The Israel-Gaza war and Jewish identity

The war in Israel-Gaza is likely to increase Jewish identification and commitment. In my battles with Nathan Cofnas he claims American Jews are not particularly ethnocentric based on intermarriage statistics. This is wrong for a number of reasons, but at times like this, Jewish consciousness and identity will surely rise. From the revision of CofC:

Jewish identity may emerge among Jews without a conscious Jewish identity as a result of a perceived threat to Jews, as during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war or the rise of National Socialism. Jewish identification is a complex area where surface declarations may be deceptive. Jews may not consciously know how strongly they identify with Judaism. Silberman (1985, 184), for example, notes that around the time of the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, many Jews could identify with the statement of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel that “I had not known how Jewish I was” (in Silberman 1985, 184; italics in text). Silberman comments: “This was the response, not of some newcomer to Judaism or casual devotee but of the man whom many, myself included, consider the greatest Jewish spiritual leader of our time.” Many others made the same surprising discovery about themselves: Arthur Hertzberg (1979, 210) wrote, “The immediate reaction of American Jewry to the crisis was far more intense and widespread than anyone could have foreseen. Many Jews would never have believed that grave danger to Israel could dominate their thoughts and emotions to the exclusion of everything else.”
The point is that the Jewish identity of even a highly assimilated Jew, and even one who has subjectively rejected a Jewish identity, may surface at times of crisis to the group or when Jewish identification conflicts with any other identity that a Jew might have, including identification as a political radical.
As a result, assertions regarding Jewish identification that fail to take account of perceived threats to Judaism may seriously underestimate the extent of Jewish commitment. Surface declarations of a lack of Jewish identity may be highly misleading. Consider the following comment on Heinrich Heine, who was baptized but remained strongly identified as a Jew: “Whenever Jews were threatened—whether in Hamburg during the Hep-Hep riots [in 1819 in Germany] or in Damascus at the time of the ritual murder accusation [1840] —Heine at once felt solidarity with his people” (Prawer 1983, 762).

So the ADL coffers will definitely benefit from this.

Depressing to see the talking heads on American media all in for Israel, no mention of the occupation or the draconian economic restrictions on Gaza imposed by Israel that basically make life unlivable for Gazans—presumably all the conservatives and plenty of liberals and liberal organizations. A rebellion had to happen, especially now when Israel was about to make peace with Saudi Arabia at the expense of the Palestinians–definitely off the table now. What I don’t understand is how could Hamas import so many weapons without Israel realizing it. Doesn’t seem plausible Israel would sacrifice so many of its people to have an excuse to obliterate Hamas but that’s what’s likely to happen.

Hertzberg, A. (1979). Being Jewish in America. New York: Schocken Books.

Prawer, S. S. (1983). Heine’s Jewish Comedy: A Study of His Portraits of Jews and Judaism. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

Silberman, C. E. (1985). A Certain People: American Jews and Their Lives Today. New York: Summit Books.

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  1. Tommy
    Tommy says:

    Unfortunate war and deaths.

    Most people don’t know, however, that Israel has conducted its own war in the Caucasus against Christian Armenians.

    Israel has sold weapons (and give intelligence and all kinds of help) to Azerbaijan that Azerbaijan used in its 2020 war against Armenians.

    That war also brought in ISIS and lots of other terrorists to fight on Azerbaijan’s side. Israel did not mind the involvement of ISIS at all.

    Now, Israel flew MORE weapons to Azerbaijan which were used to genocidally push 120,000 Christian Armenians out of Karabagh.

    See the Associated Press article below.

    What have Christian groups in the West had to say about all this? Not much. “Israel right or wrong,” they believe.

  2. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    The following probably fits in with this:

    Watch for free here (click on the numbers below the video for more episodes).

    I haven’t looked at it yet, but suspect that some things come to
    light in it that allow for some assessment of Jewish group identity.

  3. J.M.
    J.M. says:

    What do Jews contribute to the world that makes them worthwhile? I’ve wondered why they’re tolerated on and on though they destroy ‘the other’ as a matter of habit and survival as predatory parasites. They’ve gotten away with this, gaining ground over time. The closest I’ve come to an understanding is that we see by contrast, as in white chalk on a blackboard, and they show us what we are and should or could be by contrast; i.e., we know ourselves better and are motivated because they exist. But that seems to make less sense now, and our values seem less important as Jews devour the world while sinking us. Is it simply time for us to go?

    HANNES says:

    “Most people around the world are not aware that many Orthodox Jews reject the state of Israel and the occupation of Palestine. They believe that Zionism is a threat to peace in the world. poses. One of them is Rabbi Josef Antebi, who has been tortured by Zionists. Jo Conrad met him on the last day of Hanuka 2011 in Amsterdam.”

    Of course stigmatized as “anti-semite”

    Putin: “At the same time, one line of Nord Stream 2 has survived. It is not damaged and can be used to supply 27.5 billion cubic metres of gas to Europe. It is solely up to the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany to decide. Nothing else is needed. They make a decision today – tomorrow we open the valve, and that’s that; the gas is on its way. But they will not do this, to the detriment of their own interests, because, as we say, ‘their bosses in Washington’ will not allow them to.”

    “Tom Fronza, known as one of the few professional didgeridoo players in Germany, was supposed to perform with his band in mid-October. But the concert was canceled. The organizers accused him of ‘cultural appropriation’ because he plays an instrument that is primarily played by indigenous people in Australia. Fronza, who lived in Australia for years and also taught the didgeridoo, said he was surprised and disappointed by the decision. According to him, he was never directly informed of the decision, and several attempts on his part to contact the organizers were unsuccessful.”

    Jewish “vaccine” inventor does not trust his own invention.

      • HANNES
        HANNES says:

        Thanks for your response. I thought the interview was nevertheless perhaps worthy of circulation. Of course, I agree with you that even “orthodox” representatives of this … “species” should not live out their “way of life” in the midst of us (even if they in all seriousness believe that without them there would be no “mercy” in the world). What is one to do with them? I have a brilliant (quite simple) idea


      • J.M.
        J.M. says:

        A small number, yes, that aren’t widely noticed. Some are simply fakes,. They’re always around along with Israeli ‘peace activists’ who accomplish little if anything that makes any difference. They’re PR reps – “Israel works all the ropes” (Israel Shamir).

        Thank you for what you’ve done ongoing for the West and civilization Dr. MacDonald. You are much admired and appreciated.

      • RegretLeft
        RegretLeft says:

        True. However, of the many Oth Jews who live in Israel, very few (close to none) serve in the Israeli military. It is a source of much animosity among Israeli Jews across the divide. Yet the Orthodox tend to be the most aggressive “settlers” – i.e on the West Bank and (formerly) in Gaza. Go figure.

        • JR
          JR says:

          There is a divide among the observant Jewish population in Israel between the traditional Orthodox, who may be anti-Zionist or at least not terribly interested in Zionism, and the National-Religious orthodox. The National Religious are often fanatical settlers. They tend to wear crocheted or knitted yarmulkes while the traditional Orthodox usually wear cloth yarmulkes.

          The National Religious are hated by a large percentage of the Israeli Jewish population.

  5. Bertplank
    Bertplank says:

    The numbers of Israeli Jews killed will be overstated and the numbers of Palestinians killed will be understated because of “world opinion”.

    There is a lot wrong with the official story….all kibbutz are USUALLY well armed,so how were they quickly overrun?.

  6. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    Hamas has announced it’s going to execute his hostages and film the executions: I don’t hold Muslims in high esteem, but this sounds more like the bloody antics of ” isis ” (a Mossad creation) than anything else. The consequences will be obvious: increased victimization of the Jews (when the Palestinians were on the way to becoming the real victims in world opinion), total discrediting of the Palestinians who will soon be seen as odious monsters. I can’t help thinking that all this serves Jewish interests too well not to suspect a massive infiltration of Hamas since a long time, as some people do.

    • Mr.Ed
      Mr.Ed says:

      Astute thinking, L.S.
      Chosenites assimilate through CRYPSIS then proceed to publish Tales From the Crypt without missing a note. Anal-Retentive?

      • Lady Strange
        Lady Strange says:

        Haha , tales of the crypt . Very good serie.

        And yes, With our shape-shifter friends, it’s everyday the horror show.

  7. Canadianer
    Canadianer says:

    Notice there is no discussion of the wing war when Jews are victims. Jews instinctively understand that violence against a group increases racial consciousness, so when terror happens against whites Jewish soft power institutions like the ADL start spamming out messages about how not everyone of the race or religion of the perpetrators are to blame and that good “leftists” will not call for violence against the perpetrator group. When whites get killed by Muslims Jews are in the street rallying against Islamophobia and fighting against the “right wing”.

    Notice that ALL talk of the wing war is absent when Jews are victims? There’s no rallies to go out and hug muslims and fight against the “far right”. There’s no demands not to incite violence — as powerful people are on TV as we speak discussing how Gaza should be levelled and Palestinians are comparable to cockroaches and insects.

    Stuff like this cements in my mind that.

    1. The establishment is Jewish supremacist.

    2. Jewish suffering is more important than all other suffering.

    3. The wing war is a ruse that is used to lead whites around. When Jews are victims there is NO “leftist” dialogue.

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