Whites to commit murder, rape, and other crimes against Whites. No, they’ll also be charged with inciting non-Whites to commit the same crimes against their own kind.

The truth is that leftists are horrendously guilty even by leftist standards. The martyr-cults of Stephen Lawrence and George Floyd have also done huge harm to non-Whites. As Steve Sailer has repeatedly shown, leftist organization like Black Lives Matter (BLM) have been responsible for a horrible rise in the number of Blacks murdered and maimed by other Blacks. And also in Blacks killed by dangerous Black driving. Therefore the leftists who go on trial will have a simple choice: either admit that their loudly expressed concern for non-Whites was fake or accept that they are guilty of the most monstrous and murderous racism. Leftism is a cult of lies that is working very hard to destroy White civilization. In the end, it will destroy only itself.

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  1. Bluto
    Bluto says:

    Great article! I’m beginning to see a tiny trickle of reporting of black on white crime.

    We need an expansion of reporting on the psyche of those lusting after power almost to the exclusion of all other pleasures.

    These agressive psychopaths need to be exposed. The general audience does NOT understand this unquenchable lust.

    HANNES says:

    What I have understood very late, it may sound strange, is that aggression always includes a call for reaction/response. One could say a cry for responsibility. In German, Verantwortung is responsibility, Antwort is response. In non-Latin English, answer.

    Even non-response (some call this ignoring) is response. You even have to “decide” to hesitate. Which is, of course, a self-deception that serves (see play dead reflex survival.

    So, from a purely behavioral point of view, there are only two remaining alternatives: fight or flight. The “colored” world revolts, and demands – no, forces – an answer from us! But where is it? And above all, how does it turn out? Is this an answer that will ever satisfy them?

    Of course not, we all know it. So what could – no, should – an adequate answer and reaction look like in order to be interpreted as such at all? How is this long overdue response to be transposed into concrete (and tangible!) impact?

  3. A Viewer
    A Viewer says:

    My 80+ year old mother fell and her broken arm was botched by foreign pseudo doctors. Now she has constant numbness and tingling in her arm. It’s like America and Europe. Two separate neurons are constantly striving to connect, but something that is inherently un-European is constantly holding its dirty unwashed hand in between.

    What can this possibly be? Is it perhaps a certain “element” crept in among us, which already existed 100 years ago in the midst of our societies and even caused and fueled two world wars between “Amalekians”, without them understanding to this day what deceptive “Schädling” they were succumbing to?

  4. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    Is the old lady’s black murderer Jamaican?
    His grotesque face ( grotesque = distort the natural into absurdity, ugliness, or caricature ) has all the makings of a chigro , a Jamaican mix of Chinese and Negro. Ian Fleming didn’t speak very highly of them.

  5. Peter London
    Peter London says:

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    John Hunt, 18, Middlesborough, Tyne and Wear, 19 Aug. 1961.

  6. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    This is great Tobias.

    Everyone needs to read Bernard M. Smith’s review/summary of Ariel Toaff’s, “Passovers of Blood” It’s truly mind blowing.

  7. Devon
    Devon says:

    Another great article but I did have to skip part the horrific story about the murder of that elderly White woman. Stuff like this sickens and angers me so much.

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